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Paul Watson

Paul Watson (born December 2, 1950) is a Canadian animal rights and environmental activist, who founded and is president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a direct action group devoted to marine conservation.

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Weller is once again working with photographer Lawrence Watson on a new book entitled 'Into Tomorrow' due out in 2014
big brother is watching you... Paul Weller, 1984 Eric Watson …
Tom Watson in the Mirror: I will never forgive Tories who thought it funny that people fought over cheap food
Last night's jollity at Rock the Lobster with Warren Polydorou Panayis Yiasimi Angel Vox Paul Watson Nigel Pearce...
Another great read from - Report: Inter ready to sell Croatian star to Man United via
for the job!! Actually wait...he may play a turkey sandwich upfront just to rip me.
Paul Watson. The Brigitte Bardot is presently undergoing a new make-over to be consistent with the rest of the fleet.
you should watch Eco pirate! It's the story of Paul Watson. It's an amazing documentary :)
Frank Watson just mistook One Direction for Paul Simon.congrats 1d
A man I have come to long respect for his determination & drive.
Our founder, , on whaling, bluefin tuna, & the "economics of extinction" on This Morning:
Italian President Warns of Violent Unrest in 2014 . 1CThis is becoming an anti-EU movement 1D. Paul Joseph Watson.
Paul Ryan & the GOP Must Own the Cuts to Veterans Benefits
According to guy aliens have infiltrated our Gov, I totally believe it, Paul Watson is a reptilian..
"Love this pic of Emma Watson all grown up! Amazing!
Image is originally owned by Dan Watson / Santa Clarita Valley Signal. After Paul Walker’s family waived one last…
Captain Paul Watson, environmental activist and star of the reality show "Whale Wars," talks about former "The Price Is Right" host Bob B...
Ecoanimal defender Paul Watson appears on CBS This Morning to discuss what's going on with his struggle to protect the whales and oceans from further human d...
I want to be a radical activist. I want people to say I'm crazy, just like Paul Watson and Ric O'Barry. We need more people like that.
Paul Watson, star of Animal Planet's 'Whale Wars' has been branded as an eco-terrorist, an outlaw and a pirate. And now he has been grounded from his latest sea adventure fighting to protect whales.
Eco-activist Captain Paul Watson shares his story of going up against illegal whale poachers
"The Mechanic" Paul Watson slams a right on the jaw of former title challenger frank Ciampa on his way to a strong win in only his 3rd pro fight after an 18 month lay off at WARZONE on Friday night.
Paul Watson is my hero! Been obsessing over Whale Wars all over the world and you know what? Its a worthy cause that i now dedicate myself to. If i ever had a chance to go out on a campaign with Sea Shepard, i may never return.
Dots is addictive. I curse you Paul Watson
If you like Whale Wars Captain Paul Watson grew up in st andrews til he was five years old then moved toronto..
After skipping bail in Germany, Paul Watson returns to his crew.
My amazing friends Paul Watson-Ausencio and Crystal Watson-Ausencio surprised me by taking me out for an awesome dinner. Thank you guys for your friendship, kindness, and generosity. You made it an awesome birthday! The food was great but the company was even better!!
Wow... Must've been a good night Paul Watson . Woke up in your clothes
Sea Shepherd's leader Paul Watson was arrested in Frankfurt Germany while on his way to France. Watson who is Canadian born and also holds United States ...
Even with Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson being hunted by Japan, Interpol and the running dog lackeys of the 9th district court, the Nip's kill of Whales was about 10% of their announced quota. It is still 103 too many.
I will stand beside Captain Paul Watson, every day and I dare anyone to try and stop our cause. Stop trying to end this planets Oceans sea life. Enough is enough Japan.
Captain Paul Watson: Good luck and keep on fighting! To the Japanese *** off and stop killing whales. This also includes killing Dolphins. To capturing whales and dolphins and going to see them I suggest you educate yourselves instead of paying to keep them there.
New Sea Shepard can't believe Paul Watson is no longer captain. Sink japan whaling ships.
Whale Wars returns with a 2-hour special, following four Sea Shepherd boats as they attempt to stop Japanese whaling without the leadership of Captain Paul Watson. Watch it tonight on Animal Planet at 9/8c.
That Whale Wars f*** Paul Watson is a waste of life. I'd love to beat the lights out of his stupid face...
Noted activist Paul Watson has fought against illegal practices toward endangered marine life, yet he's the one facing legal troubles in three countries.
Paul Watson has dedicated his life to saving sea creatures all over the world. His approach has caused controversy and his actions have been condemned, but he
I am behind Paul Watson - and all people who are actually doing something to help animals - JUMP and see if you make footprints when you land - let's get together and call - we are the earth we are the animals and guess what we all care
I just seen Paul Watson Captain of The Sea Shepard on Whale Wars . he was doing an interview on CBS this Morning . he was screwed and only got short bot to speak then was cut off . Ppl need to hear what he has to say! Check out Whalewars on AnimalPlanet !
For the past five seasons of Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars,” viewers have watched Captain Paul Watson, as leader of The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, lead missions into the Antarctic’s Southern…
Captain Paul Watson will be a guest on CBS Morning show today @ 8:30 am. Don't miss it!
My baby just walked in Paul Watson i have so so so missed u glad your home even if its just for a couple of weeks mommy son time
Captain Paul Watson~ CBS This Morning 8:30 Friday the 13th I will be appearing on CBS This Morning at 8:30 A.M. (0830 Hrs) on Friday 13th to promote the airing of the Whale Wars Special at 9:00 P.M. on the same day and on the 15th of December in Canada. USA Today will also be doing a feature story on myself and the New York Post will be doing a feature story on Peter Hammarstedt. (LL)
Rick Bailey, Cari Antolock, Christen Tomes, Paul Watson, listen to the Statlers and eat Corn Nuts! Sensory overload!
its time for some old fashioned direct action--results cant be much worse--Paul Watson needed NOW
nor Martin Sheen dining with Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson, nor Mia Farrow doing whatever it is she does,nor George Clooney saving Darfur
New post: [WATCH]: Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show:CPS History of Abuse! pt1
Might no of been a win but it certainly felt like it. Paul Watson with 2 stunning strikes & Scott Johnston with a cheeky tap in. Best of all though is Getting It Right Up Ross Jack.
Granted, I am in my PJs. But I have stopped watching the telly and am now working. I hope my example is inspiring you 😉
Last night’s Badb Catha drawing, with a few finishing touches, photographed properly, and uploaded to my website:
After a draw this morning, congratulations to Ash Hanley of Strensall, Paul Watson of York and Sam Noble of...
I am hearing Clint Dempsey available on loan in Jan. proven in EPL and someone I would like to pick up in Jan
I'm always told I snore by Paul Watson and laughed and denied it because he is such a snorer ~ its official. I snore thanks to my traitor offspring Brianne Felstead who thought she'd record me when i fell asleep on the couch. Can I plead I have a touch of a cold..?
Ur Boi Paul Watson is at it again with the Big Tip-Jam in traffic giving 11 points with 14 minutes to go. Fresno Up 15
Paul Watson catches a lay up in mid air and slams it back in. Watson has 11 points, hasn't missed tonight.
Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson is expecting the Abbott Government will support the anti-whaling campaign due to start in the Southern Ocean, at least in spirit.
GOD bless Paul Watson and all of his clan!
Some good sparring again at East End this morning.hard work from "The Mechanic"Paul Watson and Jayde Mitchell and sharp sork from Kaleb Kozac and Jase also Georgee Payne Luke Wilson Benji Wise Adrian O'Rourke moving well and Tugboat Tsindos Scrappy Suban who fight Next Sunday did some good rounds with Viliminator and Isaac Tupou. All boxing All good 'Heart n Soul'
I admire Paul Watson so much for dedicating his life to stop whale hunting
Via Paul Watson. The Ghost in Our Machine. I had the great pleasure of introducing the film "Ghosts in Our...
Paul Watson happy birthday and rest in peace
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New Robocop Movie Envisions World Patrolled by Drones - Paul Joseph Watson | Americans need to be...
This page, made to support Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson. Also made to help get people to stand up for Paul Watson and tell Japan and Costa Rica to drop all charges on Paul Watson. Please like/share and invite your family and friends to like our page. Our goal is to reach 500 likes. Thank-You PWTL Team
UPDATE: Costa Rica denies claim by Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson that Interpol Red Notice 'has been dropped
Cal State Northridge (1-1) at Fresno State (1-1) (ET): Paul Watson was one of the few bright spots in the 21-p...
Sea Shepherd Founder Captain Paul Watson at the premier "The Ghosts in our machine" Film. Commentary from Paul,…
My friend, Sandy McElhaney, of Sea Shepherd Baltimore/DC, The Dam Guardian, Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians Page (official), was hired today as Grant Administrator for The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society! I do believe I now personally love nearly 50% of Sea Shepherd's paid staff! I oughta go drinkin with Captain Paul Watson!!
list of celebrities I would sleep with: Charlie Hunnam, Aaron Paul, Ellie Goulding, Gavin DeGraw, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Watson, and JT. 💙
New DVDs in stock today: Admission starring Tina Fey & Paul Rudd & This is the end starring James Franco, Jonah Hill & Em…
Don't waste your money on Armed Terrorists, Liars. . "Paul Watson:.Psychopathic Terrorist? …".
Just wondering if the Mongolian team that youre managing is professional? And what coaching badges do you have?
Mr Paul 'Blue-eyes' Hollywood and the queen of cakes, Mary Berry 'sweet' talking the crowd...
*** son of Alan Bennett and Tom Watson on this Paul Hollywood programme.
I've finally succumbed and moved over to a Skype premium account which now gives me video chat with up to 10...
NSA Can Track Your Location Even When Your Phone is Turned Off - Paul Joseph Watson | Feds have had...
Paul Watson accuses of coercing other countries to demand his arrest - .
Oi - how much would you love a game of "Game" right now? Can you remember any of the rules/terms?
I've been trying to find a free easy to use video chat software that allows approximately 10 people to join the...
full story of Elite Gym's night of wins for Danny Watson, Paul Drago, Chris Jenkinson and Stevie Taylor in tmrw's Bolton …
via Captain Paul Watson - Nothing Shady About These Shades. People have been commenting that they have not seen...
Our Principal, Paul Watson, lobbying MPs in Parliament with other solicitors and barristers to save UK justice...
War Reporter by Dan O'Brien – review - This collaboration between a haunted war photographer and a poet is a masterpiece of truthfulness and feelingThis book, which has just been awarded the Fenton Aldeburgh prize for best first collection, is the result of a collaboration between Canadian war reporter Paul Watson, who won the Pulitzer prize in 1993 for his photograph of a dead US airman being dragged, mutilated, through the streets of Mogadishu, and American poet and p...
"Elemental balance, my dear Watson." The legendary words of Dr. Paul Chan, everybody.
Captain Paul Watson: American hero. Check him out! Worth the time.
no. Ruddy, laurence batty/Dave watson and Forster had Paul critchton.
Report: Obama is an Actor Trained by Harry Lennix: Paul Joseph Watson | "This is an actor that we hired."
Paul Joseph Watson has a clear idea of what is going on might want to follow him:
Paul Watson. vor 2 Minuten ·. Trouble in the Great White North. Commentary by Captain Paul Watson. I...
Paul Watson, former manager of Pohnpei and Italian football writer for HITC, talks about his new challenge in ...
‘We’re not pirates,’ anti-whaling sailor Paul Watson tells court -The Seattle Times
Watching on humpback whales. Paul Watson is Canadian and not a founder of - terrible research by
Mr Kato, I'd like to see YOU arrested for genocide. You just don't get it, do you?
The Paul Watson walking out of US appeals court earlier today, looking like a Men in Black.
Nice and blowout with 4 minutes left maybe Paul Watson Stephenson r done
He may be back on land after 15 months on the high seas, trying to evade a warrant issued for him, but Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson said he might not be able to join his eco-activist compatriot...
" We as leaders either lead people to God, or away from God"-Pastor Paul Watson
Captain Paul Watson interviewed by Agence France-Presse on the SLAPP case and up... -...
Just discovered i missed the entire series of Whale Wars season 5. Time to get my Captain Paul Watson on. Incidentally another chap with a pure moustache.
As I was driving through Rome, Georgia today, I noticed a strangely familiar looking car. It was a tan, 2004 Pontiac Aztek crossover. I couldn't remember at all what the significance was of that car. And then I was Walter White's car from Breaking Bad. And for a brief moment, I semi hoped to see a bald headed bearded man with glasses driving and coughing away. Ben Riggs Paul Watson
Aw thort I was missing out on bonfire night and Paul Watson Got me some sparklers 󾌳󾌳
If Paul Watson can ram a Japanese whaling ship at sea why can't something be done in Taiji
A slight reminder of why we want to and ... Sign&share this ASAP
I find being in the flat on my own offensive! Paul Watson Nicola Watson Ben Hood. AAIHDFY!
Last week (October 2013) Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society came home to the U.S.
Koch. I noticed it having an upswing that time a few weeks ago. The Paul Watson wrote about after... :) Trends R easy to spot
"We can't stop whaling? That's what the said about slavery but we stopped that." -Paul Watson
did you hear that I'm friends with Paul Watson? That's like 300 followers
Paul Watson is back in the United States and we welcome him back with open arms!
Captain Paul Watson will be taking the stand tomorrow for the SSCS US/CPW contempt hearing. Please send all you thoughts and prayers his way!!!
“It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.” - Paul Watson
EJ and Whale Wars Paul Watson and a couple of losers
"In great scheme of things what matters is not how long u live but why, what you stand for, what u are willing to die for." - Paul Watson
To friends old and new discovered and re-encountered over the last few weeks in both Mexico and the USA, thank...
Fugitive from Costa Rica, Paul Watson eyes anti-whale battle from afar
Happy bday Paul Watson just back from work enjoy the rest of ur day xxx
Fugitive Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson due in court on Wednesday to defend himself against Japane...
News by Yahoo Fugitive eco-activist eyes anti-whale battle from afar: Fugitive eco-activist Paul Watson is due...
Landed in Lisbon a few hours ago, enjoying a daytime hotel room before flying back this evening to Madeira, back...
- An interview with Captain Paul Watson of
Canadian environmental activist Paul Watson, founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society,...
& interview me re Paul Watson & my Forward- & Aldeburgh finalist book of poems h…
Paul Watson with the turnaround fadeaway off the glass from midrange. Fresno State leads 25-13 midway through the first half.
News-BarbiTwins it's fishy-bans illegal by govt that subsidizes fuel for it!... http:…
Join me in acknowledging Capt Paul Watson's courage to attend court in the face of Japan's …
Just sitting here chilling watching Revealed on channel ten... Melbourne, interview with Paul Watson, great to see him being interviewed on the Japanese whale slaughter, also a story on the return of the humpbacks, I was so happy that there is coverage and awareness on whales , and people becoming more in tune with what is happening in the Southern Ocean, thanks Revealed, great
So, in the middle of all this partisan divide, Fox goes more to the Right. George Will??? Really??? Really??? Ultra conservative AND all full of himself, too. Couldn't they hire Rush? In an attempt to be just as absurd, NBC is trying to hire Ralph Nader, George McCarthy, and Paul Watson .
Paul Watson. The Sam Simon Arrives in Sydney Today. The Sea Shepherd ship Sam Simon is in the Tasman Sea and...
yeah sure, paul.watsonAny way connected to
Ridiculous-- turtle conservationist mysteriously killed, Costa Rica drags feet.. Turtles left unprotected- case is...
I remember hearing the story about the most notorious pirate whaling ship called the Sierra and how it was sank by Paul Watson.
Watched a documentary starring Paul Watson with . That's the kind of night were having.
I wanna be an ocean hippy like Paul Watson
Rounding Up the Usual Suspects. Commentary by Captain Paul Watson. In the movie Casablanca, Captain Louis Renault...
Sea Shepherd’s Paul Watson to appear on Rainforest Radio to discuss case
I'm not sure but did the Japanese end up harpooning Paul Watson?
Master and Commander. Captain Paul Watson has over four decades of experience at sea, and more than two decades...
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Omg Paul watson is *** "I wanna go see Jake naked" just thought id show the world the true Paul
Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson - The oceans are dying in our time
We sign this following commentary by Paul Watson of today. Paul Watson was the one who pointed out to me in 1999...
I like with Fat Slob Captain Paul Watson & his Crew of Misfit Semester at Sea Students Vs the Japanese Whaling Fleet
Is paul watson your favourite girl? — Well he's a boy so deuces on you kid.
Paul Watson is like a young Dolph Lindgren — I'd say more of a aids written Jonah Hill but whatever you like...
Our One Year Anniversary of WE ARE PAUL WATSON is only 4 days away. We are getting close to 3300 likes. CAN WE DO IT IN 4 DAYS??
It’s a REALLY bad week to be a seal when Megalodon is on the prowl.
After many requests we uploaded the video of our interview with Sea Shepherd's Captain Paul Watson on youtube as...
After many requests we uploaded video of our interview with Capt. Paul Watson on youtube:
the man who puts his life on the line for whales. Sign now
Eco-Pirate: the Story of Paul Watson is live for streaming in the US, on these websites: Netflix,Amazon Prime and...
One of my most proud moments. My WikiLeaks Party membership card! I wanted or (in honour of Paul Watson…
Have you read any of Paul Watson's Books? Here's a great one to start off with:. . Earthforce! 2nd Edition...
Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson marks one year at sea evading arrest via
waiting for Paul Watson and his group to attack boats hauling fake whale ;)
waiting for Paul Watson to attack the boats hauling fake whale ;)
I thought this was a Paul Watson fan page
I would love to see Colossus breach. Adding that to my chum bucket list.
Shark week is a National treasure. Best show on TV hands down.
Commentary by Captain Paul Watson. The Tactics of Media Acupuncture. There are people in the Faeroe Islands who... http…
if you have Netflix...the Eco-Pirate Paul Watson documentary is a must watch!
I happen to believe that intelligence is best to find by the ability to live in harmony with the natural world ~ Paul Watson .
Captain Paul Watson~ Adrift in a Beautiful Sea of Self Enlightenment After nearly two weeks out of contact I am back in touch with the world once again and happy to see how everything is proceeding quite smoothly during my absence. Sea Shepherd around the world has a great team independently working to defend and protect our oceans. The current trial in The Hague by Australia against Japan’s bogus scientific whaling operations is going very well and Japan is not even attempting to justify their “science.” Instead they are making themselves look foolish by claiming “cultural rights” to kill whales in the Southern Ocean and insinuating that any nation, organization or person who disagrees with them is racist. Sea Shepherd is hopeful that the courts will rule in favour of the whales and life and that Australia will prevail over the whalers and death. We are hopeful that there will be no reason for Sea Shepherd ships to return to the Southern Ocean but prepared to do so if need be. Sea Shepherd cont ...
Yall probably get tired of hearing how great life here in Fredericksburg Texas and surrounding area is , but with the people and music here is the best , I have not found a better place to live ,and it gets better everyday , just want to shout out to some of the ones I can think of off top of my head , Jayson Fritz , Melissa Weatherly, Bryan Maldonado , Rhett Shan Kowert, Annie Acton, Debbi Walton, Donnie Price, Gary Dean, Gary Delz, Emily Herring, David Harris , Alton Watson , Bill Lewis , Samantha Ann Little , Joe Forlini , Jimmy Davis , Walt Wilkins , Tina Wilkins , Garrett Lebeau , Mike Blakely , Larry Nye , Bobby Boyd, Angie Davis , Virgil at Luckenbach , Terry at Luckenbach , the whole Luckenbach staff , Paul Tennison , Hondo's on main , Silver Creek Beer Garden & Grille , Auslander , Dhela Griffith , VelAnne Howle ,Brigitte London , Kathleen Ann Hudson , Jd Inthemorning, Beth Williams, William Thomas Elskes , Kem Watts, Cindi Lou Locke , John Scholten , Bo Porter, Jay Curlee, Herb Belofsky , Conn . ...
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Usher is playing as Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard in a new movie about his life & career,gotta see that! also Eminem's got a boxing movie coming out called Southpaw,an 8 Mile version of a boxing movie,shld be awesome! 50 Cent a boxing promoter now,50 a former friend of Floyd Mayweather Jr.,maybe they can work that out.& theres a Documentary/movie about boxer Johnny Tapia too,former world champ who sadly died from his addictions last summer,he had a really hard life,with a heart of a Lion,dead at 45.Rip Champ. Not to forget about the Tyrell Biggs documentary & book,he faced Mike Tyson in his prime in the 80s,his brother outta Atlanta Xavier Biggs a former Pro himself,i met & trained at his gym in ATL early 2000 when Vernon Forrest was there.Shout Out to The Forrest family, Charles Watson & the Forrest team,great ppl..Vernon's nephew Alphonso Forrest Jr. also an up & coming Pro.I will be following ur career bro,you gona go far in life..& another friend,up & coming Pro Spidey TheBoxingpoet Williams,im watching ur ...
If you could have a celebrity wife/husband, who would it be? Emma Watson would marry because im perfect. I know Skye would marry Bradley Cooper. Lets hear your answer!
One of the Many Gifts that Norm Received his ('Captain Paul Watson: Interview with a Pirate Book')-Cool :)
So, Norman, how was the book ('Captain Paul Watson: Interview with a Pirate')? (Mark Lawless's photo)
“I’ll get you a piano instead — see if you can play that.” Mustachioed Aussie fast bowler Merv Hughes after Graham *** played and missed at several deliveries “When in Rome, dear boy... ” Mike Atherton’s reaction to Aussie wicketkeeper Ian Healy when told he was a ‘f***ing cheat’ for failing to walk “Oi, Tufnell, can I borrow your brain? I’m building an *** ” A spectator to England spinner Phil Tufnell “The wife’s fine but the kids are retarded.” Ian Botham after Aussie wicketkeeper Rod Marsh asked him: ‘So, how’s your wife and my kids?’ “Don’t bother shutting the gate, you’ll be back soon.” Legendary fast bowler ‘Fiery’ Fred Trueman to an unnamed Aussie batsman as he walked down the pavilion steps at Lord’s “It’s no good hitting me there, mate, there’s nothing to damage.” Eccentric England batsman Derek Randall after being hit on the head by a Dennis Lillee bouncer “You got an MBE, right? For scoring seven at The Oval? That’s embarrassing. ...
Almost time! Eco-Pirate: Story of Paul Watson on TODAY 4/17 5pmPT/8pmET US Free trial: …
Sea Shepherd CREW ARE COMING TO PENSACOLA, FL The crew from Operation Toxic Gulf and Dr. Roger Payne will be docked in Pensacola this weekend! Dr. Roger Payne, world renowned whale scientist and long time friend to Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson, will be giving a talk this Friday at 7pm at Open Books in Pensacola and on Saturday morning the RV Odyssey will be open for free ship tours! More details to come…
Nitrogen isotope 15...I LOVE YOU...without you, our forests can not survive and without forests, life can NOT survive. Where does this isotope come from I hear you ask...It comes from our oceans. I could go on for hours how important this is, but I have an urge to quote Paul Watson..."If our Oceans die...WE DIE"...It really is as simple as that!!!...IT's called BALANCE and as a race we are destroying it on a daily basis...So people I urge you to PROTECT WHAT YOU CAN, WHILE WE CAN.COS AT THIS RATE WE ARE KILLING OURSELVES WITH GREED!!!...
Each of you friend suggest 1 person you know that attended Ancaster High, and even John Rushton and newer still the Priory and I will arrange a reunion as soon as possible for each school
Nearly here 1 of the biggest shows of local fighters Daniel VidaLoca Watson unbeaten welter, Paul Drago unbeaten heavyweight, Stevie Taylor unbeaten Heavy and Chris Twinny Jenkinson already won a Professional title looking for his 2nd 1 this season!! Reebok will be erupting week on Sat every fighter switched on showing massive improvements & good signs of fitness!! Been a good training camp & sounds like gonna be great support for these local fighters!!!
MARVELCreation retro suitcase it's amazing what a little creativity can do and a lot of patience
Come check out the page! We Are Paul Watson At 3000 likes I will post a special photo :P
We are having a few Saturday meets in the coming weeks at Legend. I will give more details as we confirm dates. But we are looking at having a VX/ Holden meet. A Ford RS meet, where we will be unveiling a full resto on a Escort Cosworth that we have been doing for Craig Straughan. We will also have a meet for the VW/ German crew too There will be a BBQ, mint cars and lots of people to talk cars too Details will be posted soon.
Anyone else is rosyth or surrounding areas got a power cut? Been off for a few hours noo
Paul Watson ust a little more info on the rideout through Shrewsbury for the Severnside lions funday, We will be leaving the buisness park at 12pm approx to be back and all parked by 1pm, despite our best efforts and consultation with the highways agency etc we will not be allowed to block roads at junctions etc but there will be marshalls at every junction and front and rear riders to guide people in the right direction so can everyone for safety sake please ensure they obey the laws of the road, thanks for you co-operation and i hope you have a good day and ride safe, SLSC
Full time: Furth 6-2 Celtic. Pre season or not that results embarrassing, furth won ZERO games at home last year. Next up Union berlin on friday the 12th of july. -daire
Whale Wars 2013 season pushed back to fall , possibly spring via
Major Beliefs Day 47 - Dead! (Ephesians 2) Ephesians 2:1-2 - "And you were dead in the trespasses and sins in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince ofthe power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience." Thomas Watson once said, "He may look on death with joy, who can look on forgiveness with faith." That puts things into perspective doesn't it? Death can be a gateway to joy, IF we are followers of Jesus Christ. If we have "crucified the flesh" and put our faith and our trust in Jesus Christ and His blood. In other words death is a gateway to joy for those who have died to the sins of the world. Before we can die to the things of the world however we have to be made alive, made alive by the Spirit of God, because before we come to Jesus the Bible makes it abundantly clear that we are already dead. Dead in our tresspasses and sins. We are corpses walking around, zombies to put it in today's terminology. Without Jesus we are dead. ...
True hero! Taking over from Paul Watson. Best of luck!
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So we had an interesting story come through, the guy said: I Went on holiday to macedonia When the Belgian players came over for the game against Macedonia. A Macedonian gooner wanted a picture with Vermaelan and the guy had an arsenal scarf as well. Vertongen walks over and shows his middle finger to the scarf! Lad! And that was from a Liverpool fan!
Will be on the Alex Jones Show in 20 minutes for a brief update on the death of Michael Hastings.
To any gardeners out there do you know what this plant is called ?
Did u no that there have multiple study's that show that only 3% of all pastors know how to study.. Most have preachers handbooks and they just recycle sermons.. Theology school dose not teach you how to study.. They just teach you man made traditions.. If its a denominational school, they just teach what that denomination believe. I have investigate many schools to see what they teach.. I was surprise that many of the professors were not christians.. I am not going to debate this, so do go there with me.. If u don't understand just pass this post on and go to the next one.. I have been studying this for the last 30 years.. Thank you
I need one more vote to move up to slot ! Voteee!
Think you'll like this art project in honor of Paul Watson's brother: Article:
Can anyone recommend a fairly-priced, reliable exterminator (mainly for ant problem in the house).? I've used the bug killers you can buy at supermarket, and the "lines of ants" have stopped for now, but, I'm sure they'll come back if I don't get a "professional" exterminator soon.
Check out this BIG slam dunk from Dion Waiters as he rises up and throws down the monster slam dunk over Heat big man Chris 'The Birdman' Andersen in Clevela...
Paul Watson has dedicated his life to fight illegal whaling, but has he gone a step too far?
I've heard McCracken or Paul Watson that was at livi last season
The Continuing Collapse of the Global Warming Hoax, Environmental Protection Agency that clings to the Big Lie about CO2
A huge thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes yesterday. It was a perfect day starting with a workout and ending with a big meal with friends and a birthday cake. I was asked to put my 45th year in words and while I only had one at the time, here are seven that I have thought of: Progress, Passionate, Change, Growth, Tempestuous, Assured, and Boundless. Here's to the coming year, and the changes on the horizon! Much love to you all! xoxo
How could Huddersfield improve it's *** scene? Ideas.
Thanks to Labour MP Tom Watson declaring his love for Drenge in his resignation letter (how rock and roll), this week on The Review Show we want to discuss Music and Politics. Should the two ever mix? Previously politicians have got nothing but grief from the bands they claim to be a fan of (Marr, Weller, Yorke), but do bands have the right to dictate who listens to their music or should everyone have a right to like what they want no matter what your views or background are? Tell us what YOU think!
Too all of the people who keep telling me i have gotten thick lately...How about you keep your opinion to yourself...Never tell a *** man he looks like he is gaining weight that is def a way to get slapped...Atleast in my book
I would like to thank my lovely wife Claire Watson for what's been a fantastic 19 years of marriage on this day our anniversary ! Here's to many more . Cheers !! X
Dawn Tyler Watson and Paul Deslauriers at Mont Tremblant International Blues Festival just killing it on the big stage!
AT SOME POINT AMERICANS NEED TO WAKE THE *** UP AND DRAW THE LINE IN THE SAND ! Don’t be distracted by the so called “deep freeze” between Obama, the Potentate-in-Chief, and his ideological red henchman Putin – an actual strong arm dictator – over spats relative to the Mid East. Even in the best of relationships there is room for disagreement. Think of it as a lover’s spat. It ain’t that far fetched, even though one is hetro (the younger the girls the better…talk about robbing the cradle) and the other is *** not to confused with “bi”, despite being a papa, albeit on the “down low”. Now that was a messy explanation! But most intrinsically, when it comes to divvying up leverage in the Mid East, well, things can get a little dicey, even among pals. NEVERTHELESS, UNDERSTANDING THEIR IDEOLOGICAL TIES THAT BIND IS GERMANE TO THE DISCUSSION. THEREFORE, LET US FIRST PEEL BACK THE RADICAL-IN-CHIEF’S LOOKING GLASS AND SEE WHAT POPS OUT. REST ASSURED, AMERICAN ETHOS WILL BE HIDE NOR HARE . ...
I am holding 2 training days at Shaw lane Barnsley Ages 6 to 11 2nd August Ages 12 to 16 16th August 10 o'clock till 3 o'clock their are only 12 spaces on each day to maintain every keeper gets the full benefit of the day a chance for them to experience a daily routine of a professional goalkeeper . Morning and afternoon sessions with the lunch hour used to inform them on the high physical and metal demands needed plus nutrition advise and quiz Prizes will also be awarded at the end of the day
Gonna be a busy week: Wednesday, Just Mr at Mile 277 (Sunset Hills) Thursday, Wes & Paul at Cottleville Wine Seller Friday, Wes & Paul at Edgewild (Chesterfield) Sunday, Just Mr. at House of Rock for the Donna Tharp benefit
My Mother wakes me up about 6:00 a.m. talking bout, "Lemme ya car I need to go to da wash house!" Why you need to go to wash house and we have a washer? Well its 8:30 a.m. and she aint back yet. If ya'll see my mother out there, please send her home! I NEED TO GO TO WORK!
3ID Transfer of Authority to 4ID in RC (South), Afghanistan KANDAHAR AIRFIELD, Afghanistan - After completing a successful 12-month tour in Southern Afghanistan, Maj. Gen. Robert "Abe" Abrams, the Third Infantry Division commanding general, officially handed over command of Regional Command (South) to Maj. Gen. Paul J. LaCamera, the Fourth Infantry Division commanding general, during a Transition of Authority Ceremony July 8, 2013, at Kandahar Airfield. Several of Afghanistan's top U.S. military and Afghan officials attended the ceremony, including Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., the International Security Assistance Force and United States Forces-Afghanistan commander; Lt. Gen. Mark A. Milley, commander of the International Security Assistance Force Joint Command; and Afghan Army Maj. Gen. Abdul Hamid, the 205th Corps commander. The ceremony began with the arrival of the official party, followed by the playing of the NATO Hymn and The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and United States of America national anth ...
Thank you for Oliver's bd card Claire Louise Watson Paul Watson x
Are there any Medium's on here, That would be willing to help raise money for the Essex Air Ambulance, We have been given the run of 'The Edge' Bar in Basildon to hold these events on every first Saturday of Every Month. Is there anyone that would like to help fundraise. Inbox me for more details
Does anyone know of a good family law attorney that works well with or will give a service member a deal?
Essendon have confirmed that Brent Stanton has been cleared of any serious injury and will likely line up this weekend against the Bulldogs.
On this Day in 1977 Paul Watson won the British Open by One Stroke
And Obama (Berry Serato), isn't either of these two great men .
Can't get out of a rut? Maybe a business coach could assist.
for all you lot who are saying your going to spend the day sun bathing. GET TO WORK OR GER A JOB U LAZY GITS
Professor Paul Watson and his dog Midge running from John OGroats to Lands End | The Pain Toolkit
Free Capt Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd from those who want to incarcerate him for stopping marine criminals and saving our sea…
what has happened to Paul Watson is he left
Name the most likable celebrities! I say tom hanks for sure, morgan freeman, matt damon, sandra bullock and emma watson for sure. Those people can do no wrong.
The first thing Paul Watson wants everyone to do is bleach their hair white & get it cut like his. Or just use his real hair!
Since I've seen a few other pages do it, figured if have my say about the best active player when healthy at every position. PG: Chris Paul SG: Kobe Bryant SF: LeBron James PF: Kevin Love C: Dwight Howard If anyone's willing to argue any valid points I'll be willing to listen. -DNick
Vegans rarely go back to eating animals. The reason is the joy of spiritual ascendance. Go vegan and uplift your soul. Clean body ... clear mind ... pure soul. ~em
With all these Jazz players leaving I'll be surprised if they win more than 25 games this next season...
Thank you to my sil John Hoard for cooking us all fish today it was great!! And to Sharalee 'Watson' Hoard for her great corn bread and rest of the food!! Thank you to Paul Watson, Sharon R. Watson, Robb Watson for all your help esp with the kids. It was a fun day, fishing, swimming, kayaking!!
I love you,'s one of your favorite foods!! from Grandma Paul Watson and Danyele Watson
"When God calls a man by His grace, he cannot but come. You may resist the minister’s call, but you cannot the Spirit’s call. The finger of the blessed Spirit can write upon a heart of stone, as once He wrote His law upon tables of stone. God’s words are creating words; when He says, ‘Let there be light’, there was light, and when He says, ‘Let there be faith,’ it shall be so. When God called Paul, he answered to the call. ‘I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision’ (Acts 26:19). God rides forth conquering in the chariot of His gospel; He makes the blind eyes see, and the stony heart bleed. If God will call a man, nothing shall lie in the way to hinder; difficulties shall be united, the powers of *** shall disband. ‘Who hath resisted his will?’ (Rom. 9:19). God bends the iron sinew, and cuts asunder the gates of brass (Psalm 107:6). When the Lord touches a man’s heart by His Spirit, all proud imaginations are brought down, and the fort-royal of the will yields to God." ...
Performed at the July 6, 2013 Shindig on the Green in Asheville, NC
Just for fun .. So romandic remix ba :P
Sea Shepherd is not increasing our knowledge of whaling; it is retarding it. Real activism that produces real change is difficult, boring, and doesn’t play well on hour-long, prime time spots on Animal Planet.
Spreading the message of liberty LeAnne Mcadoo Paul Watson & many more
Good performances came from Louis Boa Morte, Ian Allinson and Omar Riza (all ex Arsenal), Ralf Little (Royal Family) and Paul Watson.
TY for being an animal warrior: 'You don't watch whales die and hold signs and do nothing'
Might as well be called paul watson now
Omar Todd's, photo,"Commentary by Paul Watson Founder of Sea Shepherd. A Ye…" on vía
Paul Watson, acting as an observer, during Operation Zero Tolerance - photo: Tim WattersThe final decision of the International Court of Justice in The Hague concerning Australia’s case against Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary could have dire consequences far beyond the issue o...
listening to the Alex Jones show on my iPhone app. Loving it - getting the real global news from Alex Jones and Paul Watson
6th season of Whale Wars delayed. The New Yorker interviews Paul Watson at sea.
These guys are part of the amazing crew and the book is "Interview with a Pirate" about SS founder Paul Watson
Had a wander down to Montrose v Inverurie this afternoon. Trialists galore. Bit of fortune about Paul Watson's goal. Ended 1-0 for the Mo.
If you were granted an autograph from anyone, who would it be?... — Captai Paul Watson
A bit of background info added to my Death Mask series of photographs:
Paul watson is echt the ultimate captain Iglo!
I added a video to a playlist A conversation with Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd
I liked a video from A conversation with Paul Watson - Sea Shepherd
"Back of the Net is a surprisingly funny football blog by Paul Watson and John Foster." Deary deary me.
Interesting. Unite announced S/land talk by Labour's Paul Watson and Julie Elliott MP now removed with error message
Want to hear what the great Mike Rimmer thinks about my album "Unique Perspectives"? Have a listen to this soundcloud especially from around 53mins in! Paul Watson, Marcus Johnson, Yinka PremierGospel, Dave Paul Jamesito Niño
Blog from Paul Watson's niece, Sea Shepherd crew-member, Hillary Watson, one of the cooks on-board Operation Toxic Gulf.
---ALSO AVAILABLE ON -- - whaling case - Australia-Japan whaling case in international court --- Japan 'to continue' Antarctic whaling -'Clean-up bid' tops agenda for whaling meet ---In pictures: whaling in Iceland - New Zealand attacks Japan's decision to resume whaling ---Politics at play in Sea Shepherd-Japan whaling wars - Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson faces extradition --- Profile: Paul Watson, founder of environmental group Sea Shepherd - Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson 'flees Germany' - Japan whalers given Sea Shepherd injunction by US court --- Sea Shepherd activists clash with Japanese whalers - US court brands whale activists Sea Shepherd 'pirates' - Australia protests to Japan over whaling ship ---Reuters) - The Japanese practice of catching and killing nearly 1,000 whales a year cannot be justified as science, an expert witness told the World Court on Thursday in a case Australia has brought againstJapan. ---wiki - Whaling in Japan
ACTUAL QUOTES BY THE LEADERS OF THE LIBERALS AND PROGRESSIVES (COMMUNISTS) PUSHING THE GREEN AGENDA. WHAT YOU WILL FIND IN COMMON IS THAT THE TRUTH DOESN'T MATTER. "The common enemy of humanity is man.In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came upwith the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All thesedangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only throughchanged attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.The real enemy then, is humanity itself."- Club of Rome,premier environmental think-tank,consultants to the United Nations~"We need to get some broad based support,to capture the public's imagination...So we have to offer up scary scenarios,make simplified, dramatic statementsand make little mention of any doubts...Each of us has to decide what the right balanceis between being effective and being honest."- Prof. Stephen Schneider,Stanford Professor of Climatology,lead author of many IPCC reports~"We've got to ride ...
The scandal of the unwarranted transfer of authority from legitimate science to scientism, a materialistic philosophy.
House cleaned and will stay like it for a week until Kristie Watson comes back from hols. Just about to settle down for the tennis and look forward to a week's peace when Paul calls to say some knob head lorry driver has just reversed into his fairly new car. You can imagine the language. Not such a quiet weekend then!!
Final pieces dropping into place, food time then... KOOSDAY. see you all tonight :)
Me and my kev watching super murray xx
Global Grind: Barbi Twins-support who helps stop illegal slaughter of marine life...
This is what I get for trying to be funny. This morning, I was making fun of my wife for being stuck on the toilet. Yeah, about that? Dinner took its revenge on me, as well. :(
PICK OUR BANDS!!! There are so many great, talented and up & coming Texas Country bands out there right now. We'd love to book them all. We need you to help us choose! So make your voice heard and we will listen! Here's is just a partial list of some of the talented bands we are trying to work through here as often as we can. Do us a favor and comment by picking your top 5 from this list below (or add your own). It will make a difference in our programming. Here's the list. Kimberly Dunn _ John Slaughter _ Curtis Grimes _ William Clark Green _ Midnight River Choir _ Blue Broussard _ The Washers _ Jason Cassidy _ Rankin Twins _ Josh Grider _ Six Market Blvd _ Hudson Moore _ Jason Eady _ John D Hale _ Kyle Bennett_ Honeybrowne_ Brian Keane_ Crooks_ Scooter Brown_ Texas Renegade_ John Evans_ Kimberly Kelly_ Rob Baird _ The Crooks _ Uncle Lucious _ Rosehill_ Jason Suthern _ Jon Eric _ Pear Ratz _ Ryan Beaver _ Thieving Birds _ Matt Caldwell _ Pake Rossi _ Jake Kellen_ Bri Bagwell _ Matt Caldwell_ Green ...
Duval semi pro football players if had to name the top 20 players in the city right now who would they be
Chris Sheridan One more note on Billy King has given Jason Kidd a list of players to contact at 12;01 a.m. July 1. Nets have taxpayer's exception.
John Elway is 53 years old today. Ever heard of him?
-KG will miss 10-15 games bc of injury -Pierce and Joe Johnson are both isolation shooters at this point in their careers. -Deron Williams needs the ball in his hands to be effective. -Brook Lopez will still be soft.
founder says Costa Rica made up charges against him
Captain Paul Watson Offers $30,000 for the Arrest and Conviction of the Assassins of Costa Rican Turtle Conservationist Jairo Mora Sandoval. Captain Paul Watson has announced today that he is offering a $30,000 U.S. reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person or pers...
Lol The Brooklyn Nets still wont come close to winning the East lol.
Take a look back at our opening party from 2012!
Paul Tickner is in Leeds looking to buy a needle for his lads 12-10's can anybody recommend where to go and what to buy please???
Kevin Garnett has agreed to waive his no-trade clause to send him and Paul Pierce from the Boston Celtics to the Brooklyn Nets in mega deal.
offering $30K for info on the assassins of Costa Rican turtle conservationist, Jairo Mora Sandoval
That means the Nets should trot out: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Pierce, KG and Brook Lopez. Everyone who hates what Bosh, Wade and LeBron did should hate this, but they wont because for someone reason everyone understand the need to have as many stars as possible when the man pulls a trade not when FA's do it. Lets see how this goes this make 4 teams on Paper that are better than the Heat but will they take them down.
Awww FUN & Welcome to WV --- Bubba Watson! Paul & I will be attending The Greenbrier Classic July 4, 5 & 6th. For those attending on those days---we hope to see you while we are there! Hoping for good weather for all involved.
Brooklyn Nets new starting 5: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Brook Lopez. And off the bench, Andre Blatche, Jason Terry and if they can- CJ Watson. And they got Mason Plumlee in the draft. I think it's time I bought that Nets snapback. Come on Knicks, we're in trouble now !
Calling all ex-Greatfield High School pupils Mr. Rogerson is retiring and his colleagues are putting a video/message together anyone want to send a message??? I don't think I was one of his favourites so mine is pretty short!!!
Does anybody no what Tim Watson said at halftime , I was at the pub and couldn't hear it pls ?
So now Salford are linked with Isaac Luke?!? There's no way they'll stay under the cap (WireTom)
REWARD OFFERED: If anybody finds 'the plot' can u plz return it, i seem to of lost mine.
The 50 Shades of Grey movie is coming out in August of 2014 but there are no details on the cast. Who would you like to see star in that movie?
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AP) — The fugitive founder of the environmental group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said Costa Rica charged him with a crime that doesn't exist in that country because it's being a "serving boy" to Japan, which wants him extradited. Paul Watson, 62, was charged in the Centr...
Registration Fees | Registration Entitlements | Method of Payment | Additional Information Registration is now open. Be in the first 100 delegates to regi
Where of down to the diamond tomorrow nite to watch the kommitments.looking forward to it
The international conservation group Sea Shepherd in August will add a new vessel to their fleet and it will be...
My team is putting it all on the line for next season KG Paul pierce terry for hump Wallace Reggie 3 first round picks and two other dudes ! I'm cool with that Brooklyn Stand up!
Thank you so much to all the players, coaches, parents and supporters of Dynamo Girls Football Club. From the first training sessions with Ruth, Natalie and Megan - to my last session tonight it has been superb. All the girls have played their part in making this club unique and I have so many memories of all of you. I am immensely proud of your achievements, both with us and with the clubs you went on to play for. We have girls who have moved overseas to Australia, girls who have played for Brighton or the university teams, but to be honest it doesn't matter what success you achieve - it is the taking part that is most important. The support over the years from the parents and those who made it onto the club's committee has been extremely special. But the biggest thanks is to all the coaches who have helped along the way - Ruth Watson, Sarah Mingaye, Mark Veason, Steve Braddick, Steve Phythian, Martin Perks, Steve Walder, Joe Letang, Olivia Letang, Nici Rice - thank you all so very much. All the best for ...
Sea Shepherd names new ship after slain turtle activist via
Le töltés ezen a linken ! Csatlakozz te is : Csatlakozz te is :
Good morning FB, Today my Mother (Kathleen) is 80th bithday. She looks so well and good. Proud of her. Paul XX
ESSENDON legend Matthew Lloyd says Bomber fans 'stooped to a new low' when they cheered after Brent Stanton was concussed yesterday.
Flying to Sydney tomorrow with Paul Watson for the day to celebrate 100 years since my great grandmother got married. Very much looking forward to seeing all the Watson / Swift clan while Miss Luc hangs with Nola Watson
Jazz made the best moves in draft night, Picking up a star point guard ( Trey Burke.) if JAZZ keep Burke and Mo Williams as the guards and Al Jefferson, Derrick Favors, Gordan Hayward as there starting lineup n bring Alec burks, Earl Watson, Paul Milsap, Enes Kanter, Marvin Williams, off the bench, I predict a good second round playoff run...What do u think
I personally had no problems with the reception Jobe Watson received Last Night. I personally didn’t boo him or say anything untoward towards him Last Night, but everyone has their own opinion on the matter everyone is entitled to voice their frustration. I just think if it had been one of our players they would’ve coped just as bad a reception from the opposition Supporter it’s a part of Football supporters can do what they want to put the opposition’s best players off. Just look back to 2007 Ben Cousins coped it every second week we traveled, he didn’t deserve it but he coped it. Some Eagles fans voiced their frustration at the situation and that’s fine that’s how they want to support. Some Supporters support their team and the game a different way to others doesn’t make them any less passionate then you or anyone else People won’t agree with this and that’s fine too, but at the end of the day if the tables were turned our players would cope abuse and they do for apparent cheating in ...
The British government has banned two journalists from entering the country because they criticized extremist Islam. While this is defined as "hate speech," ...
If you're Pierce, Garnett and J.Terry how weird is it to be answering to a guy that was so recently your peer ?
NBA UPDATE: Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce to BROOKLYN NETS. WOW! Another team going after the Miami Heat!
REPORT: the C's will send Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to the Brooklyn Nets for a package that includes KrisHumphries, Gerald Wallace and future first-round draft picks. If this happens, Boston should just deal Rondo for CJ Watson while there at it as well, Boston lose big time in this deal
Deron Williams, joe Jonson, Paul pierce. Kevin Garnett, brook Lopez with batch and terry Watson off the bench.well played Brooklyn well played
Controversial activist claims Costa Rica he charged him with a nonexistent crime
"We do not want the name of this courageous and passionate young man to be forgotten, and hopefully this will...
So is this what the starting 5 for the Brooklyn Nets are going to look like next year? 1. D. Williams 2. J. Johnson 3. Paul Pierce 4. K. Garnett 5. B. Lopez Bench: 1. C.J. Watson 2. J. Terry 3. G. Wallace 4. R. Evans If they can mesh, this is going to be pretty scary for any team to face! Just another obstacle for my Bulls!
Costa Rica I once loved you. I almost moved to your beautiful pacific coast. You've changed. I don't know you anymore.
Did Costa Rica charge Paul Watson with a "made up" crime?
Wow Boston and Brooklyn agree to deal to trade Garnett to BK! OD
*** it just got worse 4 Boston smh.KG.. Paul p and The JET leavin
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