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Paul Watson

Paul Watson (born December 2, 1950) is a Canadian animal rights and environmental activist, who founded and is president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a direct action group devoted to marine conservation.

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no one should ever listen to Paul Joseph Watson
Subscribe to Paul Joseph Watson's YouTube channel for best & most entertaining conservative commentary on s…
There's some fun Canadian controversy around this that Watson gets into. Check here from…
you could listen to Paul Joseph Watson, or you could make the correct choice
Sea Shepherd: defending the integrity of the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary | Paul Watson
Paul Watson lies! "Sea Shepherd" has vandalized in the past, and so has Paul Watson. No "massacres" occur in the Fa…
Because what he did to Amy Moreno, Paul Watson, Mike Cernovich, Richard Spencer, Jared Wyand, AltRight & Trump supp…
2/2 also Paul Watson has some whacky ideas. He's neo liberal but believes in some left wing ideas but…
If he didn't attack Jared Wyand, Mike Cernovich, Paul Watson & more & threatened to get Amy Moreno fired from her j…
Ice Ghosts: The Epic Hunt for the Lost Franklin Expedition by Paul Watson – review
record) Paul Watson of Sea Shepard describes the abusive conditions of his wheelchair and dragged them across a gravel road face down. They
OFControversial Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson living as international fugitive in French chateau
You'd think Paul Watson and Richard Spencer would get along better since they're both Nazi shut-ins that own themselves every 48 hours
How did my YouTube recommendations go from Hans Zimmer scores to David Icke and Paul Watson videos? 😣
Here is more information meet Capt. Paul Watson find out the importance of his and all crew members jobs trying...
Paul Joseph Watson is the actual worst thing to come out of this election cycle
Paul Joseph Watson Why the regressive Left has formed an alliance with Islam. ↓ https…
Between demonising immigrants as subhuman invaders, people like Paul Joseph Watson fear the potential for consequences for their behaviour.
I used to watch Paul Watson and Alex Jones when I was a teenager and into conspiracies...I grew out of it. Sorry.
As far as I'm concerned, Paul Joseph Watson is a Nazi sympathizer and deserves the same as them.
Conspiracy Theorists like Paul Joseph Watson feel that a push Is assault. When did far right men lose all their mas…
Alright Paul Watson, can you move on to another subject now, getting stale!
Paul Jospeh Watson is another one of those Tomi Lahren types. Just an agent. Saying stuff they themselves don't even believe
Do you know who Paul Joseph Watson is?. Infowars
well I am an old man so I am "classical" nonetheless Paul Watson is a liar and a con exploiting 4 $
Via Captain Paul Watson The Spitfire comes home from the
Paul Joseph Watson, "editor at large". Acting like he's Edward Snowdon when he's a bad bellwhiff making shouty vids in his ma's box room
What's the difference between Paul Watson and a ISIS Spokesmen?
Paul Joseph Watson is basically a worse version of Katie Hopkins, which in itself is some achievement.
Ah, so when you say you want it fixed, you really do mean FIXED.
Thanks to Paul Joseph Watson, I found you. You Rock! ty
Council leader Paul Watson has commended the young people and said he will do everything in his power to try and find a solution.
German Newspaper Publisher: Murder Trump to Get Him Out of Office. Tolerant left strikes again. Paul Joseph Watson...
Paul Joseph Watson broke my hitachi magic wand
If he shares one more Paul Joseph Watson post I swear to R'hllor...
Whats the difference between Paul Watson and an ISIS spokes person?
This Paul Joseph Watson character no different than Jihadi Jack..
Paul Joseph Watson is Changing the World 1 Video at a Time: The Left & Islam: Unholy Alliance vi…
Adrian Timmis leads Paul Watson, left, and stage winner Steve Joughin at the Tour of Britain
Um yeah sure. Let's ask your heroes Ann Coulter, Paul Watson, and Milo if that changes anything.
Paul Joseph Watson. The price of failure. (Still an over-inflated price)
That's Paul Watson in his younger years, yes?
Sean that not Paul Joseph Watson real acct! He's an imposter
I liked a video from Paul Joseph Watson | 🎄🎄🎄 Stefan Molyneux Christmas
Didn't you have an interview with Paul Watson a while back? He is likely your best bet for further contacts.
Paul Joseph Watson broke my mini vibrator
Update your maps at Navteq
Sean that's a fake account and not the real Paul Joseph Watson who Is actually
Let's not allow peripheral figures like Paul Joseph Watson (turn the into a Zionist anti-Islam…
Sean, this isn't the real Paul Joseph Watson. His grammar is impeccable. This is obviously just a troll. ;-)
Paul Joseph Watson has a talent for saying things completely disconnected from reality
. YOU DO REALIZE, that was not the REAL Paul Joseph Watson posting that right? Paul only has one "p" in
Simple mistake invite the real Paul Watson on your show next week! His followers are your followers.
High heeled shoe beside a puddle of blood Like Deaths a lover and never a flood. The War Reporter Paul Watson on the cliche
Hey, Paul Joseph Watson released a statement to me a while ago. Thought you'd be interested.
Paul Joseph Watson ate all my green salad
please good you wish Victoria Watson and Paul Heafey congratulations on their wedding today as they are potter mad x
Paul Joseph Watson asked for a hall pass but didn't use the bathroom
BTW, Paul Joseph Watson, , is one of the good guys. Probably shouldn't have promoted this, though.
And now a memory from 2016, beautifully described by Paul Joseph Watson.
Paul Joseph Watson: What they're not telling you about so-called Fake News.
Paul Joseph Watson borrowed my facials and didn't give it back
Paul Joseph Watson stole my foundation and used it as a sex toy
The Butt Hurt Lefty Trolls are out in force, apparently. I feel bad for the person who wasted time to make a fake P…
awww. Bless fat old Rob. He's trying to be the next Paul Joseph Watson. He's tragically deaperate to be liked
this is a fake account to smear the real Paul Joseph Watson
Captain Paul Watson: "Every poaching vessel intercepted and arrested is one step closer to preventing the...
Paul Joseph Watson is covered in fluid
Paul Joseph Watson knocked the love egg over and didn't pick it up
I give a review of 2016 over at Vic Watson's place.
Paul Joseph Watson, how classless & vulgar of U 2suggest that this woman is Trump's "sidepiece" as U called her
How priggish of U Paul Joseph Watson. Do U run a finishing school 4proper young ladies or did U just attend one
I've read some of this Paul Joseph Watson stuff. He's complicit in this propaganda war.
I reccomend the video from Paul Joseph Watson, only goes for a couple of minutes.
Paul Joseph Watson left the toilet seat up
Thank you Bob Barker and Paul Watson for all you do for the animal world. You are amazing souls.
An I'll be all over Cernovich, Molyneux n Alex Jones to see their justification of the swamp dwellers. Paul Watson will be at CNN by then.
The only news that isn't fake is Drudge, Paul Watson, Lou Dobbs and Alex Jones. They better not touch any of those
Paul Joseph Watson spreading false information and scamming people is much worse.
So predictable using election as fundraising excuse for non-vegan animal/environment groups
yes CNN, the alt-right is mainly about Paul Joseph Watson insulting fat ***
. The People who . NEED to WATCH. this video WON'T. They Can't Handle The Truth. Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars. Make Amer…
JE, you gotta watch this video. Paul Joseph Watson speaks truth. Yes, all his videos are that good.
Follow your dreams and use your natural-born talents and skills to make t...
What do you think of Paul Joseph Watson? — Annoying voice, can't listen to him tbh
Paul Joseph Watson (and his YouTube channel should be followed by all.Vids are HILARIOUS and cut right to the chase. BZ, Paul
"Remember all those riots that happened after Obama won in 2008 and 2012? Yea, me neither because THEY DIDN'T HAPPEN." - Paul J. Watson
While milo fluffs any outlet that'll give him attention, the queen sir Paul Joseph Watson of info wars is too good…
Corrine Sugden, Health Coach from Isagenix winning the 60 second award from Paul Watson at our Meadowbank Group.
Paul Joseph Watson borrowed my love egg and didn't clean it after
.Paul Joseph Watson just made you famous. 😀😀. God this is getting good.
Paul Watson, editor at large of Breitbart News, has referred to women on video as "swamp donkeys."
Website Builder 728x90
Oh hearing Paul Watson's footage on CNN Tonight calling feminists "swamp donkeys". Hmm thought Donny was busy draining into his own swamp?
Jeff I was not aware of Paul Watson until this election but this guy, regardless of one's party, is entertaining
Paul Joseph Watson left the chain on the door and then took a nap
. Paul Joseph Watson we appreciate & adore you. It is not your ego that drives you. It is the truth👌TY
I'm still waiting Alex Jones or Paul Joseph Watson to land press secretary job
MORONS REACT TO TRUMP WINNING - Paul Watson absolutely killing it as usual. Thank you,
CNN dare to mock my dad, Paul Joseph Watson? How evil can they get?
MUST SEE: Paul Joseph Watson annihilates Buzzfeed for racist videos against white people |
That face U make when Paul Joseph Watson turns down an interview with VICE because he's always had integrity
Paul Watson from *DESTROYS* VICE in scathing denial for an interview. So far no response from
Paul Joseph Watson is opposed to free trade which he calls 'globalism' to smear globalization. How's this not dumb?
Top story: Paul Joseph Watson Celebrates the Tolerant Left by Cutting Their Dic… see more
Great piece...linking Trump to Turnbull..Summary: Dont demonise to ignore him and get on with the job...
"Presidents, like kings, have no authority over Nature." No one does...
If I poured just 1 barrel of oil in2the harbor I would be in jail.
"Tonight on BBC...Paul Joseph Watson shaves his ball sack. Racist dog whistling or deviant alt-right ritual?"
Paul Joseph Watson borrowed my eyeliner and didn't give it back
Alex Jones' website, but byline by Paul Watson. He's more respected on the alt-right.
Rubin is versatile, from Paul Watson to Stephen Fry, from Lawrence Krauss to...this...
Paul Watson says there's more to come. Hil owned dirty fighting
Paul Watson is back on US soil and making his first public appearance at
“It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.” – Paul Watson,…
Paul Joseph Watson gives us a warning. Brexit: Dawn of a Populist Uprising via
I would just say that nobody could do what I do unless you had a big ego. It's the only way you
.He calls himself Paul JOSEPH Watson in tribute to
Alex Jones and the Trump cheerleaders. Paul Joseph Watson - A Direct Challenge - Why is he Shoring-Up the 9/11 Myth?
Hey Paul. James Montague put me in touch. Have a second to chat?
Paul Joseph Watson banned me long time ago He doesn't like truth.
Here's the thing: Nobody gets extradited for a crime where nobody's been hurt, where no propert
. Let the Smackdown of Infowar’s Paul Joseph Watson Begin . saw it this morning while check…
.Paul J Watson shills for the along with the rest of those kosher-certified ***
This a SO hilarious by Paul Joseph Watson. Obama stuttering.the best!.
did u ever watch the parady on Obama stuttering. By James Paul Watson I think. Porky pig's in it funny
Interesting development when social media meets politics
The biggest predator of fish like cod is other fish - and seals keep fish like that in check.
Recently, I think I managed to unsub from some righties, Louise Mensch, Milo Y, Anna Chapman. Kept Paul Joseph Watson tho. Too cute! MFoolM.
I really need to find more youtubers like Paul Joseph Watson
There's a guy that looks like Paul Joseph Watson on my plane 🙄
As long as there is a Southern Ocean whale sanctuary, Sea Shepherd crew will continue to patrol
Like Paul Joseph Watson once said, some cultures are better than others.
Arthur Allan Thomas calls for retrial for convicted murderer Scott Watson
Is this the same Paul Joseph Watson who says Sandy Hook was real?
Interview Pierre Rabhi & Paul Watson: The pirate and the peasant. If abonner4 movement Hummingbirds 758 Add to...
Hi Paul,we would like to hear more details. Please contact us through DM or mail us here mail.babagolTnx&good luck
My entire life consists of makeup tutorials, music, and Paul Joseph Watson's videos and I'm okay with that.
I reckon the likes of Paul Joseph Watson , Blaire White , Milo Yiannopoulos are great role models for the youth. Sadly many disapprove =(
Hillary's inner reptile tries to escape.
Logan Lerman and Emma Watson and Ezra Miller and Stephen Chbosky and Paul Rudd and The Smiths and David Bowie and Comin…
.that is a *** good question about country with control of firearms above par .Paul Joseph Watson answers?
keyboard patriot Paul Joseph Watson just keeps pandering to the simpleminded
Think you can listen again here: It was very good!
is there a podcast link available? Interesting to hear a uefa a-license coach about mongolia football.
Does anybody's business fancy sponsoring a national football team, a rare opportunity has cropped up.
Recent Changes: Paul Joseph Watson: Srs, I'll be working on this page all day and making a million edits, no…
Paul Joseph Watson (on Instagram with some incredible banter 😂👌
Paul Joseph Watson: Islam in Europe: Migrants own manifesto states takeover of Europe- via
Chuck Johnson, GONE!. Milo, GONE!. Michael Cernovich, NEXT!. Paul Watson, AFTER!. The cleansing of the whiners is going as planned!
I love Sea Shepard but Paul Watson needs to STOP - 'An Open Letter To Captain Paul Watson'
is Paul Joseph Watson a real person or bot?
Paul joseph watson for prime minister?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Paul Joseph Watson crushes feminists celebrating their STDs in his new video:
The most poignant part of this that I take away is:. Rock legend who learned to play guitar from Les Paul himself...
That's who Matt Watson be doin vidjoes for now?
Paul Joseph Watson. A group of social justice warriors are preparing to launch a new database that will…
What to make of this LarryKing/OraTV/Putin partnership? They just had Paul Joseph Watson on as a US domestic affairs expert.
you would have Paul Joseph Watson as your pimp if it only would bring fame to I wrong?
I want to be friends with Paul Joseph Watson
Justin Trudeau: please Give Captain Paul Watson his Canadian Passport back.we are proud of h... via
Captain Paul Watson & Sea Shepherd have fought sealers since 1976 saving hundreds of thousands of seals!
Please Sign. Give Captain Paul Watson his Canadian Passport back! We are proud of him!
Yo scumbag, I'm a new atheist, never heard of this supposed hero of mine, Paul Watson. Hitch is my hero. You're my enemy.
Trump gave Rand Paul $10K 2 yrs ago 2 go outside USA 2 perform charity eye surgery.Paul stuck a knife in his back
Late change to matchday squad: Paul Williams in for Gordon Watson. Football League approved it, so all OK... ;)
When Canada took away Captain Paul Watson's passport on behalf of Japan
"2017 Sea Shepherd will return 2 East Coast of Canada." I'm back! Capt Paul Watson htt…
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Paul Joseph Watson must be speaking a few truths because now he is being attacked on social media-alway a good sign that MSM are fkn liars
I dont know what to think of Paul Joseph Watson. Sometimes I'm "OMG you're right!" BUT other times its "you're teetering on…
"Intelligence is the ability of a species to live in harmony with its environment.". Paul Watson
Some Cultures Are Just Better Than Others . Paul Joseph Watson - thank you for your courage.
Paul Joseph Watson and Dave Rubin: Libertarians, Trump, and the Immigrat... via
I liked a video from Paul Joseph Watson Talks Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary
Paul Watson and Bob Hunter on their anti-seal hunt campaign ❄️
Michael Cumpsty with the man inspiring his character, Paul Watson
Thank you Paul Watson for summing it up so nicely! . Another Vile Coward Murders a Lion. From Captain Paul Watson...
Head to Falkirk TV now for post match interviews with Peter Houston, Mark Kerr & Paul Watson
Fresno State forward Paul Watson pedaling his way back into Bulldogs' lineup.
Paul Watson in uniform for the Fresno State Bulldogs vs Air Force tonight. First time since Feb.6 that they have everyone minus Torren Jones
Dumped the shills Paul Watson, Alex Jones, Anonymous. Started following the Trutherbots. News feed is now much more stimulating
Watched it with my three kids over Christmas. Paul Watson was awesome but sad about Robert Hunter at the end.
Paul Watson leads FresnoSt in scoring with 15pts in the Win over Pacific tonight
Conservation royalty. founder of Mission Blue, and Paul Watson, founder of the
Paul Watson: “In Costa Rica, all sharks have been placed on death row” - Inside Costa Rica |
Remember Stephen Harper took away Paul Watson's Canadian passport because Japan asked him to take it away.
Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson can no longer enter Canada because Stephen Harper took away his passport.
All I'm saying is that WHEN S4 comes back, there better be one Paul Watson back in the cove.
Toronto Star reporter Paul Watson famously quit over a Franklin expedition story. Now that story is out.
So where's that Paul Watson story about the Franklin expedition?
Good effort from Paul Watson, saved by the Atherton keeper
but I backed it up with another case where the big man himslf Paul Watson compared the whalers to mass murderer Breivik
Not really gaming related, but Paul Joseph Watson responds to the idea set by MTV New…
Parma Calcio 1913 vs Virtus Entella Chiavari. It may only be a friendly but the Boys are still on the…
Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson agree to pay Japanese whale killers millions to settle lawsuit via new .
'The Danish Naval Frigate TRITON is pursuing the SAM SIMON.'
This quote one the first page of 'Interview with a Pirate - Captain Paul Watson' hits the nail on the…
charming aren't you? I guess that's why you're a fan of Di$info Jone$ and Paul Neocon Watson
Emma Watson is on ‘Top 99 Most Outstanding Women of 2015’ list Congrats!
.to play Cogsworth in upcoming movie Beauty And The Beast alongside Emma Watson!
Emma Watson is reportedly in talks to replace Alicia Vikander in the upcoming Tom Hanks movie The Circle.
Paul Watson provided handy email list of all members of Danish parlt. here: lobby them & in meantime
Alejandro Amenabar's 'Regression' movie with Emma Watson will open the San Sebastian Film Festival.
Amazing opportunity for those young players! All the best Daryl.
This fortnight I shall be venturing into the old wood to see if I can spot this figure again
Captain Paul Watson: 'Whale-Friendly Tourists are not Welcome in the Danish Faroe Islands' htt…
Captain Paul Watson: 'A Challenge to the Whalers of the Faroe Islands' …
Japanese Government's request to the United Nations regarding Paul Watson, former President of Sea Shepard's partic..
FRIENDLY: Linlithgow Rose 1-2 Falkirk. Goals from Liam *** and Paul Watson ensure Falkirk stay unbeaten in their pre-season games.
Q&A with Paul Watson on why he resigned from the Toronto Star via
"In much of society, research means to investigate something you do not know or understand.". -Paul Watson.
What has become of Canada? We should all read courageous Paul Watson's blog and think about this question real hard.
After he spoke to I interviewed Paul Watson about why he left his job at The Toronto Star
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Q&A with Paul Watson, Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist, on why he just Resigned from The Toronto Star
John Geiger doesn't deserve a Polar Medal, Paul Watson alleges. He was just a public face in the search for the Erebus.
"The team was once managed by Paul Watson, brother of British comedian Mark Watson"
Effect: "People are starting to see the value of these kinds of films" ~Capt. Paul Watson, SSCS
capt Paul Watson had his Canadian citizenship stripped is this what you're up to you sneaky pommy ***
not reporting capt Paul Watson has had his 500 year Canadian citizenship stripped
Toneil Carter, along with a very good QB in Paul Watson, can make a claim to being in the top 5 in TX.
They just took Paul Watson's citizenship away, and still half of Canada supports this monster.
Paul Watson has his Canadian passport revoked thru Bill C51 because Harper doesn't like him I guess. Too radical.
The next prime minister of Canada must restore Paul Watson's citizenship. Protesting whaling should not be grounds to revok…
Harper strips Paul Watson of his Canadian Passport,under Bill C-51,essentially banning him entry to his own native country !
.So Jenny McCarthy is misinformed re: vaccinations & Paul Watson "informing" celebrities about s…
SATURDAY APRIL 4 IN RICHMOND VA. . Sarah White Music and Jim Thomson and Paul Watson and Jason Butler and Bryan...
Ric O'Barry and Paul Watson are going to be there and I'm missing it 😩
First Moores pulls a belter with 'Data' comment and now Downton reckons 'nobody could have done better'. Absolute genius
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Sign & rt: Mr. Stephen Harper: Allow Captian Paul Watson back into Canada via
Emma Watson Q&A on Women's Day: "If you stand for equality, then you're a feminist."
Know your level Moores. Not a national coach! Seriously lacking charisma and man management skills at that level
Why does Moores not do the honourable thing and leave job. He will get back into Lancs CC in a year after Giles messes that up
& Paul Joseph Watson's coverage on the Fraud of Feminism lately has been superb.
CBS Sports Network: Paul Watson gets the block and ...
Thank you to the many applicants who applied for this year’s / Paul Poth Scholarship and the Cheryl Watson Memorial Scholarship!
Shop signage and etched glass for Paul J Watson Solicitors. Stand-off letters and vinyl both look great! .
England have unmatched resources and had unprecedented time to prepare. Lowest point in English cricket history? It's certainl…
Team Hillary Conducting Secret Polls to Test Fallout of Email Scandal?: Paul Joseph Watson | "Someone is payin...
I say all of this as an fan who wanted them to do well. At present they are simply not good enough and change is essential
Absolute shambles. Players bereft of any kind of confidence and done of the technique/shot selection abysmal. Mass changes needed.
One of the worst chases and *** poor game management I can remember seeing by . Moores coat on a very shaky peg now IMO.
Wonderful sportsmanship from Paul Casey & Tom Watson. Been a great Already looking forward to in 2016!
Via Captain Paul Watson: retains our record for the world's most expensive beer. Yes I know, it's...
The man who really exposed treated so disgracefully by BBC .Questions…
I wonder who the famous people that followed her were. I bet one of them is Paul Watson.
We are in the business of putting ourselves out of business. Captain Paul Watson
actually not affiliated with Green Peace. Paul Watson left green peace to start SS.
Rand Paul was accused of not clapping hard enough for Netanyahu. Rand Paul lost his chance to be the next...
Everybody is a hypocrite. You can&live on this planet without being a hypocrite. - Paul Watson
Paul is such a drama queen when he's ill
should have played CB today Is it wrong to say we missed Joe Allen? Caused to have to drop too deep
I would like Captain Paul Watson to take note that we too, are against this abuse of injustice.
Paul Watson. A Sad, Sad day for Justice in Costa Rica. Commentary by Captain Paul Watson. It is not surprising... http:…
Pamela Anderson shares her thoughts on Captain Paul Watson's arrest.
If England don't pick up soon this ODI could be over by 30th over!!! OZ batting line up so strong.
Heather loves Hobart. Watson beats Alison Riske to reach her second WTA final. Melbourne will have to wait.
and the "tsunami incident" of Paul Watson did not help dolphins :(
Is that Paul Watson or French painter and romanticist Eugene Delacroix?
BREAKING: Paul Wilkinson, accused of murdering Brett Watson briefly appeared in court. Didn't apply for bail. Back in April.
via Captain Paul Watson: Sea Shepherd takes over chase when NZ Navy heads back home
UPDATE: Co-accused Paul Wilkinson isn't applying for bail as he faces court, charged with murdering father of two Brett Watson.
Waltzing with the Academic Critics of Tasmania - a response by Founder, Capt. Paul Watson
don't take this offer up and they are dead and buried. Fans need to understand that.
not sure there's a better backcourt in the MW w/ Guerrero, Julien Lewis, Paul Watson and Marvelle Harris.
Finally,a big gun speaks out against the dangers of Great piece by Labour will 100% block ISDS . h…
Rejuvenated Heather Watson learning to out-think her 'superiors' ahead of Australian Open - by Paul Newman
he wants to see Ballo play with Sturridge I think
Ibe being recalled + all the talk of players (strikers) staying says it all for me. VERY quiet January in store for us
Last wk a pastor asked me about metrics for discipleship. I like Paul Watson's take: plus organic/anecdotal "metrics"
Sterling, Sturridge and Lallana to add into the mix over coming days/2-3 weeks.GREAT news
I think Brendan might be waiting to see if/how Balotelli and Sturridge could work together before deciding on Balotell future
Jones didn't believe it at first bc he didn't want2jump on conspiracy. But he showed Paul Joseph Watson's report
Prob means he will be leaving then..
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Paul Watson with 19pts on 7-11 shooting and 7rebs in the win over SanJoseSt was MtnWest FR of the YR last season
I do have some time for Paul Watson (mostly rational) & Max Kaiser (but too hyper to sell traffic)
Reminder to all that we are having a little preseason social get together on Sat 31st Jan @ Styx in Glenrothes.
Ibe has been excellent so if he is coming back to as is rumoured then BR must be looking to give him game time
35 Weeks since Councillor Paul STABBER Watson said there was proof of a legal land sale. Lies from suspected murderer
Have you heard ‘Podcast 033 Future Tracks For Jan 2015 House Mix’ by dj paul watson 1 on
Sunday, free at the Wilma: Conversation between Paul Watson and Dan O'Brien
Have you heard ‘dj paul watson get your hands up mix January 2015 podcast 032’ by on
Paul Watson is a neoconservative, its not surprising he would bash muslims like a common MSM hack.
Nothing personal Tom your photo just reminded me of the Dogs home, after Paul O'Grady's show last night
British number one Heather Watson has reached her third WTA semi-final. Find out more
Will flush if we genuinely interested in Berahino though!!
"Nothing so conclusively proves a man's ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself." ~Thomas…
Captain Paul Watson: Waltzing with the Academic Critics of Tasmania -
Paul Pierce hits 1,989th career 3-pointer in win, moving past Jason Kidd for 4th on NBA’s all-time leaderboard.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Is CJ Watson someone who might be a good fit? Wouldn't Paul George want Indy to trade for Jackson given their friendship?
Just wrapped up the Women's postgame presser. Saw that the Men beat SJSU 73-62 on the road. Paul Watson game-high 19 pts. Cezar Guerrero 15
World Leaders Will Exploit Charlie Hebdo to Eliminate Encryption: by Paul Joseph Watson ‘They will use this to...
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