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Paul Walker

Paul William Walker IV (September 12, 1973 – November 30, 2013) was an American actor. He became famous in 1999 after his role in the hit film Varsity Blues, but later garnered fame as Brian O'Conner in The Fast and the Furious film series.

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don't tempt The Skulls 2000 movie...Paul Walker died. The Crow 1994 movie...Brandon Lee
Watch tragic Paul Walker's final scenes in new Fast and Furious 7 trailer
Cilla kicks it, Pete cries, Paul Walker slips and David Icke wins the league.
Brick Mansions -- Behind the Scenes with Paul Walker vía
I've just watched Brick Mansions with Paul Walker. Assumed it would be silly like Fast & Furious but some good questions raised it
Breaking News: Sheldon Richardson to replace Paul Walker in Fast and Furious.
Steve Irwin & Paul Walker are two people that should've never died
Ryan Dunn, Paul Walker and now Mullah Omar. "Slow the heck down" is a thing I would say to these guys
A word from The Bishop Paul L. Walker. "Choose your course with Determination"
Paul Walker's brother Cody lands his first major film role. Cody Walker has secured his first major role in a...
Paul Walker died in a car crash and you guys don't wanna ban cars but all of a sudden there's a shooting and you wanna ba…
Our keen walker Paul and his dog Alfred shared with us some images of their visit to Raven Crag wearing the blue... http:/…
Paul walker was such a hunk please. .
.Wisconsin Republicans Scott Walker and Paul Ryan: Protecting rights of rapists and letting women die.
What if the album was Paul Walker . And died in a car crash
*** I forgot Paul walker was in varsity blues
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Paul Walker and his gorgeous daughter ❤️
Paul walker died 2 years ago, yet it seems like he's still with us, you never actually think about these things😕
Why are people still treating Paul Walker like he's some sort of martyr? Does my box in.
Bush, Walker Paul in, Trump out of Voters First forum [Union Leader "mocked" him]
"when speed kill me, don't cry, because I was smiling"- paul walker. i love you for who you were paul!
just watched your snap story and looks like you became Paul Walker over night. I'm all about that
I would actually choose 2 or 3 .. Paul Walker , Robin Williams & Michael Duncan .. Who would YOU choose
Paul Walker dying in a fiery car crash was the funniest thing to happen since Robin Williams killed himself
When Taker finally retires they need to a video package of him and Kane set to the dead Paul Walker song
I grew up taking risks. I'm not the kind of guy that lets anything keep me down. ~Paul Walker
used to be Paul Walker. Not its Jennifer Love Hewitt
Furious 7 ending is still the saddest thing ever, the Dom and letty part then the Paul walker tribute😪
Right on schedule the paid shills & trolls are pushing ineligible candidates & throwing out dirt on Trump, Walker & Rand Paul. IGNORE MEDIA.
Now we know how paul walker really died
Walker, Paul, Cruz, Bush, Santorum, = weak. Rest showed some spine. Graham went in.
My mother looks my wallpaper and says "It's Paul Walker?"😝❤ (She just seen the first season )
I always get so sad whenever I watch a Paul Walker movie or think about his death 😓
I so wanted to say usuyamfunake urg ukufa "Paul Walker had really beautiful eyes
"Why should anyone believe my Prince of Peace when I am a man of war?". Paul Walker
a heard there having a Paul walker tribute night down there
I'd pick all but Paul Walker would be my choice. Hands down
My baby paul walker my angel 4 ever
Paul Walker had really beautiful eyes
I like Cruz. I also Perry, Walker, Paul. Carson is a possibility. I'm not keen on Bush, Graham, Cristie or Trump
Watching Joy Ride and got sad about Paul Walker all over again. 😔😢👼🏼
CGI Michael Douglas is really convincing in Ant-Man. . Way better than CGI Jeff Bridges, Paul Walker, etc.
Must see. Paul Walker is man of truth.
am sad for the death of Paul Walker
how they gonna make furious 8 without Paul Walker ?
this guy is disrespect full to Paul walker: via
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Paul walker I will never forget you you are my Heroe I Real hero 😢
I liked a video Paul Walker CRASH: Moment of Impact (New surveillance video)
An open-air cinema nearby. I can literally hear Vin Diesel & Paul Walker picking up chicks. Last week it was old ladies.
Paul Walker behind the scenes filming . ❤️🎬Making of Image
Paul Walker was also a tragic loss. Racing fans are sad.
Paul Walker totally faked his death because I swear I just saw him in the Detroit airport. There's no mistaking those blue eyes
(I want to continue this account for the legacy of Paul Walker but I'm constantly getting ignored and I don't know what to do.)
"You gotta take chances for the things you care about.". -Jerry Shepherd, Paul Walker (Eight below)
Cee-Lo saw Wiz getting paid off Paul Walker's death and he's playing Mr. Me Too. SMH.
Who do we need to talk to in order to trade justin beiber for Paul Walker back?
The Hollywood Star Cars Museum makes me so sad because Paul Walker is gone and the last car he shot in is there 😕
Gonna have myself a Paul Walker marathon starting with all the fast and furious movies 🎥
The whole cast is there from Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Ludacris, and Tyrese Gibson to the Asian dude and Michelle Rodriguez
Kris Bryant looks like Paul Walker with no hat on
I don't count the boys as celebrities 😂😂😂 so I'll say Paul Walker or Michelle Rodriguez ❤ the whole cast of fast & furious😂
Paul Walker is a true definition of a man hands down 💯 dead or alive Rest Easy Paul 👼🏼🙏🏻
Car 19, Doni Keating stopped in SS2 and car 42 Paul Walker retired his Subaru Impreza following a puncture on the opening stage,
Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Eminem were all considered for the part of Brian O'Connor before Paul Walker was. http…
Just pulled up on Ron at a stoplight like CGI Paul Walker did Vin Disel in Furious 7. Lol
Fast and Furious 8: Paul Walker's brother Cody Walker will play a new role?
It's impossible to listen to Wiz Khalifa's 'See You Again' and NOT think about Paul Walker and get sad.
my late bro Adam, was goofy too. Rip Adam Johnston & Paul Walker. Truly, Angels on Earth💔
I didn't have to meet Paul Walker to know he had a beautiful soul. My baby brother Adam, was exactly the same.
he was my actor. Any time I watch his movies I get a ache in my stomach. R.I.P Paul Walker
so some guy in panera asked if I was related to Paul Walker & I said yes & he just gives me a free bagel
Missing brothers::Fast and furious actor Paul Walker and cricketer Phillip Hughes. ..Dedicate this song to you...
so i'm playing around with flood_router26 on my Kali machine and end up totally killing my network. RIP in Paul Walker.
I think it's rubbish. The original is best & dedicated to Paul Walker. Shouldn't it be what the listeners prefer not staff?
IF you love this movie and furious 7Paul Walker you again
Travis Walker coming in to the Ustinov fight in some serious form.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Wait is Paul Walker really dead like FOREAL
Paul Walker has nothing on Mom when she's angry. .
If one day I die from taking gear at T don't worry cause I was smiling xx paul walker /Zola williamson 2k15
I be feeling like Paul Walker behind the wheel.😭 my vision so A1. Thats why nobody ain't whoop my *** in a race yet.
"I never thought of myself as. the cool guy. I always thought. of myself more as, the goofy. guy.” - Paul Walker
Is this the real Paul Walker. Or he's team cause if it is I love you so much I sing see you again all the time
Paul walker is still alive, I'm spiritual I can feel dead people too. . Dead people are still a live.
Miss him a lot. You will be always missed by million Paul walker
Ending fast&furious 7 itu loh bikin mewek,paul walker come back please?Join with them&play the movie again,fast&furious 8 waiting for you 😭😿
True love is when Sean records an episode of with Paul Walker in it because he knows how much I loved him 😢
Huckabee and Walker are strongest Republicans in NC, leading Clinton by 4. Carson leads her by 3, Paul/Rubio by 1:
My prediction: Democrats and establishment republicans are terrified of Trump, Walker and Paul.
Ever wondered whether Paul Walker and Billy Connolly should play father and son? Well, Timeline might be for you
Had a dream that I could bring back a person for a day so I spent the day with Paul Walker. 😍
Okay, so when I arrived in L.A, I met Adam Levine walking to a restaurant, and a few years back when I lived there I met Paul Walker, R.I.P
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and also with you... Well, you are chad so you might actually be Paul Walker
Fr me its Paul Walker, Andrew Garfield, Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr. n much more ;) Ya n Vin too
Why is Justin Bieber the one to fill in for Paul Walker? Vin Diesel, run away while you can..
Kurt Russell, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel share a moment on the Furious 7 set.
Idk why Paul Walker dying in a car crash is a big deal, it's been Dunn before.
Cant be sad about girl, Im more upset about more important things like the death of Paul Walker and The guy who played the Joker dead ***
this was at the BET awards Pac and Paul Walker!??? ***
When you need a new school bag, for your son, who ya gonna call? . The Real Cool dad - Paul Walker. http…
Paul Walker in his younger days bear so much resemblance with Ashton Kutcher. I'm just watching fast and furious. The entire collection.
Who knew? Scott Eastwood and Paul Walker were 'really good buddies' via
the worst was the Paul Walker hoax, 3 weeks before it really happened :(
21 year old Brandon Beckham who won the Paul Walker is at the top of the Pickens tournament with a 67. Highlights at 10
Idris Elba, Paul Walker, Michael Ealy and Chris Brown in one movie??😍😍
Paul Walker was an amazing human being! Dylan is an ***
ICYMI: Vin Diesel honored Paul Walker at the heartfelt theme park ride opening:
John Wayne Gacy's Drawing, a tree branch from Paul Walker's crash, and a drawing from Jeffery Dahmer
Yeah. Sonny was actually a very good skier. Paul Walker was good too. The Kennedys are good & Arnold is "ok". Locals do talk.
.dedicated a theme park ride to Paul Walker:
Paul Walker as Brian O’conner Fast and Furious Graphic Men’s T-shirt
We just gonna ignore the fact that Brian O'Connor is Paul Walker's name in Fast and Furious?
Brian O'Connor: shares the name as Paul Walker's Fast and Furious character, and a helluva manager. Surreal postseason
"If one day speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling". -Paul Walker
Papo, they need to kill that movie like they did to Paul Walker
We will not see Brian O'Conner / Paul Walker on Fast and Furious 8 💔
I want a friendship like Dominic Torrato(Van Diesel) and Brian O'Connor(Paul Walker). 😢😭
Jim, enough. . Anyone that's tried 5Hour Energy knows it's roughly 45 minutes of energy, followed by a crash worse than Paul Walker
Paul Walker and Cory Monteith's deaths were probably two of the saddest celebrity deaths in recent history. (In my opinion plz don't h8 me)
Paul Walker's daughter posted a perfect tribute to her dad on Father's Day:
This makes my heart sad... . R.I.P. Paul Walker. Thank you for “Brian O'Connor”
Paul Walker's Daughter Shares Gorgeous Photo in Tribute to Her Dad on Father's Day via
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please all my tl was a *** bandwagon with my baby Paul Walker when they don't even acknowledge f&f before he died 😡
Dear God, also bring back Paul Walker, Michael Scofield, and Dagrin. . That yoruba boy trying to raise his follower count ain't all that.
Cory didnt die he is in heaven learning to dancing with Michael Jackson and Paul Walker didn't die he is just one lap ahead of us
Furious 7 yet? Did you notice the special tricks filmmakers used for Paul Walker's
Nothing gets me more pumped at the gym than when they play that Whiz Khalifa/Paul Walker tribute song every ten minutes
I feel the need to drive like Paul Walker since I have a For Paul sticker on my car
this is a good example of Paul Walker & his furious Kia Sorento
by bryan_j_alvarez Good movie but R.I.P Paul Walker :(.
Funeral Paul Walker 14. December 2013 (Memorial/Tribute from Heart for Paul Walker) please read this.
To finish 'Fast & Furious 7,' the director hired Caleb and Cody, Paul Walker's brothers, as stand-ins and digitally ad…
I think Mark Wahlberg and Paul Walker would've been a good duo 😕
Congratulations to Paul Walker, and for making the cut.
"Paul Walker was a national treasure" - Jamie Watson
Who have touch my soul through their work: Christopher Lee, Gandolfini, Paul Walker, Robin Williams.. Rest in Peace.
Furious 7: Paul Walker movie leads nominations at Teen Choice Awards. Fast and Furious 7 movie has just... Read...
"See you again" by Wiz Khalifa & Marvin Gaye as a tribute to Paul Walker is a *** Life can be so short!!! Live it!!!
1994's "Tammy and the T-Rex" with Denise Richards, Paul Walker, Poppy Montgomery, Bernie from Weekend at Bernies, Terry Kiser, etc
//1st Robin William then Paul Walker now Christopher Lee.why? What is the world coming too.
Fast and Furious is hart hart. Paul Walker. :(
Everyone is like RIP Christopher Lee like they did when Paul Walker had died. That's why i said so.
Says it all about modern society when the world mourns for days over Paul Walker but hardly sheds a tear for Sir Christopher Lee
I was a wreck when Paul Walker died and now Dusty Rhodes and Christopher Lee dying and hearing that song doesn't help. 😔
People cried about Paul Walker dying, Christopher Lee died yesterday, that guy was a real bad *** doing SAS ww2 missions and tons of movies
In an era when I often see Paul Walker described as a "legend", Christopher Lee is on a completely different level.
It's embarrassing that Paul Walker got more recognition for his Fast and Furious series than Christopher Lee did for his wh…
I will vote with Paul Walker and Justin Bieber pictures .
I will vote with Paul Walker and Justin pictures .
I will vote with Justin's and Paul Walker pictures
I will vote with Justin and Paul Walker pictures
Justin Bieber is replacing Paul Walker in Fast and Furious 8, *** are you being serious 😑
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Lol I doubt Justin Bieber is replacing Paul Walker in fast and furious 8 it would just be disrespectful
So Family Guy "predicted" the bombing at the Boston Marathon .. The death of Paul Walker & Robin Williams and Bruce Jenner's…
I believe this whole Paul Walker being replaced with Justin Bieber is a joke
Why would they try and replace Paul Walker!?! Especially to Justin Bieber
Seriously Justin Bieber to replace Paul Walker on the fast & the furious ?
Is Justin Bieber actually taking over Paul Walker in ff8?!?!?
Lets not forget our own. America is still celebrating Paul Walker . Nigerians let's not forget this great actor.
When Vin Diesel found out about Paul Walker's passing.. Heartbreaking.
It saddens me that Justin Bieber is supposed to replace Paul Walker in the Next Fast and Furious movie
If Justin Bieber replaces Paul Walker on Fast and Furious, I will literally drive to Hollywood and beat the crap out of the director!
Not about to watch Fast & Furious 8 if Justin Bieber is replacing Paul Walker.
In other news Justin Bieber is apparently taking over Paul Walker's spot in the 8th movie coming in a few years... 🚮
1st choice:Paul Walker. 2nd Vin Diesel. 3rd Dylan O'Brien. Theo James is just hot but not that "talented"
Dylan O'Brien is facing Theo James, Vin Diesel, Ansel Elgort & Paul Walker!!! The Game is so tough!! But we're gonna play hard!
so happy that Paul Walker and Theo James got nominated but I don't know who to vote for
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One day I'll tell y'all about the time 16-year-old James drank all night with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker
Girl's Junior Championships will be on 6/19 at Paul Walker. We love growing the game! 393-3821 for info.
Kudos to on runner-up finish in the Paul Walker tourn. A Raider alum won the event. Good coaching
By telling everyone that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson thinks that Paul Walker's death was good for Fast & Furious 7.
Beckham paces the field at Paul Walker - Bowling Green Daily News
Funfact:before Chris Evans, Paul Walker was everything to me. I cried for 3 days straight. I got "sorry for ur loss" t…
One day i wil shyn bright like a diamond, i will be famous lyk Morgan freeman, i will be funny like Jim Carrey,thn i wl die lyk Paul Walker
"Qt Vin Diesel names his daughter Pauline in honor of his late Fast and Furious co-star Paul Walker..
Beard looks to repeat as Paul Walker champ - Bowling Green Daily News
I wish the movie on w/Paul Walker didn't keep tricking me into thinking it's one with & Greg Hines.
People always compared Rob Lowe to Paul Walker. No contest in appearance or JFK appeal. Rob Lowe does not replace him.
if we ever stop this charade I promise you can be Paul walker if you want
Fast & Furious 8 won't be better than Fast & Furious 7. It's not the same without Paul Walker.
but srsly how jelly do you think tyrese is that he lost Paul walker to his ex von diesel right before his eyes
+ Paul Walker's Legacy? You mess with us the mama bears of the fast community. This just got very personal asswhip. Who do you +
Family guy had a episode where Paul walker died and how they said Bruce Jenner was really a women weirddd
if bieber really replaces paul walker for fast 8 I'll be livid lol
"Best of Me" is already a sad movie and just knowing Paul Walker was supposed to be the main character makes it even more sad.
when you just now realize See You Again is about Paul walker.😭
Awhhh She's All That and Paul Walker is in the cast awh
mine too. So now that Paul Walker is dead idek what to do with life 😂😂
An interesting alternative in coaching from the Walker bros. It definitely stimulates thought...
Same this on Instagram and got so teary-eyed. Vin Diesel singing "See You Again" for Paul Walker 😫😭
'Sometimes you gotta push yourself harder to succeed in life' ~ Paul Walker
Never make a Paul Walker joke 'cause I'll come after YOU. 👀
You will always be rememberedPaul walker❤️
Just put Paul Walker at the end of your jokes. Makes things better.
Paul Walker's accident car found in pindi
I want a guy that acts like Fabulous and looks like Paul Walker, hmmm perfect combo 😏😎😍
Lls *** no that's my nickname Cuzz I gotta racecahh like Paul Walker
Hamilton Collection
New Prince Movies: Disclosure/Flume, that Paul Walker song, Aloha, San Andreas, and the hotness of L.L.:
Paul Walker was seriously one of the most handsome 40 year olds 😥
The 7th one was for Paul Walker, the 8th one was written by Paul Walker. . Or at least that's what tells me.
The song for Paul Walker still gets me every time
Paul Walker wouldn't be in it tho wow 😓😪
I really do miss Paul Walker. I wonder if he and Mitch Lucker have met wherever they may be...
I cant emphasize enough how over played that Wiz tribute song to Paul Walker is.
@ work thinking about Paul Walker, he was too fine 2 die ):
Walker leads with 17% in Iowa poll, followed Paul and Carson, then Huckabee and Bush:
I liked a video from Last Goodbye Tribute to Paul Walker
I wish Paul Walker hopped out the Porsche
First time watching fast n furious 7. When exactly does Paul Walker's brothers come in because I can't tell o.O
I've never cried during a movie before, Paul Walker had me ballin 😭😭💔
After reviewing"it is too much/elle est trop bien" with Paul Walker i wish you a goodnight to all those who love PW❤️ http:/…
i always cry when I listen Vin Diesel sings in honour a Paul Walker
All purpose parts banner
Thank you Paul Walker and thank you for donating and helping in tacloban for the typhoon Yolanda RIP thanks see you! http:…
You'll thank me for seeing it, if you do. Paul Walker and Steve Zahn are awesome. As is the original voice of Rusty Nail
Just heard the Paul Walker jokes Jeff Ross & that SNL dude made that got edited out of the Bieber roast. Ross' was dirty af. No respect
Justin Bieber taking Paul Walker's place? . 1. He'll never be enough😒. 2. Paul Walker's place could never be replace! ✋. It better not be true😭
idea: Point Break remake starring Vin Diesel as a street-racing Bodie and Paul Walker as Johnny Utah...
Kiss me like Jessica Alba did to Paul Walker in Into the Blue 👌🌹😚
I want a Justin Bieber, Lauren jauregui, zayn Malik, Paul Walker, and Larry stylinson to cuddle and love all day long
Vin Diesel sings 'Habits' in honor of Paul Walker
In order to I like Paul Walker, to the person I love, I want to learn English well, one day, I'll go there.
I wish I could've had Paul Walker's baby before he passed away. 😓
re-watching the Paul Walker tribute is depressing
so sad to hear about Paul Walker tonight...sending light and love to his family and friends
*** you can't be this weird they like it cuz when they hear it they remember Paul Walker and everything he did ;)
Check out what I found. NEW PAUL WALKER TRIBUTE MUG via
We at Josh's right now crazy busy stuff he watching a Paul Walker movie running scared.
Paul Walker didn't die to have Wiz Khalifa over played on the radio
Vin Diesel remembers Paul Walker with moving karaoke tribute
5 images showing how they finished Fast and Furious 7 without Paul Walker .
“How is Paul Walker's daughter doing now? 😖💔
2013 was the worst bc it took both my boyfriends Paul Walker and Cory Montieth
My love for Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson is becoming uncontrollable, help
Like Robin Williams, Phillip Seymour, Paul Walker, Cory Monteith, etc like seriously one day that will happen to one of my fav actors
Vin Diesel's role as love interest to Paul Walker has been replaced by Tyrese Gibson.
ICYMI: Vin Diesel sang another tribute to Paul Walker and of course it's incredibly touching:
Paul Walker may be most famous for his role in Fast and Furious, but check out this!. via
One of my favorite Paul Walker movies is Into The Blue with Jessica Alba😍
Paul Walker dies, one song. Andrew Wood dies, full band and album. Defining examples of generation.
wait...I'm confused. In Avengers 2 did they give the Paul Walker treatment to Jeremy Renner?!
Vin Diesel Pays Tribute to Paul Walker, ‘Continues Healing Process’ With ‘Habits’ Cover - See more at:
never gonna stop crying about that includes Vin Diesel and Paul Walker
If you haven't heard Vin Diesel's musical tribute to Paul Walker, listen now
Vin Diesel isn't afraid to express the love he has for Paul Walker through song! -->
Vin Diesel covered Tove Lo's "Habits (Stay High)" while a montage of his memories with Paul Walker was projected...
Vin Diesel pays a touching tribute to Paul Walker with a song dedicated to him..
Vin Diesel pays emotional tribute to Paul Walker -- grab the tissues!
Vin Diesel and Paul Walker will forever be my favorite bromance 😥
SCOTT & KAT - Vin Diesel is still not over the death of his good friend Paul Walker, understandably. This week,...
Paul Walker & Billy Unger make me smile like an *** ☺️😅😌
friend Hannah was really upset about Paul Walker's death and thinks that he really died in a car crash. but do
Watch pay touching tribute to with moving song
Vin Diesel Sings Emotional Rendition of "Habits (Stay High)" as a Tribute to Paul Walker...
Watch Vin Diesel honor Paul Walker with an odd but touching cover of "Stay High":
Vin Diesel pays touching tribute to Paul Walker with moving song
Just watched fast and furious 7, it was so good! But sad ending. Still can't believe Paul Walker is gone... RIP
Hi ! Have you seen this video by Vin Diesel ?
The Fast and The Furious, ahh Paul Walker you beauty 🚘👼🏼
Vin Diesel honors Paul Walker with a heartfelt rendition of 'Habits'
Vin Diesel sings a new song for PAUL WALKER... via
Vin Diesel takes to karaoke stage to honor Paul Walker: Filed under: Celebrities, VideosVin Diesel still misse...
ICYMI: Vin Diesel dedicated another song to Paul Walker and it was really beautiful:
Paul Walker's original Toyota Supra has sold for an astonishing $185,000 at auction!
Vin Diesel sings a touching cover of "Habits" in honor of Paul Walker:
Vin Diesel​ is using music to heal from, his brother, Paul Walker​'s death! -->
Vin Diesel accepting the best duo on a film award without Paul Walker.
Celebrity deaths I'll never be over: Bernie Mac, Paul Walker, Heath Ledger.
I liked a video Paul Walker jokes cut from Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast
Vin Diesel accepting best duo on film award without Paul Walker. This just hurts my heart so bad 😭
I liked a video Vin Diesel gets emotional about Paul Walker, walks off interview
..Guess who I just saw yelling at Paul Walker and Steve Zahn on Joyride. .
Tamar is literally having dinner with Tyrese Gibson and he's talking about Paul Walker
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Everyone thinks I'm naming my son Walker for Paul Walker when I actually got the idea from Walker, Texas Ranger. 👀
Idk if anyone else watched the Billboards last night on tv but Luda and Tyrese Gibson's tribute to Paul Walker had me in the feels..
Watch Wiz Khalifa's touching tribute to Paul Walker at the Billboard Music Awards
WATCH: Wiz Khalifa's tribute to Paul Walker at the BBMA's | Keith, Tony & Meg on 98.1 WKDD
Paul Walker was honored at the 2015 - try not to cry when you watch Wiz Khalifa's performance:
Wiz Khalifa paid tribute to the late Paul Walker at the BBMA's. Check out the performance. . WATCH--->
"Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again.". Rest in peace, Paul Walker.
Wiz is thrashing barefoot in honor of Paul Walker
I'm happy this song is big for Wiz and it's a great tribute to Paul Walker but I hate hearing it. To depressing.
Just casually bawling my eyes out over the Paul Walker tribute when Brady walked in. It's fine.
Seriously, I feel like Paul Walker would even think this is overkill
Chills. All the feels for you Paul Walker during this song 😍
You're singing a tribute song to Paul Walker, can't you at least button your shirt up?
will you be the Rachel Walker to my Paul Revere
See you again by Wiz Khalifa in Furious 7 dedicated to Paul Walker. ☹
New Spirit of Liverpool statue to share its name with another on top of Walker Art Gallery
Call me Paul walker cause my *** is fast n furious. But then it ken I bury it in ur *** gurl???
Paul Walker crashed every party he attended. Wick-ed
If a fast and furious 8 is made they should use Cody Walker as brians son jack when he's older. R.I.P paul your memory lives on
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