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Paul Walker

Paul William Walker IV (September 12, 1973 – November 30, 2013) was an American actor. He became famous in 1999 after his role in the hit film Varsity Blues, but later garnered fame as Brian O'Conner in The Fast and the Furious film series.

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My prediction is, they cut off Paul Walker's skin and Krazy Glued it onto Cuba Gooding Jr.
Still can't believe Paul Walker and Stuart Scott are dead
Still waiting for Paul Walker to come back to life
“I bet Paul Walker would've been Aquaman. I'm being serious...” Would've been better than Jason Mamoa tbh
hi what is your best memory of Paul Walker?
Fast and Furious 7 trailer is out.. wow Rip Paul Walker
I drive about 20 hours a week... Thousands of miles driven monthly. And I see too many accidents unfortunately, some even fatal. Sometimes I'm within seconds of being part of them, I know someone's watching over me but it's scary when I realize how many close calls I've had. Thank you for keeping me safe Nana and Tio Chon. "If one day the speed kills me, don't cry because i was smiling." - Paul Walker
Just watched Hours with Paul Walker. I have no words, it was so good. Now I’m watching Erased.
"I mean, I collect cars.that's what I do. My problem is I appreciate them all" - Paul Walker
I saw that & you'd think Vin & Paul's siblings would know how to write proper English!!!
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Gathring With my friends at sawabi...Hasnain Afridi is an expert patay tikaaay wala ..i wont forget its taste .. thanks to Noor Afsos for his karai..saqib and Zahir Shah for being there ..Ali Nawaz thanks for getting up early and arranging all the stuff ..without you we wod,nt have reached there .. Adnan Khan mana day perra ,and last but not least our young student of paul walker and a need for speed driver Abdul Rehman khan... your smile made my day ..😉
It's terrible that Paul Walker died. He could have lit the candles on your cake. Happy birthday!
Less than perfect placement - 911 ad on article about Paul Walker's death
Paul Walker's organs too charred to be donated - Celebrity News Live!
Just saw previews for fast and furious 7. No more Paul walker ):
I never knew Paul walker was Albanian. What good news :)
Brick Mansions ft. Paul Walker was SERIOUSLY a waste of time for him. Making that movie just wasn't necessary
My guy says it's not true, and I really hope it's not, because seeing your gorgeous face in all these movies is breaking my heart! Mourning Paul Walker
Is it me or does the dude on Snapchat look and sound exactly like Paul walker
Brick Mansions was so good, Paul Walker shouldn't be gone!
Just been informed bit of eye candy on tv tonite fast n furious paul walker rip but man i so wud have over n over again pmsl in me dreams bit of vin d too again a girl can dream lol
I like Cruz, Walker, Paul, Rick Perry...but once you go below Cruz, any of the other 3 are fine...
I have vehicle 19 with Paul walker who wants to buy it
Seeing last week reminded me of the former teen stars who since died: Ledger, Paul Walker,Brittany Murphy :(
Get our new GTChannel mobile app!: Paul Walker's family appreciates the outpouring of love and goodwill from his many fans and friends.
Join us for The North East Investment & Growth Business Meeting with ,Paul Woolston & Catherine Walker
Paul Walker's Nissan Skyline. . I gave up drawing many many many years ago to try out new...
My life is fast and furious Paul Walker till I crash and burn - Lil Fame
All that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae. -Paul Walker
My philosophy is: If you can't have fun, there's no sense in doing it. —Paul Walker
Watching Paul Walker in this movie - literally holding back tears.
Fast and Furious 7 is going to be extremely strange without Paul Walker being part of the cast for the full movie 😥🌹
Someone in my class just said "You know, when Paul Walker rode through the colonies and yelled 'The Brits are coming, the Brits are coming!"
'Who's Nelson Mandela?'. -people who knew who Paul Walker was
Paul Walker at John Varvatos and "Shop To Show Your Support" at the 2nd Annual Stuart House Benefit Event
Paul Walker at 2005 Park City - Fred Segal Boutique at Village at the Lift
he's not the same without Paul Walker. they're the modern day Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau
According to Vin Diesel, his performance in this film helped him through a dark time after Paul Walker's death…
The trailer for Fast & Furious 7, was shown at an event in Los Angeles, where we can see Paul Walker's last movie, after watching, Michelle Rodriguez gets em...
Jessica Alba & Paul Walker at MGM Pictures and Columbia Pictures "Into the Blue" Premiere - Red Carpet
can we trade Nick Cage for Paul Walker?
Paul Walker was such a good actor, too young to die. Sad how much others decisions affect ur life, Always watch who you call your friends 💯
It's so unfortunate that Paul Walker died so young. He was hella hot
Gavin look like a young Paul Walker
are you more of a Paul Walker or Chris Pine type of guy?
if I Paul Walker when I get my license tomorrow ya'll better get R.I.P. David tatted on your arm
It was announced yesterday by director James Wan that Justin Bieber, the 19-year-old pop superstar, will take on the role of the late Paul Walker's character, Brian O'Conner.
I love Paul Walker so sad to think that he won't be in any more movies. 😢
Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen and Michael Ealy in takers is so wonderful, thank you jesu🙏👅
Here is my list of the top 20 movies of 2014. This year was maybe the better year for movie, but 2015 has so many promising movies that we hope don't become disappointments. As usual, here is my dishonorable mention. 1. Brick Mansions- This remake of the original from France was really a waste of time, and for those of who thought I gave Paul Walker the sympathy card last year, I'm not giving it to him in this one, and his role is the same from the first fast and the furious movie, going undercover. But he was the one of the few reasons that the movie stick together, along with his co star David Belle (Who played the lead in the original). The major problems with this movie is that it's only 90 minutes, the sound effects were off, and the fight scenes don't seem to be as entertaining as they were suppose to, the cat fight was maybe the shortest fight of them all. The last thing that I will say that the song "I'm the man" from Aloe Blacc was the only other good that that came out of this, at least they pai ...
Photoset: clematis70: 30th November 2013: Paul Walker tragically passed away. 1 year has gone but he is...
Ryan Reynolds is bae, only to be rivaled by the late Paul Walker
ebola made the top 20, and Robin Williams, Paul Walker, and Joan Rivers made the top 100
Johnny Depp can get it first. Ryan Gosling. Ryan Reynolds. Paul Walker. 😍😍😍😍
Tragic story - murder inquiry into death of Paul Walker, killed in Blackpool on New Year's Day
A Blackpool man whose death has sparked a murder inquiry has been named by police as Paul Walker.
So apparently Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Robin Williams will be at Maarvin's bday party.
Furious 7 - Official Trailer (HD) In Theaters and IMAX April 3, 2015 Continuing the global exploits in the unstoppable franchise built on speed, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and D...
What were you doing in 2001?.back then, Krystin didn't like models either. Hot Import Nights Del Mar, our first time meeting Paul Walker
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Yes yes but dot steal Pablos shine. May be also rest in peace “Paul Walker may he RIP :(”
Why do people on mexican channels worship Jenni Rivera every day?! We lost Paul Walker last year too but we don't talk about all the time!
Movie Trivia:. Name the movie that has Lil Kim, Gabrielle Union and Paul Walker in it?
Please tell me why my dad just started talking about how sad he is that Paul Walker died??
Paul Walker died the day of my birth wowz
What if Paul Walker was still here. He should've played as Dawson Cole
Never watch the movie Hours starring Paul Walker. It was the most stressful movie I have ever watched.
Won't be the same without Paul Walker but I'm still stoked
Yo dude I know everyone going to talk about furious 7 when it comes out on April 3rd, 2015. We all do miss Paul Walker & he was a ..
Paul Walker really put up an Award Worthy performance in this movie though!
Late stars in their last roles: Seymour Hoffman, Paul Walker and more
bought me a Paul Walker aka corona. He's official the alpha St. Croix
sadly Paul Walker won't be on the red carpet when Furious7 premiers in April 2015
Together, we will make Paul Walker proud. An Angel is watching. hits theatres on April 3, 2015.
Sequel to the original The Cute and The Living starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker?
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Joe Cole looks like Stephen Amell who looks like Paul Walker
Vehicle 19 (MUKUNDA MICHAEL DEWIL) (2013) with Paul Walker ... and filmed within a car
Paul Walker dying in a car crash is like Michael Phelps dying in a swimming pool . ; (
Man gets jail time for stealing piece of car Paul Walker died in Anthony Janow, 26, has been sentenced to six mo...
How Paul Walker died? That's the way you go out. He was actually DOING something with his.
The man who stole from Paul Walker's car
One of the last movies that Paul walker came outbin called HOURS. is pretty good. Loved the ending part. A must watch. Goodnight
May be there will a role of 's ghost in Bcz it is directed by .
SAN FERNANDO, Calif. (AP) — A man who stole part of the Porsche that “Fast and the Furious” actor Paul Walker died in has been sentenced to six months in jail.
Paul Walker's Brother, Cody, opens uP to Candace Dold about life without his big brother. He also talks about Paul's legacy and his organization, Reach Out W...
*** that was crazy how they blew up ___ on the bike kinda like an homage to Paul Walker lol
A celebration of Paul William Walker will be echoed around the world. In this life one woul.
The man who helped steal the roof panel from Paul Walker's wrecked car gets jail.
Tribute Paul Walker - I don't want to miss a thing Aerosmith © 2015 - Universal Pictures
Man, it feels like Paul Walker died ages ago, when in actuality it was only last year... RIP.
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"There's always something to be thankful for.". RIP Paul Walker
Paul Walker's last ride: Calif. man jailed for stealing car
You guys I'm confused! If Paul walker passed away how is he in fast and the furious 7? Gemelle Thompson...
Man jailed for stealing part from Paul Walker's Porsche after the accident last year.
Paul Walker's last ride: California man gets jail for stealing piece from dead actor's wrecked Por...
| Man gets 6 months behind bars for taking part from Paul Walker crash site
You have 1 broken link in - Man gets jail for taking part from Paul Walker car
It's almost that time 😔😢 What are some of your favourite memories of Paul Walker?
RIP Paul Walker, an amazing man who made his life mission to help those suffering from tragedy, you'll be missed http:/…
California man gets 6 months in jail for stealing part from car that actor Paul Walker died in:
Streetcar event (SCE) has one of four original EVO's used in the film 2 fast 2 Furious, driven by Paul Walker in the movie. Thomas Følling, the owner, has im...
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Oh god look without the jet body of Paul walker after Accident
Paul Walker, an idol to some, an inspiration to many and a person who has had an impact on so many lives of
2 famous people died doing what they loved . . paul walker - driving . phil Hughes- batting . . . . god bless
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Furious 7 Paul Walker and Roger Rodas Memorial meet and Cruise in Los Angeles California Video Directed and Edited By: Daniel Fluent Whitney:
Hours with Paul Walker, Genesis Rodriguez, Nick Gomez Synopsis: A father struggles to keep his infant daughter alive in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
A California man got six months in jail for stealing a roof panel off the wrecked Porsche in which 'Fast & Furious' star Paul Walker died.
Watching Eight Below with Paul Walker makes me want to cry!!😭😔
“Man sentenced to 6 mo. in jail after stealing part of Porsche actor Paul Walker died in” yet cops choking a man to death is ok smh
He stole a piece of Paul Walker's Porsche after crash, and now he's going to jail - Monterey County Herald
Every time my mom complains about my speeding on the high way I quote Paul Walker
Josh-I'm a pro. Nick-Josh please, Paul Walker was a pro at driving and look where that got him.
"Extra's" Terri Seymour recently sat down with Vin Diesel, who talked about having to finish "Fast & Furious 7" without his good friend Paul Walker, who died...
Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and director Justin Lin on the set of Fast & Furious, 2009 `
I wanna friendship like Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious movies
Shoutout to my amazing boyfriend He is the Vin Diesel to my Paul Walker
[Benson] Paul Walker's car for sale? Wow. Can't believe it's been a year. . "accredited appraisal company...
Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez on set of Fast & Furious 7.
Hi Coleen - no, Paul Walker who is on air now is a different Paul from Paul Dunphy who's on with Larry on Sat
Michelle Rodriguez leads tributes for Paul Walker on anniversary of death Paul Walker
Michelle Rodriguez leads tributes to Paul Walker on death anniversary -
Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez pay tribute to Paul Walker on first anniversary of his
1 year later: We're remembering Paul Walker on E! News tonight -- join us at 7 & 11...
Today is the anniversary of Paul Walker's death!! We miss you so much!! ❤️
Paul Walker: In 2013, Paul Walker died on this date in Valencia, Santa Clarita, California, USA.
Today marks the one-year anniversary of the deadly crash that took the lives of "Fast and Furious" actor Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas, an experienced race car driver. An estimated 500 people visited the Santa Clarita crash site Sunday to pay their respects. Roger was driving the two men to an event for Paul's charity, Reach Out Worldwide, when the 2005 Porsche Carrera GT crashed. The car was traveling between 80 and 93 mph on a 45 mph road. Both men died at the scene. Read KTLA's story here:
Fans are expected to gather Sunday to remember Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, who were killed in a single-vehicle crash one year ago.
Mark Webber crashes in a Porsche exactly 1 year after Paul Walker and Roger Rodas crashed in a Porsche.
Why does Kevin Costner in the bodyguard look like Paul Walker? *** 🙉😩
Its already been a year since Paul Walker died along with his friend Roger Rodas
It's not about the car, but who drives the car! R.I.P Paul Walker and Roger Rodas!
Paul Walker and Roger Rodas you are missed by the entire automotive community!
A year ago today Paul Walker entered the gates of heaven, I still can't believe it. Someone so genuine taken to soon💜 …
Rest in peace to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas
Paying my respect to Roger Rodas and Paul Walker today at the crash site. 😢
Paul Walker remembered one year after tragic death - New York Daily News
God bless Paul Walker & Roger Rodas. May they rest in peace.
I honestly cannot believe its been a year since Paul Walker and Roger Rodas have passed away.
Out of the numerous posts I've seen today about Paul Walker, I've only seen one about Roger Rodas. Can't feel great for his family.
Paul Walker: Into the Blue [Blu-ray]: Red-hot action superstars Paul Walker and Jessica Alba heat up the screen as tw
I seriously can't believe its already been a year since we lost Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.
Tough to think a year ago we lost Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Sparing a thought for those 2 families this evening.
An anniversary of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas's death. Today is their day!
One year ago today, the world lost a true gentleman and the epitome of what it is to be a car guy. Paul Walker, we will always remember you. All revenue from...
Shout Out to Paul Walker for Inspiring so Many of us as kids...
" I don't go where people are. I go where the people aren't." ~ Paul Walker
Fast & Furious won't be the same without Paul Walker.
Paul Walker: Noel: Joy is just around the corner when Susan Sarandon, Penelope Cruz, Paul Walker, and Alan Arkin fill
Today, we remember Paul Walker, who died 1 year ago today, on Nov. 30, 2013.
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Paul Walker remembered: 6 months before his death, he reveals crush on Fast & Furious star:
Rip Paul Walker. Can't believe it's been a year already
Today marks 1-year anniversary that actor Paul Walker died in a car crash
Remember Paul Walker on the anniversary of his death with his career in pictures
Paul Walker died one year ago today.
One year ago today. Never forget. RIP Paul Walker.
Paul Walker's family, friends and fans remember him one year after his tragic death.
RIP Paul Walker 💕😔 One of my all time favorite actors. You will always be in my heart..
Can't believe it's already been a year... RIP Paul Walker
1 year ago today we lost Paul Walker.Fast & Furious will never be the same. RIP
Bet you guys 10 bucks paul walker wasn't smiling when he was dying
I'm just gone leave this here. Police blocked the road off and told us to have at it. Paul Walker meet
Street crews and car enthusiast of Malaysia came together to commemorate Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Once together, all 35 cars came out to roll and cruise along…
1 year Anniversary of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas' deaths...RIP
It's been a year since the 11/3013 death of film star and humanitarian Paul Walker. Take a look at this re-uploaded video with additional information and pho...
R.I.P. to Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Gone but not forgotten. 4ever in our hearts.
RIP Paul Walker and Roger Rodas. Paul walker tribute video, Sony by London Grammar : Nightcall . If you're a big Paul Walker fan make a donation to his chari...
One year today, rest in peace Paul Walker and Roger Rodas.
My fan made tribute to Paul Walker. Thanks for watching. Please help keep Paul's legacy alive by donating to his organization
Brandon Jace McGuire I spent all yesterday with this little guy. He is so hyper. Lol. Had a great time. I think he looks like Paul Walker. What do u guys think?
Paul walker is the elvis of our generation.
Paul Walker pasted away a year ago today. Rest in peace to my favorite actor 😩💕
Prismacolor colored pencil drawing - In memory of Paul Walker. Music: Safe In the Steep Cliffs by Emancipator, Lionheart by Emancipator
Its been a year since the tragic death of Paul Walker (Mostly know as Brian O'Conner in the Fast & Furious series). He was a Car-Guy, like allot of my friends, and while I didn't know him personally, I enjoy watching his movies (both Car Related and Non-Car Related)... and I look forward to Fast and Furious 7... See, it doesn't matter if you know the person, you know and understand their passion, because its your passion as well... So when something happens to people you share a passion with, it affects you as well. Its not a just a "CAR".. its a "LifeStyle"... and Car Enthusiasts are "FAMILY"
I can't believe it has been a year since Paul Walker died.
have a minute's silence in memory of Paul Walker
´Paul Walker and his friends died last year ..
Paul Walker died one year ago today and I'm still not over this
A tribute reel in honor of Paul Walker aka Brian O'Connor From the Fast and Furious franchise. May he ride in peace. Our Prayers ...
RIP PAUL WALKER at the car meet on the boulevard showing love nd respect wit my baby day 1
I wanna go to the Paul Walker meet tonight!😔
Paul Walker, Roger Rodas remembered on 1st anniversary of fatal crash
K-otik line up at the Paul walker meet
RIP Paul Walker!Here's his tribute that was put out exactly a year ago when he passed: 
Slight burnout. in memory of Paul walker. Second one is better but I missed second gear. Lol.
That paul walker meet was nothing but rice too long of a line too get in any other meets goin on
Rip Paul walker u will be missed I love all ur movies I was a big fan and hope to be like u 😊🚗🚗
"Vin Diesel posted an amazing tribute to Paul Walker, grab the tissues for this one:
RIP to the one who got me inspired into cars ❤️ It's been one year without you Paul Walker😔❤️ R34L R35PECT❤️ 💙Race In Paradise❤️
"On the one year anniversary of Paul Walker's death, dozens of people gathered Sunday at the Santa Clarita crash...
I wish Paul Walker was still alive.😔
1 year ago today we lost our amazing Paul Walker 💕🙏🙌
tbh I want to go light a candle up for Paul Walker at Santa Clarita.
Fans gather at the spot where Paul Walker died in a firey car crash one year ago to day in Santa Clarita, CA.
I still refuse to believe Paul Walker is dead, loved the guy 😿
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Paul Walker died 1 year ago today. A timeline of his Hollywood career in photos
As of today it's been a year since we've lost Paul Walker. He has inspired many fans. Gone but never forgotten. ht…
Thank you Jessica for keeping us updated on Paul Walker bless your soul 🙏
for Paul Walker, you will always be missed
Paul Walker's father shares memories of son
Crazy that Paul Walker died exactly 1 year ago..
I cant believe it has been a year Paul Walker has been gone. RIP
RIP Paul Walker fast and furious not gonna be the same without you 🙏😩
a year ago today Paul Walker died :(
And Alan Arkin thinks Paul Walker is his reincarnated wife. His wife died in a car crash. This movie is eerily prescient.
Just watched on Ch5 starring Paul Walker, Robin Williams, Penelope Cruz and Susan Sarandon. Such a great soppy film. I love Xmas films
Noel on C5... Not sad enough that it's Paul Walker's anniversary - Robin Williams just saved Susan Sarandon from suicide, then died 😢
One year ago today the world lost an amazing actor and human being, Paul Walker! Gone way too soon
RIP Paul Walker, it been a whole year😔
Today marks a year in our world that my beloved Paul Walker died , gone too soon !
Can't believe it's been a year today for Paul Walker, never forgotten, RIP
1 year of Paul Walker's death. We miss you!
Cant believe its been 1year since. the world lost Paul Walker. Its. always sad when someone so. young dies
Tomorrow will mark an entire year since Paul Walker's death. I think a burnout in his memory is fitting.
can't believe it's been 1 year since Paul Walker passed away ❤️
Just gonna sit on the washer and miss Paul Walker all day.
Paul Walker & Sean Lee were at Formula Drift this weekend htt…
Hours starring Paul Walker and Genesis Rodriguez is a totally different movie than The Hours with Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman.
The Movie Crew on Running Scared in Prague with Paul Walker,Alex Neuberger(my son) -Wayne Kramer,Cameron...
Fast & Furious 7 with the late Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson Rock chapie looks great.
Paul Walker was suppose to play the main role in The Best of Me instead of James Marsden, knew I loved the movie for a reason😍
Just knowing Ryan Dunn & Paul Walker had the same exact car and death honestly is weird and terrifying. 💪👊
and his other rape victims Paul Walker, Don Pardo & Robin Williams.
I could definitely see a Chris Pine or a Paul Walker (RIP) in that role. Somebody with a bit of SNAP.
"The dream is to have it all. Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?" . -Paul Walker 😭♥💯
Paul Walker and Robin Williams are the only 2 celebrity deaths that I was actually sad about
Was just told I look like a mixture of Ryan Gosling and Paul Walker.. I'll take it!
Here Paul William Walker IV as John Rahway. I have too on DVD. @ Paul Walker (1973-2013)
Paul Walker's father shares a heartfelt tribute and never-before-seen photos and home movies.
The thought of watching the new Fast and Furious film next year and seeing Paul Walker in it is killing me
Yes 🙌 “Paul Walker is the reason why I love JDM's.”
Rewatching Eight Below because I need both a dog and Paul Walker back in my life.
Watching movies w Paul Walker in them make me sooo sad..
Don't even worry about it lol :) yeah so far its really good, slow but good, its with Paul Walker.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Robin Williams and Paul Walker all deal; all have movies coming out in the next 6 months. Weird.
: If you could spend 1 day with a dead celebrity, who would it be? . John: Jeff Porcaro. Tom: Paul Walker. Robin: Ray Charles
"You never realize how much you appreciate something, until it's taken all away" - Paul Walker
I actually have a Paul Walker poster you can have Tom
Brick Mansions. "Paul Walker" and "David Belle" in the same movie this gonna be an awesome movie
Johnny Depp, Paul Walker, Timothy Olyphant, Alexander Skarsgaard, & Ryan Phillipe my top 5 white guys
Bruj, puberty hit Joyce harder than Paul Walker hit that tree.
Shane just told me he looks like a combo of Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, and Paul Walker...
Vin Diesel touched by an angel: Fast and Furious 7 cast pay tribute to fans and Paul Walker
Furious 7 won't be the same without him. Remembering Paul Walker. It's been a year already.
Paul walkers car like this video to remember him
Paul Walker te zien in trailer Fast & Furious
Rest in peace, Paul. "This song, entitled "Destiny Bends" was written last night after hearing the tragic news of the loss of a good man named Paul Walker. I...
I miss you Paul Walker. I can't watch fast and furious 7, knowing that you are not alive anymore. :(
I think the worst i ever said was after Paul Walker died. Something along the lines of "good, no more fast/furious movies"
Furious 7 trailer: first look at Paul Walker in final role *
I still deny the fact that Paul Walker is dead 😭
Fast 7 trailer got me missing my boy Paul Walker 😪😭
The first trailer for "Paul Walker's final film, was released yesterday:
Trailer of last movie of Late Paul Walker. Furious7 a tribute to him.
Without Paul walker but he is in my memory!
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Catch the Latest with Paul Walkers Final Appearance .Also stars Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, and the Man Himself Vin Diesal
Rest in peace, Paul Walker. September 12, 1973 - November 30, 2013 This is just a lyric video I made on Tyrese Gibson's new single featuring Ludacris and The...
Paul Walker or familiarly called Brian O'Conner in The Fast and The Furious had a terrible accident in California, USA. Paul and his crash driver Roger Rodas left a deep wound. Well, during this live 2 best friends was actually the automotive enthusiast. At least dozens of private cars ...
Fast & Furious 7 Trailer Was a Epic :) :o Now I understood what Shakespeare meant to say ' With whom time Trots ' :D :'( Bdw,The fact that Paul walker passed away and the fast and furious is coming out and he is in it makes me wanna watch it more ^_^ :) :'(
Ahead of the release of Paul Walker's last film 'Fast and Furious 7', Vin Diesel and Tyrese Gibson have paid tribute to their co-star, who died in a car crash last year.
You : I can't believe Paul Walker is still alive. He's in the whole movie of Furious 7. . Me: He made it before he died.. . ***
There can not, I repeat, CAN NOT be a Fast and Furious 7 without Paul Walker. Case closed. 😒👊👌😏
The gang is back!. WATCH: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker in 'Fast & Furious 7' trailer
Fast and furious 7 looks nuts. RIP Paul Walker
"I don't have friends, I have a family." Check out this first trailer of Fast and Furious 7 starring the late Paul Walker.
"I don't have friends, I have family" *cuts to a shot of Paul Walker*. /cries/
doubt it, unless they can take Paul walker out the story in 7
i still cant believe Paul Walker dead 😢
first trailer has arrived! Trailer gave me the chills. Rest In Peace, Paul Walker. http:/…
Just saw the Fast and Furious 7 trailer and seeing Paul walker was more than I could handle 😭😭😭
bro this made my night and wow that's crazy that Paul walker will be on this last one
“Paul Walker smh Fast 7 will be a great movie”
Gonna sneak some liquor in the theater and pour out some for Paul Walker while watching it
Hours with paul walker is too good 😭
Its his brother Paul walker is in the first couple of scenes then his brother Cody walker replaces him
Would you say that the death of Paul Walker brought you guys even closer on set? How did you guys push through?
Is Paul Walker gonna be in the whole movie
Fast & Furious 7 out. That jump from Paul Walker gave me goose bumps. Watch out one of the best action hero give this team a tough competitn
Just watched the official trailer. Movie is going to do big things! Paul Walker would be proud of his family!
Furious 7 has the sickesttt cars. Can't wait and RIP Paul walker
Premiere. It'll never be the same without Paul Walker.
Am I the only person who cried watching the trailer to Furious 7 bc Paul Walker...
The trailer was seen 1M times in its first 30 min. Watch it again:
I have a feeling that Furious 7 is gonna be universally loved only because it's Paul Walker's final film.
Furious 7 is going to be one *** of a movie. RIP Paul Walker but I absolutely LOVE Jason Statham😍💕
Paul Walker's brother finished the movie for him😭
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