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Paul Walker

Paul William Walker IV (September 12, 1973 – November 30, 2013) was an American actor. He became famous in 1999 after his role in the hit film Varsity Blues, but later garnered fame as Brian O'Conner in The Fast and the Furious film series.

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I wish Rip meant Return if possible :( Paul Walker
I'm telling u Jesus will not die this time around coz: *Paul Walker will driver him2safety *Madiba will fight4his freedom *Baby-Jake will fight his battles *Vuyo Mokoena will sing a different tune when they wanna crucify him *and Vuyo Mbuli will keep us updated with the headlines
Omfg mtv movie awards got me in tears omg paul walker tribute :(
favorite films with Paul Walker is "Pleasantville" remake of "Running Scared" and the first "Fast and the Furious"
Just saw ANOTHER Movie trailer Paul Walker did recently. Man he was working! That makes 4 movies released or releasing after his death. R.I.P Paul Walker.
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Paul Walker is awesome... A true God's son
I still feel like Paul walker is still alive & that Malaysian plane is in a another season of show called Lost.
Chris Mckinsey, there's a sequel to district b13 coming out with Paul walker in it called "Brick Mansions"
I wanna see Brick Mansions just because it's the last full movie with Paul Walker
I dead wanna see the last paul walker movie but i gotta wait until next month to get money what a blow -_-
Just how many movies was Paul walker making right before he died? Just saw previews for another one... Crazy... Looks good tho!
Kayla Elizabeth Boger I'm still really upset about Paul Walker...
I really wanna see this new Paul Walker movie, it looks good!
I'm so watching BricksMansion next week staring Paul Walker
"When you put good will out there, it's amazing what can be accomplished." - Paul Walker
So Paul Walker & Michael Clarke Duncan both have movies coming out on April 25th? Michael been dead over a year n a half.
*** the new movie series is coming on April 25th he's on it ... while Paul Walker isn't alive anymore smh :(
Madi and I watched Hours with Paul Walker. A very good movie!!
So they're making a new movie called Brick Mansions with Paul Walker in it 😡 is that dude dead or nah?
So...last week...saw the previews for "Brick Mansion"...Me: Is that Paul Walker??? Starla Travis: Yea I think so...Me: Oh that must have been pre-death...Chad Carroll: Ya think??.
I wanna see this movie Brick Mansions but i might cry when I see Paul Walker...
Paul walker has another movie coming out!? About fighting!! 😍😍
Seeing previews for a Paul walker movie just isn't the same anymore :(
throwback Thursday to the time when I met Paul walker when my dad did a movie with him
Paul Walker new movie brickmansions looks good , it's gon be mofos crying at the end of it ...facts
Why doesn't anyone want to see the new Paul Walker movie with me?! :(
Seeing all these commercials for movies featuring Paul Walker makes my heart hurt a little :(
Paul walker not dead if he making a movie idgaf lmaooo
That awkward moment when Paul Walker has a new movie coming out...and its not Fast 7.
Catch one of Paul Walker's last films "Brick Mansion" at the movie premiere! Who's going?. P.S. It's
That guy in Brick Mansions looks just like Paul Walker
Who goin with me to see this Paul Walker "Brick Mansion" tomorrow.on U "Think before u speak" hope I'm worth a movie date lol
Too many Paul Walker movies coming out. One with Rza, what.
Brick Mansions is being seen next week by yours truly . I've seen every Paul Walker film. Even the ones not behind the wheel and this one is no different .
Weh. Watching the MTV movie awards and they Did a tribute to Paul Walker and I cried like a baby lol
my life is interesting...I mean Im just chilling putting my radiator on Hummer an my dawg Louie gives a tribute to Paul Walker
Just saw the tribute to Paul walker on the MTV movie awards. What a beautiful man! What a shame 😞👎
Everytime I watch a paul walker movie I cant believe hes dead ... Such a great actor
New Paul walker movie gonna be Sick! Brick mansion based on original French film
How come Paul Walker last movie, Brick Mansions, is almost the same or totally the same as the French Movie B13. only its in English version and the French cop change to P.W. and the other partner is still the same... even the story plot also same... hrm~~~
-knock knock -whos there -walker who -paul walker the guy who died in a car cuz they put me behind the wheel in EVERY movie i was in and i thought i could drive but i was just acting.
My conversation with Harley Taylor. Harley..."crystal did you know there's a new Paul walker movie?" Me... "Yea that's what I heard " Harley... "I don't understand , did he film it before he died?" Me... "No Harley it was after..." SMH!
Nice Rideout with Stur Watts,Laurence Welch,Paul Walker and Christine Smith down to Fowlers to pick up Stus new ride.. Now heading out for a night down the Gloucester Road with a dozen of the posse.. Bit of a scoff up at Cafe Grounded and a few Bank Holiday beers in The Royal Oak.. Big ride and meet tomorrow as the 4CB posse head into Wiltshire and then up to Kemble... It's all go...
Apparently Channing Tatum is talking to the makers of the X-Men movies to play Gambit in a future movie. What a horrible choice. Channing Tatum is the worse actor ever. He used to be tied for the worse actor but Paul Walker died. So now he stands alone. Didn't these guys see White House Down? Horrible.
Another Paul Walker movie coming out? WHAT??? Yup cant wait! Brick Mansions 4/25!!!
Regional count so far... Taylor Clayton 2nd in 2 mile, Jessi Kyle 4th in pole vault, Paul Walker 2nd in high jump. Whoop!!!
Paul Walker Wanted No Tears at His Funeral Paul Walker love to race & it must hav been a dream came true when he landed d role of Brian O’Conner in Fast & Furious 4 som1who loved to race it’s lik havin d moon in his lap a popular sayin in my culture
Ugh reading this article about Paul Walker makes me sick to my stomach!! I really loved in love with him. 😥 why?
Paul Walker plays an undercover cop for one final time in Watch the movie trailer:
All these paul walker pages i have deleted as they are either have sold their page for money/advertising or now posting crap not related really pisses me off, as he deserves more respect. rant over
I just feel like crying watching Paul Walker act. Just knowing he's passes away, aww so sad! 😥
Luckily for plus1 I can watch Eight Below from the start without missing any action from Paul Walker! 👍📺😍
I was racing Paul Walker but I let him win
All these new movies w Paul Walker make me wanna leave earth
Definitely watching Brick Mansion. Staring Paul Walker and one the founder of Parkour David Belle.
Ice Cube being a sore loser, gangster rap made him do it.
Paul Walker Tribute Video Presented At MTV Movie Awards - “When you put good will...
Thought I saw Paul Walker on the way home tonight. Turns out it was a ghost car.
Roger Rodas -- $1 MILLION Life Insurance Policy for Kids Roger Rodas -- who died with Paul Walker in a fiery car crash -- left his childr...
Movie "Fast and Furious 7" resumed shooting in Paul Walker brothers filling in for his unfinished scenes. http:…
Thanks, Paul Walker's brothers, Cody and Caleb to help finishing the filming for
Paul Walker's brothers help complete movie
Gr8 pic of Paul Walker & his 2 brothers. Uncanny resemblance! Props to brothers for doing it for Paul.
Paul Walker's brothers to fill in for late actor in 'Fast 7'
Paul Walker has a daughter named 'Me...
Paul Walker's brothers help complete movie - Celebrity Balla |
Funny how Paul Walker dies before the release of Brick Mansions..
I liked a video from Paul Walker's brothers step in to finish 'Fast 7': 90 Seconds on The
Paul Walker's brothers steps in to finish 'Fast 7 - The Verge
Awww paul walker ; ( , im gonna eat popcorn n lust then go drink loads of liquor.. tippn one for my homie, sexc mofo..
Paul Walker’s brothers to help finish Fast and Furious 7 movie:
What are you smiling about? . dude I almost had you! . Best lines ever. R.I.P Paul Walker 😔.
The creators of "Fast & Furious" have found replacements for late actor Paul Walker. Who? Find out here:
I still haven't gotten over Paul Walker man 😔
Paul Walker to be replaced on Fast & Furious 6 by his brothers
Dear Lord,You took my favorite Dancer & Singer away~(Michael Jackson). ...You took My Favorite Rappers~(2Pac,B.I.G & Da Grin).Now You have taken my Favorite Actors~(Andy Whitfield- Spartacus, Paul Walker & Sam Loco). Dear Lord I would like to let You know that General Buhari, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, Atiku & Babangida are my Favorite Policticians,You know na Baba God,I hope to Hear from You soonest!!! Good morning my People...
Paul Walker on tv 2. What a honey, what a shame!! ;(
Paul Walker why did you did you have to die you perfect human being
Is paul walker dead? theres a new movie coming out that stars him o.o
Rapper feels Paul Walker did not deserve his MTV award. watch it's called Hours...Paul Walker is in it..he was a great actor and this movie showed that..tear jerker.definitely keeps u on ur toes the whole time..the ending well thats another thing!
So explain to. Me how Paul walker and the guy from the green mile has new 2014 movies coming out. THEY ARE DEAD!!
Awww Paul Walker is on my TV and I'm suddenly sad 😭
Eight Below is on tonight ... Do I risk watching it again and end up a slightly blubbering mess ??? Paul walker is a huge draw card .
Paul walker looked so good. I had the Odee crush on him 😪
MTV is doing a tribute to Paul Walker. His passing was really one of the more tragic celebrity passings in recent years. He just seemed like a real class act. Truly a genuine and down to earth guy. Why couldn't it have been one of the obnoxious celebrities that everyone hates so much and have used that hate to become even more famous?
With the sudden passing of Paul Walker, the producers of the 'Fast And Furious' films lost one of their main stars. So how are they going to complete the scenes starring Walker's character Brian O'Conner? They explain inside.
"I don't want...YOUR life!!" "I love that dog...Uh Billy Bob, that's a pig...I know..." Varsity Blues...RIP Paul Walker
If imma die I wan die smiling just like Paul walker 😌💎👌 Maney you understand that!
Ok movies for the next two tuesdays. Godzilla and then the new one with Paul walker the following Tuesday who's going?
If Paul Walker is dead how is he in a new movie
If Paul Walker got a new movie coming out, 2pac still alive..
It's so weird to see Paul Walker in that new movie coming out knowing he's not alive anymore .. such a sexy sexy man 💜 R.I.P 😘
New trailer for the film starring the late Paul Walker
Y'know one of these days i really wanna watch all the Fast and the Furious films in order. I just can't seem to get over Paul Walker dying so I've been avoiding them.
It's crazy to me how Paul Walker and Nelson Mandela died and right after their deaths this evil industry is quick to make money off of these dudes by putting out their movies there's something really wrong with that picture.
Paul walker dead but still making movies? Wit
Paul walker put on the map and should do something in his memory. Special Edition Nissan Skyline blue Paul Walker Edition. And the proceeds should go to his program. Help spread the word people this should be done
Ice Cube was ranting and complaining to USA Today about Paul Walker winning the Best On screen Duo award, saying that he was "Robbed" due to "Sympathy". What a jack *** Even if Paul and Diesel didnt win (though they had a good chance of it anyway) There is no way in *** Ice Cube and Hart would have gotten it.
Yay!! Another Paul walker movie, I can't wait too see it!
Is paul walker really dead??? he got 2 new movies out on dvd one theatres and he's gonna be in fast and furious 7 hmmm??? Sounds like somebody is trying to pull a 2pac
I think I just met the Paul Walker of Bangladesh (comparing to his driving skill), and he is none other than our night coach driver! :-D Reached home safely with lowest possible time, 5:30 hour :)
omg i an watching the news and they started ttalking about Paul Walker and who is playing his roll in the 7thfast and furious and they said his brothers are going to play as him and omg I'm sooo happy its not Justin bieber like Victoria Haines told me but I almost cryed cuz Paul walker IX the best :'(
They hired Paul walker younger brothers to fill in for him on fast and the furious 7
" If the speed one day kills me, do not cry because I was smiling"-Paul Walker
Hoping hologram Paul Walker would be used to finish filming his scenes in Fast & Furious 7? Sorry to disappoint but ...
Am I the only one that can't accept the fact that Paul Walker is dead? I barely got over Selena's death 3 yrs ago...
I am crying watching the tribute to Paul Walker on The 2014 MTV Movie Awards...My favorite actor will live on through his movies.
Watching 2014 MTV Movie Awards they was showing the memory of Paul Walker, he is an awesome actor
Wow Paul walker is still in the movie!!! That makes me both happy and sad at the same time ..
Keeps seeing a preview for a new movie called Brick Mansions, with Paul Walker, it feels odd to see him on the screen, in something that came out after he passed.. Idk, it better be a *** good movie otherwise they should have just not released it.
Vin Diesel, Paul walker, The Rock, AND Jason Statham all in ONE movie?
Paul Walker’s brothers, Caleb and Cody, are helping “fill in small gaps” in Fast & Furious 7 action sequences not finished before the actor’s death, according to producers. “We had to take time to grieve Paul, the brother we love and lost, and to figure out if we should move on with our film,” produ…
Paul Walker's brothers memorialize his life on-screen, Anthony Mackie opens up, and more in today's Word & Film roundup.
Paul Walker aka Brian o'connor n furious , we miss you
The type of stuff that hype them up... CHIDOZ CAR CLUB.AT THE PAUL WALKER MEET UP AT EASTRIDGE...
Take a minute to watch the touching unaired speech Vin Deisel gave honoring Paul Walker at this years MTV Movie Awards.
the Walker brothers :).Fast & Furious 7 has resumed towards the end of last month, it was revealed that body doubles coupled with the use of visual effects would help director James Wan and the production team of the actions sequel to finish the film in the wake of the death of franchise star Paul Walker. Now Universal has revealed another way they're able to finish the film without the late Walker. The studio has commissioned Walker's brothers Caleb & Cody Walker to help out a bit. The studio says, "Caleb and Cody are helping us complete some remaining action for their brother and fill in small gaps left in production." -April 10th, 2015
The 'Fast and Furious' movie will be completed. Find out who will replace Paul Walker in the remaining scenes...
I didn't know Jim Belushi was Paul Walker's sibling.
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Paul Walker's brothers are helping complete Here's what producers wrote to fans:
Paul Walker will be played by his brothers in this movie series people are apparently continuing to make
Still can't get over the the whole Paul Walker thing..
Vin Diesel gave a touching speech celebrating friend and co-star Paul Walker at the MTV Movie Awards awards. Take a look at the unaired footage below.
Paul Walker's brothers will finish his scenes in the next the Fast & the Furious. What the Jim Belushi is going on here Hollywood?!
Paul Walker's brothers are stepping to help finish filming on 'Fast & Furious 7,' the film Walker was in the midst of making when he died in November.
The small gaps left in production are being filmed with late Paul Walker's brothers Caleb and Cody
Paul Walker's brothers are stepping in to finish their brother's last film. Plus Lindsay Lohan might have broken her sobriety at Coachella.
How many more movies is Paul walker gonna be in?
Brother is helping finish Paul Walker's last film:
When PAUL WALKER died in November, he hadn't finished all his work on
Andrew Z in the morning Trending Hot:. In order to finish his final film, "Fast 7," Paul Walker's brothers are...
Universal has enlisted help from Paul Walker's brothers in finishing Fast & Furious 7...
Now that he's cooled off, Ice Cube wants to clarify something: he admires the late Paul Walker. O...
Paul Walker's brothers will complete his scenes in Fast & Furious 7
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The upcoming Fast & Furious 7 will complete late star Paul Walker's scenes by using the actor's...
Paul Walker's brothers Caleb and Cody shoot action scenes for their late-brother in
MTV Movie Awards to pay tribute to Paul Walker - The Times of India
Paul Walker's tribute moved fans to tears. He also won this posthumously:
Ice Cube: "Paul Walker fans don't trip. I was a fan too."
i respect Ice Cube as a rapper, but not as a sore *** loser that doesn't win an MTV award then says they gave it to Paul Walker out of symapthy...shame on you cube...your movie was slightly above average & if vin & paul wouldnt have won you SURELY wouldnt have beat Jennifer Lawrence & the dude from hunger games...sit your old *** down somewhere lol.
i just found out that Paul Walker and David Belle is making a movie together. the trailer was at the movies. if you dont believe me then wait and see for yourself David RichterEphraim Richter
Paul Walker's Brother involved in 'Fast and Furious 7' -
🙏🙌 Dear Lord, please take Justin Beiber and bring back Paul Walker!
[Y!FB] "Fast & Furious 7" has found a way to go on shooting without Paul Walker -- by u...: "Fast &...
Sorry fans, rev head in me emerges: Paul Walker's brothers enlisted to fill in gaps in 7
Paul Walker's brothers finishing the Fast and Furious 7 scenes should be interesting. Wonder if I'll be able to tell which ones aren't him.
“Paul walker. 100% accurate no doubt about it Seth macfarlane killed Paul walk…
just watched the paul walker tribute again... the feels strike again D:
I thought Paul Walker was dead ? Why do I see a new preview for a movie ?
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Fast 7 is going to use Paul Walker's brothers to finish his scenes
Paul Walker's brothers will fill his shoes in 7. Details:
Respect the Paul Walker but never respect that *** Mel Gibson
Paul Walker's brothers will help fill in the gaps in 'Fast and Furious 7'
I'm still in denial over the death of Paul Walker
We welcome Paul’s brothers into our FAST family': Cody (left) and Caleb Walker (centre) - pictured here with...
Seeing a movie ad with Paul walker in it is making me cry.
How amazing! Fast and the Furious will go on with Paul Walker's brothers, Caleb & Cody helping to fill in Paul's remaini…
ahh I wanna see it tooo if only to support Paul Walker
Watching the trailers for its hard to believe Paul Walker is really gone. RIP buddy.
F&F will never be the same without paul walker :'(
Wow Paul walker brothers are gonna fill in his parts for the rest of the scenes that werent filmed.. Good hearts bc I know that's hard
I still cannot believe paul walker is gone 😔
Paul Walker's brothers will fill in for the late actor in order to complete 'Fast & Furious 7' movie.
This new movie is coming out and Paul Walker plays the main character. 😋👌
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Fast 7 is using Paul Walker's brothers to finish filming his role
Just saw the preview for Brick Mansions and will probably cry myself to sleep because Paul Walker 😭🙍💔
Apparently Paul Walker already shot most of his action & dramatic scenes for Fast 7; his brothers will fill the gaps
Paul Walker is my boi and I want to see that movie!
Paul Walker's brothers to finish 'Fast and Furious 7' -
Paul Walker's brothers stepping in to help finish filming action scenes on "Fast & Furious 7"
Watching fast five & the fact that Paul Walker isn't here anymore 😔
It's too early to be crying this much. RIP,
I wanna see Brick Mansions only because Paul Walker is in it 💜💜
Paul Walker's Brothers Will Fill in the Gaps in 'Fast and Furious 7' ;-).
Paul Walker's brothers to help finish his last film
Oh vin.. don't cry. Gara2 lihat videonya. Gue jadi ikutan nangis. paul walker we miss you so much :(( [pic] —
Awww :( seeing the preview of that Paul Walker is in makes me cry every time,still can't believe he is gone
Paul Walker's brothers will finish his Fast & Furious 7 scenes
April 25 I will see Brick Mansions with my baby Paul walker😢
Paul Walker's brothers are filling in for his final Fast and Furious scenes, the franchise announced Tuesday:
"Wait, how many movies did Paul Walker make? want to go see that!
Paul Walker's brothers will stand in for him to complete "Fast and Furious 7"
The Paul walker commercial makes me sad "/
Really? An American remake of District B13? I'm glad Paul Walker is dead.
"If you want a good ride, just to have a good time, that's what this one's about." - Paul Walker on Brick Mansions Movie Check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes featurette before you see the movie in theaters APRIL 25th! - Team PW
Paul Walker's brothers Caleb and Cody will help complete
Beloved actor Paul Walker passed away in a tragic car explosion back in November. Fellow cast and crew members were in the process of filming the new action flick "Fast & Furious 7" when the shocking accident occurred. Many fans were left wondering - who will take over Walker's character of Brian O'...
I want to see the new movie Brick Mansion with Paul Walker. But I think it'll be weird watching it and he's dead!! Looks awesome though, he's an astonishing actor. 💞💞
The MTV Movie Awards took time out from presenting award to pay tribute the late actor Paul Walker during its broadcast on Sunday night.
I can't wait to see Brick Mansions! :D Paul Walker is in it, one of his last movies!
"If one day speed kills me, dont cry because I was smiling" -Paul Walker
Greetings Action-packed movie lovers As we all know, the awesome Paul Walker has unfortunately lost his life in an accident last year but before this incident happen, he got to finish this movie as the leading actor. This will not be the movie you wa ...
Paul Walker's brothers will be stepping in to complete the late actor's action scenes in Fast & Furious 7.
Having a family nite with my mom and dad and son and kittie :) ate dinner now relaxing and watching a movie!! With Paul walker
Though film production was halted after Paul Walker died in a car accident in November, the latest installment of the successful franchise will continue with the help of his family, Caleb and Cody Walker
Is Ice Cube pulling a Kanye West? It looks that way to me. Ice Cube is complaining that he lost an MTV Movie awards to the late Paul Walker.
I just saw on yahoo that Paul Walker's role will be filled by his brothers in F&F7. That's awesome. Paul Walker was a great actor. There was a movie (I never remember the name) that he played in where his son gets kidnapped by pedophiles and he kills the pedos. I love that movie and he was just amazing in it. May he RIP.
I gotta go see this new Paul Walker movie ..
Universal released a statement on how they will partly render Paul Walker on screen.
Yesturday when I was at the movies, I saw a preview of a new movie coming out called (The Brick Mansion) that stared (PAUL WALKER) My question is how could some one who past away a couple months ago, be staring in a new movie that's coming out.
Check out Paul Walker in the non-stop action movie Brick Mansions, from the creators of Taken. SHARE THIS if you are excited to see it in theatres APRIL 25!
i know alot of you that are die hard Paul Walker fans of the The Fast and the Furious (2001 film) and i know it would be hard for you all to see the movie again but ive been reading on yahoo that Ice Cube is pisst off cause The Fast and the Furious took the award at the teen choice awards i think that Paul Walker Deserved the award so i think that Ice Cube should have nothing bad to say about a great Movie Star and the greatest movies that hes been in that iam his huge fan so if your an Ice Cube fan please don,t take this offensive but iam sticking up for the greatest and the late paul Walker and his family and the cast of the movie thanks love always joey
"It's not that bad" and "but it was Paul Walker's last film." Its gonna turn into another Dark Knight, just not with Walker getting an Oscar
Sorry Ice Cube... But u were NOT robbed of the MTV award. Vin Diesel & Paul Walker HANDS DOWN were a better movie duo in Fast & Furious than you and Kevin Hart in "Ride Along". Don't be a sore loser. And to call it a "sympathy vote" was pretty classless.
I'm the type of guy who makes a 9/11 joke, Paul Walker joke, school shooting joke, or even a Titanic joke, and would feel no sympathy at all.
When u put good will out there its amazing what can be accomplished -paul walker💗
Awe this brought a tear to my eye... RIP Paul Walker, he'll always be in my heart.
Keep seeing ads for D-13 part 3 aka D-13 rip off Brick Mansion with David Belle and zombie Paul Walker and prob nowhere as good as first 2
Vin Diesel gave a beautiful acceptance speech for Best Duo honoring his co-star and friend Paul Walker. Here's the footage that was unaired at the MTV Movie Awards.
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OOOHHH David Belle is in a movie with Paul Walker - Brick Mansions.
Ice Cube is upset that Kevin Hart and himself didn't win "best on screen duo" at the MTV movie awards. He said fans voted for Vin Diesel and Paul Walker because of the latter's recent death. Apparently the MTV movie awards have become a popularity contest. I for one agree; If MTV isn't held to the highest standards of integrity like they always have, the terrorists have won. Welcome to Obama's America.
WENN Rapper/actor Ice Cube has accused fans of voting for Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker as the MTV Movie Awards' Best On-Screen Duo out of 'sympathy,' after losing out to the Fast & Furious ...
Paul Walker and David Belle may have different moves... but they get the same result. Brick Mansions - April 25.
A few months ago, when the fate of James Wan’s Fast & Furious 7 was still uncertain after the tragic death of star Paul Walker in November, it was rumored that Universal was looking to reach out to Walker’s brother Cody to help complete the film. Production restarted earlier this month, and today th...
Two brothers of the late Paul Walker have joined the cast of "Fast and Furious 7" to help filmmakers complete unfinished action scenes for the movie.
A great man died today. He wasn't a Paul Walker or even a Mandala so I'm sure most of you have never heard of him or won't see anything on here about him, but he was a person who was hugely important to me. I appreciate and respect his life of standing for his beliefs and truths, despite losing everything as a result of it. He was a great man and I wanna remember Michael Ruppert.
Universal has issued a press release confirming that 'Fast & Furious 7' will use Paul Walker's brothers Cody and Caleb as body doubles for the late actor.
Take a minute to watch Vin Diesel's touching tribute to the late Paul Walker in this unaired acceptance speech from the MTV Movie Awards.
No shade but I feel like if Paul Walker wasn't dead, "Brick House" would've went straight to DVD and Blu-Ray. Is it just me? Because that movie looks womp lmao
In the news; Ice Cube apologized to Paul Walker fans after complaining about not winning the MTV Movie Award. Yes -- a dead guy is a hard act to follow but first -- who cares about the MTV Awards? And Paul Walker was a good actor and a hot man but he played Russian Roulette and lost. Playing Russian Roulette and winning is fun but he played and lost so good bye Paul. Move on and another pretty boy will take his place and hopefully be smarter than Walker and a better actor than Ice Tea or Iceburg or Ice Cube or whoever was whining and crying.
Two brothers of late actor Paul Walker will stand in for their sibling in scenes for "Fast & Furious 7," his final film, producers announced Tu...
After Paul Walker unexpectedly died in November, his brothers Cody and Caleb will step in for him and help finish some remaining shots for Universal's "Fast & Furious 7." According to a stateme...
I can't believe Ice Cube had a meltdown losing to Paul Walker at the MTV Movie Awards.
The late Paul Walker was honored during Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, but his pal and “Fast and Furious” co-star Vin Diesel also shared an emotional tribute that wasn’t included in the telecast. In a ...
*Ice Cube is firing back at folks who took issue with his comments about losing a category to Paul Walker at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards. As previously reported, he said he bounced from the ceremony after learning that he and his “Ride Along” co-star Kevin… [ 296 more words. ]
Ice Cube isn't too happy that Paul Walker and his Fast & Furious 6 costar Vin Diesel won the Best...
Paul Walker's death last November stunned the automotive community and the Fast and Furious team. The seventh movie in the franchise was already underway, with over half of the filming completed. But producers were left with the question of how to finish the movie while preserving Paul Walker's...
I heard Paul Walker lil brother will b playing him in the new fast and the furious it seems like a ok idea its not completely disrespectful and they look alike
Vin Diesel cries while talking about & accepting an award for Paul Walker
Somebody tell me why Ice Cube has to explain his comment about the MTV Movie Awards, when he only said that Paul Walker and Vin Diesel got an award because of Walker's death..."sympathy" votes is what he said...Was he right?
Ice Cube claims he was "robbed" of the MTV Movie Award that went to the late Paul Walker.
Ice Cube vents his frustration over losing the Best Onscreen Duo award to Paul Walker and Vin Diesel at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards -- read his comments here
Paul Walker was remembered at last night's MTV Movie Awards, including this emotional speech from co-star and friend Vin Diesel
I find it weird for a movie to come out starring Paul Walker, just seems off
Ice Cube has come under fire. The rapper/actor told USA Today that he and Kevin Hart were robbed of the Best On-Screen Duo award at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards for their co-starring roles in Ride Along. The award went to Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker for Fast & Furious 6 — a victory Ice Cube at...
My music video dedication to Paul Walker 1973-2013. Gone too soon. Scenes are from Fast and Furious, Vehicle 19, Eight Below, and Hours.
Had a dream I was dating Paul Walker, NO dream is better than that! I could sleep for the rest of the day.❤️😘😍
EOGNEWZ I would like to reiterate a reiteration of an already reiterated statement. Doing what im doing, especially alone, with zero backing, walking into court rooms defending my inalienable rights as a natural man is not easy whatsoever, here is why. If they arbitrarily decided lock hom up anyways, NO ONE, would even bother to help. whereas NO ONE CAN EVER SAY i dipped away or ran when a friend was in need. If i have, enlighten me, let's talk and i will on RECORD make amends... But this is real, The They that want to continue to deceive you will KILL to protect the deception... fact not opinion... i go home im on guard, i roll on old models so The They dont do a Michael Hastings/Paul Walker on me. For the Record folks if you thinl its a conspiracy about their deaths , do some 7uckin research, Car&Driver Magazine , Google Cars, RfiD, FBI statement 2002"in 5 yrs we will be able to control people car via remote control" THAT'S ON THE RECORD... learn something before you outright dismiss it.and waste my tim ...
Which celebrity would you like to meet? — Paul Walker, Gerard Butler, and Justin Timberlake.
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Ice Cube vents about his loss to the late actor Paul Walker. Plus Taylor Swift surprises one of her fans and shows up at her bridal shower.
When you learn to have complete confidence, the world opens to you in an interesting way. Instead of needing compliments and approval from outside sources, you can begin to spread your good energy to those less fortunate and make a true difference. Paul Newman and Paul Walker are good examples of this at work.
Ice Cube is setting the record straight ... saying he was not taking a huge shot at Paul Walker when he griped about losing to him at the MTV Movie...
Vin Diesel's emotional tribute to Paul Walker at last weekend's MTV Movie Awards.
I wonder if I should go see the new Paul Walker movie out of respect to him, or light a $20 bill on fire and not watch it out of respect to me. Either way, i will waste a $20 bill. lives
“I know he’s here in spirit, Thank you for honoring me and, more importantly, thank you for honoring that angel – my brother Paul Walker.”
Was Ice Cube really mad that he lost out on an MTV Movie Award to the late Paul Walker!? See what he said in today's celebrity links! - Mornings with Corey on Hot 100.5
Behind the scenes!. Paul Walker and David Belle in Brick Mansions . Enjoy it!. Have a good day ;)
Ice Cube isn’t too happy after losing the award for Best Onscreen Duo at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards to Paul Walker & Vin Diesel of the Fast & Furious franchise. Ice Cube, who was nominated with Ride Along costar Kevin Hart, felt they deserved…
The performance Paul Walker gives in 'hours' is comparable to Tom Hanks in 'castaway' or Will Smith in 'I am legend'. Paul Waker IS this movie. The sad thing about Paul Walker is that most people aren't aware of the films where he gets to really use his acting muscle. The man really did have a talent that only grew the older he got. Hours was his 2nd to last completed film. I'd recommend it to anyone. A very moving smaller film carried by a powerful performance from a great actor. It's a shame we will never get to see what he could have become. He was shaping up to be something tremendous.
Make them pay. - starring Paul Walker, David Belle and RZA - in theaters April 25. Watch the trailer!
I really just don't feel like Paul walker is dead
Am I the only one who still misses Paul Walker :'(!
Outspoken rapper Ice Cube has attacked the MTV Movie Awards for giving the late Paul Walker a gong out of 'sympathy'.
Paul Walker is and forever will be my favorite actor 😫
Ice Cube slams reporters over alleged Paul Walker comments.
Paul Walker was remembered in a touching tribute at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.
Ice Cube felt 'robbed' after him and Kevin Hart lost 'Best Onscreen Duo' to Paul Walker and Vin Dies
Paul walker was so fine yall .. DANNNG
Been told I look like Paul Walker, Andrew Garfield and Marco Reus but Seth Rogan's laugh.
Vin Diesel became visibly emotional as he accepted an MTV Movie Award for he and the late Paul Walker.
Aww my babe tryed so hard to keep it in i know he must be in so much hart ache we are in love with Paul Walker cause he is a great actor and has a spectacular personality that shows how much he cared for others but to Vin Diesel he was way more than that he was a true brother to him this made me cry seeing him so sad and hurt.We all love you Vin and you have your angel Paul is looking down on you🙏stay strong you carry him in your hart mind and soul❤️
I honestly have to say the sexiest most good looking man I have ever seen in my life was Paul Walker. I miss him dearly
A better version of the Paul Walker Tribute led by Jordana Brewster at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.. P.s We miss you..
Someone come have a Paul Walker movie night with me!
Nearly shed a tear with him... R.I.P Paul Walker still can't believe you're gone
Vin Diesel gives a moving belated acceptance speech for Paul Walker from the set of Fast & Furious 7. 'Nuff said.
Late actors Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman were honored by their co-stars at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night. "Fast & Furious" stars Jordana Brewster and Vin Diesel p...
Vin's acceptance speech in honor of Paul Walker.
Did anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards last night? They had a tribute to Paul Walker and I appreciated that but what about Philip Seymour Hoffman? You would think they would have at least mentioned an Academy Award winner... Js...
Ok, I'm get tired of people saying that Paul Walker was a legendary actor. Name a film he was in that was or is timeless. P.S. The Fast&Furious movies sucked *** If you're using legendary. It better have ppl like. Audrey Hepburn, Denzel Washington, Cary Grant, Spencer Tracy, Shirley Temple, Sydney Poitier, ect! What your thoughts everyone?Matthew Tambouras
Le llela Paul Walker still. And not evn to Remember Nelson Mandela? Ae
He calls me Paul Walker cuz he can't handle this curve
I was crying so hard at the Paul Walker tribute on the MTV Awards that I almost forgot about the 29,000 children under 5 that die every day of preventable illnesses in the third world.
Paul Walker, you were a hero to all and will be remembered. Philip Seymour Hoffman.I guess well miss ya too, I mean..we won't make you a R.I.P page cuz you weren't easy to look at know.
Hunger Games: Catching Fire was the big winner at the MTV Movie Awards, which also featured a tribute to the late Paul Walker and a star-studded opening from host Conan O'Brien.
So my dream last night consisted of.. a plane crash, a blizzard, a school fire, and a friend of mine almost getting attacked by two moose and a dog...pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean and DMX heading an undercover drug bust at some old *** soul food restaurant.Paul Walker, Tyrese, Gary Coleman, and I having a shootout with some dudes at that same soul food restaurant. Imagination y u no make sense?!
Paul Walker and Philip Seymour Hoffman both remembered at the star-studded MTV Movie Awards
World icon Nelson Mandela and actor Paul Walker's funerals both happened this weekend
Tonight at the we honored the late Paul Walker. Watch the tribute:
Will Smith, Paul Walker, and Mark Wahlberg may be my top 3 actors
Boo Hunger Games isn't the best movie of the year in my book.disappointed that The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug didn't win 😞.but I did love the tribute to Paul Walker he was a great man who was humble actor
As much as I love the hunger games, the wolf of wall street definitely should've won movie of the year. Oh well.. This year mtv movie awards sucked.😒😒 Jonah Hill was the highlight tho, no questions asked!🙌 And the tribute to Paul Walker.. Definitely got tears!
Allyson watching Paul Walker in a preview: "He looks like the guy who died." Me: "Because it is..." 😂😂😂
it's not that no one noticed Nelson Mandela's death. his death was a huge deal. same with Paul Walker.
I just had to unfollow somebody for saying is Paul Walker off saved by the bell. . . 😒
The only FF movie I saw was 2 fast 2 furious. Paul Walker gave a good performance in that movie. Sad he's gone.
So she gon' say that Paul Walker wanted to make a change in th world.. But not Nelson Mandela who died right around the same time... Cool
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