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Paul Tagliabue

Paul John Tagliabue (born November 24, 1940) is a former Commissioner of the National Football League.

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I swear to Paul tagliabue on this defense not being able to stop anybody
I think the preponderant opinion clearly was that St. Louis could be ...
We're going to make every effort to keep the Saints as Louisiana's t...
When all the concussion problems started surfacing with players in the NFL Paul Tagliabue stepped down and Goodell took over
Just waiting for Trump to appoint Paul Tagliabue to head a special presidential football brain trauma commission at this…
Our focus continues to be on having the Saints in Louisiana... We'...
Here's argument the Rooney Rule has come up short. Not a shock. It seems to have gotten worse
Paul Tagliabue says he’s not happy with the effectiveness of the Rooney Rule in the
NBC Sports - ProFootballTalk: Paul Tagliabue unhappy with performance of Rooney Rule
Paul Tagliabue Comments on Performance of Rooney Rule The NFL established the Rooney Rule, which…
Paul Tagliabue unhappy with performance of Rooney Rule When they don't really want to hire Blacks what do you expect
Paul Tagliabue unhappy with performance of Rooney Rule ||
Paul Tagliabue unhappy with performance of Rooney Rule: A full 13 years after the NFL fashioned the Rooney Rule,…
Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue unhappy with performance of Rooney Rule
Former commish "unhappy" with performance of "Rooney" Rule designed to level playing field for minority coaches
Paul Tagliabue unhappy with performance of Rooney Rule
Paul Tagliabue unhappy with performance of Rooney Rule via
Gary Myers: “It’s not a given that Paul Tagliabue is getting in”
The one guy who should have run who could shut up Trump? Paul Tagliabue. Just wave that $3 check every time Trump talks.
Learn more about our three new members: Paul Tagliabue and Anna Spangler Nelson
Senator George Mitchell joins Paul Tagliabue in the Advisory Board of the Americas Champions League
The just made Paul Tagliabue a member of its Knight Commission. He adds a new dimension to its reality distortion field.
NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who was outright flippant and dismissive that football had anything to worry about 1/3
It's because Goodell proceeded with his usual kangaroo court.
Bring back Paul Tagliabue. The game still had an edge when he was the commish.
Media reports stating that Paul Tagliabue and former Sen. George Mitchell have been hired to push development of Americas Champions League.
I'm not big into images. I'm into reality.
Random fact of the day: Roger Goodell took over for Paul Tagliabue as on Aug. 8, 2006.
brother Paul Tagliabue wasn't having no spy gate while his the commissioner so now all of sudden teams was spying
Gene Upshaw was best friends with Pete Rozelle and Paul Tagliabue. That's the players problem right there.
Today marks the day Paul Tagliabue was a blink *** for not selecting Baltimore as an expansion team...shows you what he knows...
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I wonder if Paul Tagliabue called him Mister like everyone seems to do?
the NFL is killing the game a grew up with. is no Paul Tagliabue.
I always thought I was the boss, so I was Paul Tagliabue...imagine that. 💁🏻🏈
No offense but I miss Paul Tagliabue. You suck and your salary for sucking is offensive.
This picture is from an article in GQ circa 1998. Paul Tagliabue was commissioner of the National Football...
Welcome to Paul Tagliabue's vision of 'parity'
bro I'm about to write Roger Goodell and Paul Tagliabue
They fried my Colts, yung. They said how you gon' run that play with special teams and no O-Line. 'Eem Paul Tagliabue was …
Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, Vince Dooley among those in the house (and waiting on the same elevator as me).
VIDEO: From Williams to Cooke to Snyder, Paul Tagliabue knew all 3 Skins owners
Um, they were independent enough to suffice as evidence for Paul Tagliabue during the NO Saints Bountygate stuff.
For the record, those individuals were called in during the Saints case, to testify before the NFL and Paul Tagliabue.
I'm not big into images. I'm into reality. Paul Tagliabue
As GU's fiscal year wraps up, Paul Tagliabue (C'62) asks all to team up:
When this sign went up (thanks to our '15 honorary degree recipient Paul Tagliabue), it was official.
much respect to Mike Slive but a better or more important commissioner than Rozelle or Tagliabue? Really Paul? Really?
Former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue is the only Commissioner I acknowledge. He was good at his job...a lot better than Goodell.
Something like 'he touched down as Paul Tagliabue's successor".
How is this clown still commissioner? He's making Dan Beebe look like Paul Tagliabue.
I was too young to remember, but was Paul Tagliabue booed every year when announcing draft picks??
Paul Tagliabue would not put up with all the hugging.
wow you are clearly still bitter about Paul Tagliabue calling you "Shawn Orpeck" in the 2001 NFL Draft
Did Paul Tagliabue ever get boo'd like Goodell does ever single time? I don't think so.
They're not saying boo... just chanting for Paul Tagliabue
he's no Paul Tagliabue he was a loved commish by everyone.
I miss Paul Tagliabue and how he didn't make changes that diluted the quality of NFL football.
Pete Rozelle's last year as commissioner & presiding over the NFL draft. Paul Tagliabue took over that season (1989). http:…
Images for tomorrow's blog post: Johnny Tremain and Paul Tagliabue. That has to be a first. Ever. Anywhere.
NFL commish Roger Goodell gets ripped by the man who used to have his job, Paul Tagliabue:
Latest The Baltimore Bombers - In hindsight, is anyone else glad that Paul Tagliabue and Jack Kent Cooke ...
The is the equivalent of Dennis Rodman interviewing David Stern or Bill Romanowski interviewing Paul Tagliabue. Must see.
Paul Tagliabue was a pretty terrible commissioner think he's worst all time?
A piece of balsa wood with a Xerox of Paul Tagliabue's face stapled to it would be a better league commissioner than
Paul Tagliabue wanted Condi Rice to be the next commissioner. I wonder how she would have punished Ray Rice
NFL was so much better when Paul Tagliabue was commissioner
At this point, Roger Goodell is about to surpass Paul Tagliabue as the worst NFL Commissioner of all time.
one saving grace for Goodell: even with all this he doesnt come close to former commissioner and piece of excrement, Paul Tagliabue
God, I wish Paul Tagliabue would suddenly appear and slap the taste out of "Good"ell's mouth. Where art thou, our true commissioner?
Former commissioner Paul Tagliabue just wrapped up a convo w/ owner Jimmy Haslam
Leaders of Sport Politics Helming DC 2024 Olympic Bid. Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue has joined the 2024 bid
Paul Tagliabue should have suspended Jim Everett for jacking you up, that was sad
Here's your open thread for today. Offseason? Not for these Buccaneers - FOX 13 NewsMason Foster and co. are working out. Cook's Ultimate Bucs Team Breakdown-Pewter ReportBest players ever. Fact or fiction: Defense - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blog - ESPNMostly fiction. Day 100: Looking BackMore on the first 100 days, and a video interview with Lovie. Fans select Barber’s quote as greatest in Buccaneers history » The Bay CaveDon't need no Pro Bowl. A history of the NFL in 95 objects: Paul Tagliabue's reaction to 9/11 | The MMQB with Peter KingPretty good history, here. Mike Florio wrote a sci-fi novel about football in 2001. Here's a review of it. - SBNation.comOh. Oh wow. Even the Cleveland Browns were good in the 1980s - SBNation.comBut not good enough. Quotables: Jimmy Graham lauds new contract, Jermichael Finley mulls NFL options - SBNation.comTight ends everywhere. NFL Sunday Ticket ...
Ex NFL chief Paul Tagliabue just paid $2.8M for a condo. Could he be your new neighbor?
This is a letter from 80 year old Ralph Wilson to (then) NFL commisioner Paul Tagliabue regarding a $50,000 fine he received for criticising officials after a loss at New England. It was the famous pass interference call on a Hail Mary, and the call before that on the sidelines when the one official said "just give it to them" about a first down call for NE. He was a pretty fiesty old man!
We Americans do love our football but might have some serious reservations about the overall NFL structure and compensation package for it's CEO, Roger Goodell, who made nearly $30 million last year as head of this "non-profit" NFL organization. (Wonder if he's up for a raise.) The NFL made $6.16 billion in 2005, the final year of Paul Tagliabue's reign. It made $9.5 billion last year. So Roger must be doing a good job. A true measure of a CEO is how much revenue was actual profit. That's hard to say since NFL teams are privately held. The Green Bay Packers are the only publicly owned franchise and must reveal its financials. In 2011, the Packers' total revenue was $302 million. Of that, $42.7 million was pure profit. Do you think the NFL should be given non-profit status?
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David Stern was NBA commissioner for 30 yrs. NFL had three during those 30 (Pete Rozelle, Paul Tagliabue, Roger Goodell)
.Seeing Paul Tagliabue up there for HOF makes me sick to think of Roger Goodell will be in HOF too. Ugh
If Paul Tagliabue gets inducted into the Hall of Fame, the players should walk out.
Out of the 25 finalists I'm taking Michael Strahan, Charles Haley, Tim Brown, Will Shields, and Paul Tagliabue.
Perennial All-Pro linebacker Derrick Brooks and wide receiver Marvin Harrison were among 25 semifinalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's class of 2014 announced Wednesday night.Brooks and Harrison, along with tackle Walter Jones and coach Tony Dungy, were the first-year eligible candidates to make the cut from 126 to 25. Brooks won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay, while Harrison and Dungy were champions with Indianapolis. Other star players being considered for induction to the Canton, Ohio, shrine next August include placekicker Morten Andersen, running back Jerome Bettis, defensive end-linebacker Charles Haley, safety John Lynch and defensive end Michael Strahan. Former commissioner Paul Tagliabue also made the semifinals. The Hall of Fame election will be held Feb. 1, the night before the Super Bowl, in New York. THA TRUTH
But Paul Tagliabue, who thought a team in Jacksonville & Charlotte was more important than Baltimore, is on there. smh...
Remeber Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said that Baltimore would be better off spending their money on a new museum instead.
Paul Tagliabue might be a lock since he was commish during the largest growth and success of NFL.
Art Modell is not on the list for the NFL Hall of Fame but Paul Tagliabue is?!?!? Insult to injury...
WhoDats everywhere think Paul Tagliabue is already in their Hall of Fame = Team Paul
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This is standard President DeGioia, Frank McCourt and Paul Tagliabue all in attendance tonight for $1.5B Campaign
Paul Tagliabue ball from Leo Araguz shows my loyalty! I bleed these colors!!
Roger Goddell has ruined the NFL. bring Paul Tagliabue back. or Pete Rozelle back from the dead
Art played important roles as a key advisor to Pete Rozelle and Paul Tagliabue, and also built championship teams in Clevel…
Lazy fact You were too lazy to read that number,Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue has denied motio
The theme of the 42nd Annual Regents Symposium was Brand Alignment: A Powerful Marketing Tool. The inspiration for the topic was based on a current situation in New Jersey, which is unlike any other in the history of the Business Symposium; the first outdoor, cold weather Super Bowl will be played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. this coming February. Paul Tagliabue H ’05, former commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) and member of the board of directors of the NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee, was the keynote speaker. Read more:
I wonder what Paul Tagliabue thinks of where the direction of the league is heading and Roger Goodells constantly prying.
When Gary Bettman talks concussions, he sounds like Paul Tagliabue. When he talks fighting, he sounds like a parrot.
TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURIES IN THE NFL Frontline, a PBS news program, recently ran a two-hour show on traumatic brain injuries in the NFL. "League of Denial: The NFL's Concussion Crisis" can be watched online, and probably will be repeated on TV during the next year. According to Frontline, the first confirmation of the effects of the violent football collisions has on the brains of NFL players occurred in 2002 when Dr. Bennet Omalu performed an autopsy on former Pittsburgh Steeler star center Mike Webster, who had died at the age of 50. Inside Mike Webster's brain he found that he was suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the first hard evidence that playing pro football "could cause permanent brain damage." Despite that mounting evidence of a concussion crisis in the NFL from 1994 to 2002, the NFL consistently denied that there was a problem. In December 1994 NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue described concussions as a "pack journalism issue" claiming that the actual concussion problem w ...
Heading to a regents symposium at St Peter's University. Special speakers are Paul Tagliabue former NFL commissioner who is on the Super Bowl board of directors, and Bill Rasmussen the founder of ESPN.
there are folks who are holding a grudge against him. Next case Paul Tagliabue. There are folks in that room who won't
With a huge assist from the NFLPA, Paul Tagliabue did the right thing 12 yrs ago.
Remember how bond between Paul Tagliabue and Gene Upshaw was strengthened through the tragedy; both lost people close to them.
Pete Rozelle, Paul Tagliabue and you sit down to dinner. Who picks up the check?
Eli's face at the podium with Paul tagliabue. He wasn'thappy. It seemed like a great trade at the time. Phillip just isn't Eli.
Still amazed Paul Tagliabue allowed the Birmingham Bolts to enter the league after the XFL folded.
.just told story about getting in trouble w/ Paul Tagliabue for ripping Ed Hochuli back in the day. Can't rip Hochuli!
Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue has denied motion to recuse himself as appeals arbitrator for Saints bounty case
Corrupt. Goodell appointing Tagliabue to hear NO Saints appeals is like something out of the Mafia.
Just like I thought, Paul Tagliabue is to blame for the concussion issue in the NFL today.
"Hang in there Geno, "good things come to those who wait" -Paul Tagliabue"still waiting 4U2 wear Alex Smith jersey
I noticed on the list of Hill House donors Paul Tagliabue was mentioned. Is that former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue?
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Ever since Roger Goodell succeeded Paul Tagliabue as the NFL commissioner in 2006, one of his main focuses has been on player safety.
I rather have Paul Tagliabue back as nfl commissioner, anybody but Roger Goodell
Love that Jimmy's in Baltimore told SI to slag off. That mag is about as welcome as Paul Tagliabue or Bob Irsay in that town these days
Roger Goodell is a We want Paul Tagliabue back
Paul Tagliabue reversed the NFL’s decision to suspend Saints players, which ranks up there with Hitler’s idea to invade Russia.
Why do I get the feeling the consent decree will ultimately be arbitrated by Paul Tagliabue?
The future doesn't just happen -- it's shaped by decisions. Paul Tagliabue
Paul Tagliabue you got some splaining to do to, tuck rule.ill wait
I did like his work in Happy Gilmore. Asked Paul Tagliabue for credentials for game. Got back a wink, and an "I'll try". He didn't
Great Tagliabue takedown can be read here, from the opening of Ravens Stafium in 1998, by
Ugh, that just reminded me how much I hate Paul Tagliabue. Go screw, Tagliabue. I'll take 10 Goodells before another one of that ***
“please tell me that's Tagliabue's LV bag.” Its not Paul's bag.
Sitting next to Paul Tagliabue & Mike Wilbon on flight out of DC to NOLA. Wilbon head to toe in Northwestern gear
For years the NFL thrived as a pure Sport and tried innovative ways to expand Football under Sagittarian leadership of Paul Tagliabue, and Now under Virgo leadership of Roger Goodell the Sport has been declawed and standardized.
How Paul Tagliabue helped save the Saints: // good read/reminder, as usual
We’ve known for quite some time now that the key whistleblower in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal was Mike Cerullo, a former assistant with the team. We’ve also known for quite some time that the Saints organization has painted Cerullo as a liar and unstable. Now we know to what lengths some i...
Do you realize you called the NFL commish PAUL TAGLIABUE? Acid trip?
After former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue threw out "all discipline" for players in the league's bounty investigation, it was only...
the person you need most will always be in the crapper when you need him most--Paul Tagliabue
“Who wants to ask me anything?" Where have you gone, Paul Tagliabue? Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
.We only use to hear from Paul Tagliabue twice a year. That is all anyone needs to know.
Everyone's talking about the Manti Te'o story. I don't know or care if he was duped or if he was in on the hoax. All I know is that Manti Te'o is now on my list of people with the coolest effing names EVER! Mr Te'o joins other notables with great names such as Barack Obama, Drea de Matteo, Paul Tagliabue, Reince Priebus, and Picabo Street. So cool. :)
Look. Everybody knows I bleed Silver & Black. I subscribe to every conspiracy theory propagated by Al Davis that the NFL had it out for his franchise, to the point where I believe every pass interference call on third down, every personal foul, every holding call on a Darren McFadden TD was personally approved by Paul Tagliabue, and don't even get me started on the Tuck Rule (it was a personal favor from Tagliabue to Patriots owner Robert Kraft for not moving the Pats to Hartford in 2000) But that Raiders head coach Bill Callahan threw Super Bowl 37 for his buddy Jon Gruden? Sorry. No sale here. The only "sabotage" I see here is Tim Brown throwing away his chance to be in the Hall of Fame. Even if Jerry Rice backs him up, I don't buy it. As the old saying goes. "Never attribute to malice that which stupidity can adequately explain" We now return to our regularly scheduled anti-Raider conspiracy.
Can New Orleans Saints fans handle the truth? After Katrina, Goodell was one of of the city’s most tireless champions.
To answer a question my dear friend Sheree Mosley sent out. We won't be accepted, because the NFL never wanted us to have a team after the Colts left town, when we were in the bidding for a franchise with Carolina, and Jacksonville but the commissioner Paul Tagliabue told us to put our money into building museums and parks because we would never get a team, the fact of Art Modell moved The Browns here left so much of a bad tate in their mouth that they acutually made a truly honorable man and a great contributor to the NFL look worse than Bob Irsay since then The Ravens have been villified all over as a bunch of thugs and murderers, so I don't care if they don't like us, they can never deny us. We are The Baltimore Mother%$Ravens Super Bowl XXXV and in two weeks XLVII Champions. In my Smook Da RavenPacker Voice "YA HERD"
Like football? We got a doozy of a game comming up here. I will steer clear of the Superdome for at least two weeks.
Saints' Jonathan Vilma defamation suit vs. Roger Goodell dismissed... lawsuit filed by New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma against NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was dismissed on Thursday afternoon by U.S. District Court judge Helen Berrigan. The ruling effectively ends most of the litigation in the Bountygate scandal, according to Tulane University law professor Gabe Feldman. “While the Court is extremely disturbed by the fundamental lack of due process in (Commissioner) Goodell's denying the players the identities and the right to confront their accusers, that was substantially rectified later in the process,” Judge Berrigan said. Vilma moved forward with the lawsuit in mid-December, a day after his season-long suspension was overturned by former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. Vilma initially filed the defamation claims against Goodell in May. Vilma, who appeared in 11 games in 2012, had 37 tackles and a sack. "Even though matter has been pending only since May, it feels as protracted and ...
RAY LEWIS OF TAs far as the NFL is concerned, the case that began with Ray Lewis’ arrest last January on murder charges in Atlanta is finally over. Lewis might have other ideas. The latest step came Thursday when commissioner Paul Tagliabue levied a $250,000 fine against Baltimore’s All-Pro middle linebacker, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of obstructing justice after originally being charged with murder. It is believed to be the highest fine levied against an NFL player for an infraction not involving substance abuse. But while the league hoped the fine — with no suspension — might close the story, Lewis had another opinion. “I am disappointed and I will appeal,” he said in a statement issued by the team. Ravens spokesman Kevin Byrne said, “We have supported Ray since the beginning of this situation and will continue to support him.” Reputation at Risk Tagliabue noted that Lewis’ reputation suffered and that he had spent a lot of money on legal fees. But he added: “The unl ...
but this year is stacked. Look at those who didn’t even make it to the final 16…mainly Morton Anderson and Paul Tagliabue
Among HOF semifinalists that did not make it: Steve Atwater, Don Coryell, Terrell Davis, Steve Tasker, Paul Tagliabue, John Lynch.
On the flip side, :bigbow: to Jonathan Vilma, Joe Vitt, Mike Florio, and Paul Tagliabue.
Lucille Ball was thrown out of the NY Robert Minton-John Murray Anderson School of Drama at 15 yrs old because she was "too quiet The first time Madonna appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, her foul language had to be bleeped out 12 times Tom Brady had 4TDs monday.or what Mark Sanchez calls a season Roger Goodell fines Paul Tagliabue $75,000 for illegal hit to his ego.
ESPN Video: Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss Roger Goodell's response to Paul Tagliabue's ruling in the Saints bounty case.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he "fundamentally disagrees" with former league boss Paul Tagliabue's decision not to discipline players in the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal.
.joined the Show to discuss Paul Tagliabue vacating the players' suspensions & more
Roger Goodell disagrees with Paul Tagliabue about his decisions of dismissing the suspensions from the Saints bounty scandal. What do you guys think? Do you think Tagliabue made the right choice, or did he make the wrong one? -Brady
First Take's Stephen A. Smith apologizes to Jonathan Vilma in the wake of Paul Tagliabue vacating player penalities in the Saints bounty case.
Brees says Goodell has “little or no credibility” with players: On Tuesday, former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue s...
Paul Tagliabue rules that the NFL doesn't have a bounty problem, it has a Roger Goodell problem:
James Harrison offers Paul Tagliabue 50k for that jar full of Goodell *** he has.
ESPN NFL Insider joins us now to discuss Paul Tagliabue's decision on Bounty Gate and more. Tune in
Bounties have been reinstated, per Paul Tagliabue. They will be announced by team captains during the coin toss.
Tim Tebow asking Paul Tagliabue If he can become NCAA eligible again.
Do you agree with Paul Tagliabue's ruling on the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal?
NFL: Seahawks asking Paul Tagliabue to undo the Matt Flynn signing...
BREAKING - Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue vacates all player suspensions in Saints bounty case.
Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, appointed by Roger Goodell to hear the second round of appeals by the NFL players suspended for their role in "Bountygate," issued his ruling on said appeals yesterday. Tagliabue vacated all discipline against the Saints players Jonathan Vilma,...
Opinion: This man just saved the NFL
Bell: Bounty ruling proves Goodell was sloppy via
Jonathan Vilma's attorney said Wednesday that his client will "continue the battle" against Roger Goodell until he successfully clears his name against the allegations the commissioner made about the linebacker's role in the New Orleans Saints bounty program. In an interview with ESPN Radio's "Mike and Mike in the Morning" on Wednesday, attorney Peter Ginsberg said it was a "tremendous relief" that Vilma's yearlong suspension was vacated by Paul Tagliabue but that the text of the former commissioner's ruling didn't go far enough to discredit Goodell's handling of the investigation. Therefore, Vilma will request that U.S. District Judge Ginger Berrigan allow his defamation lawsuit against Goodell to go forward despite Tagliabue's ruling. Ginsberg also said that he will request that Berrigan require Goodell to release all transcripts from the investigation, something the commissioner has so far resisted. Vilma officially filed a motion in federal court Wednesday to drop his case against the NFL but pursue d ...
Roger Goodell and why the bounty scandal backfired via
Bell: Paul Tagliabue struck perfect chord in bounty case while providing HGH hint
In Saints' bounty case, Paul Tagliabue's decision is really a tie
Take your time nfl. Is Paul Tagliabue available?
Now u know u got power when u
Roger Goodell tries to fine Paul Tagliabue $30k for metaphorically kicking him in the nuts.
Triplett still ignorant - Common sense finally prevails in New Orleans Saints bounty case, thanks to Paul Tagliabue featured in NBC s Science of Love
(FM97 Sports / AP) — It's being seen as a sharp rebuke to Commissioner Roger Goodell's handling of the NFL's bounty investigation -- former Commissioner Paul Tagliabue on Tuesday overturned the suspensions of four current and former New Orleans Saints players. Tagliabue found that three of the players engaged in conduct detrimental to the league, and says they participated in a performance pool that rewarded hard tackles and other plays that could merit fines. But he stressed that the team's coaches were very much involved and, along with others in the Saints' organization, had "contaminated" the case. Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma initially had been suspended the whole season, while Saints defensive end Will Smith, Cleveland linebacker Scott Fujita and free agent defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove received shorter suspensions.
Who was the biggest winner and loser in Paul Taglibue's decision?
NFLPA's Smith wants an apology from NFL: The Saints players have been set free by former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue. But the NFL...
Jonathan Vilma will not challenge Paul Tagliabue's decision
SBD: Paul Tagliabue's vacating of Saints bounty suspensions seen as a knock to Roger Goodell's authority. 
A lot of people seemed surprised that Paul Tagliabue decided how he did. How soon we forget Tags was a players...
Jonathan Ragus and Mike McShane are back with another episode of one of the fastest growing radio shows on the Internet today! In Episode 38, JR and Mike will make their NFL Week 15 picks, talk about the NFLs bountygate, an update on the NHL and as always, more MLB Hot Stove! This is an episode you...
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says former league commissioner Paul Tagliabue has the freedom to handle the bounty scandal appeals hearings however he choose...
Last week, it was widely believed that the transcript of the Paul Tagliabue-led bounty hearings would be released not long after his decision was issued. That belief was fueled in large part by the expectation that Tagliabue would issue a ruling that did something less than wipe out the suspensions,...
Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has overturned the Saints players suspensions for "Bounty Gate". Do you think he made the right call?
60 Seconds Time Out: Santa is not happy with a few Athletes/Coaches/Organizations because they are Behaving Badly - The Steelers suspended their 3rd string running back, Mendenhall. He will not play in the game Sunday at Dallas. Mendenhall was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. Hm, when people say he did something that was “detrimental to the team”, what does that mean exactly? I need more information here. I mean….did he participate in a pay-to-injure program, or have stick ‘em on his hands, or tape other teams or leak plays to the opposing team? Now, I am curious. Side eye look here. Nonetheless, he is on the Naughty List; Cowboys’ Jay Ratliff and owner Jerry Jones get into an intense argument. Jones apparently walked up to an injured Ratliff and said, “We need you!” An argument pursued afterwards. Um, I can understand an argument with Jerry Jones, if he said pack your bags and get out. However, the man said, “We need you!” I guess it would have been better if he told the $ ...
Good morning! In honor of today’s date, 12/12/12, we have put together three of Philadelphia’s favorite athletes that wore number 12 . It is a cold morning but today’s high in Philadelphia is...
Rashard Mendenhall pushed the wrong button and has been suspended for one game for not showing up at the game Sunday. Of course, no one else in a Steeler uniform did either. Be that as it may, do you agree with Mike Tomlin's decision? Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue lifts the suspensions in Bountygate. We'll discuss the idea to eliminate kickoffs in the NFL. Today, Rob King at 10:30, and Rick Boyd, GM of minor league hockey team, the Johnstown Tomahawks at 11. Plus, of course, it's JOTW day!
10 Things to Know for Wednesday 1. AN ACT OF DEFIANCE FROM NORTH KOREA The pariah nation launches a long-range rocket, ignoring warnings from the U.N. and the U.S. 2. CAMOUFLAGED GUNMAN OPENS FIRE IN OREGON SHOPPING MALL Terror-stricken holiday shoppers run for cover as shots ring out, leaving three dead, including the shooter. 3. MICHIGAN OK'S BITTERLY CONTESTED RIGHT-TO-WORK BILLS Proponents say the legislation will bring more jobs to the state. Opponents contend the real intent is to weaken organized labor. 4. HOW OBAMA'S WORDS ARE COMING BACK TO HAUNT HIM Republicans note that his current stand on raising tax rates differs from the one he took in 2010 - after he was stung by the midterm elections. 5. PLANE CARRYING JENNI RIVERA TOOK DRAMATIC PLUNGE The music star's jet plummeted nearly straight down at a speed that may have exceeded 600 mph, an official says. 6. US THROWS ITS WEIGHT BEHIND REBEL COALITION Obama declares main opposition group the sole "legitimate representative" of Syria's people. 7. 1 ...
Morning HERD! What do you think of Paul Tagliabue's ruling in the Siants bounty case?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
NFL: Paul Tagliabue overturns player suspensions in New Orleans Saints bounties case -
Quick notes: MLB: New York Yankees reach a deal with former Red Sox player Kevin Youkilis. It's a 1 year, 12 million deal. 3-team trade involving the Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, and Arizona Diamondbacks. Reds get Shin-Soo Choo and Jason Donald from the Indians. Indians get Drew Stubbs from the Reds. As well as Trevor Bauer, Bryan Shaw, and Matt Albers from the Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks get Didi Gregorious from the Reds, Tony Sipp and Lars Anderson from the Indians. NBA: Amir Johnson of the Toronto Raptors gets a 1-game suspension after an altercation with a referee, to be specific after throwing a mouth piece at a referee. NFL: Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue nixes the suspensions of the players involved in Bountygate. NCAA Basketball: The Atlantic-10 conference hopes to expand membership to non-football schools in the Big East. NCAA Football: Four Alabama players get named to the AP All-American first-team. -Tom
Doug Gottlieb discusses Paul Tagliabue's decision to vacate players' Bountygate penalties on Rome.
Paul Tagliabue, who was appointed to handle the 2nd round of player appeals of 4 suspended players ruled today. Tagliabue overturned the suspensions and he blasted the Saints for obstructing the investigation. Had Tagliabue not overturned this, thing could have gotten out of control
NewsVideo: Saints Players' Penalties Vacated - The months-long conflict between the National Football League and New Orleans Saints players accused of running a bounty scheme appears over after former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, who was put in charge of the appeals process, vacated all player punishments on Tuesday. Kevin Clark has details on The News Hub. Photo: AP.
Paul Tagliabue wipes away player suspensions in New Orleans Saints bounty case
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Can you hear the screaming emanating from the NFL’s Park Avenue offices? The loud voices -- stomping and swearing -- are coming from commissioner Roger Goodell, who has had his legs cut out from under him by his predecessor, Paul Tagliabue.
So Paul Tagliabue vacates all "player" suspensions but says he agrees with Roger Goodell's findings because the Saints have corrupted the investigation. The Saints didn't corrupt the investigation, Goodell did when he accepted 2 different versions of what happened by 2 former Saints Executives or Coaches. And another thing that convinces me that the Saints aren't guilty of the charges brought against them is the fact that Jonathan Vilma is still planning on suing the NFL for defamation of character. I hope he brings *** on Goodell.
Save Draft Current and former Saints players and coaches have acknowledged the existence of a performance pool that rewarded key defensive plays including hard, legal tackles, but have denied organizing or
Paul Tagliabue overturned all the suspensions even though he said he agrees with the findings SATAN stated cept for Fujita he still suggest Heavy fines for all other 3 players Glad he overturned but like everyone has said before WHAT EVIDENCE !!!
Since Paul Tagliabue retired as NFL commissioner in 2006, the league has undertaken the direction of something most closely compared to a dictatorship. Roger Goodell, who was chosen as Tagliabue&
Paul Tagliabue vacates all Saints suspensions from Bounty Gate.Once again Roger Goodell looks like a total ***
PODCAST: Paul Tagliabue overturned all the player suspensions and fines in regards to Bountygate. Here's the latest info from segment one-
Paul Tagliabue's ruling today vacates all discipline against players in Saints bounty case.
Jonathan Vilma's suspension has been vacated by Paul Tagliabue, but the Saints linebacker still intends to pursue his defamation lawsuit against Commissioner Roger Goodell.
Do you agree with Paul Tagliabue's findings and decision to overturn all the suspensions in the Saints' bounty case?
The Drive is back on the air today discussing everything from the weekends that's happened through today. We got a lot to get to! Marcus Lattimore is off to the NFL according to multiple sources. Barrett Sallee from joins us at 5:30 to react to the news and discuss why this is the right move for Lattimore. At 4:30 the discussion is on the NFL and the Washington Redskins. What is the latest on the injury to RGIII and how will this team look with him injured or without him against the Browns. Kevin Sheehan from the Redskins Radio Network sounds off. Plus Big East Basketball schools look to assume control and revamp the conference, Paul Tagliabue throws out the suspensions for the Saints Bounties, and plenty of headlines to discuss!
"Adding to the complexity, there is little evidence of the tone of any talk about a bounty before the Vikings game. Was any bounty pledged serious? Was it inspirational only? Was it typical “trash talk” that occurs regularly before and during games? The parties presented no clear answers. No witness could confirm whether Vilma had any money in his hands as he spoke; no evidence was presented that $10,000 was available to him for purposes of paying a bounty or otherwise. There was no evidence that Vilma or anyone else paid any money to any player for any bounty-related hit on an opposing player in the Vikings game." --Paul Tagliabue
Suspensions in Saints bounty scandal vacated by Paul Tagliabue
Tagliabue tosses out BountyGate suspensions, fines - Paul Tagliabue has vacated the penalties imposed on Jonathan Vilma, Scott Fujita, Anthony Hargrove and Will Smith for their roles in the BountyGate sc...
I'm pretty sure Paul Tagliabue and John Turturro are the same person.
Former NFL commish Paul Tagliabue overturned the suspensions of 4 current and former Saints players in the bounty-gate scandal.
What's the biggest sports story today and why? Tony Parker's triple-double...Dez Bryant's injury.or the Texans losing 42-14?
BREAKING: Paul Tagliabue vacates all discipline against players in bounty case... season maybe doomed, but this is still great news.
Breaking News: Former NFL Commish Paul Tagliabue has overturned ALL Saints players suspensions in the Bounty-gate case. Was justice served?-Jason
CONGRATS New Orleans Saints! Paul Tagliabue vacates all player penalties in the bounty scandal...this unwarranted, Season-Ruining distraction is FINALLY over.
Paul Tagliabue overturns Saints Suspensions in the bounties case, good move by the former commissioner?
LA Times: Paul Tagliabue vacates player penalties in Saints bounty case
When a man has conviction on his convictions he pushes to convict and doesn't back away when challenged. We bet Roger Goodell has nothing of real substance and is all bluster and empty threats. Go to *** Goodell. Let the Saints play.
More than nine months after the NFL first disclosed its bounty investigation of the New Orleans Saints, four players will finally get a ruling on whether their initial suspensions are upheld.
Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue vacates player suspensions in Saints 'bounty' case:
Paul Tagliabue has vacated Saints players bounty suspensions! -Johan
- Paul Tagliabue in ruling: "I strongly condemn the misconduct of the Saints’ coaches found by Commissioner Goodell...''" -Post
Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue rules to vacate all player suspensions in bounty case. Where all suspensions will be vacated, former commissioner Tagliabue pointed out that through current commissioner Goodels findings Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma most assuredly did place such a bounty on Brett Favre. However because the case involved specific allegations and was so tainted by Saints officials and personnel that the suspensions are to be vacated. Also through the findings it seems as though former Saints linebacker currently with the Cleveland Browns Scott Fujita is the only one completely clear.
Paul Tagliabue overturned all Saints players suspensions today. A little late for our Saints season but better late than never. Who Dat!
Paul Tagliabue stunned the world on Tuesday when he announced that he was vacating all player discipline in the Saints bounty case.
Attorney Doug Sunseri will be a guest on the Spud Show on WWL 870AM/105.3 FM to discuss the vacating by former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue of the suspensions of Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith.
The New Orleans Saints (5-7) fell to the Atlanta Falcons (11-1) 23-13 at the Georgia Dome Thursday night. The Saints will play another game on the road next weekend as they will face the New York Giants on December 9th. ?I take full responsibility for this loss,? Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Coa...
I find it helps if you think of Roger Goodell and Paul Tagliabue respectively as Prince John and King Richard from Disney's Robin Hood.
No more Bounty suspensions for Saints players, says Paul Tagliabue It's not quite vindication, but at least Vilma and Will Smith will get to play
NFL says Tagliabue overturns all suspensions against players in Saints bounties case
Suspensions against former and current Saints in Bounty gate are vacated by former commish Paul Tagliabue
Breaking News: Paul Tagliabue vacates all discipline against players in NFL Saints bounties case. -AP
Saints bounty suspensions against former and current players are vacated by former NFL commish Paul Tagliabue...
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Paul Tagliabue 'vacates all player discipline' in Saints bounty case
Per Adam Schefter, "Former NFL coommissioner Paul Tagliabue has informed league and players' attorneys his decision on Saints' bounty appeal hearings will come today."
For the 47th straight year, there won't be a home team in the Super Bowl. This is not exactly true; when San Francisco made the Super Bowl in January 1985, the game was played in Palo Alto on the Stanford campus. Close enough to be a home game, just not in the home stadium. Ditto the Rams in Pasadena in 1980. But the Saints losing for the eighth time this year means New Orleans will host the game this year and have a chip on its shoulder with the homeboys not playing. As Mike Florio of said Sunday night, "The commissioner better have his Popemobile when he goes to the Super Bowl this year." He's right: New Orleans will be an unfriendly place, and that's putting it mildly, for commissioner Roger Goodell, with Saints fans certain he went too far in the punishment over the bounty scandal. (In the next few days, we'll see if the supposed neutral appeals officer hearing the player appeals, ex-commissioner Paul Tagliabue, cuts the four players some slack.) Anyway, I thought interim coach Joe ...
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has dealt with his fair share of controversy since taking over for Paul Tagliabue, told TIME that he might consider eliminating kickoffs.
Kudos and slams to Bob Costas. Kudos for his comments on the events in KC : slams because he had to crib quotes from another sportscaster and is now backpedaling. Mean up, Bob...College football...Apparently Oliver Luck runs a correspondence course, as the departure/ firing of Jerry Moore from AppState is a poor reward for 18 playoff trips and 3 national championships. Hint to Charlie Cobb: Public relations are better when you do the right thing right...Bowls: Duke misses their fan base and goes to Charlotte--they'd've been playing a home game at the Pinstripe Bowl..Pro football: as predicted, Denver and Indy win. The Jets win a 7-6 barnburner with the third string QB, presaging Mark Sanchez's move to the Booth...Today's ad: Wanted -- team wanting to win NFL East. Send c.v. to Paul Tagliabue...
Jim Delaney is the new Paul Tagliabue: Overexpand, build unnecessary stadiums, and retire before anyone notices.
While Vilma, Smith and Williams have left bounty hearings, all of the legal teams and Paul Tagliabue are still in the building.
Jonathan Vilma was abiding by Paul Tagliabue's order to keep things under wraps, but said it felt good to go in there" + hear Gregg Williams
Paul Tagliabue arrived at bounty hearings today. Got to give props to Vilma and Will Smith for hitting hearings after late game.
Paul Tagliabue just walked in bounty hearings. No sign of Vilma, Will Smith, Gregg Williams yet. Vilma, Smith have to be exhausted.
Jonathan Vilma says Gregg Williams, Mike Cerullo will testify either on Nov. 29 or Nov. 30 and Paul Tagliabue made the schedule so Vilma wouldn't be there
November 24th: Three softball games today. Zachary Taylor was born in 1784. Charles Darwin published in 1859 "On the Origin of Species." General Joseph E. Johnston was appointed in 1862 to command the Confederate West Army. The Supreme Court issued Edwards v. California in 1941. "Guys and Dolls" opened in 1950. Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 that was witnessed on live TV. Apollo 12 splashed down in the Pacific. DB Cooper parachuted from a hijacked airplane in 1971 and was never heard from again. Barack Obama Sr. (46) was killed in an automobile crash in 1982. Iraq complained to the UN about US in 2002. A California wildfire destroyed 50 homes in 2007. John Harbaugh beat his brother Jim Harbaugh's team in 2011, the first time brothers were opposing coaches. Oscar Robertson (74), Paul Tagliabue (72), Pete Best (71), Billy Connolly (70), Marlin Fitzwater (70), Dan Glickman (68), Lee Michaels (67), Dwight Schultz (65), Chen Lu (36), Colin Hanks (35), Katherine Heigl (34), Sarah Hyland (22).
Oscar Robertson is 74, Paul Tagliabue is 72, Dave Bing is 69, and Steve Yeager is 64 today.
The National Football League DESPERATELY needs a new commissioner. Roger Goodell has got to go. It's bad enough that he (and his predecessor, Paul Tagliabue) started taking away the ability of defensive backs and linebackers to hit receivers in mid-air for the purpose of knocking the ball from their hands or at least making them less enthusiastic about coming to that area of the field to try to make a catch later on that game. Then he put more regulations on what parts of a quarterback's body can and cannot be hit by onrushing defenders. Overall, Goodell has now OVER-protected receivers and quarterbacks, thus enabling them to gain more yards and score more touchdowns, thus cheapening the game. Now, according to Fox Sports Radio (the only worthwhile wing of the Fox Media empire in my opinion), Goodell wants to outlaw ALL blocks below the waist, on offense, defense, and special teams. At this point Goodell might as well just finish his hit job on the NFL and make it a flag-football league. I don't thi ...
After rumors spread that Eagles coach Buddy Ryan had put a bounty out on Dallas kicker Luis Zendejas during the first meeting two weeks earlier, the Eagles fans were more than rowdy when the rematch was held in Philadelphia. CBS Sports touted the game as "Bounty Bowl II," complete with wanted posters and the offending players, with the bounty posted, as part of the network's pre-game opening, and it lived up to its expectations as a media event. With NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue in attendance on gameday December 10, 1989, the Veterans Stadium crew did not remove the snow that had piled up for several days. The volatile mix of beer, plentiful snow, the bounty and the intense hatred for "America's Team" led to the Eagles' notoriously rowdy fans throwing everything within reach. Notable targets included back judge Al Jury, who was knocked to the ground by a barrage of snowballs; Cowboys punter Mike Saxon, who was targeted in the end zone; and Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson, who was hit with snowballs, ice, a ...
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New Orleans Saints DE Will Smith has no issue with Paul Tagliabue's appeals ...
Roger Goodell tells ESPN Radio timetable to Saints bounty scandal proceedings is up to Paul Tagliabue
what George W Bush is to Bill Clinton, Roger Goodell is to Paul Tagliabue.
The latest legal brief filed by Jonathan Vilma to advocate the removal of Paul Tagliabue from the players' appeals hearing in the bounty investigation reportedly includes the original email from a former New Orleans Saints assistant that helped to relaunc
Paul Tagliabue is postponing bounty appeals due to Hurricane Sandy heading towards northeast. A new date has not been scheduled.
There is no way that justice will ever be served until all the evidence compiled by Goodell and the NFL investigators is placed into the hands of an impartial panel of arbiters, witnesses are summoned and cross-examined. I use the word "panel" to include more than on person, and impartial so as to not be associated with either the NFL or the NFLPA in any way. Unfortunately, Paul Tagliabue does not fit into this category nor is is he more than one person. At this time, I will offer this one exception; that Paul Tagliabue was not really "appointed" by Goodell, but by the owners to act as judge ad hoc for the appeal process. If I am to believe that Goodell did, indeed, choose Tags to oversee the appeals, I must also believe that the conclusion is a foregone one.. one that cannot, by definition, be decided in the player's favor. Twenty million dollars per year is a lot of money, and Goodell will not relinquish that without a fight, yet that must be the conclusion if Paul's decision favors the players. Goodell ...
Is it me, or does Paul Tagliabue look like Neil Everett's father?
Jonathan Vilma, NFLPA file motions to recuse Paul Tagliabue from New Orleans ...
- Saints' Jonathan Vilma filed motions to have Paul Tagliabue removed from hearing appeals in bounty case
So, Paul Tagliabue is a partner in a law firm that represents Roger Goodell in the defamation lawsuit filed by Saints players involved in the bounty issue. And, Goodell is going to have Tagliabue hear the appeals of Goodell's punishment of those players? Hmmm...something seems a little askew here, doesn't it? If I were writing this for a movie, no one would believe it.
If the NFLPA is successful in getting Paul Tagliabue removed as the hearing officer for the players' appeal of the latest NFL suspensions of Vilma, et al ... here is one vote for having the issue decided by the Gulf Coast Business Council ... They're already trying to control everything else around here...
I know Gary Bettman is a disastrous commissioner, but I'm sticking with Goodell as the worst ever. And I mean ever! You can now add coward to his list of character traits. In what was one of the biggest black eyes in NFL history with Bounty Gate this offseason he makes the decision this week to let FORMER commissioner Paul Tagliabue handle the Jonathan Vilma interview!? Surely you can't be serious? What exactly about this situation is not listed under his job description? Further he was the guy who made the decision to suspend Vilma, but he doesn't have the grapefruits to meet with him face to face? How about a little accountability Rog? Oh and does anyone want to talk about Spygate again?! Any Pats fans out there want to go there one more time? Any takers? Didn't think so!
It was Paul Tagliabue's trying to keep St. Louis and Baltimore out of the NFL that eventually resulted in the moves of the Rams & Browns.
Figure on a compromise as Paul Tagliabue steps in for NFL commish Roger ... - New York Daily News: New York Dail...
Jonathan Vilma’s lawyer, Peter Ginsberg, told Albert Breer of NFL Network. “Commissioner Goodell’s belated recognition that he cannot possibly serve as an impartial and unbiased arbitrator is certainly a positive development. And we have enormous respect for Paul Tagliabue. “Having said that, we now need to learn whether Commissioner Tagliabue plans to provide to us the fundamental rights that Commissioner Goodell ignored, including the right to examine the accusers and to see the evidence, and also we need to consider that Commissioner Tagliabue is counsel to the law firm representing Commissioner Goodell in Jonathan’s defamation lawsuit, as well as representing the NFL in Jonathan’s challenge to the entire process in this matter
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The former N.F.L. commissioner Paul Tagliabue was appointed to oversee the appeals of four suspended Saints players after the current commissioner, Roger Goodell, recused himself.
Roger Goodell stepped aside as Bounty Arbitrator and has handed off case to Paul Tagliabue.
Roger Goodell turns Saints bounty appeals over to Paul Tagliabue
Saints News: Roger Goodell will have Paul Tagliabue listen to bounty appeals -
Former NFL boss Paul Tagliabue to hear appeals of Saints players
New blog posting, Paul Tagliabue Is Appointed to Hear Appeals in Saints Bounty Case -
Fantastic! This move assures a just and fair result
I am going to appt. my sister to determine if my parents bedtime is fair or not?!?!?!?!
Does Roger Goodell's move to recuse himself in case make a difference? Good PR move? Thoughts on Paul Tagliabue?
Bringing Paul Tagliabue into New Orleans Saints bounty investigation is best … –
Roger Goodell replaced himself with Paul Tagliabue - since the replacement refs worked out so well.
Interesting...There will be no winners in this.
The NFL commissioner's decision to use his predecessor to hear appeals in the bounty case doesn't make sense.
It came true! Where have you gone, Paul Tagliabue? A nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.
.Yeah, he halted the N.O. move but sat idly by as he let the Browns move. FPaul Tagliabue.
Mr. Goodell is no longer in charge of the Bounty related stuff he handed it to Paul Tagliabue
Paul Tagliabue, back in the spotlight
Paul Tagliabue, not Roger Goodell, will hear bounty appeals -
The appeals of Vilma, Scott Fujita, Will Smith and Anthony Hargrove are scheduled to be heard by Paul Tagliabue on Oct. 30.
The NFL pulls Paul Tagliabue out of the bullpen.what a great move
Roger Goodell has recused himself from the Bounty-Gate Scandal investigation and has handed the reigns over to former commissioner Paul Tagliabue. Tagliabue will oversee the Saints' bounty appeals going forward.
The players implicated in the New Orleans Saints' bounty scandal have asked NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to recuse himself from the appeals process, basically saying he's not an impartial judge because he's
The *** is trying to insulate himself from the ongoing law suite's over the bounty accusation's. What a coward!
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