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Paul Sorvino

Paul Anthony Sorvino (born April 13, 1939) is an American actor. He often portrays authority figures on both sides of the law, and is possibly best known for his roles as Paulie Cicero, a portrayal of Paul Vario in the 1990 gangster film Goodfellas and Sgt.

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"Paul and Dee Dee Sorvino on Hollywood: Hate Trump or You're Out of Their Club"
my only worry for you is Paul Sorvino serenading you on your way to the bedroom.
wrote the TNG episode Homeward with Paul Sorvino.
Wow, anyone ever tell you/him he looks a lot like actor Paul Sorvino?
is on I love that movie. Paul Sorvino always reminds me of my uncle, who I miss so deeply, so watching it makes me happy.
Paul Sorvino's performance in Goodfellas is totally under appreciated. The scene where he agrees to buy that restaurant is perfect.
American actor Paul Sorvino best known for his role as Paulie Cicero in the film
LOL, Huck! Other Pauls we considered for this joke: Giamatti, Rudd, Hogan, Shaffer, Anka, Sorvino and Mrs. Paul. Mc…
That's not Paul Sorvino's avatar, you silly goose. On the other hand yeah he counts for EVERYTHING…
I think of John Turturro in Rounders and Paul Sorvino in Goodfellas
He and Steven Hill (RIP) were easily the best things about seasons 1 & 2 (although Paul Sorvino was…
Dee Dee Sorvino and Paul Sorvino said we had to come here for the Pizza! When they say something you better do...
Join 12 people right now at "Pinot, Pasta, and Parties, by Dee Dee and Paul Sorvino"
Somehow, Worf's adopted brother Paul Sorvino is the first person in Star Trek history to actually lock the Holodeck doors.
Paul Sorvino is all kinds of terrific in this one. Guest stars as Bert DeAngelo--an NYPD detective right out of the Knapp Commission.
Fact Check: Briscoe and Green are the best detective tag team in Law and Order (yes Paul Sorvino was good too but n…
with the magnificent actor Paul Sorvino
Wait, Kurn or the one played by Paul Sorvino? I mean he's cute but, Kurn is Really Hot
Paul Sorvino in talks to create Prince and Whitney sculptures
Ciao my Italian brother! You meant the Roman Empire right? Explains why you look so much like Paul Sorvino these days.
This was the 1st Perry Mason movie filmed after Raymond Burr's death with Paul Sorvino as an opera loving lawyer…
Jimmy Breslin once got beaten by Jimmy Burke (who De Niro played in GOODFELLAS) for writing about the guy Paul Sorvino played in GOODFELLAS.
Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro, Paul Sorvino and Joe Pesci in, 'Goodfellas' from 1990 directed by Martin Scorsese
Early Pacino was always absolute solid platinum and that's no different here. Paul Sorvino and Karen Allen are also excellent.
Shared a green room and shook hands with Paul Sorvino today, from my favourite movie of all time. Today was a good day. http…
Famous people who inspire us Paul Sorvino often portrays authority figures on both sides of...
Paul Sorvino. Part of that group of great underrated American actors which includes JT Walsh and Danny Aiello.
He is! He's a Harley riding rancher! So good. I do think Paul Sorvino came in to help out too... Not sure though.
Paul Sorvino totally lives on my rout
A couple of hours ago I was chatting with my friend Jack Martin about Paul Sorvino, Good Fellows, Big Paulie
Paul Sorvino as Juliet's father in the somewhat odd Romeo + Juliet from 1996...
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A new entry in the mobster-movie catalog, with Paul Sorvino and David Proval as bad guys.
Paul Manafort kinda looks like Paul Sorvino from Goodfellas lol Coincidence? I think not
Paul Sorvino will be busy...Paul Manafort is a lock..get out the razor blade for the garlic
Paul LePage and Paul Sorvino wouldn't watch that film.
bigger question is how desperate is Paul Sorvino???
Hey! Paul Sorvino was the best older officer Law & Order ever had.
Once Upon a time in Queens? With Michael Rappaport and Paul Sorvino?
Ultimately, love conquers all, and *** or straight, don't we all want to believe that? I would
just got done watching "Once Upon a Time In Queens" for the first time.. I really enjoyed it..You & Paul Sorvino were great
Paul Sorvino, Capone was a sociopath, murderer, pimp, thief, liar, drug dealer, shall I go on.
Paul Sorvino warming up in the bullpen.
When I was 25, I was in a show called 'Bajour,' and I was going to leave the show because I co
People see me in powerful roles. That's what people want to see. That's what I want to do.
I liked a video Bernadette Peters as Tosca - The last Mile - Nathan Lane,Paul Sorvino 1992
Jose Mourinho is slowly morphing into Paul Sorvino in Romeo+Juliet judging by his Wikipedia picture.
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Paul Sorvino in Money Talks is the truth
Completely forgot that Paul Sorvino and the great Joe Viterelli cameo in this as the Morolta brothers (what else?).
Paul Manafort looks like who you'd hire to play a role intended for Paul Sorvino when you couldn't afford to hire Paul Sorvino.
Just met Paul Sorvino. As gentle and kind as I'd hoped he be.
The Hollywood Reporter runs exclusive debut of trailer
Meanwhile, Paul Sorvino is umpiring the game and checking out the replay.
I prepare for every role. I come into class with my homework under my arm.
SLOW DANCING in the BIG CITY-PAUL SORVINO-ANNE DITCHBURN-C7/8 Paul Sorvino and Anne Ditchburn. Directed by John G
And Bill he's about to do a Paul Sorvino at the Oscars
Mary is bummed I've yet to watch the movie she gave me. It stars a Jonas brother and Paul Sorvino...
Paul Sorvino is basically the same character he plays in Goodfellas:
Trump should pay husband ...Paul Sorvino for tips on how to sound like a mob boss =)
Paul Sorvino was great in that flick.
Everyone should tell them husband PAUL SORVINO should return!
Sitting in biz class on Delta. Flight attendant is explaining to Paul Sorvino what a calzone is. I guess she's not a big Sopranos fan
Paul Sorvino on Scorsese, Oliver Stone and actors who can't remember their lines. He's at :
...not even Paul Sorvino and Chris Noth on
Steven Hill, Margo Martindale, Paul Sorvino, and a great Dave Grusin score. Just wish it didn't climax with a chase scene.
It was Paul Sorvino's, as told by Ray Liotta.
A contender for worst violation of the prime directive: Homeward, guest starring Paul Sorvino as Worf's human foster brother.
Review for B movie (straight to VOD/DVD) : great performance by Paul Sorvino which keeps you tuned in, Not great not bad. 2 stars
Get on DVD right now from - also available on demand, and from
Paul Sorvino Net Worth:   Paul Sorvino is an American celebrity with an estimated net worth of $10 million. Wi...
You're the Bext Becky. But why does Ric Flair look like Paul Sorvino as Lips Manlis from *** Tracy in that graphic?
Bring home on DVD right now - Starring Paul Sorvino and Robert Knepper - Click here!
Proud that Paul Sorvino, co-Star of 2015 BAFF alumni film "Sicilian Vampire" cast as John Stamos' father in Fox's TV Series "Grandfathered"
FOX's GRANDFATHERED casts Paul Sorvino as father of John Stamos' character:
Article states "Hollywood conservatives" slam plan, but only celebrity named is (drum roll) . Paul Sorvino's wife. LOL
Paul Sorvino to play John Stamos' dad on "Grandfathered".
Paul cast to play father of John Stamos in
Does anyone else remember the TV show The Oldest Rookie starring Paul Sorvino? Not sure why I do.
Would've been wise! Assuming if there's a Finn or Poe doll, they look like Forrest Whittaker & Paul Sorvino.
When is Paul Sorvino going to film the Antonin Scalia biopic?
Paul Sorvino's cool and intimidating portrayal of Paulie is a tribute to how great an actor he is. Paulie doesn't speak when introduced.
In case anyone missed it - here is Big Paulie having a little chat with
. Here's the Clip of Paul with Greg:. Paul Sorvino slaps Greg Gutfeld into line |
Paul Sorvino (husband) says you'd better be watching NOW or else.!
"Yet Oscar nominees such as Eric Roberts, and actors such as Paul Sorvino and James Caan". and yet
Just here chilling with Paul Sorvino!! and
good thing u don't have to drink everytime Frank is shown with Al Pacino, Paul Sorvino, James Caan, MMA fighting
Seriously, when I grow up I want to be Paul Sorvino.
Paul says: Yes, got a free bowl of soup w/ that hat ;).
Fish is still alive!. Paul Sorvino and Abe Vigoda attends day 2 of Chiller Theatre Expo.
The legendary goodfella Paul Sorvino. This one's for you,
See, that's the thing. Those early seasons were kind of "meh" on the law side at least. I did miss Paul Sorvino, though.
When Paul Sorvino photobombs your picture with Marky Ramone 😂…
Unreal! The great Paul Sorvino with us at Chiller Theatre!
yeah... I know how the agents work. Shame. Did you happen to see what Paul Sorvino is charging?
I liked a video from Paul Sorvino on GOODFELLAS character and why he almost quit the movie
Me: "Mr. Sorvino would u like 2 come over 2 our tailgate?". Paul Sorvino: "My good man if I come over 2 that tailgate I'm never going inside"
Paul Sorvino singing opera to wife right behind our tailgate.
to that one time Paul Sorvino and Mischa Barton spoke words I wrote...
Quite possibly the greatest display of the magic of Paul Sorvino reacting to things.
tfw u watch the version of romeo and juliet with paul sorvino in and all that's going through ur head is "GOLD, IT MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND"
could you please talk about how Cruising has both Paul Sorvino and Mike Starr? Pretty please?
Seriously, just replace Ray Liotta w/ Andre, Paul Sorvino w/ Rick, & cocaine w/ hookers & this whole movie is already out!
When you try to cut garlic like Paul Sorvino in Goodfellas.
I just got JC, you are Paul Sorvino's twin.
Why Paul Sorvino wasn't in 'The Godfather' via twenty fifth anniversary at
Paul Sorvino's Nephew promises newest film will 'restore your faith in independent filmmaking' -
Breast Cancer Awareness
I have been wondering for some time now what became of Mira Sorvino. Her Daddy is of course Paul Sorvino.
Paul Sorvino, James Caan, Jessica Walter to Star in Indie 'From Here to Infirmity' (Exclusive) via
2 hours to THE GODFATHER at Avery Fisher Hall w/Paul Sorvino
Ken Burns' Civil War narrator always sounds like Paul Sorvino to me.
Paul Sorvino he is a great actor I want to meet him in person if he comes to New Jersey to get his autograph
Seriously though, legit, I'd let Paul Sorvino do me.
Paul Sorvino scammed $500k from taxpayers to make a film with RZA and Peyton List.
This is for Paul Sorvino popped into for a film wrap party
I dunno. I've been getting Paul Sorvino since I was like 21. Which is so depressing.
I met the exact double of Paul Sorvino 2 weeks ago & also double of the killer in TN before it happened.A brewer at a famous brewery. Freaky
Paul Sorvino at the Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival Premiere at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood: via
Paul Sorvino greets fans at The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood: via
REASON 666 as to why PAUL SORVINO is
Paul Sorvino reveals how you can become an Oscar-worthy thespian!...
Bullet's Over - Paul Sorvino narration Greenrose in credits...
(from the musical 'The Baker's Wife'), sung by Teri Ralston...
We need some people to come in with mafia accounts. If you want one, pick someone- Pacino, Paul Sorvino, Chazz Palmineri and join
It has Anthony Head, Paul Sorvino and some hotel mogul who did a respectable job without knowing who it was at first
Hello Mother. Hello Father. I saw a movie. With Ray Liotta. It had Joe Pesci and Paul Sorvino. But the real Goodfella was Bob De Niro
My top picks for the new $10 bill. Martha Stewart, Carroll O'Connor, Fran Drescher, Paul Sorvino, Debbie Harry and Paul Reiser.
Congratulations on your father, Paul Sorvino, receiving Lifetime Achievement Award from Hoboken International Film Festival.
New/Old Picture of Rob and Paul Sorvino from the Vanity Fair Oscar After Party
paul sorvino 75 married Dee Dee Benkie who can't be more than 30, Check out E! online,
there's a little known movie called 'a fine mess' with paul sorvino, howie mandel, ted danson. that one made me LOL alot.
Chris mentions a show/says Paul Sorvino's in it. BUT Sorvino was with Lorraine Bracco in SHE'S supposedly Dr.Melfi
Today, Paul Sorvino has been alive as long as the last Halley's Comet trip: 27,689 days.
Just watched with Paul Sorvino on What a great interview!
The Gambler (Karel Reisz, 1974). Paul Sorvino, Burt Young & James Caan in trousers so tight it's a wonder he can deliver lines
. No one makes sauce in prison like Paul Sorvino. give him my best
my husband Paul Sorvino loves Brando - will let him know and check it out
Need prayers for one of my mentors, the legendary Paul Sorvino, going through some serious medical problems
.all-guest star marathon on ?!? YES PLS. And in the early days with Paul Sorvino & Michael Moriarty!!!
Tonight is the night! Master class with Paul Sorvino! Good luck everyone. Trust that you've done the…
tired & going 2 sleep booked me and my husband Paul Sorvino at 4:25am est on with
Great meeting today with my client Paul and Dee Dee Sorvino and David W Streets, in addition to being…
ICYMI Goodfella Paul Sorvino stopped by my show w/ & Listen here
If you missed (and her husband Paul Sorvino) on You can listen here. . 7am hour 1/29 show
Was the conversation with Paul Sorvino the Premiere I almost missed it There was no publicity on the radio or tv
Sorvino tells me Coppola wouldn't let him play Sonny in Godfather bc Coppola's girlfriend flirted with Paul at a party.
Awesome. Hope Rocketeer comes up. MT Tonight at 10 est on Paul Sorvino joins me for a Cain Conversation.
I added a video to a playlist Goodfellas - Paul "Paulie" Cicero (Paul Sorvino)
Like Paul sorvino to Henry hill in goodfellas...rex, now I gotta turn my back on you
Paul Sorvino elopes with political strategist
I'm acting in the same movie as Paul Sorvino.. I'm holding back tears
Eating cake with Paul Sorvino on the set of Price for Freedom? Yeah, sure. It's my cheat day.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
On movie set for ' Price for Freedom' with hubby Paul Sorvino & wrote the book the movie is based on
I watched the video and understood some of it. He has acted with Paul Sorvino and I do know of him.
On the set of the movie ' Price for Freedom ' where Paul Sorvino plays the Shah of Iran '
Paul Sorvino elopes with political strategist via
I still think of Josh Saviano every time I read the name Paul Sorvino.
*** happened to Paul Sorvino's hair? He looked like Phil Spector without the rug.
'Goodfellas' Paul Sorvino dishes on meeting wife on Fox News: "Goo...
My husband Paul Sorvino loves show !! Says is substantial & handsome . Also the chasing crew is awesome !!
Now hubby Paul Sorvino & I coming up on created by genius and hosted by dapper don't miss it on
appearance with husband Paul Sorvino on our fave TV host & the new " Dr Love " move over
Paul Sorvino, wed after meeting on .
On the Paul Sorvino tied the knot with our friend!! Plus,gave side eyes to
An on Paul Sorvino who tied the know with our friend Dee Dee!! Plus, explains to...
What's the joke about Dee Dee Benkie marrying Paul Sorvino?
I had been seeing she had the new last name "Sorvino"..but I didn't know it was THE Paul Sorvino. Congrats indeed.
Actor Paul Sorvino & political strategist Dee Dee Binki tie the knot after meeting on fox show "Cavuto"
With all due respect, Paul Sorvino looks like her granddad.
This segment about Paul Sorvino meeting his now-wife on Cavuto is the least romantic thing I've ever seen.
If Paul sorvino got married to that dee dee lady I should at least be able to score a date ***
I seen where married Paul Sorvino he's old enough to be her dads dad can you say gold digger...
In case you were wondering, Paul Sorvino tells 'I'm not a tree hugger.'
Newlyweds Dee Dee & Paul Sorvino joined us via Skype today ...💍💖😘
Hubby Paul Sorvino will drop by to see at 4:50 today on . Check out these Italian Stallions and me in a triumvirate
Daubach looks strangely like Paul Sorvino in that picture :)
I'm so excited about this week's ep of Paul Sorvino and guest star, and this happens: htt…
Watching 'The Gambler' (1974). James Caan shows Wahlberg how to play obsession, and Paul Sorvino looks like me 20 yrs ago.
How did I ever miss Chris Noth & Paul Sorvino on I've seen a gajillion episodes but missed this combo!?
Plus How Sweet It Is has Paul Sorvino and so how can you go wrong ever?
Hearfelt congrats to my friend and her new husband Paul Sorvino! He's a "goodfella" Dee Dee!
In couples' news, Page Six reports Paul Sorvino is a married…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
So Paul Sorvino aka Paulie from Goodfellas married someone half his age? He's in his 70s! Good for him!
Anthony Hopkins final breakdown in is heartbreakingly beautiful & Paul Sorvino's reactions as Kissinger are perfect
Holy *** looking at a picture of my great nephew and he looks like a baby Paul Sorvino.
Paul Sorvino deserves an Oscar for his part in the movie, Once Upon time in Queens.
I want to live forever in that moment from Goodfellas where Paul Sorvino is slicing garlic with a razor blade.
Young Paul Giamatti sighting in MIGHTY APHRODITE. Boy is Mira Sorvino awesome in this.
You should check out the original from 1974, w/James Caan's shirt unbuttoned to the navel, and a baby-faced Paul Sorvino.
The movie I did with Paul Sorvino is now available on demand! Check it out: Once Upon a Time in Queens
Just watching 'Once Upon a Time in Queens', unsurprisingly Paul Sorvino is brilliant in it.
"Where the material is, that's where you go. I'm a workman..".
You may not know his name, but chances are good you've seen Paul Sorvino in your favorite films.
you'll know the guys in it too. Eric Roberts, Paul Sorvino just to name a couple
Paul Sorvino and I, after wrapping COLD DECK. Paul, you're one helluv- an actor, singer...but can you…
The 1996 Romeo and Juliet w/ Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, John Leguizamo & Paul Sorvino is one of the best movies.
Shooting with the great Paul Sorvino and lovely Catherine Bell
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CAPTAIN'S NEWS: Black Celebrities Who Died With Little Or No Fanfare: Lee Chamberlin portrayed club owner "Madam Zenobias" in "Uptown Saturday Night," she would go on to appear in "Lets Do It Again," and she also appeared on "All My Children," as Pat Baxter. Sadly, she passed away least week.Obituary:Lee Chamberlin, an actress and playwright whose career spanned four decades on the stage, television and films, died of cancer at 76 on May 25, 2014. Her death was confirmed by her family.Her acting career began on the New York stage in a production of Amiri Baraka's, then known as LeRoi Jones, "Slaveship." She was an original cast member of "The Electric Company" on PBS from 1971-73, along with Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno and others.In 1973, she played Cordelia in the Shakespeare in the Park production of "King Lear" alongside James Earl Jones, Paul Sorvino, Rosalind Cash and Ellen Holly.She co-starred with Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier in two of the more popular film comedies of the 1970s, "Upto ...
There’s a movie with James Caan and Paul Sorvino, The Gambler. Young James Woods has a small role as a bank officer.
Jason Miller (April 22, 1939 – May 13, 2001) was an American actor and playwright. He received the 1973 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play That Championship Season, and was widely recognized for his role as Father Damien Karras in the 1973 horror film The Exorcist, a role he reprised briefly in The Exorcist III. He later became Artistic Director of the Scranton Public Theatre in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where That Championship Season was set. Miller was the father of actors Jason Patric (by first wife Linda Gleason, daughter of Jackie Gleason) and Joshua John Miller (by second wife Susan Bernard). In 1982 Miller returned to Scranton to become artistic director of the Scranton Public Theatre, a new regional theatre company founded the year before. On May 13, 2001, Miller died of a heart attack in Scranton, Pennsylvania, twenty-one days after he had reached the age of 62.[5] In 2004, actor Paul Sorvino, a longtime friend of Miller and a cast member of all three versions of That Championship Season, was ...
🚬old law and order episodes. Paul Sorvino and Chris Noth what's better than that
The 2014 Florida Film Festival has come and gone. It has been a crazy yet wicked fun 10 days. I'll admit that it was different not working it. I was okay with simply getting caught up in fun & excitement and enjoying the wild ride, especially because I got to spend way more time with my lady friend than previous festivals. Made some new (and in some cases, mischievous) friends. Pulled harmless pranks. Attended four different yet informative and entertaining forums. Got inspired by Giancarlo Esposito and Shawn Christensen. Enjoyed Paul Sorvino singing opera and then returned the favor by singing Happy Birthday to him. Even got to do a Q & A with an Oscar winner. Ate, drank and laughed for hours upon hours along the way. Oh and I saw 117 films, too. A HUGE thanks to the selection committees, volunteers and staff for the incredible amount of (sometimes grueling) work that you put in so that we could have this excellent festival to enjoy. The Florida Film Festival will always have a special place in my heart ...
Good Sunday morning ... after a loud, soaking night last night, we'll get a break in the weather until tonight, when the next round of rain and storms roar through. Lots of damage in some parts of the state from the storms, thousands without power, and I-75 still closed in both directions between Hill Road and Dixie Highway, near Grand Blanc. It's Palm Sunday, April 13th, let's look back .. 1954, Hank Aaron made his debut with the Milwaukee Braves .. 1963, Pete Rose got his first hit for the Cincinnati Reds .. 1970, "Houston, We Have a Problem" was heard, as an oxygen tank bursts on Apollo 13, on its way to the moon .. 1980, "Grease" closed on Broadway, after 8 years .. 2008, Detroiter Nathaniel Mayer suffered a brain hemorrhage .. and in 2009, Phil Spector was convicted of murder. Born April 13th were Thomas Jefferson in 1743 .. F.W. Woolworth in 1852 .. Butch Cassidy in 1860 .. Alfred Butts, inventor of Scrabble in 1899 .. Don Adams in '23 .. Tim Field of the Springfields in '36 .. Paul Sorvino in '3 .. ...
Big day for "that guy" birthdays. Ron Perlman, Paul Sorvino, William Sadler, Edward Fox. Happy Birthday That Guy.
So last night I went to watch Taylor Sweet perform with the Zydrate Enthusiasts Network. Excellent job. But this was the result: 1. Need to watch Repo! The Genetic Opera 2. In my perfect world I would always have Anthony Stewart Head holding me and telling me everything would be okay while Paul Sorvino sings opera to me.
The Devil's Carnival is a 2012 musical short horror film directed by Darren Lynn Bousman starring Sean Patrick Flannery, Briana Evigan, Jessica Lowndes, Paul Sorvino, and Terrance Zdunich.[2] The film marks the second collaboration of Bousman and writer/actor Terrance Zdunich, their previous work being on the unrelated musical film Repo! The Genetic Opera. The film also brings back several of the cast members of Repo!, such as Sorvino, Alexa Vega, Bill Moseley and Nivek Ogre. The Devil's Carnival has Aesop's Fables at the core of its story, with the main characters each representing a fable. Flanery's character John represents Grief and His Due, Evigan's character Merrywood represents The Dog and Its Reflection, and Lowndes' character Tamara represents The Scorpion and the Frog.
Happy to announce that Last I Heard was acquired today. We will definitely be in theaters in NY and LA in the near future! Details to follow and congrats to all involved in the making of the film and thanks to all that have supported us…I was very proud to be a part of this project and to get my "producer" feet wet on such an amazing movie with such a great cast (Paul Sorvino, Michael Rapaport, Chazz Palminteri, Steven Bauer and others) My client and friend Babette Renee Props gives a stellar performance. Led by a great director and friend David Rodriguez! and to get to work with my husband Kevin Kelly and it wouldn't have been possible without my brother-in-law Chris Kelly! So excited for all of you to see it!
Scene with Al Pacino and Paul Sorvino from William Friedkin's notorious 1981 thriller, "Cruising".
"Separated at Birth" starting John Goodman as Chris Christie and Paul Sorvino as Buddy Cianci.
THE BRONX BULL is supposed to have a release date of January the 14th? originally was scheduled for October the 11th last year. I've just got a small cameo role in it, but it should be a great story about Jake LaMotta.. a prequel/sequel to 1980's RAGING BULL. if anyone sees or hears anything about it, please let me know. Thanks! directed by: Martin Guigi - starring: William Forsythe, Joe Mantegna, Paul Sorvino, Tom Sizemore. have a great Sunday everyone*
Happy Sunday!!! Wanted to introduce you to another of the amazing musicians that will be recording with me on Walkin' Miles in my Shoes. Ms. Judy Palma on the Keyboards!!! Judy is extraordinary and I feel so blessed and excited to have her working with me! She and George Naha have worked together so much, the combination is lethal!!! She has performed with such artists as Ben E. King, James Taylor, Rupert Holmes ( "The Pina Colada Song" ) Deborah Gibson, Darlene Love, Freda Payne, Mickey Dolenz , Jay Black and The Americans, Little Anthony and the Imperials,The Shirelles, Paul Sorvino, Tony Danza, Lana Cantrell, and Mary Wilson of the original Supremes and the list goes on and on.
REPO! THE GENETIC OPRRA - MOVIE REVIEW REPO! THE GENETIC OPERA is a horror-rock musical directed by Darren Lynn Bousman. The film is based on the play The Necromerchant's Debt written and composed by Darren Smith & Terrance Zdunich who also play a part in the film as well. The film stars Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Anthony Stewart Head, Sarah Brightman, Paris Hilton, Bill Moseley, Orge, & Terrance Zdunich. In the year 2056 an epidemic of organ failures has befallen the & with major corporation GeneCo. coming along to save everyone by providing the organs they need but for a price, but for those who can not afford the transplant are put on a payment plan, but if the payment is skipped then GeneCo. sends the Repo Men to reposes the organs. So when the CEO of GeneCO. Rotti becomes terminally ill & can not save himself he realizes that none of his kids are good to follow in his footsteps due to their wild ways Rotti must find & heir to GeneCo. that is worth enough, therefore finds hope in a 17 year old girl nam ...
Giving my back a rest. I swept my hallway and living-room and have washed both floors. Took a break to watch "The Phantom of the Opera" which I hadn't watched in years. So much for being a "phannie" How do you call a fan of Dracula 2000 and of Dear Frankie? Mind you, I love The Phantom of the Opera. Loved it even before Gerry was in it. Watched most of the versions that were out there from the one with Herbert Lom, Maximilian Schell and Charles Dance. Can't help thinking Mandy Patinkin or Paul Sorvino might have been right as the Phantom. On Dec/28/04, when I saw the movie, it was all about everything about it. On Dec/29/04, it was about the Phantom so to me this is an anniversary of sort. Gerry humanized the Phantom a bit more and Joel Schuchmacher made an awesome version of it as the decors, the costumes, the actors, the singing all contribute to make the Phantom even more of a show to be watched. I feel he has chosen the right cast as Andrew Lloyd Webber approved of each one of them even of ...
From the makers of The Godfather, Scareface, Casino, and Goodfellas: Quit Breakin' My Balls. Starring Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Paul Sorvino, Ray Liota, and Al Pacino. This summer, Balls will be broken...
I got took me a while to figure it out but I'll play along: 5 Random facts about me: 1. I have a lollipop shaped scar on my toe from smashing it off a rock in the Chesapeake Bay. 2. I am an excellent artist and wish I had more time to pursue it 3. My senior year Jeff Poladori picked up my long black skirt to expose my very red and lacy panties to a group of Football players at the other end of the hall. Quite a few years ago I worked with Jeff and never let him live it down :) 4. I have met the actors Paul Sorvino, Jason Patrick, and Bronson Pinchot and Roger Waters, the lead singer from Pink Floyd. Now that was a FUN job to work at! 5. I secretly love to blast the music and sing when I'm in the car, alone
Chris Tucker, Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear, Daniel Roebuck and Paul Sorvino, quite the movie night.
Ray Liotta and Michael Imperioli are schlepping booze; Joe Pesci is shaming himself for Snickers; I guess the next phase is DeNiro and Paul Sorvino having an adult diaper Soil-Off?
Paul Sorvino has such an amazing voice. So do Alexa Vega, Sarah Brightman, and Anthony Head.
The Memorial for my best friend and spiritual sister, Karen Black, was held last week, and it was a fitting tribute for an extraordinary actress and woman. It was held at the beautiful Masonic Hall at the fascinating Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The place was packed with all kinds of people, from big stars such as Jack Nicholson, to non-show biz people whom Karen had met and impacted their lives in a positive way. There was music, and laughter, and great performances, and funny, endearing speeches. Performing were Alan Cumming, Lainie Kazan, Judd Nelson, Harriet Schock, Susan Bernard, Cass McCombs, Julia Garcia Combs, Tanna Fredrick, Dana Peterson, and yours truly. Just about everything performed was something Karen had created in her lifetime, including the piece I performed with Dana Peterson, "In the House Where I Was Born." Rick Overton was a wonderful MC, and Angela Garcia Combs directed with great expertise. The speakers included Elliot Gould, Karen's sister Gail Dugan, Paul Sorvino, Karyn Rachtman, ...
Paul Sorvino and Joe Santos from The Rockford Files in the same scene? The schlubs were killing it in '71.
Do you want to meet Paul Sorvino, Federico Castelluccio (Sopranos), Joey D'Onofrio (A Bronx Tale), David Harris (Warriors), Peter Greene (Usual Suspects), William Sadler (Shawshank Redemption), Jacqueline Pennewill (Boardwalk Empire)?.Then all you have to do is simply buy a $10 ticket to the Red Carpet Event Friday Oct 11.
and he is in The Cooler, which is my favorite Alec Baldwin role too. Bill Macy and Maria Bello and Paul Sorvino too.
Six degrees of Kevin Bacon: My father (1) was in a made-for-TV "Perry Mason Mystery" with Paul Sorvino (2). Paul Sorvino's daughter (3) Mira Sorvino was in "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" with Lisa Kudrow (4). Kudrow was on the TV series "Friends" with Jennifer Aniston (5). Aniston was in the 1997 movie "Picture Perfect" with... Kevin Bacon (6).
Thank you so much! I am excited to work on it alongside Paul Sorvino and some other super talented actors,
Law & Order fans! Industrial saboteur Michael Moriarty teams up with militia leader Paul Sorvino to fight evil yogurt in '85s The Stuff.
Our buddy Emilio SanMartin steps away from craps game with Paul Sorvino to be on the show. His priorities are all whacked.
I'm great, excited to be on LIFETIME this August 30th in a movie with Paul Sorvino and Marlee Matlin, How are you?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hate that Kimi Raikkonen is leaving for Ferrari. Like Paul Sorvino said in Goodfellas: "Now I gotta turn my back on you."
Catch this new flick I starred with with Paul Sorvino and Joe Piscopo Video On Demand
Check out "How Sweet it Is" a movie starred in with Paul Sorvino, Ericka Christensen, Michael Pare and Joe...
My debut film, How Sweet It Is, w/ Paul Sorvino, Joe Piscopo and Erika Christensen is out on DVD today!
like Paul Sorvino in Mambo Italiano? man, talk about a hilarious Italian family movie…really hits home, too close in fact
LMFAO at the ending to "Knock Off" Somehow Paul Sorvino survives one green explosion, only to blow up in another one two minutes later!
You look awesome! (and your dad is totally a Tommy Lee Jones/Paul Sorvino hybrid!)
having Paul Sorvino from goodfellas. He is a great actor. I think no I know it will be a great movie. Can't wait.😊
:D "Enough is never enough of The Stuff!" Also, Paul Sorvino kinda sounds like Patton Oswalt.
"[Dennis] Farina, Paul Sorvino, James Gandolfini, Chazz Palmentieri — all of them would be great". This is creepy. Better watch out, Chazz..
When I die, it's either going to be Paul Sorvino or the duo of Terrance Zdunich & Tom Waits coming to collect my soul.
People I never realized were in the movie "oh God": John Denver, Paul Sorvino, Tommy Lee Jones
I'm cooking a delicious pasta right now. I'm doing like Paul Sorvino did in Goodfellas and slicing that garlic so thin that when you cook it in the pan, it melts.
Folks today we have a hot, hot show. Pia Toscano is our guest. Another Italian. Seems in the last few weeks we have had on Italian's like Paul Sorvino, Robert Davi, and a few more. I'm happy about that because I'm 100% Italian. It's nice to meet your paesani. Come see and listen to our show on internet radio as well as on your phone, in your car and on everything that needs electric, No silly, not on your vibrator too.
Favorite Television Programs - Number 2: "Law & Order" Remember: this is a list of personal favorites, and may not match up with a critical review of "Best Television Programs", both of which are subjective anyway. Feel free to add your own list. Terrific concept: following a crime from it's discovery and investigation and then through the court system, sometimes with a good outcome, sometimes not so much - just as it is in life. That there is not always a "happy ending" is part of what makes this series so compelling. Combine that with stories that often reflect real headlines, terrific writing, and mostly an A-Plus cast, and you have a winner; apparent in the numerous spinoffs and copycats. A great showcase for the prolific talents of Michael Moriarty, Sam Waterston, Steven ("one word and a look speaks volumes") Hill, Jerry Orbach (miss him), Jesse Martin, Chris Noth, Benjamin Bratt, Angie Harmon (awesome), Paul Sorvino, George Dzundza, Dann Florek, and terrific supporting cast. I thought Dianne Wiest w ...
I'm frying sausages, at the end of my rope, over here, and i've got bags under my eyes, pretending to give advice to Ray Liotta, because I'm sure Paul Sorvino is James Gandolfini.
Hollywood...Bulletin… Hollywood Bulletin...Hollywood Bulletin… Stars of films of the nineteen forties and fifties and sixties be on the look out for me Ron Russell I will be calling you to ask you to be in my documentary film titled “The Way They Were“. To be shot in Hollywood this coming winter. Yes you, Debbie Reynolds, Tab Hunter, Raquel Welch, Julie Newmar, Tippi Hedren, Ann Jefferies, Gita Hall, Burt Reynolds, Ronda Fleming, Jane Powell, Dickie Moore, Richard Anderson, Stella Stevens, Robert Forster, Laini Kazan, Stephanie Powers, Paul Sorvino, Ruta Lee, Lauren Bacall, and a list that goes on and on. If you want to be a part of this documentary that will preserve the history of Hollywood in its golden years then please write me at RonRussellShow If anyone out there is interested in investing in our project please contact me on my e mail for details. I thank all the names above for being Stars and Legends of when Hollywood was Hollywood. For making the world of film what it is today and for al ...
Acting veteran Paul Sorvino takes center stage in the indie drama "Last I Heard," debuting at the upcoming Seattle International Film Festival. Indiewire has the exclusive trailer ahead of its June 8th premiere.
I like to think the conversations between Jim Flaherty & Rob Ford were like Paul Sorvino talking to Ray Liotta in 2nd half of GOODFELLAS
Isabel Lucas, Nick Jonas, Paul Sorvino, Dermot Mulroney, Kandyse McClure, Graham Rogers, all of our cast/crew!
Was at a tasting last week at Whole Foods Charlotte. A tall, older man with dark black hair walked by. Very familiar face, as in I had seen him on TV and/or movies. Took me awhile to place him. Paul Sorvino, long-time actor and father of Mira Sorvino. But in Charlotte? Hm. The new Hollywood?
John Hopkins and Paul Sorvino ready for a scene last night
Happy Birthday to William Sadler with Paul Sorvino also Erick Avari and Caroline Rhea.
Happy Birthday to Ron Perlman, Paul Sorvino, Caroline Rhea, Lou Bega, and the late Jonathan Brandis.
Paul Sorvino (74): It took 18 years of voice lessons for Paul Sorvino to console himself to the fact that an o...
Big day at the gymnasium: the actor who played Ned Ryerson AND a female doppelganger of Paul Sorvino. (Also, the lead singer of Sugar Ray.)
The Great Gatsby starring Mira Sorvino, Toby Stephenson and Paul Rudd, available to buy on DVD 6 May 2013.
Sculpture tribute by Paul Sorvino of the late actor, director & playwright Jason Miller
Things I learned tonight: Paul Sorvino was a detective on Law and Order
So happy to be a part of the film "SQUATTERS" starring Jamie Kennedy, Paul Sorvino, Marlee Matlin, James Denton, Christina DeRosa JESUS!
I'm not sure, but I think the guy pouring gasoline on is either Paul Sorvino or Chris Berman. Let's watch:
Check out myfriend new movie 'How Sweet It Is'starring Paul Sorvino, AMC theatrical release May 10th
You dropped his name, so I'm sure you caught his balls. “Getting acting tips from Paul Sorvino on set
Getting acting tips from Paul Sorvino on set
There's a surprisingly good TV version with Mira Sorvino as a humanised Daisy (and Paul Rudd as Carraway.)
What's a nice way to tell someone their baby looks like Paul Sorvino?
If they ever do a movie about Chris Christie - Paul Sorvino has my vote.
Billy Campbell, Jen Connelly, Alan Arkin, Tim Dalton, Paul Sorvino, Terry O'Quinn, Ed Lautner. How did this movie not make a bajillion $$$?
Nothing better on a Saturday at 5 am than banana pancakes, bacon and Law and Order with Chris Noth and Paul Sorvino.
It's not a lair. Pitino lives free of guard scrutiny in a L'Ville federal prison with a garlic-shaving Paul Sorvino.
...Paul Sorvino will be the new pitcher for Team Italy.
I never saw Paul Sorvino with Chavez either…
Select scenes from Victoria's Musical movie 'How Sweet It Is' due out in 2013 starring Joe Piscopo, Paul Sorvino and Erika Christensen. Victoria plays the ro...
Paul Sorvino accepts the Commitment to the Craft Honorary Award at the 2013 Chicago Film Critics Award on Feb. 9, 2013. ww...
My students acting on stage with Paul Sorvino, Martin Sheen, and Matthew Morrison
And by old Law & Order, I mean Paul Sorvino or Jerry Orbach eras.
Starring Peter Falk and Gena Rowlands (4yrs after A Woman Under the Influence), plus Peter Boyle, Paul Sorvino, and WARREN OATES
Paul and Amanda Sorvino's upcoming reality TV show: When Amanda started a horse rescue at "The Goodfather's" ranch in rural PA, only time would tell if the family would survive it. Watch as a bus load of rescue dogs arrive at Paulie's compound without his knowledge -- Take a ride with the Sorvinos to Ohio in a Winnebago to uncover a disturbing reality at the Sugar Creek Horse Auction. Laugh as Unis, Amanda's beloved white shepherd, chews up the interior of Paul's Dodge Ram. Cry with Mel Gorham as she faces the tragedy of auction horses waiting for the slaughter truck. By the end of the show, you'll be rallying with Amanda and Mel for the foals to come home! This is one show your entire family can watch together. Get ready for a journey that you'll never forget!
Watching the 80s classic horror movie "The Stuff" always good for a laugh.
Just so you know, Goodfellas and *** Tracy were released in the same year, opening a wormhole from which Paul Sorvino would never escape.
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Ha! I had completely forgotten Paul Sorvino was in an episode of Next Generation.
I just scored a copy of the Thinner audio book read by Paul, so it must be Sorvino Day!
Nothing beats a home cooked meal by Paul Sorvino hearing Goodfellas stories!
Worf has a foster brother and he is Paul Sorvino. Okay...
Jack Nicholson,Robert DeNiro,Al Pacino,Christopher Walken,Joe Pesci,Sean Pean,Mickey Rourke all need to b in a gangster sure im missed a fewnames and this movie would have to b like a 10 prt series...gimmie some ideas people
You know, I've never tried Clams Casino, but I've always felt it's a dish that sounds *wildly* glamorous and probably really isn't very at all.
Chronicling the life and career of Italian boxer Primo Carnera (Andrea Iaia), who in 1933 became the first from his country to become world heavyweight champion. Burt Young and F. Murray Abraham costar as shady fight promoters. Directed by Renzo Martinelli. Also known as
Excerpt from my book THE PASSION OF MARTIN SCORSESE: 'Paul Sorvino who plays Paul Cicero says about his character...
From his earliest shorts to his recent feature films The Departed and Shutter Island, this book offers an in-depth analysis of the deepest archetypal themes, symbols, and structures in Martin Scorsese's entire body of work. It examines each of Scorsese's films as a mythological journe...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
was a banner day. danger mouse outside office AND paul sorvino at 7:15 a.m. at corner diner. need to find right taxidermist!
Julie again on the Charles Grodin show a few years back with her accompanist, Herb Bernstein. What a voice! Miss Budd is a show biz veteran and can wow'...
Judge decision of not guilty to the police officer who beat Aida Guzman could end up in opening the door back to Rizo's era; remember!
An intimate tour of the Italian way of life What is it like to live surrounded by beauty, steeped in culture and tradition, immersed in style, creativity, and history? With spectacular cinematography, evocative music, and interviews with Francis Ford Coppola and others, this three-part series tak...
Everybody in this diner looks like Joe Pesci or Paul Sorvino. Including the owner with his tri state…
Having late dinner on Sunset Blvd and listening to Paul Sorvino sing Italian songs to his friend...
Take a look at the trailer for IMMIGRANT, in which Andrew plays 'Tolik'. The film, from director Barry Shurchin, also stars Angela Gots, Harry Hamlin, Paul Sorvino, Michael Lerner, and Rachel Kathryn Bell. More info at the IMMIGRANT FB page:
This Friday I'll be at the Alvin Opry and Sunday will be of course Cowboy Church in Pearland. If this sinus infection kills me during the week someone just prop me up in front of the mic. Its aaalll good!
Watching the movie Nixon, which contains the extraordinarily gifted performance of Paul Sorvino as Henry Kissinger.
LOS ANGELES -- The "Twilight" team finally has earned some love – or loathing – from Team Razzies. "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2" was picked as last year's worst picture Saturday by the Razzies, an Academy Awards spoof that hands out prizes for Hollywood's lousiest mov...
It's a Law and Order reunion! Chris Noth and Paul Sorvino chatting and laughing on the QVC party red carpet.
Alexa Vega, Bill Moseley, Ogre and Paul Sorvino are in it too! :D
The Chicago Critics Association's Awards Show last night was a rousing success -- kind of a Prom Nite for critics. Thanks to everyone who attended, and even more so to all my fellow critics who worked so crazy hard to make it happen both behind the scenes and up on the stage presenting, including Dann Gire, Brian Tallerico, Mark Dujsik (who took turns with me sitting in the aisle), David and Jeanne Kaplan (thanks for all the scotch!), the dynamic party duo of Nick Allen and Matt Fagerholm, Matthew Sheehan, Pat Über-Critic McDonald, Peter Sobczynski, Erik Childress, Lee Shoquist, Collin Souter, and so many more who I'll be kicking myself for forgetting. (Thanks also to Jennifer John for continuing to show up and support and put up with our shenanigans and still agreeing to work with with us.) And while I kinda doubt they're reading this, thanks again to Jane Lynch, Paul Sorvino, Kevin J. O' Conner, Nadine Velazquez, George Tillman, and Regina Taylor for being a part of it all. And a very special thanks to ...
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