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Paul Simon

Paul Frederic Simon (born October 13, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.

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It's confirmed, I want Paul Simon's 'you can call me Al' to be my wedding song.
And just remember, the reason why whining fascist bedwetter Paul Dacre is as he is is because he is PERMANENTLY TERRIFIED…
Here Comes the Sun: A Tribute to George Harrison by Paul Simon, Crosby and Grahm Nash. via
"I don't like fashion. It's very heartless. Paul Simon"
The Boxer (Paul Simon) multitrack by Julie Gaulke and Mirko Conti - YouTube
Perhaps ol' Bob could've asked Paul Simon for some help?
"Anger is a drug. The brain likes it. And there are a lot of addicts out there now. Resist the temptation."…
and Chris Thile February 6, 2016 rebroadcast with Paul Simon, Andrew Bird and Maria Bamford (listen)…
Yo If you want real old Paul Simon look up The Paul Simon Song Book. By far his best work. Original…
I'm in a Paul Simon and Ladysmith Black Mambazo kind of mood.
Ugh, so many better choices in 88. Gore, Paul Simon, Gephardt, JOE BIDEN, Bruce Babbit.
DVR Alert: Paul Simon (to perform with one of jazz's greatest living guitarists on
When Steven Van Zandt convinced AZAPO to take Paul Simon off a hit list and what Paul Simon re… via
Join Derek Scott at 4. There'll be tracks from artists such as Paul Simon, Small Faces, Traffic, Mott The...
I added a video to a playlist St Judy's Comet by Paul Simon on baritone ukulele [with chord sheet]
This afternoon, it's going down David Byrne & Paul Simon style! Come drink with me!…
Here’s to you, Paul Simon: Skirball showcases his ‘Words & Music’ — Jewish Journal
celebr time 5/1 day of acting decisively, forcefully, in a determined way. Rock: Paul Simon; Pop:George Gershwin; Blues:Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Makes me really happy to learn that Paul Simon & E. O. Wilson are buddies! Just a couple a guys in their 70s & 80s tryi…
Hitting everything from Paul Simon to Professor Longhair with a driving Brazilian beat, partied in Cap…
Cheers for the play! Great to hear Graceland too, grew up on Paul Simon.
Wow! Paul Simon was singing I'm going to Graceland? I always thought the lyric was I'm going to Gray Sland. This changes the whole meaning
Paul Simon b.1941. American Singer-Songwriter and Guitarist. Degree in English Literature. Studied Law at University. IQ 155!
You ain't got. Bob Marley. You ain't got. Paul Simon. You don't have. Diamonds on your shoes. You don't have. The Count...
Paul Simon's oceanfront home in danger of slip sliding away
Ted Leitner is baseball’s Paul Simon, James Taylor. Rhythm, syntax is his calling card; recognizable from the first note.
actually the last 3 days I've just been marathoning Steely Dan, Paul Simon, and James Taylor idk dudes
🙏🏼 Thankful no one can see how I dance during my entire Paul Simon playlist.
Want to learn the best fingerpicking patterns as used by Ed Sheeran, Paul Simon and James Taylor?
.And in the year of our lawdt 2017, why are we still playing Toto and Paul Simon in the airport hall…
Hope you've hit the gym. A little like Paul Simon said "soft in the middle"
📷 Stevie Nicks and Paul Simon embrace prior to the start of the 16th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...
On this day in 2001- Steely Dan, Aerosmith, Queen, & Paul Simon were a few of the acts inducted into the Rock and Roll Hal…
Wonderful rendition of Here Comes the Sun : Paul Simon, Graham Nash &
Tim Lee - Songwriter is a Singer/Songwriter from the Northwest. He has eclectic influences, from Paul Simon to...
Richard Dreyfuss in American Graffiti just reminds me of Paul Simon???
sub plots . see Chris Stapleton with Aunt Zan & Roma, Paul Simon with the fam, Emmylou Harris, Tim + Faith & Gaga with Taylor
Paul Simon >>>> all of them. but yes, I agree (even thought i have no idea who The Script or Lukas Graham are)
Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel. - my grandfather met garfunkel once. - Mrs. Robinson is one of my all-time favorite songs
"She said be careful, his bow tie is really a camera." Paul Simon. How appropriate for today, huh?
I mean, as far as I'm concerned my 4 favourite songwriters of all time are Joe Strummer, Neil Tennant, Paul Simon & Pete…
What a great night for biodiversity at the Carolina Theater- EO Wilson and Paul Simon
What links Val Dominican with Paul Simon, U2 with Barbara Dickson and Kenny Lynch with The Beatles? (Answer later. Don't google it!)
The Sound of Silence (arr. P. Glass for piano), a song by Philip Glass, Paul Simon, Nicolas Horvath on...
Listening to '(What a) Wonderful World' by Art Garfunkel with Paul Simon & James Taylor via
Will be at SXSW I had NO IDEA who he was...but Sting, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, et. al know him very well.
Breast Cancer Awareness
The Mississippi Delta is shining like National Guitar Graceland by Paul Simon ♫
"Sheer joy and love...emanate from their being.” —Paul Simon on
Here’s the link for my most recent feat. your Baker St-related suggestions & featured artist Paul Simon
I just realized that Ezra Koenig influenced by Paul Simon and I love Paul Simon 💕
"Paul Simon and his friend...singing something about Mrs. Robinson on the radio!"
Mark Stewart from Paul Simon's band, brought his 1937 Gibson "Advanced Jumbo" Plectrum Guitar to session today. Ma…
A personal highlight was watching Steve Gadd play with Paul Simon. That's how it's done, right there. Funny: Chris Botti was in horn section
Raquel Welch, Star Wars, Lola Falana, Paul Simon, Carol Burnett and WOW is that a hard question.
Paul Simon had no plans on recording 50 Ways until Steve Gadd came up with the drum rhythm! Thanks STEVE!!
I've enjoyed Ray Phiri since the early 80's. First heard Stimela Wispers in the deep on a cassett Jive music of the townships. Whispers in the Deep is my favorite song of all time. It conveys with real passion the plight of South Africans. I wish Ray would bring Stimela to the USA Tour and appear on SNL. He can ask Paul Simon to be a guest on his tour. Much peace and love to Ray Phiri
"The Obvious Child" is a song recorded by American singer-songwriter Paul Simon.
Video of song supporting the Atlanta Falcons parodied from Paul Simon's song, THE BOXER, by Roger "Hurricane"...
Philip Glass is 80. Celebrate his remarkable contribution to music with greats such as Paul Simon & Laurie Anderson:
"Swimming in a trance-like state": Paul Simon explains his fascination with Philip Glass – in his own words.…
Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel will always be some of the best singers/songwriters this world has ever seen...
David Bowie, Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Yoko Ono and John Lennon, during the Grammy Awards on March 1st 1975
I don't trust web archive bc I cannot for the life of me find the Colbert Report Nov 18 2008 interview w Paul Simon.
"Paul Simon will be singing some of Art Garfunkel's greatest compositions"
Slip Slidin' Away - Owen Danoff (Cover of Paul Simon).this cover is just so perfect I'm gonna cry 🤣
David Bowie, Art Garfunkel, Paul Simon, Yoko Ono, John Lennon and Roberta Flack, attending the Grammy Awards in New…
Check out this great write up on our own Paul Simon!
OMFG, I had no idea Big Daddy Kane intro'd the Me and Julio video for Paul Simon *** pretty cool.
Paul Simon is my favorite musician by far
Imagine Van Morrison hanging out with Paul Simon playing Muddy Waters songs, this is what Tony Eltora's music...
yes, let's have a little Ladysmith Black Mambazo this morning (and Paul Simon) !
Paul Simon has two first names and Art Garfunkle has nothing but lies and gibberish
Paul Simon plays "Under African Skies," "The Boy in the Bubble" and other tunes from 'Graceland' in this 2008 set.…
Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Garfunkel as much as it was Paul Simon.
Steve Gadd grooving and soloing with Paul Simon, Roma 2002 via
who cares about what they wear; what happened to Paul Simon's Graceland and the best of the Gypsy Kings?
Can we put a 24-hour watch on Paul Simon, Mavis Staples, Bob Dylan, & Betty White for the next three days please?
I didn't know she was married to Paul Simon for a bit!
love dinosaur jr.! Settled on better than ezra tonight. Gonna do Paul Simon tomorrow (another suggestion) then I'll do Dino
Hey man! Just curious, what's your opinion on Paul Simon?
RIP Let's remember the hilarious story of the actress tripping with Paul Simon ::
I'm listening to a Paul Simon record and I'm emotional bc I bet he's hurting
Graceland by Paul Simon (one of my favorite songs of all time) was written about Carrie Fisher. It is on repeat tonight.
Inside the late always turbulent, frequently inspirational relationship with
Right now my heart goes out to Debbie Reynolds who's lost a daughter & Paul Simon who's lost a huge love in his life.
30 years ago this year: Paul Simon made the album "Graceland" in the thick of apartheid South Africa
. partied w/ the Stones. was on 30Rock & SNL. dumped Paul Simon. AND in Star Wars-the GOOD ones! . Me: ❤
Everyone should listen to these Paul Simon songs tonight: Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes, Hearts and Bones, Graceland, She Moves On.
However, Carrie Fisher was extraordinarily funny, and she had a long love affair with my hero Paul Simon. 2016 claimed another one. :(
They say Paul Simon wrote this song about his time with Carrie. I bet a lot of people wrote songs about her. .
Still listening to Christmas songs:. "Someone must of liked Art Garfunkel". "Only Paul Simon, and even he got bored of h…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
million years ago on cold winter's night, I came around the corner on CPW; almost bumped into Carrie Fisher/Paul Simon, w…
Star Wars, Cocaine, and Paul Simon;. Carrie Fisher, you were. The spirit of the Seventies.
She inspired Paul Simon's Graceland song, And screwed up as she was w drugs, Simon was just as insecure
Paul Simon's 'Graceland' was born 30 years ago — and 'world music' grew with it
Paul Simon wrote the song 'Diamonds on the soles of her shoes' about his marriage to Carrie.
This is a song Paul Simon wrote about Carrie Fisher:. "A cloud shifts,. the plane lifts,. She moves on.".
Carrie Fisher's musical connections, from mother Debbie Reynolds to ex Paul Simon
Oh, sad. I just learned that these lyrics from Paul Simon's luminous "Graceland" were about Carrie Fisher. RIP. https:/…
Here are the songs Paul Simon wrote about Carrie Fisher
Sorry to hear this one. I liked her, regardless of the Paul Simon thing. She was a pisser, smart as they come and...
For the love of God someone go check on Bob Dylan and Paul Simon
DJ Father-in-Law was playing all the Paul Simon hits but has transitioned to the sappy S&G hits. Started the night with ABBA.
Here is what has recently played... You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon
: You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon on My Radio Station - Listen at
You Can Call Me Al / Paul Simon play now straight from your TL:
Now playing on : Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al. 80's : Nothing but the best!
the soundtrack album to Tim Book Two by featuring Paul Simon, Thr Clash, Durutti Column and more
It's possible, I think she was already sorta with Paul Simon & he was married to his current wife by ESB.
1987, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, and Judy Collins, among others, appeared at Carnegie Hall to pay tribute to the late Harry Chapin.
Can't remember how many times I bought Paul Simon's Graceland album because of Ladysmith Black Mombazo, Hugh Masakela and Miriam Makeba..
What's it like to work with Jagger, Dylan, Paul Simon, Judy Collins & more? Today on Mission Unstoppable Radio fran…
Am I the only 20-something year old who can totally get down to Phil Collins and Paul Simon?
I LOVE the fact that Dylan got the nod. He deserves it. But so too does Paul Simon, Leonard Cohen and others.
Cirque have just played the greatest prince song of all time as well as JUSTICE and Paul Simon. I have found me new home
Rock n' Roll Trivia of the Day. The backup vocal group on Paul Simon's, "Slip Slidin' Away" was The Oak Ridge Boys. .
Paul Simon was totally the Yoko Ono of the New Bohemians. And I'm never going to forgive him for that.
David Bowie, Art Garfunkel and Paul Simon at the Grammy Awards in New York, 1975. Photo by Ron Galella
Day 195: Paul Simon - The Rhythm of the Saints. I unexpectedly found…
Day 194: Paul Simon - Graceland. This is it for me as far as Paul…
Day 193: Paul Simon - Hearts and Bones. The album that was so panned…
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November 22nd 1957, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel appeared as Tom and Jerry on ABC-TV's American Bandstand
Thank you Paul Simon for these timely words. And thank you Steve Gretz and Leslie Lee for sharing them with Grace last night. I am a citize…
The 2nd episode of SNL has Paul Simon as the host. For some reason the also booked Randy Newman and Phoebe Snow...
Paul Simon y Spud Webb 👌. Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
Not to mention Beyoncé, Adele, Paul Simon, Radiohead are all adored by Grammy voters and they all released albums.…
Big Daddy Kane, Bismarkie, Spud Webb! C'mon Paul. Paul Simon - Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard via
Leonard Cohen's tribute to Paul Simon: The Sound of Silence. With echoes of Blake.
Wordstock: Lindy West | Peter Ames Carlin on Paul Simon | Rivka Galchen: State of Wonder's sold-out Wordstock show…
Only Bob Dylan exerted more profound influence on his generation, perhaps only Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell equaled…
I added a video to a playlist Peter Ames Carlin introduces Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon @
I'm still kinda stuck on Paul Simon this morning (and Art)
★★★★★ Spectacular shows stamina and fun at 75 years young at
"Half of the people are stoned and the other half are waiting for the next election." -Paul Simon via Leonard Bernstein
"Far up above my eyes could clearly see the Statue of Liberty sailing away to sea" Paul Simon
Sickengly the song in my head is Paul Simon's America.
“He’s got a big job ahead of him, and I wish him the best of success,” Sheila Simon said.
. “Still, a man hears what he wants to hear. And disregards the rest”. Paul Simon
Paul Simon is going through my mind tonight.
Paul Simon is currently gigging in England. He must be wishing he'd never left in 1965.
" If ur bored, ur probably not playn it well. U could b playing it perfectly, but that doesn't mean ur playing it well." PAUL SIMON Amen 🤓
This is the last posting I'm putting up here for awhile. Catch you in another era. American Tune. Paul SImon...
Paul Schimpf defeats Shelia Simon to become new IL State Senator for 59th District.
Hope you don't have anything in the US stock market,'s gonna crash tomorrow AM if things don't right themselves.
The Boxer by Paul Simon now playing on
Democrat Sheila Simon, of Carbondale, concedes to Paul Schimpf, a Republican from Waterloo, in the Illinois Senate…
Sheila Simon has conceded the race to Paul Schimpf for the 58th Senate seat.
Now playing The Boy in the Bubble by Paul Simon!
come on, New York! also, good role models matter. James Taylor & Alison Krauss - The Boxer: Paul Simon Tribute
Actual real life tiny faraway Paul Simon singing this song. My heart MY HEART. 💜💙 @ Royal Albert…
I wonder if they have Paul Simon queued up over at Clinton HQ
except unfathomable. Man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. Paul Simon.
Congratulations! New US Senator!! Awesome! I worked for Paul Simon in the Senate for 9 years.
Just got back from the Paul Simon gig, it's 2:30am, I have work at 8:45am, I'm gonna be knackered. So worth it though, amazing gig!
Paul Simon was first campaign i volunteered for
. American Tune by Paul Simon seems very poignant tonight.
"I think he would have been so disappointed," said Sheila Simon of her late father, Paul Simon. "From the presidential race on down to (1/2)
Listening to Still Crazy After All These Years by Paul Simon, on my Echo!
I’m laying out my winter clothes and wishing I was gone,. Going home, where the New York city winters aren’t bleedin’ me. - Paul Simon
Now playing Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes by Paul Simon!
I added a video to a playlist Here Comes the Sun performed by Paul Simon
I liked a video Here Comes the Sun performed by Paul Simon
me too - I had to go to a Paul Simon concert just to relax before it really ramps up the tension!
Well this turned my day around. Perks of supporting Paul Simon. Royal Albert Hall + Box + Backstage = wow ❤️
The one and only Paul Simon at the Royal Albert Hall singing a song that I remember from my…
Happy Birthtime to al calling PAUL SIMON! 98 today! Happy Birthtime Pieman! 50 Shades of Grey!
Good history was indeed made. Paul Simon touched my hand.
Paul Simon - Still crazy after all these years nu op
Just in case Trump wins & the world suddenly ends, please know this: Paul Simon touched my hand tonight.
Take a break from the election and listen to our great conversation with author .
We'll have none of that,the world's about to end.Maybe a Simon Pegg/Nick Frost movie?
I'm with you- I had to listen to Paul Simon's American Tune about ten times in order to calm down earlier.
god bless my roommate because I am singing the entire paul simon songbook to stave off my nerves
Listening to Slip Slidin' Away by Paul Simon, on my Echo!
Still crazy for Paul Simon. Worth every penny to see a legend.
Back from the most sublime Paul Simon concert now do I stay up to follow the US election??!
The true original magic of Paul Simon. Never bettered.
Back to the 90s: The Cool, Cool River by Simon, Paul.
Paul Simon playing in London now. This will never sound more mighty. I like to think the best of America. This is.
Paul Simon just made America great again at
In case you missed it the first time around, here's on HOMEWARD BOUND, the new Paul Simon bio:
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Hot take 🚨 🚨🚨: "Dave" is a great movie, if only for the political cameos. Tip O'Neil, McLaughlin, Paul Simon, Alan good.
Saturday chores around the house are made easy w the soundtrack of my childhood: Eric Clapton, Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon, & Genesis. 🎶
Saw them at Wembley in the 80s. Utterly unforgettable.Artie Garfunkel sang like a bird. Not to detract from Paul Simon at all.
Join us tonight—Peter Ames Carlin will be discussing his new book, Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon
Google translated some foreign Paul Simon reviews. I am none the wiser. "Frost spent on true-seeming corpse rich palette of timbres."
Paul Simon is in this Friday at 18:30 (Motorpoint Arena) so go along to this & leave the weekend
Well I'm going to see Los Lobos and Paul Simon but before that I'm hanging with these dudes
Fast set bond 60 and magnetic finish , at church of the ascension primary school today .simon platts and Paul bg https…
Church of the ascension primary school Wolverhampton magnetic wall with Simon platts today great job Paul BG
'The Many Faces of King's Cross' at Sun 6 Nov with Paul Williams, Simon Bradley & Rosemary Ashton…
David Eyres, Paul Murray & John Eyre after Eyres goal gave Oldham the lead in the Play Off Semi at Boundary Park - 2003
On this day (Oct 25) in 1975, Paul Simon's fourth solo studio album, Still Crazy After All These Years, was...
Not every song I write is ecstasy. And it can happen only one time. After...
Now playing Late in the Evening by Paul Simon!
Magnetic wall by Simon platts in woverhampron at church of ascension primary school Paul BG
I liked a video Passenger | Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes (Paul Simon cover)
Our MD, Paul Crilly talks to Simon Iatrou about how services could deliver so much more
Listen to 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon on
Celebrating paul. And has suitably dressed Pauls photo that gazes down in his home. Beautiful friendship http…
Still crazy after all these years. Paul Simon
The amazing is playing our Paul SImon Tribute Show TONIGHT Only a few tickets left!
People are piling in for our Paul Simon Tribute Show! Music kicks off at 8 pm.
speaking of talented das Juden, what is ur favorite Paul Simon song (solo career only)
I was just reading about Paul Simon in 'Uncut', and it was fascinating. I n...
Poor pic but a pleasure last night to be in the "Good" Company of this "Rock God".Mr Paul Rodgers, with *** Ralphs…
can you play graceland by Paul simon please :)
"I've got nothing to do today but smile.” . ― Paul Simon
I have to say I work at one great place.tonight we had a wonderful Paul Simon tribute show…
in the words of Paul Simon "Ohhh, still crazy, after al these years!" :-D
OUTRO: . When it's late in the evening . And the music's seeping through . . Paul Simon
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Foy Vance's wisdom:. "Don't trust any man or woman who doesn't know who Paul Simon is" . And . "Critic. That's the real C word"
"You can call me Chuck", the hit song Paul Simon DIDN'T write
Paul Simon is part of the soundtrack of my childhood. Thank you friends & for making my heart so happy tonight.
The Papa says, oy, if I get that boy I'm gonna stick him in the house of detention. ~ Paul Simon
Perhaps it’s smtng as specific as PinotNoir, or myb as vague as white, dry, & reminds you of yr fav Paul Simon song.
Such an inspiring show tonight at honoring Paul Simon! Huge amounts of talent in one room.
What an amazing night of Paul Simon @ City Winery…
“You want to be a writer, don't know how or when? Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.”—Paul Simon, born on this …
You never realize you're grown up until the moment your see a Paul Simon Essentials playlist on Apple Music and immediately click on it
Paul Simon tribute show with Musicians Corner at City Winery is 💯.
I'm going to Graceland. . Love this album and any tribute night to Paul Simon. Great night with…
The sound of silence (written by Paul Simon) Instrumental cover by Jose ... Mi amigo Jose de Castro!!!
Based on ANY criteria, Paul Simon is much more deserving.
Margaret Thatcher, Paul Simon, Ian Thorpe...not a bad day to have Birthday 😊😉
can we agree that if Bob Dylan gets one, Paul Simon should too? He did win the first Gershwin award, after all.
"When I was a reporter, the greatest weakness was whiskey, now it is cynicism" Sen.Paul Simon, Nov.'94. This is especially true in Chicago.
In the news: Tangled up in Song: the music of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, and Leonard Cohen
Guitarist Eric Gale was born on this day in 1938. Hear him with Joe Cocker, Paul Simon and Stuff.…
A folk performer who has influenced Dylan and Paul Simon on at The
THANKS for update. Paul Simon and band due Oct. 1 on Austin City Limits...
Only one bridge is over the Hudson River in New York City area. Paul Simon composed "The Bridge over the Troubled Water".
I accidentally call the 'Paul smith' wall the 'Paul Simon' wall sometimes. Lolol
Tony Cedras will be at He's from Elsies River&toured with Paul Simon!
Is it gross that I like Paul Simon's music? Y/n?
I saw the Allmans Brothers Band (with Dickie Betts) and Paul Simon play there on the same bill. Want to say 1994
This is what House Band's cover of "Kodachrome" by Paul Simon looks like on Barrett's mixing board Ghetto Box Studio
Jason Mraz new album is an absolute grower. Like a 21st century lovechild of Cat Stevens and Paul Simon. There's nobody like him.
thx james. Go the *** away braydenn you suck at running the Paul Simon account he's a treasure
Careful: he's bout to deploy our Double TopSecret Weapon: James Taylor •&• Paul Simon
Paul Simon and.George Harrison. "Homeward Bound," for that certain person out there. :)*
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Paul Simon? OK. One song. And then no more old Jews from New York.
."I guess the best thing is to send James Taylor or Paul Simon over to sing for ISIS."
The Dem's picked the wrong guy to sing Bridge Over Troubled Water last night. Paul Simon wrote it for Art...
Paul Simon is ready to ease your mind about Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention:
Back for Gold - Take That. I can run for Miles and Miles and Miles - The Who. The Boxer - Paul Simon.
Paul Simon just crushed it in the Hall. "Bridge Over Troubled Water" helped heal the divide ... at least for the moment.
How appropriate for Paul Simon to sing his Bridge Over Troubled Waters at DNC. Wasser in German = Water, as in Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
Paul Simon sang Bridge Over Trouble Waters so beautifully, and got the exact result he wanted.
I added a video to a playlist Watch Paul Simon perform at the 2016 Democratic National Convention
Paul Simon tried to hit the high note
Paul Simon Has a straight cash that tricks ***
Sarah Silverman busted Bernie diehards, Sanders electrified, and Paul Simon performed on First Day:
Paul Simon should be singing his theme. That's the only song this election deserves.
such amazing piece of lyrics Paul Simon has written.
this is a joke so far. Is this a variety show. Paul Simon just killed my cat with his voice.& Franken w/Silverman.…
DEM convention: Sarah Silverman to Paul Simon to Mario Cuomo. GOP Convention: Scott Baio to Kid Rock to 6 screeching chim…
I'm old enough to remember when Paul Simon was taller
"It takes a Village" vs "The Art of the Deal". Paul Simon vs. Kid Rock. I know which team id rather be on, do you?
Obviously, Carrie Fisher had a magnificent missed opportunity when married to Paul Simon
ISIS has surrendered! Between James Taylor in France and now Paul Simon's Bridge, they are overcome with love and compassion…
Paul Simon is the best artist to ever live. don't argue with me.
Paul Simon prompts concern after shaky DNC performance.
Paul Simon's self-assured sense that he can sing a song he objectively cannot sing is a pretty good metaphor for rich whi…
Of course, Art not Paul should be the lead on "Bridge Over Troubled Water"
I know is Paul Simon and he wrote Bridge and all...but after Elvis sang it you could stick a fork in it -…
Shout out to Paul Simon for making Linda McCartney sound good
Too bad Paul Simon didn't reunite with Art Garfunkel while he sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at the DNC.
Definitely voting for Hillary after seeing Paul Simon butcher his own song with an all-fedora-clad band
Breaking News: Paul Simon got a singing spot in exchange for a large Foundation donation. https:/…
I bet glad took a break from his hobby to sing at h…   10% Off
Paul Simon singing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" at the DNC Convention. Wow, he ain't kiddin...
got rained out. Was that guy chewing glass & singing Bridge Over Troubled Water you or Paul Simon? Go to sleep
Boyz II Men, Demi Lovato, Paul Simon and Sarah Silverman to appear at DNC
I love love love Paul Simon. But nice songs are not gonna convince Bernie voters not to stay home. Hillary MUST start list…
This thing is so Paul Simon-heavy I'm beginning to think Lorne Michaels is running for President.
Paul Simon is giving an EMBARASSINGLY bad rendition of his song Bridge Over Troubled Water Like a washed…
I hope so. Paul Simon sang the theme song for the night.
I cried tears with you tonight, when Paul Simon sang, 'Bridge Over Troubled Waters". Very touching seeing u so emotional.
Al Franken and Sarah Silverman introduce Paul Simon: "We're like a bridge over troubled..."
Repubs Gave Us Scott Baio and Willie Robertson. Dems give us Paul Simon and Michelle Obama.
Paul Simon has convinced me that beating Trump is more important than loyalty to Eugene McCarthy.
Paul Simon is literally the perfect medicine for cranky old democrats, everybody shut up for five minutes.
Paul Simon was thinking of performing "Me and Julio Down By the Schoolyard," but was worried Trump might deport Julio.
Paul Simon with a little bit of the Mariah Carey jazz hands.
Paul Simon... doing his best late career Mariah Carey impression.
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fun fact: Paul Simon went to QC and majored in English...sounds like someone familiar but idk...
Sarah Silverman followed by Paul Simon at the DNC is a bizarre combination
why are you playing this bad new Paul Simon song twice in one show??? 🙉🙉🙉
Paul Simon came to visit my amazing Aunt Kathy before she passed away...this is my uncle playing the guitar and my c…
"Orthodox Jew at The Republican National Convention" is my favorite Paul Simon song.
i want to be part of that club too.. should i change to "Frank Simon" (Paul Simon's *** brother)
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