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Paul Scholes

Paul Scholes (born 16 November 1974) is an English footballer, a one-club man who has played his entire professional career for Manchester United.

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Paul Scholes tells Manchester United what they must do in the summer transfer window
Paul Scholes thinks lack of playing time will be 'killing' Wayne Rooney
Paul Scholes: " Jose Mourinho will make Manchester United special again. "
Paul Scholes make shock prediction about Wayne Rooney's Man United future.
Man United legend Paul Scholes delivers his top four prediction (Source: Daily Star )
Jose Mourinho will make Man Utd special, says Paul Scholes
Paul Scholes interview: Mourinho making Utd special again but Rooney will go if he's stuck on bench
Had a strange dream I was having a kick about in the park with Ian Wright, Lee Dixon and Paul Scholes of all people.
Frank Lampard and Paul Scholes never had to carry Salif Diao.
I would say Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, John Terry and Ashley Cole have had prefect careers also
Paul Scholes with Frank Lampard second. Rio Ferdinand, John Terry and Ashley Cole the rest of England's World Class…
Ander Herrera lining that shot up like Paul Scholes and hitting it more like Paul Konchesky
Throwback to the time Paul Scholes called Robbie Savage a knob head on live TV. 😅
Throwback to when Paul Scholes called Robbie Savage a knobhead... 😂
Paul Scholes says Kane isn't on Aguero's level because Kane has performed poor twice at Old Trafford.Clearly Paul only watches United..
Paul Scholes on Wayne Rooney breaking Sir Bobby Charlton's record: "Lets hope he does it against Liverpool."
"He made it look too easy". Paul Scholes is at the heart of Owen Hargreaves' dream five-a-side line-up:
Jake Humphrey: "I don't think I've ever seen Paul Scholes smile. He's only happy when it's time to go home"
Video: Henrikh Mkhitaryan should start for Manchester United, say Paul Scholes and Michael Owen
Paul Scholes looks like he's only a day away from going full Derek Chisora and flipping the table & punching Jake Humphrey live on air.
If only they would! And Michael Owen and Paul Scholes too
The years of Paul Scholes and Owen Hagreaves whose skills we missed out on due to endless injuries
'Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a stopgap striker for Manchester United': Michael Owen and Paul Scholes question Swede's l...
Paul Scholes: "It’s a fantastic achievement. Everyone inside this club knows how special Wayne Rooney is."
Pst.Michael Owen fancies Paul Scholes.pass it on
Paul Scholes predicts 4-0 win before kick-off. Jake and Michael Owen laugh. . Manchester United 4-0 up.
Even Tom Cleverley has more League titles than Steven Gerrard, Keane, Vieria, Lampard and of course Paul Scholes were all superior
Ryan Giggs,Patrick Vieira,Thierry Henry chosen 6 times; Roy Keane & Frank Lampard 5 times, Paul Scholes twice. That's how good he was.
boss Warren Joyce has axed coach Joe Parkinson, paving the way for Paul Scholes to join his back-room team.(TheSun)
Paul Scholes: "There are only 3 world class players in Premier League." 😒😒😒
Manchester United are open to the prospect of Paul Scholes being named the new manager of the reserve side. (Source: D…
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Xavi Hernandez:. Paul Scholes is a role model. For me –. and I really mean this – he's the best. central midfielder...
my favorite midfielders of all time are Iniesta, Xavi Hernandez, Andrea Pirlo, and Paul Scholes. what legendary players
Happy 42nd birthday to Paul Scholes!. He's won more English top-flight titles (11) than Manchester City and Chelsea combined (…
Once upon a time... Lionel Messi & Xavi Hernandez combined together to watch Paul Scholes' magic. Happy birthday,…
Who was better in their prime Steven Gerrard,Paul Scholes,Frank Lampard.
If the answer is Paul Scholes, what is the question?. I think the question is 'Who was better, Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard?'.
- Manchester United open door for Paul Scholes to make Old Trafford return as replacement for Warren Joyce...
how about Paul Scholes and Emile Heskey then?
."I've always said that Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Roy Keane were the three great players I played with over…
Paul Scholes has named the best player he has EVER played with. What a pick!
Paul Scholes: “I’ve been depressed for years. Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and City are all better teams than Manchester U…
Judging by his team sheet doodling, I don't think Paul Scholes was too entertained by Man United's performance last night…
Jose Mourinho rounds on Man Utd players as Paul Scholes predicts years before recovery via
Paul Scholes. How do you pronounce it? Is it Scholes? Or Scholes?
Paul Scholes' team sheet from tonight's game
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Paul Scholes and Michael Owen don't hold back after defeat in Europe. Fascinating stuff...
Jake Humphrey reveals what Paul Scholes and Michael Owen write on their team sheets in the studio
Paul Scholes warns Manchester United's woes may continue for TWO more years in rant at former club -……
‘United can expect two more years of this’: AFTER cruising past Fenerbahce at Old Trafford, the…
Paul Scholes and Michael Owen in the same studio. The entire audience is already asleep and Man United haven't even kicked…
"To win games with Blind and Rojo at center half, need to be scoring three goals in games." - Paul Scholes
"We have had a painful three years. The next 18 months to two years could be very similar" http…
Certain irony that even since he retired Paul Scholes is the most consistent source of entertainment when Man Utd are p…
Paul Scholes says stick with Jose for the next couple of years at least. Must say, I loved Jose's passion, honesty and…
Paul Scholes: "Manchester United are not capable of winning the league with this squad."
Furious Paul Scholes says watching Man United now makes him 'depressed'
‘United can expect two more years of this’
Jake Humphrey on Man Utd: 'Bit depressing Paul'. Paul Scholes: 'I've been depressed for a couple of years'.
This is what Paul Scholes was doing during the Match last night on BT Sports. I guess everyone doing something like…
This is Paul Scholes' team sheet from tonight's Man Utd game. Fascinating...what tells you he was getting slightly frus…
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Paul Scholes: “With Blind and Rojo defending, they almost have to score 3 goals to win the game. But they don't look li…
This story from Cristiano Ronaldo explains why Paul Scholes is my all time favourite Manchester United player.
“I’ve been depressed for years” – Manchester United have literally broken Paul Scholes.
As if I needed another reason to idolize Paul Scholes.
Paul Scholes on Manchester United: "I've been depressed for a couple of years now. There are 3-4 better teams in Premier…
Paul Scholes attempts a shooting accuracy game... he then breaks it with 2 shots. 😂👏🏼
Dean Saunders now wants Paul Scholes to make a return.
Former Man United star Paul Scholes shows us that he's still got it! For more videos, download Sportdec:
"...No English man has scored more Champions League goals than Paul Scholes...". What a goal!. Class!!!. I miss thi…
Roy Keane tells a funny story about Paul Scholes.
Paul Scholes said Man United no longer has an identity. Graeme Souness criticized Pogba. Both got stick. Both been proved right.
"Michael brings calmness to the game and parades around the pitch like a Rolls-Royce." – Paul Scholes
David Beckham? Really? In fact Paul Scholes too the ginger sexual deviant
Aguero now has as many Premier League goals as Paul Scholes (107), but in 345 fewer games. -
ON THIS DAY, In 1994: Paul Scholes scored 2 goals on his debut vs Port Vale in the League Cup.
Man United legend Paul Scholes tells Jose Mourinho: You have to do this with Paul Pogba https…
Paul Scholes reveals which Manchester United player can get the best out of Paul Pogba
Paul Scholes indentifies the Man United player who will bring the best out of Paul Pogba. https:…
He scores goals galore 🎵 Paul Scholes heads in the opener during the 1995 derby at Old Trafford.
Ahem...Hugo! “Paul Scholes: "Prem League has only 3 world class players .."
Paul Scholes: "You hear people say English football is the best. I think La Liga is by far the best league.". 💯 true ht…
Paul Scholes snubs Man United in favour of Man City stars ahead of Manchester derby...
BREAKING: Paul Scholes is coming out of retirement to play for a surprising team!
Paul Scholes tells it like it is. Premier League quality dropped significantly, best football in Spain & Germany.
Paul Scholes: Why I prefer non-league football to the Premier League now
Paul Scholes was spot on about the Premier League. A great pundit
Paul Scholes with a frank assessment of the Premier League in his new book 👀
Paul Scholes: "These are the only 3 'world-class' players in the Premier League". What?! - http…
Paul Scholes hitting the nail on the head here
Paul Scholes hails Jose Mourinho's 'great signings' at Manchester United:
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"Jose Mourinho will definitely win the Premier League with Manchester United." . - Paul Scholes.
Throwback to when Paul Scholes said this: “I can’t see Suarez and Messi linking well…
Jaap Stam leaves out Paul Scholes as he names his best team mates XI
Harry Kane recreates a Paul Scholes wondergoal as Tottenham gear up for the new season
Harry Kane recreates Paul Scholes wondergoal against Bradford as Tottenham jet off to Oslo
If Pogba costs €120M, how much would they have needed to pay for Paul Scholes?. Diego Forlan thinks big money…
Diego Forlan: "If Pogba is to cost €120m, imagine how much Man United would have needed to pay for Paul Scholes?"
"I'd say there are two that stand out and they’re. Paul Scholes and Cristiano Ronaldo," - Rooney
Paul Scholes isn't so keen on Paul Pogba then. (via:
Former Manchester United player Paul Scholes has questioned whether the club should pay a world-record fee for Juventus midfielder Paul Pog…
Paul Scholes: "For £86m, you want someone who is going to score 50 goals a season. Pogba isn’t worth that yet."
Paul Scholes takes a free kick for Manchester United against Inter at Old Trafford, 1997.
For years Manchester United been searching for a Paul Scholes replacement so it's only natural they are looking at Joe…
why would I have a picture of Boris Johnson if my account was dedicated to Paul Scholes' 😂😂 you're a fat virgin Matthew
Paul Scholes: “Ibrahimovic has got great charisma and I think he could pull it off without a shadow of a doubt."
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I would say that Paul Scholes was a superstar but the Eng International management did everything but help him.
Paul Scholes with the WORST tackle of all time. WOW, how didn't he get sent off for this?
Paul Scholes comes out from retirement to play Premier Futsal League in India.
ManU legend Paul Scholes to play in India; joins Premier Futsal League 3yrs after retirement
Paul Scholes: Former Manchester United midfielder comes out of retirement to play in India's Premier Futsal lea...
Former Manchester United player Paul Scholes signs for the Premier Futsal League in India!
Looks like Rooney's got a new song, "Loves sausage rolls, he's just a fat Paul Scholes!" 😂😂
How is it I'm a fan of Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Denis Irwin then? Must be some difference...
Manchester United legend Paul Scholes ripped into manager Louis Van Gaal once again as he insisted he has to chang…
Ben Shepard and Paddy McGuinness thinking they're Paul Scholes circa 1998
Paul Scholes, Robbie Fowler and Kevin Pietersen among the stars of sport lining up at Wentworth alon...
Paul Scholes has offered his advice to Ryan Giggs
Ryan Giggs' vast knowledge of Manchester United. should be retained by Jose Mourinho if he takes. charge at Old Trafford, says Paul Scholes.
Paul Scholes has offered some advice to Ryan Giggs
Paul Scholes believes Ryan Giggs possible departure from Manchester United would be a "sad" day for the club.
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Ryan Giggs leaving Manchester United would be disappointing, says Paul Scholes:
Paul Scholes says he and “everyone involved” with Man United wants Ryan Giggs to stay at the club
Selfies celebrating FA cups and finishing 5th and making Paul Scholes look a bigger hypocrite than he is already
FA Cup final: Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes criticise Memphis Depay for Wembley no-show after being left out - The…
Rooney having a Paul Scholes game i.e. even the most simple pass is greeted with adoration that would make Kim jong-un blush
Paul Scholes on the FA Cup for Man United: "It’s a massive competition but was it the priority over the Champions League o…
mate just found another one. Scott Brown (86), Paul Scholes (84) 😂 think Neil Lennon was in charge of player ratings
The difference between Paul Scholes and James Milner shown there, as the ball flies to Milner, volley on the edge of the bo…
Paul Scholes passing compilation. Gonna end the Youtube video spree with this one. Best CM in PL history idgaf.
Louis Van Gaal 'blames Paul Scholes' and Manchester United legends for putting pressure on..
Louis Van Gaal has blamed Paul Scholes for poisoning the mood at Old Trafford.
Louis Van Gaal 'blames Paul Scholes' and Manchester United legends for putting pressure on him
Manchester United news: Louis Van Gaal privately blames Paul Scholes for turning Man Utd ...
"I'm off because Paul Scholes forced me out!" Only way Van Gaal gets a big cheer today
Who does LVG blame for his unpopularity with the fans? Paul Scholes, apparently.
Paul Scholes claims Pep Guardiola would REJECT Manchester City if job was offered now: Paul Scholes has claim...
Paul Scholes gives his view on Leeds United linked boss John Sheridan...
And here's a photo of Paul Scholes sat on Ian Dowie's shoulders...
Paul Scholes wants to see fresh approach at Manchester United next sea
It would be interesting to hear what Wright has to say to Paul Scholes and Steven Gerrard etc about this
Throwback to the time Paul Scholes came on vs. Blackburn, when we needed a draw to win the title, and we kept 100% possession for 5 minutes.
Vidal thinks he is Paul Scholes or Paul Pogba
Paul scholes would have scored that... Js.
On this day in 2008 Paul Scholes did this v Barcelona to put us into the final.
8 years ago today, Paul Scholes scored one of his greatest ever goals vs Barcelona 🚀.
Sir Alex is a Saint for keeping Paul Scholes' mouth shut for so long.
Reply with an image or quote a moment of your greatest Paul Scholes memory
. I find It hard to tell you. I find it hard to take. Paul Scholes is from Oldham
Today in 2008, Paul Scholes scored this screamer vs Barcelona in a 1-0 win at Old Trafford.
Paul Scholes: "The last thing I want for is to be happy with finishing fourth & winning the FA Cup. That's what A…
OTD in 2008, Paul Scholes sent to the CL Final after this screamer vs Barcelona!
he's a better looking Paul Scholes that lad. Trust me.
“Paul Scholes had the best football brain I’d ever seen in a kid. Let’s face it. Paul Scholes is in a class of its own.” ~Brian Kidd
Remember when Paul Scholes won the prem, retired, came back, won the prem again, and retired again?
Paul Scholes hits a screamer v Chelsea - he'll be back at OT for Saturday's
Good old Muzzy Izzet. The only midfielder better than Mark Kinsella but just behind Paul Scholes.
8 years ago today, this wonder-strike from Paul Scholes put Man United through to the Champions League Final...https:/…
Paul Scholes is the only English player ever to be sent off at the Old Wembley Stadium.
On this day 8 years ago: Paul Scholes fired Manchester United in to the Champions League final with this strike. 💥. https:/…
On this day eight years ago, Paul Scholes scored that rocket against Barcelona to send United through to the final.
bread and butter as Paul Scholes 'd say.
Class Joe Cole interview w/ Paul Merson on Sky Sports. Still doesn't understand why ENG never played Scholes-Lampard-Gerrard trio in mid.
that Gary Neville/Paul Scholes team will play at Wembley before we do
absolute magic. Those Spurs tackles would look great in league one...or by Paul Scholes.
Paul Scholes in the . 11 titles . 499 matches . 107 goals
Is this for real? has agreed to wear a bronze ribbon in support his kidney.
Well done Leicester on winning unbelievable! Spurs seemed to have had a tackling session from Paul Scholes!
On this day in 2008, Paul Scholes scored a magnificent volley against Barcelona to take United to a final in Moscow. https…
Paul Scholes running around trying to chop people in half was ok though... 👌🏻
Has Paul Scholes been teaching the spurs players how to tackle? Old school recklessness!!
Spurs been studying at the Paul Scholes school of tackling
John Terry and Paul scholes are two of my all time favourites
That was a Paul Scholes timed tackle. LOL
he is worse at tackling than Paul Scholes
8 years ago today, Paul Scholes erupted Old Trafford to send United through in the Champions League vs Barcelona
ON THIS DAY: In 2010, Gary Neville kissed Paul Scholes after his 93rd-minute winner in the Manchester derby.
"Paul Scholes "Van Gaal promoting youth isn't a philosophy it's a necessity because there's no one else left" .
Andre Pirlo when when asked about Paul Scholes
Every time Paul Scholes opens his mouth. Every time Dan Taylor or Jamie Jackson write an article. Every time Man Utd lose = "£250m!"
On this day in 2004, United beat Arsenal in the semi-finals of FA cup thanks to Paul Scholes goal
Exactly I'll love Paul Scholes to replace Van Gaal, but it won't happen as it either be Sister in law Giggs or Boring Mourinho
Wayne Rooney can play like Paul Scholes, claims Peter Schmeichel | GiveM.. Related Articles:
Manchester United have already got their Paul Scholes replacement says Peter Schmeichel
The age old question is always, who was better? Gerrard or Lampard? The answer is always. Paul Scholes
The likes of Paul Scholes, Joe Cole and Rio Ferdinand representing the three lions at Upton Park 2nd May:
Pretty sure Paul Scholes, Beckham, Rooney, Owen, Gerrard, Lampard all better..He's had one good season.
Massive happy birthday to one of the greatest players I have ever played with Matthew "MCDO" "Paul Scholes" Macdonald
fully agree but noble is not Paul Scholes as much as I do rate him
Paul Scholes is ruining his reputation as a tv pundit. Trying to act like the Noel Gallagher of OT but getting more like Adrian Chiles.
Paul Scholes urges Manchester United to 'show more balls' after Europa League exit
Manchester United should sign Pogba, Modric and Varane, says Paul Scholes
Manchester United: Marcus Rashford can score free kicks like Cristiano Ronaldo, says Paul Scholes - International… htt…
Paul Scholes: "If Real Madrid, Barcelona, or Bayern Munich were performing like Manchester United, the coach would go imme…
Had a good chat with Paul Scholes about Lfc-Man U, the rivalry & what will happen in the 2nd leg!
If I ran . I'd pick up the phone and BEG Paul Scholes to either become Manager or get involved in any way. https…
Paul Scholes labels Manchester United as a 'shambles' after loss to Liverpool
Paul Scholes brands Manchester United as 'shocking' after Europa League defeat to Liverpool https…
Paul Scholes: "Manchester Utd can't celebrate fourth and a FA Cup trophy every year, that's what Arsenal do, that can't ha…
Paul Scholes is to what Arun Shourie is to
The only thing I like about Paul Scholes is that my husband now owns his Range Rover Sport! v MUFC
Paul Scholes: "Manchester United didn't need a [new] philosophy. They had one for 20 years."
Paul Scholes on Adam Lallana being given plenty of space tonight: "Somebody go and smash him. Tackle him!"
QUOTE: Paul Scholes: "I never found Anfield intimidating. Goodison Park always had a better atmosphere."
What's the point of having a referee on the show if you're going to ask Rio and Paul Scholes' opinion when they're admi…
United fans say Paul Scholes is the best midfielder in Premier League history, yet they sing more about Steven Gerrard than a…
David Platt, Sol Campbell, Paul Scholes, Steve McManaman, Jamie Redknapp & Robbie Fowler will play in the England vs Germany legends match.
Frank Ribery and Paul Scholes are/were good. but the two of them are the most overrated players I’ve ever seen.
Edwin van der Sar pick Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes in his 6 men team. . -RS
Deco: Paul Scholes was better than Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard
Darius Vassell pitching up next to Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes
The best people to advise him are the 2 Nevilles, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes & Ryan Giggs. They've been there & done it.
NEW: In celebration of Paul Scholes, the undervalued prince of English football. https:/…
Paul Scholes: "David de Gea would have saved tonight's goal and the two last week."
Paul Scholes' look of disdain at Jake Humphrey's chummy banter is worth paying the subscription for
Xavi Hernandez: "Paul Scholes is a role model. The best central midfielder I've seen in the last 15, 20 years." h…
Andres Iniesta: "I love Paul Scholes, I ran up to him at Wembley to get his shirt. It's on the wall at my house!"
and none of them were as good as Paul Scholes or Paul Gascoigne!
Paul Scholes would like to return to Manchester United as a coach, but he will not approach by the club. [M.E.N]
Rooney could be out of Van Gaal still Paul Scholes' fault?
Van Gaal blaming Murphy's law for the loss. What next? Pythagoras' Theorem? Or is it still Paul Scholes' fault?
More from Pirlo: the only great English midfielder in my career was Paul Scholes. He had an elegance in him. The others we…
John Terry is 1 of 4 players to have won 300+ PL games. 407 – Ryan Giggs. 349 – Frank Lampard. 321 – Paul Scholes. 302 – J…
Dawson same height as Paul Scholes, that player who was famously bullied on field so much he had to console himself with…
mustn't have heard of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes or Gary Neville! Even Anderson lifted more trophies than Gerrard!.
A Paul Scholes with no touch, accurate passing, vision, and shots is on Steven Gerrards level.
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ON THIS DAY in 2012, a memorable return to Old Trafford for Paul Scholes...
Paul Scholes says Wayne Rooney is back. Rio Ferdinand says he was "immaculate looking". Great stuff
I love Paul Scholes. I wish Arsenal had a prominent ex player - Stewart Robson excepted - who talked like this...
ON THIS DAY: In 2012, Paul Scholes came out of retirement in an FA Cup 3-2 win over Man City.
Paul Scholes came out of retirement for a second spell with on this day in 2012. Legend!
Ramirez is ur Fletcher kinda DM, they say its CM? ask Paul Scholes,xavi,riquelme,zidane.
*** Hucknall, Chris Evans, Paul Scholes, John Arne Riise, your boys are giving them a *** of a beating.
Tony Farmer claims Manchester United legends Phil Neville, Gary Neville, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs are on the v…
How have Garth Crooks, Paul Scholes, Steven Gerard, Michael Owen and Ian Wright got jobs that involve talking/being on television/radio?
Paul Scholes on Jose Mourinho scarf seller: "I'm not sure what that clown is doing."
That time when Paul Scholes called Robbie Savage a knobhead 😂😂
United'll be playing city soon, with Ryan Giggs as manager, using 4-4-2 and an unretired Paul Scholes in the midfield
"How?!". Probably the best way to describe this Paul Scholes volley nine years ago...
ON THIS DAY: In 2006, Paul Scholes scored *THAT* bar-and-in worldy vs. Aston Villa in a 3-0 victory at Villa Park.
Incredibly, THAT Paul Scholes volley at Villa might not have even been the best goal in December 2006!.
Paul Scholes, Jonny Wilkinson, Matt Dawson and Ladbrokes (the latter so the fave doesn't win obviously). All backing
Kevin Sinfield got some serious weight behind him for Paul Scholes, & now Jonny Brownlee
went out looking like Paul Scholes come back looking like Wes Brown with patches of Emile Heskey.
You dey mind those *** that called Themselves United fans . Castigating Paul Scholes for having said the truth.
They condemned Paul Scholes for saying the truth.
Paul Scholes on Man Utd: "They spend £250m and can't qualify from a shocking group.". Ouch.
Paul Scholes - Manchester United through and through
Paul Scholes is at home right now with a Boddingtons Pub Ale laughing uncontrollably at Louis Van Gaal
I'm in a argument with my dad about who is the better midfielder out of Steven Gerrard and Paul Scholes
When United were winning, Paul Scholes was the first person to see the filth LVG is made of. Now Scholesy has been vindicated.
England to play in Marseille, Lens and Saint-Etienne - scene of memorable goals by Paul Scholes, David Beckham and Michae…
LVG out pep or Ancelotti hope Giggs state then Gary Nevillie manager Utd won day with help Paul scholes what think Stan
well that makes Paul Scholes, Gary Neville etc. the same then
Well THAT was the closest we'll ever get to paul scholesy scholes
Paul Scholes I'm sincerely sorry, I was been childish 😭😭😭😭
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Paul Scholes: . "If you want me to play for you, you'd have to buy this Club".
I balled out in true Paul Scholes fashion
If only it was possible for sir Alex to come out of retirement like what once Paul Scholes did,
Gary Lineker asks Rio Ferdinand and Paul Scholes if Man Utd are in danger of becoming like Liverpool... Reaction:
cant the club authorities do something about Van Gaal. Paul scholes is always right.
Paul Scholes and Roy Keane was right.. under Van Gaal Philosophy is boring.. .
I'll take Paul scholes as coach at this point.
Paul Scholes was right all along. If you pass it sideways with two holding mids, you will concede less.Move forward, and that's it.
A simple truth from Paul Scholes, the ITK fans ganged up and almost strangled him. . Is the truth too difficult for you to swallow?
100% can see Verratti being Paul Scholes' heir at United under Carletto
Paul Scholes will have a field day this week. Van Gaal better get prepared for some serious lip service.
or let Giggs have a go and get Paul Scholes in as number 2
I remember Nick Powell, the next Paul Scholes, right?
Honestly 20 years of success while praising players like Paul Scholes as world beaters really makes them deserve all this
We will not sleep till we hear from Paul Scholes. 😂😂
Week in week out we keep either drawing or losing. Paul Scholes was right, United are now a average team!
Are the new Watch last night's priceless reaction from and Paul Scholes.
On which ground did Paul Scholes make his senior level debut in November 1994?. The Dell. Goodison Park. White Hart Lane. Vale Park
Scholes: Brilliant to see Valencia take a chance on Neville: Ex-Manchester United star Paul Scholes is delight...
Daily Express: Manchester United defender Chris Smalling has named Paul Scholes as the best player he's ever watched.
Paul Scholes opens up on life at Salford City: 'Watching as a fan reminds me ... - Daily Mail
Gary Neville, Ryan Giggs, Phil Neville, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Roy Keane, David Beckham - the future of Man Utd coaching team - not yet
Would love to see Roy Keane or Paul Scholes replace Gary Neville on
"Paul Scholes would have been one of my first choices for putting together a great team" Marcello Lippi
Paul Scholes says Diego Costa would cause a row in an empty house
DOMINIC KING: Self-improvement is constantly on Ross Barkley's agenda as he studies Paul Gascoigne, Mesut Ozil and Paul Scholes. Recently,
Will Ross Barkley become as good as Paul Scholes?
Ross Barkley has revealed that he has been studying the likes of. Zinedine Zidane and Paul Scholes in effort to bring his game up
Barcelona would beat Bayern Munich in Champions League - Paul Scholes - ESPN FC
Paul Scholes explains why Rooney and Schweinsteiger struggle under Van Gaal at Manchester United!!! See HEre >>...
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