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Paul S Morton

Paul Sylvester Morton (born July 30, 1950) is an American Baptist pastor. He is currently senior pastor of

Bishop Paul Morton New Orleans Noel Jones Yolanda Adams Morning Show Pastor Marvin Winans

Bishop Paul S. Morton Preaching on "Water Walkers" at the 108th Holy Convocation of COGIC
Walk On By Faith - Bishop Paul S Morton & The FBG Feat Mass Choir live on our free app!
I'm not sure what instrument (sounds like the electric guitar) is in the solo of "Let It Rain" by Bishop Paul S Morton but it's beautiful. 😍
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Your tears by bishop Paul S Morton, father me by shekinah glory ministry, praise is what I do, beautiful feet
thanks for sharing Bishop Paul S Morton, have a great Thursday :) (Want this? It's FREE!
Hello. Dear Bishop Paul S Morton, My name is Will Witaly, I have great respect for you.
There is one done by Bishop Paul S Morton -Don't do it without me ..not sure if there is a CD though
That’s my Bishop!!! He totally wrecked the house last night! Thank you, Bishop Paul S Morton! E. spurloc
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Marvin Winans and Bishop Paul S Morton - Bow Down (
I want to encourage you to keep standing, you will make it. I’m Still Standing by Bishop Paul S. Morton…
please play me Bishop Paul S Morton feat. Marvin Winans Lord whatever you doing in this season,dont do it without me.
For your glory - Bishop Paul S Morton . Play that song everyday since July 😍. I absolutely love it
God cannot bring this nation under order, until he brings his church under order. - Bishop Paul S. Morton
I'm at my second iron infusion..pray for me 3 more after this one!
I was in my feelings just a little this morning... But I KNOW... My Best is yet to come! I haven't seen nothing...
So Bishop Paul Morton gone be at my church on the 18th that's cool. But I wanna know is gone come back him up or naa?
Bishop Paul S Morton --- Walk on by faith and I started to sing and said I sing just like a Cogic ***
Register to win a trip to attend Bishop Paul S Morton's Last Live Gospel Recording in New Orleans.
Dominion over finances word from Bishop Paul S Morton. We are victorious in Christ. Changing A Generation love spreading more bountifully
I liked a video Bishop Paul S Morton doing the thing
Bishop Paul S Morton don't do it without me love it
Life is awesome! It's Sally's birthday today so we've been out having fun. And yet our online income still grew.
"Yeah, my mans gave me the Kelz special! He even played 'Let it Rain' by Bishop Paul S. Morton in the background!!!"
Bishop Paul S. Morton is my favourite Gospel artist
2015 STELLAR RECAP: I want to say to new artists that, JESUS is the light; we're just the reflection." ~Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.
The final LIVE recording from Bishop Paul S Morton - July 13th in with some very special…
Join us July 15-17 in New Orleans for the Historic retirement celebration of Bishop Paul S Morton.…
Sing with me: "I will neva b bound again, I got my liberty, I'm finally free" ( Bishop Paul S Morton - Never be bound again) .
I can't breathe sermon at CAG by Bishop Paul S Morton was the truth! Absolutely awesome.
Join us for our online Paul S Morton scholarship foundation silent auction.
LORD, whatever You do in this season, please don't do it without me. - Bishop Paul S Morton
. Faith is stopped by your Questions - Bishop Paul S Morton (Full Sermon): via
Bishop Paul S Morton and Marvin Winans coming to town next week 👀
Breakfast with Bishop Paul S Morton this morning , have a blessed Sunday Everyone ❤️
Today we were on another level. Let it rain- Bishop Paul S Morton just finishes me wah!
NP Bishop Paul S Morton - Let it Rain This is what i was telling you
Bishop Paul S Morton - Jesus Jesus Something happens when I call you
Be willing to embrace the struggle, because God is able! Bishop Paul S Morton - For Your Glory:
Awesome awesome word today by our prophet Bishop Paul S Morton" what since does it make to be blessed and still have enemies in your camp"..
Bishop Paul S Morton, Apostle Don Shelby and Dr Dorinda Clark Cole, Bishop William Murphy will be with us at Chain Breaking Conference!
For Your Glory by Bishop Paul S Morton has to be my favorite version of the song. However, Tasha Cobbs…
Bishop Paul S Morton founding presiding bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship at First Cathedral in Bloomfield, Connecticut.
Bishop Paul S Morton. preaches " What shall I say?" from the pulpit at The First Cathedral, Bloomfield, Connecticut.
Bishop Paul S Morton _ Let it rain . Its gona be a messed up day I can feel it
Sooo how about The Lord set me up tonight! I just had a HUGE piece of exposure to fall in my lap on tonight at this Gospel Heritage program. I just sang in front of Richard Smallwood, Bishop Eddie Long, Hezekiah Walker, Wes Morgan, Lamar Campbell, and Bishop Paul S Morton at his church in front of a bunch of Gods people I've never encountered before.WOW! Someone else was supposed to sing it and Didn't show so I was asked if I knew it and the rest is history.God is quite interesting the way he works .I'm honored
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I grew up singing this in church mom/grandparents >God is a Good God | Paul S Morton
I dont care about Opinions, I dont Care about Statuses, I dont care of your Church, I dont Care of your Uniform, I want God and I want him Now. Bishop Paul S Morton - Never Be Bound Again E Mfana o Ikutlwa yang today?? Ke Utlwa some Wave of Power, I hear the sound Chains be broken heheheh Mfana go Monate today I tell you.The
listen to "I Am What You See" by Bishop Paul S Morton. Do like David and encourage yourself in the Lord
We pursue YOU , we're chasing after YOU . You are our God & God ALONE !!!. . - Bishop Paul S Morton . In Pursuit of Your Glory
Song by BIshop Paul S Morton helped big time.
Open the flood gate of heaven...let it rain X2 *singing along Bishop Paul S Morton* oh Lord I feel the rain ☺
Tasha Cobb sings it & Bishop Paul S Morton has a version as well.
Glory to God on this blessed night; listening to Be Blessed by Bishop Paul S Morton from the album Standing Still!
Happy Birthday Bishop Paul S Morton and I pray that you be blessed.
Bishop Paul S Morton has more integrity in half of his pinky finger than most have in their entire body! God Bless You Sir!!
Kurt Carr, Pastor Jamal Bryant and an announcement from Bishop Paul S Morton... what a way to end the week!
Tonight is the Night.Bishop Paul S Morton announces and consecrate the NEW Presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International.!
What an appropriate song to be listening too The best is yet to come I have not seen my best days yet I'm an eagle flying high I gotta keep on fighting , keep on praying keep on praising ... Bishop Paul S Morton
open the floodgates of heaven 'let it rain'singing' by Bishop Paul S Morton
WOW. Bishop Paul S Morton preached up in here. Holiness is still right! WOW! What A Man of God!!
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"Love Steve Harvey and love Oprah, but they ain't preaching This GOSPEL". -Bishop Paul S Morton
The last adress of our Presiding Bishop Paul S Morton.
Don't try to fit in with the wrong when you are right. So I encourage you, don't compromise the truth. Thank you Bishop Paul S Morton.
We must be able to stand up and be the voice if God. Bishop Paul S Morton
Whew this is my cry all the time...and I love the song by Bishop Paul S Morton.
I just finished listening to I'm Still Standing by Paul S Morton. I like that gospel song! That is an encouraging gospel song! That is one of my favorite gospel songs! When obstacles come, continue to stand! When obstacles come, rely on God. God removes those mountains and obstacles to send blessings to you. When obstacles come, motivate and encourage others. Be positive. When you motivate and encourage others, God blesses you. God removes those obstacles and He replaces them with opened doors of His blessings.
Bishop Paul S Morton preaching tonight at Church Of God State convention..being held at First Baptist on Bruton LB. Mccloud.. Special singing with Javan Jones and Company..Don't miss it
"Marriage quality for all? Could include Polygamy 2 wives 2 husbands Bi-sexual man wants to marry man N woman common law marriage . No morals" -Bishop Paul S Morton
State Convention Florida-Cocoa Church Of God 2013 with Bishop Wayne C Solomon and Bishop Paul S Morton and many others starting with Our State Ministers meeting today
I had a conversation with our Full Gospel Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr., and let me just say how blessed I am that he took time to encourage me. He doesn't know me personally, he just took time to minister and it was on time, that's God! Some of us attend churches every Sunday and for the masses can't get within arm reach of your Shepard. Thats one thing I admired about my dad, you didn't have to be his member for him to minister. My Overseer Copeland is like that too, about ministry. Isn't that what Jesus did, took time out for the small people??? Bishops, pastors, elders, evangelist, ministers, etc., please don't ever get too big or important for MINISTRY! God bless you Bishop Morton!
"Grace is something needed but not deserved" -Bishop Paul S. Morton ... I just thank God for his Grace because even though I'm not deserving he will never leave me nor forsake me n I need him all the days of my life
I pray for you, you pray for me... Watch God Change Things!!! We're STILL gonna be alright, regardless!!! Love You, Babes!!!
Who is your favorite Gospel Music Artist/s ?? Inquiring minds want know!!! Need to hear from you!
Who's coming to Louisville next week?!
I do not get tired of this song. I was walking around this base in Kuwait singing this song today to my King. I can not and do not want to get this song out of my spirit. I have been over to the desert sands Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan in the natural but I want to go to the barren lands in the spi...
Saints of God.. You have not seen your best day yet !! The script tells US to look unto the hills from whence OUR help comes from. Our help comes from the Maker of heaven & earth. Therefore it makes no difference what people or situations might say.. God says that OUR end is going to be better than OUR beginning.. Hold on & continue to press forward toward the mark of the prize of the high calling in God..
The Clark sisters, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Johnny Saunders, Bishop Trotter, and Marvin Sapp are on the way over the airwaves of 1300 WiMG!
Just want to stop and say lord you've been mighty good. To me glory!
Lord if I Find favor in your sight Lord please hear my hearts cry I'm desperately waiting to be where you are I’ll Cross the hottest desert I’ll Travel near or far Chorus: For your glory I will do anything Just to see you To behold you as my king (Repeat) Verse 1: Chorus: (Repeat) Verse 2: I want to be where you are Read more at
Listen to bishop Paul s morton your Best days yet that song makes me cry when the lord can be so power And we do not know when our Best days are coming amen
just found out whos preaching for our convocation bishop PAUL S MORTON HAPPY ABOUT IM GETTING ME A PIC THIS TIME
I see you in the future.And you look better, I see you walking in favor and prosperity too, Let me encourage you, Let me speak life to you, You can depend on God to see you through, You can depend on me to pray for youI pray for you, You pray for me, And watch God change things. Be Blessed ~Bishop Paul S. Morton
When I got off my knees an thanked him for another day... I immediately start thinking how true Pastor Paul Morton song is to me an life around me. "Yours Tears" Our God wipes all of our tears away. Jus trying to stay humble till I reach the other side.. That's when he promised joy an peace an it is a blessing in relief. Stay strong, stay encourage. Most of all get close to his word. Life is just to short. U nevea know what someone is going through. But our God see's an knows all. J/s have a blessed day
LORD whatever you're doing in ths season PLEASE!!! Dont do it without me.mmhm worshpng alng wth Bishop Paul S. Morton..
We salute you for standing for your marriage, and seeking to make it work!
You aint seen your best days yet.shout out to the bishop paul s. Morton .
I will pray for u , u pray for me. Watch GOD change things.(Paul S. Morton)...Amen
Bishop Paul S Morton went in this Morning on grace I wish I had the cd (Grace) he didnt hold back much respect 4 real
•The Best is yet to come-Bishop Paul S. Morton •Sow with tears- Richard Smallwood •Indescribable-Kierra Sheard •Desire-Kierra Sheard *ay! Iyobonana ngo 4am-Command your day with Siya Mhlongo on Gagasi995*
listening to Your Best Days Yet (AUDIO ONLY) by Bishop Paul S. Morton on KING DOME RADIO via
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Let it rain -bishop paul S morton... I love this song
Now playing Marvin Winans feat. Bishop Paul S. Morton - Reach out and Touch Him
Your Tears- Bishop Paul S. Morton to get me going
Bishop Paul S. Morton is my favorite gospel artist now tho, easily.
Overcomers video for June 23, 2013 Bishop Paul S. Morton 6pm service
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Home sweet Home, Back from a tremendous convention in Columbus, Ohio with Pastor Sherman Watkins, Bishop T.D. Jakdes, Dr. Marvin Sapp, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Bishop Noell Jones and the Higher Assembly choir, Ms. Brady from Potter House was recovering so she couldn't make it, all in all, it was a great time. Thanks To Elder Queen Mims of Re-Entry Ministries And Bishop and First Lady Davis of Miracle Faith on Harriet Street in Bpt., Ct. (Happy 50th Anniversary) This trip was a Blast, all praises to the Lord. Grace and Peace and Blessings to All.
Jaycen Moody-Photography has been servicing Gospel Music & Ministry Greats like (Bishop Paul S. Morton) for over 15yrs. Allow JMP to capture at your event "1 Special Image, Lasting 1,000 Lifetimes"
Praying with & for my family today. The Lord is with you. Sorrow doesn't last always, JOY comes in the morning! The morning comes quicker than you'll realize. BE BLESSED
Thank you god for waking me up today I had a blessed week at higher ground first with choir the love they have for jesus it brought tears to my eyes bishop Paul S Morton then Marvin Sapp Then T D Jakes then the mother of the church then Noel Jones it was food to my soul I'm so high on GOD word I feel like I got Millon dollars and I will let him lead me every second of my life the hurtful action of others and their choices had me afraid but Today I Forgive them all they use to rod me of Joy . The Lord is on my Side; I will not fear what can people do to me GOD holds my right hand and helps me thur a Storm so I can have lasting peace.
NORTH WHITTIER BLOCK-SALE is going on tomorrow. Who's coming out? I'm gonna be 1016 GUINEA... If your coming out.. Stop by and bring me a beer...I'll be working on my farmers tan & selling used clothing.. That kinda living makes a man mighty thirsty. "I'm a HUSTLER BABY. I got everyTING you need baby.. You want an unopened box set of Lassie Come Home VHS tape??. I got it... You want a pair of slightly worn kids billabong swim shorts?? I got it... A Sony CD clock radio?! I got it.. I told all ya babies I'm the man who GOTS what you need. Black kids hoodie with a bleach stain?? You KNOW I got it.. Chonies with the skid marks??? AIN'T NOBBOODDYY gots 'em like I gots em...* *those will not be for sale based on HAZMAT laws. See ya all tomorrow.
I need someone 2 answer this for me.Why is it when someone dies and they not a member of the church they cant be pass thru.I never got a chance 2 ask none of my Pastors that I came on contact with.I don't know I think I was scared of the outcome. Because 2 me all shud be welcome right. Me a me and a truck driver had this discussion.He said his bro was *** and he die and the Church he attends wud not pass his body thru the Church nonsense.I say that he might not hv attend in alongtime.Someone help me better understand.When I see him again I will hv an answer. Anybody. Give it 2 me str8ght
Voting has opened for the 2013 Pioneer Awards in four categories: Nitro (2) recipients, Sportsman (3) recipients, Journalists/Promoter/Industry leader/Official (I would add Crew Chief) and Post Humous. Who do we think are the contenders and we should probably think in terms of the older blokes first as last years ceremony proved. The nitro category would include Graham Withers, The Pom and Jimmy Walton. The Sportsman group is huge but would certainly include my old mate Peter Clarke, George Wegener and so on. Bobby Jane would fit nicely into the Promoter category. Post Humous I'm not sure. What do we reckon?
So excited tonight we are at New New Light Cathedral in service with Bishop Paul S. Morton! Service kicks off 7:45pm don't miss it 6232 Jefferson Davis hwy, Wooford Va
Lord wateva u doin dis season pls dont do it witout me!!! Paul S Morton Sr. *friday indoors alone*
If you're at work and you need a praise break please go to you tube Pastor Nathan Simmons I fill God stretching out in me, now I'm warring you if you catch the Holy Ghosts I'm in responsible
"Personality is who people think you are. Character is who you really are."-Bishop Paul S. Morton. I want a pleasing character!!
Lord Have Mercy...Jannie Lee loved herself some Rev. Paul S. Morton!! When it rains, it pours!!
T.D. Jakes Brought the house down last night. (Thursday) Wednsday, Dr. Marvin Sapp put us in a trance speaking on the anointing oil, and Tuesday night Bishop Paul S. Morton smoked it with his hit songs at the age of 63, he ripped the house down. Wed. morning The Man and Legend Bishop/Pastor/ Dr. Sherman Watkins spoke like no other and now tonight, "In the Words Of Bishop T.D. Jakes," "The Ninja" Noell Jones is going to spit fire and light something under us saints tonight, I can't wait. I'll soon be posting pictures of the convention when I return to Bridgeport, Me and My Lovely wife will have them up on both of our pages, Stay Tuned, for some recordings of the word as well.
if you want a ridiculous blessing you must have ridiculous Faith Bishop Paul S Morton Sr.
What do you think Edna from Meet The Browns would do if Bishop Paul S. Morton sings "Let It Rain"?
Aug. 14th-17th, The SMAC Conference will invade Toledo, OH. I need all of you to join Dorinda Clark Cole to make this conference a success. This year's guest will feature, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Bishop Hezekiah Walker, Dr. Pat McKinstry and Bishop John Williams. Don't you wait, Register Now @
Folks think that it's so easy to be a Disciple for Jesus...let me be the first to tell you, It's not as simple as you think!! Sacrificing and learning to live this lifestyle wholeheartedly and persistently takes a special type of strength that can only come from God.
Tonight is one of those night , I'm missing my baby. Lord strengthen me right now. :(
"Haters gonna hate and hipsters gonna spend too much money on mustache wax and Pabst Blue Ribbon on their way to the beanie factory in Williamsburg. But I'm ...
Let all my worship flow 2 you, let all my praise flow 2 you. God nobody but you. Bishop Paul S. Morton. Goodnight everyone.
The AFL is deciding whether to hand Melbourne a priority pick in this season's draft. The AFL executive will meet with the commission to discuss their options. -
Bow down and worship Him and For your glory *Bishop Paul S Morton* ngizolalisw ilezingom today. Gudnyt bo luvng bami
If you want a Ridiculous Blessing you need to have Ridiculous Faith! God is looking for people with reckless faith, the opposite of careful faith, like the Woman with the Issue of Blood. For 12 long years she prayed for her Healing. - Bishop Paul S. Morton
JOHN 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. No Bible Class tonight due to the National Convocation! All svcs will be held at Higher Ground 870 St Clair Ave Columbus,OH 43201 at 7pm. Tonight's speaker is Bishop Paul S Morton. Wednesday Pastor Marvin Sapp, Thurs Pastor Sheryl Brady and Friday Bishop Noel Jones! Have a blessed rest of the week!:)
Pandora on Bishop Paul S Morton aint nothing like falling to sleep to great gospel music.
Let the high praise of God be in mouth I pray And the victory shall be mine let high praise begin , let the high praise begin! (Bishop Paul S Morton)
Me being able to go see Bishop Paul S Morton tonight! A+ day on my book.
My evening walk turned into 2 miles, the more I thought the further I walked while Bishop Paul S Morton "Be Blessed" poured through my beats.
I was listing to Bishop Paul S Morton cd today and he said it best u aint seen u best days yet the best is yet to come. Trust me sit back and listen to this and u want give up the fight so easy. Thank u jesus
It's doesn't matter what you've done or where you've been! But because of what he's done YOU CAN START ALL OVER AGAIN! Thank you Bishop Paul S Morton
I don't know how & I don't know when but God will get the Glory out of this!!! Thank you Bishop Paul S Morton
in my room jaming to Bishop Paul S Morton. Thats my role model in the music dept
What a blessing album of Bishop Paul S Morton
on our way 2 Dallas again last night Bishop Paul S Morton preached a Awesome word and we we're Blessed 2 have Tamala Mann singing. can't wait 4 tonight Service
God is not looking for christians who want to stay in their room and keep their Windows closed because the world says you can't say Jesus but God is looking for some soldiers & bold Christians that can go to the lions den and still declare how great Jesus is no matter what the world says we can't say. Because of your obedience he will even shut the lions mouth up. -Bishop Paul S Morton
William McDowell, Jonathan Nelson, Bishop Paul S Morton, Martha Munizzi, Youthful Praise and Vashawn Mitchell are a few of my faves 😊
Lord, whatever you're doing in this season, PLEASE DONT DO IT WITHOUT ME. Bishop Paul S Morton.
Playing Bishop Paul S Morton: Your best is yet to come. "get away from negative ppl"
Bishops CL Morton and Paul S Morton are blessing the marriage
Little Giant Ladders
Bishop Paul S Morton is right on time
Dayum Bishop Paul S Morton song called Bow Down and Worship Him is one song to start your ur day and end ur day chillin to it :)
Cry your last tear, it's gona be alright.Bishop Paul S Morton
Bishop Paul S Morton supporting Preacha Boi Clothing just 24 hours after launching!
Bishop Paul S Morton has one of the greatest gospel songs ever - "Your Tears"
Bishop Paul S Morton - True Praise TCC Singers song for week 1 of March.
Now playing~> Your Best days Yet- Bishop Paul S Morton on The Sunday Nite Praise Break with Tina Dixon Turn it up!!!
Enjoyable evening spent on the Campus of Morehouse College at the Walmart 'History Teaching History' seminar on relationships featuring Meagan Good, her husband DeVon Franklin, Bishop Paul S Morton and his wife Dr Deborah Morton.
Bishop Paul S Morton pandora flow good night my heart is so heavy right now i love each n everyone of you n God Bless You
Today is blessed.worship song of today (bishop Paul S Morton never be bound again)..workout song (Fred Hammond we're blessed) Blessing to all god's children
Bishop Paul S Morton will announce his successor in services July 3rd-5th in Louisville Kentucky article courtesy of
If you are faithful of a few things he will make you the ruler over many.All Sharp ton just quoted that scripture at my church tonight. The Gospel Heritage is being held at Changing A Generation..Bishop Paul S Morton ...
Frank with this Bishop Paul S Morton outfit on.
Bishop Paul S Morton let it rain open the flood gates of heaven that all right let it rain,
There are many people today that have the desire to do something but don't have the evidence of the works. Bishop Paul S Morton
I am riding down the street, listening to Bishop Paul S Morton sing, "Wipe all of your tears away." Hands down, it is the number one gospel song of all time...
To all my musicians who do yol say is the King of Gospel musik 1.Marvin Sapp 2.Fred Hammond 3.Donnie McClirkin 4.Bishop Paul S Morton 5.Byr0n Cage 6.Bebe Winens 7.Marvin Winens Give reas0ns if you can Plzthat we have a Criteria here 1.Anointing 2.Musical xpetise
i really love these overseas men and women of God bishop jakes, bishop Paul S Morton, Terra Carrisa, Noel Jones, list is endless, God bless
Surprising I love that Bishop Paul S Morton song. Your best days yet... He sung that song live... Respect to old school flavor
Great News! International Presiding Bishop Paul S Morton will be in one night revival with Bishop E Craig Wilson at New Generation Fellowship 1022 South Bengal Road, Metairie this Monday Night Jan 7the at 7pm. Be Inspired!
Paul S Morton on the tube... Bishop that is.
Bishop Paul S Morton - For Your Glory Study last night was great song!
Don't look like Bishop Paul S Morton on this Flyer... "We opening the flood gates" on New Years Eve !!!
In order for you to receive it. You have to conceive it. Paul S Morton
Live with excellence. Think big, dream big, and refuse to settle for less. ~ Bishop Paul S Morton
Changing forward is all about refusing to get stuck in the past by never saying no to what God is saying ~ Bishop Paul S Morton
Bishop Paul S Morton & His song Let It Rain is 4 sure pulling from Prince. I had 2 take a double look at my playlist.
40 years my pastor Bishop Paul S Morton been a member of Greater St Stephen! Lord thank you
There's nothing like god gospel music to sooth the soul, Bishop Paul S Morton "Be Blessed". Yes people I listen to gospel music :)
Listening to Bishop Paul S Morton "Best Days Yet" album. The song is "GO Through" - You must go through so that you can come out. Such an amazing Testimony! Praise be to HE who is the head of my life.
Turn on the radio n bishop Paul S Morton's "be blessed" is the first song I hear today. That's my mama song!! If you ever called her you wud hear her attempting (lol) to sing it.
What yall think about Bishop Paul S Morton new single " Best Days Yet" featuring Donald Lawrence
Its a New Music Tuesday on The Yolanda Adams Morning Show at 6am..Coming up Bishop Paul S Morton will tell us...
Bishop Paul S Morton will join us this morning at 720 am eastern on The Yolanda Adams Morning Show to talk about...
Bishop Paul S Morton speaks the best days yet.. LIVE at 7:15pm est. tonight on the .join in!
This hour Bro Patrick Cole will tell you when to expect something musically from Bishop Paul S Morton.
Bishop Paul S Morton going hard right now !!
To get something you've never had.. You must do something you've never done before.. As Bishop Paul S Morton preached : "Get Outta The Boat"
10th solo album from Bishop Paul S Morton's to feature collab with Donald Lawrence
I will never be bound my liberty now Im free---Bishiop Paul S Morton(andme!)
I am so thankful for the ministry gift of Bishop Paul S Morton whom the Lord really used in a mighty way on last night. I'm excited about tonight, as we welcome the ministry gift of Apostle Stephanie Hart. Communion begins at 6 and service at 7. Beat me there!!!
What's happening FB? Heading to work and listening to 95.5. These cats are jamming at 4:30 in the morning Troy Sneed - Lay It Down, (?) - My God Is Awesome, then 2 of my favorite John P Kee - I Do Worship & Bishop Paul S Morton - Let It Rain! This type of music will make a grown man want to cry tears of joy for being THANKFUL!
Being encouraged by Bishop Paul S Morton's music this a.m.
Let's stop being SELFISH and be apart of other people DREAMS and God will make your DREAMS come true in my Paul S Morton voice y'all have a HAPPY SUNDAY !!!
Goodmornig,, fb... Just wanna thank the Lord my God. For my Bishop Paul S Morton and co pastor Dr. Debra B Morton . The Lord will make all things new and il follow u FORWARD.
Listening to Bishop Paul S Morton's music "still standing" and my mood has changed for the best .wow
Morning all, up running around my house like I'm crazy. Getting Ari right for school& getting myself situated for work. TGIF!! Looking forward to seeing Bishop Paul S Morton tonight, if you're free come out to Mt. Zion tonight to join me. Be blessed
For your glory, I will do anything, just to see you, to behold you as my kingBishop Paul S Morton
Ain't no need to worry what the night is gonna bring it will be all over in the morning~~Bishop Paul S Morton,cry your last tear-on repeat
I am listening to Bishop Paul S Morton, and his Cd got me bout ready to pull my truck over wow
"For your Glory" by Paul S Morton is one of my favorite worship song...smh my lord!!!,
Don't allow your faith to stop at the question..questions like Where, When and How God? Simply take God at His word ~ Bishop Paul S Morton
I favorited a video God is a Good God | Bishop Paul S Morton
Got to hear Bishop Paul S.Morton live & in action ☺☝
When a Client Relationship May Be at Risk: 3 Red Flags: Here's how to be vigilant and make sure your customers s...
When God's got something for you he will set it up in a dream ~Bishop Paul S. Morton
This song has been playing in my head all day! 😇 Bishop Paul S Morton - For Your Glory
I'm listening to "Show Us Your Glory" by Bishop Paul S. Morton on Pandora
Bishop Paul Morton's song Walk On By Faith is really good
Join us tonite 7:30 at First Saint John..Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. will be our guest!!
Songs that mess me up: JESUS by Le'Andria, FREE by kierra Sheard, Flow to you and For your Glory by Bishop Paul S Morton, STAND by Donnie M.
Audio: This dude is another dope songwriter… He’s the son of Bishop Paul Morton….
I just used to tag That’s Who You Are by Bishop Paul S. Morton.
Community Impact Revival re-scheduled for Fri, 10/12 7 pm FGBCF Int’l Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton will bring the Word of God.
Patiently awaiting the live stream of Changing a Generation Ministries with Bishop Paul S. Morton
Let it Rain - Bishop Paul S. Morton. One of my favorite songs for sure.
Good morning going to miss my St.Johns church this morning but I will be headed to Bishop Paul S Morton church here in Atlanta! Have a blessed day everyone!!
Something how things can upset me. Hearing some preaching is just what I needed! In the mornin me and my daughter is going to Bishop Paul S Morton church! So excited
Bishop Paul S Morton...*I feel the rain...its raining,,, open the flood gates of Heaven, let it rain! alongfrndz
On the way to Greebriar Mall in Atlanta to hear Bishop Paul S Morton and bring Naturally Fly branded wears to their market! Let's Go!!!
I Won't Complain ..I think this is be Bishop Paul S Morton..
For Your Glory - Bishop Paul S Morton >>> idk who is singing lead but this lady is doin her Good sangin !
It looks like its about to rain! "I feel the rain" like Bishop Paul S Morton said lol!
Bishop Paul S Morton puts a smile on my face everytime i listen to him
today has been a great day! made a 17/20 on my first test, all of my homework has been done up until next friday, the suspensions on my team have been overturned (& to complete my day im going to worship it out with my LV fam at ALC & Bishop Paul S Morton!!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Bishop Paul S Morton song - let it rain i just want 2 share this, lets feel the rain
Bishop Paul S Morton please slap pj Morton! Please I beg of you it's your son
Joshua went in on a Bishop Paul S Morton song!!
Your girl was given the privilege of interviewing Bishop Paul S Morton tonight after the Service. Look at God! He...
(in my greatest Paul S Morton voice) Lord, WHATEVER you're doing in this season...pleeeaase DON'T DO IT WITHOUT ME!!
Okay, Paul S Morton and I are gonna be in worship all day!
Its hard to be Big when little gottcha Paul S Morton#
Goodmorning everyone!!! My household is up & moving it!!! Bishop Paul S Morton is in the house today for Super Sunday @ the Mount all 4 services.choose one and receive a great word!!! We'll be churchin all day, Happy Sunday!
Dont let the fire burn out. Bishop Paul S Morton
Ready for tomorrow Bishop Paul S Morton is Preaching at church waiting for a word from the lord.. Dottie Peoples going to be singing.. Wow God has something great coming forward.
Bishop Paul S Morton, hamba nam ngomgca in ths morning *singng Cry Your last Tear its gonna be Allryt, Morning my angels.
Never would have made it , If it wasn't for your grace! Bishop Paul S Morton.
I see why you are connected to my pastor Bishop Paul S Morton. Wow! I enjoyed the (cont)
Happy Tuesday! On the prayer call! True Praise-Bishop Paul S Morton. One of me and fav songs!
Just Heard a Powerful message from none other than the Greatest Bishop /Songwriter! Paul S Morton!
Wait. Did she Bishop Paul S Morton can sing anything?!?! Now I know she's high now.
Haven't been here for a few days because I was too busy enjoying Powerfest.there aren't enough words to described how awesome this year's praise and worship convocation was...Paul S Morton, Marvin Sapp, and Creflo Dollar were off-the-chain! Each sermon seemed to tag-along to the next one! I will never, ever forget this year's Powerfest. Can't wait for next year.Orlando, Fla here we come!!!
I went to hear Bishop Paul S Morton preach tonight & he said "I'm Bless because I've been a Blessing to others"...
Bishop Paul S Morton dont do it witout me
Bishop Paul S Morton: if the only time when you believe something is when it has been made reality or when you see it... You dont have faith! (how i wish someone was here to hear this) smh
not tryna be but i listen to that song daily Bishop Paul S Morton has a version of it.
Congrats to my pastor/friend, Bishop Paul S Morton, Sr, on moving into 2nd location tomorrow; ur a LIVING EXAMPLE of NEVER giving up!! LOL!
Bishop Paul S Morton performed "Open up the Flood Gates of Heaven..Let It Rain" at the NUL conference...WOW.
Bishop Paul S Morton.will be there today!!!
Open the flood gates of heaven. Let it rain. By Bishop Paul S Morton
Just got home from church shoutout to Bishop Paul S Morton of Changing a Generation Full Gospel Baptist Church WOW GOD IZ GOOD
I have just had the honor of listening to one of the best bishops in the world( Paul S Morton) at my church on tonight,and when I say he brought ,he brought it.His topic was "Faith at the Question Mark.He talked about the three C's.Conceive,Convince,and Confess.A lot of times instead of believing ,God's word ,we question him.We want things done now,and not when he is ready for us.You have to speak what ever it is you want from him , as though it has already come to pass.
Bishop Paul S Morton's sermon was right on time!
Rain always makes me think of Bishop Paul S Morton.
Bishop Paul S Morton will be at Higher Living tonight! I will be there!
thanx Tiff...but guess who was at the funeral...Bishop Paul S Morton..found out we r related..he did words of encouragement
Let it rain by Bishop Paul S Morton is my song!
Bishop Paul S Morton has blessed worship music!
I'm still feeding from the word Bishop Paul S Morton brought on tonight . My God *Bishop Locke vc
Wht is the Paul S Morton thing is watching??
Bishop Paul S Morton is going in! Got a little liberation theology in there too! Ha hah
Watching THIS Full gospel baptist convention...Feeling good right. Ready to hear Bishop Paul S Morton, as SOON as Isaac sit down.
Wow da gifts they presenting MOG Bishop Paul S Morton are awesome :')
in honor of this vicious thunder storm .. Let It Rain -- Bishop Paul S Morton 😂😂😂
Now Playing: Chasing after you by Bishop Paul S Morton... (live at
I miss you too homie! I'm goin to the 6-N-1 Conference hosted by Bishop Paul S Morton.
In the words of Bishop Paul S Morton "Jesus reign! Jesus reign!"
Bishop Paul S Morton of the Full Gospel Baptist Church sings He'll Be There and Jesus,Jesus, Jesus at Bethel Baptist Institutional Church. [Regional Bishop W...
JJ Hairston & youthful praise tore the church up too!! Amazing! & Bishop Paul S Morton
Can't wait to hear Bishop Paul S Morton at tonight. You can tune in live at
I am what you see Bishop Paul S Morton
I love to hear Bishop Paul S Morton sing
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