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Paul S. Morton

Paul Sylvester Morton (born July 30, 1950) is an American Baptist pastor. He is currently senior pastor of

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victor_curry: On behalf of Bishop Joseph Walker, Bishop Paul S. Morton and the entire Full…
'NowPlaying' Bow Down by Bishop Paul S. Morton on - Buy it
'NowPlaying' I'm Still Standing by Bishop Paul S. Morton on - Buy it
That is Bishop Paul S. Morton with (Watching Over Me) . As Bishop Paul S. Morton drops TWO DOWN from last week to...
I just used Shazam to discover God Has Been Good by Bishop Paul S. Morton & Rance Allen.1 of my fav??
"So That" a sermon by Bishop Paul S. Morton in
Got to play with Bishop Paul S. Morton's organist tonight in revival. It felt great!
Bishop Paul S. Morton can sing Purple Rain in the pulpit better than that...
.on Periscope: Our Founder Bishop Paul S. Morton is up now
- Bow Down and Worship Him by Bishop Paul S. Morton and the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship Mass Choir
Bishop Paul S. Morton will be worshiping with us on Sunday. Who's excited!?
Let it Rain by Bishop Paul S. Morton & the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Mass Choir
Which service/campus will you be at on the on Sunday? Bishop Paul S. Morton will be worshiping...
I'm listening to Cry Your Last Tear by Bishop Paul S. Morton on
The large St Paul's in Morton open this weekend as part of in the area. https:/…
"Open the floodgates of heaven...let it rain" - Bishop Paul S. Morton
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"Grace empowers me to take authority over the enemy" - Bishop Paul S. Morton
This is it...IT'S CONVOCATION TIME!!! Tonight's guest will be Bishop Paul S. Morton and Patrick…
Bishop Paul S. Morton will be with us on the next Sunday and we're excited.
♩Let it Rain - Bishop Paul S. Morton Listen Live @ or 95.3 FM in KCMO
Song(s) of the day: "Bow Down" Bishop Paul Morton and the Full Gospel Fellowship MC & "For Your Glory" Tasha Cobbs
Bishop Paul S. Morton and Pastor Clint Brown ushering in the presence of God!
"Lord, if you're blessing in this season, don't do it without me? Please." -Me & Bishop Paul S. Morton
The angel that is carrying your blessing is moving at the pace that reflects your praise! - Bishop Paul S. Morton
now playing on Hot107.9 fm Carolina - - - - Bishop Paul S. Morton - Your Best Days Yet - - - click to tunein >
Ron Paul's 1989 takedown of the govt war on drugs on the Morton Downey Show. Angry audience.
you only get one face, frame it well, shop: by Bishop Paul S. Morton
The secret to winning is sometimes you have to lose so that God can allow you to gain"-Bishop Paul S. Morton
"I pray fr you, you pray for me, and watch God change things." - Bishop Paul S. Morton
Can't wait for the world to be blessed from hearing Lisa Knowles and Bishop Paul S. Morton sing…
Song of Worship: Bow Down ministered by Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. and Full Gospel Baptist Mass Choir. Blessings.
Be Blessed - Bishop Paul S. Morton even more in The New Year!!
Our last prayer line call for the year, hosted by our own Pastor D. and Bishop Paul S. Morton... enjoy!.
Our Pastor, C. Guy Robinson, will host and greet our guest speaker, Bishop Paul S. Morton. Join us Thursday, Nov. 12, 2015 7:00pm
My long time friend for almost forty years, Bishop Paul S. Morton. Honored to share with him as he…
Let it rain .. That song just hits Bishop Paul S. Morton puts his soul into it 😩
LIVE on My dad and Founder, Bishop Paul S. Morton and I in Nashville, TN.
Have you heard ‘Be Blessed by Bishop Paul S. Morton.mp3’ by Da Bionik Man on
Paul Morton's fight against homosexuality has always been interesting to me because...nvm
of who you are by Bishop S.Paul Morton, I 'll take you there by Bebe & Cece Winans SHOW with ONE...
Please help our voice be heard. Fr Paul Morton is innocent and is being wrongly restricted from ministry.
We are listening to Bishop Paul S. Morton - Cry Your Last Tear @
For your glory - Bishop Paul S Morton . Play that song everyday since July 😍. I absolutely love it
Bishop Paul S. Morton delivered a great sermon this morning. I really enjoyed myself at church today.
Super Sunday with our Founder Bishop Paul S. Morton! Dominion and Dualism! Our God is real!!
Everything that looks like God is not always God! Dominion Over Dualism! -Bishop Paul S. Morton-
Super DVD! A hit album! But if I had to choose a favourite it would be this track: "On That Day by Bishop Paul S. Morton"
I added a video to a playlist Bishop Paul S. Morton feat Mary Mary performs "Thank You" at the Walter
God cannot bring this nation under order, until he brings his church under order. - Bishop Paul S. Morton
Stay Close - Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. and the Full Baptist Fellowship Mass Choir: on -
Thank you Bishop Paul S. Morton for showing us excellence in leadership transition.
Had an Amazing time with my CAG Family at the White Tie Gala honoring my Pastor, Bishop Paul S. Morton!
At the White tie Gala with krissyboo44 . Celebrating Bishop Paul S. Morton 🙈.
You’re going to run and not be weary. You’re going to walk and not faint. Words from the greatest Bishop Paul S. Morton 🙏🏽🙌🏽
July 13th. Bishop Paul S. Morton's final recording! You might wanna show up for this...
Be Blessed - Bishop Paul S. Morton ... get into it.
LHS CHOIR . Music: Bishop Paul S. Morton - Be LHS Choir : a family bonded in music and wrapped in love…
. If you are anything like your dad, Bishop Paul S. Morton, you will be just fine! I love his preaching and singing
I'm listening to How Great Is Our God by Bishop Paul S. Morton on
Our THREE year old Church is EXCITED to host Bishop Paul S. Morton for a One Night Crusade for Christ on...
Bishop Paul S. Morton did the lovely ceremony of Bride & Groom Nancy Victor & Reginald Spree along with the...
I'm listening to Flow To You by Bishop Paul S. Morton on
"Yeah, my mans gave me the Kelz special! He even played 'Let it Rain' by Bishop Paul S. Morton in the background!!!"
Bishop Paul S. Morton is my favourite Gospel artist
2015 STELLAR RECAP: I want to say to new artists that, JESUS is the light; we're just the reflection." ~Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.
Bishop Paul S. Morton announces retirement. Final Live Recording in July: courtesy of
Let It Rain - Bishop Paul S. Morton ... get into it.
Join us tonight for the Full Gospel DC State conference at 7pm. International Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton ...
Tune in to hear Bishop Joseph Walker and Bishop Paul S. Morton on TBN Tonight @ 8PM for a Powerful, Relevant Word! Don't Miss This Blessing!
Black History tribute by our young people to Bishop Paul S. Morton
Bishop Paul S. Morton - Don't Do It Without Me - …: "Lord thank you for your Amazing Grace and Mercy!"
May the LORD bless Bishop Paul S. Morton - Let it Rain: via
Bishop Paul S. Morton - Your Best Days Yet (AUDIO ONLY). Just when I thought my life was over.
LORD, Whatever you're doing in this season, PLEASE DON'T DO IT WITHOUT ME!!- Listening to Bishop Paul S. Morton!!
"Open the Floodgates of Heaven... Let it Rain"... Love me some Bishop Paul S. Morton!.
Awesome worship experience at Changing a Generation FGBC in Atlanta Ga with Bishop Paul S. Morton & my…
Bishop Paul S. Morton is on the word Network now. The scriptural reference is Ezekeil 37;1-5 and the sermon is entitiled "I can't breath"
that come from Bishop Paul S. Morton Boss pay Homage
I'm listening to Something Happens (Jesus) by Bishop Paul S. Morton on
It's my namesake's 4th bday today!! P3 (Paul Morton III)!! Love you buddy.. He wanted to wear his…
"Paul Morton's Christmas" by Grammy-nominated is available for download!
Thanks to for the inspiration for today's micro stories & to for making it possible.
Bishop Paul S. Morton has some good music.
Now playing: bishop paul s morton sr - nobody but jesus on
I'm not a fan of Bishop Paul Morton's music but "I'm Still Standing" has been in my head for the past 2 days.
my pastor Bishop Paul S. Morton praying for our young boys & girls 21 & under…
Tomorrow Evening it's going down. Come share in our Holiday Concert with Bishop Paul S. Morton and CAG/GSS combined.
I'm listening to Don't Do It Without Me by Bishop Paul S. Morton on
I'm listening to Oh The Glory Of His Presence by Bishop Paul S. Morton on
Check out Be Blessed by: Bishop Paul S. Morton on : I'm going to keep on praying for you.
This track is from the 2003 CD entitled Bishop Paul S. Morton & Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Women's Choir "Let it Rain".
Flow to You - Lyrics - Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr./Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship International Praise and Worship Flow to You Flow to You Let the rive...
Check out Bishop Paul S. Morton - Be Blessed on : Be blessed Saints.+
Atlanta, meet us Sunday night at Changing Generations w/Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.; and Tune in to Atlanta Live,...
Don't don't do it without me.Bishop Paul S. Morton
I'm listening to For Your Glory by Bishop Paul S. Morton on
I'm listening to Never Be Bound Again by Bishop Paul S. Morton on
I'm listening to "Your Best Days Yet" by Bishop Paul S. Morton on Pandora
Having a little mid day worship. Don't mind me | Bishop Paul S. Morton "Chasing After You" Still one of my favorite records
Pastor Shamond Scales and Bishop Paul S. Morton!!! It was amazing to watch!!! I love…
Bishop Paul S. Morton receiving the key to the City Of Jackson TN @ Northside Assembly of God
This song was stuck in my head during church today: Bishop Paul S. Morton: Because Of Who You Are:
Gameday... Open the flood gates of Heaven and Let it Rain...thank you Bishop Paul S. Morton
I am listening to Something Happens by Bishop Paul S. Morton on GOSPEL RADIO LOUNGE via
Now playing on B2BGospelRadio - Bishop Paul S. Morton - This Christmas - 24 7 Gospel Music and News on www.b2bgospelradio
We will miss Bishop Paul S. Morton because he has been w/us so many yrs… we graciously welcome Bishop Joseph Walker, III.
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This is how my Bishop, Bishop Paul S. Morton closed his sermon "Stay Focused" on tonight!
Uncommon Favor!! See you at 7:30pm, tonight's service is free to the public. Bishop Paul S. Morton.
Today we were on another level. Let it rain- Bishop Paul S Morton just finishes me wah!
NP Bishop Paul S Morton - Let it Rain This is what i was telling you
Anthony's birthday is tomorrow n reflecting I have to give a big thanks to Mary Cook. When Paul Devereaux called...
Bishop Paul S. Morton is teaching a good word right now.
I'm listening to Grateful by Bishop Paul S. Morton on Pandora
Open the floodgates of heaven. LORD let it rain. — listening to Bishop Paul S. Morton
thanks for playing . Bishop Paul S. Morton - Let it Rain –
Faith is stopped by your Questions - Bishop Paul S Morton (Full Sermon): via
Emelee's lullaby's are sung by Bishop Paul S. Morton . She goes to sleep off gospel 🙏
I remember when I was in ATL at Paul S. Morton church.TD Jakes spoke. I was 17 & crazy 😂.that man touched me.
Yea that's Bishop Paul Morton and if you don't know who that is look him up! I know a lot of people…
Paul needs a bigger bowl. He's gettin too big for his
Read Paul Morton's exclusive article on the
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Bishop Paul S. Morton-Let it rain. Please listen to this song?
This song has been in my head-memories | Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. & The Greater St. Stephen Mass Choir-Your Tears:
Happy Birthday to my spiritual father, Bishop Paul S. Morton, example, mentor, leader, thank you Sir!
At the FG conf. Bishop Paul S. Morton demonstrated Jacob’s LIMP for us... Real Life stuff...
Happy Bithday to my Spiritual Dad. Bishop Paul S. Morton. God bless u and enjoy your day. Eld. Hooks
Happy Birthday to the best spiritual grandfather in the world, Bishop Paul S. Morton. We love you sir, enjoy the day
Want to wish one of the greatest preaches, teacher and leaders my Bishop Paul S. Morton a happy Happy Birthday .
Happy Birthday to my spiritual father and the world's greatest mentor, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr.…
A special and blessed Happy Birthday wishes to our Dad/Bishop Paul S. Morton. It's an honor to be a part of your spiritual legacy.
About to minister at Changing A Generation, Bishop Paul S. Morton! Pray for me!
We cannot water down the message of Grace... It’s not a game but a gift...! ~Bishop Paul S. Morton~
Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship Presiding Bishops Night. Bishop Paul S. Morton will be bringing the word...
Just sitting here reflecting from the information given at the conference. I am really excited and ready to embrace the Cultural Shift. Teachings from Tia Brewer-Footman, Pastor Kimberly Ray, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Bishop Michael Blue and Bishop T.D. Jakes and so many others have inspired me to go out and minister to the people in the arts & entertainment sphere. If you know where you fit in the world, let's go out and captivate our audience. Let us stop doing church work and start doing Kingdom work by being present in all 7 spheres: business, government, media, arts & entertainment, education, family and religion. Anybody with me???
About to here the word courtesy of Bishop Paul S. Morton. 25th anniversary bishop John A. McCullough II.
I liked a video from Bishop Paul S. Morton - So That
Bishop Paul S. Morton came to bless the worship center this Sunday. This should be a blessing
Definitely got a life-changing word at church today. So thankful that Bishop Paul S. Morton came and blessed us today at TWC! 🙏🙌☺️
Bishop Paul S. Morton is preaching in TWC today!
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The coolest Bishop this side of heaven... Bishop Paul S. Morton Sr!
Bishop Paul S Morton Sr. Is Opening the Floodgates of Heaven at Life Fest 2014! You still have time…
Salute Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton for great leadership of a Movement ! The Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship!
It's new season and it's coming your way. Dr. Jamal Bryant "The Storm is Over". Bishop Paul S. Morton " Your Blessings are on the way". Bishop George Bloomer " It's Your Time". Summer Revival The Word Network.
Bishop Paul S. Morton & PJ - Let Go, Let God: VERY IMPORTANT to anyone who wants to achieve GREATNES…
This weekend on the DCC Radio Show, my good friend Bishop Paul S. Morton will be stopping by to discuss his...
YOU ARE INVITED...BISHOP T.D. JAKES, Senior Pastor of The Potter's House (Dallas, TX), will be with us for the first time as a GUEST SPEAKER during CCFM Conference 2014--June 25 through June 28, along with Bishop Michael A. Blue, Pastor Kimberly Ray, and Bishop Paul S. Morton! Admission is FREE, but registration is encouraged. Ask about the UPGRADE and how you can be a part of the SPECIAL SESSION in which BISHOP JAKES expounds upon his NEW BOOK, "INSTINCT." Please visit for more information. VISIT THE LINK BELOW to watch BISHOP T.D. JAKES minister: Thank you and please share with others.
Univencr. Be Blessed my brother, Be blessed my sister, be blessed wherever this life leads you *Bishop Paul S. Morton
Bishop Paul S. Morton endorsed my latest cookbook, "Chef Elliott's Soulstice Recipes: Gourmet Entertaining Solutions". Purchase your copy today at
In my feelings tho. Just thinking about all God has brought me through : NP: Cry Your Last Tear By: Bishop Paul S. Morton
"Something Happens (Jesus)" from Bishop Paul S. Morton's new album Best Days Yet on Tehillah/Light Records/eOne. Buy the album on iTunes:...
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Paul Porter, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Tim Rogers & The Fellas, Karen Clark Sheard, Anita Wilson, *new music* by Chanel, and more coming your way now! | iTunes | TuneIn mobile Dedicated to ALL MINISTRY WORKERS
Be Blessed - Bishop Paul S. Morton: On this National Prayer Day Since I cant sing like I'll just share
If you haven't purchased Bishop Paul S. Morton's, Sounds of Change Prayer and Meditation CD, do so TODAY!
I'm listening to "Nothing But The Blood" by Bishop Paul S. Morton on Pandora
Personality is what ppl perceive is true of you. Character is your truth behind closed doors! . -Bishop Paul S. Morton
i really love Bishop Paul S. Morton , really my dude!
Well goodnight all just got back from Maryland at Evangel Cathedral (very nice church) went to see King of Kings wonderful cast play was great Pastor Shirley Caesar, Bishop Paul S. Morton and James Fortune performed also, I like to give praise to God the Father and Creator for mercies to and from and keeping everything there and home intact. Well time to get ready for church tomorrow if you would like to join me I go to 9:30 service Blessing and be a blessing.
Listening to one of my mother's favorite songs to worship to.Let It Rain-Bishop Paul S. Morton
Bishop Paul S. Morton. you were at our shut-in last night... thank you for your appearance Sir. one song.. 24...
Wow it's so nice outside and Paul Mitchell has to be open all day on Saturdays :-) it's awesome
Jesus said in John 17:19 I sanctify myself that (U and me) might also b sanctified through Truth The way we r set apart 4 God is thru truth. - Bishop Paul S. Morton
Congrats Bishop Larry Brandon!!! Everyone spread the word and come and join us to witness our Pastor's elevation as Bishop Paul S. Morton lays hands upon him. See you soon!!!
This weekend is going to be awesome. Get to see Bishop Paul S. Morton and Pastor Shirley Caesar this afternoon. Then Sunday Morning at the Temple of Praise with Bishop Staples. And of course the entire weekend with The Williams!
Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul stars alongside Helen Hunt and Samantha Morton in trailer for Decoding Annie Parker:
Lord I Need Thee. Cant live a day without you.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Rev Paul S. Morton, Sr and the Greater St. Stephens Mass Choir(New Orleans) singing one of my fav gospel songs: "Your Tears." Some of the lyrics: I won't have to cry no more, when I reach the other side. God's going to wipe my tears away. THANK YOU LORD, AMEN!
The sin of "Omitting' is just as bad as the sin of "Committing' When we Omit speaking God's Word and afraid 2 speak Truth we are still Guilty. - Bishop Paul S. Morton
I liked a video from Chasing After You Instrumental Paul S. Morton
Lord, whatever you're doing in this season. --Bishop Paul S. Morton
This is the FB Fan Page for Bishop Paul S. Morton - My new album BEST DAYS YET is available in stores now
Today on my mother's bday I take comfort in knowing she got to meet and serve you and Bishop Paul S. Morton in FGBC. ThankU
WATCH: Bishop Paul S. Morton, Shirley Caesar, and Hezekiah Walker to Be Apart of Evangel Cathedral’s “KING of...
This is Saturdays show Dedicate to the Victims of Wednesday's East Harlem Explosion. Also Dedicated to the Victims who we lost and who was effected by it. 1st Hour: 1. Celine Dion- Prayer. 2. Dewayne Woods- God Still Heals 3. Brightnie Jones- Heal my Heart. 4. Bishop Michael V. Kelsey and The New Samaritian Mass Choir- He's all in the Midst 5. THE REAL FRED HAMMOND and United Tenors- I'm in the Midst 6. Unknown Artist- Life worth living 7. Andrae' Crouch- God is on our side 8. Israel Houghton Ft Mary Mary- My Tribute Medley: My Tribute/ How Great is our God. 9. Bishop Hezekiah Walker & Love Fellowship Choir- I need you to survive 10. Bishop Paul S. Morton- I need thee 2nd Hour: 11. Hezekiah Walker & LFC- We made it 12. Staci- Just Believe. 13. Alychia Levels- Joy. 14. Tye Tribbett- If he did it before (Same God) 15. B Renee- Grace is Enough. 16. Sean Sobers- I choose Life. 17. Earl White- IUDK (If U Don't Know) 18. Donald Mallow- I Know what Prayer can do 19. Pastor Shirley Caesar- When you Pray God Answe ...
This weekend's 12th Annual Prayer Breakfast was amazing! Check out photos from the event with Bishop Paul S. Morton
Glory! BE! YK I'm listening to "I Am What You See" by Bishop Paul S. Morton on Pandora
I liked a video Be Blessed by Bishop Paul S. Morton - Free Tutorial
Tonight, Celebrating Bishop Paul S. Morton's Anniversary!!! And and it was an Honor for Hubby…
Lord, whatever you're doing in the season . please DON'T do it without ME.. . ~Bishop Paul S. Morton~
Bishop Paul S. Morton presents "The Sounds of Change" a new single available today for purchase on iTunes.
When we Omit speaking God's word, & afraid to speak truth, we are still guilty. -Bishop Paul S. Morton.
Bishop Paul S. Morton will b our special guest, this Saturday, @ the 12th Annual Prayer Breakfast.
Brings me joy every time I hear it. "The Best Is Yet To Come" Featuring Bishop Paul S. Morton at Mt. Zion ...:
Tune into The Word Network now and join me Dr. Jamal Bryant, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Bishop Joseph Walker and Cory Condrey for The Empowerment Encounter!
The Word Network has Dr. Pastor Jamal Bryant, Bishop Paul S. Morton and Bishop Warren Walker and so many other giants on for the next hour. I will see you at another time. Good night.
Bishop Paul S. Morton will b the guest speaker & performer @ our Prayer Breakfast on March 15th.
Me Ministering through song yesterday in Atlanta Georgia at Bishop Paul S. Morton church after Dr. Todd Hall...
Pastor Girton from Indianapolis offers this video. Bishop Paul S. Morton shares his ministry and personal story through song in this rendition of "I'm Still ...
I had the privilege of Ministering through song in this BIG CHURCH today where Bishop Paul S. Morton is the...
"Pastors tell the truth even when your voice shakes!" Bishop Paul S. Morton
Don't get low self esteem in your assignment~ Bishop Paul S. Morton
Had a wonderful time last night praising God until 1 am at Bishop Paul Bishop Paul S. Morton church Celebrating the Gospel. Pastor Creflo A. Dollar gave a mighty word about the law that Moses created for the sinner under the old testament. But the new testament revealed the new order of GRACE teaching it does not give you a liscense to sin. The end to the 600 plus rules of manmade religion and the beginning of personal relationship with Christ. the concert was great Kurt Carr, Micha Micah Stampley, Veshon VaShawn Mitchell's Triumphant Zone. and Pastor Bishop Paul S. Morton. the BEST IS YET TO COME. AND THE AWESOME GOSPEL PRAISE CHOIR FROM S. CAROLINA.
Preview of upcoming Interview with Bishop Paul S. Morton on Lift Your Voice with Pastor Mark Burns on Th...
New Orleans, mark your calendars and plan to attend the most power packed revival of the year! Join Dr. Debra B. Morton & Bishop Paul S. Morton on March 26th - 28th nightly at Greater St. Stephen! There will be powerful world speakers and anointed singers united for one life changing experience!
Song came on the radio... "I need thee. Lord, I need thee." Recorded by Bishop Paul S. Morton. It took me ALL the way there!
It's alright to be a king, but you have recognize when you have a queen! -Bishop Paul S. Morton
On my way to St Paul's to interview at for my dissertation!
I'm sharing this with all my family and friends
I am listening to For Your Glory on Marvin Sapp Radio
I am in awe after watching my spiritual Grandfather, Bishop Paul S. Morton, and Mama Pastor Debra Morton funeralize a young man who was a Son to them. Hurt and filled with pain, they completed the assignment God gave them to shepherd, Ray A Bolds Jr. Then to watch my brother, Brandon Boutin, preside over his just-like-a-brother friend, was an example of the resiliency that exist inside the human will when fueled by the anointing. Ray's presence will be missed in the assembly.
Ray was born to serve. He was a true SERVANT! He was a "FOCUSED LADDER HOLDER" -Bishop Paul S. Morton
Bishop Paul S. Morton's "Something Happens (Jesus)" debuts on Billboard's Hot Gospel Songs Chart this week at...
Im going to make a challenge to myself...This Sunday i will visit 4 worship services (including my own church) One early service, Then headed to the Rock for a powerful message, then support my brother Chauncey Brown at his engagement, the headed to New Life Worship Center where Bishop Paul S. Morton will be the guest speaker! Church Hoppin' Fr Fr...
I don't know what He's gonna do; but I know it's gonna work out for You. : So go on and cry... let it all out... Cry your last tear; it's gonna be alright... Compliments of bishop Paul S. Morton
The word was great today by bishop Paul s morton kingdom living
Tickets go on sale tomorrow 2pm for the Paul S. Morton Concert. Stop by Trinity Missionary Baptist Church, Sumter, SC and get your VIP seat
In the words of my Pastor/Bishop Paul S. Morton: The Kingdom is within us. The church building serves as garage where we go 2 get a tune up.
Bishop Paul S. Morton has been in ministry for over 30 years and is now preparing to take a back seat in his role in the church. He talks to "The Yolanda Adams Morning Show" about stepping down as ...
Just listened to "If you could see me now" by Bishop Paul S. Morton & I was almost in tears.part of the lyrics is "I'm standing tall and whole" that very moment I thought of my grandfather & my son. I can imagine that they are walking hand in hand, sightseeing in heaven...just grateful to God for the impact they had on me...I'm determined to see them again .praying for strength to endure.
Come see a great performance and message from our guest speaker Bishop Paul S. Morton at our Prayer Breakfast!
My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Ray A Bolds Jr, especially his mother Sister Cassandra Franklin Bolds, Bishop Paul S. Morton, Pastor Debra Morton, Pastor Brandon Boutin, the Greater St. Stephen F.G.B.C. family and all those who were touched by the life of one of the nicest, humble, & sincere servant of God. You will be deeply missed. Thank you for your service to GOD, our Bishop, Overseer, and all the great men and women of God you had the wonderful opportunity to serve. You were a great role model and example to so many. It was a pleasure to know you and to be in your presence. You were always the same. :)
Bishop Paul S. Morton got me crying off my make up before I even get to church. Lord just pleasse don't do it without me !
I didn't know about this until I saw it on Face Book tonight. What I am talking about is Queen Latifah performing *** marriages on TV. I missed it because I don't watch the grammy's and those other award shows. But after seeing a post from someone else on Face Book about Bishop Paul S. Morton's outrage concerning the event I am just as outraged. Here's what I have to say about it: They can do all they want to try and condone homosexual marriages but the fact is all that do so are going straight to *** Now, that's right, I said it and I approve of this message. I refuse to compromise. If you believe in homosexual marriage *** has enlarged itself especially for YOU! Try it if you want to but the results will be eternal damnation. Now let the *** s put that in lyrics and sing it!
I’m a fan of Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. but lately when he speaks publicly he’s been turning me off. Sad because I REALLY enjoy his music.
Bishop Paul S. Morton: Due to Recent "Direction" of Dem Leadership..Becoming an Independent -
NEWS: Mark Morton to sit out Lamb Of God’s UK tour, Paul Waggoner of Between The Buried And Me to fill in!
Due to an emergency, sitting out tour; Paul Waggoner filling in: http:…
Bishop Paul S. Morton Says Due to the Recent "Direction" of Democratic Leadership, He Is Coming Out as an Independent -
Here’s some awesome music history for you!. Both PJ Morton and his father Paul S. Morton are nominated for...
BTBAM's Paul Waggoner is filling in for Mark Morton on the LOG tour? That'll be interesting!
hunny please download Bishop Paul S. Morton - More of You !!! If u can't , let me know
Our very own got a mention in this week's for her book on Victorian poetry (by
Praise and worship concert in the car \☺/. Bishop Paul S. Morton !! Off to work I go :) ♥
Evangelic song: Let it Rain by Paul S. Morton & FGBCF mass choir. Blessing times!
The Greatest Hits of Bishop Paul S. Morton and many similar artists!
Bishop Paul S. Morton Cry Your Last Tear. What I listened to at the beach as I cried to myself bit not sorrow bit joy knowing my blessing is coming
For your glory by bishop paul s. morton yall listen to that song and tell me if you dont cry to it
Check out this song by Bishop Paul S. Morton "Don't Do it without Me" It is bananas!!
Bishop Paul S. Morton has music ya its a blassing indeed.
Bishop Paul S. Morton has took me in once again on this morning,, him and I done had church all by ourselves! need God every hour,minute,second of my life#
Congratulations are in order for two MIO guests — Terence Blanchard and Allen Toussaint have both been nominated (again) for Grammy Awards. Toussaint has picked up two nominations: Best Americana Album for "Songbook" and for the song "Shrimp Po-Boy, Dressed" from that same album. Terence Blanchard was nominated in the "Best Improvised Jazz Solo" category for the song "Don't Run" which appears on the album "Magnetic." First-time nominee The Hot 8 Brass Band earned a nod for their "The Life and Times..." album. Other nominations went to Andrew Duhon, Bishop Paul S. Morton of the Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Choir, singer-songwriter Bobby Rush, and Louisiana native Hunter Hayes. The 56th Annual Grammy Awards will be broadcast from Staples Center in Los Angeles on January 26. Click for a full list of nominees:
Congrats to Bishop Paul S. Morton on his Grammy nomination.
Best Gospel Album Nominations looking good. They all win in my book: Donald Lawrence, Bishop Paul S. Morton, William Murphy and Tye Tribbett
Wow, PJ Morton is nominated for a Grammy in R&B and his father Bishop Paul S. Morton is nominated in Gospel. I love to see father & son.
Apparently he left that PAW some time ago. the last organization he was with was Paul Morton's
On the Movie Pit's 1st hour: Paul Walker, Abrams on Into Darkness secret, Transformers & more. Listen here
Writer Paul Morton has some strong context in his piece on John Lewis's graphic novel 'March' via
currently watching Paul Simon singing Still Crazy After All These Years in a turkey suit and it's the best thing I've ever seen.
" Bishop Paul S. Morton - How Great is Our God " on River Media Radio. Click to listen and enjoy God!
bad news. dunc's last Scottish cup game he managed at buckie? lost 3-2 to MORTON!
Pandora on.Getting it DONE today then
I just used to tag Glory by Bishop Paul S. Morton.
My prayer... Let the river of my worship flow to you Lord ! 🙌🙌
This my song here it just send a chill down my back when I hear it
Today is the Last Day to Vote for our Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. for the 2014 Stellar Awards!
I am Listening to Bishop Paul S. Morton - Not about me but You on
Today I'm grateful for Bishop Paul S. Morton. It was through his preaching in 1992 that I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
Best Days Yet: Shop for music deals on CDs, MP3 songs and albums, and vinyl records by Bishop Paul S. Morton a...
Hands down, Bishop Paul S. Morton is one of the best singing preachers I have heard. His voice is just as clear today in 2013 as it was 20 years ago!
.Music I listen to before games? VL: Deitrick Haddon. That's gospel. And Bishop Paul S. Morton.
The song of the hour!!! Be Blessed by: Bishop Paul S. Morton: via
In Light Of The Deteriorating Attitude Toward Churches In Our Nation... Are You Sure YOUR Church AND ORGANIZATION ARE LEGAL? If your church needs to get into compliance with the I.R.S. we can help you with that. For over 30 years, Dr. Chitwood has been teaching churches and nonprofits how to “Get Their House In Order.” As President and CEO of the largest financial services firm in the nation, he conducts over 200 conferences a year with over 17,000 members in attendance, teaching compliance and financial accountability. Pastors & Church Leaders helped by CMTC in last 45 years 416,421. Bishop Charles Blake Dr. Chitwood is the “authority ” on Churches and IRS compliance. Pastor Ron Phillips - Every Minister should have Dr. Chitwood doing their finances and personal taxes Bishop Paul S. Morton - Michael Chitwood and CMTC are the best in the nation on Ministry finances God requires your House of Worship to be in order. - "Dr. Steve Fender/ Livingway Church "Dr. Chitwood is considered the top in the n ...
Was invited by my friend Courtney Henry to have dinner with Bishop Paul S. Morton and his wife Co Pastor Debra Morton...our whole crew was there auntie.Courtney...Shirley and me it was awesome...Thanks again Courtney. Fun and memorable times yas :-)
Bishop Paul S. Morton Introduces his Successor as Presiding Bishop of th...: via
PSA: Fam, Bishop Paul S. Morton Does NOT have a fb page! If you are getting inbox messages from that fradulent account, report and block him! That fraud account is inboxing people and speaking a word then asking for you to sow a seed! I have confirmed with the Real Bishop Paul S. Morton that it is not him!
Song by BIshop Paul S Morton helped big time.
We will be traveling to Birmingham, Al to tour Myles College Homecoming & Tour U.A.B. Also we will be competing in the Phi-Kappa Sigma-Pks Step show competition Sat. Oct. 19, 2013 & Yung Bleu from Mobile, AL will be Opening up with his NEW HIT SINGLE "SHE GO HARD FOR THE MONEY" & WE ARE BEHIND HIM 100%...Also We will traveled to Atlanta. Ga Where Our Adviser Cleophus Smith Jr & his Partner James Mckinnis, Jr. Known as Anointedand AppointedMimes will Minister through Mime at National Gospel Recording Artist Bishop Paul S. Morton Church, A Change in Generation,.. & We will Also tour Clark Atlanta University!! We Don't Talk about our works in True Kingdom Building because our Work Speaks & God gets All the Glory!! Even though others TRY to bring Our Organization Down because of the lack of knowledge. but Every brick thrown our Way is used to build our foundation!! THEIR IS UNITY THEIR IS STRENGHT (Psalms 133)
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