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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Reince will have Paul Ryan writing 12 digit checks before the sun goes down.
Listen Carefully! cannot unequivolcally state that Paul Ryan will not be a nominee. Deceptive wordplay.
They are going to prop up Paul Ryan at the convention.HRC will destroy him in the general, hope his career will follows suit.
Paul Ryan won't have my vote. No Trump No Vote. Hillary will be in prison, so looks like OH NO
if he gets it, I'm moving to Antartica. Paul Ryan - u will lose.
Bill, u nailed it! 💯 WAKE UP will never be he's a pawn for the GOPe Paul Ryan! 💣
Go ahead Republican Party. Give the nomination to Paul Ryan. It will facilitate more rapidly the end of the Party. https:…
Paul Ryan the new sacrificial lamb of the corrupt GOP. Vote Trump. Boycott the MSM.
Paul Ryan: George Clooney asked me to support Hillary Clinton
I think visit to Janesville was a big f-you to Paul Ryan.
This message was approved by Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary, and Paul Ryan.
Paul Nehlen is challenging big spender Paul Ryan in Wisconsin.
I see that Paul Ryan is changing his tune on the poor. Bet he makes a run at a presidential nomination at the...
I get emails from Scott Walker, Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan. Not asking for money. Talking about ideas. I love WI.
Looks like immigration squish Paul Ryan is about to get Dave Brat-ted. Good! Time to face the music==>.
Paul Ryan to be primaried by businessman in Wisconsin. Hired Dave Brats people to help him.
My fave three at the moment are Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Jeb is 4th, then Kasich
May do to Paul Ryan what Dave Brat did to Eric Cantor!
Paul Ryan booed, too. In his district. Those weren't WI Republicans.
Paul Ryan in WI: 48% fav, 30% unfav. Compare that with Cruz, who is the exact opposite: 30% fav, 48% unfav.
so. Earle Mack started a pac to draft Paul Ryan in the event Trump got nominated wow what a loser
Paul Ryan booed at hometown Trump rally
Paul Nehlen to challenge Paul Ryan in Wisconsin Republican primary - Washington Times
..."Paul Ryan was born into one of the most prominent Janesville, Wis...owners of major construction companies."
if conservatives being anti *** bc they're uncomfortable w/their sexuality is true, then can Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan be my sugar daddies
Trump, please defend Wisconsin from job killers Paul Ryan and Scott Walker.
“I don’t think it’s going to go over that well with Paul Ryan supporters.”.
Paul Ryan says on Bill Bennett radio show he voted absentee in WI primary. Doesn't say for whom obviously
Paul Ryan faces primary challenge from wealthy businessman 'betrayed' by House speaker - Washington Times:
I'm in..the address:. Mr. Paul Ryan. Speaker of the House. 1233 Longworth HOB (House Ofc Bldg). Washington, DC 20515
It's Official: Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham and GOPe SuperPACs endorsed Ted Cruz. He is now https…
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Plenty more details coming later this week about the candidate preparing a challenge to Paul Ryan. Stay tuned!
Does anyone in American politics currently get more fawning coverage from MSM than Paul Ryan?
Put a Wisconsin style whipping on Paul Ryan for siding w/Obama. That's what Virginia did to Eric Cantor in the 2014 Primary, Voted for Brat.
Then...Bill Clinton with Paul Ryan on at a fundraiser hosted by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.
Paul Ryan has a viable challenger for his campaign, his name is Eric Odom, and we need to get behind Mr. Odem to replace Rino R…
We also, contacted Barbie Corporate and Rep. Paul Ryan to team up with Congressman Walter Jones to ensure American Jobs USAce
. Paul Ryan is for "Open Borders" and ALWAYS has been, he needs to primaried!
I wish more ppl would understand that Trump is American, not conservative. Pretty sure Paul Ryan is conserva…
Help Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan put the civility and standards back to Team USA, Country lovely...
Paul Ryan is a Rino puppet for Mitch McConnell and John Bohner. He needs to look for a new job & so do they.
The GOP is as corrupt as the DNC. Paul Ryan and Debbie Wasserman-Shultz must be fraternal twins.
Only trough cheating, Ted. It is Paul Ryan's state. Ryan and Mitt work for the Bush's and so do you.
Jeb Bush seemed to mouth a clearly anachronistic party line and an ideology - and Paul Ryan has picked up that ball
So hearing Paul Ryan or Jeb Bush ("leaders" of the R. party) rant about economic rationality is very disheartening...
Watch out for Paul Ryan too=snake in the grass. I learned this from remarks Enda Kenny made about him, and observe the works.
No, not nearly enough. Where's Mitch McConnell, John McCain, John Cornyn, Paul Ryan? - - and I could go on & on!!
Laura Ingraham wants Paul Ryan to STFU about Jack Kemp already
and technically that includes people who are no longer running or possibly never have been. Such as Rand or Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan denounces his Makers vs Takers rhetoric. "I was just wrong." .
Please announce you're starting a draft Paul Ryan or Tom Coburn, or a potted plant movement.
Now if it wasn't for lieing dishonest Ted Cruz and corrupt Mit Romney and the McCain and the establishment. So be a leader Paul Ryan
we live in a country were the White House can and try to demand to tell you who to vote for Paul Ryan house speaker did
Paul Ryan found out white people can be poor. Vaguely disappointed but no need to make changes.
I'm not a fan of Paul Ryan, but it takes a big person to come out and say they're wrong. Good on him for this one.
Trump to campaign in Paul Ryan's backyard | AP photo
Paul Ryan: Help me... help you. Help me, help you. No it was Jerry Maguire who said that but it sounded the same.
Paul Ryan looks like Eddie Munster all grown up
Oh my gosh Eddie Munster yes indeed that is Paul Ryan!
Paul Ryan reminds me of Jack Kemp. We need more "bleeding heart conservatives" like them to show how conservatism can lift everyone up.
Finally figured it out. Paul Ryan is the grown up Eddie Munster.
Lyin' Paul Ryan shrugs off Ayn Rand? Speaker renounces his past makers & takers talk as just wrong | Lies actually
Ayn Rand-enthusiast Paul Ryan laments the loss of "faith in government."
Paul Ryan is out of touch. Civility is noble yet in Brussels it did not work!
Paul Ryan wants to focus on Trump to take attention away from his secret amnesty bill
Paul Ryan made a noble "You are either part of the problem or part of the solution" I say "Look in the mirror"
So today Paul Ryan gave a false apology for calling the poor "takers" This is for you Paul Ryan.
Jack Kemp quote you never hear Paul Ryan cite: "People don't elect Republicans to repeal the New Deal."
Paul Ryan today: We went too far with tough on crime. We're bringing reform bill to House floor.
"I'm already geeking out about asking the Speaker of the House a question.". Paul Ryan: "Just go for it, man"
Paul Ryan telling people not to lose faith in government is like John Wayne Gacy telling people not to lose faith in clowns.
Paul Ryan tries latest act in his tragic political show. Get out the hearts and flowers along with the violins...
Eddie Munster(Paul Ryan) is turning out to be quite an adept conniver.
This blood is on your hands,Hillary,Obama's, Harry Reid, J Boehner, Paul Ryan..U all support ILLEGAL actions
Trumpkins hate Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnel. They have fond memories of Democrat controlled congress
i had a nightmare last night where we had a tie in the electoral college and Paul Ryan became president. yes i used the right word.
Paul Ryan holds Congressional seat of my great-grandfather, a Republican dirtbag who short-sightedly opposed lend-lease. Auspicious legacy!
Paul Ryan just said people might not think a Wisconsin guy cares about Israel. Huh? Milwaukee Jewish community is well known.
Dolan paid Paul Ryan to influence the situation and then Paul Ryan couldn't wiat to visit the lowlife Dolan in NYC where Dolan
Mitch McConnel & Paul Ryan want unity in GOP party - neither 1 showed up for meeting in Wash with Trump
Not usually a big Paul Ryan fan but good to see politicians in DC getting on only for a few minutes
Paul Ryan looks more like Eddie Munster every day.
well things change really fast in politics. Paul Ryan said that he would never be speaker. Cruz-Rubio 2016!
I don't trust people with two first names. John Daniel. Ryan Benjamin. Paul Ryan. Catherine Stacey. Megan Paul. Nah fam stay away from me
sh Paul Ryan will be the nominee and he will save us all. *tremors*. *curls into ball in corner of room*. *sheds tear*
Get rid of these STIFFS Paul Ryan, McConnell, Reid should be terms limits just like the Prez
Would McConnell vote at GOP convention for someone who has not been a 2016 candidate: a Paul Ryan or a Mitt Romney? "I have no idea."
Paul Ryan revealed the GOP has learned nothing from its Trump debacle - James Pethokoukis Going down with the ship
Time for us to back any candidate who'll run against Paul Ryan, McConnell, Flake, Ayotte, Collins, Hatch, Alexander, & other big RINOS
. Interview that explains how Paul Ryan & Cruz sold America out!
I think Paul Ryan should fall on his sword over this, I mean, er, stand athwart history and yell stop. Noble, etc.
Update your maps at Navteq
One state Kasich? Oh I know, Mitt Romney? Gets creamed by Hillary. Paul Ryan said no way to Boehner endorsement. Who? What candidate?
Paul Ryan: "to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable,” Then don't try to ignore the voice of the people. Paul Ryan=1%er's shill
John Boehner thinks Paul Ryan should be the Republican candidate. Boehner already forced his job onto an unwilling Ryan once, (1/2)
Paul Ryan: 'I'm not about to learn any lessons from Trump's success'
Reminder: you have an awful wall to break down in the form of McConnell, Paul Ryan, and this 114th Congress.
Paul Ryan is like a deer in the headlights.
Paul Ryan: I Know Best - Hm, so did Randolph and Mortimer in "Trading Places"
.Paul Ryan has a HUGE wall around his house!And no-one lives in Wisconsin!Even the pope got called out!
. Interview explaining how Paul Ryan & TedCruz sold America out!
. An interview that explains how Paul Ryan & Ted Cruz sold America out!
People like this need to be kicked out of Wa.-Paul Ryan: I Know Best - Breitbart
While Romney's tepid support of Cruz seems like a backdoor endorsement of a brokered convention with an entirely new candidate (Paul Ryan?)
Clueless is everything that's wrong with GOP. "Paul Ryan: I Know Best" by vi…
but don't you know that Paul Ryan is going to pick the President?
GOPe is not backing Kasich. They want to get to the convention and handpick their candidate...a Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio.
Paul Ryan trying to look like Aaron Rogers, never happening. He looks like a clown
Who the *** do these two bums, McConnell and Paul Ryan, think they are, meeting to deny a candidate THEY don't like?
Didn't Paul Ryan guarantee that he was not a candidate for speaker too?
Paul Ryan who gave us the Omnibus, the compromise candidate at a brokered convention. Yeah, no thanks. Actually,
Paul Ryan is having a hard time accepting the reality of Donald Trump
sasse is awesome. People like him, Rubio, Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Gardner, cotton give me hope for the party
Today for we recognize Paul Ryan (University of Miami, Gamma Upsilon Chapter),…
Just found out Paul Ryan chairs the RNC, if he wants to be nominated at a contested convention that'll be extra fun
Paul Ryan who should be the Republican Presidential Candidate did wish everyone
guessing you're a John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and John McCain conservative all rolled into one. foflmao
So the latest drama is the third party candidate will give not give that candidate, hills, or trump a majority and Paul Ryan will decide?
Paul Ryan would be a strong candidate
Prediction: Paul Ryan will be Republican candidate for President.
Time for a dark horse candidate!. Paul Ryan? Someone, anyone!. This can't be our country's finest
hasn't even made the rules for this year's convention yet. Paul Ryan is chairman of the convention. This year is gonna get even crazier
Paul Ryan would be a great Republican candidate (not that I'd vote for him). Shame the crazies have taken over
Paul Ryan will be the chairman of Republican Convention and Professor states electoral votes will stop Donald Trump
so you know Paul Ryan has committed to selecting the candidate that gets to 1237 & acknowledged first ballot rule
FLASHBACK: Paul Ryan on being urged to become Speaker: "While I am grateful for the encouragement I’ve received, I will not be a candidate"
Ryan faces trial by fire as Republican Convention chairman: Paul Ryan didn’t know until after he became speake...
Uniting GOP or brokering contested convention? Paul Ryan faces trial by fire as chairman https:…
Paul Ryan might be walking into a firestorm as GOP convention chairman
Paul Ryan will be the GOP presidential candidate via a brokered convention
Paul Ryan,Trump is so right,take away all of our votes and your candidate you replace him with. We will make sure he gets
Paul Ryan faces trial by fire as Republican Convention chairman
Former House Speaker John Bohner says, current HS Paul Ryan would be an excellent GOP candidate by a brokered convention.
82% of Young Conservatives would support Paul Ryan as a candidate at a contested convention.
quit the lie Paul Ryan to the American people and admit what you are planning to do to steal the election with your candidate!
I'd put kasich much closer to cruz. Other than Paul Ryan who would be new candidate?
I read a Huff Post piece (they know nothing) that said Paul Ryan will picking the next pres after GOP 3rd candidate .
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Paul Ryan looks like he's British. It also doesn't help that he kind of looks like Wade Barrett
Paul Ryan says he won't accept a GOP nom at a brokered convention. He said the same thing about Speaker of the House https…
Paul Ryan will go the way of the rest that try to stop the peoples' candidate...
If the GOP is serious about running a third party candidate, I think Paul Ryan would be perfect...he could actually pull it off.
I've said this before but if Paul Ryan was running for presidential candidate he would go on to become president
Paul Ryan being floated as a candidate only for him to deny it publicly feels a lot like a certain storyline. Coincidence?
Trying 2 sell Paul Ryan as a last minute candidate is like trying 2 sell a ham sandwich at a Jewish get 2gether!
Of course Paul Ryan. If there's any candidate the Establishment could pull out of its *** at the convention and still win in Nov: it's him.
Paul Ryan? Are you kidding me? He was running candidate for Romney! No way will I go Republican
Anyone else see some Aaron Rogers in Paul Ryan?
Boehner wants Paul Ryan to run as 3rd party candidate to stop Trump. Ryan wisely bows out.
Paul Ryan speaking with a moral clarity about Trump's candidacy that no other remaining GOP candidate has matched.
Paul Ryan might pick the next President if a third party candidate prevents anyone from getting 270 electoral votes
We're in agreement, Robert. we'll vote for DEM nominee! A POTUS Trump.Cruz,Kasich,Paul Ryan... must be thwarted!
John Boehner endorses Paul Ryan for president via and | Getty
Um, first of all, Paul Ryan was initially voted into Congress in 1999. Incumbent Congressional representatives tend to...
Paul Ryan do you really want to end up like Little Rubio? Your buddy Mitt must be really desperate to see your career go down in flames
You may add me to the list of folks that think Paul Ryan and his buddy Mitt Romney should stay on the porch!
Paul Ryan last year: I am not going to be Speaker.
Meanwhile, John Boehner has endorsed Paul Ryan for President, even though he's not running.
Paul Ryan, aka Benedict Arnold, willing to be spoiler. Vote him out!
I can't wait to see you primaried out of office with your liberal buddy Paul Ryan! . No matter what happens w SCOTUS!
AFTER heavy-duty consultation with Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo and Jim Beam,. Boehner backs Paul Ryan for president
Paul Ryan is literally working to protect people's right to rip you off with bad advice. Hero?
Boehner backs Paul Ryan for GOP nomination via
Boehner backs Paul Ryan for GOP nomination - MSNBC
Boehner backs Paul Ryan for GOP nomination: The former House Speaker has taken a look at the Republic...
only THINKS he will be crowned the Nominee at the Convention...'s best buddy Paul Ryan will be!
In his first budget as speaker, Paul Ryan may be undone by the forces that ousted Boehner by
Boehner spurns golfing buddy Trump, says he'd be for 'none of the above' on ballot, backs Paul Ryan for president
I have Paul Ryan as the dark horse.
Maybe we'll get lucky at the RepubliCo convention. Paul Ryan steals the nomination and the place burns.😉😳
Paul Ryan, Sen. Bill Nelson D-FL, The Prez, Mitch McConnell & more have all condemned the Trump violence.Will he accept blame and condemn it
Christopher Rants on state of presidential race: Paul Ryan well-positioned to be nominee.
Paul Ryan also condemned Trump's call to ban Muslims and initial refusal to disavow David Duke and the KKK
Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan will get a packet with evidence to cyber larceny via corporate banks and USMC,HI
Congressman Walter Jones can help with Rep. Paul Ryan's Passionate mission and of course, pressure Wilmington Commissioner! NC!
John Boehner is no longer Speaker of the House. It's Paul Ryan. Report the news factually
Congressman Walter Jones, Sir...we are very pleased with the job that we've heard of, per Mr. Paul Ryan bringing civilityUSA
Paul Ryan is a Rage Against the Machine fan. I would hope my favorite band wouldn't hate my guts.
most popular conservatives asking the big q's about today's GOP - is Paul Ryan too liberal?
Paul Ryan: Pass the Food Recovery Act to Fight Food Waste and Hunger! - Sign the Petition! via
Paul Ryan is on the wrong side of the issue — and on the wrong side of history
After caucus vote, Paul Ryan is pushing ahead with speaker bid
Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan can continuously update laws via USEEOC to protect the ethical and virtuous American Children1st
The road to Trumpistan was paved by John McCain, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan
Continuously enforce no acceptance of hate crimes and hate criminal organized venues; Vote Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan! Mix!
He reminds me of my congressman Paul Ryan in that way. He's very bright, but can explain it to regular people w/o condescending
Mr. Paul Ryan, Sir...We all just wanted to take a moment to thank you kindly and dearly along with Congressman Walter Jones for fine job!USA
Please help Congressman Walter Jones sue all anti American right out of marriage contracts per Onslow County; Vote Paul Ryan and Jones 2020!
Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan can help update Laws to prevent cyber larceny; DJ Trump Sues hotels and
Apparently hates Reagan as much as Paul Ryan does
there's a good chance Paul Ryan spends most of his adult life just walking from cliff to cliff and people pushing him off of it.
Congressman Walter Jones can help Rep. Paul Ryan update laws and sue all involved in Fraud via Government per Camp Lejeune and SFO proximity
Romney, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell all claim to be Conservatives, all against their own Front runner chosen by the People.
House Republicans gave Paul Ryan a standing ovation after he funds visas for 300,000 MORE MUSLIM MIGRANTS - Walid
Rep. Paul Ryan can get Congressman Walter Jones to update Laws based on all the tax fraud via USMC via Onslow County, Camp Lejeune/decades!
Mr. Paul Ryan can also, help Congressman Walter Jones rebuild Market St., Wilmington, NC. up as quick as possible, in closing down hotels!
We all still think that Rep. Paul Ryan and Congressman Walter Jones will preserve the American Way, and everyone can leave our USA in peace!
Rep. Paul Ryan to continuously work with Congressman Walter Jones to undo all the damage this pass generation and move forward, stronger!USA
Wouldn't be the first time. Cruz was a big supporter of TPP and increasing H1-B. Wrote an op-ed with Paul Ryan in favor of TPP.
This is very cool-- wonder why 0% body fat Paul Ryan can't get behind this?
Please continuously work with Congressman Walter Jones, about cleaning up polygamy and prostitution via Runaway Gov. Spending; Mr. Paul Ryan
Mr. Trump needs to know about Paul Ryan:
Mr. Trump you are always saying what a good guy Paul Ryan is.
We are doing great for rebuilding USAce...Go Packers go...and Congressman Walter Jones to legally strategize with Mr. Paul Ryan...Sirs andDJ
A2: my uncle thinks ticket is Paul Ryan for republicans and Clinton/Sanders for dems. I'm not sure.
Congressman Walter Jones, and Rep. Paul Ryan to help DJ Trump sue all that lie about being another race for status; La Ti Nu, Ancient Europe
Please help Rep. Paul Ryan get the laws in effect asap, all the while sue J.Lo for identity fraud, etc; Vote Congressman Walter Jones 2020!!
And if Paul Ryan is drafted. we may have Eddie Munster running for president.
Congressman Walter Jones, to inquire with Rep. Paul Ryan on how to take over NorCal, and stop cyber larceny via etc
Congressman Walter Jones to get Rep. Paul Ryan to update laws against racial slurs in anti American countries by females on company time!USA
Mr. Paul Ryan, please get help from Congressman Walter Jones to update USEEOC, sue DMV Trucking, and take over jobs in NorCal, perCountyUSA!
Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan to work with Attorney General of California to sue all gangs putting hits on Whites; whiter, etc
Subversives, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney you can add to the list.
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Next up: Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, et al., & other Establishment kooks must be voted out of their office, Democrats included.
Mike Wieringo and now, Paul Ryan were two artists who I am still fond of from their work on Fantastic Four. :( cc
Marvel is saddened by the passing of artist Paul Ryan and offer our condolences to his loved ones.
Hunter is right! Keep adding the angry losers: Lindsey Graham, McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McCon
Behind an effort to draft Paul Ryan for the White House race
Mitt his face you can tell when he is lying. Paul Ryan a very good LIAR!
Paul Ryan was a helluva draftsman, a helluva comic artist, and a helluva nice man. Rest in peace, brother.
Dear you picked Paul Ryan as VP he just approved 300k Muslim invaders coming here we want Trump b/c he wil…
Yeah, pretty much. They have had the backbone of an amoeba and all the courage of the Cowardly Lion (who looks like Paul Ryan)
A new group is trying to push the country's top elected Republican, Paul Ryan, into the White House race.
Paul Ryan was a pleasure to work with, a great professional and an even greater person. Rest in Peace.
How Donald Trump is ruining Paul Ryan's speakership! Pelosi, Reid and Schumer knew what they were doing is making him speaker! The Cartel!
How Donald Trump is ruining Paul Ryan's speakership Trump isn't ruining it Graham, McConnell, McCain, and Ryan r out
Should've known when Paul Ryan went on his date with Nancy Pelosi last week they were plotting to stab US in the back. The …
Romney on put-down Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, he and Paul Ryan took money from Trump. Now who is the con-man?
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Nancy Pelosi is way too happy, I wonder why? Paul Ryan's liberty score is an F.
There is absolutely no difference between Paul Ryan & Nancy Pelosi
The story remains the same, for Ted Cruz, and Rubio and Mitch McConnell with Paul Ryan. When you hate as much as...
Paul Ryan is probably worth a fiver, he's only 25/1 at Paddy Power
They are trying to drafts Ben Sasse and or Paul Ryan into the Presidential race.. They already have Rubio. There is litera…
If I have any spite, it's because of Megan Kelly, NRO, Paul Ryan, 'Pansy' Graham, L. Lynch, and now mittens Romney.
Paul Ryan helped make sure Rubio won in Minnesota. Using same technique that got Al Franken elected - votes out of whole cloth! Talent!
or Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, or Anthony Kennedy could emerge as the GOP leader at a brokered convention.
Paul Ryan saying "this is the party of Lincoln" is like Alien Ant Farm saying "this is the music of Michael Jackson".
This is the trash the Trump campaign, sponsored by Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, George Soros, and the rest of the Globalists.
Paul Ryan tried to be the GOP’s voice of reason against the KKK. Not everyone was on board.
John Kasich and Paul Ryan are what every Republican should aspire to be.
Oh my God someone on Rachel Maddow just gave a scenario that has Paul Ryan named the nominee at the Republican Convention.
Wait. Say what now? Michael Medved thinks Paul Ryan could become the Republican nominee.
“If a person wants to be the nominee of the Republican Party, there can be no evasion and no games." Paul Ryan, comedian.
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JUST IN: Super-PAC forms to draft Paul Ryan for presidential run
If the GOPe cheat out of the nomination, every Republican running may lose reelection. Let's start with Paul Ryan!
shame shame on Paul Ryan and the republican establishment I liked you Paul but you are going the way!
I don't think Paul Ryan knows the Republican Party...
The Searchers, but with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan as John Wayne and Jeffrey Hunter.
Well it seems Mitch the Mormon Moron just rolled over for the Republican Establishment. The fectless duo him and Paul Ryan. Two losers.
Paul Ryan and Romney joined at the hip. That's what's wrong with Republican Party. We need to kick the Establishment Bigwigs out of office.
It'd do my heart doubly proud 2C Nancy Pelosi get Speaker's gavel from Paul Ryan&Elizabeth Warren as Senate Majority Leader over McConnell
I don't like the way George Bush, Paul Ryan & Mit Romney come out attacking but were in hiding while Obama shredded the
drumpf says he can work with Reid Pelosi and Schumer but threatens Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan will be out of a job soon. We need Daniel Webster as the Speaker of the House.
Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson and David Clarke (3 panels) among the Wisconsinites speaking at
Paul Ryan says don't vote for any candidate who embraces bigotry. Which rules out the entire Republican Party
Paul Ryan is learning why being speaker ***
Trump already threatening Paul Ryan? Not a good sign! Go threaten Reid and Pelosi!
Paul Ryan signs bill known as the READ Act into effect.
John Boehner & Paul Ryan should get a room. Their little love fest is a fantasy. They don't seem to get they're the reason ppl love Trump.
"I dont know Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell but hope I can work with them." Too busy dealing with Reid & Pelosi?
Paul Ryan is a liar like many others in the they do prey on people's prejudices. How many Republican Governors want to ban Muslims?
I'm betting that the 1st act as President, Trump, will remove Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, & Mitch McConnell out of office. =)
Trump threatens Paul Ryan, says speaker will pay “big price” if he gets in his way
Paul Ryan fires a warning shot at Trump - and at his own party
He's already stated he will make deals with Pelosi and Reid, but failed to mention Paul Ryan and McConnell, wonder why?
"Paul Ryan, I'm sure I'm going to get along great with him, and if I don't, he's going to have to pay a big price. Okay?"
Hillary & Bernie have way better (total voters). GOP knows he would lose, GOP prbly drop Turmp and put in Paul Ryan (SOH)
He's listening to Trump's speech like an adult. Is he supposed to have Paul Ryan's love-struck grin at Joe Biden?
Paul Ryan's love-struck grin at Biden during VP debate.
Trump says he doesn't know Paul Ryan but will have a great relationship with him. "And if he doesn't, he'll pay a big price."…
Just to be clear, Trump will make deals with Nancy Pelosi, and Paul Ryan better go along or he'll pay a big price.
“Barack Obama doesn’t work well with Congress” . Later.. “If I don’t get along with Paul Ryan, he is going to have a big price to pay”
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Donald Trump just openly threatened Paul Ryan. Chris Christie is questioning his life choices. And everything is wonderful.
Trump is going to have his little henchman Chris Christie carry out a hit on Paul Ryan
“Paul Ryan, idk him well, but I’m sure I’m going to get along with him. If I don’t, he’s in big trouble.” Yeah, just ask Chris Christie
Paul Ryan -- look deeply into Chris Christie's eyes. Your future is there.
Amazing. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, attacks Trump for supporting the KKK despite Trumps MULTIPLE, LOUD DISAVOWALS! …
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell talk about can't support racism and bigotry then Rep Steve King, Rep Mo Brooks need to resign and others.
Lyin' Paul Ryan still desperately trying to avoid Republican implosion on the budget
And therein lies the magic of Lyin' Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan said "No room for bigotry in GOP.". Honestly, If you take the bigots out of the GOP its an empty room.
Has Paul Ryan ever called out Obama, Lynch, etc. on their racism?. Paul Ryan is scum.
Paul Ryan: "Any Republican candidate must reject bigotry unless it's against the *** but it's still OK to build a wall …
Paul Ryan: Don't vote for Trump--choose the guy who wants to force rape victims to give birth or the one who says *** ar…
Paul Ryan says the GOP nominee must "reject bigotry" and if he doesn't Paul Ryan will support him anyway
Lyin' Paul Ryan blasts Trump for stealing away support of KKK & David Duke
That is absolutely disgusting.Have Pelosi say that to Paul Ryan's face.What an awful human being she is.
Hotep! 'lying Paul Ryan' he's about to speak, "this is the party of Lincoln"... no, no, it's the party of Jefferson Davis & Nathan Bedford
MT gave Paul Ryan a new nickname, "Caveman"! Cave to the left, cave to Obama, cave to Pelosi! aka The Cav…
Paul Ryan is up for re-election against a Democrat. please vote Lyin' Ryan gone!
Good Job Mr President, You can thank Paul Ryan, McCarthy Lundt,for this" Just Kidding" People Know all about them
Gwen Ifill said on PBS that Paul Ryan was the GOP's "crunchy, granola, policy wonk" which struck me as kind of a nutty thing to say
since we're talking about Wisconsans: i went to Miami (OH) at the same time as Paul Ryan :)
I remember when we all thought got Paul Ryan was conservative and John Roberts was a great choice.
Paul Ryan doesn't have a health-care plan. The Rs have had 8 years to propose an alternative. They haven't.
Ask the same q re: Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, and Carly Fiorina, would you?
Paul Ryan: ‘We Are Making Legal Preparations if the President Tries to Break the Law’
Is it too late for Paul Ryan to run for president? Please
Yes, I would rather have Nancy Pelosi as Speaker than Paul Ryan for example. I want a Dem president that vetos repeal of ACA.
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