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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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I respect Donald Trump cause he won't completely cater to what the Republican Party wants. Paul Ryan won't endorse him yet because of that.
"The clock ticks if Ryan is to match his mentor’s example of leadership." "Kemp’s Lesson for Paul Ryan" by J Lord
Who do you like more, Jack Kemp or Paul Ryan?
Paul Ryan fights to preserve GOP's conservative influence. He deserves enormous credit for this.
Trumpism corrupts, demeans, & dishonors those who get sucked into its orbit. Please, Paul Ryan, resist! Sometimes party un…
Sheriff David Clarke blasts the Paul Ryan plan to let felons go back to rob and kill...
When gave Obama $1.1 TRILLION to fund ALL the Obama radical agenda... . Paul Ryan was "dead to me"! . Pay the cons…
Paul Ryan is looking like a bigger jerk every day what a GOP fail time to rebuild this corrupt party vote https…
Paul Ryan is the reason we want Trump! Guys like Ryan, Romney, Rove, etc. can all take a hike!
The idea the Paul Ryan or any other Jack Kemp Neo-Con represent 'limited government conservatism' is the real parody.
I will LOSE all respect for the GOP and Paul Ryan if he ends up endorsing Donald Trump.
Paul Ryan, Boehner, McConnell, & guys like Ron Johnson created Trump!! I will never forgive the GOPe!
"Paul Ryan and Donald Trump emerged from the Republican National Committee today fused together into one horrific pulsatin…
I thought I would puke when I heard David Muir refer to Trump along with Paul Ryan as 2 political heavy weights.
is Paul Ryan talking in code for someone to run independent? Remember when Hillary said "look what happened to Bobbie Kennedy".
Paul Ryan doesn't want to talk about our open borders. We will.
Donald Trump, Paul Ryan seek to heal Republican divisions: The men met at the Republican national committee o...
Paul Ryan and Donald Trump might say they're unified. But there's a bloody civil war on | Richard Wolffe The Guard…
Expect article from Trump's long time friend & publisher of National Enquirer, David *** connecting Paul Ryan to John Wilkes Booth, soon
Remember the ad by Democrats showing a Paul Ryan clone pushing grandma over a cliff?
Wow, it's that simple? Maybe discussing with Paul Ryan today?.
Prediction: Paul Ryan endorses Donald Trump today b/c strategically there's nowhere else to go except over a cliff. Power favors stability.
Tom Delay, Dennis Hassert, Paul Ryan really are on the same Sandusky team. what did you know?. https:…
What will first words be to Paul Ryan this morning?. - Get me a coffee then come sit down.
Paul Ryan's worse than his predecessors. Comes in quoting Rand, settles in with cultural Marxism.
Let's get serious! Paul Ryan ran with the very liberal Mitt Romney, former gov of Massachusetts, who invented obamacare, or the like.Really?
Traitor, Paul Ryan wants Muslims & illegals around your family, but not his🤔 https:…
:Watch Trump can't elect by himself; House representative Paul Ryan have 2 elect nominate: Constitution section 44.
Scott Walker , Paul Ryan, and Reince Priebus can't beat Trump and Palin nationwide . Walker's run for president was pathetic
"Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and Reince Priebus, all from Wisconsin, the three stooges..." ht…
Exclusive transcript of Donald Trump to Paul Ryan at tomorrow's summit
. That Marie Antoinette pic. does look a bit like Paul Ryan :D
Paul Ryan: We need a real unification; I am willing to be a part of it - Yahoo Singapore Finance via
What I think gets wrong here is missing that deep in his heart, Paul Ryan is a total fraud
Paul Ryan on Donald Trump: I Know Not the Man - Breitbart via
Gov Rick Perry boarded the Trump Train 👍🇺🇸. & Paul Ryan needs to Resign his position as Speaker of the House‼️ https:/…
Besides Collins and Hunter, other pro-Trump House Rs at mtg with Paul Ryan today: Cramer, Elmers, Desjarlais, Marino, Reed, Kelly, Barletta
The same Paul Ryan the left depicted throwing grandma over a cliff, Or were you still a Dem then?
Paul Ryan go home. Not a true representative of the people!
She used Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and Rick Perry as examples. They're all the worst examples of Republicans every
Paul Ryan should step down as RNC chairman & become head of campaign!
Maureen Dowd: Donald Trump or Paul Ryan: Who’s King of the Hill? I think that Thurs meet will go like this, too...
Paul Ryan is Catholic and Rubio still goes to mass but also attends a Baptist Church with his family...
Give me Susana Martinez, Brian Sandoval, Paul Ryan, Pat Toomey (if he wins reelection), Ben Sasse & maybe Cory Gardner to choose from.
Kristol in secrecy will vote Hillary, Mary Matalin(sez she's now Libertarian) &her husband will vote Hillary as will Paul Ryan. GOPe4Hillary
In short, the unions adapted the Paul Ryan throwing Granny off the cliff tactic (which is why Scott Walker approached it differently).
Limbaugh just compared Paul Ryan to the defeated WW2 Japanese military!
Ed Rogers is an *** The Congress led by Paul Ryan and Mitch Boy will fight Trump every day to stop the Trump agenda.
I look very much forward to meeting w/Paul Ryan & the GOP Party Leadership on Thurs in DC. Together, we will beat the…
Trump sends in Ben Carson to soften up Paul Ryan...
Paul Ryan demands we let in Muslims. Sends his kids to rich private school to get away from diversity.
Enjoy the perks Paul Ryan... It's all about to come to an end. on his bad *** bike to spoil your meal... http…
Other than give speeches, what has Paul Ryan ever accomplished? Perhaps there's something. I'm just asking.
We have entered a new era of stupidity which I didn't think was possible. Mitt Romey and Paul Ryan.
Designing this problem out of our system requires replacing Paul Ryan with as Representative.
Just like Voldemort, and Paul Ryan is no Harry Potter.
Why should Trump or any candidate be able to " ask " Paul Ryan to step dow as chair of the GOP convention ? Bias ?
Paul Ryan: I'll step down as convention chairman if Donald Trump wants
Don't listen 2 the people! There's a NEW JOB for Paul Ryan in the Administration...It's called "Speaker of…
as our Arizona representative I politely ask that you help us remove Paul Ryan from the GOP convention.
Like Sarah going after Paul Ryan. Interference can have unintended consequences.
Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has a message to Paul Ryan and the GOP establishment:
Paul Ryan is the primary sponsor of 70+ bills/amendments. Only 2 enacted into law: renaming a post office & lowering the ta…
Sarah Palin says Paul Ryan's political career is over. And she should know what a finished political career looks like.
# If anyone thought that Donald Trump would go running to Paul Ryan with his tail between his legs is in a stupor.
Paul Ryan thought we would forget about the Omnibus spending bill. We have not.
🙀🙀Paul Ryan sold shares on same day as private briefing of banking crisis
Paul Ryan's primary challenger attacks TPP, goads Ryan into an arm wrestling match. What hath Trump wrought?
Sarah Palin: I will do "whatever I can" for Paul Ryan's primary challenger
Looks like Paul Ryan needs to be reminded it's We the People who endorse Trump! must continue! https:…
Trump: Paul Ryan called me after my NY primary win. Ryan: Nope.
- Why does Paul Ryan keep telling his family history and comparing himself to great historians like Geo Washington? Hmm!
Democrats-get out the vote in Representative district 1 in WI an defeat Paul Ryan so he will loose his seat in...
Does Ryan understand we don't care what he thinks??!! Paul Ryan needs to go!
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced on Sunday she will work to defeat Paul Ryan in his Republican...
Paul Ryan should be remove period.The fact he thinks he is a king-maker& not a representative of the people is enough
Paul Ryan, smart as he oft is, mistaken in not supporting More influence in tent than outside
Paul Ryan had better take his Wisconsin primary opponent Paul Nehlen very seriously.
Congratulations Paul Nehlen on the latest poll he is beating traitor to America and Obamas puppet Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan is a failure and now we know why even WI didn't back him!
Paul Ryan looks like Aaron Rodgers evil twin brother in a Steven Seagal movie.
Donald Trump won’t rule out effort to remove Paul Ryan as convention chairman
Then you will greatly enjoy Paul Ryan's primary defeat coming up in August.
Dennis Hastert, Mark Foley, Lindsey Graham, Ben Sasse, Tom Delay, Paul Ryan are all entangled in the pedo-web
Paul Ryan citing Lincoln as a historical representative of "the principles of the party" is such cynical BS
If you mean Paul Ryan he is a Representative from Wisconsin. Did Wisconsin vote Trump?
Paul Ryan's words are worth millions in free publicity for Trump wins, Ryan loses. We the people didn't choose h…
Paul Ryan was certainly right in not approving this disgusting representative if the GOP; he will be a loaded gun just waiting to fire
Trump tells in interview airing tomorrow he was "blindsided" by Paul Ryan.
What's really behind Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell's opposite decisions about supporting Trump
Paul Ryan is just the representative from a small congressional district. And Speaker of The House that has 9% approval.
Not just a Judas Iscariot. *** Stupid2. Paul Ryan kept TRUMP on top of news cycle. Cements TRUMP asOutsider. Look Out slavemasters. We got TRUMP
Paul Ryan said that I inherited something very special, the Republican Party. Wrong, I didn't inherit it, I won it wit…
From yesterday: Texas House Speaker Joe Straus echoes Paul Ryan, suggesting he's not ready to support Trump.
No, you have it slightly wrong. Paul Ryan wrote Nikki Haley's speech, who paid a price for it…
This one's for Paul Ryan, who has dishonored himself by betraying the people.
CNN didn't call Paul Ryan, he called them in order to set up an appearance to sabotage Trump instead of just calling Trump…
Paul Ryan is a backstabber, period.
could not agree more with tucker Carlson . Paul Ryan was trying to look tough in front of his buddies . He could have called
Paul Ryan has underestimated how much we dislike him!
. like Paul Ryan. . that little *** sold his soul to the highest bidder
Trump is surprised about Paul Ryan not endorsing him? I'm not surprised that Trump is surprised that someone is sticking to…
Wisconsin please consider Paul Nehlen to replace Paul Ryan as your Representative. Don't let Ryan's GOP $ blind you. ht…
I'm not a Paul Ryan guy, but if he comes out of that Trump meeting and says he still won't support him, his street cred…
Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, all their careers are over. Mark these words. They are done. I'd put money on it.
Paul Ryan should go all Henry Higgins and sing "Rain in Spain" to selfishly mold Trump into what he thinks he should be. But he's salty.
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Yes. It is called Paul Ryan is saving the House majority by providing them with leeway to repudiate Trump.
Paul Ryan booed at Trump rally Pastor Mark Burns tells it like it is.
Paul Ryan is afraid to support Trump cos he knows it will haunt him when He runs in 2020
Paul Ryan wins, because if nobody votes, nobody gets an electoral majority and it's decided by the House.
We voted out the majority leader Eric Cantor 4 supporting illegal immigration, now we do the same 2 to Paul Ryan.
Sean Hannity lashes out at Paul Ryan: "I'm thinking maybe we need a new Speaker"
Why did Paul Ryan and Lindsey Graham speak to and not you Sean?
sure just look at Paul Ryan. Anyway Harris is really suited to be
TPA/TPP must be stopped. And that means Paul Ryan must be stopped. Support us at
Pastor Mark Burns had Paul Ryan booed at Trump rally
This is much bigger then house and senate. This about control and & $. Paul Ryan is rino betrayer.
Paul Ryan and senator McCain and McConnell meet with Mr Trump be men you can work it out. Mr Trump will be open, Mr Trump is not into
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor loses re-election bid Wake up Paul Ryan, it does happen
There is a reason why Paul Ryan. is Speaker of The House... he has the ideal plunger-lips to kiss Obama's big black ***
Just in: Texas House Speaker Joe Straus signals agreement with Paul Ryan on whether he plans to support Trump.
Paul Ryan may have a lot of power but needs to realize, for the sake of his career, that WE THE PEOPLE have spoken
Illinois Gov Rauner sent in his RSVP to the GOP convention, but checked the no box. He and Paul Ryan are saying no Trump please
Cantor loss in VA GOP primary by Tea Party-backed challenger. Paul Ryan is next
Newt Gingrich slams Paul Ryan for not endorsing Donald Trump, saying it “sends the wrong message”.
Paul Ryan took his mask off-He does NOT care about the American People & the dying middle-class-Thank U for being Our Voice
I knew I did not like Paul Ryan- I am on fire- Just another Politician-Ryan could care less about the American People! Middle class is dying
So many great endorsements yesterday, except for Paul Ryan! We must put America first and MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Yeah, but the GOP isn't mobilizing lol. Paul Ryan won't even endorse Trump. Sanders would have it much easier than Kerry did.
OMG, turning off TV; just got home from work; between Fox and Meghan and Paul Ryan, don't condescend arrogant, SNAKES ALL
US elections: Paul Ryan says he's 'just not ready' to back Donald Trump - The Indian Express
Unlike traitor Paul Ryan, Gov Rick Perry "will do everything he can do to help get elected!"
I have a newfound respect today for a few members of the GOP Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney(yikes), Lindsey Graham(yikes), Ben Sasse and Larry Logan
2016 Election just keeps getting weirder! This has got to make Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitt Romney, etc. very happy.
responding to Paul Ryan not supporting "This only reinforces the movement. Maybe I shouldn't s…
Paul Ryan knows his job and the LAW,he can be a benefit or a thorn in the side of any incoming or outgoing president!
Some would like us to forget Paul Ryan (& Ted Cruz) didn't really stand up to GWB big govt.
(1/2) Really Anderson? I really like you but you should show Jake's FULL interview with Paul Ryan. Especially Part 2...
Clearly Wisconsin has bad judgement Scott Walker is the governor, they picked Cruz, and they gave us Paul Ryan, and they voted Obama in '12!
Paul Ryan says he is “not ready” to support Trump. What does that mean for the race? AC360 begins now
Paul Ryan is just another lousy politician going back on his word. That's why we need TRUMP!.
How will we go on without Paul Ryan's approval?
It's a sorry state of affairs in the Republican Party if Paul Ryan is one of the few with 'decency'.
Paul Ryan is such a numbskull! I didn't vote for him or Romney. I don't like him as Speaker.
Tom Davis, Paul Ryan, Christine Todd Whitman, Ben Sasse, Evan Siegfried, these people are what's wrong with Republican Party! Throw them out
Paul Ryan the same as Romney full of himself, does not care what the American people want, join us or go away
Greta,Paul Ryan, passed the umnibus bill, and gave Obama, all the money Obama, wanted for immigration, Obama care and much more
Paul Ryan: "This is the party of Lincoln, of Reagan, of Jack Kemp" No love for Nixon??
Paul Ryan was booed at his OWN Catholic Church , now there's a guy who can unify, just not in his OWN life ..
are you smoking crack? Paul Ryan is a man of deep integrity and has conservative values? What do you call the blank check for Obama?
If you had May 5 in the "when will the Clinton campaign send out press releases promoting Paul Ryan and both Presidents B…
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Paul Ryan couldnt face down Joe Biden acting like a loon. He stands no chance against Trump for direction of the GOP.
And Trump swung at that curve ball pitched at him & hit 1 out of park Responing w "I'm not ready to align w Paul Ryan agenda"
Paul Ryan says he's not ready to support Trump & COVER! BUTTON UP! FIRE IN THE HOLEE!! INCOMMINGGG!
No. Paul Ryan staked his career on letting Obama get away with about whatever he wanted in that last budget.
Just realizing now that Paul Ryan looks like Gabe Lewis from The Office
I have a lot of respect for Paul Ryan. Unlike Ryan isn't compromising his values (yet).
He's just looking for an excuse I hope he is gone, along with Paul Ryan and Ben Sasse
House minority leader Nancy Pelosi leading 3 day TPP Congressional delegation in S. Am -- maybe better leading group to Paul Ryan's office?
So Ben Sasse is the new Paul Ryan, who was the new Bobby Jindal: the Serious Adult Republican
Paul Ryan tea party challenger plays the man card and demands an arm-wrestling match via
Potential VP picks for Condoleezza Rice. Marco Rubio. General James Mattis. Ben Carson. Paul Ryan (he will come around)
is there a reset button on this whole presidential campaign thingy and can Paul Ryan join?
all that does is ensure no candidate gets to 270, and Paul Ryan picks the prez.
I'm excited for this summer though. Love going to political rallies in southeast Wisconsin. Ron Johnson/Paul Ryan stops will be fun.
There are many Republicans - Paul Ryan, Nikki Haley, etc - who make me hopeful that the party can still be the things…
I'll always believe the "stop Trump" movement died the day Paul Ryan took himself out of the running in a contested conventi…
Amazing how much Bill Clinton when he was signing welfare reform sounded like Paul Ryan.
really did you know the Paul Ryan said it? I think you're going off the handle becaus it Trump.
Paul Ryan would be a good choice for the party, but that's part of the problem
"Republicans at the dinner tonight were asked 'steak or fish?', a whole bunch wrote in. Paul Ryan'
Comment from the May 9, 2016, Issue: In “Ready or Not,” Amy Davidson writes about how Paul Ryan and the ...
.When guests were asked if they wanted steak or fish, "a lot of them wrote in Paul Ryan."
Paul Ryan reveals cornerstone of Obamacare replacement plan -
Who's Paul Ryan consulting with about Medicare reform? &
On the young turks there is a clip with Paul Ryan and Bill talking bout cutting Medicare
Paul Ryan has invited India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address Congress
There they go again! Paul Ryan rolls out old GOP pitch to end protection for patients with pre-existing conditions. http…
shed LIGHT on what's coming. they will dump Cruz and install someone else like Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan doesn't care if Obama releases illegal felons into our communities. Murderers and rapists. Its his agenda too.…
Don't forget that Paul Ryan is inviting them too 300,000 Muslim visas + 200,000 Muslim refugees. https…
Little Giant Ladders
Paul Ryan has an idea for replacing Obamacare, and once you stop laughing I’ll tell you what it is via
DEADPOOL: Paul Ryan suggest death panels and essentially tells cancer patients to Die Quickly
Why is the *** traitor Paul Ryan still Speaker & why hasn't George Soros been arrested?
DEADPOOL: Paul Ryan essentially tells cancer patients to Die Quickly Ryan can't be blind, his eyes are too big
Paul Ryan thinks you should be surrounded by violent criminals, so he and Obama will release them via…
I was wrong to call poor people 'takers', Paul Ryan tells Catholic students - Catholic Herald Online
Paul Ryan has an empty soul. Going from zombie-eyed granny starver to ZE children starver. H/T Charles Pierce
Rep. Paul Ryan defends cuts to military in budget bill.
Paul Ryan wants to end Obamacare protections for people with pre-existing conditions
And then seconds after meeting her, Paul Ryan got deservedly clocked by Gwendoline Christie.
I wonder if Paul Ryan would still support insuring folks like my wife with preexisting medical conditions if they were classified as fetuses
Paul Ryan if he had run would have received such a shellacking that he would have cause for aggravated battery
Paul Ryan & Rep Sean Duffy r all about family values?
Paul Ryan: You are an Elite fortune hunter trying snow us with your speech. We are not stupid anymore we are width awake now.
Paul Ryan, *** Cheney, Jack Kemp, and George Herbert Walker Bush never served as senator or governor of a state.
Paul Ryan is a trader to the constitution conservative people. Trump will clean house when he president. YOUR FIRED
Paul Ryan: "Our candidate should be somebody who ran for president."
UPDATE: Paul Ryan - not running for president but wants positive agenda - has made his second stop in the restroom this morning.
Paul Ryan in this presidential election is just like Admiral Thrawn- not canon! . My followers: what a reference lets make this man president
Paul Ryan, Speaker of US House of Reps: 'We will support our relationship with Britain regardless of what they do.' ht…
RNC communications director on Paul Ryan's advice for GOP: Sean Spicer lays out the RNC's goals
Or the reverse, how Trump might go mainstream/conservative with v.p. pick, choosing Christie, Duncan Hunter, Paul Ryan, etc.
Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan to listen to the latest Corporate Banking updates to hire only top 1% ProMathUSA
omfg, in our little Cruz/Kasich-Game of Thrones thing, I just realized that Paul Ryan is Jon Snow.
God must be very angry w/me to give me Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul and Paul Ryan plus Obama-Biden-Clinton-Kerry.
How about John McCain or Mitt Romney? Or even Paul Ryan?. Lets f**k all the voters who flocked to the primaries...
I like either Paul Ryan or Chris Christie, since they have LOTS of "experience" in a myriad of Governmental fields!!
All Charles Koch is doing is making sure the GOP picks one of his pets in Cleveland. . "Paul Ryan want a cookie? Here Paul! *Kis…
Charles Koch and his wife gave Paul Ryan a total of $488,400 in March alone.
I'm excited to see what the future holds for Ben Sasse. And I like the comparisons to Paul Ryan.
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And we thought John Boehner was the worst Republican Speaker of the House! Then comes Paul Ryan to become the worst GOP Speaker ever !
Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan can find the USA moneys being wrongfully sent to communist country trying to take over OIL, USA!
Congressman Walter Jones to speak to Rep. Paul Ryan about USMC and American Express audits to spouses via oil exchange; anti
Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan to lead in the International Law Suit Against Anti American Nam Females over 60!
I do not trust Paul Ryan anymore than I trusted John Boener when he was in office... Ryan has never impressed me at all.
Then there's video of Bill & Paul Ryan talking Medicare cuts at Pete Peterson event
WATCH: Bill Clinton & Paul Ryan caught on camera talking about cuts to Medicare at Pete Peterson Foundation event .
Paul Ryan: I'm no John Boehner Well you spell your name differently but other than that.RINO
Paul Ryan may be a better leader than John Boehner, but that isn't saying much... and how much better is debatable.
Who asks if Paul Ryan were the Candidate? LOL I dunno way to much I could pick a part so
Paul Ryan: ‘We Won’t Have a Government Shutdown’ - In a portion of an interview with Manu Raju that aired on CN...
If RNC wants someone to blame for anti-GOP in this election, go here: Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Paul Ryan, Graham, other…
This was the plan from the beginning, Priebus & Paul Ryan planned this action. They can nominate anyone they want.
Trent Partridge Paul Ryan: I do a better job than Boehner - Rep. Paul Ryan talks to CNN's Manu Raju about his e...
"We won't have a government shutdown." mkraju's interview with Paul Ryan:
"We won't have a government shutdown." interview with Paul Ryan:
Paul Ryan: Adopt! Don't shop, an end to Puppy Mills. - Sign the Petition! via
Good read 2nd to last para summarizes. Paul Ryan's plan doesnt address pre-ex acc to Ins Cos.
I wonder when the Paul Ryan ad will come out.
Manu Raju only has one tie? Gotta change the tie up from Paul Ryan interview to tonight. ;)
4 years of Paul Ryan presidency sees the death of Social Security and Democratic Party, 4 years of Clinton only destroys SS. I prefer Ryan.
It's gonna be either him or Paul Ryan. Cruz and Kasich may as well call it quits
Election 2016 - The Nail in the Coffin of Paul Ryan “saving” the party.
VOTERS THINK ERIC CANTOR. Paul Ryan needs to be next!
Best way to embarrass GOP is to primary their rat Paul Ryan just like we primaried their toad Eric Cantor.
Whispers of Paul Ryan 'leadership failures' getting louder... via
Whispers of Paul Ryan 'leadership failures' getting louder...
Whispers of Paul Ryan 'leadership failures' getting louder
It's the one week anniversary of Paul Ryan declaring that he's still not a candidate for President.
Paul Ryan is like John Edwards... he awkwardly plays politician like he's in an 8th grade play but never lands it.
All purpose parts banner
Koch brothers esp. David wanted to help Paul Ryan run for President 2012 His comment: Can't they just pick me for VP? Jane Mayer
NO Muslim *** Obama didn't do John Boehner & Paul Ryan & rest of GOP RINO'S did it they gave our USA away 2 OB the SOB'S
Mark Levin *** , the guy wanted to blow Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan for most of this decade .
Paul Ryan fan girl Tomi hopes he will run for president in the future.
A remake of "Falling Down" but about Paul Ryan's budget proposal. Starring Ken Marino. Soundtrack by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.
Nancy Pelosi and Paul Ryan say they can work out the kinks over a Puerto Rico debt bill
On the heels of Paul Ryan, Chris Christie announces that he too will NOT accept the nomination if chosen at the convention.
I judge the *** out of recent news stories that use images of Paul Ryan with the beard because I'm a deeply troubled, pedan…
"More proof of why Paul Ryan is the handmaiden for O's policies.
Paul Ryan gives Obama & cronies all. Ryan unfairly attacks Trump. Ryan not fit as speaker or as prez.
There's a Republican and Democratic Primary in the 1st Congressional District, aka Paul Ryan's seat on August 9th. Kenosha/Racine that's us.
Hi I'm Paul Ryan. I'm gonna be the next Republican nominee for President!
Republican little darling Paul Ryan cannot deliver. He fails to pass the budget. "While Democrats have done all...
Republican Party is filled these Neocons like Paul Ryan. Seems a lot of $$$ to be made in Immigration.
I believe Paul Ryan has never met a Republican.
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Is the Republican Party Too Cowardly to Stop Trump?: Paul Ryan has taken his name out of the mix, proving the GOP isn’t serious about derai…
Having received as many delegates as Paul Ryan, I also will not accept the Republican nomination for president.
Paul Ryan to win the Republican Nomination +6500 is intriguing. Might be the perfect buy-low play. Yes, I'm well aware of what he said...
had enough of Paul Ryan, Steve House, McCain, Boehner, Graham, Priebus, & all the Establishment GOP!
Paul Ryan returns from Middle East, where he got an earful about article.
= Leave It to Beaver. Cruz as Eddie Haskell around the parents, Trump as real Eddie, Kasich as Wally, and Paul Ryan as the Beaver.
.Ann, what if Citizens of Wis were not allowed to vote in Primary? What would Paul Ryan and Gov Walker be saying?
With or without Paul Ryan, a "savior" candidate emerging from the convention is unlikely. My take with http…
GREAT NEWS! Businessman Paul Nehlen is running against Paul Ryan in Wisconsin!
We need2 replace those who have fought Trump all the way & would like2 replace Trump with someone like Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan has challenger for congressional seat.
Notice how much effort NPR is investing into elevating the profile of Paul Ryan, the Koch's chosen stooge. Fund raising time?
Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett is our coach of the future today. Paul Ryan: I've no intentions of running or do I want to be the nominee today.
When I hear like Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan & others talk about SSI as and entitlement I want to scream!
If you're one for acid tests, here's a decent one: If they fell for David Brooks, Peter Peterson and Paul Ryan deep skepticism is warranted.
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House Speaker Paul Ryan says he doesn’t want to be president: Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., calls a news conference Ryan…
Paul Ryan rules out a 2016 candidacy for president: James Rosen reports
Paul Ryan says he will not seek the GOP nomination. Also, if asked, he will not break up fights between Nicholas Cage and Vince Neil.
Life is what happens in between Paul Ryan's denials that he wants an office
So I hope is already reporting out the maneuvering to replace Paul Ryan as speaker once he's elected President
Paul Ryan won't be President. Not b/c he doesn't want to, but because America will never elect an ugly President.
Is it really "Breaking News" that Paul Ryan, who has repeatedly said he's not running for President, announces it again?
Paul Ryan to announce -- again -- he does not want to be the GOP nominee - Los Angeles Times…
Really curious to see if Paul Ryan is willing to make a one term pledge as president
Former budget chairman Paul Ryan is likely to miss the budget deadline via
19 times - including today! - Paul Ryan has said he isn't running for president
People 2 things for today. Delegate majority is how you win either party's nomination. Paul Ryan is not running. https:…
You have to remember: Paul Ryan already has his dream job. (He operates the Janesville Jets's Zamboni on the weekends.)
Soulless GOP shill Paul Ryan will defeat radical Islam by stronger ties with most hated entities in Islamic world Israel, S…
Paul Ryan could still take the GOP nomination after a temporal anomaly causes a duplicate version of himself to appear i…
Suffice it to say I'm a fan of Paul Ryan but not of this obsession with turning him into the messiah of the moment, every…
Paul Ryan won't rule out being a drive-time DJ in Spokane. What else is he hiding?
"I am not going to be the nominee. I don't want to be the nominee," Paul Ryan says, continuing that nominee should be someon…
I liked a video DML Unfiltered | Amy Holmes discusses the likelihood of Paul Ryan running for
WATCH “Prom King” Paul Ryan is attempting to crown himself GOP Savior:. .
As much as I ❤️ Bakersfield cardio & not being able to breathe, I do miss running down C St. and seeing Kevin McCarthy & Paul Ryan stroll by
I doubt Paul Ryan thinks he'll be the nominee, but he probably wants to keep the option open if it is open.
Cali's jack-wagon Lt. Gov. like Paul Ryan, knows better than you how to live in Liberty via…
Remember...Cruz wrote editorials supporting TPP with his pal Paul Ryan...Better than Hill, but he's still not on your side!
Have I mentioned lately that I will never vote for Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, or anyone the Republican Party puts forth... h…
Paul Ryan takes on Ted Cruz and Donald Trump for the future of the Republican Party
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