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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Paul Ryan stares down a GOP revolt in his back yard: The House speaker’s opponents have brought the a...
I see working hard everyday for the House Speaker position. Where's Paul Ryan's Campaignin…
TRUMP ENDORSES RYAN on stage in Green Bay just now: "I support and endorse our speaker of the House, Paul Ryan"
it's easier to oust Paul Ryan from his Speaker of the House position than to oust him from representing his state -
Donald Trump: "I support and endorse our Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan"
Paul Ryan doesn't rule out withdrawing Trump endorsement
Paul Ryan= sanctuary cities, executive amnesty, refugee resettlement!!! Not good for America!!
Remember the Young Guns. Don't feel bad for Paul Ryan one bit.
Paul Ryan claims Senate democrats derailed Zika bill, but he's leaving something out:
did I hear John Roberts say that Paul Ryan never wavered in his endorsement of Trump?
-executive amnesty, and President Obama’s refugee resettlement operation. Paul Ryan also busted the budget caps and pushed
Except on Paul Ryan, McCain... But I guess you have the anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, anti-women's rights stuff to share
Paul Ryan's primary challenger - whom Trump has spoke well about: .
Once we have Paul Ryan & John McCain FIRED this month, GOP establishment will cowar to
Just to be clear my father would support Paul Ryan and John McCain for reelection
Trump's election chief says after next week he'll be supporting Paul Ryan for PRESIDENT .
Paul Manafort just let it slip, he supports Paul Ryan for president. Freudian slip? Moments ago on MSNBC.
Manafort slipped this morning when he said he would support Paul Ryan for president?or did he?
Paul Manafort admits "conflict" in Donald Trump's camp over Paul Ryan endorsement
Manafort: "Conflict" in campaign over Trump's hesitation to endorse Paul Ryan:
RNC chairman Reince Priebus is said to be livid over Donald Trump's refusal to endorse Paul Ryan
Donald Trump is Charlie . Dennis is Reince Priebus. D is Paul Ryan. The van is the GOP
There's no way that Paul Ryan isn't going into that voting booth and checking Hillary's name.
Pence breaks with Trump and endorses Paul Ryan. "I believe we need Paul Ryan in leadership."
Paul Ryan: We're in fight to 'retake the soul' of the Republican Party
Paul Nehlen running against Paul Ryan has against him the media, the state Republican Party & millions of dollars (brib…
.reports on endorsement - Conservative Icon Schlafly: Get Rid of Paul Ryan!
Woo hoo Doug Reyes will vote for Paul Ryan for Pres. So 1 vote for Paul Ryan. Where does he think that's going? Vote Hillary!!!
NEW: Trump's running mate, Gov. Pence, endorses Paul Ryan on Fox for upcoming primary one day after Trump refused to
Alana Wise and Jeff Mason: "Donald Trump declines to endorse Paul Ryan and John McCain
Trump's running mate endorses Paul Ryan less than 24 hours after Trump refused to. Inevitable:.
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Not only endorses...but "strongly" endorses Paul Ryan.."Mr Amnesty" best friends with jorge' Ramos...I see.
Paul Ryan has “never worked as hard for Wisconsin or American workers as he has for his corporate donors.” VOTE OUT! https…
please remind people, Paul Ryan gave Obama the money to destroy the country and bashed people who objected
From ->Mike Pence 'strongly' endorses Paul Ryan, as Trump refuses to do the same
Paul Ryan & all Republicans who are honorable people should grow a spine like Whitman. Paul Ryan's Long Hot Summer https…
I'm no big fan of Paul Ryan,but this guy Paul Nehlen is as Bat Crazy as Trump is !!
This was just sent out by Paul Ryan's primary opponent Paul Nehlen. Nehlen was repeatedly praised by Trump today.
Donald Trump will not endorse Paul Ryan as Republican splits widen
Trump won't endorse Paul Ryan, echoing Ryan's own "not there" words
Sick: Paul Ryan to Blame for Importing TB 2 Wisconsin After 40% Increase in 2015 as Muslims Infect America
New poll says Paul Ryan is losing in his reelection bid in Wisconsin.
It will be kind of terrible if, after all of the hate and vitriol, "Trump refused to endorse Paul Ryan" is the reason fo…
This because Paul Ryan represents Wall Street and globalists, not workers here in
Totally fine with racist attacks on Gold Star families, but don't you dare attack Paul Ryan. Great job
The Paul Nehlen / Paul Ryan vote next week will be an IQ test for CD1
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That's what Trump wants us to believe. I choose to believe Paul Ryan. heh
I will celebrate when Wisconsin voters "Eric Cantor" Paul Ryan. Time 2 teach RINOs lesson. Send him packing!.
Trump isn't sure about endorsing Paul Ryan or John McCain, but is very sure about endorsing Vladimir Putin. Nice work. GOP,…
Trump refuses to endorse Paul Ryan in GOP primary: ‘I’m just not quite there yet’
Donald Trump ignites new tensions in gop with jab at paul ryan
Paul Ryan, handing you the spoiled milk: "ugh, this is awful and will probably make you sick. We should still drink it, though."
Sounds an awful lot like Paul Ryan's endorsement of Trump...vague support and an offer to help "get things done."
Paul Ryan should resign. He has done very little since taking that seat. Time to vote for the Chief Justice.
Ryan and McCain had a chance to disavow him. Now they’re going to look a little petty if they change th…
Paul Ryan’s plan to get Trump’s endorsement has blown up so spectacularly that Dwayne Johnson is walking away from it in slow m…
Welp, looks like Donald Trump won't be backing Paul Ryan or John McCain. Where's my bag of popcorn? 😂🍿
Challenger Paul Nehlen Calls Paul Ryan ‘a soulless globalist from the Democrat wing of the Uni-Party." Not bad!
There you have it. Paul Ryan choking to death on the stench of Trump's demonic orange taint. Bet you're missing those "prin…
Paul Ryan is so disgusted with Trump's treatment of a Gold Star family that he endorsed him again twice today.
If Paul Ryan is reelected he will push TPP thru and Amnesty with Obama in lame duck session. Ryan is no conservative https:…
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Paul Ryan: "Of course I will kneel before Zod, but I certainly won't make eye contact when I do. I have principles."
Getting ready to go on CNN filming 1 block from Paul Ryan's mansion.
Donald Trump completes total humiliation of Paul Ryan by refusing to endorse him:
Paul Ryan's Ex Girlfriend spent 5 months in prison for defrauding her employer of ... August 9,…
Paul Ryan just discovered that Donald Trump is not a gentle and reciprocating lover
Paul Ryan opponent at heart of proxy fight between Trump and GOP
Paul Ryan accepted hush money from convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert. Paul Ryan covers up for pedophiles! .
Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, and John McCain continue to endorse Trump despite his refusal to endorse them. Hilarious!
Why won't Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz & the RINO's support Trump & actual want Hillary? They think in 2020 they will win for th…
Paul Ryan just saw Suicide Squad, was disgusted by it, says its values are not his values. urges everyone to see it this…
Paul Ryan supports open borders, the TPP,& bringing unvetted refugees here by the thousands. He's the speaker for the wro…
Full transcript of Donald Trump’s interview in which he refused to support Paul Ryan and John McCain
Can I claim legal insanity and will Paul Ryan still support me? .
“Paul Ryan was grown in a petri dish in D.C. He is absolutely an open borders guy, through and through.”.
Paul Nehlen is beating Paul Ryan in Wisconsin - New Poll
Bonus: In case you doubted Trump knew exactly what he was doing re: Paul Ryan, check out the transcript
Everything Paul Ryan does is based on the desires of the lobbyists who built him his very own brick wall. http…
Paul Ryan has denounced Trump's derogatory words and policies, but he's still endorsing him: http…
Democrats say: But will he vote reliably Dem? Paul Ryan GOPs say: But will he provide our donors with cheap labor? https:/…
Arrogant Paul Ryan thinks he's Babe Ruth -- calls his win a week in advance of voting -- Wisconsin shock America & vote o…
Ryan made big deal of not endorsing Trump, damaging at time. Trump gives it back in Ryan's own words. Surprise? No.
Trump has tonight declined to endorse Paul Ryan or John McCain. That's their reward for foolishly backing him. They both nee…
Paul Ryan is a failed Speaker--we never even wanted him. you are our BEST chance to unload him on 8/9. Vote Pa…
How dignified are you feeling right about now, Paul Ryan?
Trump is now openly taunting Paul Ryan to unendorse him:.
Paul Ryan is worried that Teddy Roosevelt Republicans could make a comeback
Craig Gilbert: Our look at Paul Ryan's GOP primary race, with latest on non-endorsement by Trump, from Mary Spicuzza
Paul Ryan and John McCain are suckas to have given this con-man their endorsement without getting his in return. 🤔 http…
BREAKING: Trump refuses to support Paul Ryan, John McCain in upcoming GOP primaries in WaPo interview
btw people like you, Glenn Beck, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Lindsey Graham, Erik Erikson, and Romney are Judas Goats!
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Paul Ryan with his million dollar home with a wall around it wants Obama's TPP & open borders. Let's show him how it feels…
Paul Nehlen for Congress. Bye bye Paul Ryan, shill for the Crony Class.
Paul Ryan stole this money from seniors to give to illegal aliens vote him out Aug 9 vote Nehlen
we need Nehlen to win! Globalist warmonger Paul Ryan has got to go!!!
It is with great pride I endorse Paul Nehlen for US Congress. Paul Ryan = Crony Class. Bye bye.
Wisconsin! America does not need traitor Paul Ryan. We DO want Paul Nehlen, Make it happen please.
Wisconsin please stand with Paul Nehlen, he needs your help against Paul Ryan, who supreme establishment
Just to underline it, what we saw just now was Trump giving a shoutout to Paul Ryan's primary opponent one week before the…
Reince Priebus Scott Walker and Paul Ryan are all members of the good old boy insider club htt…
Paul Ryan must get beat. He is the Modern Benedict Arnold. Ryan must go.
Paul Ryan... the best that money can buy
Paul Ryan is to the Trump Revolution as Benedict Arnold was to the American Revolution. Time for TRUMP.
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell defend the Khans amid Trump remarks | Getty
NEW: Paul Ryan statement on the Khans: "His sacrifice—and that of Khizr & Ghazala Khan—should always be honored." https:/…
Benedict Arnold swore he was justified, Cruz & Kasich & Paul Ryan swear they are justified. Sadly, enemy within.
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Paul Ryan & the Koch brothers are bosom buddies. They both love Open Borders.
Paul Ryan is a person who betrayed his principles, whereas Marco Rubio never had any principles.
One of the least cute things about 2016 is Paul Ryan trying so hard to wash his hands of moral responsibility for Trump while b…
Paul Ryan's statements are like jazz. The condemnation of Trump is in the notes he doesn't play.
Paul Ryan says Kahn's sacrifice should be honored, which seems impossible to do while supporting Trump's candidacy. https:…
Paul Ryan is a quisling: a person who betrays his or her own country by aiding an invading enemy, often serving later in a puppet government
Paul Ryan is becoming a real quisling.
These must be painful days for Paul Ryan, because he knows what he must do, but he can't yet bring himself to do it.
Paul Ryan sold shares on same day as private briefing of banking crisis
Watch the Khans on rightfully calling out Mitch McConnell & Paul Ryan for failing to repudiate Trump. https…
How Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan could work together How about instead, we on Aug 9 &…
Paul Ryan is the MOST Open-Border, Pro-Wall Street, Anti-Worker, Member of Congress in Either Party!. https…
Khizr Khan calls on both Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to repudiate Donald Trump. This is a must-watch.
Khizr Khan on right now just tearing the bark off of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan
Watch: asks Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to repudiate Trump. Tune in to for the interview
Will be on Fox Business tonight with discussing the growing movement here to term limit Paul Ryan on August 9. Tune…
Just like Paul Ryan & BO mass Terror shows no signs of stopping Merkel summer madness https…
Speaking of Joe Biden, let's not forget how thirsty Paul Ryan is... for amnesty.
Paul Ryan another one portraying to be conservative he's a democrat just like his wife Jenna
Jenna was a democrat lobbyist b4 she married Paul Ryan .. Jenna family Billionaires
Never been a more important election for the working poor. Millions will lose Medicaid expansion as fast as Paul Ryan can make…
Paul Ryan is a democrat and he's funding Hillary just like his wife...
Paul Ryan's family is safe and secure. Shouldn't yours be too?
Paul Ryan & Mike Pence will have a tough time justifying Trump's Russia remarks:
McAuliffe: Clinton would flip-flop on TPP. And she'll get no resistance from Paul Ryan. VOTE NEHL…
I feel like Paul Ryan wakes up every morning now wanting to run away from work and do crossfit in seclusion until November
Paul Ryan on Trump cleanup duty again: Russia is a “menace” led by a “thug” who should “stay out” of the election
Trump asks Russia to hack Hillary. Paul Ryan responds by insulting Russia. These men claim to be leaders.
Perhaps someone could ask Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio for comment on their nominee today.
Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton will open up South,Central America Syrians .whatever to come into USA ,Wisconsin already TB Capital
Bill Clinton and Paul Ryan video, Bill Clinton praises Ryan budget for Medicare cuts https:/…
Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary & Dems & Rinos like Paul Ryan want more Muslim refugees imported into the United States…
Great meeting with Paul Ryan! He promised to support my campaign if I stopped calling him "Adult Eddie Munster"
Nancy Pelosi is going to have a prezi of her burning Paul Ryan pictures to Taylor Swift's "picture to burn"
Paul Ryan has failed us. Replace him with Nehlen.
"Hi, mom and dad!", Paul Ryan waves from stage to Eddie Munster and a tube sock filled with cottage cheese.
Here comes adult Eddie Munster, I mean Paul Ryan, with his spineless ***
I bet Paul Ryan gave him the Eddie Munster/ Dirty Sanchez *** special to get Peter Theil to speak at the RNC
what new budget Paul Ryan budget?that will never see the light of day
Democrats' diverse interns respond to Paul Ryan's the RNC in panoramic view is white
Paul Ryan is Eddie Munster, although it's faded some w/aging & haircut change a couple of years ago. Striking resemblance then.
My post on Chris Christie, Tom Cotton, and Paul Ryan, and how they could have stopped Trump, but didn't:
Rep Sean Duffy write bill 2 take over then is appointed 2 the Task Force by Paul Ryan
Patriots, sickened by Paul Ryan's late and insincere support for Trump? Then its payback time! Please donate to Paul Nehl…
Paul Ryan was freaked out after a conversation with Peter Thiel about dismantling government
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Paul Ryan continues his epic struggle with sports analogies
Paul Ryan on Mike Pence: "This man is a Reagan conservative through and through"
Mike Pence's hair is so white it just got an internship with Paul Ryan.
He does not have to. Joe Walsh you do not embrace the Republican speaker of the house, Paul Ryan. Different opinion
Still think Paul Ryan should run for Presidency
Remember the face John Elway would make when Tim Tebow led comeback wins for Denver? That's Paul Ryan when he supports the Trump ticket.
Paul Ryan is "proud" of all of these people. Mike Pence is going to be the most hateful speech of the night. Buckle up.
only if he's talking about Paul Ryan tho
"We forget the importance of cowards. Every Trump needs his Ryan." on Paul Ryan in via
Paul Ryan is Ted Bundy. Shut up and get in the Volkswagen... you know what comes next...
The Democratic party just showed Paul Ryan what a diverse intern group looks like:
Its official Mike Wallace-Karl Rove-Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan. TRUMP WON. Get out of the way.
“It still comes down to a contest of ideas,” Paul Ryan says. About that:
. How can Paul Ryan call for unity when he and his wife support Hillary Clinton--
"Let's take our fight to our opponents with better ideas," Paul Ryan says, apparently unaware that the GOP nominated Don…
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This is a very solid policy speech by Paul Ryan. But very brief mentions of Donald Trump and Mike Pence
Anyone else noticed the similarity of Paul Ryan's nomination speech and this? . via
May the audio-enhanced bang of Paul Ryan's gavel signal the end of the Republican Party as we know it. GOP-R.I.P.
Latest: Paul Ryan confirms Donald Trump and Mike Pence as GOP presidential ticket
Paul Ryan tonight: "Only with Donald Trump and Mike Pence do we have a chance at a better way."
Paul Ryan: Next time there's a address, you'll find me w/ Donald Trump and Mike Pence
Paul Ryan has a face of a guy who is seriously considering abandoning his life, hopping on a jet to Hawaii, and opening a juice stand.
I have to say, Tiffany Trump spoke very well! Great job. On the other hand Chris Christi not impressed what about the economy, Paul Ryan ok
If you're non-white, or a woman, or not a Christian, or *** or trans, or disabled, Paul Ryan hasn't left you a place at the GOP table.
Paul Ryan: Everyone is equal. I want to take Medicare from all of you!
Paul Ryan: What this election needs is more "respect and empathy.". Chris Christie, 30 minutes later: PUT THE OPPOSITION LEA…
A really lovely passage from Paul Ryan's speech.
Paul Ryan: Everyone is equal *. * Exceptions and conditions apply. See party platform for details.
Paul Ryan now blaming the Dems for dividing America based on race, like is this freaking Twilight Zone?!
Paul Ryan now complaining about political parties that play one group off against another. Did he watch any of the speeches…
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Unfortunately for Paul Ryan, his speech is way too policy driven for this group. If it can't fit on a hat.. tl;dr
Paul Ryan looks like a cross between Frank Burns and Eddie Munster.
Paul Ryan--- 2016 is the year we, as a country, and
Paul Ryan is speaking. Irene Ryan would be more electrifying.
Paul Ryan announcing "Donald Day Trump" as nominee has finally lifted the curtain on the most incredible Daniel Day Lewis…
Paul Ryan: Donald Trump "has been selected as the Republican Party nominee"
Paul Ryan giving way to Jeff Sessions is a pretty good summation of what's happened this year in Republican politics.
is that Paul Ryan previously worked for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, PA.
Paul Ryan, avoiding mentioning the word "Oklahoma" in front of Texans, refers to his wife growing up on "the north side of Lake Texoma."
Power Corrupts and seems to give some Amnesia???
That's the point. Look what happened to Paul Ryan. Jeb Bush could be nominee, they'd still call GOP "Nazis." Right has to break…
Paul Ryan is talking to the head of the GOP like Choirboy did Jimmy in The Five Heartbeats "I know all his parts"
Paul Ryan's more dangerous, much worse than Boehner/McConnell combined!. made a mistake!1st out is RYAN! https…
Important to adjust the white balance in your selfie camera :)
Paul Ryan supports wrong football team at GOP Convention: Paul Ryan's not-so-great week continues in… fonte:Mashable
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Correction: this is not Ryan w/convention goers. It's worse. These are Congressional interns.
.wants to pick Supreme Court Justices when he can't even hire a legitimate speech writer.
"Paul Ryan's overwhelmingly white selfie says a lot about America"
Paul Ryan's photo wasn't totally white... I spotted a few brown faces... Can you see any more?.
Paul Ryan and the selfie with Capitol Hill interns: The of the is show business.
I liked a video from Paul Ryan's Selfie With Interns Goes Viral
5. -Trump's ghost writer on Art of the Deal claims the book is nonsense and that Trump is a sociopath. -Paul Ryan insults the nominee.
A Paul Ryan selfie from the Republican Convention. Looks just like America!
Melina gives new meaning to Paul Ryan's quip about her husband: "You can't makes this up." Indeed she didn't.
this photo is like the grandparents of Paul Ryan's photo
Dear Wisconsin, Paul Ryan wants to let hundreds of thousands of these guy into USA. or build bunker. https:/…
TIME: "Is Ryan really in trouble? He’s in trouble enough to be running television ads..."
Remember the lily-white group of GOP interns with Paul Ryan? Meet the 2016 DNC interns. https:…
"Though he isn’t yet facing the outright rebellion Boehner once did, Ryan’s record as Speaker has been spotty."
Paul Ryan's 'white' selfie with interns shows lack of diversity in Washington
Breast Cancer Awareness
Paul Ryan criticized over selfie with interns Via News Break:
Paul Ryan took the whitest picture of all time with his GOP interns
nbc15_madison: Paul Ryan outraises longshot opponent 10-to-1.
Paul Ryan outraises longshot opponent 10-to-1
Paul Ryan outraises longshot opponent 10-to-1.
The just showed Paul Ryan what a diverse intern class looks like:
yeah. That's why Paul Ryan's photo is so telling. You can't convince me not a single POC applied to
You know that pic of the 99% white RNC interns that Paul Ryan sent out? Get a load of the 2016 DNC interns
In Cleveland, Paul Ryan returns to roots of his anti-poverty agenda
Man. Even the selfie taken by a HOCKEY player with HOCKEY FANS has noticeably more minorities in it than Paul Ryan's
Paul Ryan highlights 'A Better Way' agenda in convention speech to Wisconsin delegation
People are calling out Paul Ryan for this selfie with Capitol Hill interns - by Andrea Romano
. WHAT A FLAKE. He is going to join Paul Ryan . In the Unemployment line. .
Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, posted this selfie with all of his interns. This must be how he sees diversity.
Just look at the diversity in this Paul Ryan selfie!
Yes. Paul Ryan is speaker of the House.. That's what's wrong with the picture.
The Speaker of the House should get a new title, Speaker of the Muslims. Paul Ryan ***
The United States is on fire and this retarded mofo, Paul Ryan, is taking mega selfies? WIS, vote for .
Remember, it was the House Freedom Caucus that forced Paul Ryan upon America.
House speaker Paul Ryan speaking up for cops but stay quiet for un arm black men killed all around the country
Paul Ryan posts a selfie... Just look at this pic. Speaks volumes 'speaker of 'all' the ppl's house, not Whites only
Paul Ryan sees nothing strange about this photo
Paul Ryan on Black Lives Matter: We need to be respectful of different views https:/…
Speaker of the House hope to see you John, Paul Ryan and all my fellow Republicans in the House of Representatives October with the NRCC
Paul Ryan is a liar. He fully funded President Obama’s open borders agenda. Step down as Speaker of the House.
Boehner not speaker of the house it's Paul Ryan
in my opinion as long as Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House things will never change
That's because Paul Ryan is a GOP-DNC UniParty hack who is trying to get you elected. Duh.
ignore me if you want, but people said the same about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, which was an insane thing to say.
Fences don't work. Walls do. Just ask the Pope, Paul Ryan & Mark Zuckerberg. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Paul Ryan with South Dakota staffers & others in DC
How upset are you right now that Trump chose a Jack Kemp - Paul Ryan in Mike Pence to be his running mate? I love it.
Paul Ryan is nothing but a prostitute for donors! Capitol Hill has become Brokeback Mountain for him & his cronies!
John Boehner's "No decisions have been made on a CR" = Paul Ryan's "First of all, I don't want to give up on the appropriations process."
Paul Ryan was asked how he could support ‘openly racist’ Trump. His answer was disturbing. https…
Sorry CNN, but whenever I hear the words "Paul Ryan," I can only think of THIS -->.
He tried that with a judge that was on his case and Paul Ryan called it racism. How is that not PC?
"Based on his Congressional voting record, [Paul Ryan is] roughly as conservative as Representative Michele Bachmann." - Nate Silver
She squirms so hard to make sure she doesn't help cut an attack ad against Hillary. Take some notes, Paul Ryan!
Paul Ryan: Donald Trump's judge comment is "the textbook definition of a racist comment"
how about Paul Ryan pass a bill that NO politicitan ought to use personal email. PERIOD.
Just finished a press conference in front of the border fence protecting Paul Ryan's mansion.
Next week: David Cameron taking a long drag on a cigarette as he and John Boehner share cocktails and laugh at Paul Ryan and Theresa May.
You may also want to check Paul Ryan and Scott Walker ideas on those subjects.especially Walker
Paul Ryan says decision not to prosecute Hillary 'defies explanation'
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5 takeaways from Paul Ryan's CNN town hall...
For the 1st time in our history Barack Obama signed bill from Paul Ryan cutting Medicare Fire Ryan
People say Newt Gingrich is a stupid person's idea of a smart person. The same can be said about Paul Ryan.
Sickens me to hear Paul Ryan criticize Dodd-Frank. Republicans act so clueless about banks taking on unprecedented levels of risk.
I can't help it. Every time I see Paul Ryan, all I see is Jack Twist from Brokeback Mountain 😄
You're assuming Paul Ryan is welcome in the White House ;p Nah it was a Pidgeot called Freedom last I checked
Paul Ryan wants to fix gun violence, proposes no solutions
Just like John Boehner before him, Paul Ryan never stood a chance!
Paul Ryan is probably as bad of a leader as John Boehner.
Paul Ryan strikes deal with Donald Trump to speak at Republican National Convention
Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan must certainly be standing tall for the NRA here, yes?
It's official: Paul Ryan will speak at GOP convention
The director of national intelligence said Monday that he did 'not intend to withhold…
Director of National Intelligence tells Speaker Ryan that he is a clueless, partisan loser (using different words). https:/…
Great News! We'll only have to Endure Paul Ryan For 10 minutes at the GOP Convention.
🔥'Vote for is a Vote For Amnesty' Luis Gutierrez Endorsed him. better & . https…
Paul Ryan: "every Republican and every Democrat wants to see less gun violence" – so what’s stopping Rs from passing comm…
Paul Ryan on the FBI decision not to recommend charges for Clinton: "Defies explanation." http…
GOPers to punt gun bill. Paul Ryan is a spineless black-hearted *** Keep defying the will of the ppl .
Paul Ryan is TANKING in the polls. Let's rally and make sure voters on August 9!
still no updates from paul ryan's wife... she wont answer the phone to confirm whether or not paul has 'taken care of business' YET
The most overrated intellect in Washington
If ppl of Wisc CD1 do us the huge favor of replacing Bad Paul with Good Paul, Q is which Party will Ryan lobby for?
JUST IN: Paul Ryan furious Director of National Intelligence sided with Hillary Clinton
Paul Ryan needs to find a new job. Maybe NRA is hiring
Dobbs: Paul Ryan is an embarrassment to the GOP
Me and Paul Ryan had the best day. Got ice cream. Best ice cream. Balloons. Best balloons. Talked about genocide. Best gen…
Not surprised this BS was denied. Loser Paul Ryan needs to go! https…
Paul Ryan wants Hillary gone so he can pass his version of Contract to kill America!!!
we can not afford Paul Ryan's Politically Correct Agenda any longer 👉 It's time to elect NOW!! https:…
DNI James Clapper denies Paul Ryan request to block Clinton from classified intel briefings
DNI Clapper denies Ryan's request to block Clinton from receiving intelligence briefings
Ryan's request to block Clinton from intelligence briefings is denied
18 years is too long. Paul Ryan needs to be term limited on August 9th. let's make it happen!
Does Donald Trump really have more of a lock on the racist white vote than did Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain or Sarah Palin?
Solen states he supports Hillary Clinton for President in WI District 01 where Paul Ryan is running for re-election http…
I don't know about that as Lyndsey Graham, Paul Ryan, & the so called conservative media have been aligned against Trump from(start
Finally, the charade is over: Of course Paul Ryan is supporting Donal... Read Blog:
Chuck Todd says Paul Ryan is an "Open-Borders" internationalist, and that's why he clashes with Trump
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