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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Paul Ryan loves the poor as much as Ayn Rand did, just wish he would quit trying to convince us Ayn Rand was the 2nd coming …
“Paul Ryan is sorry the "takers" feel offended by his word choice: || Paul Ayn Rand Ryan must go!
Rep. Paul Ryan didn't want to become Whip because he'd be away from family too much, but he wants to be president?
Paul Ryan not a fan of House of Cards...because Frank Underwood cheats on Claire and it bothered him too much...
New Post: Rep. Paul Ryan on right track to reduce poverty - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
I nominate Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, and Reince Priebus to take the
Rob Zerban has won the Democratic primary in the 1st Congressional District. He will face U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan in the November …
was an atheist. worships every thought Ayn Rand espoused. Ergo—Paul Ryan is
The Koch Brothers, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and many other republicans want to eliminate senior social programs. Right now 50% of seniors are living on a very small pension, savings and SSI and in the future SSI will be your only guaranteed pension and what very little you might be able to save as wages keep shrinking.
Historical Events, this day August 11 In 1877, Thomas Edison described the fundamentals of the phonograph to an assistant and instructed him to build the first one. In 1934, the first group of federal prisoners classified as most dangerous arrived at Alcatraz Island, a 22-acre rocky outcrop 1.5 miles offshore in San Francisco Bay. In 1954, a formal announcement ended the seven-year war in Indochina between France and forces of the communist Viet Minh. In 1965, riots began in the Watts section of Los Angeles. (In six days of violence, 34 people were killed.) In 1984, in an off-air radio voice check picked up by TV cameras, U.S. President Ronald Reagan joked, My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in 5 minutes. The Kremlin wasn't amused. In 1991, a Lebanese militant group, the Revolutionary Justice Organization, released U.S. hostage Edward Tracy, 60, who was a captive for nearly five years. In 1993, U.S. President B ...
Hey Amnesty Boy. I voted for you.You're scum:. If I can help un-elect you, I will with my vote & money.
Paul Ryan, the Republicans and TeaParty will only make everything worse for 99% of "WE THE PEOPLE" only help the 1%
Tomorrow make sure you make the right choice: Paul Ryan!
Other than bringing this country out of a financial disaster, the likes of which hasn't been seen since The Great Depression, brought down unemployment by encouraging more private sector growth and growing jobs for 46 consecutive months. over 200,000 per month in the last six , watched the stock market more than double in the last five years, and brought about affordable health care for millions Barack Obama hasn't done much. No Highway Bill, No Bridges and Infrastructure Legislation, No Immigration Reform, No Minimum Wage Increase, nothing to move our country forward. Congressman Sean Duffy and Paul Ryan and ALL the Republicans made sure he couldn't! These guys spent millions repealing the ACA. 54 TIMES, millions on countless BENGHAZI investigations. only to find NOTHING, now millions to sue the President of the USA! Obama won't be on any upcoming ballots, now let's get rid of the Republicans elected to the most "do nothing" Congress in History and together we can get things done. Don't be dumb again, Q ...
One of the 11 House Republicans La Raza praised for not voting to end President Barack Obama's temporary amnesty program for illegal immigrants revealed that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has been working "every day" behind the scenes on an amnesty bill.
Minnesota!!! Ryan will be performing at Digifest in St Paul on August 24th!
Paul Rodgers,Ryan Gilligan and Nathaniel Wedderburn are about as good at football as I am at womanising.
on Tuesday my Racine - Kenosha area buddies - Vote for PAUL Ryan (there's a democrat running against him in the Republican Primary named Jeremy Ryan) shouldn't even of been allowed bought the Wisconsin GOB hates all republicans so they are allowing a guy from Madison on the ticket
Soon there may be social disturbances as poor get poorer - Paul Ryan's magical poverty tour via
Opinion: Paul Ryan's idea that each poor person will reach prosperity through personalized guidance is a pipe dream
After Paul Ryan book tour thru FL later this month, Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal plans to speak to Florida Republicans on Sept 13 at Disney.
What's really in Paul Ryan's poverty plan? takes a look:
Breitbart blog: every day Paul Ryan is working for amnesty on immigration
THE PETITION to Paul Ryan and the rest of the House Budget Committee: Pass emergency funding for wildfire prevention
With your support we will be handing Paul Ryan his pink slip this Nov. Listen to our new WLCO produced radio ad
Paul Ryan helps the greedy by screwing the needy
Wow there's a race to beat Paul Ryan? I'm in!
Thanks Kaylee for nominating me for the ALS ice bucket challenge, now I nominate Paul Ryan Allison Pineo Negron and my husband Clark :) you have 24 hours. Good luck!
After only 673 days, State Dept delivers correspondence to and from likely 2012 vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan.
.No Dignity In Low Wages: few think bad pay is dignified
Lower benefits, higher jobs --- Paul Ryan has it right | LOWER YOUR RENT...MOVE INTO YOUR PARENTS BASEMENT
Joe Biden is like a poor man's Jim Carrey, but Paul Ryan is like a poor man's worst nightmare.
Paul Ryan via It's not Ryan's War...he's the Dummy!! the Koch Bros. are th…
What next for Paul Ryan? I don’t know how long I will keep writing about Paul Ryan. The down loads are a precise measure of the level of interest in reading about his adventures. The reviews are a great barometer as to how the works are received. One review on amazon at the moment, but two weeks on, it is still early days. I am not interested in writing solely about domestic East London gangland stories. I think that genre is ably covered off by four or five lady writers. This is the way I see it: Ryan could continue his skirmishes with a certain East London crew (whose cast would change and evolve with the clashes). Also, in tandem, he could enjoy a *** role which would take him to a much larger theatre where, just maybe, he might attract an international audience with block buster dramas. Ryan will never be a role model. He will never be what a reader would like him to be. He has been scarred by dark moments inflicted on him in combat and that has made him unpredictable. That’s the closest I can c . ...
I think we should drop Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Michelle B and Palin on ISIS Those guys could destroy any one
Paul Ryan is suddenly concerned with the debt. Yes, the same guy who voted for the 2003 drug program, both wars, GM & bank bailouts.
I remember when people were saying it was unfair that Michelle Obama got Minfes and Paul Ryan got the rec. Shes the sitting first lady!
I stopped reading at line that said Paul Ryan is a 'mainstream republican'. Maybe I need def of 'mainstream repub'.
Paul Ryan is the leading Ayn Rand disciple, but did you know Alan Greenspan is too?
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Paul Ryan breaks the silence surrounding poverty in...
I like Marco Rubio, too, but I also like Paul Ryan.
From in Paul Ryan and the emerging conservative reform agenda in higher education
“We are alarmed at the extent the president has gone to circumvent the Constitution,” said Paul Ryan
Andrew McCarthy nails it in this article... . Paul Ryan: Obama's Exec Amnesty Not 'High Crimes'
Paul Ryan says climate rule is illegal | TheHill via Tell that to Roberts Court that ruled CO2 is pollutant
Bust out the gin and tonics because this is shaping up to be one heck of a long hot summer. Weather- wise and politics- wise. All over the world, hostilities are flaring like out of control wildfires. While here at home, it’s the words that have grown from fiery to scalding. And the only way to describe the actions- incendiary. Impeachment and lawsuits and child immigration are all raging hot topics. The partisan sweltering also includes the 2016 presidential sweepstakes, which is heating up like an egg frying on a chrome bumper in a Death Valley parking lot at high noon in August. The usual and unusual suspects on the Republican side are spending enough time at the Iowa and New Hampshire Humidity Festivals to qualify as part time mosquito repellent reps and if they aren’t, they should be, because they’re going to need all the extra money they can get. This marathon is going to be as expensive as it will be ugly. And that’s saying something. Meanwhile, the plot thins. Paul Ryan is busy figuring ou ...
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David Gregory secured an "exclusive" interview with Paul Ryan to talk poverty. He asked two (2) questions.
Rick Wilson: Which value was Paul Ryan promoting for Capito? - ...
In a rare moment of lucidity, Meet The Press host David Gregory called out Rep. Paul Ryan's uncompassionate lies about the poor.
Rand Ryan or Paul Paul This is a quiz.
Rep. Paul Ryan: Obama Administration Is 'Perpetuating Poverty' To know more, click at:
The House of Representatives budget committee chairman, Paul Ryan, on Sunday accused the Obama administration of “perpetuating poverty” with a benefits programme that does not help the poor find a way
Working mom Tianna Gaines-Turner joined “MHP” for her first television interview since testifying at one of Paul Ryan’s congressional hearings on poverty.
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) took a shot at the federal government's approach to poverty reduction on Sunday, claiming the Obama administration is responsible for a s...
While the GOP refuses to support a raise in the minimum wage, Rep. Paul Ryan unveiled a new plan to combat poverty. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver and executive editor Richard Wolffe join Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss.
Much like coverage of domestic violence or bombs in Gaza, Paul Ryan's poverty plan has a very disturbing hallmark
Paul Ryan is Corrupt and low down-Helping the poor by what having them say they are not poor?
I only wish the whole entire country would open their eyes and see what Paul Ryan and their whole social Darwinism, trickle down theories - REALLY, TRULY MEAN. I wish the even the sincere, honest Republicans would connect the dots, and do the math, just what the who "Ryan" Plan actually is saying.
Paul Ryan’s “blame the victim” disease: How he epitomizes a horrible new consensus via
Paul Ryan with a new plan to steal from the poor and give to the rich.
This week, Paul Ryan, who cashed federal support checks in the form of Social Security payments after his dad died, wants to stop federal support of the needy. Congressman Ryan would like to fund states with block grants replacing programs that he sa...
A diverse set of activists and experts who understand poverty firsthand respond to Paul Ryan's new proposal to address poverty.
Paul Ryan is about as sincere in helping the poor, as he is about sincerely really washing pots and pans in a soup kitchen
isn't Paul Ryan one of the politicians who said he would do whatever to go against Obama?
Paul Ryan is a leader of the least productive House in modern history. Maybe he needs a "life plan" so he could deserve his gov…
Paul Ryan offers advice on how to explain his new poverty plan to your hungry child
Paul Ryan is once again attempting to stoke his carefully cultivated Republican Who Cares About Poverty image. Naturally, he's doing so with a proposal that would hurt poor people . Ryan wants ...
Anti-poverty talk from conservative Paul Ryan? - Quick quiz: Which potential 2016 presidential candidate had this...
Paul Ryan goes off on a pattern of IRS deception while questioning commissioner John Koskinen at a Ways and Means Committee hearing.
We don't want system perpetuating New antipoverty plan:. ht…
We don't want system perpetuating New antipoverty plan:.
some days your name is paul and others its is special though right? today you... — No, today I'm Ryan.
I was in the same city as Paul Ryan and I didn't see him. Fml
The embedded truth on how Paul Ryan feels abt needy & will never happen:
I don't understand why Meet the Press has Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan on the same show? FOX doesn't even do that.
Eddie, Ryan, Kory, John, Jake, and Paul... Fools crack me up😂😂😂   10% Off
Paul Ryan's plan for bringing people out of poverty includes abolishing the minimum wage.
Shorter Paul Ryan on "helping" the poor: It rubs the lotion on its skin.
Do you think Paul Ryan really has poor people's best interest in mind with his new program to give state's block...
Wonkblog: 3 ideas from Paul Ryan’s poverty plan that liberals can...
Paul Ryan says Obama administration is 'perpetuating poverty'
Paul Ryan's all about the savings. Time to send him home! Elect
Read everything below the subheading Conceptual Confusions: Truth ++
Paul Ryan's New Clothes - WASHINGTON Paul Ryan is counting on this: Because he says he wants to preserve a safety...
Bill Moyers. "Paul Ryan’s populism is not the real thing. It’s the Koch-tested, Koch-approved version." John...
Paul Ryan for mayor - As 2016 approaches, some hope Rep. Paul Ryan — the GOP’s veep...
Paul Ryan works 112 days a year, has a plan to fix your laziness.
Just listened to Timothy Cardinal Dolan interviewing Rep. Paul Ryan on the topic of subsidiarity. Really quite interesting.
Frank Luntz,Kevin McCarthy,Paul Ryan etc. planned to sabotage GOP out
Reading Ross.So You Don't Have To! This week's column begins with a rhetorical headline question: "Can the GOP stop being the party of the rich." The answer, of course, is "no." But Ross can't bring himself to admit the functions that the mutually exclusive ideologies of "libertarian populism" and "social conservatism" serve in the perpetuation of monied interests in American politics. So, instead, he walks us down a garden path of absurdities, beginning with the news -- listen up! -- that in 2008, Barack Obama won as "the candidate of the rich." Never mind that votes were evenly split between Obama and Mr. Grumpy among voters worth 100K and up; never mind that among voters earning less than 15K, Obama won in a whopping 73% landslide. Ross's evidence? A slight majority of the 200K+ crowd voted for Obama. Then in 2012, Romney won the super-rich vote. That has to change, and Ross pins his hopes on the patronizing statism drenching Paul Ryan's latest proposal for a bigger earned income tax credit, as if poor ...
Young Guns (Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and Paul Ryan) to exploit the deep populist right-wing anger at the...
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Paul Ryan has a big plan to end poverty. It just doesn't include help for women | Ana Marie Cox http:// repubs don't like women
Come join the fun at the Racine County Fair. Today we hosted U.S. Senator Ron Johnson --- tomorrow it's Paul Ryan.
No ur lying The day after Paul Ryan releases his poverty plan, votes to push 6 million kids ...
One day after Paul Ryan releases his poverty proposal, House Republicans vote to push 12 million Americans, including 6 million children, deeper into poverty. SHARE this video if you think that's shameful.
Paul Ryan is talking about expanding the earned income tax credit among other things. NC is the only state that...
NEW IDEAS FROM THE RIGHT: “Reform conservatism” is all the rage in the GOP these days. From middle class plans in “Room to Grow” to anti-poverty reform ideas from Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, many on the right are rushing to prove they can “govern” (you know, use the levers of big government not actually shrink the government). Ryan unveiled his plan yesterday in a presentation at AEI. The centerpiece of his idea is “the opportunity grant”. In participating states, the federal government would consolidate a number of means-tested programs into a new Opportunity Grant (OG) program. The largest contributions would come from SNAP, TANF, child-care, and housing-assistance programs, and the funding would be deficit-neutral relative to current law. First of all, “deficit-neutral” means we’re not cutting any money or programs here, we just spending it differently. So now that saving money is off the table, what’s so great about how this money will now be spent? Participating states would ha ...
Paul Ryan's Earned Income Tax Credit: Representative Paul Ryan is at it again. His desire to be the deep thin...
Paul Ryan unveils his plan for addressing poverty in America at the American Enterprise Institute:
Paul Ryan: "My plan will end poverty by forcing the poor to sign contracts saying they will get off food stamps and start …
.Paul Ryan needs to go back to driving his Oscar Mayer hot dog car for minimum wage.
Kevin Drum on Paul Ryan, 2+ years ago: "Every year we get a slightly different version of the same old thing..."
Paul Ryan makes the case for his anti-poverty vision (again) | MSNBC
In his proposal, "Expanding Opportunity in America", how does Paul Ryan address the 2.2 million people incarcerated?
Paul Ryan makes the case for his...: Jared Bernstein concluded that Ryan's plan is ultimately "the ...
Paul Ryan makes the case for his...
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*in which I give fervent thanks that as awful as our Tories are, they're still not on the level of Tony Abbott or Paul Ryan*
Paul Ryan like the Fascist SCOTUS Majority is an Opus Dei Cult Heretic..!
I wonder if Paul Ryan realizes that young Paul Ryan would not have become Congressman Paul Ryan if Congressman Paul Ryan's budget were used?
Paul Ryan should look at Charles Murray's book on guaranteed minimum income. Reform the whole corrupt system.
Rep. Paul Ryan talking anti-poverty at the American Enterprise Institute
Paul Ryan promises his new plan will do more to fight poverty than anything he's done since helping Mitt Romney lose.
Paul Ryan, best known for Medicare Part D & No Child Left Behind has more ideas on how government can help...
Our Daily Food for the Soul for today, July 24, 2014: TRAILBLAZERS - "I remember the devotion of your youth." Jeremiah 2:2 -:- I recall much laughter that night. It was an evening of dancing & fellowship as all members of our Catholic community gathered to rehearse a dance. We were grouped according to age & were assigned to different parts of the song. More complicated dance steps were assigned to the youth while the senior citizens, led by our spiritual elders, performed simpler ones. Yet all danced with gusto! What an inspiring sight it was to see the same commitment from everybody in that simple service for the Lord. The contrast between what the different age groups could or could not perform was obvious. However, what a witness the other ones made by matching the intensity of the younger ones' passion. It is a great blessing to be surrounded by people who have been in community for years. They have shown their devotion by sticking it out with the Lord & continuing to serve Him through the ups & do . ...
Read tomorrow's column, "Paul Ryan and His Poverty Prophet," tonight and let me know what you think.
Compare and contrast: 2016 GOP hopefuls Rubio, Ryan, Rand Paul stake out anti-poverty positions by
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican Representative Paul Ryan will probably spark a new round of arguments over how to fight poverty in America on Thursday as he introduces a sweeping plan to replace long-standing social safety net programs with nRead more...
In a new ad similar in style to her previous ad on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's support for Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare budget, Kentucky ...
Paul Mitchell gave Debbie Stabenow 300 dollars for her campaign. Yet he wants us to believe he is conservative.
I get what is selling but & are the reasons for poverty today. kills
The only way Paul Ryan fights poverty is by helping Mitt Romney lose elections. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Paul Ryan: An opportunity to cut poverty
Really just want Ryan to bone Jenna
Police say this Tennessee man has threatened to kill President Obama, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.
Join Paul Ryan tomorrow at 9 a.m. ET as he discusses “Expanding Opportunity in America" at Read more here:
Paul Ryan in op-ed: "We need to expand opportunity in this country." Read full piece here:
Paul Ryan: An opportunity to cut poverty via
Paul Ryan will propose consolidating up to 11 federal anti-poverty programs into a single funding stream for states, a plan that he says will include new work requirements and create more accountability and efficiency in assistance to low-income Americans.
Whittier Police Corporal Ryan Todd assists Paul Felker by pushing him about a half mile to get a wheel fixed on hi... http:/…
Paul Ryan wants to give the states -- 24 of which are denying their residents basic health insurance -- more control over pover…
Ryan to Propose Consolidation in Antipoverty Pitch: Rep. Paul Ryan will propose consolidating up to ...
US NEWS Ryan to Propose Consolidation in Antipoverty Pitch follow warren today
I am going to vote for @ Paul Ryan for President of the United States in the year 2016!
Paul Ryan is constantly coming up with new and interesting ways to insult the poor and minorities.
Paul Ryan repositions himself with upcoming anti-poverty plan:
"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together." - Paul Ryan
"Paul Ryan and his Poverty Prophet" by CHARLES M. BLOW via NYT The New York Times
Do you think that Catholic, Congressman, Paul Ryan knew that his IDOL, Ayn Rand, was an Atheist? Do you think he cares?
Paul Ryan is like Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver.He compliments Mrs.Cleaver on her dress,then,tries to get her into the sack.
.and prebut Paul Ryan's poverty announcement.
Paul Ryan discusses poverty, immigrations with the Pittsburgh Time Review: .
When Sam Brownback was a 40 year old House freshman in 1995, guess who his legislative director was: a 25-year-old named Paul Ryan.
Couple of years old, but a really good article on Paul Ryan and John Ryan -
Click here to sign our pledge protecting Medicare >>. Despite Medicare’s time-tested success, Paul Ryan and his...
Paul Ryan is such a great conservative...that's why Airfaire is going up thanks to the Murray Ryan budget deal.
In Bipartisan fashion Paul Ryan with Patty Murray raised taxes on flying taxpayers. Paul Ryan is a FRAUD!
Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney will compete in the GOP Primary, but they won't get far.
Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal... ...all agree with Todd Akin that women should be forced to have their rapists'…
.Gotta go. Meeting with politicians here in WI today (Paul Ryan being one). SuperSaturday! Knocking on doors
Republican or Democrat, everyone wants Elizabeth Warren to hit the campaign trail — but for different reasons. Today is a big day on the 2014 trail in West Virginia, with both Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., stumping for GOP Senate candidate Shelley Moore Capito and Sen.
She The People: Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Paul Ryan set to stump in W. Va. For Tennant and Capito
This Mornings headline in the Charleston Daily Mail: Heavy Hitters Stump for Candidates." In my opinion it should have read as follows: One Heavy Hitter, Rep. Paul Ryan and one "Coal Hater" , Sen. Elizabeth Warren Stump for Candidates.
re Rick Perry 2016 +. Some endorsing Romney. None endorsing Paul Ryan for pres. At least 1 voter would endorse
Paul Ryan finally allowed someone in poverty to testify at 1 of his poverty hearings. Watch here to see how it went: htt…
Jon Voight campaigns for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in Wilkes Barre, PA. 11.5.12
Let's flip Paul Ryan out of Congress. Vote for Rob Zerban
Paul Ryan's position on abortion is to make it totally illegal, even in cases of rape or incest. Todd Akin was defeated for same.
The latest Quinnipiac poll has some interesting tidbits. There is no front-runner for the GOP nomination: “The GOP primary shows U.S. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky with 11 percent, New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with 10 percent each, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin with 8 percent each, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio with 6 percent, no other candidate over 3 percent, with 20 percent undecided.” WASHINGTON, DC - JUNE 20: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addresses the Faith and Freedom Coalition's 'Road to Majority' Policy Conference at the Omni Shoreham hotel June 20, 2014 in Washington, DC. Led by the Christian political activist Ralph Reed, the coalition heard from conservative politicians who are courting religious conservatives as they eye a run for the White House. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) Not o ...
the same he threw after Paul Ryan's selection from Mitt Romney Darling...
watching Jake Tapper concurring with lying Paul Ryan as he spins tales about how a liveable wage destroys jobs, see who is Jake's lead!
Paul Ryan sits pretty & obviously doesn't care. His whole life is "I got mine, I don't care how you get yours"
it's not for nothing that the 80s is known as "the me decade" people like Paul Ryan thinks that's peachy
Pro Tip: if you search *** chills" via Google Images, an image of Paul Ryan is the first search result.
a lot of sexism in the media, yes. NYT also reported on the body fat percentage of Paul Ryan and Christie's weight
Just imagine where we would be if they had won... At least the last laugh is on Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan...
Paul Ryan believes in the myth? What do you expect from somebody who believes Atlas Shrugged is non-fiction?
🇺🇸. Paul Ryan's presidential stock is rising
spends his time on our dime protecting rapists' rights Are you a rapist Paul Ryan???
And just hanging out with Paul Ryan!
That's true. Paul Ryan believes in the myth.
that's why I call Paul Ryan a Weasel Punk. He was too young to affected by Reagan's policies. He was busy being a little ***
watching all your friends leave because they could no longer get good jobs. Yeah, these are the days that Paul Ryan worships.
I have also realized that my widow's peak is like, Paul Ryan pronounced
Election 2012,Paul Ryan,the death wish of a republican campaign.
The contrast to the placed low ball into Dotsy and Paul Ryan in replay last year was striking
.TYVM. I'm so relieved to know Paul Ryan believes in feeding the hungry & otherwise obeying Jesus instead of Ayn Rand!
The NRA has Paul Ryan right in their pocket. He only listens to NRA $, not Wisconsin voters.
The NRA loves Paul Ryan and gives him an A. Stand up for what voters want: background checks!
Is there anything funnier than the notion of Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan being "young guns"?
Paul Ryan vs Joe Biden, Ayn Rand vs Rerum Novarum Eduardo Peñalver on whether can be
If borrowing and spending all this money led to more jobs than we would be at full employment already. ~ Paul Ryan
I'm not fan of Paul Ryan, not by any mean, but he didn't say this.
Paul Ryan tears into the IRS Commissioner on the "lost" Lois Lerner emails..
Paul Ryan's Response to Revoke the Tax-Exempt Status of the National Football League
Interesting !! - "Faith and Freedom Coalition Speaking of their extreme base, this weekend it will be on full display right here in DC. And the parade of 2016 GOP presidential candidates are tripping over themselves trying to kiss up to them. That’s right. Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, and others will be sharing the stage with everyone from Allen West to Steve King to Herman Cain and Phyllis Schlafly. And we know what they’re going to say. They’re going to attack the President with each breath. (Any bets how long before the first impeachment reference is made?) We’ll hear conspiracies about Benghazi and the IRS. They’ll rail on about repealing the Affordable Care Act, the need to restrict women’s health decisions, the dangers of *** marriage and the detrimental effects of single mothers on society. What we won’t hear is a single serious proposal to help grow the middle class. And that’s the Republican Party’s problem. The Americ ...
US Rep. Paul Ryan is the scheduled speaker at today's noon meeting of the Burlington Rotary Club at Veterans Terrace.
Premeditated planned coincidence While listening to Paul Ryan during an interview on radio station WLS in Chicago on 6/26/2014, he laid out the case for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) that is chilling. Remember it was Paul Ryan who said he did not believe the IRS Commissioner John Koskinen with his testimony about the "lost" emails surrounding the incident where Lois Learner had targeted conservative groups for investigation and stiff-arming by the IRS Agency. Paul Ryan, a Congressman from Wisconsin said the Committee investigating the IRS behavior of targeting Tea Party groups had established a sequence of events that defies logic when compared to the explanation from the Commissioner of the IRS. The investigative committee in Congress asked for all the emails associated with Lois Learner during the time the IRS targeted behavior was underway; a period that was calculated to be about two years. The Congressional Committee was informed that during that two-year period of time all of the emails asso .. ...
I followed him when he started playing Paul Ryan on that CBS soap, Maura West (Ava) was on it too as Carly Jacks.
Sad Rep McHenry did NOT get educated by wimp Paul Ryan on how awesome Jack Lew is. Mr Lew has cracked Ryan's know nothing face b4!
Ah, Sunday morning talk shows! How confusing is life when I agree with Rand Paul on something. I believe President Obama sending 'advisors' to Iraq is a terrible mistake. Sending more troops into a country we destabilized with that ridiculous and tragic war is NOT going to make things better. FOX had on a Tea Party rep who was going to tell us the inside story of the IRS 'scandal'. Credit to Chris Wallace for asking her if there is ANY evidence that there is a political scandal involving Obama or any member of the White House and then watching her try desperately to evade answering it. Watching a clip of Paul Ryan call someone a liar is very amusing, He must just be tired from running his last one minute mile.
And they are buying politicians like Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, now it seems my own rep Tom Rice ha…
Do I want Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz to run for president? No. I want them right where they are -- writing the laws.
It's honestly great how people would rather of had John McCain, Sara palin and Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan. Other than Barack Obama lol
The same Paul Ryan that voted for the "patriot act" (domestic surveillance) and the NDAA?
BOOM! Great stuff!! Paul Ryan blasts IRS commissioner: 'I don't believe you':
Paul Ryan RIPS IRS Commissioner. Where was this side of Ryan during the VP Debate?
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“Nobody believes you” — Paul Ryan (unloads on IRS Commissioner in hearing:
Paul Ryan erupts at IRS commissioner over missing emails
Your Dumb Paul Ryan sure made an Jerk out of Himself! Stupid is as Stupid does. GOP STILL STUCK ON STUPID!
That time Paul Ryan began an epic takedown with "This is unbelievable."
I don't even like Paul Ryan but I just watched his "I don't believe you" rant against the IRS to Koskinen like 4 times
Paul Ryan tells IRS commissioner 'Nobody believes you' -
This is a must watch VIDEO: A furious tears a defiant commissioner to shreds
Watch: Rep. Paul Ryan to former IRS official on Tea Party emails: 'I don't believe you' - Capital Times
"Nobody believes you": takes on head over missing Lerner emails. WATCH:
Paul Ryan rips into IRS commissioner over lost Lois Lerner emails via
My colleague Congressman Paul Ryan had a chance to talk about the IRS' claim that Lois Lerner's e-mails are lost and unrecoverable at today's Ways and Means Committee hearing -- don't miss it. What do you think about the latest revelations in the investigation?
We need more of this. Take off the *** gloves Reps! . Paul Ryan to IRS Commissioner: I Do Not Believe You .
Paul Ryan grills IRS Commissioner John Koskinen on IRS deception - chronology he uses is absolutely devastating.
Videos: Paul Ryan, Kevin Brady expose holes in the IRS’s story - Hot Air
Paul Ryan slams IRS commissioner: 'Nobody believes you'...
Paul Ryan rips into IRS chief over lost emails: 'I don't believe you'
WHOA VIDEO: Paul Ryan just DESTROYED an IRS official over Lois Lerner's lost emails. Watch:
“You ask taxpayers to hang onto seven years of their personal tax information in case they’re ever audited, and...
Watch Paul Ryan nail this Obama crook. Check his eyes; Ryan has him nailed and he knows ir.
Watching Paul Ryan destroy the Commissioner’s arguments might be the best way to spend Friday morning.
Paul Ryan tore into IRS commissioner John Koskinen "I don't believe you."
amazing video: Paul Ryan tells IRS commissioner he's a liar to his face
Watch Paul Ryan rip into IRS commissioner saying "Nobody believes you"
'I don't believe you!': Paul Ryan levels blistering attack against IRS boss over 'lost' emails explanation |
Rep. Paul Ryan “ I don’t believe it,.That’s your problem. Nobody believes you"
House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Friday laid into IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for failing to keep Congress informed about the lost Lois Lerner emails, and was forced to conclude that he cannot believe Koskinen's testimony. "This is unbelievable," Ryan began. "I am sitting her…
Paul Ryan goes off in a Ways and Means hearing after the IRS admitted it lost 2 years' worth of emails from Lois Lerner and othre top officials.
"I don't believe you!" Rep. Paul Ryan blasted Commissioner Koskinen at today's House hearing over Lois Lerner's lost emails. More on this story:
Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan took IRS commissioner John Koskinen to task over the agency's claim that hundreds of emails sent by IRS officials were lost. The emails were requested in an investigation into the IRS's improper treatment of conservative tax-exempt groups in the run-up to the 2012 ele…
This is probably a bit early, but in 2016 I'm thinking Terry Richardson for Paul Ryan's campaign photo spread.
With the choice of Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney adds more to the Republican ticket than youth, vigor, and the possibility of carrying Wisconsin—he also adds the ghostly presence of the controversial Russian émigré philosopher and writer Ayn Rand. Although...
Goal: $26,791 | Deadline: June 21 Mark Pryor Leads in 5 of the Last 8 Polls! Mark has taken the momentum but can only win and keep the Senate if he makes his goal for the June 30 FEC filing deadline. CONTRIBUTE now to help keep the Senate majority. If Karl Rove and the Koch brothers went into Frankenstein’s lab, the recipe for their ideal Senate candidate would look something like this: Two parts Paul Ryan (especially the attacks on Medicare and Social Security). One part Michele Bachmann. A hint of Ted “burn-it-all-down” Cruz. And a huge chunk of Scott Brown’s zealous ambition. Know what you’d get? Republican Congressman Tom Cotton. At least that would explain why they’re spending so much to put him in the Senate. In fact, these special interest groups have thrown more than $10 million into attacking Mark Pryor. They’re outspending him 3-to-1. If we don’t jump in to help Mark fight back, Kochlandia will succeed in putting their puppet in the Senate. Mark is facing a HUGE, public, financia ...
Tom Cotton supports Paul Ryan budget, will make lesser for medicaid and medicare, don't allow this people, go vote for Mark Pryor!
The proposed by Paul Ryan renews House Republican attacks on working families and middle class
As Dan Señor speaks about Iraq, MSNBC hysterically labels him as a former Paul Ryan advisor, and not "one of the gang that destroyed Iraq."
Paul Ryan ties bob Diffin for coolest dad!!!
"Tracy Leyland Never forget, Cantor was among those gathered down the street in DC on Inauguration Day 2009 - while others took joy in PBO's election, "top Republican lawmakers and strategists were conjuring up ways to submarine his presidency at a private dinner in Washington. the guest list that night (which was just over 15 people in total) included Republican Reps. Eric Cantor (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Paul Ryan (Wis.), Pete Sessions (Texas), Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) and Dan Lungren (Calif.), along with Republican Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Ensign (Nev.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.). The non-lawmakers present included Newt Gingrich, several years removed from his presidential campaign, and Frank Luntz, the long-time Republican wordsmith." ~ Sam Stein article on Robert Draper Book ("Do Not Ask What Good We Do") GOP's Anti-Obama Campaign Started Night Of Inauguration . These people are NOT "patriots". They thought nothing about you, or America ...
we have to get rid of these people HOUSE: Jeb Hensarling, Pete Hoekstra, Dan Lungren, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan and Pete Sessions. SENATE: Tom Coburn, Bob Corker, Jim DeMint, John Ensign and Jon Kyl
So David Brat is another Catholic who evangelizes Ayn Rand's philosophies. We already have a Paul Ryan, do we need anothe…
I hope Paul Ryan and speaker Boehner are paying attention, Amnesty is toxic.
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is a major proponent of amnesty for illegals. (Thankfully, Republican voters in Virginia have just thrown Cantor out of Congress and nominated a Tea Party conservative to replace him. More about that in a minute.) So is Republican Speaker of the House, John Boehner. So are republicans John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, etc., etc. If the Republican Party helps Obama pass amnesty for illegals into law, as Boehner and Company say they will do this summer, Arizona and Texas will be inundated with millions of illegals--even more than they already are. Do Republican leaders really believe that illegal aliens are going to vote Republican? If they truly believe this, they are absolutely and positively deluded. So, is Boehner and Company willing to feed Arizona and Texas to the proverbial wolves? Do they think they can win a presidential election without carrying the State of Texas? Again, if they do, they are deluded. Or, is Boehner and Company really ...
Paul Ryan who ran as VP, and now Cantor. 2 of the GOPs most high profile future young guns badly discredited. Not sure that's so great.
The House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor lost to Dave Brat in a history making GOP primary! Take note all you *** Republican politicians who take sides with the vile Democrats pushing for some sort of amnesty for Illegal Aliens! This should be a warning to the Republican Party that the people are sick of so-called "Establishment Elitest Republicans." We don't want any more worthless nominees for President from the Republican Party like McCain and Romeny - and of course nobody this next time like Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan - we want a real statesman like Ted Cruz or Rand Paul! We want somebody to stop the Communist agenda of the Democrats. Take that Karl Rove you anti-Tea Party dirt bag!
Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush should take note. We will not falter We will not fail. We the People have spoken!.
It's dangerous to make predictions but I believe Marco Rubio is finished. Immigration reform is going to be so toxic that Republicans more likely than not will go on a witch hunt for any heretic that even hints at being for immigration reform Another Republican, whom I hate with a deep passion is Paul Ryan. He is pushing amnesty like there is no tomorrow. Maybe now there won't be a political tomorrow for him
Paul Ryan don't think or negotiate about Giving Ammesty the Illegal due your going to next out from your set with Marco Robio John Mc.Cain.
Republicans should take the president to task for unlawfully enticing thousands of "unaccompanied illegal children" from Latin America to cross the border. Instead, a GOP leader asks for an amnesty deal. What is at the top of the Republican wish list? A vibrant economy? An America strong and respected in the world? Capturing the Senate? A Republican elected to the White House in 2016? Nah. The GOP wants amnesty for illegal aliens. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., made that abundantly clear in an interview with a local Virginia TV station WTVR last Friday. He said he told President Obama that "we can work on the border security bill together. We can work on something like the kids." And Breitbart reports that Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., is secretly gauging House GOP support for action on amnesty legislation before August. On almost every issue, it makes more sense to wait until Republicans fulfill their current excellent chances this year of getting a Senate majority and retaining the House before con ...
I'd personally be just fine with him slamming Paul Ryan, period.
THE THREE BIGGEST RIGHT-WING LIES ABOUT POVERTY: (1) Economic growth cures poverty. “The federal government,” Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, wrote recently in The Wall Street Journal, “needs to remember that the best anti-poverty program is economic growth.” Baloney. Since the late 1970s, the economy has grown 147 percent per capita but nothing has trickled down. The poverty rate remains around 15 percent. That's higher than it was in the early 1970s. (2) Jobs cure poverty. More baloney. A higher percentage of the poor now work than has been the case in thirty years, and a smaller share of their income now comes from government programs. But they’re still poor. The only thing that’s different is the number of “working poor” – a term that should be an oxymoron – has exploded. (3) Ambition cures poverty. Still more baloney. The poor aren't poor because they lack ambition; what they lack is opportunity. America is the only rich nation that spends less on educating kids .. ...
Paul Ryan says Medicare going broke - PolitiFact
Where ( ) went wrong . But Paul Ryan screwed up when he said "Election has Consequences"
Final picture with Ryan, Cameron, and Paul after their concert at Kulak's Woodshed. Nicely done,…
All of what i shared and uploaded was videos from my graduation party for Ryan Hawksley and Jeremy Paul Senter...
Paul Ryan said WHAT? I don't think I could vote for him again...
I'm going to do a brief soliloquy drawing comfort that 95% of you have me muted. So ignore me Paul, Kristine, Lolly, Scott, Ryan, Australia
If only we could convert Paul Ryan's smirk into renewable energy.
Keep an eye on that Paul Ryan fellow. I believe he's up to no good.
"the only justified abortion was my wife's abortion"-Paul Ryan, republican nominee
“Will you get another Paul Scholes? No. Never. Not in a million years.” ~Ryan Giggs
Paul Ryan champions the Koch brothers agenda. Vote to put people first for a change! Elect htt…
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It is cowardly and dishonorable for Paul Ryan to put illegal aliens and their murderous reign of terror ahead of US citizens.
2016 campaign checklist: Paul Ryan: A look at preparations by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., for a…
Plz share! Critical, VALID article about GOP plan to take down US economy.
Morning Line: President: Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are the only GOP candidates who are within single...
If you could have dinner with any political figure, dead or alive, who would you pick? — Paul Ryan. Rawrrr
There are more BUT I want Eric Cantor and PAUL Ryan out of Congress. Let Ryan's Wife and Children get a job . Cantor get FOOD Stamp
. When Paul Ryan says he sought public office inspired by Ayn Rand's philosophy of greed, believe him.
Paul says House will investigate release deal via
Paul Ryan says House will investigate Bergdahl release deal: As soon as it was announced that t...
I can't imagine how this weekend could have been any better. I got to hang out with Paul Ryan. Ed Gillespie secured the Republican nomination for Senate with a decisive majority in a convention that ran smoothly and united our party. AND a surprise retirement by a Democrat from a heavily Republican district just gave us control of the Virginia Senate for the foreseeable future. Wow.
Pastor Al spent quality time with Paul Ryan.
I've done my packing for Sydney - some comics for a swap, donation to the LFMBEC dinner and some comics from around the world for Paul Ryan to sign. The clothes and other stuff I'll let the wife sort out, Ive got the important stuff sorted
Nor is it caused by "laziness" (I don't CARE what Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck or Shawna Hannity say.)
Wonderful gig at Ronnie Scott's today. The audience loved both Paul Ryan and I, not to mention Kenny Clayton. I got to sing/play with the bass-player and drummer...not only did we sell out on a day when it was really too hot for people to see shows inside, but our audience ate them out of food. Afterwards, our 'band food' had to be bought in from a restaurant across the road! Come on! We couldn't do much better for Ronnie Scott's, so we both hope for a re-booking in the not too distant future!... ;-)
This woman was Paul Ryan's (R - WI) hero until someone told him she was an atheist. Apparently her attitude towards the Native Americans, towards the poor, and towards workers were okay with Mr. Ryan, "godless" flies in the face of his TP base.
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ROANOKE, Va. — Rep. Paul Ryan pledged Friday night that House Republicans will investigate President Barack Obama’s deal to secure the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. At an after-dinner speech on the eve of Virginia’s GOP state convention, the former vice presidential nominee urged…
Changing the game at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin 2014 State Convention with Amardeep Kaleka, the next Congressman for Wisconsin's 1st District. Buh-bye, Paul Ryan!!
My man, Quasar, October 1989. R.I.P. Mark Gruenwald (Aug 1996), fellow native Wisconsinite, and one of my top 5 favorite Marvel Writers. Actually Gruenwald stands alone in the context of Marvel Universe continuity. Whole company lost an irreplaceable paragon in Mark E. Gruenwald. Quasar was my favorite one of his books. No one else has ever done The Cosmic Avenger justice. Penciller: Paul Ryan | Inker: Danny Bulanadi
Paul Ryan praised GOP Senate hopeful Ed Gillespie as a committed conservative and close confidant on the eve of a party convention that Gillespie hopes to win.
The Tea Party and in particular Paul Ryan have cited Ayn Rand as their main philosophical touchstone. Her novel "Atlas Shrugged" in which, burdened by regulations and unions, a group of industrialists - they'd be seen as "One-Percenters" today - retreat to their own private utopia. They can do this because their leader John Galt has invented a machine that provides them with clean, non-fossil fuel burning, non-polluting energy that did not require mines or wells or miners or drillers. Ayn Rand never gets specific about the machine - in those days there were no solar panels or high-power wind turbines. However this is what her hero did. I suggest that if the Tea Party wants to honor Ayn Rand, they better re-evaluate their drill-baby-still burn-baby-burn energy policy. Meanwhile here she is being interviewed by none other than Johnny Carson in the 1960's. And she sounds like, if she had a draft card, she'd burn it.
If Paul LePage doesn’t scare me, John Boehner and Paul Ryan sure as *** won’t.
Paul Ryan's budget committee rescinds invitation to Gary Alexander in wake of ... - Bangor Daily News
Elizabeth Warren discusses Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, the Tea Party and the national GOP. …
Paul Ryan: "We need to make tough choices. Either or give the Top 1% another $200,000 tax break. I vote for the …
SEE "The Koch Brothers Exposed" "Citizen Koch 2014". They are trying to BUY our country from us. Paul Ryan Using Koch Brothers 1980's $Profit$/Privatization Plot Aug 14, 2012 7:38am PDT by cc Comment36 99 Paul Ryan's Privatization Plan is the same Plan the Koch Brothers published in 1980, then again in 1983, from their propaganda-mill, CATO Institute. I should note here, that the 1980's Koch Brother's Privatization Plan was also the same Privatization Plan President G.W. Bush and *** Cheney tried to con American's into in 2005. As you will learn after reading this Diary, the Koch Brother's web of deceit in trying to Privatize America's Social Security has been being woven for 32 years. Paul Ryan and now Mitt Romney are trying to usher in the Koch Brother's 1980's Privatization Scheme. One important fact to remember about the Romney/Ryan/Koch Privatization Plan is that their Privatization Plan still requires working Americans to pay a payroll tax -- only their payroll tax will not go to the traditional So ...
Can we please talk about how bad the Republican field for President in 2016 looks at the moment. Lemme break it down. Jeb Bush - if you think the US will ever elect another Bush, you are vastly and painfully misreading the mood of the country. likelyhood of victory 1-2% Rand Paul - A petulant, sophomoric *** not a viable candidate for a general election, foreign policy is not in line with the vast majority of the GOP. Democrats will not embrace him, young people and minorities don't like him either. Nothing like his father, Really a very very far right candidate like Barry Goldwater. likelyhood of victory 9-10% Mike Huckabee - A christian talk show host, not viable, doesn't have the broad appeal necessary, very unpopular on social issues. is not physically fit for office. likelyhood of victory 0.01% Paul Ryan - Maybe one of the more serious and capable candidates, already lost in 2016, not exactly a good orator or messenger or campaigner, and he would be wise to continue his career in the house as a co .. ...
WATCH: Jon Stewart hitches Paul Ryan's corpse to his chariot, rides around the city walls
As you all know, I don't normally share political things, except for pictures of my fish, Paul Ryan (RIP) and Mitt Romney. But this woman and her actions have always bothered me. Please don't buy her book.
The press went crazy when Paul Ryan said he read Ayn Rand!! But Marxism A OK for the media
Paul Ryan says he's often mistaken for other politicians, even Anthony Weiner, just b/c he texted a pic of himself to a middle-class voter.
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Regardless, Paul Ryan is a weiner. Just not Anthony.
Why does Paul Ryan get mistaken for Anthony Weiner? - USA TODAY
Unfortunately washing clean dishes wasn't the last of Paul Ryan's disingenuous approach to poverty h…
"I've been confused for Anthony Weiner twice now. I have no idea how that happens," Paul Ryan told a Republicans forum on Wednesday in Michigan.
Guess who Rep. Paul Ryan was mistaken for - CBS News
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