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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, posted this selfie with all of his interns. This must be how he sees diversity.
Just look at the diversity in this Paul Ryan selfie!
Yes. Paul Ryan is speaker of the House.. That's what's wrong with the picture.
The Speaker of the House should get a new title, Speaker of the Muslims. Paul Ryan ***
House speaker Paul Ryan speaking up for cops but stay quiet for un arm black men killed all around the country
Paul Ryan posts a selfie... Just look at this pic. Speaks volumes 'speaker of 'all' the ppl's house, not Whites only
Paul Ryan sees nothing strange about this photo
Paul Ryan on Black Lives Matter: We need to be respectful of different views https:/…
Speaker of the House hope to see you John, Paul Ryan and all my fellow Republicans in the House of Representatives October with the NRCC
Paul Ryan is a liar. He fully funded President Obama’s open borders agenda. Step down as Speaker of the House.
Boehner not speaker of the house it's Paul Ryan
in my opinion as long as Paul Ryan is Speaker of the House things will never change
Fences don't work. Walls do. Just ask the Pope, Paul Ryan & Mark Zuckerberg.
Paul Ryan with South Dakota staffers & others in DC
How upset are you right now that Trump chose a Jack Kemp - Paul Ryan in Mike Pence to be his running mate? I love it.
Paul Ryan is nothing but a prostitute for donors! Capitol Hill has become Brokeback Mountain for him & his cronies!
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John Boehner's "No decisions have been made on a CR" = Paul Ryan's "First of all, I don't want to give up on the appropriations process."
Paul Ryan was asked how he could support ‘openly racist’ Trump. His answer was disturbing. https…
Sorry CNN, but whenever I hear the words "Paul Ryan," I can only think of THIS -->.
He tried that with a judge that was on his case and Paul Ryan called it racism. How is that not PC?
She squirms so hard to make sure she doesn't help cut an attack ad against Hillary. Take some notes, Paul Ryan!
Paul Ryan: Donald Trump's judge comment is "the textbook definition of a racist comment"
how about Paul Ryan pass a bill that NO politicitan ought to use personal email. PERIOD.
Just finished a press conference in front of the border fence protecting Paul Ryan's mansion.
Next week: David Cameron taking a long drag on a cigarette as he and John Boehner share cocktails and laugh at Paul Ryan and Theresa May.
You may also want to check Paul Ryan and Scott Walker ideas on those subjects.especially Walker
Paul Ryan says decision not to prosecute Hillary 'defies explanation'
5 takeaways from Paul Ryan's CNN town hall...
For the 1st time in our history Barack Obama signed bill from Paul Ryan cutting Medicare Fire Ryan
People say Newt Gingrich is a stupid person's idea of a smart person. The same can be said about Paul Ryan.
Sickens me to hear Paul Ryan criticize Dodd-Frank. Republicans act so clueless about banks taking on unprecedented levels of risk.
I can't help it. Every time I see Paul Ryan, all I see is Jack Twist from Brokeback Mountain 😄
You're assuming Paul Ryan is welcome in the White House ;p Nah it was a Pidgeot called Freedom last I checked
Paul Ryan wants to fix gun violence, proposes no solutions
Just like John Boehner before him, Paul Ryan never stood a chance!
Paul Ryan is probably as bad of a leader as John Boehner.
Paul Ryan strikes deal with Donald Trump to speak at Republican National Convention
Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan must certainly be standing tall for the NRA here, yes?
It's official: Paul Ryan will speak at GOP convention
The director of national intelligence said Monday that he did 'not intend to withhold…
Director of National Intelligence tells Speaker Ryan that he is a clueless, partisan loser (using different words). https:/…
Great News! We'll only have to Endure Paul Ryan For 10 minutes at the GOP Convention.
🔥'Vote for is a Vote For Amnesty' Luis Gutierrez Endorsed him. better & . https…
Paul Ryan: "every Republican and every Democrat wants to see less gun violence" – so what’s stopping Rs from passing comm…
Paul Ryan on the FBI decision not to recommend charges for Clinton: "Defies explanation." http…
GOPers to punt gun bill. Paul Ryan is a spineless black-hearted *** Keep defying the will of the ppl .
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Paul Ryan is TANKING in the polls. Let's rally and make sure voters on August 9!
still no updates from paul ryan's wife... she wont answer the phone to confirm whether or not paul has 'taken care of business' YET
The most overrated intellect in Washington
If ppl of Wisc CD1 do us the huge favor of replacing Bad Paul with Good Paul, Q is which Party will Ryan lobby for?
JUST IN: Paul Ryan furious Director of National Intelligence sided with Hillary Clinton
Paul Ryan needs to find a new job. Maybe NRA is hiring
Dobbs: Paul Ryan is an embarrassment to the GOP
Me and Paul Ryan had the best day. Got ice cream. Best ice cream. Balloons. Best balloons. Talked about genocide. Best gen…
Not surprised this BS was denied. Loser Paul Ryan needs to go! https…
Paul Ryan wants Hillary gone so he can pass his version of Contract to kill America!!!
we can not afford Paul Ryan's Politically Correct Agenda any longer 👉 It's time to elect NOW!! https:…
DNI James Clapper denies Paul Ryan request to block Clinton from classified intel briefings
DNI Clapper denies Ryan's request to block Clinton from receiving intelligence briefings
Ryan's request to block Clinton from intelligence briefings is denied
18 years is too long. Paul Ryan needs to be term limited on August 9th. let's make it happen!
Does Donald Trump really have more of a lock on the racist white vote than did Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John McCain or Sarah Palin?
Solen states he supports Hillary Clinton for President in WI District 01 where Paul Ryan is running for re-election http…
I don't know about that as Lyndsey Graham, Paul Ryan, & the so called conservative media have been aligned against Trump from(start
Finally, the charade is over: Of course Paul Ryan is supporting Donal... Read Blog:
Chuck Todd says Paul Ryan is an "Open-Borders" internationalist, and that's why he clashes with Trump
Paul Ryan says he's comfortable with Donald Trump handling classified info - Washington Times
On one hand you have true leaders & statesmen like Paul Ryan and Barack Obama and then you have Paul Joseph Watson.
Order your shirt today and help us fire Paul Ryan on August 9!
Open borders, tax-dodging Apple CEO set to host fundraiser for Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan has no business being the Speaker for mainstream republicans. He's out of touch with reality.
I would trust Donald Trump way before I'd trust Paul Ryan or any of the other GOP RINOS.
"My man Donald Trump is gonna need them though and he's not gonna tell Putin anything, I don't think."- Paul Ryan
Green Conservatism: Bravo SpeakerRyan for calling out the - Paul Ryan: Science doesn't get climate c…
Paul Ryan says Hillary Clinton should be denied access to classified information during the presidential campaign
"Technically, yes, John Wayne Gacy was a business owner but I do NOT agree with Trump's praising him." -- Paul Ryan, this…
Paul Ryan is doing an awful lot of denouncing Trump but he isn't renouncing him.
. Paul Ryan is Proven to be sleezy as the worst Dem - Worse
Paul Ryan on 620 AM now. Slammed & smoke and mirrors on TPP. Didn't tell the truth. TPP works against WI work…
JUST IN: Paul Ryan says the FBI's decision about Hillary Clinton "defies explanation"
Paul Ryan says the House will hold hearings on the FBI's decision not to seek criminal charges against Clinton
I missed Paul Ryan's news conference about this mockery with oh that's right he only Attacks
Paul Ryan, blink twice if you are being held hostage.
If you look EXTRA close you can see the very moment that Paul Ryan's spirit dies HT
Paul Ryan would have been a Good candidate against Clinton. Off all Trump being nominated by GoP, just unowrthy of being president. 😣
Paul Ryan obviously threw up in his mouth a little. I do the same when I watch Trump.
Paul Ryan offers executioner green card to show "who we are." ISIS executioner beheads man for ‘mocking Islam’
Paul Ryan doesn't realize he died 6 months ago and his *** is having to answer questions about Trump for eternity. https:/…
Paul Ryan: "no one is above the law, except the Bush Administration. And bankers. And gun manufacturers. And maybe Chris…
Paul Ryan calls for investigation of suspicious labrador/poodle relationships in multi-million dollar labradoodle industry…
Paul Ryan just seems awkward when saying things that should be so obvious.
The GOP is very good at hearings but very bad at listenings.
Paul Ryan is a smug phoney alledged Christian TOTAL tool who is unwilling & incapable of doing the right thing EVER.
Crooked Hillary should take Paul Ryan as her running mate. I think that would be a more fitting position for him.
Paul Ryan to reopen "Paul is dead" investigation in decades old Beatles case.
I don't want to hear a word from corrupt Congressmen like Paul Ryan who pay the bills for these corrupt government age…
Paul Ryan when told of Trump's comments on Sadaam Hussein tonight: . "He was one of the 20th century’s most evil people…
Breaking: Paul Ryan reveals House Committee to investigate the FBI Clinton email ruling.
Paul Ryan being successful will tell alot.
BREAKING: Live footage of Paul Ryan during Trumps thoughts on Saddam Hussein.
Paul Ryan suggests he will call FBI director James Comey to testify before Congress
Somewhere, in a dark wine cellar, Paul Ryan is punching a wall & hostilely screaming at CNN as he vomits on his suit
Paul Ryan has gone from asking me to be "more presidential" to saying he'll settle for me being "less like Hitler" htt…
Great message discipline from Paul Ryan on the day the FBI sacrificed its integrity to save a political candidate: https…
Paul Ryan: Ban Clinton from intel emails to presidential nominees
Paul Ryan's face as Megyn Kelly tells him about Donald Trump's remark about Saddam Hussein. h/t
Why does Paul Ryan criticize Trump campaign saying "anti-Semitic images" have no place in campaigns via
Paul Ryan: House GOP will ask Comey to testify over FBI's Clinton email probe via
Today in endorsements. OBAMA: She is the most qualified candidate in history. PAUL RYAN: He really didn’t intend to make David…
Paul Ryan should hold an investigation on Rep Sean Duffy!
Paul Ryan: Hillary Clinton should be blocked from receiving classified information as a candidate
also reminds me yet again that Paul Ryan is my very least favorite member of the current government. He's vile.
Paul Ryan & Steve Scalise mtg with Freedom Caucus on gun issue on floor right now
Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise and Patrick McHenry are all circled up with Paul Ryan and the Freedom Caucus as well.
Paul Ryan says, 'Anti-Semitic images have no place in campaign", which leaves us wondering about the places where Ryan thin…
Paul Ryan and Steve Scalise will allow liberals to remove 2nd Amendment
While Obama is hyping Clinton's qualifications, Paul Ryan is begging Trump to not be anti-Semitic.
Donal trump and Paul Ryan saying FBI is rigged could jeopardize all cases they have/will work on
and as usual Paul Ryan's minion Steve Scalise will do nothing but talk.
supporters should work hard at defeating Paul Ryan & all Republican senators/congressmen who have worked against Trump!
Pat Sayjak is working to reach Paul Ryan levels of shade.
Paul Ryan makes Wisconsin the Refugee TB Capital of US: Twenty-Seven Cases in Two Years - Breitbart
Or the Harry Reid's, Paul Ryan's, Nancy Palosis, and the John McCains. All politicians once in DC are corrupted
Great fun walking in the Kenosha parade today. Huge group showed up to support our Congressman, Paul Ryan!
.sat down with the congressman whose district borders Paul Ryan's. Here’s the interview:
Paul Ryan cut from the same sissy cloth as Jeb bush!
Two Wisconsin Congressmen, Paul Ryan and Mark Pocan, have very different ideas about fighting poverty
we don't care what Paul Ryan does,his *** is out on November 8, we have a new congressman for Wisconsin
Although he deserves it and it is long overdue, I like that it will probably *** off Paul Ryan, too! 󾌵
*** like Nikki, Mitten, Jeb, & BOs new best friend, Paul Ryan already killed the Rep. party. Just wait & c what u fools did.
House Rep. Mark Pocan on Poverty and What It’s Like to Share a County with Paul Ryan via
. We need to get rid of Paul Ryan. Read Rep open Letter
VOTE JOE CARR of Tennessee! Rep. Diane Black voted Paul Ryan in for Speaker!
Paul Ryan defends cuts to milt ret in budget bill -.
Vote to EXIT Paul Ryan's big government agenda!. ==> Support our campaign to at
is live from D.C. with Nancy Pelosi (and Paul Ryan (
This is gross: Apple's Cook fundraising for stooge congressman Paul Ryan.
Trump calls TPP rape & lines up Mike Tyson for GOP convention. . Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell - it's beyond time.
How can Republican Leadership like Paul Ryan actually work to get Hillary elected? They are all Globalists. Common threa…
So if according to Orange Man, Warren is a sellout. I guess the same applies to Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson, Chris Christie and so on
Apple CEO Tim Cook will host a fundraising breakfast for Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan is a little globalist *** elected by a few elitists in WI who are slobbering over the pork our tax dollars…
In unsurprising news: Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama released nearly identical statements
Remember, Paul Ryan wasn't governor for a little while. I was. Plus I had to quit because it was time to go on a vision…
It wasn't just Trump, but Paul Ryan's endorsement of the ignorant xenophobe that drove George Will to
didn't come even close to putting their best foot forward Paul Ryan & Rand r 100x better than trump,new face of Repubs
Paul Ryan is a Globalist who is working with Obama to expedite the inflow of Syrian Refugees
"The time has come for someone to put his foot down. And that foot is me." -Paul Ryan channeling Dean Wormer
David Cameron resigns after 52% oppose him on one topic. Paul Ryan vows to continue as Speaker despite 92% US support for…
Legal immigrants in Wisconsin's 1st congressional district, the nation, cheered today's SCOTUS decision. Paul Ryan: not so muc…
Sessions opening can of WHOOP *** on Paul Ryan! Sessions: GOP “ACCEPT the Will of the American People” or YOU’RE FIRED!
Little Giant Ladders
As Democrats staged a sit-in, Paul Ryan ignored calls for an up-or-down vote on gun-control legislation:
Hey, Paul Ryan, how about these great Obamacare numbers? OBAMACARE SAVES COUNTRY HALF A TRILLI…
Paul Ryan: sit-in represents a dangerous precedent. You mean like not confirming Scotus nominees?
Paul Ryan, who once washed already-clean pans in a soup kitchen because there were cameras present, says the
Ha! . Paul Ryan lived by the gun and he will go down by the gun as well. The same gun he hold Boehner hostage. Poetic justice!
Does even know what his pal Paul Ryan is up to? The GOP's medieval agenda
Paul Ryan is now my number 1 arch nemesis. Congrats, Greg Abbott, someone has beaten you
Please tell me Tim Cook is reconsidering hosting that Paul Ryan fundraiser.
you support Paul Ryan at the expense of US lives
Boycott Apple $AAPL. Tim Cook is holding a fund raiser for Paul Ryan.
.Paul Ryan owes John Lewis an apology. Until he's been beaten over the head & nearly killed fighting for the ri…
In his commentary on the sit-in at the Maddow Blog site, Steve Benen notes that Paul Ryan decided to break up the...
Cook to host Paul Ryan fundraiser amid woes .
Tim Cook's fundraiser for Paul Ryan sure is weird now...
I hope you have no plans to support Paul Ryan after the events of this week.
Mr. cook, I sincerely hope the news I've been reading about you having a fundraiser for Paul Ryan is false. A concerned customer.
Seriously, Paul Ryan fundrasier??? Android looking better and better.
Paul Ryan is a snake. Trump's people made a huge mistake by not backing his primary opponent.
In all of this what I can't get my head around is why the *** is Tim Cook hosting a fundraiser for Paul Ryan.
Shame on Tim CEO of who is hosting a fundraiser for Paul Ryan who is threatening to arrest democrats supporting gun control
Tim Cook to host fundraiser for Paul Ryan - TechCrunch
Hey Wisconsin! Don't forget Paul Ryan is up for reelection this year. (Primary is in August.)
Trump's co-chair Carl Paladino thinks Paul Ryan's a 'screwball' and Carl Paladino is right !! via
Paul Ryan drowned out by chants of Democrats, who vowed to continue all night
As we use our iPhones to see what a spineless NRA mouthpiece Paul Ryan is--remember that Apple CEO Tim Cook is holding a fun…
Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple is holding a fundraiser for Paul Ryan. I think we need to let Tim Cook understand that that…
Paul Ryan says Trump is "promoting his businesses while running for office.” Textbook case of conflict of interest? http…
it's fitting that Obama nominated the worst judge in the courts history and republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain confirmed her!
Dem Rep. Joyce Beatty is like 10 feet away from Paul Ryan shouting, "the speaker needs to stay!"
THIS message for Paul Ryan! (H/t a comment by Melissa Williams on a thread posted by Desiree Lynn Adaway)
Can we ALL stop pretending Paul Ryan is a "conservative' now?
Chaos erupts as Paul Ryan tries to restore order amid raucous Democratic gun control sit-in.
Paul Ryan should livestream what's happening on the floor but replace the audio with some chill house music
‘Shame! Shame!’: House Democrats shout Paul Ryan down as he tries to stop sit-in
Let's review: Democrats r sitting on House floor, standing up for will of the people. Paul Ryan threatening to arrest them.
Paul Ryan says the House won’t vote on gun legislation touted by
Honestly, i just wanted Rep John Lewis speech on the House floor and he turned Paul Ryan into Bull Connor :)
It's a battle of wills between John Lewis and Paul Ryan. I'll take Lewis every time .
Paul Ryan, this is stupid. You shouldn't be on the floor voting on anything. Ignore these children, adjourn for the week…
Getting a real "William Randolph Hearst" vibe from Paul Ryan to the Newsies (aka Democrats)
Paul Ryan = Joe Flynn in one of those '70s Disney movies starring Kurt Russell.
Maddow Blog 1m1 minute ago. Amazing scene on MSNBC right now as Paul Ryan tries to ignore shouting...
The only way to stop a good guy with a camera is Paul Ryan.
You may be white, but at least you will never be "Paul Ryan appealing to the youth demographic white"
In many ways it's comforting to be reassured that even after all of this, Paul Ryan really still is a human turdbag.
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Watch Jim McDermott rip Paul Ryan during House sit-in: 'He's up in his office crying'
Paul Ryan is an *** End of story! The head of a party that has done NOTHING but say NO!!
Paul Ryan says the ACA is a disincentive to work. What's his disincentive to work right now? Oh... https…
Paul Ryan cut the cameras after John Lewis gave this powerful speech:
John Boehner is probably at home drinking another Scotch and laughing maniacally at Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan shut down cameras? It's my right as a citizen of this country to see democracy in progress.
Senate democrats staging sit-in for vote on gun control legislation. Paul Ryan shut off the cameras htt…
Careful with too many Periscopes on the House floor. Paul Ryan will shut off the WiFi next.
Paul Walker and Ryan Dunn's deaths connected by the numbers of Gematria...
When it comes to illegal immigrants, Paul Ryan sides with Democrats (esp Louis Guiterez)
.That was b4 Trump promised Paul Ryan he wld support SS cuts.
VIDEO=> Paul Ryan Is a Tool for the Democrats
Paul Nehlen re-writes Paul Ryan's Here’s what a foreign policy strategy looks like that keeps us safe
When U support Hillary U support this.U support Paul Ryan & others this is what U will get
Paul Ryan criticizes Trump for his "tone" while plotting with Obama behind closed doors on how to flood our country with…
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Paul Ryan would of been hung by our founding fathers.
Let's get rid of Paul Ryan. Put Paul Nehlen in office instead. D…
is Paul Ryan or Halley Barbour on the list? Establishment turncoats...
Keep in mind that Paul Ryan, as a congressman, never won as much as a state-wide election. He voted for & Obama's omn…
GOP Pushing Legislation 'Written for the Muslim Brotherhood' via PAUL RYAN - WORST…
Video: Paul Ryan, Chuck Todd tell Republicans how to avoid voting for Donald Trump...
Paul Ryan’s Treason: These principles are often put forward as conservative, but in fact they ar...
I've lost track of how many impeachable offenses Obama has committed and yet Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell do NOTHING.
We're NOT stupid! Paul Ryan is trying to quietly secure the GOP nomination himself. WE DO NOT WANT PAUL❗️ ht…
Paul Ryan sold shares same day as private briefing of banking crisis w person…
VIDEO: Lou Dobbs nails Paul Rino to the wall! "He is a useful tool of the Democrats and the left. Ryan is a Rino!.
The House speaker, Paul D. Ryan, said the bill “would prevent a taxpayer bailout for the t ... -
vote Paul Ryan out. America and Wisconsin show the power of the vote!
Obama and Paul Ryan meet with Saudi Prince 4 days after Orlando shooting. No press allowed… http…
Trump to Ryan: "Be quiet." Ryan to Trump: "We represent a separate but equal branch of government." Um, Paul, Trump's not pres…
Breast Cancer Awareness
BRICK: Speculation mounts that Paul Ryan has lowest IQ score of any Speaker in modern era.
Paul Ryan Floats Idea of Suing the Man he Endorses for President
Pretty boy Paul Ryan can't think of anything else. He is a ***
Republicans finally offer an alternative to Obamacare... (Keeping the popular parts)
“The best thing Ryan could do to protect his family from what my family is experiencing is resign today!”
Chuck Todd confronts Paul Ryan over Donald Trump: 'How are you comfortable still...
Ryan do you feel unwanted. You got it right. We don't want you anymore. Go back to Wisconsin. Paul Ryan must go
And who can deny how thoughtful Paul Ryan is when it comes to Seniors from Kenosha? A must watch video…
I've always said I don't trust Paul Ryan ppl R going 2 learn the hard way
Warning bad pun alert: Trump is in trumple! We have the permission slip.
Paul Ryan unveiled an Obamacare alternative that keeps some of the existing provisions intact
Paul Ryan reminds of colleagues at meetings who are way too attached to Roberts' Rules of Order. . Dude, she just raised a point. Let it go.
Paul Ryan: I would sue any president that exceeds his or her powers.
Paul Ryan during his meeting with Deputy Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman in Capitol Hill Wednesday
Americans need to wake up, Romney, Jed Bush, Kasich, Cruz, Paul Ryan has the same agenda as Hillary NWO
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Hillary, Obama and Paul Ryan all met Saudi Prince Salman last week right after the Pulse shooting. FBI then censored the 911
I at least hope Paul Ryan isn't cheaping out. Treat yourself man. Go with Jack Daniels. No Jim Beam tonight.
i've never heard anything so funny! Jed bush is a potted plant!!! Shut your fat mouth Jed bush and take Paul Ryan into retirement
In an interview by the House Speaker, Paul Ryan, said some interesting quotes.
Apple dumps Trump: Apple CEO Tim Cook is hosting a 28 June fundraiser for US house speaker Paul Ryan and his ...
Paul Ryan may have left the door open for a Trump rebellion
What?. The *** CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, to host fundraiser for Paul Ryan, the house speaker for anti-LGBT GOP. http…
House Speaker Paul Ryan should resign - - . More reasons to hate Paul Ryan. vote
Tim Cook, however, is fund raising for Democrat House Speaker, Paul Ryan
Ghost of Eugene McCarthy taking over. Paul Ryan in the seat Les Aspin held? Walker in Nelson's place! ***
Paul Ryan: Trump's Racism Doesn't Matter as much as Keeping Hillary out of the White House
Paul Ryan tells Trump how to run his campaign. Ryan couldn't even beat Biden in a debate. Wonder if he advised Romney in 2012…
Paul Ryan: Change the U.S. national anthem to "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath - Sign the Petition! via
feels like Paul Ryan and Megyn Kelly work for Hillary.
Paul Ryan see-thru problem is being prior VP running mate with Mitt Romney-he's out of touch…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated our Government. Obama and Paul Ryan are complicit
Paul Ryan ignored Father's Day for much of his life
WTH is WRONG with Paul Ryan?. GOP Pushing Legislation 'Written for the Muslim Brotherhood'.
"Scott Taylor is already associating with Paul Ryan and jumping on the gravy train to fund the GE…" — OneThinDime
Paul Ryan on defunding Planned Parenthood: I'll fund it. . You ppl nitpicking positions, better nitpick them all.
Obama & Hillary planted some seeds, Paul Ryan is just one of the offspring
(S) “When [Paul Ryan] stood in front of a drug treatment center and rolled out his anti-poverty initiative,...
Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, and the sour grape DC Insider grubbers...
one thing I admire about Paul Ryan ,he never betray his friend Bill Clinton , the rapist
Paul Ryan, Adam Kinzinger, RINOS and good old boys have got to go. Take every opportunity to attack Tru…
.Tax Breaks for the rich, cutting of food stamps, blocking any/all jobs bills. Such are the plans of Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan is married to a very rich Democrat lobbyist! He want's Crooked Hillary to win instead of his own party!
Tired of Paul Ryan's allegiance to the Obama agenda? Give us a hand in term limiting him this Aug 9. . ==>
Lots of boos from the crowd when Root mentions Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. "If you don't agree with Donald Trump, shut up…
Paul Ryan is not backing down from endorsing Donald Trump | AP Photo
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The GOP Convention may just be 6 Klan guys watching Donald Trump shoot a T-shirt cannon at Chris Christie while Paul Ryan cr…
Random: Mitch Daniels, Bob Gates, Paul Ryan and David Petraeus should lead this country. Marisa Mayer is taller than Mark Zuckerberg
Paul Ryan is exceptionally rich. If he were not I suspect he might be more conciliatory towards Trump.
PC cop...Paul Ryan just like gop. I as an American want to know how paul ryan got rich being a congressman dont you america.
Presidential options right now could be Elizabeth Warren & Paul Ryan. Instead, we get a crazy carnival barker & least likeable person...ever
Paul Ryan's a twitass. How do you threaten to sue Trump on Somali refugees into Minnesota and give *** obama his hearts desire on muslims?
Mr. Dobbs check out Paul Ryan's wiki page, he used to drive the Oscar Meyer Weinbermobile for a living. Classic!!
Paul Ryan is a dufus. He wants Trump to understand checks and balances? Obama ignores checks and balances! Ryan is like a church mouse.
Paul Ryan is a globalist.All the signs are there.He has to go.Steve McCarthy,majority whip could take over easily.
I'm honestly beginning to believe Paul Ryan may need a psychological exam. The things he is doing are just plain nuts.
Julia Hahn was the one with the big scoop about Paul Ryan's children attending Catholic school, yes?
I think Paul Ryan has become the Democrats best friend he's got to go!!!
The Republican Party is a political party not a church. Paul Ryan needs to step down as a party leader, now.
screw Paul Ryan. If he thinks he can hide behind HRC to get ppl cover and cont h…
*** Paul Ryan’s Shadow GOP Campaign Countering Trump Gets DESTROYED on Social Media. While Trump is leading the...
When Paul Ryan defunds Planned Parenthood, I might start listening to him. Call me when he actually refuses Obama. htt…
Paul Nehlen now at 38% and climbing in Wisconsin. RINO Ryan headed for disaster in Wisconsin in August! VOTE NEHLEN!
Paul Ryan says he'll sue Trump if he acts extra-constitutionally yet he & other have never uttered same about Obama
Form letters is how Paul Ryan responds to his constituents. Says people in SE Wisconsin know him. He's right.
Paul Ryan u & the GOP need to get Cruz back & get behind him 100 %. Trump is handing the election to Hillary. He's going under
Congresswoman responds to Paul Ryan's 'anti-poverty' plan by calling for drug testing the 1%
Paul Ryan Typifies Everything That is Wrong with the GOP. Please support Paul Nehlen.
- Vote to defeat the Paul Ryan TRAITOR
Republicans agree on not helping poor Americans .
If Paul Ryan endorsed Hillary no one would be surprised. Unfortunately, we serfs are subjected to Julius Caesar Act 3 Scene 1…
Paul Ryan raised prescription copay on to pay for 3,000 Afghan translators. Paul Ryan: Full…
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