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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Paul Ryan during his meeting with Deputy Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman in Capitol Hill Wednesday
Hillary, Obama and Paul Ryan all met Saudi Prince Salman last week right after the Pulse shooting. FBI then censored the 911
I at least hope Paul Ryan isn't cheaping out. Treat yourself man. Go with Jack Daniels. No Jim Beam tonight.
In an interview by the House Speaker, Paul Ryan, said some interesting quotes.
Apple dumps Trump: Apple CEO Tim Cook is hosting a 28 June fundraiser for US house Speaker Paul Ryan and his ...
Paul Ryan may have left the door open for a Trump rebellion
What?. The *** CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, to host fundraiser for Paul Ryan, the house speaker for anti-LGBT GOP. http…
House Speaker Paul Ryan should resign - - . More reasons to hate Paul Ryan. vote
Tim Cook, however, is fund raising for Democrat House Speaker, Paul Ryan
Ghost of Eugene McCarthy taking over. Paul Ryan in the seat Les Aspin held? Walker in Nelson's place! ***
Paul Ryan: Trump's Racism Doesn't Matter as much as Keeping Hillary out of the White House
Paul Ryan tells Trump how to run his campaign. Ryan couldn't even beat Biden in a debate. Wonder if he advised Romney in 2012…
Paul Ryan: Change the U.S. national anthem to "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath - Sign the Petition! via
feels like Paul Ryan and Megyn Kelly work for Hillary.
Paul Ryan see-thru problem is being prior VP running mate with Mitt Romney-he's out of touch…
Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated our Government. Obama and Paul Ryan are complicit
Paul Ryan ignored Father's Day for much of his life
Paul Ryan on defunding Planned Parenthood: I'll fund it. . You ppl nitpicking positions, better nitpick them all.
(S) “When [Paul Ryan] stood in front of a drug treatment center and rolled out his anti-poverty initiative,...
Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, and the sour grape DC Insider grubbers...
one thing I admire about Paul Ryan ,he never betray his friend Bill Clinton , the rapist
.Tax Breaks for the rich, cutting of food stamps, blocking any/all jobs bills. Such are the plans of Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan is married to a very rich Democrat lobbyist! He want's Crooked Hillary to win instead of his own party!
Tired of Paul Ryan's allegiance to the Obama agenda? Give us a hand in term limiting him this Aug 9. . ==>
Lots of boos from the crowd when Root mentions Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. "If you don't agree with Donald Trump, shut up…
Paul Ryan is not backing down from endorsing Donald Trump | AP Photo
Random: Mitch Daniels, Bob Gates, Paul Ryan and David Petraeus should lead this country. Marisa Mayer is taller than Mark Zuckerberg
Paul Ryan is exceptionally rich. If he were not I suspect he might be more conciliatory towards Trump.
PC cop...Paul Ryan just like gop. I as an American want to know how paul ryan got rich being a congressman dont you america.
Presidential options right now could be Elizabeth Warren & Paul Ryan. Instead, we get a crazy carnival barker & least likeable person...ever
Paul Ryan's a twitass. How do you threaten to sue Trump on Somali refugees into Minnesota and give *** obama his hearts desire on muslims?
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Mr. Dobbs check out Paul Ryan's wiki page, he used to drive the Oscar Meyer Weinbermobile for a living. Classic!!
Paul Ryan is a dufus. He wants Trump to understand checks and balances? Obama ignores checks and balances! Ryan is like a church mouse.
Paul Ryan is a globalist.All the signs are there.He has to go.Steve McCarthy,majority whip could take over easily.
Julia Hahn was the one with the big scoop about Paul Ryan's children attending Catholic school, yes?
The Republican Party is a political party not a church. Paul Ryan needs to step down as a party leader, now.
screw Paul Ryan. If he thinks he can hide behind HRC to get ppl cover and cont h…
*** Paul Ryan’s Shadow GOP Campaign Countering Trump Gets DESTROYED on Social Media. While Trump is leading the...
When Paul Ryan defunds Planned Parenthood, I might start listening to him. Call me when he actually refuses Obama. htt…
Paul Nehlen now at 38% and climbing in Wisconsin. RINO Ryan headed for disaster in Wisconsin in August! VOTE NEHLEN!
Paul Ryan says he'll sue Trump if he acts extra-constitutionally yet he & other have never uttered same about Obama
Form letters is how Paul Ryan responds to his constituents. Says people in SE Wisconsin know him. He's right.
Paul Ryan u & the GOP need to get Cruz back & get behind him 100 %. Trump is handing the election to Hillary. He's going under
Congresswoman responds to Paul Ryan's 'anti-poverty' plan by calling for drug testing the 1%
Paul Ryan Typifies Everything That is Wrong with the GOP. Please support Paul Nehlen.
- Vote to defeat the Paul Ryan TRAITOR
Republicans agree on not helping poor Americans .
If Paul Ryan endorsed Hillary no one would be surprised. Unfortunately, we serfs are subjected to Julius Caesar Act 3 Scene 1…
Paul Ryan raised prescription copay on to pay for 3,000 Afghan translators. Paul Ryan: Full…
.Why is Paul Ryan still in office? He has done nothing but promote himself and let more terrorists- I mean refugees in.
says has passed bill pausing refugee program. That's a--what's the word?--lie:.
What would it take for Paul Ryan to withdraw his endorsement of Donald? .
Thank you, Jo. The only unity Paul Ryan has delivered is among big donors working against Americans like you and me.
Yes Paul Ryan is a swell fellow ... if you are an illegal alien or potential jihadi
An open letter to Paul Ryan you are leading — you have chosen to support Trump.
Paul Ryan gavels the rowdy convention to silence, and issues his decision. "Yep, nothing in the rulebook says a dog can't…
I am more certain now than ever, is working for the Dems. MAJOR divider!!
Speaker Paul Ryan says the GOP party is "divided," but he won't tell his members whether or not to vote for Trump. https:/…
'I don't know': Paul Ryan doesn’t rule out future run for president
Paul Ryan 's mantra: I don't know. Guess he's waiting for further instructions from Obama.
Paul Ryan instructs Republicans to follow their "conscience" on Trump. Joke's on Ryan, Republicans don't have one.
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Paul Ryan may be beyond help. He thinks Mexico is a race.
Thank you both. Wisconsin's 1st CD is rife with heroin killing our children. Paul Ryan won't secure that border.
Paul Ryan says "I won't divide party over Trump", like he could actually compete with Trump over dividin' stuff.
Paul Ryan went from being part of the problem to being the problem.
In one breath he disrespects Mr Trump, voters, himself and his office: Paul Ryan: 'You can't make this up sometimes'
Paul Ryan he's been lyin so what the *** did you expect he never had my respect LIAR
Why is Paul Ryan still allowed to be in the Republican Party?
I don't know what Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and Bob Corker are, but they aren't Republicans!
Paul Ryan: House Republicans should vote 'conscience' onthe delegates!
An open letter to Paul Ryan Will Ryan seize the day? If not, others should
Paul Ryan says he might sue Donald Trump if he tried to enact the Muslim ban
Are you insane is the only person looking out for us. Your days are numbered!
Paul Ryan's "reformed" House. Kevin McCarthy dropped ball on this one.
I'm working right now to unseat Paul Ryan as Speaker and getting ready for a Trump presidency.
We were happy to welcome Speaker of the US House, Paul Ryan, to and
By the time Trump takes office the voters need to work with Congress to over throw Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House.
Paul Ryan to Republicans: think twice, vote once, maybe not for Trump – live: House speaker tells Chuck Todd in interview set to air ...
Paul Ryan needs to go. Can't wait for Prez to announce new speaker!
Paul Ryan knows discuss a budget and stays away to speak of policy ... . Peace! and peace there ! Vagus nerve!.
"Paul Ryan isn't...the majority leader of the House. He's the speaker. That's a constitutional office."
Julia Hahn:"Washington Post:Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton Could Strike Deals"Urge your member--replace this Speaker!
"I have a line, but forgot what it is" - Paul Ryan, literally a Nine Inch Nails song and caricature
In less than a year Paul Ryan has become the worst Speaker of the House in American history, even Pelosi voted conservative once twice
The future of our country is not Donald Trump & Paul Ryan. Nor can it be Debbie Wasserman Schultz & Rahm Emanuel
some people like Wisconsin. Scott Walker, Paul Ryan. Joe McCarthy liked it a lot. Jeffrey Dahmer.
Scenario: removes Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House. Finds a quirky tag name for Paul Ryan. Names Kevin McCarthy as Speaker.
One day I fear that someone will have to confront someone like Trump, or Paul Ryan, or David Quinn, or Breda O'Brien in a debate. 8/
Paul Ryan: come over!. Trump: can't. hugging flags. Paul Ryan: but i wanted to discuss how we unify the GOP!. Trump:
The Wall Street Journal is giving Paul Ryan and the Republican Party terrible advice.
He is the only one who will eradicate ISIS. Obama will not, Hillary will not, Paul Ryan will not nor wi…
Ron Johnson, like Reince Priebus, Sean Duffy, and Paul Ryan, is an embarrassment to Wisconsin.
And hopefully Paul Ryan gets tossed out on his *** in the street.
Yes!! We will win because people will think you are Paul Ryan.
Wait let me get this straight: Paul Ryan condemns Trump's comments after every speech but he still endorses him?
Paul Ryan snivelled and cringed before them. “The Dark Lord, you’ve no idea the delegates he possesses!".
"Paul Ryan hid in rat form for years, until the time to finally anoint the fascist overlord of his tortured dreams". http…
I was restrained by PC. kind of like Scott Walker Paul Ryan and wouldn't truly believe the Whole truth
Sen. Ron Johnson voted for Paul Ryan plans to make Medicare a voucher program, Democratic Party says. Mostly True
Instead of discussing gun control, Paul Ryan asked Congress for a moment of silence. We've had 240 years of silence, i…
This is the silliest and weirdest article I've ever written. If you love Harry Potter & hate Paul Ryan you'll enjoy.
Where the heck are Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell Byron? Complete failure of leadership IMHO...
George Stephanopoulos is grilling Paul Ryan and I love it.
Elites are rattled .Campbell Brown, married to Dan Señor (of Iraq war fame), advisor to Paul Ryan!!
Paul Ryan squirms when asks him to explain his Trump support to a child.
George Stephanopoulos presses Paul Ryan: What's more important to Republicans than standing up against racism?
Paul Ryan faced tough grilling from Campbell Brown and Meg Whitman over Trump endorsement
Arthur Laffer of economic fame is so much smarter than Paul Ryan & Laffer is backing Trump. Tell you something?🙀
while Donald Trump is still on the campaign trail, his nemesis Ben Carson is speaking w Paul Ryan about being black, "it's my nap time sir"
Paul Ryan talks about Homeland Security. What has R's said about riots at Campaign Rally's? Nothing. why Open Borders.
LEONARD PITTS, JR.: Paul Ryan adds his name to list of moral imbecility
the you can't criticize Paul Ryan for trying to protect this house. Both picking lesser of two evils.I'm voting uncle Joe B.
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell talk about can't support racism and bigotry then Rep Steve King, Rep Mo Brooks need to res…
This page in history changed my dad's life.Franz von Papen was wrong, and so is Paul Ryan via
Trump tells Paul Ryan what he thinks Ryan wants to hear. Same with McConnell. Same with "religious leaders". Same with attendees at rally.
Paul Ryan gaydar. According to 201 visitors Paul Ryan is 74% *** The average *** rating on is 69%,
White Girl Attacked by Mexicans at Trump Rally Sa…: Actual hate crime 2b ignored by media and Paul Ryan.
Still waiting on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to condemn this!! WISCONSIN
Paul Ryan is trying to have it both ways, and is damaging his party in the process.
Meanwhile — It’s been 5 days now and Paul Ryan still will not condemn the brutal physical beatings in San Jose. https:/…
Paul Ryan thinks he can keep Trump under control. Good luck with that. My latest column:
asks Trump national co-chair Sam Clovis about Paul Ryan critiques of Trump, only on with
Elizabeth Warren just wiped the floor with Paul Ryan's new 'poverty agenda'
If u want to play that game, then Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Gingrich, Carson, Rubio are all liars for Trump
you will do what the republican establishment wants Paul Ryan. McConnell will tell you how to behave that it you will do it
Surely Trump & Paul Ryan will hold a competing rally in Kenosha – ?.
Elizabeth Warren issues statement blasting Paul Ryan poverty agenda, calls on left to rally behind alternative:
reports from Capitol Hill. After the joint address PM will be hosted by the Speaker Paul Ryan for lun…
Pelosi trolls Paul Ryan with fake news release:
Paul Ryan: Trump was racist. Jeffrey Lord: Ryan is racist. Lee Zeldin: Obama is racist
Remember when Paul Ryan stopped bashing bailing out Puerto Rico, cared about Vet suicides? Me neither.
Paul Ryan needs to go! He may as well call himself a Democrat- enabler!
Paul Ryan "disturbed" by reports of Donald Trump eating human flesh, threatening to "de-state New Mexico." but will vote for GOP unity,
John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, etc are the corrupt politicians portrayed in Mr Smith Goes to Washington
'I'm with racist!': Brutal New York Daily News cover mocks Paul Ryan for standing by Donald Trump
Here is why Paul Ryan should be mocked and laughed at instead of taken seriously as a Republican.👇
Love how last week, Paul Ryan endorses Trump after talking smack about him for months and now he's on TeeVee calling Trum…
Paul Ryan proves that Trump supporters aren't all racists. Millions are good, decent non-racists who just don't mind th…
It was my privilege to serve with Paul Ryan in the House and on the Wa...
Paul Ryan is a traitor to the Untied States of America.
You want to know why Trump is going to win this election in a landslide? To STOP the Paul Ryan's of this world. He sicke…
Paul Ryan on Donald Trump’s comments about Judge Curiel: “A textbook definition of a racist comment.”
Jeffry Lord, like Trump, is a real dirtbag. "Jeffrey Lord says Paul Ryan is the real racist for criticizing Trump"
Paul Ryan probably has the most unenviable job in politics at the moment, except maybe Jeremy Corbyn
Trump surrogate Jeffrey Lord calls Paul Ryan a racist for calling out Trump's racism... How about that unity
George Will: The ‘big price’ Paul Ryan has paid for supporting Donald Trump
Paul Ryan says Trump's comments on the judge are "sort of the textbook definition of a racist comment.". And he's standing b…
USA TODAY: Paul Ryan starts unveiling plan for 'better GOP’
Paul Ryan out with policy plans . Uniting Repub. first proposal overhauling poverty prog. Changes in Welfare food and housing
NOW: Is Sen. James Lankford ready to give the same claim as Paul Ryan & say he will vote for
Paul Ryan and Donald Trump have one thing in common both submitted budget proposals that would increase the national debt by 10 trillion
BREAKING: Paul Ryan endorses me on day.
A day after endorsing Trump, Paul Ryan bashes him:
Michele Bachmann, Paul Ryan, and Mike Pence should be first on the list.
reminds me that time Paul Ryan tried to wash already clean dishes for a photo op, but failed.
So great to have the endorsement and support of Paul Ryan. We will both be working very hard to Make America Great Aga…
2008: "Do you agree with the Bush doctrine?". 2016: "Which of Paul Ryan's ideas are most appealing to you?"
Paul Ryan joins with the KKK, Ted Nugent, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Sarah Palin in embracing Trump's candidacy
Who cares what Paul Ryan thinks or says? He showed his disdain for the People with the omnibus budget. .
Paul Ryan is obsessed with cutting away all safety nets and EARNED benefits. Remember his budget plan?
MILBANK: Paul Ryan makes GOP the Party of Trump - Rapid City Journal
This piece by on Paul Ryan is scorching & brutal: And, to me, felt good. Recommen…
against popular belief the Pentagon and its budget are NOT Patriotic Bankrupting America faster than Paul Ryan classy. Such presentation in the name of Dessert...Congressman Walter Jones, look! Rep. Paul Ryan, tooUSA
Never seen anything like this...approach with caution? Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan to be diplomatic
Too bad that Paul Ryan confessed to being a fan of Rage Against The Ma...
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Paul Ryan is very much under Mitt Romney's control so this change of heart is somewhat suspicious.
Paul Ryan says he will work Donald Trump to unify the Republican Party behind its message of "no hope and no change" http…
Getting a little sick of the Paul Ryan is a saint mantra. Have you looked at his budget proposals?
Chin up, Shoulders Squared, No Worries; Working hard with Congressman Walter Jones and Paul Ryan; Update USEEOC job!
Paul Ryan: I completely disagree with Trump regarding this, but I think he would be a great President. .
Paul Ryan's math not that good on his own budget plans. Apparently Congressional math wonk means able to spew lists of numbers.
Paul Ryan voted for EVERY Bush spending bill with ZERO offsets. He's no fiscal conservative or budget hawk.
who punked barry into producing his birth certificate!. Can't wait til Paul Ryan has to act surprised to find out Trump is a birther
Paul Ryan pulling the rug from low income in budget as Trump extends tax breaks for the wealthy
Paul Ryan endorsed Trump. A man he dislikes and doesn't share his principals. But no matter. Partisan politics rule. Sha…
Paul Ryan said Hillary is promising another Obama term. I'm sorry, what is the Presidents approval rating? She's good to go!
Congressman Walter Jones and DJ Trump absolutely need the mathematical marketing strategy of Rep. Paul Ryan; CLASSY!
Paul Ryan should have pulled a Hamilton and backed Hillary. Trump's head would pop off from the volume of his own screams
How does Paul Ryan endorse Donald Trump, his enemy, a man he's despised since the beginning just to keep Hillary from winning?
Paul Ryan has been attempting to cut medicare for years now the budget leaves low income strapped
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Trump's budget buffoonery while Paul Ryan's math has him treated as some sort of sage seems also notable.
Of all Lost on Android.Ad agency manager: How would take away my own show, now who Paul Ryan's budget plan on Google+, are you? I don't
Paul Ryan: Cam Newton is going nowhere, more like Scam Newton. *Panthers 2015-16*. Paul Ryan: I freaking love Cam Newton,
On Morning Joe: "Yet another Republican goes down, for no reason. This is so sad. Mr. Paul Ryan, you just…
💢 What an Eff-ing JOKE!. Paul Ryan has shown he's a WEASEL - on the Budget, AND the platform.
Paul Ryan, you've reinvigorated political hypocrisy at a time when Americans thirst for political revolution.
Paul Ryan should re-register as a Democrat. The Omnibus budget fully funded every Obama wet dream. Inexcusable.
Paul Ryan is no conservative,he voted yes on Obama's Omnipuss budget. There are no conservatives in Government.
I sometimes imagine Paul Ryan talks to himself like Barry/Other Barry from Archer.
Agree 100%. We expect more from the likes of Paul Ryan, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Jon Huntsman.
Paul Ryan is a punk, & we are basically operating under his budget, he isn't happy unless hurting middle-class
Live footage of Paul Ryan holding on to his principles.
I'm old enough to remember when Paul Ryan and his budget were the political liabilities.
(Barry). Let's face it. The entire world is uniting behind . Paul Ryan: Donald Trump.
. Paul Ryan is what cowards do. . Jumped on the bus for his career... . last election! He threw Romney under the bus
Another reason to fight like *** for a Dem win (as if we needed one) Paul Ryan and Trump pushing through those horrendous Ryan budget cuts
the road 2 Paul Ryan's endorsement is the metaphorical equivalent of the Bataan death march, & his integrity was the casualty
OK, which one of you hacked Paul Ryan's brain?
Paul Ryan just endorsed the 2016 equivalent of Barry Goldwater by supporting Donald Trump. History will not remember it kindly
"When I grow up, I'm going to TRUMP UNIVERSITY!" - Paul Ryan.
How many shirtless selfies do you think Paul Ryan had to take before drumming up the courage to admit that he'd vote for…
Its about time. Welcome aboard Paul Ryan. Next stop will be 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500.
Paul Ryan should come back to Georgetown and give a speech about how his Catholic faith informs his support for Donald Trump's c…
Paul Ryan has endorsed Trump, and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is demanding that the anti-Trump movement stop embarrassing itself.
Paul Ryan.sold out to Obama on the budget last Fall and now has sold out to Trump...
Paul Ryan's budget is very dangerous for the Republicans--just before the election--be careful!
Yup, Paul Ryan, the faux conservative establishment sell out & the Republicans passed that in the budget.
How do u call Paul Ryan is a small Gov. Rep? Look at the last budget he signed. Also he's gotten 1 just 1 real law passed in 17 yrs.
Whatta group: Brie Larson, Paul Ryan, Bob Iger, Nick Denton, Jerry Seinfeld, Jen Psaki… all in our latest newsletter
Given my love for political intrigue, I hold out hope that Paul Ryan rises from what will surely be chaos in Cleveland (1/2)
Gee, where's Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz, Jeff Flake, and the rest of the loudmouth "Do-Nothings"?
Paul Ryan to grace the cover of People, but he gave one condition to the interview: No Trump questions, according to People pre…
We don't know the meaning of "Fracking", so will need Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan to School us on it
contact Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan to Sue OAHU for *** cover ups since 1911 of all September 11ths.
Congressman Walter Jones and Rep. Paul Ryan to school all of young PRO AMERICAN and NATIVE AMERICANS..what's "Frack"
Mitch McConnell is a Ben Shapiro type of conservative, so is John Boehner and Paul Ryan. Why can't Trump be more like them?
Congressman Walter Jones to help Rep. Paul Ryan open a substation in Hampstead to teach computers...NC2B%7EDIVINE%21
Paul Ryan is one of few people who can bring the current House Republican caucus together | Via
Glad to see Michael Gerson standing tall against Trump. But "Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, the intellectually serious reformicons"?. Huh?
should know that the New US Republic has a traitor who is trying to sabotage it, Paul Ryan -
Murray says he has good reason 2 question Trump's presidency due to "character & policy". What of Paul Ryan giving O everything!
disabled, on SSD? You'll be eating dog food under President Trump + Paul Ryan. Enjoy the Bern!
More of a spine than Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell: Young Republican resigns rather than support Trump https…
Paul Ryan could be the poster child for what government programs can do for a young person. Yet he wants to cut everything. Sounds good.
To convince Paul Ryan & the Tea Party to let the government function, Patty Murray had to bribe them with TSA money
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No...I found Paul Ryan at the Aspen Institute 4 yrs ago. All Soros funded think tank..ppl vote 4 him anyway. Research first!!
Paul Ryan seems to think that we should sacrifice a couple of Supreme Court justices so that can feel good ab…
that turn cost lying Paul Ryan needs to go. I hope Trump dismissed him from the convention. He turning on the USA
laying out damning litany of Paul Ryan betrayals on spending, immig, natl security.
Link: Paul Nehlen to challenge Paul Ryan in Wisconsin Republican primary: Martin…
Paul Ryan panic: Primary challenger Paul Nehlen SURGES to lead in new poll
I'm disliking Paul Ryan even more than Obama, whom I detest! Ryan is the most aloof, conceited, egotistical, self-cente…
I get along very well with Paul Ryan personally. We have very deep dif...
Paul Ryan is unaware that Jimmy Carter banned Muslims from coming to the US. YES we do ban certain groups of people.
Muslims have never safely assimilated into any country and never will. It's time Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan stop lying to the…
Paul Ryan is like man trying to fix a faucet while his house burns down. "I almost have it dear," he shouts, as the roof caves
live video of Paul Ryan after his call with Trump last night
Paul Nehlen hopes to topple Paul Ryan in 'David and Goliath' matchup | ||
So after slamming him for weeks, Paul Ryan is endorsing Drumpf? Who's endorsing him next, Mitt Romney? David Brooks? Hillary Clinton?
Paul Ryan, who "works" a 3-day week and demanded protection for his nights and weekends, will fight overtime protectio…
The awkward waltz continues tonight: Donald Trump and Paul Ryan to speak by phone with potential endorsement pending ht…
SC Pastor Mark Burns, speaking ahead of Trump, brings up Paul Ryan here in Anaheim. The crowd boos
via "Paul Ryan leads like Beau Berghdal fought!"
Watch: Paul Ryan to Endorse Donald Trump, According to Campaign Sources: ABC News' Jon Karl updates the pres...
Thank you Paul Ryan and Mitch Mitchell for this invasion. You funded this abomination.
So which is it, Paul Ryan? Are you a conservative, or are you throwing your hobo sack onto the P.T. Barnum & Bailey Circus Trump Train?
Paul Ryan cries foul over "outside agitators" yet fails to mention special interests and big DC donors bankroll his political…
Paul Ryan's say they support but ALWAYS vs us *** htt…
how much longer is it going to take Paul Ryan to jump on the Hellbound hate train. come on Ryan you know you're going to suck up
I already figured the Bushes & Clintons are thick as thieves. Paul Ryan, as well.
Paul Ryan and the rest of the Republican Party has shown that the ideology they held so steadfast to against the...
"This is not make-believe.". Paul Ryan slams Veterans Affairs secretary for comparing long lines to Disneyland.
Paul Ryan commits to fighting rule that extends overtime protection to millions of workers https…
Paul Ryan the guy who works part time is 'committed to fighting' plan to give millions of workers overtime pay
Paul Ryan slams Veterans Affairs secretary, but stops short of calling for resignation
"Trump needs an aspirational message, much like Paul Ryan" - on
Paul Ryan has supported every over spendin…
Paul Ryan has supported every over spending bill of Obama's.
Clearly Wisconsin has bad judgement Scott Walker is the governor, they picked Cruz, and they gave us Paul Ryan, and th…
Wisconsin by keeping Paul Ryan proves beyond all doubt Steve Avery case needs looking into again elsewhere
Paul Ryan embraces poll showing more Republicans trust Trump than him | AP photo
charliespiering: Paul Ryan reacts to Bob McDonald Disneyland comment
Paul Ryan is a puppet of Globalists = George Soros just like Obama & Hillary.
Paul Ryan Won’t Be Putting Money on a Donald Trump Win: Speaker Paul Ryan is not a gambling man. The Republic...
All over it. Paul Ryan, BHO, and Hillary's plan to let drug traffickers out to kill kids
Paul Ryan is a Democrat & traitor. Please consider a man like Rep. Dave Brat who a rare Patriot in the GOPe
Mr.Trump U don't need Paul Ryan to chair the Convention. The Voters Hate him. Please consider Dave Brat a TRUE Conservative
From Marco Rubio to Paul Ryan to Kim Davis, conservatives are terribly worried about having things shoved down...
Paul Ryan keeps flunking leadership tests. Take yesterday's chaos on the House floor, for ex https:…
Paul Ryan opens his mouth and all I hear is. WONK WONK WONK. Like Charlie Browns teacher. Tired of words with no action
i know you're trying 2deny anyone 270 so congress decide/there more likely 2pick Paul Ryan than Johnson if Hillary dnt win outright
I like the look of that team! Good to see Trollier is fit! I'd probably play Paul Ryan for Tracy though
I know, it's just ridiculous. They did that today, same day as Paul Ryan said he'd block the pay for overtime bill. What a bunch of
Longest serving Republican Speaker of the House to report to prison on June 2, 2016. Successors: Boehner, Paul Ryan
Agreed! Pass that on to Paul Ryan and the Pope!
Paul Ryan's R majority votes for anti-LGBTQ discrimination. Ryan and pro-discrimination Rs are no better than Trump. h…
John Boehner is a craven weakling. Of course he backs Trump. They all will by November, even your precious Paul Ryan ht…
Medicare Part D "worth remembering Paul Ryan, w other so-called fiscal hawks, voted for this irresponsible, unfunded expansion of govt"
1st smart thing Trump has done since May 3: Traveling to D.C. to meet with Paul Ryan
So much great power-gaming yesterday, except for Paul Ryan! We must put D&D first and MAKE DRAGONS GREAT AGAIN! ht…
Paul Ryan on wrong team again. 9/11 victims, like Locherbie victims, deserve justice.
Speaker of the house, Paul Ryan, welcoming the diplomatic corps.
Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan will laugh at your cult leader. Bernie can't get one policy sign into law. I forgot he a communist
John Kasich: If I was president, and Paul Ryan was speaker, it could've "changed everything" https…
Powerful video indictment of Paul Ryan. He abandoned WI victims, all families of Fort Hood Islamic terror
domain names
Paul Ryan used the word "encouraged" many times in describing his D Trump meeting. reads into it:
why does Paul Ryan & Rep Sean Duffy always opposing bills that will help the American middle class?
He's in my top 5 most hated active politicians. Up there with Lamar Smith, McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Jim Inhofe
I'd bet money that Paul Ryan handed him the list last week.
2/3 I think Paul Ryan beatable—in his district. W white mid-class voters. He's a welfare queen: call him that.
Paul Ryan demands cuts to Social Security and Medicare
Wake up Paul Ryan and look down the Rhodes
is Mitt Romney controlling Paul Ryan's reelection money. Is that why he won't come out and back you?
Paul Ryan, who accepted hush money from pedophile Dennis Hastert, also profited from insider trading.
They say they'll override Obama veto but first it has to pass the house, where scumbag traitor Paul Ryan is once again Team Obama.
Paul Ryan responds to new poll that says Republicans trust Donald Trump over him
who the *** does Paul Ryan think he is .how many meetings before his holiness decides .
."The younger idealists—that nice Paul Ryan & the whip-smart Arthur Brooks." Younger? Ryan is 46, Brooks 52. How old is she?
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