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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Samantha Bee explains why Paul Ryan is the Republican Party's Taylor Swift: via
explains how Paul Ryan is the Taylor Swift of politics:
Samantha Bee calls Paul Ryan the Taylor Swift of politics- "bland and fake, but weirdly compelling". Ouch.
I don't fear people like Laverne Cox or Jamie Clayton or Caitlin Jenner. I fear Donald Trump, Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell, & Paul Ryan.
oh oh I know; the answer is Paul Ryan's only path left to the WH.
Paul Ryan's better way is if we all die off, and let him do as he pleases. All he cares about is his ric…
Paul Ryan just told Preexisting Conditions will not be guaranteed. He said it out loud!
Paul Ryan tells Preexisting Conditions will not be guaranteed in his "Better Way" plan. People will die.
I don’t feel any better about Pence, and even if HE goes Paul Ryan is next in line. Gonna be the longest 4 years ever.
real scandal is you and your cabinet. Add in Paul Ryan , rand, & rest of spineless GOP. They should DEMAND truth
Rand Paul or Paul Ryan the future of USA. Mark this as well. :)
Remember when Trump and Paul Ryan said Dreamers w DACA have nothing to fear? Free Daniel now.
Two men, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, have the power to stop this chaos. That they don't betrays profound cowardice. Party…
Hey! That's Will Rogers behind Paul Ryan! Reps and Senators rub his foot for good luck. I suggest they form a line.
Roses are red . Violets are blue . Jason Chaffetz is a coward. Paul Ryan is too.
NYT trashes Paul Ryan and company for opposing workers' efforts to save for their own retirement
Paul Ryan: It’s important that as soon as they realized Flynn misled them, they asked him to resign. (DOJ told WH about Fly…
Paul Ryan wants you to remember, to Republicans, Mr. Potter is real hero of "It's a Wonderful Life" not George Bailey
then Paul Ryan is President. That's no good either.
*** we got nowhere good to go. Paul Ryan then takes the Oval!
Paul Ryan is just a little "KISS *** now, 2018 is comming fast this time Democrats will hit their mark strong!
get rid of Reince Priebus he's working with Paul Ryan their planning to put Ryan's agenda not yours bac…
Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan are the two most dangerous men in the US Federal Government right now. Snakes on the t…
The 9th Circuit got it right. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan should heed Ben Franklin's famous advice.
"Paul Ryan is finally standing up to Donald Trump". "That video is from July 2016.". "...". *eyes roll into head, down spine like ro…
Paul Ryan fears he'll die of early heart failure like his father and grandfather. I fear he won't
Fifth vs. Second. Dab vs. Dab. Paul Ryan's Game of the Weekend.
It's the state department, also Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham who are trying to sink Amer…
Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Rubio are Soros-funded DEMOCRATS who call themselves Republicans while trying to u…
Paul Ryan is scared to face his constituents. No town halls scheduled and mobile office schedule is a blank page: https…
Trump often will deflect or direct questions about details Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner or Paul Ryan.
Bush was a RINO just like his incompetent bro. Jeb and Paul Ryan, Marco,...etc...
Paul Ryan admits to Judy Woodruff that there have been no terrorists from the refugee population but says ISIS is trying to infiltrate it.
The only job Cathy Mcmorris Rogers does with any competence is hold up the scenery for Paul Ryan at photo-op's. Watch her!!!
Paul Ryan to Judy Woodruff. in essence: He's our elected president, he's brought in a lot of new GOPs and I should take a moral stance?
Right now, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are the REAL enemy until they stand up and prove otherwise.
UPDATE: Paul Ryan's only job outside of politics was as a sales manager for Oscar Meyer hot dogs when he was in college.
Judy Woodruff interviews Paul Ryan. She has no teeth. Trump intimidated her & same with Ryan. She shouldn't be interviewing at this level.
Judy Woodruff let Paul Ryan off tonight. The prevented Obama at every turn for his entire eight years. Come on Judy.
I bet Judy Woodruff likes talking to Paul Ryan, if only because she can understand his replies, compared (you know)
Judy Woodruff deserves some sort of prize for interviewing the likes of Paul Ryan. Self satisfied ideological captive and con man.
I think Paul Ryan's leather cheerio, is George Soros favorite for George's Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
Eddie Munster & Paul Ryan are one and the same, but as Ryan grew older he changed the spelling of his childhood surname to Monster
Wisconsin's Paul Ryan insists that Islam is Love & that keeping the 1400 year evil raping invading cult out is "not who we are."…
Is he just going to issue Executive Orders? I remember when Paul Ryan used to lecture Obama about them.
personally I just really want my mayor (Rahm Emanuel) to fist fight Paul Ryan to the death. Seems like a good matchup.
You should be repudiating what your POTUS has been saying about America and Americans! What's wrong Paul Ryan, afraid? 😷
Chances that Paul Ryan is quiet on Trump because he doesn't expect to last and he has a deal with Pence to get the top j…
Paul Ryan doesn't get it. The far-left doesn't want to "heal the division". They want to see the country collapse. https:…
We have to win the House, eject Paul Ryan from the office he is disgracing every day, and show Trump what accountability loo…
Trump was a businessman who had to play the "system". Paul Ryan as a conservative should not be taking money from a crook
President should appoint Newt Gingrich speaker of the house. I would hate to see Paul Ryan as
That really surprises me George Soros donated $ to Paul Ryan. Very interesting!
Mike may have exaggerated a little,. Point is . Paul Ryan & chuck schumer should never be on same page
I just signed a petition: Paul Ryan: We're Watching You. Sign here:
Paul Ryan, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham & John McCain funded by to stop Trump + much more
Paul Ryan said the US nuclear agreement with Iran is probably going to stay in place, despite Republican opposition
Against Common Core...I mean Sense: Baldwin as Trump, Adam Scott as Paul Ryan, John Goodman as Steve Bannon, Eddie Redmayne as Jared Kushner
The comes to Paul Ryan's hometown. Hundreds are expected Saturday to urge speaker to develop a spine. htt…
I'm an important cog in the Paul Ryan music machine!
Why is Paul Ryan pushing back against Trump's plan to bid down the price of pharmaceuticals? Here's your answer.
Every time Paul Ryan wonders, "Is it all worth it?" he thinks about a poor kid going to bed hungry and remembers, "Yes, i…
Paul Ryan is giving Trump a symbolic *** every day.
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell know that Trump is a unique threat to US democracy. They've just decided to trade democracy f…
Prediction: Paul Ryan and Reince will ride Trump to the tax cut they want, and promptly impeach him. There's more than enough to do it.
Some deserve it.Paul Ryan is Eddie Munster.Cruz is Grandpa Munster.
Paul Ryan to appoint Linda Evans to supreme court
Recruiting an excellent candidate in Paul Ryan's district for 2018 would be an excellent pressure point for Democrats.
Paul Ryan is not taking calls or emails from the American ppl! So, here are a few of his staffers emails
“Dude, I’m just trying to privatize Medicare and Social Security, what do you want from me.” - Paul Ryan, probably.
Paul Ryan walks and opens the closet. Inside is Chris Christie wearing nothing but underwear. He's grown a feral beard.
WOW my brain is so deep in politics when I saw "Rex Ryan" trending I assumed it was some issue concerning Rex Tillerson & Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan is out to kill our Social Security program altogether:
At one point, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, and Mitch McConnell rejected the proposal of a Muslim ban
Paul Ryan has never had any decency. Wants to be in the center so he can get ready for his bid. Laughable, will never succeed
and Paul Ryan too, can't forget about that Spineless coward
please Michael Moore get him out of office along with pence and Paul Ryan
Someone edited the invertebrate Wikipedia page to include Paul Ryan
Happy birthday to Paul Ryan, who turns 47 years old today -- an amazingly inspirational achievement for someone without a…
Shame on her. Ben Carson it's have performed a spinectomy on both May and and Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan is disgracing his office and enabling Trump - most important step to save this country is to elect a Democratic sp…
Paul Ryan has confirmed beyond all shadow of a doubt that he has no backbone at all.
6 months ago, when Paul Ryan had a tiny amount of backbone left. His spine is wet tissue now.
Remember: Paul Ryan is willing to stomach all of this so he can cut taxes for millionaires and block grant the safety net.
The way Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have been reacting (nothing), anything is on the table. . (Got a couch?)
Maureen Dowd labels Paul Ryan a disgrace and suggests that he has a soul to sell. Disgrace, yes,,,soul, no evidence. Just my opinion.
BREAKING: Paul Ryan continues to be a wretch and coward.
So far Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have ceded all power to Trump.
Paul Ryan supports Trump's executive order to suspend refugee admissions and curtail visas.
Paul Ryan would drink soup out of Trump's old shoes if he gets the green light to institute a budget that only Ayn…
Another sellout, like that spineless Paul Ryan, who initially couldn't support Trump, esp. after the Access Hollywood tape. 😒😒
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Sorry, youths. Your hashtag meme snaptrend is so very over now.
Paul Ryan *** *** most likely. He is actually worse than Trump.
is the Republican Party secretly Hydra? And Paul Ryan is the Red Skull?
Speaker Paul Ryan: ‘We will not stop fighting until every life is protected under the law’ – 'This is truly...
.It appears Paul Ryan has no moral compass-or perhaps no patriotism. He puts party ahead of country in a mo…
And I hear Paul Ryan has disconnected his line, they can't handle the calls. I hope that's true. But that is ignorant if it is.
GOP wouldn't pay for Flint, Zika or Hurricane Sandy relief but will gladly pay $15 billion for Trump's border wall. https:…
One is 6 months ago. Second is THIS week. Rubber meet road. Which is it Mr. Paul Ryan?. Do you still reject
Paul Ryan wanted the GOP to vote on Obamacare next month. Based on this leaked tape, they're nowhere close to ready.
Paul Ryan wants to be the savior of America & he'll sacrifice everything at the altar of Trump for a chance to be p…
I know this isn't the reason to become a public servant, but I want to just so I can remind Paul Ryan daily what a total…
I believed him about this. Didn't think the wall would happen. Can't believe Paul Ryan got behind it. Such a waste.
If Paul Ryan opposes Trump's Muslim ban E.O., then he can bring a resolution of disapproval to the House floor. . I'll wa…
But Paul Ryan is THIS CLOSE to fulfilling his lifelong dream of making the rich way richer while making everyone else way poorer!
Paul Ryan's phone lines are always busy
Paul Ryan really doesn't care if Mexico pays for the wall via
I sent a second fax to Paul Ryan and Fax Zero automatically filled his name in as 'Honorable Paul Ryan'. I know that's his title but...nah
I'm with you. Trump is Cobra Commander and Paul Ryan is Megatron.
What Trump is doing—with the blessing of Paul Ryan and the rest of the party—is passive aggressive ethnic cleansing.
I'm not appealing to the RACIST GOP for my humanity. That's TRASH. Y'all can have that. I'm NOT *pleading* with Paul Ayn…
If Paul Ryan thinks this is 'urgent', why has he blocked action on it for the last eight year? Weasel
except for today. When Trump backed by Spineless Paul Ryan & the GOP vowed to repeat history. Not so P…
House Speaker Paul Ryan sidesteps opportunity to embrace President Trump's goal of "insurance for everybody."
Speaker Paul Ryan: "Torture's not legal, and we agree with it not being legal"
Congratulations, anyone who thought Paul Ryan would ever stand up for anything!
It only took six months for Paul Ryan to turn on a dime, sell his boyish haircut soul and support a https:/…
Paul Ryan is good with it, though. Anything to get those big, beautiful tax cuts.
GOP wouldn't fund Hurricane Sandy relief, yet Paul Ryan says they can fund the Wall with same funds they use for em…
.Paul Ryan, Gov Walker, Reince Prebus Wisconsin's political mafia out to get more Rebublicans elected 2018 & 2020.
Paul Ryan is insignificant. figuratively 'dead man walking'
Eddie Munster all grown up, now known as Paul Ryan ...
only congress can authorize use of funds. Paul Ryan house and Mitch McConnell senate are to blame
GOP on the Hill knows this why not Educate WH, but it seems Paul Ryan supports paying for wall
Sean Spicer is saying Paul Ryan supports increasing import taxes to pay for a wall. Import taxes passed on to Americans!!
I'm not convinced Paul Ryan and Repubs on Hill would believe it. Too much power to walk away from...
I thought torture was illegal? Paul Ryan, your boy thinks so too. Poor Sean. Sad, bad, bad deal for us paying for the wall.
Paul Ryan up to old tricks, waving off discussion of tax policy by calling it "complicated"
Paul Ryan had his phones cut off because of the volume of calls. Let's have a Fax things to Paul Ryan. F…
It's gone now but someone had edited the Wikipedia page for invertebrates to include Paul Ryan 😂😂😂
Paul Ryan would sell out his own mother. EVIL Eddie Munster.
Paul Ryan used "other countries do it" yesterday re: his tax plan. Know what else other countries do? Healthcare.
I'm so sick of the MSM talking bout how hard Paul Ryan and Sean Spicer got it. These fools made choices; they are accoutible 4 them
If there was no Paul Ryan, Trump would have had to invent one. No one does more to facilitate Trump than Ryan. https:/…
Paul Ryan is the Lord Walder Frey of Congress. He is ready to massacre whom ever he has to in order to keep his th…
He read none of them. This is all Pence and Paul Ryan. He's just the signing puppet.
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Free 30-day trial for eFax... Paul Ryan's fax number is (202) 225-3393. .
Paul Ryan is just Donald Trump in Eddie Munster's body.
Paul Ryan promises funds for Trump's border wall, but can't guarantee it won't add to the deficit http…
You know Congress is full of geeks when Paul Ryan's the cool guy. He looks like the guy in the frat who doesn't drink. He wears socks in bed
Paul Ryan says Trump's voter fraud investigation is "fine", much the way you describe something that keeps your 8 year old…
Paul Ryan,Kevin McCarthy,Mitch McConnell,Mike Pence, Donald Trump,evil, evil to their core,every one of them.
Paul Ryan says Trump is wrong about torture
Paul Ryan released a budget annually on his own for years before becoming Speaker. This messaging works.
A massive march in Philly today2 greet tRump and the grim reaper Paul Ryan. It'll show him how we will every step of the way.
Paul Ryan voted against $9.7 billion in Hurricane Sandy disaster relief. by
The problem is he's in rooms with Paul Ryan and Steve Bannon, who are—look, I'm not going to make the dog analogy work: they're awful men.
Why does Paul Ryan want to kill people so badly???
If you know a Senior or Disabled Person you need to tell them that & Paul Ryan want to cut their Social Security & to call Congress
Lyin' Paul Ryan translator: I'm going to pretend Trump is sane so I can take away your health insurance & Socia…
It's actually funny. Paul Ryan and the Establishment Republicans actually think it is they who now run Washington. Sorry…
Of all people, Paul Ryan actually has the pair to admit it. Sad.
Border Tax. short video explains what President Trump & Paul Ryan (may) mean on tax reform & Mexico…
Scott Walker and Paul Ryan =/= Ted Cruz. Bruce Rauner won Illinois, you think Illinois easily goes to Cruz because…
Paul Ryan's VM is full but not McConnell's. Anyone else I can call?
Breitbart turned Paul Ryan being right and Donald Trump making things up into a "Ryan defies Trump" headline.
We have heard from the top 3 Senate R's today, all refusing to dispute Trump on the false voter fraud claim. Paul Ryan did…
But Republicans love lead water. Paul Ryan thrives on constituents who drink lead water. Lead water is the key to their success!!
Let's smoke it before you confirm Sessions. Paul Ryan smokes weed -- pass it on!!
Paul Ryan looks like he punches his wife and then goes out in public like he's an amazing husband. You know, kinda like Drew Peterson.
Julia Hahn has been a thorn in Paul Ryan's side. Now she'll be a White House staffer thanks to Steve Bannon
Forget Trump & Bannon. Why are steak-and-cigar Republicans not calling for his ouster?. Paul Ryan must figure this is his…
I'm with Peter Wehner... Paul Ryan needs to watch his back. This is a scary group in the WH.
Sheryl Sandberg tripped over herself to praise Paul Ryan's minimum viable dadness. Thousands of women march for equality & she Keyser Soze's
you can call Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi in the house and McConnell & Schumer in the Sena…
For good measure send mail to Paul Ryan headquarters: PAUL RYAN. 700 ST. LAWRENCE AVE. JANESVILLE, WI 53545. no to defunding PP
the White House is Trump family house now with Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan and everyone turned their eyes…
Overheard in the office: "Speaking of my dad's balls..." - (We were discussing Spiro Agnew, Nixon, Ford, Trump, and Paul Ryan.)
Paul Ryan got reporters to write credulously about his anti-poverty agenda for two years. Now that he has power, it’s bee…
Paul Ryan has blocked office phones and fax numbers. . Here is his address: 700 ST. Lawrence Ave Janesville WI 53545.
Paul Ryan still lists TPP as a Top-5 issue: "greater American influence in the world and more good jobs at home.".
Paul Ryan's address is: 700 St. Lawrence Ave. Janesville, WI 53545. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is blocking...
I can't imagine that Paul Ryan married into "David Boren's family." WTH. It's got to be really "weird" for family gatherings. 😐
Paul Ryan's office is conducting a phone poll, hoping to hear overwhelming opposition to the Affordable Care Act.
Expect more Draconian bills from the Grand Dragon himself, Paul Ryan, and his fellow Clansmen Mitch McConnell
I would love to see TRUMP, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and other GOP thugs go to prison for TREASON.
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell better jump aboard the Trump train or quit and go home!!!
...and Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and all the Repubs that we voted for...better *** well realize...that we agree…
IF that's true Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan were there too.
. Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell are a serious threat to our democracy! For GOP to side with Putin means they must be removed!
If I were Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell listening to this attack on Washington, and red-blooded populist protectionism, i wo…
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yes we can call on Paul Ryan to put made in usa only back in the water bill. No, he'd rather a commee country make the steel
Paul Ryan is smiling because he's a Green Bay Packer fan. : )
Paul Ryan's smug, punch-me face has never looked more smug or punchable
this year's David Rice Atchison Award goes to Paul Ryan?
Live for the impeachment day when Paul Ryan get that Goober and Gomer Pyle smirk wiped off his face.
Paul Ryan dabbed and played friendly with CNN. This man is a traitor to Trump and the republic. He must be ousted next…
Paul Ryan is blocking various ways to be contacted. Time to send postcards to his home address!
I am looking forward to learning at the knee of Paul Ryan. He doesn't...
Paul Ryan, Bill Bennett, Bill Kristol and Jack Kemp destroyed California, formerly the greatest state in the union
The man is wicked! So is Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Rudolph Giuliani, all wicked!
Piece by piece, Donald Trump is blowing up Paul Ryan's agenda My new view
Looks that way. / Donald Trump is blowing up Paul Ryan's agenda…
Donald Trump is blowing up Paul Ryan's agenda
Donald Trump is blowing up Paul Ryan's agenda, says
What Paul Ryan's Latest Health Proposal Would Mean For Seniors want the truth? Here it is! FU Paul Ryan 🖕🏼
Little Giant Ladders
Paul Ryan's false claim that 'because of Obamacare, Medicare is going broke'
A ray of hope:. 'Donald Trump is blowing up Paul Ryan's agenda'
Paul Ryan is wrong. repro health services are not also available in rural health clinics for low-income women.
Washington Post takes on Paul Ryan's lies about access to health care if they defund Planned Parenthood
Chris - Paul Ryan is a sleazy slick snake oil salesman. He lies better than Kelleyanne Conway.
Needless to say, Paul Ryan issued no statement like this when Petraeus got NO jail time, even though he leaked far more sen…
Paul Ryan's definition of "free trade" is that China & other countries steal $10s of billions of our intel ppty every year . & ke…
Trump introduces Paul Ryan to the big rock candy mountain. via
Remember when Paul Ryan was vexed over Access Tapes & disinvited Trump to speak in Wisconsin? HRC $$$.
Cancer survivor who once opposed federal health law challenges Paul Ryan on its repeal
*Arthur leaves control of kingdom to his uncle* "Oh my gosh, he's letting Paul Ryan be president." - Lucio
Boris Johnson says Britain will be first in line for US trade deal after meeting with Trump's team and Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan couldn't be more despicable in denying ways for the electorate to communicate with him. I mean it's...
Looking more and more likely that Paul Ryan is gonna become president as Pence is linked to this treason
Paul Ryan appropriates black youth culture to obscure the fact that he strives to revoke healthcare & civil liberties…
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the Republican Party would implode. Specifically the head of Ayn Rand acolyte Paul Ryan would implode
Paul Ryan didn't get it wrong. He lied. He figures no one who supports him will know or care…
Mike Pence is just as big a liar and hypocrite as the rest of the lying GOP...Trump and Paul Ryan with his phony to…
Paul Ryan the "Goober Pyle" with the dumbo ears who thinks he can fly above us all and not be…
Words no human being will ever say:. " I thank Paul Ryan from bottom of my heart for saving my life."
Socks and Beau are both smarter than Paul Ryan. BY FAR.
All the Presidents had pets. Clinton had Socks. Barack Obama had Beau. I've got Paul Ryan. - Trump
Hollywood director says he wants a rhino to do obscene things (F-word) with his horn to Paul Ryan until he dies https:/…
This footage from Paul Ryan's new Snickers "Wanna Get Away?" ad is great.
. Read "The Missionary Position" by Christopher Hitchens. . Compare. Paul Ryan is attempting to be a MT repealing ACA.
american citizen: I'm self employed and have terminal cancer. I'll die if you repeal ACA. . Paul Ryan: .
I foresee lots of blood on your hands, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and Trump voters.
A Republican thanked Obamacare for saving his life right in Paul Ryan's face
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan: The State of the Union&odd couple
Paul Ryan's health care plan is snake oil. GOP has had years to come up with replacement plan, still nothing
Paul Ryan is still a horrible horrible weasel, but I'm including this from Politifact in fairness:
Mean sprited,small minded *** Why attack the weakest? Cause middle class is thankful not them.
Paul Ryan confronted by lifelong Republican on Obamacare
Paul Ryan has his cronies and his and his fellow political hack's future incomes to protect after leaving office.
Paul Ryan descends a long, curving stone staircase. He reaches the bottom, torch flickering. He whispers into the black, "Ayn,…
Ice-cold Paul Ryan tells woman that she won’t be deported “this year”
Cancer patient thanks Obama and the ACA for saving his life, right to Paul Ryan's face.
Instead of Jake Tapper asking Paul Ryan to dab, why doesn't the press get off its *** and investigate THIS?
Here's a fairly terrifying thread about the changes Paul Ryan would like to see after an Obamacare repeal
.and then Paul Ryan blew smoke up his *** and explained how he would have killed him instead.
Mia Love & Paul Ryan want to Make America Sick Again. Sick people will die because of these…
Next week, Tom Price will admire Paul Ryan's diorama of a poor person performing her own appendectomy.
Paul Ryan claims he's catholic? He is the most in Christ like human I've ever witnessed.
GOP voter tells Paul Ryan Obamacare saved his life, demonstrates why GOP is in a pickle:
He gets a lotr of unfair criticism, imo.
Paul Ryan is owned by his billionaires. No, he won't let Trump take his power but he's no watchdog.
CBS's O'Donnell Slams PAUL RYAN For CUT in VETERANS BENEFITS, but he gives money to MUSLIM Refugees
Who, if the healthcare policies Paul Ryan is trying to enact are passed, would have been dead!
THIS MUST STOP! PAUL RYAN funds visas for nearly 300k temporary and permanent Muslim migrants over the next 12 mos.
"Why are you repealing Obamacare without replacing it?". PAUL RYAN: We are replacing it. "With what?". PAUL RYAN: WebMD
Paul Ryan is taking us backwards. It's 2017 not 1970.
I liked a video from Cancer Survivor To Paul Ryan: Obamacare Saved My Life
Don't care about Paul Ryan, but only Sensitive Joss Whedon and his ilk regularly get away with posting stuff like this o…
Paul Ryan tells an undocumented immigrant he doesn't want to deport her
Here are the lies Paul Ryan told about Obamacare during his town hall meeting
U.S. House takes first steps towards Obamacare repeal with no replacement ready
Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, & Paul Ryan have taught me that having a college degree doesn't mean you smart
Man shows Paul Ryan a puppy. "Sir, without this puppy, I would be dead.". Ryan snaps the puppy's neck. Ryan: We'll replac…
The bad optics that began Paul Ryan's town hall: Ex-Reagan campaign worker thanks Obamacare for saving his life.
Powerful clip— Man tells Paul Ryan: 'I want to thank Obama from the bottom of my heart,' Obamacare saved my life. https:/…
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Popular:. Paul Ryan: Trump mass deportations "not happening"
Nailed it: Paul Ryan’s perfect answer to why Planned Parenthood should be defunded | News | LifeSite
.Let's ask this woman what she'd like to do to Paul Ryan these days,
Cancer survivor who said he was saved by Obamacare: "I was Paul Ryan talking about repealing it before I got sick"
An undocumented mother asked Paul Ryan: “Do you think I should be deported?”
Paul Ryan just ended The Dab. So first the Affordable Care Act and now The Dab. 2017 is off to a rough start.
TEST Paul Ryan: I know what a 'dab' is
Paul Ryan: Obamacare law is collapsing - CNN Only because of the meddling of the House and Senate. Unconscionable!
I'm told as of 1hr ago, ALL of Paul Ryan's phone numbers have been disconnected. *** coward. just thought…
Paul Ryan met with a man who said Obamacare saved his life – and told him he was repealing it anyway
I figured it out. Paul Ryan looks like the love child of Ryan Seacreast and Matthew Morrison
BREAKING: Dreamers confront Paul Ryan over vote to end DACA; Ryan Ignores Them and Calls Police. via
Paul Ryan actually passes on falsehoods? Say it isn't so!😱
Elijah Cummings, 20 other top Dems have sent a letter to Paul Ryan urging him to demand docs about Trump’s biz deals http…
Remember that time Joe Biden absolutely slayed Paul Ryan in the VP debate?.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
that's how I feel about !! Paul Ryan reminds me of the Rat in Charlottes Web.
Paul Ryan should have had the courage to look the cancer survivor in eye and told him, "You should have died." Because that'…
Paul Ryan: We want to put money into federal community health centers, not Planned Parenthood
thanks Paul Ryan for explains to MSM they forgot how govt actually works. We aren't ruled by presidents and dictatorships
At this point, Paul Ryan might as well go on InfoWars or Faux News seeing as the majority of America has no respect for…
Paul Ryan: "Sanctuary cities are a violation of the rule of law, and they are not to be tolerated"
"I hear what you're saying, but also, bear in mind, I don't care if you die." -- The subtext of 95% of all Paul Ryan's public sta…
Paul Ryan: "I clearly think there's a role for the government in health care" .
Paul Ryan on repealing and replacing Obamacare: "It's going to take us a little bit of time"
Paul Ryan: "I do believe that [Russia] tried to affect our elections by meddling in our elections"
Paul Ryan: Trump will learn there are a lot of good men and women in the intelligence community
Paul Ryan: "I think we have to step up our game on Russia"
Paul Ryan: "We want to advance repealing (Obamacare) with its replacement at the same time"
Man who identified himself as a former Republican asks Paul Ryan why on earth they would repeal the without a replacement ready to go.
🚨Exposed: Paul Ryan sold shares on same day as private briefing of banking crisis 👇…
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Paul Ryan said he's doing us a favor by repealing because they COULD just sit back and watch ACA collapse. So noble.
CNN has a countdown clock to a Paul Ryan town hall. I give up. 🤦‍♂️
Trump nailed his first press conference Paul Ryan should not meet with Jake Tapper on CNN town hall 1/12/17
We all need to understand this:. When Trump or Paul Ryan say they want to replace the ACA with "Health Savings...
Paul Ryan, under growing pressure, advocates for simultaneous Obamacare "repeal and replace" https…
Just in terms of general vibe, Paul Ryan berating a homeless guy is still much less Republican than an official's review in Clemson/Bama.
Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. - Pau…
Why is Paul Ryan so adamantly opposed to enforcing our immigration laws& so adamantly blind to Islam's 1400 years of torture of…
Speaker Paul Ryan proudly shows Boris Johnson a bust of Winston Churchill in his office as they meet on Capitol Hill.
I feel like Paul Ryan yells at his wife in public
Paul Ryan has SUPPORTED Obama as Obama has snuck hundreds of thousands of this 1400 year evil cult into America.
If u go bak on yur word to go along w Paul Ryan who is a fool u wil lose the support of the Amer people.
I knew Paul Ryan would come through for us!
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