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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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BREAKING: Dreamers confront Paul Ryan over vote to end DACA; Ryan Ignores Them and Calls Police. via
Elijah Cummings, 20 other top Dems have sent a letter to Paul Ryan urging him to demand docs about Trump’s biz deals http…
Man who identified himself as a former Republican asks Paul Ryan why on earth they would repeal the without a replacement ready to go.
🚨Exposed: Paul Ryan sold shares on same day as private briefing of banking crisis 👇…
CNN has a countdown clock to a Paul Ryan town hall. I give up. 🤦‍♂️
Trump nailed his first press conference Paul Ryan should not meet with Jake Tapper on CNN town hall 1/12/17
We all need to understand this:. When Trump or Paul Ryan say they want to replace the ACA with "Health Savings...
Paul Ryan, under growing pressure, advocates for simultaneous Obamacare "repeal and replace" https…
Just in terms of general vibe, Paul Ryan berating a homeless guy is still much less Republican than an official's review in Clemson/Bama.
Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together. - Pau…
Why is Paul Ryan so adamantly opposed to enforcing our immigration laws& so adamantly blind to Islam's 1400 years of torture of…
Speaker Paul Ryan proudly shows Boris Johnson a bust of Winston Churchill in his office as they meet on Capitol Hill.
I feel like Paul Ryan yells at his wife in public
Paul Ryan has SUPPORTED Obama as Obama has snuck hundreds of thousands of this 1400 year evil cult into America.
If u go bak on yur word to go along w Paul Ryan who is a fool u wil lose the support of the Amer people.
I knew Paul Ryan would come through for us!
Paul Ryan Launches Plan to Attack Planned Parenthood to Potentially Take Healthcare Away From Millions of Women: https:…
Paul Ryan answered my concerns about people losing their insurance by assuring me that he would repeal the ACA. Really Paul???
knows he can't trust Paul Ryan or McConnell but he will get his way when it's time to fight for all American citizens
The offices of Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell are not taking calls or messages. Have they forgotten they are public servants? Answer those ☎️☎️
SHROOMS!!! Paul Ryan welcomes Obama’s ‘overdue’ Russia retaliation... Never trust this man!
& Speaker Paul Ryan I haven't survived two types of cancer, three major surgeries, and years of...
Paul Ryan is hiding from us We are being effective Continue to call him about repeal of ACA and defunding of https:/…
Paul Ryan does not care what the people think.
Dear Main Stream Media,. Repeat after me:. Paul Ryan is a liar. Mitch McConnell is a liar. Trump is a liar. Mike Pence is a li…
Congratulations; Planned Parenthood supporters and you proved again that the word “COWARD” and the name Paul Ryan are synonyms!
its cold outside I can help you burn those petitions.. ore more approp use them for toilet paper.
Hey, it's that dude that's related to me. I'm referring to the first comment, not Paul Ryan.
Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, and the rest of the GOP want to repeal Obamacare. That's not what most Americans voted for. http…
WOW was so scared he Blocked The Delivery of 87,000
Paul Ryan blocked 87,000 voices of women that deserve the rights to their sexual reproductive organs.
Electronic Device Insurance
Oh, Paul Ryan's tax plan where 76% of his proposed cuts go to the richest 1% in 2017, and that rises to 99% by 2025.
Speaker Paul Ryan just made Obama sorry he didn't have Israel's back at the U.N. via
Trump said "There will be NO CUTS to Medicare Medicaid & Social Security" BUT you can NEVER Trust a MUNSTER Paul Lyin' R…
VIDEO: Paul Ryan cracks up as Democrats try to stop certification of Trump's win
please help keep Paul Ryan and the GOP's hands off of our Medicare
Paul Ryan: the love child of Eddie Haskell and Eddie Munster.
Do we really want Paul Ryan as our next president? Let's wait until the midterms before we get rid of Pence ;-)
Paul Ryan has vowed to repeal the Golden Globe won by Tracee Ellis Ross and Atlanta.
Study: Which handsome American male will ultimately cause more harm to the public, Paul Ryan or Ted Bundy?
- Paul Ryan's eagle looks more like the Eagle in my Eagle Globe & Anchor USMC tattoo and it is far from…
Freedumb! Tea Party morons will get what they want, good and hard, 'cept we get it too. Paul Ryan - BIGGEST FAKE EVER.
Paul Ryan reminds me of Ted Bundy because some people find him attractive while other people are getting killed by him.
BREAKING: Paul Ryan reached a complete state of panic when he saw a few supporters with petitions!
Joe Biden to Paul Ryan, right after the joint session certified the Donald Trump's win: "GOD SAVE THE QUEEN."
Biden at electoral vote counting as three Democrats raise objections: "It's over." . Paul Ryan is seen laughing behind.   10% Off
I feel pretty comfortable blaming my current eye twitch and face numbness on Paul Ryan
is Paul Ryan somehow related to John Michael Higgins?
invites firestorm from American women. Tell him what you think. Paul Ryan's office:202-225-0600.
Why does this Low Life Trash below get funds from George Soros? Why is Paul Ryan still Speaker of the Hous…
and we have to hold Pres Trump acoountable and keep an eye on The Rinos such as Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and Paul Ryan as well as Dems!😀
Paul Ryan..when you tried to not take the job as should have tried harder.
especially Speaker of the house Paul Ryan.…
Perhaps you missed this: Paul Ryan (easily) re-elected as House speaker Tuesday.
I'm actually in love with the kid who dabbed in the picture with Paul Ryan
I wonder how many babies Paul Ryan plans on adopting if they defund Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood does more good in an hour than Paul Ryan or any Republican "Christian" does in their lifetimes.
I'll bet Paul Ryan thinks Andrew Dice Clay is hilarious.
By all means, call Paul Ryan if you think it will do any good but GIVE MONEY to because it WILL do good.
I think a lot of people have taken your advice. Paul Ryan's voicemail box is full. I did press "1" to support the existing AVA
Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and UK buddy, Tony Blair--all lied. Paul Ryan gets "F" on intelligence test.
TEST Paul Ryan stops kid from dabbing
While ppl are discussing the kidnapping and torture of a young man in Chi, Mike Pence and Paul Ryan are hard at work in DC.
If you want to object to the repealing of the Affordable Care Act, call Paul Ryan's office at (202) 225-0600. His office is…
This man could've had Paul Ryan's seat. There's always 2018.
CNN to host town halls with Bernie Sanders, Paul Ryan.
Clinton's CIA friend wades into the action, pushing Paul Ryan defamation. Hot tip: Publishing is not stealing. It is publi…
Paul Ryan just got dabbed on during a swearing in ceremony 😂😂😂 cc
Well, if congress Freedom Caucus had backbone. Majority America doesn't want Paul Ryan as speaker…
Paul Ryan needs to remind Trump, Hannity and Sarah Palin:
Lawmaker's son grounded after 'dabbing' moment with Paul Ryan via
At swearing-in, Paul Ryan asks Tim Ryan's family if they are ever asked if they are from Tipperary or Kilkenny. Horse thie…
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell shoulx be added.
Roger Marshall's son dabs and confuses Paul Ryan at swearing-in – video
Johnny, tell Paul Ryan what's he won. Well Bob, he wins a new term as the guy everyone will blame for everything.
During Monday's swearing-in ceremonies, lawmaker's son confuses Speaker Paul Ryan with the "dab": http…
Shameless and offensive hypocrisy from the House Speaker. By for
oh geez we wouldn't a massive GOP ethics scandal to get in the way of Paul Ryan's plans to replace Medicare with microloan…
Paul Ryan's voicemail is full and won't accept new messages.
"than" is used in comparison. Ex: "Greater THAN". He has greater time THAN Paul Ryan
Survey through Paul Ryan's office to support ACA...takes only a few minutes!
Here is another piece of proof why we simply cannot trust Paul Ryan.
Americans vote for change and Congress votes for Paul Ryan?
Paul Ryan not only has time to ruin America but he also found a way to get a kid grounded.
"You gonna sneeze?" Congressman's son dabs during official swearing-in photo, adults don't get what's happening
Man, Paul Ryan, more like the No Fun Congress amirite?
BREAKING: Paul Ryan was easily re-elected Speaker of the House, following a vote in the chamber
Paul Ryan and after Trump steps in on their ethics board shutdown plan.
I offer my congratulations to the Speaker of this new Congress, a proud son of Wisconsin, Paul Ryan.
worth the individuals. I'm really dismayed that the GOP thinks any of this "unified" government Paul Ryan referred to today
Get it done dammit. We've waited long enough. Note to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell: Go big, go bold, go fast.
Paul Ryan is a corrupt traitor that got paid by Trump to play naive and treason the US with the GOP/RNC OK.
The teen who dabbed on Paul Ryan has been grounded 😔
Paul Ryan asks lawmaker's son to stop dabbing during swearing-in ceremony.
Paul Ryan says he and new US Congress 'will do right' by America : Wow,Dems accept illegal immigrants.
Remember the joke about fortune cookies, you add "in bed" With Paul Ryan you add "For Rich People" bu…
the look on Paul Ryan's face. This kid is my hero 😂
Paul Ryan - the 3rd most treasonous politician in America after John McCain and Failed President Obama. Term limits no…
We all wonder about Trump's mental health,but we've ignored Paul Ryan being a nasty human being.
House Speaker Paul Ryan stops Kansas Rep. Roger Marshall’s son from dabbing during his father's swearing-in
In a world full of people dabbing, be a Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan prevents Roger Marshall's son from dabbing during swearing-in
Paul Ryan -champion of the rich -enemy of the middle class&poor. Trying 2 poke holes in the safety net causing millions to…
I see the slithering reptile, Paul Ryan, is having a town hall with Jake Tapper on CNN Jan12. Paul Ryan is an political abomination.
Lawmaker grounds son for dabbing next to Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan will continue to lead the House as it heads into an era of unified Republican government
Is there a Paul Ryan sex tape? Please let there be a Paul Ryan sex tape.
Paul Ryan is up for re-election and his first act as Speaker of the 116th Congress is going to be a doozy...
Paul Ryan has the morality of bean bag.
Paul Ryan is one of the most unethical Speakers in US history.
Paul Ryan's plans charge women more for health insurance. All he does is complain but has no better plan. Sad!
Paul Ryan is Uncle Andrew from The Magician's Nephew. I hope he gets abducted by a dryad.
NYT reports that Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy are against what the House GOP did to the Ethics Office.
Nancy Pelosi will be Democrats nominee in House Speaker election for 9th time Tues, 2nd for Paul Ryan as GOP nomine…
Nancy Pelosi may see more defections than Paul Ryan in tomorrow's Speaker vote
During campaign Trump says he wouldn't touch S.S. & Medicare, now things have changed; he's going along with Paul Ryan.
btw House vote for Speaker is Jan 3rd. Paul Ryan needs 218 votes. We need to block him from getting speaker again…
House leader Paul Ryan linked directly to to Russian hacking because his PAC used hacked data against Democratic...
If that were true then John Boehner and Paul Ryan would have been able to negotiate compromises with the White Hous…
So why are Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell Leaders of the House & Senate while Dianne Feinstein & Nancy Pelosi are not? http…
~ McCain and Graham are not actually Republican - they are RINO's - as is Paul Ryan
And the Dems have their same useful *** out helping their Russia hacking narrative, Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lind…
the Dunning Kruger crowd get confused by "neo-liberal" because it has "liberal" in it. Paul Ryan is a neo-liberal.
We are SICK of Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, & Harry Reid. That is why Trump one. Y don't you wake up?
"Bipartisanship is not rare, it is rarely mentioned". Speaker of the house Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan is still a two-faced snake. I will not give to the Republican Party till Ryan has been demoted. Or kicked o…
Trump stands ready to hand the White House over to Putin while Paul Ryan is consumed with the true threat of poor folks hav…
If Pelosi handed out books to her staff written by an atheist supporter of abortion as Paul Ryan gave Ayn Rand Fox would howl 24x7🗯📢
We don't like Paul Ryan. He needs to be flushed with rest of the swamp people: McCain, Pelosi, Bush, Kerry, Clinton.. gone!
I know it's 3 am but I can't be the only one who thinks Paul Ryan looks like Nathan Scott
In a short period of time, Paul Ryan is going to wish he'd allowed Hillary to win, because Trump is going to screw up Am…
Both maj/minority leaders in House and Senate and Paul Ryan need to yank the pen & phone out of Obama's hands
Paul Ryan is a *** Where's Grandpa Munster when you need a good, nasty spell that turns Ryan into a cockroach I can step on and SQUISH??
PLEASE, you are the Walter Cronkite of our day. Please invite Paul Ryan for an interview, and everyday he refuses, PLEASE report
Phoenix by Paul Ryan, in the April 2005: Women of Marvel Comic Art Sketchbook
.A standard of integrity that Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Jason Chaffetz et al fail…
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I beg of you, for the love of Christ, take him, Cheney, Trump, McConnell, Paul Ryan, Lindsay Graham.
.Congress and specifically Paul Ryan are to blame for this. Obama and Ryan are in the DC UniParty with McCain.
Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, Paul Ryan, John Cain, Lyndsey Graham all mentioned as recipients of Clinton/S…
- Paul Ryan wants to live his dream of being an Eddie Munster impersonator.
To paraphrase Paul Ryan, it "will undermine peace and mutual cooperation" if we tell Billy he should stop stealing…
6/ I guess the hints were there, the leanings, but it took a demagogue like Trump to unite David Duke & Paul Ryan in com…
Do the same with Paul Ryan and Eddie Munster. Unbelievably, striking resemblance. I'd say not much more inteligent. Vinnie
1//20/17 they vote him and Mike out an Eddie Munster AKA Paul Ryan becomes President
Sadly too true. Paul Ryan and Scott Walker leading that great, once progressive state? They took a wrong turn.
.President Leo Gerard on the looming showdown between Donald Trump & Paul Ryan over https:/…
Leaked video reveals Paul Ryan in long-term affair with fascist anarchist activist Adolf Eichmann
Donald Trump needs to work hard to gain America's trust instead of adopting a Paul Ryan agenda & losing it with Ryan's…
Doris Payne, She's just getting ready for Paul Ryan's cuts to Social Security lmao
Paul Ryan's It's A Wonderful Life ends with Pottersville celebrating how Mr. Potter's heirs won't have to pay a dime in inherit…
Is it true Paul Ryan had a hand in this?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Paul Ryan's A Christmas Carol ends with the glory of Tiny Tim losing his health insurance so Scrooge can get a huge capital gai…
She's at it again...not for nothing but isn't Paul Ryan trying to raise the age for Social Security. . *** ...
That said, if Paul Ryan & Trump work to cut Medicare & privatize Social Security...that might actually galvanize support for a single payer
John McCain, Mitt Romney, & Paul Ryan have to be the 3 most despicable Republicans in America. With friend…
This picture is so unrealistic. There's no way they let Paul Ryan lead the country.
Donald Trump compared Paul Ryan to a "fine wine," which is a compliment, if you've never had Trump Wine.
Paul Ryan's plan, which is based on the work of John C Goodman.
Paul Ryan is least in touch with his whiteness than anyone. Yet Roland Martin tells us Congress is White be happy. Ryan uncle tom
they want Mike Pence. And if a scandal involved him too, they'd get Paul Ryan--who they'd love even more
"With his embrace of Trump, Paul Ryan's sellout is complete"
Paul Ryan *** in his light wash Lee jeans when he thinks about a poor kid not being able to eat breakfast.
I guess what I'm asking is if it's possible that Louie Gohmert is right behind Paul Ryan in the succession ladder, as a horror story.
At least we'll finally have a definitive answer on who Paul Ryan really wants to be president...and I bet it's Pat Buchanan.
Paul Ryan and Donald Trump appeared in public together for the first time at end of tonight's rally in Wisconsin.
Paul Ryan, who refused to appear with Trump in October after the Billy Bush tape, now opening for him in Wisconsin
All purpose parts banner
Paul Ryan's bizarre response to Russian meddling in the presidential election via
This could be edgy or Paul Ryan tier cuckservatism. Considering it was said at the Heritage foundation I assume the la…
Donald Trump humiliated Paul Ryan as house speaker was standing offstage
No, Paul Ryan doesn’t support an investigation into Russian election interference
Trump victory rally is a warning for Ryan - POLITICO
PAUL RYAN,I am happy we never trusted your DC RINO boehner ***
President-Elect Donald Trump did not run on Privatizing Medicare, Soc.Sec., & VA. Paul Ryan now believes he can. Let's stop him now
America we are being held hostage. Paul Ryan to a 'fine wine,' stops Wisconsin crowd from booing him
celebrates Wisconsin recount, makes peace with Paul Ryan.
."Speaker Paul Ryan, I have come to appreciate him...He has been terrific."
Trump praising Paul Ryan. Saying they would do great things(like getting rid of medicare&privatising SS) Media says its Ryanism not Trumpism
If you want to trust Paul Ryan, be my guest. He's shown himself to be just another Republican who says one thing and does…
Biggest problem with Paul Ryan isn't amnesty TPP or spending. He's a careerist. He's never done anything else but run for office.
Who doesn’t like punk? It’s 2016. Paul Ryan likes Rage Against the Machine, for Christsakes.
I know. Trump and his band of Nazis just scare the *** out of me. And Herr Paul Ryan, the Koch ***
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Paul Ryan is a cocktail weenie. He is maddening. If we get a revote, I hope he gets diselected.
Trump in Wisconsin calls Paul Ryan 'like a fine wine' via
Glad to see Paul Ryan, that man of strength, is taking the "if I'm subservient enough to Trump, maybe he'll be nice" tack.
Paul Ryan - one time conservative hero - is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump Enterprises
Ryan stops short of call for Russia probe
.“We’re going to win so much, you’re going to go to Paul Ryan and say, please we can’t stand winning this m…
Here is Nancy Pelosi calling for a bipartisan investigation and shaming Paul Ryan for not doing the same:
Trump turns to Paul Ryan after the crowd shouts ‘build the wall’: “We’re gonna work on the wall, Paul”
Last night in West Allis, Paul Ryan was heard doing a loud "We!" as the President pulled him onto the speeding
.“Paul Ryan has been terrific. He’s like a fine wine, every day that goes by I get to appreciate his genius…
"Speaker Paul Ryan"...crowd start booing (as they are used as Trump spent months trashing him). "No, no, he's fine"…
Lol! Face u make when Paul Ryan gets booed at . We were booing right along w them😂 He better shape up!.
Oh man, the Wisconsin crowd doesn't cotton to the R.A.T (Republicans Against Trump) coalition especially Paul Ryan. Won…
I didn't want to know how he tastes - Trump Compares Paul Ryan To ‘A Fine Wine’
UNITED STATES: Trump says Paul Ryan is like 'fine wine' and he appreciates his 'genius' more by the day
TRUMP to Paul Ryan at Wisconsin Rally: “We’re Going to Build the Wall, Paul!” (Video)
Bloomberg says Sen McConnel & Paul Ryan want deficit neutral tax cuts and are against more debt. Obama already stimulated
Why is Paul Ryan engaging in such verbal gymnastics on Russia probe? What did he know and when did he know it?
Paul Ryan crushed his Trumpist primary opponent. Every school board referendum statewide passed. *** they talking about?
I was thinking that saying the House could elect Paul Ryan was the lowest but you've got a point there on this one.
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are 2 very evil men. Both looking to feather their own nest. Beware of both.
What do Rex Tillerson, Andrew Pudzer and Paul Ryan have in common? Ayn Rand is their favorite author
NEW post:. Paul Ryan & Reince Priebus are now actively complicit in Trump's efforts to weaken our democracy:.
As noble as the goal is, first things first, let’s keep Paul Ryan from scrapping Medicare altogether.
No, Jim. After the VP, it is the "Speaker of the House"(Paul Ryan) then the "President pro tempore of the Senate"(Orrin Hatch)
if Trump/Reps do some of Paul Ryan's wild Medicare/Obamacare/Food Stamp cuts, there could actually be buyer's remorse.
note to post office! Please sendy bills ,heat,electric,phone,gas to Paul Ryan and the Republican Party.Thank you☺
And neither does Paul Ryan. If electors don't reject there we will be in a constitutional crisis on day 1…
Paul Ryan is confusing because he looks like one of Lorelai Gilmore's boyfriends but politically he's basically The Penguin
are you using Paul Ryan the replubican house speaker as a meme??
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Can we make Paul Ryan leave with Obama ?
Paul Ryan is a LIAR, he's been gunning for Medicare before Obamacare got started.
President Elect Speak with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan about reopening the GM plant in Janesville Was
Postcards for Paul Ryan sounds like an awkward but heartwarming Christmas story, but it's just me pleading w/ our l…
Really Paul Ryan 😂😂😂 I know your just sucking up to Trump so you don't loose your job it's so funny/low key sad
Kudos to Paul Ryan and Donald Trump for getting rid of Medicare. Now the government will finally have the money for cat he…
If the Congress doesn't address birthright citizenship we'll "pull the rug out from" Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan is a greedy little *** ant that only cares about the well being of the Rich staying and getting richer!
More on the proposed Social Security gutting proposal from Paul Ryan's unified Republican government.
Paul Ryan Says Free School Lunches Give Kids ‘An Empty Soul’. So, what he's saying is, one day they, too, could grow up to…
I can assure you it wasn't Paul Ryan. He doesn't believe in school lunch programs. Says it "hurts childrens' souls"…
Using Paul Ryan's logic we would all scrap our cars because the Takata airbags have been recalled.
So SS gets cut and Paul Ryan wants to give seniors a coupon for Health Insurance. Good job olds, you really stuck…
Oh man Paul Ryan is going to be so mad! Full stomachs but empty souls kids!
Ryan is wrong. DREAMers are illegal aliens. Get right with existing immigration law or get deported.
👈Can't be trusted. He has repeatedly & publicly betrayed our Prez Elect Trump & look who he sleeps with. https…
People voted on the platform of "Drain the Swamp" of Elite Republicans like Paul Ryan, *** Romney, ect.
Did u know Paul Ryan actually ran the Lowood School in Jane Eyre
Paul Ryan is a Traitor and a Globalist. I wouldn't dirty my boots kicking him in the *** Trump is blowing my mind.
Do'nt listen to lies of greedy GOP (like Paul Ryan & Mitch McDonnell) who'd love to get their hands it to give to Corp. tax br…
Paul Ryan is a very smart man who has spent years looking at and thinking about some of the hardest issues in A…
HRC's campaign was stunningly bad. How did so few Americans not know about Paul Ryan's plans to destroy public health?
Bruni: Paul Ryan's silence on Trump 'dangerous' Ryan is the MOST VILE MAN IN WASHINGTON.
I'm not saying you LOOK like Eddie Munster, Paul Ryan, I'm saying you ARE Eddie Munster
I blame Paul Ryan, Jack Kemp, Bill Bennett, etc. who fought the results of Prop 187 that might have saved CA. Shame on them
.on GOP leadership: “Paul Ryan is one of the biggest crap weasels in the Republican Party, he is a threat.”
I can see Paul Ryan manning the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Soullessness required for that job.
Where is John Boehner when we need him. Paul Ryan is a not terribly bright power hungry oligarch wannabe. Cares onl…
I can't wait until snake Paul Ryan tries to tell General John Kelly border walls not needed or illegal immigration is was…
Paul Ryan and John Kennedy want to raise taxes on the health care you get from work.
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Sweet Jesus... The United States' . Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, says it's morally wrong to feed hungry children. .
If you hated Michelle Obama's healthy lunches, you'll ALSO HATE Paul Ryan's NO lunches.
Paul Ryan's understanding of poverty is one that completely disregards social science research & empirical evidence. htt…
I like to argue. I'm smahht, I can do things. But gotta get back to work now, no more debates. Violators sentenced to be Paul Ryan's butler.
Paul Ryan now says nobody will lose coverage under ACA replacement. None of the 7 plans I read do this.
What a colossal *** Paul Ryan is. And he has the DC political press so snowed. They think he's *** Ward Cleaver. And he works out!
My friend Paul Ryan talks about fiscal responsibility, but voted to put ...
Question for Paul Ryan: where are your supposed Christian values as Gen. Flynn fuels the absolute evil about Clintons and child sex ring?
Paul Ryan says his budget thoughts based on catholic faith, but his church says "fails to meet moral criteria of the church." 😂😂😂
And after the election, Trump's cronies are STILL sharing fake news. I'm looking at you, Paul Ryan. This should be criminal…
Paul Ryan says he's cool with Trump lying with impunity because "he won the election"
McCain, Graham, Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell are not only RINOS, but TRAITORS to the American peopl…
sorry 2B the bearer of bad news but Paul Ryan has never been a man of honor
And age of uncertainty should be acceptable? I think not Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel need to take a stand, Ryan
Scott Pelley forgot to ask Paul Ryan why he doesn't have the spine to stand up to white supremacists. Nice puff piece, tho.
Trumps had about 3-4 weeks. Overall I like his cabinet picks. I'm perfectly fine working w/Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnel (1)..
You trust Mitch McConnel and Paul Ryan ? Trump has nothing to do with the House or Senate on what or how they vote.
Paul Ryan believes underneath every crackhead is a black accountant looking for enterprise zones.
. That's the Sick Part: Paul Ryan is well aware what Muslims do
Since when is Paul Ryan an expert on the constitution? Or about anything for that matter?
Why do we act like this is something Paul Ryan should have to do?
. Money Changer Paul Ryan is the problem, have that POS recalled!
President Obama's reckless defense cuts that are hanging over our cloud,...
Loved your show tonight Lou, keep up the pressure on Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan on Trump/Carrier deal: I’m pretty happy that we’re keeping jobs in America. We need to lower taxes on businesses.
Paul Ryan on Obama/auto bailout: Crony capitalism at its worst... Picking winners/losers in the economy... through tax breaks does not work.
Paul Ryan: I've Talked With Trump 'Extensively' About The Constitution, really i do not think those lessons...
3 real reasons D.C. is so dysfunctional: McConnell, Tea Party Congresspeople and Paul Ryan
I'm there. We can push, but Ryan rules. I pushed 4 Paul N. He lost
Yea, but Paul Ryan wants to get rid of it and Social Security. Which will cause a Civil War in this country. To many ppl…
Paul Ryan's Medicare scam on Americans uncovered by most media (VIDEO)
Paul Ryan is suffering from a crisis of masculinity. He won't change until he loses everything, and probably not even…
I know, I said no more politics but I have tell what a miserly hard-hearted *** he is.
I'm not from US, but I can't believe there are people who still think Paul Ryan & co. will take moral stances a…
Wow...Paul Ryan is talking to Trump about the Constitution. Oh Lord please have mercy on our soul for they do not know what they do
Paul Ryan weighed his options and decided, "Yep, watching the world blow up is totally worth it so long as I get to priv…
I've watched it descend since Paul Ryan shut cameras off. It's really as bad as you think but hey , call me an alarmist.
well it is Wi home of Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and Reince Preibus Hum
Please don't sell us out on immigration--When I hear that Paul Ryan is involved in immigration talks, I get nervous.
So has watched Trump this entire election and now fears a lightweight like Paul Ryan can manipulate him?
Breaking! Speaker Paul Ryan releases major news affecting all of our military men and women!
Paul Ryan: I've talked with Trump "extensively" about the Constitution But did he understand anything ?
Yes!!! And I'm also really ticked off that Paul Ryan's budget included $1.6 billion for refugee resettlement - our money!!
God help us. this is what your job was designed for by our forefathers.
Paul Ryan needs to go. He played Brutus. Caesar lived. There's a price for attempting to remove a leader.
Paul Ryan: ‘We want to reset the balance of power’ (ie. Take power from Trump). Tell him to GFH.
I have news for and the rest of her new movement. Donald Trump can handle Paul Ryan and Mitch McC…
Making America great again ... Paul Ryan Wants to Throw 1.8 Million People Off Of Food Stamps for Having a Car.
thank you Congressman for supporting our Glorious Leader! For the rest of the Johnny come latelys like Paul Ryan, take a lesson
Here's Paul Ryan in July saying the gov't shouldn't pick winners and losers... which the President-elect just did with th…
Ann Coulter's takedown of Paul Ryan on Medicare privatization...I almost applauded. Strange times.
more afraid they will find out it was Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnel - why do you think they wouldn't buck the party?
Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnel, Paul Ryan, John Kasich can go take a hike, and get off government welfare!
Mr. Roy, I heard of a book that was used as the basis for Paul Ryan's healthcare plan. I can't recall title / author. Do you? Thanks.
the larger question is if Trump will enact new economic ideas or the old, tired, ineffective GOP ideas being pushed by Paul Ryan
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