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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Don't be fooled by Paul Ryan's criticism of Obama. He is as liberal, disgraceful, and spineless as the man he is calling out.
Speaker of the house, Paul Ryan it's totally crazy he's actually worse than John Boehner...
to a website that thinks Paul Ryan's Budget is a "victory" HAH!
This is why we must hold the RINO's accountable and kick then out next election staying with Paul Ryan!!
Where is the condemnation from prominent white leaders such as Guy Fieri, Jenny McCarthy, and Paul Ryan?
Paul Ryan: 'I Hate Omnibus Bill' But I Did It Anyway via Then why'd you do it d…
But lol 10.8.15 when McCarthy dropped out of the Speaker's race (I still can't believe Paul Ryan is speaker...)
Ann Coulter proclaims Paul Ryan's Muslim beard betrays America. I feel the son of Mary may have issue with that statement.
I can see Marc Rubio is another Paul Ryan, if he's elected, he'll sell us in a heart beat
"Let's bring 300,000 of these people to the US" . -Paul Ryan . Somali govt bans Christmas, says it threatens Islam. htt…
It's almost sad that Paul Ryan's best shot at the White House is now compared to Nixon's path. Cause that worked our so well the first time.
"Paul Ryan just built a tall fence around his private estate, with dogs and guards. Can you…" Go along to get along
Americans betrayed by Paul Ryan and Congress Freetrader Senator Pat Toomey got his quadrupling of the work visas.
Paul Ryan parrots John Boener and Josh Earnest parrots Obama. Hear one, you've heard the other.
Paul Ryan thinks there is a labor shortage:
Paul Ryan: America Workers not wanted--only Foreigners need to apply for jobs-
awe did I offend a grand old progressive (GOP) you love yourself some Paul Ryan don't you... Admit it
Paul Ryan is a Koch Bro puppet whose agenda is to gut America, deatroy SS,MC, Veterans di…
Merry Christmas America, Lets remove Paul Ryan as speaker. The house who voted him in has shown what their true agenda is,D…
Paul Ryan and Joe Wilson of South Carolina are very naive.
Taking a hint from Franklin Graham, I want to name the New Speaker of the House Paul Pelosi, looks like Paul Ryan, votes like Nancy Pelosi.
"Congress's now on holiday recess, and Paul Ryan's making Dmost of his time off. He’s at home teaching his dog to roll over." -Jodi Miller
Paul Ryan "will not support any cuts to Muslim immigration". "That’s Not Who We Are". *** did Obama hypnotize him ?
It reminds me of when Paul Ryan claimed to like Rage Against the Machine and Tom Morello tore him a new one.
I myself am leaving the republican party after Paul Ryan and republicans passed huge omnibus bill.
Paul Ryan doesn't share our values. We can do the right thing! Let's be determined and never give up!
if ross had a lyric about Lindsey Graham or Paul Ryan the consequences would be debateable
Let us make the removal of Paul Ryan and McCain a NATIONAL movement. Graham too
Paul Ryan & Ted Cruz ask for moment of silence as aids pass out ammo during the tree lighting ceremony at Whitehouse
Paul Ryan is a proven loser like Romney McCain & Lindsay Graham! Ignore their advice, it's worthless!
Good let Bill start his own own, name it the Democrat JV team. Paul Ryan is the captain.
Paul Ryan prevented a government shutdown, but not without some concessions:
Paul Ryan may have replaced John Boehner as Speaker of the House, but the Capitol Hill GOP elites who've done nothing but appease Barack
Thanks to TRAITOR, Paul Ryan! . 10-million man march on DC is a MUST for us to survive this!!
Paul Ryan says he'll work with President Obama, just not on immigration via
Paul Ryan told you he didn't want to be the Speaker and now he's showing it. I blame this on EVERYONE that backed him…
Paul Ryan is a ‘happy warrior’ after 7 weeks as speaker. Can it last? via HAPPY? WASTED 1 Trillion $?
Superb trolling of the media (and our reliance on meaningless clichés) from Paul Ryan's communications team.
did you know that & voted for Paul Ryan for Speaker?? They lie and say they're conservativ
Vote tho RINO, Democrat-loving sellout Paul Ryan out in the primary!
Paul Ryan's comms compiles a list of his first big test(s)™. Never seen a press release troll this hard.
Democrat leaders dance and gloat declaring Paul Ryan gave away the store! Obama congratulated Ryan for giving...
in the pocket with dems, boehner extention, go back to wsys&means committee. Paul Ryan is poison pill. Get Trey
Paul Ryan? National Review is so far up the GOPe's *** that it's pathetic. Erik Erikson is a Progressive traitor.
Paul Ryan must really hate his kids.
Trump 2016 open your eyes Shannon to the nonsense of Paul Ryan rhino
He claims he is a republican. . I believe him. . Just like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are republican. . https:…
Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid & Patty Murray gave Communist Party USA much of what they wanted, in the funding bill! 👎👎👎
Shannon what's up with you on conservatism about Trump how about Paul Ryan he's a RHINO DEM MERCY MERCY
Who gives a Shiite about Mark Shea, or Paul Ryan they are both trash and they needs to be picked up and thrown in the dumps.
Randy Hultgren, Darin LaHood, Luis Gutierrez, only IL Rep's to vote no to Paul Ryan's SurrenderBus. Durbin and...
Paul Ryan,another republcn failure as house speakr.
The destruction of America continues unchallenged! Thank you Paul Ryan you traitor!
IL Reps who voted no to Paul Ryan's surrender package, Randy Hultgren and Darin LaHood, joined by Luis Gutierrez,...
The 1,582-page bill works out the details of the budget agreement struck by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) in Dec..
Paul Ryan, the VP nominee of 2012, is such a disappointment as house leader. Mitt Romney would had been no different as president
It took Paul Ryan what? One week to alienate conservatives, just as we warned!!?? Boehner must be so proud!
Paul Ryan: border fence for me but not for thee...
Paul Ryan budget explains why outsiders are leading in polls.Might as well have Pelosi and Reid in power...Frustrating!!…
Sen. Paul Ryan your budget bill is a disgrace. You are one of the reasons an outsider will be the next POTUS. All you *** will be
NGL I look forward to the job wearing that smug attitude off Paul Ryan like a belt sander grinding balsa wood.
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Smart fantasies. Rick Perry "It's all in the glasses". Paul Ryan. "A beard. A beard!". (Did a beard do anything for Marcus Bachmann?)
It will be lost in the news, but Lou Dobbs tonight lit into Paul Ryan because of Ryan's comments on Trump banning all Musilms.
Help Brad Schneider stop Paul Ryan and Bob Dold from defunding
Is it just me or is Stuart a dead ringer for Paul Ryan?
Tecnically, Paul Ryan is President. Obama and Biden usurped their respective offices by fraud in 2008.
Paul Ryan looks like Aaron Rodger's scrawny brother.
And still Paul Ryan and the a House GOP plays politics
Paul Ryan calls Nancy Pelosi on spending deal | Getty
New Speaker, new style. Paul Ryan, bearded, not the 1st, yet good to compete w/ Tom Selleck, Sam Elliot for MO award
So Jim DeMint now joins PM Netanyahu, Paul Ryan & *** Cheney "on the same side Hamas is on" because they oppose Trump's Muslim ban plan.
Right. Trump is the problem. Not actual GOP leaders like John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell or Kevin McCarthy.
Pass the Zadroga Act - Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are obstructionists!
Republicans who were at secret meeting plotting against the POTUS on Inauguration night 1/20/2009: (1). Eric Cantor. Kevin McCarthy. Paul Ryan
This is Domestic Terrorism& no one cares or speaks up. Cantor, Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy: Plot
Paul Ryan is the 1st Speaker of the House in 90+ years to grow a beard, after Michele Bachmann became the first Congresswoman to be a beard.
Beard or not, Paul Ryan is still the same TRAITOR who plotted to destroy US economy to harm Obama!
*** is Paul Ryan trying to accomplish with that facial hair?
Looks the celebrity who most reflects the views of Jeb! and Paul Ryan is... (drum roll)... MIA FARROW!
.In solidarity with the downtrodden immigrants, Paul Ryan growing beard. Obama already has one, Michelle.
Tonight I'm speaking with KY Judge Olu Stevens, Donald Trump v Paul Ryan, the Conservative Backlash and more
Ezra Klein's fanboy love for Paul Ryan, who said that he'll vote for Trump, is utterly disturbing.
Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and Luis Gutierrez pushed for "UNLIMITED IMMIGRATION". Here's the evidence.
James Causey shows Paul Ryan some love for calling out Trump:
Former House Speaker John Boehner never pushed to debate authorization of force against Islamic State. Haven't heard Paul Ryan address it.
Paul Ryan is a Cancer on Society and he has lost his perspective on those less fortunate.He is sold his soul to Koch&Co
just remember that Paul Ryan would have been a heart beat away from the Presidency as Mitt Romney's VP. Scary.
Paul Ryan doesn't want to infringe on the gun rights of stand up citizens like George Zimmerman. bernadino
WATCH: Paul Ryan literally drops the mic in live TV interview
Paul Ryan: Hilary is the cause of these violent deaths in non- secure places. Ken Starr was about to link the Clintons to the Giotti family.
Or with Paul Ryan's hunting season beard.
Paul Ryan's vision for a 'confident America'
George W. Bush on Paul Ryan's beard: "He’s trying out for the Abraham Lincoln look-alike contest."
Paul Ryan says we should fight poverty "soul to soul," which only makes me think of this:
Paul Ryan: "don't outsource to the bureaucracy, crowdsource" to the people. That's a new one.
Paul Ryan says what we’ve seen the past 7 years is "The Illusion of Success.". Coincidentally that's the title of George Will's next column.
Bush: "I want to thank Paul Ryan for his leadership. He's trying for the Abraham Lincoln lookalike contest."
Paul Ryan pushes mental health response to shooting
When it comes to gun control, Paul Ryan could sing "Sidestep" from show Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.
Democrats urge Paul Ryan to halt Planned Parenthood inquiry
Marco Rubio in 2nd place behind me in latest national poll. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were right. Republicans respond …
In either case kinda gross. . Paul Ryan has a beard now.
Paul Ryan calls on Congress to address mental health
**Must-Read:** It does boggle my mind that John Taylor and Paul Ryan would take the 2004-today experience ...
WHAT'S IN IT? The right concerned with fast-tracked, larded bill Paul Ryan is pushing through too fast to read
How is Paul Ryan adjusting to being Speaker of the House?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Paul Ryan and Chuck Schumer insert $700 billion Obamacare bailout into omnibus bill
Muslims have never safely assimilated into any country and never will. It's time Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan stop lying to …
Sign at mile 18 of Columbus marathon (which I hear was ideal): "If you were Paul Ryan, you'd be done by now!"
Liberaland: Ryan Honeymoon Over - Remember when Paul Ryan agreed to become Speaker of the House, he said that h...
Paul Ryan seems like that kid who’d invite you over to his house to play Nintendo and then make you watch him play one-pla…
Paused at the office of Rep. Paul Ryan, the New Speaker of the House, to pray the Lord’s blessing his leadership.
Paul Ryan starts his speakership in good shape back home - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel...
Paul Ryan: it's too soon 2 ban gun sales 2 terrorists. (Voting on refugees was more urgent?) http…
This week in the war on workers: Shocker. Paul Ryan's 'anti-poverty' idea would lead to funding cuts
Paul Ryan agrees with attorneys general that delay in closing Guantanamo Bay should be permanent
"It's fair to say I wasn't John Boehner's favorite person in world," Cruz says, saying he's "hopeful" about Paul Ryan b…
Matt Lewis is a total suck-up to establishment Republicans like Paul Ryan. Bill passed was meaningless show vote.
Via The New York Sun,. Janet Yellen’s astonishing letter to the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, is a sign that...
Just what I noticed during Paul Ryan's invu on Hannity last night. He actually pushed back some with Sean. That'd important.
With refugee bill victory, Paul Ryan positions his caucus to control policy at a pivotal moment. -
I worry Paul Ryan in charge folds Medicare into Obamacare to raise premiums on "wealthy" seniors. He'd kill Medicare, too.
AMERICA THIS MAY BE OUR FINAL HOUR. Thank God that Paul Ryan is in a position to help! Not coincidence speaker Bainer stepped down when did
Paul Ryan: How to Gain More Respect for Congress - Rep. Paul Ryan talks to WSJ's Paul Gigot at CEO Council abou...
WSJ's Gigot: Is Republican Party changing in fundamental ways?. Paul Ryan: I don't think so. ... these fights aren't new.
Maggies ideal man is a mix between Paul Ryan and Jack Nicholson
Paul Ryan doesn't really want to hit the pause button. He wants to hit the reverse button.
Because we all needed another reason to dislike Paul Ryan.
You have a bigger destiny than you know. What about Biden's role in destroying Larry Sinclair? President Paul Ryan?
Mike Huckabee to Paul Ryan: Block Syrian refugees or resign as House Speaker Yup, a 'real Christian Pastor...' BAD.
Made my blood boil to hear Paul Ryan on 60 min smirk that he is not for deporting illegals. We need TERM LIMITS.
.IMHO, Paul Ryan will go with this POTUS, relative to funding $$$. Ryan is not an independent thinker.
Congress has to defund. What are the chances that Paul Ryan will make that happen?
Rick Scott's letter about Syrian refugees, sent to Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and FL congressional delegation
Good news! Paul Ryan, the New Speaker of House told 60 Minutes he is supporting Congressman Tim Murphy (PA-18)'s...
Paul Ryan to Sykes: Obama gets bill from Congress this week requiring him to submit strategy to defeat
It was fun to watch Scott Pelley, on 60 Minutes, interviewing Paul Ryan, our New Speaker of The House, tonight.
"Give me your tax reform plan, specifically," 60 Minutes' Scott Pelley asked Paul Ryan tonight. When have you...
Paul Ryan has the same dreams and aspirations as everyone- become Chairman of the Ways and Means (tax) Committee
Paul Ryan just completely lost Scott Pelley, who does not get someone who doesn't want to be a life long politician.
CBS Scott Pelley lied in an interview with Paul Ryan about most of America's debt is because of SS, Medicaid and Medicare. Liars!!
Scott Pelley just set it on 60 minutes to Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan on 60 Minutes with the standard "Corporate tax" tripe. Questions fed by Scott Pelley with no challenges
Watching Scott Pelley and on 60 minutes I mean Paul Ryan
this Scott Pelley/Paul Ryan interview has me **rolling my eyes over and over again
"I go by Paul, if that's OK," after Scott Pelley calls Paul Ryan "Mr. Speaker" on 60 Minutes.
Scott Pelley says w/straight face that Paul Ryan is an expert on the budget.
Brother and family pastor weigh in on Paul Ryan's decision to ru - WKOW 27: Madison, WI Breaking News, Weather and
Martin O'Malley is fighting hard for the White House now that his side boo Paul Ryan is Speaker. He wants to be reunited.
I agree with Rs like Paul Ryan and Mario Diaz-Balart who say we can tie legalization to security benchmarks
Isn't this scumbag, Paul Ryan doing an "immigration reform" bill right now?.
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Thank you for affirming that, which explains this. Koch Bothers & Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan says he’s willing to play Major League Baseball on condition that he be guaranteed to win the World Series every…
Paul Ryan is not a constitutional conservative.
Scott Walker tells story about flight attendant saying to Paul Ryan "I know you, you're Anthony Weiner." Ryan replied "N…
Brady bested Ohio Rep. Pat Tiberi to succeed Paul Ryan as head of the powerful tax-writing committee
Paul Ryan likes Clif bars, tax policy and sleeping in his office
Shutdown talks may end Ryan's honeymoon with right wing -
Paul Ryan complete lite-wait! Hard believe he will be Speaker for long!
.just hit 94 by saying all the rules that apply to America will apply to Congress. Message to Paul Ryan: Even Rep…
Uh-oh! First bill under Paul Ryan is BAD NEWS for conservatives…
Weenie Paul Ryan whining about smoke in the Speaker's office - while he let a bill to care for 9/11 first responders exp…
No slumber parties on Capitol Hill, but lots of late-night vending machine runs.
The cot club: Paul Ryan and other sleepers in the House.
Everyone starts somewhere.This was the beginning of my journey. Myself(white Tee) & Paul Tracey studying Moss & Ryan
Americans are welcoming Paul Ryan by giving Congress its worst rating of the year via
So much for any hope you might have had for things to be different under Ryan:
Paul Ryan wants paid leave for himself, but blocks it for everyone else. - .
Paul Ryan’s first bill as speaker would bypass the annual 66,000 cap on H-2B work visas ** **
Maniacs to Paul Ryan: We gave you a good week, now the honeymoon's over. Shutdown!!
Paul Ryan empowers committees, and these two chairmen decide to do an end run on 9/11 heroes via
doubles down on amnesty. And you can thank Paul Ryan. …
Paul Ryan's years at Miami shaped philosophy
Which will only get worse under Paul Ryan who is probably owned by Paul Singer or some other oligarch.
Policy Points: Analyzing Paul Ryan’s Tax Agenda - Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) taking the position as Speaker of the...
It was pushed by this guy. Koch Bothers & Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan, Scott Brown in the audience tonight (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)
VIDEO: Former Rep. Tom Davis tells how Paul Ryan is already changing Congress http…
Rep. Devin Nunes joined Great Day to talk drought, ISIS and New Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan:
Paul Ryan (Takes Over as House Speaker & New Chairman of House Ways and Means Committee Announced
Interesting PETA article on why Paul Ryan should not hunt. The author feels it is against Ryan's Catholic faith...
Rep. Paul Ryan , New Speaker of the House, voted with Dems to pass Budget Bill w/NO limit for 2 years. Xmas POTUS.
Rep. Paul Ryan has officially been elected as the 54th speaker of the House after he got the votes of 236 members by the full House of
Rep. Joe Crowley says he suspects Paul Ryan will eventually come around to support Zadroga renewal.
US House Republicans nominate Rep. Paul Ryan to be next speaker of House; full vote expected Thursday - https:/…
Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Paul Ryan & all Republicans are against a majority of the American people who want Planned P…
Paul Ryan: The H of Rep won't vote on immigration reform legis as long as Obama is in office. v…
WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Paul Ryan won handily on Thursday, capturing 236 of the 432 votes cast for Speaker, but not every Re…
Most interesting fact about Paul Ryan: he bought the house of the man who invented the first leak proof fountain pen
Patty Murray forges partnership w/ Paul Ryan by, of all things, getting to know him personally...
That freak is my senator, Rand Paul, grifter, not Paul Ryan, Boy Speaker.
In other news Paul Ryan, newly elected Speaker of the House just secure a $17 billion "bailout" for the banks for literally no reason...
Congrats on the New Job, Matt! It will be Interesting to see how New GOP US Speaker Con. Paul Ryan will work with Dem's & US Sen!
EX-IM zombie bank arises from the dead, just like Lazarus. Praise the Lord & Paul Ryan - Boe…
20 women in the Senate make change. How Patty Murray and Paul Ryan Made a Deal via
Ok this is good: Paul Ryan Discovers Half-Finished Escape Tunnel Leading Out Of Speaker’s Office via
.Worse that he's Paul Ryan's policy buddy. Both sold out America w/
GOP should nominate Paul Ryan for president, writes Ralph Shaffer. He did seem like a contender last year, no?
Speaker Paul Ryan just pulled off what no House...
With Ryan as Speaker of the House, we may see more congressional compromise-- but there will still be gridlock: https:/…
Jason Pierre-Paul is experimenting with new gloves for games
.All President Rubio would need to do is reluctantly sign Speaker Paul Ryan's amnesty-fir…
Appropriation bill next testing ground for new philosophy via Ryan: I'm OK with bills failing via for iOS
The same guy on MTP who couldn't tell that Paul Ryan is a conservative
Tell Paul Ryan: get to work on comprehensive immigration reform
What to wager Paul Ryan backs this NWO ONE WORLD GOVT. ( trade agreement)
I don't think Paul Ryan has the balls.
Why didn't they think of this? Republicans should nominate Paul Ryan for president. By Ralph Shaffer:
Just got a call from a small business political action committee, excited Paul Ryan is the House Speaker and asking for money. Uh...nope.
Ex-immigration reformers Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan tack right as their profiles rise via
Paul Ryan He was cucking in secret now he's loud and proud.
Here's a good one from Paul Ryan: "Hey, I'm a Catholic deer hunter, I am happy to be clinging to my guns and my religion."
Paul Ryan, a highway bill, and the political virtue of patience
I keep hearing about the KKK hack by Anonymous, but none of it's surprising... Expose Paul Ryan's MLP erotica, then I'll pay attention.
Richard Kirsch: Paul Ryan vs. the People: Paul Ryan paints himself as a champion of “the people” over “Washing...
Occupy Democrats. Paul Ryan is already resuming the extortionist tactics of his predecessor, John Boehner.
Want to get to know better? Take a peek at his voting record here:
Protesting Trump instead of Paul Ryan is asinine.
GREAT job by Bill Searcey. In "The Game" with Ryan Fowler. Bill played for the Bear, coach Paul Bear Bryant don't get b…
Paul Ryan should stay away from entitlement reform next year - Power Line
We still might have a shutdown over Planned Parenthood funding. 😫
Charles Koch has a message for Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson and Scott Walker.
Ted Cruz says he wants Paul Ryan to honor GOP promises to voters ignored by John Boehner, Mitch McConnell.
. . Paul Ryan is a Devil-worshipping roman catholic . Jesus Christ hates his guts.
Being GOP’s next Great Communicator will be delicate task for Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan, Pledging Openness, Eases Path for Amendments: The new House Speaker, at his first news conference, ...
Highway bill debate is Paul Ryan's first road test as House Speaker
Paul Ryan says not to expect while he's Speaker as that would require someone willing to work more tha…
Rep. Trey Gowdy, a favorite of House conservatives, will nominate Paul Ryan to be the next speaker, a source close to the…
Paul Ryan & the Tea Party Strange Litter Mates which will be collared first?
I feel like Paul Ryan lives his life like Chris Trager and now has to occupy Borhner's ash tray I would recommend febreeze
quick, someone tell Paul Ryan what is going on. I'm sure he will stop it.
So, it is very good case, Mr.Paul Ryan, if he run the presidency. I told he is honest, smart, passionate, remind Mr. president Kennedy.
WHO, Paul Ryan, and Playboy get discussed in last weeks Dead Reckoning Radio on
Paul Ryan will not have a vote on reverse mortgages.
about: . Paul Ryan says he's 'redesigning' the speakership and won't be a 'dictator'.
Melissa Harris-Perry rants about slavery after guest describes Paul Ryan as ‘hard worker’
[RealClearPol] Paul Ryan: From Acolyte to Speaker: Fred Barnes, Weekly StandardPaul Ryan was a waiter at Torti...
House Republicans are hoping that Paul Ryan will be able to unite the Republican party. Meet Ryan
Just saw a 3-foot tall Paul Ryan. Or maybe it was Eddie Munster?
The Paradox of Paul Ryan: Why the Tea Party’s Right to be Wary
When Nancy Pelosi handed Paul Ryan the gavel to...
America Next Top Model recap The Guy Who Closed the Deal in Vegas House Speaker Paul Ryan to top Sunday talk
Paul Ryan to continue Boehner's ban on using private jets | Getty
Paul Ryan (Miami U 1992) has been elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives.
Paul Ryan's new powers as House Speaker put it there
Replacing John Boehner with Paul Ryan is like trading a fox for a coyote. Neither one had or has any intention of...
Paul Ryan sets aside some initial reluctance and announces he is going to run for speaker of the US House of Representatives.
Politicians react to Paul Ryan's election as House Speaker
On Wednesday, Rep. Paul Ryan was officially chosen by his Republican congressional peers to take over as Speaker of the House,
New Speaker for the House, Paul Ryan: No reform while O in office ...
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is expected to be elected Speaker. How he went from no-chance to next Speaker of the House: htt…
Wisconsin's Paul Ryan, 45 years old, is now the Speaker of the House, replacing the retiring John 236-…
Ayn Rand admires the pancake abs of newly elected speaker of the house Paul Ryan
Congratulations to my friend Paul Ryan on being elected Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.
House Speaker Paul Ryan to top Sunday talk shows
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Do you know these people. Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan & Kevin McCarthy: Plot
I liked a video from The New Speaker Of The House Is...Paul Ryan
Former LW Paul Byron hears Devante Smith-Pelly calling for pass, puts it in perfect spot. 4-2 for Habs. Byron's …
Paul Ryan vows not to push immigration reform as House Speaker until at least 2017
Paul Ryan is proof that if you work hard... you can get a job no one else really wants.
Republicans just elected Paul Ryan as the next Speaker of the House. Elect more Democrats: https:…
You actually said that rape is just another method of contraception? You and yours are f'd up.
Little Boy is a Roque Republican Speaker of The House. A little rascal known during his Elementary school days as...
Good Friday morning. Thursday added its part to a busy week as Representative Paul D. Ryan officially declared his intent to run for
Paul Ryan is the New Speaker and congress will remain constipated. Nothing will get as usual.
FROM THE BLOGS: After weeks of encouragement, Paul Ryan takes position as Speaker of the House.
Paul Ryan: No immigration reform until Obama out of office
"I think this has got to come out as one of the greatest experiences for these boys."
📝 Paul Ryan pledges no immigration reform, already bowing to the GOP's anti-immigrant wing . htt…
They may be political opposites - but President Obama and Speaker Paul Ryan are no strangers to working together.
This statement by Ben Carson should drop him in the polls.
John Boehner says this is the best piece of advice he gave to Paul Ryan …
Ladies and gentlemen our New Speaker of the House and outdoorsman Mr Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan's actions will need to speak louder than words:
MT Paul Ryan was shoved down our throats.
U. S. Airforce Jet from Washington DC Landing in Madison with speaker Paul Ryan 😄
Ryan will be youngest Speaker of the House in almost 150 years:
Paul Ryan’s favorite welfare myth gets torn to shreds: Now the GOP candidates must answer for it …
House Freedom Caucus says it supports Paul Ryan for speaker - The Indian Express
The House Freedom Caucus was stupid to vote Paul Ryan in. It definitely will be more of the same now!!
I voted for Paul Ryan for he has the experience, skills, & leadership qualities needed to fight hard against the …
Paul Ryan was elected, because Trey Gowdy endorsed him!!! Used to think that Gowdy was smart man... nOt!!!
To the House Freedom Caucus:. You will be held accountable for everything Paul Ryan does as Speaker. We will not forget your betrayal.
I just me or does Zach Woods look a lot like Paul Ryan
Any news on when Paul Ryan or McCarthy will bring up the border Security bill with Trey Gowdy's interior enforcement bill?
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Paul Ryan's future:. "Open your binders and let's take a look at my new tax reform policy.". "Y U NO REPEAL OBAMACARE YET…
I'm gonna go ahead and say it: Paul Ryan is a hunk. God Bless America. 🇺🇸
new Paul Ryan got schooled by Joe Biden.
Well I see liberal media is fear mongering Paul Ryan. Studies show people will vote for a party out of fear faster than love 4 the party.
Paul Ryan won't be compelled to compromise with the Obama Administration, writes. Here's why:
Once again, the Democratic Party is giving Paul Ryan the kid gloves treatment. Ryan wants to destroy the social safety net in this country.
Rep. Paul Ryan captures enough House votes to become the chamber's next speaker
Paul Ryan as SOTH and likely Hilary in the White House, you can buckle up for more years of getting nothing done
Paul Ryan waited until John Boehner had left the chamber. Then he said: "Let's be frank: The House is broken."
Good lord Paul Ryan is speaker of the house... buckle up America because here comes a whole lot more of nothing
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