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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Man, Andrew Siciliano really does look like Paul Ryan.
I'll be on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday morning 9amET/PT and Noon ET. Other guests: Rudy Giuliani, Paul Ryan.
According to Congressman Thomas Massie, Paul Ryan might be replaced with an actual conservative
Paul Ryan is going to privatize our economy into Wall St, right before deregulating Wall St, & then Trump WILL crash this…
After GOP wins, Paul Ryan puts Medicare in the crosshairs
Tuesday: "I'm voting Trump because he'll protect Medicare!". Friday: Paul Ryan announces: "We're killing https:…
Paul Ryan tells Fox news that Medicare privatization is happening
the senator I just voted for is Patty Murray, she bragged about "working with Paul Ryan to accomplish" some things.
Paul Ryan welcomed Donald Trump to Capitol Hill today to lay the groundwork for the 2017 GOP agenda
Trying to put my finger on Paul Ryan's attitude shift on Trump, now that he's won. He's like Edmure Tully when he first sees Roslin Frey.
Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, all those Republicans he threatened for not liking him, they are going to render him absolutely toothless.
When Donald Trump met with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell today, he definitely walked into the room and said, WHAT'S UP BUTTMUNCHERS
But best of luck. And by the way, take all of the protestors, Hillary Clinton, the obamas, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and Elizabeth warren
As if he had a choice. Thank you Paul Ryan, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and your Republican controlled 12% appro…
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell still have Amnesty donors who are owed favors. Pence should take Head of Senate, Ryan replaced b…
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are about to massively change American public policy! They're immensely powerful elites! They…
needs to realize Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell aren't his friends, they will try to stab him, for their own personal gain
So sorry! We need to fight to keep what Obama achieved! Paul Ryan wants to give me a voucher instead of Medicare!
Yes, Paul Ryan has been itching to gut food stamps, extended unemployment insurance etc for a long time. Privatizing Medica…
Sen. Susan Collins wrote in Paul Ryan for president, according to an aide. "She believes he has substantive and creative policy ideas"
They easily passed bill repealing Obamacare Which Obama vetoed. Paul Ryan promised to have it on Trump's desk day 1.
will Paul Ryan take Rogers place for Monday night games???
Paul Ryan taking Rogers place on Monday night games!!!
there is a silver lining... Celebrity Apprentice White House Edition!. Episode 1- Paul Ryan and Lil John have to...
Hannity: Paul Ryan will not be House Speaker
Too early to start promoting Michele Obama vs Paul Ryan in 2020?
Now he is BEGGING!!! . Paul Ryan 👉"This needs to be a time for redemption, not recrimination". President-elect Trump get RID OF…
I can't wait for Trump to fire Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan, kissing Trump's *** because a guy who broke into a closed soup kitchen to wash clean dishes, would do something like that.
We've had racist and sexist presidents before. We haven't yet had a pres with working digits to sign Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell's bills.
Our live position at Paul Ryan's victory party is going away quickly! @ Holiday Inn Express…
Karl Rove says Paul Ryan gave Wisconsin to Trump. Settle down Karl let me get you another drink.
I'm more excited about Wisconsin going red than Trump winning it... Reince Preibus, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and still a blue state? Nah.
If this was Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, or even Ted Cruz it would be so much easier to accept this. So hard to have a positive outlook right now
Shakespeare could not make up Paul Ryan's Wisconsin possibly delivering Donald Trump the White House.
Does anybody really think Paul Ryan is going to let Trump do much? Just sit down, shut up, and I'll handle it from here
Privileged to meet Paul Ryan in person tonight in our town, Janesville, WI. @ Holiday Inn…
Paul Ryan and his wife, Janna, still working the room here at the Holiday Inn Express.
meanwhile, I’m here in Janesville with Paul Ryan! he’s got a nice room here at the holiday inn. he is a Wisconsin guy
Paul Ryan on FBI clearing Hillary Clinton again: Vote for Donald Trump
No actual difference between Paul Ryan and Trump. That's not a defense of Trump.
I have a weird admiration for Paul Ryan and I think he's going to win it in 2020 (unless Trump pulls off the upset)
while that's somewhat true, what about Bill? And the Obama endorsement? Paul Ryan doesn't like trump anymore
Paul Ryan will be president one day
Paul Ryan offered to stump with Donald Trump, event canceled
Paul Ryan's particular brand of cowardice might we worse than the flat-out idiocy of Christie and Giuliani.
Still time for Paul Ryan to withdraw his endorsement.
Now it looks like he has his sights set on current Speaker Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan says Republican's chances of repealing Obamacare end with electing Hillary Clinton
Paul Ryan has to be sitting at home thinking over his options knowing his candidate won't concede tomorrow.
Among the surprising things about US election are wussies like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz who voted Trump after he denigrated t…
Well WE KNEW they were SOB's,but we can DEFINITELY add them to the list NOW. WOLF BLITZER/SOB-GLENN BECK/SOB-BILL K…
Hey, Hillary has balls much bigger than Paul Ryan's...
Paul Ryan: "Let's bring the Clinton era to an end by voting for Donald Trump on Tuesday."
I vote in all elections. is Want to oust Paul Ryan & to win it!
You know, you can vote for one without endorsing them. Sounds like crazy talk, I know, but that's what Paul Ryan said.
“No one person controls this party.”. — Paul Ryan. Actually, Paul, you could delete the word “person."
Since when has the Republican Party been for Universal Health Insurance for every American? Better check with Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan saying he's read the Federalist Papers multiple times.
Anyway, partly why I'll never forgive Paul Ryan and the coward brigade, because Trump wasn't just an effect, he was a cause.
The nightmare for Republicans is, if Trump loses, he's gonna be way angrier at Paul Ryan than Hillary Clinton.
Paul Ryan's final warning to voters: Obamacare won't be repealed if Clinton wins - The Washington Times
This is how Paul Ryan's career ends: Pathetically and insincerely stumping for Trump, then not getting 218 votes for Speaker. h…
Paul Ryan should be terminated immediately by house Republicans no matter what happens. He's a Traitor & Mercenary! http…
True❗ The RINOs like Paul Ryan & others are just like the Liberal Elites: all are Power Elite Globalist puppets who…
Paul Ryan says "Republicans come home" and then says the GOP isn't the party of Trump? Do tell. This is why we must all vo…
Quick reminder that Paul Ryan and nearly the entire Republican leadership disgraced themselves at every opportunity th…
Nah they're going to start telling us how well she's getting along with sensible paul ryan
Paul Ryan makes up for lost love after Comey&new bombshell you can&get much clearer than this! -
Michael Steele on MSNBC right now. Paul Ryan ain't endorsing Trump. Kasich and Bernie shoulda been the nominees but c'est la vie. Meh.
And with that, Paul Ryan is gone. Not with a bang, but with a whimper.
Paul Ryan tell me how preventing the murder of Children like this boy Dylan Hockley is publicity stunt? https…
Mike Pence endorses Paul Ryan after he's called out for dodging the question
he needs to and Paul Ryan should be next.
Do you honestly believe Paul Ryan won't be the next Speaker? Absurd. I know you want Pelosi
Mike Pence, Paul Ryan urge Republicans to 'come home' for Donald Trump
Donald Trump cancels Wisconsin rally just as Paul Ryan says he would campaign with him
oh I see, he sees ppl turning to Trump not backing away like he did.I will not trust Paul Ryan's decision making now
why the *** is Paul Ryan speaker of the house?? I miss the good ole days of Nancy Pelosi!
Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jason Chaffetz: by supporting Trump, you are associating yourselves with Ted Nugent, a vile racis…
Paul Ryan: “I am going to seek staying on as speaker" | Getty
I am no fan of President Enrique Pena Nieto, of Mexico, and look very much forward to meeting w/Paul Ryan & the future of our country
Mike Pence and Paul Ryan will campaign together Saturday in Wisconsin, reports
"We asked songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez to imagine what Paul Ryan is feeling, but can’t say
Paul Ryan, Kevin McCarthy, Steven Scalise, and Cathy McMorris Rogers, respectively, hold these positions and are...
Can we all agree not to use the candidates name. Paul Ryan and Michelle Obama don't.
We know Paul Ryan funded Planned Parent...he is a Baby Killer and has sold out Americans..for the Obama Agenda
Thank you Paul Ryan. Even if you dislike Trump's personality, remember the policy and the Supreme Court! (And tax…
By cosigning and way of his vote, Paul Ryan admits the GOP is the party of Trump
If Trump wins, could we see him vs. Paul Ryan vs. Michelle Obama in 2020?: “Pollsters stunned: Donald Trump elected…
Cook: “Paul Ryan has to a make a decision, does he want to be a part of governing or run for president, and I think he is going to govern."
Little Giant Ladders
House Freedom Caucus holding a secret meeting today to discuss dumping Paul Ryan as Speaker..Developing...
Paul Ryan confident he will retain House Speaker post! When this RHINO is up 4 re-elect. Wis.voter need 2 vote him out!
Well, well. The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, voted for I can't wait until he has to answer for this.
Paul Ryan voted for a presid candidate who makes racist comments and brags about committing sexual assault
Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Sean Duffy, Jim Sensenbrenner and Ron Johnson support the guy endorsed by KKK
Big Pharma has spent over $50M in the 2016 elections. Top recipients? Hillary Clinton & Paul Ryan. https:/…
Coming to America?. Paul Ryan says, refusing to allow these people into the US is not who we are. I submit that...
Casting early vote for .Paul Ryan warns of more scandals if wins h…
Trump support will soon emerge as THE baseline test for character, IQ, social class, education, views on race & sex.
66% of likely GOP voters disapprove of Paul Ryan's decision not to campaign for Trump in News/WaPo poll
When you WIN SO HARD, you always lose! ~Congratulations Paul Ryan on the SHORTEST SPEAKERSHIP in HISTORY.
LOST . Paul Ryan's backbone. . Last seen running for the hills with Ted Cruz. If found, please call: 800-DIGNITY…
Paul Ryan already voted for Donald Trump and yet they voted him back in office.Remeber the shut down.
I will say it again Paul Ryan is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He has much to lose with his oil Investments under Tru…
Very hesitantly Paul Ryan said on Fox & Friends that he voted for Donald Trump last week. 🙄
Paul Ryan: I already voted for Trump: via
Paul Ryan just voted for Trump. What a zero, saving millionaires from paying more in taxes. Vote for a real hero, veteran
Wisconsin's 1st Congressional. Time To OUST Paul Ryan!. Put a LEGISLATOR. not a TALKER. to your best use.
Paul Ryan should be screaming for a indictment on Clinton for voter fraud caught on video that's a felony & cheating at debate
Paul Ryan has voted for 'our nominee.' You know, the one whose name he doesn't want to say.
Paul Ryan, proving daily that the human creature can exist without a spine.
Paul Ryan says he voted early for Donald Trump
If Paul Ryan isn't forced to answer for this vote for the rest of his career, again and again, that's our failure.
This Means You!! This is your candidate! Don't allow him to pervert democracy!.
Paul Ryan announces he has already voted for -- confirming just exactly who calls the shots in the ne…
Paul Ryan says he voted for Trump, citing "need to support our entire Republican ticket" 🔓
Instead of ur Mom u could always write in ..he will be new force in GOP. Ppl are tired of the "Paul Ryan" of GOP
Paul Ryan comes off so disingenuous in interviews. No matter how much you try, you can't hide your inner cuck,
Paul Ryan couldn't bring himself to vote for a women, so he voted for a feller that assaults women. For the GOP, that's al…
votes for for A white racist WOMAN hating Country via
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On Fox, Paul Ryan says he has already voted for GOP presidential nominee. Doesn't say name, but apparently means Trump.
paul ryan, you are an A-- Hole But Thank you for voting The !!! .
Paul Ryan confirms to Fox News he voted for Trump:
LOL - "Open Borders" Paul Ryan committed Career Suicide by not campaigning with Trump. https:/…
Paul Ryan video proves Clinton paid for writers at Trump rally video proves Clinton committing voter fraud but your silent
The degree to which Mitch McConnell has been able to fly below radar on Trump compared to Paul Ryan is remarkable http…
Paul Ryan still sickens me. Now just trying to save his job. We don't forget .
Congrats to Paul Ryan on the vote he'll be explaining for the rest of his life.
Paul Ryan just said that he voted for our party's nominee. Sure . he did, wink, wink.
Paul Ryan has done an impressive job of making it hard for anyone on any side to respect him.
Paul Ryan votes for Trump. Ryan, has your wife met Trump? Trump is waiting to meet her & your daughters. Regards! https:…
Paul Ryan voted for Trump. Must have felt good to do something cowardly on behalf of an *** who trash talks you every…
CANNOT EXPRESS how DISGUSTED I am w/this man's FAILURE to lead-Paul Ryan Casts Vote for Trump h…
Paul Ryan votes for Trump after months of rejecting everything about him via
I hope everyone voting for Trump, including Paul Ryan, is nice and cozy with the KKK as their bedfellows.
Paul Ryan says he voted for "our nominee" He didn't say he voted for Trump. He says vote for "entire Republican ticket" not Trump
Paul Ryan officially chose party over country. The spinelessness of it is...predictable, actually.
Paul Ryan on voting for Trump: I already voted for 'for our nominee' - CNN
Voted Trump-Putin, because he'll do anything to get more tax cuts for the rich & make the poor poorer
Paul Ryan votes for Trump, won't campaign for him in final days of race - Chicago Tribune
If Paul Ryan is in the news today I'm gonna freak. *looks at trending topics* *freaks*
Paul Ryan calls Trump racist, won't campaign w/ him, but votes 4 him. Isn't that textbook definition of a racist hypocrite…
Paul Ryan says Hillary Clinton betrayed Americans' trust in handling "the nation's... by
Paul Ryan: He’s the Fiscal Policy Illiterate in the Congress
Paul Ryan is a crooked, Hillary puppet. He is part of the swamp that must be drained.
No doubt Paul Ryan, John McCain and Lindsey Graham were involved in ransom and running guns in Benghazi
Paul Ryan's defeated primary foe plans run against him for House Speaker
At the behest of Paul Ryan is ousted as House Speaker in favor of Albert Speer.
The speaker of the house Mr. Paul Ryan himself was at the Jeff Denham campaign office tonight!
Paul Ryan is in the next town over with.m Jeff Denham so that's cool
House Speaker Paul Ryan has just arrived here at Jeff Denham headquarters.
We were quoted in an NYT story on our lack of endorsement of Jeff Denham ... and Paul Ryan is in Modesto today.
Paul Ryan: If we lose the Senate, Bernie Sanders becomes chair of Senate Budget Committee!
Bernie Sanders goes all in for down-ballot Democrats, raises over $2 million, to the dismay of Paul Ryan
Wikileaks reveal the dirty dealings of Paul Ryan and it’s bad
Glass-Steagall? Paul Ryan is having acid reflux. And Phil Gramm is downing a bottle of scotch.
Tell us Jim, will Dunn fall in line with Paul Ryan & elitist or represent us back home? We need real change!…
Paul Ryan gets money from the Clinton Foundation
Hillary and Paul Ryan choose open borders over safety, Chinese over American workers, gratuitous power over your Liberty and J…
All you need to know about the degeneration of the American Right is that Paul Ryan and Megyn Kelly are now hate figures…
After the election, Trump will roam the land like Arya Stark reciting his list, "Paul Ryan, Mark Cuban, David Fahrenthold…
Smug POS Jim Acosta try's to make Trump voter looks less than by saying Trader instead of Paul Ryan is a Traitor!. ***
Very disappointing that we would win this election easily if people like Paul Ryan, John McCain, Mike Lee, John Kasich would vote Trump!
"Paul Ryan: Dem Party 'run by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren'" And that's a good thing!
House Freedom Caucus is considering doing to Paul Ryan what it did to former Speaker John the lame duck.
Thanks to Trump? The people voted for him. It should be thanks to John Boehner, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and the establishment.
aligned with the Democrats. Folks like Paul Ryan, the John's (Boehner/McCain), Mitch McConnell have sold out the people
I hope Paul Ryan stays speaker of the house because he's adorable and I don't think baby boomers should be on tv
Paul Ryan helped raise more money for Dems last Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday than he did for Republicans in July, August, Sept
Count on Paul Ryan to do exactly nothing to hold Hillary accountable. He's with her.
Also on the list: Ted Cruz, The Wall Street Journal, Paul Ryan, the TPP, Colin Powell and T-Mobile. Is this supposed to make me like Trump?
The Bible says to hate what is evil. I 100% hate Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan. & hope the Packers (80% who love Ryan). never…
apparently, about 15 senior republicans (including Paul Ryan) met on the night of obamas inauguration to discuss methods to undermine him.
Suzanne Evans is toxic. Maybe her and Paul Ryan should hook up.
Eddie Munster=Paul Ryan,Grandpa=Ted Cruz,Herman is definitelyCon-Don...Marilyn could be Ivanka. .I don't see anyone du…
“If we lose the Senate, do you know who becomes chairman of the Senate budget committee?”. - Paul Ryan . Yep!
Paul Ryan says if we flip the Senate will become chairman of the budget committee. (Via
Breitbart News claims that Paul Ryan wants to elect Hillary Clinton and shares her "globalist worldview”
Vote Tom Nelson, Russ Feingold, Sarah Lloyd and ANYONE but Paul Ryan. We need to improve Wisconsin for the middle class.
Poll: Majority of Republicans say Trump, not Paul Ryan, represents what the GOP should…
Robert B. Reich: Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan and the crisis of American...
Paul Ryan: "If Hillary wins then Bernie Sanders will play a big role in the national budget." Yes... yes please.
Bernie Sanders is Paul Ryan's boogey man. Let's give him nightmares. 💀👻🎃
A majority of GOP voters say Donald Trump represents their views better than Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan is so Team Jacob. Everyone knows Team Edward is ahead. But I don't look at the polls. LOSERS!
Paul Ryan, cut this guy loose. He is going to sink your ship.
Paul Ryan knows that if the GOP loses the Senate we're going to enact our progressive agenda. Let's make it happen. http…
Susan: So, George, what does Paul Ryan trade to the USA?. Costanza: Matches. Long matches. (Also, confusing Gary &…
dear people we are not electing Paul Ryan as The president of United States this germ Sykes wants Hillary and doom for our USA
Why on earth would Trump invite Obama’s half-brother to the debate? I thought he was running against Paul Ryan, not Barac…
Dang, Paul Ryan is suddenly talking so tough. How dare he hit them so hard.
Paul Ryan lost ALL credibility by withdrawing his support for Trump. Who would want someone who runs when times get tough?
Paul Ryan turned his back on this child's mom in WI! Cowardly Congressmen/women left the room when she testified! http…
Paul Ryan wants to raise taxes on the health care you get from work. SIGN THE PETITION: https:…
Paul Ryan is not concerned about keeping the White House. He's more concerned about Paul Ryan keeping a…
Paul Ryan: the new snake charmer! Has a public policy, and a private policy! Globalist pig, who is going down. 👍🏻😎 htt…
Wisconsin GOP stands behind Paul Ryan in fracas with Trump supporters
Paul Ryan, typical ruling class politician. More worried about w/ others say instead of w/ the ppl want. ht…
Trump says US will lose independence if he doesn't win
Paul Ryan is a Bought & Paid For Globalist Puppet who gave Barry Everything. He's not a friend of Trump.
he really wants Paul Ryan to lose doesn't he!
TRUMP: The stuff'll be crossing state lines. Just make sure they don't get pulled over. RYAN: Me?. TRUMP: You're Speaker of the H…
State Dept. involved in cover-up to help Hillary Clinton, Speaker Ryan charges - -
CRYIN' RYAN. This turncoat is a bigger crybaby than former Weeper of the House John Boehner.
Paul Ryan abandoning Trump is not a surprise. *** Ryan abandoned the American people the moment he became speaker. Kin…
Paul Ryan absolutely does not represent He has given Obama every single thing he has ever asked for. Step dow…
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell sit by spinelessly silent as Trump lies about a "rigged" vote https:/…
Farsi Spanish others language . few horrifying facts . First about two Speakers ( R ) of the House John Boehner Paul Ryan
. Come forward Paul Ryan, John McCain, Condaleza Rice and ask hillary to step down. You should have asked her long ago.
Video: Wisconsin Trump rally crowd CHANTS "PAUL RYAN *** ". (yes, he does!).
If the ‘new’ generation of Republicans are all like Tom Cotton, Joni Ernst or Paul Ryan…it’s a safe bet I will never vote fo…
His picture is in the dictionary next to the word putz.
Trump: Maybe wants me to lose so he can run in 2020 | AP Photo
No, that isn't your imagination. Trump supporters are chanting "Paul Ryan *** " in Wisconsin.
Paul Ryan has got me so angry it's hard to contain it. Paul sold out America and the American people who once trust…
Newt Gingrich better step back to reality and that reality is Donald Trump is more popular than the weak Paul Ryan. No one likes him.
Paul Ryan betrays millions of GOP voters, will party throw him out? joins me 7pm
If you pick up a shell anywhere near the Great Lakes, you can hear the wind blow the sweet sounds of, "Paul Ryan *** " https:…
Paul Ryan refuses to support Americans pic for President. He again sided with Dems like he did with the Syrian invasion.…
Message to Paul Ryan: Pull away from Trump you pull away from your country. You're a selfish political hack scumbag who sh…
.suggests to that Paul Ryan doesn't want him to win because of Ryan's 2020 ambitions: https…
Evidence Pointing to Globalist Paul Ryan as Part of the "HIT JOB" Against Trump
Phone numbers for Paul Ryan. Demand resign or we will not vote down ticket. We will not let him get away with s…
New Paul Ryan TV ad touts the GOP agenda
Its the only thing I agree with a Trump Supporter..Paul Ryan ***
Paul Ryan you should be wonder you and Mitt lost. should not only endorse but help him shape camp…
Paul Ryan to skip Donald Trump rally in Wisconsin Monday night, fundraise in Texas instead via…
JUST IN: Nobody cares what Paul Ryan says. This is not news. moves forward!
Paul the Rat Ryan!In my eyes,he's just as much a traitor as Hillary Rotten Clinton!Im an American!This is not how you back y…
RINO Paul Ryan is owned by Goldman Sachs, he will do anything to further the NWO agenda! Even if it means destroying himself…
Paul Ryan is an arrogant spare! He has ignored Trump from day one. Trump destroyed 16 candidates, and will destroy Rya…
We gave the GOP the House & the Senate & all we got was Paul Ryan. It took going outside the system to REALLY
Paul Ryan is the enemy. There is not a conservative bone in his body. 100% cucked and sold out to the highest bidder.
I think Trey Gowdy should take Paul Ryan's place. We need Tough, Honest people like him with Integrity.
Donald Trump rally crowd breaks out into 'Paul Ryan *** chant
Super tough Paul Ryan. Mr. Moral Republican House leader who supports a man for President who brags of sexual assault.
U go Joe B.: U, obama & nancy, put on your WAC uniforms & show the world how tough U R; perhaps U can enlist the aid of Paul Ryan
Breaking news!! Trump just met with Paul Ryan and after some tough words proceeded to give him a wedgie. Waiting for response now.
Paul Ryan you are a jump ship coward and you would do it again if the going got tough.
oust the former Oscar Meyer weiner salemans, Paul Ryan.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Paul Ryan is more afraid of Bernie Sanders than he is of Donald Trump
Paul Ryan, a man who doesn't know how to win (including failed run four years ago), must start focusing on the budget,…
Koch brothers don't they support Paul Ryan and Scott Walker why would they support a democrat and still what wars?
So Trump is really just Paul Ryan's Tyler Durden, right?
Paul Ryan grew that beard as a flavor savor. Now he can taste his donors and Hillary all day long!
One way to make sure Paul Ryan pays a price for his support of this terrible terrible human being is to take the House. So l…
House of Representatives can have the sergeant of arms to arrest them starts with Paul Ryan
So you want Paul Ryan and house Republicans to put Trump in the White House? Good to know.
Sean Hannity has called for a new Speaker of the House, b/c Paul Ryan is tired of defending Donald Trump.
Paul Ryan thinks his own leadership of the House is in probably is! He has put it in danger. Better for…
An indignant Paul Ryan's Conservative sensibilities are being assailed by Trump, as Ryan tries to do a job-Michael Graham, Weekly Standard.
You might think this is Paul Ryan's house, but it's actually just my neighbor
Paul Ryan, as Speaker of House & 3rd in line for pres. should speak out loud & long against DT.
...exactly what about Paul Ryan's actions to date suggest anything other than the house handing trump the presidenc…
House GOP super PAC allied with Paul Ryan logs its largest fundraising haul ever
Paul Ryan has done a LOUSY job as Speaker of the House, & his non support of the Party Nominee has been an absolute…
We need to clean house starting with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and all the other jerks!!! We the voter are smarte…
When Trump realizes he's actually going to lose, he'll throw the election. Lose the House & Senate That'll teach 'em (Paul Ryan)
is illegal aliens coming into our country Paul Ryan your POS you're why we're going to lose the house and the Senate
Paul Ryan didn't want to be speaker of the House. It's up to us to relieve him of this duty. It'll probably take two election days.
Paul Ryan statement from to NBC, per He is "fully confident" states will conduct the election "with integ…
she will run her administration pretty much like obama did vs. the party of Paul Ryan, Koch bros etc. EZ decision.
. thats great and remember to vote in Paul Ryan's district for this will fix a lot of problems
A Better Way is a sham. Paul Ryan talks about what is wrong with the government and he IS the government, he won't fix a thing
Donald Trump\'s timing hits Paul Ryan right where it hurts (again) - Washington Post
He was a jerk then, he's a jerk now. Paul Ryan does not represent the Republican Party--he represents Hillary Clinton.…
So basically, Paul Ryan is trying to plot a the future of a party with no supporters.
Paul Ryan is already planning for what the Republican Party will look like after Trump loses
Paul Ryan's freaking out now... Let's turn every seat blue and give the GOP a taste of what Dems have had to deal…
Paul Ryan is already plotting the future of the Republican Party when Trump loses
Paul Ryan has been a politician way to long, he can not and will not challenge the establishment
Seriously, as long as Paul Ryan is willing to give him belly rubs and treat, my cat would work excellently with Congress.
women are screwed as long as they support Paul Ryan & Koch brother Enterprises. Lol
wait I think Obama and Paul Ryan got rid of our internet don't you recall that it wasn't long ago
Paul Ryan will not be Speaker of the House for long. He is not conservative. This has been twisted over years.
4. The last 8 years have been one long liberal progressive experiment". - Paul Ryan
People who give long speeches about the 2016 elections without saying the word “Trump”: Michelle Obama, Paul Ryan.
[building on fire]. Paul Ryan: Hey there. Sit down while I show you this long PowerPoint presentation
truth be told no politican is clean not even you Paul Ryan, as long as u've tasted the White House
How long before Joe extols us to rally around Paul Ryan? The Joe who rode the coattails of Gingrich! That ship has sailed!
Please ask Mr. TRUMP to agree with the speech Paul Ryan gave in Madison. This will go a long eay.
WATCH NOW: Paul Ryan delivers remarks on the GOP agenda in Madison, Wisconsin
Paul Ryan didn't get fired, but you can fire Romney's buddy Rob Portman. Get the word out vote Tea Party Independent Scott Rupe…
This is your reminder that Paul Ryan is backing a serial abuser of women because Hillary Clinton won't sign his plan to gut…
Given the stakes of this election, if Paul Ryan isn't for Trump, then I'm not for Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan is married to multimillionaire Janna Little a liberal, left wing progressive, anti-Constitutional, big... https:/…
That same GOP Congress that just gave the Democrats everything they wanted and more in the budget? Paul Ryan ***
photo was captioned "Pres. Obama, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan" and i laughed so hard i woke up the cat
please drop the Paul Ryan stuff, just go after Hillary on issues. Love you
Can someone ask Paul Ryan and Mike Pence if stopping the genocide in Yugoslavia was a bad thing?
"Paul Ryan is the enemy" - Trump's campaign CEO Steve Bannon.
Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon had it out for Paul Ryan, via More on Bannon here:
This is a good time to note that Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Pat Toomey, Reince Priebus still sa…
Here's the deal: he's nuts. / Trump denounces Paul Ryan and GOP for secret 'sinister deal' https…
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