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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is blasting Rep. Paul Ryan for his new budget, criticizing his vision for the country.
Let's just be perfectly clear about this: Paul Ryan is not an intellectual but a werewolf boy.
April Fools DAY, NOT! House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan unveiled a Republican budget on April Fools’ Day that once again proposes privatizing Medicare and turning it into a voucher system, while lowering tax rates on the wealthy and corporations. Rep. Ryan’s plan protects tax breaks for the very rich and actually lowers taxes for corporations. It contains $4 trillion in cuts to programs that protect Americans who can least afford cuts. Medicare is privatized. Food Stamps, college aid, support for schools, Head Start, child nutrition programs are savaged. And it creates a process designed to ensure Social Security cuts in the near future. The newest incarnation of the Ryan budget asks seniors to pay more for preventive health services and prescription drugs while again ending the Medicare guarantee. The Ryan budget clearly chooses tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations over health care for millions of working families. Moving to a voucher system for Medicare, as the Ryan plan outlines, is ...
Found out today that Paul Ryan is a Delt, Awesome!
Wendy Cooper takes on Paul Ryan, his comments on poverty and whether or not he's serious about tackling the poverty problem.
The Medicaid block grant proposal in the budget plan proposed by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan on April 1 would cut federal Medicaid (and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP) funding by 26 percent by 2024, because the funding would no longer keep pace with health care costs or with expected Medicaid enrollment growth as the population ages. These cuts would come on top of repealing the health reform law’s Medicaid expansion. Cuts of this magnitude would substantially affect millions of low-income Americans’ ability to secure health coverage and access needed health-care services. Unless states came up with substantial new sums to offset the very large losses in federal funding, they would be compelled to institute deep cuts to their Medicaid programs. States could respond by capping Medicaid enrollment and turning eligible families and individuals away — in contrast to current law, under which all eligible individuals who apply must be allowed to enroll. The reductions ...
GOP’s shameful treatment of the powerless By Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. Weekly Commentary | Chicago Sun-Times The Bible’s injunction that we shall be judged by how we have treated the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40) appears in different forms in virtually every religion or faith. And surely the measure of a country is how it treats the most vulnerable of its people — children in the dawn of life, the poor in the valley of life, the ailing in the shadows of life, the elderly in the dusk of life. This week, the House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on the Republican budget proposal put together by Rep. Paul Ryan, chair of the Budget Committee and Mitt Romney’s running mate. The vast majority of Republicans are lined up to vote for it, with possible exceptions for a handful who think it does not cut enough. It is a breathtakingly mean and callous proposal. The Republican budget would cut taxes on the wealthy, giving millionaires, the Citizen for Tax Justice estimates, a tax break of $200 ...
Companies have long yearned for the U.S. to act like its developed-economy brethren and adopt a territorial tax system, and so far that’s just been wishful thinking. But CFOJ’s Maxwell Murphy reports in today’s Marketplace section that a leadership shift is afoot in Congress that may open the door to reform down the road. U.S. companies have accumulated nearly $2 trillion in profits abroad that they say they can’t bring home so long as the U.S. requires them to pay domestic taxes on it when they do. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Dave Camp (R., Mich.), recently proposed an overhaul that included a territorial tax system, but its prospects for passage are perceived as dim. However, Mr. Camp is not standing for re-election in November. Rep. Kevin Brady (R., Texas), a contender for the chairmanship, is optimistic about prospects for change. “We’re finally going to have tax reform… and a territorial system will be part of it,” he said. Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) is also widely vie ...
So, last week Rep Paul Ryan released the GOP budget, which President Obama blasted as more of the same old GOP playbook. Yesterday, the Democrats released their version, which calls for $1.5 trillion in higher taxes and the "economic benefits off immigration reform" in order to work. It also increases spending on infrastructure. Now, I'm not sure what the economic benefits of immigration reform are, but it seems to me that increased taxes and spending is more of the same old Democrat playbook.
Listening to Paul Ryan expounding on his recent budget suggestions, I do feel rather sorry for the people who hold him as the great intellectual center of his party - sigh
Happy to say that a rainy day start ended with a great meal and beautiful sunset with my two favorite people - Paul Ryan and Cooper. A much needed vacation and Paul is turning into a Beach Bum, we haven't even had a great day on the beach yet. Today, as was 11 years ago, it was proven that if we have our snacks, we'll be alright...
For a good laugh, read Paul Ryan and Bobby Jindal's plans for healthcare. Their idea of reform is to eliminate health insurance for the nearly 10 million people who are now insured. No I will not vote for either of those guys, but not enough republicans are alive still to elect them president either.
Having checked out his action for quite some time, I have come to the sober conclusion that Paul Ryan is a more or less average man, who has somewhere along the line been told he is smarter than most. This is bad for him, and potentially worse for the rest of us...
Felt like worthless crap all morning. Made myself go try something new. Went to a pop action class at the Streb Lab for Action Mechanics. Essentially threw myself onto the floor. A lot. And now, with sore muscles aching, I'm drinking cider and listening to Paul Ryan and his songwriters series at The Way Station. And despite the pain, yes I am feeling much better now. =J
BBqing Salmon for dinner while watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion :) Paul Ryan Cooper gets home in an hour, which means I lose the remote :(
FACT : When Paul Ryan claims ObamaCare still leaves 31 million Americans uninsured? He is lying cuz 12.5 million illegal Immigrants can not be covered till immigration Reform Law is passed, which he is against .The remaining 19 million are mainly Labor Unions which will come under Obamacare in 2015.,
Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Mitch McConnell etc- looking at you!
I have a question. I'm listening to John Bachelor, which spurs this question. Paul Ryan, knowing full well that boo matter what budget he introduced, it would either never make the floor in the senate for a vote, or Obama wouldn't sign it. Why not introduce a real budget that would have actually made a difference?
A lion at the National zoo was lying in the sun licking his butt. When a visitor turned to the zoo keeper and said that is a docile old thing. No way said the zoo keeper. It's the most ferocious beast in the zoo, why just an hour ago it dragged John Bohener, Mitch Mcconnel, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Michelle Bachman into the cage and completely devoured them. Thats incredible said the visitor. Well why is he licking his butt. The zoo keeper responded that he is trying to get the taste out of his mouth.
Hey Fucfaced Paul Ryan .You're not interested in policy or issues, are you? You care only about objectifying & dehumanizing the Poor American Citizen , don't you?
Elizabeth Warren vs. Paul Ryan? Oh, this is going to be good. I'm getting my front seat and popcorn out. What time is HBO broadcasting this
Sarah Palin doesn't like the Paul Ryan budget, but not for the same reasons you do, obviously.
You didn’t believe me. I told you my next story was going to be Stale Old White Men. This is not about Jed Bush. I will get back to him later. Sheldon Adelson! I do not write about Cro-magnon men nor dinosaurs. Paul Ryan is a young man with a stale…
Kind of surprised at how plainly Paul Ryan says we should go back to pre-ACA underwriting of health insurance
The Unpresidential President Barack Obama isn't known for his warmth or goodwill toward political opponents. In fact, he seems to have far kinder words for the likes of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un than for Republicans. He spent Wednesday in the Midwest, stumping for an increase to the minimum wage while in ultra-liberal Ann Arbor, Michigan, before heading off to some glitzy Chicago fundraisers. Of course, he also found time during his busy day to mock Paul Ryan's latest budget proposal. "It's like that movie 'Groundhog Day,'" he said, "except it's not funny. If they tried to sell this sandwich at Zingerman's [an exorbitantly expensive Ann Arbor deli he just happened to drop by], they'd have to call it the stinkburger or the meanwich." Wow, did he come up with those zingers all by himself? The man continues to bring down the dignity of the Oval Office.
Who likes Paul Ryan's Plan? Take a good look! Its just a WARNING of what u'll get if wins the Senate.
"Viguerie writes that Karl Rove “has grown wealthy by promoting the idea that content-free campaigns, rather than conservative principles, are the path to victory for the Republican Party.” But should the GOP be following the path of someone who had a record of 22 losses and nine wins in 2012, he asks. Other members of the “entrenched” GOP leadership, Viguerie says, include Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, one-time vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan and a man, Viguerie writes, who “seems to relish in antagonizing conservatives,” Sen. John McCain." Read more at
the Paul Ryan budget calls for more cuts to veterans & the GOP didn't support rhe $22billion veterans package in senate//
Sawyer County – LCO Democratic Party Meeting April 1, 2014 The April meeting was called to order by Waldo Asp, co-chair. There were eighteen members in attendance and an esteemed visitor from Washburn County, Paul Johnson, who is Treasurer of the 7th District Democratic Party. Observed as Iskigaamizigii-giizis (Maple Sugar Moon), Waldo noted that the science of pancake syrup suggests that it’s a very poor choice for breakfast (a half cup equals 16 teaspoons of straight sugar). Whereas, pure maple sugar contains only 52 calories per tablespoon (less than honey). Maple syrup has much less fructose, which is kinder to human hearts, and very little amounts of saturated, monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats. He summed it up by saying, “Use Indian maple syrup for greater health benefits!” On the national scene, Congressional budget chair Paul Ryan, Republican leader, released his annual budget on April 1st, and it reads like a terrible April Fool’s joke. It contains $5.1 trillion in cuts, largely t ...
It's a shame that the Eddie Munster looking Paul Ryan keeps getting elected. Who votes for that *** ?
The only thing more worrisome than Paul Ryan's policies is that Eddie Munster widow's peak. That thing freaks me out.
Paul Ryan, too. And Scott Walker. The ghost of Joe McCarthy. But also Tammy Baldwin, Fighting Bob LaFollette and
Paul Ryan's budget for 2015 nearly doubles the defense budget as we are ending two wars. In addition, he significantly cuts taxes on people making more than a million dollars a year. How does he make up for these increases? By cutting Pell Grants, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Voucherizing Medicare, and Cutting Social Security benefits. Thank you Paul Ryan for quantifying exactly what a Republican Majority will give us, should they be successful in retaking the Senate and holding onto the House in 2014. Nice of you to give us a Heads Up!
No budget by Paul Ryan is going to get past the senate. Suicide to give Medicaid & SS fodder to Dems. Early outs for fed wkrs.
Paul Ryan's budget takes care of his Rich friends and the Defense Industry.
"Game of Thrones, a magical fantasy where you're never quite sure who's going to live or die... or maybe I'm thinking of Paul Ryan's budget." - Bill Maher
Ann Coulter wants Mitt Romney to run again in 2016. Not me if chooses Paul Ryan as running mate. be
On PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton- a clip showing puppet republican Paul Ryan saying that raising the minimum wage is "bad economics". To Paul Ryan- the ONLY "bad economics" I see is the close to $200,000/year you are stealing from American Taxpayers to profit the rich who want to destroy our country. Your "budget" is proof of that. I pray that 2014 is the year in which you meet defeat in politics. It cannot happen too soon.
Al Shartpon totally LOSES it on Paul Ryan!!. Strong words from a guy who incited a riot.
I would love to hear your comments on Rev Al Sharpton's recent radio smack down of Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal.
Press Releases The people will go after people like Paul Ryan and the Koch Bros if they keep stealing from the people
"The Tea Party promises. To all you people out there who support the Tea Party. in 2010, they got elected because they promised you: jobs jobs jobs - get government out of your life- and follow the Constitution. since then, they have given you no jobs bills, laws to regulate how you live, who you can love, and to be intrusive as possible in a woman's uterus - and 44 out of 52 Tea Party representatives voted FOR the Patriot Act extension. that you gripe about so much, as if our president did that on his own, as an executive order.even Michele Bachmann voted for it. they said that they would cut down government spending - Paul Ryan's last budget that they passed RAISED the military's budget from 680 billion, to 1.1 trillion. as the current deficit is 260 billion, we would be in the green now. they said they would get rid of Obamacare - after over 50 votes, and shutting down the government, at a cost of over 25 billion dollars total, they have failed miserably. in fact they haven't done a *** thing, and ha . ...
Someday I will get my Lincoln-Douglas debate with Paul Ryan. Someday.
By William Hartung. The best news about Rep. Paul Ryan's budget, released ... -
"This guy is a madman with absolutely no compassion or empathy for his own citizens!"-Kim Jong Un, after reading Paul Ryan's budget.
I just joined to stand up to Paul Ryan's budget. Join me:
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Unlike Congressional Progressive Caucus budget, Paul Ryan's plan ignores what Americans want.
David Letterman is 66. In only 18 more years he'd have been eligible to retire under Paul Ryan's plan.
Paul Ryan was called a racist, but did Michelle Obama make the same comment?
Today from 4-6pm: The Sean Hannity Show: with more behind-the-scenes information on breaking news… and more bold, inspired solutions for America! 3:35PM EST Sean is joined by John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center, who has a unique perspective on last night’s shooting at Ft. Hood (John’s son, who is stationed at Fort Hood, was just two blocks from the shooting). Colonel Allen West also joins the discussion with his analysis of the investigation so far. 4:05PM EST Our Washington Insider, Jamie Dupree, joins Sean for his daily report. Even as Republicans were pushing ahead today with a budget plan from Paul Ryan to balance the budget in ten years, the real work on government spending starts Thursday, as lawmakers begin action on the dozen appropriations bills that fund the operations of Uncle Sam. 4:35PM EST Sean is joined by Jeffrey Lord of the American Spectator, & columnist Ann Coulter. Topics: Last night’s Fort Hood shooting is a sad reminder of the 2009 shooting… Some s ...
This is what the American Press says about Paul Ryan's proposed budget. He wants a smaller government in every regard except for the Military Industrial Complex -they really need our money in his opinion.
House budget committee chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) recently issued a lengthy study of federal anti-poverty programs and over the past year and a half he has embarked on a "listening tour" to hear from low-income Americans. On Tuesday, Ryan issued the House GOP's 2015 budget proposal, which would make major changes to two of the federal government's primary anti-poverty programs, Food Stamps and Medicaid. Using as his model the supposedly successful welfare reform effort of the 1990s, Ryan envisions turning these programs into block grants that are handed over to the states to administer. But his plan to "help families in need lead lives of dignity" is likely to make matters worse for America's neediest. Here's why. In 1996, Congress reengineered the federal program that provided cash assistance to the poorest families. Along with imposing stiff work requirements, Congress turned the old entitlement program, whose budget rose and fell automatically with need, into a block grant with a fixed budget. The gra ...
Obama & Paul Ryan have released versions of the Congressional Budget urge your elected officials 2 support DV
Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Dwight Eisenhower need to come back and glare at Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz until they finally cower in their own pee and meekly agree to return the Republican Party back to it's rightful owners.
Former Alaska Governor and vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin blasted Rep. Paul Ryan's (R-WI) budget as a joke after she realized that Ryan's budget, which many Tea Party leaders referred to as "fiction," was actually not a joke even though he released it on April Fool's Day.
--CPAC: Paul Ryan says that free school lunches give kids an "empty soul" --On the Bonus Show: ...
Something interesting to consider about the 2016 GOP candidates: Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Marco Rubio are also up for re-election that yr.
Paul Ryan rehashes an old Social Security lie--at your expense
Please read RT. “Paul Ryan resurrects an old lie about Social Security; here's how it will cost you:
Sarah Palin says Paul Ryan's budget a joke. Breitbart blog says it's an April Fools fiction. What? I'm agreeing with Palin and Breitbart? Mark this one on the calendar! Not likely to happen again soon.
Paul Ryan he's a far, far-right ideologue. The Republican base loves him. He's kind of an English-speaking version of Sarah Palin. Paul Ryan has his budget. The GOP has its April Fool.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Sarah Palin called out Paul Ryan yesterday for his joke budget, calling it the definition of insanity and saying it doesn't go far enough. Ryan responded today, suggesting Palin hasn't completely read the budget he proposed.
Sarah Palin has a message from one former vice presidential candidate to another: Rep. Paul Ryan, your budget is a “joke.” The House Budget Committee chairman released his annual budget proposal Tuesday, and the wish list of GOP priorities includes big changes to Medicare and Food Stamps...
Sarah Palin has called Paul Ryan's budget a joke. Am I the only one that see's the irony of a joke calling a budget a joke?
Ah.The RANT has arrived. The RANT Representatives of Atlanta Archbishop Wilton Gregory have requested that I don’t mention his current embarrassment in Atlanta. Request denied. 1. The Problem: A 2.2 million dollar mansion he had built for himself from charitable donations. Solution: Sell the darn thing and make the old boy live in public housing in Atlanta. Net gain: 2.2 million for the poor and some humility for this arrogant, self-serving man. 2. Is it me or are people and children simply more rude and abrupt than when I was a child? 3. The cost of a baseball ticket is now 32.00 dollars and some change. A ball park beer between seven and eight dollars. It would cost us between 250.00 and 300.00 to take our grandkids to one game in St. Louis if we fed them and got them something to drink. Simply not worth it. 4. I don’t know who I am more tired of seeing and hearing on TV: Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, John Boehner or Nancy Pelosi. More bozos than a circus. No wonder we are in trouble. Look at what co ...
Fox touts Paul Ryan's new budget, but ignores economists' analysis that it would create more poverty & hurt economy.
Facing criticism of new plan, Paul Ryan reassures billionaires, hedge fund managers and corporate polluters: "Your benefi…
.on the generational shift happening on the Hill. Is it finally Paul Ryan's time?
March 29, 2014 by Barry Casselman There are a number of serious Republicans interested in running for president, at this early point, in two years. Some of them, such as Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio don’t seem to have a broad enough base that would enable them to win the nomination, but they have motivated and vocal supporters, and if they run, they will be notable factors in the Republican primaries and caucuses. Others, including Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry might be seen as figures of the past, and might not run (although Governor Perry is making serious noises about another run in 2016). 2012 vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan, Governors Susana Martinez, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, and John Kasich are frequently mentioned, but have yet to indicate their serious interest in 2016. The two figures who would probably be frontrunners, Governor Chris Christie and former Governor Jeb Bush, have current political problems to overcome (although it is more likely than not that ...
Paul Ryan has so destroyed his own credibility, we all pretty much know to disregard anything he says.
In D.C. For an UL legislative policy conference. I wonder if Paul Ryan is available for breakfast.
A panel discussion by a group of Republican women looking into ways to get more women to embrace the Republican Party concluded that getting more women to marry men would make them better women and better homemakers and as a consequence grow the Republican Party so that it could compete for more women voters. Say what? Yes you heard right! But like the guy in the scratchy infomericals likes to say, there's more. They also concluded that feminism is solely responsible for date rape! OMG! I kid you not I heard it with my own ears. And this is April Fool's Day so I fact checked this and yes what I heard with my own ears and saw with my own is true! And on this very day Paul Ryan who I have come to conclude is a functional *** unveiled his new Ryan Budget which is pretty much a re-hash of past Ryan budgets and it was immediately debunked by not Democrats but Faux News and other right-wing pundits as crazy and not passable. It includes such tried and true Ryanisms as privatizing Medicare, ending Social Secur . ...
It's Groundhog Day for Paul Ryan, As He Unveils Yet Another Plan to Slash Spending on the Poor
Didn't conservatives learn from the Paul Ryan thing to stay away from Charles Murray?
Paul Ryan’s new budget proposal can be summarized in 3 letters: LOL
Paul Ryan is dreaming of huge cuts to programs that help poor Americans and turn the money over to the richest 1%. This man is sick.
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Under Murray Rule, we clearly can't cite a racist like Paul Ryan... Err, Michelle Obama.
Sounds like Paul Ryan is getting criticized by almost everyone
Paul Ryan is a liar and hypocrite who benefited from a Pell Grant when his dad died. He's evil take from D poor to give 2 D rich
LA TIMES: Paul Ryan rehashes an old Social Security LIE--at your expense - Democratic Underground
Paul Ryan another who will never be president
Paul Ryan is a slimy person. His words are not to be taken at face value.
.Is Paul Ryan really working for his constituents? This is beyond absurd w/him already. If it wasn't so serious it'd be comical
And while Paul Ryan did all that nonsense in his budget, he STILL thinks the savings from working, will still be there!
An 8.3 magnitude in Chile and CNN talking about the Malaysia, Fox about Obamacare and MSNBC says Paul Ryan is a doody head.
[NEH Funding] Contact your legislators to save NEH from being COMPLETELY defunded by Paul Ryan's budget proposal.
Rising GOP star Paul Ryan to give Republican response to Obama's State of the Union address.
Why are we still asking Paul Ryan anything?
I liked a video from Paul Ryan's War On The Poor
Palin: As my Dad would say “This would kill a lesser man.” This out-of-control debt is killing our economic future.
Paul Ryan: "My new budget cuts Food Stamps, repeals Obamacare and gets millions off welfare through a combination of star…
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So Paul Ryan plays Charlie Brown to the media's Lucy by providing yet another comprehensive budget for Dems to savage.
Paul Ryan's Social Security lies, LA Times warns that Paul Ryan wants to rob your retirement money via
Paul Ryan's budget in one chart. via
Sarah Palin: Paul Ryan's latest budget 'really is a joke'
.Coming up, Paul Ryan introduces a budget plan and it is immediately ridiculed…not by Democrats.
Harry Reid on the Senate floor now slamming Paul Ryan's budget proposal. "You might as well call it the Koch budget..."
Paul Ryan. A fool. How do these thick dumbasses get elected?
Paul Ryan the anti-Robin Hood: Robbing the poor to help the rich
Speaking before yesterday’s weekly GOP luncheon at Le Petit Diable, Congressman Paul Ryan spoke about the rampant fraud within SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition
Michigan Republican Rep. Dave Camp announced Monday he will not seek re-election this fall, paving the way for Rep. Paul Ryan.
Rep. Paul Ryan on Tuesday announced a new budget plan that would cut $5.1 trillion and balance the budget over the next decade, in part by repealing Obamacare. The budget proposal, dubbed The Path
Republican loony-tune Paul Ryan released his GOP budget proposal today. With a straight face he said we don't have the money to pay for Food Stamps or poverty programs, while his budget called for half a trillion dollars more for the military. ***
That's it, I'm done...changing party affiliations, "Paul Ryan for 2016 President!"
Former VP candidate Paul Ryan released his budget proposal today. It is full of the same old nonsense that has been defeated over 50 times in the last two years. For all that I want it to get serious consideration. It represents a choice; something voters rarely receive. Want the Dems? You know what their priorities are. Want the GOP? Now you know how they will fund things. Actual hard data. I'm so excited I'm almost giddy.
I can't help but noticed that all of the programs that Paul Ryan wants to cut for his "Fair and Balanced Budget" are ways in which American citizens get their tax money back in the form of services. None of his "be more cost efficient" involves cutting subsidies to corporate entities and none of it involves ensuring that international entities pay their fair share. A fair and balanced budget indeed: People of average to low income pay 3 times for every product and service, and work for the privilege to pay.
During an interview with Fox News host Megyn Kelly aired Monday night, Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., was asked to name his top candidates for president. Christie said former Florida governor Jeb Bush would be an outstanding candidate for president, and also named Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and Marco Ru...
Republican House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan unveiled his 2015 budget, a 100-page document that cuts social programs and rewards the ultra-wealthy at the expense of the middle class.
House Budget Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Tuesday that the announcement of 7 million Obamacare sign-ups was a "pyrrhic victory" for the Obama administration, but held that the law was still a "fiasco."
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid explains how Paul Ryan's budget is a reflection of the Koch agenda.
"Armageddon Has Not Arrived" THANK YOU, President Obama for providing health care options and coverage for 7.1 MILLION fellow citizens who will benefit from the same coverage that I value and rely on. Now about the Paul Ryan budget.
Paul Ryan & GOP are betting on your ignorance. Federal budget cannot be balanced unless Fed is abolished. Why?
Paul Ryan has finally released his plan for balancing the budget. He slashes Food Stamps and medical care for the poor and then repeals the Affordable Healthcare Act which provides health insurance that covers over 10 million people. And then he increases the military budget by $500 billion. He reduces domestic spending to the lowest levels since the era of modern accounting and halts Medicare for those under the age of 55. Wow. Those Republicans sure know how to solve the problem of poverty. Just let them starve to death.
Paul Ryan Introduces Balanced Budget, Democrats React Predictably By: Guy Benson There was some debate over whether House Republicans would offer any spending blueprint for fiscal year 2015, as some argued it would only hand Democrats ammunition ahead of the midterm elections. In light of the Ryan-Murray compromise spending caps that last for two years, why bother advancing a detailed budget? Those questions have been put to rest, as House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan has introduced his FY '15 road map. It has zero chance of becoming law, but its very existence makes clear that Ryan and his colleagues take their responsibilities -- and the law -- seriously. The GOP proposal offers a number of object lessons in political priorities, especially when contrasted with Democrats' alternatives, or lack thereof. A quick primer: The Republican "Path to Prosperity:" (1) Balances within ten years. The nonpartisan CBO has determined that deficit reduction would spur economic growth. Spending levels for the nex ...
Time for the sisters to call on Congressman Paul Ryan once again. His new budget takes from the poor and gives to the rich!
Obamacare - 7.1 million people signed up! And Paul Ryan just released his new budget whose item is the repeal of Obamacare!! I, for one, am very pleased with the plan I got, and hope that I was able to help some others here who asked for the contact info for the woman who helped me.
Harry S. Truman: "Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time." WHY do Democrats think they can get elected saying they want to "Compromise" with the most unpopular party in the history of politics? Why would anyone think the base of the Democratic Party will be energized to vote for GOP Lite, given the unprecedented unpopularity of the GOP? Are these people *** "Third Way" Wall Street friendly DINO's may like the idea of Democrats always meeting the GOP halfway in order to "get something done", but that's because they are better suited to voting for Republicans. If Democrats wont present a real alternative to the GOP, they give the electorate no reason to vote for them. People like Allison Lundergan Grimes and Mary Landrieu would rather pretend ACA doesn't exist than talk about its benefits. That's cowardice, not leadership. The base wants people in office who will fight for progressive ideals. Instead of talking ...
Paul Ryan submits a budget that pays down the deficit in 10 years, that's better than a previous attempt that took until 2040. Good luck getting it by Comrade Reid, who hasn't submitted a budget in 5 years.
“On Tuesday, Paul Ryan, Chairman of the House Budget Committee, released his proposed Fiscal Year 2015 budget, which increases spending in 2015 and 2016 but would balance the budget within ten years with planned cuts in out years….”. (Breitbart). Cuts in the out years, yeah right. These folks think we are *** The easiest solution is to CAP the budget at last year’s level for 3 to 5 years and grow our way out of this mess. No one’s ox gets gored, and no one loses a job or a contract. Government Bureaucracies get a one page budget that reads, “You get what you got, make it work, and get over it”! Last year’s GDP growth was a laughable 2.4%. But America has a 16 + Trillion Dollar Economy. That meager growth translates into $ 384 Billion Dollars. Federal Government Revenues (Taxes) are at record levels these days. If Congress did not have come up with BS budgets every year and focused on spending (appropriations), growth and prudent spending would not only eliminate budget defici ...
When considering the Paul Ryan budget plan (and especially in considering his plan for privatizing Medicare and Social Security) it is important to remember that he will never need Social Security or Medicare. If (when) both go belly up as a result of said privatization, it's no skin off of his nose or the noses of those who support said legislation. Let's look at this from a historical perspective; i.e., what has happened when public services have been taken over by private corporations. Example 1: City of New Orleans water. In 2003, despite the measure having been voted against (overwhelmingly) by the citizens of New Orleans and Orleans Parish, the city sold its water providing business to a private company, promising lower prices, better services, cleaner water. Within a year, prices tripled. Customer service was made worse as a customer service call that would ordinarily take two days became an approximate one to two week wait, unless a private business was in need of service. They typically rec ...
the magic number 7,1 millions have sign for OBAMA CARE and they we never reach that number jokes on then. Also check out the way Paul Ryan wants to help the poor it will make you laugh if ur Rich but if you are poor will make you cry and scare.
Another Spring, another fiscally misanthropic budget from Paul Ryan.
Today -- April 1st, 2014 -- House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan unveiled a spending proposal that calls for the elimination of AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, and the entire Corporation for National and Community Service.
The nightly equation: Paul Ryan loves Ayn Rand who loved the Koch Roaches who came to America to destroy your rights and freedoms and provide the land of Oligarch rule while 99% are enslaved which Putin would be proud along with Stalin.
REP. PAUL RYAN RELEASED THE REPUBLICAN BUDGET TODAY THAT REPEALS OBAMACARE HOW'S THAT AGAIN? As of midnight last night, 7.1 million Americans have now signed up for private insurance plans through the new Health Insurance Marketplaces. That doesn't count the more than 3 million young adults who have gained insurance under this law by staying on their families' plans. It doesn't count the millions more who have gotten covered through the expansion of Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program. It doesn't include the more than 100 million folks who now have better care - who are receiving additional benefits, like mammograms and contraceptive care, at no extra cost. I'd guess that many people - now insured for the first time ever - are unlikely to want to give up their brand-new Obamacare.
Representative Paul Ryan’s budget would repeal Obamacare, privatize Medicare and cut taxes on the wealthy.
Paul Ryan's budget - "This is political theater of the highest order." ~ Jonathan Capehart “Lawmakers have already agreed to spending levels for the next fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1, making Ryan’s budget unnecessary in terms of law,” ~ Sarah Mimms and Billy House of the National Journal. "Since our bipartisan budget deal already set spending levels for fiscal year 2015, a 2015 budget is unnecessary in light of her deal with Ryan last year.  Sen. Murray dismissed Ryan's proposal as based on "failed Tea Party policies."  Sixty-two Republicans voted against those figures back in December, when Ryan-Murray was making its way through the House, as many conservatives wanted deeper cuts. As such, Ryan appears to be taking a gamble by offering a deal to fellow conservatives and by making even deeper cuts to discretionary spending than are called for under sequestration beginning in October of next year—all so he can beef up defense spending. This gaff will benefit 2014 Democratic candidates.  The ...
It’s Paul Ryan’s wish list. The House Republican 2015 budget, penned by the Wisconsin Republican, will seek to shave federal spending by $5 trillion by offering changes to social welfare programs, ending government ownership of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and repealing Obamacare. Unveiled...
Dear Humanities Advocate, This morning, Paul Ryan called for the complete elimination of funding for the National Endowment for the Humanities in his FY 2015 budget resolution. Help defeat the Ryan Proposal today by urging your elected officials to join a bipartisan effort to support NEH. By signing...
Paul Ryan said some people want to stay in poverty! He wants to cut everything for the poor. REALLY
Paul Ryan is a despicable human being. According to him,all the poor in America are just lazy leeches on the government ,and his party has not put forth one realistic jobs bill forward. I hope Paul Ryan gets hit by a poor persons vehicle a.k.a. A city bus.
Politicians kill me. y'all swear y'all for us and everything but yet you want to *** away programs that are sustaining some of us i.e. Food Stamps, Medicaid, ACA and the like. Paul Ryan and the rest of y'all forsake your luxurious lifestyle for a month. Then tell me what as I member of middle class AM NOT doing.
I just had a nice time with Kateia Brooks-Barrett, Paul Ryan Barrett and Michael ... he is so precious!
The Paul Ryan budget is an attack on all the people in this country that are not rich! Mr. Ryan needs to answer for the cutting of what creates any kind of a safety net that stops the poor from falling through what society has tried to prevent people from living on the streets. Can a man like Paul Ryan and his party gain control of the congress in the 2014 election the Paul Ryan budget could have people in America starve to death from a lack of food or shelter! Do you dare wait to see what happens?
How can any Christian support the Paul Ryan/Republican budget? The priorities of this budget are so one sided. How come we cannot negotiate something in the middle. Republicans have to cut social programs and increase military spending. Do they ever consider cutting business subsidies? Do they ever think about taxing foreign profits of corporations? No they want to cut medical insurance for citizens that can not get it or get it at a fair price!
There should be a rule--or even a law--that politicians who propose "fixes" to Social Security should at least show they know something about the program. By that standard, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., would flunk.
The White House responded to Paul Ryan's latest attempt to cut taxes for the rich with a faux budget with a devastating fact bomb.
WASHINGTON — House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., released a fiscal road map for the next decade that would raise no taxes, repeal President Obama's health care law, and fundamentally alter Medicare benefits for future retirees. Ryan claims the result would be a balanced budget by 2024.
In an interview, former vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan said he does not have a racist bone in his body. However, he admitted he has three sexist bones and his spine is homophobic.
Paul Ryan continues to be a crusader for the poor...for students...for education...
Despite his family's enormous wealth, Paul Ryan has been making his living off of the government since he was in college. Even his family residence is a "Historic Landmark" and is maintained by the government. Now, as the Budget Director, he is trying to cut every program that assists poor and working class people get by. He wants to eliminate Social Security and medicare eventually. Paul Ryan is a HYPOCRITE!
Paul Ryan today unveiled his new Budget, which destroys Social Security and Medicare for no other reason than to give the wealthy tax breaks. I have paid into Social Security since 1952 and it is mine, the Federal Government put none of it in there just me and my employers. !.5 trillion dollars of Social Security money is invested in Treasury Notes, you know the National Debt, all the people that have invested in Social Security have invested in this Nations secure Treasury Notes.
No, Paul Ryan isn’t Ebenezer Scrooge. But give him time; he’s young. And he shows such promise.
If you want to get involved in election 2014 then now is the time. The Paul Ryan budget for 2015 cuts are nothing more then an attack on the poor and middleclass being able to provide food and shelter for themselves and the Ryan Budget also wants to do away with the ACA totally. This is how Republicans think! We must use our word of mouth on the internet to inform the uninformed what lies ahead with Republicans in control. This is April and the election is but seven months away and we have not started. Please pass this on and let's see if we can make a difference in November.
Rep. Paul Ryan is out with the latest version of his “Path to Prosperity” budget, and this time he cuts even more than he did before. Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., and New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait discuss the details with Alex Wagner.
Paul Ryan loves the poor so much he wants to slash Food Stamps, welfare and Medicaid:
Yeah buddy - 7.1 million people won today. What does Paul Ryan do? Submit a proposed budget calling to repeal it - again.
THERE IS A TYPE OF RACIAL INSANITY TAKING PLACE IN THE UNITED STATES (Part 2 of a 2-part series) In part 1 of this 2-part narrative, it was stated, among other things, that Representative Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) is one of the latest pubic figures to be tarred and feathered, by those who are racially insane, in this country. Ryan was taken to task for the usual infraction, having the nerve to say anything reasonable, and useful, about race, in the public square, and, thus, had to be shown the revised script, about race in this country, that mandates, today, that all, who dare comment publicly on race, do so by genuflecting, and paying homage, to overt allegations of racism. This demand is made, in very subtle ways, by the most insane element of American society, by far, the Left. The whole society has been poisoned by the Left’s racial nonsense. Everyone, in this country, without exception, has been affected, consciously, or unconsciously, with the Left’s narrative about race, which, though at odds ...
Breaking News: Paul Ryan Budget, A Scam Program To Kill Off The POOR!-- Executed with a straight face! Shame, shame on the GOP for their Reprehensible Tactics and Their Contempt for the Poor! Paul Ryan has revealed that he is not a fighter against Poverty; but someone who doesn't really care about the plight of the Poor...where he has demonstrated the audacity to suggest that the way to beat poverty, is not to get aid and support but to eliminate all forms of aid so that they are forced to find work--even if there is none around (never considered by the fearless supporters of guns over people!).They will succeed, he claims, by becoming makers not takers!... To facilitate that the people need more money for the military and bigger tax cuts for the rich and corporations! I would ordinarily be shocked by their contempt for the average reasonable person but this bottom scum has already showed itself for what it is, unworthy of this great country, unfit for office, and an embarrassment to what America stands . ...
It's official I'm tired of the Republican Party. Paul Ryan I've had enough of you. I'm a democrat from here on. April Fools. I'm not that big if a fool. :)
Paul Ryan, you have to be brain dead, if you think America wants anything like that crazy mean spirited and immoral budget you just proposed? Btw, the culture problem with our country is not the poor, it's the greedy rich like you that think, the poor are "less than you". They are better than you Paul, because they care, and they have souls.
Paul Ryan, his new Budget fully Repeals the Affordable Care Act, Public Broadcasting, etc. If we need to save money to meet the budget then why waste millions on phony scandles and congressmen salaries for doing nothing but playing politics.
Paul Ryan is going to give us a balanced budget in 10 years by increasing the military budget nearly half a trillion! Oh, you weren't using that Medicare were you?
The fact I want Paul Ryan to violate me, is proof I'm only attracted to ***
Rep. Paul Ryan on Tuesday raised the curtain on his ten-year budget blueprint, unveiling a plan that balances the budget, reforms Medicare and Medicaid and simplifies the tax code. The nearly 100-page document calls for a multitude of reforms throughout the domestic, defense and entitlement budgets…
Today Congressman Paul Ryan presented the Republican budget for 2015. This budget contain cuts to Food Stamps, privatize Social Security, puts Medicare on a voucher system and repeal the ACA. Everything in his budget hurts the poor and middleclass. Remember this is a Republican budget. Register and vote.
Read and Share mypiece on ✐ "Paul Ryan and the Inner City American Dream Deferred" -- -- EXCERPT: Paul Ryan's statement last week was a marker of more than a personal political misstep. It was an indicator of a belief system that we as a nation have progressed beyond the consequences of our history. "We have got this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work, and so there is a real culture problem here that has to be dealt with." Congressman Paul Ryan Ryan's statement has undertones of racial bias and ignorance, and it fails to acknowledge the depth of the context of America's dark history. A history that digs back to the tobacco farms of Jamestown, Virginia in 1619, then makes its way forward to the lunch counters in the Whites Only diners of Selma, Alabama in 1965 and now lies in new form behind prison bars across the nation. America's problem is not one of black m ...
Paul Ryan has once again proven he is out of touch and out of his ever-loving mind. His budget doesn't ask one penny from the wealthiest of Americans, choosing instead to screw the poor even more while still fighting a battle against the ACA. Please, GOP, put this *** out the door. Oh, wait. I forget, Hes from the same state that elected Scott Walker.
Way to go President Obama, over 7.1 million are now covered by the Affordable Care Act! Paul Ryan, go wash some more clean dishes at a soup kitchen!!!
Today, Rep. Paul Ryan, on behalf of leaders in the Republican Party, proposed a budget that once again lays bare...
Paul Ryan's budget still contains the same Medicare cuts the GOP and Rick Scott attacked for:
lost 9,500 jobs in February. Paul Ryan says "great time to cut safety nets." Scott Walker says "still better than Wall Street crash!"
Paul Ryan, Rick Scott, etc received "entitlements" as children, but that's too good for you these days. They'll also run on coming from poor
House G.O.P Calls for Infants to Work for WIC “Lazy Bum Babies Shouldn’t Be Coddled,” Says Paul Ryan On the heels of calling for low-income children to be forced to sweep school floors in exchange for school lunches[i], House G.O.P. leaders upped the ante by calling for work requirements for infants that participate in the federal Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC). “We shouldn’t have to wait for children to turn five and get school lunches for them to learn the freedom-promoting value of work. Lazy bum babies shouldn’t be coddled with all sorts of indolence-promoting nutrition. Give an infant free food and, next thing you know, they’ll want health care, and we all know that turns them into takers,” said House Budget Committee Chair, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. “Come to think of it, we shouldn’t have to wait for babies to even be born to teach them the necessity of self-sufficiency. Since the WIC program aids pregnant woman, we should install treadmills . ...
Harry Reid lays into Paul Ryan for wanting to create a Koch-topia...wonder what his corporate state would be...
Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan - weighs in on top Republican candidates for president: …
Paul Ryan has such a big chip on his shoulder that he can't see the truth (my comment)
(fake) "Holy" Cornball Selfie. Want to be on the 700 Club and lie about hunger in America. (like Paul Ryan)
"Last April Fools I broke up with Ryan & he thought I was serious😂😂 it was so cute"
The CVS next to Paul Ryan's house just announced he bought all the white out!
Jesus preached radical egalitarianism as a central theme of his teaching, putting him closer to Eugene Debs than to Paul …
“Real Time” host Bill Maher stunned his liberal guests Friday night after a racial quote they thought was uttered by Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan was actually said by First Lady Michelle Obama. Mr. Maher started off the segment with Mr. Ryan’s recent comments about inner city poverty and the cultural dynamics that perpetuate such cycles. The HBO host then asked if Mr. Ryan was simply making an honest observation or something motivated by racial ill will. Comedian W. Kamau Bell intimated that some sort of racial malice was involved. “You can’t blame the people living in the inner cities, blacks and latinos, for not having jobs where there are no jobs in the inner cities. You can’t blame them when the schools suck, the hospital *** there’s no grocery store, all of their fathers are in jail,” Mediaite reported. The panel’s fellow left-leaning guest agreed. Then the “Real Time” host tricked his guests, saying: “Let me read something else. Here’s something else Paul Ryan said. H .. ...
Republican Paul Ryan to unveil U.S. budget plan on Tuesday
House Democrats finally have something to look forward to: budget.
"Someone make me smile" ill buy ur alcohol for the rest of ur life
Paul Ryan will release new budget plan on Tuesday .. ProgressiveBlogs
Paul Ryan can show you how to make food for the poor disappear.
"I just compared Paul Ryan to Woody's pizza..."
Proof The Koch Bros Own Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker and Rep. Paul Ryan get serious they are
"I saw him from the side and thought he was Lil' Wayne... He was definitely Paul Ryan"
I Met Paul Ryan at Mass in Tampa FL. Was heartbroken he felt vet benefits were extremely generous.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I thought that Hours was Paul Walkers last movie.. 😳
Wisconsin Dist. 1 and America can do a *** of a lot better than Paul Ryan. Vote Kaleka!
was about conservatives butthurt because Paul Ryan got called out as a racist
Thank you WI. Representative Jessie Rodriguez, Camille Q. Solberg, representing Senator Ron Johnson, and Teresa Mora, representing Rep. Paul Ryan, for joining us at this years LULAC National Women's Conference!
Itis to do great disservice to Jesus to look for him in Paul Ryan's Bible rather than in Jimmy Carter's. JC, the mortal, is moral integrity!
Paul Ryan wants to have an "adult conversation" about poverty, but wouldn't that mean dealing only in facts?
ball boy in the Angles game, u r called a ball boy for a reason. Ur job is to protect the fans from baseball, not let the ball drill the fan
Words I just said: “I will not talk w/you about Paul Ryan. Why can’t we just vet more pictures of space sloths?” Ah, life with
Paul Ryan hears from constituent who stands to benefit from ACA: via
After his guests thoroughly slammed Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) over his comments on the importance of changing the culture of “inner cities” to emphasize the value of “work,” HBO’s Bill Maher pulled a fast one. He read another similar quote from Ryan… except it was actually said by...
Bill Maher Trips Up Guests with 'Racist' Paul Ryan Quote. Except Michelle Obama Said it Bill Maher took on Paul Ryan's recent comments about black culture an...
Paul Ryan's going for it “the chairman of Ways and Means Committee, won't run for reelection
Reuters: "Deep cuts to social safety net" meeting tonight's end-of-quarter deadline just got MUCH more urgent. We're just $13,963 away from our goal, and now word has leaked out that tomorrow, Paul Ryan will unveil his most extreme budget plan ever! Think Medicare vouchers, Obamacare repeal, and MASSIVE cuts to the social safety net - all rolled into one bill. Chip in $10 before midnight to show Paul Ryan's right-wing allies in state legislatures that we've had enough of their extremism! Let's use tonight's deadline to send a message that we won't let the Tea Party shred our social safety net. It's time to take a stand. Kurt Fritts National Political Director Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Paid for by the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee 1401 K Street NW Suite 201, Washington, DC 20005 DLCC(at) Contributions or gifts to the DLCC are not tax deductible. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is a national organiz . ...
Last week, Speaker Boehner sent his TOP deputy to Illinois to raise cash for Brad’s opponent. Now we’re within striking distance of hitting an INCREDIBLE $50,000 in grassroots donations for March! BUT -- now Republican Bob Dold is enlisting the help of Paul Ryan, who’s coming to Chicago for a lavish event with Dold in just a few days. The first FEC fundraising deadline of the general election is at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. And we still have $1,225 to go. We’ve got to close the gap for Brad. Paid for by Schneider for Congress Schneider for Congress, PO Box 1318, Deerfield IL 60015
So Paul Ryan would become the Chair unless We vote Dems in and deny him the opportunity.
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.Paul Ryan HATES. All he knows is hate. Unless it's money. His money.
Paul Ryan is vulnerable, but we can't unseat him w/o your help. Can you pitch in at our fundraising deadline? :
We've Got A 'Tailspin of Culture' In Both Urban And Rural Areas: Congressman Paul Ryan’s pummeling for his comments on urban poverty ...
Why Ryan Matters - The defamation of Paul Ryan as a racist...
Via Red Alert: Late-night host Bill Maher proved Friday night the double standard that exists between the Left and the Right after his liberal guests slammed Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) for comments made about poverty — except his guests had no idea one...
everyone who is on Social Security and Food Stamps all that need to keep and eye on Paul Ryan one day if he gets his way you wont have it everyone be aware
Great picture of two great men. My brother Van Wanggaard, with Congressmen Paul Ryan.
Great crowd turned out for awesome Van Wanggaard fundraiser today in Burlington! Paul Ryan was the guest and dozens were massive "host" sponsors! Good to see folks lining up behind a proven conservative!
Paul Ryan is putting out another budget plan tomorrow, and rumors report that he will once again propose big cuts in poverty programs as well, as, deep cuts in Social Security.
Crowd sourcing this for my writing of Debate the State: What are some great examples of contradictions that people make from both sides of the political spectrum? Citation to actual articles/op-eds where these contradictions occur would be really helpful! (To give an idea of stuff I'm looking for, think Paul Ryan: "We must abandon the free market to save it" or "A woman should have the right to choose, but not if that choice is a 32 oz soda in NYC")
Paul Ryan is the only one I would consider voting on of the ones mentioned. Bush is trash, Christie is a clown.
Concerning Paul Ryan statement about "inner city" ppl habits, I think racism has been inserted where there may have been none. He could actually be racist, but he wasn't lying. I'm am intimate with "inner city" folks habits & change is needed.
hah. Bill Maher just tricked one of his guest. he read a statement and said it was from paul ryan, then he told the guest it was really said by mooochelle. of course. the guest got all animated at first and then had no comment. Bill Maher tricking a democrat. no way. but I just saw it for myself.
I Really Do Not Understand Why Liberals Are Called Progressives. To me; Progressives means promotion of progress ... Advancement from current situations. Liberals, by their actions, promotes regression not progression so they should be correctly labeled Regressives. Democrats display this regression quite well in their weeping and wailing and flinging the "R" word at Paul Ryan for daring to clearly state the problems plaguing the Black Community. He is right to say that insanity is to continue doing the same things but expecting a different result. And that is the case with liberal politicians and their “do gooder” policies. We now have decades of history with mainstream liberal programs dealing with everything from poverty to racism to education to our economy and they have been failures across the board. However, the Liberal activists and their wealthy power broker partners continue to pursue these failed policies because those in control are getting wealthy off of the taxpayers in this country. So, ...
Republican Senate Could Work Around Obama's Veto Albert R. Hunt comments icon855 time iconMar 30, 2014 11:00 AM ET By Albert R. Hunt (Corrects reference to reconciliation as a way to overcome filibusters in fourth paragraph.) If Republicans take control of the U.S. Senate in this year's elections, it will be, as Vice President Joe Biden might put it more graphically, a big deal. Last week, elections handicapper Nate Silver gave a 60 percent probability that the Republicans would gain at least the half-dozen seats required for a majority. This wasn't news to top party strategists. But it produced a palpable panic among Democrats along Pennsylvania Avenue, from the White House to Capitol Hill. Rationalizations followed. Maybe the assumptions were flawed, or Republicans would overreach and set the stage for Democrats to come back in 2016. In any case, President Barack Obama has the veto pen for the last two years of his term. That glosses over the profound policy implications of a change that would affect ma ...
dcccof DCCC Rapid Response BREAKING: House Republicans Will Release Paul Ryan Budget Tomorrow With 6 hours before the fundraising deadline, we just got devastating news: House Republicans are releasing the Paul Ryan budget TOMORROW. Sources say it’s the most extreme one yet -- and a serious slap in the face to President Obama’s agenda. It’s time to respond in force. If we can hit 400,000 donations by midnight deadline, it’ll be a stinging rebuke to Paul Ryan and his budget slashing Tea Party Majority. Will you chip in?
Top candidates.Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan.just to name a few quick top *** in my book.
WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Representative Paul Ryan on Tuesday plans to unveil a 10-year balanced budget plan that seeks to bolster Republicans’ campaign credentials as the party of fiscal prudence but also leaves them open to fresh attacks over deep cuts to social programs.
Paul Ryan you named your new dog after our baby Chelsea . Is this love as the divorce didn't go trough yet
Oh wait, this isn't the tea BAG party? *takes balls off Paul Ryan's forehead*
Caroline Joyce Mags Lawlor for a lady for mothers day from Paul Ryan
This is the list of 15 Republicans that gathered on January 20, 2009 to conspire against President Obama and the country. The guest list that night (which was just over 15 people in total) included Republican Reps. Eric Cantor (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Paul Ryan (Wis.), Pete Sessions (Texas), Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) and Dan Lungren (Calif.), along with Republican Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Ensign (Nev.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.). The non-lawmakers present included Newt Gingrich, several years removed from his presidential campaign, and Frank Luntz, the long-time Republican wordsmith. Notably absent were Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) -- who, Draper writes, had an acrimonious relationship with Luntz. This meeting is why the GOP agrees with nothing that the president is for!
Remember Barry Goldwater? I could get behind a Republican like him. "Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed. Their mistaken course stems from false notions of equality, ladies and gentlemen. Equality, rightly understood, as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences. Wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism." — Acceptance speech of Republican presidential nomination, 1964 "My faith in the future rests squarely on the belief that man, if he doesn’t first destroy himself, will find new answers in the universe, new technologies, new disciplines, which will contribute to a v ...
WISCONSIN...After inflicting Paul Ryan and his assorted ilk on America.YOU OWE US!
Bill Maher quotes Paul Ryan "When it comes to getting an education, too many of our young people just can't be bothered. They're sitting on couches for hours, playing video games, watching TV. Instead of dreaming of being a teacher or a lawyer or a business leader, they're fantasizing about being a baller or a rapper."
House Budget Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI) will release his new budget blueprint on Tuesday, his office announced.
I see that Paul Ryan and the other FarRight StenchRumps are talking up impeachment again. What a waste of time, money, attention, etc.
Why does Paul Ryan and the GOP hate poor people? Jessie Rodriguez of Franklin and Rachel ladies are on the wrong side of history.
Another relaxing evening, lol, spare room stripped & cleaned down ready for painting, thanx Paul Ryan for the rather purple walls & Fifi & Stingo, lol 😂 xx
Paul Ryan and the Republicons hate's this good news coming from the Lazy inner city communites!
Paul Ryan says Food Stamps and free school lunches for the poor robs the soul. Republican hypocrites has gutted these programs while not touching a penny of the 12 billion dollar subsidies for corporate meals and drinks as a deduction. Nor have they cut any other deductions going to big oil or coal that now has record profits. Please do not vote for those who have put the lives of 14 million poor kids in jeopardy for it will really affect you soul to be part of this hypocrisy sponsored by the party of self confessed stupids.
Feel free to Share. Went to take a survey for Paul Ryan. Was disappointed with my options for answers so I wrote this and sent it to him. But this should be sent to every Politician. 1.FOLLOW THE Constitution. A.) Do not spy on us with out following the mandates set forth. Get a warrant. That means show just cause. B.) Follow the Amendments set forth in the Constitution. Quit worrying or trying to modify the meaning of any of Amendments. C.) All politicians Will follow and live on and under the laws they set for the citizen. What ever is good enough for us is good enough is good enough for all politicians. THAT INCLUDES Social Security AND MEDICARE. I don't mind you making a decent salary but if you want more for your retirement put some aside out of your pay.. That what the rest of us have to do. The USA GOVERMENT NEEDS TO FOLLW THIS RULE! QUIT SPENDING MONEY YOU DO NOT HAVE! 2. America comes First before any money is sent to foreign Lands. America comes First. A.) That means our Elderly are given ...
Paul Ryan says free school lunches for poor children offers “a full stomach and an empty soul.” Anyone who'd say that suff…
They'd have never embarrassed one of their own by making them apologize. You didn't hear Reince apologizing for Paul Ryan.
“Real Time” host Bill Maher caused some real confusion with his knee-jerk liberal guests Friday night when he offered them a “racist” quote from Paul Ryan that turned out to really be from Michelle Obama. And he did it to make a point. Maher...
Bill Maher trolls Democrat with fake Paul Ryan quote that was actually from Michelle Obama via
If it was true that Paul Ryan didn't have "one racist bone in his body", he'd be a puddle of goo.
Paul Ryan would claim he'd hit 10 3's
If I were Paul Ryan's mother, I'd give him a baloney sandwich every day. Not that he needs the extra baloney. . .
Run for President against the amnesty pushes like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan and Condi Rice .
Paul Ryan unsuited to 'adult conversation' about poverty 'til he stops lying His oil lie here:
when Liberals call Paul Ryan a racist for a quote that was actually said by Michelle Obama
Maher shocks guests with Paul Ryan quote actually said by Michelle Obama.
Real Time host Bill Maher went to bat to a degree for Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) by comparing his recently-criticized remarks..
NOW I understand Paul Ryan. If only he'd target THESE takers... A Nation of Takers?, via
A least he told the truth. I'd rather deal with an admitted racist than Paul Ryan who says he was misquoted. BS!
Paul Ryan, You're a delusional, lying, racist, crook. Get out of our Congress. .
Ok, one last political post for the weekend, then I'm done, I promise! But this is actually VERY funny!!! Please note: I don't like to use the word "hate" but when it comes to Bill Mahr... Well, I just won't use the word. But this is pretty funny!!! So watch this video, he reads a quote and says it was Paul Ryan who said it and asked if the panel thought it was a racist comment? And they attacked him (Paul Ryan) for the comments. But then he tells them, well it was Michelle Obama actually that said it... And the panel goes quiet... Now they are asking, "well in what context did she say it?" LMAO! Wait, when you thought it was Paul Ryan, you didn't care what the context was and you attacked him... Oh the hypocrisy. Additional note: I think Paul Ryan, while intelligent and good with numbers is a fraud! Video:
And he still dominated Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. This should be concerning for the GOP
Since the people who aren't "social justice warriors" haven't figure out how to talk about race without /sounding/ racist... the word "racism" now means "racial stuff we don't like." Oh, and the ability of America to talk about race is //dead//. Over. Done. Kobe Bryant says we should look at the facts and not the skin color when figuring out someone's guilt? Oh no, he hates black people and/or doesn't understand black culture! Paul Ryan agrees with what Obama is saying about how ghettos have culture issues? Oh my, that's code for black people! Don't you insult the gangs he's talking about! They are more likely to be minority and you're oppressing all minorities now! Stephen Colbert makes a joke about how some Asian dialects sound like "ding dong"?? Oh lord, make it stop! What next, more internment camps? The irony of it all is that, like economic liberalism, people like me won't suffer at all, except from the spillover that broken culture always causes. No, the people who suffer from a lack of racial conv ...
So y'all know is not in any danger of losing his job. Ask Don Imus. Ask Phil Robertson. Ask Paul Ryan.
d-r-u-g-princess: Republican presidential candidate Paul Ryan is currently trying to pass a bill that...
The problem is liberalism, not racism: When Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., went off on Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., fo...
. Who R They 👉TODAY. How does Rand Paul or Paul Ryan . stack up on their vision 4USA & Individual rights ? 😡👎
Do you think Paul Ryan is happy in his marriage? Do you think he'd leave his wife for me?
Exactly. NOW she's Asian and wants to be offended, but we 'race-bait' when we call out Paul Ryan type BS.
March 25, 2014 | THIS IS WHAT IS IN STORE FOR YOUR CHILDREN IF PAUL RYAN AND HIS KOCH BROTHERS BOSSES HAVE THEIR WAY!!! “Please sir, I want some more…” it’s one of the most poignant pleas in literature, recognizable by generations of people around the world as the words spoken by a young and hungry Oliver Twist in Dickens’ famous novel of the same name. The story is about an orphan who endures a miserable existence in a workhouse and then placed with an undertaker. The story was Dickens’ protest against the English Poor Law of 1834, which dictated that the poor could no longer receive charity while residing in their homes, to receive any public charity or service, they would now have to enter a workhouse. I couldn’t help thinking about young Oliver Twist as I watched Paul Ryan twisting himself like a pretzel in trying to manage two essentially incompatible things: adhere to conservative economic dogma while exhibiting compassion for the poor. For Republicans with national ambitions the las . ...
President Obama has just agreed a concordat with the Pope to have conservative Catholic lawmakers Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Darrel Issa, John Boehner and "undisclosed others" brought to Rome for "a little discussion." Said the pontiff, "Who am I to judge what they think? That's why we have the Holy Office."
Paul Ryan says he doesn't have a racist bone in his body. So I'm guessing he's boneless?
sadly, I'd still take Paul Ryan's racist bone in my body.
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You’d be better off spending time and energy defending what Paul Ryan said than what Ted Nugent said.
If Rand Paul or Paul Ryan made the same comments as Kobe, we'd all be batting for the same team. I think the outrage, then, is warranted.
Do you really think Paul Ryan would LAST 90 DAYS homeless? I'm sure he'd find food at that soup kitchen he USED for a Photo Op
LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Paul Ryan's plan would end Medicare as we know it in 10 years. Rand Paul's would end it today.
This photo says it all about Paul Ryan and his hypocritical agenda Kindly RT
"Paul Ryan says of that it's not a question of if, but rather when …
I relish the opportunity to see Rand Paul/Ted Cruz/Chris Christie/Scott Walker/Paul Ryan humiliated on election night 2016.
Why not now? “Paul Ryan says immigration reform will happen... eventually
On January 20, 2009 Republican Leaders in Congress literally plotted to sabotage and undermine U.S…
Paul Ryan Bullish On Immigration Reform. Our attritional methods are working.Keep it up! htt…
Paul Ryan says immigration reform will happen... eventually
Seth Myers is looking too much like Paul Ryan so its time to change the channel
Thiessen: Why the left is attacking Paul Ryan - Clearly it would be better...
The Fox News host went off on "race hustlers" in defense of his guest, Paul Ryan VIDEO
YOU HAVE BEEN BOUGHT: Paul Ryan: Immigration reform a question of 'when,' not 'if'...
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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) vowed Wednesday that immigration reform will get done, eventually -- but he didn't give much detail on what it will look li...
Christian radio host: John Boehner and Paul Ryan ‘made a Faustian bargain’ on...
After trillions of tax dollars have been spent to solve the problem,the poverty rate has only inched lower-Paul Ryan htt…
I wanna see the new and probably last Paul walker movie!!
Oh, Zach Zarba, part time Paul Ryan impersonator is involved in this Knicks-Kings game. Now it makes sense
DCCC Breaking News To Me Today at 6:56 PM BREAKING: House Republicans just announced how much they raised for tonight’s mega-fundraiser: $15 million. You read that right: $15 MILLION. In just one night. You can bet Speaker Boehner and Paul Ryan are high-fiving in the hallways of Congress over their record-breaking haul. We have to be honest, this could be a crushing blow to President Obama’s agenda. If we get massively outraised on this first quarterly fundraising deadline, we might as well throw in the towel on the 2014 elections.
/ Cut off benefits and build the fence! Enforce current law then talk immigration Paul Ryan!!
"It’s not a question of 'if' we fix our broken immigration laws," Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan said on Wednesday, but "a question of 'when.'" And the answer to "when" is: No time terribly soon, if his other troubles are a guide. Ryan made the comments at a breakfast hosted by the Hispanic Chamber of Com...
Brett Sean Steve to still know this Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan revives misguided argument that the poor are to blame for their struggles
Congressman Paul Ryan knows all about the "inner-city" experience, he just has some trouble finding the right words to describe it
So what this *** is telling me if a woman who happens to live in a state that considers you a person, even if you're not in a womb, and you are raped and become pregnant, Paul Ryan wants the rapist to be able to sue you and stop you from terminating that pregnancy!?! And this clown almost became Vice President!?! Give me a break!
And here Paul Ryan and his lil band of right wing WhAcOs said it couldn't be done...
this really resonates in Attleboro where some school children went without lunch and had to throw the lunch in the trash. Paul Ryan, parents in Attleboro LOVE their children. Repubs need to look at SE Mass unemployment numbers.
I've spent an entire day on Capitol Hill in meetings, ran into Paul Ryan, Brian Grazer (nothing to do with the trip, but an Academy Award winning producer nonetheless), and several other members of both congress and the senate. It's been an interesting day. Finished it up with dinner at the National Republican Club of Capitol Hill, which was amazing to say the very least.
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According to to Conan Paul Ryan is homophobic?
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