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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Paul Ryan is just another like Rand Paul, and he knows it.
Gov. Scott Walker, Sen. Ron Johnson, Rep. Paul Ryan, . .The list goes on. WI has a great team of leaders moving our state forward!
Another 10 year milestone met. ryan Colvin has been putting on the miles in the Paul's delivery truck for 10...
“Candidates don’t want rogue super PACs raising money for them and raising money from supporters.” - Paul S. Ryan
"LLCs cannot be used to simply launder funds.” - Paul S. Ryan
If they can make 2 Paul blart mall cop movies than anything is possible . I repeat anything is possible . You can fly ev…
Doc Lobby Blasts Senate for putting off SGR vote via
Either my eyes are deceiving me or Rep Senator Paul Ryan is in the Dail Distinguished Visitors gallery
I am throwing it waaay back to 2006/07 in celebration for my longtime bestfriends Ryan and Paul. Even…
I can't wait for Ryan to pass his test so he can drive Paul Wirths Blazer 😍
is that Liam Davies who was released recently?
Romney has already told his sons to NOT join the US military, & paul ryan has also said the same to his kids..but they wanted war4USA
Did someone forget to tell Paul Ryan that Mr. Obama is not running for reelection? I just got one of "those"...
the only difference between Pence & Paul Ryan is the content of their word salads. Both are still nonsense.
Satanism is just Ayn Rand philosophy with rituals. Paul Ryan follow Randism.
Mike Pence is no different from Paul Ryan. They live in a fact free echo chamber where faith trumps facts
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Paul Ryan rips Seniors, says they don't understand high cost of health insurance...
Paul Ryan struggles with this. Rick Santorum may be the one who makes the sincerest effort to support policies that nurture family life.
Andy Ryan, coach of Neil Seery and Paul Redmond, speaks about the current landscape of
Sinfield and Peacock going frees up a lot of money in the salary cap. Ryan Brierley from leigh and Paul gallen would do.
Any minute now Paul Ryan is gonna jump onstage and start doing dishes.
You've seen that using it as income for DHP was found unlawful yesterday, though?
Democurmudgeon: Paul Ryan says GOP Irresponsible if they don't come Up w Alternative...
When asked about renewing Bank, said we should "Let It Go" via ht…
"Pinocchio is suing Paul Ryan for trademark infringement."
Trivia: which Christian Bale character does Paul Ryan remind me of? Hint: it's NOT Batman.
Everyone is talking about and opening monologue. Watch it HERE:
Confused as to why the Paul Walker joke was edited out but when Amy Shumer made a joke about Ryan Dunn to steve-o they let that go
I'm glad they cut out the Paul Walker jokes, I'm still damaged from the Ryan Dunn joke they made a few years ago
Heard Paul Walker joke got cut out, but not too long ago Amy Schumer made a similar joke about Ryan Dunn. It's been 2 years!
Amy Schumer can tell a Ryan Dunn joke to Steve-o and it makes the cut but Paul walker joke can…
Thank you to my bball coaching mentors: Paul Ryan, Paul Dignan, Dave Tessaro, Dan Prendergast, Barry Phillips, Joe Raso. All great leaders!
Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan wanted to play wag-the-dog with Benjamin Netanyahu. They were eager to be Netanyahu’s...
The FBI I worked with told me they had told you that Mitt Romney, not Paul Ryan, Seated W/ Tom Hanks at Rangers Game
Paul Ryan is out, Mitt Romney moves closer to '16 campaign
Rudy Giuliani on Joe Biden's latest "gaffe" and Mitt Romney's pick of Paul Ryan for the GOP ticket
when Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan from Congress instead of Paul O'Neill, he brought Bill Clinton & the press against him & lost the election.
In case you missed it Paul Ryan said funding libraries is not a core federal responsibility & cut funding for them
Why doesn't Paul Ryan talk about the time he spent running the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch?
Paul Ryan says states shouldn't set up exchanges to shield residents from possible King outcome. ”
Congressman is the worst Rep in District 1 history. This Republican budget example!. Paul Ryan should resign.
I feel like the only winner in this whole Aaron Schock thing is Paul Ryan, who gets to reclaim his title as "Most Ripped Congressman."
Paul Ryan sounds off about Israeli election results: Congressman weighs in
*tinfoil hat*. Aaron Schock was guilty of nothing, and was framed for it by Paul Ryan so he could regain the title of sexiest us congressman
I guess Paul Ryan will be the only hot Congressman left.
Paul Ryan is a congressman from Wisconsin, not Michigan.
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I am sorry but Joe Biden slayed Paul Ryan in the VP Debate!
Paul Ryan 'quietly' keeps a high profile: The congressman says he doesn't want his poverty efforts to be seen ...
Got a reply from Sen.Paul Ryan about keeping Gray wolves on the endangered species list. Of course the heartless Koch head said no!
Paul Ryan,just another pile of crap that needs to be Flushed into a septic tank where he belongs & smells like
yeah, at this point I feel married to this ridiculous Eddie Munster / Paul Ryan amalgamation, I should probably change it
You are correct. It's the same Eddie Munster problem that Paul Ryan had.
Why Hillary loves Paul Ryan: The inside story of a rare time Washington worked.
Q2. Every spy needs a great set of wheels. Bond had an Aston Martin. What's your ultimate spy-mobile? / “The Wienermobile.” —Paul Ryan
I think Paul Ryan might be Eddie Munster all grown up.
OK, the following Repubicans are NOT running for President: Paul Ryan, Robert Taft, Tom Dewey, Dan Quayle. But actually not …
228 pounds: WASHINGTON Republican congressman Paul Ryan says he will not run for president in 20...
People like Paul Ryan, Andrew Klavan, Eric Dondero, Eric Bolling, Ted Cruz, and Wayne Allyn Root are a few examples of faux Libertarians.
Paul Ryan is a member of the Fascist Heretic Opus Dei Cult
MY BIG fear,” says Paul Ryan, an influential Republican congressman from Wisconsin, is that America is losing sight of the notion that…
Remember I'm not the Congressman, just another Paul Ryan! I cooked dinner for our Great Vets.
Paul Ryan says Mitt Romney is deeply concerned about people who are less fortunate
headline: "Paul Ryan: 'Tax reform is a 2015 thing for sure'"
Asked if Congress would tweak subsidies language in Obamacare to resolve King v Burwell, Paul Ryan offers a firm “No."
I have come2 the conclusion the best 4 America wud b. Scott Walker pres Paul Ryan vp TREY Gowdy AG Ben Carson AG Bush can't win.
For a sec I swear that was Paul Ryan and Rand Paul.
The vocal majesty of Michael Winslow doing Led Zeppelin, or as Paul Ryan would say, Zeppelin
"Paul Ryan has a similar bio. He's a poster child for what governmental assistance can do for an…" — ORAXX
Why is Paul Ryan obsessed with allowing a Rapist, now father? To be a legal father?At your table
Analysis: Too soon to tell what impact Paul Ryan's abs will have on 2016
Watch Paul Ryan speak on our message of creating opportunity to all and favoritism to none:
I hope so. In a general election I don't think he wins Wisconsin. He is as NUTZ as Paul Ryan
Rep. Paul Ryan says that President Obama’s budget is the product of “envy economics.” What about greed economics?
Paul Ryan emerges as unlikely gatekeeper for Obama's agenda in his final two years in office http:…
Chris Paul drains a jumper and stares at KD on the bench. Durant barks back: "You're down 20, bro."
Chris Paul and Blake griffin are our generations John Stockton and Karl Malone
surely Paul Ryan will be calling on Ernst to employ birth control to limit her from birthing more takers?
Everyone talks about Melo, Durant etc. not winning a chip but I never heat about how Chris Paul can't win one
Happy birthday to the realist homie and the bro ! Turn up ***
Paul Ryan so mad at Obama for inventing poverty
If Adele isn't there, don't give up hope! Ryan Tedder, Paul Epworth, and Diane Warren are all gonna be there for interviews!
"There is nothing wrong with loving the crap out of everything..." - Ryan Adams.
Paul Ryan's budget is an abomination morally bankrupt and fiscally irresponsible
"Paul D. Ryan's committee is at the junction where the White House and Republican agendas overlap" NYT
Bobby Jindal's portrait looks like Paul Ryan. TBT, if you've seen 1 modern Republican you've seem them all.
thanks Paul miss you man. Me u mike and Ryan have to chill soon
While both Senators Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio admit they couldn't have gone to college.
Where were all the conservatives so offended by lying when Paul Ryan made 87 fact-checkers self-combust during his 2012 c…
Paul Ryan believes in cutting taxes on the wealthy & waiting for the prosperity to trickle down.
Paul Ryan Finds New, Unlikely Role as Gatekeeper of Obama’s Agenda via
Millions of hungry children stil fail to appreciate how more tax cuts for the rich will benefit them, says Paul Ryan https…
Kate flies to Seattle to find her sister but finds hunky Ryan and a vengeful killer instead. THREE DAYS IN SEATTLE http…
Ryan's first tax package adds nearly $100 billion to the deficit | Proof they don't believe in balan…
Rep. Paul Ryan is putting his muscle into reaching a deal on trade with President Obama
We need to stop listening to d loudest voice in the rm &start listening to d smartest voice in the room -Paul Ryan.
Chuck Todd rolled by lack of challenge to Paul Ryan's response to past economic statements Living ... ...
Rep. Paul Ryan brings free market zeal to trade debate via
Rep. Paul Ryan to Canada, Japan: Open to dairy or no trade deal.
Paul Ryan is speaking now at about “The Rule of Law and the Global Economy.” Watch here:
Rep. Paul Ryan (tells CBS News "I've decided not to run for president." -
On budgets: I'm depending on Rep. Paul Ryan to really buckle down and find some reconciliation here - there is common ground
not clear they’d vote, anyway. But why does Paul Ryan not support him?
. Paul Ryan and his running times from way back are exactly the kind of thing where you'd have "mutating memories" . 1/2
Alleged "fiscal hawk" Paul Ryan wants to increase the deficit by $100 billion. He also voted for Medicare Part D.
1st bills by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means adds nearly $100 billion to the deficit over 10 years.
WASHINGTON -- The first bills promoted by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as the new chairman of t...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Mitt Romney has outdone himself in choosing Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate.
Rep. Paul Ryan, genuine poverty warriors talk about "justice economics"--not "envy economics." It's all about justice, Mr. Ryan!
Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.) is grandstanding so grandly that Paul Ryan had to step in so Jack Lew could answer just now.
Rep. Paul Ryan seems sincere, not sure.
Rep. Paul Ryan appears to have smoked from the same pipe as Sarah Palin. He's lost his mind.
Rep. Paul Ryan's budget is very close to "greed economics."
BREAKING: Rep. Paul Ryan tells “I have decided that I am not going to run for president in 2016”
“The Obamanomics that we’re practicing now have exacerbated inequality,” Rep. Paul Ryan said. He's wrong:
Wait, so Paul Ryan now agrees with Pope Francis that "trickle down" econ is bad--and says Obama practices it?
Rep. Paul Ryan brandished a wedge of cheese in Congress today to make a point.
Rep. Paul Ryan supports some of Obama’s higher education agenda.
VIDEO: Paul Ryan schools Chuck Todd on the Constitution and foreign policy
Rep. Paul Ryan says he would have endorsed Mitt Romney, but will now remain neutral in 2016 contest:
- Rep. Paul Ryan called his former Republican ticket-mate 's decision not to run for president again in 2016 “bittersweet,”
Rep .Paul Ryan attacks “envy economics” (eg Obama’s ploy to stop tax breaks for big IRAs).
Sunday Morning Shows-ABC has Scott Walker; FoxNews has TX Gov Greg Abbott, Gen Jack Keane; NBC has Paul Ryan; CBS has blah
Tune in to tomorrow, will be pimping for Ayn Rand, protégé, Paul Ryan.
James Stewart rethinks his Apple doom call Next: hinking Paul Ryan had a plan bc he looked sincere was stupid
Was this an excerpt from Paul Ryan's inspirational speech at the General Mills Cattle Ranch?
you have Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Jodi Ernst, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and the Koch brothers. We win :)
RE: CBO: I'm not sure if you've seen that Paul Ryan wants to turn CBO into a GOP mouthpiece & eliminate its objectivity.
Am I the only one who thinks Dr. Joseph Warren on looks like Paul Ryan?
Yesterday, Paul Ryan, now chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, said he agreed with one initiative the President proposed in hist State of the Union: The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. No surprise. Republicans and their corporate patrons have been pushing for this for years. But it's a bad deal for most Americans because it would: 1. Allow corporations to outsource more U.S. jobs more easily. 2. Extend patent protections for Big Pharma, making it harder for lower-cost generic versions to get on the market. 3. Jeopardize all American health, safety, and environmental regulations by allowing global corporations to challenge them (in a tribunal outside and apart from any nation’s legal system) as inhibiting free trade. In other words, the Trans-Pacific trade deal violates the President’s “middle-class economics” – it won’t generate more American jobs and better wages – and should be rejected, along with the “fast-track” trade-promotion authority the White House and ...
I think Paul Ryan has some Harvey Dent qualities to him. I just hope he lives long enough to be a hero and bypasses the whole villain thing.
If you hear about Catholics without Mercy, Humility or Empathy like Scalia, Alito, Santorum, John Roberts, Paul Ryan, they're Opus Dei Cult
Santorum is a member of the Heretical Fascist Opus Dei Cult, not a real Catholic same as Scalia, John Roberts, Sam Alito, Paul Ryan..
Paul Ryan's like "yeah ok I guess I'll clap for curing sick people"
I am more interested in the GOP response by Joni Ernst to the State of the Union tonight than the actual address. Tonight the President will talk about his Community College program based on the program currently running in the Republican state of Tennessee. He will also talk about the overall successes of his national implementation of the Mitt Romney designed Affordable Care Act that Romney had to Christen "Obamacare" before he could start lambasting his own creation. After explaining that the stock markets are at an all time high and the rich have become even richer over the last six years, he will then, no doubt, also talk about all the Republican campaign promises that his own administration has actually delivered. While they were campaigning against our current president: New Gingrich said he would get the price of gas below $2.50, as of now it is under $2.00. Mitt Romney said he wanted GDP Growth to be 5% by the time he left office in 2016, President Obama accomplished that by 2014. Paul Ryan said ...
I can't be the first person to point out that this is Paul Ryan vs Patty Murray.
Tom Price wants to be to Social Security what Paul Ryan was to Medicare: The phony savior who tries to sell it...
Harry Reid has just announced that Paul Ryan hates puppies.
Paul Ryan with a Gap Bar to Wallride in the back room. Photo: Matty Lambert
Thanks, Carolyn..I wish this was not true, but it is.~"They began last week with the 19-20% cut in Social Security (SS). This cut was *not* to save SS from the disabled (from waste, fraud and abuse). Social Security Trust fund doesn't run out next year (Reallocation of funding w/in Trust fund, to those funds for Disabled--who paid in with FICA, btw--from Retirement funds, or vice versa depending on claims that year-- has routinely been done 11 times since 1968 and doesn't increase overall Budget!) SS has a 2.8 TRILLION SURPLUS, is *Solvent* , e.g.can pay 100% until yr. 2033 and 75% after this if *nothing* is done. Simple fixes, e.g. Removing (or raising) the cap of $115,000, above which no more is taken out of SS than we peons pay, and then SS is good for many decades to come. This was a "Manufactured Crisis" unnecessary cut to 9 million Americans-- AND it is the 1st step towards Privatization of Social Security, Medicare, etc. (Medicare is already Privatized in Paul Ryan's Budget and many others are ...
*** Morris, political analyst and author, joins MidPoint to discuss Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush as potential 2016 candidates. He will also talk about Chris Christie’s presidential run status and Paul Ryan saying he won’t run and more.
Marco Rubio. Mitt Romney. Paul Ryan. Rand Paul. Ted Cruz. Mitch McConnell. Jeb Bush. Do you see a pattern? Need we say any more?
Paul Ryan out..good Rubio gets ready..oh no Romney. *** no Jed Bush is in..head about 2 explode..who are these people? undercover democrats
I think Paul Ryan isn't running for Prez because he can do more harm in the Senate trying to kill Social Security and Medicare
Paul Ryan, on his decision not to run for President: "I feel that I can wreak more destruction right here in Congress."
Paul Ryan rules out presidential run in 2016 There is a higher power! :)
Paul Ryan will become a lobbyist so he can work toward crushing the middle class from a more powerful position $
Paul Ryan won't seek presidency in '16. .
Rep. Paul Ryan not running for president, keeping beard; Is this a sign that Mitt is running?
Economic illusionist Paul Ryan disappointed tens of people today: He won't PowerPoint his way into the 2016 race.
Wait, Paul Ryan is NOT running for President?!!! Oh. My. God. This is going to change nothing and affect no one!!!
Paul Ryan won't seek presidency in '16.
This afternoon, Wisconsin’s First District Congressman Paul Ryan offered the following statement regarding his plans for 2016.
Ryan in Nov.: "I want to be an impactful member of Congress...But then I want to leave and go do something else" http…
Paul Ryan announces he will not run for president in 2016
The new chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, continues to call for the repeal of Obamacare. In an op-ed for USA Today, the former vice presidential candidate declared that “you can't fix a fundamentally broken law; you've got to replace it.” He opposes fellow Repub…
Really glad Paul Ryan will be staying in Congress. He does important work on the House Dazed & Confused Committee. http…
not bad.not bad. Thoughts paul Ryan? Anything to add??
Paul Ryan's presidential aspirations on hold
Paul Ryan says he won't run for US president in 2016
A recent CNN poll placed Paul Ryan in 7th spot among likely competitors for the GOP nomination. He says he won't run.
I'm very sure that Paul Ryan has some obscure form of subtle emotional retardation. His actions, words, and even face show it.
Those hoping to see U.S. Representative Paul Ryan at the top of the Republican ticket in November of 2016 can stop speculating.� In an interview with NBC News, the Wisconsin Congressman says he has decided not to run for president in two years. Inst
Wisconsin rules out a 2016 presidential bid: via
Paul Ryan Not Running for President in 2016: The former vice presidential nominee heaps praise on Mitt Romney.
Ryan said he would support Romney in a 2016 bid: "I'd get behind Mitt"
Seriously, was there anything preventing Republican leaders from attending the march? Ask Christie and Paul Ryan. They wer…
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A social studies teacher refused to accept an award from Congressman Paul Ryan on MLK Day; Watch the video to find out why the story resurfaced this week.
Paul Ryan couldn't carry his home state or his hometown in 2012. Of course he's not running for president.
Paul Ryan WON'T run for Pres. in '16, citing upcoming "Munsters Reunion Show" where he will reprise role of Eddie Munster.
Paul Ryan Is out, Mitt Romney Moves Closer to '16 Campaign - via
ATLANTA (AP) — The GOP's crowded 2016 presidential field shifted sharply Monday as Paul Ryan, the party's last vice presidential nominee, bowed out, while two-time presidential hopeful Mitt Romney marched toward his third campaign and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stepped closer to his first. The d…
Paul Ryan to skip 2016 presidential race...
Paul Ryan announced today he won't run.
Just In: Paul Ryan says he won't run for the presidency that everyone knew he'd lose anyway.
News Local: Paul Ryan says he is not running for president in 2016: Republican Rep. Paul Ryan announced Monday...
Paul Ryan isn’t running for president in 2016. Here’s why.
Paul Ryan, You now have the power to bring our fiscal house in order. You and Tom Price must begin cutting out the bureaucracy to limit the federal government. Time to abolish whole Departments and return those functions and taxing authority to the States; such as Transportation, Education, Energy, HHS and Agriculture. Get with Tom and co-author the Amendment to Repeal the 16th Amendment. There is no time to waste.
Rep. Paul Ryan's decision not to run for president in 2016 came after Ryan discussed 2016 with Mitt Romney. Ryan has repeatedly stated that he would not run in 2016 if Romney ran again.
Paul Ryan serves Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. As chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul is a leading voice for fiscal discipline...
News 27 Paul Ryan won't be running for president. Gee I'm devastated
Mitt Romney and his former running mate, Paul Ryan, will be making their first public appearance together since losing to Obama/Biden two years ago. Ryan is traveling the country to promote a book and is also said to be considering a run for the
After the Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) poked fun New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) for his love of Dallas football. Christie took some heat last week after he hugged Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones when the Cowboys won last weekend.
Paul Ryan is Packers fan.I think I like the Packers now lol Bret Grubbs
I have told you several times in the past that if republicans get power they would go after your Social Security. The first week they changed the rules on Social Security, This week there leader they appointed said this we are going to make big changes to Social Security.. Well you did not believe me maybe you will believe the republican a head of the Social Security committee. I have said Paul Ryan another Rat is going to try to change your medicare to a vocher plan. You did not believe this either but soon you will get that news. If you have seen what the lobbyist has done to the post office to break it in the last few years then you can see there plan is working. The post office is on the ropes and those good jobs will be gone soon thanks to Paul Ryans Wife who was a lawyer ,lobbyist who got the congress to weaken the post office so as to privitize it and soon a CEO will be making the money and the workers will be at min. wage. There is only one person in between all of us going down and that's O ...
Paul Ryan refuses to run for Prez. DNC leaders are dissapointed
*Not* shocking news: Paul Ryan would rather be House Ways & Means chair...:
He can unskew numbers for real here Paul Ryan opts out of 2016 race, wants to focus on Way & Means Committee
Romney has called Paul Ryan, TPaw, Meg Whitman, Jim Talent, even Newt. Rath & Merrill are on board.
Paul Ryan: I won't make 2016 run for president: House Ways and Means Committee chairman instead seeki...
Is anyone else concerned with the fact that Paul Ryan is the head of the House Ways and Means Committee... or just me
Paul Ryan is a fanatic member of the Fascist Opus Dei Cult..same as Santorum, Scalia, Roberts, Alito, Thomas..
Paul Ryan is still very young and he has a very bright political future.
Paul Ryan is NOT running for president in 2016. Even though he is my favorite politician, this is a good decision for him a…
Paul Ryan will be only 50 when he finishes his 6 years as Ways & Means chair. Still young for a presidential run.
Not surprised about Paul Ryan deciding not to run. Dude is still young and he's on a prominent committee. No rush for him.
Paul Ryan: 'I Am Not Going to Run for President in 2016': Representative Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) may have been on...
There ya go! Paul Ryan can do great things as the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Now will Mitt run?
Paul Ryan chooses not to lose in the presidential race at a relatively young age.
In statement, Paul Ryan says no to 2016 run because his work as chairman of House Ways & Means Committee "deserves undivided attention."
Paul Ryan won’t run for president in 2016, he tells me in an interview today, citing his focus on chairing House Ways and Mea…
Former VP candidate Paul Ryan has ruled out running in 2016 -- says he's happy in his new role as chairman of Ways and Means Committee
Die Hard 6: when cyber terrorists successfully hijack the White House's wifi password, it's up to John Mcclane & Paul Ryan to save freedom.
That's it I'm letting the politics out of the bag . I'm calling them out ... Please run for President ... Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, Canadian Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, & Rick "Frothy Load" Santorum. You made my news so awesome in 2012 I can't wait for a repeat! Serious candidates AKA Rand Paul, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, & Hillary Clinton . Who cares the most about the American People and who cares the most about Campaign Funds? I bet Campaign Funds trump the American People every time.
Sen. Bernie Sanders blasted an idea from Paul Ryan and other House Republicans that would justify their tax cuts for the wealthy by cooking the books and rigging how costs are counted in legislation.
I'm tearing up just imaging the scene where Mitt and Jeb Bush sit Paul Ryan down and make him choose one.
Paul Ryan still thinks Obamacare "will collapse under its own weight." This chart says otherwise.
disability and Social Security, if they start messing with that, I will try to get every blue hair in Paul Ryan's office. U in?
Brownback is an Opus Dei Cult Fascist same as Antonin Scalia many other RWNJ's like Paul Ryan, Sam Alito, John Roberts, Santorum..
Fred Upton, Paul Ryan and Chris Van Hollen hanging together and chuckling about something as the rebels nominate non-Boehners.
Paul Ryan in 2011 at the Heritage Foundation: "Here in America – unlike most places on earth – all citizens have the right to rise."
I am seeing lots of online straw polls about the 2016 Presidential nomination on the Republican side. Obviously, I am hoping for a run by Marco Rubio -- but he isn't the only candidate I could get behind. Rubio is my favorite coming out of the Senate, but I also would call Tim Scott, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz "maybes". Very much against Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, and another run by Rick Santorum. From the current group of GOP governors, I would love to see Bobby Jindal emerge as a front runner --- but I also like what I hear from Rick Perry, Nikki Haley, Scott Walker, and Susana Martinez. I really don't want to see Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, or another run by Mitt Romney. From the House, I could get behind Paul Ryan, or Trey Gowdy. Certainly don't want to see Peter King. Finally, in the Non-politician category, I would definitely support Dr. Ben Carson.
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The danger of Paul Ryan and the naiveté of Elizabeth Warren.
The quarter-finals of the 2016 race for the White House now pit Jeb Bush against Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Rick Perry and John Kasich for the establishment wing of the party. And it features Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Rick Santorum, and Ben Caron battling for the Tea Party nod.…
Was it called, funny or, fuzzy math; 2 years ago; when, Economists send Paul Ryan to the Woodshed for Lying; or being Math - - incompetent?
So. After hearing Paul Ryan.. How hard is it to recall a Congressman?
Good old Catholic boy, Paul Ryan has a clear tell when lying as his cadence quickens and he makes the Devil proud
Paul Ryan could honestly fist me and I think I would let him he's so hot
One of the first acts of the Republican congress will be to fire Doug Elmendorf, current director of the Congressional Budget Office, because he won’t use “dynamic scoring” for his economic projections. That’s the magic math Republicans have been pushing since they thought up trickle-down economics: that cutting taxes unleashes economic growth and thereby produces additional revenue. The GOP wants to count the magic extra revenue against what’s lost when it hands out tax cuts, making it easier to push tax cuts through Congress. Incoming House Ways and Means Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) calls it “reality-based scoring.” Another example of what we're in for when the anti-fact, anti-science crowd takes over next week. Global warming? Evolution? Widening inequality? Pregnancy from rape? Voting fraud? If you don't like the facts, make them up. Better yet, hire your own expert.
It is noteworthy that Paul Ryan intends on reinstituting an exclusively Republican CBO to approve the Republican trickle-down tax scheme as an economic boon to fool Americans into thinking that after thirty years, trickle down will work…this time.
2014 was an eventful year for Archdiocese of Chicago: Ryan Diaz prays before a relic of St. John Paul II at Fi...
Hey girl. It's not Paul Ryan. But we'd still sign a Grover Norquist love you forever.
It’s not even 2015 yet and no candidate has declared that he or she is running, but the pollsters are already asking about who you’ll vote for in the November 2016 Presidential election. In this CNN poll, the choices for a Republican are Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, or Scott Walker. The choices for a Democrat are Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O’Malley, Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Jim Webb. How many of these candidates could you envision being a successful President?
Just look at who Paul Ryan worships! Ayn Rand believed the same way until she got cancer and went on Medicare and SS.
If you don't remember, let me remind you - Last year, Paul Ryan (RINO, WI) teamed up with the dems and other RINOS and passed a $1.1 Trillion Obama spending spree continuing resolution. One of the very few actual CUTS in the package - a reduction in earned veteran's COLAs. $78K lifetime for a typical retiring enlisted man, $128K for a retiring officer.
Hillary Clinton beat Jeb Bush in 2016 poll matchup Presumed Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton would comfortably defeat Jeb Bush for president if the two members of their famous US political clans went head to head in 2016, poll results showed Monday. A CNN-ORC poll showed former Florida governor Bush, the son and brother of two former US presidents, as the Republican Party’s clear frontrunner for the White House, nearly two weeks after he announced he was “actively” exploring a presidential bid. With 23 percent of respondents’ votes, Bush outpaced New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (13 percent), conservative physician Ben Carson (seven percent), former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and Senator Rand Paul (both six percent) as top Republican contender in the race to see who will succeed President Barack Obama two years from now. Senator Marco Rubio and congressman Paul Ryan were at five percent support, with several others, including conservative Senator Ted Cruz and Wisconsin Governor Scott ...
"Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together." - Pau…
that was to Paul. Paul is always so mean to me and I don't know why :(
Paul Ryan, and anyone else who blames poverty on "inner city" culture, needs to read Steve Steinberg now.
that angle lasted long man shows what I know 😂
Jason York's record for most shots on a goal in 1 game (12) by a Senator may be in danger. Ryan has 7 through 2 periods, and …
As the bible says 'Tax cuts for me. Benefits cuts for thee'- 4:20 Paul (Ryan)
I'd be stunned if he doesn't! it's Batista obvious he's winning.
mega cruel on WWEs part if he is actually retiring. would be happy for him to come back and put someone over at the rumble
Paul Postma does his best Leon Lett impersonation. Plays a puck that had been high stocked by the Wild's Ryan Carter and results in a goal
"Teach a man to fish"---"then poison the water, then blame someone else" PAUL Ryan...
Ryan Carter with a big answer to cut the deficit to 2-1. Came off a very dumb play by Paul Postma to keep the puck in the zone.
Not a good play by Paul Postma, who panics when were about to be called for playing puck with a high stick. Ryan Carter scores. 2-1
How many NC Republicans agree with Rep. Paul Ryan's proposals to privitize Medicare and Social Security?
Re-watching Breaking Bad over Xmas break. Yeah, Aaron Paul can be a young Han Solo.
Wondering whether I should decorate office with diptych from this unforgettable photo shoot just to enjoy reactions:
Paul Ryan to decide next year on presidential race
Paul Stastny, $7 million setup man for Ryan Reaves. you're eternal garbage
Paul Stastny playing w typical fourth-liner Ryan Reaves & 21-year-old Dmitrij Jaskin, who has 30 career NHL gms & called up from the A
My Mom just came in and told me turn my music down this is her house not the trap, and to put a polo shirt on i look weird without one on?
BUMPING this Hucci got me wanting to blow something up
Also tomorrow: After a trip to PA, Ryan heads to OH. Ann Romney holding an event in Boca Raton, FL, home of my alma mater! …
24 hours, its just me and you. I got 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours. You won’t have nothing on for 24 hours
Paul Ryan receives more money from the Koch brothers than any other member of congress
New Years Resolution 6: Get revenge on Paul Ryan for his 2013 Whoopie Cushion prank. This war is far from over!
Thanks,Erica E.Johnson glad to have you on the side of the Americans who work hard and then betrayed by Paul Ryan, GOP
Paul Ryan. Ben Carson ate these two right?
Pinocchio is suing Paul Ryan for trademark infringement.
Can wait till the Paul Ryan budget comes up. We're screwed.
Election 2012,Paul Ryan,the wrong choice of a republican campaign.
Looking forward to that Walmart greeter job in your future? Paul Ryan's bid to overhaul new Congress
Dastardly. Paul Ryan's bid to overhaul Medicare to resurface in new Congress | Reuters
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
I feel the same way about Paul Ryan, after he tried to screw Veterans with his budget deal!
It was Paul Ryan and Patti Murray's bill: You will note that Ryan was not mentioned in the hoopla
It isn't "Obama's" CRomnibus. It is Paul Ryan and Patty Murray's budget. Obama agreed to support what they produced.
Jeb Bush may be a fool, but at least he isn't Ted Cruz. Or Marco Rubio. Or Sarah Palin. Or Paul Ryan. . Yuck.
No maam! Paul Ryan is my favorite politician, and John Bolton maybe my No. 2 favorite person in politics.
I love how when you Google image search for Eddie Munster you get a bunch of results for Paul Ryan:
Yes, Paul Ryan, Joe Biden was laughing at u. Ur sexy 'Eddie Munster goes to the Gym' pic were too much. http:…
I think Lennon would tell the same thing Tom Morello told Paul Ryan; you're the guy I was writing against.
Tisa and I finished Paul Ryan's book last night. Lots of good policy specifics. My conclusion: Jack Kemp Republicanism lives on.
Paul Ryan strides through the standards at Ronnie Scott’s
"Ryan Giggs - “I have played with some great players during my time at United but I would have to put Paul Scholes down as the best.”"
he shoots like curry speed like wall defense like rondo passing like Paul
is Paul Ryan reaching for a gun in his waistband?
Clariske: Thank you Laughin Paul Ryan that's the very
Abu Dhabi Mall Murder Victim’s Ex-Husband Praises UAE’s Efforts: Paul Ryan says he is satisfied with the way t...
Remember the "Hey girl memes for Paul Ryan" I think we have something better with
For B, because she's better than him : )
The GOP plans to rig Congress so it embraces Paul Ryan’s “voodoo economics.” By
Teacher killing 'shocks' ex-husband: CNN's John Defterios sits down with Paul Ryan, the ex-husband of the Amer...
Whoa Cruz, what do you say to that? Kinda like Paul Ryan receiving Social Security as a kid when his father dies and pell grants and now he wants to end them for others.
Paul Ryan at on Ways&Means priority: Welfare Reform 2.0 to fight poverty. Intro-ing bill to gage policy effect on outcomes
The Hill on 13 GOPers most likely to win in 2016: Scott Walker 2nd tier, lacking charisma; Paul Ryan not on list
Donna never said a word about the video the DNC put out showing a Paul Ryan lookalike pushing grandma over the cliff
Those types like to sneak unattributed Charles Murray quotes into stuff (*cough* Paul Ryan)
Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) withdraws from Ways and Means race. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) will be new Chair of Ways and Means Comm…
.promotes staffers to Ways and Means
Ryan Gosling, Andrew Garfield, and Paul Rudd will always be my fav actors!!
Paul Ryan's triple scam on tax reform AriRabinHavt
Paul Ryan's Flabbergasting Hypocrisy | Alternet old Lyin' Ryan too dumb to give it up.
I vote third party in case you need a reminder, Paul Ryan was Mitt Romney's running on VirtualBox.
Paul Ryan’s Flabbergasting Hypocrisy: ‘As a general rule, I try not to write about hypocrisy in... via
Paul Ryan would have my vote for president if he ran but unfortunately he wouldn't get elected😕
Prof Paul Senior is an expert on prisoner reintegration. He discusses temporary leave with Katherine Ryan
The GOP controls Congress. Now it can change how math works. They can use an obscure budgeting trick that could...
“Kemba Walker did Chris Paul dirty here. Put him on skates.
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