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Paul Ryan

Paul Davis Ryan (born January 29, 1970) is an American politician, the United States Representative for , and the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party for Vice President of the United States in the 2012 election.

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Donald Trump rally crowd breaks out into 'Paul Ryan *** chant
Paul Ryan is more afraid of Bernie Sanders than he is of Donald Trump
Paul Ryan, a man who doesn't know how to win (including failed run four years ago), must start focusing on the budget,…
Koch brothers don't they support Paul Ryan and Scott Walker why would they support a democrat and still what wars?
So Trump is really just Paul Ryan's Tyler Durden, right?
Paul Ryan grew that beard as a flavor savor. Now he can taste his donors and Hillary all day long!
One way to make sure Paul Ryan pays a price for his support of this terrible terrible human being is to take the House. So l…
House of Representatives can have the sergeant of arms to arrest them starts with Paul Ryan
So you want Paul Ryan and house Republicans to put Trump in the White House? Good to know.
Sean Hannity has called for a new Speaker of the House, b/c Paul Ryan is tired of defending Donald Trump.
Paul Ryan thinks his own leadership of the House is in probably is! He has put it in danger. Better for…
An indignant Paul Ryan's Conservative sensibilities are being assailed by Trump, as Ryan tries to do a job-Michael Graham, Weekly Standard.
You might think this is Paul Ryan's house, but it's actually just my neighbor
Paul Ryan, as Speaker of House & 3rd in line for pres. should speak out loud & long against DT.
...exactly what about Paul Ryan's actions to date suggest anything other than the house handing trump the presidenc…
House GOP super PAC allied with Paul Ryan logs its largest fundraising haul ever
Paul Ryan has done a LOUSY job as Speaker of the House, & his non support of the Party Nominee has been an absolute…
We need to clean house starting with Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and all the other jerks!!! We the voter are smarte…
When Trump realizes he's actually going to lose, he'll throw the election. Lose the House & Senate That'll teach 'em (Paul Ryan)
is illegal aliens coming into our country Paul Ryan your POS you're why we're going to lose the house and the Senate
Paul Ryan didn't want to be speaker of the House. It's up to us to relieve him of this duty. It'll probably take two election days.
Paul Ryan statement from to NBC, per He is "fully confident" states will conduct the election "with integ…
she will run her administration pretty much like obama did vs. the party of Paul Ryan, Koch bros etc. EZ decision.
. thats great and remember to vote in Paul Ryan's district for this will fix a lot of problems
A Better Way is a sham. Paul Ryan talks about what is wrong with the government and he IS the government, he won't fix a thing
Donald Trump\'s timing hits Paul Ryan right where it hurts (again) - Washington Post
He was a jerk then, he's a jerk now. Paul Ryan does not represent the Republican Party--he represents Hillary Clinton.…
So basically, Paul Ryan is trying to plot a the future of a party with no supporters.
Paul Ryan is already planning for what the Republican Party will look like after Trump loses
Paul Ryan's freaking out now... Let's turn every seat blue and give the GOP a taste of what Dems have had to deal…
Paul Ryan is already plotting the future of the Republican Party when Trump loses
Paul Ryan has been a politician way to long, he can not and will not challenge the establishment
Seriously, as long as Paul Ryan is willing to give him belly rubs and treat, my cat would work excellently with Congress.
women are screwed as long as they support Paul Ryan & Koch brother Enterprises. Lol
wait I think Obama and Paul Ryan got rid of our internet don't you recall that it wasn't long ago
Paul Ryan will not be Speaker of the House for long. He is not conservative. This has been twisted over years.
4. The last 8 years have been one long liberal progressive experiment". - Paul Ryan
People who give long speeches about the 2016 elections without saying the word “Trump”: Michelle Obama, Paul Ryan.
[building on fire]. Paul Ryan: Hey there. Sit down while I show you this long PowerPoint presentation
truth be told no politican is clean not even you Paul Ryan, as long as u've tasted the white house
How long before Joe extols us to rally around Paul Ryan? The Joe who rode the coattails of Gingrich! That ship has sailed!
Please ask Mr. TRUMP to agree with the speech Paul Ryan gave in Madison. This will go a long eay.
WATCH NOW: Paul Ryan delivers remarks on the GOP agenda in Madison, Wisconsin
Paul Ryan didn't get fired, but you can fire Romney's buddy Rob Portman. Get the word out vote Tea Party Independent Scott Rupe…
This is your reminder that Paul Ryan is backing a serial abuser of women because Hillary Clinton won't sign his plan to gut…
Paul Ryan is married to multimillionaire Janna Little a liberal, left wing progressive, anti-Constitutional, big... https:/…
That same GOP Congress that just gave the Democrats everything they wanted and more in the budget? Paul Ryan ***
photo was captioned "Pres. Obama, Joe Biden and Paul Ryan" and i laughed so hard i woke up the cat
please drop the Paul Ryan stuff, just go after Hillary on issues. Love you
Can someone ask Paul Ryan and Mike Pence if stopping the genocide in Yugoslavia was a bad thing?
"Paul Ryan is the enemy" - Trump's campaign CEO Steve Bannon.
Breitbart chairman Steve Bannon had it out for Paul Ryan, via More on Bannon here:
This is a good time to note that Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Pat Toomey, Reince Priebus still sa…
Here's the deal: he's nuts. / Trump denounces Paul Ryan and GOP for secret 'sinister deal' https…
Tuesday Trump Dump: Trump declares war on Paul Ryan, John McCain, and the last shreds of decency
Trump’s on The Factor tonight and discusses Paul Ryan, John McCain & no more “shackles” -- -- PR…
When Trump wins, and he will win he should immediately expose Paul Ryan and John McCain for the establishment hacks they t…
Mr Trump, life's ambition for you, putting Clinton behind bars? What about your new enemies, Paul Ryan & John McCain?
Paul Ryan. Persona Non Grata . He burned his bridge, it's FINAL. . The People have spoken
Paul Ryan helped promote lies of Hii/bill? Are you on meds? Have the perfect place 4 u. Join the block party.
I can't be the only one who's noticed that Paul Ryan looks exactly like Ramsay Bolton.
That's a joke if you think Paul Ryan and a bunch of *** that follow him will block anything that Hillary does as…
In 2014, the GOP Congress was supposed to block Obama's exective amnesty. Instead, Paul Ryan funded it
I just wish you would ruin Mitchell McConnell. He would block you or Hillary. He is worse than Paul Ryan.
lol...should of tied block to Trump's ankles! Paul Ryan throws Donald Trump a lifeline: A PennLive editorial cartoon
My conspiracy theory: Trump wants a larger Piggy Bank. And sees Paul Ryan as a block to his plan for Trump's America.
I'm worried after you lose Paul Ryan will block your China Steel & Ties, Vietnam Suits, Thailand Shirts, Mexico Beef
did you turn back to trump because Paul Ryan's plan to coup him out didn't work? Yeah thought so!
Paul Ryan has one vote and very little influence. We see his collusion with Obama and Hitlery and we are not fooled.
Think the leaked tape was dirty? It's nothing if these allegations of what did is true.
Via Trump, at a fundraiser, wondered why GOP supporters like Paul Ryan aren't "on the shows?".
Why are his talking to about his internal thinking?Where will he be if Tr…
Paul Ryan did more to stop Trump yesterday than he's done to stop Obama in 2 years.
Paul Ryan should release his delusions of grandeur. Come Nov 8th he can follow crooked Hillary out the door!
so Donald Trump is now running against:. -Hillary Clinton. -Paul Ryan. -CNN. -the biased polls. -hip hop lyrics
Paul Ryan seems afraid of a collapsing virtual empire instead of seeing it growing and appreciating the lone bull fighter.
After Paul Ryan announced he would no longer defend Donald Trump, the reaction from hard-liners was swift and angry
Meet Janna Little, Paul Ryan's wife. A liberal, left-wing progressive who voted for Obama twice. Make sense now?. https…
R U really surprised Your best friend Paul Ryan is just as crooked!
Trump escalates war of words with Paul Ryan in bizarre Fox News interview -
BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan Caught Actively Working to Get Hillary Clinton Elected via knew he is a pos
Paul Ryan caught sabotaging Trump campaign, this Judas needs to go! Don't ever elect this traitor ever again…
Paul Ryan and his crowd of miscreants are doing all they can to take Trump out because they see the internal polls and kno…
Paul Ryan is pro establishment and would rather see crooked Hillary elected rather than Tump. Paul Ryan is a pos
United States House of Representatives speaker Paul D Ryan has called for the immediate release of Anwar Ibrahim from prison.
Phrases for Paul Ryan: Crooked Hillary trying to appeal to the greater good, in times of mass civil assault, is a textbook…
Our very weak and ineffective leader, Paul Ryan, had a bad conference call where his members went wild at his disloyal…
Latest: Dr. Ben Carson on Trump’s lewd remarks, feud with Paul Ryan
Donald Trump: I don't care about Paul Ryan's support! I want to win for the people! .
The Son of Man is speaking on crooked snake Paul Ryan. Live stream link:
Paul dopey Ryan has lost all credibility. Career ender!!
is in Clinton's pocket with the rest of them.
Donald Trump calls Paul Ryan "weak" & "ineffective" after the Speaker said he'd no longer defend the GOP nominee
Paul Ryan kept his second face hidden till he won Wisconcin seat. All TRUMPs voted him. His cheat now will not be forgotten
Trump is gonna set up Paul Ryan on a blind date. Her name is Payback and I hear she's a real b*tch...
Apparently the Access Hollywood tape was leaked to WaPo by Paul Ryan staffer, whose wife was a producer for them. This keeps getting better
Trump Sabotage By Paul Ryan: GOP office. Was not opened 2day. No Trump signs. NC is a swing State. do u see a…
SINGLE MOST SHOCKING interview you will hear all year. Insider describes the Paul Ryan Coup! -
Crooked Paul Ryan why should any of trust u when it comes 2 Flint. Y'all have had 2 yrs to fix this situation. Mr. Ryan…
Show vote. Will stall and die in the House because Paul Ryan is just as bought by the Saudis as Crooked Hill…
blame Kelly Anne, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence,Reince and the other *** that support him. Now alt right Party…
I am Catholic...huge voting block! Really drive this home tomorrow...forget Paul Ryan & his lack of manliness! YOU CAN BEAT THEM ALL!
I liked a video Laura Ingraham Rips on Paul Ryan and Other Back Stabbing Republicans for Dumping
Not quite. No one boo'd Walker and Johnson. A few people boo'd Paul Ryan.
Donald Trump bashes Paul Ryan and declares war on GOP:
Laura Ingraham blames Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte for 'blowing up' th...
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Donald Trump, on Paul Ryan: 'I wouldn't want to be in a foxhole with a lot of these people ... including Ryan, especially…
Congrats to Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, and Scott Walker. You bought your tickets, hope you are enjoying the ri…
Trump's plan today: start a fight with Paul Ryan. Clinton's plan today: outline agenda to fight deep poverty.
it's quickly outshone by Adam McKay's "The Deplorables" starring Will Ferrel as Trump, John C Reilly as Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan, the US House of Representatives Speaker, to no longer campaign with presidential candidate Donald Trump
Trump's supporters are spreading a rumor that Paul Ryan's office leaked the Access Hollywood tape. Cause and effect, cause and effect.
Despite winning the second debate in a landslide (every poll), it is hard to do well when Paul Ryan and others give ze…
Paul Ryan should listen to Burke ... "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one ... " - Edmund Burke
Tired of listening to Paul Ryan and cronies. Suck it up and unite already! Making us look bad as a party.
Paul Ryan has accepted the likelihood of a Hillary Clinton presidency, source told
.predicts: "Paul Ryan won't be Speaker very long."
Paul Ryan will be ,in the history ,the most despicable Speaker of th…
. For cohesiveness of Republican Party, Paul Ryan needs to resign NOW as Speaker, He can run AFTER election.
Paul Ryan mr flip flop it's about support the candidate you endorsed or stand down as speaker
Do you believe Paul Ryan's refusal to support the Republican nominee should mean his expulsion from the Republican p…
Little Giant Ladders
Unregistered sex offender Donald Trump escalates his bloody war with Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan, the American people want Donald Trump, not you! So put on your big boy pants and help get him elected or we're stuck with Hillary
Paul Ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fight…
This just in, Paul Ryan is done trying to defend Trump.
Picking a fight with Paul Ryan the day after you have what you thought was a good debate is such embarrassing political ma…
Paul Ryan told GOP lawmakers he won't defend Trump. He will focus on defending the majority in Congress instead.
Paul Ryan is a liberal mole. This man should not be in the GOP; he is a disgrace.
Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, Jason Chaffetz, John McCain: The withdrawal of support is, undeniably, tantamount to voting for the Clintons.
And there's our man Trump, setting himself ablaze and then holding Paul Ryan close in a tender death-embrace
That's actually what Paul Ryan is doing.
The fact that Paul Ryan refused to unendorse tells you everything you need to know.
Paul Ryan is gonna untangle this knotted extension cord like his political life depends.
Mike, you are no better than Paul Ryan. When trump wins big, I will not vote for you in 2024 primary.
Tic Tac has more courage than Paul Ryan at this point.
Paul Ryan: "I am sickened by Donald Trump's comments about women. I endorsed him only for his comments about Mexicans, Mu…   10% Off
DeNiro..In the 1990's House Speaker Paul Ryan forced his then wife Jeri to have oral sex with him in a sex…
BREAKING!!! Many Women in Wisconsin at Paul Ryan event say GOP should get behind Donald Trump !!! FU John McCain !! htt…
I keep thinking about Paul Ryan saying women should be "championed & revered." How about you just give me my rights mothe…
No surprise and very sad that Paul Ryan, Ron Johnson, and Mike Gallagher all stand by Donald Trump
. Paul Ryan made his then wife, Jeri Ryan give him oral sex in public .And Ryan has the audacity to criticize Trump!
the bus is what Paul Ryan and the RNC drove OVER
Paul Ryan can GTH he is a total cuck. It's time to show the elites who really run the show. Revolt!
Paul Ryan said he was “sickened” by Trump’s remarks, but didn't withdraw support. Now he's in a political purgatory.
Pence drops out of campaign event with Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan disinvites Trump from GOP rally as furious Mike Pence also drops out
Report: Mike Pence will also not be attending campaign event in Wisconsin with Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan thinks Trump is unfit to stand on his campaign stage. Yet he still endorses Trump to sit in our Oval Office.
Paul Ryan is a coward trying to protect self instead of standing by repentant offender.nation in…
Burke News® Exclusive: dodges question about his buddy Paul Ryan giving Trump the boot, and Pence not going.
Some Republican common sense. Thank you, Sen Mike Lee, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, and all of the prominent...
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I don't know much, but I do know Paul Ryan is currently locked in a public restroom with his feet on the toilet seat.
Trump think he's entitled to women's bodies. But so does Paul Ryan. And the rest of GOP leadership. They just don't say "puss…
Paul Ryan has denounced Trump over ten different times since endorsing him for President of the United States of Ameri…
Probably not, but Burke News® want's to know what you think of your buddy Paul Ryan throwing Trump under the bus?
Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Reject Donald Trump’s Words, Over and Over, but N...
Trump now too toxic for Paul Ryan, Hill GOP - CNN International
Who NOT to invite to your man cave: Billy Bush, Tim Kaine, Bathhouse Barry Obama, Richard Simmons or Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan's is the party of transvaginal ultrasounds, funerals for fetuses, and abstinence-only ed that neglects to teac…
NEWS: . On the record quote from Spencer Zwick, main fundraiser for Paul Ryan now & Romney in 2008 & 2012, on move to repl…
Paul Ryan is such a *** he makes richard Simmons look like Charles Bronson
Mitch McConnell House Speaker Paul Ryan people in the Republican Party endorse this man if you are a woman vote
Paul Ryan announces that Donald Trump will no longer attend a Republican event in Wisconsin on Saturday
If you were writing a fable about how much shame Paul Ryan would be willing to endure to give rich people tax breaks, we're sta…
BREAKING: Speaker Paul Ryan says he's "sickened" by Trump's lewd comments, calls on him to show respect for women.
Guess what...Paul Ryan is STILL supporting Donald Trump. What will Trump have to do for GOP leaders pull their support?…
House Speaker Paul Ryan "sickened" by Trump's leaked comments about groping women:
Only words until you revoke your endorsement. Paul Ryan's statement: "I am sickened by what I heard today." . https:/…
TRUMP: You know what I regret about those comments?. RYAN: All of it?. TRUMP: I should've said you can grab 'em by the Paul Ryan.…
So, people, the story is not that Paul Ryan sternly nixed tomorrow's event. It's that he's still supporting Trump: https…
CNN: "Trump says that his power and his celebrity confer this privilege upon him to grope women. I don't see how Paul Ryan ca…
.Paul Ryan is an enemy of the people. He is self righteous and sanctimonious.. This will not work in his favor.…
Paul Ryan announces Trump has pulled out of WI event tomorrow
Paul Ryan, realizing he's supposed to appear with Trump tomorrow
Paul Ryan troubled by Donald Trump's comments on women
Paul Ryan wasn't sickened by the illegal aliens who murdered these women's children. He drove off and ignored them.
Wait until Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan find out that Donald Trump said Mexican ancestry renders a person unfit to serve as a f…
Paul Ryan disinvited Trump from an event in Wisconsin. Warned people that Ryan would sabotage and stab in back. Wake up!
NYTimes asks Paul Ryan: Is a man who commits sexual assault a role model for your children.
Paul Ryan: Trump just needs to sound contrite enough, and it will all be good:
Paul Ryan is a liberal mole posing as a conservative! He has been sabotaging Trump since day 1! We won't forget! . https:/…
Trump is UNINVITED from Paul Ryan event in Wisconsin tomorrow. “I am sickened by what I heard today," Ryan says in sta…
Exclusive shot of Paul Ryan on his way to meet with Donald Trump.
RYAN: Jesus, two more sex stories? . TRUMP: The universe is talking to you, Paul Ryan. Open your goony little ears and listen to…
3am thought for Paul Ryan et al: History remembers and respects the few who stood up against Joe McCarthy. Not the many w…
Everyone burying the lede on Paul Ryan. Said he hopes Trump can show the country he's a different person. Not retracting…
Paul Ryan told Donald Trump he didn't want to see him, right now.
Paul Ryan tonight:. Donald Trump sickens me and can not attend my event. Donald Trump should be in charge of the nuclear…
Paul Ryan disgusted by but still excited to work with Trump to end Social Security, repeal Obamacare and cri…
Paul Ryan said he was "sickened" by Donald Trump's lewd comments and disinvited him from a joint event Saturday
Trump will not attend a scheduled appearance with House Speaker Paul Ryan in wake of controversial video
I've been watching Paul Ryan talk about poverty all day as part of a video project. he's a lying snake who would cause tho…
But Paul Ryan is still voting for Trump. . Actions > Words. .
Finally something I can get on board with Paul Ryan on.
Paul Ryan disinvites Trump to campaign event, says he's 'sickened' by tape
Donald Trump is the republican nominee for the office of president of the united states of america. And Paul Ryan told him…
Though worth noting that Paul Ryan isn’t pulling his endorsement. People need to check out challenger, https:/…
Paul Ryan is a hypocrite, a corrupt one himself. His nomination to speaker of the house was rigged. Vote Trump
Paul Ryan: In the meantime, he is no longer attending tomorrow's event in Wisconsin' - NBC News via
Paul Ryan disinvites Donald Trump from event amid controversy over lewd comments about women: . House Speaker...
After that Billy Bush audio, Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Rob Portman, and John McCain are all on suicide watch tonight.
Paul Ryan signals against Trump, but never disavowed pedophile Dennis Hastert - even kept his dirty money.
'Sickened': Paul Ryan announces Donald Trump won't attend GOP event after news of nominee's lewd comments surfaced.
I am sickened by Megan Kelly, Paul Ryan and Howie Kurtz.
As we await word from Paul Ryan, keep in mind: . 1) he's got a 14-yr-old daughter . 2) he's a decent human being
Paul Ryan, saying he was sickened by Trump audiotape, pulls out of event with Trump in Wisconsin Saturday.
Hey, Ted Cruz (or John McCain or Marco Rubio or Rick Perry or Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell or...), that really was a good…
This sounds awful but Mike Pence and Paul Ryan assured me that actually Trump is a great guy.
are Paul Ryan and Thaddeus Stevens alike? 19th Century Republicans century were the Progressives of their day
So.. is Rep John Lewis a bigot? Paul Ryan? Both of whom called out Trump bigotry.
Wisconsin's Battleground Podcast discusses all things John Doe, Charlie Sykes, and Paul Ryan.
Despite his purported angst, Paul Ryan to cam: House Speaker Paul Ryan doesn't seem to like or respect Donald...
I especially look forward to ANIMAL protection rights new relationship with speaker Paul Ryan as our new powerful supporter, thank God
Public support at an all time high, overwhelming bi partisan support in house and Senate this week thanks to speaker Paul Ryan signing bill
If Hillary Clinton, Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Rubio+all those fake a$$ people can have great healthcare so can our veterans h…
It's almost as if Paul Ryan didn't want people to know he was campaigning with Trump this weekend. ht…
When I thought Scott Walker, Ron Johnson, and Paul Ryan couldn't get any lower, this happens...
How's this for putrid? Paul Ryan, Sen. Ron Johnson, Gov. Scott Walker, Attorney General Brad Schimel all join Trump at the Walworth Co Fair
Trump to share Wisconsin stage Saturday with Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Ron Johnson via
Donald Trump will join Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Ron Johnson at Elkhorn festival
Donald Trump will campaign with Paul Ryan, Scott Walker and Ron Johnson in Elkhorn, WI on Saturday, per release.
Hey. They aren't moving in next to Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, or Paul Ryan. So what's the big deal?
. Paul Ryan is an embarrassment! He has to go! The only hope for the party is Peter Roskam for Speaker!
yeah, and Chris Christie, Bobby Kinda, Nikki Haley. Scott Walker and Paul Ryan were the buzzy 2016 candidate's in 2012. 'nuff said
Paul Ryan is the worst Wisconsin has produced. Then Ron Johnson. Then Sean Murphy. We should have stuck with cheese…
People like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney do not represent the Republican Party. They're what's wrong with the Republican Party
John Boehner, Eric Cantor, and now Paul Ryan have been feeding the public lies about the economy, when they had his relief in hand
And 80% of Packers fans ADORE Paul Ryan. I wish every moslem in all of Western Civ would MOVE TO WISCONSIN !. They'd dump Rya…
Clint Eastwood might be an old, washed up movie star but Paul Ryan does agree with him on some things. Cook is a Cr…
Paul Ryan admits that voters should dump all TEA Party and GOP clowns to form a united Democratic Party system of government. Agreed.
George Will after Paul Ryan endorsed Trump: "Go change my registration. This is not my party anymore": via
Sen.Paul Ryan signed a bill giving more tax breaks.This is how tax breaks work:
OH Sen Brown on TPP: If the president and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell try to bring it up during the lame duck we will defeat it
Joe Biden and Paul Ryan will never love me now that they know how little my knowledge is of the political system :(
Veterans suffer because of self serving Rino Scum like Tom Rice & Paul Ryan.
No response from Paul Ryan to Trump's Miss Universe remarks. "I was working out and working this morning, I wasn't watchin…
THIS is the guy that Scott Walker, Paul Ryan and Ron Johnson think should be our president. Really?!
Paul Ryan & I have agreed on many things this year! (Shannon looks around in the sky, bewildered, for flying pigs.)
I think Paul Ryan might be the right substitute for Hamilton in "The Election of 2016"
Maybe when Paul Ryan takes over next year. Not going to happen with Trump though.
Command Sergeant Major? - You got one running against Paul Ryan?
Trump, Paul Ryan and other Republicans want to trash the CFPB, that's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If...
Ivanka Trump and Paul Ryan meet in New York City via and
Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan will never be able to remove this stain. Never. They will take this shame to their graves.
Paul Ryan: Donald Trump should release his taxes
David Duke is say his stuff alone, but Paul Ryan and Scott Walker will work with Hillary to gut Social Security and medicaid
True, they called Paul Ryan 'Hitler' in 2012 & Nikki Haley 'Eva Braun'.
We still need to get rid of these F'ers: John McCain, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Lindsay Graham. The most corrupt politicians in DC.
Chris Christie on MSNBC: The Republican Party is the party of Trump. . Paul Ryan: *gulp*. Democrats all over the country: SCHWING!
How many more refugees will Paul Ryan fund in his upcoming not-budget spending bill? As many as he can.
Hold on DNC can get a replacement maybe Uncle Joe, John Kerry, Paul Ryan who knows. OBAMA!!!
Paul Ryan has no moral compass. Hey, his hero was Ayn Rand, a psychopath who worshiped a serial…
Paul Ryan has transitioned into full parody.
Depends on how you define right. I'd be offended to be assoc. with Paul Ryan, but not w. Karl Popper. Both are 'right'.
I'll see that and raise you a SS cut by March under her Majesty as Pete Peterson & Paul Ryan smirk at the bill signing.
Paul Ryan gets frustrated with more Trump questions: "I'm not going to stand up here and do a *** for tat on what Dona…
He'll run in the next presidential primary and (I'm assuming) Paul Ryan will end up the republican nominee in
Paul Ryan: FBI acting like ‘arm of Clinton campaign’: House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin is lambasting the...
Chose Trump the minute Paul Ryan was made speaker.
John with ADR, most Beltway types have a fetish for centrists and right of center pols. Think Simpson Bowles and Paul Ryan
Jeff Flake a leading GOP with a set of Balls unlike Paul Ryan to openly denounce Racist Trump.
Robert George: An open letter to Paul Ryan about Donald Trump
A republican taco. It comes with no fillings because Paul Ryan said you worthless takers don't deserve any fillings1 https:…
Paul Ryan would kind of like you to forget about when you think about Republicans this Election Day. https…
Muslims have never safely assimilated into any country and never will. It's time Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan stop lying to the A…
Paul Ryan & Ron Johnson: The feds are losing the war on poverty--because One Size does NOT fit all. https:…
have entered the thanks to Paul Ryan & Tom Smith who entered the teams!
REPORT: Trump agreed to cut Social Security in private talks w/Paul Ryan but won't tell voters till after election https:…
Periodic reminder that Paul Ryan wants this horrible human being to lead our country
Although, *** This is my new favorite Paul Ryan face.
They are coming Sally, Hillary, Barack and Paul Ryan will make sure of that. By the way, they are not very LBGTQ friendly.
Paul Ryan says what his bosses, Soros & "king" of Saudi moslems, tell him to say but 80% of Packers fans LOVE RYAN
This kid is trying to say Justin Trudeau is our worlds greatest leader and Paul Ryan is the worst. He can't even spell Trudeau😂
Trump's points that Democrats have failed the inner city is a Jack Kemp message. Paul Ryan must be pleased.
Like just do everyone a favor and vote either Johnson or stein and America can go full on hippy for 4 years until we get Paul Ryan in there.
Paul Ryan gives me a real "throws used flosser sticks on the mat of his car" vibe
What part of 1400 years of moslem evil does Paul Ryan not get? .
H. Clinton, Trump, Bernie, Paul Ryan (or some other GOP head), Jill Stein, and Gary Johnson. Bring it down to a Final 2, and then elect!!
The only thing that makes me more sick about the fact that Paul Ryan is 2 heartbeats away from being POTUS is that Orrin Hatch is 3. 😷
I hope Paul Ryan decides to criticize Clinton's meetings with donors today.
Warren Buffet, Mike Cuban, George Clooney, Zuckerberg, Paul Ryan show your compassion, take this kid to your home.
Start with John McCain we need to vote in Kelly ward I was ashamed Paul Ryan was reelected.
.which 2 bit hack keeps repeating the "You Didn't Build That" out of context quote? Oh it's Paul Ryan, king of 2 bit hacks.
Paul Ryan hasn't lacked for a job since he left college as the golden child of Wisconsin Rep
Mark Belling guest-hosting for Rush Limbaugh is very upset that people tried to defeat RINO sellout Paul Ryan.
Thanx EVER so much, Paul Ryan, for playing dirty politics w/Zika funding $ amt asked for by NIH director!
Where the *** is Congress. The House has failed American ppl miserably. Paul Ryan has allowed this rogue behavior
Paul Ryan's family received welfare and now he is Speaker of the House!
The partisan House w/ Paul Ryan had held 20 investigations about Benghazi and Hillary email under the farce of caring about security
Paul Ryan volunteers himself and republican house members. They certainly can't become more microcephalic than they are.
Daily News Bin endorses Democrat Ryan Solen over Paul Ryan in House race in Wisconsin via
Paul Ryan will be the worst Speaker of the House in a century, Pelosi was more conservative than Ryan and she never did one thing
I was completely unaware of what an evil villain the speaker of the house Paul Ryan is.
Last night, my wife and I met Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan in the House did. Obama wouldn't sign it.
I sent my cash to Paul Ryan in the hopes of salvaging at least the House.
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