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Paul Rudd

Paul Stephen Rudd (born April 6, 1969) is an American actor, comedian and screenwriter.

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I love watching friends. The last 5 eps I've seen have included Paul Rudd. ?
"I guess my thoughts on abortion are... Ya know, let's all have a good time." . - Paul Rudd
I forgot how funny Paul Rudd is in Ant-Man. 😂
Unpopular opinion: Antman is my favourite MCU film. I just love it. Paul Rudd is great and there's Luis.
Start with Paul Rudd so we can finally watch Ant-Man
Am I the only one who thinks Chris Pratt and paul rudd look very similar
Just informing you all that we are alive at the same time as Paul Rudd. We are insanely blessed.
Just discussing a human draft. You draft anyone on earth to move into your neighborhood and become a pall. With pick...I…
Now on air : Trust In Me by Paul Rudd feat Amanda Wilson - The best from the 1990's
Paul Rudd in Clueless is one of my favorite things.
Most perfect random cameos:. 1. Paul Rudd as the surf instructor in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. 2. Everything else
Best part of the one experience I had was a hug from Paul Rudd with looking on.
there should be a TV special called "hot Rudd" where a scandalously dressed Paul Rudd talks about cars
to last year's Special Olympics Exchange Game when our athletes met Paul Rudd during warm-ups!
can u at least promise a reenactment of any popular action movie OR ur candidate totally evisceratin…
Did you know? At 41, snooker's John Higgins is seven years younger than Paul Rudd.
Oh, Paul Rudd is so great in this dumb movie, maybe I will watch Ant-man next!
if there's some paul rudd scandal out there...i DONT WANNA KNOW
Paul Rudd playing air instruments cracks me up every single time 😂😂
Leaked papers 'link the Home Secretary to offshore tax haven'
My wife's celebrity "free pass" is Paul Rudd, and mine is my wife because yah right like I'm gonna walk into *that* prope…
We're watching a film where Paul Rudd and Tina Fey get together. It's the fantasy camp version of our marriage.
I love this movie Paul Rudd was legit my first crush
Paul Rudd and I are the same person
Paul Rudd plays the hottest character on Friends and that's just science
Paul Rudd's country music career was very underrated.
The fundamentals of caring is probably Paul Rudd's best movie
Paul Rudd is one of my favorite actors , dude cracks me up
RuPaul is actually short for Paul Rudd
Goodnight to nobody except Paul Rudd's character in Wet Hot American Summer
Watching from 2000 because Paul Rudd, and Toby Stephens playing a tortured lover. 😍
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James Harden plays basketball like Paul Rudd's character in Wet Hot American Summer
Both of them, behaviorally, turned into Paul Rudd in Wet Hot American Summer in that scene where he has to pick up the thing he threw down
Quick 48th birthday shoutout to a Sigma Nu we like to call our own - Nu 1783 - Paul Rudd.
People I share a birthday with:. Zach Braff (cool!). Paul Rudd (yes!). Billy Dee Williams *** yes!). Michelle Bachman (this was going so well)
I like Paul Rudd in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. When's my first paycheck ??
ku students any time Rob Riggle or Paul Rudd is mentioned: "did you know they went to KU"
Does anyone one else think that Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd should go cover as Ron Burgandy and Brian Fantana?
My goal is to become Paul Rudd from Forgetting Sarah Marshall
All I want is to be as high as Paul Rudd's character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Paul Rudd is genius in Sarah Marshall. I'm crying
I made a $100 bet with that Paul Rudd wasn't in Couples Retreat and we shook on it. Should I make him pay?
yeah that's a good start, then maybe the Budapest one, the one with Adam Buxton and Paul Rudd
I strive to be more and more like Paul Rudd every day.
Like, if you were remaking MENACE II SOCIETY, you'd just cast Tate as O-Dog again. He makes Paul Rudd look like Abe Vigoda.
Tony and I have agreed that Billy Crudup is the thinking man's Paul Rudd, provided that Paul Rudd is the thinking man's Ryan Reynolds.
i really really really want a hot husband like the guy in Disclosure's Magnet or Adam Levine or Paul Rudd or Ryan Reynolds
Paul Rudd, Ben Affleck, and Ryan Reynolds are proof that white guys look the same
There's a Friends episode where Ross and Mike can't make small talk, how can you not find Paul Rudd interesting Ross you suck
Paul Rudd may be one of the most underrated actors around at the minute
him vs Paul Rudd at Wrestlemania would put *** in seats
"You sweet little dork," I said, and I'm not sure whether I said it to Paul Rudd on my tv or my little Hambucket on…
'How Do You Know', Paul Rudd spends the whole movie trying to steal Owen Wilson's character's GF, who's pretty cool about it.
Paul Rudd does not take kindly to your suggestion that he’s “in the St. Louis Mafia w/ Hamm &
"Ok Jon Hamm is daddy, but Paul Rudd is DADDY"
First look at Mute. It's all about Paul Rudd's moustache.
it's been 21 years since Clueless premiered and Paul Rudd is still as handsome as he was before.
Blair Underwood, Denver Washington, Paul Rudd, Ryan quad, the event can then be narrated by Sean O' Connery.
Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan loved an upstate NY candy shop so much, they bought it when the owner died.
Paul Rudd and are helping keep a 22-year-old sweet shop in open for business.…
Tyreek Hill saw Paul Rudd in the locker room. "That's Ant Man," he said. Lol.
PREVIEWING from today: by Yasmina Reza with Paul Rudd directed by Ma…
Off the top of my head: John Noble or Lance Reddick as Thrawn, Paul Rudd as Karrde, Adrianne Palicki as Mara Jade.
If you're ever feeling down just think that Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Paul Rudd own a candy store together
I liked a video Jeffrey Dean Morgan Owns a Candy Shop with Paul Rudd
My next road trip: Hudson Valley to find Norman Reedus then to Rhinebeck NY to go to JDM and Paul Rudd's candy store
congrats on your big win. Although I thought Paul Rudd and Jason Siegel would have given you a tougher run.
this is why I'll always love Paul Rudd.
Paul Rudd man oh man add him to the list of men i love over 40
Paul Rudd and Richard Ayoade admiring the Helsinki skyline from a public bathroom
hi i love taika waititi and Paul Rudd savor me
Paul Rudd is on Dak Prescott level for must fav/like/heart.
Caught up on Captain America: Civil War and *** IT WAS AMAZING. . I'm still excited about Paul Rudd as Ant Man.
Truth. I always forget Nick Kroll &Aziz Ansari are in it& I better understand the comedic geniuses that are Paul Rudd &Jason Segel
I was not aware. As I was not aware Paul Rudd and Eric Stonestreet were Royals' fans. :p no coverage at all ;)
I'm going to name my future son Paul Rudd bc i love that man so much!
If Paul Rudd and Ben Affleck had a son
Ant Man. Way better than expected. Original and creative action scenes. Paul Rudd is very funny.
Listen to Paul Rudd read from 'Light Falls: Space, Time, and an Obsession of Einstein'
I just woke up teary eyed because of Paul Rudd... I don't even know what he did to make me like this
I enjoyed Ant Man, but I think maybe I just enjoyed Paul Rudd.
Hollywood fact. Paul Rudd was created in a lab from a strand this guy's chest hair.
Phoebe really should've ended up with David on Friends, but Paul Rudd is just too dang charming!
I’m watching Ant-Man and it’s awesome and all, but I kinda just want Paul Rudd and Bobby Cannavale to kiss, so.
I want Paul Rudd to deliver my first born child
What happens when a Manhattan couple decides to live in a rural commune where free love rules? Join Paul Rudd and...
A pool boy teaches film to a class of poor security guards in the jungle. Starring Paul Rudd.
except Paul Rudd who is going to be in a room with for more than five minutes!
Check out my new project with LIGHT FALLS, featuring Paul Rudd as Reality, f…
Enjoy the first two. Four was the first one I watched so it stands out. Will say, as weird as 5 was, it did give us Paul Rudd.
I will give the people Paul Rudd running around in the Cult of Thorn robes if AMC will not.
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Sometimes I see Paul Rudd & just get SO ANGRY bc he is SO HANDSOME and he will never love me!!!
that road trip movie on Netflix with Paul Rudd and Selena Gomez
I mean I'm happy for them the same way I'm happy for paul rudd and julie yaeger :///
Paul Rudd - he looks so handsome in this pic and his sense of humor makes him even more attractive.
Lily as Paul Rudd watching Gran as Celery Man and Tayne
I want Paul Rudd to be proud of me one day
I'm still not over the fact Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Paul Rudd own a sweet shop
I was watching a Paul Rudd movie on TV and he reminded me of u. Although the movie was "This is 40". Could just be cuz ur 40
If it doesn't involve the curse of Thorn, Paul Rudd and Not Danielle Harris as Jamie Lloyd count me out
I'm sorry did Paul Rudd say your name?
the part where MM drives in Curse is more off-putting that Paul Rudd showing up.
Jeff and Paul Rudd bought a candy shop because the owner died and they wanted his legacy to still continue.
Maybe if she reveals in an email that she doesn't find Paul Rudd handsome. But even then I'd just write in Paul Rudd.
I saw a Paul Rudd lookalike at the tailgate and I'll never be the same
Breast Cancer Awareness
Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd doing... *** ! (omg, I just snort laughed at this because it is so random)
I decided to watch Halloween 6 ("starring and introducing Paul Stephen Rudd") to at least be slightly festive. So bad it's good?
Can Lisa Kudrow and Paul Rudd please be my parents . thanks
I am being Paul Rudd from Clueless this year though I don't really know where Paul Rudd from Clueless ends and I begin
Lol how many Halloween movies are there in the series? I remember watching one and seeing paul rudd in it
Can you believe that Selena Gomez is only 24 and she already work with James Franco, Robert Duvall, Ed Harris, Bryan Cranston, Paul Rudd
Introducing our new favorite fun fact: Jeffrey Dean Morgan owns a candy shop with Paul Rudd.
It's funny watching Halloween again and thinking that little Tommy Doyle grows up to be Paul Rudd.
fundamentals of caring is a great movie watch if u like Paul Rudd
Our Halloween marathon goes on w/ Halloween 6: Curse of Michael Myers ft. Paul Rudd & the vague death of Dr. Loomis.
Paul Rudd's mirror scene in Wanderlust will never ever not be funny
So...The Curse of Michael Myers is seizures induced by editing and proof of Paul Rudd being immortal?. ..'kay.
He goes from Paul Rudd to Walter Matthau REAL QUICK when technology frustration is involved
You really should buy this for Paul Rudd. It's the Gallagher iron on he never got as a child.…
Remember that time Rosario jokingly grabbed Paul Rudd's *** and everyone screamed sexual assault?! Me either. .
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I feel grateful that the person I end up working with a lot is Paul Rudd. He's a prince among
📷 mcavoys: Paul Rudd and Adam Levine speak onstage during the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The...
Paul Rudd stays so young because he's absorbed Rob Morrow, DB Sweeney, and Ed Burns
I saw someone suggest Paul Rudd to play the Charles Bronson character and I'm sure he'd have made it just adorable
Paul Rudd and Richard Ayoade at the Burger King sauna in Helsinki, as seen on Channel 4 last night...
I learnt about it through Role Models, a hilarious comedy primarily about it starring Paul Rudd and…
I liked a video Selena Gomez and Paul Rudd at Sundance - Hollywood TV
Jason Segel, Paul Rudd, Jonah Hill, Jack McBrayer and Russell Brand are hilarious together.
Jason Segel and Paul Rudd should be married they're my favorite couple
46. I Love You, Man. this movie was really cute and funny, I love Paul Rudd and Jason Segel like let me live
"Paul Rudd is the most boring vanilla dude..." 😂😂😂
also why does that not look like Paul Rudd but then after the pause it does
I wouldn't really classify what I'm doing as "living" as much as finding ways to occupy my time until I meet Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd is the most boring vanilla dude. You know he just sits at home with his wife having a bland spaghetti dinner t…
It has been almost 21 years since Clueless aired, but that's only a year in Paul Rudd time.
I'm sorry y'all but I'm laughing so hard at this like I'm cracking up its so funny especially the Paul Rudd one dsh…
I would love to have a bland spaghetti dinner with Paul Rudd and talk about his day.
any movie Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd are in together is gonna b amazing
Or something with Vince Vaughn...or Leslie Mann.or Paul Rudd.
Suggestion: Paul Rudd voices the next Disney prince. I'm not saying they have to do that but seriously Disney you need to do that
fundamentals of caring (I think that's what it's called) has Oliver from submarine and Paul Rudd 🤓
Fair enough. I'd have said Bradley Cooper but he's not buff enough either. What of Paul Rudd? He's buff these days.
However you view it, it's really bloody funny, it has Craig Roberts from Submarine in it & he's brilliant, also Paul Rudd being great.
One time Anthony Michael Hall told Rob he looks like Paul Rudd (specifically in Our *** Brother) and that is my favorite Rob story.
VOICES INCLUDE Ricky Gervais, Rachel McAdams, & Paul Rudd as the grown-up Prince who is a stressed-out office cleaner
Winona Ryder didn't age so add her to the list of people we can't trust behind Paul Rudd and Kate Hudson.
Paul Rudd was perfect to play Scott Lang aka Ant-Man 🐜
I think I'm becoming a Paul Rudd fan
Paul Rudd aka Scott Lang aka the funniest ant on earth
If Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds had a baby raised by Judd Apatow, it would be Paul Rudd. And he's precious.
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Declan Donnelly turns to his PA, in reference to having just watched a Paul Rudd film, "Have seen Ant Man?" In his mind quite clearly
I want to share a Lemon Water Ice with Paul Rudd 😃
Having watched Romeo and Juliet earlier and now watching Antman I've decided Paul Rudd is definitely a vampire. Dude just doesn't age
weird, I've looked the same for at least 15 years. Got Paul Rudd's disease
Ant-Man was fun and that has everything to do with Paul Rudd and Anthony MacKie and turning off my brain.
Paul Rudd has got to be a vampire, WHY DON'T YOU AGE
I had something to say and now I forget. Here's Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd is such a stud muffin in clueless, no wonder why Cher fell in love with him
Paul rudd in clueless is my aesthetic
okay I just want to take this moment to be thankful for Paul Rudd
I want 2 b part of a carpool karaoke with &Justin Timberlake, Paul Rudd & Jimmy fallon. I won't sing, just sit back & smile.
I wanna know where Paul Rudd and Jared Leto are hiding the fountain of youth
Paul Rudd is beautiful in Antman. I think he may turn me.
Don't know why DC is still trying to compete with Marvel for superhero movie supremacy -- Paul Rudd is Ant-Man, it's all over!! ☺️☺️
Fundamentals of Caring - best indie drama this year! Fabulous warm watch, completely Paul Rudd territory.
Watching fundamentals of caring and I'm gonna make a prediction: mum and Paul Rudd fall out when she finds out he's writing about her son
I would most definitely engage in a sexual relationship with Paul Rudd
Paul Rudd did very well. Michael Peña was very funny.
I enjoy almost every movie starring Paul Rudd. Saw a good one lately , our *** brother
then she dates Paul Rudd but in the end she's pregnant with Mike's baby lmao
Amber Heard could marry Paul Rudd and take his name and ALL *** WOULD BREAK LOOSE.
Was just introduced to this Paul Rudd gif and now nothing matters anymore.
how does Paul Rudd still look exactly the same as he did like 20 years ago. H O W
yeah, a few weeks ago now. I liked it, but found it a little predictable. Anything with Paul Rudd is always a winner in my book!
Logan Lerman and Emma Watson and Ezra Miller and Stephen Chbosky and Paul Rudd and The Smiths and David Bowie and Comin…
Craig Roberts and Paul Rudd are now my favourite pair of actors
The Fundamentals of Caring starring Craig Roberts, Paul Rudd, and Selena Gomez is probably one of the better movies I've watched in awhile.
The Fundamentals of Caring: generic, but when Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts are your companions, it's a familiar journey worth taking
it's cause I love Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts! Selena Gomez is just an add on 😂
Just watched "The Fundamentals of Caring" on Netflix ft. Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts & Selena Gomez. A feel good movie, I highly recommend it.
my barista at Starbucks today definitely was Paul Rudd, so that made me smile
Selena Gomez, Paul Rudd, and Craig Roberts are superb in the movie. A+ acting
yes!! i love that movie. Craig Roberts, Paul Rudd, and Selena did such a good job!
Paul Rudd in Forgetting Sarah Marshall is my favorite
Paul Rudd in Forgetting Sarah Marshall "I wonder if the carpet matches the pubes" 😂
Forgetting Sarah Marshall is great but Paul Rudd's character is what makes it hilarious to me
Is there a better movie character than Paul Rudd's in Forgetting Sarah Marshall?
When Michael Madsen realizes Paul Rudd is a vampire, will it ruin their love affair?
Rob Burnett on his new film The Fundamentals of Caring, starring Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts
Paul Rudd didn't realise Selena Gomez was as famous as she is
Paul Rudd made sure Will Forte (had the happiest of birthdays this year
Watching again and I'm realizing that Michael Douglas is basically the Mr. Feeny to Paul Rudd's Corey Matthews. Dig it.
One time I told jack he looks like Paul Rust and he thought I meant Paul Rudd
Almost as good as Paul Rudd in the Antmin - Drinking a HopFish India Pale Ale (IPA) @ Stanhope House -
Ant Man. -I love Paul Rudd. -is my most fave Marvel film. -the thomas the tank engine scene had me crying. -i💖paul
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Two facts: a) actor Paul Rudd is one of the owners of my local candy store b) these are cookies sold in said store https:/…
Watching my son play FB at the Alex Smith FB camp at my Alma Matter, SMWEST. Paul Rudd should be around here somewhere, right?
Type: Jesse McCartney in Keith, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd strictly w very disgusting beard, the groom from corpse bride, Jeff from American dad
I'm so happy this month we will get to see The Fundamentals Of Caring so looks good Selena, Paul Rudd, & Craig Roberts
Paul Rudd & Craig Roberts go road trippin’ in the Fundamentals Of Caring trailer:
Pleasantville with Jon Hamm as William H Macy and Paul Rudd as Jeff Daniels
WATCH: in her new film with Paul Rudd and Craig Roberts.
95% chance Bryan wrote this just to talk to Paul Rudd and John Hamm (it's good. Read it)
Sean William Scott makes me die of laughter, everyone go watch Role Models w him and Paul Rudd please.
The Fundamentals of Caring, starring Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts and Selena Gomez, debuts on Netflix June 24th!.
This would've been worse with a male cast of Kevin Hart Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd. Its not you ladies its the script and director
my friend chose University of Kansas simply because Paul Rudd went there
Watched Ant-Man this afternoon. Silly but fun and Paul Rudd is always watchable.
Paul Rudd is dreamy, but Garret Morris will always be the Ant-Man of my heart.
Among those slated to appear are Liam Neeson, Kristen Bell, Paul Rudd and Julianne Moore.
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Paul Rudd and Harold Perrineau are my favorites in that movie. ❤️
Paul Rudd, Seth Rogan, Jason Segal, Jonah Hill. I don't know why but this photo just makes me laugh
someone remake Trading Places with Anthony MacKie and Paul Rudd.
Why don't men like Paul Rudd or Chris Pratt or Christopher Pine or John Krasinski or Ryan Reynolds exist in real life
New went up Geena Davis 4 Prez, Green Room, Civil War starring Paul Rudd, who was in the Locusts.
ICYMI: Paul Rudd & Stephen Hawking face off in an unfair match of quantum chess
I mean I got Hader, Wiig, Franco, J. Hill, Paul Rudd, ALSO Carrell! I think this is a legit convo
I enjoy Paul Rudd in most things. Role Models is kind of a trashy comedy, but hilarious. Also has Jane Lynch & Ken Jeong in it.
The movie could star Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd and Kevin Hart. It would change nothing in my opinion.
Ant Man fell into the shadows a little bit but he was just as awesome Black Panther and Spider Man. That's all thanks due to Paul Rudd
waiting for to do her makeup so here's some face swaps with a corgi, Paul Rudd, and Nicholas cage
Who is the new Kevin Bacon? (i.e., prolific actor you use for "6° of...") . a. Paul Rudd. b. James Franco. c. Melissa McCarthy. D. Other
Even loves Paul Rudd . (this is still such an iconic moment)
Paul Rudd is so attractive even in his white man middle age
Like, sure, Ken Burns' Civil War might not have Paul Rudd but that William Tecumseh Sherman wasn't a slouch either.
Paul Rudd is charming even as horse.
I was rewatching clueless today and I remembered how cute Paul Rudd is like how is that even possible to be that cuTe?
Confession: I knew about Brian Fantana (Sex Panther, Anchorman) and Scott Lang (Ant Man), but didn't know Paul Rudd played both of them.
I rather enjoyed Ant-Man. Light hearted, comical, and some nice action sequences. Paul Rudd does Scott Lang well.
I liked a video from Paul Rudd and Chris Evans interviewed by Simon Mayo
So without Paul Rudd, I'm out of Monster Mania in August. Which does have a great lineup, minus Phil Anselmo.
How tf is Paul Rudd a superhero when he played in Wet Hot American Summer. That mf is a goof, period.
Latest JBM newletter is out. Stories on woman pioneer in baseball and Paul Rudd playing Moe Berg in upcoming movie.
Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Will Farrell, Jonah Hill & John C. Reilly make the best white comedies
Chris Evans has finally made Steve|Cap his own; Johanssen *almost* convinces this time around. And Scott Lang YAYYAYYAY! Paul Rudd = genius.
that is all I got from it too, team Paul Rudd and always team Chris Evans
I want Paul Rudd to shrink and then ride my wiener like the Shai Hulud
Cap's team had Paul Rudd so I was for him. But reality wise, Tony's side made the most sense.
Steven Carell & Paul Rudd in 40 year old Virgin or Paul Rudd & Steven Carell in Dinner for Schmucks?
Ever wondered what Hogwarts House your favorite super hero would be assigned alum Paul Rudd's Ant-Man?.
Dennis DeYoung reacts to Jimmy Fallon-Paul Rudd spoof of Styx video
Now they all 'know a guy'... Paul Rudd arrives at the Captain America: Civil War European premiere
what the fudge? Sun on a beach. I knew Paul Rudd was functionally immortal but Chadwick Boseman is 39?! 😌
Chris Evans is the art and we're all Paul Rudd enjoying the art
How great is Paul Rudd? I mean what fantastic casting! He is perfect as Scott Lang! Tom, Paul and Chadwick stole the show!
Can someone make a movie with Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis and John Krasinski in it. Please and thank you.
Jimmy Fallon and Paul Rudd did a shot for shot remake of a Styx music video and it's perfect
AntMan on Captain America was just as fab Paul Rudd is hilarious so 👏🏿 but dayumm Emily van camp reminded me of how much I miss revenge
Paul Rudd was amazing as always. Loved Spidey!
it was spectacular. It plays so much with audience expectations. But mostly, Paul Rudd is alles.
Paul Rudd and Scalett Johansson are playing beer pong at Tank as I type this, Patrick.
I ran into Paul Rudd in Philly. Had a 10 minute conversation with my ROTC Unit and Bill Clinton. My mother talked with Nixon.
I can't take Paul Rudd seriously in any movie because every time I see him, I see Bobby Newport...
Photos: exclusive portraits of Carla Gugino, Danny DeVito, Paul Rudd and more at
Paul Rudd has the least screen time among the major cast, but he was everyone's favorite. Well, tied with Tom.
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Paul Rudd was perfect for the role as well.
I caught her West End performance many, many years ago (with Charles Dance and Paul Rudd). She was great:
Adam Shefter looks like Paul Rudd, if Paul Rudd was an enormous ***
Paul Rudd will mix baseball with spying for a new World War II drama:
Ant-Man (2015). - everyone doubted this, they were so wrong. - Paul Rudd is the loml. - can hope van dyne punch me pls? https:/…
Paul Rudd . p sure he doesn't age, fanboys about the avengers even tho he is an avenger, thinks Hunter is a dumb name
PLEASE have a LSB with Paul Rudd, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Stephen Merchant, and Emma Stone! That would be EPIC!
Neil Patrick Harris looks like he will play Steve Kerr in the movie about the Warriors. Paul Rudd will play Luke Walton.
might change when I get to it on the rewatch, but the only thing keeping it where it is is Paul Rudd > Chris Hemsworth
are Chris Evans and Paul Rudd in a beard contest?
More importantly why can't your neighbor look like Corey Stoll instead of Paul Rudd lol
So in the movie 200 cigarettes, Paul Rudd has to choose between Courtney Love and Janeane Garofalo... Could you think of a worse life...
I have like four couples on my timeline who do this regularly and fml I cringe harder than when Paul Rudd calls Jason Segel ‘Joben’.
Scarlett Johansson, Paul Rudd, Harisson Ford and Stan Lee have a star I'm so proud
Paul Rudd in "Wet Hot American Summer" looks exactly like D. B. Sweeney in "Fire in the Sky" and I'm not sure what to make of that.
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.Review: Paul Rudd and Patton Oswald search for fame in raunchy animated
Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony MacKie & Paul Rudd on (Full Videos on ht…
That was a line by Jane Lynch with Paul Rudd & Sean William Scott
Paul Rudd is me. Agent Coulson is me.
And let's not forget the Paul Rudd mouth (recommended by Helen Mirren and possibly Jack Nicholson).
Can't tell which is Ben Affleck and which is Paul Rudd.. They look alike to me... Both are Gods
Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, and Paul Rudd all look exactly the same. lol & people say all Asian people look alike
Paul Rudd arriving to Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood: via
Yes, Mark Ruffalo changes into the Hulk when he's angry, but did you know that he turns into Paul Rudd when he's super…
I will never stop getting Paul Rudd and Ryan Reynolds mixed up
Dave Annable, Matthew Rhys, Eric Close — not one of them the correct answer: Paul Rudd (or, on a bad day, Sinead O'Connor).
Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, Anthony MacKie, and Sebastian Stan will be on Jimmy Kimmel on Monday!
Join us in wishing Paul Rudd a very happy birthday! The 'Ant-Man' star turns 47 today.
Happy bday My bday too! What a bash it would be with Paul Rudd, Cliff Claven and Lando ... and *** would THAT movie look like?
I kept staring at my foot surgeon and thinking, "He looks like Ryan Reynolds...or does he look like Paul Rudd? Maybe Paul Ryan?!"   10% Off
Paul Rudd and I share a birthday today and are both from New Jersey. (Also Lando and Cliff Claven; not from NJ.)
Netflix Readies 'The Fundamentals of Caring' for June 24 Premiere: The film starring Paul Rudd and Selena Gome...
Do yourselves a favor and check out Paul Rudd in Wanderlust (the mirror monologue)
Jessica stays in Concord and discovers Senator, played by Paul Rudd, is incriminated in a murder. Seth turns down an ex-lover.
why is Paul Rudd always on sesame street does he live there
Same with Krysten Ritter and Paul Rudd. One inch difference. . 👉😎👉
How is there not an R-rated ALF movie with H. Jon Benjamin as ALF and Paul Rudd & Elizabeth Banks as the parents? David Wain directs, obvs.
Paul Rudd & try to get their lives on track in the trailer for "Nerdland"
Justin Long, Paul Rudd, and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt are my dudes
Paul Rudd in Perks of Being a Wallflower is the teacher we all need, but not the teacher we deserve.
and Paul Rudd should play Daniel and I really want to be Maguire!
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