Paul Revere & Brass Monkey

Paul Revere (Late December, 1734May 10, 1818) was an American silversmith and a patriot in the American Revolution. Brass Monkey is the name of various people and things. In several cases, the people and things were named after, or as an allusion to, the colloquial expression. 2.3/5

Paul Revere Brass Monkey Beastie Boys Rest In Peace Adam Yauch Hot Sauce Committee Hot Sauce Super Bowl Orange Juice

Im serious.if Paul Revere dropped or Brass Monkey today...and whiteboys? Forget about it
Rioting in Seattle after the Super Bowl win? Seriously? Don't you know you're doing it wrong. You're only supposed to riot or "fight" for things that matter. For instance, I can drink Brass Monkey at 7 am because the Beastie Boys Fought For My Right to do that kind of thing... did you ever hear the story? They suffered! There was No Sleep Til Brooklyn... it was so Patriotic, like Paul Revere... because they had the LICENSE to Ill. Just think about how 3 MC's and 1 DJ can Get It Together, Give us a POW (for Liberty) that cannot be Sabotaged. And you riot? For shame. Show a little Gratitude.
Who the heck plays Beastie Boys at 5am to wake up? I do :) Brass Monkey followed by Paul Revere
On this day in 1986, Beastie Boys released their Licensed to Ill album. "Paul Revere" "Brass Monkey" "No Sleep Til Brooklyn" "Girls"
Yelawolf pays tribute to The Beastie Boys by performing a cover montage of Fight For Your Right, Brass Monkey, Intergalactic and Paul Revere, then plays into...
can we go back to the '80's? Never heard you guys play Beastie Boys' Paul Revere...or maybe Brass Monkey...memories!
My Bassett, Maggie loves some Beastie Boys as much as her mom!! She thumped her tail to the beat of Paul Revere and Brass Monkey!!
I remember as a lil kid Beastie Boys had every *** on the southside of Chicago bumpin Paul Revere and Brass Monkey. R.I.P. MCA.
Been thinking a lot about the Beastie Boys over the last few days (obviously)... and I realised that only have they heavily influenced my perceptions of comedy from a really young age. She's Craft, Paul Revere, Brass Monkey... all hilarious stories with lots of funny layers
...and R.I.P. Adam Nathaniel Yauch, A.K.A. MCA of the Beastie Boys. So Whatcha Want. Paul Revere. Brass Monkey. Sabotage. From License to Ill and the incomparable Paul's Boutique to their excellent late career albums To the Five Boroughs and Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, I've been nodding my head to Beasties' jams for practically my whole life. Thank you, guys. Thank you, MCA for kickin' so much *** throughout your 47 years. So, so sad.
MCA u are going to be remembered 4ever! Paul Revere, Brass Monkey! Classics before Rap was Main Stream!
Brass Monkey=An Old E 40 oz and Orange Juice..Drink the Old E down to the label pour in your Orange Juice and BAM Rest In Peace Paul Revere
Man.. I hate that.. I am still a fan of the Beastie Boys.. Brass Monkey.. Paul Revere.. Classics..
Just read the news that MCA from The Beastie Boys passed today. That's really sad. I've been a Beastie Boys fan since I was in 3rd grade. I got their "License to Ill" cassette that year. I remember walking around school singing Brass Monkey, Paul Revere & the other great hits from that album; I thought I was the stuff. Rest In Peace MCA, your musical genius will be missed.
Rest In Peace MCA of the Beastie Boys. My favorite songs back in the day from them where "Hold it Now", "Brass Monkey" and "Paul Revere"
RIP Adam Yauch from the Beastie Boys! Paul Revere and Brass Monkey still get the party started!!!
Break out the Brass Monkey and pour out some for MCA! We lost one of the greats today!! Taught us to Fight for Our Right to Party, and about a horsey named Paul Revere!!
A member of the Beastie Boys (MCA) has passed away... I grew up listening to these guys and they were the only white rap group accepted in Hip-Hop community during their time. They had great tunes like "Fight for your right to Party", "Brass Monkey", "Paul Revere". May he rest in paradise!
Remember going to hubert in six grade for one year. We had a dance in the gym. The only music they had was two tapes no lie. One was License to ill and the other Raising *** For those younguns who don't know what I'm talking bout that's The Beasties Boys and Run DMC. Brass Monkey , Paul Revere Slow Ride, and It's the New style were my favorite. Bell the whole tape. Girls all I really want is girls. R.I.P MCA.
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