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Paul Pierce

Paul Anthony Pierce (born October 13, 1977), nicknamed The Truth, is an American professional basketball forward with the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Chris Paul told Paul Pierce in Game 6: “You’re not ending your career in Utah”
Paul Pierce is going to be known to young people as a guy who played too long. In his prime in the early 00s he was so…
Paul Pierce knows who framed Roger Rabbit and is on a first name basis with the hooker who set up Sam Cooke
Paul Pierce is fighting Raul Neto for post position and Mo Speights never looks at him for the lob. Fires up a 3. I love it.
At least we're loyal to our teams. Thomas has really stepped up for Boston fr. KG and Paul Pierce were always the back bone man
"Don't matter if we face Paul George, Paul Pierce, Chris Paul, Paul Millsap. Or anybody with the name Paul. We gonna win…
Paul Pierce is driving... a Buick going 40mph in the left lane with its left blinker on, trundling…
That clippers loss means Paul Pierce is 3 Ls closer to retirement 🙌🏾
Paul Pierce moved into 15th place on the NBA's all-time scoring list. -
Who would've thought Joe Johnson, Richard Jefferson, Jason Terry, Paul Pierce and Vince Carter would be playing in the
I have to watch Raymond Felton, Luc Mbah a Moute, and Paul Pierce play basketball. Everything is trash
Fun trip down memory lane: Celtics legends Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett talk about coming together as a team to win
Paul Pierce said GS isn't that deep, Chuck and others said they were too light in the A$$, which is it?
Berry is the biggest baby ever. Paul Pierce esque.
ESPN's Doris Burke breaks the news to Paul Pierce about Rondo's torn ACL
individually Paul Pierce was a bucket in college.. Corliss played in that gimmick *** system under Nolan Richardson.
this IS the town that cheered wildly when Chicago Bull Brian Scalabrine hit a 3 on its NBA FINALS MVP, Paul Pierce so, yeah
in which I compare Paul Pierce to Rasputin and Doc Rivers to every fictional scientist whose hubris is their undoing.…
Isaiah Thomas just became the 3rd Celtic to make 200 3’s in a season. Antoine Walker (2002, 2003). Paul Pierce (2002). Is…
Kelly Olynyk outplayed Draymond Green last night... Draymond, the same guy that talked trash to Paul Pierce... got outp…
If joins he's the Ray Allen to 's Paul Pierce. Can that mean... wait is that KG aka 's music?!
Tried to get thru on Cooks . . . Paul Pierce, would like magnet. Thanks! (You're named after Michael Angelo!)
Paul Pierce is going out the way he wants.
Kevin McHale, & are rocking 'The Truth' headbands in honor of Paul Pierce's last game vs Bost…
On the one hand, I want to watch this. On the other hand, Mike Gorman on Paul Pierce is sort of a must watch...
I hate Boston Celtics as the Laker fan I am but boy It was a privilage to watch Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce play in their prime
Draymond Green takes shot at Paul Pierce, says he didn’t carry his Celtics teams
Draymond takes the Paul Pierce beef to another level.
Paul Pierce, Vince Carter, and Joe Johnson. I guess cuz they are best known for other things
Draymond Green just asked Paul Pierce " you thought they was going to give you a farewell tour? What you thought you was K…
Watch: Draymond Green goes off on Paul Pierce during the Clippers-Warriors game. . "Chasing that farewell tour. You though…
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Draymond Green will NEVER be anything like Paul Pierce. THE TRUTH
Draymond Green talks to Paul Pierce as if he's good without Curry, KD & Klay 💀. Green would get smoked by Prime Pierce
Paul Pierce will be remembered as a future HOF. While Draymond Green will be remembered as a donkey.
Draymond Green isn't even nice enough to be talking trash to Paul Pierce like that.
Paul Pierce just pulled the biggest tea sip against Draymond Green.
I'm not even gonna comment on that. Paul Pierce the truth. That is all.
If you're saying in any way shape or form that draymond is better than Paul Pierce, please stop discussing basketball
ah man don't do me like that pause lol I ain't Paul pierce and you ain't draymond lmao
Draymond "fourth option" green couldn't lace prime Paul pierce's shoes lol don't know why he's being disrespectful
Wasn't Paul Pierce named the MVP of that Finals that year?
This is the most we've talked about Paul Pierce in two seasons. He went ring chasing on the wrong teams.
Lol @ y'all thinking Paul Pierce was some super elite player in his prime.
Paul Pierce finally making noise this year. Behind a keyboard. He's one of us now lol
Paul Pierce is trying to copy a Pizza Hut coupon code
Paul Pierce waited until he got back to LA to take a shot at the Warriors
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Paul Pierce and Amar'e Stoudamire put on a show in MSG. What a game. (2010)
Paul Pierce already roasted the Warriors today and it wasn't even 6am yet:
Paul Pierce disrespect won't fly tho! Top 10 all time in the last 4 mins. Period!
Draymond just straight-up trashed Paul Pierce. "You can't get no farewell tour, they don't love you like that...You thought you…
Warriors fans are so mad at Paul Pierce because they still hate him from back when they were Lakers fans.
Paul pierce is the best bench warmer of the league
Talking trash is fine but just to be clear here, Draymond Green will never be the player Paul Pierce was in his prime.
Like how are you gonna call out Paul pierce like that. Draymond will never be as good as PP
Paul Pierce's attempt at trolling the Warriors doesn't even make sense
Why is everyone talking about Paul Pierce??
Social media really got people out here thinking it's cool to disrespect Paul Pierce. Like them years in Boston didn't exist. D…
Draymond disrespecting Paul Pierce "Chasing that farewell tour.. you thought you was Kobe" 😂😭
On the Left is Kobe Bryant's farewell tour .. . At the right is Paul Pierce's farewell tour ...
Draymond Green can't be saying anything to Paul Pierce. He's barely the 4th option on his own team
Who tf is Draymond Green to disrespect Paul Pierce. Reasons why I hate the warriors
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Paul Pierce's response to the Warriors talking smack.
Here's something I've told myself today in regards to PG13 being a Lakers fan. So was Paul Pierce.
Magic is about to trade Russell, Ingram and Randle for some combination of Carmelo, Rondo, Paul Pierce and Derrick Rose. 😔
BREAKING: Celtics have acquired Blake Griffin & Paul Pierce from LA for Jae Crowded and Amir Johnson. Also Billy you're an *** Sad!
Can we trade Paul Pierce back to boston and let him retire a celtic?
Paul Pierce will always be a Boston Celtic:
Paul Pierce was ready for that Aaron Gordon drone dunk…
Almost certain that this is how Paul Pierce takes all of his screenshots
Paul Pierce permanently shuts Al Harrington up and buries the clutch 3 right in his face after back and forth trash talk…
Paul Pierce's last shot in TD Garden. This is what sports are all about.
From Paul Pierce Last Shot in Boston and the Patriots winning the Super Bowl let February 5th go down in history for New England!
My favorite part of the game was when Paul Pierce kicked the ball to Lebron James.
At least Paul Pierce got to do this one last time
UNC won, Celtics won, Paul Pierce made his last shot in Boston, and the Patriots made the greatest comeback ever today was a great day
It's like as a Lakers fan, being ok with Paul Pierce having 5 rings. Wanna negate the greatness but Brady is just that dude.
What an awesome moment for Paul Pierce (via
Paul Pierce last game in Boston + Patriots Super Bowl is TOO MUCH FOR ME EMOTIONALLY RN
So today i witnessed Paul Pierce's last game in Boston and the best super bowl comeback of all time...bruh
"The games not over until the clock says zero" - Paul pierce - Katie McGuiggan
Paul Pierce's last shot in Boston. ... and he sinks it
Celtics beat the Clippers today, Paul pierce scored his last 3 on Celtics ground, and Patriots won a 21-3 lead, today was a good day(:
I liked a video Paul Pierce Returns to The Game and Hits a Farewell Three Pointer in Boston |
New England won the Paul Pierce had his final game in boston 😢
Paul Pierce's final bucket from inside the Garden... chills (via
Paul pierce and the GOAT and GaGa all in one day
Paul Pierce goes out in style as he bids his final farewell to Boston. recaps:
What an ovation for Paul Pierce, man.
Well at least Paul pierce is the most overrated trash 3 on the planet
Boston rises for a tribute to Paul Pierce! 🍀.
This is Paul Pierce's 630th game at TD Garden. He's never gone scoreless.
The most remarkable comeback in sports history. On Paul Pierce day, Tom Brady and the Patriots called game.
New England and Boston must've had the greatest day, first Paul Pierce returns and hits his last shot in the TD Garden,and now TB12 with
Paul Pierce knocks down a 3 in the closing seconds as he exits TD Garden for... by via
Watch and listen as the Boston faithful give Paul Pierce a hero's farewell.
BANG!. Paul Pierce enters hame to rousing ovation for final play of career in Boston, drains three-pointer 🔥
What a way for Paul Pierce to say goodbye to Boston!
Paul Pierce arriving at TD Garden for the final time in full gear. Check out Pregame at 130pm on
Pierce's 3 covered the spread for LAC 🙈 what a way to go out, Paul
I'd say today is a good day for Boston fans Paul pierce last game in Boston and patriots win never felt better to be a fan of my hometown
Paul Pierce: Imma give Boston a game to remember. Tom Brady: Hold my drink.
That Paul Pierce 3 from the crowd's view... chills. .
Doc Rivers on Paul Pierce hitting his final shot at TD Garden: "For Paul, that was perfect. That was perfect."
I knew the Patriots were gonna win when Paul Pierce hit that last 3
Paul pierce's last game got me emotional
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Paul Pierce really felt that ovation ☘️👏
Isaiah Thomas: 'Surreal moment' talking with Paul Pierce -
Hey at least Boston had a nice sports moment today with Paul Pierce! One out of 2 ain't bad!
So Paul Pierce hitting that three was pretty cool huh guys
Tom Brady and Paul Pierce made this the most magical day of my fan life.
Does anybody remember the Paul Pierce 3-pointer?
18 years ago today Paul Pierce made his NBA and Celtic debut. Tonight he plays his last game in Boston
My favorite part of the day was watching Paul pierce shoot a three at the rd garden while a bunch of drunk guys and I were…
Paul Pierce made final 3 vs celtics✅ Patriots comeback✅ What a day to live in New England
Paul Pierce returns to Boston one last time.
On the 5th of February 2017, both Tom Brady and Paul Pierce shed a tear for two different reasons but both were from the heart.
CA has given New England Brady, Ted Williams, Bill Russell, Nomar, Paul Pierce...and we get frick'n Frank McCourt!
As Celtics fans said goodbye to him, Paul Pierce delivered his own goodbye msg for the ages Sunday afternoon in BOS:
Paul Pierce really felt that ovation by the Celtics crowd. 👏🍀.
Paul Pierce says that Isaiah Thomas told him after the game, "Thank you for all that you did for this franchise."
Paul Pierce will always be a Celtics legend.
The end of that game, all the love for Paul Pierce, *** near brought tears to my eyes!
Paul Pierce. Absolute legend. Always grateful for how much he means to the city of Boston.
Paul Pierce kissing Lucky the Leprechaun at center court before tip
Paul Pierce's last game at the Garden is an excellent opportunity to revisit one of my most favorite Wikipedia entries…
Isaiah Thomas with a Paul Pierce tribute with the long, leaning hold after his 3-pointer.
Paul Pierce repped Boston right off the bus 🏈
Paul Pierce plays in Boston for the final time today. Here's where "The Truth" stacks up in Celtics franchise history. htt…
Paul Pierce will start today for the Clippers.
Best of Paul Pierce on Comcast Sportsnet right now 🐐🐐🐐
Paul Pierce is back in Boston and he went everywhere. Prudential Building. Fenway Park. TD Garden. He even went to get Cla…
Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Kevin Garnett showed heaps of though...
Paul Pierce really just a darker Keith Van Horn.
I remember when Paul Pierce squared up on Joakim Noah in a pre season game. 😂 My dude is hard
Players with more top 5 MVP finishes than Paul Pierce. Joahkim Noah. Chauncey Billups. Jermaine O'Neal. Peja Stojackovic.
That sounds like someone mad that they grow a "beard" similar to the one Paul Pierce grows
Isaiah Thomas has his 9th game this season with at least 35 points. That's the most by a Celtics player since Paul Pierce had…
& click here [to enter to win Paul Pierce's autograph!! 🏀 ✍️
Isaiah Thomas may be the most fun player to watch since Larry Bird. Reggie Lewis and Paul Pierce were fun, but this is different.
My main man Marty trying to be Paul Pierce lmao
Life is a series of challenges put before you. The people that are successful are the ones that take the challenges head-on. – Paul Pierce …
please stay at KU. Ask Danny Manning and Paul Pierce. Build the legacy.
Paul Pierce is a first ballot hall of famer. Lets not put Isaiah in the same class as the truth just yet.
In this game, Adrian Branch has compared Aggie players to Paul Pierce, Sam Perkins and Karl Malone. Slow down a tad, ***
Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett. AND Rajon Rondo was there. Instead of joining them like Durant did, he went…
There were the Celtics that had Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo. So no he didn't.
Yeah this is just wrong. Boston had Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, KG... sorry Steve that's ignorant.
Steve has become forgetful in his old age. KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen would disagree.
Sorry Steve but he could've joined the big 3 in Boston (KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen)
Everybody looks at Paul Pierce as this great clutch player when he spent his life in the lottery before KG & Ray Ray. Melo i…
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you had Bron, Kobe, D Wade, T Mac, Melo, Paul Pierce, KG, AI, Dirk, Tim Duncan etc. you could watch every game that comes on lol
^ Among *active* NBA players, only Dirk Nowitzki, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry and Vince Carter have played in more games than Jo…
I miss the watching the Celtics with KG Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. They were just so dominant!
Bro ain't good unless he got Paul Pierce, kg & Ray Allen on his team 😂😂 trash
Isaiah Thomas joins Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Sam Jones and Paul Pierce in the Celtics' 50-point club. HIGHLIGHTS:
The shot that got Isaiah Thomas 50 points, tie Paul Pierce's record and win the game
Isaiah Thomas is the 1st Celtic to have a 50-point game since Paul Pierce did so in the 2005-2006 season.
The Celtics have 8 50-point games in franchise history. They belong to Bird (4), McHale, Sam Jones, Paul Pierce, and now...Is…
Bruh. Billy King gave up 6 years worth of picks for the corpse of KG, Paul Pierce and Gerald Wallace.
She had that Bruce Bowen D in the beginning then she turned into more of a Paul Pierce from this season lol
Paul Pierce passed James Donaldson into a tie for 90th all-time in rebounds.
, Ray Allen, KG , and Paul Pierce gotta get a team going once Paul finally leave the league bro. For…
KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. (I know Pierce isn't retired...but he should be.)
Isaiah Thomas is the first Celtic to drop 44 Pts in a game since Paul Pierce in 2006, as Boston wins in OT.
it was 2010 game 7 Paul Pierce playing QB
Indiana State head coach Greg Lansing raved about Butler, and even compared Kelan Martin to Paul Pierce.
KG, Paul Pierce & Ray Allen are white too, so is Dennis Johnson & Robert Parrish
Tmac, Stephen Jackson, Gary Payton, Oscar Robinson. All big time haters. Paul Pierce got a little bit of hate too.
Baron Davis was a transcendent playa, Paul Pierce, and now Lo Ball! Been been school boy baller in yrs! There is no justification for ??'s🕵🏻
Paul Pierce was much better player than Kobe last season.and well their whole careers.
She was getting Paul Pierce to sign it. Chris Paul was just kidding when he grabbed it. He is still also a wanker.
Someone just asked Paul Pierce to sign a Celtics jersey. Chris Paul walks by and rips it out of her hands and walks away 😂
Paul Pierce is taking in the game as Rick James...😂 (Via
Chris Paul has Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce, Jamal Crawford, Deandre Jordan want me to keep going?
Zobrist has been clutch for the all season. He just has a Paul Pierce, "This is why they brought me here" moment
Shout out to Paul Pierce for ruining Burks career
With the set-back for Alec Burks and his recovery, the ire for Paul Pierce grows. It was an absolutely dirty play.
You can't call Alec Burks "Injury Prone" When these last three surgeries were the result of a cheap Paul Pierce play.
I used to be a Paul Pierce fan. He makes one lazy, dirty move during a time he ought to be retired, & makes Burks get 3 surgeries.
We all should thank Paul Pierce for this... That dirty play is going to cost Burks a year of action.
Vince Carter, Dirk, Jason Terry, Ron Artest, Manu, and Paul Pierce the only active players from the 90's still in the league.
NBA Players left from the 90s: Paul Pierce, Dirk, Ron Artest, Jason Terry, Vince Carter, Manu
Paul Pierce won the night dressing up as Rick James.
Paul Pierce is legit sitting on the Clippers bench dressed like Rick James
Paul Pierce is dressed like Rick James so he needed some Chappelle's Show audio
Paul Pierce really out here sitting on the bench dressed as Rick James
Paul Pierce isn't playing tonight due to injury, so he's dressed up on the bench like Rick James. (via
Paul Pierce got the worst costumes for a *** with money,
"No one cares what Paul Pierce did or who he did it for". - Draymond Green. Explain this then you *** 👇
Doc should cut Paul Pierce and add somebody who can actually help the team like Archie Goodwin or RJ Hunter!
Paul Pierce is being Rick James for Halloween this year...
Paul Pierce is 4th All Time in most 3 Pointers made in NBA History. . Behind only Jason Terry , Reggie Miller & . Ray A…
Dirk. . Paul Pierce. Vince Carter. Jason Terry. Metta World Peace. Only 5 players left who debuted in the 90's are still on NB…
Paul Pierce (building actual slide to slide into your DMs) sat out Thursday's practice
Paul Pierce (along with Reggie Miller) may be the most underrated player of all time. Both are easily top 25 in NBA…
Who is better at 🏀? Reggie Miller or 'Nique? Millier or Paul Pierce? Miller or Richmond Should be easy to answer, right?
Kenton did it Shaw did it. Paul Pierce weak *** wouldn't have a ring without free agents. And yes it's the MF same
Paul Pierce sheds light on this generation of players.
Paul Pierce & Otto Porter really got Demarre Carroll 16M per
Paul Pierce just announced on SiriusXM NBA radio that he will sign with Boston next summer and then retire.
the Clippers ship has saailed. They got Wes Johnson, Paul Pierce, and Brandon Bass. Not exactly modern NBA.
Paul Pierce plans to cap NBA career with one-day Celtics deal via App
Michael Elgin still thinks he's Paul Pierce with the headband !
Chatting with from about the career of Paul Pierce!
Can't lie Mike been a huge Paul Pierce fan since I met him he used to be a problem!
Paul Pierce announces the NBA season will be his last🍀
16 years ago today, . Paul Pierce was stabbed 11 times in a nightclub. He started all 82 games that year
Danny Ainge confirms the obvious with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce having their jerseys retired in the future.
This morning, Paul Pierce announced that this will be his final NBA season.
I see Paul Pierce slander today lol
Paul Pierce has announced this will be his last season in the NBA. The news shocked NBA fans who thought Pierce retired 2…
Kobe, Timmy, and KG gone in one offseason and now Paul Pierce announces that it's his final season. 🙃 the NBA I grew up wi…
Paul Pierce thinks he's going to get a farewell tour like Kobe NBA fans going to be like
Paul Pierce barely Top 10 in his own franchise history LMAO
Paul Pierce retiring after this season? *** all the legends gone
Paul Pierce announced this will be his last NBA season. ***Kobe Bryant responds by coming back to the NBA to *** blo…
10-time NBA All-Star Paul Pierce announces he will retire at the end of 2016-17 season via The Players' Tribune
First KG is retiring now Paul Pierce 😩 lawd I can't take this
Dear Paul Pierce,. Sign back with the Celtics for one day and retire in Boston. Sincerely, . Your Fans.
If Paul Pierce doesn't get some kind of farewell tour, that'll just prove he's an under appreciated legend in the NBA.
With Paul Pierce announcing his retirement, this is an end of an era and makes me officially old
If Paul Pierce ain't get KG and Ray to get that ring. Melo career > Paul. Speak on it.
Paul Pierce to return for 19th season, then retire via App
Paul pierce is going to get the Kobe treatment?
Paul Pierce was cool, nobody losing sleep cuz he leaving the game tho *** like 3 years too late anyway
Paul Pierce retiring makes me so sad and feel so old😢
Paul Pierce should've just retired today. You're not Kobe & you don't deserve a farewell tour.
⚡️ “Paul Pierce says he will retire after 2016-2017 NBA season”.
BREAKING: Paul Pierce announces this upcoming season will be his last in the NBA (via
so true! Paul Pierce is def getting in the hall of fame tho
Paul pierce was stabbed 11 times 16 years ago today thats wild
BREAKING: Paul Pierce has announced he will retire at the end of this upcoming season. . "1 more opportunity"
One of my favorite players growing up - Paul Pierce. Entering his final season. The Truth. Prolific scorer. 20-6-5 career. L…
Can't believe Paul Pierce is actually retiring after this year makes me feel old
Who we got left from the 90's? Vince Carter, Paul Pierce, Andre Miller... and why wont Ray Allen retire?
My experiment worked ✅. These stats are from last season. Klay Thompson as Ray Allen. DeMar DeRozan as Paul Pierce.
Lmao I forgot Joe Johnson put Paul pierce on the ground
the sixers drafted Larry Hughes over Paul pierce and Dirk
Doc Rivers says Paul Pierce still hasn't decided on retirement, has to do it with Celtics (New Pos…
after 10 long years of carrying the Celtics, hard work finally pays off. Paul Pierce wins Finals MVP/Ring. ☘ https:…
Paul Pierce was stabbed 11 times in the face, neck & back & had a bottle smashed over his head back in 2000 but still played…
Paul Flynn with CEO Pierce O'Reilly! Tune in tomorrow night at 8pm for
Isaiah Thomas is a mini Paul Pierce and i love it
Has anyone heard from Paul Pierce. Wondering if he says this jays team doesn't have "it". I think they do
Vince Carter and paul pierce still tearing up then mlb, b. legends — The what
hoop like Paul Pierce, ball out the gymnasium
Hate his guts but I think Ingrams game is most like Paul Pierce's ..
Just soaking up the history of the Boston Celtics has been the best thing that's happened to me
After dropping 42 on Shaq and the Lakers in 01, Shaq said: "Take this down, Paul Pierce is the mother f***ing Truth." The ni…
Give us Paul Pierce back, I beg you Mr. Rivers & The Clippers Organization, deserves 2 play his last season in Green not a one day contract.
to the last callers point Larry Brown did promise Larry Hughes he would draft him we could have had Paul Pierce
John-Paul Pierce connects with Pat Hughes for a 42-yard TD. Crusaders stretch their lead to 35-7.
Starting lineup if JK was coach of USA Basketball:. - Andre Miller. - Jason Terry. - Paul Pierce. - Vince Carter. - Kevin Garnett.
Paul Pierce but he's just watchin. Stanley Johnson and Terrence Ross are playing rn. Nick Young and Javale McGee next
Paul Pierce was A a savage on the Celtics
Guys, Paul Pierce just walked in the building.
Paul Pierce was a great player and all, but is he the depth needed for this western conference...?🤔
Hoop like paul pierce ball out the gymnasium
Paul Pierce as a Celtic 🍀. NBA Champion 🏆. Finals MVP 🏅. 10x All-Star 🌟. 4x All NBA. 2nd all time in points as a Celtic 🍀 h…
"Paul Pierce-ish" means "often underappreciated by the eye test" to me.
Maya Moore gets buckets, that's obvious. But game has something else making her so compelling. Something cold blooded and Paul Pierce-ish.
Did you read my Paul Pierce appreciation post? You didn't? Here:
First time Kobe plays against Paul Pierce since Pierce was in Boston.
Cause he was getting beat by Paul Pierce and Dwight 😂
Watch Paul Pierce Top 10 Plays of his NBA Career! 🔥🔥🏀. Check out all of them here --->
I probably visualize myself, the shots I'm going to get in the game, how I'm going to play defe
Paul Pierce reportedly returning for 19th season in - via App
"Paul Pierce is better and superior in the playoffs"
exactly mello done been out there with killers VC TMac Prime Kobe AI Paul pierce Bronny Gilbert arenas Barron Davis and more
Paul Pierce's daughter wanted a llama for her birthday so as any father would, he got her a llama
Bro look like a strung out paul pierce
Paul pierce really went at kobe neck in that 08 finals
young paul pierce used to catch BODIES
Paul Pierce some time you got to take a step back for the right shot
Throwback Thursday: Favorite Vince Carter dunk? T-Mac, Paul Pierce and others weigh in.
Paul Pierce planning return with Clippers for 19th NBA season, sources say
Off-season roadtrips: NBA players canvass the globe to spread the game of basketball From Bradley Beal's sumo expe…
One of Celtics' three ABC games will be on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb. 5) vs. Clippers in what may be Paul Pierce's final appea…
Lmao he made cause you went at Paul Pierce
Blake Griffin, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen will be Celtics tomorrow.
Celtics getting Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Blake Griffin by monday.
Vince Carter to New Orleans for Baron Davis & Jamal Magloire. Darius Miles & Zach Randolph for Paul Pierce. Paul Pierce for CP3
if you want Paul Pierce to finish his career in Boston!
Doc Rivers is making sure Paul Pierce can retire a Celtic.
Doc Rivers said that if Paul Pierce wants to retire he will waive him so he can retire a Celtic
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
For all the bandwagons: if you want to be a NYK fan, you must first hate Paul Pierce, Reggie Miller, and James Dolan, in particular order.
Paul Pierce deserves to retire as a Celtic and you get Avery Bradley and Rudy *** fair trade..
I would do Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder for Paul Pierce. Seems like fair value for the Clippers
Paul Pierce is reportedly planning to return to the Clippers for his 19th season
4. Joe Johnson's low and tight handle gets Paul Pierce on his knees
The night Paul Pierce's career was ended
“Paul Pierce. The Captain and The Truth, one of the best guards in Boston Celtics history! Shaq originall…” —
17 years ago today, the Celtics signed Paul Pierce to a multi-year deal.
I got the weirdest dudes on 2K that I use lol . Kentavious Caldwell Pope. Gordon Hayward. Marc Gasol. Celtics Paul Pierce
Jae to the Kings. Rudy *** to LAC. Bradley and Johnson to LAC. Paul Pierce and Blake to Boston. That good?
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