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Paul Petersen

William Paul Petersen (born September 23, 1945) is an American actor, singer, novelist, and activist.

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MonkeyJunk/ Reddick encore today at our Holger Petersen book launch. Paul is nominated for Blues…
Paul Reddick playing for Holger Petersen's book launch and signing. Interview with Holger and…
Here's my logic. There's not a huge jump from Cru…
45 years ago tonight...Elaine Giftos, Bernie Kopell, Karen Valentine and Paul Petersen on 'Love, American Style' on
I liked a video from Paul Petersen: In Retrospect
Episode 6 of Life Interrupted is up on You Tube. Check it out. The Gang is kickin' it. Paul Petersen
Last night's SA Property Networking event PE - Neale Petersen & Paul Stevens discussing the do's and don'ts of prop…
Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property and Neale Petersen, CEO of Real Estate Investor magazine are sharing their...
They're currently whining that they want a nap.
There you go again, abusing and mistreating staff. 😬
today, I got the last one from Paul they go to auction, National Autistic Association…
Boomer, Skin, and Money would be a great title for a buddy cop movie.
I stand with Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Austin Wade Petersen and all those who love Liberty!
Uverse *** Internet and TV has been out 5+ minutes every hour the last few days in 75219. Boo!
Paul Petersen summed up my opinion abt Chloe's interview & cast.…
& Willian Petersen Csi las vegas is my favorite series
-->Nets Trio of Top 10's at DIRTcar Nats!...
I met an original Mouseketeer and one-time teen idol Paul Petersen at 50th Anniversary Celebration of…
HUMONGOUS CONRATULATORY HUGS for Alexander Jeffery, Paul Petersen and the cast and crew of Memoir: A Short Film...
Paul Sides helping smooth out the pit area.
I've been calling Paul Ryan the "Poor People Slayer" for years. And he keeps proving me right. .
Please join Paul Petersen and co. on May 6th at 7:30 for a Donna Reed Show Mother's Day event at the Barnes & Noble on 19…
Former Donna Reed Show star Paul Petersen talks about his advocacy for child stars.
Our conversations with Paul Petersen, Alison Arngrim, Dawn Lyn and Donelle Dadigan are now available online for...
Paul Petersen (The Donna Reed Show) & Tony Dow (Leave It to Beaver) will be starring in a new ep of SUSPENSE!
Austin Petersen: "The role of government is to protect our liberty, not our security."
Austin Petersen is spot on regarding
In my opinion, I'd give Austin Petersen the LP nomination. Johnson had his shot last time, let's give the young blood a ch…
unfortunately there's more angry Bernie supporters than Paul supporters. A Johnson/Petersen ticket would work
“The more I listen to Ron Paul the more I think he actually despises this country” -Austin Petersen in 2014
Which as the frontrunner is actually a good move. Petersen was going for Paul votes which they should already have
Ron Paul can do it in a few minutes. Petersen has read Ron Paul. He can do it!!
Life update: my political crush has changed from Rand Paul to Austin Petersen
Petersen seems to refer to Ron Paul a lot.
Austin Petersen did a better job on the ISIS question...and mentioned Ron Paul for bonus points
My mom's early review of the "I like the young guy (Petersen). He looks like you and reminds me of Ron Paul."
Petersen has better plan to end welfare state than Ron Paul did in 2012…
Petersen acting as a Rand Paul surrogate... . .
I wasn't a fan of Austin Petersen but with every mention of Ron Paul I like him more
Austin Petersen mentions Ron Paul, maybe he'll become the Reagan of the libertarian party
Rand Paul's endorsement April Fools joke was terrible. He got my hopes up that he would either endorse Ted or Austin Petersen
What a great idea! Petersen supports Rand, and Paul returns the favor!
Awesome. I side with on the isidewith quiz. Rand Paul to Announce Endorsement of Austin Petersen
Should be up by 10:30am tomorrow morning, Paul.
Jill Petersen Cottrell this thing is Awesome and you need to look at it. Love you beans!!!
Honored to be endorsed by County Assessor
. I'd be willing to vote for Austin Petersen if he is the Libertarian nominee. Otherwise, I will write-in Rand Paul.
H21BD to the best gbig ever!! Can't wait to thug it up with u at Paul Wall & hope u have loads of fun on the square!!! ily
After 3 pints of Paul settle in Dexter RalPhy Petersen 󾌴󾌴󾌴
As a Rand Paul supporter I rather back Petersen than Johnson. Austin needs to utilize the libertarian republic to booste his camp
should know. Andreas, can you help Paul?
Hi Dave! I did some old auto research (lightly) and found that the Duisenburg Company was started here in St Paul
Actor Paul Petersen tells his amazing story from child actor to pop idol & major TV star at
Sci-Fi series, Rachel, Erik). 73 nominations for the show in its 4 seasons!
Congrats, all, as Continuum gets 3 final Saturn Award nominations today (1/2)
That's right! Vote for Rand Paul if you want a conservative. Vote for Austin Petersen for a liberty candidate.
Paul Petersen of Goldmine CRM said, "Leads are like house guests they don't get better with age."
We're closed today & tomorrow, but hope to see you here later this week for Pete Petersen, Paul Green and more!
Tune in to TanTalk 1340 today at 10:15 to hear Austin Petersen on Clearwater radio Freedom Works with Paul...
Devon Petersen, Ronnie Baxter, Christian Kist, Paul Nicholson and Keegan Brown just some of the big names who will miss the UK Open.
1955:. Mickey Mouse Club airs on ABC-TV. Today is Talent. Round-Up Day and Mouseketeer Paul Petersen's last episode.
Seems like Devon Petersen & Paul Nicholson missing out qualification for the UK Open as well.
Disagree with your politics, but respect your activism and LOVE your music! Keep doing your thing!
TOMORROW on we'll have Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen, AND Teckla!! https:…
Paul Meehl on problems with theory testing in psychology -- absolutely brilliant
After the Olympic Trials, where is Paul Petersen taking his family? To Legoland of course
Beautiful use of light and shadows. Tyrell Johnson.(Christian Petersen/Getty)
Another sample from the upcoming book, "Waterlogue Portraits - How to Fix the Faces" by Paul Petersen
// That monstrosity is right in there with Paul Allan's Bueno!!
I'M A MURDERER: Simon Price has found his cure. He has found his solace. He has found MURDER …
FYI, you've been added as a maker of The App Guy Podcast Episode 285 : Thomas Petersen on
The App Guy Podcast Episode 285 : Thomas Petersen — 3 mins of using my app have changed people's workflow - on
Lulu at the Met with a cast from outer space Marlis Petersen, Susan Graham, Paul Groves, Daniel…
. We must act out passion before we can feel it. - Jean-Paul Sartre
Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen has kind words for Republican Presidential candidate Rand Paul.
Again, the establishment is deathly afraid of this man. -Senator Rand Paul: "Make no mistake, we have been...
Additionally, Priscilla O'Dowd has been named the GPAC Freshman of the Year & Paul Giesselmann shares Coach of the Yr h…
for Best Actor/Actress." So, & are eligible for Canadagraphs consideration in Recurring (3/5)
If Dennis Kucinich were running, the Democrats would have a chance at my vote. As it stands, Rand Paul and Austin Petersen are only choices.
Please sign and share. Soldier brags about killing dogs.
My strings symphonic arrangement of the 1962 hit 'My Dad' by Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, recorded by Paul Petersen.
Angelo, the house!!! Cinzia can't you hear the train coming!!! -Paul Petersen as David Winters in Houseboat
(to Cary Grant) Hey pop, don't do anything beautiful for a while will ya. -Paul Petersen as David Winters in Houseboat
(to C Grant about S Loren) We've taken a vote and it's unanimous, Cinzia stays! -Paul Petersen as David Winters in Houseboat
Paul Petersen was also the co-star of TV's Donna Reed Show and he had a lot of hit records, all as a child actor.
With car Kustomizer King and Donna Reed Child star and teen idol Paul Petersen
Looks/feels like a $50 off coupon on your NEXT visit. You'll pay the $100 :)
Thanks Paul Petersen for this amazing clip - Uptown Funk really kicking it!!!
She totally looked like she had the super suit on !! but i wasn’t fast enough to record it
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I will see what I can do I am still watching
Hi! 😆. Me and saw it at the end of the new episode of Dark Matter. I'll make sure 2 record it next time.
New 10 sec Syfy ad; Kierza new scene w/Garza in a copy of Kiera's supersuit? What say you, :D
The "take" aggregator approach was the freshest thing.
I'm ok with "hot takes," and "clown takes" makes me laugh so that's cool. Little wary of "fresh takes" tbh
.Would you go as far as to say it was a compilation of "Fresh Takes"?
Good piece... I'd like to see more aggregate commentary stuff like that.
.Who made you Judge Judy and executioner?
Trump talked for 2 more minutes than anyone. Bush second and 2 mins ahead of others. Walker/Paul get least amount
RAND PAUL: We need to quit sending money to countries that BURN OUR FLAG. ... Quit giving away money we don't have! .
that jheri curl looking so tight on Rand Paul
At halftime: Paul, Rubio, Bush are winning. That last section was bad for Trump. None of the others standing out (for good…
That Christie/Paul exchange was the best so far. The only really substantive discussion so far.
Donald Trump has so far said two factually untrue things:. -- That he donated to Rand Paul's campaigns. -- That he was …
Rand Paul: ISIS rides around in a BILLION dollars worth of American humvees. .
Paul is right in that Obama has been funding terrorists. US money gets into the hands of ISIS.
Rand Paul has the first sane line of the night.
Trump handled that (will you support GOP nominee no matter what?) fairly well and Rand Paul handled it better.
Rand Paul goes for blood first thing. I like it.
TEAR IN TIME - Modern surgeon travels in time to the American Civil War
“The time has come to drop kick the Big White Hunters out of Africa” says Captain Paul Watson.
Rand Paul matches up best against Clinton in Minnesota, trailing by only 1% point.
Paul Petersen of Goldmine is on SLMA Radio this week: Follow The Money, his last show was: ...
We're really sad to see the best TV show ever coming to an end, but at least we get to see som...
The cast had a reunion while shooting the series finale!
I want to thank Jon Gosselin and Paul Petersen for coming to Upper Moreland High School and sharing their stories of life in the (cont)
Once more unto the breach, dear friends.
Taiji and the Faroes have much in common
1945:Happy Birthday original Mouseketeer Paul Petersen, born on this date.
Video of St. Paul Police as they taser a man for "sitting while black". cc:
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
1945:Happy Birthday Original Mouseketeer Paul Petersen born on this date.
Only 1 justification needed: market bears that price. Respect private property, Wade - they are not your Cowboys.
Paul Petersen as in his being on the Donna Reed Show Paul Petersen. Oops. my bad. Jason's family. Oops. my bad.
Some fun trivia information from Paul Petersen who played Jeff Stone on "The Donna Reed Show" starting in 1958.
Paul Petersen, known from the Donna Reed Show, will be at BTT50s - Cruisin with Wings trailer on Sat and Sun
LA life through the eyes of stars of the past.MT: Tony Dow, Bill Gray, Bill Mumy, Paul Petersen.
Recalling some good LA Memories with Tony Dow, Bill Gray, Bill Mumy and Paul Petersen.
ILMSW Fan Submission from Paul Petersen - Love my smittys. Thanks for being a fan of the page Paul!
See you in heaven , me love you daddy . ♫ My Dad by Paul Petersen —
.The Paul Joice podcast will be available in the morning.
From Pastor Julie Petersen. LFMC, lets go to prayer for John Paul Jackson! He was just diagnosed with an...
Uh, yes. Caught last night's beat down in person at Coors. Awful.
Or an old head like me a greater entertainer. Loved his shows; still love his old mix tapes.
Hi Erik, DM me your email address and I'll send a PDF. Thanks :O)
looking for more Lean Python reviewers? I'll put my hand up
Breast Cancer Awareness
Omari, I never heard of these until today, and they've been around for 35 yrs :o
Gary Goddard and Paul Petersen in What the Bryan Singer scandal says about Hollywood
Episode 36 of deals with heady topics, such as race relations and pie. Listen, won't you:
Anyone else think chris paul is the best mid range jump shooter ? Does not miss!!!
Yes sir Paul and his guys are beasts.
And you, a sweet bike :) What DOES Garza have now on PironAlec??
thank you! You guys are killing it this season!
Awesome! I agree definitely rocked it tonight! :D
A shining hour, literally, for Liber8, and you guys. Great work tonight!
No prob Jamie; come to Twin Peaks in North Irving and you and drink on me!
He's the leading advocate for kids! former child star Paul Petersen via
Just one more weekend to go in June, and the past few days have been an emotional roller-coaster...a funeral, a wedding, a fund-raiser for a four year-old who needs a liver transplant (see Rainy's photo), and today the Memorial Service for Annette on the Disney lot. Life, my friends, leaves you permanently startled. Monday best, Paul Petersen
I know Father's Day was yesterday, but I just came across something by chance, so I was compelled to share it as a tribute to all the Dad's who are no longer with us - too many l know lost their Dad's way too soon - even those of us who's Dad's have passed on after living fairly long lives are always, & will always, be missed & thought of all year long every year - many of them lived through the Great Depression as toddlers, young kids, pre-teens, & teenagers - many fought in WW II, as their Dad's fought in WW I, & some later in the Korea War & even served during the Vietnam War like my Dad - Many served in their late teens & early 20's, as many have all through our countries history - Anyway, I hope you can click on the video where young child star Paul Petersen sings a song about his TV Dad - My generation will remember the Donna Reed Show ( because most of the boys back then had a crush on the daughter, Mary, played by Shelley Fabares, besides having a crush on Annette too - LOL), hopefully some of the ...
How many remember The Donna Reed Show n her son Jeff played by Paul Petersen; he sang a song called "My Dad"; f u can find it - listen 2 it, especially 2 day also please f sum 1 finds it n hav a means 2 share it on FB please help me out; I tried but can't.a Father's Day gift 2 all
"My Dad" was recorded by Mr. Paul Petersen in 1962
The title song from Kentucky singer-songwriter Banjo Bill Green's CD, with video shot by Jerry Wallace over audio produced by Paul Petersen, who also plays g...
I will be on CNN today with Brooke Baldwin discussing (bet you can guess) Amanda and Eddie, etc. Should be on about 11:30 west coast time. Heading out the door. Paul Petersen
Mike Veeck of the St. Paul Saints stopped by yesterday to chat about baseball!...
(May 6 press release) Dems to LePage: No more excuses, accept federal health care dollars   Augusta – Top Democrats on Monday called on Governor Paul LePage to stop making excuses for denying health care to thousands of Maine people.     Speaker of the House Mark Eves and Senate President Justin Alfond said LePage is making a bad deal for the people of Maine by refusing to accept federal health care dollars to provide health insurance for nearly 70,000 Maine people.     “Governor LePage continues to play politics with health care for 70,000 Maine people,” said Eves of North Berwick. “He’s leaving millions of dollars in health care savings on the table while other states are recouping the benefits. He’s simply denying and delaying care for no good reason.”   Maine is one of 10 states that will see Medicaid expenditures go down over 10 years if it accepts federal funds to cover more people. Estimates from the nonpartisan Kaiser Foundation and the conservative Heritage Foundation show tha ...
Ten tented suites on the Linyanti River in northern Botswana's Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, home to lions, leopards, cheetahs, and wild dogs.
We've already tallied your votes and revealed the European all-star team. Now let's meet the players you chose. Click here to check out the lolesports site: ...
In memory of the loving man who will never be forgotten. Paul Petersen
Paul Petersen - She Can't Find Her Keys on Shindig Nov. 18, 1964 This was his first hit in 1962 who at the time was one of the actors (along with Shelley Fab...
ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The leader of the group lobbying to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota said Wednesday he supports a proposed change to the bill that could make it easier for Republicans to support.
US Intrepid in with trip (offloading to TPI Tramper) Photo by American No.1 Chief Engineer Paul Petersen
short worked for OJ and CA. Long worked for Mendez Bros. and Petersen.
Afternoon RT. My column, this week with added Flowerdew:
Paul Hartley is fundraising for Street Child of Sierra Leone
does this mean I'm not special anymore.?
- I will be interviewing Paul Petersen from The Donna Reed Show this week! Any questions you would like me to ask him?
is too white to be considered our "Asian" friend My friends and I will start taking applications immediately for a new one
:) A question; will there be live-tweeing with you guys once the US starts s2?
The Hughes News May 2013 Edition Newsletter plus a new article by Paul R. Petersen is now available at:
Subscribe and JOIN TEAM TEDDIE!: We were messing around the other day and came up with this. Thought it was appropriate for the May 4th...
“People Like Us” is a new song included on 'Greatest Hits Chapter One'.
My thoughts exactly. Thank you to my special heroes and family Void Nonya Paul Rainwater Christopher Petersen and my husband.
Directed by Lance Drake. Pick Up Your Head out June 25, 2013 on Bright Antenna. Preorder the album now and get an MP3 of "Aunt Betty" instantly:
She was also revolutionary in child protection for the children on her show. Without Donna, Paul Petersen wouldn't have thought to fight
looks like Paul Petersen from the Donna Reed Show-guess my age is showing...
Was I surprised to see Paul Petersen running barefoot in the snow today? Absolutely not.
Hello Friends , I hope you all are having a delightful day .Maybe you can take some time today to tune into my friend Stu's show with his lady Jeanine who are Internet DJs and the show today will also feature another friend of mine from my early years. That is another amazing actor Paul Petersen. Enjoy your day , Mike Here is the link: PAUL PETERSEN and I will talk about reality TV, the Catholic Church scandal, gun control, and ...oh yeah! "The Donna Reed Show" season five on DVD - LIVE today (Wed 2/20) at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET - The Official "Stu's Show" Web Site
Marathon on with Paul Petersen aka Jeff Stone on The Donna Reed Show. Awesome comedy from golden TV era. Love this show.
Watching one of my childhood favorites on MeTV: The Donna Reed Show with behind the scenes memories of Paul Petersen.
Africa's first & only 24/7 jazz radio station, streaming live from the Jazz Capitol of Africa, The Mother City Cape Town:- Abigail Petersen - Singer, pianist, songwriter & composer, with Against the Grain then Paul Petersen with You Dressed My Heart In Blue
Today I am going to bring you some great Local and International Jazz, on Cape Kaleidoscope from 2-4pm. Kicking off with Estelle Kokot and Rush Hour, "The Perfect Way", and then our very own Paul Petersen, a wonderful Contagious Cape Town Guitarist, Singer, Composer Arranger with "Lansdown Road", the Bonnie Bramlet with "A change is gonna come". You'll be listening to all the way from the City Town with me on Come Fly with me!
Update your maps at Navteq
Donna Reed was born this day 92 years ago. How I miss her. What a "Wonderful Life" she led...leaving behind a Classic legacy in so many fields, and four stand-up children to boot. Golden Memories. Happy Birthday Donna Reed. Love, Paul Petersen
So, kids are important enough to provide "background" to the President's 'gun message.?' Care to comment on all the exemptions to Federal Law, Mr President? The silence is deafening, Mr. President. Have you heard the term, 'forked tongue?'? How many kids are EXEMPT from federal child labor laws? Now, there's a question to ask. Paul Petersen
I liked a video Donna Reed Show with Shelley Fabares &amp Paul Petersen
I hope we all have a wonderful Holiday Season. Can't wait for Xmas. I also hope that each of us finds the time to think about the state of our mental health system...We may need to re-think the way we deal with obvious mental illness. The ACLU is too keen on protecting the rights of the mentally ill. Seems to me there are too many loose cannons out there just waiting for that trigger event to set them off. Your thoughts??? Merry Christmas to All...Paul Petersen
My little sister Patti was born this day (I won't say when) and so was Britney Spears. What a coincidence that Britney's sister, Jamie Lynne, shares the same birthday with my other sister, Pamela on April 4th. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LADIES. Paul Petersen
I distinctly remember watching the Donna Reed Show on this very day in 1962. The episode "My Dad" aired for the first time on Thursday, October 25, 1962. At the end of the show, Paul Petersen who played the character Jeff Stone, sang that wonderful song written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. I always found that tune to be meaningful and touching. In fact, when my own dad passed away in 2003, I recited the words of that song at his funeral. In the Fall of '62, the ABC Thursday night TV lineup was fantastic. In order: you could watch The Adventures Of Ozzie And Harriet, The Donna Reed Show, Leave It To Beaver, My Three Sons and McHale's Navy. I really enjoyed watching TV 50 years ago.
An unusual event made a guerrilla out of William Anderson, who has long been named a Bushwhacker in the Civil War. Author Paul Petersen sets the record straight on Bill Anderson
I just read in The National Enquirer that Erin Moran was recently kicked out of her mother-in-law's trailer for her rowdy behavior and is now living with her husband in a series of fleabag motels in Illinois (or Indiana, I'm not sure which). Can't Paul Petersen step in to help? I mean, Erin WAS a child actress at one time.
September 24, 1927…Team owner Conn Smythe changed the name of the National Hockey League's Toronto St. Patricks to the Toronto Maple Leafs.1929…Over New York's Mitchell Field, Lt. James H. Doolittle made the first all-instrument airplane flight.1934…Babe Ruth played his last game with the New York Yankees.1955…On CBS-TV's "Ford Star Jubilee," Judy Garland broke all previous ratings records as she made her television debut.1957…Elvis Presley released the single "Jailhouse Rock" b/w "Treat Me Nice."1957…Major league baseball's Dodgers played their last game at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn before the franchise was moved to Los Angeles.1958…In Paris, the Platters recorded "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes."1958…The sitcom "The Donna Reed Show," starring Reed, Carl Betz, Shelley Fabares, and Paul Petersen, began the first of its eight seasons on ABC-TV.1960…The USS Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, was launched at Newport News, Virginia.1960…On Howdy Doody's last NBC-TV show, Clara ...
On this day in 1958: Shelley Fabares and Paul Petersen were guests on the premiere of The Donna Reed Show on ABC-TV.
Born 9/23: Paul Petersen, Tom Lester, Ani DiFranco, Anneliese Vanderpool: born with a restless spirit you can multitask better than most
Song on the Billboard Hot 100...1963... Paul Petersen performs "My Dad" on the "Donna Reed Show"...Oct. 25, 1962...The series ran from 1958-1966...Starrin...
Mitt Romney on the Chicago teachers strike: "Teachers unions have too often made plain that their interests conflict with those of children and today we are seeing one of the clearest examples yet." Paul Petersen on Mitt Romney's comment on the Chicago teachers strike: "People who are running for the office of President of the United States of America too often make statements that do nothing but stir up more hatred and resentment for those who we entrust the education of our children to gain a few more votes. Shame on you Mr. Romney! Instead of offering help to resolve the conflict, you choose your own self interests over those of our children."
HomoRadio just played Paul Petersen's My Dad. OMG--what memories! Paul Petersen (Jeff on Donna Reed--that was Emmy nominated?) was one of my first great crushes along w/Ricky Nelson!!! Sic transit gloria juvenalis! But a plague on the houses of those remastering these old LPs for CD. The sound may be purer, even the intonation, at times, may be cleaned up but it sounds too "clean."
watching Paul Petersen perform at the chase estates. next up red rocks!!
On April 7th 1950, Canadian-born American actor, father of actor & director John Huston & grandfather of actress Anjelica Huston, Walter Huston, died of an aortic aneurysm, two days after his 67th birthday. In 1955, silent film actress & one of cinema's earliest sex vamps, Theda Bara (Theodosia Goodman). The studios billed her as the Egyptian-born daughter of a French actress & an Italian sculptor, who had spent her early years in the Sahara Desert under the shadow of the Sphinx, then moved to France to become a stage actress. In fact, she had never been to Egypt or France, & was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. She died of stomach cancer, at 69. In 1982, TV & film actress, best known for her roles on the soap opera "Days of our Lives", Brenda Benet died. Her 1st marriage was to "The Donna Reed Show" actor Paul Petersen in 1967. In 1969, she left him for actor Bill Bixby. The couple had a child, Christopher, in 1974, & they divorced in 1980. In 1981, their son died & a year later she took her own life with a gun ...
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