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Paul Parker

Paul Andrew Parker (born 4 April 1964 in West Ham, London) is an English former professional footballer, manager and sports television pundit.

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Lebron had to get thru Paul Pierce, KG & Ray Allen.. down 3-2.. just to get to the finals.. & face Manu, Duncan & Parker..
I'm not going to give them the clicks, but it's Paul Parker isn't it.
Paul Parker: This is what is wrong with Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba slammed by Former Manchester United star Paul Parker for social media antics
Paul Parker hits out at social media presence👇🏼.
Paul Parker shooting his mouth off again? Shock!
What is it with Paul Parker? . Such s bitter, bitter little man...;(.
Hammered by the distinctly average Paul Parker who was jettisoned after only a few seasons when Gary Neville got into the team
Paul Parker article, when King Eric was around we won many games 1-0. Boring? No, winning is winning. "Poets don't win titles"- Jose
Sen. on the Congressional Baseball Game: "There's no messing around."
The research pirates of the dark web
Me and just had about the coolest convo between us that we ever had
Hey Chad Lisa Read, Paul Parsons, John Michele Aloe.OMG perfect for the River Float in Parker, AZ!!!
Meditation and Philosophy group with Paul and Debra Parker 1.30 till 3pm price £ 2.50 with the use of the...
The phrase "Robbing Peter to pay Paul" originates from when used to steal from Peter Schmeichel to pay Paul Parker
Tom Holland is now confirmed as Paul Parker, Peter Parker's twin brother (aka the superhero Squirrel-Man). Here he…
Ian wright and SWP or Paul Parker and Scott Parker
Lee Sharpe, Mark Hughes, Sir Alex Ferguson, Paul Parker, and Eric Cantona all with interesting mustaches.
Shots fired by ex United player Paul Parker at Mourinho. Remember though, this is the same man who wanted Tim Sherwood
Former Man United defender Paul Parker and FC's Jason Dasey discuss Jose Mourinho's options when it comes to ...
link Im watching has Steve McMahon&Paul Parker in studio. Not a word of negativity.They feel it's 'interesting'.
Throw in Terry Fenwick and Paul Parker; Steve Wicks and Alan McDonald.(or David Webb and Frank McClintock)...
ICYMI Paul Parker compares Pogba to Mikel - but does he have a point? By
A big season beckons for Wayne Rooney, according to Paul Parker
Paul Parker: "D.Blind has always impressed me. You could ask who would you have over him or Mertesacker? I’d have Blind…
Wayne Rooney blasted by former defender Paul Parker as 'slow and overweight'
Jacy Bradford, Paul Parker, & Katie Reynolds after an amazing dance
We've been spoiled over the years with full backs mate. Gaz, Paul Parker, Denis Irwin, Tony Dunne.None better than those 4.
Excellent from Paul Parker on Henderson "He is a modern-day David Platt without the goals of Platt. That's about as good as it gets for him"
Just lost a bit of respect for Paul Parker
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Paul Parker - "Frankly, given how unhappy the players are right now, they'd be better off bringing in Tim Sherwood," https…
Yes and sticking by LVG's pathetic philosophy is very Manchester United. . Who is Paul Parker anyway?
Here is the skipper after the win v Warwickshire.
My only gripe has been with paul parker, coz ive never heard anything sensible come out of his mouth
No Paul Parker, real Manchester United fans want the best for the club - and José Mourinho is that in ever sense of the w…
Best pack up and go home, lads. Paul Parker hath spoken.
incase u need the link to HIS article... Where even said worse... . Enjoy.. .
I meant Paul Parker has lost friends
Paul Parker is a lost cause...he needs a couple of slaps
I said months ago Paul Parker must be on drugs, now he's criticising man Utd fans because we want mourinho! And he wanted Tim Sherwood.
Anyone believing that Paul Parker said this is an incredibly gullible person. I feel sorry for you
Today we've been told Mourinho has a bad transfer record and that Paul Parker thinks we're not United fans if we like Jo…
says Paul Parker the clown who wanted Tim Sherwood
And that's not even the stupidest thing that Paul Parker has ever said. The man's deluded whose stuck in the 80's.
Paul Parker "Man United fans who are saying, ‘Mourinho is great’, aren’t really Manchester United fans in my opinion."
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Jose Mourinho is needed at the club so the likes of Paul Parker never get anywhere nea
Paul Parker picks his 23: Why Danny Rose wouldn't make my...
Either pre-Italia '90 or v ROI I guess, as no Mark Wright, Bryan Robson playing and Gary Stevens ahead of Paul Parker?
Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili & Vince Carter are the only retirements I care about. 🙌🏼👏🏽
PARKER, I hate this picture of Rand Paul, I want SPIDER-MAN!
We have to be careful about creating more rules.
Fans start watching Curry's quick feet & great lateral movement on defense vs Paul, Lilard, Parker etc he beat them to the spotnetwork
Jabari Parker will be the next Paul Pierce
Tony Parker and Cliff Paul are those dudes who play the dirtiest d but would back down if you stepped to them, and they cry for every call.
like if Parker is a legitimate PG why isn't he like Westbrook, curry, Chris Paul? Those guys score, pass and everything.
Looking forward to hearing Paul Parker's favourite for the United job on today's display.
Episode IV of the Paul & Parker Pod is out today! Listen as and I struggle with math
whatever happened to Paul the Party Animal Parker?
agree dame - that young boy was playing well again! This darmian is no ginger Paul Parker - aka Chris Jones! Lol
yeah good point , he's only got 7 decent tests, the 2 Fury's, Haye, Wilder, Parker , Ortiz and Wlad
Paul parker's spot on. Fosu-mensah's leaving mata exposed too much. More discipline pls you're good at the right side tim!
I take Lin and beal over wall and smart pg..Paul.Parker.Nash etc.don't have too have Olympic athleticism
Parker, Pulev and Takam wouldn't be bad fights. He's not ready for top 5 but just below
A gem from "Sonny Parker looks like a gangster version of Paul John..." in his hat and glasses. 😂🤓
Every social media manager needs a content calendar. Don't have one? We don't mind sharing:
But Fury vs Wlad II is up next, and I think Joshua fights the winners of Takam vs Parker or Chisora vs Pulev next. And then Haye.
yeah, not cool. Also, Paul Smith tie, that tie has awesomeness stitched in
Paul Parker gunning for Robbie Savage's position as the nation's top pundit, I see...
Feeling a part of that community is my greatest reward.
my top five 90s Parkers: 1 Paul 2 The Pen 3 my jacket 4 Gary 5 Ray Parker Jnr
ICYMI-- Parker: Is President Paul Ryan in the 2016 cards? via
Kathleen Parker: Paul Ryan could make 2016 normal again
We finally have at Summer can officially start now. @ Parker's
Paul Mainieri out with the hook. Parker Bugg enters with men on the corners. . Norman exits to a nice hand
Paul Mainieri comes for the hook. In comes Parker Bugg.
Paul Mainieri's making an unusual trip down the line to the bullpen. He's talking to Parker Bugg, I believe.
We break down why WhatsApp switching on encryption for a billion people is such a big deal
Besides having the same last name, *** icons Al Parker & Paul Parker were both born in 1952.
There's still a lot of people better than him. Undecided on Parker, and I think Haye might possibly be ripe for later this year.
Totally agree. Joshua will win tonight but still won't be world level. Fury, Wilder, Parker & Haye would cause him problems
is Chris Paul the best point guard is he better than Isaiah Thomas is he better than Steve Nash Tony Parker
Remember when we were buzzing last week because we played 2 wingers then got pumped by the worst United team not to contain Paul Parker?
My mother always have something to say against Paul Parker. Sometimes, it's physical 😅
They're like the model equivalent of Sensible Soccer names for Andy Sinton, Paul Parker and Chris Waddle
Plenty of fun tonight on with Paul Parker & William Gallas! All dressed up in
Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford are the new Paul Parker and Andy Cole.
Andreas Brehme scoring past Peter Shilton following a deflection off Paul Parker there.
Paul Parker believes Tim Sherwood should replace LVG as Utd manager until the end of the season than Jose!. Parker's clearly …
When news broke that Paul Parker thinks should appoint Tim Sherwood:
Paul Parker says should bring in Tim Sherwood, not Jose Mourinho. He's got a history of bad shouts, mind...
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I agree with Paul Parker. Tim Sherwood would be a better option 😂
Well it's about as likely to happen as Paul Parker's suggestion of Tim Sherwood
Paul Parker says Tim Sherwood and not Jose Mourinho should replace Louis van Gaal at https:/…
silly comment of the week goes too.Paul Parker tut tut
Former star Paul Parker says Tim Sherwood a better fit for Man United than Mourinho
I guess must be hard to be a Fan knowing that they let "get away" Players such as Rodney Marsh, Malcolm MacDonald & Paul Parker
Answer was : Paul Parker. Congratulations if you got it.
Nathaniel Clyne is a poor man's Glen Johnson is a poor man's Danny Mills is a poor man's Paul Parker is a poor man's Lee Dixon
Remember back when Paul Rosenberg was Paul Bunyan? Remember when Sha Money XL was Sha Self? Remember when Dart Parker was Dart La? Do ya?
Bobby Jack Wright, Shawn Watson, Dan Hawkins, Tim Brewster, Paul Randolph - that's who Parker brought to Teis in 2010.
We are LIVING for this photo of the newly announced cast:
The cast of Cursed Child: (from left). Paul Thornley as Ron. Noma Dumezweni as Hermione and. Jamie Parker as Harry https:/…
Paul Parker is like Gary Neville or Jamie Carragher just a bunch of *** Why don't you try coaching a football team
Boys are taking this whole Mou to United thing just too seriously - Paul Parker also wades in with his epistle,...
Ebe like that Paul Parker guy for Eurosport no dey like Mou ein matter...his article be damaging pass!!!
[PICTURES] Willa Holland with Paul Blackthorne and Parker Young on the set of Arrow
The Cast of Play!. Jamie Parker as Harry . Noma Dumezweni as Hermione and. Paul Thornley as Ron
FOLLOWS YOU ah the boy can also play Billie's Bounce by Charlie Parker
Congrats on your new gig Noma Dumezweni, Jamie Parker and Paul Thornley!!
Paul Parker really hates Chelsea doesn't he?
Van Gaal should go before he gets sacked at Man Utd – Paul Parker via
.When you do find Paul Parker, tell him he should have walked for hacking down Jason Wilcox at Old Trafford in '93.
Paul Parker always a guitar god of food
"I look at Anthony Martial and worry for him" - Paul Parker thinks Louis van Gaal must adapt https…
Former Man U defender Paul Parker has said manager Louis van Gaal is selfish and is scaring the players at Old T. (Daily Telegraph)
Paul Wesley's transformation got me bothered 😍💦😭
Fergie was probably a racist till he came south of the border and clapped eyes on Paul Parker/Paul Ince 😔
Open Mic with Paul Parker at the Bear this evening.
Thankful for my son, Parker! He really is the best of Paul and I. Reading…
I woke up to the world's biggest blessing, I'm so thankful for you Paul Parker 🦃💛
Paul Parker is the ultimate example. If it wasn't for him playing for United nobody would know he's.
Oh my! Ex-Chelsea defender takes Jose Mourinho to the cleaners: Ex Chelsea defender, Paul Parker has launched ...
Louis van Gaal has abandoned Man Utd's identity with flawed and negative formation via
Canada East Selection Camp roster announced for the 2015. Congrats to Tanner Somers, Sam King, Matt Paul and Makail Parker! Good luck.
I miss Parker and I don't mean Paul Parker.
Last year ppl was saying Steph curry wasn't better then Tony Parker , Russell Westbrook , Chris Paul , & Kyrie but now y'all *** agree
Ha ha so Paul Parker just put Mourinho in his box. Well said
Top managers aren't petty, they are magnanimous. - Paul Parker to Jose Mourinho. Jose has always been petty that i know.
Attention students! Join us Saturday 10am-4pm for a class on the Art of Meditation with Paul Parker. £20 for the day, beginners welcome!
We remember Paul Desmond on his birthday. n an era that idolized bebop and Charlie Parker, Paul Desmond found his...
Jose Mourinho comes under attack from former Man ...
2/2 "...their growth around the world until things change. And that means until Mourinho changes his ways or leaves." ~ Paul Parker
Ex-Chelsea defender slaughters Mourinho: It's horrible to see...: Former Chelsea defender Paul Parker has hit ...
Jose Mourinho has disgraced himself as a manager and a man', says Paul Parker.
Chelsea are ‘hated by everyone’ under 'cheap' Jose Mourinho says Paul Parker:   10% Off
Also-Are you a poor parker??. Hundreds of drivers have been hit with fines totalling £25,000 for poor parking at...
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has. been accused of acting like "a kid" by. former defender Paul Parker, who. made...
Wonder what happened to likes of Boston Celtics, San Antonio Spurs, Cavs, and Heats. Point guards like Rajon Rondo, Paul Parker, Dwayne Wade
Bucks vs. Pacers Preview: Talented trio of Paul George, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Jaba...
Parker Paul Arias, a new bundle of joy. ❤️
Wall the real PG after Parker and Paul
Ordinary Paul Parker is simply seeking attention, FYI Jose Mourinho will not mention your ordinary name, we all know that's what you want!
Chelsea news: Paul Parker launches attack on Jose Mourinho -
He's a big kid! Ex-Chelsea defender slams Jose Mourinho for lack of dignity and respect: FORMER Chelsea and Ma...
Paul Parker - the greatest football Manager that ever lived. How many Champions League trophies has he ever won? https…
Poor little Paul Parker attention seeking again
COLUMN What to do about Start all over again, says ex-star Paul Parker
Giggs with Brian McClair and Paul Parker following United's Premier League title win in 1993.
Welcome on board to our new engineers Usama Samad, Neil Walker, Paul Parker and Kieron Berry
Back on nightshift at Moss Side Aldi, Brian Kidd's had us in early, Dennis Irwin & Paul Parker were on afternoons so no top shelves stacked
domain names
how long did it take for Robson to pick Paul Parker best defender in Europe at the time, Clive Wilson ?
Watch stars and Paul Parker urge to glory.
I dread the day Dirk, Parker, Timmy, Paul pierce and Kobe ain't in the league no more
Get a free profile like Author Sheila Parker on the new Kindlemojo!
Challenging snow is one of my favorite kinds of skiing, and I like being able to switch techniques at liberty. - Paul Parker
"Uncle Drew" outplayed Paul, Parker, Lilliard, Wall, Conley Teague, Lowry, & Curry in reg season. He will do it in finals too.
Rand Paul tried and failed to woo Peter Thiel, Sean Parker and Larry Ellison to stake him:
I don't think Paul realizes the only reason I followed that account was to annoy him and Parker
Only in porcupine points to murder & Miz Mike steals back kidnapped child Bridge to Xanadu h…
Pele being interviewed by Paul Parker of Fox Sports right here in KL Conversation Center. I'm…
We're broadcasting a Q&A between legend Paul Parker and Pele on now. Check it out!
Google can now answer your questions before you finish asking them via
Jack Parker: Eichel "the best freshman to play in Hockey East since Paul Kariya." Good read from
we always talk abt the best pg Westbrook Paul Wall Irving how come the one w the most titles never get mentioned...parker
Eichel, Quinn and Parker in St. Paul for tonight's Hobey dinner
ALBUM REVIEW: Graham Parker & Rumour | Mystery Glue | ***½ | Everything is better the second time around. MORE:
Former Manchester United player Paul Parker says a loss to Hull City would be a bad ending to a sub-par season
Friends House aren't being very friendly to their Cafe staff. Sign the petition:
It's crunch time for Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers, starting against Leicester City
In other news, someone bought Paul Parker's old passport on eBay yesterday.
Spurs edge Clips in pivotal Game 5 on late call: Tony Parker and the Spurs took a 3-2 lead over Chris Paul and...
11 years ago today, someone named Mark Zuckerberg appeared on CNBC to discuss a social network that had 100K users.
but you said players can't be great without rings. Parker has them paul doesn't. But who is greater?
is Chris Paul a better pg than tony Parker over both of their careers?
As a Spurs fan, we just don't like how people actually think Paul is better than Parker. 102 more playoff wins.
If Larry sanders, Jabari Parker, Paul George, Carmelo etc. weren't injured the east would stack up so differently
Blake should be schooling Tim Duncan with his athleticism and Chris Paul should have tony Parker falling
seriously. take tony parker croissant eating *** to task. “Cliff Paul need to stop assisting and get to scoring.”
on the outer bounds play Leonard Grab paul whole arm so he couldn't go for ball. Refs woulda called it if it was Parker
Chris Paul had should have taken every shot the last 2 minutes. Tony Parker was out there hobbling around.
Chris Paul been out playing Tony Parker the whole series, but people still gonna blame him when the Clippers lose
Tony Parker and Chris Paul switch teams.Chris Paul goes down as one of the best point guards of all time.
Parker just gave up on the ball. Chris Paul would have been on the floor in a heart beat
We need to see more of Chris Paul in the playoffs . Tony Parker & Duncan's are played out give someone new a chance
So there's over the backs and Parker grabbing onto the opposing player but Paul gets a technical for passing the ball to the ref?
Tony Parker & Chris Paul are really good at probing defenses and finding the open man. Such a fun battle!
😭😭 even tony Parker got em. Sometimes Chris Paul needs to be pushed to perform at a high level sometimes
Chris paul is cooking up parker we can call that "french" fries
For all the complaints about Parker's offense, he played PHENOMENAL DEFENSE ON Chris Paul in the 3rd quarter.
So Tony Parker broke Chris Paul's ankles? Lol I mean he fell. What do I know right.
Tony Parker hit Chris Paul with that "you know the rules" move.
For the record all though Parker has had great success and is a *** of player he's never been better than Chris Paul
Tony Parker does that same move and nobody makes a sound. Chris Paul does it and everybody goes crazy.
I'll pick Ray Wilkins,Alan McDonald and Paul Parker,these are players I've seen play.
What we need to do is bring back Terry, Gerrard, Lampard, Shilton, Paul Parker, Alan Shearer and Tom Finney
Paul Parker, Matthew Richard Sample, Edgar Downes, Joshua Bates anyone fancy coming along, going to see one of...
Angel Di Maria ‘would be better off at Arsenal or Chelsea’ says Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker
You guys saw these Paul Parker time lapse bird flights on right?
Ryan Parker and Paul Frank are the Big Rivers Co-Coaches of the year in Boys hockey
.Could Rand Paul oppose Loretta Lynch and not be a racist?
That’s when he picked up the rock and smashed it against her head Killer Conversations http:/…
'An Hour of Birds all at Once' on Vimeo by Paul Parker in via
Love this - "Seagull Skytrails: An Echo Time-Lapse of Birds over Cornwall, England
This is how the fly. Echo reveals the bird's paths over England. via
I nominate Paul Parker from Protective Security based at Liverpool Veterans HQ
Paul Parker captures the flight paths of gulls over Cornwall with the echo effect.
Paul Parker captures the flight paths of gulls...
Seagull Skytrails: An echo time-lapse reveals the flight path of birds over Cornwall -
Brian & Dave Rowe with Paul Parker having a quiet drink in a pub in Singapore.
Paul Parker Day, the most underrated 90's footballer and regular swap in the Merlin Stickers
Seagull Skytrails: An Echo Time-Lapse Reveals the Flight Path of Birds over Cornwall via
Videographer Paul Parker filmed seagulls flying past his window in Cornwall, England, for a…
with a difference, videographer Paul Parker puts some wings on the subject...
Paul is not as beautifully voiced as before...
Exactly. Irwin moved to Left Back in 1991-92 when Paul Parker arrived. Lee Martin injured a lot in 1990-91 Season which..
Get it wrong and Paul Parker ends up going for the same ball as Big Dunc!
Ex-star Paul Parker criticises captain John Terry over his mobility
Ex-Man United star Paul Parker criticises Chelsea captain John Terry over his mobility -
Anyone remember this day? My grandfather, Paul Parker, and Richard Nixon in this undated newspaper photo.
Former England man Paul Parker on why Steven Gerrard must lead Liverpool into battle against Real Madrid
QUESTION: If you have any questions you want to ask our in-house experts Abbas Saad and Paul Parker regarding West Ham United FC v QPR FC. Let us know below!
QUESTION: If there are any questions regarding Aston Villa FC - Official v Manchester City FC you'd like to ask Abbas Saab and Paul Parker on the Post show. Shoot your questions now!
"Interested only in himself, doing nothing to try and lift his game or inspire his team-mates." Parker on Rooney. https:/…
Former player Paul Parker merely pointing out the elephant in the room:
Dear Mr paul parker, if you need from Wayne Rooney 300,000 pounds weekly, its better you come out direct and ask him, criticising him will not earned you anything coz he was already been loved by the fans. Yours faithful fans from Nigeria. Lol.. Xoxo. GGMU
and ur point is? That I can't say that Utd fans are complaining that not enough is being spent? Even Paul Parker has said
Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker says Wayne Rooney should be dropped, claiming his performances have been “awful” so far this season
Good to read a fair and balanced view from Paul Parker this morning.
Nice to see Paul Parker celebrating the 20th anniversary of the last time he was actually relevant by showing up in the media
Paul Parker States that Rooney has been awful and should be dropped. ,at last some sense
, don't hold back Paul Parker. Just say what you think
Regional Paper Talk: Rooney drop calls: Paul Parker has called for Manchester United to drop Wayne Rooney, while...
Only just seen this. About time someone in the media said it how it is about Rooney
very much enjoyed this piece by Paul Parker, re: Rooney/Man U -
Sorry but Paul Parker was spot on. Bet it has at least crossed your mind that Rooney has been poor lately.
Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker has blasted Wayne Rooney for his recent performances, askin...
Paul Parker is the latest Former Manchester United player to not hold back when discussing his former team - with Wayne Rooney the focus of his ire. [ 22 more words. ]
Paul Parker labels Wayne 'awful' and urges manager Louis van Gaal to drop him…
Paul Parker slamming Wayne Rooney as awful and should be dropped for Falcao. Thoughts? ZXR
Wayne Rooney has been awful! Ex-Manchester United star Paul Parker blasts skipper
Paul Parker says Wayne Rooney has been awful for Manchester United and is being paid £300k a week to play badly
Paul Parker's attack on Rooney, i cannot stop laughing. "Paid to play poorly" "awful"
I agree. This guy is overated. This season he has not earned a single cent. England should drop him as captain.
Ex Red Paul Parker on Rooney: "He's been awful! At Burnely all I saw was a player interested in himself"
Paul Parker has basically put a rocket up Rooney's *** and lit the fuse, let's hope Wayne takes the criticism on the ch…
Wayne Rooney devastated after reading Paul Parker's comments!
Paul Parker didn't pull any punches when commenting on Wayne Rooney!
Former Manchester United defender Paul Parker insists 'awful' Wayne Rooney must be dropped to make way for Radamel Falcao…
Wayne Rooney 'being paid £300k-a-week to play badly', says Paul Parker and is called 'chubby' by Norway defender
"Strong stuff from Paul Parker on Wayne Rooney.brilliant
Paul Parker : 'The only thing in any way remarkable about Wayne Rooney is that he collects £300,000 a week to play badly
“Strong stuff from Paul Parker on Wayne Rooney. he's only telling the truth
Very True on Rooney stuff from Paul Parker on Wayne Rooney.
Wayne Rooney is awful and only interested in himself, says ex Man United defender Paul Parker: http…
On air at 7am on Sat with guest Paul Parker, Robbie Blake and Ross McNae from the band
United really are missing David May, Paul Parker and Henning Berg in defence 👴
Mike Conley??? “for me mike Conley chris paul tony Parker”
for me mike Conley chris paul tony Parker
Feel for Jabari Parker, guarding LeBron, Paul George, Doug McDermott and Josh Smith in the Central Division in his rookie year
Why Rooney doesn’t deserve captaincy – and who should get it: - Agree on Rooney but unsure on RVP.
na curry paul and irving even tho Parker is one of my idols
Rose in Chicago.. Bron and Kyrie in Cleveland.. Paul George in Indiana.. Jabari Parker in Milwaukee! Central division gone CRACK 😁😁🏀👀
Give me Tony Parker over Chris Paul he's top 5 in the MVP race every year
Chris Paul, Tony Parker and Steph Curry (Westbrook is a beast just not a good PG)
1.Paul 2. Parker 3.Wall ...westbrook a might be a better player but not PG
*** no, Parker be killin Chris Paul, better go on youtube
pual parker and curry anyone who doesn't have Paul and parker in the top 3 doesn't know basketball
But nah for real, when healthy: Paul, Rondo, Rose/Parker
Paul Parker Westbrook. I would say rose but hes gotta play more then 2 games a year
“Top 3 PG in NBA?”Chris Paul , steph curry and tony Parker
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Rondo, Paul, and Parker (question mark on D rose depending on health)
I saw a list that had Kyrie at number 6 behind Curry, Paul, Westbrook, Lillard, and Parker.
- Why Rooney doesn't deserve captaincy - and who should get it
Good luck guarding the Westbrook's, Parker's and Paul's of the world.
. Chris Waddle,Paul Parker,Des Walker only average.Gascoigne the only one worth paying to see.
that weird I just spoke to Paul Parker he said its not happening give me a sec I'll call Steve Bruce
Ok, just for a bit of fun, here's my England team, made up of players from past to present, which I think would give most teams a run for their money, join in with yours if you want. My formation would be 4-1-3-2. GK- Gordon Banks DEF- *** Mills, Tony Adams, Bobby Moore, Ashley Cole MID- Nobby Stiles MID- Paul Gascoigne, Bryan Robson, Matt le Tissier STR- Jimmy Greaves, Gary Lineker SUBS- Peter Shilton, David Seaman, Paul Parker, John Terry, Glenn Hoddle, Trevor Brooking, Tony Currie, Dave Thomas, Bobby Charlton, Michael Owen, Kevin Keegan and Roger Hunt. 23 man squad. Manager, has to be Alf Ramsey.
George Benson and Paul Parker are best friends
Former Manchester United player Paul Parker believes Louis van Gaal is the right appointment. Parker is convinced the Dutchman will shake things up at Old Trafford in order to avoid a repeat of last season’s disappointment. “I wanted David Moyes to do well, but, to be honest, some players let themselves down last season. “The new man coming in will have seen what has been going on and know what he wants to do with the squad. He won’t stand for any players who might be deemed too comfortable. “I think van Gaal is a good appointment. He has got to get in there, see what needs changing and push ahead with his plans. This will bring the belief back in the dressing room and the fans need a bit of that too.” [Source:]
Oh, and it contains interviews with Barry Davies, Peter Shilton, Rio F, Sol C, Paul Mariner and Paul Parker.
Glen Johnson only natural right back, deffo would of took Paul Parker or Warren Barton. Would of also took Rob Lee and Steve Stone aswell
Great words from Peter Shilton re Ashley Cole, NOT. I still feel the same way about Peter Shilton being in in goal for England at the 1990 World Cup. He was too old, too slow & couldn't get near a single German penalty. He also inexplicably stepped off the goal line when Paul Parker blocked Brehmes free kick, allowing it to loop in over your head. No one had the heart to have a go at him then, although I was telling anyone who would listen that it was your fault England got knocked out ! In your words, "It does come to every player." Unfortunately, Bobby Robson selected you (& not Chris Woods,) when you were most definitely not the player you once were. Former England goalkeeper Peter Shilton thinks Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole would have been "half-expecting" to be left out of Roy Hodgson's World Cup squad. "He's not been a regular for Chelsea. I've watched him in a few England games and I don't think he is quite the player he was," Shilton, who played in three World Cups - 1982, 1986 and 1990 - for Eng ...
Paul Parker for once explaining the problem with Cahill.. always mistakes and then last ditch challenges.. like Terry..
Paul Parker - "John Terry doesn't deserve the Champions League medal." Does anyone have a banana to throw at him?
What has Chelsea or Terry has ever done to Paul Parker? UCL isn't just final , Terry deserved the final. Stupid Bubble head.
We've played one match without JT. The great Paul Parker's remarks on that - 'Yeah Chelsea havent missed John Terry so its not a loss'.
I've taken acting lessons with Paul Parker at Aida Actin for a while now, and I can definitely say Paul Parker is without a doubt, one of the BEST acting teachers in the world today!! GREAT techniques! I love taking his classes!! Because of him, I can EASILY access my emotions at the drop of a hat!! Everybody always asks me how I can tap into my emotional range so easily? I ALWAYS say it's because of my Teacher, Paul Parker!! I can't wait to get his new acting book!! He just came back from a international teaching tour!! Get to him while he's still in L.A.!!
the 80's team had Imran Khan, Garth le Roux, Paul Parker, Ian Greig, Gehan Mendis and Geoff Arnold,is this sussex team better
Happy sibling day (oops almost missed it!) to my many siblings (and in no particular order of importance) Chris Parker - Robin Parker Kelly - Paul Parker - Ford Parker - Jack Parker
Joe Morison " Is He(Wayne Rooney) a World class player ?? Paul Parker " No, cz he never showed his class or never performed when it really mattered for his country " ki bolbe tomra ??
About to start reading Paul Parker's autobiography. Hope I get a good insight, into his time at Loftus Road.
Liverpool has 6 cup finals to win before they win their 19th title and potentially go on in their return era of glory, to equal the 20th record now held by Manchester United. Come on it for Gerard and the many faithful fans, that Paul Parker spoke about in yesterday's New Paper. YNWA!
United glory hunters who turned on Fergie have no place at Old Trafford | Paul Parker - Yahoo Eurosport UK
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