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Paul Nuttall

Paul Andrew Nuttall (born 30 November 1976, Bootle) is the Deputy Leader of the UK Independence Party and Member of the European Parliament for North West England.

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I liked a video Stewart Lee on Paul Nuttall from ukip
Found this great picture of Paul Nuttall... Sorry Owen Smith... It's like most politicians have become Walter Mitty…
Nigel Farage says he wants to return to UK politics. Paul Nuttall resigns as UKIP leader. . Handy.
Paul Nuttall has resigned as UKIP leader to return to his former job as Ade Edmondson's stunt double!
Paul Nuttall resigns. Wonder what he'll do with all the free time? He's already been everywhere...
So farewell then. Paul Nuttall. you looked like Ade Edmondson . now you have reached your own. Bottom. E J Thribb (17 1/2 votes)
Whenever I see Paul Nuttall (probably not much any more) I immediately think of Ade Edmondson in 'Bottom'.
Paul Nuttall looks like a wallace and gromit version of Stone Cold Steve Austin
Just to keep it fair, Corbyn looks like a geography teacher and Paul Nuttall looks like a Poundland knock-on Ade Edmondson
Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh to replace Paul Nuttall as UKIP leader.
: UKIP faces political annihilation after Paul Nuttall hammered in his attempt to become MP . UKIP faces …
Paul Nuttall's time pretending to be a politician is OVER. Now he can get back to pretending to be other things
3,308 votes for Paul Nuttall - coincidentally the same number of goals he scored for Brazil
Paul Nuttall got just 3,308 votes to Labour's 10,699 and Conservative 27,271 - UKIP absolutely wiped away
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall has failed to win in Boston & Skegness with the Conservatives holding the seat with a majority o…
UKIP is finished. But at least Paul Nuttall can go back to his day job as Poet Laureate.
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Breaking : Paul Nuttall has declared victory. He's on his way to the Palace now. Heil Nuttall.
Your MCM is watching Channel 4's alternative election night, where Frankie Boyle is dry *** an Irish Wolfhound dressed like Paul Nuttall
Can we all take a moment to thank Ade Edmondson for his commitment to the Paul Nuttall character and bringing down…
It must annoy Ade Edmondson that Paul Nuttall looks like a deranged Eddie Hitler!
Liam Gallagher has done to orange jackets, what Paul Nuttall did to tweed ones.
Watching Gina Miller and Godfrey Bloom of UKIP on an election blind date. 😂. Neither of them are fans of Paul Nuttall.
just Remember, Paul Nuttall got booed on national TV for daring to say "Islamic Terrorism", this problem is go…
WRONG: Paul Nuttall blasts Tim Farron for mistakes on Manchester terror attacker.
Paul Nuttall looks like the spawn of James Collins and Chas from Chas 'n' Dave
In a minute Paul Nuttall will shout 'I'm telling you, Clint Eastwood played Indiana Jones, he did mate, no shut it, my dad…
. Host: We haven't heard from UKIP for a while, Paul. . Paul Nuttall: "well I think..". Jeremy Corbyn:
I like the way it is cut to add just a bit of Paul Nuttall comedy at the end 😂
As conspiracy theories go, how else can you explain the fact Ade Edmonson's Paul Nuttall persona managed to become UKIP leader?
Ade Edmondson has acknowledged Paul Nuttall nicking his style and it's amazing.
Ade Edmondson spotted that Paul Nuttall is a budget lookalike of him and is reaping it.
I can't prove that Paul Nuttall sniffs bras in Asda, but you can't prove that he doesn't.
I'm pretty sure that he built the Toronto Skydome in tribute to Paul Nuttall prior to ending up in Mid Ulster.
How was this audience selected.NO WAY a cross section of the public. Amber Rudd & Paul Nuttall booed and shouted down
Paul Nuttall's got Brexit all sewn up.
Everytime I see Paul Nuttall, all I can see is Ade Edmonson
Paul Nuttall reminds me a translink driver who shouts at you for giving him a ten pound note to get on the bus.
Paul Nuttall would be a fine addition to the team of SNP talents like Alex, Pete, Angus, Stewart, & Angus
Paul Nuttall looks like a maths teacher who's trying to sober up at work before a disciplinary meeting about sexting a student
Paul Nuttall with his face like a sheep's bladder covered in paprika being gradually inflated by Satan's own farts.
Personally I think Paul Nuttall would be better off learning the drum solo to 'In the Air Tonight' and starting a Phil Collins tribute act.
"ITS THEM MUSLAMICS". Can't believe it took Paul Nuttall an hour.
Paul Nuttall is a Ben Elton character played by Ade Edmonson from the 80s
Paul Nuttall looks like he's wandered into the debate by accident because he got lost on the way back from the pub.
Paul Nuttall is the uncle you invite to dinner but no one really wants him there because he votes UKIP
Paul Nuttall looks drunk. Seriously. His tie is trying to leave his shirt and his eyes are losing a fight with his lids.
UKIP's Paul Nuttall wants terror suspects locked up without trial, just like he did when his Mongol empire ruled Asia in…
Paul Nuttall has got to be the worst person to represent UKIP since Godfrey Bloom
Paul Nuttall: internment might b necessary to counter 'Islamist cancer' worked so well in Northern…
Giles and Mary off of Gogglebox's reaction to Paul Nuttall was perfect.
UKIP 'best party for Britain' say supporters as Paul Nuttall visits Grimsby to back Mike Hookem | Grimsby Telegraph
Yikes. I agree with Paul Nuttall about something >>> Ukip to break election truce with return to campaigning.
Nuttall makes unilateral decision to resume election campaigning, to show that he's the *** we thought he was.
UKIP manifesto launch : Paul Nuttall points at Teresa May..."what she said" Or have I…
So how much money are we going to bet that Paul Nuttall wants to launch the UkIP manifesto tomorrow so he can capitalize on *** racism?
The Lib Lab Con are a catastrophe, if Paul Nuttall pulls his finger out then UKIP should do well at the election.…
you did though Michael to be honest today hasnt been a good day for you. at points I thought youd b…
Paul Nuttall - "It is by prolonging the disruption to normality that we allow terrorists to win. We cannot be cowed."
A pleasant surprise for President Trump as he is greeted at Brussels Airport by Paul Nuttall
raheem when do you announce your candidacy for the UKIP leadership again? i'm sick to death of paul nuttall already
“The Conservatives have stopped all local & national campaigning for now.” Except in looking at my doormat.
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It was ready last week, but you'd enlisted Pulitzer & Nobel winning author Paul Nuttall to put the finishing touche…
Since the neo-nazis of UKIP support Brexit and revere Putin and Assad's regime, presumably Robert Fisk, Vanessa...
UKIP Release Their Manifesto tomorrow, All Women are to be called Natalie, Because its Easier For Paul Nuttall to remember
James, I think we can trust noted war hero and 1966 world cup winner Paul Nuttall to…
The election campaign must resume. We need the likes of Diane Abbott and Paul Nuttall to make the nation laugh again.
"Yay." Said nobody. 'UKIP to resume election campaign after Manchester attack'
Paul Nuttall is what Britain needs for post Brexit Britain. We must not allow terrorism to thrive here.
Hard to believe people are wanting to vote Theresa May instead of Paul Nuttall at this General Election.
Ukip to resume election campaign after Manchester attack. Oh wow, really?. I can't wait!
We can all do with a giggle after the last few days
With sliding poll ratings it's not too hard to imagine what the thinking and tactics will be here.
If Paul Nuttall was serious abt addressing Islamic extremism he wouldn't have deselected against wishes…
independent: 'UKIP will launch manifesto tomorrow after Paul Nuttall says election campaign should restart'
I presume you checked first that Paul Nuttall's diary had a slot.
Never in a million years did I think I would agree with Paul Nuttall.
Are you mixing her up with Paul Nuttall?
As someone who dumped all over Paul Nuttall for prioritising the issue of Islamic extremism, you risk appearing somewhat opp…
Awful having to agree with Paul Nuttall isn't it?🙄
Paul Nuttall is right. The parties should resume campaigning. A prolonged period of disruption in mid-campaign is doing the terrorists job.
UKIP's non-parliamentary faction to resume campaigning now that has won the war on terror
Ukip to resume election campaign after Manchester attack.
No, but I bet you have two, whilst Paul Nuttall only has three.
Yeah it's an odd suggestion. Not sure what Paul Nuttall would contribute to the conversation
Ukip to resume election campaign after Manchester attack - The Guardian
Paul nuttall Liverpudlian showing no respect for the mcr arena bombing. Politics before tears shame on you you're a disgrace
I seldom agree with Paul Nuttall but on this he is right. BBC News - UKIP set to resume general election campaign
Paul Nuttall: 'life shouldn't be undermined by fear' yet its UKIP that capitalise and exploit that fear in order t…
Ukip to resume election campaign after Manchester attack. Go away with your hate agenda.
Completing our question time panel this week is UKIP's Paul Nuttall
Oh my god; I agree with Nuttall.. “The best response we can make is to ensure that the democratic process continues"
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Ukip to resume election campaign after Manchester attack Disgraceful Trying to cash in on disaster
The democratic process must continue. UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall, "We are all horrified by the horrific events that …
After manifesto launch tomorrow guaranteed to be fearmongering & divisive
Paul Nuttall on again. A party on 2% in polls. Something seriously wrong with BBC/ITV/Sky formula for electi…
Ukip to resume election campaign after Manchester attack
Paul Nuttall interview tonight will be very interesting.
starting the show with "I AM NATALIE, WE ARE ALL NATALIE" referring to Paul Nuttall, bit tong…
Paul Nuttall has one of the worst attendance records in the history of the European Parliament. He serves no one but hims…
Just because Theresa May was reluctant to debate (cough) Paul Nuttall, we shouldn't assume she won't get a great deal from Mi…
Paul Nuttall says he "never" said Britain should be more like Norway and Sweden.
Nice to see Paul Nuttall is here on Theresa May's behalf tonight
Paul Nuttall: "We're not building enough houses". Tim Farron (Bae): "You'll need migrant labour for that" http…
Paul Nuttall claims he's never called for Britain to be like Norway. Apart from all the times he did.
Meow - Theresa May savaged in ITV debate and Paul Nuttall branded her 'spokesman'.
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall has called Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood 'Natalie' twice at the None of the leaders are calle…
The is no difference between the Tories and UKIP. right to label Paul Nuttall as Theresa May's deputy.
."Paul Nuttall's argument in favour of grammar schools is bogus."
Paul Nuttall can't talk about anything but immigration. Same scaremongering rhetoric UKIP always put out
'There isn't a single question that for Paul Nuttall the answer isn't immigration' Caroline Lucas sums it up beautifull…
Respect to Paul Nuttall for turning up at Must be still on a high after scoring the winning penalty agai…
Iain Duncan-Smith was very much John the baptist to Paul Nuttall's Jesus - leading the way towards made up CVs decades ah…
Eurovision soon!. Who can believe it is 20 years since Paul Nuttall brought it home with that fantastic rendition of 'Love…
Is that the Paul Nuttall who's drop-kick at a sultry Stadium A…
You could ask Paul Nuttall about this some time
Paul Nuttall - Trophy Hunter. He killed and stuffed it with his bare hands, while on safari, at Longleat.
Paul Nuttall: 'UKIP expected local elections to be hard'
Hasn't this all gone on long enough? After all Paul Nuttall is still recovering after being murdered by Lord Lucan.
[🔒]: In light of UKIP, total wipeout, next week's will have on Nigel Farage, Paul Nuttall, Aaron Banks &…
BBC's makes the point UKIP has been wiped out in the very region where Paul Nuttall has just decided to st…
Paul Nuttall, leader of UKIP, says he would take "ten Jeremy Corbyns over Tony Blair any day". Bet you never expected to hear that.
Paul Nuttall makes me think of Moby and Sir Clive Sinclair. That's my sole random post tonight, given the panel make-up.
UKIP leader Paul Nuttall this evening mocked EU negotiator Michel Barnier’s reported demands for an £85bn Brexit...
Paul Nuttall most likely wouldn't but Nigel Farage would've done, he needs to come b…
Paul Nuttall, Ian Murray and Tony Blair want you to vote Tory
Great day. Paul Nuttall's Best Man speech was unforgettable.
Paul Nuttall of the Ukips refuses to say if he will stand as MP . Didn't know he was back from swimming the Pacific.
Paul Nuttall is hilarious. He's like the Walter Mitty *** in every pub.
Paul Nuttall is Walter Mitty of British media a fantasist & a fool Ukip is a bankers playthin…
Paul Nuttall, who survived the Tsunami, Stalin, the Titanic, the black death and Hillsborough says he's scared of Mu…
Paul Nuttall upset he can't go in to a bank wearing a balaclava.
Paul Nuttall might point out that the attacks on him were the most salient!
With an election scheduled, the Conservatives could avoid any consequences of the
So Paul Nuttall on same as Corbyn this Sunday. Big opportunity. Needs Labour Leavers to go UKIP in June.
UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall: six weeks to prove himself |
Paul Nuttall gets ready for . "I'll bring my power point presentation "?. Um, no don't . "Aw, but I put funny slides in"
Eighth time lucky? Nigel Farage expected to stand for MP in June
is called and states 30 MP's could be charged ain't that a coincidence
Paul Nuttall. UKIP larger party than Lib Dems in terms of vote share
Ukip Paul Nuttall urges voters to back only party 'committed to clean break from the EU’
Paul Nuttall being sent off against Germany at Italia 90.
I wouldn't put it past the sly little blue snakes
Blog Post | Paul Nuttall, Leader of UKIP: 6 weeks to prove himself
The only shame is Paul Nuttall . fell at the first and only a carton got up
Nigel Farage: Paul Nuttall has six weeks to prove himself as Ukip leader
UKIP's Paul Nuttall calls for Turkey to be booted out of NATO, why were they even let in
Theresa May scheduled the general election to distract from expenses scandal, say MPs
If Staffs Police want to catch Paul Nuttall they'll have to wait at Everest base camp & watch his glorious solo attempt
Well she is a politician, do you think Paul Nuttall…
Staffs Police confirm they are still investigating Paul Nuttall over registering as candidate at this house in Stoke htt…
Theresa May scheduled the election to distract from Tory fraud scandal, say MPs
. tells he has 6 weeks to prove himself as Ukip leader ShapUpOrSh…
Nigel Farage throws down the gauntlet to Paul Nuttall saying he has got six weeks to prove himself as Ukip leader
You know who's not attacking each other? Theresa May supporters and Paul Nuttall supporters.
BBC 6pm bulletin included Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron but not Paul Nuttall. In 2015 more people voted UKIP than LibD…
Paul Nuttall would come dressed as an astronaut.
Somewhere in Bootle, Paul Nuttall furiously scans the property listings of Ukip's target seats.
That's because it was Paul Nuttall not Mourinho
Govt's new mission statement for prisons does not anywhere refer to "punishment". Paul Nuttall slams…
Prof Dr Paul Nuttall, aka Baron Munchausen of Bootle... Paul Nuttall urges UKIP to 'keep the faith'
The Allegro! Did you know Paul Nuttall invented the square steering wheel?
Today's Times reports a YouGov poll which claims Jeremy Corbyn is less popular in London than Paul Nuttall.. Must be April Fools Day!
Oops. Jeremy Corbyn, in pro-Remain London, is less popular than Ukip leader Paul Nuttall.
Jeremy Corbyn less popular than Paul Nuttall in London The Independent: On his own doorstep this is a worrying sign!
Paul Nuttall takes his rightful place as the buckle on the BBC's brain 'truss'.
Elvis once said that Tom Jones was the best singer in the world, apart from Paul Nuttall.
To be fair Paul Nuttall saved many Londoners during the blitz and scored 32 goals for W…
Not very impressive answers from Paul Nuttall. . I must admit, I'd expected more from a Nobel laureate and former king of…
Paul Nuttall on London attacks: "We have a cancer within a particularly community and it needs to be cut out."
Paul Nuttall is unable to explain how thousands of pounds he claimed for his constituency office were spent.
UKIP getting rid of their top supporter Arron Banks sounds dumb, but Paul Nuttall claims he won Euro Millions last week,…
Pies Not Lies! Ukip HQ could be turned back into pastry shop now Paul Nuttall's left town via
I bet you Paul Nuttall is regetting reading Grant Schapps's books now.
Paul Nuttall: It is outrageous that 366 unelected peers think that 650 MP's are more meaningful than 17.5 million...
saw the funny side to Paul Nuttall's attempts to defend himself on The Andrew Marr Show - the Irish News :
Kenny Dalglish says fans have finally been vindicated after Hillsborough inquests verdict
UKIP's Paul Nuttall speaks after Stoke Central by-election loss -
The Times says it 'made a mistake' not putting disaster verdicts on front page
Paul Nuttall admits 'moments of doubt' over leading Ukip after Hillsborough claims fiasco .
03-06 Looking for scapegoats is no answer to tragedy
IPCC investigates links between Police and Freemasons
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Paul Nuttall dresses like German spy who thinks all Englishmen wear tweed. ('I say olt chep can you direct me to the…
Paul Nuttall accuses Labour of Hillsborough 'smear' before making 'paedophile gang' defence via
03-06 The inquest verdicts mark the beginning of justice for the 96
Landmark verdict in Hillsborough stadium disaster
03:39 Paul Nuttall: UKIP 'mess' will take time to sort out
Hillsborough verdict raises questions about police trust
We've heard a lot of nonsense from Paul recently. But for him to refer to himself as a CAT is the most offensive…
Times admits 'mistake' after protest prompts front page change
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall accuses Labour of orchestrating a "smear campaign" against him.
Former Liverpool star Peter Beardsley on Hillsborough disaster: ''We felt we
Meanwhile, hapless 'leader' Paul Nuttall has apparently confirmed that Carswell provided proof he supported Farage's knighthood bid.
Paul Nuttall admits UKIP is in a 'mess' but blames failures on Labour smears .
Comment: The shameful truth about Hillsborough is finally out
Joe Anderson: The 'wall of lies that was built around has been torn down
I lost a school friend in the Hillsborough disaster. Today's ruling will
Order Miche Bag Online!
Paul tried to redeem himself today by welling up on TV & again blamed all his lies on mistakes made by his sta…
I wonder if Stoke "resident" (ringer) Paul Nuttall will ever again visit the community he claimed to care about so much. .
Never said Ukip, I said Nigel. The party without him is (sad to say) weak. Paul Nuttall is no Farage😩. Hope he makes a comeback.
As Barcelona join Leicester in searching for a new manager with international experience, Paul Nuttall says it’s nice to…
Paul Nuttall spotted in disguise and hiding out on the Isle of Lewis. His mastery of disguise comes from his days in t…
Nigel Farage tells Paul Nuttall: it is time to throw Ukip's only MP Douglas Carswell out of the party
Are we still talking about John Noakes here, or Paul Nuttall?
It's a big day for Paul Nuttall - but he's had plenty of those over the years...
Paul Nuttall a bit upset when I suggested Nigel Farage would have won Stoke. "No chance," he replied. "Not at all." The…
Bet Nigel Farage is glad that Paul Nuttall failed to do what he also failed to do.
Just occurred to me that Paul Nuttall looks like someone who's wandered off from the Line-up round on Never Mind th…
Paul Nuttall claims he hasn't been this nervous about a result since he lined up 'that drop goal' in the 2003 Rugby Wor…
My hunch is Paul Nuttall's future CV will have "MP for Stoke on Trent Central" on it whether he wins tomorrow or not.
Paul Nuttall and UKIP are the joke that should be making us all gag - Brian Reade - Mirror Online
I could add MANY more ~ Piers Morgan, Paul Nuttall, Combat 18, too many! 😱
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall is facing fresh allegations about his honesty I heard he sailed on the Titanic as well
A vote for Paul Nuttall is a vote to break up the NHS as we know it. Share this now ↓
People like Piers Morgan, Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall should not be given media time when they lie knowingly.
UKIP: pretending to represent "ordinary British people" since Paul Nuttall landed on the Moon in 1993
To this point, I have avoided comment on Paul Nuttall & Hillsborough. But now feel compelled to reply to this. 1/3 https…
Paul Nuttall used to guard the doors at UKIP's head office, alongside a colleague who could only tell the truth.
UKIP’s Paul Nuttall is so committed to selling off our NHS, he put his name to it. We can’t let him get his hands on Stoke-on…
Paul Nuttall sobs as he recounts his happy days as an apprentice joiner for Joseph of Nazareth.
Paul Nuttall had a secret affair with Frodo Baggins and became king of Mexico!
Paul Nuttall .. "It just a means to end Lyn i want to be on Question time every week, balls to
And who of course could ever forget Paul Nuttall's courageous and poigniont black power salute at the 1968 Olympic Games?…
Oh my god I missed this, Paul Nuttall blamed his girlfriend for referencing a holocaust denier in his essay
Paul Nuttall just threw a named press officer under the bus over 5 year old posts under his name, on his website. You stay…
Devastating in the Indy on Paul Nuttall, on the truth and the Hillsborough families
NEW: Liverpool mayor calls on Paul Nuttall to resign as MEP over Hillsborough claims
Let's give Paul Nuttall (of the UKIPs) a break and show a bit more respect for one of our World Cup legends.
We are leaving the EU because David Cameron was scared of UKIP. The party now led by Paul Nuttall. Nice work, David Cameron.
"So then I said to Paul & John, "Give my mate Brian Epstein a call." The rest. as they say, is history," - Paul Nuttall
Old Era Tommy Robinson would beat Paul Nuttall in a straightener. New Era might get sloppy and miss a good jab
thank goodness Paul Nuttall had his jet ski when the Titanic went down
CORRECTION: Mr. Paul Nuttall is in fact tonight's Arsenal manager.
Wait, what? Paul Nuttall sacks his press officer for "mistake" on his website, but he told BBC same lie in 2011
The man who bank rolled UKIP & his comments in regards to Hillsborough & Paul Nuttall's miscommunication
King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Paul Nuttall (out of shot) inspecting bomb damage during the war.
Nick Robinson has done a deal: he wears his lucky purple underpants on his head for entire & no-one will mention Paul Nuttall.
Paul Nuttall shared a flat with Bob Carolgees and the Krankees . cc
UKIP press officer Lyn Roughley. "It was me, not Paul Nuttall's fault,. never is. but If you believe he's great in bed you'd believe anything."
the Paul Nuttall website is run by Gary Robinson.
Kisses are quick. Mo Farah is faster. Paul Nuttall. Survived the Hillsbrough Disaster
Paul Nuttall knows where Shergar and Lord Lucan are, but he's not saying.
"Next week on 'Paul Nuttall admits', the truth about catching that golden snitch at the Quidditch World Cup."
1963, and a young Paul Nuttall meets President John F Kennedy in the rose garden at The White House.…
used Paul Nuttall's body to make the mould to cast the iron men on Crosby beach.
Paul Nuttall will get no sympathy from me after the vile hate campaign supporters ran against Caroline Stephens and me. Karma LOL 😂
Paul Nuttall, seen here entering the ring before his first bout with Sonny Liston in 1964
Paul Nuttall rode Red Rum to victory in the 1973 grand national, and won the TT the same year
Michael Fabricant and Paul Nuttall announce they're making a new series of "Bottom" for Netflix.
Paul Nuttall claims he is best friends with Lord Lucan and knows where he lives
Paul Nuttall isn't actually bald: he just doesn't want his luxurious locks to upset Michael Fabricant when he's elected.
Paul Nuttall is in fact not a Bad Bootle UKIP Meff
Crosby Stills Nash Young and Paul Nuttall. ( original line up ) .
The extreme right-wing views of UKIP leader and candidate Paul Nuttall
Nigel Farage was right when he said parts of the UK have become unrecognisable. Paul Nuttall can't even find his own hous…
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall mocks Labour as a 'complete SHAMBLES' over Brexit
Best I got today was seeing Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall scrambling around while being hit by eggs 🍳…
If you're going to throw eggs at Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall, at least separate the whites first.
Not surprising to see Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall viciously attacked in Stoke. The left always resort to violence.
Ukip MEP loses libel case. Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall hit by eggs in Stoke. Trump told to sod off by Bercow. Hard d…
First John Bercow rubbishes Donald Trump (to which Piers Morgan has a meltdown), then Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall get egge…
I heard Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall didn't mind being pelted with eggs, but they were furious the whites hadn't been se…
Marylebone Cricket Club, I wonder if they approve of Ukip's Paul Nuttall sporting an MCC ties whilst politicking in…
Are we sure that Paul Nuttall isn't a Paul Kaye character?
UKIP BOOST: Paul Nuttall set for STORMING victory in Stoke by-election, poll reveals
Dr Paul Nuttall PhD VC and Bar hasn't been the same since he won the cup for Tranmere Rovers.
Hope you get more than just 2 months in prison paul nuttall ukip you are unacceptable .
Paul Nuttall celebrates beating Toby Young in an Ade Edmundson dressed as Nigel Farage look-a-like competition.…
I'm now very confident that Paul Nuttall has broken the law. He should be reported to the police.
Bad day for Nigel Farage: First he was trolled in the European Parliament and now he's accused of misusing EU funds htt…
Paul Nuttall needs to read the Senate torture report. Torture produces "fabricated intel" - people say anything to make it…
Oh do watch this. Paul Nuttall denying deception on his nomination form. You just couldn't make this up. I so hope he loses hi…
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Paul Nuttall has lied about his 'home address' in Stoke according to Case for disqualification from the b…
Paul Nuttall's Stoke byelection papers gave address he had not moved into.
Cheap shot I know to criticise a person's dress sense, but those Faragiste tweeds and cap, Paul Nuttall. No.
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall forced to deny his website's claim that he played for Tranmere > & now fake home allegation ht…
UKIP leader Paul Nuttall put false address details on his nomination form to stand as Stoke candidate, here's the penal…
"You haven't even been to that address that's a false declaration" Paul Nuttall
"People are moving in for me" says man of the people, Paul Nuttall ...
UKIP sheep getting angry with us talking about Paul Nuttall claiming to live in a house in Stoke he'd never set foot i…
"We haven't seen the house yet but now we're moving in.." Rachel Johnson on Brexit...or maybe she's talking about Paul Nuttall…
Paul Nuttall of the UKIPs. Just a regular working class guy... hanging out at his Mayfair gentleman's club like an averag…
Paul Nuttall may want to read this.
The must *immediately* investigate validity of 'Local Residency' Status of Candidate Pau…
Paul Nuttall breaking electoral law it seems. At least it needs investigating.
Inside the empty Stoke house which Paul Nuttall claimed is his "home", and which will appear on ballot papers as such ht…
UKIP's Paul Nuttall asked why he listed residence he's never been to as current "home" on nomination form. Party said he…
Nigel Farage and Paul Nuttall among Ukip MEPs accused of misusing EU funds
Paul Nuttall - "Labour handed over 5% of the to private sector control and of course saddled it with PFI debts of £76…
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall on course to win Stoke Central by-election, poll claims
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall is unpatriotic: here's why | Owen Jones talks... via
EARLIER Paul Nuttall - You're A Liar: leader exposed as serially dishonest + unfit to stand for Parliament
UKIP leader Paul Nuttall reaction to supreme court ruling
Foreign aid budget is an 'ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE' Paul Nuttall blasts as he demands cash for NHS GREAT…
UKIP leader Paul Nuttall deleted this from his website. This clearly shows he can't want the people of Stoke to know ab…
They're all out. Piers Morgan, John McDonnell, Michael Gove, Paul Nuttall & Diane Abbott to come. Nick Clegg seems positively wonderful!
The launch of Paul Nuttall, in Stoke Central, I really have hopes of him winning and being a strong voice for the city https…
UKIP leader Paul Nuttall to stand in Stoke Central by-election
Paul Nuttall as MP will be a constant reminder to not renege. . After Cameron & Osborne betrayals, no benefit of doubt left.
Paul Nuttall confirmed as Ukip candidate for Stoke byelection | Politics | The Guardian
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