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Paul Mooney

Paul Gladney (born August 4, 1941), better known by the stage name Paul Mooney, is an American comedian, writer, social critic, television and film actor.

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A new broom can sweep the floor, but an old broom knows where the dirt is. Tagged: quote — Paul Mooney
The great Paul Mooney out in Boro with his CIN weather calendars. Meeting lovely members of the public & some riff…
thank you for signing the calendar Paul Mooney
Great words by Paul Mooney. Congrats on your 92
Dominicans, Cubans, Puerto Rican’s ain’t nothing but black folk who can swim-Paul Mooney. 😂
It could be like The Chapelle Show's Paul Mooney segments.
But as for me:. 1) True Hollywood Stories. 2) Racial Draft (Asian Delegation selecting the Wu is a top five…
Stunt double for Paul Mooney in Tyler Perry films
*Paul Mooney voice* everybody wanna be a millennial, but nobody wanna be a millennial
Please tell me Paul Mooney will be there
Spray tans lol. Trying their hardest to justify wanting to s…
I liked a video Paul Mooney in Brooklyn NY
Whenever I see or hear the name Nostradamus anywhere, I just picture Paul Mooney.
House Judiciary Committee: Attorney General Jeff Sessions with his "I don't recall" mess shows the…
That's Paul Mooney in drag. You're not fooling me.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Well dragons must be more desirable to POC unfortunately. As the comedian Paul Mooney said about E.T.,…
Paul Mooney where are you? I'd love to hear your comments on this.
Paul Mooney, Ask a Black Dude. Laughed so hard thought I would cry.
"Aan endlessly surprising little charmer of a film that makes sincerity and sweetness into a cinematic virtue again." Check…
Hus was listening to Paul Mooney break this down yesterday morning
Lemme find out midget head got a voice like Paul Mooney lol
Paul Mooney "There's a bunch of devil worshipers in hollywood" + Melyssa... via
Paul Mooney is a comedian though and this was supposed to be a joke
go to youtube and look for Paul Mooney Laugh Out Loud
How can you call yourself a comedian and not know paul mooney?
Paul Mooney the funniest human to step foot on this earth
True...she got off scot free het and the others...paul mooney i seem to remember him…
Fake smile, fake hug, fake nose-she needs to Be Humble and Sit Down. Even if she wasn't trying 2 B…
I am no fan of NeNe but why is Paul Mooney on her case? 👀
Where can I get that sis...busy readin up on Paul Mooney n *** Gregory
So im watching Paul Mooney Jesus is black and have just hit a killer moment...gosh.the dynamic between africans and african americans. ..
Paul Mooney Shades A Clueless NeNe Leakes - Comedian Paul Mooney is not here for reality star NeNe Leakes, and ...
I dunno how I feel about Paul Mooney...I mean I think he a smart dude. Got a lot of good things to say. But there's just something bout him
Paul Mooney old but he still somehow wise beyond his years. All his quotes are gems.
It’s like what Paul Mooney said, they just want us to have a little bit of fun. Too much fun and they’ll come take you.
.questions Nene Leakes' comedic chops after she didn't realize who he was . https:…
Sometimes? grin n bear it. I met NeNe, she never heard of me, Paul Mooney/ Godfather of comedy? How is she a comedian?…
Richard Pryor, Paul Mooney, John Witherspoon, etc. all got started at Playboy Mansion. Hugh Hefner was the man.
Paul Mooney feels like time is flying too. I know im not THAT crazy.
I liked a video S.K.C.J.™ Paul Mooney: Its the End of the World.
Nobody has ever said this. Not even Paul Mooney doing standup has said this as a joke. Always the same BS repetiti…
Bf just said Paul Mooney is funnier than Richard Pryor. I'm single now. 👋🏾
"I say *** 100 times every morning. It keeps my teeth white" -- Mr Paul Mooney.
To paraphrase Paul Mooney: "They(Wipipo) wanna be like us, but they don't wanna BE us."😒
Uncle Paul Mooney is beside himself I'm sure!
yo... go back and listen to RACE by Paul Mooney. he has a whole bit about "What If" Cosby was acc…
Paul Mooney. Well before his time. But... time stood still
Paul. Mooney. He has to be the funniest Black man of all time from the leftier than thou white man angle, imho.
I dont know much about Cardi B but if thats true this is here 'n* wake up call' as Paul Mooney would say
"White change over night. Those aren't roaches, those are water bugs. Harlem? No, this is Harlem Heights." -Paul Mooney
I feel like you need to have Mr. Stone revisit your blog post named for the great Paul Mooney.
What Paul Mooney and my Great Uncle, too, said, "Everyone wants to be a *** but don't want to b…
"Everybody wants to be a ninja but nobody wants to be a ninja" -Paul Mooney
"you will never see a Brinks truck, following a hearse" - Paul Mooney
The delightful Paul Mooney cheering my evening up with his lovely 😊 smiley face
📽 Paul Robinson says Lee Carsley has delivered a clear message to the players. . Full interview 👉 h…
Do you really think Paul Mooney is funny?
Paul Mooney on attacking the Apollo Theater audience 😭😭😭
Paul Mooney on there being a black President.
Think we're gonna have to learn this for Wednesday nights Adam Regan Dillon Delahunty Lennie Hammersley Paul Mooney
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Listening to Paul Mooney at work makes me feel better.
As long as Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle & Paul Mooney are still alive on this earth. I don't wanna hear anything about Kevin Hart being top 5.
Like Paul Mooney stated..."It ain't no fun when the rabbit's got the gun." Blk folk stop being scared to use your rights.
Breh Paul Mooney getting a pedi in my nail shop rn LOL
The Verge calls "the warmest, sweetest movie about creativity since Be Kind Rewind." Starts Friday!.
I think he meant ISIS; which is true. I don't agree with Mr. Paul very often
Let's laugh with Davey D, Paul Mooney, and the GREAT *** Gregory: Listen/Learn/Apply -Mobboss
Did you know he was touring with Paul Mooney?
I liked a video The Godfathers of Comedy Paul Mooney & *** Gregory
I just heard and podcast with *** Gregory and Paul Mooney. Funniest hour of my life
Winners of the Paul Mooney Trophy 2day. Golf at its best. Juniors, Ladies, Seniors playing together. Well done To…
You ain't stopping me ffrom I'm saying that word, I'm Paul Mooney to the BS
Really tho somebody needs to keep an eye on Paul Mooney and
You know we as Black folks age gracefully. Remember what Paul Mooney said. "Black dont crack" 😉
Really hope Paul Mooney's well. Listening to *** Gregory and him really affected me and shaped who I am early on, endless love for them ❤
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I added a video to a playlist Paul Mooney giving you real info on the world then n today
Two years ago we saw Paul Mooney and *** Gregory - saved the stub!
This was printed with a foreword by Hugh Hefner in 1962. He was supposed to appear in ATL with Paul Mooney in 2 weeks. RIP,…
I wonder if Paul Mooney gonna make an appearance eventually
One of my greatest memories producing on was meeting *** Gregory & Paul Mooney. RIP Mr. Gregory.
I will physically break down if I hear Paul Mooney died. The tears that will drop would fill up the seven seas.
I regret that I'm not familiar with *** Gregory. I do know Paul Mooney and they must have mentioned…
Paul Mooney has been a mess for a good 25 years
Lost two comedy giants in two days. Someone make sure Paul Mooney's OK...
1st, Then Someone keep an eye on Paul Mooney & George Wallace!
can someone please check on Paul Mooney
I saw *** Gregory and Paul Mooney together, was it last year? Year before last?. Wasn't a good show. At all. For either.
I saw *** Gregory with Paul Mooney a few years back hilarious show man
Kept the sticky in the Stussy pouch. Ski mask, bloody 'Preme hoodie tossing doobies out. The window of the hoopty, night black as Paul. Mooney
Oh yea...that is sad...I was just talkin w/ a friend about him & Paul Mooney coming to ATL but then he was hospitalized
*** Gregory and Paul Mooney. Shaped my awareness. A lot owed to these men. (me + gene in my house listening to tapes for hrs)
Text I just got from Paul Mooney on the death of "I am going to miss my friend." Gregory died tonight a…
On Friday, I just bought tickets to see he and Paul Mooney in D.C.Wow...just wow!
I was privileged 2 have photographed *** Gregory & Paul Mooney on stage 2gether @ the Black Repertory Theatre in Berkeley, CA
Katt Williams, Eddie Griffin, Paul Mooney... *** GREGORY. My all time favorite comics. They…
I'll never forget seeing *** gregory live with paul mooney.. classic. rest in peace brother & thank you ✊🏾
Paul Mooney said Chris Brown was fearing from his life in the Rihanna situation & she deserved to get her asswhipped cuz it was self-defense
IMHO Paul mooney occupies the highest ranks of stand up. He…
Shawty really look like Paul Mooney with an acne problem
Paul Mooney in my top 5 comedians all time
if your hair is nappy, white folks ain't happy ~Paul Mooney
nah you gotta explain the Paul Mooney
Been like that fool Top5 stay woke...TL Paul mooney
Paul MOONEY should, needs to always be included when original comedy is mentioned. 😎
Paul Mooney speaking on the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.
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United States senator Paul Ryan smiles with approval upon the horror he has wrought, as billions despair.
Paul Mooney is a comedy legend. If you don't know his stuff and his influence you are missing out. I'd be honoured…
Paul Rust and Kyle Mooney sitting right next…
We are thrilled to present this well deserved honor to Mr. Paul Mooney!
Mr Paul Mooney: African American male makes white people uncomfortable
Paul Mooney 10min 45sec in listen up 4 those of my ppl still looking 4 whites to pay reperations 2 us.
"Micheal Jackson shouldn't have become a singer. He should've become a priest. That way, he would've just been transferred." - Paul Mooney
where is Paul Mooney in this, he wrote for Pryor
"If you cook a goat, if you sautee it, if you barbecue it, it's still a goat." - Paul Mooney on the use of the N-word
yo i was listening to Paul Mooney on foxxhole
Nope. I met Paul Mooney and got his blessing to sample him whenever I want, did you?
"white folks go to tell them young folks they can't ride the bus, there won't be a bus" - Paul Mooney 😭😂
Paul Mooney said it and he wasn't lying!!!
Talking about Brothers at Peace and the Paul Mooney Show July 22nd at PHNPJM!!!
I can watch Paul Mooney over and over and over. and over
I think Paul Mooney is one of the funniest people ever! :)
Paul Mooney don't even make me laugh that often's just the simple fact that wild facts coming out his mouth one after the other
Like Paul Mooney said, "cant have too much fun or they'll take us away"
Today I watched Paul Mooney, and The New Girl. Looking forward to how the recommendation engines parse that in my ad stream.
showed Sarah a few inches of *** neck when everyone left the least relatable things I've seen Paul Mooney live lately
I need a Netflix series with Paul Mooney and Millie Jackson as grandparents
Paul Mooney has always been the realest! via
. Big Jay Oakerson is the Paul Mooney of *** jokes. But warm hearted & more everyman funny than the Prince of pontification.
PAUL MOONEY AT THE COMEDY STORE has been published on -
Pops is one of the more masterful storytellers ever. Dude is Stokely sharp and Paul Mooney funny!!! Happy…
Gonna end my night with some Paul Mooney
I liked a video Interview w/ Paul Mooney pt3 Praises Kanye, Goes in on Beyonce & Taylor Swift
The legendary Paul Mooney is performing LIVE on July 22!
Why James Worthy today look like he could be Paul Mooney's brother?
Anybody checked in on Paul Mooney lately? He been real quiet.
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A lot of people are funny. But few are Paul Mooney funny.
Paul Mooney a legend for that quote
Dave Chappelle is sorry for asking us to give Trump a chance. Paul Mooney is somewhere cackling.
a practice of what you preach... White Racism- Paul Mooney Explains what most whites just don't get
Next Season Cavs can get Paul George..Paul Pierce..Chris Paul..Paul Mooney..Paul Bearer..still Warriors in 7
Hey is this show in too good to be true?
in the words of the great Paul Mooney.
Come get you some laughter in your life!!! St. Louis own Maurice G Iswho-Iam and Paul Mooney. 🤗🤗🤗. Aka Marshelle...
Fam both rap and comdey had ghostwriting since the very beginning Pryor had Paul Mooney but Kevin can't have writers
Paul Mooney loves him some white folk. He's Paul Cooney
Paul Mooney is no Richard Pryor. Go and watch videos of Paul Mooney comedy routine. He's not funny
Every time Kevin Durant mama smile, she look like Paul Mooney
Paul Mooney is not really funny. To be honest with you. Richard Pryor and Robin Harris were funny comedians
Paul Mooney explains why he's too black for Hollywood
Had to begin today with Paul Mooney explaining Black vs white court experiences...
Paul Mooney's take on Hammer and KFC is still one of the funniest things I've ever heard...
I love Paul Mooney. He's one of the greatest comedians of all time.
In the words of Paul Mooney, "A Grown. *** Woman" voted for a bill to treat rape as a pre-existing condition
Great day Mr. Mooney,Thank you for years of tears...of laughter,. I just saw a few seco…
I liked a video The Great Paul mooney the godfather of comedy 2012 Full THE UGLY TRUTH REGARDING THE
Paul Nuttall, leader of UKIP, says he would take "ten Jeremy Corbyns over Tony Blair any day". Bet you never expected to hear that.
Paul Mooney is one of the GOATS for sure!
Today is a Paul Mooney type of day. Lol! 😁 This is why everything is what it is today because people fear what they…
Like Paul Mooney said on ABC Nightline; racism is ingrained in this country, it's marrow, it's bone. (2/2)
In the words of the great philosopher Paul Mooney: Everybody wanna be a Nibut nobody wanna be a ni
"Everybody wanna be a *** until it's time to be a *** -- . Paul Mooney have yet to lie to us.
Traffic calming on estate roads From & Paul Mooney of
Paul Mooney said it best "everyone wanna sing and hip hop like *** but don't no one wanna go to jail like ***
Grenade...Daft show that takes itself intensely seriously, pretending it's more clever than…
As Paul Mooney pointed out, Brad Pitt was main character in The Mexican, and Tom Cruise was The Last Samurai. I'm…
That's because it has nothing to do with Asians! Who are you, Paul Mooney?😂
The church shouldn't be so interested in "great", we must be more interested in "good"! Goodness matters. -Rev. Paul D. Mooney
Kentucky for a football game. She never really told everything that happened, but she had what Paul Moon…
privilege.I just thought of Paul Mooney 😩
With the great Paul Mooney filming Being Human at Everest Base Camp
A lot of people don't like Paul Mooney but he be telling the truth
Because of the color of his skin, the complexion for the protection and the collection. Shout out to the g…
Paul Mooney said in a standup "How are they mad at us, they left us. Any other country would've declared war on whi…
Richard Pryor has me rolling. It would have been comedy if it was Paul Mooney that went across country with him instead of Sicily Tyson.
Remember the night Paul Afeaki got shot? Walter Watts was a favorite... as was Sean Mooney.
watching this Paul Mooney stand up and bro a savage lol
Video of Gatecrasher Sheffield great project by Paul Evans Architectural, JP Mooney &
"everybody wanna be black, but nobody wanna be black"- Paul Mooney
None needed. You should catch the roast they did at the end of his TV series. It is hilarious. Young Paul Mooney, R…
If you don't know Paul mooney you don't know comedy and you probably think Jeff foxworthy is funny
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You have to turn it the right way round then it improves. Will
somebody tell this Paul Mooney look alike to pipe down.
Burn,Baby,Burn by Paul Mooney . His take on the 92 Riots is hilarious. ♫
What we really like White People take. I'll take you back: Lionel, Tina, Michael, they took James Brown but gave him back - Paul Mooney
Rick James, Prince & Charli Murphy all gone. Protect Dave Chappelle and Paul Mooney.
Paul Mooney is the Godfather of comedy
Paul Mooney a better writer than stand up comedian
The Good Ol Days... And, where the heck is Paul Mooney and Go At It On Hot 97 - 2002
Lmfao that's what Paul Mooney said on Chappelle Show. Brothers from Africa was all about bigamy/"bi…
"Y'all don't know the names of priors I used to run with, like Paul Mooney", 🙌🏾
"iono bout the space program, but i know a *** when i see one" - Paul Mooney
Listen now to & - Paul Mooney of Cohesion is Doctoral Level Candidate at Middlesex University
Now on - & chat to Paul Mooney from Cohesion about his journey as an entrepeneur & researcher
Now on - talk to Paul Mooney from Cohesion a corporate executive & entrepreneur
Our Interview is at 1pm Today - Live . with Paul Mooney from Cohesion &…
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Just watched his stand up on race Paul Mooney: A Piece of My Mind 🙌🏼
This Paul Mooney stand up on Netflix is funny.
Whites don't even kno who Paul Mooney is, they just have so much money & can't be denied for anything, so they sit in on a Paul Mooney show
a white person going to a Paul Mooney comedy show is like a black person going to a skinhead/Klan meeting
Paul Mooney "If your hair is relaxed, white people are relaxed. If your hair is nappy, they're not happy.".Not my pro…
I swear Paul Mooney just got on the bus
Who would put Paul Robinson in as caretaker manager for rest of the season? I would
Why black people can't be racists.📚 (know the definition of racism and educate yourself.) - Paul Mooney
Rewatching this Paul Mooney special on Netflix. Might watch one of these Richard Pryor joints next.
Lmao I heard Paul Mooney say it on a Richard Pryor documentary and died.
When Mooney calls you a genius then you know you're the real deal. RIP Don Rickles.
Ice Cube was direct and to the point, just like uncle Paul Mooney
Our SME Interview this Monday is at 1:30pm . with Paul Mooney from Cohesion &…
Thanks to all our residents, partners, and staff who made it to The Elms Grand Opening today! Paul Mooney brought the g…
Paul Mooney: Too Black For Hollywood via I like his humor, brilliant man. Strongly political.
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Thanks for your donation Anne and Paul Mooney! We're now at a quarter of our goal!.
"You'll nvr see a Brinks truck following a Hurst". -Paul Mooney
So sad. Paul died after losing control of his bicycle and smashing into a tree on a country lane.
Told my *** the other day, wit that game & having seen Chappelle AND Paul Mooney live, I can't complain. Life is good.
And I don't care who else was tiger Paul you should have been the headliner...Hail 2 da chief of co…
Paul Mooney had a line that explained that phenomenon pretty well.
"it's hard being a black man,Ted Danson was a black man for five minutes and look at how much trouble he got in" ~…
I can't take credit for that Paul mooney said it first
Paul Mooney said he isn't Hollywood, he is neighborhood.
Jesse Jackson, *** Gregory, Al Sharpton, Paul Mooney and you on for an hour altogether.. Can we get that conversation?
I'll go with Kinison, it's not easy, Harold Lloyd, Chappelle, Paul Mooney, Ted Baxter, Fred Sanford, Latka and Andrea Martin.
The black woman who really sewn the American flag Betsy Ross gets credit for (inspired by Paul Mooney)
I remember Paul Mooney said black people gonna have a show called Good Morning America.,.,.its gonna start at noon! 😂
BREAKING: Republic of Ireland international has died of a heart attack. This is so sad!
Paul Mooney is a gem.RT Chicago for Trayvon Martin...
If technology was smiles Paul Mooney could star.
"If you see Robert De Niro with a white woman, he's holding her for the police" - Paul Mooney
I liked a video Paul Mooney in The Cpac in Brooklyn, NY Pt. 2 On May 20, 2013
oh I fit that weird Venn diagram that's someone who listens to alternate wrestling commentary & knows who Paul Mooney is
Was on a roll last night so I also painted Paul Mooney. What a LEGEND and can't wait for him to…
"They wanted 'us' cooking, cleaning and taking care of their kids. When that stopped, they wanted 'us' out of the neighbor…
They didn't have the complexion for the protection for the election .lol -Paul Mooney 🤔💯
"White people will cut their nose off to spite their face." -Paul Mooney
Genius comic Paul Mooney said:I have no fear,I have no fear because I realized I was Free,White and 21 too.Deep analogy.
Just watching these politicians over the years makes me realize how much sense paul mooney had when he talked about politricks
Paul Mooney would appreciate the diversity.
So many books but so little time! Have Hunted by Paul Finch to finish then Chris Carter's book is out on Wednesday then Chris Mooney's 😁
I could listen to Paul Mooney speak all day. He constantly drops knowledge.
You want a good talk about PC culture and where it becomes problematic, ask Paul Mooney.
Paul Mooney is my favorite comedian of all time.
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"Black women are *** near superheroes and no one says a thing, white men do the bare minimum and the world stands still." -Paul Mooney
"Don't let these white woman fool you. They white first, and feminist second." -Paul Mooney
"White people lie so it'll fit their purpose." -Paul Mooney
"They will change the law to help white folks." -Paul Mooney
Lol i never offered you advice you loser, a reporter who can't read and comprehend thats why you suck, now foh paul…
Paul Mooney is a national black treasure. If something happens to that man, I'll be devastated.
Paul Mooney as Negrodamus has to be one of my favorite skits on Chappelle's Show...😂😂😂
I liked a video Paul Mooney funny jokes about O.J Simpson and Wesley Snipes
I liked a video Legendary Comedian Paul Mooney on The Queen
he was. But that doesn't mean he killed her. She was killed over sex and drugs like Paul Mooney suggested.
Yep, picked up my appreciation of Paul Mooney thanks to this show.
Blackness... Hilarious. I want Paul Mooney's take on this.
Paul Mooney, Dave Chappelle and Eddie Griffen the reason why I can't laugh at Kevin Hart
I might go to Paul Mooney at Howard Theatre in Washington, DC - ...
Paul Mooney is funny and a great messaging comic.
Paul Giamatti is the greatest actor of our generation
I have nothing to do with racism in America; it was here when I got...
When they make a documentary about the epic battles of the we gon' have Paul Mooney narrate it
George Carlin, Paul Mooney, Patrice O'Neal n Dave Chappelle are so great because all they did was hold a mirror up n force us to see reality
Paul Mooney because comedy has no limit or age restriction. The language is universal like music.
Paul Mooney's Oprah bit will forever be guts!
Ready for another SoldOut show? The God Father of Comedy Paul Mooney will be at Dolce Ultra.
I'll never forget what Paul Mooney said about Rihanna. Awfully funny.
Paul mooney cracks a very similar joke about being sad when he see homesless white people 'what a waste of white skin' it was
One day I want to be as filterless as Paul Mooney.
"Don't laugh too hard, white folks will take me too" - Paul Mooney the God
I think if Paul Mooney dies, they killed him
Am I the only one excited that Paul Mooney is doing two shows in Cypress? Jan. 25 & 26. I can't be the only one.
I don't prefer the use of the N word, but Paul Mooney speaking some truth, but so is the Black…
this is a Paul Mooney bit. She just threw in the word privilege here n there and expected street cred
you know anything create will be gentrified and redistributed. Just like Paul Mooney said we can't have nothing.
i met her once & she was WONDERFUL!!! Need to meet you TOO Diva. We both have Paul Mooney n common!😁
seems to be a misguided riff on a funnier joke Black comedians have made since the 70s. See Paul Mooney's "When I see homeless
and miss me with your stock response of "you must not know Paul Mooney's stand up." I know it coming and going. You're reaching
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