Paul McCartney & Eric Clapton

Sir James Paul Mccartney, MBE, Hon RAM, FRCM (born 18 June 1942) is an English musician, singer-songwriter and composer. Eric Patrick Clapton, CBE, (born 1945) is an English guitarist and singer-songwriter. 5.0/5

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Eric Clapton & Paul Mccartney . While my Guitar Gently Weeps. (Concert for George Harrison)
Love is all you need. Paul Mccartney, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton & Rod Stewart - All You Need Is...
BLESS YOU! How about letting your husband's good friends, Richard Starkey, Paul Mccartney, and Eric Clapton 'revisit" his music?
Song of the day: 17/11 # Hey Jude - Paul Mccartney, Elton John, Sting, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Phil Collins
Paul Mccartney explaining his 'Freedom' song to a non-impressed Eric Clapton hah…
Paul Mccartney, Elton John, Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, maybe Chuck Berry to get the American view.
[Paul] Sir Paul Mccartney talks about Jimi Hendrix & Eric Clapton at Firefly Festival 2015 Filmed the screen after P…
Paul Mccartney and Eric Clapton weren't good enough for Ted Cruz. Paul's song Freedom not good enough for Ted Cruz:.
Mine would be: Elton John, Robert Plant, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Paul Mccartney — who are you? i love you.
Here’s a funny candid snippet of video. Paul Mccartney and Eric Clapton having a chin wag.
ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC November 29th 1933, Born on this day, John Mayall, 'father of the UK blues movement', his Bluesbreakers Band has featured Eric Clapton, *** Taylor, *** Fleetwood, John Mcvie, Jack Bruce, Peter Green and Jimmy McCulloch 1960, Paul Mccartney and Pete Best were deported from West Germany after being arrested on suspicion of arson after the hotel room they were staying in mysteriously caught fire. They were released and deported the next day. 1963, 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' by The Beatles was released in the UK. For the first time ever in the UK advanced orders passed the million mark before it was released. 1965, Colorado Governor John A. Love declared a Rolling Stones day throughout the State as The Stones appeared at The Denver Coliseum in Colorado during a North American tour. 1968, The Who released their first concert record, "The Who Sell Out." 1969, The Beatles went to No.1 on the US Singles Chart with their twenty-sixth release in the United States. 'Come Together / Som ...
And now for something completely different: Paul Mccartney trying to explain his 9/11 song "Freedom" to Eric Clapton htt…
Just heard the news that my musical hero and prime inspiration for my life as a bass player, Jack Bruce, has passed away at the age of 71. I will never forget the first time I heard Sunshine of Your Love. I was 11 years old. Having played string bass in the elementary school orchestra for a couple of years, I had no idea what playing by ear meant. I was determined to figure that riff out. When I did it was a revelation, and it literally changed my life. I already loved the Beatles, and of course Paul Mccartney, but what they did seemed so mysterious and complete that I never even tried to figure out how they were doing what they did. I’m not even sure I understood that the instrument Paul was playing was the electric cousin of the string bass I was playing in school. The power trio format that Cream pioneered allowed me to hear what the electric bass was capable of for the first time. Jack was the first musician to show me that a bassist could be a driving creative force in a musical group, and his sing ...
Eric Clapton would sometimes babysit Paul and Linda McCartney's daughter, Heather.
Musician's are sometimes asked who their musical influences have been over the years and for some reason I found myself making a mental list while in the shower tonight. I think it's the first time I have actually 'REALLY' thought about that question. This is what I came up with in no specific rank or chronological order. Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Bing Crosby, Elton John, Bruce Hornsby, Jackson Browne, Rascal Flatts, Peter Frampton, Aretha Franklin, Dave Mathews, Bob Dylan, Lyle Lovett, Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Foreigner, John Mayer, Casting Crowns, Paul Mccartney, Alanis Morissette, Eric Clapton, Paul Rodgers, Indigo Girls, Mercy Me, Bob Seger, The 'Boss', James Taylor, Zach Brown, Frank Sinatra, Chris Rice, & Earth, Wind & Fire, AND of course those a little closer to home - These locals have all been an inspiration to me in one way or another. Whether it be by their pure talent, performances, musicianship, guidance, song writing, and for some a combination of them all! Kelly Jones, Dave ...
This unassuming Fender Stratocaster was sold for an incredibly $2.7 million in 2005 to raise money for victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami features signatures from the likes of Paul Mccartney, *** Jagger, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Jimmy Page, David Gilmour, Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend, Mark Knopfler, Ray Davis, Liam Gallagher, Ronnie Wood, Angus Young, Malcolm Young, Tony Iommi, Sting, Ritchie Blackmore, Bryan Adams and members of the Def Leppard
Let's see who is a musical genius...When Jimi Hendrix moved to England, which guitarist took him in and watched as he became famous within a week ? Eric Clapton, Paul Mccartney, Jimmy Paige, or Peter Frampton
The next evolution of Wireless Mobile Radio! Listen to my show at 10AM I’m playing 2fer Tuesday 'Yesterday & Today’ sets from David Bowie and Paul Mccartney plus World Class Rock from Eric Clapton, Beck and U2, new songs from Chrissie Hynde, The National and Bruce Springsteen, lost classics from The Cars, Chris Isaak and Led Zeppelin, a cool cover from Bryan Ferry & Roxy Music and more! Visit, click the mobile apps link at the top of the page to download to your tablet or smart phone, we’re anywhere you go! Rock w/o rules, music w/o borders. (photos: David Bowie, Redferns/Michael Ochs Archive, Getty)
Just got a special delivery. Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift are teaming up to sing 3 of my songs. Paul Mccartney is playing bass and Ringo Star on Drums. Eric Clapton will fill in leads. They aren't even released yet and they are already on the country and pop charts.! I'm excited! Oh yeah, today is April 1.
Many of you all know that I love music and play the drums. I'll more than likely never get famous or do it as a living. So here's an observation I have made followed by questions for both those who play music as well as those who don't: Many legendary musicians continue to tour well into their 60's and some even into their 70's. The Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton, etc. When does an artist or group simply retire? For good. I mean, they've made a gazillion dollars, played to bazillions of people, won award after award, but still tour. Some artists say it's because it's what they love and for the fans...or is it just all they know?
This is the word's most expensive guitar. It sold, at auction, for 2.7 million dollars, but technically brought in 3.7 million because the original purchaser donated it back for a second auction. This Fender Stratocaster bears the signatures of: - Jimmy Page - Eric Clapton - *** Jagger - Brian May - Liam Gallagher - Jeff Beck - Pete Townshend - Ray Davies - David Gilmour - Bryan Adams - Tony Iommi - Mark Knopfler - Angus Young - Malcolm Young - Keith Richards - Ronnie Wood - Paul Mccartney - Sting - Noel Gallagher If you could only pick ONE signature for your guitar, who's would you pick? And which one of your guitars would you have signed?
Where will the man who discovered Nirvana, the woman who manages Aerosmith & *** Jagger, Oprah Winfrey's President, head of music for WME & co-founder of Lollapalooza, Twilight & Greys Anatomy music supervisor, exec who signed Paul Mccartney, creator of Kidz Bop, Eric Clapton label prez & creator of The Daily Love - all be sitting at the same table next Friday? !
Paul Simons This is Concert For George (the trailer). So many musicians: Paul Mccartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Billy Preston, Jeff Lynn, Dhani Harrison, Ray Cooper, Eric Idle and Monty Python, and many more! Filmed at Royal Albert Hall on the anniversary of his death but in 2003. The full concerts is on youTube if you click on "Concert for George Full Concert" Enjoy!
Peter is recording his last Blues track for his up coming release with Bob Lizik (Five String Bassist) of the Brian Wilson Group. Bob has also recorded with Billy Joel, produced Madonna & performed with Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Elton John, Paul Mccartney (Vocals Acoustic Guitar), Richie Sambora to name a few. Bob also recorded with Peter on his CD "A Plush Horse...with a Monkey on a String". Bob's a great player and performer that keeps his ego in his pocket, an all around great guy. Peter's glad to be working with Bob again.
Some reading material for tonight's snow storm. January 21st: On this Day 1957, English singer Frankie Vaughan was at No.1 on the UK Singles Chart with 'The Garden Of Eden'. (Vaughan recorded a large number of songs that were covers of United States hit songs). 1963, The Beatles made their third appearance on the Radio Luxembourg program The Friday Spectacular. The Beatles were interviewed by the host and played two tracks, 'Please Please Me' and 'Ask Me Why. 1965, Over 3,000 screaming fans met The Rolling Stones and Roy Orbison at Sydney Airport when they arrived for a 16 date tour of Australia and New Zealand. 1966, George Harrison married Patti Boyd at Leatherhead Register Office in Surrey with Paul Mccartney as Best man. George had first met Patti on the set of The Beatles movie 'A Hard Day's Night'. She left Harrison in the mid-'70s and started an affair with Harrison's friend Eric Clapton, who wrote the song "Layla" about her. The two married in May 1979, but split in 1988. 1968, Jimi Hendrix record ...
January 16th 2005: *** Jagger & David. A. Stewart won the Best Original Song Golden Globe for the song “Old Habits Die Hard” from the Alfie soundtrack. 1999: Warren Zevon, America & Delbert McClinton performed at Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura’s Inaugural Ball at the Target Center in Minneapolis. 1996: Jamaican authorities opened fire on Jimmy Buffett’s plane after it was mistaken for a drug trafficker’s plane. Bono & Island Records founder Chris Blackwell were also on the plane & nobody was hurt. 1992: Eric Clapton taped his appearance for MTV Unplugged at Bray Film Studios in Windsor, U.K. 1988: George Harrison reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart for the last time with “Got My Mind Set on You”. This was the last number one single by any of the solo Beatles in the U.S. 1980: Paul Mccartney was arrested for marijuana possession in Tokyo. McCartney would spend nine days in a Tokyo jail. 1979: Cheap Trick received their first Gold record for their third album Heaven Tonig ...
THIS DAY IN ROCK - January 13th: Eric Clapton, Jethro Tull, Slade, Queen, The Police and more ... 1963: The Beatles recorded a TV appearance on the ABC Television program "Thank Your Lucky Stars" in Birmingham playing their new single, ‘Please Please Me.’ The show was broadcast on January 19. 1965: The first day of recording sessions for Bob Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home album were held at Studio A, Columbia Recording Studios in New York City. Dylan recorded ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’, and ‘It's All Over Now, Baby Blue.’ 1966: George Harrison and his girlfriend Patti Boyd met up with *** Jagger and Chrissie Shrimpton at Dolly's nightclub on Jermyn Street in London's west End. 1967: Paul Mccartney and Ringo Starr both went to the Bag O'Nails Club, London, England to see the Jimi Hendrix Experience. 1970: Steel Mill, featuring Bruce Springsteen, played at The Matrix in San Francisco, California. Boz Scaggs was the scheduled headliner but he cancelled at that last minute due to illness. ...
December 22nd 2002: Joe Strummer, singer & guitarist for The Clash died of an undiagnosed congenital heart defect after walking his dog in Broomfield, U.K. He was 50 years old. 1991: The movie Rush opened in theatres across the U.S. It starred Jason Patric, Jennifer Jason Leigh & Gregg Allman in his big screen debut as a drug dealer. The soundtrack was written by Eric Clapton, which contained “Tears in Heaven”. 1987: Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx overdosed on heroin and was pronounced dead on arrival. Sixx was revived with two shots of adrenaline in his chest which inspired Motley Crue’s hit song “Kickstart My Heart”. 1982: Bob Dylan visited Frank Zappa at his house and played Zappa a dozen songs, afterwards Dylan asked Zappa to produce his next album. Mark Knopfler ended up producing Dylan’s next album Infidels. 1979: The first of three concerts for the people of Kampuchea were held at London’s Hammersmith Odeon. Artists appearing at the concerts included Paul Mccartney, Queen, The Who, Th ...
Thanks for adding me,I spent many years traveling the world looking after and repairing Hammond Organs and assorted keyboards for many artists including Keith Emerson,Eric Clapton and Paul Mccartney
LT and... John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, John Fogerty, Stevie Nicks, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix... I could go on for days.
Happy Birthday Jimi Hendrix. Jimi Hendrix WAS PART OF THE British Invasion! Jimi Hendrix had spent years languishing as a guitarist for acts that often fired him once he did a solo onstage. Linda Keith, Keith Richards' girlfriend, discovered him and recommended him to Andrew Loog Oldham, the Stones manager. Oldham didn't get it ( early Hendrix Experience concerts after the Monterrey music festival, Hendrix was also often booed off stage in America as well. Until the film about the festival was released.).Chas Chandler managed The Animals and heard Hendrix play HEY JOE. He thought it could be crafted into a hit and flew Jimi to England, pairing him with 2 British musicians. Hendrix had been unable to get a manager in the U.S.! British musicians flocked to see the band play small clubs- Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton, Paul Mccartney and many others. Unlike the American musicians who would fire Jimi if he did a guitar solo, they quickly embraced him. In England, Hendrix had 3 number 1 singles in a row- BEFORE h ...
November 25 was a day for musical debuts, goodbyes and reunions. The Jimi Hendrix Experience headlined for the first time in the United Kingdom in an appearance at the Bag O' Nails club at 9 Kingly Street in the Soho section of London on that date in 1966. The audience members included John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend and Jimmy Page. At Royal Albert Hall in London on November 25, 1968, Cream performed for the last time. As the band members finished playing "I'm So Glad" and left the stage, the frenzied crowd chanted "God save the Cream." BBC television recorded and broadcast the performance as a documentary, which subsequently was released on a DVD titled "Farewell Concert." On that Thanksgiving day in 1976 at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco, promoter Bill Graham staged the final concert by the Band, with a stellar roster of guest performers who included Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Ringo Starr, Stephen Stills, Paul Butterfield, Muddy Waters, Eri ...
If you're in Old Town Temecula this evening. swing by Sweet Lumpy's BBQ on 3rd to catch Jeff McNeal's world renown vocal impressions of Jim Croce, Gordon Lightfoot, Greg Lake, Justin Hayward, Neil Diamond, Jim Morrison, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, George Harrison, John Fogerty, Van Morrison, Ray Davies, *** Jagger, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many more as Mrs. Jones' Revenge performs an "unplugged" acoustic set from 6-9 PM.
November 1, 1968…George Harrison released "Wonderwall Music," the mostly instrumental soundtrack from the film "Wonderwall." Harrison was the first Beatle to release a solo album and this was the first album released on the Beatles' new Apple label. Some of the musician credits listed in the liner notes are pseudonyms for George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Ringo Starr. Peter Tork of the Monkees took part in the sessions, playing a banjo he borrowed from Paul Mccartney, but was not credited. "Wonderwall Music" later became the first album to be deleted from the Apple Records catalog.
Today, in the history of Rock and Roll, November 1st: 1945: Bassist Rick Grech is born. Thrust into the spotlight as the least known member of Blind Faith (with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker - both ex-Cream) he goes on to join fellow Blind Faith alum Steve Winwood in the second edition of Traffic. 1955: James Brown lays down "Please, Please, Please, at radio station WIBB in Macon, GA. 1959: Elvis Presley's current stint in the Army means that for the first time in nearly five years, no Elvis single resides on the Billboard charts. 1962: The Beatles return to the Star Club in Hamburg. Little Richard is also on the bill and teaches Paul (McCartney) his wail (or is it "who"?) An unauthorized recording of these shows is later released. 1963: The Rolling Stones issue their second single “I Wanna Be Your Man,” written by John Lennon and Paul Mccartney. Ringo sings on The Beatles’ version. 1963: Def Leppard’s Rick Allen enters the world. He starts drumming with his mother's kitchen utensils when he is fi ...
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be... . Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton, Bono and others -- "Let It Be": vía
9/27 This day in music.. 1963, The Rolling Stones appeared at the Floral Hall Ballroom in Morecambe, Lancashire with The Merseybeats, Dave Beery & the Cruisers and The Doogle-bugs. 1964, The Beach Boys made their TV debut on 'The Ed Sullivan Show' on US TV where they performed 'I Get Around' and 'Wendy'. 1967, Working on new songs The Beatles recorded various parts for the new John Lennon song ‘I Am The Walrus’ and the new Paul Mccartney song ‘Fool On The Hill.’ Read the full story 1968, Pink Floyd appeared at the Queen's Hall in Dunoon, Scotland. Due to bad weather, all the ferries to Dunoon were cancelled, so Pink Floyd hired their own boat from Gourock and risked the rough seas to make the crossing, eventually appearing in front of 400 fans. 1972, Rory Storm singer from UK 60's group Rory Storm and the Hurricanes died aged 32 after taking an overdose of sleeping pills in a suicide pact with his mother. Ringo Starr played drums with Storm before joining The Beatles. 1978, Eric Clapton sponsored ...
September 25, 1969…John Lennon began recording his composition "Cold Turkey," a song about heroin withdrawal and his battle with drug addiction. Work continued on the track on September 28 and it was completed on October 5. The backing band included Eric Clapton, Yoko Ono, Ringo Starr and Klaus Voorman. Lennon presented the song to Paul Mccartney as a potential single by the Beatles, but was refused and it was instead released as a Plastic Ono Band single.
Sting,Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton, Phill Collins,Mark Knopfler some names who contributed in this concert.
Music History for Thursday, 9/19/13 2008 - Drummer Earl Palmer died. He played on Little Richard’s first several albums, as well as albums by Fats Domino, Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Neil Young and others. 1997 - VH1 aired its first-ever live edition of Storytellers. Elton John was featured in a special 90-minute edition of the show from the House of Blues in New Orleans. 1987 - Pink Floyd released A Momentary Lapse of Reason, the first album after Roger Waters' departure. 1986 - Press to Play was released by Paul Mccartney. 1985 - A Senate committee heard testimony on the labeling and rating of rock music. The hearing was called for by Tipper Gore, the head of the Parents Music Resource Center. 1981 - The Rolling Stones began a nine-week run at the top of the album chart with Tattoo You, the band’s ninth number one. 1978 - Living in the U.S.A. was released by Linda Ronstadt. 1975 - Eric Clapton got a gold record for "I Shot the Sheriff." 1974 - Max Weinberg made his debut as the drummer for Bruce S .. ...
An abundance of talent on stage. Eric Clapton, Paul Mccartney, Ringo Starr and Dhani Harrison (son of George)...
1.15pm 5 July '69 Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, Donovan & Mama Cass are getting ready to leave their homes to go to the park
Just wanted to take a minute to thank Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, John Ringer, John Prine, Roger McGuinn, Mary McCaslin, Smokey Robinson, Danny O'Keefe, Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Donovan, Randy Newman, James Taylor, Cat Stevens, John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, Van Morrison, Roy Orbison, Gordon Lightfoot, Tracy Chapman, Elvis Presley, Carly Simon, Jimmy Cliff, Bob Marley, Bob Wills, Tex Ritter, and Townes Van Zandt for all of the wonderful songs you wrote, that play on the soundtrack of my soul enough to come out my fingers and mouth. You have all blessed my life immeasurably.
The Beach Beat Brian Wilson & Paul Mccartney: both Gemini, with cusping moons: Virgo & Leo, respectively. born just 2 days apart: 18 & 19 June, 1942; both wrote songs, played bass guitar, & sang the highest harmonies in bands whose names began with the same six letters: The Beatles & The Beach Boys; note also how B & P are a pair, labial plosives, then M is the nasal one, & turn it upside down & you have W. & check this out: Carl Dean Radle, from Tulsa Oklahoma, was born the excat same day as McCartney: he too was a bass guitarist; he played with Eric Clapton on the Derek & the Dominos album; he also died in Gemini: 30 May 1980, at age 37. the brothers Wilson (Beach Boys): two Sagittarius (Dennis & Carl) & a Gemini/Virgo (Brian); & the brothers Gibb (BeeGees): two Sagittarius (Robin & Maurice) & a Virgo/Scorpio (Barry); in both band/families, the Sagittariuses, though younger than the third brother, both died first; all six were born in the 1940s: Brian Wilson was born in 1942, Dennis in 1944, & Carl in . ...
I had the most amazing time in London.Many people asked if Mary and I were close friends. I always said we married brothers but have been close friends for years. I can't even remember meeting her. We did a lot of walking,&sightseeing.We saw most of the tourist spots.I saw Paul Mccartney's house and I walked on Abbey Road.I loved the RocknRoll tour where we went to Chelsea and saw the bar where John Lennon,Eric Clapton,Pete Townsend and Eric Burden hung out, Mary Quant's shop where she introduced the miniskirt to the world.We saw the play.'We will Rock You", A tribute to Queen. I said a silent prayer for the soul of Freddie Mercury.One misty, foggy night we did the Jack the Ripper tour and it was spooky.
I’m in the process of recording a very exciting new solo album and I would like to invite you to be a part of it. ULTRAVIOLET will be a supernatural Pop/Rock experience of textural simplicity and bold transparency; an exquisite and unique sonic pleasure for the casual and the critical listener. I have gathered my favorite mad scientists of rock for this rare event: Tony Levin – bass (Peter Gabriel, John Lennon, King Crimson), David Torn – guitar (David Bowie, Madonna, Tori Amos), and Steve Gadd – drums (Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, James Taylor), and produced by the sonic craftsman,David CasT on sax (DMB, George Clinton, Bad Brains). Edie Brickell will be singing with me on the title track. Jeff Gilhart is engineering and Gregory Gates is once again arranging and performing all the string sections. ULTRAVIOLET will be recorded live at Dreamland Studios (B52s, Peter Murphy) in West Hurley, NY, run by Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel, Paul Mccartney). Join me and be part of the dream! ::malcolm ...
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Eric Clapton is prototype for white rock blues guitar playing, He is an original and all others come as copycats, Thing is, it's hard to be original guitarist, it's hard to come out with original sound, and be distinctive, being different from the crowd.anyway work on your personal guitar language, and be yourself. It's best you can do...Yeah thats it, Btw Thanks Folks for tonight, It was Awesome!
"My Love" is a single and track from the 1973 album, "Red Rose Speedway", by Paul Mccartney & Wings. The album was originally released on Apple/EMI and was p...
What have Eric Clapton, Brian May, Paul Mccartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, Pete Townsend, Keith Richards, Sting, Hank Marvin, Robert Smith, Mike Oldfield, Jimmy Page, and Robert Handyside, all in common? We were all influenced by, and some had played with, that great British guitarist Bert Weedon. After I did a summer season gig with him, He asked me to be his bass player for a season in Hamburg, but college commitments wouldn't allow it. I often wonder if my life would have changed much if I had gone. Bert passed away last year.
Get this...Jimi Hendrix sought out Paul Mccartney to form a supergroup along with Miles Davis. Hmmm, our supergroup would be Eric Clapton on guitar; Dave Grohl on drums; John Entwistle on bass and Janice Joplin on vocals. If you could form your supergroup, who would be in it?
Speechless. I walk into this place each week and stand my Fishman Solo in a corner, plug some cables, set up a buffet of guitars and mic’s, run through a sound check with the early regulars giving thumbs up or a nod, order up a glass of cold water ("Just a little ice, Gretchen" :), and watch with anticipation to see what happens.  We have thrown some good seeds in this good soil and let nature do its thing.  Magic. Continuing with the whole metaphorical thing here--because I can--each week brings new growth. More like flippin’ explosions of color. It’s like acoustic Chia.  As we have come to expect and enjoy so damned much, Mike Davis cranked it up with his six-string versions of artists from every era and any style. This guy is a vocal mash-up of Paul Mccartney, Freddie Mercury,  Don Henley,  Van Morrison, and Eric Clapton. And he can sure pick that thang! Mike and I threw in a couple of early duets...whatever strikes us.  In walks Shealee Cousino with her fiddle strapped on her back and her ...
If you are Paul Mccartney, then Diana Krall, Eric Clapton, Jeff Hamilton, John Clayton and Steve Wonder will play on your album.
I love the version with Eric Clapton and Paul Mccartney at the George Harrison tribute concert.
David Bowie and Paul Mccartney and Eric Clapton made a perfect playlist last night
I want to see Eric Clapton and Paul Mccartney this year
[ Hey Jude ]- Paul Mccartney, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Sting, Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler!!! Where is Michael Jackson, you know!!
Subsequent releases Turner on tour with special guest Eric Clapton, June 17, 1987 in Wembley Arena, England Turner returned with her next solo album, Break Every Rule, in 1986. The album quickly became platinum launching several hit singles including "Typical Male", "Two People" and "What You Get Is What You See" going on to sell two million copies in the United States and four million altogether worldwide. That same year, Turner published her autobiography, I, Tina, in which she talked about her early life and volatile marriage to Ike Turner. She later received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that summer. Turner's European Break Every Rule Tour, which culminated in March 1987 in Munich, Germany, contributed to record breaking sales and concert attendances. In January 1988, Turner made history alongside Paul Mccartney when she performed in front of the largest paying audience (approximately 184,000) to see a solo performer in Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, earning her a Guinness World R ...
I am so proud of my husband and his band. I just love them so much. Only 9 bands were choosen to play at the Hard Rock Cafe's Battle of The Bands. The winning band from Denver will compete nationally to win a spot on stage and perform live in London at Hard Rock Rising this summer as well as a tour of Hard Rock's around the globe! Past acts performing at Hard Rock Rising have included Aerosmith, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Paul Mccartney, Stevie Wonder, The Who, Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, The Killers and The Police. Come on out and support Vivid Fiction!
New from Eric Clapton! “Old Sock” is his 21st studio album, it features two new original songs “Every Little Thing” and “Gotta Get Over.” Preview and pre-order the album now on iTunes: new album is a collection of some of Clapton’s favourite songs spanning from his childhood to present day that highlights his vast appreciation and knowledge of music. From Leadbelly to J.J. Cale; Peter Tosh to George Gershwin; Hank Snow to Gary Moore and Taj Mahal, this record is a celebration of so many who have inspired Clapton’s rich musical life. Clapton has always had a remarkable ability to recognize great songs and a gift for knowing how to uniquely interpret them, as he does on “Old Sock”. The album explores romantic standards of the 30's, reggae, soul, rock, and includes a stand out playful collaboration with Paul Mccartney, to create an experience that is quintessential Clapton.
George Harrison, Paul Mccartney, and Ringo Starr played this on May 19, 1979 at Eric Clapton's wedding.
I'll have Eric Clapton play George Harrison's Something as Paul Mccartney walks me down the aisle to marry Billy Joel
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Have 12-12-12: concert for Sandy Relief in the stereo. An AWESOME album!! Some of the best in the business performed at the concert. The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Paul Mccartney, The Who, Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Chris Martin, Alicia Keys, and Roger Waters( of Pink Floyd).
In addition to Jackie Lomax, the single features George Harrison and Eric Clapton on guitars, Paul Mccartney on bass, Ringo Starr on drums, and Nicky Hopkins on piano The song is notable for being among the few non-Beatles songs to feature at least three members of the band. wow
[Paul] Something - Paul Mccartney and Eric Clapton.mpg The Concert for George was held at the Royal Albert Hall in Lon…
Enjoying the game with Kirbster, but had it on mute during halftime show. I can only name on song by Beyonce. Maybe the Superbowl demographic is different, but I didn't get her as a selection. She's quite talented, but I really haven't listened to much music produced after 1988; the only stuff is by already established people like Tom Petty, Paul Mccartney, etc. Sure, that Brittish woman named after the Excelsior frozen custard place is talented, but when you listen to 70s, 80s music and compare it to what's happened since then starting with 90s grunge, there's just no comparison. Even country, which was pretty good in the 90s, seemed to have degenerated into this pop-country blend that is unlistenable. Give me Phil Collins, Billy Joel, Van Halen, Eric Clapton. Beyonce are the sheets that freshen up my linen in the dryer. Thank goodness for the XM app on the Android so I can drown out KS95 at Snap Fitness in the morning and keep it on Classic Rewind or 80s on 8.
The way I see it, we are going to need 3 venues for 3 nights in Marquette. Better would be 4 venues for 4 nights. The Waterfront or harbor: This is where I would like all the ladies like Adele, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys & Norah Jones and maybe Elton John, Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton and Neil Diamond to play. Possibly a good spot for Deadmau5 and Daft Punk. May need heaters and a/c as the temperature changes rapidly & dramatically. Parking will be a challenge for this venue as well as security. May be necessary to relocate it to the international airport, although that will make that portion of the event a little less intimate. Lakeview Arena: This is the old battlehorse of small-town concert venues. It will be perfect for bands with smaller/ older followings, but especially for the likes of Twisted Sister, Def Leppard, Tesla, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Willie Nelson, Willie Nelson's Teapot Party Rush, Motley Crue, The Black Crowes, The Scorpions & The Cult etc. The Dome at Northern Michigan: This would make a great v ...
Festival Specs are proud to be the War Child sunglasses partner and donate 10% of every sale to the charity. War Child was founded in 1993 by British filmmakers Bill Leeson and David Wilson, when they returned from filming in the war in former Yugoslavia. Since then many famous artists like Paul Mccartney, Paul Weller, Oasis, Radiohead, U2, Anton Corbijn, Eric Clapton, Marco Borsato, Bob Geldof, Iggy Pop, Avril Lavigne, Keane and many others have joined the War Child cause.
January 31 1969 - Bobby Darin walked off the set of the "Jackie Gleason Show" when he was not allowed to sing "Long Line Rider." 1970 - the Greatful Dead were busted in New Orleans, LA, when the local police raided their hotel on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter, and arrested and charged 19 people with possession of various drugs.for possession of LSD and barbituates. This event is alleged to be the inspiration for their song "Truckin." 1971 - Aretha Franklin sings memorial song at the funeral of Mahalia Jackson. 1972 - Joan Baez awarded gold record for three-year-old LP Any Day Now, an LP of Bob Dylan songs. 1974 - Linda McCartney became the only person to have both taken a photo, and to have been photographed, for the front cover of the Rolling Stone magazine, when today Linda and Paul Mccartney appeared on the cover of the magazine. A few years earlier an Eric Clapton photo of Linda's had been used for the R.S. cover. 1976 - UK Music weekly Sounds readers Poll Winners voted; best album 'A Night At ...
Thanks to Bo White for mentioning us in his review of 2012!!! I didn't know about this until I read it on Andy Reed's page. Very cool to be mentioned in the same article as so many talented bands and musicians. Year in Music It was a fertile year for music as aging sixties icons resurrected themselves, recorded new music and toured. The list includes the Beach Boys triumphant yet acrimonious tour that included their resident tortured genius Brian Wilson and singer/guitarist Al Jardine. The Rolling Stones rolled out several concerts in preparation for 50th anniversary tour. The concert for Sandy raised millions for the Robin Hood Relief Fund to help those ravaged areas from the Jersey shore to New York and Connecticut. Paul Mccartney, The Who, Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and Roger Walters performed in a top heavy assemblage of artists from British Invasion era. *** Jagger joked, “This has got to be the largest collection of old English musicians ever assembled in Madison Square Garden. .. ...
"THE SCOTCH of St James was one of the single most important and influential venues in London during the swinging 60’s. Some might say it played a pivotal role in creating it. THE SCOTCH of St James was the home and hangout of many a household name, such as The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, The Kinks, The Moody Blues, The Who, The Animals and many more. It was the place where any musical artists of note or merit would hangout or perform in order to touch the zeitgeist of the time. The Rare Book Shop, next door to THE SCOTCH once had an exhibition by artist Yoko Ono and was attended by Paul Mccartney who brought his band mate John Lennon and the rest, is history."
So, it's my quarter century birthday. So far so good I think. In the last twenty five years, I have become a Christian, I have learned to read, learned to play half a dozen musical instruments, failed algebra, passed algebra, set foot on 4 different continents and lived in 3 of them, saw Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton, and the Dead in concert, gone hand fishing and ice fishing, gone bungee jumping, amassed over 200 LPs and 45s and actually play them, won scholarships, been rejected from schools, learned to deal with loss, been a teacher in two foreign countries, learned to drive, crashed my car, done my taxes on my own, learned to savor and appreciate black coffee, eaten ice cream for breakfast, kept a plant alive for more than a week, eaten live octopus and fugu and liked it, gotten a ball at a baseball game, been on tv, been in the newspaper, learned a second language, smoked a Cuban cigar, celebrated Easter Sunday at the Vatican, stood where the Berlin wall used to be, seen Picasso's Guernica in person, ...
You know what I find interesting, so many pop singers and other artists from different genres are not all that good compared to the artists who were large in the 70s and who STILL put out good music! Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, Eagles, Pink Floyd, Paul Mccartney, even Queen, and many others are stil putting out good music with REAL instruments and most of them still write their own material. Where will Justin Beiber, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, One Direction, etc., be in 30-40 years? I doubt they will still have the passion and fire that the artists had in the 60s and 70s. Even artists who came up in the 80s are gone. It's true the 60s and 70s turned out some of the most lasting musicians and song writers there are.
Eric Clapton, Paul Mccartney, Mark Knopfler and Ringo Starr (oh come on give the guy a chance) should start a new band.
Come on in to the library today to hear *CELIE GANNON* talking about her book ‘Celie’s Book of Quotes’at 4pm. Celie was an entertainment journalist in Australia and overseas in the 60s and 70s. Her book is a collection of quotes and snippets from her interviews with the likes of Tom Jones, Willie Nelson, Paul Mccartney and Eric Clapton.
Music For Montserrat was a concert held on September 15, 1997 at the Royal Albert Hall. Musicians came together to raise funds for the Caribbean island of Montserrat after a major volcanic eruption earlier that year had left the island devastated. The concert starred musicians such as Phil Collins, Ray Cooper, Carl Perkins, Jimmy Buffett, Mark Knopfler, Sting, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Paul Mccartney, Midge Ure, Arrow and many more, all of whom had once recorded at the island's famous AIR Studios. The concert was arranged and produced by George Martin, with proceeds from the show evening, DVD and CD, used for immediate relief and also helping fund the building of a new cultural center in Montserrat. On completion in 2006, George Martin gifted the centre to the islanders. For Carl Perkins this was his last major live performance as he died just over four months later on January 19, 1998
the people in the crowd had a brilliant gig - Paul Mccartney, The Who, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Bruce Springsteen ?!
So let me get this straight, musicians can use dope and performance enhancing drugs and if they have more hits and stuff they get inducted into the Hall of Fame. But a ball player does the same thing, has more hits than his competition and is a huge star, sells out stadiums, not once every year but practically every night! and when the time comes, he is not eligible to be in the Hall of Fame. Why? Because "maybe" he used drugs...well Eric Clapton, Paul Mccartney, George Harrison, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and the rest...shame shame on you for being celebrated in spite of your lack of good judgement.
I'm not sure how many of you use the IORR message board but a few years ago someone made a typo which sparked a hilarious thread. Instead of 1972 they had keyed in 1792. I found this post in response and found it very cleaver and funny! Jerry Adler. Writer and creator of 'Newsverse' on A History of the World in Rolling Stones Concerts Posted: 12/20/2012 Eleven years after the benefit concert in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks was held at Madison Square Garden, many of the same top musicians came together to raise money for those suffering from Superstorm Sandy, including Paul Mccartney, The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, The Who, Eric Clapton and Bon Jovi. The Concert for Black Death, 1348: No one who was there will ever forget the moment the opening chords of their mega-hit "Putrefaction" rocked the Cathedral at Chartres, as the band took the stage after six hours of Gregorian chants by their opening act, the Righteous Brothers. (That was the original group, consisting of actual Fran ...
Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi, from New Jersey, and Billy Joel, long identified with Long Island, were on their second Hurricane Sandy telethon, following an NBC studio broadcast on Nov. 2 (though this time Mr. Bon Jovi brought his band, Bon Jovi). They were joined by Paul Mccartney, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters from Pink Floyd and Chris Martin from Coldplay.
One of my friends liked Stephen Stills,Eric Clapton,and Paul Mccartney better. But he has been my best friend.
12-12-12 LP The digital "12-12-12 — The Concert for Sandy Relief" album is out today. Featuring performances from last week's star-studded benefit show at New York City's Madison Square Garden, the 24-song collection includes performances from Paul Mccartney, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, Roger Waters and Bon Jovi. Noticeably absent are Macca's surprise performance with the surviving members of Nirvana and anything from Kanye West's set. Like the show itself, proceeds from sales of the album will benefit the Robin Hood Relief Fund, which provides money, materials and information to charitable groups that are helping families and areas severely affected by Hurricane Sandy. The distribution of the first $50 million of initial proceeds begins later this week.
This interview with Abe Laboriel, Jr. was originally broadcast on The Paul Leslie Hour. Our special guest is Abe Laboriel, Jr.; drummer for Paul Mccartney. A...
The concert held last night at Madison Square Garden in charity to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, involving Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, Adam Sandler with Paul Schaffer, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Alicia Keys, The Who , Kanye West, Billie Joel, Chris Martin and Paul Mccartney was so tremendous as expected. Bon Jovi It's my life touched, Wanted Dead or Alive, Who Says You Can not Go Home with Bruce Springsteen and Livin 'on a prayer. Jon Bon Jovi also played with Springsteen Born to run.
Rockers including Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton and three members of Nirvana teaming with Paul Mccartney gathered for the 12-12-12 concert at New York City...
12-12-12 Concert Reportedly Raises More Than $50 Million (New York, NY) -- The 12-12-12 concert held this week at Madison Square Garden reportedly raised more than 50-million dollars for Hurricane Sandy victims. "The Daily Beast" reports the numbers are still pouring in from the show that featured giant acts like the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, and Paul Mccartney. The money from ticket sales and sponsorships is being distributed through the Robin Hood Foundation. Final tallies could be announced by Monday. Here's Roger Waters and Eddie Vedder doing "Comfortably Numb". What a great performance!
12.12.12. NY concert made the world lived happily ever after! Paul Mccartney, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, Bon Jovi, The Rolling Stones, Alicia Keys and all the other legendary performers made Jersey and New York rise up and rebuild again!
'With a lineup of the Rolling Stones, the Who, Eric Clapton, Paul Mccartney, Roger Waters and Chris Martin, all of who…
It sure was a spectacular show! Last night some of the biggest names in entertainment performed at Madison Square Garden to help raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Bruce Springsteen, the Stones, the Who, Paul Mccartney, Billy Joel and Eric Clapton were just some of the performers in ...
OKAY. Let's see if I got this straight: last night was 121212, a benefit show for Hurricane Sandy at MSG. Performers? Well, there was Bruce Springsteen, Paul Mccartney, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton, Kanye West, Roger Waters, Alicia Keys, Dave Grohl, Jon Bon Jovi, and a generous selection of famous actors & comedians. WOW! WHO ORGANIZED THIS!!?!
Eric Clapton earlier, The Who just finished up... what an awesome night! Still Billy Joel, Paul Mccartney, and more to come... Want to donate to Robin Hood Foundation to help Sandy victims? Call 1-855-465-HELP to make a donation!
My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the damage wrought by Hurricane Sandy. Some of the world's biggest stars gathered together tonight benefit NY City and it's surrounding area. A list that included Adam Sandler, Bruce Springsteen, Paul Mccartney performing WITH Nirvana in Kurt Cobain's place, Kanye West, Alicia Keys, the Who, Roger Waters, Eddie Vedder, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel and Eric Clapton and more. A tribute that will run at least 4.5 hours! I do have to wonder though, where were all these magnanimous performers a few years back concert was pulled together when an even greater, much more devastating, hurricane destroyed most of New Orleans and a good portion of 3 states. This concert was only worthy of a single hour of air time! For that we managed to pull together a single hour of fund raising tribute and the following stars came out to help: Glenn Close, Harry Connick Jr., Claire Danes, Ellen DeGeneres, Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Gere, John Goodman, Marcia *** Harden, Faith Hi ...
Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, *** Jagger, Axl Rose, Brian May, Paul Mccartney, Peter Greene, the list goes on and on
The 121212 Concert to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims takes place TONIGHT at 7pm ET in New York. Chris will perform, as will Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, The Who, Paul Mccartney and more. - Watch the live stream - Find out what time it starts where you are -
Star-studded Hurricane Sandy benefit to be broadcast to billions around the globe, includes Paul Mccartney, the Who, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder, Dave Grohl, Eric Clapton, Roger Waters, Bon Jovi, Chris Martin, Kanye West, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys and more!
Eric Clapton wrote "Layla" about Paul Mccartney's wife but he didn't use a real name to hide her identity.
So why isn't there a teenage version of Paul Mccartney, Ronnie Wood or Eric Clapton at my school that wants to fall in love with me?
This Week in the Saturday Club (Saturday with the BEATLES)...Its the Concert for George Harrison...with Performances from Jeff Lynne, Billy Preston, Eric Clapton, Joe Brown, Ringo Starr, Paul Mccartney, Gary Booker and Dhani Harrison and More. Saturday at 10am until 1pm 88.5fm KCSN and Join the fun in the Saturday Club.
On November 29, 2002, a group of George Harrison's famous friends and collaborators came together at London's Royal Albert Hall to play a special tribute show for the late Beatles guitarist one year after his death. Concert for George was co-organized by Harrison's widow, Olivia, and his close friend Eric Clapton, and featured performances by Clapton, Paul Mccartney, Ringo Starr, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Jeff Lynne, Billy Preston and others. Now, to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the event, the entire film documenting the concert will be streamed for 24 hours on Thursday at Harrison's official YouTube page. The show featured the guest artists performing a career-spanning selection of George's compositions, including Beatles classics, memorable solo tunes and the Traveling Wilburys hit "Handle with Care." Also on Thursday, a special benefit screening of Concert for George will be held at The Museum of Liverpool in Liverpool, England. The screening will mark the first event held at the museum' .. ...
Eric Clapton, Paul Mccartney, Brad Whitford, Stewart Copeland, and Brian Wilson on keys if needed.
If you remember when MTV Unplugged consisted of bad *** like SRV and Eric Clapton and Paul Mccartney and LL (you know which LL right?) stripping down their very best tunes and melting your face, rather than solely one-hit wonders being pushed by desperate record companies to make mediocre television and music, gimme a resounding AMEN. (Is it wrong that I still hold out the hope that VH1 Behind The Music may revive short documentaries on bands that should still matter, like the Allman Brothers, Spirit, Richie Havens and Chicago?). Where's that AMEN?
In this compilation we have the likes of Bob Dylan, Paul Mccartney, Lou Reed, David Bowie, The Who, Eric Clapton, Iggy Pop & John Lydon throwing it all away ...
Paul Mccartney and Eric Clapton should collaborate on an album togeter: "We Suck Without John Lennon and Ginger Baker." Too subtle?
I have never heard Clapton cover this! Wow. "I just used Shazam to discover While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Eric Clapton & Paul Mccartney."
On 3 June 2002, within the Golden Jubilee of Elizabeth II concert at Buckingham Palace Garden, Paul Mccartney performed the song with Clapton, as a tribute t...
Elton John and Paul Mccartney on piano, Sting singing, Eric Clapton on guitar and Phill Collins on drums... and guess what music? Hey Jude.
I seriously cannot believe I'm going to see Steve Vai. Now, I just need to see Tom Morello, Lindsay Buckingham, Les Claypool, Eric Clapton, BB King, Kirk Hammet, Eric Jonson, Gary Hoey, Jimmy Page, Tommy Emmanuel, Timmy B. Schmidt, Neil Peart, Joe Walsh, Flea, Paul Mccartney, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, *** Fleetwood, Yngwie Malmsteen, Chris DeGarmo, Peter Frampton, Mike Portnoy, and Dave Mustaine. Mark, you're my cousin, and you have my heart. Thanks for the ticket.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It's Beatles day at the Egyptian! What is your favorite Fab Four tune? Tonight's premiere, Beatles Stories, is like sitting around with musician pals swapping stories about the good old days when they ran into the Beatles out and about. "Nash talks about getting a phone call from Paul Mccartney early one morning in 1967 to come down to an EMI studio. He arrives to find *** Jagger, Keith Richards, Keith Moon, Eric Clapton and a slew of other rock luminaries there as the Beatles were getting ready for the first global television broadcasts with their now-celebrated performance of "All You Need Is Love." "I still get a real warm feeling about that day," Nash tells Swirsky." - Los Angeles Times Entertainment
Steve Gadd takes us inside mythical sessions with Paul Simon, Paul Mccartney and Steely Dan in this special edition ofour regular One Track Mind feature.He also goes in depth on his lengthy working relationships with Eric Clapton and Chick Corea, with whom he has recorded and toured for decades.
I liked a video from Paul Mccartney and Eric Clapton - Something (Concert for George)
Told by Paul Mccartney on 8-15-10 at The Wachovia Center in Philadelphia on his Up and Comming Tour, The Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton story Here's what is m...
Change of plans.Paul Mccartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton and the others will wait for another time. Going to watch "Beloved", a French film with subtitles staring Catherine Deneuve. Have popcorn for me and a rawhide for's how we do Saturday nights!
A Live Concert in London with Paul Mccartney, Rod Stewart, Eric Clapton singing All You Need is Love : via
Just watched PBS's Paul Mccartney special where he sings a bunch of the songs from my jazz era--super cool. He did a great job! Had Diana Krall, Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and others with him. Fantastic
Just got done watching a DVR event on tv. Great Performances from PBS. Paul Mccartney singing old standards of the soft jazz style. But the best part was seeing my two absolute favorite guitar players. Perhaps the two best guitar players in the world today. Eric Clapton and Joe Walsh sitting side by side playing together accompanying Paul on My Valentine. WOW! What a wonderful treat. Nice topping an a wonderful day! I usually delete most recordings after I watch them, but may have to hang onto this one for a good long while. It was recorded on February 8, 2012, which is a very good day to do good music. Some of you will get the meaning of that, for those who dont, please disregard the last statement.
I stopped my busy day at 2:00 PM to sit down to watch the PBS special from last night (I recorded it) with Paul Mccartney, a great orchestra, and some awesome jazz musicians. Diana Krall was there and Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, among others. The show is called "Kisses on the Bottom" - a lyric from Fats Waller's "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter" - with Paul paying tribute to the classic songs of the 40s and 50s , and some great artists such as Fats Waller and Cab Calloway, among others. There were little interviews with Paul and the musicians, telling great stories, and I quite enjoyed the music.
Last night Steve and I watched this on PBS. If you love Paul Mccartney try to catch this. "Kisses on the Bottom" Paul Mccartney performs in the "City of Angels," At Capitol record studio coinciding with the 48th anniversary of the Beatles' premiere on "The Ed Sullivan Show"; a new insight into the conception of "Kisses" is showcased.With the help of Grammy Award-winning producer Tommy LiPuma and Diana Krall and her band--as well as guest appearances from Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder, McCartney's new album is a deeply personal journey through classic American compositions
On my way to bed just now, I stopped at the TV with a snack. I stumbled onto a jam session on PBS, Paul Mccartney singing soft old cool jazz tunes with an allstar band. I missed all the introductions and only heard two songs before it was over, but I recognized Diana Krall, Joe Walsh, and Eric Clapton. Walsh played Lead Guitar on the last song, "Find Yourself another Fool", and he was so gentle with the guitar, placing the notes so softly, exactly in the right places, the entire band was superb. Upright bass, brushes on the trap set, everyone smiling and laid back, so respectful of each other, my Lord. I'm going to try and find out if a recording is available of the session. I'll buy the video. Smoth.
Eric Clapton accompanies the former Beatles Paul Mccartney in concert "Party at the Palace" an event held in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in London in 20...
Paul Mccartney and friends Ringo Starr and Eric Clapton perform together in 2002 at "Concert For George"
Sir Paul Mccartney (pictured), Eric Clapton, Roger Daltrey and Ronnie Wood were among a parade of stars who turned out to mark the 80th birthday of pop art pioneer Sir Peter Blake.
So stoked. Got my ticket to see the 3rd of my 4 top musical mentors - James Taylor. Paul Simon - check. Eric Clapton - check. James Taylor - soon to be check. Paul Mccartney - hm... will have to keep my eye out for this one.
Great guitarist Bert Weedon passes away. RIP He influenced guitarist like Hank Marvin, Paul Mccartney, George Harrison, Brian May and Eric Clapton when they were starting out.
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