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Paul McGann

Paul McGann (born 14 November 1959) is an English actor who made his name on the BBC serial The Monocled Mutineer, in which he played the lead role.

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is this a subtle way m to vent out your frustration that there's no Paul McGann spinoff series on Netflix?
Paul McGann spin-off series. Easily. Every time. Without question.
Should the BBC create a spin off series of Doctor Who featuring Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor? by Mike Morgan
Am I the only one who kinda wants Paul McGann to be the 13th Doctor?
I'm excited for it and Paul McGann's prequel set. The War Doctor series has gone above and beyond the limitations of epicness.
the fact that Paul McGann's brother plays Lennon makes it even weirder.
you are wrong twice if that's possible. Paul McGann is english and it's not him. bravo sir!
Ineffable rendition of cherished Irish luvvy Paul McGann, amirite?
Paul McGann and a baby: One of the cutest things you'll see today! 👶🏻😄
I'll go on record as saying that I wanted to see more of Paul McGann.
I liked a video from Doctor Who Paul McGann Titles **FAN MADE**
imagine if that was Paul mcgann as a Jedi.Still great poster! Can't wait to see it!
Ok guys here we go. Fandom Fest welcomes Paul McGann. Paul John McGann is an English actor. He came to...
My friend, in response to Stephen McGann being on . "He looks like Paul McGann!" . . He would. . That's one…
I watch it about 6 times a year and a young Paul McGann's handsome good looks is one of the reasons why. Total chick flick ;)
Actor Paul McGann (Dr Who, Withnail & I) to make Greenwich Debut in Gabriel at Greenwich Theatre
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btw, guys. last night I dreamed I walked past a huge Master & Commander poster on the street - but it featured Ioan Gruffudd & Paul McGann
Happy Birthday today to the great Paul McGann!
Not Paul McGann levels. but then I'd actually marry him if I could...
pfft, here's me with the genuine console AND the genuine Paul McGann *looks smug*
Into the Time Vortex Interview with the 8th Doctor Paul McGann...
This is me with the actual, genuine, real, authentic TARDIS console from the Paul McGann movie. Genuinely. Ask
Paul McGann, star of and Withnail and I, discusses his hopes for Momentum
why is Christopher Eccleston afraid of Paul Mcgann??. bc McGann Hurt Eccleston!!!
that'd be great! love to meet Katy Manning, Tom Baker, Peter Capaldi, Paul McGann, David Tennant, Christopher E…
Michelle Gomez, Paul Mcgann, Faye Marsay and Bonnie Langford!! It was an amazing day!!
TFA 110 - We talk and interview Paul McGann and Nicolas Briggs!
Both Peter Davison and Paul McGann have come out for Remain.
Paul McGann, Richard Griffiths and Richard E. Grant on the set of 'Withnail & I' (1987)
Alan Siler, Jason Haigh-Ellery, Nick Briggs, Terry Molloy, and Paul McGann at the Opening Ceremony at TimeGate
Phoenix wishes a happy 20th to the very special story that teaches us love of Paul McGann can conquer all!
Richard Dormer and Paul McGann to appear in third and final season of THE MUSKETEERS
Paul McGann, so beautiful in the bathtub
wow, Paul McGann looks amazing in this picture
I wish Paul McGann would return in Doctor Who, its a shame he only got one movie, and a mini episode, he makes such a g…
I'm not a sci-fi lover; I wasn't from the start. So perhaps I miss that pas...
Favourite Movie Friday: Withail & I. I met Paul Mcgann years ago and he called a ponce. He loves him really
As an actor, you get hired to repeat yourself. It wears you out.
The latest podcast features a chat with recorded live at (plus "Bill" reaction). http…
Big Finish Doctor Who Audio CD Neverland - Paul McGann . - Bid on this now >
I love that both Tom and Josh have sent me pictures of Paul McGann and Eric Roberts' costumes from the Doctor Who Experience today 😂
So I tried (Again) to watch Dr. Who: The Movie with Paul Mcgann and Eric Roberts...Painful--Yes, I said it. Admit it
At this rate the console I'm building will be the size of Paul McGann stood on Paul McGann's shoulders...
Two more Doctors! 4 welcomes Colin Baker and Paul McGann this November.
Some are, at least. The short with Paul McGann ahead of “Day of the Doctor” referenced companions from his audio adventures.
I've read 3 posts telling Paul McGann "good morning." Now I've got the Singin' in the Rain song in my head: :p
I really like Paul McGann but he's awful as the Doctor. As badly cast as if they gave the job to my sister.
The day Paul McGann and India Fisher met the legend Nicholas Courtney
Why didn't they have a 2nd Doctor Who series with Paul McGann! (A: They're barely making 1 series + that kind of misses the point?)
What ? Like Paul McGann ? I believe we know some folk who'd give their right arm to feel like Paul McGann. Lol.😅
(And obv I don't mean Paul McGann's standing on them holding a watch.)
Still enjoying Chimes of Midnight Big Finish. Really strong and interesting Dr. Who audio, Paul McGann makes the role his own
Paul McGann's voice is like a velvet cello and Alex Macqueen's voice is like a chocolate cat purring right against your ears and oh my god
I don't have a television. No. So, I don't watch anything.
I resent almost all of the time I spend in front of the television, but I f...
Alternative Paul McGann at a signing. This look wouldve suited the Eighth Doctor, if he had got a series
Paul McGann has the Holy Grail in a cupboard where he keeps his mugs I swear. 56 my *** more like 32
Careers are what they are, they don't make any sense at all when you look b...
Our 4-star verdict on new ‘Doctor Who’ box set ‘Doom Coalition 2′, starring Paul McGann as the Doctor - https:/…
The exact nature of these audio lines, what about Susan's son? Who is played by Paul McGann's real life son.
Now for you to go on to review The TV Movie, The Night of the Doctor and Paul McGann in general!
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I am so loving 's expanded licence. (It doesn't hurt that Paul McGann is one of my top three Doctors.)
Hamsters are immortal when you name them Paul McGann.
Finished listening to Invaders from Mars with Paul McGann as the 8th Dr. Another great story, very entertaining, a winner's Sunday and this man is Sex on Legs...# Paul McGann
Awww, why didn't someone tell me sexy Paul McGann was in Luther with Idris Elba!
you should also watch Night of the Doctor. An online ep which brought back Paul McGann's one off Doctor
Withnail & I (1987) - Paul McGann & Richard E. Grant - Source of more deathless quotes than almost a
Hurt is the War Doctor, generated from Paul McGann but we don;t see it and he turned to Christopher Eccle…
There's a new audio series coming out on CD with John Hurt as War Doctor during the time war. Paul McGann will star as eighth Doctor
Academy's Mini Test: True or false . Both William Hartnell and Paul McGann both wore wigs when they played the Doctor.?. True or false.
Watching on - recast Paul McGann as when Capaldi leaves, you fumbling *** No reason not to.
I liked the scene when Colin Baker died and became Paul McGann, to cheer you up :)
I should do work but I found a Q&A on YouTube with Paul McGann so excuse me whilst I go and dream about his voice for a bit
Just had a scene where Paul McGann is playing football. He should be careful 😉
Randomly shown by ITV3 in the middle of the night last week, I'm now watching 'If I Had You' starring Paul McGann, hopefully it's good!
Paul McGann's face on a Doctor Who book in the village library.
Went to see Paul McGann in this interview!
Anything 8th Doctor always makes my day brighter 😂😂 idk, there's just something about Paul McGann that is loveable 😂
I wonder how Paul McGann feels about being cast as the Doctor no one remembers and The White Dude Who Never Measures Up To Idris Elba?
"Ding dong, have you heard the good news of Paul McGann?"
I hate when great actors are crippled by poor scripts and vision. I always said Paul McGann got no real chance.
Here's a picture of Paul McGann to make you feel better :)
Mum got S1&2 on DVD for Xmas. She hadn't realised Paul McGann's in it. She just said "It's the gift that keeps on giving". Happy Mum
Not gonna lie. Morning coffee with Paul McGann fogs up my glasses. I'm secure. @ The Swamp
Watch Paul McGann (the 8th Doctor) totally nail the anti-war speech from 'The Zygon Inversion' -
Paul McGann has such a relaxing voice can I hire him to just constantly talk please
Past us are awesome people. Do you also have a pre-order of DOOM COALITION 2? More Alex Kingston and Paul McGann!
We all wish for a spin-off. Some fans had thrown out a 8th/War Doctor at one time. Alex & Paul McGann on TV as well
And also that they'd used Paul McGann more in it. And still have included John Hurt, because I like the War Doctor.
Love my 8th Doctor mug that my brother got me, because, let's be honest, nothing's better than a mug with Paul McGann's face on 😂
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Pope John Paul I cruelly overlooked again - the Paul McGann of Popes.
via Impressive -Paul McGann's blind read of the Zygon Inversion Speech
why didn’t Moffat bring in Paul McGann as the War Doctor?
if he were to leave, I'd like to see Paul McGann get another crack at being the Doctor for a full run.
...and Paul McGann's appearance in 'Sea of Souls'.
;p The Paul McGann stuff is good. None of them are Paul McGann. There's one Tennant, though...
My father-in-law Brian McGann and my dad Cyril will be commemorated on the heart inside the
being a real thicko (cos I've got a cold) who's the doctor between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston? Totally flummoxed.
How about Robinson Crusoe in Pordenone in 2012 with Paul McGann?
Withnail and I, film review: Withnail and I, starring Richard E Grant and Paul McGann as two drunken unemploye... https:/…
Paul McGann will turn up on Casualty next week... "I'm a Doctor... but probably not the one you where ex…
As much as I love 8, this speech belongs to 12 8th Doctor Paul Mcgann does 12th doctor's war speech"
The ads make me want to hop a ride with Paul McGann to the 90s. Such nostalgia! (Must be the hardcopy.) http…
Rewatching "The Night Of The Doctor", just re-emphasises for me what a brilliant Doctor Paul McGann is.
Really like the soundtrack to the Paul McGann pilot. Fun version of the Who theme. Especially like that little piano bit at the end.
Just saw paul mcgann slap a on itv3. She looks like she needs a Doctor.
Yup, oddly enough he was offered both roles in 94, Bond or The Doctor, Paul McGann would get the one he didn't want
My Doctor Who fandom makes me want Matt Smith. Fun Fact: in 1995/96, Pierce Brosnan and Paul McGann almost flipped roles
Finally watching Paul McGann. Still totes hot at 56.
I agree with Paul McGann that Tilda Swinton would be a fine Doctor. I'd also be down for Christine Adams. And David Bowie as the Master.
Everyone else is so I may as well xD Day One - Paul McGann and Peter Capaldi.
"What was it like to kiss Bill?" Paul McGann asks the fanboy questions of Carole Ann Ford
pretty quiet, but really awesome. I worked for Jason Isaacs all day, got a photo from Karen Allen, and chatted with Paul Mcgann
Bryony Dixon & Paul McGann's wonderful archive program from SFSFF 2015 on The Sinking of the Lusitania.
Folks are talking about casting for John Constantine. I'd prefer an actor actually from Liverpool. Paul McGann!
Shada starring Paul McGann, written by Douglas Adams is only £5.
Doom Coalition chat from David Richardson. 5 Disc box set out in October, with Paul McGann, cameos from 7th Doctor and River…
Late night musings...on the *** with Paul McGann in Lilly's Bordello in Dublin prior to him taking the Dr. Who mantle..great night!!
Promotional artwork for the Big Finish Productions box set 'Dark Eyes'. Released in 2012, starring Paul McGann...
//Oh? Cool! I met Collin Baker, Paul McGann (meh), Sylvester McCoy, Peter Davidson, and a bunch of companions. I was so -
Hey - I've just made a short (3 mins) with the awesome Paul McGann that I think you'd like. Could I send it you to check out?
Almost twenty years later and they're STILL reviewing the TV Movie. We got sent this British Podcast ... Feel the...
it's a rare moment of remorse, occasionally joined by Paul McGann
it comes with Paul McGann's head. Which is odd but sure!!
it's Paul McGann which is almost equally as illogical
John Hurt and Paul McGann...we haven't seen enough of them
If you don't think Paul McGann is pure sex on legs, then don't even talk to me.
There is a rumor going around that Paul Mcgann (8th Doctor) and David Tennant (10th Doctor) will appear in the Doctor Who Season 9 Finale
let me be your personal Paul Mcgann tonight — no thanks
Just realised b4 I loved classic DW; I was stood by Paul McGann in a shop; cus he was in a play near my house. B4 I knew w…
Sign the Paul McGann Doctor Who Spinoff Petition I signed it, lets get this done
Paul mcgann is great as the doctor, puts a lot of energy into the character.
I liked a video from The 8th Doctor Paul McGann gets up close and personal with a CT 11th
Good thing. PAUL MCGANN. SO MUCH PAUL MCGANN. Do you want to watch something? Or be left alone for a bit?
I liked a video Eighth Doctor Regenerates into War Doctor - Paul McGann to John Hurt - Doctor Who -
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The night of the doctor is so good Paul McGann is some nice piece of doctor sign me up 👌👊🔥
I hoping will get around to doing one of these with Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy & Paul McGann at some point.
Pleased to announce that we will be World Prem'ing Short Film ABSENCE with Paul McGann dir by screening …
Listened to 'Bounty' by from my 10-yo 'Tales from the TARDIS' disc. 8thDoc/Sam read by Paul McGann
Jason Mewes MADE last year's for me as did Paul McGann & this year Dan Slott. Because these guys connected with their fans like champs
Now to watch . Richard E Grant, Paul Mcgann and Richard Griffiths - What A Cast! 😀😊
yup, also recognised Moor St station which is a nice little place. Tom Hughes reminds me a bit of Paul Mcgann, prob the voice.
Paul McGann and Hattie Morahan in a publicity shot for The Doom Coalition.
Paul McGann just outed himself as a big time Benedict Cumberbatch fan since Hedda Gabler!
Here's a rare thing! It's a behind the scenes interview with Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann during the period...
I keep picturing Nightingale looking a bit like Paul McGann, would you say that's fairly accurate or nah?
How long before Bruce Robinson, Richard E Grant and Paul McGann make Withnail and II?
Richard E Grant and Paul McGann were on my bedroom wall for years
That narrows it down to just 10 and 11, since Paul McGann's run was limited to the movie and the radio serials, as far as I know.
Not just Peter Serafinowicz and Dawn French but Paul McGann is in it too! Gotta love Marple.
Surely I am not the only one who wished Christopher Eccleston served a bit longer at the 9th doctor? He and Paul McGann were my firsts :P
For now, I have 2 guests I'm sure getting an autograph and maybe a photo : Sam J Jones and Paul McGann.
Two other Doctor Who actors are in it - Paul McGann (the Eighth Doctor) and Keeley Hawes (Ms. Delphox from "Time Heist"). :)
I think I'm starting to follow the same path with Paul McGann as I did with Christopher Eccleston! ^^ soon there'll be floods
Most Whovians love the Paul McGann Doctor. You needn’t look any further than massive amount of views the McGann starring 50th Anniversary Special minisode, Night of the Doctor, racked up on YouTube and iPlayer to see the popularity of the short lived (on the TV, anyway) Eighth Doctor. Likewise, most…
have a look at Paul McGann pictures
So long shot idea... - (Note: I’m really tired so I apologize if this is a weird post) Paul McGann might be...
it's a great film with Paul McGann, really quite amusing if you like dark comedies.
I used to fancy Paul Usher in Brookside and Paul McGann.
Don't miss out on meeting Paul McGann tomorrow!!! He will be signing all day and taking part in photo shoots.
Showin my love to Doctor 7, the last Doctor of the official Classic Series. I mean, if you don't count Paul McGann
Did try to get Paul to do the McGann movie first as it's a standalone, but was shot down. So Image Of The Fendahl first.
Paul Mcgann is 20 minutes away from me and I am not with him. This is a crime.
Just met Paul McGann. Geeked out. I can die happy now 󾌳
Diaporama : mr-celeryphane: paulmcgannworld: One day Paul McGann will be able to walk past a dalek without...
Personally I didn't mind Paul McGann as Dr. Who one bit...
Listened to DOCTOR WHO: HUMAN RESOURCES while cleaning the office today. We seriously need more Doctor Who with Paul McGann. ON THE TV.
Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston will always be my favourite Doctors. Uncomplicated well written storys that are/were well acted.
Doncaster's Digi-Con Welcomes Peter Davison & Paul McGann: Let's face it, they are two of the most popu...
Phoenix Comicon 2015: Operation bring Paul McGann back! - I think it goes without saying that Paul is a...
I added a video to a playlist What went thru my mind when I first saw Paul McGann in "Night of the
I don't think so. Before every series there'll be this kind of obligatory rumour. K-9, Paul McGann, Zygons.
Hear actor Paul McGann contrasting Chaplin’s acting style with modern ways of working . at 10
Yay, Paul McGann is in this episode of The Bletchley Circle!
The real highlight of LVK was Paul McGann as a swearing priest.
Does anyone perhaps know the font used in the opening credits of the movie? (e.g. the 'Starring Paul McGann' stuff) Just curious...
I wonder should I endeavour to ask to get Andrew Scott for MCM Dublin in August (or Paul McGann)
The Other McGann. Paul McGann was brilliantly cast in 1996’s TV movie, but it could have been another McGann.
Paul McGann when he was first announced as the 8th Doctor.
Paul McGann, Ruth Bradley, Nicola Walker, Alex Macqueen & Nicholas Briggs are all 100% perfect in series.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Oh My GOD just found my first ever drawing of Paul McGann i drew when i first saw the TV Movie on video in 2007!!!
...quick call to his Eighth self (Paul McGann cameo with India Fisher or Sheridan Smith) and told him...
It is now Paul McGann oclock at night .
yes Paul McGann was awesome in this, we should have seen more of him!
the Paul McGann version, or the VHS box set? We need to know!
Watching Our Mutual Friend which has Paul Mcgann in. Think it'll be worth it just for him
James corden, matthew horne and paul mcgann omfg yes
He is a very close second or third. Paul McGann is excellent. And William Hartnell. Not seen enough Troughton
I just watched the first episode of "Luther" on Netflix. I know I'm late to the game on this one. Still, Idris Elba is fantastic and I've never seen better work from Ruth Wilson. Also strong supporting performances from Idira Varma and Paul McGann. I do love British television.
Does the David Niven or Bob Holness regenerations count or is that just like Peter Cushing or Paul McGann?
Smith is an excellent Doctor. Currently my personal favorites are Tom Baker & Paul McGann.
Laterz. Am off to the land of nod. I wish beautiful Paul McGann dreams upon you all.
Happy Birthday to the eighth Doctor, Paul McGann! Doctor Who (From L.I. Who; look for more coming soon!)
hi Lottie! Great to find you on here, I'm Paul McGann World on Tumblr 😜
14 November 1959. Paul McGann was born in Liverpool. Gained critical acclaim as Percy Toplis in 'Monocled Mutineer'
Happy Birthday to our eighth doctor, Paul McGann! :)
Paul McGann is back as the Doctor in Dark Eyes 3...
Today in 11/14/1959: Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor on Doctor Who, is born in Liverpool.
Happy Birthday to the gentleman that is Paul McGann!. Hope you've had a great day
hbd Paul McGann—never think of him as Eight but half of the dourest wittiest cultiest slash to ever slash, "Withnail & l" w/
the fact that both Peter Capaldi and paul mcgann are in their mid to late fifties is the real reason I have trust issues
Happy Birthday to the amazing Paul Mcgann! I met him in July this year!
Hey, today was Paul Mcgann’s birthday. My favourite 8th Doctor.
Happy Birthday to our favorite eighth Doctor, Paul McGann!
It's Paul McGann's birthday. Exactly one year ago today, we saw the 8th Doctor say goodbye to his audio drama companions and regenerate.
And Happy Birthday to Paul McGann, the Eighth Doctor!. See him in action at
Is this Paul McGann in Withnail & I? No, it's Harvey Keitel in Death Watch! 7.30 in beanbag cinema.
On the bright side, I got pictures with William Russell and Billy Boyd and asked Paul McGann a question
Peter Capaldi & Paul McGann are.. polar opposites in their portrayals of The Doctor. As much as I love…
//Mark Gatiss is 48 and Rupert Graves is 51. Capaldi is 56. Paul McGann is 54 I think.
11 years ago today, the BBC officially announced that Doctor Who would be returning to our screens in 2005. Since the show's return, we have been introduced to five brand-new Doctors - John Hurt as the War Doctor, Christopher Eccleston as the Ninth Doctor, David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor (the last in the Doctor's first regeneration cycle) and Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor (the first in the Doctor's new regeneration cycle). 'Classic era' Doctors Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Paul McGann has made return appearances. We have been introduced to nine new companions - Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, noel Clarke as Mickey Smith, Bruno Langley as Adam Mitchell, John Barrowman Official as Captain Jack Harkness, Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, Freema Agyeman as Martha Jones, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald. 'Classic era' companions Elisabeth Sladen and John Leeson made return appearances as Sarah Jane Smith and the voic ...
Don't forget to check out our exclusive interviews with Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, John Leeson and Frazer Hines!
If you're a fan, you can go and make up a story in your head about how Paul McGann became Chris Eccleton -- Russel T Davies
So Paul McGann is heading to the Belfast Film and Comic Con in October. Actually really tempted as it is on the weekend of my Birthday lol.
I'm always hearing Paul McGann's voice even when it's not him who's speaking!
Starting to write my post about Colin Baker and Paul McGann for blog!
Confession: the eighth doctor is my guilty pleasure doctor. Paul McGann and the wig and the pretty lady and his comic companions MM-HMM
Colin Baker Paul McGann slc con highlight Thanks to the nicest gentlemen you'll ever meet
For some reason, I keep reading Less Wrong articles in Paul McGann's voice.
my hearts were beating so fast when i met Paul McGann I almost passed out after the photo op
Can't watch Paul mcgann being beat up. Just want to get a cold compress and give him a love...
Didn't realise that was Paul McGann narrating
Anthony Head, Paul McGann and Billy Boyd added to Belfast Film & ComicCon! Great additions! Might only be able to goSunday but will be there
I'm rewatching the Night of the Doctor. Paul McGann i'm so *sparkly eyes* FAVOURITE DOCTOR EVER HGNGNGNG
*hint* add Paul McGann to the lineup again and I will throw money at you to meet him bc he's a beautiful human
"The 8th Doctor, Paul McGann, and his son. Cannot handle the cuteness!
remember when my acc looked proper classic who, my header was two and Jamie and my dp was me and Paul McGann
Paul McGann and his son, cannot handle the cuteness!
Daniele De Rossi is the highest paid player in the Serie A on £100,000 a week! Paul Pogba is on just £23,000 a week!
Guess who just booked her ticket to Belfast Film and Comic Con :-) Billy Boyd and Paul McGann photoshoots booked too :) Yay! :)
So what you're saying is, we need more scenes with Paul McGann in?
Colin Baker & Paul McGann signed the sides of this child
And Paul McGann could (should) have had a much more substantial role than his brief spot in Night of the Doctor.
Why was Christopher Eccleston afraid of Paul Mcgann? Because Mcgann Hurt Eccleston.
uhm, The Movie, bc Paul McGann is great, and Angels Take Manhatten
As a fan of Paul McGann (I've met him a couple of times) I can't think of anything better... :-D Keilly in Customer Care
... ok... in relation to my last post... not only Paul McGann... but Clare Kramer too... that's Glory from Buffy!!! :-)…
Paul McGann as Percy Toplis was my first real love.
Here's a clean high res of the Paul McGann artwork on the 50th Anniversary Box Set, featuring a spaceship I modelled. ht…
Yes I did just spot a doctor on the underground (Paul McGann) :)
Death in Blackpool, - Extra Eighth Doctor adventure stars Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith.
My Doctor is Peter Davison. The best Doctor is Paul McGann (yes he is, shut up). Best companion is Ace. Capaldi was magnificent.
In 1982 Tom Baker stood down as Doctor Who to be replaced by Peter Davidson, after two short years Peter Davidson was replaced by Colin Baker (as I am certain every knows Colin is no relation of Tom's). There were many comments at the time about 'The Doctor getting younger'. So in their infinite wisdom (or lack of wisdom) the BBC decided to have an older Doctor and in 1987 Sylvester McCoy became the new Doctor and (no offense to Mr McCoy) but the BBC's choice killed the franchise. In 1996 the BBC attempted to resurrect Doctor Who with what was to be honest a pretty awful film (again this time no offence to Paul McGann). Eventually in 2005 we were blessed by the all new Doctor in the form of Christopher Eccleston, who was fantastic but unfortunately only signed up for 1 season and refused to have anything more to it. Mr Eccleston was followed by David Tennant and then Matt Smith, both of whom were great. But once again there were comments about 'the Doctor getting younger'. Is history repeating itself? Hav ...
I thought he looked a tiny bit like Paul McGann!
Buuut Tom I have 8 audios of Paul McGann to listen to.
My love of Doctor Who (Please read) - Doctor Who was fantastic last night, everyone was on top form, Strax, Vastra, Jenny, Clara and of course The Doctor now played by the awesome actor that is Peter Capaldi. I saw elements of classic Doctors in him, but he still makes The Doctor his own! The reference to The Girl in The Fireplace was a pretty easy guess for me from the beginning, but then again I have been an involved Whovian for 10/11 years. I've watched all the Doctors, William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith and now a new era has begun. Each and every Doctor is wonderful in their own way, with their own little trademarks. After nearly 51 years, Doctor Who is still as incredible as ever, I can't wait to see what they have in store for us! Plus the extended universe of Doctor Who, e.g; spin offs, comics, fanfics, fan film series are awesome. My dream is to star in a fan film ...
Wow :D I've seen Paul a few times but never actually talked to him! One of my followers is a HUGE McGann fan!!
is a lot of ppls 1st or 2nds transition. My 1st Doctor was Paul McGann - How many are like me? Like 10?
The '90s film suckt. I watched 4 Paul McGann. it ruined me for Who. Til I found out about the reboot w/Eccleston. I was in love.
Tom Baker maybe my Doctor, but Paul McGann has my 💜💜
Paul McGann. I caught the '96 movie when it aired. He was a great Doctor. I may have actually cried when Night of the... hit.
I loved how Peter Capaldi just started out with a funny character like Paul McGann's 8th doctor after regeneration
Why did you skip over the 8th Doctor Paul Mcgann in the intro?
Why don't we ever hear more of the 8th doctor, Paul McGann? Wil Wheaton skipped him earlier describing Sylvester then Eccleston
That sounds familiar. My husband said the same thing in 1996 for Paul McGann. Since then, I've taken the day off! ;>
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Was it just me or did that androidish guy in Dr Who look like Paul Mcgann
premiere! hey in your "all the doctors" list you forgot Colin Baker, Peter Davison & Paul McGann
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