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Paul McGann

Paul McGann (born 14 November 1959) is an English actor who made his name on the BBC serial The Monocled Mutineer, in which he played the lead role.

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is a lot of ppls 1st or 2nds transition. My 1st Doctor was Paul McGann - How many are like me? Like 10?
The '90s film suckt. I watched 4 Paul McGann. it ruined me for Who. Til I found out about the reboot w/Eccleston. I was in love.
Tom Baker maybe my Doctor, but Paul McGann has my 💜💜
Paul McGann. I caught the '96 movie when it aired. He was a great Doctor. I may have actually cried when Night of the... hit.
I loved how Peter Capaldi just started out with a funny character like Paul McGann's 8th doctor after regeneration
Why did you skip over the 8th Doctor Paul Mcgann in the intro?
Why don't we ever hear more of the 8th doctor, Paul McGann? Wil Wheaton skipped him earlier describing Sylvester then Eccleston
That sounds familiar. My husband said the same thing in 1996 for Paul McGann. Since then, I've taken the day off! ;>
Was it just me or did that androidish guy in Dr Who look like Paul Mcgann
premiere! hey in your "all the doctors" list you forgot Colin Baker, Peter Davison & Paul McGann
You forgot to mention Colin Baker, Peter Davidson and Paul Mcgann. Are you a Who fan or what lol
The 1996 TV Movie starring Paul McGann was based in America but actually shot in Canada 101 Facts!
The flub of forgetting Paul McGann has made this pre-show irrelevant.
I will never get over the War Doctor thing when Paul McGann is just brilliant.
you should mention Paul MCGANN. He was the 8th doctor! Unfair.
You forgot Paul McGann from the TV Movie of Doctor Who in 1995. Paul was in a minisode before The Day of the Doctor!
Was there no mention of the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) in the pre-show?
no mention of Paul McGann's 8th Doctor?
and I love Eight. Paul McGann is dreamy.
So I guess Paul McGann only exists in our minds. O.o
Sorry, I meant the 8th Doctor. There was no mention of Paul McGann, was there?
Did Chris Hardwicke miss listing Paul McGann in the early Doctors?
Best place to get good Colin Baker and Paul McGann. :)
I like to test my friends' patience and email them lots of gifs of paul mcgann at strange hours in the morning
yeah better than Matt Smyth,Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston... mix of jon pertwee, Tom Baker and David Tennant?
Still need more Paul McGann as Eight episodes, alright,
Spent bedtime showing the girl clips of the Fourth Doctor on youtube. She said it looked 'very old'. She also liked Paul McGann's Doctor.
Paul McGann was really good in the audiobooks, shame about the movie though, he's one of my favourite actors.
this is ENTIRELY wrong. it's paul mcgann.
Right I'm off to listen to Big Finish audios of Paul Mcgann
Capaldi good but you didn't wow me like Paul Mcgann did and that was in 7 minutes
The Doctor hasn't felt this Doctorish in a while, feels like Paul McGann's take.
Peter Capaldi: Supremely awesome and - because someone's gotta say it - the hottest Doctor since Paul McGann:
Mechanical dude looks like a cross between Cameron and Paul McGann.
"The power of telly is surprising. If you're in a six-part..". no particular order other than DW chronology, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston & David Tennant.
My fellow Whovian Bronies:: Who is best Doctor? For me, it'll always be Patrick Troughton, though Paul McGann...
Yeah... John Hurt's Doctor had similar - Paul McGann regenerated into a young John Hurt. The Time War went on for bloody ever.
Paul McGann has admitted he’d like to see actor Charles Dance take on the role of the Master -
I forget these pictures...therefore I post it only now ^^ This sphere belongs to Paul McGann who plays Durian (in the brilliant audio The Minister of Chance ) and the 8th doctor. The Minister of Chance and Big Finish audios are great sources of inspiration and good work ;)
Shouldn’t make too much difference. It was a webisode that brought back Paul McGann and introduced.. another doctor
yet the Paul McGann movie which is cannon, specifically states that a Time Lord has 13 lives.
OMG...I just found the full 1990s Doctor Who Paul McGann movie on youtube!
And Richard E. Grant is best known for starring in Withnail and I with Paul McGann (Doctor
"It's PAUL MCGANN!" Is the funniest thing ever... no really. I laughed for twenty minutes.
Meant to say before: Paul McGann! Always nice to see an Eighth Doctor fan :-)
They should do a Paul McGann Doctor Who Spin off as a Netflix original in conjunction with the BBC.With Lucie Miller. 12 episodes(3 BF ones)
Just read an article about Steven Moffat wanting to do more with online Doctor Who "minisodes", every comment said "more Paul McGann!"
Please enjoy some Paul McGann goodness. You've earned it. 2
OH OH you see the Paul McGann Doctor.went to Uni with him I did :D
Saw a tumblr post tag a Wings record with "Paul McGann" and that's an interesting lineup.
Hayley Atwell did a Doctor Who audio drama with 8th Doctor Paul McGann. So, Peggy's met the good Doctor, too! ;)
Big Finish? The Doctor Who audio dramas, said to be Paul McGann's best performances as the Eighth Doctor.
Something about Paul McGann's yelling just sends chills up my spine.
Maybe it's the costume, but Paul McGann looks kind of short.
This evening, it was pointed out to me that Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor bears an odd resemblance to a younger...
where was it? I heard the one in Monroeville in September will have paul mcgann
Paul McGann was in this? the Doctor Paul Mcgann? The Doc and Lockdown are in the same movie? This is gonna be one of them 6Deg of sep movies
THATS HARD. I love classic so William Hartnell, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann. But then David Tennant.
After seeing the doctor who movie although the movie was ok at best, Paul McGann was very good as the doctor. Wish he had his own run
Don't get me wrong, I love a good salvia, but I need to see Paul McGann in a handknit
I don't know, did you see him in hamlet? 8th doctor as in Paul McGann or did you mean eccley?
I miss Paul McGann. He was so lovely. I hope he does come to Norway one day like he said he wanted to.
The only Doctor Who fans I know outside of the internet don't consider Paul McGann canon.
Paul Mcgann may be my new favorite Doctor
Paul McGann's TARDIS was kind of spectacular
I believe I mentioned this to Paul McGann.
Watching the Doctor Who movie with Paul McGann. I love
the stranger , a must for any serious paul Mcgann fan. It's on amazon. I highly recommend it
This girl is comparing meeting Paul McGann and seeing Capaldi and Jenna to meeting Craig Bellamy and Peter Andre
Something like that. Either way, I had a good laugh. That was a good night, that was, having champagne with Paul McGann.
After seeing Paul McGann at ComiCon I've rewatched the 1996 Dr Who film and have to say he is a very good doctor and the script let him down
Paul McGann knows what I'm talking' 'bout.
If anyone is planning on watching the 1989 Paul McGann/Rebecca DeMornay 'Lahndahn Trading Floor' film Dealers, don't.
Why do I have so many screen shots of Paul mcgann's face from the doctor who movie in my phones photo album?
ALSO, W&I is one of the most depressing/upsetting movies I've ever seen but young Paul McGann is exquisite to behold.
Photo: oodwhovian: That picture of Paul McGann really spoke to me.
"What I love the most about classic doctor group shots is that they’re always this group of funny old men and then suddenly BAM PAUL MCGANN"
i only have Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy
My nose is slighty blocked and consequently my breathing now sounds exactly like the interior of Paul McGann's TARDIS.
We have a wonderful podcast. We interview Paul McGann and Daphne Ashbrook. The 8th Doctor and his Companion.
"Whatever it is you're planning... I'm in." - Paul McGann (
I know how you feel. I feel that way about Paul McGann as my first Doctor. On a related note, Christian Bale is my batman
Ok it's safe to say somewhere within the last month I have somehow gotten slightly obsessed with Paul Mcgann
whilst I am the embodiment of wingdings in human form and spam you with Paul Mcgann photos
lol my friend met Paul mcgann as well is he nice
we have loads more... But depends on location. Yep... Met Paul McGann and everyone from Willy wonka lol
I might just spam my newsfeed with photos of Paul McGann now. You don't mind, right?
Liking the new DVD artwork for the re-releases of the RTD era Doctor Who series though it's jarring to see the Jon Pertwee/Paul McGann logo.
I am positively thrilled that loving Paul McGann seems to be the new hating Paul McGann.
Also that Paul McGann follows me. That makes me very happy
and that we're close personal friends with Paul McGann.
Just read an article about online episodes. Can this be a thing? I need more Paul McGann.
The answer to that, O Faithful Followers of the Pittsburgh Comicon, is that we are to have the 8th Doctor, Paul McGann as …
Interesting. Is Moffat hinting that more online Paul McGann adventures could be in the pipeline? I do hope so!.
Big Finish's weekly Eighth Doctor series with Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller
Withnail & I has ruined everything else I've seen Paul McGann in, but in a good way.
seriously favorite part of the 50th anniversary special was seeing Paul McGann again
Oh, & Paul McGann is in it, almost unrecognizable.
I actually want to see more Paul Mcgann Doctor adventures
There is no earthly reason why the BBC can't do a Paul McGann series that takes place before the Time War.
Paul Mcgann as the brilliant Eighth Doctor .
I added a video to a playlist Doctor Who- Paul McGann- Title Sequence (1996)
Never been the biggest fan of August, but this year it's Paul McGann month on my Dr Who calendar. Well saved, August.
this I'd why no one remembers Paul McGann
It's currently Paul McGann month for me. So that makes August both Paul McGann and Sophie Alfred month.
And as July becomes august I turn Sylvester McCoy to Paul mcgann on my Dr. Who calendar
Paul McGann, the last 'classic' Doctor, is the regeneration for August. Definitely charismatic he was…
Wednesday at work there was a Paul McGann lookalike. Thursday there was a guy in a brown and blue pinstripe suit. So today...
I love the Doctor radio dramas with Paul McGann. --
I find the part where Paul McGann kissing to be distracting but it doesn't ruin the movie.
. No. Not with Paul McGann. Just let it go, you're never going to meet him.
Paul McGann is on telly, his voice is so soothing.
// Paul McGann definitely should do more Doctor Who.
Paul McGann was wasted. Would've loved to seen more of him.
Trailer debut for BoJack Horseman, Netflix's new animated series featuring Will Arnett, Alison Brie and Aaron Paul
Colin Baker and Paul McGann probably the best answers here.
Me (dressed as the Eleventh Doctor) with Paul McGann and the Eighth Doctor's TARDIS.
Am still waiting for that Paul McGann Doctor Who series ;-)
It's a shame Paul McGann had such a terrible cliche script to work with, I thought he made a great Doctor and deserved more.
As I'm sure you've been told a few times, the Paul McGann TV movie is 90 minutes long. Then you add Night Of The Doctor.
Peter Cushing is missing. Doesn't he count? Paul McGann only did a movie too.
poor Paul McGann. He should have gotten a lot more time than that. I thought he made a great Doctor
.the mini story night of the doctor with Paul McGann & John Hurt?
To finish out that list: Colin Baker, Chris Eccelston, Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy
Photoset: Minister of Chance: AKA… Paul McGann’s hair does what it wants, so best recognize.
What should I draw on these postcards? I need your suggestions or they will all be of Paul McGann frolicking with kittens.
The snake on his costume is a lovely ironic link to the 1996 TV Super Movie starring Paul McGann. :-)
And in the late 80's, it could've been Paul McGann and Richard E. Grant.
ah yes this is te movie u got Paul Mcgann to sign ur jacket about should I watch it
A post on io9 reminded me that Moffatt failed to use Paul McGann properly on several levels, and now I'm all sad and disappointed again.
Thrilled to receive a signed script as my prize for the caption contest on the Paul McGann FB page
just learned that Paul McGann (8th Doctor) was in ALIEN 3, and im a fan of the ALIEN movies
Paul McGann says "we might have the best ever Doctor on our hands" in reference to Peter Capaldi.
I saw someone who looked like Paul McGann on my way home from work. Yes, he looked like the Doctor.
I think I'm the only one who thinks Paul McGann is the hottest Doctor. Don't cry Tennant!
If he hadn't been shooting THOR 2, Eccles would have showed up. And yes, Paul McGann is The Doctor. Hurt is just a guest-star.
Dark Eyes 2 is excellent too I can't wait for 3 and 4 Paul McGann is a fantastic Doctor
Kudos to .Partnership for Patients leadership for strides you’ve made
Rewatching The Night of the Doctor for like the eightieth time. Ah, man, I love seeing Paul McGann as the Doctor again, even if briefly.
I added a video to a playlist Babelcolour Tribute - Paul McGann
Paul McGann looking chuffed to receive his AL Gold Award at LFCC 2014
Paul McGann talks about stuff..I think, I'm kind of distracted. grrr why you so sexy?! .
I love that, especially the inclusion of the Voord helmet and the two Paul McGann comics era Cyberman.
Why yes I did just spend 3 hours of my life re blogging pictures of Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor. Living the dream kids, living the dream
Paul McGann cos he's hot and also really versatile and multi-layered in his performances
Had the pleasure of appearing in the prologue with Tim McInnerny and Paul McGann
Former Timelords, Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy, are among an all-star cast who have helped resurrect the Mi...
The doctor who film is positively cheesy, and Paul mcgann is beautiful
Doctor Who: 8th Doctor Paul McGann Says “The Show is in Good Hands”: Flicks in the City caught...
Paul McGann knows it's Cool to be Kind to animals.
Oh wow. McGann! Had to look that one up. Mine was Dr Johnny Fever - WKRP. Can't find the clip I was thinking of, though.
you should it'll be fun also Paul Mcgann will be there
On the TheOneRing live chat, they're counting down minutes a la Doctor Who. Paul McGann minutes!
Photoset: amywuertz-photo: Paul McGann at Hurricane Who’s A Day With the Doctor event on 7/20/14 in...
The things you find! Paul McGann in The Importance of Being Ernest
aw I was hoping the next few Paul McGann stories would be on today's sale. :( at least there's one so there is that
Philosophy: Paul McGann, from Withnail and I to The Doctor and Chekhov: ‘Britain’s growing class
I know this is very random but Paul McGann is kind of hot!!! I'm just sayin
Hello yes mom take me to the cincy comic con Paul McGann will be there I need to meet him k bye
I was gonna give one to Paul mcgann but forgot
Paul McGann saying he wouldn't mind being in Game of Thrones. We'd bloody take that, Paul. We'd bloody take it.
with Big Finish adapting a few MA and NA novels I hope they think of adapting Frontier Worlds or Kursaal for Paul McGann
I also briefly had a fan site for Portishead, Paul McGann and Little Voice (the film).
Episode 1 and 2 will be with Paul McGann, Episodes 3 and 4 will be with Matt Smith and then a 4 Part Christmas Finale!
Sorry? What? When? Paul McGann was in the abomination that was with Horne & Corden?!
Paul McGann reckons the Eighth Doctor's song would be "War (what is it good for?)".
Paul McGann receives Honorary Fellowship today at Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool A credit to my …
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