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Paul McGann

Paul McGann (born 14 November 1959) is an English actor who made his name on the BBC serial The Monocled Mutineer, in which he played the lead role.

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Woo-hoo! I've got my tickets to A Day with the Doctor in Orlando, Florida this July. Can't wait to meet Paul McGann! ~Daniel
19 days until my 19th and 19 DAYS UNTIL.I MEET PAUL MCGANN
me too was a good celebration of the 50th, really like Paul McGann's doctor, the ones with Sheriden Smith are brilliant
Paul McGann interviewed for new Doctor Who Magazine: Paul McGann talks about life after being the Eighth Docto... http:/…
to be serious I would rather watch Paul McGann et al than the Crimson Field. Best WWI film, Paths of Glory
Saw The Three Sisters at The Southwark Playhouse for £10.00, it was great! Lovely Paul McGann was in it.
Douglas Hodge and Ralf Little support Holliday Grainger, Joe Sims and Paul McGann as this evening's press night.
I just hope that Paul McGann will get his own Doctor Who spin off series someday.He deserves it because he is only one that never had a television series.
Or that Rufus T Firefly in Glasgow has the scariest depiction of Paul McGann and John Pertwee ever in it's window?
Peter Mayhew returning as Chewbacca feels a bit like Paul McGann returning as The Doctor, in that I didn’t see it coming.
Just purchased the latest DWM (Paul McGann cover). Shall enjoying perusing it at my leisure. (Phil)
I love Jesse. I love Jesse almost as much as I love Paul McGann...
Paul McGann and a Dalek! . In other news, I was standing just out of frame when this was taken. He then proceeded...
You might have missed: Doctor Who Magazine 472 Interviews Paul McGann - Catch up with Paul McGann, as he...
Don't Forget at 6pm tonight in Quad1046 we will be watching the one and only apperance of the Eighth Doctor on our screens in Doctor Who: The Movie! So much sure to come on down and check it out with some food, good company and Paul McGann! :D
Photoset: Paul McGann, photograph by Matt Humphrey I don’t think there are words for how beautiful I find...
I wish Paul McGann did more than just the Doctor Who Movie 😞
That last bit mostly relating to Paul McGann.
I have had 3 pics with Paul McGann, I have met him twice in 1 month this year and he has hugged me :') I have been hugged by the Doctor!
//the site it was on is mostly a Paul McGann site but it has a lot of Centaurs on it
I now have the severed head of Paul McGann sitting on my desk. Er...yay?
Off to see 'the 3 sisters' hope it's good, is only going for Paul McGann's autograph!
Photoset: my-hearts-require-tea: 18th Century Paul McGann in Catherine the Great (1996) and Kidnapped...
Oh, I'd love to have him back! - Why Paul McGann doesn't expect to be involved with Doctor Who again -
Taking a break for afternoon tea with Paul McGann. Sadly not in person, but via latest
Paul McGann confirms he's be interested in returning to Doctor Who again
I would so love to see Paul McGann as the eighth Dr in his series!
I wish I had your job! Honestly very very jealous that you got to interview Paul McGann :D ♡♥ Going to get this 1!
Paul McGann deserved more time as the 8th Doctor on screen
Aww! I'm sorry about your Mom! I'm glad that Paul McGann was there for you! Doctor Who really should get a humanitarian award!
Paul McGann has powers: still blushes when she recounts the photo op we had w/ him at She claims he rubbed her back...
I love the Paul McGann DW theme. It's so triumphant!
Don't miss the new which features an interview with It's on sale now!
I totally agree! Did you watch the prequel with Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor? (The Night of the Doctor) Hurt comes after him
guys I still can't believe I might meet Peter Davison and Paul McGann
This is the same internet that originally had Paul McGann's height at 5'10". I suspect you're right and Simm's height is less.
I'm sure there's something on YouTube with Paul McGann doing a bit of the original TV Movie script that had them as brothers.
It's been a month today I went to Cardiff Comic Con and met Paul McGann for the 1st time, Eve, Katy, David Warner Nick Briggs and Bernard :D
Wookies and Siths and Time Lords, oh my! Paul McGann coming to Cincinnati Comic Expo!
Well, it happened to Chris Eccleston, Paul McGann, John Simm - but Keeley is already an icon so maybe it won't hurt her career.
So apparently Keeley Hawes has worked with Peter Capaldi in the past. Also, Paul McGann was in it too. Hotel!:
// So Keeley Hawes is going to be a Doctor Who villain. People should see Hotel! with her starring alongside Peter Capaldi and Paul McGann.
That's pretty stock with autographs. I paid $20 for Paul McGann to sign my DVD and $25 for Leslie Nielsen to do the same.
The great has three Doctors this May - Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy & Paul McGann - and John Barrowman.
I have shaken Eve Myles', David Warner's and Paul McGann's hands (Paul twice!!!) and had a hug and kiss on the cheek from Katy Manning :)
Cardiff Film and Comic Con is back at the Motorpoint Arena on the Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd March 2014. Building on the success of the first Cardiff Film and Comic Con we hope to bring you some more of you favourite stars from TV, Film and Comics as well as a whole host of fun activities including photo shoots with the stars, panels, autograph sessions and hundreds of stalls full of TV and Film Memorabilia to browse. Guests include: TV Legend Bernard Cribbins, Wilf from Dr Who, voice of the Wombles and so much more Doctor Who’s Paul McGann & Katy Manning Lord of the Rings’ John Rhys Davies Red Dwarf‘s Danny John Jules Torchwood‘s Eve Myles Game of Thrones' Kristian Nairn (Hodor) There will be a collection of screen used props and costumes from the Indiana Jones films on display including that infamous whip! Also on display will be the much loved Back to the Future Deloreon.
Cannot wait to meet Paul McGann, Katy Manning and Eve Myles tomorrow!
Charlie Chaplin (Official) shared the following link and had this to say about it: Landmark: Charlie Chaplin's City Lights To mark the centenary of Chaplin's iconic tramp character, Matthew Sweet discusses City Lights with comedian Lucy Porter, actor Paul McGann, film maker and historian Kevin Brownlow, and Chaplin's biographer David Robinson. Recorded in front of a live audience at the Watershed Arts Centre as ...
Sarah Sutton, Katy Manning, Eve Myles, Paul McGann, Kai Owen, Bernard Cribbins, Nicholas Briggs, Caitlin Blackwood, Sophie Aldred, David Gooderson going to be at Cardiff Comicion this weekend. Plus more film & tv stars. Value for money and they are happy to chat to you and pose for pics :-)
Liverpool-born actor Paul McGann helps historians to find first world war memories
The Friday Quiz is back!!! Hooray!! No prizes, just a bit of (Google free) fun. :-) 1. What famous slogan was originally devised by Patrick O'Keefe for the Society of American Florists? 2. What connects the words sitcom, smog, brunch, muppet and cyborg? 3. Paul McGann, Peter Davidson and William Hartnell have each played the same famous sci-fi role. What's the character's name? 4. Which one of these is on the coast: Cairo, Johannesburg, Tripoli, Sarajevo, Nairobi, Khartoum? 5. Which of these is not on the coast: Venice, San Diego, Reykjavik, Marrakesh, Helsinki, Lisbon?
Would LOVE to be Paul McGann! In regards to companions I choose Sarah Jane Smith or Lucie Miller from the audios.
Listening to Paul McGann 's Eight and Sheridan Smith in Blood of the Daleks. Its excellent!
I loved the fact that Sheridan Smith's first adventure was with Paul McGann, the closest we're ever going to get to seeing
Some of you asked "Why did you bring the Enterprise Bridge Chairs to a Doctor Who Convention last year? What does Doctor Who have to do with your Bridge Restoration?" Our mission isn't just about catering to Star Trek fans, our vision is all inclusive. We saw Brent Spiner, Jane Espenson, the cast of Lost Girl, the creator of Middlemen and MANY Trekkies as well as Whovians. Also, every single Doctor Who actor we met, from Billie Piper, Arthur Darville, Colin Baker and Paul McGann to BBC writers, producers and directors all loved our project, many of them wanting to help! Bottom line, we have no prejudice and will never say no.
Billie Piper wished me happy birthday from the stage and I have Paul Mcgann and Arthur Darvill birthday donuts.
We met Colin Baker, Paul McGann, Billie Piper and many other Doctor Who people. Got tons of autographs and some cool pictures. Tomorrow is Dave's panel on the Eleventh Doctor, and then we can head back to the Bay Area. Doing 2-in-1 (work and fun in one trip) seems to work for us again. More to come:)))
Arthur Darvil, Chris Hardwick and his posse and the TARDIS motorcycle happened... One companion down, Billie Piper, Colin Baker and Paul Mcgann to go. :)
Gallifrey One Report: my GOODNESS, Paul McGann is handsome when you see him in person!
Gene Wilder and Donald Glover would be great but who chose these actors for this? America made the Paul McGann movie!
COMMENT| 'Doctor Who' fans were left a tad bemused after John Hurt's appearance as The War Doctor in The Day Of The Doctor. When Russell T. Davies brought the show back to the small screen in 2005, Christopher Eccleston's Doctor was presumed to be the ninth Doctor. However, a BBC mini episode, entitled The Night Of The Doctor, which showed the death of Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor showed that, rather than being replaced by Eccleston, he was actually regenerated into John Hurt's The War Doctor. This would then have left Eccleston as the Tenth Doctor, Tennant as the 11th, Smith as the 12th and Peter Capaldi as the 13th. This confusion was then further exacerbated by Steven Moffat's assertion that Tennant should actually count as two Doctors because he partially regenerated after being shot by a Dalek in 2008's The Stolen Earth. While Moffat has also insisted that The War Doctor isn't actually a true Doctor because he rejected his name. Confused? Me too. Currently, there has still be no official answer from e ...
Doctor Who: Matt Smith Wants Peter Capaldi To Be Twelfth Doctor (blog) When the show returned in 2005, Christopher Eccleston's Doctor was considered to be the ninth Doctor, following Paul McGann's performance in the 1996 made for television movie. From there, successors David Tennant a...
Marina Sirtis, Paul McGann and Chris Barrie loved our chocolate fountain last night at the cocktail party. Get...
Listening to Paul McGann story Immortal Beloved. Have you heard it? If so what do you think?
Synopsis 'Pure gold.' Doctor Who Magazine November 23rd 1963 proves to be a significant day in the lives of all eight Doctors… It's the day that Bob Dovie's life is ripped apart… It's also a day that sets in motion a catastrophic chain of events which forces the first eight incarnations of the Doctor to fight for their very existence. As a mysterious, insidious chaos unfolds within the TARDIS, the barriers of time break apart… From suburban England through war-torn alien landscapes and into a deadly, artificial dimension, all these Doctors and their companions must struggle against the power of an unfathomable, alien technology. From the very beginning, it is clear that the Master is somehow involved. By the end, for the Doctors, there may only be darkness. Support Big Finish by buying the story here - By: Nicholas Briggs Directed By: Nicholas Briggs Cast Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann (The Doctor), Louise Jameson (Leela), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Nicola Bryant (P . ...
Doctor Who, Archers star June Spencer win BBC Audio Awards Doctor Who has won a BBC Audio Award for its Dark Eyes production. The Big Finish Productions audio drama - starring Paul McGann and Toby Jones among others - won the Best Online or Non-Broadcast Audio Drama prize at the annual ceremony. Lenny Henry hosted the event in the radio theatre at BBC's Broadcasting House in London on Sunday (January 26). Elsewhere, 94-year-old June Spencer won a Lifetime Achievement honour for her longrunning role of Peggy Woolley in BBC Radio 4's The Archers. Spencer has played the role since the soap began in 1951, and was recently at the centre of a storyline about the death of her on-air husband (Arnold Peters), who had been suffering from dementia. Peters himself was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and passed away last May. Spencer also lost her real-life husband to the disease. The Archers editor Sean O'Connor said: "June is an extraordinary woman who has committed her life to the BBC and The Archers. At 94, ab ...
Had an amazing time at Big Finish day 4!!! Got to meet Nick Briggs, Paul Mcgann and Julian Glover!!
i love Paul McGann's Doctor but the script for the TVM is a bit of a mess - half human Dr &heavy handed exposition
up traveling with the Sixth Doctor. And I think this is going to be a few amusing episodes. Though I miss Paul McGann's voice.
Doctor who facts Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat was initially opposed to Matt Smith’s wish to wear his now-iconic bow tie. the Silurians seen since 2010′s “The Hungry Earth” are played by the same three actors. Paul McGann is technically the longest-serving Doctor, though he appeared only once on television in 1996 (until last week!). Tom Baker is, of course, the longest serving on television, having starred in more Doctor Whoshows than any other actor. The Impossible Astronaut” (2011) was the first episode filmed in US in which the actors playing the Doctor and his companions actually participated in shooting; the earlier “Daleks in Manhattan” featured footage shot in New York, which was then digitally blended with the Welsh locations in which David Tennant and Freema Agyeman were shooting. TARDIS has a six-sided control console because it was designed to have six operatives. “Rose” (2005) was the first episode ever named for a companion (though the title of the original pilot epis ...
My Favorite Doctors: 1.) Patrick Troughton 2.) Matt Smith 3.) Tom Baker 4.) William Hartnell 5.) Paul McGann (The longest serving Doctor) 6.) Christopher Eccleston 7.) John Hurt 8.) Peter Davison 9.) Sylvester McCoy David Tennant, Jon Pertwee, Colin Baker, Peter Capaldi did not make the list Capaldi because he hasn't been the Doctor long enough yet. :P But he will be on the list trust me in a few months when Series 8 premieres.
I enjoy just spending an evening watching a Doctor Who DVD...especially considering I got the DVD signed by Peter Davison...or Colin Baker...or Paul McGann...or David Tennant. :D
For the past few holidays, Roz and I have listened to Doctor Who audio stories starring Paul McGann in the car. We've heard about a dozen so far. I can't recommend them highly enough. There are some stinkers, of course, but I'd say the batting average is about equal to any season of the current series. Standout stories include: "Storm Warning," the first 8th Doctor story, which is about the crash of the R101 airship. "Seasons of Fear" by Paul Cornell and Caroline Symcox, where the Doctor jumps through time chasing an immortal despot. "Chimes of Midnight" by Robert Shearman (who wrote "Dalek" in S1), a creepy and beautiful Christmas story set at an English manor in 1906. "Embrace the Darkness," a trapped-on-a-space-station style episode on a planet with no sun. The Doctor visits Isaac Asimov's "Nightfall" basically. One of the best uses of the audio medium I've heard. "Time of the Daleks," a story that lets the Daleks pose as Shakespeare enthusiasts and somehow makes it both hilarious and terrifying. McGan ...
Don't forget to give a like to the official pages of some of our amazing Classic Who stars: Tom Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Anneke Wills Official, Frazer Hines, Deborah Watling, John Levene, Katy Manning, Louise Jameson Official, Bonnie Langford, Sophie Aldred and Daphne Ashbrook Official.
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I'm meeting Eve Myles, Paul McGann and Katy Manning 2 months today!!! :D
Breast Cancer Awareness
I just realized something, Peter Davison and Paul McGann are now classed as Classic/Big Finish and Modern Doctors.
Well, I hope give us a Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann adventure.
The year in rev-who! The Impossible Girl arrived. The Ice Warriors returned. Old Doctors kept complaining that they hadn't been asked to be in the 50th. Christopher Eccleston cemented his reputation as a boring old twit. We all wondered who John Hurt was all Summer. David Tennant came back. All the old Doctors got together for an audio adventure. You'll never forgetty the Yeti - lost episodes turned up! Chinny decided to hang up his fez and the new Doctor was announced in a live TV special. We found out that the last 3 Doctors were actually all +1. Paul McGann returned and changed into John Hurt who changed into Christopher Eccleston. Doctor Who took over pretty much everything in November, Daleks and Cybermen even invaded Buckingham Palace although there were a few Doctors on hand! And don't blink, because if you did you'd miss Peter Capaldi's debut as the 12th / 13th? Doctor. Happy Who Year!
Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston would have been awesome in the 50th Anniversary.
Photo: glamdamnit: Here’s a photo of Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann (7th and 8th Doctors, respectively)...
Who's going to be ringing in the new year with the only Doctor Who story to take place on New Years Eve? I am, of course, speaking of the Eighth Doctor TV movie! :-D Is it awful? Oh yes! But it has the most awesome TARDIS interior. It has the coolest regeneration effects. It gives Sylvester McCoy the sendoff he'd been waiting for. And most importantly, it has Paul McGann!
Just about five hours ago finished watching the Doctor Who Christmas special. I am sad to see Matt leave, but I didn't cry like in past regenerations. Maybe its just my mood I mean I cried when I watched the regeneration from Sylvester McCoy to Paul McGann and I was just getting into Doctor Who.
In preparation for moving I'm trying to get rid of as much stuff as I can. First up on the chopping block is the remainder of my Doctor Who collection. I just don't have the time or interest in listing or selling all of the items individually on Ebay, so it's going as a lot. Four boxes include the following and a lot more: 25 Target hardcover novelizations, 11 new series hardcover novelizations, 2 of which are autographed, autographed photos from Tom Baker (the 4th Doctor), Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy (the 6th and 7th doctors), Paul McGann (the 8th doctor), Nicola Bryant (Peri), Katy Manning (Jo Grant), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), and Sophie Aldred (Ace), a "Who's On Board" car decal with classic series logo, a size SM seventh doctor "question mark" sweater vest, roughly 100 Harlequin Miniatures unpainted figures, a handful of Character Options 5" action figures, a slew of the non-fiction hardcover "text" books (25 Glorious Years, The Key to Time, Timeframe, The Gallifrey Chronicles, The Doctor Who Technica ...
fans: check out our interviews w/ Orla Brady (Tasha Lem), Paul McGann, Billie Piper, Colin Baker & more!
This starts out with just Peter Davison and Colin Baker, but Paul McGann joins in part way through. These guys were absolutely hilarious ^_^
Just a reminder (hope it clears it up to everyone): 1st Doctor: William Hartnell (1st incarnation) 2nd Doctor: Patrick Throughton (2nd incarnation) 3rd Doctor: Jon Pertwee (3rd incarnation) 4th Doctor: Tom Baker (4th incarnation) 5th Doctor: Peter Davison (5th incarnation) 6th Doctor: Colin Baker (6th incarnation) 7th Doctor: Sylvester McCoy (7th incarnation) 8th Doctor: Paul McGann (8th incarnation) Now that's when things get a little crazy... for the first time. The 8th Doctor DIED when he crashed in Karn, but The Sisterhood of Karn revived him for 4 minutes, enough to make him take the elixir that would trigger his regeneration. He became the War Doctor. War Doctor: John Hurt (9th incarnation) When his body was running out just like the 1st Doctor's, he regenerated into Christopher Eccleston. Some people say that he regenerated after he used the title "The Doctor" again. Either way, he regenerated and that gives us... 9th Doctor: Christopher Eccleston (10th incarnation) 10th Doctor: David Tennant (11th ...
1st - William Hartnell 2nd - Patrick Troughton 3rd - Jon Pertwee 4th - Tom Baker 5th - Peter Davison 6th - Colin Baker 7th - Sylvester McCoy 8th - Paul McGann 9th (War) - John Hurt 10th (9th) - Christopher Eccleston 11th (10th) - David Tennant 12th ("10"th) - David Tennant 13th (11th) - Matt Smith 2.1st - Peter Capaldi. Also, just realized that the Doctor as he appears in Series 2, 3, and 4 (Ending with Stolen Earth) is very different in personality to the Doctor as he appears in Journey's End - End of Time Part 2. Also, this makes the line "I don't want to go" a bit different from originally thought. Either "I don't wanna get rid of this face", or "I don't wanna go to Trenzalore" or "I don't wanna come to my final incarnation"
First, I learned to love Jon Pertwee, then the show was gone from the American airwaves. Then there was Tom Baker, and at first, I viewed him as a usurper, but I grew to love him. I learned, then, that there had been Hartnell, the little old grandfather, and Troughton, like Chaplin's "Little Tramp," and I read the Target novelizations and was much more comfortable with this idea of Regeneration. But then came Peter Davison, and he was so YOUNG! He was a kid, very soft-spoken and earnest, and that was WRONG! But, again, I got to know him, and grew to love him... And then there was Colin Baker, and he was a challenge. I never really grew to love him in the role, but he did, suddenly, get a handle on the character, in his very last story, and, suddenly, he was gone. Sylvester McCoy clicked so much more quickly, and gave me a sense that he was alien and ancient. You looked into his eyes and saw eternity stretching out behind him. When he was gone, the whole series went with him. Paul McGann held the role so b ...
William Hartnell = 1 Patrick Troughton = 2 Jon Pertwee = 3 Tom Baker = 4 Peter Davison = 5 Colin Baker = 6 Sylvester McCoy = 7 Paul McGann = 8 John Hurt = 9 Christopher Eccleston = 10 David Tennant = 11 David Tennant = 12 Matt Smith = 13 Peter Capaldi = 14 ... ... So are we supposed to refer to the New Doctor as "The Twelfth Doctor" (Because Matt was called Eleven)?... Or, Are we supposed to call him "The Fourteenth Doctor" (Because according to what we know he is the 14th incarnation of the Timelord)? Or... ... Should We just call him "The New First Doctor" (Because he is the first incarnation within wis new set of regenerations granted by the Timelords in the Episode)? I'm Just Gonna Call Him "Capaldi's Doctor" or "The New Doctor"!
Nice to see BBC America airing the minisode "The Night of the Doctor" before repeating "The Day of the Doctor." It gives Paul McGann's Doctor some much-needed additional legitimacy.
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So The Doctor who we believed was the 11th Doctor was actually The 13th Doctor. Here's the first 13 in chronological order: (1) William Hartnell (2) Patrick Troughton (3) Jon Pertwee (4) Tom Baker (5) Peter Davidson (6) Colin Baker (7) Sylvester McCoy (8) Paul McGann (9) John Hurt (The War Doctor) (10) Christopher Eccleston (11) David Tennant (12) David Tennant (Regenerated off his hand in Tardis) (13) Matt Smith Now The Doctor has a whole new set of Regenerations and now we have: (14) Peter Capaldi Excellent episode The Doctor died on Trezalore however Clara spoke through the Crack in the wall and The Timelords opened a crack in the Christmas/Trezalore sky and sent The Doctor a whole new set of regenerations which means we will have 26 Doctors by the time we see 100 years of Doctor Who. Amazing episode full of all those secrets we wanted cleared up and now The 14th Doctor Peter Capaldi must learn to be The Doctor, learn to fly the Tardis and learn who his Companions and Enemies are.
Looking at my Doctor Who DVDs/BluRays, it's scary seeing Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, and Matt Smith once and seeing Colin Baker 4 times
Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith are so superb together. One of my favourite Doctor/companion pairings.
After Will Howells, here are my top 10 favourite moments from 2013 The Rings of Akhaten. I come home late, watched it a bit drunk and it was better than Hellboy 2. 9. Dan Starkey's Commander Strax blogs. 8. "Thomas Thomas?" Strax and a sat-nav boy, a gag so bad it's good. 7. Doctor Who Magazines archive two part interview with Jon Pertwee, in a year with so many rediscovered gems this was a surprising highlight and a great revealing read. 6. "Should we call Tom?" That canal punting clip from Shada used as a punchline. 5. Hosting 'Just an Earth Minute', a live Who themed riff on a popular radio quiz show as part of the Who at 50 Festival. 4. Not the Doctor you were Expecting. Chuffing time rotors it's Paul McGann! 3. Nabbing a photo with David Warner and Paul Darrow at Regenertions in Swansea. Warner's comment "Oh a selfie" is more down with the kids than I am. 2. "I rather think you might" - The Curator and unmistakable voice of Tom Baker 1. Watching Day of the Doctor, the after party and Five-ish reboot ...
Eight and Lucie Miller as played by Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith ~Doctor12.
Have a look at our promotional video featuring Kate Fahy (director), Jenny Rainsford and Gerald Kyd (cast) AND Eddie Redmayne, Oliver Cotton, Paul McGann and Susannah Harker (supporters).
Just two days left until the end of the Matt Smith era! By the end of his tenure, he will have been the “reigning” Doctor for 1,455 days – the fourth longest tenure in the show’s history. The only three actors to have served longer are Tom Baker (2,479 days), David Tennant (1,659 days), and Jon Pertwee (1,618 days). For the sake of comparison, Peter Davison served for 1,092 days; William Hartnell for 1,072 days; Colin Baker for 996 days; Patrick Troughton for 970 days; Sylvester McCoy for 822 days; Christopher Eccleston for a mere 85 days; and, of course, Paul McGann for just one day back in 1996. ~ CL
The upcoming "Doctor Who" Christmas (not holiday!) special has got me wondering how many subjective years each regeneration of the Doctor lasted. We know that First Doctor's *life" (William Hartnell) was longer than 900 years. In the last 11th/12th Doctor (Matt Smith) story featuring Amy and Rory, Amy said she figured they'd been running around with the Doctor for about 10 years. In "The Impossible Astronaut," we learned 11th/12th Doctor was active more than 200 years. But what about the others? There's a suggestion that 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) ran around long enough to bridge the time from the 1996 TV movie until the BBC revival in 2005, in spite of the retroactive appearance of the War Doctor. War Doctor/9th Doctor (JOHN --not William, *** me-- Hurt) aged visibly -- unlike the Doctors generally -- and that suggests several decades, at least, under unusual circumstance. We only had a vague idea of his appearance when he appeared, only a reflection in a piece of metal, but it did not suggest a heavily .. ...
how do you unlock the past doctors like Paul McGann, Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker?
Peter Capaldi and Paul McGann were in a film together. oh!
What Whovians Can Learn From Paul McGann’s Audition Tape - mbrainspaz: Yesterday, as part of the DVD...
Ah class. I think Series 2 was probably my favourite but 1 had its moments. Plus more Paul McGann and Alice!
After listening to my first audio story I'm convinced Paul McGann would've made a terrific long term Doctor.
Paul McGann is a personal favorite of the team :) Glad everyone is excited!
Paul McGann has done a lot for the 50th he appeared with his seven predecessors in the Big Finish audio The Light...
“Withnail” is a massive underwater monster from the Pacific, and Paul McGann plays a giant suit of mechanized armour that fights it
My thirst for Paul McGann is getting out of hand tbh. How can a 55 year old man look that hot
"Physician...heal thyself" Last words of Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor...Doin this now as I'll be 2 pished later lol
How would people had felt if Paul McGann and Peter Davison were in The Day Of The Doctor in person and not footage? ~Doctor12.
Nothing says Christmas more than Paul McGann and Autons.
NEW VIDEO Paul McGann discusses the Eighth Doctor and his return in The Night of the Doctor at htt…
// Sudden urge to RP with the 8th Doctor. Hnghhh, Paul McGann.
I bought my First Doctor Who audio adventure from Big Finish: "Storm Warning" starring Paul McGann as The Eighth Doctor.
So, If you haven't tired yet, They just announced two new reasons to: Paul Mcgann and Sarah Jane Smith Playable soon! YES!
Fantastic evening at the last night! Met 8th Doc Paul McGann! Might've accidentally headbutted him...
Photo: do-you-have-a-flag: bonzananza: do-you-have-a-flag: let’s talk about this photo of paul mcgann
outtakes from Paul McGann's 2002 megainterview with Big Finish. bad jokes incl. ;) via
Nicholas Briggs talks Dark Eyes, working with Paul McGann and the future of the 8th Doctor
Watched the Paul McGann TV Movie for first time in ages. PMcG excellent but plot not the way to introduce to new audience
I'd really love a sort of DW prequel miniseries featuring the Eighth Doctor. Paul McGann was really good in The Night of the Doctor.
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Paul McGann hasn't aged in 20 years. Colin Baker on the other hand.
Can now say I've bought Colin Baker orange juice and watched Withnail & I with Paul McGann
So the one night I'm not working at the hotel, and Paul McGann is staying, I missed The Doctor *deep sigh*
Paul McGann was an answer on Mastermind. It's embarrassing that I got excited. It's more embarrassing that I watched Mastermind.
Paul McGann! Twinkly, funny, charming, lots to tell. How did this happen in Lincoln?!
May be going to Cardiff Film And Comic Con in March and meeting Eve Myles, Paul McGann and Katy Manning :D
Photo: sherokutakari: cleowho: Eight - Paul McGann -  his first day and his last day - 1996 and 2013.
WOW - to say arm Ritz and Steve Healey are excited tonight is an understatement! . 8th Doctor Paul McGann is not...
An evening with Paul McGann at theritzcinema
So, anyone else in Lincoln for An Evening with Paul McGann?
“I’m playing a Journey song, but probably not the one you were expecting.” —Paul McGann picking ‘Lights’ at a karaoke bar.
I liked a video The Surprise: Paul McGann - Doctor Who 50th Anniversary: The Night of the Doctor -
Me and my mate first here at The Ritz Cinema for "An intimate evening with Paul McGann":)~Type 40 TARDIS
I have to say, I would gladly buy a 'Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor' calendar, were there such a thing. Those blue eyes. Those curls. Wow.
Photo: strangeland: Paul McGann by Tim Richmond bromide fibre print, November 1988 11 1/8 in. x 11 in.   10% Off
Number one on the list of attractive dads: Paul McGann
Paul McGann is so good he deserves to have his own series. So no, it wasn't enough.
Paul McGann had a whole minisode for the 50th. Is that not enough?
paul mcgann is so hot but he shouldn't be hot i mean hE WAS IN CLASSIC WHO BUT HE IS HOT
that was Paul McGann on Eric Roberts & Daphne Ashbrook, his co-stars in the DocWho pilot. (had the 2002 megainterview on while gettin ready)
INFO : If you are Lincoln tonight you can spend some time with the actor Paul McGann (Doctor Who) ! . 200 tickets...
Currently wish I was because they have Paul McGann and quote along Withnail & I!
William HartnellFirst Doctor Patrick TroughtonSecond Doctor and First Regeneration used Jon Pertwee – Third Doctor and Second Regeneration used Tom BakerFourth Doctor and Third Regeneration used Peter DavisonFifth Doctor and Fourth Regeneration used Colin BakerSixth Doctor and Fifth Regeneration used Sylvester McCoy – Seventh Doctor and Sixth Regeneration used Paul McGann – Eighth Doctor and Seventh Regeneration used John Hurt – The War Doctor who despite drinking the Elixir from the Sisterhood of Karn as the Eighth Doctor, still used a regeneration, as Ohila says that it can trigger his regeneration. Hence, he is the War Doctor (so as to not confuse the next incarnation numbers) and Eighth Regeneration used. Christopher Eccleston – Ninth Doctor and Ninth Regeneration used David TennantTenth Doctor and Tenth Regeneration used Meta Crisis – Human Doctor, and through the biological Meta Crisis, the regeneration energy that would’ve been fully used for Tennant to c ...
Colin Baker chats about regeneration, Paul McGann's mini-episode The Night of the Doctor, why Sylvestor McCoy and all the newer doctors are all imposters, Do...
A situation in which Colin Baker is more attractive than David Tennant. Also, Paul McGann is gorgeous. And Matt Smith looks EXACTLY like the little boy I grew up with, James Dunlap
Judgement day is coming for the Doctor... all 13 regeneration have been used... let's recap: 1. William Hartnell (23/11/63 - 29/10/66) 2. Patrick Troughton (29/10/66 - 21/6/69) 3. Jon Pertwee (3/1/70 - 8/6/74) 4. Tom Baker (8/6/74 - 21/3/81) 5. Peter Davison (21/3/81 - 16/3/84) 6. Colin Baker (16/3/84 - 6/12/86) 7. Sylvester McCoy (7/9/87 - 6/12/89, 27/5/96) 8. Paul McGann (27/5/96, 14/11/13) 9. John Hurt (18/5/13 - 23/11/13) 10. Christopher Eccleston (26/3 - 18/6/05) 11. David Tennant (18/6/05 - 1/1/10) 12 [Rejected]. David Tennant (28/6/08) 13. Matt Smith (1/1/10 - 25/12/13) Moffat claims the 'reject' doctor (the regeneration fueled into the hand) to be an actual regeneration, so the time is coming for the Doctor to die. And now it's time for me to say: "Well, the reason Capaldi's doctor is such an angry looking fella is because he failed to die, and he might have wanted to". And that's when you say: "But he has a reason to live now. He doesn't want to die before finding Gallifrey". And I won't say: "W ...
Metro Steven Moffat: Matt Smith's Doctor Who is the 13th and last Metro 'So if the Doctor can never change again, what's Peter Capaldi doing in the Christmas Special?' Showrunner Moffat spoke more about the Doctor's finite regenerations last month, saying: '[The Eighth Doctor] Paul McGann turns in...
//I think capaldi will be a mixture of Jon Pertwee, Paul McGann and David Tennant.. 3 in one..
So let me get this straight. 1. William Hartnell’s Doctor “wore out” at the end of The Tenth Planet and became 2. Patrick Troughton, who was forced to “change his appearance” by the Time Lords, becoming 3. Jon Pertwee, who died from radiation poisoning and eventually regenerated into 4. Tom Baker, who held the role on TV the longest before falling from a tower and becoming 5. Peter Davison, who contracted Spectrox Toxemia in the Caves of Androzani and became 6. Colin Baker, who was fired by the BBC, but declined to film his regeneration into 7. Sylvester McCoy, who held the keys after the show ended, until the Movie where 8. Paul McGann took over, finally being shown in Night of the Doctor regenerating into 9. John Hurt, the War Doctor, who fought in the Time War before “wearing thin” into 10. Christopher Eccleston, who absorbed the power of Time Vortex, died and became 11. David Tennant, who was shot by a Dalek in The Stolen Earth, but was able to remain as 12. David Tennant by cheating, ul ...
I think it is significant that while I have all the "modern" Doctor Who DVDs/Blu-rays, and a great many Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker stories, plus a smattering of William Hartnells, Patrick Troughtons, the sole Paul McGann and a couple of Sylvester McCoys, the only Peter Davisons I have were bought as part of box sets, Castrovalva in the Regenerations set and The Caves of Androzani in the Revisitations box, plus The Five Doctors, which was bought for the others. I have absolutely no Colin Baker DVDs.
After watching the last 11Doctors. I have chosen my top 7. 1. Jon Pertwee (3) 2. Tom Baker (4) 3.Colin Baker (6) 4.Sylvester McCoy(7) 5.Paul McGann (8) 6. David Tennant (10) 7. Matt Smith (11) Not to say the rest were not awesome these are my favorites.
What ever happened after The Dark Days of no Doctor Who on TV? well in 1993 it was brought back for a BBC Crossover with EastEnders after it was cancelled in 1989. The Original Title The Dark Dimension would have focused on The Fourth Doctor's cancelled altered regeneration at Logopollis. But was cancelled for Budget reasons and was delayed a lot and they wanted the EastEnders cross over for ratings reasons. Three years later Doctor Who returned but for one night only it was brought back for a Movie which had Sylvester McCoy regenerate into Paul McGann. Due to poor ratings in America a cancelled TV Series for Paul's Doctor which though did sound bad as it mainly had remakes planed. But salvation was to come in three years time as in 1999 Big Finish, a company licensed by The BBC and run by Nicholas Briggs brought Doctor Who back in audio form, Starting from 5-7 then to 8 and now Four. The company was the salvation people needed when it was off air. Also in the same year, a young Steven Moffat wrote a comi ...
Alright Whovians. Can you help a girl out? I've heard that Peter Davidson, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann made a Doctor Who Parody. Can you tell me its name?
As of 2013, Moffat has written for Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Paul McGann, Rowan Atkinson, Richard E. Grant, Jim Broadbent, Hugh Grant, Joanna Lumley, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith as The Doctors (If you count the curator as The Doctor) ~Doctor12.
I'm a VIP at the Lord of Time Down-Under 2. So not only do I move to the first in line. I get a cocktail party WITH the guests. So I get to meet the following Doctor Who Actors in person there: - Frazer Hines (Jamie McCrimmon, companion to the Second Doctor) - Deborah Watling (Victoria Waterfield, companion to the Second Doctor)... - Wendy Padbury (Zoe Heriot, companion to the Second Doctor) - Paul McGann (The Eighth Doctor) - Mark Strickson (Vislor Turlough, companion to the Fifth Doctor) - Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown, companion to the Fifth and Sixth Doctors) - Daphne Ashbrook (Dr. Grace Halloway, companion to the Eighth Doctor)
This week's competition required you to work out which pairs of Cast members worked on which shows in a sequence starting with Jenny and ending with Jed: that tested the ol' grey matter but we had a fantastic response! The answers were: Jenny Agutter & Julian Wadham on Midsomer Murders; Julian Wadham & Philip Glenister on This House; Philip Glenister & Peter Guinness on Ashes to Ashes; Peter Guinness & Paul McGann on Alien3; Paul McGann & Sylvester McCoy on 5-ish Doctors; Sylvester McCoy & Jed Brophy on The Hobbit. The first name out of the hat is Dave Huddleston who wins a Witch Prime poster signed by Sylvester McCoy!
doctor who 50th... like why was John Hurt needed??? Like why didn't they get Paul Mcgann, instead of someone who was never the dr?
Watching DVR, catching up timeline. Just started the BBC Dr. Who revisit special on Paul McGann.
Home again, home again... Exhausted, but satisfied that we helped put on a good convention at Chicago TARDIS. When the weekend was done, nobody had been turned away from an autograph or photograph that they wanted. Logistics were juggled on the fly, but we've been doing this for a while, and experience does help. But credit where it's due; all our Guests went above and beyond, but special mentions are deserved for Peter Davison, Paul McGann, Colin Baker, Freema Agyeman, Nicola Bryant, Frazier Hines, Sarah Sutton, Louise Jameson, and Daphne Ashbrooke. Thanks to Gene Smith and Jennifer Adams Kelley and the rest of the CT crew for putting on this event, and to all the Doctor Who fans who turned up to have fun, and to all the Guests who entertained them. Only 361 days until I drive to the next one...
Days Two and Three of Chicago TARDIS were absolutely incredible. Saturday I went to panels by *** Miles of the BBC Radiophonics Workshop, Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, Fourth/Fifth Doctor Companion Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Sixth Doctor Colin Baker, Fifth/Sixth Doctor Companion Nicola Bryant (Peri), Michael Jayston (the Valeyard), Terry Malloy (Davros) and Tenth Doctor Companion Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones). I also got autographs from three Doctors: Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Paul McGann. Afterwards, Anthony and I volunteered to help set up the staff thank-you party and were invited to stay and hang out with the convention staff. Sunday began by getting a photo with Freema Agyeman, then a showing of The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot hosted by Peter Davison. Then it was back to the lines to get Freema's autograph. Then it was a panel featuring the five classic Companions (Sutton, Bryant, Frazier Hines, Louise Jameson and Daphne Ashbrook) all at once. My comment and question to them actually made Nicola cry (wi . ...
Verdict on Chicago TARDIS: Overall, we had a good time. I was lucky to be paired with some excellent panelists for rigorous discussions, made some new friends, met authors whose work I've long admired (including editors & contributors for the awesome Chicks Dig Timelords & *** Dig Timelords anthologies) and got to indulge in some serious fan squee during some very entertaining Q&As with Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Paul McGann & the fabulous Freema Agyeman. Congratulations should also be extended to Gordon Dymowski for running a successful silent & live auction to benefit the Northern Illinois Food Bank with both food donations and funds from the fan community.
Picture with Micheal Jayston (The Valyard aka The Evil Doctor!!) And 2 of my DVD's now signed by Colin Baker and Paul McGann!!! Great way to finish off the convention and I didn't spend one dollar more than I planned!!! Only thing I feel sad about was not meeting Jamie. Maybe another time or dimension ;)
Eagerly awaiting my time to meet Peter Davison, Colin Baker, and Paul McGann with medals in hand! Going to have them autograph mine! Don't know if they will let me take pics but if they do, I will post them!
Saw the Peter Cushing Dr Who movies last night. Paul McGann is looking so much better now
Reminder: Photographs with Paul McGann & Daphne Ashbrook are taking place right now in Junior Ballroom A. Freema Agyeman will be there from noon to 2 pm.
I seem to be choosing uni's that past Doctors were at: UEA - Matt Smith and now Liverpool John Moore's - Paul McGann!
Paul Mcgann and Peter Capaldi stars in this weird comedy.
Chicago TARDIS today was awesome today even if the lines were long and the day began with a hotel fiasco. After settling on a new hotel and checking in, returned to the convention and got a photo with five Companions: Frazier Hines, Louise Jameson, Sarah Sutton, Nicola Bryant and Daphne Ashbrook. Then, went to a few panels including Hines, Jameson, Paul McGann and Ashbrook. That was followed by a return to the lines, this time for a photo with McGann, Colin Baker and Peter Davison. After that, it was back into the autograph line for the five Companions. These two lines took over two hours to run and by the time I was just about to the autograph tables the scheduled time had run out. Fortunately, all of the Companions (as well as the three Doctors) had all generously offered to remain until everyone had gotten their autographs and photos. This caused the convention staff to shift the schedule effectively eliminating my planned block of time for dinner. As a result I didn't make the opening ceremony but the ...
Hey cool folks at Chicago TARDIS hanging out with the likes of Paul McGann and Colin Baker (amongst many others) - I am supremely jealous! But I hope you're having a blast. Maybe I can make it next year. Tell them to have a Doctor Puppet screening! :)
Just got my picture taken with Peter Davison. Colin Baker and Paul Mcgann.
There's some schedule changes you need to be aware of for SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 30TH. Photo sessions with Paul McGann & Daphne Ashbrook will be at 11 am instead of 1 pm. Photo sessions with Freema Agyeman will be from noon to 2 pm.
sorry: ok small question why do we count Paul Mcgann as a Doctor but we don’t count Peter Cushing who...
Guest contributor Christopher Ritchie questions the changes made to the Time War. Between 1989 and 2005 Doctor Who was in hiatus. Despite a brave but failed attempt to relaunch the program in 1996 in the form of a television movie starring the absolutely superb Paul McGann, Doctor Who lived on in audio format, novelisations and comics. The 'Wilderness Years', as they came to be known, kept the flame of the show burning. At the helm of Russell T Davies, Doctor Who came back to our screens in 2005. It returned a regenerated program. Television presenter Michael Parkinson observed that the show had transformed 'from wobbly sets, frock coats and frilly cuffs into superlative character-driven drama, with scripts which go between comedy, tragedy and social satire'. To account for the time in which the show was in hiatus, Davies came up with a beautiful plot device to bridge the gulf between the classic and the new series - the 'Time War'. It was a simple but genius idea which saw Doctor's race, the Time Lords, ...
New episode of Doctor Who is great has Paul McGann, Peter Davidson, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy as well as Matt Smith! So good :3
Saw "The Day of The Doctor" this evening and it was awesome! Even the pre-show and post-show featurette were entertaining. Good job all around by everyone, but extra kudos to John Hurt (I think I want to see more of his Doctor now -- maybe a mini-series about the Time War?), David Tennant who slipped so easily back into the role it was almost like he never left, Matt Smith - great performance, Jenna Coleman, maybe her best performance as Clara so far, especially in climactic scenes, and the easy way she interacted with John Hurt, and even Billie Piper as Rose yet not Rose. Oh, and Tom Baker! (what else needs to be said there? [one thing: bring the Curator back for more appearances!) P.S. - I also think there should be series of new episodes starring Paul McGann, maybe a short series about what led up to the Time War and its early stages prior to "The Night of The Doctor."
So what did everyone think of DR WHO? I watched it three times and read all the articles, and I guess it was kinda nice tribute for the 50th year of the SF icon...I was confused on the 12/13th doctor,,, but Moffit explains it like is 13 DOCTORS not 13 regenterations,,,so since John Hurt didn't consider himself a Dr, even tho he regenerated from Paul McGann and regenerated into Chris Eccleston he is not counted as a more month till Matt Smith's good bye
he's up there, probably Tom Baker, Paul McGann or David Tennant are my favourites
The wonders of the internet. Confirmed something I thought for a while. Patrick Troughton (2nd Dr Who) was the father of David Troughton (Duke of Wellington in Sharpes Rifles and Sharpes Eagle) which coincidentally, the original choice for Sharpe himself was Paul McGann. I wonder though had McGann not injured himself and been replaced by Sean Bean, would he have been free to be the 8th Dr? Or how about this for a weird alternative history. Paul McGann is Sharpe, and Sean Bean is the 8th Dr :P
The Dr Who 50th Anniversary has been fantastic, you have to watch all the pieces including Peter Davisons 5ish 30 minute film. Great to see all the companions from my youth, would like to have seen John Simm and Christopher Ecclestone involved just a bit more. Lots of gaps filled in the stories, we are loving Paul McGann and John Hurt as the War Doctor.
I don't normally geek out in such spectacular form, however, I have a bone to pick with Steven Moffat about this... The rest of this post contains spoilers about Day of the Doctor, so please beware. *Spoilers, Sweetie*: 1. There has already been an additional image of John Hurt being placed between Paul McGann and Christopher Eccleston. 2. Steven Moffat has already re-numbered the Doctors in "Day of the Doctor." When the Doctors are appearing on the monitors in front of the High Council of Time Lords, one of the Time Lords says "All twelve of them," to which another Time Lord says "No, Sir, all thirteen." Steven Moffat Wrote Those Words. 3. Near the End, 11 tells John Hurt that he was the Doctor on the day that it was impossible to be right and then later, John Hurt thanks 10 and 11 for letting him be the Doctor even if it was just for the moment. So you can't say that John Hurt wasn't "The Doctor." Just saying.
| Im thinking it's time for Don to change faces again. David Tennant, Paul Mcgann or Christopher Eccleston?
Listening to Paul McGann audio adventures. Wonder if we could get John Hurt audio adventures. Long shot I'm sure but I'd still love to hear it.
-- Doctor Who-- Last night was the 50th anniversary extravaganza. It was good. It was the First Doctor Who episode I've enjoyed in a long time. Here are some things I especially liked: 1. John Hurt was a good choice as the retconned 9th Doctor. (I was glad to see Paul McGann in the preview webisode, which I'll link below). Hurt has gravitas to sell the story. 2. David Tennant returns as The Doctor, demonstrating why I enjoyed him so much more than the other NuWho Doctors thus far. 3. Daleks! 4. Stephen Moffat fixed the stupid Time War storyline. 5. A special appearance by special actor with definite Doctor Who cred. 6. Billie Piper being way more interesting than she ever has. 7. Time Lord fine art. 8. Dispensing with the whole "Intergalactic Tough Guy" image they've been piling on the Doctor in NuWho.
Because it went Paul McGann and he regenerated into John Hurt in this great little clip:
Doctor who episode was alrite, would have been 100 times better if they had included Paul Mcgann instead/as well as John Hurt
Spoilers: the fact that this recent episode of Dr. Who "clears up" the matter of the Doctors regenerations used so far. As I count it comes in at Sylvester McCoy 7th Doctor 7th incarnation 6th Regeneration. Paul McGann 8th Doctor 8th Incarnation 7th REgeneration. John Hurt 1st War Doctor 9th Incarnation 8th Regeneration. Christopher Eccleston 9th Doctor 10th Incarnation 9th Regeneration David Tennant 10th Doctor 11th Incarnation 10th Regeneration. Matt Smith 11th Doctor; 12th Incarnation 11th Regeneration. And that means this Christmas when Peter Capaldi takes over he would be the 12th Doctor, 13th Incarnation/ Body, 12th Regeneration/ Body. And that means that unless he finds a way to "cheat death" and exceed his allotted lives he is on his last body. "a Time Lord has 13 lives."
The Dr Who personality test results are in. Jane is delighted to be David Tennant while Mrs B is perplexed to be Paul McGann. I'm Patrick Troughton. Natch.
Great episode of Doctor Who last night! Nice to see David Tennant return (couldn't care less about Billie Piper tbh) Even though John Hurt is meant to be the regeneration of Paul McGann's Doctor, anyone who has seen the American released Doctor Who: The Movie will probably say it was crap (it wasn't as good as it could have been, but it was satisfactory to say the least to the fans at the time) he did a brilliant job. I could've got up and cheered when I saw Tom Baker as the Museum Curator as Tom Baker was the very First Doctor reincarnation that I saw back when I was around 6-7 years old (he is also the only one still alive bless him as Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton and William Hartnell are all pushing up daisies) Nice little teaser to Peter Capaldi as the 13th Doctor as well.
This weekend has proved to me the brilliance of Patrick Troughton. The criminal misuse of Paul McGann & the skill of Matt Smith.
Bringing the Doctor Who Marathon to an end today, got The Enemy of the World (the Troughton story which was recently recovered in it's entirety), The Two Doctors (Colin Baker and Patrick Troughton together), Remembrance of the Daleks with Sylvester McCoy and Terra Firma (a Paul McGann audio), and another viewing of The Day of the Doctor. :)
If Christopher Ecclestone's doctor was supposed to regenerate from John Hurt's doctor why did he regenerate from Paul McGann's? Did Stephen Moffat actually watch anything from the 2005 season? Spoiled it for me
Hey what an Odyessy last Nite was Man!!! I Watch The Day of The Doctor, followed Via The Dr Who's Birthday Party or whatever It's Called on BBC 3 then straight after that I then Viewed Dr Who Ultimate which Is obviously all things well you've guessed It? Dr Who? Then @ Approx 11:15pm halfways Into that Documentary. My Extremely SAD/Pathetic Neighbour @ No: 8 REALLY Starts BANGING/SLAMMING!!! I Honestly thought that He was going 2 GO Through my Wall It was that BAD Man!!! ;( & that's unusual 4 HIM Seeing that He Turns In @ Approx 11pm each & every Nite! Well back 2 what I was saying. I also then saw halfways through the mini Documentary seeing that Docs 5 - 8 which Comprised of Peter Davidson, Colin Baker, Oh BTW Colin Baker Isn't @ all related 2 Tom Baker who was the 4th Doc. & Is Now 79. & Is still alive & kicking. Docs 1 - 3 are All In Space & Time. R.I.P. they Comprised of William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton & Jon Peetwee. & Sylvester McCoy was The 7th Doc & Paul McGann was the 8th Doc. Well Basically ...
wanna hear Sylvester McCoy head to head with Paul McGann?
Our Doctor Who related Random Facts!: • Wendy Padbury who played Zoe, the Second Doctor's companion, later became the agent of Matt Smith who plays the Eleventh Doctor after discovering him in a play. She was also the agent of Colin Baker who played the Sixth Doctor, Nicholas Courtney who played the Brigadier and Mark Strickson who played companion Turlough Jackie Lane who played Dodo, companion to the First Doctor, later became the agent of Tom Baker who played the Fourth Doctor and Janet Fielding who played companion Tegan Jovanka Janet Fielding who played Tegan Jovanka then went on to become the agent of Paul Mcgann, who played the Eighth Doctor • Mission to the Unknown is the only Doctor Who episode to feature neither the Doctor nor his companions, however, William Hartnell still received a credit • Chris Barrie (Rimmer in Red Dwarf) auditioned to become the Tenth Doctor • In an episode of Casualty, all the guest cast share character names with The Seeds of Doom, this being due to Doctor Who w ...
Craig Egan, Raphael Segal, Travis Young do you know about THIS? Major Dr Who thing right after the 50th Anniversary and I have heard nothing about it at all. What the *** kind of cowboys are running this that I don't know about this until 2 weeks out? No proper website. $120 to get in then pay for photos and autographs seems pretty steep. Paul McGann, Mark Strickson, Nicola Bryant, Daphne Ashbrook, Wendy Padbury, Richard franklin, Deborah Watling, Frazer Hines.
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Paul McGann's 8th Doctor has & Frank Skinner as his birthday Number 1
Former Doctors such as Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann are likely to star alongside Broadchurch actor Olivia Colman in Peter Davison's Red-Button spoof
also the 2008 Paul McGann movie is up on iTunes. I watched it yesterday. I forgot Eric Roberts was the Master. HE WAS TERRIBLE!
For any Doctor Who fans out there Id strongly recommend the Big Finish 50th anniversary audio "A Light At The End," which deals with the first 8 incarnations of the Doctor teaming up to stop a plot by the Master to erase him from history. Paul Mcgann, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker, Peter Davison, Tom Baker, Frasier Hines, Carol Anne Ford, Nicole Bryant, Sarah Sutton, Louise Jameson, Sophie Aldred, Geoffrey Beevers, Peter Purves, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, Katie Manning, William Russell, and darn near everybody else from the classic shows history who is still with us are in it :)
Oh, just sign him up to do three or four special flashback episodes!
Photoset: out-there-on-the-maroon: ohtentoo: Paul McGann is a precious angel [x] I AM SO HAPPY ALSO I LOVE...
Paul McGann is so pretty! I'm sad he only got to be the doctor for one movie and a mini episode
The Doctor Who TV movie is pretty dreadful, but Paul McGann is dreamy.
Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor reminds me of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka
Watching the Paul McGann Dr Who movie and of coarse I noticed the Asian man is wearing a jean jacket with unusual buttons .. With a printed titanium finish pattern .. Vintage GAULTIER's Jeans .. LOL I would notice
Paul McGann was awesome in that minis ode.
# just watching the movie for the first time. Totally camp, but agree on the Paul McGann miniseries idea.
You're welcome! And we already have to do a shot for the fact that Paul McGann regenerated into John Hurt, lol.
Now idly watching bits of Paul McGann Doctor Who movie on . Love McGann, but hate those 80s clothes on Daphne Ashbrook. Yeesh.
Hm... The 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) battles his nemesis The Master... Eric Roberts?! Huh. Learn something new every day.
Hey Comic Impact! Lets get a Paul McGann season or two! Just sign the petition we are so very close to...
The Paul McGann Doctor Who movie is on BBC America! It's so nice not to have to hook up the VCR to watch a crappy recording straight from the television!
The Doctor Who movie with Paul McGann. In the beginning after he takes Bruce's body.
For those of you who don’t know, one of my tutors at Uni is Annie McGann, Paul McGann’s wife, ex-wife, not...
Paul McGann has such a gorgeous smile
After the hugely popular reaction to the recent minisode, DWO caught up with The 8th Doctor, Paul McGann, for an exclusive video interview. Speaking to DWO E...
Paul McGann, and Night Of The Doctor is trending woo
Paul McGann, when you include his Big Finish Audio work, is one of my favorite Doctors. :)
fans Unite! Sign the petition to get the to produce an 8th series
Directed by Geoffrey Sax. With Paul McGann, Eric Roberts, Daphne Ashbrook, Sylvester McCoy. The newly-regenerated Doctor takes on the Master on the turn of the millennium, 31 December 1999.
Flipping through channels to find X-Men 2 and the Doctor Who movie both on. Hello baby High Jackman and Paul McGann
I just love reading all the supporters comments..
Every time I watch the Eighth Doctor movie, I fall a little more in love with Paul McGann's portrayal.
I will get Paul McGann on TV doing advert on mead ;)
I think that I've stated it before but I do like the fact that the new re-franchisement of Dr Who embraces all the Doctors including Paul McGann. But I can't help thinking that it's a slight Cameronist/Stalinist re-writing of history, as being there at the time I remember the programme seriously diminished post Tom Baker.
Why is the 8th doctor only in the one movie? Paul McGann is the best doctor easily.
Paul McGann: we were forced to release The Night of the Doctor early
If you believe should have another prequel - sign up:
If you believe deserves another prequel - sign up:
Watching the 1996 Doctor Who movie with Paul McGann as the Doctor number eight. Thank you BBC America for a full week of Doctor Who!
Watching Paul McGann's Doctor and wanting to claw my face off. But the hubs hasn't seen it sooo...
Though I think Paul McGann's luscious locks might be the best of any Doctor...
Paul McGann has returned to in new mini-episode 'The Night of the Doctor'
if I saw Paul McGann at comic con I would give him a bottle of mead
Paul McGann is so down to earth. What a nice guy
The Eight Doctor Paul McGann spoke to Doctor Who Online about the prequel The Night of the Doctor, which showed the Eighth Doctor regenerate into John Hurt's mysterious incarnation. Paul told fans ...
Still, lovely to see Paul McGann being passionate about the role. Can we have him back?
96 DW on BBC. Paul McGann single handedly saving the show!
Paul McGann being the Eighth Doctor again: Great stuff.
The Paul McGann Doctor Who TV Movie is also on the "iview" catch up channel on ABC in Australia, apparently. Thanks to
Watching the amazing Paul McGann in The Doctor Who Movie on BBC America as part of The Doctor Revisited. LOVE THE Eighth Doctor! :D
The awesome Eighth Doctor Paul McGann on his return to Doctor Who!
Please sign this petition to see my kid brother dressed up like Frodo Baggins again!
Hey Guys! Any chance you could plug our new video interview with Paul McGann?
Blogtor "remembers" the 1996 Paul McGann TV Movie, the build up and the aftermath...
Apparently the Paul McGann TV Movie is on BBC America right now!
Then again they put Paul McGann in without anyone knowing, which floors me, so who knows what Lord Moffat has done.
If you have the Watch channel in the UK, they're showing the Paul McGann TV Movie tomorrow at 3.05pm!
50th REWATCH: Can we just take a moment to say PAUL MCGANN WAS/IS A GREAT DOCTOR? Ta!
Paul McGann walks into a bar, orders a beer, and the bartender asks if he wants food. Paul says, “No tha…
I, like a young Will Sasso, see Paul McGann and faint.
Not sure what the most 90s thing is in this Paul McGann Doctor Who movie: the sideways gun holding, the pager, the huge boom box the 4th rate CGI or Eric Roberts.
Paul McGann chats about how tough it was keeping The Night Of The Doctor mni episode a secret, what it's like being part of Doctor Who in the 50th Anniversar...
Dr who movie on tv with one of the best drs paul mcgann
Whovians at home: The godawful 1996 Paul McGann Fox Doctor Who is on BBCA right now.
Guest contributor Henry de Ferrar shares some views on the possibility of Paul McGann spin-off.
If you've never seen the Doctor Who "movie", its on bbc America right now. Starring Paul McGann, arguably the dreamiest Doctor. ;)
If you have BBC america tune in right now cause my favorite Doctor Who special is on 1996's Doctor Who TV special staring Paul McGann as the Doctor and it started my love of the BBC tv series
OK. Was Paul McGann only in one thing related to Doctor Who?
Well, Doctor Who Takeover week is here, it's the official countdown to the 50th Anniversary Special this Saturday!!! Tonight's offerings on BBC America include Tales from the TARDIS and The Science of Doctor Who. Been home sick today, so I've been watching (in between unconscious moments) all of the Doctor's Revisited. They're up to Paul McGann (8) and will be showing the Fox TV Movie. Gotta change my profile pic to my fav doctor, Pat Troughton (2).
Jay Cee Phoenix Bondi Kenneth Jones Laser DiscAfter seeing 'The Night of The Doctor' with Paul McGann, the 8th Doctor - I say he needs a full length feature set in his own timeline after the events of the 1996 Movie and before this recent mini episode. Thoughts?
So, for the record, are we now accepting Paul McGann from the Fox TV Dr Who movie as canon?
Couldn’t believe that were are now in our 50th year of Dr Who, so I checked it out. Firstly, a quick visit to google gave me this information on the actors who played the man himself William Hartnell: 1963 -1966 Patrick Troughton: 1966 – 1968 Jon Pertwee: 1970 – 1974 Tom Baker: 1974 – 1981 Peter Davison: 1981 – 1984 Colin Baker: 1984 – 1986 Sylvester McCoy: 1987 – 1989 Paul McGann: 1996 Christopher Eccleston: 2005 David Tennant: 2005 – 2010 Matt Smith 2010: 2013 Secondly, I used two mathematical functions, known in the numeracy fraternity as ‘adding up’ and ‘taking away’ and concluded that the show has actually only been aired for 33 years since 1963. We’re 17 years short somewhere - any ideas?
Paul McGann is one of the coolest men alive. (Was also the best Doctor!) *nerd status*
Lee Hollifield just said Paul McGann is a bit dull! Grrr! Humph!
The sexist Dr Who, Paul Mcgann, the regeneration he never had. Thanks BBC for making my night. Now the John Hurst thing, makes sense.
Here at WhatCulture, you may have noticed that we’ve gone a little crazy for the return of Paul McGann. The highlight of the 50th anniversary for many fans (myself included) has been the return of the Eighth Doctor last week in ‘Night Of The Doctor’. Before the 14th November 2013, we only had one on...
Also, Paul McGann's accent has transmogrified into Rhys Ifans's so I am very confused.
What did everyone think about The Night Of The Doctor, and the return of Paul Mcgann?
Paul Mcgann as the Dr in The Night of the Dr.did anyone see it late Saturday nite???...about Dr Who during the Darlek war with the Time Lords...i missed it as i didnt know it was on!
Here is an interesting pic inspired by the minisode starring our Dr Who Convention Guest Paul McGann...
So Paul McGann says they filmed "Night of the Doctor" back in May. Good job keeping his mouth shut until it was finally released.
Been watching this doctor who prog and they always forget that peter cushing was a doctor who in two films and paul mcgann made one film as the doctor why his he not mentioned?
I just want to watch a whole series of Paul McGann.
there's a surprisingly large (although not unwelcome) amount of Paul McGann in this fairly entertaining Doctor Who guide on BBC3
Paul McGann and Colin Baker talk The Night of the Doctor, the regeneration limit and more.
Watching the Dr Who: Ultimate Guide thingy... Colin Baker got fat, Sly McCoy looks like something out of 'Lock Stock..', Paul McGann looks like he's been on a drinking bender and David Tennant has gone 'Goth'. Oh, and Ecclestone is the Dark Elf in Thor 2...!
Paul McGann will do another Doctor Who prequel for the right script
Enjoy The Night Of The Doctor? Sign the petition for Paul McGann to get a Doctor Who prequel
I'm not saying that they are or that I know anything because I don't and this is all pure speculation. But if the BBC were to produce a series of adventures featuring Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor, my not so humble suggestion would be to adapt the audio stories SWORD OF ORION and THE HORROR OF GLAM ROCK as television or webisodes. Because they're my favorites :-)
Eighth Doctor Paul McGann has said that he is open to doing more Doctor Who in the future if the script is right.
Ok some Dr Confusion. Sly McCoy turns in to Paul Mcgann who turns into John from whom did Chris Eccleston regenerate from? Spacey Wacey Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey?
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I think it's quite sad that Paul McGann is always forgotten, he was one of the best looking and just one of the best :|
Oh, Paul McGann. I might've actually gotten into the new Doctor Who had they started back up with the Eighth Doctor.
Loved seeing Paul McGann as the Doctor again. Here is hoping to see him more in the future. I would love to see a separate show of his adventures. Come on Moffatt, provide!
Have you seen the Paul McGann Doctor Who mini episode? They really missed a trick with that guy. More gravitas than any DW since Patrick Troughton. Missed opportunity. Eccleston was crap - bad casting, a Manc as a Time Lord? Behave. Tennant was OK but tried too hard to be likeable. And the last fella was far too Camden market. Shame. The Doctor was always supposed to be "A crotchety old man." Fingers crossed for the new (old) boy.
If Paul McGann were to play the doctor again, what adversaries would you like to see him go up against?
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