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Paul Manafort

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19.Paul Manafort moved back to Trump Tower after he was fired, and started advising Trump on cabinet pick…
"I did not collude with the Paul dost protest too much
Russian officials were discussing how to exert influence over Donald Trump through Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. https:…
Paul Manafort worked as Viktor Yanukovych’s top political advisor for nearly a decade.
Flag: American spies collected info *last summer* that Russian officials sought to exert influence over Paul Manafort and…
NYT: Senior Russian intelligence operatives were trying to win over Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn as late as last summer…
Doc: Ukrainian campaign memo written by Paul Manafort—it's very clear he ran the show—just like he did with Trump.
6. CNN reporting that Ukraine asked Comey for help questioning Paul Manafort in Ukraine corruption case but received no co…
Paul Manafort Michael Flynn cooperating with the Russians to influence Trump Is espionage.
Docs: Paul Manafort was sued by Ukraine's Prime Minister for taking millions in Russia-Ukraine oil deal kickbacks.
Trump hired Paul Manafort,Roger Stone,& Flynn not in spite of the fact they had close Russian ties.Trump hired them because of it
I think this is relevant to this story
Paul Manafort looks like Chris Noth fell face first into a bucket of acid
"The conversations focused on Paul Manafort, the Trump campaign chairman at the time, and Michael T. Flynn"
Lawrence O'Donnell the last word: Russians were discussing how they can use US citizens to get at Trump. Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn NYT
Her sister was targeted, stalked and hacked by Russian agents because she was investigating Paul…
The conversations focused on Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn. Some Russians boasted about how well they knew Flynn.
Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort turns over hundreds of pages of documents to Senate intel committee
Kyiv 2008: Manafort's team, getting paid by the Party of Regions, brought anti-NATO protest balloons to the Rada
Paul Manafort's family company admitted to making false statements to US Gov't & agreed to pay $2.4M fine—in 2014.
Docs/Photos: Paul Manafort had offices in Russia & Ukraine. according to records & archived news reports
JUST IN: Former Trump associates Paul Manafort and Roger Stone have turned over documents to Senate Intel Committee, source te…
The Bush Family was tied to Charlie Black - business partner with Paul Manafort & Roger Stone. Trump is their next…
In the past, we know Kremlin allies relied on Paul Manafort for his expertise in the field of political campaigning.
Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort got a $3.5 million mystery mortgage, but paid no tax https…
Donald Trump’s former campaign chair Paul Manafort is now being investigated by New York’s top attorneys
.9.Paul Manafort, Kelly Anne and George Conway all live at Trump Tower. via
FBI raids Annapolis political firm with connections to Trump advisers Paul Manafort and Roger Stone
Senior adviser of the Strategic Campaign Group, Dennis Whitfield, is linked to Paul Manafort and Roger Stone
Exclusive: DoJ won't say if Sessions is recused from matters involving Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort.
Senior advisor at FBI-raided consulting firm works for Paul Manafort and Roger Stone - via
Starting to think it's only a matter of time until someone fishes Paul Manafort's body out of the Hudson River.
Maybe as Sean Spicer? Is that too on the nose? Paul Manafort has to be Ray Wise right? Maybe aged dow…
The day Paul Manafort stepped down, he received $13 million from Donald Trump’s associates .
Clinton Doug Schoen, Stan Greenberg and, most famously, Paul Manafort, Rick Davis, have all advised various…
Paul Manafort, Lt General Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Roger Stone—Who else from the Trump campaign has Russia ties?
just landed Paul Manafort in big trouble for A new investigation begins!.
Oh really? Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort haven't been registered as foreign agents? *smh*
Bonus: how safe are Michael Cohen, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort no…
Love this 1985 pic of Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, & Lee Atwater via
Can I have a source on the Jeff Weaver-Paul Manafort connection?
🤔Could be - Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone & Michael Cohen are not exactly criminal masterminds.🤔
Flag: Paul Manafort reportedly advising a Chinese tycoon on how to win contracts for Trump infrastructure plans —http…
Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, Ivanka Trump & Michael Cohen: your indictments are coming. It's time to step ri…
Right after the testimony by Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, Christopher Steele, Cyprian bankers and a w…
.went to Cyprus & found Paul Manafort-linked bank accounts investigated for possible money laundering https:/…   10% Off
Context: Paul Manafort is being investigated for potential money laundering through 15+ (!) bank accounts in Cyprus.
While you were being duped by bombings here is what happened. Paul Manafort, Trumps former campaign manager, registered as a foreign agent
Why isn't Joe Scarborough talking about Carter Page and Paul Manafort? He's too busy carrying Kushner water by attacking…
Great question! "Why was Paul Manafort in South Korea in December meeting with their intelligence chief and political leaders?"…
Better late than never, but... . Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort to register as foreign agent
Trump-linked businesses loaned $13M to shell corporation Paul Manafort created on day he left campaign
What I would like to know is who is the person that asked trump to hire Paul Manafort and Carter Page. I think it was Robert Mercer.
BREAKING: Spokesman says Former Trump campaign chairman Paul is registering with the US government as a forei…
Paul Manafort got paid millions from Russia-Ukraine oil deals-according to suit filed by Fmr PM of Ukraine.
Manafort's spokesman says the Former Trump campaign manager has received "guidance" from federal authorities.
Summerbreeze (not that 70s song) was name of LLC Manafort used to borrow millions from Trump-connected businesses...
Some new details of Manafort's finances here...
The day Paul Manafort quit Trump’s campaign, he formed shell company that would borrow from Trump-connected lenders
The day Paul Manafort quit Trump's campaign, he created a shell co that received loans from businesses w/ Trump ties
Paul Manafort charged Putin millions, then (allegedly) worked "unpaid" for Trump. No. _Someone_ was paying him. Who? http…
Since 2009 has anyone outside of Ukraine & Russia hired Paul Manafort except for Trump? Asking for our country 😎.
if Paul Manafort strolled into Sonja's place as an "employee" I somehow wouldn't be surprised. you know?
The day he quit Trump's campaign, Paul Manafort made a shell company to borrow millions from Trump-connected lenders
In Nov. we released the 1st ties report. Names in that report?. Carter Page. Paul Manafort. Boris Epshteyn. Mike Flyn…
Paul Manafort was blackmailed over Russia ties after being hacked .
On very day he left Trump campaign, Manafort created shell company that sucked in $13M in shady "loans"
AP traces $1.2 million in secret payments from pro-Russian political party to Paul Manafort's firm in the U.S.
Could this be how Trump compensated Manafort for campaign work? For $20mm, he must have offered something special! https…
Now is a good time to remember that Paul Manafort's own daughter says he murdered people while working for Viktor Yanukovych.…
Bombshell: we know Paul Manafort is a spy and traitor. Is he also a rapist? His daughter seems to think so.
Paul Manafort Paid $2.4M Fine For Making False Statements to the US Govt in April of 2014.
Former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort is now registering as a foreign agent https…
Spokesman says Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is registering with US gov't as foreign agent.
Paul Manafort may register as a foreign agent via
Records show Former Trump aide Paul Manafort got payments detailed in a once-secret ledger he suggested was fake.
After Paul Manafort left Trump's campaign, his shell company got $13 million in loans from firms with Trump ties
Why do Paul Manafort & Carter Page still have passports? Shouldn't FBI confiscate the passports until investigation is complete?
Paul Manafort: New report on Ukraine ties 'totally misleading and incorrect'
Wow so when Paul Manafort was chairman of Trump's America First campaign, he was acting as a foreign agent for Russia?
“Don’t fool yourself,” Paul Manafort's daughter wrote in a text. “That money we have is blood money.”
Ex-Trump adviser Carter Page declines to say who brought him into the campaign, but says it wasn't Paul Manafort
Ex-Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort's 'Black Ledger' payments have been confirmed
New documents show Paul Manafort laundered $ from political party with Moscow ties.
Paul Manafort worked for Trump for "free" but seems to have been rewarded handsomely for his service.
Records link some Ukraine ledger payments to Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, a new report says
NEW-> confirms that Former Trump aide Paul Manafort received $1.2+ million in off-the-books payments from pro-Russia polit…
Also interested to know how Paul Manafort settled on Mike Pence to recommend to Trump as VP over Christie.
This is because I remember when Paul Manafort and Carter Page "left" the campaign
Rand Paul praises Snowden "for doing the US a service." Leakers who exposed Trump, Micheal Flynn & Paul Manafort are not worthy of praise
1.Carter Page. Erik Prince. Micheal Flynn. Jared Kushner. Jeff Sessions . Paul Manafort . What do RussianAgents think of these…
Paul Manafort, who headed Trump’s campaign last summer, is in a squeeze from FBI + Treasury and Justice Depts.
FBI targets Donald Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort for not registering as Russian foreign agent
Theory: Alfa Bank and Paul Manafort used Russia hacks of voter rolls to target Michigan with propaganda. Trump knew https…
Paul Manafort might as well move to Russia with Snowden.
Mike Flynn, Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Devin Nunes, trump and all other colluding traitors right now:
While working for a Russian oligarch, Paul Manafort bought three properties in NY. Now experts are raising questions
THIS JUST IN: Paul Manafort tried to help Russian oligarch suspected of mob ties get a US visa
Paul Manafort is afraid of getting some polonium tea." - John Schindler
7/ Paul Manafort's series of real estate deals in NYC fit a pattern used in money laundering. .
"...3 people in the Trump campaign who were [also] named...Carter Page, Paul Manafort, & .."◀◀ Pssst look😱😱.
Paul Manafort didn't just work for Yanukovych; he became Yanukovych's closest political advisor. Manafort set up the larges…
Remains amazing to me that a guy like Paul Manafort would ever thrust himself into the sunlight.
Real estate & law enforcement experts say some of Manafort's transactions fit a pattern used in money laundering.
He looks like AND sounds like Arthur Godfrey.
Why does Sean Spicer keep diminishing the role played by Former Trump Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort?. He spoke very…
Roger Stone's book says he introduced Paul Manafort to Trump in 1988 at the Republican convention. Hey Sean, you should r…
We need to look at his connections w/Russia. Paul Manafort hand picked Mike Pence to be Vice President. Now…
*After key witness against him murdered in Kiev* . Paul Manafort volunteers to testify before House Intel committee https…
Russian dissident shot dead who would have been star witness in Paul Manafort trial in Ukraine v…
Paul Manafort is "a gentleman who was employed by someone for five months,” Spicer says, comparing him to a guy Trump…
Paul Manafort was an adviser to Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan & George H. W. Bush. FAKE NEWS calls him a Putin agent because he…
Paul Manafort and Roger Stone have been business partners for decades.
BREAKING: Paul Manafort secretly worked for a Russian billionaire to assist President Vladimir Putin
Paul Manafort worked to benefit Putin. In other news, the earth is round and Melania didn't marry Donald Trump for love.
Paul Manafort was hired by Putin oligarch to promote pro-Russian parties and undercut anti-Putin parties in Europe. http…
White House distances itself from Paul Manafort, who reportedly laundered money to himself from a pro-Putin - Salon
It is interesting that Paul Manafort apparently hired a risk management firm after the hearing
Paul Manafort had a very limited role in my campaign. It was limited only to being in charge of strategy, tactics, and…
Paul Manafort was the brass knuckles Trump brought in to protect himself from the GOP establishment so nomination couldn…
2. Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort, who also was the defacto manager, now played a "very limited" role
All purpose parts banner
Paul Manafort’s Aide had background in Russian military.
I texted Paul Manafort just now to ask how he feels about Spicer saying he had a "limited" role on the campaign. No answer yet.
Paul Manafort wanted for questioning in Ukraine.
"Manafort is now firmly in charge of all major aspects of Trump’s campaign." -- April 19, 2016.
Here is Paul Manafort on stage at the RNC convention with and Ivanka Trump. Typical low level employee. h…
Paul Manafort had an office in Moscow, Russia-according to records.
Paul Manafort was in charge of Trump's campaign longer than Sean Spicer has been press secretary.
Spicer says Paul Manafort played a "very limited role" in the campaign. He was the CAMPAIGN MANAGER. He ran the ENTIRE Trum…
I don't mean to nitpick. Spicer says Manafort was brought on in June. He was brought on in March. .
Here's Nunes saying he doesn't know who Roger Stone is. He also plays down the role of Paul Manafort in the campaign. Than…
Ukrainian lawmaker makes new corruption allegation against Manafort. Manafort calls it blackmail. http…
Paul Manafort had the same role as John Podesta.
Of all the people w/ links to both Trump's campaign & Russia, was the most influential in both orbits.
-Flynn. -Milo. -Tomi Lahren. -Judge Napolitano. -Paul Manafort. All looking at the jobs report like "FAKE NEWS!"
As several have noted, a reminder to All The Trump Men: first ones to turn her the shortest prison sentences.
After my sister visited Paul Manafort's hometown as part of her investigation: attempted home break-in,her phone/comp. h…
A Russian-aligned Ukrainian party wired $750k to Manafort thru offshore acct, disguising it as payment for computers
Also interested in collusion between Paul Manafort and his pal Tad Devine.
Tad Devine, who worked for Viktor Yanukovych? Along with Paul Manafort. Yes, Bernie played the unwitting Russian stooge well.
Roger Stone was an associate of Paul Manafort. So was Tad Devine. These dots connect themselves, Bernouts.
Paul Manafort wanted for questioning in Ukrainian corruption case: report
Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort accused of being part of mass killings in Ukraine
Read that earlier. Right out of the mouth of Paul Manafort's own daughter, but the GOP have an agenda, so risk America…
If they don't get Chris MacDonald to play Paul Manafort in this inevitable season of American Crime Story it will b…
Attorney demands probe of claims Paul Manafort had people killed
Alleged text messages point to possible influence Paul Manafort had with Ukraine’s President in 2014, attorney say…
9. Paul Manafort worked in Ukraine where he consulted for and advised pro-Russian president/dictator Viktor Yanukovych.
7. Like his campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, Trump too was directly involved with laundering dirty Russian money
Spotted last night outside the brownstone that Paul Manafort is renovating in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Seems the neig…
Locals not thrilled to learn Paul Manafort owns house in Carroll Gardens
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Random thought: Trump accused Obama specifically of tapping the phones at Trump Tower. Guess where Paul Manafort lives?
Paul Manafort, other Russian oligarchs with shady business actually live in Trump Tower,EZ to see poss links
Why did Paul Manafort lie about J.D. Gordon's actions at the RNC? Why did they destroy the evidence? Why ANY of this if i…
Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort took out $19 million in puzzling real estate loans by
Now that Firtash is being extradited to the US, Paul Manafort may have reason to worry:
Former business partner of Paul Manafort, Dmytro Firtash, extradition hearing in Austria Tuesday.
Guys, remember when we were freaked about Paul Manafort? Good times.
NYT: Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Carter Page & others close to Trump are under investigation by FBI for Russ…
Paul Manafort really just shouldn't talk to anyone right now.
Paul Manafort would like you to know that, if he did speak with Russian intelligence, IT WAS A TOTAL ACCIDENT
So Carter Page, Paul Manafort, now Mike Flynn. Three people removed from Trump's circle for being too close to Russia. This…
Where is Paul Manafort? Where's Roger Ailes? Anyone heard from Roger Stone or Carter Page or Corey Lewendowski?
Michael Flynn, and ex-advisers Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Roger Stone are ALL under investigation on and have ties t…
8/ In fact Paul Manafort has owned a condo in Trump Tower & his connections to tyrants & Putin are epic.
Exhibit 19:Paul Manafort was paid $12.7 million in undisclosed cash payments by pro-Ukrainian leaders…
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ask Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Rudy Giuliani, Rex Tillerson, Roger Stone - who knows how many more.
Paul Manafort is VERY good at this game. Hanlon applies to the extent that the subject has not been proven competent already.
First I asked who is Paul Manafort. . Now I ask who is Alexander Dugin good friend of Steven Bannon.
Paul Manafort and Tad Devine were worked together as spin doctors for Putin's crony in Ukraine. Did they just work togethe…
His strategist Tad Devine worked for pro-Putin Viktor Yanukovych right after Paul Manafort. . Bernie. Vermonter here. Stra…
NYT reports at least three Trump associates are under investigation for links to Russia: Paul Manafort, Carter Page and…
Trump will take the oath of office today with his associates – Paul Manafort, Carter Page, Roger Stone, and...
Paul Manafort, Carter Page & Roger Stone are under federal investigation for possible links to Russian operatives. htt…
_15) Mr Trump has to tell American public why Kremlin -friendly men like Paul Manafort and Carter Page mean so much him..
Pence is saying Paul Manafort, Carter Page, and Mike Flynn had no contact with Russia? That's just not believable.
2. A long time ago, there was a man named Paul Manafort. Paul Manafort was a GOP operative who exported his political exp…
4. Paul Manafort even worked closely with Russian oligarchs and kleptocrats with ties to V. Putin.
13. As Trump grows in prominence, he fires Lewandowski and hires...Paul Manafort. Whose last job was in Ukraine. On behal…
14. Paul Manafort, who owned a lobbying firm with Trump confidant Roger Stone.
15. Paul Manafort, who had been kidnapped (presumably) by Russians at one point but survived unharmed.
41. If you didn't know who Paul Manafort was, or what he did, or who Carter Page was, etc.
46. Paul Manafort offered Trump the Presidency if he played ball with Putin. That's what Flynn and Carter Page were for.
Paul Manafort and Carter Page are two names that need to keep getting repeated while this new info on Trump is being dissect…
Paul Manafort also lives in Trump Tower–again, none of this is a coincidence
I think Russia owns Bcuz american banks don't want anything 2 do w/him. Paul Manafort was part of it al…
While employed by now-deposed pro-Kremlin Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, Paul Manafort worked to undermine…
Paul Manafort an adviser to Trump during his campaign was also nan adviser to Vladimir Putin's ally Viktor Yanukovych. Russian ties
Paul Manafort acted as Trump's adviser and as an adviser to Vladimir's Putin's ally Viktor Yanukovych. Wake up Free Press
Geez, Paul Manafort has been awful quiet lately. Is every little thing OK, Paul? And how's your buddy, Viktor Yanukovych? https:…
Paul Manafort used to advise Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych. Yanukovych is now in exile in Russia + is wanted by Ukrai…
Bad news for Trump: this hangs doubt over his campaign, which was run by Paul Manafort, a "torture lobbyist" w/history o…
Paul Manafort, who has $12M in Russian ties, was supposed to have left Trump campaign in August. He has an apt in Trum…
Ousted campaign chief Paul Manafort seeks to shape the Trump transition
Wow I guess I didn't realize Trumpkins consider Bloomberg News as fake news.
Sources confirm to me and that Paul Manafort is advising the Trump transition on cabinet picks
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Putin's presence in the Trump campaign is undeniable. will have to answer.
Not only did Manafort never leave, he "keeps an apartment" in Trump Tower like a Marvel villain. via
Or about the adviser with Russian ties who never really left having an apartment there too?
Reports: Paul Manafort is back and heavily involved with Trump's transition effort
What is Habanero Hitler so worried about? Should we ask scammer Paul Manafort, who apparently pushed for those states at t…
Trump's new right-hand man has history of controversial clients and deals
As we reported right before his win, Manafort was in touch w Team Trump in final weeks, and made push for MI in memo https:/…
Paul Manafort told Trump to keep eye on WI near election. He has ties to Russia.
Paul Manafort (closely tied to Putin & left Trump camp after connections were exposed) Is back to advising Trump.
NEW: ‘Torture Lobbyist’ Paul Manafort still advising Trump on cabinet picks.
Oh boy— Russia is accusing Ukraine of sabotaging Trump by targeting Paul Manafort over the summer:
Trump is taking Paul Manafort's advice on personnel while the FBI has an open inquiry into his ongoing ties to Putin↓htt…
Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Boris Epshteyn. They should have been vetted BEFORE the election. I tried no one listened
Also some individuals in campaign team w/business links to region: Paul Manafort, Carter Page, so likely to be sympathetic
Why ask Rudy when you can ask Paul Manafort and Carter Page
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"Among his most trusted surrogates are men like Paul Manafort, Chris Christie, and Rudy Giuliani, who now speak of Muslims and Mexicans..."
I guees he had meeting with Paul Manafort (Yanukovich),Michael Flynn (Putin) ,Carter Page (Gazprom ).
Regardless, John Kasich blew his chance at VP, and Mike Pence lucked out with Trump, thanks to Paul Manafort.
I guess this means Chris Christie gets that pardon. Paul Manafort too. Pam Bondi too. Congratulations.
506 days of no Trump tax returns from the man that was advised by Paul Manafort and Roger Ailes. Surely he can't have…
When is The FBI going to get around to investigating Paul Manafort? Forgot about him? hopes you do. Winter on Fire: Netflix
Has anyone seen or heard from Paul Manafort? This may be the third counter we need in addition to the tax returns and…
Paul Manafort: Dems attack Russia for hacking them but want us to believe that server in HC hom…
maybe they sent her to help Paul Manafort edit hacked E-mail ;-)
Putin and Paul Manafort and ousted Ukraine president
Guy just told me "Trump is going to surround himself with the right people.". Like who? Paul Manafort? The lying black preacher? Taco truck?
I figure Paul Manafort is taking his ease somewhere in the Crimea, putting back a vodka, and chuckling at the poor saps who stayed on.
Paul Manafort ally Murphy out at Trump campaign
Trump has many business arrangements in Russia.(Paul Manafort) Has also hung with Putin before. Computes absolutely.
Mobutu Sese Seko's and Viktor former advisor Paul Manafort says he's relieved to be out of campa…
Paul Manafort & Carter Page can leave but real source of pro-Putin sentiment remains in Trump camp: the candidate.
How closely are Paul Manafort and Donald Trump tied to Vladimir Putin?
because Stephen Bannon, Corey Lewandowski and Paul Manafort. Bunch of winners there.
And to deny that Trump supporters are deplorable we look forward to hearing from Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Carl Paladino & S…
This spectacle of Trump's visit to Mexico City reminds, frankly, of a lot of Paul Manafort's dirty work in the Ukraine.
John Oliver gives Donald Trump another option for how he can continue with his campaign in the wake of Paul Manafort's resig…
Anthony Weiner put national security at risk when he sexted with one of my supporters. Imagine if she told Paul Manafort and he told Putin!
6/10 "I’m sorry I didn’t google Paul Manafort and see that he had more shady Russian connections than a James Bond villain."
Paul Manafort resigns from Trump campaign amidst allegations of wrongdoing:
Resignation of Paul Manafort proves one thing we've never wanted to admit about Trump: via
So, if you're keeping score:. Corey Lewandowski = Ivana . Paul Manafort = Marla . Stephen Bannon = Melania
Paul Manafort left the Trump campaign to prepare for his new role as the business associate of the justice league movie villain
Trump drops Paul Manafort amid more charges of illegal lobbying and anti-American activity
Paul Manafort helped pro-Russians in Ukraine move money to U.S. firms: AP
The time Ed Rollins accused a thinly veiled Paul Manafort of pocketing a $10M "gift" from Ferdinand Marcos to Reagan https:/…
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Reince is now in bed with Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, Paul Manafort, and Vladimir Putin. His mother must be proud. . So desperate, so sad.
Retired General Wesley Clark, Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander, on new revelations about Paul Manafort
The FBI and the Department of Justice must investigate Paul Manafort's alliances with Putin and Putin's go man in Ukraine
Chris Cooper will make a great Paul Manafort in a soon to be determined movie.
Paul Manafort would not have survived McCarthy's Communist Subversion Investigations 5 minutes.
I always thought Paul Manafort rose out the gutter. has a record. sticky fingers.
Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign manager, worked with Mobutu Sese Seko of Congo. Let's do a little reading on Mobutu.
I yell and shake my fist every time Paul Manafort is on TV. He worked for F. Marcos and Mobutu Sese Seko (DRofCongo dictator)amongst others
No one bothers to mention how Paul Manafort also advised Jonas Savimbi, Ferdinand Marcos, and Mobutu Sese Seko.
Will hire Paul Manafort after he's fired?
"Many people are saying" that Trump must have known about his campaign manager's ties to money laundering
Ukraine anti-corruption bureau uncovers $12.7 million in undisclosed payments to Paul Manafort from pro-Russian political…
Looking forward to Shooter McGavin playing Paul Manafort in Game Change 2016. CC:
How are and going to explain this one away???
This is what a scandal looks like-Trump's campaign head makes $ from off shore Ukrainian companies used to launder $ http…
You can't make this stuff up folks. Paul Manafort is officially final nail in coffin. It's over and out. Thank u "failing"
The last time I checked Paul Manafort is not running for President but Crooked Hillary is so what about Pay to Play? http…
The schadenfreude is going to be delicious come November .
I want supporters to imagine if this was involved with How angry would you be?
Coming up from "I never met Paul Manafort. He was hired by Meredith McIver and John Miller."
Reminder: Paul Manafort has made an entire career of reinventing the world's nastiest tyrants.
Paul Manafort, lucky fellow, has been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leave the Trump campaign early.
How many signs does it take for the CIA to recognize there are Russian fingerprints all over the Trump campaign?. https…
Paul Manafort No. Really. ONE of the sleaziest lobbyists in Washington. His clients notorious dictators & failed nati…
While in Ukraine also* positioned himself to profit from deals that benefited him from offshore companies.
NYT — $12.7 million in secret payments from Putin ally to Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort https:…
Reminder: the Russians hacked my sister's personal email account when she investigated Paul Manafort:
Really impressive piece of reporting here
Incredible that Manafort's caught up in this while heading a campaign
Clinton campaign statement on Paul Manafort story:
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$12.7M in cash payments to Paul Manafort from Viktor Yanukovych’s pro-Russian political party in Ukraine… Trumpy stays losing.
Tonight, I'll raise a glass to my dogged, talented colleagues - and to freedom of the press.
Speaking as someone who has a story coming this week: This is just the beginning for Manafort. It gets worse.
TOMORROW: Paul Manafort has stepped down as campaign manager for the Trump campaign. He will be replaced by a chimpanz…
2016: When Corey Lewandowski uses the ‘failing’ NYT to get back at Paul Manafort
Umm, this is bad too-- . Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists millions in Cash for Paul Manafort
Trump camp manager Paul Manafort took $12.7M in secret payments from Putin ally = Change to GOP platform on Ukraine https:/…
How a Trump aide benefited from powerful interests friendly to Vladimir Putin
Smoking gun: one of Putin’s puppets illegally paid millions to Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort.
Is is yet? Secret Ledger in Ukraine Lists Cash for Donald Trump’s Campaign Chief
Consultant histories matter. Roger Stone and Paul Manafort both have ties to Nixon in addition to their Reagan...
This would likely end the career of any campaign manager. Paul Manafort is employed by Donald Trump. So we'll see.
Corey, son, Paul Manafort suckled at Roy Cohn's teat. This isn't going to end well.
Going by his interview on CNN, Paul Manafort seems like the kind of guy who advertises for a hitman on Craigslist.
Casting for Movie: Hope Davis as Hillary Jon Voight as Jon Lovitz as Ted Mel Gibson as Paul Manafort
here is another dot Paul Manafort and Phil Griffin president of MSNBC have a past relationship working together
Paul Manafort kinda looks like Paul Sorvino from Goodfellas lol Coincidence? I think not
Paul Sorvino will be busy...Paul Manafort is a lock..get out the razor blade for the garlic
Donald Trump may believe he has no connection with the Khan family, but in fact when he started his weird run for...
Ally of Trump staffer Paul Manafort: The staff is suicidal, he's mailing it in
So, apparently attacks on the Khans were his way of expressing “respect” and “sympathy”
Trump's election chief says after next week he'll be supporting Paul Ryan for PRESIDENT .
The Kremlin's candidate: After hiring Paul Manafort, went from hostile to pro-Putin on Ukraine war (
Regarding Trump's foreign policy briefing:. 3. You can believe Paul Manafort's version of events or mine.
Did Paul Manafort just let the cat out of the bag?
Bet you did not know about Paul Manafort previous job
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