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Paul Kruger

Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger (10 October 1825 – 14 July 1904), better known as Paul Kruger and affectionately known as Uncle Paul (Afrikaans: Oom Paul ) was State President of the South African Republic (Transvaal).

Paul Kruger Gate Paul Kruger Street South Africa Mario Williams Pernell McPhee Jan Smuts New Orleans Saints South African Desmond Bryant

In Capital Park there’s bumper to bumper traffic on Paul Kruger between Mansfield and Johannes Ramokhoase
I am absolutely shocked (not really) by this news story. "Paul Ryan Collected $500,000 In Koch Contributions Days After…
Her: *Gasps* I dreamt about an awful man w/a gnarly face in a weird hat. His name was Kruger and he said he was going to ta…
You can’t drive on Paul Kruger without passing by Campus key, Lofts . you have to pass that street Especially weekdays ka bo 4/5
Days after adding a TRILLION dollars to the deficit and passing the GOP tax bill collected $500K in Koch co…
When will power be restored in Elandsrock complex, CNR Paul Kruger & Irving Steyn Street. It's been off since aroun…
ADVISORY: Resurfacing of Paul Kruger Street between Wellington Road and Protea Way, Durbanville. Work is scheduled…
What are the politics of poetry in translation? Discussion with Paul Muldoon & Michael Kruger 25th Jan,…
White lions occur naturally in and around Kruger National Park. Those bred in captivity are trying to re…
Paul Kruger got a job driving one this year as penance for his trash season
Municipal officials hear from Select Board member Connie Kruger and Planner Nate Malloy who speak on…
16:54. Leopard lying in the dry riverbed. H11, just W of the S1. Near Paul Kruger Gate. Vis 5/5. Tinged by The Macc Pack
17:07. Herd of elephants (+-50) with many calves crossing the road. S3, 3km from Paul Kruger Gate. Vis 5/5. Tinged by B…
16:51. 1 Leopard stationary next to the road in the sandpit. H11, 2km from Paul Kruger Gate. Vis 3/5. Tinged by Boya
Your kind demonise Mangope, took his statues down b…
I bought a Paul Kruger Ravens jersey during the playoffs the year they won the Super Bowl. I assum…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Does the ruling party have the appetite to demolish apartheid structures & legacy? We have a statue of…
I firmly believe that she suffers from the dunning Kruger effect.
“We do them right here. We do them like they do them up north,” said Camp Bar owner Paul Hackbarth. Yes, yes we do…
I believe that like a lot of anti-semites on the hard left she suffers from the dunning Kruger effect.…
So the Anc removed Lucas Mangope's statue but left Paul Kruger's ugly statue untouched in its place of prominence
Read more about a bombing and armed robbery
Most on the far left seem to suffer from the dunning Kruger effect
When the Voortrekker rode into Pretoria they found the Bantus hiding from the Zulus in…
The Kruger National Park was first proclaimed in 1898 as the Sabie Game Reserve by president of the Transva…
Other great moves by Banner that one Paul Kruger and Desmond Bryant con…
Traffic is heavily backed up into the Pretoria CBD on Paul Kruger from Flower Street to Struben
have Jairus Byrd or Paul Kruger signed with anybody?
If you become indifferent to your language, you also become indifferent to your forefathers and indiffere...
Where are people getting biblical flat-earth proofs? Paul Kruger was doing that in the 1800s.…
In South Africa, white people are against the removal of Apartheid Devils like Hendrik Verwoed, Cecil Rhodes and…
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Trump: The Foreign Relations Chairman is incompetent. Corker: Trump is a threat to our security, and he'll be remembered fo…
please can you send a team to fix the robot head at Christiaan de Wet and Paul Kruger roads Honeydew, robot…
Did my lecture just say Paul Kruger was part of the liberation struggle? Iya! Abelungu!🙉
John Howes, Paul Kruger, and David Morey harvest cranberries at a bog in Plymouth County in Mass. on Oct. 24, 1977…
Visitors to the Orpen Gate is inaccessible due to protests on R531. Use alternative gates such as Paul Kruger and Phalaborwa.
During road cnr Paul Kruger. All complexes around us up and running? Please help?…
Santa Fe is still off, all complexes around us up. Always the issue. Cnr Paul Kr…
The complexes around us is up! Please get someone to Santa Fe conplex in During r…
traffic lights out again Paul Kruger & Mozart intersection, Honeydew View Roodepoort
are on duty at Johannes Ramokhoase & Paul Kruger in Pretoria CBD
Traffic lights out: In Rand Park Ridget, corner of Paul Kruger Rd and Christiaan De Wet Rd. Pointsmen on duty.
traffic lights out Paul Kruger and Christiaan de Wet Honeydew wasting time
Honeydew TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Paul Kruger Avenue Paul Kruger Avenue - Both Ways
T.Suggs, Paul Kruger, Pernell McPhee, have all been terrible. Okay
It is a good thing to learn foreign languages, especially the language of your neighbors with whom you ha...
With confidence we lay our case open before the whole world. Whether we conquer or whether we die: Freedo...
There'll still be streets in Ermelo called Paul Kruger and Dr. H. F. Verwoerd.
And oh god, I stayed up all night for that SNF game in Baltimore just to watch Dennis Dixon throw the game away in OT to Paul Kruger.
I added a video to a playlist 1878 Paul Kruger
Now I know who is staying at Nkandla and Saxonworld,it is not Zuma and the Guptas,No! It is Jan van Riebeeck and Paul Kruger
10. Then you have Julia Dunning-Kruger making a career out of repeating these vacuous tropes of theirs.
They signed DeMario Davis at LB and only cut Paul Kruger (at LB) who I think didn't stick on a roster for the full…
Tell Fikile Mbalula with your superficial technique of thinking. What do you want us to do? Go wake up Paul Kruger,…
Paul Kruger statue is well guarded here in PTA,can't say the same abo…
Yeah, I mean the best pass rusher in CLE was Paul Kruger...and second best ??? It's h…
"Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge" by Paul Kruger almost had me laughing out loud. I'm loving this!
Please find a shelter for the streetkids sleeping on Paul Kruger Street next to the station.
I wonder why we have Paul Kruger and and other statues here 🤔
marching against yet Paul Kruger statue still standing in Pretoria and many other aparthei…
She also recalls living in South Africa in the early 1900's, as a grandchild of then President Paul Kruger, and...
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If you're around the dome, support local food vendors next to the flowers on the corner of Paul Kruger
service at Basic education offices in PTA No 222 Struben and Paul kruger is pathetic.No staff to help students needing certificates
Paul Kruger gets it. Please don’t delete or apologize for saying it.
You might have heard that the statue of Paul Kruger in Rustenburg was relocated from its place in front of the town…
the substation on the crossing of penchartz and Paul Kruger Rd. Both doors open since this morning.
THE 19th CENTURY($800): Paul Kruger's 1899 ultimatum provoked this South African war with the British
someone is going to die sooner than later in Paul Kruger str. Taxis flying at high speeds on Ria vaya b…
In the past, Paul Kruger's birthday would have been celebrated on 10 October at - no longer -
Lol.. we all passed that stage tog. But why Paul Kruger kante?
I can't believe I used to call myself Paul Kruger 😩😩😩
? they signed Paul Kruger, Desmond Bryant, etc. in his first year at the helm
sink hole in paul kruger rd. Honeydew.
Pot holes in paul kruger rd. Honeydew
Paul Mason is another self-identified intellectual giant who's really the epitome of the Dunning Kruger effect.
I would like to see the cbd cleaner plz Mr mayor I walk Paul kruger every mornings it's chaos slums everywhere
PRETORIA . . HEAVY TRAFFIC on Paul Kruger Street South entering the CBD area
Severe delays of 22 minutes on R101 Paul Kruger St southbound between Malherbe St and Johannes Ramokhoa…
In Valhalla traffic is heavily backed up on Old Joburg Road between Wierda and Paul Kruger
I like both... I'm not sure if either are the long term answer but they are worlds…
Let's return the favor and find the day on which Pretorius; Paul Kruger or Hendrik Verwoed died and call it braai day shall we?
Ikosi uNyabela fought from eRholweni against the murderous Paul Kruger an…
Nyabela, iNdebele king, was called the African Masada in defence of Mampuru, the BaPedi k…
Hooray I got in! Xwa with Joey Ryan, Leo Kruger, Paul London, Vinny Marseglia and more!
2006: Paul Manafort being paid millions of dollars by anti-American interests to work against American interests.
potholes and sink holes in paul kruger rd, honeydew. JRA is useless.
Now remind me... didnt paul Kruger declare war on britain?
thank you for your tireless efforts on Paul Kruger Rd Honeydew. We had water by 18h00 a long day no doubt. Much appreciated 👐
Techs have left Paul Kruger Road in Honeydew, where they have been all day, but we still have no water. What is the update ?
Swakhenseka Malume. Mara there's not even 1 Sobukwe statue in Pretoria yet we have Paul Kruger everywhere
That's the caliber of leader terreblanche is. He ran away from the scene just like Paul Kruger… u have no luck in leadership
It's never too late to chase your dreams. Skirt: . Glass: @ @ Paul Kruger…
How far back was the network for Trump being built?. Remember Paul Ryan grinning as he tried to take our Healt…
Datone Jones, Akeem Ayers, Paul Kruger, Jarvis Jones...any you think would be a solid pickup
BANNON: 'Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are trying to nullify Trump's election victory.'
hey Rich do you see the Pats bringing in Free agent DE,s Paul Kruger or Mario Williams?
do you see the Pats bringing in DE Mario Williams or Paul Kruger for workouts?
17:12. Leopard lying down in the riverbed. H11, 2.7km from Paul Kruger Gate. Vis 4/5. Tinged by the Setzen Family
08:45. Leopard . H11, 400m from Paul Kruger Gate. Vis was 4/5 now gone . Tinged by Gillian Soames
In Wonderboom traffic lights at Lavender and Paul Kruger are out of order
yo I'm at PTA Paul Kruger. ain't nobody around tryna hit the liquor store? My head heavy.. hungover. Hit me up
Belichick's voicemail:"Bill, it's Mickey, Hendrickson & 4th for Butler. Your pass rush stinks like Paul Kruger's 2016 corpse. Call me."
The same hand wringing was done last year when Paul Kruger was cut. He had 1.5 sacks for the Saints las…
Tjerr I did a module called "Military History " you would be asked about your Piet Ratief, Piet Van…
On Trump ending DACA. Paul Ryan 9/1: "I actually don't think he should do that.". Paul Ryan 9/6: "President Trump was right…
So far the shirt for Sunday, since I was told to not wear a jersey. Paying respect to dirty juke move Paul Kruger
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let's give DA a chance is bitter when are they removing Paul Kruger statue
If the British could manage Paul Kruger, Jan Smuts and latterly, Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma, why not?
TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at the Lavender Road / Paul Kruger Street junction - HEAVY TRAFFIC Pretoria Wonderboom Junction Southbound
used term in 1962. Paul Kruger referred to "English & Jewish monopoly capital".
Paul Kruger being the last one that comes to mind
Paul Kruger, for all his homeliness (Afrikaans is a "homely" tongue) meant it as a compliment, but the British thought it an insult.
it's a magical time! i was at the last one we won when we played the Saints..…
Did you know: Our chapel on site was originally the hunting house of Paul Kruger. It has been restored to form a... htt…
Devenish closed off between Market and Paul Kruger. Watch Now 👉
You guys said the same thing when they got rid of Paul Kruger. Stop focusing on the name of the player…
Remember when the Browns cut Paul Kruger? How's he doing? I wonder why we don't hear about him.
lights OFF crnr Paul Kruger & Lavender at Wonderboom Junction PTA...huge delays on all approaches..
There’s a traffic light facing in the wrong direction c/o Christiaan de Wet and Paul Kruger. Any idea who to report to?
Paul Kruger and Jacob Mare .. at this Rasta salon
Curious how FBI all swatted up to raid a republican- but dems skate. No raids, grand juries and real investigations. http…
While fleeing into exile in Holland, Transvaal President Paul Kruger systematically removed gold bul
March route: Pta Station to join Paul Kruger Street, right into Jeff Masemola Street, pass Thabo Sehume…
Decreasing IMMIGRATION will increase WAGES. Do it finally make sense to you and Kruger?
Magnolia acquires "In the Fade," propelling Diane Kruger into the Oscar conversation:
.. teams looking for aldon smith. eagles. .. so chip can trade him to the Browns and get Paul Kruger
Paul Kruger aboard the pantserdekschip Hr.Ms. Gelderland on his way to Europe, October/November 1900
EFF supporters on Paul Kruger Street as they prepare for march to Union Buildings.…
Traffic lights out: In Pretoria CBD, corner of Paul Kruger St and Johannes Ramokhoase St.
Here in South Africa we have a fence around statue of Paul kruger in the capital city centre
PRETORIA . . SERIOUS ACCIDENT on Paul Kruger Street South near Langenhoven High School - HEAVY TRAFFIC in the area.
Serious motor vehicle collision on the Paul Kruger approaching Langhoven Hoerskool in Pretoria
*Alert*. Urgent search for a lioness with a snare around her neck. Last seen yesterday on H11 near Paul Kruger Gate.
accident on Paul Kruger in Capital Park. Looks fatal
Capital Park expect over a 20 minute delay on Paul Kruger from Franzina Street to Johannes Ramokhoase –
Lol...If we went back to Paul Kruger time
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: Now de Klerk, Jan Smuts, Paul Kruger are descendents of this Khoi lady?
Paul there, wading into waters of around 2cm -- and way, way out his depth. Simple minded and Dunning…
Paul Kruger used to be so beautiful on Sundays.
Paul Kruger and Jacob Mare is so dirty 😩😩😩
Art Jones, Pernell McPhee, Paul Kruger, ... the list goes on and on. smh
Protesting the destruction of Afrikaner/Boer heritage. Paul Kruger statue in Pretoria.
I was walking down Paul Kruger Street plotting some other shvt... I am in the gutters where the Graffiti is 🤔 & City Property got a monopoly
Is the office for road accident fund in Paul Kruger
says: Top 5 athletes that have NOT played on any of your teams. Dak Prescott. Paul George. Carlos Gomez. Jameis Winston. Cam Newton
In search of ANC "communists", the apartheid SANDF murdered many Basotho in Maseru. They died for nothing. Paul Kruger still stands, tall...
car on fire Jacob Mare and Paul Kruger, PTA CBD. Road closed
Former DE Paul Kruger lists Colorado estate for $8.5M, plans move to to be closer to family.…
that during the reign of Paul Kruger large deposits of were discovered in South Africa.
I liked a video Anarchist Commentaries Episode 6: Paul Joseph Watson and the Dunning-Kruger Effect
Paul Kruger and DF Malan to be specific
Professional football player Paul Kruger's multi-sport Colorado estate on the market for $8.5 million…
The Kruger National Park is named after Paul Kruger. Let's hope the ANC doesn't chan…
One brilliant Paul Kruger did was to allocate that piece of land for the animals which was, called Kruger Park game reserve
Right. Paul Kruger was pre-apartheid but no less problematic for black folk. Hero to Afrikaners who'…
I forgot the street names but it's near Paul Kruger and pretorius. Around there
Football player Paul Kruger bought the property in January for $5.4 million and has since made upgrades
Yeah...I don't want to visit Browns training camp. No fun without... Gary, Josh, Paul Kruger. ... 😯
Len Barker and Paul Kruger, Tribe's new leaders an.
Ryan Paul pick up orders Kruger Kronos orders : machine not rabbit life anymore it's against tyoes here don't confuse self sny more asexual
Paul Kruger did the same to my grand father that's what makes…
NFL's Paul Kruger lists Colorado estate for $8.5 million, a 57% markup from the January purchase price
07:49. 7 Lions on the move. H11, 1.8km from Paul Kruger Gate. Near Skukuza. Vis 5/5. Tinged by Stefania VA
10:15. 1 Leopard stationary on side of the road but then moved off under the shrubs. S3, near Paul Kruger Gate. Vis 5/5 . Tinged by Lyn
5 Lions loose at Paul Kruger Gate. Wish I was in Nelspruit right now. Need to take pics 😄
Mandela has a statue in a city with street names like De La rey and Paul Kruger in the Trans…
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In 1900 - British Prime Minister Lord Salisbury rejected the peace overtures offered from the Boer leader Paul Kruger.
outside of one 11 sack season, see the Browns paying Paul Kruger in 2013. Mind Boggling
Numerous potholes on Paul Kruger Rd (off Christian De Wet). Some span an entire lane.
thank you. Paul Kruger was attended to today but Scott still needs attending to.
huge potholes on Paul Kruger in Honeydew. One is almost a sinkhole now. Rd between Christiaan de Wet and the nursery.
Heavy traffic on Paul Kruger Street south from Flowers street to Bloed street
In Capital Park traffic is heavily backed on Paul Kruger from Trouw to Bloed – traffic pressure
Craters on Paul Kruger/Scott, Honeydew becoming increasingly difficult to dodge. Please help
Seems to remind people of Matthews, Paul Kruger, Ryan Kerrigan, Brady Poppinga, Kevin Greene, Clay Matthews Jr, Aaron Kampman...
My favourite brand is Woolworths , & Boplaas pr…
[WATCH] EFF wants the Paul Kruger statue removed from Church Square
Would you rather happen Paul Wesley or observe Diane Kruger
No one attended a 1 year old boy who was knckd by d car around 12 today in paul kruger in rusternburg
Poor service in paul kruger hospital in rustenburg
There are over 150 pot hole in paul kruger and nic diederics rd. Ask Zuma to come and fix it.
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there is the Kruger National Park in South Africa that was named after Paul Kruger. There are hundreds of wild lion in the park
In the CBD there's slow moving traffic on a number of routes, expect delays on Bloed, Struben, Johannes Ramokhoase & Paul Kruger
next to Paul Kruger, front opposite exact
can we please get the land back that Paul Kruger gave to the Mia family as waste land. ie part of midrand and centurion.
in 2004 I was staying right next that place mo Paul kruger and schoeman
potholes in paul kruger ave from the VA gym past Eagle canyon down the road past panorama grave yard up to sasol garage.
Four robbers target garage shop on Paul Kruger Highway.
I drive past a house in Paul Kruger Street in Soneike every morning at 5.30am. ..and the sprinklers are on every single day!
I think he's Paul Kruger 2.0. In the sense that he's washed. He managed only 4 sacks on very good defense.
Could still see Nick Perry getting big $$ in FA – similar to Paul Kruger getting paid a few years ago.
Then why did Paul Kruger go to Cleveland?
Congratulation to Letta Mashasha from our Paul Kruger Branch on winning her purchase that she made on the 24...
Hi lots of potholes in Paul Kruger str wilgeheuwel/Radiokop/randpark ridge. From Virgin active gym Rand park ridge up to Sasol garage
Melisa Kruger talks to Paul Tripp about parenting- this is really helpful.
In WC where DA govern Cecil J Rhodes statue was removed by EFF hooligans but in PTA where they co govern Paul Kruger statue is stand
Severe delays of 24 minutes and delays increasing on R101 northbound between Mopani Rd and Paul Kruger…
I'm sorry 2 say in Paul Kruger Street they caused more of a back up allowing taxis to use bus lane and push in
Avoid R80, vd Hoff, Eskia Mphahlele and Paul Kruger going into Pta CBD. Use a drone.
Accident on Paul Kruger pedestrian hit by bus. Looks deadly
We on Paul Kruger on traffic jam,unfair on people cause we didn't know
The City of Pretoria with the big Banks @ Paul Kruger Square, the hype of the city mahlanyeng.😉
Traffic delays in Pta Paul Kruger South bound after the Transnet bridge. Pedestrian accident. Serious delays
pedestrian hit by bus on Paul Kruger into PTA CBD. Queuing traffic from Capital Park.
Ha. Paul Kruger is still in the league.
pedestrian accident Paul Kruger south bound after the dip. Left lane closed.
His pad level is really similar to like Paul Kruger after watching NFC DEs this year. I can't get that one out of my head.
I have about 6 paragraphs about Paul Kruger and Roman Harper
Rangers had 1st round pick Cole Ragans shadow Cole Hamels today. From assistant director of player development Paul…
potholes on Eastwood road outside Eagles Landing and further down along Paul Kruger close to Amplifier!
For fans trying to connect dots to Mario Williams: posted same number of sacks as Paul Kruger (1.5) last year on DL w/Cam Wake & Suh
There certainly seems to be an element of Dunning-Kruger in Paul's approach to online debate.
Watering Hole Zebra, Rhino and Warthog in the Kruger National Park, South Africa www.k
I'm not sold that Ford isn't like Michael Johnson or Paul Kruger, guys who put one or two seasons in a career and are talked about b/c of it
Paul Ryan had his phones cut off because of the volume of calls. Let's have a Fax things to Paul Ryan. F…
"Alles sal reg kom, as elkeen sy plig doen / Everything will come right, if everyone does their part" Paul K…
The last South African to wear a top hat was Paul Kruger (President of the ZAR, 117 years ago)?…
Are you sure a statue of Paul Kruger belongs in SA's capital city in 2017? Think about it please...
In case you're wondering, Paul Kruger will still be in the centre of Tshwane's Church Square after the makeover.
lights out Paul Kruger and John Vorster, Honeydew Manor. Power outage. Heavy traffic.
2016 Year in Review: Paul Kruger just didn’t do it for the pass rush -via
isn't Paul Kruger a free agent again? He's a former Brown and a Raven.
Paul Kruger Statue will remain at Church Square via
Have you visited Tshwane's historic sites. Check out houses on list: Paul Kruger, Sammy Marks, Melrose…
Hate all you want on sashi brown & Paul Depodesta, but the fact is the went from Paul kruger & Mingo to Jamie Collins & Ogbah ..
- slow traffic on Paul Kruger Street, as well as on the R513 - expect currently approximately a 6 min delay.
I went to the National Gallery of Art in D.C this weekend and saw some of my fave pieces by Barbara Kruger, Andy Wa…
we got our Paul Kruger Replacement. Now what about the other side?
Did Jamie Collins really impress everyone in the F/O? Idk bout you, but this seems to be the next paul kruger contract.
just to check Paul is your view that cross-disciplinary is,. 1/ harder to succeed in early on. 2/ nah, just Dunning-Kruger.
ILB is worse than CB. DT's are fine. Resign Perry. Take a flier on Paul Kruger cheap? Would be a TT move
pls fix hole in road...becoming deeper. Tennyson Drive Tulisa Park, just before Paul Kruger road. Thanks
what Paul Kruger did to blacks is well written about. It doesn't make him less of a racist because he lived in the 1800s.
besides Gobetse, Paul Kruger is long gone. Why look back when we can look forward and start growing as a nation? We need it
racist statue? Paul Kruger? Are you educated? Apartheid started in 1948 not 1882! Get your facts right
06:55. 8 Wild Dogs chasing big herd of impala. H11, 1.3 km from Paul Kruger Gate. Tinged by KarmanvA
I want to know on what grounds Paul Kruger could give an Indian family our land in Midrand (Waterfall Estate land and V…
A great list. Speaking purely on accomplishments at Utah, Kevin Dyson and Paul Kruger could be considered.
Paul Hammad Kruger established Cape of GoodHope fought the Kaffirs & created Apartheid
the Dunning Kruger crowd get confused by "neo-liberal" because it has "liberal" in it. Paul Ryan is a neo-liberal.
Boer Pres Paul Kruger once said," Were it not for the Jew; South Africa can have a peaceful future".
In 1880 - The Transvaal was declared a republic. Paul Kruger became its first president.
in 1880 - The was declared a Paul Kruger became its
29-Dec-1895 Gov'nr conceived the a botched attempt to overthrow
And Paul Kruger or any old white apartheid official
17:13. Leopard . S3, 5km from Paul Kruger Gate. Tinged by Khalid
13:26. Leopard in tree (only feet and tail visible). H11, 3km from Paul Kruger Gate. Vis 1/5. Tinged by Selma
David that is not true. It is well know that the Tswana king was Paul Kruger's best friend.
Fault: Boothill 11kV SWS Saaiman Paul Kruger 11kV Distributor tripped. We will dispatch techs to the fault ASAP. ^LS
Ray and Ed were over the hill, and Paul Kruger was our best rusher. We won two playoff shootouts lol.
did people of Buysdorp get that land from Paul Kruger? One day they will be told it's stolen land
No power in Honeydew. Cnr Paul Kruger and During Rds. Really... On Xmas??? Call ref is CPWEB2078600
Paul Kruger and Hau'oli Kikaha gonna be nasty next year.
Good penetration by Paul Kruger clogging up the run play!
Terrible way for the Bucs to open the second half. A 4-yard kickoff return by Josh Huff, Paul Kruger smothered...
Fantasy NFL. NO vs TB: Paul Kruger just got a solo tackle. by
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will start their second drive from their own 14, play action pass is completed for a short gain of just a couple. Paul Kruger on TKL
water flowing Cnr Christian De wet and Paul Kruger. Opp eagle canyon. Honeydew area. Not sure if its reported
love Joe Haden but wear/tear has taken its toll; Boddy-Calhoun seems ready to take the role; no Paul Kruger repeat, release early
Was in KNP few weeks ago around the Paul Kruger Gate. Amazing experience.
ESPN just showed a highlight of Ben beating the rush by Paul Kruger & hitting Antonio Brown for a TD w/ Donte Whitner in coverage. Memories.
08:00. 4 lions on the move . H11, 1km from Paul Kruger Gate. Tinged by Sharon
Heavy traffic on Paul Kruger Street south from the Wonderboom Junction to the CBD
do you guys perhaps know when will Universitas, Paul Kruger Street in Bloemfontein will get Fibre?
So why was the street Pretorius and Paul Kruger not changed?"
Pretorious and Paul Kruger Street names kept. Our democracy is built in deals being struck?
Paul Kruger saints new DE is a Trump supporter & Drew Brees feel some kind of towards Colin Kaepernick 😂
Paul Kruger can earn up to $5 million with Saints in 2016, report says (
No1 would actually tolerate a monument erected 4 the dude who Raped 23 women, but black ppl R supposed 2 tolerate th Paul Kruger statue?
From Paul Kruger's press conference: "It all comes down to losing. After years with the Browns, the Saints felt like the…
Paul Kruger was over paid and wasn't producing for the brown any.
Sources: Paul Kruger to visit Saints, Chiefs after release by Browns – ESPN
He's played on the right side as well. (first play)
So if the Saints do have a roster spot open, that could mean a Paul Kruger, Geoff Schwartz, or other player to be named o…
Wait wait wait. I had no idea the Browns cut Paul Kruger
In our podcast, and discuss who the should be going after: https:…
Former Browns' LB Paul Kruger plans to visit Saints first, then the Chiefs, per source.
How in the *** does Paul Kruger sign with the saints...where are the Falcons at?!
Fingers triple crossed that Paul Kruger works out for the Saints.
Paul Kruger signs with Saints; how much money did he lose?: It didn’t take long for Paul Kruger to find a new home,…
Paul Kruger and Coby Fleener will supply us with ALL THE HAIR jokes in 2016. We should give thanks
Talkin to comin up at 8:31 about the beautifully maned Paul Kruger
Paul Kruger in the starting lineup for Week 1 vs. Oakland?
hey sal why do you think the bills didn't go after Paul Kruger? Thought he'd be a good fit in this d.
Edge rusher Paul Kruger to sign with New Orleans Saints, reports says -
Saints sign Paul Kruger and I think that we might have a good season
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Paul Kruger signing with Saints... That's a pretty good deal if you ask me
Report: Days after ripping the Cleveland Browns for release, OLB Paul Kruger lands with New Orleans Saints -…
Paul Kruger def gon help... I don't expect double digits but he could get close
Paul Kruger with the late 2nd quarter sack off the edge.
. looks at what a difference Paul Kruger is making for the Browns
First play of the Titans Browns game is a sign of things to come. Paul Kruger unidentified & untouched on the QB hit http…
Can confirm that Paul Kruger has agreed to deal with as reported
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