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Paul Jr

Paul Jr. Designs (PJD) is a lifestyle brand motorcycle customizer and clothing vendor based in Rock Tavern, New York, USA.

Yeah American Chopper the Teatuls :) Paul Jr made that logo in about 5 minutes just doodling :)
.I can't believe you guys are airing American Chopper again. The spat between Paul Sr and Paul Jr makes this show unwatchable.
WATCH: Paul Pogba's and Ravel Morrison's post Man Utd careers - A tale of woe and wow.
Need to find Paul Tuttle & Paul Jr from Orange County Choppers for "Where Are They Now?" Episode!
Al Pacino’s new show may play in L.A. before Broadway:
This? My bi-monthly plea to check out my unofficial sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall: Remembering Sarah Marshall
Throwback to when Paul Scholes said this: “I can’t see Suarez and Messi linking well…
Marcus Holman, Paul Rabil, and John Grant Jr... (can't choose one)
We did provide feedback. We were also told his trademark Gibson Les Paul Jr. model electric guitar was an acoustic guitar.
if you are ready for the real version of soccer in the USA with promotion and relegation.
Just added to coming up Oct.1: Violinist Karen Briggs, and Guitarist Paul Jackson, Jr.!
9.) Jeremy Roach, Paul VI (VA): The 6'2" PG is as explosive as he is skilled, and is ready for a big HS season.
Watch Emma Stone sing out in the new trailer:
.doc will premiere at the New York Film Festival:
Sheamus (Rocksteady) and Gary Anthony Williams (Bebop) with Paul Teutul, Jr. on Paul Jr. Designs custom bikes.
J Paul Jr is on the stage...Chris Adroin and Keith Frank is coming up...STILL NOT TO LATE TO GET YOUR ZYDECO...
Its such a beautiful day in North Carolina! Opened the sunroof of the Jag and bumping to Paul Jr. Jackson music!...
Celtics game tonight with the broski! Got to see Paul Pierce one last time.
. We'll never forget those four boys. Paul! John! George! And the drummer!
That's a no brainer. Paul won us a championship; Doc cost us at least two more.
Freddie Prinze Jr and Paul Walker in She's all that is the reason why I'm attracted to soccer players 😂😍
Paul Donald Wight Jr. (aka Big Show) paid our gym a visit this week while in town for WWE Monday Night RAW at Key...
Hi Paul if you know anyone looking :) I am looking for Sr.& Jr. Information Security Engineers too Good Day 2U
Those cats with the JR Smith-esque commenting style make it harder for the Paul Pierce volume shooter.
You would know, Der Trumpenfuhrer, what with your FOUR BANKRUPTCIES and all.
Have you been watching at all? If you liked you should really dig too.
If you purchase an Amazon Prime subscription...
Congrats to our February Mustangs of the Month! Sr. Paul Fernandez, Jr. Tommy Magnavite, Soph. Nick Healy and Fresh. George Western!
Statements from ITV and re: TAG in USA!. Read:
finally see the revival, and thanks to so much for this blockbuster news: . Airdate later this year
anniversary year. ITV in the UK brought them back in Thunderbirds Are Go, which just wrapped up its first 26 episodes. Now, America will
Thaaat explains it. So it's just the 2 previously confirmed 26-episode seasons we were already aware of.
Good morning, all, and lemme tell ya about a TV show from the 60's I adored. It was called Thunderbirds, and last year was its golden
More: the official announcement breaks down the "4 seasons" as 13 episodes, not 26, which is what I had figured.
Did you see in that montage the ORIGINAL Flash.and Supergirl?
(that's how I'm feeling right this instant). Who saw THIS coming?
Two weeks until the fix the cluster-f the Oscars turned out to be. :) :)
Jr Drs fighting for the NHS at Charing Cross hospital, whilst colleagues keep pts safe inside https:…
Dr Paul Lelliot speaking today on the inspections of mental health services and the way forward with consu…
This just announced! Roy Jones Jr to come out of retirement.
We're loaded up heading to to kick off the season.
Striking junior doctors are giving free CPR training outside St Paul's today, in case you weren't already on side http…
Win a TQ Midget race indoors! That was the goal, when driver Tim Buckwalter and car owner Paul Lotier, Jr.
Plenty coming up on Sky Sports Now this morning, including Ray Wilkins and Paul Dickov on the title race https:…
Supporting Jr doctors at the picket in Stoke.We stand together.BIDA supports
GOLDEN ALERT: Police need your help finding this man, Paul Peck, Jr.
Update your maps at Navteq
Before this afternoon's game, check out how perfected his ball handling.
It doesn't take a lot of strength to hang on, it takes a lot of strength to let go. ― J C Watts Jr.
Maybe? Anna mentioned her today. PJ is a son Paul Jr. Rumors..Susan is...Hayden or .Rosalie or Darcy or Someone new ??
Usually the coolest white guys at the gym are wearing beats, a flat bill hat and have Paul Jr from Orange County choppers facial hair
Boyd Coddington taught me how to perfect the paint job & it was over from there. Chip Foose, Jesse James, & Paul Jr all love the kid work.
Ppl be like "who your fav music artist" I be like J Paul Jr. And Chris Ardoin. They be like "who that is". I be like Gtf out👉
If you not from Louisiana yall needa hop on some Zydeci. Search Keith Frank and Chris Ardoin or J. Paul Jr or SHUMN! Getcha 2 step on.
Nothing like grilling with my Paul Jr. Designed coleman grill in the storm and being with family!!
Poets of Texas is looking forward to working with Harley-Davidson on our Chopper 4 Change bike giveaway by Paul Jr. Designs...
Mike Pettine reminds me of Paul Jr from American Chopper
1961, from the archive: photo by Paul Schutzer
Lmfao word if I ever have a daughter I'm a name her paul michel jr. Lmao
When you get all dressed up and your plans get cancelled... W/ Anwar Jibawi, MAX JR, Jake Paul via
Paul I would love to but... "Haaa gwe this is a plan for you surely
how'd the workout go without me? And I heard Paul Schwartz want to write about me. Don't blame him
Paul and Paul Jr Skinback, greatest ever college football father and son. 7 championships and MVP's between them!
Congrats to Garrett Paul who will be our first Wednesday Jr. Forecaster Tomorrow Morning at 7:15! Sponsored by Golden Corral and Rock City
that's what football is about opinions, but JR would be a threat instead of toothless Lennon. MS is better than what we have IMHO
Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada - Nobody's Perfect EP via Different Attitudes is now up on Promo Hutt > Subscribe here:
they DID stink. It's a whole new ballgame now. Better player, Jr will get better,
O.k. all my boogy skaters from the 80`s from Skate -o-Roma (Bullitt county Ky )do y'all rembember Boogy Skating to The Song of "The Double Dutch Bus" From Frankie Smith ?Stephen R Paul Jr ,said he's never heard of The song. Plz feel free to leave a comment.
Kevin Ware shows support for Paul George after his hauntingly similar injury.
I can't believe Paul George just took a knee like that in the middle of the game smh
Ebola: The Ripple Effect Based loosely on currently Happening Events rippleeffect 20-07-2014 A tear dropped from his left eye as he thought about Anna again. How could she be dead? How? Anna, the best sister anyone could ever have. Anna, his only sister … who made so many sacrifices to ensure he went to college and become the man he is today. Anna. Dead. What is this life? “Tea or coffee sir…?” Munachi – the air hostess – asked, snapping him out of his reverie. He dried his eyes and gestured towards coffee. He nodded his thanks as she gave it to him and went about her business. He took a sip of the scalding hot beverage and didn’t even flinch. All he could think of was Anna and how he wept over her cold dead body. He had flown to Monrovia immediately he was told that she was seriously ill. The doctors had initially refused to allow him see her, saying it was unsafe, but one look at them and they obliged. Patrick was a big man. In Liberia and other African countries, big men always had their ...
Will Paul George ever be 100% again?. Will someone ever sign Trinidad James again?. Will "bae" ever text back?. Next time on Dra…
I would rather spend one year with the American Ebola patients than one minute with
Thk goodness never stoops to fear mongering, that would be irresponsible. Is he doubting the best medical system on earth?
*WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGE!* My thoughts are with Paul George, who just suffered an horrific leg break in USA scrimmage. h…
Chicago, you're at! Counting the days till I see one of Lollapalooza's headliners at The Mann next month - Lorde :)
Ⓡ Ron Paul: Thomas E. Woods Jr., a friend of freedom and the freedom movement, discussed the 100th anniversary...
Yeah. I sympathise to be honest. I was more intrigued and curious about it than excited!
We don't need him contaminating our fan base. Sorry, but it's how I feel.
Paul George is nails, guy didn't even look like he was in pain.
Paul George got me not wanting to Jump anymore
Oil Rig 'Paul B Loyd JR' drilling in Clair Field by BP @ $440,000 / Day. Cameron has ordered BP to put workers on paid holiday until
Everybody come hoop at the West St. Paul Y at 3😈
Barry had a similar injury to Paul George playing freshman football and Barry wasn't full speed till his JR year. 2 year injury...
The doctor that treated Paul George, as well as Kevin Ware, says that George may have to miss 12-18 months to fully recov…
Paul George walking away from his career like
“Paul George walking away from his career like
Man everybody please pray for my big bro PG! Keep his spirits up! We here for you
ICYMI: Paul George's surgery went fine but he will miss the entire 2014-2015 season. Here's an x-Ray of his leg:
The doctor who treated Kevin Ware estimates that Paul George will need 12 to 18 months to recover to full strength.
Vine of the horrific Paul George leg injury.
Leonard Pitts Jr.: Paul Ryan breaks the silence surrounding poverty in...
Paul George will reportedly miss the entire 2014-2015 season. Terrible.
Watching Paul Walker in this Brick Mansions movie is making me emo , this guy was just beyond in the way he acted bruh
Why this injuries happens to the best ones, first Rose, then Kobe and now PG! Hope you get well soon
The Crouch family. Business partners to the Bakkers. Paul Jr (reel-to-reel guy) is still televangelizing AFAIK.
Paul Lee showed why he deserved to be in Gilas Pilipinas with 18pts to lead Philippines to a win over...
RG: You'll get me in trouble here, Javier! I'd have to say Nicky Butt, Gary & Phil Neville, Paul Scholes and David Beckham.
Never Too Much by Jr. Paul Jackson is number 2 in Gambia top 100 songs
The Knicks need Paul more then bulls with the offense they running with jr and Tim and rookie as shooter and melo
Just spotted Paul millsap hope I can get a pic already meet Tim hard away jr and Shane Larkin
Now the heat can join all the other Miami teams in having no one show up to their games
he had some good story arcs in early-to-mid 80s w/ Cockrum's return, Paul Smith & Romita Jr on art
Final: Cardinals come back from 6 runs dow, to defeat the Brewers 7-6 at Miller Park.
Matt Holliday hits a solo shot off KRod. Cardinals now lead 7-6, over the Brewers.
might offer Dunleavy Jr. + 3 draft picks in order to get Paul Gasol
You can pee in any other pool, except your friends
My god this was full on pounding. Bring back Paul and Helen lol.
Paul says the LETTER killeth..the Spirit gives life. The text is deadly & bondage
Kolten Wong solo homers off Gallardo. Cardinals cut the Brewer lead in half. Cardinals 3, Brewers 6.
Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon. ~ Paul Brandt // rt
I could have fun with this all night
I think I'll have two, I'm better than you
When LJ was drafted out Of HS, I became a Cleveland fan, I was a Jr in HS! But When he left... I left TOO! Now I'm a Ca…
One day I will be the ultimate fat *** and eat two mexicali blue burritos
I just ate a burritos, I really hate mosquitos
Syfy is one of those networks under the NBC/U umbrella and will present one of those 2 days.
When NBC/Universal makes its presentation at the TCA Summer Press tour in Pasadena Sun & Mon.
That means a lot coming from you, Jonathan. Let's hope we're in the endgame
Solarek does not homer in the finals. Diaz (Kingsville) wins $1,000, Martinez (John Paul II) wins $500.
Reebok adds Michael Wallace, Eric Johnson and Clif Paul Jr. to the team. Happy to have them aboard.
Now on 'The Paul Shishkoff Jr. Blog', 'Shish on Baseball'. Live blogging of a game Paul is following on his MLB...
Website Builder 728x90
Parker wants to be Paul pierce Jr. Look at definition...uncrispy haircut.
Great work to you and all the fans. Fingers crossed respond favorably.
Dude can survive ANYTHING. Even a bombing not 3 feet from him. I thought Dillon was dead w/Sonya, actually.
What an awesomely wild week at Grateful to work with and
NCWTS: Darrell Wallace Jr. Wins Pole at Iowa Speedway: Darrell Wallace Jr. will start from the pole Fr...
. good shows shouldn't have artificial lifespans. Great myths take time they take to tell.
John Paul II's Jonathan Martinez knocks one home run to lead things off in the first round. Players get 10 outs to work with.
RIP: NYC's first black deputy mayor, Paul Gibson Jr., dead at 86.
Really; the DAILY MAIL? The same POS tabloid who created out and out lies about George Clooney's fiance's mom?THAT Daily Mail?
Paul Gibson Jr., city's first black deputy mayor, dies - New York Daily News (blog)
Hope this was enough, and all the actors/crew of Sunday or Monday we should know.
I hear Obama's approval rating among black voters is very high, too. I'll bet that means he's secretly black. *** Sludge.
Follow tonight for updates from the inaugural John Paul Barta Memorial Home Run Derby. Would be nice if it becomes annual thing.
We want Continuum Season 4 because every season gets better and better!
reminds me of and myself against upsate my jr year. Their ace was a fat ***
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Now playing, for reasons only known to the good Lord, but I loved this back in the day - Justified and Ancient (The KLF)
Shelley, the privilege was ours. I hope your talent gets noticed by other shows in the future. Continuum writers room - finestkind.
Usher, Paul Walker, and Freddie Prinze Jr are all in the film 😍😍😍
My favorite shot of me and my good friend "Rusty" Les Paul Jr. shot by my buddy Dexter... He makes it look easy...
Had my good friend Les Paul Jr. sit in with me and the boys for a little Tush last week... Great shot...
I'm not giving up hope. Ima find me a Paul Walker Jr.
I love being at home. Makes me feel like im home. Wait what?
"I was told i was fighting a TBA, you mean Lomachenko is here" ~ Gary Russell Jr.
Am I the only one who misses Blockbuster??
Thanks Paul. I appreciate that you're the kind of fan who remembers them all.
I'm at Frederick Brown Jr Amphitheater - Peachtree City - for Bruce Hornsby &...
I love how Paul McCartney's playing Beatles' songs with Abe Laboriel, Jr. while Ringo's sitting quietly in the audience.
Im looking for someone who's demons play well with mine
Tuned into "Exclusive Chillout Mix for Paul Hardcastle Jr" by at
Pretty sure that's Johnny Thunders, but has an SG instead of his customary Les Paul Jr?
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
lol same here. Im just going to run a lot
I do the same. A lot of running and then I hit the iron.
Finished a hard workout with a messed up knee and wrist. Trying to get back into shape
If your brave enough to say goodbye, you will be rewarded with a new hello.
I just close my eyes and hope for the best now
Galaxy pink Lamborghini for the wife! 😍🙌
NBA 2K need to put the 2000s stars on the game. Tmac. Shaq. Marbury. KG. Paul Pierce. Kobe. Antoine Walker. CWebb. Jason Williams. Etc
I think Ghana is going to beat Germany watch
Agreed. A master-piece of an episode. Massive kudos to & + nailed it as per usual.
I'm more optimistic than you. I reckon we'll get a S4 announced after season ends. Mid July is my guess for the announcement
week is The End. That was the only downer for an episode that had it all. 60 minutes is all that stands between us and a void. :|
Rich, it was greatness, once more from a show that operates at a level higher than any North American drama. But I do believe next
Lightning delay again but not before paul jr guns down yet another at home plate from center field
All this exhausting work for an Iphone 5s
“Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” . ― Paul Terry
Little Giant Ladders
Messi and Argentina handled that goal like true BAWSES!. Had USA done that and they would still be dramatically celebrating…
Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Paul Menard, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Larosn have yet to go out
Playing some Yars Revenge on the 2600 Jr...aww yeah. []
All I need is some Wendy's and GTA 5
thats messed up... You dont need to drink and stuff anyways you gonna have soccer workouts soon after that
what he's not that ugly.. I know your rules but we can make the exception for him
I think we should let tag along too
Happy 4th Birthday to my Beautiful grandson, Jacob Paul Jr. You are the sunshine in my heart! I love you.
most importantly Bob Dylan's home state
Mom: it's all about the ice. Me: it's all about the oxy
Currently tuned into "Exclusive Chillout Mix for Paul Hardcas..." Cloudcast by - at
GB FORUMS: Video: Paul Dehner Jr. on Bengals' minicamp: How is Marvin Lewis fighting complacency as the Bengal...
I'm not good enough for THE adam vinner
this made my day omg :') find me a NJB who will take me on pizza dates pls
Moments before being assassinated in Dallas, Texas in November 1963, President John F. Kennedy Jr. waves to onlookers htt…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Howdy and thanks for following us. There is no place like Aggieland. Welcome to Texas A&M!
Please revoke the trademark of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. As someone of Irish descent I am highly offended.
Remember that the people are not those getting more, but those more. - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
those 2 thots delete their insta photos because theyre insecure about the amount of likes they have... Smh
Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can dothat. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther …
I was wit Paul yesterday he chilling
Guys, Verizon FIOS is finally in my area. I've got Dish Network for TV and Comcast for internet, and I want to upgrade to FIOS. Should I?
Paul Boris Jr has a show on 06/20/2014 at 09:00 PM @ World Cafe Live at t... in Wilmington, DE
Getting my wisdom teeth checked out tomorrow, can't wait to be prescribed extra strength tylenol!
That Sean Paul hold on is my track theme song
What did I miss? I was just locked in a closet with R. Kelly
You know it's a great night when Space Jam is on. VH1 by the way.
Paul Lewis Jr.! You just won yourself a shirt and one for your friend Ricky Ahlin! Message us your shirt size,...
This weekends main event seems to be Lomachenko/Russell Jr. There has been absolutely no buzz surrounding the the return…
Tonight: A GOP Senator in trouble. That marmot on Rand Paul's head woke up, and it is ANGRY.
Love watching Derek Jeter bat and Paul O'neill announcing at the same time. My two fav players growing up.
you're either *** *** or straight tho... Nothing inbetween
Paul Jr. Designs built two amazing bikes for the World of Warcraft video game. Paul Jr. gave us some guidelines for the seats, some video game images, and a lot of creative license. You can check out to see the builds in progress. Here is the Alliance bike & seat:
Happy Birthday to Wanda Adams celebrating at Jones Plaza for Live After Five.J Paul Jr!
We had the opportunity to work on the Azeroth Chopper web show at the Blizzard HQ for the winner-takes-all showdown voted by World of Warcraft players from around the globe. Legendary custom motorcycle designer Paul Jr. has assembled two handpicked teams of bike experts to bring to life a pair of asphalt-kicking chopper designs inspired by World of Warcraft®’s two warring factions. Joining each crew on their epic quest are members of the World of Warcraft development team, on board to help to infuse the essence of the Horde and the Alliance into each bike. Check out the video Peter Ney directed.
"And of course you can't become if you only say what you would have done"
Thanks, taxpayers, for my heavily subsidized ticket on an airplane gutted to meet stupid regulations
Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Hey back at ya! :) Thanks Paul that's really nice of you. Pleased to be able to call you a friend.
June 7, 2014—the Greatest Comment in the History of the Internet:
.No, the shift in began with Paul Haagga, Jr. taking over.
I'm enjoying 'Paul Jackson Jr. - It's A Shame' on the Smooth Jazz 24'7 channel at
One more exam tomorrow, then I'm blowing this popsicle stand
I love you from the bottom of my heart & soul Clint & Paul Jr. You are my everything. Clint, you are working your body to the bones out there being the trucker that you are. Paul, You do the best at what you do, being a great daddy to Hazel. I proud of you both.
Manchester United are ready to offer €70m for Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, with A.Vidal in plan B. [GdS]
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Paul Sr & Jr and little Meadow when she was 10 years old
Happy Birthday My Son Paul Jr. You will always live in my memories as my best friend. RIP until we meet again, miss you and always WISH YOU WERE HERE
I'm tired as *** but I'm so happy because I got to meet Dylan, Paul, Tyler H, Ian B, Daniel, Nate, JR, Linden, Michael and Susan!
I need a sprite and some Tennessee honey or Paul peach ...
Hey Z!. Hope you're alright :). What's your favourite Jr. Gong and Sean Paul song?. Ps. follow me please? Love you tons and lots!.
We all lament ;) Garza's graduated from crowbars, that's for darn sure :D
One of the most iconic exchanges of S1. Rachel, I hope you got to check out my :)
What they need, Rachel, is a Couples' Therapy-esque reality show ;)
Check out "Juicy Cover to Sweet Home Alabama Live" by Paul Allison Jr -
Rachel, is this episode we see next Friday gonna be crazy banana pants on top of awesomesauce and amazeballs?
Riot, huh!?? if that happens, all your followers will raise $$ to bail you out of the big house. We got yer back, Kristen! ;)
she said idk how to drive 😂 but look at her , i thought she was Paul Walker
Twelve days & counting until Here's the lyric version, and bless u, .
Legends J.J. Johnston, Paul Evans, Tim Barrie & 14 others from 46-0 1974 squad will be on hand for the June 9…
I believe it may have been made specifically for the show. is a composer for film/tv/ads.
with their hashtag of the week at the end of each episode. Forward thinking on their persons :)
Ah, so that whole thing on Friday about "slowing your roll" was just words, yeah!!?? ;) Wish Syfy did what Showcase is doing
Christ, I was thinking of Escher...I'll delete my stuff :D
Not sure what you mean. Have Dillon & Emily even met? Or do you mean Christine?
And finally, to all of you who volunteered to follow me, and those who I follow not already listed, happy :)
Smacking down the creationists, for sure. Much needed and longest overdue. Love seeing them squirm. Well done.
My parents flatulent babysit Aaron Paul with each meal. I am learning how to play think about. My favorite American restaurant is Carls Jr..
encouragement, of just BEING THERE for me. Words hurt, but they can heal as well. And you two are healers :)
In darkest times, too numerous to count, both of you have been there for me with your words of kindness, of
Today is and 1st two who need to kick this off are people I consider my BFF's; and
Anybody remember that great OCTOPUS PAUL from WC2010 ??? Aint we have Turtle or Paul Jr. Or some other sea creature this time ??
Cute Paul JR playing my purse ha ha
So excited for today,my daughter is performing her 2nd concert for with her new 2014 Gibson les Paul jr electric guitar.I can't wait to see her play.the song she chose is "ain't it fun"
Please keep Paul Jr. in your prayers.He was in a very bad car accident and in ICU at Mercy Hospital.
Paul George w/ the steal & flies down the court for the bucket
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
NEW 2017 RANKINGS: Meet Chyree Walker (Paul VI - VA). Excelling for one of nation's top HS teams. Profile/video: http…
This is Blizzard's strategy for competing. Paul Jr. and Celestalon broke into Carbine on the choppers and smashed the servers with crowbars.
“Some can't relate though. Some y'all favorite rappers are Migos and Soulja smh lmao!!” Paul Andre Robinson jr.
Nobody's touched The Collector in years...11 Leo wins, I think. Again, thanks for filling in the blanks.
Final Leo Awards update: No But they lead with 4 wins (same as '13); Writing, Editing, Cinematography, Makeup
Thanks and bless you :) Continuum fans everywhere are hanging on news from there :)
Any word on whether or not Continuum won or lost Cinematography and Costume Design? Way past my bedtime here in Pennsylvania :)
Thanks, you :) I don't stay up until 1:45AM ET for just any show. Best show on TV. Best on the continent.
but you're right. The social media presence of the is largely a deadzone
best short film made in BC in years
Susan, any word on Costume Design and Cinematography, remaining nominees? 3 so far.
Leo Awards update: as expected, brings it on home for the season 2 finale in Writing. That's how it's done! :) Congrats.
3 left for Continuum; Cinematography, Writing, Costume Design. Gotta run table, then go 5/5 Sunday for the Decima.
Hmu at the St. Paul jr. Rodeo tomorrow 🐎
editing; losses for VFX and Prod. Design. Any results in writing, costume design or cinematography?
Laura, hello, sorry for the intrusion. There's a lot of Continuum fans waiting on pins and needles for news. W's for makeup and
Leo Awards update: Continuum wins for best editing (Second Time). 2 for the good guys :)
Well at least the Leos have their own 1972 Munich gold medal hoops game. Supernatural? Seriously? Bummed.
No LaDecima, I fear for At this point, I just want them to get to 7 by Sunday night.
Agreed. We'll see. Still rooting for the home team though. Thank you Paul for keeping us in the loop.
Awards shows go 1 of 2 ways; the 2003 Oscars (give one production everything) or other shows that spread it around.
Don't they know we're waiting eagerly? (Small amount of sarcasm, big amount of "I wanna know").
Leo Awards update: They're in "let's spread the wealth" mode. Continuum loses VFX to frakkin' Supernatural?
Gimme Colt, Austin, JR, and Jericho and I am happy. Though add Paul Heyman if he decides to do one too. Other than that forget it.
Not just LA, Casey; the entire tour was canceled, lock stock and barrel. All cities this was supposed to drop by, dunzo.
I just got done celebrating a good night in my life... another step along the path to my husbands becoming a teacher. I love you Paul Jr Frazier and I'm so proud of you! And, I thought you were going to post the pics Cassie Marusa and Michael Pham ***
They're posting mostly about the success of a movie called Anxious Oswald Greene...
“Paul Pierce dude looks just like you!!
Wasn't it? :) This Leo thing is gonna be like the Directors' Guild awards for movies and won't end until something like 3AM ET ;|
Guys, Continuum 1 for 2 at the Leos tonight. W-Makeup. L-Costume Design (Almost Human).
Buy Miche Bag Online!
True superstars back there teammates on the court regardless Paul George you sir are not a super star ya selfish
I know! ;) Wasn't taking a dig. Celebrating with you.
Of course; I was just thinking back to that one episode, that's all. I am as loyal a fan of the show as it gets :)
Episode? How about three seasons of excellence!
I loved that ep, and Karin Konoval was the quintessential Elena Prime. She absolutely nailed that performance :)
Leo Awards update: Jennifer Kipps brings into the win column for Best Makeup (Second Skin).
Paul George was mad Lance Stephenson was messing with his idol Lebron. Paul George Lebron biggest fan..
Susan, any other updates, or was that the first drama series award of the night?
Stephenson is gone next year, Paul George doesn't even want him. Which means due to the universe, he'll end up on the Knicks...with JR Smith
Paul George has no right to speak on Lance Stephenson cause Paul George softer than tissue paper
Paul George was asked if he wants Lance Stephenson back as a teammate next year. He answered, "I mean, I don't know."
Hi, and I'm a Continuum fan from the States. Any word on victories for the show yet? They're up for 7 awards tonight, 5 Sunday.
is so soft to not want lance Stevenson back. Lance is a huge piece to that squad.
Paul Jr. and I have arrived in Philadelphia. We drove, and Paul Sr. and Matthew took the train. Reconnected and are finally heading to bed!
🎓🎉😊I am so proud of my Paul Jr Avila today was amazing to watch him end one chapter and follow the next. I also wanted to thank those that came out to visit after the ceremony Sonia Avila Stacy Elliott Cindy Brown Brent Mara Kimberly Word and everyone else also a ex specially a big thanks to Jana Maki you are and always will be part of our lives you are a wonderful teacher person and friend I appreciate and love you for all you've done for us.
It's "Licks From The Outhouse" time!!! It's cold outside, van won't start, what else is there to do till I get jumped? 1956 Les Paul Jr into a 1969 100 watt Marshall Lead Head and early 70's Marshall 4x12 cab. Sorry about the crazy hair and unruly beard, it's winter time in Kentucky. Leslie West, this is for you! Mountain and you were a huge influence on a lot of us back here in the hills! For you gear heads, both channels are jumped, both volumes are on about 8, Presence on 10, Bass on about 2, mid-range on 10, treble on 10. I have two of the EL34 tubes pulled, which makes the amp run around 50 watts, breaks up sooner, but still very loud!! There's a closed door between me and the amp, that's why I can stand it. I guess it's a crude "Master Volume." Need more volume, crack the door! :)
TBT ..late 70's ..with my 59 Les Paul Jr. ...where did dat go ?? :)
Today is the day the clock is counting down Paul Jr Avila
It's "Licks From The Outhouse" time! I was talking to a friend at the Dallas Guitar Show yesterday about Gibson Les Paul Jr's, they are pretty much a no-nonsense Blues-Rock machine. One pickup and 2 knobs, what else do ya need? I did two clips with my 50's Jr last Winter, this is a clip I haven't posted yet. Please excuse the Sasquatch hair, it was a cold Winter day.
Me Tuesday for my All Black Party at Clayton's with J Paul Jr!
My sons Success: My son Paul Jr. has been holding back on a lot of things in his life. He just wanted to be an average guy, go to work everyday, come home and eat a good cooked meal, look at the basketball games and go to sleep, get up the next day and do it all again but, his life has changed this year. I won't discuss all the things but one is very special to Him,his sister and I. Paul Jr. is 56 years young and he just received his Masters degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. I was so proud of him when at the graduation exercise, He was one of the top class graduates with a top grade average. I guess some of you can relate with me of how proud I am of Him.I have always wanted the best for both my Children. It just seems that, Paul was counting himself out but God saw this time to give this gift to him because he was ready for it. As his father, I know my sons capabilities but, he has to know them. When he toke this project on, I know he had all kinds of doubts and fears going through his mind ...
Anyone else see the film "Lone Survivor" yet? If those four Navy SEALs went through anything even remotely resembling what was portrayed in the film, I now have even more respect for SEALs, especially my brother, Paul Jr., who was a SEAL for many years, than I even had before. The film is a "must watch" film if there ever was one!
Thank you Lord for an awesome Mothers Day 2014 had a Sunday Buffet at The Holiday Inn West Little Rock with my children. I was given a 1hr Massage Certificate to Pamper Me Please. I am so looking forward to this massage. Thank you my children I love each of you. Paul Jr, Lloyd, Priscilla, Ezekiel, and John. Memories
Really you think Paul or John would say anything negative about the Giants draft picks by JR. Stop now. They work for Giants.
HATE the pic but Bonus Points if you recognize the bike made by Paul Jr. Designs.
Are you ready for the Enjoy a 20 oz. bottle of Baja Blast now - being sold for a limited time only:
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