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Paul Jr

Paul Jr. Designs (PJD) is a lifestyle brand motorcycle customizer and clothing vendor based in Rock Tavern, New York, USA.

Paul Sr American Chopper Orange County Choppers Paul Teutul Sean Paul

Paul Jr. (formerly Paul Teutul. Jr) is in charge of creating two virtual chopper bikes for World of Warcraft! …
Is there any chance for a Paul Teutul cameo? Paul Jr. maybe...?
ELEANOR TURNER-PENRICE SUNRISE December 16, 1917 - SUNSET October 16, 2012. Eleanor Turner was born December 16, 1917 in New Gulf, Texas to the late Henry and Emma Turner. She grew up in New Gulf, Texas and attended schools in Wharton County, Texas. She accepted Christ at an early age and joined Old Bethlehem Baptist Church in New Gulf, Texas. Eleanor met and married Paul Penrice Sr. To this union six children was born: Loretta, Brenda, Ada, Paul Jr. Bobby and Ray W. Eleanor was a dedicated worker in the Old Bethlehem Baptist Church. She was Treasurer and Sunday school teacher, as well as exhausting her time in church functions of raising money to place in the church’s treasure funds. She was also a missionary worker. She would attend other community churches in the neighboring areas and was the guest speaker on special occasions. She worked diligently to upkeep the Old Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery. She loved to cook, read and enjoy spending time with her family. Preceding her in death were her p . ...
Ok who let Paul Jr from American Chopper into powerhouse..
I really liked Paul Crouch! He was a man after Gods heart! Jan was always a little much! I always thought it was because she had been Raised so old time Holliness! Matt no no no, He is a show man only! Lifts himself first! Now I find out that lots of Ministeries are dropping the TBN Network! I really liked the Other son Paul Jr. He is no where to be seen? Anyone else observing these things?
well I was just trying to be Paul walker Jr.
Did Paul Coker Jr. do character design on this?
no offense, but when Paul and Ringo are playing together, there isn't enough camera for Abe Laboriel Jr.
Success is the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile, personal goals. -Paul J. Meyer
I'm familiar with Abe sr one of the finest bass players alive. Never heard of Jr or those Paul and Ringo guys.
Gave me chills to see Paul & Ringo play together and embrace after. Paul's new album kicks *** ! No camera love for Abe Laboriel Jr tho...
Wanted to ask; are you OK? Hear you folks are up to episode 6. Can't wait for what you have in store for us :)
Just another night at the office at Rogers, eh, Rachel? ;)) Last goal wins are always cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs crazy.
:) At least Lorde & MacLemore kicked butt. Both so much better live than on a CD.
They can shine all the lights on Ringo but we all know it's Abe Laboriel Jr playin the beat for Paul. Come on
domain names
Although I'm super happy Paul got that one rock grammy, Gary Clark Jr. is one sick dude.
Congrats to my friend Paul Jackson JR for the Grammys won with Daft Punk !!! So blessed to have done a guitar...
For the record. Ringo was essentially air drumming for that tune with Paul. Abe Laboriel Jr is who you were hearing. And he sounded awesome
Check out RANKIN/BASS handsigned bookplate with book! Paul Coker, Jr., Jack Davis& Author on via
Wow im surprised zydeco music was even in the category to be nominated! Give john paul jr one please next year
Black Sabbath, Paul McCartney, & Rolling Stones all nominated for best rock song? *** is this the 60s? Gary Clark Jr. gettin snuffed
Ofcourse Paul McCartney would win that!...i think Gary Clark Jr shoulda won that!
I'm tagged in Keith Paul Jr Kelly's photo! Check it out (if you have permission) LIKE & SHARE!
But seriously...Daft Punk/Stevie, Chicago/Blurred Lines ppl, NiN/QOTSA, Gary Clark Jr shredtime, and Ringo/Paul...down with all of it
By far the best performance though was daft punk with pharrell, Nile Rodgers, Nathan East, Omar hakim and Paul Jackson jr. Killer.
Paul Williams Jr used to being on camera with Smokey & the Bandit not also in that movie
You've never heard of the BJA Les Paul Jr?
Trying hold still much I wanna do with my ROYAL babies. BRIAN BRANDON PARYSS KARMAH ALEXIS AND PAUL JR.
Paul McCartney snapping along to Pharrell and Daft Punk. About as cool as that time when your parents chaperoned your 1st j…
yep... nate east, and Paul Jackson jr
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Apparently the Beatles are supposed to win a Lifetime Achievement Award. I'm excited for Sir Paul McCartney and Mr Richard Starkey Jr rn :)
I do have to give it to tho for bringing some of THEE baddest cats on stage Nathan East, Paul Jackson, Jr., Nile …
Paul jr from OCC, Kloe Kardashian and Shania Twain ... just a few of my new found friends this weekend!! Vegas rocks :)
Tomorrow would have marked Kaine's 23rd birthday. Super bowl Sunday.they didn't take a 1 week break back then. As a mother, I can recall every minute of that special day. A day a mother and her child share together. I was so glad it was the Super bowl because I mostly had Kaine to myself except for a few quick visits during half time. LOL What a beautiful healthy baby he was and what a handsome young man he grew to be. So here I am, memories rolling through my mind. Trying to recall all 18 birthdays celebrated with Kaine. Wondering what he would look like. Would he and Paul Jr. still look alike? Would he have grown that beard he always wanted to grow? Would he be living in PA? What would he do for a living? Would he be in love? Oh, how I long to sing Happy Birthday, watch him unwrap his gift, eat his favorite birthday dessert (strawberry shortcake that was always out of season of course) visit with the family, and how I long to feel his arms around me and a kiss on the cheek.a simple "love you MOM" ...
Having a blast with my son Paul Jr.took me for a ski-doo ride out in the bush where they cut wood.lots of wood they sitting in a sled!!! Took pictures of them.
Brian Paul Jr...had to share the laugh
Did I take enough pics of my new grsndson Brian Paul Jr. Wanted to show off our newest cutie. All 5 of my grandchildren & Bella are just beautiful. Thank you for letting me share my family with you.
Ok Gibsons might have been a mistake, SG and Les Paul Jr. Are both alive, raw and gritty mean sounding, grabbed my Strat today and it just seemed dead and I love that guitar
Remembering my talk with God as the wreck was happening. I could see and feel my body floating in the car. Asking him to forgive me of all my sins seen and unseen...known and unknown. Then asking him to not take my life just yet because my youngest son still needs my guidance. It's funny how you think of the most important things during times as such. Both of our boys are good boys. I see such growth in Paul Jr that I find myself smiling during our conversations and hearing his outlook on life. I guess I feel that Kendrick needs me because he is my baby and in college. He is maturing well. I love talking to can hear the street smarts with his great sense of humor. Lord, I thank you for sparing my life. I MADE IT!!!
Paul jr and christina jane love my kids proud dad me just saying and my little man Aiden.
Off to church!! Yay!!- me, mom and my little army tank ,, paul jr, have a great day everyone! K-pow!!
Overall it. Was a great day. My son and husband are feeling better. My honey BBQ for me .got ready to eat and got a visit from my in laws. Paul Jr. Is feeling better.we were scared for him but he is strong and god is control.thanks for the prayers.
Got to meet two of a little cousin's today, they are pretty awesome. Took Paul Jr. for "hot cocoa and mwashwellos" ... he was too stinking adorable trying to eat munchkins and drink his cocoa with his Spiderman face mask on!
One of these days I will have me a beautiful Gibson Les Paul Jr 😉
This amazing Slidely® was created from the favorite photos & music of Paul Jr. - Powered by Slidely - Create & experience your photo collections as beautiful slideshows
My son is not a baby no more hes two happy birthday paul jr my pride an joys thanks momma love u
Ruben paul jr raider chair I did log ago. Raiders n the house. .lol
Happy 1st birthday to the Duck man, my youngest and healthiest grand son. Praise God my son Paul jr is finally joining Kejuan, KeRon, and Meechie in FINALLY giving me a grand son. My dad can rest now.
I want to wish my handsome lil man Paul jr. a.k.a.-Stewie louie,a happy birthday today! 4 years ago today,I gave birth to this awesome,precious lil boy.You are so precious to me baby.Mommy was truly blessed with the most cutest,amazing lil boy.I hope you have a very good day today son.Eat lots of cake&ice cream 4 mommy!Lol!I love you very much baby!Have fun!!! :-)
Paul Jr has finished Scarlet Mansion and discovered a new magical land in Jewel Epic! Join in and explore!
Is at the saskatoon fieldhouse track meet with my pace system. being late here..good luck to my sons Clayton Paul Jr. and Gabriel Paul..highway 11 was good but 312 is another story..praying the bad weather holds out till we get home...have a great day...
Just talk to Paul jr for me happier than a *** wit a bag of ***
Thank you to all those who bought tickets for the Les Paul Jr raffle at Sonny's show last night!
so almost done with my class 2 weeks left then about 10 or 9 weeks to go on my last class then im about to move in to my own place ill fine out more on Monday if ill be move in soon or later I hope soon man I miss my little girl ill be see in my son pj I hope soon same with my son chris I want to take a picture of the 3 of them & me to daddy love u all I miss all of u take chris paul jr Monique we going to go fish in when I move to my new place
Uno!!! With my favorite guys... Samuel Scott and Paul jr
March of dimes Paul jr custom bike.
Paul Jr is going up the Ranks in Jewel Epic! Join in the fun now!
Thank You Yvonne for cleaning my House .. And Paul Jr . found your Ming Ming , Do you want it ..
David E. Paul Jr. Can i try this when i come home?
Rocksmith 2014 for 360 with les Paul Jr guitar. Unused and unopened. 150
Paul Jr Giles is so handsome. I'm so happy he's mine. I love you Cookie(:
Sled is cleaned up , soon to be fueled up, and registered, when we riding Ken Paul Jr.?!?
well good afternoon my peeps, today is a good day cause my cuz Toya is ready to pop anytime soon so we finally get to meet Jayceon, but me n my fam gonna cruise to Biz to welcome the newest edition to the Spotted Horse / Hoisington Fam :) Congratulations to my cuz Latoya and bro Paul Jr aka P-Roony aka Doe lol
Good Friday Morning Laytonville! Happy Birthday wishes to Gavin Silva, Maia Davison, Erik Goodman and Happy Anniversary Paul Jr. & Sabrina Bliss and anyone else celebrating a special day today. Another beautiful day, go out & do a rain dance.
Had a kool day at work ita really a small world we live in i waz takin a customer that happen to be my cousin (paul jr )i hant seen since a baby jus by lookin at hiz debit card wit hiz name lol made my day Anita Motherhood Hyde
5 straight wins for Galing Paul Lee JR Quiñahan Alex Nuyles Jeff Chan and to all Rain or Shine
"God has sown his name on the heavens in glittering stars; but on earth he planteth his name by tender flowers." ~Jean Pa…
Ugh.. *** insomnia. Be careful and safe, Rachel. Van & PHL both will get 2" of rain here. :((
It's 41 deg C in Paul's back patio and the chooks are keeping cool in the sand pit
Paul is worse then women always complaining
Stuff I want for 20th Bday. Braves cream jersey. Paul George and Reggie Miller jerseys. Tickets for Pacers b day game. Dale Jr uniform jacket
Bradley was killed? Good to have the ERT Chief Executive Badass back! :)
You can't let your in house rival beat you by 40 w.o Chris Paul. This the kind of game that gets a coach fired
man you are really gonna put KG and Paul on that list. I agree on JR Smith. Why Paul Pierce and KG?
Little Chris Paul Jr is too funny on the statefarm commercial. 😂😂
This has to be great! wow! Paul Jackson jr. Love him. Had him on the record I worked on for Emi/L
If some one think thy know doesn't mean what thy know is true and some one think thy don't know doesn't mean what thy …
A tv commercial for Dominion in June...but none for Continuum?. OK, then.
ray Allen is no where near better than joe right now. Paul George starts at the 3. Jr smith? FOH
Team JLP HD would like to share some great news as a result of the wonderful efforts of HSR, the staff, and racers. Without them we would not have had such great response and new awareness of Huntington's Disease. See the letter below from the UCLA Neurological Department. The Department of Neurology, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA sincerely thanks the drivers, fans, and volunteers at the HSR event who came together in support of Huntington’s disease (HD) research. More than $30,000 in gifts (and counting) have been made to the John Paul Jr. Huntington Disease Fund. Drs. Susan Perlman and Yvette Bordelon are leading the way in HD research in the Department of Neurology. HD research progress: • Beginning two new clinical drug trials that are translating new drug development into human use • Preparing a third clinical drug trial to launch this the spring which will again involve application of a new drug to HD patients • In negotiations for a fourth clinical drug trial of a novel new drug . ...
.LBJ and MJ are alright, but we all know that Vincent Paul Young. Jr. is the GREATEST BALLER OF ALL TIME!
PCA boys basketball team with another big district win over John Paul II in overtime with a final score of 57-53! Great j…
Paul Sr is teaching Paul Jr how to drive in the tank. Beware Floridian…
Paul Pierce almost did it on Lebron, watch the Nets get it
lmao @ Paul Pierce. Nice shot. That was a JR Smith shot. lol
Finally, thanks, for your thanks to my FF's. But I'm still waiting on one other so I can get out of the doghouse.
“Watch Paul Pierce make some crazy luck shot” I know
Watch Paul Pierce make some crazy luck shot
More tks, for your replies to my FF's
Many thanks to for your replies to my FF :)
Paul Pierce is like the sorriest good player ever. I can't explain it lol
The time is always right to do what is right. - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’ - Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
I feel safe with people driving me with just a provisional
Rachel, you've been somewhat occupied of late :) Allowances can surely be made. Hope you're OK.
Paul Haley (Red Zone) celebrating after his big victory in the Jr Men 9-10. Start vid:
At the end of 1, the boys basketball team is up on John Paul II 12-10!!
Paul Washington Jr. knocks down one of two. leads 59-54. Tum Tum at the line for SC with 13.7 seconds left.
WANTED used bikes, Bring yours on in for an appraisal. Contact Paul Jr. Thursday-Sunday for a quote.
I and George and grandson paul jr s pic s awesome
hi how paul jr doing please let me no I don't no if I have something soon to send to him ok
We're at 47 likes on the competition for the Les Paul JR! That means we're at least giving one of the two away but if we get another 3 likes on that post by midnight UK time we'll give away both. :)
I have a Gibson Les Paul Jr. for sale. $600 lemme know!
Paul Jr of the TV show American Chopper shows up in a Cleveland, Ohio suburb (Valley View to be exact), to reveal a motorcycle design for a local company cal ...
Video of Paul Jr Running Track with him doing a little Commentary 2010. Tahlequah Cross Country
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
So I just wanna say. I hate Orange County Choppers and Paul Jr. Designs. They are not bike builders. They don't build bikes people can ride.
Check it out, Paul Jr. has built a SEA CRYSTAL!
Attention boys and girls. Gear sale!! We're selling a super rare danelectro DC59 bass, silver/rosewood, £380 ono, and a gibson les paul jr MM in white/rosewood, w/P90 humbucker, £350 ono. Both great condition. Gibbo available when the DC goes.
Epi Custom shop Les Paul Jr. Made in Korea, setup in USA. Grover tuners, GFS pickups, a little rework done. There is a really killswitch up in the toggle position, and volume controls for each pickup, but tone control for the neck pup only. A really great player but we never bonded. Addtl pics available. $200 local for quick sale. I can take cash, paypal, or cards.
Paul Jr is helping Gus take the kids on a ski trip to Mount Leghorn! Everyone needs a helmet!
Paul Jr is trying to collect White Truffles and needs Truffle Baskets to complete his Romantic Dinner Table!
Do anybody no where Paul Jr at if so tell him call
Check it out, Paul Jr. has built a METAL CRYSTAL!
Check it out, Paul Jr. has built a CLOUD FLAG!
Check it out, Paul Jr. has built a EGG FLAG!
Check it out, Paul Jr. has built a FOUNTAIN!
Check it out, Paul Jr. has built a KNIGHT TEMPLE!
Check it out, Paul Jr. has built a BIG LIGHT HABITAT!
At the roundy with Clayton Paul Jr. And keaton and Ambrose
Im sitting with bubba (Paul Jr) while Paul Bass went down stairs... he woke up long enough to joke with his daddy and tell him he wanted to see the girls and me... swelling going down and he remembers all of us so that's really good!
Check it out, Paul Jr. has built a NOBLE TEMPLE!
Bubba (Paul Jr) is still in ICU he has two fractures on his skull swelling and bleeding. Please keep him in your prayers. We are at LSU children's hospital.
Paul Jr. has finished training his White Chicken in FarmVille 2! Grab an extra milk to feed new baby animals!
On our way to Snow Town with the boys Malachai and Paul Jr at Texas Motor Speedway
Look who has a birthday today... Happy birthday son! One of my favorite pictures of young Paul Jr. Nice kid, obedient, loved his mom and always liked moving my furniture around. HAPPY BIRTHDAY son, we love you! Mom & Dad.
Friend Day with Paul Jr. and Rachael. 8/12/2012 Pastor Linn Winters interviews Paul Teutul, Jr. and his wife Rachael. Paul Jr. is co-star of the popular reality…
Check it out, Paul Jr has built a MONSTER MARKET!
Check it out, Paul Jr. has built a MAGIC TEMPLE!
Jamming on a reversed les paul Jr. ... Me like :)
Greetings and Merry Christmas everyone! Paul Jr. Here! I wanted to inform you that our Christmas special has been rescheduled due to a mechanical failure and will air tonight at 10 PM ET on CTN (Channel 10 or 12). You can also watch it on live stream at
The following were with Grandma & Poppa Pilblad for dinner. We love you Tammy, George, Luke, Brook, Dylan, Bristol, almost Oakley, Britt, Emma, Paul Jr. Carry, Mindy, Dan, Molly, D.P., Harrison, Megan, Paul, P3 and almost Haroer, Tilly and *** No better way to spend a Christmas Eve than with those who make Love Real!
Has anyone seen my son Paul Jr. He is missing again.
Check it out, Paul Jr. has built a KINDERGARTEN!
Paul Jr. has reached a new level in Dragon City
Ready to ride? Who wants it? Just text RIDE to 50555 to join the mobile community and enter for a chance to win this Paul Jr. Designs bike.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Paul Jr. is moving on up in Disney City Girl!
Paul Jr is building train sets for the kids to use at the Community Center. Lend a hand!
Meanwhile somewhere: Young paul jr: for christmas i want someone who loves me Santa: lets be realistic # we see You santa
Paul JR love it. I bought it for him to visited me that he have toy my home than nothing toys to play! Thank, Deanna Galvin that he really love it. LoL.
A VEHICLE fitter appeared in court yesterday charged with causing the death of a cyclist. Michael Bisi, 60, allegedly caused a fatal collision with grandad Paul Jones while at the wheel of a Mercedes car on the A472 Hafodyrynys Road in Crumlin on Tuesday, August 12, Caerphilly magistrates heard. Bisi, of Western Terrace, Ebbw Vale, has been charged with one count of causing death by careless driving. A Honda Civic was also allegedly involved in the incident, but the driver has not been charged. Mr Jones’ family paid tribute to the keen cyclist from Markham who died following the collision at around 7.20am. His heartbroken wife Angela said at the time she could not imagine life without him. She added: “He was not your average 60 year old. He was super fit and looked many years younger than his actual age.” He also left behind a son, Paul, and two grandsons Joshua and Samuel. Paul Jr said his dad was called “the robot” due to his “endless love of working”. He said at the time: “Words cannot ...
IT'S TIME to REBOOT CHRISTIAN TELEVISION by J. Lee Grady Among the legendary pioneers of Christian broadcasting-a list that includes Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts and Jim Bakker-no one worked harder to establish Christian TV stations around the world than Paul Crouch Sr. In spite of constant controversies over his network´s content and finances, the Trinity Broadcasting Network that Crouch founded in 1973 has grown to be the largest and most profitable religious television enterprise in the world. But Crouch died last weekend, and all is not well at TBN. Crouch´s oldest son, Paul Jr., who at one time was the heir apparent of the network, abruptly departed in 2011 and went to work for the Word Network, a predominantly African-American ministry. The Crouch´s granddaughter, Brittany Koper, in a lawsuit filed against TBN last year, claimed that millions of dollars of donor funds were misused. The Crouch´s grandson, Brandon Crouch, has lamented on a blog that the family is now split apart because his sister ...
and if all possible...try and make peace with your grandchildren. God bless you all. Jan, Paul Jr. and Matt and the entire Crouch famiy.
Check out " WE RUN THIS FEATURING SLIM THUG " by J Paul Jr & the Zydeco Nubreeds i love this we used this song when we performed
TODAY ! Great Video...see our children interviewing NYS Governor Cuomo, UFC Champion Joey Gambino, and Paul Jr. from American Chopper...Great Job Kids !!! Saturday, October 26th, Noon and re-run at 7:00 p.m. Local Program: "2013 Sawyer Motors Car Show, with Dan and Kieran". Featuring NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo, Paul Jr. from American Chopper and future UFC Champion Joey Gambino. Produced, directed, edited, and hosted by the students of Morse Elementary School.
Sometimes being a woman, vulnerable, and don't know anything about car, men will take advantage ; my experienced Friday was terrible; a tire shop along Eagle Rock Blvd, Azteca, told me I need shocks infront costs $450 without even testing or looking underneath!tried to sell me a used tire, but I declined,I left but worried if I really needed one? went to my mechanic, in Verdugo, instead he told me I needed the back one, front and back will cost me $1100.00 will give me discount and it will cost me $850.00 for both. Since I need tires, bought at Sears instead. Good thing I did not have the shocks done,Paul Jr. told me I don't need it; Wow,people nowadys are so money hungry!!
I really enjoyed myself!! Real deal trail ride and camp out, out did themselves! J Paul jr, Keith brain. Lil Nate was there!
Arcade fire is seriously just too weird for me to even watch Do they really need 50 ppl in their band. Dudes les Paul jr is pretty sweet tho
Paul Jr. He still has some issues, but he proved all doctors wrong & makes me proud everyday. His sister's r even awesome
Need to watch Paul jr build bikes love the show .someone said it starts in October
Well this trip has been awesome.. Not only have we seen awesome cars! John Travolta, Jay Leno, Paul Jr and gas monkey guys are here!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
At Mike Lull custom guitars getting my Hummingbird and Les Paul Jr adjusted... It's about time!!
there's a whole nation of us hooked for a Saturday nyt fix x
Well someones gotta watch it ant they..? Lol x
The chopper that Paul Jr. designed for the memorial.
Gibson Les Paul Jr. is going to be given away soon! Come enter for a chance to win!
dear mr Paul jr. A little less talk and some action would be appreciated
hey Pauline thnx for follow back nice to meet u. 😄👋
Now playing J Paul JR & the Zydeco Nubreeds - I know you want to leave me on AMPZ Adult
Is it just me or are the puzzles on The Guardian website really easy?
great so why did u waste my time telling me I'm fake -.- nvm w.e
tell me how fake I am at school or but I'm not in the mood
I said something..and Paul jr they are concerned...
but I'm not thirsty lol I wanted to see it but no
I got a big *** . . lol I'm at the big e. Mariss u pretty lol
the Internet mess I'm really not in the mood chill out it's over
why am I tagged in this??? I'm not in the mood for this right now -.-
Awesome photo of bike posted by Paul Jr. Designs. Entering for chance to win this sweet ride is easy http…
Great show. Way to go guys. Thanks for watching everyone. Paul Sr, Nicole, Paul Jr.
Ok, Paul Jr has his snack and is ready to see Mr. Beep!. Paul Sr.
'Shout out' to Mr. Beep and family. Paul Sr, Nicole & Paul Jr.
I still can't get over Paul Sr. Figure Paul Jr. jus like him. Hav good wkend!
Aww for a sec I thought you mean Paul Jr. and Sr. from Orange County Choppers. And you?
Trained on uscan today whoop whoop. Chillin out watching Orange County Choppers. Not the same without Paul Jr and Mike.
May have been goin a tad quick this morning, blue lights & sirens behind me, totally relieved when they passed me 😅😲
Looks like Paul Jr is pulling out his "A" Game since brought back
I wanna make loveee..Lovee in tha stable *in my j.paul jr voice* 💁
Driving with Paul Jr and Paul Senior together kills me lmao 😂
TX stand up, some zydeco off the request line for Ray!. J. Paul Jr. & the Zydeco Nubreeds
Gibson Les Paul Jr., thru a Mesa Dual Rectifier and a Line12 4x12. gets the job done for sure
Double cut les Paul jr on antiques roadshow which is probably my dream guitar eh
Do you have plans to take lessons from Paul Jr on how to build a real bike?? I bet he has a bigger *** than you too!
Just noticed, r news never include unless its bad news, if u haven't been before b sure to goto nxt 1
Paul jr is the best for letting me sleep in his angry birds bed lol, he's says I'm the only girl that can and will ever sleep on his bed :p
“Guy Martin and battle side by side over Joeys' leap
I'm not a friend to libertarians, but Christie might've missed the mark when he attacked Paul jr. NSA is way out of line.
That's probably the worst feeling in the wOrld
Hickory dickory dock, Boo loves sucking my ***
u must be overwhelmed. Enjoy it now. Ask Paul & Paul jr @ American Chopper. They cant get the boy scouts to give a rats ***
celebrated the historic by illuminating Belfast’s skyline with a one-off
Ron Paul, Jr needs to think long and hard before tangling with the Bawse in NJ.
Paul Jr. Designs installed at Veterans Memorial Park, in Montgomery, NY! Surfacing and more photos to come.
.my favorite episode of was the one where Paul Sr and Paul Jr got in a fight while building a motorcycle
Really gr8 to c so my biking tourists taking in the awesome scenery we have to offer 😀🚲💨💨
lol that's great if uve hair, I'm bald & will probably look like granda thug 😱😇
Packed at Toppings even Paul JR is here
Looking forward to a great night w/ Poco & Lucas Ohio - each ticket purchaser will be entered in a raffle to win a signed Les Paul Jr!
2310hrs & it's 20c, sitting out the back in having a sarnie & pint of iced water, feels like I'm on holiday abroad 😎🌕
Glad you are ok. Shakes you up though, huh? *** car drivers!
yea just some heart pumping stuff, some guy caught across 2 lanes, missed me by mm very close. I was livid, blasted my horn
"BOOM BOOM ROOM - J PAUL JR don't tell anybody but I LUV this song lol
Big shoutout to please all follow and support I would really appreciate it
doin gr8 thnx, apart from near getting scrubbed this mornin. Really luving the ☀ how's u? 😄
It certainly did. Morning sweetness. How are things with you?
ha! ms Dawes just just thinking that the other day re not u picking a good wk, even though that turned out
Morning bike loonies.. *** I chose the right week to have off...another stunning day. How long til the hosepipe ban? :-D
2 days at home in N Ireland. 1 cycle, 2 MX rides, jet skied, bag re-packed and back on the sleazyJet for http…
whereabouts in armoy do you meet for on Sunday?
good stuff Paul!! Yeah it's a beautiful morning have a great day :)
Police are attending a security alert on the M2 motorway. It is closed between Sandyknowes and Corrs Corner. Diversion…
I killed you in the beard growing contest Paul Jr.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
hi Paul do you think there might be a paul jr series ? You have a lot of fans back here in the uk...
It's pretty cool when you see paul jr from occ at cumberland 😍
asdfsjdkdjd ,__, thank you so much.. same for you, my good sir. you a perf. keep rocking💫(with your Les Paul Jr.)
"Name the top 5 guys at your school — Like out the whole school or my grade? Paul Jr.
There was no other friend who madee me laugh like you did ; to you I'll always be Sean Paul jr.
Photoset: deannmartin: At home with son Dean Paul Jr., c. 1958
you actually called yourself Sean Paul jr.
come on Usain Bolt, you've got a race to run.
I am blessed to belong to a wonderful community of believers. Willowcreek Community Church teaches biblical principles based on the inspired Word of God, and challenges me to move toward Christ-centered daily living. This summer, teachers will include Bill Hybels, Shane Farmer, Henry Cloud, Harvey Carey, Efrem Smith, Shauna Niequist, John Ortberg, Gary Burge, James Meeks, Erwin McManus, and others that will bring it. This coming weekend, Bill Hybels will bring a message for Dad’s and will be accompanied by Paul Jr. from Orange County Choppers, and comedian Michael Jr. After services on Saturday and Sunday, Dad’s Fest! If you are interested in a great way to spend Saturday evening, message me. I would be privileged to have you as my guest and to save you a seat. I promise, you will not be disappointed. Peace and blessings as you walk with and serve God today.
Last day of school of my two boys and they go to there mom for the summer and i already miss them :-( i love my boys with all of my heart paul,damien blackbear jr and creedance jordan blackbear daddy love u alot plz come back to me
This time last year I was the happiest winyan in the world...@ 12:20 p.m. a son was born to me all 7lbs 20 in long. I named him after his father William Paul Luxon. I am so thankful and proud of him and his father for letting me be a part of their life, and choosing me to be his mother. Happy 1st birthday my sonny Boy William P Luxon Jr.
The University of Alabama is commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stand in the Schoolhouse Door throughout 2013, with a series of activities and events designed to honor the desegregation of UA...
EQUIPPING THE SAINTS by Pastor Robert N. Renberg Jr. In this day and age of grace, God has given to His Church, the body of Christ, gifted leaders. Their primary aim is to teach sound doctrine and to preach Christ as contained in the Mystery, the revelation given to and through the Apostle Paul. However, God's purpose for these men, who are referred to as "pastor-teachers" in Ephesians 4:11, is not just for them to be cold, didactic expounders of the Scriptures alone. His purpose is for the pastor-teacher to be equipping the saints for ministry (diakonia). The Word of God is alive and powerful (Heb. 4:12), and, taught correctly, it has the ability to produce in its hearers an echo that reverberates to those around (1 Thess. 1:8). For many years, the basic layman had the attitude, Let those who are trained do the work of ministering, and he came to church only on Sunday mornings to get a weekly "fill-up." As we come to God's Word, however, this reasoning does not hold up under the light of the gospel. In w ...
Getting ready for Taylors first rodeo this weekend! Over this last weekend she road her first Flying m poker ride:)
Right now, you guys have the better back line & GK. And if your win secures Hackworth's sacking, so much greater
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
TO THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF THE UNITED STATES: –It’s funny how simple it is for people to trash-talk the name of our God… …and then wonder why the world is in such condition as this today. Funny how we all believe what the newspapers read… …but some question what the Bible reads. Weird how the lewd, crude, vulgar, and obscene pass freely through cyberspace… …but the mentioning of the name of JESUS is suppressed in the schools and at workplaces. Ironic how people can be so fired-up on the Sabbath… …yet be ‘invisible’ Christians the very rest of the week. “There are three kinds of people in this world: Those who MAKE things happen, those who LET things happen, and those who WONDER what happened.” –— John M. Richardson, Jr. Why do we "WANT" revival, but are never willing to actually PAY the high price of PROVING ourselves by praying & fasting for it? Why do we always talk about "getting out of our comfort-zones", but never really do anything about complacent Christianity? Why . ...
Tag a friend you love to work out with!
FAF020 Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada "Reality EP" out now on Form & Function - part of the Endemic Digital Inc...
golic is absolutely wrong, if thats Stevenson, melo, Jr Paul George he's suspended.
Dnt feel some type of way about me loving me! luv4self is my brothers inc. my uncles R' COACH Tyrone Beaman & REV. Silvester Beaman those are my mom BROTHERS. THEN WE HAVE MY lil cuz Paul Harris Jr. and the big cuzzin MODIE COX, TIM WINN. GOOGLE THEM NAMES AND THEN figure out My book basketball and street knowledge! IM A GREAT COACH
Rand Paul: Obamacare to include medical diagnostic codes for 'injuries sustained from a turtle,'... via
Gonzalez, Dodgers Rally For 8-7 Win Over Angels by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS May 28, 2013 1:03 AM LOS ANGELES (AP) — Comeback wins haven't come easily to the Dodgers, who had dropped four one-run games in a row. They staged their biggest rally of the season Monday night, overcoming a five-run deficit to beat the Los Angeles Angels 8-7 in the Freeway Series opener. "It can definitely be a momentum builder, but you can't have momentum unless you come out tomorrow and play hard," said Adrian Gonzalez, who had a season-high four hits and tied his career high with four runs scored. Jerry Hairston Jr.'s RBI single scored the go-ahead run in the seventh inning to help the Dodgers snap the Angels' season-high eight-game winning streak in the first of two games at Dodger Stadium before the series shifts to Anaheim for two more. "It seemed like all over the place guys were getting big hits," Dodgers manager Don Mattingly said. Scott Van Slyke went 2 for 4 with two RBIs and Juan Uribe finished 3 for 3 after entering as ...
marathon is HERE, baby! :)) When says "You're a suspect in a crime, maintain your position", you DO AS SHE SAYS.
On this date in Naval history - May 25 1952 - USS Iowa bombards Chongjin, Korea. 1973 - Launch of Skylab 2 mission, which was first U.S. manned orbiting space station. It had an all Navy crew of CAPT Charles Conrad, Jr., USN. (commanding), CDR Joseph P. Kerwin, USN and CDR Paul J. Weitz, USN. During the 28 day mission of 404 orbits, the craft rendezvoused with Skylab to make repairs and conduct science experiments. Recovery by USS Ticonderoga (CVS-14)
28 years ago, Monday May 28th, 1985, 8:08 am, 6lbs, 14oz... Terrance Paul Scruggs Jr - my beloved 1st child was born. Terrance, if I could have ONE wish in All the World on your BIRTHDAY... I'd wish that you would always be HAPPY, forever HEALTHY, & that your LIFE would be filled with all the things that bring you LAUGHTER & LOVE. I wish you a lifetime where ALL your DREAMS come TRUE. Happy Birthday Son.. Mommy LOVE you 4 LIFE... Smooches.
So what's up with doctors offices asking patients if they have a gun in the house? They throw it in with all their other questions about your health. What does that have to do with anything? My doctor doesn't do this but many of my friends doctors are starting to ask. What exactly is going on here? Of course we tell them it's none of their business. Does owning a gun put you on a certain list? I own lots of guns and they have never interfered with my health issues. Next they'll be asking you who you voted for...or if you watch Golden Girls or not. Of course I watch Golden Girls but I'm not letting them know that either.
Since Arsenal last won a trophy Paul Scholes has won 8 major trophies, retired, made a comeback and retired again.
Our brew master JR will be live on Fox 5 with Paul Milliken serving up creative burgers and craft beers for...
Boys,(did you know we call them Formals here not proms?) you didn't miss much. Trust me.
Good morning all. i have a little "edgy" statement this morning. i am going to talk about something that was said to me over the weekend and well, i hear it all the time. They say that the Leather and Kink community "are nothing but a bunch of freaks" or some say "i just don't get it". The truth is that we are not as foreign as some people imagine. Many guys/girls actually do elements of bondage, domination, and submission without even knowing it. If you like it when a guy/girl is on top of you and holding your hands down, that's a form of domination. People need to get over the labels and just enjoy themselves sexually. It will make everything a lot easier. So see we are not that different then everyone else. We are just a sex affirming, public statement in a world that shames and shuns sexuality.
 border= is the official website for the Tulsa Public Schools district - the largest school district in Oklahoma.
To Patty, Cat, Michael, Anthony, Paul, Natasha, Micheal, Cris, Jr, I may get mad at u but will always love u.xoxo
“When on a film set, what’s the one rule nobody should ever break?” NEVER work without pay. - Chris Ratledge Never try and guess your wrap time, You’re just jinxing yourself. - Paul Raymond Don’t fart during a take. - Jason Bourke-Velji Never give your opinion unless you are the director. - Joseph Cabato If you don’t know something, dont act like you do. - Nick Sokol Stick to your role, and keep your mobile phone switched off. - Bogdan Jugureanu Don’t move ANYTHING on set unless told to! Continuity is sooo important! - Tee Lee Never call CUT! - Louise Murphy Some wise advise I’ve once heard: “You should always be waiting on someone but never be waited upon.” - Michel Aspirot When firing a light, wait for a couple seconds after the call to switch it on. Otherwise you blind people who looked at you (just because they heard something) when you don’t give them time to look away again. - Jonathan C. Hout No eye contact with Ms. Lopez. - JR Lipari Never forget the chain of command. Its not ...
Who holds the Guinness World Record for "most searched-for man on the internet?" Join us at 4:30am
Please confirm your slot asap. The unconfirmed slots will be replaced by Thus. midnight via emial (preferable). Please let your friends/colleagues know if you see their names. The materials to be printed have to be sent to A.Siriluck before 6:00 pm. Thursday. The list of June 8 and 9 will be posted soon. List of support teachers on Sat. June 1, 2013: The Legacy Hotel Sat. June 1, 2013 Math Group This time the focus is on ES Math. The teachers need to practice the words, phrases and everything required in real teaching in actual classrooms. A bit more details will be sent to Arthur to share with the other teachers in the group. 1. Arthur Runes 2. Rodel Mejia 3. Tom C. Ortizano 4. Hannah Loayon 5. Analiza Dolamos Sat. June 1, 2013 English group 1 We need to make sure that our trainees speak more frequently and confidently. Activities that involve more speaking skills will be welcome. More info will be sent to Shiela and Robert to be shared with the others in the group. 1. Ramon Cadenas 2. ...
God Is With You "I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us." Romans 8:18 I have written many devotionals over the years about why do we suffer so much in life. We lose our jobs, have unexplained deaths in our family, have relationship issues, severe financial issues, problems with our children, the list could go on. I believe we can get some solace from the writings of the apostle Paul, who tells us to be content with all things. So often we don't understand why things happen to us, as we do not see all of God's great plan, but even during our times of struggle, we need to remember that God is still there. He knows what we face each day. He knows how our hearts ache, and how we are so burdened down with the stresses of life, but He also tells us that He will not give us more than we can bear. We can see the struggles that Job had, we can see the trials that the disciples had, as most were imprisoned and their life threatened continuousl ...
If I could have like anything in the world, it'd be like Paul Walker or Freddy Prince Jr idk 💘
Thanks for joining us this morning - playing Paul Jackson Jr and It's a shame
Paul Merson: "If Wenger left tomorrow, every club in the world would want him. Even ahead of Mourinho."
Jim Jones was a pastor who got his people to drink the kool-aid (which was actually a lethal mix of poison and of the popular beverage) over 30 years ago, when 909 people of his congregation perished. But after hearing about what this latest pastor got his followers to drink, that “kool-aid” sounds...
Do not suppose, because it has been spoken concerning restoration, that ye shall be restored from sin to happiness. Behold, I say unto you, wickedness never was happiness. - Alma 41:10
Tuesday morning with Paul Jackson Jr - this is Rocksteady at
Omg JOHN PAUL CHAFFIN JR is goofy as *** sitting here kissing all over my face and sayin oh baby lol and saying we all got big heads to smart foreal
Staying far never breaks a relation, staying near never builds a relation, its an invisible link between hearts, that keeps a relation special... Good morning a nice day much love
Thanks to all those that have served, and those that gave all. We wont forget you RIP Bogar and Shaver
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Comment who would you like to see in a Lakers uniform. My choices are: CP3, paul pierce, and jr smith.
Paul daughter getting flipped my d.smith jr. And his friends.. Lmao
I start my new job @ 7:30 n the morning, my eyes hurt from readin that freakin manual, I feel like crap, and I can't sleep. Ah
"Lets talk about it " Ferrell Phelps Jr and special guest Pastor Paul D.: via
So far it's been a great weekend Friday went out for a movie, Saturday was well spent with my family can get any better than that, Sunday was busy with my music ministry, and today was awesome got to spent it with my boy Paul Ramirez Jr
A little late in the day... But a great big thank you to all the men and women past, present, and future whom have sacrificed So much to keep us safe! You are our true hero's! Thank you all for giving so much. Especially my father in law Paul Paul Dickey, cousins Robert Bob Bullock, Daniel G Daniel G Bullock, Paul E Dickey Jr.! And many more! God bless you all!
Wow that movie...Furious 6 kinda makes me want that 2 h of time back. Can u say Furious 7 meets Transporter. They really pushed the imagination this time.
Firearms manufacturers have been largely silent in the debate over gun violence, but in lawsuit depositions, industry leaders argue that companies bear little responsibility for monitoring dealers.
When Paul comes home from his job at Lowe's everyday he reports who he has seen...Paul Eckerline, Scott Rickford, Manny Guerra. all local heros! Well guess who I ran into at JoAnn Fabric's today? International wheelchair athlete Paul Nitz!!! Mom is making another quilt from all of Paul's races. I also will report that Mr. Nitz helped coach at jr. track practice on Sat.
In sports labels have a tendency to stick with a player or a team even if it’s not true. The whole Spurs are boring thing has been around for years and I don’t see it with them. They move the ball around on offense really well and shoot a ton of open threes. Have an ageless center, one of the best point guards, Manu is fun to watch, they have a tall ginger that bombs threes. Green and Leonard are two key role players that every team wished they had. Pop is the most entertaining coach when it comes to dealing with the media.
Mike Anthony Nava Jr. and Manny Guera are on the way to Academy Sports + Outdoors!
Thirty four months tomorrow, I am unemployed. Don't know if I'm being blackballed by my prior company or not. but cease and desist, MLP...
Its getting that time again & we'd love to know if there'll be a presence at San Diego Comic-Con in July?
My eleven year old just told me I was the meanest mama ever because I made her go to bed at 10:00 during the summer!! I just told her other kids have to go to bed at 10 too! Her response? "Give me some names then!" Ok, I need names people! I cannot let this little brat out smart *** me!!! Help!!!
Katie, Merlin's wrapping up in the states Friday; thank you for a fun, joyful performance as Morgana. Emmy nomination-worthy.
Had a great weekend with my brothers & father playing on my grandfathers memorial tournament in Bedford, IN, then watching the Indy 500 for the first time as a spectator (beats the tar outta selling programs) :) Now it's time to start getting back in the groove of things & finalize the events coming up. Belle of Louisville cruise/dance for jr high, kings island for high school, St Paul picnic prep, yg meetings, our discount card fundraiser, & lots of other little things in between! :) Summer is gonna be fun! :) Message me if ya have any questions.
Blu-ray buy of the week; Adventures of Merlin, season 5. With TV's most deliciously catty villainess this season, Morgana.
Alice Minnie Cavalier Fos Ruiz passed away Wednesday May 22, 2013 at the age of 98. Beloved wife of Alexander E. Fos Sr. and late Reab Ruiz. Devoted mother of Alexander E. Fos (Claudia), and Bertrand A. Fos Sr. Loving aunt of Betty Langley. Daughter of late Georiganna Graverlet Cavalier and Frank Cavalier. Sister of the late Lena Grub, Richard Cavalier, Stella Grace Zwank, Winnie Mae Langley, Charles Cavalier, and Frank Cavalier. She will be truly missed by her (Busta) Bertrand A Fos Jr. (Tina), as well as grandchildren Michelle Fos, Alexander E. Fos III (Allison), Chris M. Fos (Ingrid), Alan J. Fos, Linda A. Bland aka Mikey (Arthur), Danette D. Dominick (Andre). Also survived by her 17 great grandchildren and 3 great great grandchildren. Relatives and friends are invited to attend a visitation to be held at ST. BERNARD MEMORIAL FUNERAL HOME, 701 W. Virtue St., Chalmette, LA on Thursday May 30, 2013 from 9:00AM-1:00PM. A mass of Christian Burial will begin at 1:00PM. Interment will follow in St. Vincent d ...
T-minus 10+ hours and counting to the marathon tomorrow on Syfy. 8:30AM ET, and maybe a new season 2 promo or two? Be there :)
"You got nothing to worry about. You're Curtis Axel. A Paul Heyman guy"- Paul Heyman
Thanks, Shawn. We need to stick together, friends and all. :)
I want to say thank you to my father Josh Bridges for serving in WWI & WWII I love and miss you so much. I know you are still with me and also tell my brother Paul Bridges who is up there with you that I want to thank him to and also thank my two other brother's for serving our country to and they name's are George Bridges and Josh Bridges Jr. I love them to
Jr and Paul Brooks painted the kids room today. It looks amazing can't wait to put it back together Tomorrow. Thanks guys. My house is looking amazing. Feeling more and more like home everyday.
Otto Ernest Passman (June 27, 1900 –August 13, 1988) was a conservative Democratic congressman from Monroe in northeastern Louisiana, who served from 1947 to 1977. He is primarily remembered for his detailed knowledge and mostly opposition to foreign aid. He was unseated in the 1976 primary election by the more moderate challenger, Thomas Jerald "Jerry" Huckaby of Ringgold, a town in Bienville Parish. Passman was the son of sharecroppers from Franklinton, the seat of Washington Parish in southeastern Louisiana. Washington Parish was also the home of another political giant in Louisiana politics, State Senator Sixty Rayburn of Bogalusa. Passman dropped out of school to work odd jobs but enrolled in night school thereafter to complete his high school education. He later studied at Soule Business College in Bogalusa. "He was a smart man, a self-educated man," said Paul Fink, Passman's attorney for more than four decades. In 1929, having relocated to Monroe, he formed Passman Equipment Company, which was in ...
Good day today, made homemade French toast for breakfast (it was awesome!). Pad slapped a rear axle on a trail-blazer, your welcome Natasha Nixon. Cooked dinner on the grill for the family. Did lanscaping work at the house with Tasha, thanks babe! Finally said thanks to my buddy Tom Newton Jr. and James Pape and my uncles and other men and women who have and will serve our country. Thank you! Feeling of accomplishment today... Complete.
Patrice Rushen with 1 + One and Ndugu Chancler and Special Guests Paul Jackson Jr. and the Plus Harmony Project...
Rest n peace Paul Tidwell Jr. We will always love and miss u :*
Everyday i notice more nd more that all we got is us Bros Luis Thebeatman Bardales Jr. Walter Rodriguez Jonathan Credaith Pratt Keyla Rodriguez Richard Paul Ruiz Ent
there are some real Francophone gems in there...Paul martin Jr., tete du merde is one. lol.
but Paul Herman just said you were at home watching raw!!
Our Founding Fathers: Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? Five signers were captured by the British as traitors and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants; Nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured. Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags. Thomas McKean was so hounded by the British that he was f ...
and as ole JR would is about to pick up. The great . Chris you need to be a Paul Heyman guy
is it me or does Paul Haymen move is head right and left when he walks
Gerald Ford Modeled During College President Gerald Ford was a male model for John Robert Powers' agency. Though his modeling career was brief and only a part time gig during college, Ford booked a few good modeling jobs during his short lived career. He appeared in a 21-picture Stowe, Vt., ski resort feature in Look Magazine in 1940. And two years later posed in his Naval uniform on the cover of Cosmopolitan. Both times he posed with famed model and former fling Phyllis Brown. Boller, Paul F. Jr. 2007. Presidential Diversion: Presidents at Play from George Washington to George W. Bush. Orlando, FL: Harcourt Books.
Paul walker you are so sexy oh my god
Can't wait to see how Summer looks when FANDANPOO comes out
is mimicking ANTHONY NEWLY +Paul Jackson jr will make it through ANY track ZERO originality here Pharrell, What's up ¿¿
Paul is a bully! Why do you want to hang out with him? Lmao.
Paul Jenkins Jr., Mommy can't wait to kiss your little cheeks.
In prayerful silence, look into your own heart. No1 can tell u better than yourself what comes between u & God. Ask yourself... Then listen!
I had a nice time today. Tara, Elaine and the boys picked me up and I rode to the Cemetery's with them. Back at Tara's later we enjoyed a delicious "cook-out." In the Prayer, given by Paul, we were reminded what this day REALLY means. I want to say "thank you, from the bottom of my heart", to every single person who has served or is serving in the Military, so I can live in the land of the free. At the top of the list is my beloved brother-in-law, Howard B. Lull, Jr. (MIA in Viet Nam, April 7, 1972.)
Pope Francis South Korean South Korea White House Premier League Easter Sunday Loch Ness Monster Prince George Chinese Grand Prix Miss America Boston Marathon Kansas City Hull City Manchester United Lewis Hamilton Liam Neeson Good Friday Chelsea Clinton London Marathon Prince William Warner Bros Kate Middleton President Obama Nico Rosberg Malaysia Airlines Gabriel Garcia Marquez New Zealand Apple Maps Formula One Raheem Sterling Bryan Singer Wall Street Los Angeles David Moyes Aaron Ramsey Mount Everest Champions League International Space Station Supreme Court Lindsay Lohan Justin Bieber Indian Ocean World Cup Luis Suarez Michelle Obama Oscar Pistorius Mo Farah Justin Welby Pat Tillman Miley Cyrus Johnny Depp Bob Dylan Kendall Jenner Craig Sager Donald Trump Carrow Road Brent Seabrook Francois Hollande Home Page Ricky Gervais Gwyneth Paltrow Jesus Christ Alfa Romeo Peter Moores North Korean Tommy Cooper Saudi Arabia Sports Illustrated Shinzo Abe Catholic Church Harry Reid Maria Miller North Korea General Mills Peaches Geldof Scottish Highlands Per Month Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai Dodge Challenger David Threlfall Morgan Freeman Cape Canaveral Elon Musk Middle East Loch Ness Internet Explorer 8 Finding God Mickey Rooney Star Wars White Sox Time Warner Cable Easter Bunny David Bailey Chris Martin Vladimir Putin West Ham Roger Federer Stanislas Wawrinka Paul Walker Zooey Deschanel

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