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Paul Hornung

Paul Vernon Hornung (born December 23, 1935) is a retired Hall of Fame professional football player who played for the Green Bay Packers from 1957-66. He, O.J Simpson, Earl Campbell are the only people to have won the Heisman Trophy, been selected as first overall National Football League draft picks, and been inducted into both the Pro Football Hall of Fame and College Football Hall of Fame.

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On this day in 1956 1957 NFL Draft: Paul Hornung from University of Notre Dame first pick by Green Bay Packers
. Paul Hornung was a great. Ask him Johnny Majors, Tennessee should have won.
Cam has more career rushing TDs than HoF'ers Paul Hornung, John Henry Johnson, and Gale Sayers. He also has more than Le'Veo…
Have you voted for Joel Lanning for the Paul Hornung Award yet? Lanning to Lazard =
why is Lamar Jackson being ignored for the Heisman? He is undoubtedly the best college football player i…
You can vote for Joel for the Paul Hornung Award every 24 hours! . Vote here>>
Dante Pettis has been named a finalist for the Paul Hornung Award. >>
Hint: Joel Lanning, Iowa State University. But, you can make up your own mind. Vote for Paul Hornung Award !
Paul Hornung really tied one on at the soccer game last night.
Joel Lanning was certainly yesterday. Here's his updated profile. Keep voting for
Very proud of who is a finalist for the Paul Hornung Award. voting is open NOW. You can vote once every…
Did you vote for Joel Lanning today for the Paul Hornung Award?.
I'm with you there... Don't think he'll win. But he should be in the conv…
“To be up for an award named for one of the greatest football players of all time in Paul Hornung is an incredible honor.”-…
Vote for your favorite player for the Louisville Sports Commission's Paul Hornung Award presented by Texas Roadhous…
Punch of Donald (Mr. Inside) and Steve Bannon (Mr. Outside) has not been seen in America since Paul Hornung & Jim Taylor
I haven't turned it on since Paul Hornung bet on himself.
For those of us from a different era, announcing crew of Paul Hornung (left) and Lindsey Nelson (right)
Byron Pringle lands on the Paul Hornung watch list for the most versatile player in CFB.
Colorado’s George Frazier on preseason watchlist for 2017 Paul Hornung Award
Ohio State’s Parris Campbell named to preseason Paul Hornung watch list
Congrats to De'Mornay Pierson-El on being named to the Paul Hornung Award watch list. Second time he's been on it.
7/15/1967: Former star Paul Hornung will get a second evaluation on Monday, but is quoted as saying he may have to retire ...
7/15/1967: Former star Paul Hornung has been diagnosed with spinal cord damage, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports ...
ICYMI: Check out our interviews with NFL Hall of Famer Paul Hornung and author
Huge episode of the today. Hall of Famer Paul Hornung will join me along with author Tune in at 4!
What's not to like about this guy? Second coming of Packer Hall of Famer, Paul Hornung. A football…
Can't believe the school that gave us: Regis Philbin; Joe Montana; and Paul Hornung has fallen so low...
better player James Brooks 79TD OR or Paul Hornung 62TD All of these and similar career spans.
Paul tried all the tricks. Nothing worked especially when you found that dirtpile 😂
2 guys just bought me shots when I showed them this photo of Paul Hornung holding my shirt that he later kept.…
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Paul Hornung is here if anyone wants they're *** grabbed.
Today in 1965: Paul Hornung scores team-record five TDs (3 rush, 2 rec.) as Packers top Colts, 42-27, in foggy Baltimo…
After hitting up the Stadium View and saying hi to Paul Hornung, Dave Robinson and Will Henderson, hitting up 1919…
.The '63 Packers didn't make it to the NFL title game. Rozelle suspended Paul Hornung f/ consorting w/ gamblers.
Hall of Fame running back Paul Hornung on our flight to Milwaukee. Awesome!
NFL legend Paul Hornung (5) will be here from 4:30-6 today. He's signing copies of his book, so come in and get a p…
- don't forget the Packers duo of white RB- Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor !!
Fam used to belong to Audubon CC. Parents were friends w PeeWee Reese/Paul Hornung. Turns out they're famous.
is a Paul Hornung versatile RB. He could throw, good between the tackles, great receiver & Caucasian.
Former Heisman Trophy winner and great Paul Hornung will be dining here and signing copies of his book thi…
Is Paul Hornung the 🐐 for scoring 15 TD's kicking 15 FG's and hitting 41 PAT's in the same season?
Never get married in the morning - you never know who you might meet...
No one remembers Max McGee and Paul Hornung apparently. Derek Sanderson. Joe Namath.
wonder how LT, Namath, Snake, Paul Hornung would've been viewed in social media era
I want Lindsey Nelson to call the Cotton Bowl while Paul Hornung sits in the booth and drinks, but it's not happening.
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On This Date: Ex-hooper Paul Hornung of rushed for TD in playoff win vs
Watchin' this interesting piece of Paul Hornung on the Tim McCarver show..
8/23/1966: stars Paul Hornung, Willie Wood and Herb Adderley were headed to the New York Jets, the magazine reports ...
Brexit is a example as to why you need to vote as a young person. Dont let out of touch elderly people decide what wont even be their future
There goes Scotland as part of the U.K.
Great piece from on Paul Hornung and his value to the Lombardi Packers.
Why haven't retired Paul Hornung's No. 5? on why Vince Lombardi's star RB is still waiting
Loved this column on why Paul Hornung's number should be retired:
Paul Hornung is one of my all time favorite players. In related news, I want a throwback jersey.
the true sham Hall of Famer based on fame rather than production is Paul Hornung. Look at his stats sometime--not strong.
you liked the scene of Tormund's giant member?
6/19/1966: "Flamboyant Paul Hornung ... has formally committed himself in what looms as the fight of his football life," Remmel writes ...
6/19/1966: halfback Paul Hornung has signed his 1966 contract, Lombardi tells Lee Remmel of the ...
I'm hoping that tonight's episode is split more 30/30 on Meereen and the north but I'm pretty sure it's more like 20/40
Also: Season 5 and 6 are doing no justice to the latter parts of ADWD at all. Killing Barristan and replacing it with Tyrion was a bad idea
Wish they had put more emphasis on how crazy the Battle of Meereen would be. Sadly they are probably going to stunt it tonight
Lol please get Paul Hornung off this list.
Interesting to see who CBS used on College Football, Lindsey Nelson/Paul Hornung for the late 70s at Cotton Bowl, Nelson/Pat Haden after
2/27/1966: Speaking at a banquet in Fond du Lac, Bob Skoronski is asked about teammates Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung ...
So I had the opportunity to meet Brandon Boykin downtown today as he was in town for the Paul Hornung Award...
JSOnline - PolitiFact: JFK, Lombardi and Paul Hornung - JFK, Lombardi, the Packers and the Golden Boy.
lol exactly bc at least their chicken isn't 90% fat and God only knows what else
I got to throw a few back with Paul Hornung. Greatest guy to throw a few back with ever! His stories were amazing!
Just got official word heisman winner "Golden Boy" Paul Hornung coming back to campus this summer for our Fantasy Camp.
Paul Hornung hogs all the booze in heaven
Turn in your Chief fan card. The most overrated is the Packers' Paul Hornung.
Look up Paul Hornung and his statistics lol. If he's in there are about 20 rbs not in who belong
I also have a 2011 UD College Legends Inscriptions Paul Hornung /99 8.5 w/8 auto (smudge on part of the auto)
Packers' Paul Hornung . Hornung, 1961 MVP, sat out 1963 season, suspended 4 betting on NFL games and hanging with gamblers. Hornung in HOF!
5. Among the players who received call-up notices was Paul Hornung, who left the Packers midseason to report to Fort Riley in Kansas.
8 x 10 framed picture black and white of Fuzzy Thurston and Paul Hornung coming off the Field in the mud bowl. autographed
Paul Hornung for VW in the Super Bowl XV program. No word if he bet on how many yards in a full tank here.
2/5/1966: "I am definitely not going to Atlanta," says halfback Paul Hornung, who won't say who gave him that assurance ...
2/5/1966 is a Saturday. halfback Paul Hornung says he's been assured he won't be put in the expansion draft for the Falcons ...
Vince Lombardi called President Kennedy to get Paul Hornung out of service temporarily so he could play in the 1961 championship game.
Paul Hornung. Who better to talk about Super Bowl 50 than someone who was a member of Super Bowl I's Green Bay...
we keep hearng about how bad Johnny is but what about the Bobby Layne's Paul Hornung's and HOF'ers
Special appearances on by Baby Olive, cover photo & Paul Hornung
Just got an autograph pic for my nephew from the great Packer Hall of Famer, Paul Hornung
Born on this date: Jack Ham, Willie Wood, Paul Hornung, Jim Harbaugh... see more:
Such an honor and a blessing to receive the Paul Hornung Award. Can't thank my teammates and coaches enough!
I loved all of those guys. On Sunday mornings I can still hear Lindsey Nelson & Paul Hornung doing ND football highlights.
exactly but he should win the Paul Hornung Awards , Henry not eem best back in the country SEC bias is real
i thought it was weird. and he used Jim Brown/Paul Hornung as a point of contention. slow day, i guess.
At the 1957 NFL Draft, 's Ron Kramer is the 4th overall pick, behind Paul Hornung, Jon Arnett and John Brodie.
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first guess is Paul Hornung. Need way more time to think about number two.
Never get married in the morning, because you never know who you'll meet that night.-Paul Hornung
So, you were an English major, but you said Paul Hornung was at a podium, instead of saying he was at a lectern.
D'Ernest Johnson needs to be up for the Paul Hornung Award considering he's a RB with a TD pass, 4 TD catches, and plays all special teams.
I may have been too young to get excited for the prequels and not alive for the originals but *** episode 7 looks like the best movie ever
What an honor to meet the original Golden Boy, Paul Hornung.
Gold Jacket from Super Bowl I at Lambeau! Dave Robinson, Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor and Forrest Gregg ht…
9/26/1965: halfback Paul Hornung goes out with a shoulder injury in the third quarter, leaving most of the work to Tom Moore ...
what about Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Ray Nitschke, Bart Starr, Kramer, Robinson, etc., etc.
Ragin' Cajun RB Elijah McGuire is as versatile as they get. It's fitting he's on the Paul Hornung watch list. Story:
Ragin' Cajun RB Elijah McGuire 1 of 44 to make prestigious Paul Hornung watch list. Full story -->
Should Ty Cobb, Alex Karras and Paul Hornung be in the Hall of fame? All three have bet on their team!
.Alex Karras and Paul Hornung were both suspended from the NFL for a year, cause of gambling
If you gameplan to face Bart Starr & Paul Hornung from 50 years ago, your team will be in serious trouble when Aaron Rodgers shows up!
Paul Hornung's take on Tom Brady suspension: 'My God, it's not fair' via
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MT Tom Brady could learn from Paul Hornung, who was pure class when he was suspended for gambling. http:/…
Today in 1964, Pete Rozelle reinstated Paul Hornung & Alex Karras after a one year suspension for gambling on games in which they played.
But mine are sharp and long my lord
the NFL put Paul Hornung in the Hall of Fame after to suspending him for betting . Put Pete Rose in the Hall
THE NFL let Paul Hornung back into the NFL after for his gambling and in the Hall of Fame put Rose in the Hall of Fame
NFL allowed Alex Karras and Paul Hornung back into the game after betting suspensions.
with all the Favre talk about his number being retired...just a question...why isn't Paul Hornung's number retired?
Former Green Bay great Jerry Kramer will be the keynote speaker at the Paul Hornung Award Banquet on Feb. 25 …
Shaq Thompson will be in Louisville on Feb. 25 at the Paul Hornung Award Banquet. You won't want to miss it. For...
running great Paul Hornung kissed by Stritch (right) & Shirley Bonne on CBS' "My Sister Eileen", 1961
Officially booked my flight to California. Now I just have to wait 46 more days. But only 31 days until Canada with :)
Paul Hornung is signing autographs on 3/20. For details click on via
best RBs of all time:. 1. Paul Hornung. 2. Ahman Green. 3. Jim Taylor. 4. Eddie Lacy. 5. Ryan Grant
Great line up today on GDL. Paul Hornung, Tom Mabe, Comedian Shaun Latham and the band Hoosier! See you at 9.
My damned phone will not let me respond to the post about best NFL coaches. So, here is my response: Vince Lombardi (Jack Vainisi never got enough credit for helping Lombardi. He brought Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Bart Starr, Forrest Gregg, Jim Ringo, Ray Nitschke, Willie Wood, Jerry Kramer to Green Bay. Plus, he traded for Henry Jordan and Willie Davis). Lombardi was the greatest, but Vainisi is forgotten. Paul Brown Don Shula Bill Walsh Tom Landry Bill Belichick Bill Parcells Of course, Tony Dungy will make the HOF earlier than Madden, Hank Stram, Sid Gillman, Parcells, Chuck Noll did.which is a bloody joke! HA! Now, Halas was- great coach, but he was more of an inventor, originator and contributor tovtgevgame as a genius, more so than as.a coach. IMO. Also, Red Grange was a phenom in college, but in the NFL he was not as great of a back as he was at Illinois. He was great early on in the pros, but he had a severe knee injury and became an excellent DB. People act like he was Jim Brown or Barry Sanders i ...
Not a fan, but a Paul Hornung fan. in your program but in your heart. legend and 1956 winner
if you are fan go to iTunes,search Greta Talk and listen to podcast w/ Paul Hornung
I just assumed the Paul Hornung Award was for the guy who did the most shots and smoked the most cigs at half time.
saw a lot of Paul Hornung in NFL title game 53 years ago today. 3 FGs, 4 XPs, 136 total yds for
I just bought a recommended grad school intro book on differential geometry what the *** is wrong with me
yeah understand that for sure just like me with a Paul Hornung 2010 sweet spot 13/25 auto
How do they do this stuff? Like Paul Hornung used to say; Practice, practice, practice. Hall of Famer.
In my opinion Elijah Pitt was a better running back than Paul Hornung and you can argue the way Vince used Pitts. But VL knew best!
Paul Hornung was a great blocker, good receiver and good runner and very good kicker but Elijah Pitts was a better pure running back than PH
Shook Paul Hornung's hand today and pretty sure I'm still shaking from the excitement. 🍀🍀
Nice! Isn't it great to see how well our former Paul Hornung Award winners are playing this year.
Vince Lombardi, Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung all showed up at Lambeau.
At the Mall today & my brother & I happen to see Packer Great Paul Hornung. ☺
My brother getting a couple of autographs from Legend PAUL HORNUNG!
Paul Hornung is sitting right next to me 😬😬
..Did Ya Know??. Paul Hornung holds the NFL record for the most points in a single season. He scored 176 points...
An honor to have a few minutes with Heisman Trophy winner Paul Hornung this morning
Manning loss was tough, but not as tough (or fraudulent) as Johnny Majors losing in 1956 to Paul Hornung from a 2-8 Notre Dame team.
***DID YOU KNOW*** Of all the Heisman Trophy winners in the history of the award(78 years).only EIGHT have went on to have Hall of Fame careers (Barry Sanders, Marcus Allen, Tony Dorsett, Doak Walker, Paul Hornung, Roger Staubach, O. J. Simpson, Earl Campbell). Six runningbacks and two QBs. When he retires, CHARLES WOODSON will be the only defensive player ever to win the Heisman and go to the HOF.
Louisville native & football great Paul Hornung, who has a statue outside Lou. Slugger Field.
Husky fans, if you want to vote for Shaq Thompson to win the Paul Hornung's the link...
They even told us what booth: "the Paul Hornung Corner, a special booth commemorating his accomplishments."
Just got an email from that Paul Hornung will be at the Green Bay location next Thursday (8/21) from 6pm to 8pm.
Don't worry Malik, you will be a starter in the pros someday, you have the name like Joe Montana or Paul Hornung
I don’t put much stock in hagiography. Hagiography is how we wind up with Paul Hornung in the Hall of Fame.
I hear they have openings at McDonald's
Only one Heisman winner had a losing team record. 1956 Paul Hornung, Notre Dame went 2-8
Me with NFL football players Dante Lavelli & Paul Hornung in Canton, Ohio.
Christion Jones is listed for the Paul Hornung Award (most versatile player).
I'm going to pretend that this signed poster from Paul Hornung is mine, even though its not.
If there's one thing I've learned today it's that 40's can acting more immature than my 13 year old brother
There is four drivers. It's called fair time for everyone to drive. Not stubborn "I'll drive till I'm tired"
Teammates (from left) Paul Hornung, Jerry Kramer and Fred Thurston exit the field in 1965.
crispy critters with paul hornung football player extraordinaire | | Buy: at
I need someone to go to the Wisconsin State Fair and get me Jerry Kramer,Paul Hornung,and Fuzzy Thurston's autographs
First purchase of Friday Football Vintage Lot with key rookies of Jim Brown, Ray Nitscke, Paul Hornung and many more!
You can catch Paul Hornung, Fuzzy Thurston and Jerry at the Wisconsin State Fair this weekend. More details to follow …
Bobby Nichols hung out with Paul Hornung, learned golf as a caddy for Pee Wee Reese, went to Texas A&M with some help from Bear Bryant, and played on the PGA Tour with Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer. He has lived and worked in the company of legends all his life, and today in a ceremony in Louisville, he be honored as one himself.
O.k. Over The Hill Football Fans - assuming the nature of the first pairing, fill in the partner for each of the following players: Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick 1. Frank Gifford and 2. Paul Hornung and 3. Les Josephson and 4. Dave Osborne and 5. Ken Willard and 6. Leroy Kelly and 7 Larry Brown and 8. Don Perkins and 9. Gayle Sayers and 10. Keith Lincoln and 11. Matt Snell and 12. Ollie Matson and Now, let's hope all these returns hold when I hit "post" :-)
Salute to the best RB of all time. Paul Hornung. And best LB of all time. Ray Nitschke
I work for LSC. I need help getting Teddy Bridgewater to the Paul Hornung event on Jan 28th. He came last year. Can you help?
reality check: Bart Starr, Forrest Gregg are 80. Willie Davis is 79. Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor are 78. Willie Wood is 77.
I did a lot of driving over the weekend. All over the place during some of the worst driving conditions I have experienced since 78. I probably saw a thousand cars and trucks wrecked and in the ditches. I got stuck twice on interstate ramps in my HHR. Bottomed out and could go no where. Had some fine folks help me out. I returned the favor several times. It was a good weekend to be a good citizen of the highway. One of the highlights of my travels was a trip to Wisconsin. I drove out of the snow just north of Chicago and drove up to Appleton Wisconsin. After making a stop there I decided to drive on up to Green Bay. If you are a sports fan you know Green Bay and the Packers, Vince Lombardi, Paul Hornung and Bart Starr and the ice bowl they call Lambeau Field. What a beautiful stadium. I arrived there Sunday morning at 9am their time and the fans were already getting ready to tailgate. The temperature was about 8 below zero! Now these are fans! This community has spirit! I don't know that you could top th ...
Lunch with my buddy Moe from Chicago...gifting him 1962 photo of Paul Hornung and Mike Ditka getting MVP and Rookie of Year awards
I don't suppose you've ever heard of Paul hornung?
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I think I'm starting to see what Paul Hornung was talking about
Just checked out the list of Packer retired jersey numbers. There are only 5: Tony Canadeo; Don Hutson; Bart Starr; Ray Nitschke; and Reggie White. I can't believe that Brett Farve; Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor are not retired.
Tomorrow, the NY Times will publish a timely, in-depth look at the effect Paul Hornung's gambling scandal had on yesterday's GB loss.
Whenever I see the Packers on television my mind always thinks of the great players and teams of the 60s. Guys like Forrest Gregg, Max McGee, Ray Nitzsche, Willie Davis, Paul Hornung, Herb Adderly, Jerry Kramer, etc. of course I always think of Vince Lombardi too .
Packers, it's great that you can run the ball, Paul Hornung must be so proud of you, Jim Taylor as well, but Rodgers is healthy...
Anna is ready for the game has her autographed Paul Hornung, Brett Favre footballs and her autographed Dave Robinson hat. The poncho is from Cabo San Lucas
Congratulations to Odell Beckham Jr. on being announced the 2013 Paul Hornung Award Winner!
I just saw on the Today show that for the Green Bay game today they are not icing down the beer. They have heaters on the beer to keep it from freezing. You gotta love the Packers for their franchise. There is no single owner (as in a Jerry jones, etc.). It is a non profit, community owned team. All of those people you see out there cleaning the ice and snow from Lambeau Field are community residents. They take pride in their ownership. That plus the Vince Lombardi/Bart Starr/Paul Hornung years which includes the "Ice Bowl" of 1967 (GB vs Dallas Cowboys). It is still considered the most famous football game ever and I remember watching it with my dad. There was a lot of excitement in our living room that day. That plus they won the first 2 Super Bowls. GO GREEN BAY!!!
Current Green Bay temperature is Paul Hornung. Wind chill makes it feel like negative Matt Flynn.
Heresy alert: I don't care much about professional sports, who plays, who wins, who loses, what season it is even is. But I just heard on the radio that there's a game coming up between Green Bay and the 49ers - a final or semi-final or something? And I heard a little voice in my head slip out with, "Go Packers!" I've always had a soft spot for the Packers - they're the only team in the country that's actually owned by the community. It's a non-profit organization. The relatively small city of Green Bay actually owns the Packers and I think that's pretty cool. They actually have a real stake in each other. And I loved the glory days of Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Jerry Kramer, Paul Hornung. I used to love the old Raiders: Kenny Stabler, John Matuszak, Freddie Biletnikoff, George Blanda, Mark van Eeghen. And then Al Davis broke their contract, deserted Oakland, left us holding the bag to the tune of $millions, and moved to LA. That was when it hit me that it was nothing but a big business (I was young and ...
UL will hire Johnny U's ghost or Paul Hornung if Strong leaves
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The Golden Boy. Paul Hornung. When asked why he got married in the morning? he answered "In cease it didn't work out i wouldn't blow the whole day."
Well the fact that my neighborhoods roads are frozen solid means only one thing. No way I'm getting to work today
Some guy called the U of L talk show and said, "Teddy was the best QB to ever play on the state of Kentucky. Paul Hornung and Johnny Unitas once played or are from this state.. Ever hear of em?
January 5th. Green bay, Wisconsin. Daytime high of 5 degrees, Fahrenheit. Game start time, 4:40pm, Eastern. The San Francisco 49ers come to Green Bay Wisconsin, after a season where the coldest outdoor game played was their 27-6 W over the Redskins on November 25th in Washington, D.C. Besides playing at Candlestick Park, the SF 49ers have played in Seattle & St. Louis (indoor) in September, Tennessee & Jacksonville in October, New Orleans (indoor) and Washington in November, and Tampa Bay and Arizona in December. They are practicing this week in 60 degree weather. STORYLINE CENTRAL i could be a *** sportswriter with this one guys. Where's my ESPN Classic newscaster voice monologue? EPIC VIDEOS of frozen tundra and Paul Hornung running out of the fog. Aaron Rodgers comin back and rematch from last years playoffs reminiscent of 2010 when they were the 6th seed wildcard, but this time it's an even longer shot 'cuz we're 8-7-1 and the wild card teams have better records man I'm gonna have a bro *** or ...
Paul Hornung, Vince Lombardi Jr. and Marv Fleming at the Lombardi's Legends Reunion mixer at Lombardi's Steakhouse in Appleton, Wisconsin in September of 2001.
Why in Gods green earth is Paul Hornung in the pro football hall of fame? 3711 total yards 2 time all pro Need I say more?
Paul Hornung, Queen Silvia of Sweeden, Dale Berra, Jim Harbaugh, Donna Tartt, and Holly Madison have birthdays today.
According to Jack Ham, Willie Wood, Paul Hornung and Jim Harbaugh all have birthdays today. So, Happy Birthday, Willie and Paul. ; )
If you love sports, the Paul Hornung Award Banquet presented by KentuckyOne Health is the place to be. Paul Hornung, Howard Schnellenberger, Jim Kelly, Odell Beckham Jr., Tavon Austin, Brandon Boykin, Owen Marecic and Teddy Bridgewater are all expected to be there.
This just in.Hall of Famer Green Bay Packer -wide receiver Boyd Dowler will be at Sloppy Joe's this Friday, Dec. 20th @ 9pm. Boyd played for Coach Lombardi from 1959-1969 and won 5 NFL Championships including Super Bowl 1 and 2. Come meet a true Packer legend. Lots of GB autographed memorobilia available for last minute Christmas shopping.including multiple autographed canvases of "THE SWEEP" autographed by Jerry Kramer, Paul Hornung and Fuzzy Thurston. Who is shopping at Sloppy Joe's Friday night? Comment if you will be!
Packer great Bart Starr was honored Saturday with a bronze statue at the Packers Heritage Trail Plaza. The ceremony took place after the Green Bay Holiday Parade and fellow former player Paul Hornung was there to help Satt and his wife Cherry celebrate.
legend Paul Hornung at the Packers Heritage Trail Plaza unveiling of Bart Starr statue.
Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor, Bart Starr, and Vince Lombardi prepare for a game against the Kansas City Chiefs in 1967. http…
I was given the won't be a party pooper, so here goes. 1. For all you Muslims out there-- yes, there is One God; he comes in three shapes called The Holy Trinity!!! 2. I have two wonder children: Hannah & Christian. 3. Three is one of my favorite numbers. To me it represents the Three Men I admire the most: The Father, The Son & Holy Ghost! 4. I miss my Mother dearly; there is Four of us left in Dad's (our) family. 5. When we moved from Indiana to Louisiana, I was told I should have worn in high school. For y'all that don't know, Paul Hornung, The Golden Boy from Notre Dame wore I like Johnny Bench, George Brett & Logan Morrison. 6. Julius Erving--enough said. 7. I may be wrong, but I think Larry Bird wore for The Dream Team. And for those that don't know, Larry lived 2 blocks from us in Terre Haute. 8. My Pop's favorite MLB Catcher wore Yogi Berra. 9. Drew Brees--need I say more? 10. My sister's, my niece and my Godfather's number was/is ten. 11. Eleven is the number I wore. My favorite colors are blue, ...
Awesome night! Met Bart Starr, had dinner with Paul Hornung, then sat with Ahman Green at the game! Really, who cares the Packers lost! Need to sleep fast now!
Bart Starr and Paul Hornung talk Bears Rivalry: Packers hall of famers Bart Starr and Paul Hornung ...
The tradition continues tonight... Burn something of the Chicago Bears and give thanks to Bart Starr, Don Majkowski, Brett Favre, Ray Nitschke, Reggie White, Sterling Sharpe, Paul Hornung, Jim Taylor...From Curly Lambeau to Vince Lombardi and the rest of Packers great Hall of Famers... From the present King Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews and all of the Cheesehead's... Bleed the Cheese! The rivalry will forever live! Hail to the Packers! GO PACK GO!!!
Bart Starr says Paul Hornung was a superstar, but many people don't know Hornung had a great arm and could really pass the ball.
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Reggie Bush and Troy Smith both lost their title games , If you go back Paul Hornung won it on a Notre Dame team that was 3-9
I wonder if Paul Hornung has seen this MT Notre Dame unveils Adidas Shamrock Series uniforms. (VID):
De'Anthony Thomas was named to the Paul Hornung watch list via
Johnny Majors (born May 21, 1935) is a former American football player and coach. A standout halfback at the University of Tennessee, he was an All-American in 1956 and a two-time winner of the Southeastern Conference Most Valuable Player award, in 1955 and 1956. He finished second to Paul Hornung in voting for the Heisman Trophy in 1956. Majors served as the head football coach at Iowa State University (1968–1972), the University of Pittsburgh (1973–1976, 1993–1996), and Tennessee (1977–1992), compiling a career college football record of 185–137–10. His 1976 Pittsburgh squad won a national championship after capping a 12–0 season with a victory in the Sugar Bowl. Majors was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame as a player in 1987. Majors played high school football for the Huntland Hornets of Franklin County, Tennessee. They won the state championship in 1951. Majors' father, Shirley Majors, was the head coach at Huntland from 1949 to 1957 and then head coach at The University o ...
.ESPN has listed the NFL Top 10 Heisman Trophy winners in history (regardless of position), and I can't believe that they listed both Paul Hornung (& Tim Tebow (the top 10! What a joke?!
Why is the Paul Hornung football statue outside slugger baseball field??
Green Bay Packers great Paul Hornung enters horse in Preakness - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Packer fans groaned when they drafted a DE in the first round. Then they get Lacy & Franklin aka Jim Taylor/Paul Hornung! Helluva draft guys
8 days left to bid on this rare Paul Hornung and Rocky Blieier dual autograph card Shipping is free.
Dismantling summer is by far the best single the wonder years released so far
Have this up for bidding on Paul Hornung/Rocky Blieier dual autograph card
not me I am glad Paul Hornung's *** sister is gone...unless you were being sarcastic?
number 1 back field of all time ... Paul hornung and Jim Taylor
Love when you find friendly people on wow
I'm no Max McGee, I'm no Paul Hornung, but I do alright..
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brittany can't even say particularly. I'm pretty sure David has a bigger vocabulary than her
I do know the difference I just don't care to associate myself with these petty mortal's so called "English"
Generally if you think you are a shining beacon of all the spectrums of humanity you are the most corrupt of us all
Paul Hornung. He played at Oklahoma State with that guy who won the Heisman Award 2x, Archie Bunker.
"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."
Kup wanted me to remind you that Paul Hornung will not start for G.B. vs. Bears this week.
So someone dropped off a Paul Hornung autographed photo for Coach Stevens. No one knew who that was. This is obviously a bball school
A god complex will get someone nowhere
KCP is to Jordan McRae in the '13 SEC POY award what Paul Hornung was to Johnny Majors in the '56 Heisman vote.
It's hilarious how people who call into talk shows get reeled right in. Colin Cowherd, on ESPN, is running a "bracket" poll on the top NFL QBs of all time. Fans are calling in INDIGNANT over the seeding. Cowherd defended having Joe Namath in the field by saying that JN won the Super Bowl, college national championship, and state championship in HS. Trouble is PA didn't have a football state championship until 1988, 11 years after JN retired from the NFL. For God's sake, Cowherd initially had Paul Hornung in the bracket. C'mon man. You've listened to CC more than once and still don't know that the guy just makes stuff up?
Colin Cowherd ranked Paul Hornung as one of the top 50 QBs of all time 2/26/13 8:37-Hornung completed 24 passes in his career.
He had Paul Hornung and Alex Karras in the bracket, and neither were QB's. lol
- Paul Hornung played halfback in the pros - not a quarterback (Bart Starr teams), so how is he in your bracket?
Paul Hornung was a HB I don't recall him ever being listed as a QB. He played on the same teams with Bart Starr who was the QB
If you want to help an almost 91 year old relative of mine become the Green Bay Packer Fan of the Year, then click on the website and vote for him. No need to sign up or anything. You can vote once a day till Feb. 22. His name is, Ed Fritsch, and is one of ten finalists. Since 1998, one fan has been selected every year. Just think; to be recognized in the Packer Hall of Fame with the likes of Vince Lombardi, Bart Starr, Paul Hornung and Ray Nitschke, that’s special! It is a real honor! Who makes the selection for that honor? YOU! The tally of internet votes from people like YOU accounts for 50% of the choice. The decision of the Packers Committee accounts for 30% and the remaining 20% depends on the choice of previous honorees. Why Ed Fritsch? He….. · Has been attending Packer Games - rain – shine – snow – bitter cold - since the 1950’s. · Is a veteran of World War II and a recipient of the Purple Heart for combat injuries! · Is active in church. · Is a loving father, grandfather and cousi ...
For my first post on my new page, I thought it would only be appropriate to quote the most legendary Coach in football history. “Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don’t do things right once in a while…you do them right all the time.” “Unless a man believes in himself and makes a total commitment to his career and puts everything he has into it – his mind, his body, his heart – what’s life worth to him?” ~ Vince Lombardi Packers 37, Giants 0 City Stadium, Dec. 31, 1961 After winning his first NFL title, an overjoyed Vince Lombardi is carried off the field by three of his players: (left-right) Jim Taylor, Paul Hornung and Forrest Gregg.
Only in America can we confuse Paul Hornig, a 92 yo from Somers Point, NJ with Paul Hornung of the Green Bay
92 is a marvelous age to live to. RIP Paul Hornung; your accomplishments in the backfield for the Green Bay Packers, (along with Bart Starr and Jim Taylor), will keep you forever first in the minds of Packers fans, and always remember for all football fans, forever.
I mean seroiusly, did you really doubt that Tavon Austin would not win the Paul Hornung Award? The man was far and away the most dynamic player at the FBS level. It was not a clean sweep though, as Austin was in competition with Dri Archer of Kent State, Antonio Andrews of Kentucky, and Marqise Lee ...
Here is what Golden Boy, Paul Hornung had to say about 2012 winner, Tavon Austin... “I like the way Tavon Austin plays the game. He is tough, he generates yardage almost every way possible and has a nose for the end zone. Tavon Austin is a deserving winner of the Paul Hornung Award. We look forward to having him with us at our banquet in Louisville in February.”
Last one Joe Theismann and Paul Hornung just kick the casket rolling over in there graves.
Time to wake the echoes one more time.Tony Rice,Rickey Watters,Rocket Ismail,Joe Montana,Joe Theismann,Paul Hornung,Rudy Ruettiger,Jerome Bettus,Tim Brown,Ara,Knute Rockne,the 4-Hoursemen,the Gipper,all the Golics,Lou Holtz,all the Golden Domers.WE ARE. ND!
Wasn't Paul Hornung a I think they've been calling Manti Te'o another Notre Dame legendary Good to know. For me Notre Dame came along at a time when I was most impressionable. My head had just begun to swell with the excitement of little league sports and NT Tiger-cats football specifically. Buffalo Bills were still hanging around their mid-sixties peak, and the entire extended family (well, the guys at least) would gather around the tv on the holidays to celebrate a win. Before pros came college, and Notre Dame was tops in the country. So, they were in my blood. ... Begorrah and alas, over time, as I matured, blood for The Bills and The Fighting Irish has thinned. ... ... This will be an evening for retreating to childhood dreams!
As a Gator fan I am in wait till next year mode , but as a college football fan Iam getting excited about tonight. Lets face it folks besides the fact that both ND and Bama have very good teams this year, these are also the two most iconic programs in college football. Just think of some of the names that have dotted the programs of these two teams. The Fighting Irish have Knute Rockne, George Gipp, The Four Horsemen, Paul Hornung, Frank Leahy,Ara Parsegian,John Huarte, Jack Snow,Terry Hanratty,Joe Montana, Tom Clements,Tim Brown,Lou Holtz. The Crimson Tide have Johnny Mack Brown, Bear Bryant, Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Ken Stabler, Ozzie Newsome. Johnny Musso,Don Hutson,Wilbur Jackson,Leroy Jordan , Trent Richarson and of course Mr. Saban. The whole country will be watching tonight as well as some folks in Heaven . Lets hope for a good one and that nobody gets seriously hurt because I can guarantee you there will some wicked hitting in South Beach Tonight.
Notre Dame Sunday, NO, this is not Lindsey Nelson and Paul Hornung unfortunately but instead you get me lol! Now we salute While at ND (1989-1992) he accumulated a record of 29-7-1 as a starter including 3 bowl games. He began his career as a backup for Tony Rice and in 1990 set the single season touchdown record with 18 and was named co-MVP with teammate Jerome Bettis leading Notre Dame past Florida in the 1992 Sugar Bowl. He finished his career at Notre Dame by leading them to victory in the 1993 Cotton Bowl Classic. accounted for more points running and throwing (350) than any other player in Notre Dame history. He left Notre Dame 1st in career touchdowns with 41 and 2nd all time for total offense, completions, and passing yards. Fans give it up for QB Rick Mirer! Our 2nd as a true freshman he started in 11-13 games for the Irish missing the last 2 games due to an injury. His 7 touchdown receptions that year, broke the record for an Irish rookie, while catching 48 balls to break another Notre Dame fr . ...
The Packers were formed in 1919 and joined the NFL in 1921. No team in NFL history has won more championships than the Packers which has earned Green Bay the moniker, "Titletown USA." Over the years, the Packers have twice strung together three straight league crowns (1929-1931, and 1965-67). In all, the franchise has claimed a record 13 NFL championships including four Super Bowl titles. TEAM HISTORY TEAM FACTS HALL OF FAMERS TEAM GREATS Store Hall of Fame Running Back Legends T-Shirt 2012 $24.99 Related Stories James Lofton returns home Hall of Fame receives MVP Uniform McCarthy’s Super Bowl head set A football feast in ‘62 Cobb’s record return Photo Galleries Don Hutson, Class of 1963 Forrest Gregg, Class of 1977 Paul Hornung, Class of 1986 Favre's Mementos from record-setting day Jim Ringo, Class of 1981 The incredible saga of the Green Bay Packers began in August 1919, when the Indian Packing Company agreed to sponsor a local pro football team under the direction of Earl (Curly) Lambeau. In ...
"NFL Draft Bible Player Spotlight Reed Hornung BYU" and yes, he's related to Paul Hornung, check him out
Vince Lombardi made Paul Hornung play halfback instead of quarterback and--well--that turned out. How about a little switcheroo?
Ya, I hear Lombardi had one of his wife and Paul Hornung on a ladder sneaking out after curfew
Paul Hornung says Louisville belongs in Top Five after Sugar Bowl win over Florida; Will voters agree?
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With 3 days left to vote, here are your current FAN VOTING standings for the 2012 Paul Hornung Award! 1. West...
Reasons Why I Drink_compiled by guruvoke Sometimes when I reflect on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn't drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. I think, 'It is better to drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver.' -- Babe Ruth ~ I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day. -- Lyndon B. Johnson ~ An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools. -- Ernest Hemingway ~ When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading. -- Paul Hornung ~ 24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not. -- H. L. Mencken ~ When we drink, we get drunk. When we get drunk, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. So, let's all get drunk and go ...
Amazing to think might have the Heisman favored next year- City of Louisville already has one in Paul Hornung -
today 1966 - Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor run over the as the win their 9th championship at Lambeau.
..."he treated us all the dogs" Paul Hornung
Nothing beats last years NYE with Brand New but last night was fun. Now I'm excited to be a bum with for what's left of today☺
I don't care if Notre Dame had Paul Hornung back John Lattner and Tim Brown. They won't beat Bama because of one man. Nick Saban.
I do this thing where I use Packers players numbers to say the temperature. Well it just dropped from Paul Hornung to Brett Favre.
if one of the rad-trads I know can, then I can. (though ITEOTWAWKI) Besides Paul Hornung is from Louisville!
As well she's really good friends with Paul Hornung so it's even more rude that she would want the Vikings to win
what?!?!?! you don't know who Paul Hornung is?
I was looking at NFL Hall of Famers, Paul Hornung has no business in there
paul hornung by Robert J. Maney via
Who just heard Tavon Austin and The Paul Hornung Award get a shout-out on ESPN?
I just voted for the Paul Hornung Award! You can too! via
Alex Henery only 23 missed field goals away from Paul Hornung's record of 26 misses in one season.
Forgive me if I don't respect Paul Hornung winning the 1956 Heisman. Ain't no way in the world he was better than Jim Brown!
To my fellow Trojans: Marqise Lee was an integral part of our team this year and is now a candidate for the Paul Hornung Award which is given to college football's most versatile player. Go to and vote for Lee. He is in last place right now, but with all our votes and support he can easily claim the top spot. Fight On! Congrats on the Biletnikoff Award and good luck!
didn't play for Notre *** bro.. Just look at Paul Hornung vs Johnny Majors it's a conspiracy.
In 1956, Paul Hornung (‘57) completed 59 of 111 passes for 917 and three touchdowns. The senior was much more than a quarterback however, as he also ran for 420 yards on 94 total carries, returned kickoffs, kicked extra points, and intercepted a pair of passes as a safety. The Louisville, Ky. native...
After spending more than a decade looking up at the Trojans, the Irish are back on top of this rivalry with two straight wins in Los Angeles. The school of Knute Rockne, the Four Horsemen and Paul Hornung has new heroes now, from the Heisman Trophy hopeful Te'o to Kelly, who took the Irish from unranked to start the season to No. 1 in the AP Top 25 for the first time in 19 years.
I am glad to see Notre Dame win tonight against USC, and go undefeated. I am rooting for Notre Dame to win the National Championship in January. Why do some people hate Notre Dame so much? Probably because they are arguably the most successful NCAA Division I program of all time. Notre Dame is a storied football program. Accordning to Wikipedia, "The Fighting Irish have 13 recognized national championships, tied with Alabama for first out of all FBS schools in the post-1900 era and tied for third all-time behind Princeton and Yale. A record seven Notre Dame players have won the Heisman Trophy. Additionally, Notre Dame has produced an NCAA record 96 consensus All-Americans, and 32 unanimous All-Americans, more than any other university." They gave us Paul Hornung and Joe Montana. With their win tonight against USC, Brian Kelly becomes the fourth Notre Dame coach to make the national title game in his 3rd season, following Ara Parseghian (1963), Dan Devine (1977), and Lou Holtz (1988). I predict he will win ...
Legendary players that Notre Dame has produce in the last 125 years a few to mention Joe Theisman of the Washington redskins, Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers, Paul Hornung of the Green Bay Packers, Rocket Ismail of the Dallas Cowboys, Mark Bavaro of the New York Giants, Dave Casper and Tim Brown of the Oakland raiders and Rocky Blere and Jerome Bettis of the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Packers football helmet autographed by Paul Hornung, Bart Starr, and Brett Favre one of 17 auction items of Hornung's memorabilia
Knute Rockne and the Four Horsemen. Johnny Lujack, Angelo Bertelli, Paul Hornung and Ara Parseghian. The golden helmets, "Touchdown Jesus" and the Victory March. With all due respect to the other perennial powers on the college football landscape, there is only one Notre Dame. Happy to see the Fighting Irish restored to prominence - and the ranking in the country - today.
Tickets are still available for the first induction ceremony of the Louisville Catholic Sports Hall of Fame. The event will begin at 6 p.m. tonight at the Bomhard Theater, Kentucky Center for the Arts. The 13 inductees include Howard Schnellenberger, Mary T. Meagher Plant, Paul Hornung, Will Wolford, Bubba Paris, and Bobby Nichols. I hope to see you there.
"Steve Owens won at 6-4 in 1969. Paul Hornung's ND team was 2-8."
Many of you of a certain age remember Alex Karras who passed away a couple of weeks ago. What you may not have known was that he was the other NFL player suspended with Paul Hornung in 1963 for betting on football games. Karras was pretty bitter about the suspension. The biggest reason was because owner weren't punished for betting on the games at that time. In fact Carol Rosenbaum made enough money betting on games to buy the then Baltimore Colts. To make his point when he returned to the game and was voted captain of the team, he went out for the coin toss. The referee said call heads or tails while it's in the air. Karras replied, I'm sorry sir but I'm not allowed to gamble. Afterward he named his first born son Alvin which was Pete Roselle's first name and he hated it.
Eric Penick's 85-yard touchdown run was the pivotal play when Notre Dame defeated USC in 1973. Lindsey Nelson & Paul Hornung with the call.
Green Bay fans, just purchased at a silent auction an Authentic Green Bay Packer Helmet signed by Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Bart Starr, Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung and authenticated. Not a Green Bay fan, but love the players.
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make sure to vote daily for RB Antonio Andrews to be a Paul Hornung Award finalist!
Alex Karras: from Wikipedia article... Jan 7, 63: Karras' ownership in Detroit's Lindell AC Bar became a source of controvery when league officials urged him to sell his financial interests in the place because of reports of gambling and organized crime influence. After first threatening to retire rather than give it up, Karras admitted placing bets on NFL games and was suspended by the league, along with Green Bay Packers' running back Paul Hornung, for one season (1963). Upon returning to action in 1964, Karras once refused when an official asked him to call the pregame coin toss. "I'm sorry, sir," Karras replied. "I'm not permitted to gamble."
Go to this place and vote for Jonathan Banks for the Paul Hornung Award daily.
This year's Green Bay Packers aspire to the standards set by the 1961 NFL championship team, which was honored at halftime of Sunday's game at Lambeau Field. Front row, from left, John Roach, Jim Taylor, Tom Moore, Jesse Whittenton, Lee Folkins. Back row, from left, Willie Davis, Dale Hackbart, Forrest Gregg, Boyd Dowler, Paul Hornung, Ben Davidson, Gary Knafelc, Nelson Toburen, Jerry Kramer, Bob Skoronski and Fuzzy Thurston
vote for Josh Lenz for the Paul Hornung Award at you can vote once everyday.went to DBQ Hempstead. Get a Dubuque elected even if you like other colleges.
Hey Packer fans! Come to tonight's talk @ 6;30- In Life, Anything’s Possible (it ain’t over till it’s over!) Come hear speaker Sandy Sullivan tell of working for Vince Lombardi and her lifelong friendships with the Green Bay Packers in the GLORY DAYS. Her life has taken many turns and in her presentation you’ll realize you can find inspiration and success no matter what your age. Sandy's book, “Green Bay Love Stories,” has been acknowledged as a significant historical account of the Packers Glory Years and the foreword is written by Packers Hall of Fame great, Paul Hornung. This is a by donation event.
Hanging out and having dinner with Bo Jackson, John Calipari, Paul Hornung, Jennie Finch, Sarah Kustok and Napoleon Harris among others at the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame tonight! I have a cool job!
For you football fans the NFL has lost one of the caretakers of the game. Steve Sabol of NFL films passed away. Who can forget the famous line " Roger Staubach knew the only way over the mountains was thru the Raider badlands" or " Like a Nordic warrior Paul Hornung disassembled the once mighty Viking defense"
My dad told me about the time he went to the Notre Dame football game back in 1956. They weren't real good that year but they had Paul Hornung who would win the HeismanTrophy that year. He said he saw Adlai Stevenson there, and he saw Eddie Fisher and a very pregnant Debbie Reynolds . I blurted out Princess Leia and he just looked at me.
Yes he was, were also coached by HOF'er Tom Fears and signed Paul Hornung though he never played.
named Paul Hornung Award Weekly Honor Roll by Louisville Sports Commission. Awarded to most versatile in NCAA Football
Congrats on being named to Paul Hornung Watch list. Great game saturday! Love the 2 pt conversion decision!
Three new faces, including Western Kentucky's Antonio Andrews (pictured), were named to the Paul Hornung Award...
junior running back Antonio Andrews has been added to the Paul Hornung Award Watch List:
I suppose if Paul Hornung can win Heisman on a 2-8 team then it's possible for Doege to win Big 12 POY.
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what booster set up the wyoming, new mexico games? Im guessing Paul Hornung and Joe Montana wanted the Horns to come to South Bend.
I think I just saw a commercial for a World of Warcraft/Kung Fu Panda mash up.
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