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Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood (born 1966) is an English baker and celebrity chef. He has worked as a baker since taking up the career at his father's bakery as a teenager and has gone on to become head baker at a number of hotels around Britain.

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“Forget about cinema and the language of cinema. It’s a totally new medium. There are elements of traditional...
No, Sainsbury's, Paul Hollywood is not the existentialist I'm looking for... (Though definitely a cause for Nausea)
GBBO in real life. Can you impress Mary Berry? Or will Paul Hollywood frown at your baked goods?
good.wasn't the same without you.hope you're back next year. Paul Hollywood not a patch on Malton…
Fact: If you sliced through Paul Hollywood it would reveal that he's made almost entirely of Battenberg.
Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive movie review: Manish Paul’s crazy COMIC TIMING is definitely worth your ticket pri
Idolize the most hard working person in Hollywood, Ru Paul Charles...
Bake Off star Paul Hollywood is taking up boxing - in a bid to lose two stone .
Golden Petal Awards 2016: Salman Khan TROLLS Manish Paul in the sweetest way possible –watch video!
Want to return to Idaho: Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul
Rajev Paul is HURT that his ex-wife Delnaaz talked about their failed marriage on a reality show!
There you go, Paul Hollywood said scone is pronounced as "on" (rhymes with gone) so it HAS to be right! :)
There were a higher percentage of women film directors working in Hollywood in 1929 than there are now 😳
Paul Hollywood has good baking tips
you have 10 Hollywood writers and that's all they can come up with . *** 🙈. Just a thought .
Paul Dano on his kiss with Daniel Radcliffe in Swiss Army Man: "I'm still thinking about it."
sakurafavjd: Hollywood Vampires and Paul McCartney. This so awesome ! Macca, Depp, and A Cooper !
Seriously though, Paul Hollywood has murdered so many people, no doubt in my mind.
you look a bit like Paul Hollywood here
Scott Eastwood joins the 'Fast & Furious' family, promises to make friend Paul…
Paul Hollywood "was on the loo for hours" filming his new Food Network show... but why?
Great British Bake Off star Paul Hollywood embarks on an unusual fitness regime
will be Interesting to see who they case as Riggs. Hollywood back in the TV shows from movies groove.
Paul Hollywood went clubbing in my local nightclub I'm in tears
Liverpool: Bake Off star Paul Hollywood taking up boxing - to lose two stone
I’m in love with Copenhagen's Danish bakin', says Great British Bake Off star Paul Hollywood via…
Round of 16 (top two go through). GROUP 1: . Bruce Forsyth. Tony Blair . Tim Peake . Paul Hollywood
to be frank it was you that cursed me cause everyone knows I'm an awesome baker. Don't be acting like you're Paul Hollywood
Great British Bake Off star Paul Hollywood's Wingham home taken off the market - Canterbury Times: Great Briti...
Squished in between the Hemsleys, Paul Hollywood and the Hairy Bikers is not a bad place to be
Paul Mooney called it in his "The Godfather of Comedy" standup, Hollywood getting rid of black history and trying to rewrite it. featured in NBC s Science of Love
don't know about Paul Hollywood,I reckon you've got the look of
Happy birthday to Paul and hope you all have a great day
Paul Giamatti is no match for this family of hollywood insiders. Become a film buff w/
Oh this one for rough puff by Paul Hollywood looks even easier
Paul Giamatti in commercials. Yes, and a good one...: CenturyLink Prism Hollywood Insider “Improv” via
New bakes and blog posts several times per week at 😊 🍰 Baking my way through How to Bake by Paul …
more like Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood
Pitchers and catchers arrived in mass. Or as they call it in W. Hollywood, happy hour.
Overheard in the studio: “I don’t think Paul Hollywood is hard though. I could take him.” —
.is answering questions at 12 p.m. ET about her story on diversity in Hollywood
By Jared Paul Stern Taschen Photographer Michael Muller is well known for his portraits of Hollywood actors like...
Happy 50th birthday to my dear mother and mr Paul Hollywood and happy 22nd to jb
Paul Hollywood's home is on market, take a look here:
Batman and Robin are more like work friends
Paul Friedrich '89 is on the cusp of taking his off-beat sense of humor to Hollywood:
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
.gives everyone the chance to be a Hollywood insider.
This is from 2008 but still applicable >>> Paul Mooney: Too Black For Hollywood via
"In the case of healthcare, you've got potential lives at risk" says J.Paul Haynes, CEO, eSentire
lol Hollywood is full of nasty people,, isn't that obvious ?
please give Stacy dash a hug for sticking to her guns? Shame on Hollywood for being so mean to her. She di…
The old dears in Abingdon love a bit of Paul Hollywood😂
Ooh! And Paul Hollywood from Great British Baking Show! Maybe he'll make me a cake
Ranking Bollywood numbers on American TV, from fine to godawful: Appropriation and appreciation: Hollywood jus...
Can't believe Paul Hollywood uses the term 'lol'...
I share my birthday with Justin Bieber, Nick Griffin, Paul Hollywood, Kesha and Martin O’Neill. What a birthday party that would be…
Conversation and Afternoon Tea with Paul Hollywood…. More information -
Want to live in Paul Hollywood's home? He won't be there. £795,000 to you.
Happy Birthday Paul Hollywood.. i couldnt resist lol.. via
happy birthday to Paul from me and I see :-) :-) :-)
Who is Paul Hollywood? Star to celebrate 50th birthday Overpaid actor :
Happy birthday to Justin bieber, Paul Hollywood and me.
happy birthday to Paul. Have you baked him a cake?? 🎂🎁🎉🎐
Manish Paul just copied Shah Rukh Khan and it’s HILARIOUS!
Paul Hollywood dips his chin in bleach
I have dreams of Sarah Millican, Paul Hollywood and Miranda Hart all dying painful deaths
Quote of the day from Paul Hollywood on BBC Sport Relief Bake Off. 'Gerri Halliwell has done very well. The tart was amaz…
get Alan to give you the Paul Hollywood book which is in the basket next to the sofa under the light in the corner
you need to get Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry on
Are you the Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood or South Bristol? Show off your skills to win a prize and support The...
Little bit of Paul Hollywood going on on my tv now 👌💗
limited edition apron for sports relief 2016 as modelled by Paul Hollywood in today's Guardian.…
Jacinta Paul, I'd Love to inform you a trick to get 7000 Stars Kim Hollywood. check the Secret on my Profile
Something crazy just happened! The Cosy Teashop in the Castle just hit No 1 in Baking on above Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry!!!
PAUL R. WILLIAMS- Architect of Hollywood homes & Futuristic Theme building of Los Angeles…
Thank you :) It's Paul Hollywood's starter recipe for kids!
Paul Dano: a resolutely hexagonal peg in the square hole of showbusiness
I really want Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry job 😈
Think he's pretty good on telly. I enjoyed watching him take *** out of Paul Hollywood on his TV show.
Love watching Paul Hollywood try not to be obviously racist in but the way he treats non-white contestants... yikes Paul.
Fame just aired on Hollywood Suite loved watching it again!! Loved the karaoke scenes!!
So if you watch enough will you become Paul Hollywood?
Ian Somerhalder These two dudes are on TV in 35 minutes East Coast and…
Peter, Paul and Mary at the Hollywood Bowl. Opening act was a little-known group named Poco.
Saw a poster in Hollywood announcing a Ru Paul convention and I thought of and
Absolutely love this. So proud of my friend Hollie LA. She rocks; all the way from Hollywood, LA.
what's next? Hollywood Squares reruns with Paul Lynde?
Wanna see Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood go against eachother on lip sync battle
The Coen brothers' 'Hail, Caesar!' is a hilarious and surprisingly dark take on Hollywood
Paul Hollywood wants Kimberley Walsh to sign up to full Bake Off series
In Manchester on the bus just seen the love of my life, he was so fit, looked just like a mix between Paul hollywood and Derek acorak
So laughed night . You weren't there . Paul said was at party Hollywood . Talking about you . Wanted to say if you knew him be scared . Thanks!!
Use to say. Now I look it all?. What was I thinking!. I said Paul you had sex with one had sex all Hollywood . Dryied of laughter . Night cryied!
This Beon Beonel in the Princess Leia comic looks a lot like Paul Hollywood.
News: they changed the name to Housewives of Hollywood
Is that the same thing but with a different name (Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood etc.)?
Loved working with 2 share news of going Hollywood! Get excited for htt…
Looking forward to my pie making course tomorrow with Hoping the teacher's a bit more Mary Berry than Paul Hollywood!
"If God doesn't destroy Hollywood, he owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah..." - Paul Mooney
Three Men and a baby remake with Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm and Adam Scott. You are welcome Hollywood.
Just finished watching loved it. Hollywood, can you give Paul Dano's characters an happy endings please.
Thrilled to be getting the real Paul Hollywood to taste test our samples for the Boothferry Bake Off
I think the last one I tried was a Paul Hollywood recipe. I said that I wanted to try again in 2016 as I enjo…
I am sexually attracted to Paul Hollywood 😍
Could Paul join Hollywood Vampires for their TV debut?
Why was Paul Hollywood at the front bottoms last night
bolly_hollywood: Manish Paul OPENS UP about his tiff with Shahid Kapoor on the sets of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa –watch v…
Looking to make the move to Get all your questions answered with Paul Barry→
Tonight Paul meets Hollywood superstar Tom Hardy (and Titch the bulldog!) at . tonight 8.30pm
Paul Hollywood would totally want you to make your own filo. Or at least watch in awe while he makes it
From Britain's favourite expert baker comes a new book on offer at WHSmith fro £13.60. . Paul Hollywood puts his...
- Bake Off's Paul Hollywood: 'I think all the celebs are scared of me and Mary Berry' - Liverpool Echo: ...
Lights, Motors, Action at to close in April. See what else is on the list:
Paul Hollywood says it's a classic pork pie
If Paul Hollywood and Gary Barlow had a baby...
Paul and I have been nominated for "Hottest New Couple this fall” @ the Hollywood Life Style Awards&People’s Choice Awards.…
I'm an Essex girl and we say Macaroon too. It was that Paul Hollywood bloke who told us all we were pronouncing it wrong! 🙄
just did the prinsesstårta episode last night, hooting when Nancy called Paul Hollywood “the male judge”
Great British Bake-Off, the drinking game: take a shot every time Paul Hollywood uses the word "bake" as a noun.
Hollywood Studios was great, too. You should have seen Carlos on the tower of terror!
I didn't realise Paul Hollywood was getting into the movie game.
Hollywood star Pierce Brosnan gives exclusive interview to ;) http…
Top chefs James Martin, Paul Hollywood and my favourites The Hairy Bikers all coming to Belfast this year
but I did get you a Paul Hollywood mug and coaster
Paul walker may he rest in peace. He gave up hollywood . Their was suspicions . But he gave dates and who check on. Rape added up to. Crazy
Ask cyclops night. Paul walker laughed . I said Paul money for smartest?. All hollywood wants to arrest me . Don't know me . How can u do that?
Someone moaned about waste of money funding part time baking classes in Colleges! Tell that to Paul Hollywood !!!
It's good to see my former employer Paul Hollywood fighting for the life of the red lion public house along the chequer inn. Save our pubs
The are an indcitment of Hollywood's racial homogeneity and exclusion.
I'm watching The Wonder Years on DVD. The kids all became geniuses. Paul lawyer. Winnie math genius. Kevin still Hollywood.
Love the republican debate feed. dominated . the status quo doesn't want Dr. Paul to bring all the youth
Paul Hollywood, The Hairy Bikers and Paul Rankin announced for the Good Food Show Northern Ireland.
Adam Sandler and Paul Blart are perennially easy targets, like making fun of Hollywood's treatment of Latina actresses in the industry.
Celebs Paul Hollywood and Neil Stuke back campaign to save Dover district pubs
Making out with Elizabeth Mitchell on "Lost" ALONE should earn a Star on the Hollywood Walk...
also, sorry about not showing up to the Hollywood Vampire gigs.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Penultimate to the first Hollywood star to ever follow me on Twiter, and I've been the better for it, :)
I could listen all day to Paul Hollywood pronounce mascarpone
Being upset that hollywood wont acknowledge black artistry isnt "wanting white approval" its expecting equal praise for e…
most of the time if Hollywood endorses something, I immediately endorse the opposing side, like Climate change, gun control..etc
JUST STOP! Not EVERYTHING is about race! Lupita won & she was a Hollywood unknown. Famous white people have …
Bloody love Paul Hollywood what a wonderful man
said it best... Don't blame the Academy. Blame Hollywood for casting the films the way they do.
Well the unspoken one is Oscar Isaac for Ex Machina but Latino don't get spoken about in Hollywood :shrug:
: The (handsome) new face of Australia THIS Hollywood actor is following in the footsteps of Paul Hogan …
Hollywood would have ruined you, Paul.
Interesting fact: When Pope John Paul II visited California the Hollywood sign was changed to read Holywood.
How Paul Allen - yes, that Paul Allen - made one of this year's most compelling and emotional Oscar nominated films:
2016's biggest Oscar snub proves Hollywood overlords cannot deal with female sexual desire
who's Paul Hollywood though? Bagsy Sue Perkins. Look awesome and glad you avoided the bum design.
Enter to win tickets to see Hot Tamales Live! on Jan 18th at the Laugh Factory Hollywood!.
Deaths in Hollywood shakes me very minimal but Professor Snape's loss really saddens me almost like Paul Walker's.
You should be honored. Paul Hollywood is considered dreamy...
He's practically own Paul Hollywood already. let's do this!
to the weird day I was on the Alan Titchmarsh show and Paul Hollywood ate my cakes.
UK ppl, am I allowed to sue Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood to get my wife and child back?
and Joanna Lumley as Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry so so funny
Paul Hollywood, stop pretending that you're David Walliams!
Also Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Think of the deserts!
Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry tempt our tastebuds with some yuletide delights in the Christmas Masterclass...
Paul Barter & Associates – Did Hollywood just Kickstart the Future of Innovation?
Paul Hollywood looks the type. Mary Berry would extort you for the antidote.
no, I think you're terribly sad and ignorant. White dominate Hollywood to a pathetic extent they white wash history & culture
TV chef Paul Hollywood and Premier Foods have launched a new artisanal baking range
I thought your Instagram username was paul_hollywood - your new rolls say it's bakerhollywood 😕
love Paul Hollywood can't wait to try
Look who I was standing next to yesterday at The Good Food Show in London, thanks for the pose Hollywood :)
DIY flatbreads, Paul Hollywood and my fear of baking bread!
congrats on great gig tonite well-planned to put down Paul Hollywood in the anti-scouse capital of the world :). gold
On Skype today: my dad still refuses to watch GBBO, but he likes Paul Hollywood. "The man really knows his bread." Called Paul a putz.
does this guy on the FBI 10 most wanted list go under any other names, Paul Hollywood for example?
The Good Food Show was so much better than I expected it to be, we basically just followed Paul Hollywood around the whole afternoon
L to R: Burt Spivak, K, Paul di Amico, and Mel Haber. The history of celebrity and Hollywood in Palm Springs.
fake picture taken from a Hollywood film .
Thanks to and Hollywood and Highland has never looked better!
Paul Hollywood saw the best thing he's ever seen in bread during He would weep freely from his beautiful blue eyes were he here.
The octopus was replaced by Paul Newman. Hollywood wasn't ready for a calamari architect hero in the 70s.
The helicopter pilot looks like paul hollywood
Thank God Paul Hollywood didn't judge the attempts at a Swiss roll
Paul Hollywood isn't even this harsh
be seeing you on Bake Off! Watch out Paul Hollywood theres a new guy in town😂😂😂
Celebrity chef Paul Hollywood is to juggle his judging duties on The Great British Bake Off with a new show about baking around the world.
Bev, you and can be Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.
I watched the first few seasons. Love Sue Perkins & Mel Gyiedroyc. Eventually tired of Paul Hollywood.
In the queue to meet Paul Hollywood. Should be a 'wet floor' sign around all these middle aged woman
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are a great TV pairing - like mother and son almost & so endearing. I'm watching their masterclass on BBC2 :-)
I'm making choccy biscuits and a loaf of bread. I am a mix of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood:a Maul Berrywood if you will
I’ll start practicing my Paul Hollywood impersonations
tried once using Paul Hollywood book but failed. Need to try again with proving Basket I think. Managed soda bread :-)
you do! Mary Berry is a National Treasure, and Paul Hollywood is a silver fox who's good with his hands... (Also, lots of cake)
How has Paul Hollywood's hair not gone more grey over the last like 5 years?
Lost a long-term follower for my Paul Hollywood outburst last night. Almost as disappointing as the last 15 minutes of Doctor Foster.
Having had to have the trending hashtags Dr Foster, GBBO & Paul Hollywood explained to me, I've come to the conclusion that i DO have a life
Dr Foster won Bake Off and Paul Hollywood ran off with Simon to open up a cake shop -sorry to spoil it for you
If only we had taste vision. Wow they look impressive. Was that Paul Hollywood a little bit speechless then?
My dads acting like bloody Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood put together sat in his little chair in Hawthorn
Are you watching This weekend Paul Hollywood is in for visit:
WOW! Celebrity, Paul Hollywood sacrifices his gorgeous body...Great British Bake Off... .
Check out the show stoppers. Our own Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are going to judge a winner.
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood (lookalikes) weigh in as Macmillan coffee mornings sweep the boroug
Just saw Gregg Wallace in the pub. He and Paul Hollywood are the only TV people I've ever seen in public. Big up BBC Food.
The only thing more coveted than a Paul Hollywood handshake; A Mary Berry wink
Paul Hollywood is the Simon Cowell of baked goods
Put Jeremy Clarkson, Hulk Hogan & David Dickinson into a blender, let the contents set & you'll get Paul Hollywood.
Paul Hollywood resembles a car that has got a lot of frost on it on a mid-winter morning.
Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins stole and crashed Paul Hollywood's car
I also think Paul is there to distract the army of people who want to assassinate Paul Hollywood
I just don't know how you can live with yourself.No wonder are watching GBBO, Paul Hollywood is nothing compared to Mr Dow...
I've been saying the love-child of Paul Hollywood and Greg Davies!!
I've decided that Paul is the confusing love child of Paul Hollywood and Sean Lock. Surely I'm not alone here.
Paul Hollywood is so blunt with his critisism 😂😂
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
I bet Paul Hollywood farts into his hand and then puts it Mary's face
Paul Hollywood was the only celebrity I was able to identify in the picture round at the pub quiz last week
Katie just randomly sent me a photo of Paul Hollywood and announced she wants a threesome with him and Mary Berry 😂
Are you the Mary Berry of the mousse world or Paul Hollywood of protein chefs? Enter
CHRISTOPHER STEVENS questions how Paul Hollywood manages to turn browner every week, despite the perpetual downpour outside the Great
CHRISTOPHER STEVENS on how Paul Hollywood bakes his permata... |
Paul Hollywood does look like the sort of person to eat his gingerbread man head first
Christ closed my eyes and it sounds just like him. Joe Wilkinson that is not Christ. Paul Hollywood sounds like Christ!
British celebrity baker Paul Hollywood is in Cyprus for a family holiday
It's good to see that Paul Hollywood has dyed his beard and gone in to
Mel and Sue 'drove Paul Hollywood's car into a ditch'
Now I can't listen to Acker Bilk without thinking of Paul Hollywood - I'm gonna have to sell the clarinet.
Is contestant Paul on the love child of Paul Hollywood and comedian Greg Davies?
Sister Dewar: 'why is Paul Hollywood trying to stare down a PRISON GUARD!?'
It's 9:22am and we'd really discussing whether Larry Lamb and Paul Hollywood are attractive ?¿
Breast Cancer Awareness
Learn how to bake bread with our song. Paul Hollywood said it was "technically inaccurate".
BBC Good Food Show to make Dubai debut in December: Paul Hollywood, James Martin and Andy Bates among ...
WDYTYA featured Paul Hollywood. Do you want to delve into your family history call into Loughborough Library Local Studies for advice.
TV Catch Up via Spoiler: Paul Hollywood is WELL into his grandad...
Paul Hollywood on I will be very disappointed if it turns out he isn't related to Hollywood Hogan.
Judi asked, "Do you think Frankie Valli goes to Paul Hollywood for tips on baking?"
The Great British Book Off! Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have cashed in £20 million from recipe ...
Have I Got A Bit More News For You tonight at 9pm. Sue Perkins takes the chair. . Paul is an excellent Mary Berry to Ian’s Paul Hollywood.
Johnny cash? Paul Hollywood, Kenny. Without Buildings' any correlation between Ian Williams, betrays its all Our names has earned.
Paul Hollywood isn't the only Paul on The Great British Bake Off anymore - and the show loves it via Digital Spy
Bake Off fans, it’s time to get ready! Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood are returning. Will you be tuning in next week? >>
Proper making me chuckle remembering how excited was when Paul Hollywood walked past
TV baking star Paul Hollywood unveils new karts at Buckmore Park A celebrity
I would watch them all, esp. Mark Gatiss, Sir Derek Jacobi, Paul Hollywood, and Jane Seymour.
Foto: chrisafromca: Congratulations to Paul Rudd for being awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Paul Rudd actor grad recieves star on Hollywood Walk of Fame today >>
Paul had his Mum, Sister, Wife and kids at the Hollywood Walk of Fame when he was getting his star. It's literally the cutest thing ever.
15 celebrity couples that have gone the distance... although we still wish Bennifer II did 😭 http:…
Aw aw aw Paul Rudd got his Hollywood star :')
Congratulations to Paul Rudd on your star on the Hollywood Walk of fame!
Paul Rudd to receive star on Hollywood Walk of Fame; ceremony will be live-streamed:
Paul Thomas Anderson and are making a live-action Pinocchio together. Really
Awh. Paul Rudd is getting his star in Hollywood 😁
"I'll see if we can organise a trip for the good food show, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are there we might meet them". I might just cry
Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc were the centre of attention on Saturday night thanks to their h…
Bake Off star Paul Hollywood shares hilarious picture of himself with Mary Berry, Mel…
Who is the West End's answer to Paul Hollywood?
good to see John Craven and Paul Hollywood in there tho
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood doing the can-can on top of a giant Cornish Pasty as requested by Katherine Wolfe
Paul Hollywood criticises BBC over Jeremy Clarkson 'fracas' via
Paul Hollywood criticises BBC over Jeremy Clarkson 'fracas': And he’s got his own ideas about who should be pr...
Although maybe not as harrowing as Paul Hollywood's Desert Island Discs choices last week.
p.s. for those who thought I fancied Paul Hollywood or that I'd ever bang him to get ahead - JOKE'S ON YOU, YOU MASSIVE SHI…
“Paul Hollywood makes grown men and women crumble” says Kirsty Young on Desert Island Discs. Doesn't sound very tasty to me...
Good on Kirsty Young for telling Paul Hollywood his impersonation of Mary Berry is rubbish. It's been annoying me too
Kirsty Young to Paul Hollywood on 'Have you ever been on a no-carb diet?'
I added a video to a playlist How to Cook Danish Pastries - Bread with Paul Hollywood - BBC…
BEAUTICIANS. A 'Hollywood' bikini wax looks nothing like Paul Hollywood. Why not call it a Gregg Wallace instead? . (via
Really dislike John Torode. He's up there with Paul Hollywood on the massive wanker scale.
I can't look at Paul Hollywood's face without seeing Louise Thompson's boyfriend's *** now 😨
Dame Edna has rendered Paul Hollywood speechless. Not even did that!
I've had to record it. I hate Paul Hollywood though I wont lie. I just couldn't miss the footie
Were you aware of this tawdry 2013 side-story involving celeb baker Paul Hollywood? I wasn't.
just when I thought you were the king of the track, Paul Hollywood makes me aware of john surtees, what a legend. Ur best jock.
Caught up with the 'Paul Hollywood meets John Surtees' BBC Racing Legends programme last night. What a 'legend'.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Step aside Mrs Marriott, just call me Paul Hollywood! Fresh bread for the house
I'm just making my festive slap in the face list, step forward Alex Polizzi and Paul Hollywood
all ready! Me Emma and Lau are going to be like Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood and Delia Smith!🎂
saw Mary Berry&Paul Hollywood and John Torode in the supertheatre, as well as different cooking equipment demonstrations
At the BBC good food show watching Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood bicker and cook on a stage...
Greg Wallace fine, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood fine. John Torode is an abomination
Yay, I finally managed to get one! My own zombie rock from Little Black Heart. Thank you Charl for refreshing the screen like mad last night and getting me one whilst I was out watching (drooling) Paul Hollywood, turned into a good night me thinks :)
TV’s baking star Paul Hollywood brings his first ever live show to the UK in 2014. With 22 dates across the country, Paul Hollywood Live – Get Your Bake On! sees Paul take to the stage for an evening of baking, comedy and fun
Good morning lovely likers well I'm on my way to the NEC to see if i can meet a few celebrity chefs (Paul Hollywood being one!) If you need me please inbox me and i will get back to you as soon as possible :)
Closing at 4pm today due to having an evening planned with Mr Paul Hollywood.
New post 'Baking with Paul Hollywood('s recipe)' at
- The Rock is being rumored to be in the Transformers 5 movie. Hollywood rumors have both Rock and Bruce Willis...
Hollywood has us playing slaves in a movie about our own history. That is poison to the nth degree. Paul Mooney said it best.
Two-day intensive with top Australian LA-based acting coach Paul Barry - Thur 4th & Fri 5th December in Hollywood, 1…
Paul Kohler beaten in £2m home by Polish criminals free to enter UK Via:
Might have to get myself a Spector calendar for next year. It'd fit perfectly next to a Paul Hollywood one.
My latest remaster is back, sounds big! "Relax" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood/ Happy Thanksgiving!
Paul Hollywood fantastic show in southport ! Need to try that baked Brie !!
Four burglars plead guilty to beating lecturer Paul Kohler at his home Via:
paul hollywood sultana scones - Scone production at Woody's. Makila in action! and here...
was that from one of those cheap Christmas *** Paul bought last year - take the nail clippers next time ;-) xx
Paul Schrader On Piracy, Television and a New Age in Filmmaking - Hollywood Reporter
double I'm watching Paul Hollywood fondle dough on Good Food channel now
Things other people like and I don't understand why: . Shoes. Christmas. Paul Hollywood. Strictly. Jewellery . Boiled eggs . The Princess Bride
The German equivalent of Paul Hollywood on Dad Grosse Backen is an über mean (but v attractive) woman
Evening before the bail hearing: Watching a Hollywood movie with Mandy :-)
We shall be in the same bracket as Jay Spearing, Paul Hollywood, Simon Rimmer et al.
- Paul Hollywood joined on the Grimsby stage by Great British Bake-Off winner ... - Grimsby Telegraph: G...
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