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Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood (born 1966) is an English baker and celebrity chef. He has worked as a baker since taking up the career at his father's bakery as a teenager and has gone on to become head baker at a number of hotels around Britain.

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Paul Hollywood is Keir Starmer. Noel Fielding is Richard Burgon. Sandi Toksvig is Emily Thornberry. I'm struggling with Prue Leith tho.
The Channel 4 line up has been announced...and it's pretty out there! Noel Fielding, Sandi Toksvig and Prue Leith joi…
Paul Hollywood is a nob. I'm almost certain about it
I don't like Paul Hollywood either. I can imagine it having Noel Fielding animations in between bakes. Also find the combination
What an awful line-up. Glad I won't be watching it anymore. And I'm sure Paul Hollywood said what he did through gr…
Am I alone in thinking that the weak link in the new lineup is actually Paul Hollywood?
They only hired Noel as he's the only one who can understand Paul Hollywood these days
I somehow doubt Noel Fielding will take on Paul Hollywood's mantle as dish of the day. A nation's matrons mourn.
Nope, not Time for Mary Berry biting on one side of her mouth, and Paul Hollywood's over-gelled hair. Gr…
Paul Hollywood says he stayed with Great British Bake Off for the crew
Channel 4's Great British Bake Off has signed a key new judge to join Paul Hollywood.
Why Grado and Michelle McManus could be Scotland's Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry
Grado on why he and Michelle McManus could be Scotland's answer to Paul Hollywood and…
Mary Berry REFUSED to meet Channel 4 about Bake Off but still 'STANDS BY' Paul Hollywood
Mary Berry: 'Paul Hollywood and I had our differences' -
Mary Berry hints she and Paul Hollywood clashed over Great British Bake Off move .
Mary Berry admits she had "differences" with Paul Hollywood over Bake Off's Channel 4 move
Mary Berry 'stands by' Paul Hollywood after Bake Off move
The new Mary BerryPrue Leith is allegedly tipped to join Paul Hollywood as a judge when the r…
- Mary Berry takes swipe at Paul Hollywood and clean eating, Mary Berry, 81, alo...
Another sellout, like that spineless Paul Ryan, who initially couldn't support Trump, esp. after the Access Hollywood tape. 😒😒
Ashley Greene is now engaged to Paul Khoury Greene Khoury la Suit
things Ranaan has been called tonight: señor sickbeard; l'homme de vom; feral boyband member; Errathor's answer to Paul Hollywood.
It has been about three years now since hollywood star Paul Walker unexpectedly…
Could this be the new Great British Bake Off line-up?
the best one you ever done was when you said Paul Hollywood shags cakes
Poor Paul Hollywood must've worked his socks off to bake all that lovely bread 😂😂
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood on the pumpclip. Dream/nightmare?... (Cupcake Revolution)
800pm tonite come join me buy tickets now, FREE for io students & performers
obvs one is Paul Hollywood - the other two are just annoying. The woman in particular.
I just hope Paul Anderson never directs or produces another film ever again. One less *** in Hollywood!
I think baking's far easier than cooking, and because of that, it...
Example D) Paul Hollywood would probably disagree, he's a hard man to please.
Paul Hollywood dips Jaffas, his opinion is not important
The Candle In The Wind hitmaker is working with Hollywood's Paul Rudnick
ITV decided not to make Bake Off bid because stars weren't signed up
Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry as long as they bring cake I am hapoy
Mary Berry has controversially named her favourite Bake Off contestant
. . Break the record of a famous Hollywood star
You'll never guess who's joining Paul Hollywood on Great British Bake Off
You'll never guess who the new Great British Bake Off judges are
Chefs spotted trying out for Mary Berry's role on via
Paul Hollywood should enter every room to the individual.
We can't lie: we're excited about this - A Is Coming to Broadway
She was pictured going into a screen test with Paul Hollywood. I cannot stand her!
Bollywood and hollywood is going to be surprised as well as shocked by watching the movie
vergepop: Why Hollywood is turning to books for its biggest productions
Happy 92nd birthday to the late Hollywood actor and cat lover Paul Newman
Our young team competing in Singapore this week won there first game today 15 to 7. Nice work "Hollywood" Paul...
Off to later! Got my Paul Hollywood shirt and Union Flag earrings. Time to listen to the songs.
It's so I'm going to make your back Paul Hollywood!
When is The Great British Bake Off 2017 with Paul Hollywood on Channel 4? Schedule, presenters and format – all yo…
Why is it that at service stations so many people look like Paul Hollywood?
Nadiya Hussain joins Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry to receive...
...and Paul Hollywood's dad was a baker. Now we need a famous son of a candlestick maker to match the rhyme. Hmm?
I don't even think Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would be nice abt Sandra Lee's cakes and they're Delightful
I bought my mum Mary Berry's cook book for christmas, tried to get Paul Hollywood's but he sold out!
Paul Hollywood is staying with The Great British Bake Off - but Mary Berry has quit.
I bought Mary Berry's book yesterday. I wanted to get Paul Hollywood's too but it had sold out!!
but just imagine a Liam Neeson and Paul Hollywood sandwich 😂 now that's better than Ryan Reynolds 😂
That one time I tried to dress up as Lois' dad/Paul Hollywood and looked more like Rolf Harris without his specs
Despite the fact only Paul Hollywood + a tent remain & the integrity of the concept -prostituted for money -is in ruins?
Paul Hollywood failing to understand the part chemistry plays in who presents a show.
Paul Hollywood: Bake Off format 'to stay same' (
Now- Paul Hollywood: Bake Off format 'to stay same'
Paul Hollywood: Bake Off format 'to stay same' -
Paul Hollywood: Bake Off format 'to stay same' |
Paul Hollywood: Bake Off format 'to stay same' ^BBC
But, how to reach the public and motivate people to speak out? . one word. HOLLYWOOD
Paul Hollywood defends decision to move to Channel Four with Bake Off via
‘All guns were pointed at me’ Paul Hollywood defends decision to stick with Bake Off
BBC News - Paul Hollywood: The Great British Bake Off will 'stay the same'
Paul Hollywood vows that Bake Off will "stay exactly the same" when it moves to Channel 4.
Paul Hollywood: Bake Off format 'to stay same'
Paul Hollywood reveals Channel 4 move has doubled his salary.
Paul Hollywood got 'more media attention of Channel 4 move with Bake Off than murderers'
To the tune of Eleanor Rigby:. Great British Bake Off. Mel and Sue left, and then Mary, 'til only one stood. Paul Hollywood
Don't miss Paul Hollywood telling his side of the story in our exclusive first interview since he quit the BBC
'Yorkshire Ripper gets better press than me' - Bake Off star Paul Hollywood reeling from his BBC 'betrayal'…
Paul Hollywood: 'I had worse press than a serial killer over Great British Bake Off move'.
Paul Hollywood reveals real reason why he stayed with Great British Bake Off - and it's not the money
Paul Hollywood: Reaction to Bake Off move 'out of control'
Bake Off 'villain' Paul Hollywood hits out at reaction to move -
Paul Hollywood responds to claims he stayed with GBBO 'for the money' Looks like he got a good package!
Sue Perkins clashes with her Bake Off co-star Paul Hollywood
They can get right in Room 101 along with Paul Hollywood, Lee Evans, Paddy McGuinness, Jamie Oliver and John Bishop. Fuc…
I wish that someone would look at me the way Paul Hollywood looks at flour
Didn't expect Paul Hollywood to make an appearance on Mapping The Rendezvous.
My column, laying into muscles, Mexican food, and why Kenny Rogers is the new Paul Hollywood.
marry berry as nic cage and Paul Hollywood as John travolta. Dare you get a soggy bottom
Rylan SLAMS Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood for ‘just sitting around’ on Bake Off
Bake Off fans skewer Hollywood: Paul Hollywood, the only member of the presenting team to defect to Channel 4...
Paul Hollywood's blatant weakness for pretty Bake-Off contestants is only going to get worse without Mary balancing him out.
It's really good to see Paul Hollywood has turned his back on Bake Off and found a new career. The Ali G glasses do…
Is it only me who thinks the dog catcher looks like Paul Hollywood?
it's only cos she's probably knocking off Paul Hollywood
Popped into the for a pork pie & a pint. A golden crust Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood would be proud o…
Today in 2005, Queen + Paul Rodgers performed at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Paul Hollywood looks like he's enjoying her! 😀
I voted in the NTAs, you can too! Just make sure wins best presenter
And as ever lovely to see you! I MIGHT even watch Channel 4 Bake Off if you were to join Paul Hollywood as a presenter/judge!
Selasi going home = shambles, cos Candice is shagging Paul Hollywood and the ginge caught them so they're all in some cakey c…
Not sure what Channel 4 will call the Paul Hollywood-only version of Bake Off. I suggest "Mid Loaf Crisis"
I need days off and bbc good food show tickets to finally meet my future husband paul hollywood and make him fall in love with me 😩
We'd enjoy more 'lifestyle' sections from you Monty, about cooking produce.Don't fancy replacing Paul Hollywood as well?
The Castres coach is the spitting image of Paul Hollywood!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Paul films with nudists as GBBO fans speculate baking show has taken a weird turn
What's coming up in the final? We had a chat with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood…
Ahh I am going on the Saturday as my Mum (and my Dad secretly) love Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry lol
Bake Off fans, the BBC has already found a replacement show for GBBO | Stylist Magazine Yayyy! More Mary Berry 👏🏻👏🏻
A local shows us Madrid's best places to eat on at 9:30am ET:
Di afc ada paul hollywood city bakes, now I am hungry again
Same as my last comment, replace middle east with wall street or HollyWood.
We watched a video of Paul Hollywood making shapes using dough. We have some future Bake Off winners in our class https:…
Weekend baking: Sink your teeth into chocolate chip cookies: 🍪🍪
Heading back to Devon for & some other band who gave their first ever gig...Chasing Pau…
Wouldn't it be deliciously ironic if Gary Lineker won an award at the Sun sponsored Why not vote here:
Joining Paul Hollywood in my pantheon of Creepy TV Cooks is Rick Stein. And of course Gregg Wallace is a founder member.
Where are we today Mary? . We are in Reading Paul. Bloody *** really?. Afraid so Mr Hollywood, they are 'Reading' for anything!. Leave the p…
"How is Paul Hollywood?" asked an elderly neighbour. "Do you mean Gregg Wallace?" I said. Easy mistake, they could be twins.
What is it about Paul Hollywood that you don't like?
Raw inside. What a shame. Paul Hollywood would have you!! 😆
you realise you're going to have to prove that and it's going to be like I'm Paul Hollywood with that evil stare 😂
Paul Hollywood move aside Alf's pie has arrived
To use the words of Paul Hollywood - "great bake" - you would get the Hollywood hand shake too. Those look gorgeous 👏👏👏
Is AL Vijay accusing Amala Paul of cheating on him?
Paul Hollywood is ‘brutally honest’ and ‘scary’ according to the final three Great British Bake Off contestants!
Dear Hollywood, tell your action leads to grab rifles and mags when the opportunity presents. Handguns are great but when London falls...
Paul Hollywood is the busiest it has ever been
Vijay’s father OPENS UP about Amala Paul and AL Vijay’s divorce
Blake saying this decision is tough is like Paul Hollywood saying your flavours are interesting.
Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain is sticking with the BBC too, leaving Paul Hollywood all alone…
BBC Good Food Show Ireland. What an amazing day working with some great chef such as Marcus Marcus Bean and Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood has clearly never seen A Knight's Tale - it's called a lance...HELLO! off
Happy birthday to Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp, played here by Paul Hollywood
fans were NOT happy with Mel Giedroyc's joke about Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood
im getting Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood on the case now
Who wants to do a couples costume with me for Halloween? Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. (I get to be Mary, obviously.)
Mary Berry: The flavours are good but the texture is rather dry. . Paul Hollywood: They're burnt.
Mary Berry has spoken about GBBO and Paul Hollywood moving to Channel 4
Great British Break Off: Mary Berry quits as Paul Hollywood follows the dough with Ch
"He's a broken human." has strong opinions about Paul Hollywood's dislike of peanut butter.
Paul Anthony (Reggae Souljahs... has a show on 09/29/2016 at 09:00 PM @ M... in Hollywood, FL
from the trivial, to dangerous incompetence.. Hollywood shutup.
listen up, food bloggers, Paul Hollywood would call you a right *** for thinking this looks good
Oh wow!. I got to meet Paul Newman when I was in Columbus, OH campaigning for Kerry-Edwards. I have a picture of...
Baker: "It's a modeling chocolate with a bit of a dusting to make it a silver-grey bear.". Camera: [zooms in on Paul Hollywood]
I do not like Paul Hollywood but Mary Berry is a situation
a man called Big Sam being a bit of a wheeler-dealer is as surprising as a man called Paul Hollywood chasing that sweet pay…
I see Paul Hollywood has been taking fashion tips from Blake's 7 costume designer Nicky Rocker... https:…
Paul Hollywood sits in a tent with life-sized bread copies of Mel, Sue and Mary. "Can't wait for series 8," he says. They don…
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I agree Paul Hollywood is rather nice looking
Who would portray Paul Brown if Hollywood filmed a biopic?
Mary Berry and Paul quitting Great British Bake Off as show moves to Channel 4?
I liked a video Selena Gomez and Paul Rudd at Sundance - Hollywood TV
My mum and dad are on my phone case and some lads just asked me if it's Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood good night 😭
Can't watch The Great British Bake Off without wanting to flour bomb Paul Hollywood 🐍
Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry in a tight loving embrace surrounded by an apocalyptic bake themed kitchen - as requested b…
Paul Hollywood says new will feature millionaire's shortbread, millionaire's bread, millionaire’s cake and million…
You can rent Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul's STUNNING home on Airbnb via
Happiness is.freshly baked bread from Paul Hollywood How to Bake book. I don't know about the…
*Breaking* Sam Allardyce cites Paul Hollywood in trying to explain his "moment of madness" and was "blinded by avarice". . In a frank int...
.is haunted by his mother's death. See why in this sneak peek:
difference between Hollywood and Rooney is Paul knows how to get in the mixer.
Guys, there isn't any knead for these Paul Hollywood puns...
Paul Hollywood has just ensured The Great British Bake Off will be a £75m flop on Ch
Mary Berry to become next England manager and Paul Hollywood to be England captain. What's the odds?
can't wait for channel 4's Great British Snake Off with Paul Hollywood xx
said she'd call Paul Hollywood 'Daddy' and I cannot deal with her.
Sam Allardyce to host on Channel 4 with Paul Hollywood
Breaking:. Paul Hollywood in talks to be the new England manager. Says, it's nothing to do with money!. .
As will be Owen Smith and Paul Hollywood. August company!
what are the odds on Big Sam presenting The Great British Bake Off with Paul Hollywood?
staring Paul Hollywood as Vader and Mary Berry as Obi Wan Kenobi
'' hi I'm Paul Hollywood and today it's…SURPRISE BREAD WEEK AGAIN''
‘Come to Daddy!’ - A preview of Paul Hollywood on the new
Paul Hollywood on the phone. Says he's joining Channel 4 to "earn his crust", although he doesn't exactly knead the dough.…
My feeling is that Paul Hollywood has been badly advised, esp re; public anger towards C4 move. I loved the balance of him a…
"with Mel and Sue as hosts and Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry as judges."
No.5: The  plot thickens. Mary Berry is sticking with the BBC, but Paul Hollywood is off.
So if Mary Berry has also quit then Channel 4 have paid £75 milion for Paul Hollywood in a tent with some cakes.
There will still be two BBC “Bake Off” Christmas specials with Mel and Sue, Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry 🍰🌲.
Paul Hollywood is staying on 'Bake Off' and everyone is making the same joke - via
Paul Hollywood to judge Great British Bake Off for next three series after move to Channel 4, Love Productions ann…
Paul Hollywood: odd man out of the Great British Bake Off - The Guardian
If Mel, Sue and Mary are doing something bake-y on the BBC, get James Martin in as the new Paul Hollywood...
Sigh. Mary Berry to leave Off -- but Paul Hollywood agrees to stay.
I enjoy I'll enjoy it much, much more without Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. I can just about put up with Paul Hollywood.
No Mel, no Sue, no Mary: no bake-off. Paul Hollywood the new Adrian Chiles: what price loyalty?
"Paul Hollywood is moving to Bake Off on Channel 4"
UK TV chef Paul Hollywood signs three-series deal with Great British Bake Off... by via
I will miss the dynamic duo of Mary + Paul :( Mary Berry to leave Bake Off – but Paul Hollywood agrees to stay
if that isn't Paul Hollywood or Brian Cox then it's anybody's guess. George Michael?!?
No surprise there then. Paul Hollywood has decided to follow the dough.
Mary Berry to leave Great British Bake Off – but Paul Hollywood likely to stay
Paul Hollywood confirms he will stay on Bake Off for another three seasons
Update: Paul Hollywood will remain as presenter on despite Mary Berry, Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins leaving
Going to have to learn what Paul Hollywood looks like so I can shout "SCAB" at him if I ever bump into him on the streets.
Martin come on James, you're way more appealing than Paul Hollywood and probably a better baker too. Talk to him BBC
Only 2 hours until its pastry week, will we see Mary Berry pull and blow her sugar, Paul Hollywood?
I'm voting for Mary Berry for President and Paul Hollywood for VP, with Mel and Sue in the tent...sorry, cabinet.
Brangelina: George Clooney, Adele and More React to Hollywood Divorce: The split that rocked the world took p...
Paul specified Hollywood movies, not British ones
Met Paul Hollywood for a beer.. bit big headed
I hope you find someone who looks at you in the same way Paul Hollywood looks at Selasi
Can Paul Hollywood get his head any further up his own *** I hate his smug, condescending face. Smarmy, grinning, stupid bearded ***
lmao dis me cause I have the humour of a middle aged woman and think Paul hollywood is bangin'
So did everyone just like her and Justin Hollywood marriages rarely last forever except paul Newman
Is Paul being lined up as the next Top Gear host?
come on Paul Hollywood definitely votes SNP
The Fall's Jamie Dornan on the role that made him a Hollywood star - ''I found Paul Spector very ...: Ahead o...
Breast Cancer Awareness
If Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood quit too, Channel 4's basically paying £25 million for some ovens and a tent.
If Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood also ditch the tent then will follow in the footsteps of Top Gear. Finito.
Paul Hollywood is new favourite to replace Chris Evans as Top Gear host -… https:…
Showbiz News: Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood's Bake Off future up in the air: THE future look of The Great Bri...
Not sure which host's name was less believable, but either way I think it's a good idea for Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood to bow out.
←← Istri Merem Melek Channel 4 offer Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry big money to move with the Grea…
Just took a 10 minute nap and dreamed Mary Berry was weeping to me that Paul Hollywood was blackmailing her to stay on
Andy Lawrence: line-up crumbles AGAIN Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood may not return to the tent …
I'd be surprised if Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry moved to C4. The BBC should now create their own show with Paul, Mary, Mel and Sue.
People most unlikely to be seen on the next series of The Great British Bake Off:. 1 Mary Berry. 2 Paul Hollywood. 3 Sue Per…
Should do Cereal on British Bake Off, Paul Hollywood like yes g Peng cornflakes them with milk running down his chin.
I didn't know Paul Hollywood has a show on The Cooking Channel. Nice!!
It's just funny Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood talk so seriously about cakes and biscuits lol just eat them
well done Michael, if nothing else for nearly flooring Paul Hollywood with booze
Paul Hollywood told Michael he wanted to keep in touch with him so, who's the real winner this year?
Paul Hollywood feels the burn from Great British Bake Off fans after his gingerbread massacre: It was Welsh…
Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry 'snub ITV mega-deal' to keep on BBC
Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry SAVE Great British Bake Off for BBC by refusing to go to ITV ...
Only in England could Paul Hollywood dunking a Jaffa cake in his tea make national radio because of the public outrage
OUR participation. Although I did get to dance with Paul Hollywood.
Buzzing that Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry are back on my TV screen 🎂👌🏼
Need Google Maps after looking in Paul Hollywood's eyes, always feel lost in that ocean of blue
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood as a Genji/Hanzo combo, layered over each other
Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry say nerves are tested to the full this year on
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are amazing gotta love them
i want Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood to adopt me 👌🏽
i swear if i ever met Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry my life would be complete
Tiers and tantrums! Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry on Bake Off 2016 via
The bakes Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are sick of eating:
Paul Hollywood has revealed he has big plans for the Great British Bake Off
"Horribly reminiscent of a Paul Hollywood challenge": Archivists reveal recipe by Rebecca Dixon, the Mary Ber...
Wow I took a glance at the photo and thought it was Paul Hollywood? Strange!
"Do you think Paul Hollywood says 'I'll crumb on you' in the bedroom?" - H. Kemp
I liked a video "This is my.."Feat. Neil, Warwick Davis, Lee Mack, Paul Hollywood - Would I Lie to
I never hand-knead bread, so this is mildly nerve-wracking. Also imagining Paul Hollywood's critical sass-voice in my head as I work.
Did anyone notice the number plate on the Paul Hollywood's Aston Martin said ***
During the course of my working life, I've had dealings with people called Mark E. Smith, Jonathan King and Paul Hollywood.
is it me or does the Romanian coach look like a cross between Alan Sugar and Paul Hollywood?
I love absolutely when Mary Berry tells Paul Hollywood "you're very cruel!"
Celebrity *** Off with master bakers Paul Hollywood and Nigel Lawson
She's passionate! She's my fave, even more than Paul Hollywood.
Woke up from a dream in which Paul Hollywood was the new Everton manager.
Nick grimshaw looks like Paul Hollywood with his silver hair
Terry Venables with a look akin to Paul Hollywood 😂😂😂
When I'm bored I go onto Paul Hollywood's FB pictures and look at all the comments left by horny middle aged housewives, you're welcome
Does anyone else think Paul Hollywood saying 'master baker' sounds like something else.?
It breaks my heart on British Bake Off when Paul Hollywood tells them there cake is rubbish
Look at Paul Hollywood's Aston Martin, James Martin's collection of sports cars and Chris Moyles' gut. Your License Fee paid for that.
I watched "The Graham Norton Show" (19:5). Paul Hollywood and cakes. Richard Madden and Lily James on stage. Joan Collins reads in book.
Hang on! What's this bake-off thing that has people that aren't Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood?!
Paul Hollywood just baked a New York cheesecake inside a chocolate brownie on the Food Network. I'm sold.
Great British Bake Off's Paul Hollywood: I still pinch myself all the time - Great Brit...
There are only three men that look *** good with the salt & pepper look; George Clooney, Paul Hollywood & Gary Linekar! That's it!
Someone was paid actual money to make a hat out of Yorkshire pudding to be worn by Paul Hollywood.
Just seen that Paul Hollywood used 2 b the Master baker at the Dorchester Hotel. Have heard him referred to as something similar before 😂😂
The Question Time guests? Because I don't want to see either Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood naked. Ever.
Yes baking turned out amazing. Watch out Mary Berry, I'm on my way to steal Paul Hollywood from you! 🍰🍰
you lot could give Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood a run for his money ❤️🎂
The Hollywood Reporter asked Dr. Paul Offit to review Strange choice. Corrections to some of his claims.
GBBO judge Paul Hollywood packs in the punches with new workout regime: The judge is aiming to lose two stone.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Got Paul Hollywood on again guys. He's making lavender posset. Then he says... "I'm making lavender biscuits too. I think it will go."
Paul Rudd arriving to Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood: via
Paul Hollywood's voice is so soothing
pretty please tell me you're getting Paul Hollywood for the final because I will lose my mind
the arrest of Paul Hollywood for being in possession of a soggy bottom?
Never-before-seen footage of Paul Walker revealed over two years after his death.
“Forget about cinema and the language of cinema. It’s a totally new medium. There are elements of traditional...
No, Sainsbury's, Paul Hollywood is not the existentialist I'm looking for... (Though definitely a cause for Nausea)
GBBO in real life. Can you impress Mary Berry? Or will Paul Hollywood frown at your baked goods?
good.wasn't the same without you.hope you're back next year. Paul Hollywood not a patch on Malton…
Fact: If you sliced through Paul Hollywood it would reveal that he's made almost entirely of Battenberg.
Tere Bin Laden: Dead or Alive movie review: Manish Paul’s crazy COMIC TIMING is definitely worth your ticket pri
Idolize the most hard working person in Hollywood, Ru Paul Charles...
Bake Off star Paul Hollywood is taking up boxing - in a bid to lose two stone .
Golden Petal Awards 2016: Salman Khan TROLLS Manish Paul in the sweetest way possible –watch video!
Want to return to Idaho: Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul
Rajev Paul is HURT that his ex-wife Delnaaz talked about their failed marriage on a reality show!
There you go, Paul Hollywood said scone is pronounced as "on" (rhymes with gone) so it HAS to be right! :)
There were a higher percentage of women film directors working in Hollywood in 1929 than there are now 😳
Paul Hollywood has good baking tips
you have 10 Hollywood writers and that's all they can come up with . *** 🙈. Just a thought .
Paul Dano on his kiss with Daniel Radcliffe in Swiss Army Man: "I'm still thinking about it."
sakurafavjd: Hollywood Vampires and Paul McCartney. This so awesome ! Macca, Depp, and A Cooper !
Seriously though, Paul Hollywood has murdered so many people, no doubt in my mind.
you look a bit like Paul Hollywood here
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