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Paul Hollywood

Paul Hollywood (born 1966) is an English baker and celebrity chef. He has worked as a baker since taking up the career at his father's bakery as a teenager and has gone on to become head baker at a number of hotels around Britain.

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are you out drinking with Paul Hollywood off of the Great British Bake Off??
Paul Hollywood of Great British Bake Off fame tells Charlene Guy what it takes to be a pro cake reviewer!
Paul Hollywood at the Hammersmith Odeon. What's that noise? The final nail being struck into entertainment's coffin.
Ooooh Patrick Grant could give Paul Hollywood a run for his money!!
A new series of 8 Out of 10 Cats starts tonight at 10pm, with guests Paul Hollywood, Rob Beckett, Dawn O’Porter and Joe Wilkinson.
8 out of 10 Cats, S17E01 - “Paul Hollywood, Joe Wilkinson, Dawn O'Porter, Rob Beckett” is about to air on Channel 4 for 30 minutes.
it was a winner. I tried Paul Hollywood recipe last week and it was a disaster. I'm a cheese first convert to.
I need Paul Hollywood. Actually I think I prefer to have Mary Berry. God knows which bit of the 10 part/9 day process I got wrong. My sourdough is flat but actually it tastes ok but I guess anything hot out of the oven with a layer of butter on tastes good. No TGBBO for me then!
Host Favourite Heartthrobs Beatrix and Loris like Benedict Cumberbatch and him they both love to watch Loris's heartthrob is her hubby though and together they both have a long way to go Grace has the hots for a guy called Mark She mentioned him in a passing remark they are seeing each other for dates and woo hoo, now they are more than just mates Roxy and Shelly both like Olly Murs and they both say that he is hers Shelly has more than one, she has five more but if Cliff Richard came, she would lock the door Shelly like Paul Hollywood and Shane Ward if they asked her for a date, she would run forward when Robbie Williams and Tom cruise call her on the phone she will say 'I'm going with Mark Wahlberg, your on your own' Milana and Melissa have only eyes for their boyfriends they are their heartthrobs and are their best friends Lindsey likes Tom Hardy more than the rest but she loves her hubby, he is the best Ashley admires Zac Efron, Beyonce and Drew Barrymore but he likes Chris Helmsworth just a little bi ...
Joanne Walton. Here is my menu for last Saturday's dinner party. Strawberry champagne cocktail with Parmesan biscuits on arrival ( Simon Hopkinson recipe) Stuffed mushroom ( garlic butter with Parmesan, parsley and breadcrumb crust in a rocket salad with balsamic drizzle. ( Nigel Slater) Shoulder of pork with crackling stuffed with pork, onions, parley, thyme, apricot and lemon juice. Roast potatoes, leeks and shredded sprouts cooked in butter with lardons. Carrots and roast parsnips. Cider gravy. ( Hugh Fearnley-Whittenstall for the sprouts) Strawberry mousse cake ( Paul Hollywood) Lemon meringue pie ( Mary Berry) We drank far too much champagne ( 2 bottles before we ate dinner) so I can't remember what wine we drank! The strawberry mousse cake looked easy when I saw it made on tv but it took me three times as long to make it! Thanks for your inspiration as always in me having the confidence to attempt new recipes! I can't believe I made all that, including the bread crumbs! The Parmesan biscuits were a ...
When you click on 'Great British...' On the TV guide expecting a delicious serving of Paul Hollywood and instead you get Michael Portillo and railways.welcome to my life!
Paul Hollywood and Greg Rutherford - grey and ginger. Two colours I should perhaps consider more often 😆
Drooling over Paul Hollywood and Greg Rutherford on Bake Off is a perfect way to end a crappy day!
Comedienne Jo Brand takes over presenting duties as four more celebrities face three challenges from Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Broadcaster Kirsty Young, actress Jane Horrocks, Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford and Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner make gingerbread biscuits, banoffee…
Back on our fast 2 day diet today after the christmas 'stuff our faces' marathon, and then having the lurggy cold virus. Tomorrow i will be in the kitchen doing Paul Hollywood's Chelsea buns recipe, using cranberries, apricots and sultanas, and finished with orange icing. Yum can't wait. I also fancied his Brioche stuffed with Brie recipe x
After last night I am totally obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Sherlock. He's BEAUTIFUL: Not conventionally so but who cares! Do you have an unusual celebrity crush? Maybe Simon Cowell and his high trousers or Paul Hollywood, the silver fox? Let me know! Fiona x
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"He's going to critically gut them from end to end". Ouch! Host Sue Perkins investigates master baker Paul Hollywood in this behind-the-scenes clip of 'The Great Sport Relief Bake Off'. Find out what our celebrity bakers have in store for them. The Great British Bake Off, with a Sport Relief twist, is back on Monday at 8.30pm on BBC Two.
This was the most heartwarming Sunday for me... Our Saint Vincent de Paul Hollywood conference greeted every parishioner at every mass at our Blessed Sacrament Cathedral... The smiling faces that I witness today will live in my heart forever! Thank you team for a most amazing day!
watching Paul Hollywood and got a little burst of excitement about going to see him with Christine Taylor Jordan!!! 󾮞󾮞󾮞
funny you should say that, I thought Paul Hollywood was on your cards. Or Sue Perkins for that matter.
Making another recipe from my Paul Hollywood cook book. This was a clear success as a present. (Cherry croissant pudding).
Matt's having an unexpected Paul Hollywood fix for a Wednesday morning 😜
Looking forward to next year! Seeing Jon Richardson, Paul Hollywood and Ant and Dec! It's gonna be good! :D
Amongst others, I would like to see death also visit Alan Sugar, Paul Hollywood, Olly Murs and Clare Balding.
Tell me is it just me that doesn't give a toss what Paul Hollywood does with his past pastry, what a Muppet
Trying to make bread, hoping it turns out, if it doesn't I blame Paul Hollywood!
Devastated. Paul Hollywood is back with his wife.
British Bake Off star Paul Hollywood and his wife Alexandra have reconciled their differences and are back together after enjoying a romantic Christmas break.
Never did get Paul Hollywood for Christmas, have to wait and see if I get Michel Roux Jr for my birthday.
Attempting hot water pastry for the first time. If it doesn't work out I shall hold Paul Hollywood completely responsible :)
Wendy that's my idea for the leftover turkey too! Saw Paul Hollywood on BBC doing the hot water pastry for the turkey with stuffing and cranberry jelly in it. Looks delicious!!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
We have had a fabulous Christmas and feel truly blessed to have a loving family who spoil us ~ Oh by the way have I said I have a Paul Hollywood calendar and . . . . . . . . 2 tickets to see him ay M.K. Theatre in May ! thanks to Adam and Lorraine Devereux Amy Devereux and Grace Devereux OMG I cannot wait :) x x x x
Is reading my new pies and puds book by Paul Hollywood. Thank you Nathan Taylor. Xxxx
Has just booked me n mum tickets to see The Mr Paul Hollywood baking in may at Plymouth pavallions!! Think I may faint! Yay can't wait :) :) :)
Mrs M is too modest to post pictures of her Christmas Day deserts. I'm not. Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood better watch out... :-)
Playing family trivial Pursuits. Question: who wrote the Life of Pi? Rory answers"I think it must be Paul Hollywood."
Would like to thank my hubby for tonights masterpiece dessert.baileys served on top of vienetta!! Watch out Paul Hollywood!!!
Left over Xmas pie Shortcrust pastry 200g all purpose flour Pinch salt 110g butter or lard of a mix of both Use food processor on pulse until above resemble breadcrumbs then add 2-3 tbsp of very cold water, wrap dough in cling film and leave in fridge for 15-30 mins Filling Line a greased pie dish with the pastry that has been rolled out thinly Add base layer of stuffing, then left over meat eg turkey, ham add salt and pepper to your tasting, then a layer of cranberry sauce. Repeat with another layer. Add a pastry lid, make a hole in the middle, amd chill for 30mins. after chilling bake for 45 mins at 350f then remove from Oven glaze with egg wash then back in oven for another 15 mins. Will be doing this today a Paul Hollywood recipe.
3 different curries made and now in the freezer. The husband has had a productive morning. Paul Hollywood would be proud of his body double
Not sure I want to be cooking today after all the efforts of yesterday, but I did get a Paul Hollywood cook book for Christmas and want to try a couple of recipes, working tomorrow so today is the day or I'll have to wait till weekend.
Had a lovely Christmas and some great prezzies; the best one being a stand mixer and a Paul Hollywood cook book from my amazing boyfriend! And a lovely pair of Ash shoes from Jon and Stephen. The cakes are on me!
Baking my first expert loaf today thanks to Mumma and Pappa for my Paul Hollywood baking book :-) (after all my expert baking books/macaroon baking kit you will all be fat! And I have my new cameras to document it... woo!!)
Well it's nearly done, a busy fulfilled one, shared with family and friends. some lovely gifts, great chats with family far away, and best of all a kitchen aid! Wahey !, Mary Berry move over, and Paul Hollywood ain't gonna find any soggy bottoms in this house!
Anyway kids have had there day!! Time to boast about my presents!!! I got a new frying pan from guy ;) the Paul Hollywood book I wanted from K&G, and sorry to *** you all off (cos I know your ALL jealous!) me and soph got tickets to see MCBUSTED! Aargh top Xmas. Thanks mum!!!
Brilliant presis' thank you all. And tickets to see Paul Hollywood in May with Karen Trickey and Nick Williamsx :)
As if calling me Helen Flanders wasn't enough my mum just told me she fancies Paul Hollywood. I feel scarred. Enough christmas for today
Lots of changes in our Christmas routine this year for the first time. Christmas Eve invitations out to children, and lovely presents from our grandchildren as they start to earn their first paypackets, all make a wonderful and unexpected change. Much appreciated and thank you all. Now waiting for daughter to arrive with youngest grandkids and traditional mayhem to ensue before tomorrows mass invasion for massive cold meat/mash and pickles extravangaza. The latter will include a selection of my Paul Hollywood 'specials' as I make my Christmas cooking debut. I promise no photos as WNC has banned them as being conceited! What moi, conceited - never!?
Turkey in oven, crimbo songs on, mulled wine and chocolate are going down nicely. A massive thank you and hugs to ben who got me the Paul Hollywood baking book for christmas.
Thanks Steve for my presents it look like I will be doing a lot of baking in the new year, Paul Hollywood How To Bake and Paul Hollywood Pies & Puds books
Merry Christmas to all our family and friends. Santa has been very good to us all, munchkins are very very happy as am I...I'm going to see Paul Hollywood xx
Cant wait to see my face when I open my paul Hollywood cook book ...If I ant got it there will be *** to pay .lol
Made my first lot of bread yesterday - focaccia! One was rosemary and the other studded with olive and sun dried tomato. Tastes good, looks good, good texture but maybe needed a tad more proving before baking. Happy for first effort though! Sourdough starter also set in motion today - all a la Paul Hollywood.
I've been the love child of Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood the last two days! Bake, bake, bake.
So, after the gingerbread house yesterday, today we have mince pies, peppermint creams, trifle and key lime pie! Paul Hollywood lookout, Mr H is after your job!
So Ive just made fresh bread using my new food mixer using a recipe from my new Paul Hollywood cook book and it's not even Christmas Day yet ! Xx
Boxing Day Pie ( Paul Hollywood) Ingredients For the pastry 450g/1lb plain flour, sifted, plus extra for dusting 100g/3½oz strong white flour, sifted 1 tsp salt 75g/2½oz chilled butter, cut into cubes 150g/5½oz lard, cut into cubes, plus extra for greasing 1 free-range egg, beaten, to glaze For the filling 400g/14oz leftover stuffing (sage and onion or flavour of your own preference) 500g/1lb 2oz cooked turkey, both white and brown meat, roughly chopped salt and freshly ground black pepper 200g/7oz cranberries (fresh, or frozen and defrosted) 150g/5½oz cranberry sauce Preparation method Sift the plain and strong flour and salt into a mixing bowl. Using your fingertips, rub the butter into the flour until the mixture resembles breadcrumbs. Make a well in the centre of the mixture. Heat the lard and 200ml/7fl oz water in a small saucepan over a medium heat. When the mixture is simmering pour it into the well in the flour mixture and stir with a wooden spoon, gradually drawing the dry mixture into the li ...
I just made pastry for the 1st time since school, croc looked quite impressed said it was like watching Paul Hollywood!!
Phew. Paul Hollywood has just dropped off the special bread he made us for the bread sauce
Paul Hollywood can come bake my cakes anytime he likes 󾍇
Paul Hollywood - 'master baker'. Insert your own jokes here .
BREAD BAKERS - Advice needed please I enjoy baking and love bread. I have recently been making the Paul Hollywood Bloomer bread and it tastes fantastic but I have a question. My loaves tend to be too flat and wide. Still great to eat but not right. Some of you are experts at this type of thing. So how do I get it to rise up rather than sideways as a bloomer is not baked in a tin but on a tray? featured in NBC s Science of Love
So it looks like I'm baking a Stollen for his nibs tomorrow. It's in the Have seen Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood bake one tonight, it was then mentioned on university challenge and now I've just come across a delia recipe by accident. Stollen it is ;0)
Darren is not in a good mood. So thought I'd put some Paul Hollywood on to cheer him up...
"If you're vegetarian you can use your left off nut roast or whatever you have for Christmas Dinner" - Paul Hollywood whilst making a 'leftover pie'. Shame he used lard for the pastry!
Busy day in place of work . 2.5 hr run before 8 !! Baking ... raised pork pie (al la Paul Hollywood), Chocolate cake with ganache !! can't wait to try them !!! Toy story while wrapping pressies phew, part two of baking tomorrow. Christmas is coming .
you can feel the sexual tension between Mary Berry and paul Hollywood. summin about a man with a goatee and an arthritic oap that gets me going on xmas eve eve!!
I just made gooey chocolate brownies that even Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood would want to nibble on. BOSH!
Day six of our BIG Count Down to Christmas and this is a corker..we have a signed photograph of none other than Paul Hollywood to give away! All you have to do it tell us why you need it...oh and tell your friends about the comp by 'liking' and 'sharing'!
Mince pie cupcake :):):):):) yumy mince pie on the base with a vanilla cupcake baked ontop :):):). No soggy bottoms either lol thin crispy nutmeg pastry , Paul Hollywood would be be do proud :)
In bed with lemsip but getting cheered up watching Paul Hollywood on Christmas British Bake Off!
Being made to watch a recording of the Bake Off Christmas Special. The sexual tension as Paul Hollywood beats his big Stollen and Mary Berry oohs and ahs is almost too much to take at 9.10 am.
Paul Hollywood giving it a bit of Christmas action !! Yuum!
What a successful day so far, Christmas shopping finished and presents wrapped, food shopping done, Paul Hollywood Chsitmas Stollen made, garden cleared of all old leaves and dead plants, almost all the Christmas cards delivered and a cuddly Archie now joining me on the sofa!
The Cake and Bake Show was an absolute delight to attend and what a show for Monsterfeet to work on! Put in a scoop of Paul Hollywood; lashings of Mary Berry...
Pre-Christmas meal being prepared and no sign of my assistant once the profiteroles were done. Guess he is more of a Paul Hollywood than Gino d'Campo
Busy day started with some shopping for vegetables to make soup, then went to local shops to purchase some presents and a birthday card and lastly home for lunch. In the afternoon I wrapped some Christmas presents while watching the film 'The Legend of Zorro' - who says I cannot multi task? After that in the kitchen I have made more mince pies with the Paul Hollywood recipe and listened to the radio.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Almost makes me want to bake and ice, but the gingerbread house is still awaiting intervention, Paul Hollywood I Need you.
ive had orders off my mother NOT TO LOWER THE TONE WITH MY HUMOUR OVER CHRISTMAS .so plans r underway to out do myself this festive period starting with my tale of when her favorate chef PAUL HOLLYWOOD RAMMED A HOME MADE GRANARY NUDGER UP HIS OWN *** one day the penny mite drop and she will realise, tellin me NOT to do sumthing...just makes me do it more...he he.
My Victoria Sponge is the best Newport Girls high teacher has ever tasted !!! says my grand-daughter,the price is £ 4 per slice and now and Paul Hollywood should be worried ! tah dah ,
you can keep your pies and puds.. just gimme a slice of that Paul Hollywood... *delicious*
Feeling bit better and baking bread ...move over paul hollywood !!
The great Barking Mad Bake Off tonight, judge by Barking Mads answer to Paul Hollywood...Better pull my finger out not baked my cake yet
Well I hope the ladies are appreciative of tomorrow's treatment day with their donations. I have cleaned the house, finished the decorations, prepared a Thai soup, Paul Hollywood luxury fish pie and desserts. Kate and I have two important charities to donate to. I have worked my socks off but sorry did run out of time to steam and wax the kitchen floor!
Hi Jez and all the gang, looking forward to Sunday.we have just watched Paul Hollywood, guess what he made.Christmas yours !!, I think you will sell all your's Sunday xx
I'm glad Jemma, that you enjoyed the choux buns filled with creamed mushrooms! Feel quite proud of myself for making them :) xx thank you, Paul Hollywood! Xx
I know for a fact your all dancing to "Hungry like the wolf" so just stop pretending your watching Baking Bread with bloody Paul Hollywood !
Apparently me and mum have turned in to Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood from Bake Off tonight 󾥢 mum is definitely Paul though, she has the facial hair for it already!
Dear santa , I don't want much for xmas , I have been such a good girl (well most of the time ) can you plz plz plz bring me paul Hollywood cook book .I don't want to do any cooking I just want to see the photos .ha ha ha ha ha
Struggled into Canterbury today (back within one and a half hours - completely impossible if I'd had the Brophy girls). Anyway to confirm the gossip of the Post Office queue, I saw Paul Hollywood, wife and son shopping. Mr.Hollywood not particularly happy, perhaps the terror of shopping, the terror of the scowls from other folk or the terror of her extracting her pound of flesh.
I don't even think she's that hot to be honest. Give me Paul Hollywood any day
Paul Hollywood in a Santa suit Now there's a thought.
I genuinely think I'm in love with Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.
We are having an intu Chapelfield staff Bake Off day tomorrow...and it's getting seriously competitive. We've seen sneaky pics of ornate flowers made of icing and Santa and Rudolph in bed on top of a Christmas cake. Have you made a fab Christmas cake/pud/gingerbread house extravaganza? Share your pics with us! Go off your Mary Berry/Paul Hollywood skills :)
Has no one else clocked this ridiculous sexual tension between Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry? Sexual innuendo galore, Cheeky.
As if Paul Hollywood is sat next to me in wagamama. I'm fighting the urge to tell him Ruby should have won.
Sitting watching christmas Bake Off whilst eating lunch. One question. Why does Paul Hollywood have a tan that would make David Dickinson jealous? No!
I've decided I don't want to be a teacher anymore. I'm running away with Paul Hollywood and living in a gingerbread house.
Paul Mazursky was honored on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Friday, so I dug out 1 of my all-time fave interviews w/him.
Oooh Paul Hollywood don't mind if I do!
Do you know what - Paul Hollywood can stick his method of making Puff Pastry right up his Swiss Roll!
paul hollywood just does not compare to merry berry. He's a faker and a cheat.
Paul Hollywood's like a big kid at heart awww:')
"Fast & Furious actor dies in car crash in LA
Was hoping to be inspired to do some Christmas baking by watching the Bake-off Christmas master class,but I've decided that the only way it's going to get done now is if I were to kidnap Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood!
listening to Paul Hollywood continuously say dough is the baking euphoria
Only Mary Berry gets to boss Paul Hollywood around
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As Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, with the whole of Rgs behind us
So who are standing in for Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood in the Radyr Bake Off. Not long to wait now!
Catching up on the GBBO Christmas special. Paul Hollywood rolling and kneading stollen is the most uncomfortable thing I've witnessed.
Paul Hollywood: your enticing & tasty Christmas treats make me wish I could cook. Just like Aljaž Skorjanec makes me wish I could dance.
Hollywood! Aaron Paul Helps Man Propose in Epic Engagement Video: . Tis the season... for celebrities ...
I've just discovered Paul Hollywood - silver fox ;)
my Paul Hollywood mince pies are lacking in star quality i.e. no good for guests - I'll probably still manage to eat them though.
Call me Paul Hollywood man, look at that for a checkerboard cake.
Death: Pays Honor To Great Actor!! Hollywood was shocked by the news that died » htt…
*whispers* I think Stollen looks better than Paul Hollywood's
Our Hollywood Star of the Week is jockey Juan-Paul van der Merwe. Have a look at our interview with him here:
Love Paul Hollywood's not so subtle digs at Mary Berry for being an alcoholic cook
Ugandans’ top searches on Google: Silvia Nyambura It has emerged that the late Hollywood actor Paul Walker was...
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are a funny pair
Paul Walker is located in a very good position in the Forbes list of the most profitable actors of 2013. As ev...
Attorney General of New Zealand celebrating movie deal with John Key & Hollywood. raid dividends.
just caught up with your Paul Hollywood episode. Brilliant!!! Making these for Christmas.
Enjoying Meribel - Olympians Greg Rutherford, Matthew Pinsent & Paul Hollywood at the Folie Douce
So long as you're not of the Paul Hollywood school, we're cool with that.
So sad... See one of the last photos taken of Paul Walker before his tragic death:
Congratulations to Morag Stewart, star baker of Miss Wilson's Great Christmas Bake Off - look out Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood!
Read how Hollywood paid a Senator to get the White House to organize a military style terror raid in a copyright case http:/…
So, last night my mum told me she has the hots for Paul Hollywood. 2 of my friends have said the same. Am I missing something?!
More like Paul GLAD (you're a Hollywood superstar and in my life / dvd collection)
What about Paul McCartney face? Nah, the best thing about that photo is Hollywood smile...
Actor Paul Walker, Cory Monteith and South African leader Nelson Mandela have been named ...
A real sense of unfulfilled sexual tension between Paul Hollywood and Paul Hollywood in Bake Off.
. Walker was charred to death in the resulting fire... Read more:
Paul Walker, Cory Monteith are 2013's most Googled people worldwide
Ok hands up! I have a proper crush on Paul Hollywood!!! Hm!!!
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Had a nice evening eating cheesecake and drinking tea with Kev! With a good helping of Paul Hollywood and Christmas Buzzcocks!
There's just something about Paul Hollywood that's a little bit tasty!
Paul Hollywood your stollen looked sh**e. You handling the dough was - as always - powerfully mesmerizing though...*sighs*
Paul Hollywood you may be a blue twinkly eyed silver fox, but a cake in pastry? No.
"Last Tango in Halifax" brilliant..we really have the most fabulous t.v. here second to none..the two sisters in law were fantastic in their parts as well as Derek and co...earlier watched Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood making cakes and puds, including a Gingerbread House..Paul was given the job of making green icing by Mary, as she didn't want to stain her hands!! Great stuff to come too, including "Sherlock" the Restaurant on Sunday a lady had a sweatshirt with "I've been Sher-locked" on so I asked her where she got it from and I've ordered one for myself. The "Strictly" final on Saturday..Abby and Aljaz, Sophie and Brendan or Natalie and Artem...either should be the proud winners of the "Strictly" Glitterball!!! x
Couldn't believe what I was hearing on The Great British Bake Off Crimbo Special tonight, that dirty *** Paul Hollywood turned to dear old Mary Berry and proclaimed "its time to bring mr rolling pin out to play".you dirty swine have you no shame ?
Ohh re-runs of Christmas with Paul Hollywood and Darth Berry.
I can't believe I fell asleep in front of Paul Hollywood!!!
Tonight's activities included going to sainburys, making chocolate biscotti and fruit and nut biscotti, wrapping more presents, popping to see Sammi to deliver her presents, but I forgot her biscotti!!! Then picking up Callum from his friends house, before landing for a bit of Paul Hollywood on the tv.. also then arranged my wreaths for the front door with bay leaves, connifer and rosemary..Just got to get a bit of holly and ivy tomorrow to finish it off and make my table centre piece too!! It's nearly Christmas apparently.
I wish Paul Hollywood would come and make bread at my house... naked.
Paul Hollywood was on my flight back from Geneva. However he had no cakes or bread to share, this was disappointing...
Loved the Christmas food show with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood - at least 3 new recipes to try!
Sorry Paul Hollywood but the Christmas pie belongs to The Greedy Goose and you know it.
I so enjoyed Paul Hollywood manipulating his dough.
OMG Paul Hollywood has just admitted her has a santa suit! As if he wasn't sexy enough! Hope his wife knows how lucky she is!
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I have just watched the Great British Bake Off Christmas special, i want Paul Hollywood to cook my Christmas dinner :-D
Paul Hollywood or Tom Kerridge can't make up my mind??
being cooking with oil for over forty yrs and not used lard but would love to make Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry LEFTOVER PIE looked amazing !
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood stop trying to inspire me, I don't have time to bake this year! X
I want to marry Paul Hollywood; those piercing blue eyes are to die for ...
Would love to find Paul Hollywood in my Christmas stocking would give him a good stuffing !
want to cook lots of Christmas food now i have watch both Jamie, and Mary Berry with her side kick Paul Hollywood. Love Christmas and food that come with it.
Ohhh Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry you never fail to get my mouth watering!
I've been watching Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry Xmas bake , don't think I've ever watched such a boring cookery programme .󾰴󾰴󾰴 or is it just me being a moaner 󾍃
Paul Hollywood just loves a layered pie!
My sister called my nephew evan, avon and my best friend just said Paul hollywood is hot. Why am I stuck with these kind of people in my life?
Watching the Great British Bake Off and want to have a go at all the recipes ( and Paul Hollywood)
Oh dear Paul Hollywood is baking a pie with Christmas dinner in it not really helping the northern stereotype there
Did I just see Paul Hollywood making a cake pie?
Paul Hollywood "I've done a few pies in my time" Haven't we all mate, haven't we all.
That Paul hollywood is pretty alright 󾌧
Paul Hollywood is freaking me out. Not only does he look like my dad but he also dresses like him and I think he actually has the same watch. 󾌯scary.
ha Mary Berry to Paul Hollywood "You've done a few pies in your time!"
I bet Paul Hollywood has done a few pies in his time wheeey
Is it just me or does anyone else think Paul Hollywood is only gorgeous?
Wish Paul Hollywood was my personal chef.
Is it bad that I got a real bad crush on Paul Hollywood? Like really I love him I wanna marry him xxx
Wot amazing blue eyes . Paul Hollywood has 󾆐
Paul Hollywood just said he had a Santa suit. Why is that image such a turn on? I need to get out more I think.
Ok, Paul Hollywood is working it right into the ridges with his fingers...I'm happy...
Is it me or is Paul Hollywood pretty sexy?? X x
Someone please tell me im not the only one who fancies paul hollywood??
You can take the boy out of the North, but you can't take the North out of the boy.Paul Hollywood wanting to dunk Mary's gingerbread in his tea!
Paul Hollywood looks a bit like Father Christmas tonight, with his fat belly and red and white top.
Gingerbread house done :) bringing it in tomorrow though as terrified will knock it over and break it!! Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood on BBC2 right now have nothing on Fleet Training :)
Watching Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood Christmas Bake Off ...what shall I make ?!! Or think just watching Paul Hollywood x
Dunno what it is I know he's probably old enough to be my grandad but Paul Hollywood is beautiful ha
Enjoying the festive Bake Off with the lovely Paul Hollywood...yummy
Paul Hollywood, don't mind if I do x god your gorgeous x
Paul Hollywood just made a cake pie. How can that ever be wrong!
Does anyone else find the sexual tension between Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood a little difficult to watch? Admittedly it's more from Mary than Paul but I reckon she wishes she was 50 years younger!
That Paul Hollywood is one hot dude for an older man lol
For the first time in years I know what present my dad wants to get for Christmas, so does anyone know how I can get the opportunity to punch Paul Hollywood in the face?
Still feeling pretty crappy but not being one of the privileged few who can spend days at home under blankets some of us have to go to work tomorrow. Ah well on with watching Paul Hollywood, very warming!
Oh my night just got better a bit of Mr Paul Hollywood on the tv. Look at him knead that bread.
Sorry,but no Harry Potter for me,, not when Paul Hollywood is on 2 !!!
I love paul hollywood a little bit more everytime i see him
Phoah! Wouldn't mind finding Paul Hollywood in my stocking on Christmas morning ;-)
How come Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry never get covered with flour when they're baking?
Paul Hollywood you can bake me a cake anytime
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I can tell by Mary Berry's eyes that she's terrified of Paul Hollywood... And I am not surprised.
Watching Great British bake of christmas special, m lovely food AND PAUL HOLLYWOOD, NOW it's christmas lol xxx
I think I am going to have to try and make a tunis cake. Thanks Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood
Right time to take dog for walk best take my camera see what night shots i can get, anything other than watching Merry berry and Paul Hollywood, sick of seeing their faces, if isn't an hour of skull shattering baking every night they are on every *** lifestyle/chat show going ,come 2014 as soon as the licence needs renewing its off up the tip with the tele, we are paying line the pockets of hundreds of bbc managers fat bonuses, whilst they stick two fingers up at the licence fee payers by serving up endless amounts of pointless mundane unwatchable crap,television to make you want to beat your head against the wall ,The BBC Trust ? if there as ever a contradiction in terms that is it,bunch of free loading con artists that needed sacking years ago.
Wrapping presents watching the yummy Paul Hollywood baking cakes with my mother's doppelganger
The sexual tension between Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry on the christmas Bake Off is unbelievable...
Lovely evening pizza,wine, lovely friends & Great British Bake Off. Paul hollywood is looking hot!!!
A nice bit of Paul Hollywood. Yes please. I love a man that can feed me. Lol x
The last thing you want at Christmas is a scrawny old bird! And that Paul Hollywood want to stick his chin in a grow bag if he wants to look like a credible Father Christmas in a weeks time! C'mon BBC you can do better than the Great British Bake Off!!
Dear Santa, I have been really good this year. Can I have Paul Hollywood and Mary's kitchen please. 󾔒󾔓
Does anyone else think Paul Hollywood is doing Mary Berry? Bake Off.
I wish Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry lived at my house, like little pets that I occasionally let out to cook me tasty treats.
Paul Hollywood talking about stuffing...m...
Did Paul Hollywood actually just say ' before we invite Mr Rolling Pin in to play??' Well it would be rude not to ...,
Paul Hollywood is looking mighty fine in his Christmas jumper!!!
Apparently Paul Hollywood is popping his stollen into Mary Berry's oven.
Euch, why does Paul Hollywood insist on putting his fingers in EVERYTHING? Ooh...
Mary Berry saying to Paul Hollywood ... That's a big stollen ! Ha ha
Paul Hollywood and Christmas cooking. If anything is going to pull me out my funk it's this! ☺️
Has Paul Hollywood been on the sun bed? Or maybe he's trying to be an actual gingerbread man???
Paul Hollywood has the most beautiful eyes...
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are on BBC 2 right now for a Christmas special :)
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood what a team :-) lol x
Marry Berry and Paul Hollywood... *** is up with that on screen relationship/chemistry? It's so cringey!!!
Paul Hollywood doing his best impression of a satsuma.
Paul Hollywood looking delish in his red jumper :)xx
Paul Hollywood has obviously been baking himself. Looks like a well egg glazed pasty.
Paul Hollywood has obviously had some 'winter' sun, talk about orange!
Just how tanned is Paul Hollywood on Christmas Bake Off??
Paul Hollywood can mince my meat anytime lol
Why is it that Paul Hollywood is a deeper shade of orange every time you see him???
Mmmm Paul Hollywood in a Santa suit... All my fantasies fulfilled!
Christmas Bake Off! Paul Hollywood you can come down my chimney anytime.
Watching GBBO And wondering if Paul Hollywood fake tans.
Paul Hollywood is so dishy, that grey hair, his blue eyes ❤️
Paul Hollywood is on my telly- please do not disturb for the next hour or so...
OMG! Paul Hollywood has just declared he's got a Santa suit. Two fantasies rolled into one 󾌵
I bet Paul Hollywood likes dressing up as Santa... amoungst other things.
Unashamed of my crush on Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood on BBC2 oh yeshy pleasy m!󾌧
Has a date with Paul Hollywood at 8pm. Whilst waiting, I'm a bit confused by the haberdashery going on!
Enjoyed being Mary Berry today, thanks for asking me Sharon Hales, next time please can you invite Paul Hollywood to join me!!!
Time to tackle the wrapping ! Not my idea if fun but a dose of Paul Hollywood at 8pm certainly brings me some Christmas tingle!
Strong man time soon then paul hollywood gud night tv
Sharon and Louise , Paul Hollywood is on the television tonight and Russ is out.happy days :) 󾬘󾬐
Don't get the Paul Hollywood thing, looks bit of a sleaze to me?!?
Clare Bruce-Lloyd, Lottie Bruce-Lloyd and Rachel Daly, Bake Off is on tonight and I'm in bloody work (crying into my Paul Hollywood pinny) x
I just put Paul Hollywood back on the bookshelf, next to Nigella. Do you think I'm asking for trouble??!! Xx
Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry return to BBC2 for a Yuletide special in The Great British Christmas Bake Off
Can't wait! Haven't managed to do much Christmas baking this year but at least I'll get my Paul Hollywood fix!! x
We're feeling so Christmassy in the Bloomsbury office, even the books are singing! Wisden Cricketers' Almanack Paul Hollywood And the Mountains Echoed
; been to mums to help decorate the tree and luck would have it she had just made mincemeat! Mmmm mince pies in the oven. Paul Hollywood I'm yours babe.
I swear the character Steve from Arthur Christmas was modelled off celebrity chef Paul Hollywood. Just saying.
Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood comin to school tomozz wish I was in the Bake Off and not a reserve :(
Just seen Paul Hollywood has posted a picture of MY apricot couronne on his FB page !! Yay!! Thank you Mr Hollywood xx
Paul Hollywood is gorgeous. that's all i wanted to say.
: cakes in the oven for the school Christmas fair tomorrow. That cake competition prize is as good as MINE. Unless Paul Hollywood shows up and tuts over my soggy bottom.
That moment when everything goes well at the gym and you're on fire and feel like Jean Claude Van Damme.then Paul Hollywood making a chocolate cake appears on one of the TV'S in front of you and you speed the treadmill up to go for the cake!
up at 4 . too much to do not enough hours. making spinach, feta and pine nut parcels for packed lunches.. (Paul Hollywood recipe) last sewing projects to complete before Christmas, then down to some serious baking later in the week.:)
Sunday evening can only mean 1 thing, no not results!! Sunday evening is Having a go at Paul Hollywood rosemary focacia bread. Lets see how this one turns out
Deconstructed chicken pie by Paul Hollywood, sensational.
Been making bread. About 70p a loaf. Thinkng of giving it a daft name, maybe 'Pain de Ferry au Mont', calling it an artisan loaf and charging 6 quid for it. Paul Hollywood my ***
Lost - one husband last seen in Chelmer Village retail park! Gave me the slip 5 mins ago. If anyone sees a man resembling Paul Hollywood (minus bread products) looking bemused and lost please send him home .
I'd love to see Paul Hollywood do this!
Just walked into the lounge with a clip on TV of Becks, over his left shoulder was Gordon Ramsey and over his right was Paul Hollywood!!! Whoa calm down girl!!!
So the mrs goes away for the week and I instantly think I'm Paul Hollywood. Failed chicken pie currently burning away
Mission Control Steve in 'Arthur Christmas' is a dead ringer for Paul's uncanny!!!
It would be Paul Hollywood and James Martin who eventually convince me it's time to feel christmassy
Who thinks paul Hollywood is lush as I cant see it?
Paul Hollywood is defiantly a silver fox
Pastry dis-ah-ster darling, for which I lay the blame firmly at the door of the baking silver fox himself, Paul Hollywood
Coming up in tonight's 18.30 broadcast, A senior MP says Kent is carrying the burden of dealing with weaker boarder security checks - and the government should be doing more to help. Margaret Hodge - the Labour chair of the Commons Public Accounts Committee - told our Political Reporter Robin Chrystal that the county is suffering from the policy of the Home Secretary Theresa May to scale back security checks at Calais. And, lying on a mud bank in the River Medway lies the wreckage of a German World War One U-Boat. It's difficult and hazardous to access marooned in a remote area of mudflats which have kept it hidden for nearly a hundred years. Robin Gibson has a captivating report. Also, Paul Hollywood from The Great British Bake Off (who lives in Kent) is coming to a Canterbury school to judge their 3rd annual school Bake-Off. The students know nothing other than there will be a guest judge. Finally, Ean Luckhurst from Kent will be joining us in the studio. He was a finalist in the final of the BBC Radi . ...
kd lang, Andrew Nicholson, and Paul Walker was but...gone. May replace him with Paul Hollywood. Boyfriend's is Nigella Lawson.
TV chefs Paul Hollywood and the Fabulous Baker Brothers to star at new food festival at Donington: .
The Great British Bake-Off's Paul Hollywood is live in the LBC 97.3 studio - watch it live here:
Great British Bake Off's Paul Hollywood will be live in studio at 1.45pm today. You can watch live on
… in which he also plays the hosts, Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry. Yes.
Best weekend ever, met the entire cast of Great British Bake Off from this year and last year, had a conversation with Paul Hollywood, spent the weekend with my lovely family and now eating Peanut butter ice cream, it would be fair to say I am loving life.
Paul Hollywood in the office today. I think he has eyes like a timber wolf.
Imagine Gregg Wallace and Paul Hollywood having a fight. It’d be like something out of Pacific Rim.
Don't miss Peggy teaching Paul Hollywood to make sugar flowers on BBC1 this afternoon, 3.55pm 'Paul Hollywood's...
In joint place for 'people I wouldn't like to go for a beer with': . Paul Hollywood and Matt Dawson.
*** son of Alan Bennett and Tom Watson on this Paul Hollywood programme.
Paul Hollywood has version 7 of the very variable scouse accent.There is Jamie Carragher, John Bishop, Paul McCartney and Stevie G versions.
Godfrey Bloom, Carol Vorderman and Paul Hollywood are all competing for most annoying, erm, celebrity?? (for want of a better word) in my world at the moment.
i'd apply for the Great British Bake Off just so I could meet Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry
"Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood omg it looks like Noel Edmunds.
For my birthday on saturday I would like Ben Cohen, harry styles, zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Paul Hollywood, daniel craig, jack Whitehall and Freddie Flintoff! Not much to ask for! ;)
Ready from baking lessons from Paul Hollywood with
can't wait to hear you rip that Paul Hollywood apart! He wants to go back home, bless!!!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Bake Off Paul Hollywood confessed for the first time to his affair with US co-presenter
Watching Michael Portillo kneading some dough on BBC4. Forget Paul Hollywood, this is more like it.
Has Paul Hollywood got a cookbook out for Xmas? Only he's publicly regretting his extra marital affair in the press an awful lot again.
have to wonder after watching masterclass how paul hollywood never gets anything in his tash or beard when eating?? Expert!
Paul Hollywood regrets affair. via Mrs.. forgive him. Mistake. Son and Dad's hearts are breaking.He ♥ u
Paul Hollywood: 'My wife and I are getting back together after my affair': TV chef Paul Holl...
Paul Hollywood says "affair biggest mistake of my life" by which he means getting caught biggest mistake of his life.
Today's front tells the story of how Bake Off's cheating Paul Hollywood wants to get back with his wife
Who is Paul Hollywood and why is his personal life the main story on the BBC website?
Paul Hollywood says cheating on his wife was a big mistake. Yep any of us not going thru a midlife crisis could see that.
I barely know who Paul Hollywood is. All I know is that he bakes. And is slightly unnerving.
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