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Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey Aurandt (September 4, 1918 – February 28, 2009), better known as Paul Harvey, was an American radio broadcaster for the ABC Radio Networks.

Mike Rowe

Checking out "Paul Harvey said this back in 1965... The accuracy is bone chill" on Tea Party Command Center:
"If I were the Devil." Paul Harvey, prolific radio personality from before I was born speaks 2:20 of truth about ***
South Bend loses a superhero in Paul Harvey
Days like today make you realize what Paul Harvey meant when he wrote "So God Made A Farmer"
Peter Wright is into the last 64 thanks to his 6-4 victory over Paul Harvey!! .
"Like what you do. If you don't like it, do something else.". ― Paul Harvey
PLFCTV | We hear from two of Preston's recent signings, Robert Santilli and Paul Harvey, ahead of this Sunday's...
Where the Heart Is: Adam Paul Harvey appeared in the show. Joseph Kennedy (Johnny) played Will Scarlet in Robot of Sherwood in 2014...
The road to Success is always under construction - Paul Harvey. You can do this-->…
"Excess is its own undoing" Paul Harvey's observation remains as valid today as then.
"You may refer to me as Mr. Harvey unless you are a member of my extended family. Then, Mr. Steve Harvey is acceptable."
We are very excited to hear that Paul Harvey from will be presenting at next weeks on how he uses finance in EDGE!
If I were the Devil - Paul Harvey 1965 (music background gone, sound imp... via is amazing how accurate
Jose Reyes NYM closing in on 2,000 career hits. You think Reyes can make the HOF, Paul? Mets and Harvey situation strange. JC
I liked a video Paul Harvey, The Man and The Birds.wmv
I wonder how Paul "Good...Day" Harvey would have pretzeled himself to shill for these guys...
Age Test. If I told you to tell me the Paul Harvey version, would you know what I meant?
To quote Paul Harvey, if you get the Holy Spirit no explanation is necessary, if no…
Paul Harvey hit the nail on the head in 65
A beautiful sight! Makes me think of Paul Harvey "So God Made A Farmer." Brings a tear to my eye when I hear it.
Harvey and Paul Jerrard serve up some smiles at the North Hill McDonalds for
He's part Doug Flutie part Doug Harvey, coudl he not at least say Paul Coffey or Lidstrom
Golf is a game in which you yell "fore"... shoot six... and write down five. . ~ Paul Harvey
He systematically dismantled r real military! Y? What happened 2 the 1 trillion stimulus from 08? As Paul Harvey would say Wake up America.
No captions. What was the event? Like Paul Harvey, pls tell us the rest of the story.
Paul Harvey: God Picked Donald Trump via Hmm,.ok...then what about collussion w/ the Democratic Devil??
I remember being obsessed with Paul Harvey books when I was a kid. Then I turned 13 and realized that he's just telling parables that serve
Matt Harvey gets suspended for breaking curfew after getting cucked by Julian Edelman.
Let's hear the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say!
If you have not listened to Paul Harvey’s “Policeman” recently, take the time now.
Great information--adding the backstory is what makes the Jesuits so special--the Paul Harvey of the religious orders.
5 of 5 stars to The Color of Christ by Paul Harvey
I have a bag full of quarters and half of my face is sunburned. So I can be Harvey dent/two face in the next reboot
Paul Harvey - The Rest of the Story - A Crime to Make this Food Paul Harvey Podcast…
We always had atheists in but NOT until Obama & his muslim brotherhood has RELIGION been so attacked ! 196…
BARROW: Bluebirds activate option on Moussa Diarra's stay while Paul Turnbull and Alex Ray Harvey trigger new deals
Michael Harvey, the dynamic founder of "Back to Church Sunday," is coming to St. Paul’s this Fri., May 12, to explo…
Today is The Rest of the Story Day, marking Paul Harvey's spin-off as a separate radio program on the date in 1976
My first ever faceinhole and still my favourite 😂🐒 Jamie Trivett James Harvey Paul 'Duck' Hatherley James Turpin...
Comey is a rich *** FBI director James Comey lived like a king in one of America's wealthiest towns
I'm gonna go back to thinking it was Paul Harvey not Mr. C so as not to ruin my childhood
"I gotta say one thing and it's probably going to make some people mad, but I gotta say it Paul.. Roll *** Tide" - Harvey…
they got Radio legend Paul Harvey to deliver a message to Weaver on his radio show
Who is up for a challenge? I would love to find on CD or MP3 all the Paul Harvey's "Rest of the Story" that way I...
You know it's love when there is a Dr. Steve Brule/Paul Harvey riff. Wow!
" Paul Harvey would be sad to see how " Journalism " has become worse than in his day. As was his mission. " Now...
Looks like a ex staurt Harvey truck
"They have gun control in Cuba. They have universal health care in Cuba. So why do they want to come here?" - Paul Harvey
I'm starting to think that is my generation's Paul Harvey
"If pro is to con, what does that say about Congress?" . --Paul Harvey
Paul Zey and William "Bill" Harvey are the answers to this. I've sent info to Rick Edwards
"History promises only this, for certain, we will get exactly what we deserve". -Paul Harvey
Join *** Fitzgerald Luke Harvey Richard Johnson Noel Fehily and a Guinness fulled Paul Kealy to run you through the 4 day spectacular!
"God Made a Farmer" - great piece of writing from Paul Harvey. Way to go for all you do.
I'll always remember where I was when I heard. Driving in rural MO. Whitest Man Ever Paul Harvey broke the news via car radio.
"If the family crumbles, so does the nation." -Paul Harvey
instead of the negative douchbaggery of leftists. A Paul Harvey type thing with your delivery.
Accountability is the ability to accept responsibility. – Harvey Mackay
How nuclear fears helped inspire creation of the internet – via Channeling Paul Harvey -
What does the Chancellor’s announcement mean for the health of the NHS?
as Paul Harvey used to say, there's no use worrying about it because nothings going to work out anyway.
"... and that is how Hot Pants were invented. Now you know the REST of the story. This is Paul Harvey, good day!"
When I hear some of the garbage top of the hour national news breaks on radio it makes me miss Paul Harvey.
One of the best commercials of all time: Paul Harvey Ram Trucks
Paul Harvey knew this 51 years ago. .
For that special farmer in your life... Based off of Paul Harvey's "So God Made a Farmer", we have a great...
Did you let Paul Harvey at the Biological Records Centre know? He would be very interested in that record.
check out the movie American splendor w/Paul Giamatti about Harvey Pekar really good movie !
Fake news: Facts casting Donald Trump or his administration in a bad light. Real news: Anything in Breitbart, Drudge, Paul…
I’ve never seen a monument erected to a pessimist. — Paul Harvey
If you are a Baby Boomer and do not know who Paul Harvey is, chances are you don't understand why Trump was elected.
I grew up wondering why the world didn't think like Paul Harvey. Never thought politics. Just a really wise man!
Jim Brown, Pastor Scott, Rev Burns, Paul Harvey, MLK III (and always Anita sp?), THEY and ALL others who think similarly, God Bless
Here's a Paul Harvey moment: one of Banarama is married to Andrew Ridgeley.
Hey Paul Harvey thanks for the follow!
My grandpa used to say "truth is stranger than a Paul Harvey newscast" He would be appalled at the things reported…
Great editorial from the the great Paul Harvey.
"I'm going to break EVERY RULE you put in front of me until you throw me OFF THE AIR!" - Paul
Here's your Paul Hetherington column on City's loan army
PAUL HETHERINGTON COLUMN: Pep Guardiola could field a strong team of Man City loanees
There are [named Graham Paul Harvey in our list!
2) I miss being able to listen to Paul Harvey. He was a wonderful story teller. Thank you, KFFB 106.1 for hosting that story.
1) You should take a few minutes and listen to Paul Harvey recite the Christmas story about the man and the birds.
Paul Harvey, a larger loss to Chicago than all the Cub's losses put togeather.
Retiring is just practicing up to be dead. That doesn't take any pra...
you might be the modern day version of Paul Harvey. Little more sarcastic but your daily observations are entertaining
Jake teamed up with JTC backing guru Paul Harvey to create this fantastic set of incredibly jammable tracks, with...
Visit for previews of tomorrow's big race action & our December magazine featuring Paul Nic…
The Blue Falcon explanation made me laugh. Where's Paul Harvey when you need him?
Here's a video I put together a few years ago. MerryChristmas! Paul Harvey with The Man and the Birds.
Fancy winning a lovely Christmas tree?? Paul Harvey from joins us now and we have 4 to give away…
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'It's crazy, for sure': meet the stars of The Guardian World News . Paul Mills is using his phone to li…
If I were the devil, I would have families at war with themselves...and nations at war with themselves--Paul Harvey
Am I the only one who still cries every time i hear Paul Harvey recite "so God made a farmer"? It's exactly what I needed after a rough day!
. I saved it. you familiar with Paul Harvey, the radio broadcaster?
When your outgo exceeds your income, the upshot may be your downfall.
Should we ask audiences to suspend disbelief? Or should we ask audiences to EXPAND their beliefs? . Harvey's voice, e.g.
I loved listening to Paul Harvey and the Rest of the Story he always got it Right.🇺🇸
Told the "rest of that story", as Paul Harvey would've said, didn't we? Lol
And MSM is no longer trustworthy. The days of Paul Harvey and Walter Cronkite are long gone.
St. Paul tonight.. stoked to return to where we recorded the album! . Tix:
As Paul Harvey used to say, "And now page 2, for the rest of the story." JDPSB is also part of the…
Paul Madeley, Johnny Giles, Alan Clarke, David Harvey and *** Jones I claim my free football bag!
God looked down on the earth He created and said, “I need a caretaker for this world I have made.” And so, God made…
hi Roxanne I stay at the sandbanks hotle in pole dorest you was on tv good morning Briton my name is paul Harvey in 203room
Now you know the rest of the story.
Shaun Harvey u r blind to wat u r doin.Hair brained idea that has failed miserably U r all that is wrong with football
Paul Harvey: "And now you know the REST of the story...". Chapelle show, Charlie Murphy, Prince, Basketball
Penalty "tariffs" await jockeys who breach rules during WA carnival as Paul Harvey discovered
If I were the devil: Ya think he has a little idea of what is going down? Paul Harvey recorded in 1965
I always read those as a throw-back to Paul Harvey, but I'm sure that's not commonly their intent.
I have been blessed enough to have heard two of the greatest radio voices of all time. Paul Harvey and Vin Scully.
Garrison Keiller, Dickie Goodman... what's next on your hit list, Tom? Paul Harvey? Arthur Godfrey?
In the early 90s had a midfield of John Davies , Paul Harvey , George Rowe and 1/2
here's Paul Harvey on Kennedy assassination and 'utter futility of words.'
Paul Harvey first wrote this in 1964 in his newspaper column. If you don't care for the religious context at...
If I Were The Devil. By Paul Harvey . I would gain control of the most powerful nation in the world;. I would...
Have always loved Paul Harvey. I remember going to work with my daddy when I wasn't in school and he would take...
In the words of Paul Harvey, why don't you tell the "rest of the story"?
.Very grateful for what your Dad and thousands like him did for UK and freedom
Chris Paul cause he reminds me of boomer Harvey
"Men do not reject the Bible because it contradicts itself, but because it contradicts them." - Paul Harvey
We'll have Paul Harvey taking cartoon sessions on Thursday & Friday. Our new face board shows some of his best work!
Paul Harvey 1965 has come to pass..
As I'm finishing the episode- it occurred to me Steve sounds a lot like Paul Harvey
I added a video to a playlist If I Were the Devil - (BEST VERSION) by PAUL HARVEY audio restored
People listen do you really want Hillary as potus ,as Paul Harvey would say that's the rest of the story
Goodnight sweet dreams ttyl going to cuddle with my husband Paul Harvey after watching WWE RAW and take our medicines for bedtime
My husband Paul Harvey napping while I was getting ready for work this morning I had to be up at 6 am today
Paul Harvey predicted this mess in 1965.
Paul Campbell Hannah Harvey Matt Harvey and Ange' — eating dinner with great friends at The Galley
if we return to white male authors, Paul Harvey's new book shows interaction of black $ white evs. in South
like when you losers compared Harvey to Seaver? What kind of reaction was that?
Paul Harvey; Letter from God. Please watch this video and listen to the message that we need at this time!
…thanks! I feel like Paul Harvey should be chiming in "and now you know the rest of the story" 😀
Paul Harvey started this monologue in 1965. A warning to America about our own decay
If you wonder why I loathe Hoddle so its because I am in no doubt his jealousy is resposnsible for Paul Gascoigne's demise.
voted against, what Paul Harvey described as, letting a stranger come into your house & rearrange the furniture.
Congratulations to Paul Harvey & team who are 2016 awards finalists
Paul Harvey's 1965 via 51 yrs later, how true. Remember 'Fallen'? Time is on my side - yes, it is. -Azazel
The Rest of The Story as only Paul Harvey could tell it. 51 years later it is coming to proition.
no the Lore podcast is narrated by a guy who sounds like Paul Harvey and William Shatner.
You should do movie auditions rather than interviews. Paul Harvey as Gandalf. Lori Schmidt as Casper. Evan Turner as Batman.
Listen to Mike Rowe's podcast. He's the next Paul Harvey. (6:53)
An Eastern Olivaceous Warbler has been found at Scatness by Steve Minton and Paul Harvey.
I'd be happy with the voice of Harry Kalas. Or Paul Harvey.
Want to do a Paul Harvey type feature on where I tell a story & reveal the artist at the end. Most would end to be Mojo Nixon
Paul Harvey, the rest of the story; after a record # of refusals, Cruz was left with 3 Sarah, Mom, or Carlie!
We're looking forward to hosting exhibits by Paul Harvey, Kate Steele and Sarah Johns at Library.
my mom listened to a lot of Sandi Patty and point of Grace while my father listened only to Paul Harvey and Randy Galloway
Paul Harvey was one of a kind. Brilliant use of "So God made a farmer". Great tribute to the American farm…
If you liked Paul Harvey back in the day then take a listen to Mike Rowe's new podcast
This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. Remember Paul Harvey?. "Hello, Americans. This is Paul Harvey. Stand by for...
Known for its talented popping, JOLLY TIME appeared on radio shows hosted by Paul Harvey, *** Clark & Casey Kasem.
Finally something to fill the Paul Harvey shaped hole in my❤️! The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe
Video: With a nod to the late Paul Harvey, and now for the rest of Von Miller and the Aggie War Hymn:
Is it too late to show my love to the Paul Harvey says "Good Day!"
I so miss Paul Harvey and his clarity of purpose... via
So God Made a Paul Harvey and still one of our favorites that became the inspiration for our...
Today's Donovan favorite spot is this 2013 ad from featuring Paul Harvey and the American farmer
THIS is one of our favorite commercials! Paul Harvey's "So God Made A Farmer"! feel free to post YOUR...
If I had to choose from these, I would say the Paul Harvey farmer story, but I do like humor. Herding cats was a classic.
'God Made a Farmer' at - exactly 3 yrs ago today the Ram Trucks/Paul Harvey commercial aired on Super Bowl
What would Paul Harvey say about this headline? "Other cities cost London wage win" | The London Free Press
as Paul Harvey said "...and there is the REST of the story"
In times like these it is good to remember that there have always been times like these. Paul Harvey :-D
Order Miche Bag Online!
I liked a video Paul Harvey's The Rest of the Story - Jack Daniel
Paul Harvey's speech "So God Made a Farmer" will never get old. I would go watch it if i were you, i did!
I've been researching personalities from the past. This one from Paul Harvey; especially poignant.
hey Paul sorry I've only just seen this, that would be great as trying to explain it is hard and Harvey is struggling too 😔
When a friend is brutally murdered, Zillah has to wonder is she next? THE MYSTERY OF THE DÆMONIAC
Harvey Updyke poisoning those trees was the best thing to ever happen to Paul Finebaum's career.
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive who… — Janet. Steve Harvey. Micheal Jackson. Paul Walker. Mahalia …
.'God made a farmer' — The stirring video every Alabamian should watch immediately - . h/t Paul Harvey
Blast from the past: Singles League Division Three - Andy Coltart v Paul Harvey
"America, you are headed for a great fall. LISTEN 2 PAUL HARVEY, IF I WERE THE DEVIL.
you saw that Steve Harvey deal where he talks to his audience! I saw that too very inspirational!
Bold, playful Paul Harvey was the first of his pals to test out the teeter-totter! Meet him: htt…
Ol' puddin' face Paul Harvey wannabe think Communism is emergency travel bans!.
Completely healthy, Mets. But fair to question how Harvey will hold up, same with Noah/Matz over full season and Colon at 43.
Paul Harvey was an exceptional man! God rest his soul. He always had wonderful words on so many topic.Brilliant man
Paul Harvey, the most listened to Conservative on Radio, with Larry King Live Jan. 30th, 2003
The ending is very powerful. While the beginning reminds me a bit of Paul Harvey. This is a great video put...
Here's a fantastic photo took by Paul Harvey of a Concorde landing here at BFS
I added a video to a playlist AUGUST WEEKEND (1936) Valerie Hobson - Paul Harvey
. To honor all the Farmers out there for Paul Harvey's So God Made Farmers.
God Made a Farmer by Paul Harvey still gives me the chills.
watching Andy Dalton is like watching Sean Hannity's show. Listening to Andy Dalton is like listening to Paul Harvey's show
Reading the Bible, not a website, will give you the answers. Walter Martin & Paul Harvey said not
Listen to a voice as immortal as Paul Harvey. Listen to the pride. The love of country. God bless you all.
Paul Harvey "Policeman" One of His Best Narrations and so fitting in light of current tension via
A Melodious Warbler has been found at Norwick on Unst by Rob Brookes and Brydon Thomason. Thanks to Paul Harvey for the information
Really? Paul Harvey is the only person whose voice bugged me more than Howard Cosell's 😁👎🏻.
check out on youtube. If I were the devil by Paul Harvey
Our taxes and Gov't are out of control:. Freedom to Chains- Paul Harvey.
If I were the devil remastered audio Paul Harvey
Paul Harvey: If I Were the Devil It's time to wake up!!
On Now at the Tabard Theatre, London W4: Shakespeare's words used to tell another story! Kindly RT
Check out on YouTube if I were the devil by Paul Harvey.
Checkout if I were the devil on YouTube by Paul Harvey.
Film club funds for Ilminster pre-school: SWANMEAD Community School pupils Chloe Paul and Harvey Webber have b...
cont.Tigers 1954 season, has new blood on the team with players Harvey Kuenn and Al Kaline, pitchers Billy Hoeft, and Paul Foytack.
Going back to the fundamentals with by Paul Harvey.
if you have not heard this Paul Harvey on the 56 signers it's so good.
Watch this on YouTube and it will explain everything from Paul Harvey's in 1965
My Daddy listened to Paul Harvey every day!!!
He sure didn't. Who would want to say he did? Sounds like a speech by Paul Harvey.
I never heard this before, If I were the devil ~ Paul Harvey's predictions came true! via
Everything about this week's edition of Historicist is amazing. Paul Godfrey takes on the menace of Harvey's in 1966. http:…
Our lives, Our fortunes, Our sacred honor. Watch Paul Harvey commemorate the sacrifices of our Founding Fathers
The late, great Paul Harvey giving a history lesson on The Declaration of Independence:. And now, the rest of the...
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Broadcasted in 1965.He has accurately predicted most of this! If I were the Devil - Paul Harvey (Warning for America)
What happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence; Paul Harvey
I am too young to have heard Paul Harvey but have listened on YouTube. Both men are true patriots.
The "So God Made a Farmer" Speech by Paul Harvey is probably one of the most inspiring and meaningful speeches I've ever heard
"And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, 'I need a caretaker.' So God made a Farmer." -Paul Harvey
Are We Living Paul Harvey’s 50-Year-Old Warning? via We have arrived. Are we happy now?!?
We've drifted away from being fishers of men to being keepers of the aquarium - Paul Harvey
Madison Baker pulls a Paul Harvey on everyone at
With my excuses to the late radio great Paul Harvey: So God Made a Farm Bill
broadcast on April 3,1965.It's short/less than three minutes.You will be amazed.If I Were the Devil by PAUL HARVEY.
Cardinal Harvey leads a tour of St. Paul Outside the Walls:
Posted a new photo: "Live at the Phoenix, L-R Paul Harvey, Shamus Dark, Rob Hughes, Rick Laughlin"
Hi, I have a chan of Paul Harvey's "The Rest of the Story" U might like this one,
Paul Harvey endorsing bongs. Remember this guy?
there should be an app that changes your voice to Paul Harvey
Breast Cancer Awareness
Wow, Paul Harvey from 1965 basically just explained America 2015.
I liked a video The Rest of the Story - Paul Harvey
If I Were the Devil by PAUL HARVEY in 1965. Oh how the US is sinking like the Titantic.
Article You May Have Missed: Harvey Watkins Jr. ft. Paul Porter - Be Careful Here is one of my f
As the GRATE Paul Harvey use-ta say,,, Thats the rest the of the story Good-Day!
Matt Harvey just learned why nobody is pitching to Paul Goldschmidt these days.
Think that was the dagger. By the way, Paul Goldschmidt hit a shot off Harvey. Easily one of the best players in baseball
Paul Goldschmidt has now homered off Madison Bumgarner, Clayton Kershaw, and Matt Harvey, all this season.
. ...and this is, as Paul Harvey used to say, " the rest of the story..."...of Memorial Day...
Paul Harvey came on the radio at differant time depending where I was I would always make sure I could hear it
I heard Paul Harvey read it over the Air while I was truck driveing
Sometimes I like to find Paul Harvey clips on YouTube and imagine I'm listening to the radio in my grandparents' car like when I was a kid.
that's what the Paul Harvey sound alike told me
Between the Paul Harvey God Made a Farmer, & ad with Miranda Lambert, whoever is running Ram marketing is a
Wishing i was in Leeds right now, cheering on Paul
The awkward moment when you find the guy Lucy slept with
I swear to god Steve Harvey is a goat demon reincarnated.
I liked a video from PAUL HARVEY says ADAM & EVE were MADE on the 8th DAY
"You can tell you're on the road to success; it's uphill all the way." -Paul Harvey
If Paul Harvey was still alive that would definitely be a tale for "the rest of the story"
.Paul Harvey is one of the all-time greats, no doubt. But his record for this offence is poor.
Great blog post by Francoise Harvey on debut, The Good Son.
as Paul's friend Harvey Keitel says in Reservoir Dogs "...a lot"
Keitel, Weisz and Dano at event of Youth (2015) Annual Festival film 2015
A little wisdom from Paul Harvey. This recording was April 3, 1965.
Paul Harvey fined $300 for not riding Diversicolor out to the finish line. Champion hoop but does this far too often.
Pleased with Trading Day's trial performance @ Belmont today Paul Harvey to ride him this prep?
Lovely interview with Paul Levy of have a listen then come & see if you've the devil in you.
Fascinating RSA Animate - David Harvey on 'The Crises of Capitalism' via
If I Were the Devil by PAUL HARVEY This was in April-1965
Paul - are you an MCC Member? I am applying for the MCC membership. I need a third person to sign off my application.
Now where am I gonna get my fix of recycled Paul Harvey columns? And reader rants?
Paul Harvey of will be here telling all of you how to get your garden 'Bloom' ready!!
and an old Paul Harvey video is relevant to recent history how?
What a finish to race 2! Trainer Neville Parnham said it perfectly "That's why he's the Pontiff". A brilliant ride by Paul Harvey
I know who you work for Harvey Paul false name u *** ant
Paul Harvey says,'...and now you know the rest of the story'. Or, at least you will!
Court case over Paul Bentley artifacts, detective who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald at in Dallas via
Today is also Harvey Milk day. 'Hope will never be silent.'
Missoula's Greenough Mansion inspired young Paul Harvey: MISSOULA — Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the s...
Voice teacher Rosalie Loeding, dead at 86, counted ...
I miss listening to Paul Harvey on the radio.
(Paul Harvey voice) And NOW you know.the rest...of the story.
Paul Harvey on "policeman". Pretty well describes the ones I know.
I knew there had to be more to it. Cue Paul Harvey...
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Thank you so much for our gifts Euan Paul Edward Desborough and Robert Booth Jones so thoughtful and will save us...
have you ever seen her whip? There is a reason she never drives
Harvey Cleaners & Laundry on + Warm greeting by Paul. + Excellent customer service. I went to wear a dress for…
Paul Harvey retro radio days he cited folks celebrating old age or 60+yrs of marriage=amazing how many of those folks lived in N !
84' | Goal Paul Harvey holds off two defenders before putting the ball beyond Stark. 1-2
84' GOAL!! Paul Harvey with an incredible individual goal, beats three defenders and finishes expertly from a tight angle!
I'm torn Harvey! Paul deserves to know where he stands in Sonny's life and Sonny needs to be real to himself! But I know that
Thank you to everyone who came to Harvey Nash Test Forum last night - Very big thanks to Paul Jarman and James Enock for a great topic a…
Paul Harvey, 20 years ago - "And in His own churches I would substitute psychology for religion and deify...
I remember Paul Harvey talking about the new ice age when I was in junior high
They need to bring Paul Harvey ad for dodge back much better then the country song about roots
Harvey NO NUKES Wasserman speaking May 30 in SF on Diablo Canyon, "What is to be Done NOW to shut it down!! We need solar homes in SLO.
Ha!. Sounds like someone needs some Paul Harvey at lunch time to me.
that was Paul Harvey and I think Mel Grundy
He should take the time to read out loud Paul Harvey's, If I Were The Devil !
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This is simply great! Thank you Paolo, Michael, Harvey, Rachel, Jane and Paul. See you soon
have you ever heard this speech by Paul Harvey?
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