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Paul Giamatti

Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti (born June 6, 1967) is an American actor.

Damian Lewis Maggie Siff Damien Lewis Straight Outta Compton Vin Diesel John Adams Big Fat Liar Bart Giamatti Paul Dano Malin Akerman Frankie Muniz John Cusack Ted Danson Brian Wilson Elizabeth Banks Ethan Hawke Laura Linney

I think Matt likes the giamatti meme bc of how much paul giamati looks like a…
Vin Diesel and Paul Giamatti were in Saving Pt. Ryan together
Yep, Paul Giamatti and David Hyde Pierce did voice work in it. It's Amazing (no pun intended) if you can track it down
That's one of those guilty pleasure movies for me. Paul Giamatti makes a great orangutan.
No Paul giamatti. It doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned.
Not related to mike Paul Reichert : leave us alone and get out of mt head and face tank Giamatti : I don't like you Paul Giamatti
Dang, I keep thinking people are Paul Giamatti 😅
A clever that gives this family the power of
What a weird time capsule of a movie that was, except of course Paul Giamatti, who I bet was glad…
Million dollar question: Is this Paul Giamatti in monkey make up, or a monkey in Paul Giamatti make up?
Why is Paul Giamatti passed out on stage at a stand-up comedy show?
That movie was kind of like J.T. Walsh unintentionally handing the SQUIRMY CHARACTER ACTOR TORCH over to…
Started show tonight staring Paul Giamatti. Where was I 9 years ago when this aired? 0_o
Yuuge Paul Giamatti "fan" . Awesome in Planet of the Apes with Mark Wahlberg & Michael Clarke Duncan. Dominique loves it.
I mostly just remember Paul Giamatti yelling.
Scrolling through Netflix and discovered a 2017 rip off(sequel?) of Big Fat Liar. Horrible idea. Can't beat Frankie Muniz and Paul Giamatti
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Just started watch Billions with Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti, looking like a good Wall Street/ high flying political thriller of a show:)
And Paul Giamatti was entertaining as the villain. But in this one, you feel depressed for Barry Bostwick…
I might put it ahead of Rocky, to be honest. Paul Giamatti is at his best.
Paul Giamatti was in a wrestling movie.
A man has literally never done anything good for me except give me money
"Why Are You So Into Pinot" - Paul Giamatti is fantastic in this movie
Who would have a harder time, Paul Giamatti in Vin Diesel's roles or Vin Diesel in Paul Giamatti's roles? -Garemy
Are you stunned that Paul Giamatti is the same age as Vin Diesel? -Garemy
Lindsey weir is such a nerd and James Franco looks like a sex offended sooo
I keep thinking about how I could die in a bomb blast à la Syria/Russia/North Korea and like... its fine just one less white person
Yo so ummm who says u need a "man" to procreate. lol ummm just a thought. 😂😂😂
I had a bit part in a movie with Ted Danson. So I've been in a movie with a man who was in a movie with Tom Hanks, Paul Giamatti & Diesel.
I liked the idea of The Sinister Six movie better when it starred Paul Giamatti.
Even the poster replicates the original, bringing you back to a simpler era where an entire movie can be marketed on blue Paul Giamatti
Private Parts cast is v underrated, Paul Giamatti, Edie Falco, Poppy from Seinfeld
Paul Giamatti is perfect as Pig Vomit in Private Parts.
I can buy Paul Giamatti as Groot or a Car driving action dude. I can't imagine Vin Diesel as John Adams or Jerry He…
In my TV drama about the end days of Wenger at Arsenal, I'd cast Peter Capaldi as AW, Paul Giamatti as Kroenke & David Morr…
Season 1 of just kept getting better. and Paul Giamatti are brilliant. Nice acquisition
The dialogue in the last scene of the season finale between Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis was too much for me to handle
I forget how many ppl are in Saving Private Ryan. Vin Diesel, Bryan Cranston, Dennis Farina, Paul Giamatti, the guy from Castle...
check out the movie American splendor w/Paul Giamatti about Harvey Pekar really good movie !
Paul Giamatti is brilliant as Joe Gould in Cinderella Man. Best Supporting Actor that year? George Cloon…
As far as I'm concerned, Amanda Bynes and Frankie Muniz gave Paul Giamatti what he deserved.
it's the Lyn Collins knowledge and Paul Giamatti jokes that really get the job done.
Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti explain why Billions Season 2 is more relevant than ever
LOVE & MERCY (2014) - not a perfect movie, but a lot of great stuff in it. Watch it for Paul Dano and Paul Giamatti.
(Paul Giamatti microwaves another slider and prepares for a few hours of yelling about Damien Lewis)
If they ever make a movie out of this James Dolan - Charles Oakley feud, Dolan should be played by Paul Giamatti and Oakley by Keith David.
Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis are back for season 2 ... awesome — watching Billions
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I like Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis. So yep 👍🏼 for me.
Finally binge watching that show Paul Giamatti, Damien Lewis, Maggie Siff, David Constible: all amazing.
Paul Giamatti, Nic Cage, Cillian Murphy, Samuel L Jackson, Breckin Meyer, maybe one or two more
Damien Lewis...Paul just fantastic. Roll on S2
Just finished watching need season 2 now. Possibly my new favourite show. & Paul Giamatti were brilliant.
Daniel-Day Lewis, Paul Giamatti and Anthony Hopkins are just a few actors who portrayed presidents over the years
Paul Giamatti is renting diving gear he needs my help to access his email (he thinks is seamail) he only rented one oxygen tank please help
the hot caramel assistant DA chick that works for Paul Giamatti's character
they will never take the Rock and Paul Giamatti from us
Are you Paul Giamatti has become enraged after finding traces of a shark inside a hotdog.
Watching and wondering how the *** Paul Giamatti wasn't nominated for a Golden Globe
I followed you to gargle on hilarious Paul Giamatti pics. How was I supposed to know you were brain dead?
Maybe Paul Giamatti would be up to reprise his role as Ben Bernanke from Too Big to Fail.
what character is Paul Giamatti doing here?
Solaris, starring 50 Cent and Paul Giamatti. Directed by Damon Lindelof, music by The Only Ones. Budget: $105m
Snow day meant I got pretty far into HBO John Adams, a series I somehow never watched. Paul Giamatti needs more starring roles.
Gossip: Paul Giamatti has been fined �100 for a assault series about virtual reality before the watershed.
Imagine if you woke up tomorrow in a world where Vin Diesel and Paul Giamatti swapped careers. Vin in Sideways, Paul in xX…
If any of you know Paul Giamatti please have him listen to this right away.
Student just told me (for the nth time) that I look like Paul Giamatti. I literally never know if this is a compliment.
I think Billions is/was one of the year's best shows and possibly Showtime's finest. Loved seeing Paul Giamatti in a drama.
What do you think the demand would be for a "female Paul Giamatti"?
Let's do this but with Paul Giamatti.
Is it too much to ask for a biopic starring Nick Cage as Paul Giamatti during the filming of Big Fat Liar?
Why is Paul Giamatti in a Glenn Beck costume
I never watched Straight Outta Compton because of Paul Giamatti, he didn't fit that role at all in my head
There is a great film starring Paul Giamatti to be made here. Like 50 shades for the other spectrum of damaged people
Periodic reminder that Vin Diesel and Paul Giamatti are the same age.
I'd like one movie where Paul Giamatti is a likable person
*** I forgot that existed, now it hurts that it hasn't been made. Clancy Brown and Paul Giamatti, and produced by David Fincher.
Paul Giamatti is the greatest actor of our generation
between Berman's last show or the Kim Jong Un/Paul Giamatti fantasy show on RZC, I chose. RZC
I heard James Adomian's impression of Paul Giamatti on the road today and I almost ran into a Dairy Queen from cracking up so hard.
Yeah, the Dano parts are better than the Cusack parts. But Elizabeth Banks and Paul Giamatti are good
Saving Mr Banks will be the highlight of my Christmas. Disney + Tom Hanks + Emma Thompson + Paul Giamatti = Pure happiness
Lawrence of Arabia, starring Marge Simpson and Paul Giamatti. Directed by Mike Leigh, music by Steve Miller Band. Budget: $50m
I don't know how they did but got 80s Crispin Glover and Paul Giamatti on trumpets this year
Sitting in the ward with Ali and someone is watching a drama/film with Paul Giamatti and the volume and his acting are dialled to 11.
Paul Giamatti has immediately lifted "Morgan" up a level.
The fictional character I identify the most with is James Adomian's Paul Giamatti
Comparing my voting to actors: I went for Paul Giamatti in the primary, Glen Close in the general...and we got Gary Busey.
Paul Giamatti might actually make a decent Pozzo.
Paul Giamatti may be my new Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Start your weekend with some comedy and watch Barney's Version starring Dustin Hoffman and Paul Giamatti. now on GO!
great impersonation of Paul Giamatti as portrayed by Emo Phillips in your last cast of the pod...
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A Showtime comedy where Mandy Patinkin, F. Murray Abraham and Paul Giamatti don't want to talk shop. It's the wonderful…
Randy Cohen’s Podcast ‘Person, Place, Thing’ with Maggie Siff and Paul Giamatti now available on Itunes!
🔥 Dinner w/ Maggie Siff + Paul Giamatti of Follow along this eve ... 🔥
It's a show on Showtime with Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti, Maggie Siff (Tara from SOA) & Malin Akerman.
FYI it has, Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis, Maggie Siff, Malin Akerman to name a few of great cast, created by
Paul Giamatti and Maggie Siff filming "Billions" on our block.
Jerry Heller was documented in Straight Outta Compton last year and he did not like the portrayal by one Paul Giamatti.
I keep seeing an ad for a horror called Morgan. No idea what it's about but it has Paul Giamatti, Toby Jones, Kate Mara and Brian Cox in it
how you gonna show Paul Giamatti, my father, getting his jugular eaten in the trailer, MORGAN
Check out Maggie Siff & Paul Giamatti dishing about filming sex scenes in this interview via http…
He's in a small, but very important list, alongside John C. Reilly and Paul Giamatti, in people I just think are superfab.
Paul Giamatti plays mind games in exclusive clip from sci-fi thriller's Chris Tucker, Emma Watson, Paul Giamatti, and a guy that looks like David Spade!
On a TV calibration course this week but keep expecting Paul Giamatti to appear as our host has the same accent as Damien Lewis in Billions.
Am loving at the moment, Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis are two of the best actors around 👌🏻
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Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis together. Now that's TV magic.
Hey will you guys do a Hamilton miniseries like the Adams one? It's time. Paul Giamatti still plays Adams. TY
I apologize to Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger and ESPECIALLY Paul Giamatti for not seeing Cinderella Man until tonight. Wonderful.
Inside Amy Schumer has an episode-long remake of 12 Angry Men with Paul Giamatti as Lee J. Cobb and sexism instead of racism. It's good.
THE PHENOM--Ethan Hawke, Paul Giamatti (son of MLB Commissioner, Bart Giamatti), and Johnny Simmons. You're gonna love it.
I try to be a mix of Raymond Carver, Paul Giamatti's character in Sideways, and Paul Giamatti's character in Duets.
I forgot Paul Giamatti was in The Truman Show. This movie is so good.
"The Phenom" was excellent. Johnny Simmons, Paul Giamatti and Ethan Hawke great acting performances
Ethan Hawke and Paul Giamatti enliven a drab baseball movie. Our review of "The Phenom":
If Kevin James or Paul Giamatti drop weight, I'm done. I don't want to...
Paul Giamatti nominated for Academy Award, known for Private Parts, The Illusionist, Lady in the Water (49)
I "Netflix and chill" with the intensity of a young Paul Giamatti.
Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Spacey, Denzel Washington, Phillip Seymour-Hoffman & Paul Giamatti. TLJ and Bill Murray could be there
I really like Paul Giamatti, always gives his characters an edge...
In those CenturyLink commercials, I don’t understand why Paul Giamatti doesn’t just slaughter that family and feast on their rotting corpses
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not got Sky Atlantic any more since moving over to Virgin mate. Like a bit of Paul Giamatti too!
I will say that Kevin Michael Richardson is the better Drek. Paul Giamatti wasn't bad but Richardson would have had much better delivery.
series on Showtime with the ginger terrorist from Homeland and Paul Giamatti
I'm not a big wine guy. And bars, I never go to bars anymore. It's such a d...
The fact that Paul Giamatti is an avid reader puts a huge smile on my face
On : Paul Giamatti is a metaphor for the San Andreas fault. When it cracks, you better run
Peg & Paul Giamatti theater 4 event on Tuesday.
Paul Giamatti is in this, that brings his total to 1,709 films in 2015.
Kickstarter to cast Paul Giamatti as in the movie
I gotta hand it to my high school classmates: They were right when they voted me Most Likely to End Up Looking Like Paul Giamatti.
Paul Giamatti's best role to date: The bellman in My Best Friends Wedding.
...of their own series. Paul Giamatti & John Goodman are the leads in name. Ouch.
As the sun kisses the horizon, so does the face of Paul Giamatti greet you on this new dawn.
please do not. I enjoy your selfies. Thank you- Demi.
R&C: “Another terrible CG movie featuring the voice of Paul Giamatti. Which, at this point, could be its own Netflix category”
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I read that this morning and holy *** does he not sound like Paul Giamatti.
you were right on Rosario Dawson. But the name you were looking for Drek? Paul Giamatti. Movie has Sly Stalone + J Goodman
when the Hamilton movie musical gets made, we need Paul Giamatti as John Adams.
I like playing weird, kind of shady people.
Why have a good face when u can have a good ***
Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti give us insight into how they made Billions. Compelling new drama, coming May 12th. https:/…
Last episode when Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis went face to face in the last scene!! Season 2 is gonna be crazy.
He’s great! Absolutely love the guy!” ~Paul Giamatti about Robert Pattinson
I don't get these Paul Giamatti commercials.
Just finished season and that final showdown between Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis was legit!
I'd rather watch the puppymonkeybaby ad a dozen times in a row than watch the Paul Giamatti Centurylink ad once.
The idea of Paul Giamatti as God, as represented on Inside Amy Schumer, is TERRIFYING. And hilarious.
reminds me of Paul Giamatti aka Chuck Rhoades dominatrix scenes in "Billions"...-"red! red!"
Move your *** Paul Giamatti - you're blocking the danged TV. Also, these jerks steal their cable... so.
. Paul Giamatti and Ted Danson were a surprise too.
Anyway, Billions season 1 is over and I'm not sure what to do not seeing Maggie Siff and Paul Giamatti in all of their perfection every week
The acting and storyline was superb. You can't go wrong with Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis.
12 April, on Maggie Siff and Paul Giamatti in the pilot of "A little yellow discipline going on there..."
Christopher Walken as Trump, Helen Mirren as Hillary, Billy Crystal as Bernie, Jeff Goldblum as Ted, Paul Giamatti as John
I’ve never seen Show Life bas ana b3ad ma 3yabni Homeland :/ he’s great in Billions and Paul Giamatti and Maggie Siff too 👌🏼
It's not often you see Kevin Michael Richardson replaced by Paul Giamatti. — playing Ratchet & Clank (2016 video game)
Dare I say Paul Giamatti is entering Gandolfini territory with his portrayal of Chuck Rhodes in
Paul Giamatti is back at it again in the white van!
I'm mostly rooting for Axe, cus Damien Lewis is a killer bad guy... but then again Paul Giamatti is so slimy...
American Splendor. Didn't do much for me but it might be the quintessential Paul Giamatti performance
William Hurt, Matthew Modine, Paul Giamatti, and Michael O'Keefe. I love his movie.
Every time I see Paul Giamatti, I think he's Rob Schneider & vice versa.
Now all I want to do is watch Love and Mercy. John Cusack and Paul Dano. 😏.and Paul Giamatti. 😂😂
Watched Win Win yesterday. Really fun. I love Paul Giamatti. Amy Ryan and Bobby Cannavale are great in supporting roles. Also, Jeff Tambor!
How are there enough roles for "creepy annoying guy" to keep both Wallace Shawn and Paul Giamatti regularly employed?
Paul Giamatti and John Goodman are in this?
This is such a good show. . Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis are brilliant.
Finally got around to watching So impressed by the cast so far, love watching Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti go toe to toe 📺
April 16 - The Redemptive Power of Ancient Stories, with guests Paul Giamatti, David Strathairn, and Bryan Doerries
I see that Richard Hammond has said he has questioned Paul Giamatti about regarding a guinea pig.
I'm watching San Andreas for the 3rd time this month. Paul Giamatti should have won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.
Paul Giamatti is an underrated actor and I wish he had more roles.
Frankie Muniz is just dancing there, then his clothes get tighter and tighter as he transforms into Paul Giamatti
Paul Giamatti or John C. Reilly would both make amazing P.T. Barnums. I can't believe you didn't think of them!
My childhood hero was Jose Canseco, and the first I heard of Rose was when Paul Giamatti's dad banned him.
It's crazy how Paul Giamatti, Samuel L. Jackson, Steve Buscemi, Gary Oldman, Amy Adams, Johnny Depp, or Will Smith have never won an Oscar
Paul Giamatti is no match for this family of hollywood insiders. Become a film buff w/
Paul Giamatti is knocking knocking it out of the park in "Billions," as per. Phenomenal actor.
Paul Giamatti in commercials. Yes, and a good one...: CenturyLink Prism Hollywood Insider “Improv” via
With the win of the best actor yet to win an is now Paul Giamatti. Honorable mentions: Johnny Depp, Gary Oldman
Quietly, Paul Giamatti's personal dresser shakes him awake to let him know what Chris is saying. Paul grumbles and goes back to sleep.
I just realized that Paul Giamatti is the mean agent in Agent Cody Banks. Wow, I'm honestly amazed.
That great new show you’re probably not watching yet? It’s Billions, staring Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis & Maggie Siff.
picturing David Spade as Kaworu Nagisa is on par with Paul Giamatti playing Finnick Odair
Yes, a character announces that she's off to Don Pasquale at the Met and Paul Giamatti says that he loved Maestri's Falstaff
Paul Giamatti, imma let you finish, but Williams Daniels you're not.
Paul Giamatti as Jerry Heller always reminds me of that godforsaken Lou Pearlman.
Pulpy Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti plus Monica Bellucci. . I give Shoot Em Up one erection up -- the entire movie
Did you know? star Paul Giamatti joins our Shirley Jackson night Wed., 2/24
Joan Allen is to 'mothers reuniting with lost children' what Paul Giamatti is to 'managing musical geniuses'.
That's a long fall for Paul Giamatti from John Adams to the opening scene of
A ECW movie where Paul Heyman is played by Paul Giamatti.
Good job Paul Giamatti in Amazing Spiderman 2 has soviet tat on his knee. Or I'd think the barbed wire forehead tat meant he was a good guy.
I know right? Ive started watching Billions w/Maggie Siff & Paul Giamatti, I like it so far. I'll check out The Outsiders for Ryan
Paul Giamatti & Laura Linney as the Adamses are fantastic yet grounded. They are phenomenal & make the show
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Rip Hunter is one Big Fat Liar, like Paul Giamatti in that movie.
Paul Giamatti is underrated. I've always liked his work as an actor. He did so good in Straight Outta Compton.
Loving this new show "Billions," or, "Paul Giamatti as Preet Bharara vs. Homeland Brody version of Steve Cohen"
Paul Giamatti in Big Fat Liar is the best thing to happen to Burberry speedos ever.
Best line of Bachelor recap: "Jubilee is basically a Paul Giamatti character in the body of a Love & Hip Hop background extra."
He was great as EZ. Fantastic screenplay! One could even say Paul Giamatti was Oscar worthy. He was great in Love Mercy aswell.
Even after watching Billions last night i will always think of Paul Giamatti from this scene
Has it been a tough day? Here's a scene with Emma Thompson and Paul Giamatti that's straight up gold.
PSA: 'Billions', which has some fine acting by Paul Giamatti & Damien Lewis, also features the beautiful, multi-talented Condola Rashad.
Billions doesn't really look like my cup of tea but w Paul Giamatti & Malin Ackerman I at least gotta record it
Great cover shot of & Paul Giamatti for our upcoming show on
I'm 100% against there ever being another Daddy Day Care movie, unless it stars Paul Giamatti.
There is no Paul Giamatti role which would not be better played by Wallace Shawn.
How about Paul Giamatti, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jonathan Banks, or Bob Odenkirk. Many unattractive actors make it without ..
Zac Efron, Paul Giamatti, Colin Hanks, Billy Bob Thornton and Mark Duplass. It's as good as that could be.
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Met Jerry Kill at the Dude looks like Paul Giamatti with a shaved head.
Random House created an audio book of A Scanner Darkly read by Paul Giamatti
it's pretty awesome.Also stars David Morse & Paul Giamatti. If you get a chance to watch-it's a fave of mine :D
Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis, Maggie Siff and Malin Akerman big name in 'Billions'
Started watching Love and Mercy but it is pretty early to be watching Paul Giamatti being a gross ***
Watched LOVE & MERCY -- great performances by John Cusack & Paul Dano as Brian Wilson. Wonderful work by Paul Giamatti and Elizabeth Banks.
took a ltl walk 2 set with Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis, and am now recurring on "Billions"; this is gonna be fun:.
outside of Paul Giamatti. You the most known actor in the movie 😂😂😂
Looking forward to Wonks (2016) staring Stanley Tucci as Arthur Brooks, Paul Giamatti as Tyler Cowen & Jonah Hill as Matt Yglesias
Paul Giamatti & Laura Linney are great. Stephen Dillane is great. Washington LOOKS great. Dude playing Hamilton is terrible.
was fun sharing the upstairs dining area of with Abby Hanlon and Paul Giamatti yesterday :)
Alex Gordon looks like a super high Paul Giamatti.
Sad Paul Giamatti. Getting through life one day at a time New York. Joined April 2012
It was SIDESWIPE. Pity FX passed on the "Hoke" pilot with Paul Giamatti.
I'd LOVE to work with Paul Giamatti some day...His charisma an passion on screen sets the perfect example of someone I'd love to learn from🌠 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Paul Giamatti should always be cast as the hotel bellhop.
Paul Giamatti might have a thing or two to say about that Pearlman casting
All that budget and they could correct the green haze around Paul Giamatti's hair and beard. FFS
I heard the real Brian Wilson saw it and had a panic attack when Paul Giamatti appeared on screen. Him and me both.
Paul Giamatti would be amazing in that.
Watched San Andreas tonight. My god that film is poor. Even The Rock couldn't save it. Although, Paul Giamatti was the highlight for me.
After much careful thought and deliberation I have decided to blame all of my problems in life on Paul Giamatti
While watching Straight Outta Compton, my friend exclaimed, “Who’s sideways now, Paul Giamatti!” and it’s still making me laugh.
I related to Paul Giamatti in middle school
honestly, after seeing Paul Giamatti in Big Fat Liar as a kid i can never take him seriously
What did Paul Giamatti have against musicians in the 80s? Eazy-E and Brian Wilson both copped the G-man
These guys are all in Saving Private Ryan: Vin Diesel, Bryan Cranston, Giovanni Ribisi, Paul Giamatti, Nathan Fillion and Ted Danson
How in the world did Paul Giamatti not end up starring in JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS?
for a very split second I thought it said Paul Giamatti and I was very confused
Sorry but why doesn't Paul Giamatti have an Oscar
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Paul Giamatti seems like someone who would yell "SURPRISE!" way too loud at a party.
Joey Julius is to field goal kickers as Paul Giamatti is to Hollywood leading men.
The year is 2015. Paul Giamatti is only allowed to appear in music biopics wearing ridiculous wigs.
The way I feel about Léa Seydoux is the exact opposite of how I feel about Paul Giamatti. He stinks and she's a perfect cosmic goddess.
Seen it before. It holds up on the weirdness side of things, but it seemed a lot draggier & more tedious this time. And hey, Paul Giamatti!
Just watched "Straight Outta Compton" and spent most of the movie worrying about Paul Giamatti's cholesterol.
We're all laughing! Paul Giamatti has purchased the University of Beijing.
This movie has benefits: double hotness of George Clooney-Ryan Gosling & the acting brilliance of Philip Seymour Hoffman-Paul Giamatti!
Finally catching up on Downton Abby...whats Paul Giamatti doing here!?!
'The Taft-Hartley Act': Paul Giamatti as Taft, Sean Penn as Hartley, Emily Blunt as Mrs. Taft--and Dustin Hoffman as Pre…
Turned on the TV and that movie Sideways is on I love this movie. Paul Giamatti is great but Thomas Haden Church is my favorite.
Let us never forget that Paul Giamatti once held his own against heavyweights Amanda Bynes and Frankie Muniz
Paul Giamatti, Edward Norton and Ron Livingston are all the same age. *mic drop*
Watching John Adams bc apparently it's all Colonial America all the time here now and *** Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney are great actors.
Almost every one of the 2016 Presidential frontrunners could be described as "Paul Giamatti-esque."
shoutout to Paul Giamatti acting as John Adams
1/ LOL! Reminds me of the wonderful exchange between Ed Norton and Paul Giamatti in the movie "The Illusionist:"
Bill Polhad, Oren Moverman, Robert Yeoman, Paul Dano, Elizabeth Banks, Paul Giamatti and John Cusack are all at the top of their game here.
The actor who plays Dr. Dre in “Straight Outta Compton”, Corey Hawkins, is very good. Also, I almost didn’t recognise Paul Giamatti.
what did you think about the question about Paul Giamatti
Paul Giamatti as Chip Kelly. Philip Seymour Hoffman would've killed the role. :(
Paul Giamatti makes an excellent 'God' in Inside - tough but fair
Ma your MCM put on Big Fat Liar ironically but then when everyone left he kept watching it he said he is a big fan of Paul Giamatti.
David Schwimmer and Paul Giamatti could be brothers.
Truly Hugo Chegwin (son of Jeff & nephew of Keith) is the Paul Giamatti of Brentford, & he has 2 Ivor Novello awards
Mr. Jones, Paul Giamatti, member of Yale's Skull & Bones. Any thoughts on the subject? Thank you for any response.
I can't wait for Paul Giamatti to play Colonel Tom Parker
Thanks to Howard Stern, I can't see Paul Giamatti and not think "Pig Vomit"
If you're casting a Svengali-type music manager, you're required BY LAW to give Paul Giamatti first right of refusal.
I never realized that actor Paul Giamatti is the son of the late Baseball Commissioner Bart Giamatti who banned Pete Rose...
Paul Giamatti is in Straight Outta Compton so that's enough for me to see it. But I can't help but calling him Bart Giamatti.
Did not know that actor Paul Giamatti was the son of former commissioner Bart until he was on tonight.
Fun fact. While a French major at Mount Holyoke, my mother babysat for Paul Giamatti's dad, Bart.
Maggie Siff, Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti all in one show? YES PLEASE
I really liked the first ep. Great cast w/Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti, Maggie Siff &
looks great. I'll watch anything with Paul Giamatti. And Damian Lewis and Maggie Siff and Malin Akerman.
Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis make pretty good foes in new Showtime Wall Street drama "Billions." Maggie Siff is bonus. Starts Jan. 17.
Trailer for starring Paul Giamatti & Damian Lewis (but Maggie Siff & Malin Akerman steal the show)
How does this exist? A 1996 adventure game with Christopher Walken, Burgess Meredith, Karen Allen and Paul Giamatti.
Starting tonight: Paul Dano, Paul Giamatti, Elizabeth Banks, John Cusack in LOVE AND MERCY at 7; lots of men's abs in MAGIC MIKE XXL at 9:05
also, special s/o to Paul Giamatti who I'd say is in the running for Best Supporting Actor this year.
Paul Giamatti would have been much better as the lead in King Kong instead of Jack Black. Giamatti suits that role so much.
Don't for me: Paul Giamatti has been studying the climate of Germany in the hopes of finding a cure to
saw L&M yday and thought Paul Giamatti is great but I wonder what Philip Seymour Hoffman would of been like in that role
As a 20 something I have gone to many trivias, and our best team name ever was Paul Giamatti Mall Giamatti
The one thing LOVE AND MERCY & Straight Outta Compton have taught us about the music industry? . That Paul Giamatti is not a very good agent
Paul Giamatti driving you again, isn't he?
I can't wait for someone to edit in Paul Giamatti as Rhino with NWA...
If you're a character in a music biopic in 2015, stay away from Paul Giamatti.
Paul Giamatti and NWA? These are my two favorite things. I have to see this movie.
Paul giamatti as Ben bernanke. + check out the actors playing the CEO's of these firms. 🔥
What is the largest possible size of popcorn available at the concession stand for when the Paul Giamatti NWA biopic comes out?
best members of NWA ranked in order. 1. Eazy-E. 2. Paul Giamatti. 3. Ice Cube. 4. Dr. Dre
We are not sufficiently excited about an upcoming NWA biopic featuring Paul Giamatti IMHO
If I'm watching these commercials right, Straight Outta Compton is about how Paul Giamatti invented gangsta rap.
coldest roast ever would have to be saying someone looks like Paul Giamatti...
Ranking the Paul Giamatti hairpieces in movies about musical geniuses.
I feel like every important movie has Paul Giamatti in it. A long way from "Liar, Liar" my friend.
I was thinking more Paul Giamatti after failing to eat a raccoon.
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