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Paul George

Paul George (born May 2, 1990) is an American basketball player with the Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association.

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Paul George, George Jetson, George Clooney, shid they can even get George of the Jungle it don't matta.. Cavs in…
Paul George isn’t worth a Kyrie Irving trade, or is he?
And to think the cavs tried to trade Kyrie Irving to make space for Paul George... wonder how stupid they feel now that he chose OKC
Let's be clear.. Cavs ARE NOT trading Kyrie Irving just to land Paul George for one season. Those rumours are uglier than…
😂😐 y’all giving up Kyrie Irving to Utah for Paul George 😂
The Cavs reportedly discussed a 3-team trade that would send Kyrie Irving to Utah for Paul George and George Hill ➡️ https:…
🤔😂😂😂 Do me a favor and submit my topics: Paul George, Wade, Melo, potential free agent fits, Billups..all far more…
Wizards star John Wall talks to about trying recruit another star in buddy Paul George to Washington. h…
NBA trade rumors: John Wall trying to recruit Paul George to Wizards
I added a video to a playlist Chris Broussard on CP3 to Houston, where Paul George and Gordon Hayward
James Harden and Chris Paul have already started recruiting Paul George to Houston, reports
NEW: The latest on the pursuit of BOTH Gordon Hayward and Paul George.
Bro they really fighting over Paul George im crying lmao
If the Rockets add Paul George to Chris Paul, Ryan Anderson, Ryan Kelly and Isaiah Taylor they will win the all first name last name award.
Cp3 needs a guy who can create his own shot and lock down somebody on the other end like a Paul George aka not blake
Paul George is willing to commit long-term to the Cavs if Lebron James stays. (via
Lakers have made it known. Paul George has made it known. The fans have made it known. Just like Luke Walton, if he wants it, he's coming.
Rockets 'trying very hard' to land Paul George, per
Paul George, Klay Thompson, Derrick Walker to the Cavs in a 3 team megadeal
The league was tryna force Jimmy Butler, Paul George, Dwayne Wade, and Carmelo Anthony all to the Cavs. In one week! *** is next! 😂😭😭
The Celtics believe they can make Paul George more than a one-year rental. report.
when Kevin Durant comes into the finals next year and sees LeBron, Kyrie, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade https:/…
Celtics working to acquire both Gordon Hayward and Paul George, per
Sources on Boston working to sequence the acquisitions of Gordon Hayward and Paul George.
Paul George talked to Klay Thompson about playing together in Los Angeles. 👀
Paul George and Gordon Hayward are not good enough to beat Bronny, but I'd at least watch that Cavs-Celts series.
RUMOR: Paul George reached out to Klay Thompson about playing together on the Lakers.
Everybody wants some of Paul George these days
Paul George has talked to Klay Thompson about playing in LA together, according to
Seems like the Boston media prefers PG13 to my man him a "much better player"
John Wall is recruiting Paul George to the Wizards. That would be a deadly duo🔥.
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ICYMI: New Big 3 Pod episode where and discuss Boston's odds to acquire George and Gordon: https…
SInow "NBA Stock Watch: andrewsharp sizes up the free agent market
This *** was trying to tell me Paul George is a better shooter then melo bc he score more points don't talk to me if you don't know sports
Trade Wade and niko or MCW for Paul George
No, you don't get a break. Paul George to the Cavs? Kevin Love to Denver? What? On:
The NBA needs Paul George on Cleveland as sad as that is to say...
I think it's going to happen Wall and Paul George have been best friends for a while... I'm optimistic! https:…
NBA Stock Watch: sizes up the free agent market
Melo. Lebron. Paul George . Wade. Kyrie. Sorry, no one can convince me that can overcome this 5
Trade him now and get Paul George . He is no longer a good player his career is over in the next few years. He's cu…
John Wall has his sights set on Paul George 👀.
Fun Fact: the last time Paul George won a playoff series was 3 years ago
John Wall, Bradley Beal and Paul George. On the same floor. At the same time. Could it happen? Wall hopes so.
'Running the Break' Podcast: What can the Pacers get for Paul George?.
Paul George gonna be in Oakland lol
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BREAKING: Cavaliers and Pacers agree on a trade to send Cavs:Kevin Love, Iman Shumpert to the Pacers and Pacers:Paul G…
Why does the Paul George screen take so long
John Wall is reportedly recruiting Paul George to join the Wizards
So basically if Lebron James says he's staying, Paul George interested in Cavs as his landing spot.. 👀
If they sign Paul George they'll win as well... lebron still the goat
Interesting: Amick on Locked on Kings said Paul Millsap, George Hill, and Jrue Holiday are names ‘attached’ to Sacramento…
A closer look at Paul George's first signature Nike shoe the PG1 ‘Ferocity’ 👀
Could we see Paul George in a Wizards jersey? . John Wall is trying to make it happen.
"Paul George is letting word leak to the Cavs,that if LeBron indeeds to stay in CLE then Paul George wont leave CLE as long…
Reporting with League sources say Cleveland continues to pursue a Paul George trade, with Denver as the p…
So Stephen A is basically saying that if LeBron stays, Paul George would stay too.
"He has definitely has put in a call to Klay Thompson and he would like to play with him in LA." -Kelenna Azubuike on Paul…
Last photos with John: With Paul in March 1974. With George in LA in November 1974 & with Ringo outside the "Dakota" i…
PAUL GEORGE TO DC. Let's make this a movement!
John Wall reaching out to Paul George is interesting, as is his quote about needing a 3rd guy. A.k.a. not Otto Porter.…
Paul George Is Wildly Overrated via And he's gonna be 30 soon, why's he talking about 2019 and Klay?
Per Paul George has reached out to Klay Thompson about playing together once Klay hits free agency (2019).
John Wall is reportedly recruiting Paul George in hopes he will push for trade to the Wizards.
But is better than Paul George. Don't @ me.
John Wall says he’s recruiting Paul George to push for Wizards trade
If that Paul George trade happens before this awards show ends, Woj gotta leak it to Drake so he can freestyle it as a…
NBATV's rick kamla changed his thinks lakers need to trade Ingram to lock up Paul George now. Smart move.
Could Carmelo Anthony and Paul George be headed to Cleveland?
The Cavaliers are actively pursuing Dwyane Wade, Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony. Superteam madness.
Breaking: Cavs are trying to get Paul George and Carmelo Anthony Me:
Cavs, Pacers & Nuggets have discussed a 3-way deal that would land Paul George in Cleveland & Kevin Love in Denver. https…
denied and hopes of 3-team deal centered on Paul George and Kevin Love. Teams may revisit.
Nadeska: Paul George rumored to be going to the Lakers. What do you guys think?. Vince Staples: His hairline too close to his…
I don't think Paul George helps Cleveland beat Golden State.
Paul George and Kenneth Faried on the Cavs would be very interesting. Let's make it happen NBA.
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In the rumored three way trade with Cavs, Nuggets and Pacers - Paul George & Kenneth Faried would be Cleveland bound. Love…
One text from a friend who's a big Nuggets fan:. "We're helping LeBron land Paul George.and our return is Kevin f*…
Breaking: Cavs, Nuggets & Pacers discussing three team trade that sends Paul George and Kenneth Faried to Cleveland. htt…
Hayward and Paul George is a possibility doe.
A mega trade between PHX, DEN, NYK, IND & CLE would've sent both Paul George & Carmelo to CLE but fell apart bc no one w…
LISTEN: . If fail to sign Gordon Hayward - is trading for Paul George a MUST?
Could it be that report reflects that Celtics won’t know what they can give Paul George in an R&E until H…
Super intricate look at the salary cap ramifications of the Celtics landing Paul George and Gordon Hayward. Really good st…
What a weird time to be a Pacer fan. Hoping Celtics land Gordon Hayward so they trade for Paul George too.
🗣 Celtics could trade for Paul George if an agreement if Gordon Hayward can be reached.
"The Boston Celtics have acquired Paul George from the Pacers after signing Gordon Hayward.". Warriors:
Jayson Tatum analytical comps: Justise Winslow, Gordon Hayward, Paul George. . No wonder he’s been on top of Danny Ainge’…
When the Celtics trade for Paul George and Sign Gordon Hayward
Think about this lineup if we have the cap space. PG- Isaiah Thomas. SG- Paul George . SF- Gordon Hayward. PF-…
Most common feedback to my Celtics post is that it'd be practically impossible to get Paul George and Gordon Hayward to B…
Celtics are reportedly in position to trade for Paul George, w/ a 3 year ext. in place, but it will depend on if they ca…
To bad Celtics won't trade for Paul George even if they get gordan Hayward only a 2 team race in the east
To trade for Paul George and renegotiate him to $24M + sign Gordon Hayward at the $30M max, Celtics would need to clear $…
Report: Celtics could have Paul George deal in place if Gordon Hayward signs
Report: could land Paul George if they sign Gordon Hayward, per
Re-cap thread:. If you want to sign Hayward then trade for Paul George and then renegotiate-and-extend him, SALARY CAP is th…
If Lakers gonna sign 2 MAX players next year... Who gonna be the other Max? Paul George and who? Don't you dare be igno…
So if Paul George & CP3 go to the Spurs would y'all hate them for creating a super team too???
Luke Walton. Lonzo Ball. Maybe even Paul George. Showtime really is coming back..
Smart to not make moves just to make moves. Wait for the right opportunity (hint: Paul George!) and save your ammo for that.
The Houston Rockets, according to league sources, remain in trade pursuit of Indiana's Paul George ...
NBA: Pacers president Kevin Pritchard calls Paul George wanting to leave a gut punch, "couldn't have come at a worse time"via
I do appreciate all the messages and DM's I have received from Pacers fans telling me how right I was all along about Pa…
Great can't even get it cause of Paul George
Insider: Pacers add TJ Leaf but dont subtract Paul George on draft night
Lakers drafted Lonzo and have a chance of signing LeBron, Paul George or Westbrook out of free agency... Someones about to make a comeback!
KRAVITZ: Here’s my advice to antsy Pacers fans about Paul George: Be patient.
If the Pelicans get Paul George, they would beat the Warriors and start a run of dominance like the NBA has never seen
If only Eugene talked about me the way he does about Paul George
Pacers GM: Paul George informing us he's leaving 'was a total gut punch'
Jimmy Butler in Minnesota. Paul George wanting L.A. The Western Conference continues to get deeper.
They not getting Paul George, melo maybe
Who can they give up to get Paul George thoe? Only way they get George is trading ball
I wouldn't mind waiting for paul george in free agency next year instead of trading randle or clarkson
The may have not pulled off a deal for Paul George yet, but tells the fan base not to worry.
Yall think KAT and Jimmy (and Wiggins) gonna do nice Tingz next season ? . Also what if Celtics get Paul George?😳👀
Waiting to see "BREAKING: Paul George will be traded to the Lakers for.. " like:
Pacers GM Kevin Pritchard says there are multiple Paul George deals on the table and a deal could happen at anytime. https…
Paul George is a Laker y'all. Peep the location and cover photo 👀
Paul George if they actually can trade for him? Otherwise I'm not sure really.
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RUMOR: Pacers tried to send Paul George to Golden State for one of their star players
Paul George cant ignore fact that a lineup of him, Anthony Davis and Cousins is the MOST serious threat to the Warrior…
When every team is trying to get Paul George or Jimmy Butler. But the Thunder are only trying to trade for a 2nd round pic…
Developing: Spurs and Paul George are said to have strong mutual interest.
If Paul George makes the Celtics lose all their assets, and then leaves them to play in LA, he's the Greatest Laker of All…
*if Chris Paul, and Paul George end up with Kawhi Leonard on the Spurs*. Warriors executives:
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LeBron & Paul George are going love playing with Villanova's Josh Hart next year. No 50-50 balls for Hart. More like 80…
Paul George pls don't leave the pacers ilysm
Kevin Pritchard on the idea that some Pacers fans are done with Paul George: "I totally get that. I totally get that. I…
Paul George spotted moving out of his Indiana home today 👀
I hope CP3 signs a one year deal this year. Just in case Paul George leaves us next year.
The Bulls did not get enough for Jimmy Butler, who is better than Paul George - mentally/physically tougher, far more…
Kevin Pritchard on Paul George: "A lot of things still ongoing. We're not going to make a bad deal."
I believe a sign and trade for Otto Porter involving Paul George might be their best bet if the trade packages they can pi…
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Fairy tale or reality show, Lonzo Ball's L.A. story is unfolding just as planned (via and https:/…
We gonna get Paul George for a double double and some g-unit sneakers if they wait any longer
Last I'd heard they're still talking with the Pacers about Paul George.
Trying to figure out how Paul George is still a Pacer
He can only shoot when no one is around him or when he has a small guy on him.. lebron Paul George jimm…
I'm weak. If cavs don't finesse Paul George bron gettin up through
Sources: For now, Boston-Indiana talks on Paul George have stalled. Live:
Indiana agrees to trade Paul George to the Celtics for Jayson Tatum, Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart. League source tells…
nice draft pick Walton now lets get Paul George 💪
Celtics/Pacers talks regarding Paul George have stopped for now (Y!)
If the t wolves can get Jimmy Butler can Boston please get Paul George or Gordon Hayward
Take a shower, Jimmy Butler and Paul George get traded. We spend two weeks speculating something will happen. settle for Sam Frost for 23
Indiana and Boston are engaged in serious talks on a Paul George trade, league sources tell
give up our first 2 picks, Alec Burks and Trey Lyles for Paul George. Even for just 1 year, Jazz gotta win.
No Porzingis. No Jimmy Butler. Most likely no Paul George. Celtics better get Gordon Hayward at least!!!
Little Giant Ladders
Paul George all the way, don't forget we have Vogel as our coach 🔥🔥
There are currently moving trucks outside of Paul George's Indiana Home. 👀
Intriguing change of plans to suggest Lakers' situation re: Paul George could be in flux still at end of draft night.
Paul George either gonna be a Laker in the next hr or next yr. either way I'm not tripp'n
But then olshey gets Paul George for Allen Crabbe and two late first round picks
Get Chris Paul and Paul George to help Kawhi and shake the table for next season
When the Lakers dont get Paul George and the biggest FA they get next year is Gerald Henderson >>>
League sources peg Portland and San Antonio as the newest serious players in the Paul George race. Spurs said to have a…
The Lakers will send Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson and two late first round picks to the Pacers for Paul George, sour…
Our discussion Forum is now up. Hot topic: Jimmy Butler, Paul George or Gordon Hayward… Who would you want?…
These ppl really talkin like ball will be better then Paul George smh I jus dnt see it
Paul George Latest News is Great for the Lakers - Brian Windhorst says that a Paul George move for Cleveland si...
I sometimes believe what Brian Windhorst says but he was on record earlier saying Paul George to cavs and melo could go to.
Lonzo Ball speaks on the possibility of teaming up with Paul George and Lebron James in the future…
"The Cavs are still in play for both of those guys." — with the latest on Paul George and Jimmy Butler https:…
Will there house mate be Porzingis,Westbook,Paul George or Chris Paul & Luke Walton?
Discussed whether Wizards could land Paul George with Good talk, but don't b…
Contrary to some reports, still in on Paul George, I'm told. Again, said to be hopeful of moving George by to…
Sources: Houston is sending Patrick Beverley, Lou Williams, and future firsts to Indiana for Paul George.
Trading D'Angelo and Mozgov is Lakers' long-term play to clear space for LeBron and Paul George, per ht…
NBA trade rumors: Lakers in talks with Pacers for Paul George [Y! Sports]
Its is reportedly 'highly likely' that Paul George gets traded somewhere before Thursday's NBA Draft.
Magic Johnson convincing Paul George to come to the Lakers. 😂
If the Cavs don't get Paul George, Melo, and/or Jimmy Butler... It's over... Golden States winning again and LeBron is out…
Who fits better with Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers system?. RT: Paul George. Like: Jimmy Butler
Kristaps Porzingis on the trade block. Anthony Davis trade rumors. Paul George & Jimmy Butler on the move. The Warriors b…
Getting rid of Mozgov contract is huge for Lakers—who, again, aren’t obligated to make a deal for Paul George now. Now ha…
Lakers offering Julius Randle or Jordan Clarkson and picks 27 and 28 for Paul George. (via
isnt it a bit outlandish to think Magic and Co expect Luke Walton to coach Paul George and much more a Lebron James!
Paul George's agent specifically said don't trade D'Angelo Russell... so the first move made of course is trading DLo 😑
Here's to the not having to give up Ingram or the 2nd pick to get Paul George.
The are apparently clearing cap space for Paul George by reportedly trading to the htt…
Can Luke Walton coach Paul George and Lebron James??? thats the bigger question!
Lonzo Ball, Paul George and HC Luke Walton is just the beginning for the Lakers. Next summer more big moves will be made.
you expect Luke Walton to coach Lebron James and Paul George? c'mon man!
Looks like the Lakers are clearing cap space to make a run at Paul George and Lebron James.
Basically unless the pipe dream of Paul George and Lebron James works out, the Lakers will forever regret this deal.
When the Lakers lose out on Paul George and Lebron James and have to spend their 2018 money on Aaron Gordon and Lance Stephe…
Little birdie told me this Paul George deal to LA could happen in next 24 hours. No. 28 pick & D'Angelo Russell possibly…
Bad Trade for the Lakers but they now have enough cap space to sign BOTH, Paul George and Lebron James!
He said this deal was more about cap space for Paul George
would love to see it . But I think magic is seeing Paul George playing the 2 and Ingram at the 3
Lakers might be trading a player pick 27 28 for Paul George 👀, we not out the woods yet lol
please don't get Jimmy Butler. If anything go for Paul George or Gordon Hayward
According to Paul George will be moved "very soon" - the Cavs are NOT in the discussion.
The Clippers, Rockets, Wizards and, yes, Cavs are among the teams that have also talked Paul George trades with Indiana,…
Catch my interview that will air in Frank Vogel’s neck of the woods. Good to chat Pacers and Paul George with an In…
Paul George to the . Jimmy Butler to the . Kristaps Porzingis & Gordon Hayward to the . Maybe Chris Paul to the
Huge fan of Paul George but i dont know how good hes gonna fit in with the Lakers
The Cavaliers are interested in acquiring one of Chris Paul, Jimmy Butler, or Paul George. (via
Breaking: The Pacers and Lakers are engaged in Paul George trade discussions as the NBA Draft draws near.
Lakers would rather acquire Paul George now rather than wait until 2018.
discussing trade for star Paul George, but are they willing to give up enough?.
Where Larry Bird at moe? Kelly Oubre, Mahinmi, and a second rounder for Paul George? Holla at me brova
The Lakers reportedly have engaged in talks with the Pacers about acquiring Paul George:
Report: Lakers, Pacers engaged in Paul George trade discussions before NBA Draft
Indianapolis retailer gives away its Paul George merchandise after report he wants to leave Pacers……
On Lakers-Pacers front: Paul George & D'Angelo Russell have same agent, Aaron Mintz of CAA, & he would like them to play tog…
Trevor Booker, Justin Hamilton, Andrew Nicholson, and our late 1st Round Picks for Paul George
Pacers and Lakers have engaged on Paul George trade talks before NBA draft, per https:/…
Per Zach Lowe, could offer Eric Gordon and two for Paul George. What kind of assurances from George would…
I been saying it all week.. losing love and adding butler isn't enough ... adding Paul George now it gets very inte…
Can the Bulls just get Gordon Hayward and Paul George and Chris Paul? And keep Jimmy Butler too 😎
PG-13 to Warriors? Cavs? Blazers?. Inside the Pacers' wild negotiations for Paul George https:/…
We got Phil Jackson working from the inside the Knicks he bouta trade kristaps for Randle and Paul George signing in free agency.2019 champs
David Griffin = Out of the Land❌. Paul George to LA or Cleveland?. Jimmy Buckets pushing to be a Celtic☘️
David Griffin: "I don't want to trade for Jimmy Butler or Paul George.". Cavs: .
Paul George ain't playing with LeBron to bolt for Luke Walton and Lavar Ball. Do it
Jimmy Buckets is a better all around player, but Paul George is an great scorer.
Jimmy Buckets because he is better at defense and Paul George is going to the lakers next year so
If somehow we get butler without loosing love then get pg with love and we out here with . Kyrie . Jimmy Buckets . Paul George . Lebron . TT . 😴😴
Get Paul George from the Pacers since they wanna talk. Then trade Paul George for Jimmy Buckets . Or. Sacrifice your bench for Jimmy 🤔
If the cavs get Paul George or Jimmy Buckets skip right to the finals right to us getting in the warriors *** 😭😭
The Pacers have talked with the Cavs about a potential Paul George trade. (via Woj)
Who would you rather have. Jimmy Butler or Paul George?
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Lakers won't move Brandon Ingram or No. 2 pick for Paul George, per
Jemele Hill and Michael Smith believe the Cavs adding Jimmy Butler and Paul George would bridge t... - via App
Even if the cavs got Paul George or Jimmy Butler could they even beat the warriors next year?
The Cavs let their GM go as they try to trade for Paul George or Jimmy Butler and they might hire Chauncey Billups. The N…
The Cavs are currently trying to acquire Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and the Justice League.
Paul George & Jimmy Butler reading the reports about going to the
If Jimmy Butler and Paul George join LeBron in Cleveland, I'm not sure that the Warriors would be the best team anymore.
The Cavaliers have looked into acquiring Paul George and Jimmy Butler. Which one is a better fit?
Every team coming out the woodworks for Paul George!!!
If can't get deal done on Paul George this week, sources say Clippers will pursue him via sign-and-trade.
LeBron, Paul George, Lonzo Ball, D'Angelo Russell, Julius Randle, Luke Walton coaching -- Lakers are going to be in…
How about Paul George and Jimmy Butler go to Cleveland, and Gordon Hayward and Chris Paul to Golden State.
Paul George would look good in a Pels jersey
Ideal summer moves:. Chris Paul to the Spurs. Jimmy Butler to the Rockets. Gordon Hayward to the Celtics. Paul George to the Cavs
[Indianapolis Star] Insider: Did Magic Johnson tamper with Paul George and the Indiana Pacers?
New Insider. Did Magic Johnson tamper with Paul George & the Pacers?
One huge thing that's been lost in the Paul George shuffle: Myles Turner is now a 2018 All-Star Game lock. Numbers will skyr…
Alot of ppl forget that Paul George is very close w/ Lakers Asst. Coach Brian Shaw who was Asst. in Indy w/ Frank Vogel.
Everyone is having fun with pretend trades. Let's try:. Klay Thompson + rights to Ian Clark for Paul George. . Who says no? Aside from fans.
Pacers get: Kay Felder and Edy Tavares. Bulls get: Lavoy Allen and Aaron Brooks. Cavs get: Paul George and Jimmy Butler. Who says no?
Report: would like to get in Paul George conversation
Paul George's camp is reportedly telling all interested teams that he is a rental and will join the Lakers in 2018. https:…
I swear to god if they find a way to get Paul George and Jimmy on that team I'm done with the NBA lol
[Indianapolis Star] Doyel: Pacers will lose without Paul George, but need to lose the right way
Oh yea if it gets us Paul George than Im for it but I just didn't think we'd have to…
[Indianapolis Star] Doyel: Paul George is leaving, Pacers are losing big. Here's what they need to do.
worst part of all of this is that it was Paul George who wanted a good coach like Vogel gone, Bird liste…
Idc if Lebron gets Chris Paul George hill grant hill George the animal Carmelo Anthony Davis who ever. still needs 2 💍 just 2b .500 pathetic
Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert, Cedi Osman for Paul George and Al Jefferson works straight up 👀
Breaking: Paul George traded to Cavs for JR Smith and Kevin Love
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Sources: front office negotiating with on a Paul George..Jordan Clarkson, Julius Randall trade
Paul George could be traded to the Cleveland w/o Cavs giving up Kevin Love. Indy will be desperate to move him. Won't ask…
"Bron just told me Paul George joining the cavs next year..."
This is part of why I hesitate with your take:.
Cavs Have Already Engaged in Trade Talks With the Pacers about Paul George via
Pacers have began trade talks for Paul George, Cleveland has been in contact (Y!)
That's an awful move for Paul George. That's not fair to a franchise.
Imagine Cleveland renting Paul George for a season and then taking back the championship next year vs the Dubs in round 4
Heat could jump in on Paul George with Tyler Johnson-Winslow-McRoberts, but is it worth risk of a one-year rental?
Don't respect like that by putting that jersey on Paul George
Lakers have to get Paul George asap. Don't wait. Other teams are going to have a lot of time to try to convince him other…
Report: The sense around the league is that the Pacers intend to move Paul George quickly. (Lowe)
Hearing that the Cavs are in talks with Indiana about Paul George:
Reminder: Paul George, D'Angelo Russell, & Julius Randle share the same agent, & he probably wants all 3 in LA. That's a…
Paul George informed the Pacers that he plans to leave in free agency, with his eyes set on the
You are sitting here telling me adding Paul George and Jimmy Butler wouldn't make us better but advocating keeping…
The Pacers have discussed a Paul George trade with the Cavs . (Woj).
Maybe it's just because it's Father's Day, but I'm not mad at Paul George. I'm just really, really, really disappointed.
Give me Paul George or the NBA crumbles
So wait. if Paul George goes to the Cavs, will y’all treat him like you treat KD?!
The only way this Paul George things works out is if Lakers trade Deng and Mozgov to Indiana for George.
"Paul George wants to play for the Lakers"
Now this would be major 4 / depends what they would have to give up .
"KD is so weak for going to the Warriors made a super team" . Same person: "Man, I hope the Cavs get Paul George"... http…
Been away from my phone, but just now seeing the Chris Paul, Beverley, and now Paul George stories. Goodness.
BREAKING: Paul George has informed the Pacers he will leave next season. He prefers the Lakers as a landing spot. (via
Lol what if all these teams are scared of the Lakers and the best deal is based around Okafor and some 2nds for Paul George.
Paul George has told the Pacers that he won't re-sign after next season and prefers to sign with the Lakers:
Tyler Zeller for Paul George straight up. Who says no?
What jersey will Paul George be wearing next season?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
scary thought but i can see Paul George going to Lakers with Waiters and Lebron
Paul George that's wants a ring: I wanna leave for the Lakers next season. Lebron James:
He's gonna trade all of his assets for 1 year of Paul george
The Lakers should trade for Paul George out of sheer pettiness. The better their team is this year, the worse that pick…
"Paul George, Curious George, Josh Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Gordon Hayward, Flash Gordon...why add a wing when we already got a…
Interesting reason why Paul George didn't play basketball at Penn State
The Rockets gotta get Anthony Davis , Paul George & KAT to compete with the Warriors next year
you think if Paul George gets traded to the Cavs..he signs long term
I say the Cavs stamp the trade, then Lebron and Paul George both jet in free agency and join the Lakers
Doyel: Pacers finally get it — Paul George is gone - Gregg Doyel of The Indianapolis Star and USA TODAY Network...
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