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Paul Dacre

Paul Michael Dacre (born 14 November 1948) is a British journalist and current editor of the British newspaper the Daily Mail.

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Who will defend the British people against fascist bullies like Paul Dacre? Theresa May? (weak laughter)
just thinking about how Paul Dacre makes Boris Johnson look competent
At this rate Osborne will soon be *earning* as much as much loved Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre
Is now run by Paul Dacre, Tony Gallagher and Rebekah Brooks?
Aside from the irony not lost on is that what "it's about?" At the moment, sounds like Paul Dacre is governing you
"Vegans probably should impose petty legislation," says Paul Dacre.
I thought Paul Dacre was older than 50?
Paul Dacre is quite obviously completely unelectable
FAO your online Ed, the only unaccountable elite around here is Paul Dacre and his manipulative mouthpiece, The Daily Mail.
So the Prime Minister is effectively addressing a false reality created by Paul Dacre & Rupert Murdoch & inhabited by fearfu…
Paul Dacre: 'Newspapers behave more responsibly today that any time in my 45-year career'
It's wrong to call out *just* Katie Hopkins, the bigger problem is Paul Dacre. The man that published it. He's the more danger…
Alastair Campbell of Paul Dacre:"was continuing to live in denial of who/ what he is, instead choosing to communicate in manner of a despot"
No journalist in UK has publicly asked Theresa May why she had private meetings with Paul Dacre and Rupert Murdoch and what th…
congratulations... Paul Dacre and Lord Rothermere will be very pleased with their progress... Britain First eh lads?
Imagine if jurors had their pictures & names published & were maligned as 'enemies of the people' whenever Paul Dacre didn't…
Dear Quentin, the Lord Charles to Paul Dacre's Ray Alan and operated in much the same way.
Fish in a barrel these lot, sadly Paul Dacre and Tony Gallagher have all the ammunition and the opposition is debat…
The more trolls Paul Dacre the more he resembles his inspired Malcolm Tucker.
"On Tuesday, Rupert Murdoch said Gove should be the UK’s next PM. The Daily Mail's Paul Dacre has long wanted it"
Michael Gove's wife exposes the truth that Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre run the British establishment
Those scourges of social security, Iain Duncan Smith and Paul Dacre, enjoy £n00,000s of EU benefits. I'm not joking http…
People like Rupert Murdoch, Richard Desmond, the Barclay brothers, Lord Rothermere and Paul Dacre?
6) How will Paul Dacre fare as the shaman warrior king of armies of feral cannibal middle mangers, living in the sewers,…
MT Paul Dacre, ed of virulently anti-EU ‘Daily Mail’, got > 1/4 million £ in EU subsidy for his sporting est…
"Virulently anti-EU" Daily Mail ed Paul Dacre pockets £250k in EU subsidy for his Wester Ross estate. Read more in this week'…
Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre received £88,000 in EU subsidies in 2014.
Paul Dacre has set up a company to invest in hydroelectric renewable energy schemes
Never Forget: Paul Dacre's team get the airbrush out
ICYMI: Paul Dacre's team get the airbrush out
not surprising though. Adam Johnson and Paul Dacre are peas from the same pod.
Did Cherie Blair once turn down Paul Dacre's request for a date? Because he REALLY has to let it go.
Priceless interview yesterday. On Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail:
Funny how people are quoting the Daily Mail and the list of Labour supporters loyalties. Have they never heard of Paul Dacre ..Mail editor:)
Daily Mail is paranoid central. Paul Dacre off the paranoid scale..:)
I asked Paul Dacre abt xenophobic dog-whistling in his rag the other day. Said nth 2do w him. A Maily-mouthed reply.
Paul Dacre's going to be the first to send congratulations I'm sure
Maybe somebody needs to do a "Then and Now" picture special on Paul Dacre. Mind you, who'd dare read it?
That'll give . & Paul Dacre . a kick to their Alsatians.
That's what comes from paying Paul Dacre so much.
And on Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail
Paul Dacre "spends his whole life talking about fat cats. He had two boys at Eton! ... I can’t stand the cant."
I hope Paul Dacre dies on his toilet today
It could have been worse. Paul Dacre could have been on as well...
Even by Daily Mail standards this is disgusting. Just how warped is editor Paul Dacre?
Have you never watched Men in Black? You didn't think Paul Dacre was actually human surely?
Paul Dacre with vast Scottish estate enjoying nice EU subsidies. Worst of British p…
Patrick Rock - Lord Feldman - Andy Coulson - Lord Ashcroft - Oliver Letwin - Paul Dacre last but not least Rebecca Brooks !!
I may be wrong but Paul Dacre & the Lebedev brothers may have been overlooked
always look on the bright side of life. at least Paul Dacre didn't get a knighthood.
I wonder what type of wellies Sir Paul Dacre wears on his deer forest in Scotland . I think we should be told
As far as I can see, the only reason for retaining the honours system is so Paul Dacre can continue not to receive one.
PICTURE QUIZ: Using your skill and judgement, try and guess whether Paul Dacre got the peerage he's been waiting for https:…
Qn. Who would want to DDoS the BBC? Seems unlikely it was Rupert Murdoch or Paul Dacre...
Paul Dacre is right to launch Mail's freedom of information campaign
FYI: The Mail is based out of Bermuda, owner Lord Rothermere is a non-dom and Paul Dacre is paid £2.4m annually.
Perhaps you'd like Murdoch to be Director General, assisted by Paul Dacre & Richard Littlejohn!
The Daily Mail need to support urgent action on climate change . Paul Dacre - Britain needs you!
tells you Charles Clark needs a few £, but no way on God's green earth should he be taking Paul Dacre's dollar.
What Benefit scrounger Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail claimed in welfare for his Scottish Estate
And this is Paul Dacre telling the Leveson Inquiry that he and his paper abide by the PCC Code of Conduct.
Ian Duncan Smith doesn't need to call people on benefits and the disabled scum, he has Paul Dacre and his paid scribes to do it for him
Crude grandstanding Teresa May alienates EU leaders with crass refugee rejection. Renegotiation needs allies. They'll have one: Paul Dacre
ICYMI: Helena Christensen still does it for Paul Dacre's Daily Mail
Paul Dacre. Daily Mail editor. Incitement to hatred. Where are the sanctions?.
What Benefit scrounger Paul Dacre Daily Mail received for his Scottish Estate
Cameron used to be restrained by Nick Clegg & Danny Alexander. Now its Paul Dacre. Good change?
Now...mushrooms all taste better when sautéed in butter with garlic and a little salt.And in Paul Dacre's case,just a soupç…
Talking of pouring vitriol on Nick Clegg...that's what Paul Dacre of the DM has done three or four times a week for five ye…
Given that all the Crosby plans haven't worked can we await a 21st Zinoviev letter? Paul Dacre has a draft on his desk. Tory b
John Cleese on Murdoch and Hack Attack (plus a rude joke about Paul Dacre) from 43.00:
So IPSO has same address, same staff, same company registration, same code committee chairman, Paul Dacre, as PCC did
Simply unbelievable. Paul Dacre is to chair the new Editors code committee under Royal charter for press regulation.
Bet we're all so relieved that press' code of practice to be determined by Paul Dacre.
ICYMI: Rosie Webster: too sexy for TV... but not for Paul Dacre's Daily Mail
Headline in GQ: how do you replace Paul Dacre as editor of the Mail? Charles Manson? Jeffrey Dahma?
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UKIP Voters only think what Paul Dacre and Richard Desmond tell them to think.
Can the British public relate to BBC's £1m Susanna Reid asks MailOnline. More importantly, can they relate to even richer Paul Dacre?
Alastair Campbell: the last time I had a conversation with Paul Dacre was 1999
Actor Steve Coogan is no friend of the Daily Mail. His opinion of the British press isn’t much higher, however the star of Philomena has launched perhaps his most pointed attack to date on the Kensington-based Newspaper and its "sociopathic" editor Paul Dacre.
When people say that Bob Crow wasn't exactly a man of the people or didn't speak for them. Let's examine his record shall we and the facts: He was Secondary Modern Educated who had a series of jobs and working as a tree feller. He lived in a council house and earned 145,000 a year. So he doesn't speak for or represent the ordinary person in the street. Katie Hopkins is privately educated and will earn around that for spewing out hatred against the disabled and people on benefits and other groups in society in the Sun. David Cameron is Eton and Oxford educated, a millionaire himself, and the heir to a £30 million fortune. Boris Johnson is also Eton and Oxford educated and a millionaire. The cabinet consists of 17 millionaires. Richard Littlejohn earns one million a year in the Daily Mail. He says that the murder of prostitutes in Ipswich was no great loss, hounded that Transsexual, and has an obsession about homosexuals. Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail earns 2.8 million a year. Rupert Murdoch, th ...
nonsense. Paul Dacre is on a personal moral crusade, there is no comparison.
Steve Bell continues to bother Paul Dacre :o)
Steve Bell's If ... on Paul Dacre addressing the Daily Mail masses via
Andrew Neil makes Andrew Pierce look like a fool. Even asks him "has Paul Dacre sent you, where is he?"
Well done for facing off the fascist Daily Mail and its apologists, Andrew Pierce, Paul Dacre and the rest o…
Ch4 News. Jon Snow offers a £1000 to charity, Steve Coogan says he double it if Daily Mail 'coward' Paul Dacre will do …
It's almost intolerable to imagine Paul Dacre's glee when he realised he had something to ruin Harriet Harman's life with. In this affair she is a proxy for Ed Miliband, who committed the unforgiveable sin of standing up to the Daily Mail. Dacre needed his revenge. Bullies always win.
Double indemnity was rescinded on the orders of Lord Rothermere, backed by Paul Dacre and promoted by the Daily Mail.
Paul Dacre (Daily Mail) gets 300,000 euro subsidy for hunting and fishing for posh boys in Wester Ross Amazing!
Personally I'm cackling with delight at the news Paul Dacre has trousered €300K in EU grants for his Wester Ross estate. 1/2
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Paul Dacre has landed more than a quarter of a million pounds in EU subsidies for his sporting estate in Wester Ross.
(not satire - it's the Daily Mail!) Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre - who really likes to rant a lot about how evil all things EU are - is not averse to pocketing a few hundred thousand Euro here and ...
Oh dear, the Daily Mail's next editorial meeting is going to be a bit awkward for Paul Dacre...
Thanks Terry Minton for the nomination, now I nominate Paula Thomson and Paul Dacre, Good luck guys, 24 hours! :)
Breaking. The Daily Mail attacks Paul Dacre, editor of The Daily Mail over EU subsidies for his sporting estate.
This surely can't be the same anti Europe mail editor Paul Dacre can it receiving EU grants?
Paul Dacre is added to the list. If Peter Hitchins is stood in line with him I may get both with one bullet. Justin Bieber was considered, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt due to his age. Should he continue to be a *** past 25 then he'll go on the list as well. Ruby Wax gets a reprieve. She's dropped off the radar by simply not being on television much any more. I'm changing from a revolver to a magazine pistol. Gives me the option of having more people on my list.
If even half of this is correct then it is truly appalling. can the DM sink much lower? Answers on a postcard to Paul Dacre the editor please.
Lord Sugar tells Channel 4 News that Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre "has gone too far this time" after the paper depicted Ed Miliband's father as "the man who ...
It's farmers market day. I.e. THE BEST DAY IN THE WARWICK CALENDAR! It is also time for ALMOST HIP. CAPS LOCK. So do tune in from 12-2 for a Dictator Idol involving Kanye West (you decide which one he is), upsetting Paul Dacre as ever, some free music and a *** of a lot more. Whatcha waiting for?
Paul Dacre is the most successful and most feared newspaperman of his generation. But after a bad year in which he was forced to defend his methods, how much longer can he survive as editor-in-chief of the Daily Mail?
Paul Dacre has used the death of former Tory Party grandee Alistair McAlpine to lay into Hacked Off, The Media Standards Trust, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, and Sally Bercow, none of whom had anything to do with it. But what the heck, it's an opportunity to slag off someone he dislikes, and that matters more to him
UK without Immigrants for just 24 hours: What would happen? - By Mr Mehdi Hasan I have a modest proposal for the likes of Ukip, Migration Watch, the Home Secretary, David Goodhart, Paul Dacre and, of course, the BNP. Why not call for "A Day Without Immigrants?" Wouldn't that demonstrate, once and for all, that neither our economy nor our society needs migrants? That they are a burden, rather than a blessing? "A Day Without Immigrants" was the name given to a rather innovative series of protests in the US in 2006, which brought more than a million Latinos on to the streets of 50 cities, from New York to Los Angeles. They boycotted shops, schools and their places of work to try to highlight the plight of undocumented migrant workers. But here's how I'd implement a similar boycott here: anyone in the UK born abroad or with a parent born abroad would stay at home for 24 hours. Any business or organization founded by an immigrant or the child of an immigrant would close for the day. Britain would be transforme ...
Watching the week with Andrew Neil Michael Portillo and Diane Abbott.Not politically aligned to ant of them but respect their sincerity.Unfortunately that daytime butter Katie Hopkins is on doing her impression of Paul Dacre on speed! Gr!!!
Fantastic long read on the Daily Mail and its editor Paul Dacre. Great colour and quotes. .
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NEWS editors have confirmed that they are mostly going to be doing pictures of waves for the time being. A BBC spokesman said: “There’s just so many types of wave – frothy, foam-y, crescent-shaped and tidal to name but four. “Expect thousands of user-generated wave pictures on our websites and round-the-clock wave coverage on our new channel BBC Waves News 24.” Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre said: “Waves are eye-catching yet terrifying, rather like people in general. “Also people tend to stand too close to them, and we will be encouraging our readers to despise those individuals for their stupid recklessness. “That’s until one of them gets swept away. Then we will mourn their tragic loss – especially so if that person wanted to be a model.”
These rare photographs of Paul Dacre, some of them showing him out of uniform, seem all the more sinister because they are in full colour.
Joe McCarthy thou shouldn't be living at this hour paul dacre is your rightful heir all deviance from the rightful path is labelled un patriotic by the patriots who sell off national assets like mail gas railways mines lecky telecoms rely upon benefit system they despise to subsidise their work forces export profits abroad and dodge taxes. In the crucible Miller recognised this - is the accuser now holy?
Daily Mail. Special investigation on immigration by Paul Dacre
The Man Who Hated Liberal Britain: profile of Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre is now online
BBC News 2/1/2014 or did the Boss say 2015? Murk AL Pardonme DICKTATOR’S NEW YEARS HONOURS 2015 Our revered leader David Cameron, heil, has announced some of his New Years Honours List ahead of schedule as he will be too busy negotiating the finalisation of the Chinese Chopstick Slimming amendment to the Health and Social Care Act with Jermy Hunt. The Boss, bless him, heil, said it was imperative that he rewards those in high places for all their skulduggery and that these decisions are not taken lightly since the nomination forms were consigned to the shredder and recycled to feed the poor he has to rely soly on his own judgement as to who is dark enough to receive honours. Dark Knights of Wonkeytable Jermy Hunt For services to our Dicktator and himself. Hugo Mascie Taylor For services to demolishing clinical incredibility. Alan Bloom For services to our Dickator, himself and a whole boatload of conmen and fraudsters worldwide. Alan Hudson For undercover services to the Dicktator and invisibility s ...
Ironically, I'm starting to think Paul Dacre might be the biggest threat to Britain...
Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail: The man who hates liberal Britain - and is paid £34, 000 each week
Just think, it’s 2014 years to the day since Paul Dacre marked the birth of the Daily Mail with an aerobatic show atop a cyborg pterodactyl.
Does anyone know if Chris Tookey found gainful employment over Christmas or did he have to sidle up to Paul Dacre like Bob Cratchit?
Ian Duncan Smith to the Holy Family "What u doing on benefits? You've got gold, frankincense and mhyrr! Benefit cheats! - get me Paul Dacre on the phone - and quick"
Oh, got to laugh... Billy Bragg to European Commission: buy the Daily Mail and sack Paul Dacre
I hope the Paul Dacre is as genuinely angry, neurotic as his Daily Mail front pages are. For his own poor health only.
Well Daily Mail isn't an impartial organisation that's bleeding obvious - thanks to the biased rantings of editor Paul Dacre.
Did anyone see Paul Dacre's bizarre little comment in the Guardian on Saturday? I think my favourite quote was: "[The Mail] represents the views of the ordinary people... who don't have a voice in today's political landscape and are too often ignored by today's ruling elite." I'm not sure exactly who he means, but I'm gonna guess there are some people out there saying "Hey, David Cameron, we STILL hate the *** " It is for those noble people that Dacre toils.
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Mail editor defends Miliband piece - Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre defends his paper for saying Labour leader Ed Miliband's father "hated Britain", saying it was "controversial" but "justi...
I’m at a party where people are discussing loudly the Paul Dacre controversy whilst dancing to Beyonce.
Paul Dacre's article in The Guardian reads like it should be in The Onion
Jesus the ignorant sure are creative. First time i've heard this slur 'porridge wog'... i mean really Paul Dacre really?
I just had a moment of quite liking Paul Dacre
Why won't Paul Dacre come out of hiding and allow himself to be interviewed about story, even by BBC?
It's all those focus groups. every single person who attends has been personally brainwashed by Paul Dacre of course
If attacking beloved institutions that shape this country means you hate Britain, what should we make of Paul Dacre’s BBC and NH…
Paul Dacre responds to criticism of the Miliband story - by blaming the BBC. This man is beyond parody.
Oh, Paul Dacre really is a massive bellend.
Reading Paul Dacre's editorial on the Guardian website just sums up everything I hate about the Daily Mail: [1/3]
Come to think of it, can't possibly be the actual Paul Dacre, can it...?
Perhaps Paul Dacre could have stopped "full scale war" on the Mail by apologising for or explaining why it said Milliband hated Britain...
So while we're all still talking about Paul Dacre. North Korea warns of 'all-out war' with USA...
Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre writes in the Guardian about their stance on the NSA & well, pretty much everything. http:/…
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I went to town on the Daily Mail editor this morning. I did it for you.
I've just become a fan of Mr Paul Dacre !
Think what I most love is inference that Mail would never be sidetracked from hard global news to do a "silly story"
The BBC tells Paul Dacre where to stick his latest ridiculous accusation of bias.
Long article in Guardian by Paul Dacre justifying 'hated Britain' headline strangely omits his owner patriotically pay…
Is this man actually trying to play the innocent? He's failing miserably.
Paul Dacre very welcome in our pages. Readily agreed when he asked. Guardian is open
I'm in complete agreement with the Daily Mail on this. It's been a disgrace the way the Mail has been pilloried.
The true culprit for this craze is my hunger coupled with my desire not to go outside. Oh and my hatred of Paul Dacre.
Paul Dacre complains of "febrile heat, hatred, irrationality and prejudice" over Ralph Miliband article. **Ironic Face**
Paul Dacre jeopardises lives (not just British) he ruins the life of ethnic minorities - British and other.
what with Paul Dacre at the helm of the PCC? It is beyond a joke. It's disgusting!
Hey Paul Dacre, now it's your turn to systematically dismantle one of my MOTD liveblogs…
post. My fisking of Daily Mail Editor, Paul Dacre's Guardian piece today
Will Paul Dacre ever be cornered? Can cowards hide forever? Will Alistair Campbell get his man? Is Alistair up to the job? Daily Rail.
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If Paul Dacre wants to be a respected voice in legitimate media defending a free press he shouldn't preside over such a hate spewing rag.
is this the real paul dacre, or Alastair Campbells' fantasy?
If I were Paul Dacre, I'd ask to stand shrieking outside his office every day. Makes me want to buy the Mail …
Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre has finally left his cave to file a pathetically defensive op-ed in the Guardian.
The Grunad Paul Dacre article contains the line “he supported an ideology that caused untold misery in the world.” Surely …
Paul Dacre called me a Porridge Wog and now his account is suspended ( wasn't me guvnor ) this may even make the papers !
What a wuss Paul Dacre is. Blog post cc
Congrats to Paul Dacre who has the most-shared article on the web today!
One could spend all evening reading the comments on the Paul Dacre piece:
Wow... Paul Dacre really is a piece of work
Does personal intervention to stop pro-democracy ad featuring in remind anyone of Paul Dacre?
Paul Dacre - "The febrile heat, hatred, irrationality and prejudice" - Describing the Daily Mail?
Paul Dacre loses the plot and accuses the BBC of left-wing bias. You couldn't make it up!. via
What a wuss Paul Dacre is. Blog post
Why is the left obsessed by the Daily Mail? | Paul Dacre WHAT A *** HEAD
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Paul Dacre is so right about left-wing bias at the BBC. On BBC1 now it's Strictly Communist Dancing, followed on BBC2 by Mar…
The weird, warped world as depicted by the Daily Mail
Getting on for 5,000 social media shares of the Paul Dacre comment piece. Almost as shrewd as Putin writing in…
Paul Dacre's Guardian piece now has over 3000 comments. Think that might be a record
UPDATE on Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre's father avoiding the front-line in WW2 via
Paul Dacre's defence of a popular press - vital to any democracy - is brilliant. He skewers the censorious left.
Please, someone hand Paul Dacre a shovel so he can keep digging his own career's grave
My favourite bit of Paul Dacre piece in the is when he reminds us of the Daily Mail's war on plastic bags
Paul Dacre says the reaction to the row between Ed Miliband and the Daily Mail over an article about the Labour leader's father shows why politicians should not be in charge of regulating the press.
Stopped reading the Paul Dacre thing because duh and put on on iplayer instead. Lovely Mark Steel and lovely Richard Osman.
A suitable word or phrase for the following, Paul Dacre, Melanie Phillips, Richard Littlejohn and Kelvin Mackenzie ?
visit Pickles at health farm; get Liam fox to do your expenses; send supportive note to Paul Dacre.
Labour peer urges fellow peer Lord Rothermere to tell Paul Dacre 'You're fired'.
Seriously, if any of my followers are a bit John Hinckley about me - Paul Dacre. That's all I'm saying [winks, makes trigger gesture].
Advertisers should pull out of the Daily Mail until Paul Dacre resigns or is fired
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So sent a sucky letter to Paul Dacre. Of course Ed Miliband/Labour have probably sent about 300 of those. Per day.
Looking forward to the Christmas Day football match between Ed Miliband and Paul Dacre.
I am challenging Paul Dacre to explain himself on TV. Put this bully under the spotlight. Join me here
I read quite a bit of Ralph Miliband's stuff when I studied politics and found him to be pretty much bang on, so I sympathise with Ed Miliband being upset with the line the Daily Mail took with the story on his dad and, frankly, I find it hard to believe the paper's City Editor's claim that the copy was incorrectly labelled as comment (I've worked on free sheets that wouldn't be stupid enough to splash an op-ed piece by mistake). But Ed needs to lay off with his attempt to use the story as a weapon to hammer the press with. In a real democracy, even a hateful rag like the Mail needs to be free to print whatever it likes within the law. Besides, it's clear that the court of public opinion has found Paul Dacre, the editor, guilty as sin and effectively forced him into hiding.
Mehdi Hasan of the Huffington Post (and coincidentally, co-author of a biography about Ed Miliband) was taking no prisoners on Question Time when asked about the Daily Mail saga and its article about the Labour leader's father, Ralph, hating Britain. Asked about the controversy, Hasan said: "Let's have the debate about who hates Britain more, it isn't a dead Jewish refugee from Belgium who served in the Royal Navy, it's the immigrant-bashing, woman-hating, muslim-smearing, NHS-undermining, *** baiting Daily Mail." So, no Christmas card for Paul Dacre from him, then.
Regional editor accuses Paul Dacre of cowardice Suddenly, it is open season on the Daily Mail. The paper has become fair game for critics since it falsely accused Ed Miliband's father of "hating Britain". Not only have politicians been lining up to say what they think about the Mail, journalists are now finding their voice too. The South Wales Argus editor, Kevin Ward, wrote a blog post yesterday, "Why should anyone be surprised by the Daily Mail's vile treatment of Ed Miliband's father?" in which he describes that the Mail's attack on Ralph Miliband as "particularly loathsome and odious". "The Daily Mail is a nasty newspaper with a nasty set of opinions," he wrote. But he defended the paper's right to publish such opinions: "It is what the Daily Mail does. And, love it or hate it, it is the second-most popular newspaper in Britain behind The Sun and has the most-viewed English-language newspaper website in the world." Ward also criticised the "reclusive editor Paul Dacre" for failing to defend the articl ...
Question Time is an absolute blast tonight. Paul Dacre's latest Mail columnist stooge is being utterly mauled by the Huff Post guy.
Okay - will rephrase. Anyone whose mortgage isn't paid by Paul Dacre, other than Dan Hodges.
What if Paul Dacre is a deep undercover sleeper agent for the left, who's just been activated after all these years?
Teddy Ruxpin tells it like it is : Lord Sugar slams the Daily Mail's Paul Dacre
A coward, bully and a tax avoiding scumbag. Paul Dacre - Editor for the Daily Mail, estate owner in Scotland, (not my favourite person) massive benefits cheat and the man who thinks it is fine to attack Ed Miliband thru his long deceased dad. If you want an example of what is evil in modern Britain, he's the guy.
Daily Mail hates everyone in Britain 02-10-13 THE Daily Mail hates Britain and everyone in it, experts have confirmed. Paul Dacre: Making Ed Miliband’s dad look like King Arthur The Institute for Studies was unable to identify a single demographic that the Mail does not loathe with a pathological intensity and concluded that the paper was engaged in a form of ‘psychological terrorism’. Professor Henry Brubaker said: “Obviously, you start with immigrants and those descended from immigrants. But then you have young people, poor people, rich people – particularly the famous ones – and, of course, women. “If you read the Mail for about nine seconds you can see the extent to which they despise women utterly. “If you’re a working mother you’re a selfish *** but if you stay at home you’re going to become severely depressed and morbidly obese. “And if you’re even vaguely ambivalent about abortion, they would prefer it if you just drank some Mr Muscle.” Professor Brubaker added: “A .. ...
thanks to for letting me know that Tony Parsons is being paid £500k/y & Paul Dacre £1.8m. Not "earning" btw, "being paid"
The Daily Mail's deputy editor Jon Steafel was invited on to BBC Newsnight on Tuesday evening to defend his paper's decision to accuse Ed Miliband's father Ralph of “hating Britain”. He faced Alastair Campbell, who accused the editor’s paper, Paul Dacre, of being a “bully and a coward” for not appea...
(Via Excellent piece about real patriotism v Paul Dacre and
While Ralph Miliband was fighting in Normandy, Paul Dacre's father was avoiding the front-line v…
"Hurrah for the Blackshirts "- an article written by Great Grandfather of Rothermere in 1934 praising British fascist, what a shame! The Daily Mail is the worst of British values posing as the best & it's article about Ralph Miliband was a lie. Daily Mail & it's editor Paul Dacre is champion in spreading poison in British Society. Owner of Daily Mail- Rothermere ranked 51st in the Sunday Times Rich List 2006 with an estimated wealth of £1.02 billion. Despite this, he pays no tax in the UK, what a true patriot !
I must say that I loathe the Daily Mail and that evil *** Paul Dacre that controls and runs it. I am just showing below how Stephen fry summed him up most beautifully in a recent article:- "Dacre is ... an absolutely foul-mouthed boss, who constantly screams the c word at just about anyone. He would have read my Open Letter to David Cameron and yelled that 'that c**t Fry needs another f**king dressing f**king down' - just the kind of language that his paper would prissily decry of course, there's the glory in the vile *** s hypocrisy." "He [Dacre] sends his son to Eton, but mocks me for being posh. He bullies, swears and shrieks, but presents his paper as having the values and standards of a misty Midsomer Britain. "He decries indecency on one page and pushes his male readers into a semi over a semi-nude actress on another. His cancer scare, miracle cure stories are sickeningly anti-science and the only good thing to be said about his Mail is that no one decent or educated believes in it." "Dacre ...
The sympathy that will come the Labour leader's way is not mysterious. Most Britons will conclude that whatever else his faults, Miliband cannot be blamed for the actions of his father, any more – in fact, rather less – than the Mail editor Paul Dacre can be held responsible for the Mail's support of Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists at around the time Ralph Miliband was a refugee from Nazi persecution. None of us get to choose our parents. - Johnathon Freedland, The Guardian
I know this is a given but Paul Dacre - EDITOR of Daily Mail - never comes out to defend his crazed paper. NEVER. Come on you…
"Daily Mail is the worse of British values posing as the best. Paul Dacre is poison in our national life"
Paul Dacre is a poison in British life - say what you mean
empty chairs - one must be occupied by Paul Dacre the invisible man of the Daily Mail.
Paul Dacre has done more for Ed Miliband & Labour Party today than anyone. Time the Daily Mail folded. Fascist, hypocritical ***
Ed Miliband attacks Daily Mail for smearing his father Labour leader Ed Miliband was engaged in a bitter personal and political battle with the Daily Mail last night, accusing it of smearing his father by asserting he was unpatriotic even though he had fought in the second world war for Britain against the Nazis. Following discussions, the Mail's editor Paul Dacre agreed to publish a very personal right of reply by Miliband, rebutting claims in a piece published on Saturday asserting Miliband's father, Ralph, was a Jewish Marxist who hated Britain and its establishment. The row has echoes of Miliband's decision to take on Rupert Murdoch's News International over phone hacking. Ed Miliband's father was a Jewish refugee who fled to Britain ahead of the second world war and then fought for the Britain. The original Mail article said Ralph Miliband had no love of Britain and, indeed, hated the country. In his piece published by the Mail on Tuesday, Miliband asserted: "It was June 1944 and the Allies were land ...
:) I had to give Paul Dacre a kidney in order to get out
So, when's Paul Dacre going to be shipping out to the front line with his SA and bergen?
Mail Online publishes story that does not degrade the human spirit shock! Is Paul Dacre on holiday?
What got 2 I recall a thotful Scot who told me Catholicism = anti-capitalism. Still great art. But now the soul of Paul Dacre.
Worry not - someone got their own back in 2011... Perhaps we're due a reprise of that?
I don't get the impression Paul Dacre likes very many people!
the Mail doesn't hate Clarkson, but Paul Dacre certainly does.
Mail on Sunday is astonished that Christine Keeler, 71, does not look the same as she did 50 years ago.does Paul Dacre?
also I will take some time to forgive Iraq and bloody Brown and his friendship with Paul Dacre.
Stephen Fry compares Daily Mail Editor Paul Dacre to Mussolini in Sochi argument via
You can almost hear Paul Dacre purring...
I missed the news that Paul Dacre was appointed director general of the BBC...
is it Richard Desmond or Paul Dacre who's tonight's guest editor?
Oh, and if Paul Dacre and Richard Desmond are arrested for inciting racial hatred against muslims in their 'newspapers' at least every week.
Answers on a postcard to Paul Dacre, Conrad Black, Richard Desmond &
The PCC headed by Paul Dacre, editor of The Daily Mail
For Andrew Pierce & Paul Dacre at t' Daily Mail, the PETITION challenging IDS’s £53 Claim is supported by 447,696 people at 1844[b]GMT6April
epidemic - no comment from Paul Dacre, Fiona Phillips or Tony Blair - all of whom contributed to scare
If outraged by the Daily Mail, tell the Chair of the PCC's Code of Practise Committee. He's Paul Dacre. Editor of the Daily Mail
Love the phrase "drive-by shouting", used to refer to a bollocking from Paul Dacre in Private Eye.
If I thought it would make anything better, I'd call for the execution of Paul Dacre. Trouble is, Martin Clarke exists as well.
Talking to the man who seeks to be the *** Paul Dacre". He is Dr Sarah Wollaston MP's greatest fan.
*** marriage bill passed, Tory party tearing itself apart, all I need now is to hear Paul Dacre's head has exploded & it's a perfect result.
'The Man Who Ran Out of Lies' I thought it was about Mail editor Paul Dacre struggling to produce today's paper
£10,000 for four weeks at the Daily Mail; that works out at about £1 for every time Paul Dacre yells the c-word.
Really enjoyed seeing at Exeter Phoenix tonight. Highlight for me has to be the Paul Dacre doorstep. Cheers
brilliant, wasn't fooled, but using Paul dacre did make me thing.
~You've actually fooled some people! Megalolz. Very funny...and 'Paul Dacre' looks uncannily like Paul Dacre!
... that's a parody account. It's not the real Paul Dacre.
Maybe it's sexy entrapment to get the real Daily Mail to report on the 'comeuppance' of the fake Daily Mail, and Paul Dacre shags wossername
I just don't know who to trust. It's like I don't even know fake Paul Dacre any more ;_;
My God, a parody Paul Dacre account would never play along with a joke fake hack. You're so right.
And *why* do we, the public, grossly overestimate the volume of benefit fraud? IDS, Paul Dacre, The Daily Express - what do you guys think?
- Back in the day Paul Dacre was dumped by a 'girlfriend' he believed beneath him. He's never got over it , oh & he has a weeny
So this is why the Daily Mail's Paul Dacre wants as little press regulation as possible - to humiliate women
Watch the Inquiry's most forgetful editors, featuring Paul Dacre, the Murdochs and more...
Paul Dacre must love this story. It bundles his disdain for Obama with his hatred of the EU in one neat package.
oh dear. Paul Dacre hasn't had a happy Christmas, has he? Cheer up Paul. In the new year you'll still have minorities to persecute.
As chair of the Editors Code Cttee Paul will want to know your views on this crap in his paper
Cynic! The PCC is serious. It has a committee specially to oversee the editors' code. It's chaired by Paul Dacre.
I misread that as Paul Dacre and thought it had to be a spoof
Extraordinary open letter from Vince Cable's wife expresses views that differ from those of Paul Dacre: via
Blogging highlights for the past week includes Plebgate, Delingpole in Australia, Paul Dacre wanting to censor his own paper's website, Panorama maybe attracting writs, and Littlejohn being as clueless and shy of research as ever. Last Top Six of the year, folks!
The twelve children of Christmas Mail doesn't demonise large families, just unemployed. Catholics safe from Paul Dacre.
When did Paul Dacre start editing the Express as well?
Forgot. I'm asking Paul Dacre if Paul Dacre has broken Paul Dacre's own rules, which he never would. Silly old me!
I think even Paul Dacre would wince at that.
Blow for Internet Freedom: Claire Perry and Paul Dacre’s plan to censor the internet by putting up mandatory fir...
Will paul dacre have to resign? fake eagle vid all over mail front today...
In case anyone wishes to complain about anything they have read: Paul Dacre The Daily Mail Northcliffe House 2 Derry Street London W8 5TT
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
The power of Paul Dacre, the Barclay brothers, Richard Desmond and Ole Rupe to thwart reasonable debate in the UK is intolerable.
Paul Dacre, Piers Morgan, Kelvin Mckenzie, Carol Malone, SamanthatBrick, Liz Jones.. I don't think I need to say anything else there.
whereas Rupert Murdoch, Paul Dacre and Richard Desmond are cheered mightily by your column.
The question with is do I trust Nick Davies more than I trust Paul Dacre to be fair and impartial?
So I see the press will still be regulated by the dinner party guests of Paul Dacre, Nigel Havers yellow cummerbund and a rare butterfly
I would love it if Leveson delivered a post-it note with "Just jail Paul Dacre and things will get much better" scribbled on it.
Well, Paul Dacre didn't, for starters. He gets his pundits to do that for him
Just to reinforce my abject hatred of Paul Dacre and Richard Littlejohn.
because Paul Dacre is to journalism what Paul Daniels is to magic
rumours that will give Paul Dacre Daily Mail a good right slagging off.
well done for the spot. Perhaps it's a Paul Dacre holiday snap? Does he leave the UK?
how about we send Paul Dacre to walk across Antarctica in winter? for a women's charity, maybe? I'd sign that sponsorship form
Alicia Silverstone upskirt and lingerie shots
Ultimate Diana obsessive? Paul Dacre. Perhaps they're his videos!
Although if we do that, we'll lose The Leicester Mercury, as its owned by Paul Dacre...bye bye public breasts it is then!
Ha. I was actually hoping to use that method as a route in to the Mirror. It worked with Paul Dacre.
if my *** had the power to close newspapers I'd definitely wave them at Paul Dacre.
Maybe, but he's a hard line to plough when half of Labour is afraid of Murdoch/Dacre and hankers for Blair.
and Paul Dacre is chief executioner
Don't look at the comments section, you will be consumed with rage and most likely go to London to kill Paul Dacre
Gove announces to the Mail because even Murdoch would reject his divisive nonsense. Paul Dacre, however...
All it would take was a blog (working title 'nosey tossers') and a reward for pictures of Paul Dacre looking a bit porky on the beach.
Reader Offer: Who will next appear in Playboy?
With the greatest respect to the recent GQ awards, who the *** voted Paul Dacre as Newspaper Editor of the year?! Oh wait...Piers Moron did
I suspect Paul Dacre must have something to do with this
Paul Dacre is right. We need to see the photos -all of them- so that we know just how offended we are by them.
Paul Dacre's teeth will now be ground to dust in fury at the slight on Kate
That's remarkably restrained! I can think of another c word that would suit, favoured by Paul Dacre acc to Private Eye!
Paul Dacre Tumblr Idea: make IDS look like he's sneering at the viewer in this photo
Dacre,will you go on giving column inches to MacKenzie? He should never again be invited to empty the cess-pit of his m ...
Regret this even more today -The Leveson Inquiry and what I should have asked Kelvin Mackenzie
You should invite Paul along to give you some real sweary competition
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