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Paul Crouch

Paul Franklin Crouch (born March 30, 1934) is a religious broadcaster who, along with his wife Jan, co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

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Paul Crouch and Jan Crouch host Pastor Benny Hinn and music by Steve Brock and Vern Jackson
I may have just promised someone that if he does his hair like Paul Crouch, I'll do mine like Jan Crouch.
Paul Onuachu, Peter Crouch, Tor Hogne Aarøy, and Simon Makienok are unreal in fifa
paul might be interviewing Peter Crouch
There are so many more Bin Laden Paul Crouch Sr my list is long oh my gosh to have been close to these people it's a miracle remarkable
Paul Saxton the newspaper seller near the clocktower is looking for photos from 1920s - 1980s showing stall RT
you would need to 'Crouch' to see the game 😂
Would like to thank Paul M'Poku of Cagliari for his 95th minute goal which has contributed in me winning my bet today! Crouch 90 too! 😁💰💰
Absolutely cannot stand Peter Crouch or Mark Hughes. Or Stoke for that matter
GOAL! STOKE EQUALIZE!!! Sub Peter Crouch curls a stunning far post header towards goal, Coloccini can't clear it on the line…
the players have to make it happen on the pitch Paul.have to see it out now...Crouch still to come on..
Ellia Gwen Crouch, is she the cutest niece ever or is it just me?
Love my team!!! Yes Paul Crouch and Becky White Gushwa you were missed at our event yesterday.
*I put on a warm smile and crouch down to Paige's level holding out my hand* Hello there, I'm Paul.
Just over a year ago, Paul Crouch, the man who founded Trinity Broadcasting Network and made millions of dollars...
Paul & Jan Crouch own the TBN, they live an extremely lavish lifestyle.
Wayward: Wayward Pines, book 2 by Blake Crouch Narrated by Paul Michael Garcia Liked even more than book 1. This ...
If you're desiring a personal encounter with God, prayer is your avenue. -Paul Crouch
DID YOU KNOW:. Peter Crouch has more assists than Paul Scholes, Cristiano Ronaldo and Dennis Bergkamp.
Alex Avila set for season of change. Will bat No. 2 occasionally. Will play some 1B. Will wear new hockey mask. Will crou…
DJ Paul Crouch shares his thoughts and favourite Funk and Soul tunes, past and present
Faith is walking to the edge of all the light you have...and taking one more step. - Paul F. Crouch
.surpasses Paul Collingwood as leading run scorer in ODIs. http…
Peter Crouch and jockey Nathan Alison. Together at last.
Peter Crouch standing next to a jockey. Swear I thought it was the new Hobbit movie 😂
"Angry hockey dad shatters the glass 😳 "Way to go Paul"
I added a video to a playlist Ps Robert Kayanja on TBN Behind the Scenes with Dr Paul Crouch
Hello World! : A Personal Message to the Body of Christ by Paul F. Crouch...
It's a secret society but Paul Crouch Sr was one so many TBN minister's
Born to unto the Illuminati but wanting to be a nun a Christian Paul Crouch Sr my grandmothers family
New boss Tony Pulis set for £30m spending spree, with Lennon and Crouch in his sights. http:/…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
McClendon with his judges and all the Tbn family Paul Crouch Sr.what he did to them as well
Tbn Paul Crouch Sr Paul McCartney my family members my brother John
Paul Crouch several years ago I talk about you in LatinoAmerica
Former reporter/anchor Fesai joins Fox40 morning news on Monday - shares anchor duties with Crouch and Robins.
Watching Peter Crouch do a step over is like me, off my face on Jäger trying to eat soup with chopsticks
Paul Merson is once again struggling to pronounce every name apart from his own.
not read crouch comments no but loads are bangin that drum again. Including the messiah Paul Lambert. It'll happen too. Knobs
What a night for and Coach Paul Johnson!
New Year’s Car Resolutions: Paul Robins and Bethany Crouch speak with John Hutchinson, from Red Rocket, to get his…
Paul Crouch lived 79yrs,wasn't a pastor,had a televangelism ministry dat took d gospel 2 nations.I'll do same wit my ministry.So help me God
Cudicini, Hutton, Kaboul, Gallas, Assou-Ekotto, Huddlestone, Lennon, Jenas and Crouch all played against beaters?
Every one wants to cash in Paul Crouch Sr TBN I turned them all down
Most Bizarre Animal Encounters of 2014: Paul Robins and Bethany Crouch speak with FOX40 pet expert, Dr. Jyl, about…
Paul Crouch Sr admits this TBN use of the beast compelling donors your estates ect
Paul Crouch Sr wanted my book's the copyright I turned him down
Paul Crouch Sr wanted to do my movie but he wanted all the proceeds for TBN I turned him down
There was a legend that passed through this planet earth, an icon, Paul Crouch. The truth is that we'll continue to celebrate you/legacy.
I just saw this on TBN . Remembering Dr Paul Crouch
Watching a Paul Crouch memorial show that aired last month on TBN just before theFirst anniversaryOf his passing.RestInPeace
are a disgrace not to honour their 5/1 price on Costa/Crouch special last night. Will NEVER be using these crooks again!
I pray that many people go to and to experience where Jesus was in Jerusalem thanks to pastor Paul Crouch :)
Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Paul Crouch, Joyce Meyer and other televangelists preach we are little gods. perverting scripture.
I liked a video from Trinity Broadcasting Network history, circa Paul Crouch death
Guy nuts. Thought Jan or her wig might call on St.Paul Crouch for intercession that he might cease being a ***
Passing of the Baton by JoEllen Stevens - Paul Crouch, Bob Jones, Steven Hill, Dr. Myles Monroe...
A WEALTH of knowledge about business and family.Dr. Myles Munroe...and last year Paul Crouch and Charles Capps
New Children’s Book: “The Curse of Witchy Way”: Paul Robins and Bethany Crouch sit down with brother and sister…
I as given free TV program, 4timesa week.No cost to me for it. Paul Crouch, they ran it for years.
Paul Merson sums up Peter Crouch! 'If you had a wife like that you'd be playing with a smile on your face too!' 😂😂
That mansion belongs to the Paul & Jan Crouch - owners of Trinity Broadcasting Network
Paul: Honey..I cleaned up a bit today. Carlo Giuseppe Martini; I noticed Paul and it looks great! I'm sure...
Paul Crouch, we miss you and love you!
Say cheese!! Happy 18th at Cheesecake!! We are missing Paul Crouch who is at 5 finger death punch concert!...
Lyles-Crouch students reprise their performances of the Bill of Rights Rap at tonight's City Council meeting.
Paul Crouch is leaving us at the end of the month, off to pastures new. We wish him the best of luck for the future.
Paul Crouch of TBN was such an islamaphobe, he would stop at nothing to defame Islam. He used to say whatever .
We love you all Matt &Laurie Crouch, thank you 2 the family 4 carrying the 4 your dad Paul senior.
Check out Megiddo : The Omega Code 2 by Paul Crouch and Cynthia Cirile (2001, TSPB) via
"90 - Peter Crouch is the 33rd player to score 90+ goals in history. Robotic."
I'm always a bit surprised as to how decent Crouch's touch and close footwork is.
“Peter Crouch has finally found a sequel to the Robot ... dat celebration.
Crouch outjumped by paul dummet PMSL 😂😂
that doesn't answer the question Paul.
Just seen that have illustrated Peter Crouch vs. Paul Dummett as a ‘Key Battle’ tonight, and it made me hate football.
After the founder Mr. Paul Crouch died...everything fall into pieces I think. He even predicted it would happen & share it on TV
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He's above you! - a Buzzard about to be mobbed by a Kestrel above the River Crouch, Essex today.
BOOOM!!! Nyck wins Race 2 at Paul Ricard and clinches the 2014 Formula Renault 2.0 title! Let the celebrations begin!
My favorite part of PAUL RHOADS FREAKOUTs is that he always gets in perfect basketball defensive position with the deep crouch.
Paul Merson said Downing should be in every England squad and the front two be Crouch and Defoe.
Dr Paul Blantern: We r concerned about african caribbean elders. Y aren't you? Stop the closure of W.A.C.A. Centre.
THE Roman Catholic CHURCH TEN FALSE DOCTRINES, ( Please Watch !! ) The Roman Catholic Gospel is a false Gospel and every true Christian believer needs to be aware of that truth! Why? Because we are living in a day where people such as Paul Crouch and the Trinity Broadcasting Network actually sell Roman Catholic materials on their website. Not only that, but they have a Roman Catholic Priest that has his own program on that same network. That is why I make videos such as this, to warn the believers who are being seduced by doctrines of devils! I am speaking as a FORMER Roman Catholic, one whom my precious LORD, set free from that deceptive system. My sweet Jesus poured out HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD for my wretched soul, and it is my spiritual duty as a born again believer to warn others. So here I am speaking the TRUTH in love to you, so that you do not fall into that same deception. Do not be FOOLED by the BIG NAME evangelists such as Billy Graham who do not have a problem in working with Rome, but believe God's ...
Tom Clancy, Paul Crouch, Sylvia Browne, Marc Rich, crossing my fingers for you Billy Graham.
Doesn't mean you should portray TBN that way!.Paul Crouch worked his whole life to bring glory to Jesus!. He didn't mess up like I did
How dare they put a horrible picture of Paul Crouch on the internet!!!. That makes me mad!.
I liked a video from Tribute to TBN's Dr. Paul F. Crouch Sr. RIP, sweet man.
Dinner made by Carlo and Paul..with Axel Michal Sičák and Addison.4 countries in our kitchen and Carlo from...
I remember when Paul Walker died,some fake *** *** who never knew who he was were doing but they never knew Paul Crouch
Thanks for an awesome trip Papa John and great to meet you Paul
Real or Fake: Photo of TBN’s Paul Crouch Flipping the Bird Published by OC Weekly
Excellent WW1 in Crouch End walk this afternoon by Paul and Oonagh despite the weather. Thanks for a great afternoon
Every time I hear "Beulah Land", I think of Paul Crouch How he loved that song, and now he's there with Jesus!
ya’ll…. is playing The Notebook. Paul Crouch is rolling over in his grave.
I added a video to a playlist Paul Crouch Tribute (2013-12-12)
Paul's lookalike has to be Peter Crouch
Crouch street is normally the best part of a night out these days always someone fighting or crying or covered in mayo
The Witch Doctor proclaiming the prosperity gospel of Paul Crouch and Joel Osteen
when he missed the penalty, it reminded me of crouch at the start. Desperate to score, we all wanted it, just wouldn't happen
I think comparisons can be drawn with crouch, took him a while to settle in and score goals,11 games I'd I remember, but
very much reminds me of crouch when he signed. Trying 2 hard maybe. Stevie should get the game of bare *** in early! :)
happened before. Strikers struggled to get off the mark for Keane, Carroll, Crouch.The latter went on to be a crowd fav
some have been mentioning Crouch having the same issues, I disagree, Crouch just couldn't score, he played well
similar to Crouch, he just needs to relax and not force the issue then the goals will come.
If we're looking at signing crouch, then I'd rather go for fletcher or wickham!
Random thoughts: TBN is not the same w/o Founder Paul Crouch.
The Crouch family. Business partners to the Bakkers. Paul Jr (reel-to-reel guy) is still televangelizing AFAIK.
Paul Crouch is dead and in his grave but this is still an important letter! READ IT ALL !!! 'Roger Oakland's letter to Paul Crouch regarding TBN promoting Roman Catholic dogma July 5, 2006 Paul Crouch, President Trinity Broadcasting Network TBN Headquarters 2442 Michelle Drive Tustin, CA 92780 Dear Paul, I am writing this letter is to ask you to respond to some concerns that I have regarding the direction your Trinity Broadcasting Network is headed. Although you claim you are promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ, there is factual evidence that your organization is becoming a tool of the Roman Catholic Church and you are promoting another gospel that leads to another Christ. Several years ago, while visiting your facility on Bear Street in Costa Mesa, I noticed a picture of you and your son Matt shaking hands with Pope John Paul II in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. I also noticed at this time that you had a statue of the Queen of Heaven (“Mary”) wearing her crown and holding baby Jesus, displayed in cle ...
Any cabbies got the phone number for Paul's motors in crouch end cheers 😄😄
Crouch the jewellers. The little one, opposite Vodafone in the old St David's centre.
'robben peter to pay paul' - the dutch diver is in debt to paul McGrath and the only way out is to steal from peter crouch
I’ve had that, it’s nice. There’s a deli in Crouch End that sells it.
And here's my favourite newspaper seller - Paul in Crouch End - 3rd generation. Lovely man and great fun!
same with Peter Crouch- didn't look silky smooth and skilled, yet always seemed to do the business. Didn't look it= didn't fit
False Answer No. 1—The Seed is Money Word of Faith teachers like Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, Creflo Dollar...
The church knew all about him the entire time. The only difference between Lonnie and Paul Crouch's boytoys was AIDS.
Jan Crouch & Others Speak about the Death of Paul Crouch: via
Went for the Crouch job, start next Saturday. Really excited. Xx
real friend in silly thing:) when I started coming to my senses a few months ago.I found out Paul crouch was dead.he was my friend
Let me begin, while there is still ink left in my pen I am set to contend for Truth you can bet will offend Deception within the church man, who's letting them in? We talked about this years ago, let's address it again (Yeh) And I ain't really trying to start beef But some who claim to be part of His sheep got some sharp teeth (they're wolves) You cast at me when you criticize them But Jesus told us: Matthew 7:16, we can recognize them! And God forbid that for the love of some fans I keep quiet and watch them die with their blood on my hands! So, there's nothing left for me to do except to speak to you In the spirit of Jude 3 and 2nd Peter 2 And I know that some would label me a Pharisee Because today the only heresy is saying that there's heresy: "How dare they be specific and drop some clarity On the popularity of the gospel of Prosperity" Turn off TBN, that channel is overrated The pastors speak bogus statements, financially motivated It's kind of like a pyramid scheme Visualize Heretics christianizing ...
Lovely day in London with Paul Crouch, only brought 5 small items. There was lots of nice clothes that I liked, but don't have the room or the shoes
Are you a TeaPub person who hates *** or "loves the sinner but hates the sin" ? Well you are in good company• Tom Ganley, married prominent conservative Christian former Ohio Republican Tea Party Congressional candidate, and current "Family Values" hypocrite, is facing three felony charges of gross sexual imposition, and single counts of kidnapping, abduction, solicitation, and menacing by stalking, according to Ryan Miday, a spokesman for County Prosecutor Bill Mason. Mr. Ganley allegedly groped a woman in his car dealership and attempted to insert his fingers in her *** after sticking his hands down her pants.. • Republican anti GayTea Party Conservative head of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Evangelical Rev. Paul Crouch, who was being sued for using tax free 501.c.3 contributions mostly from low income individuals to purchase Bentleys, $50 million jet, Rolex watches, a $100,000 motor home to house his wife’s dogs, many multi million dollar mansions, and other excesses; paid off 2 former e ...
Crouch the jewellers. Thank you so much.
Paul Crouch Sr a Cousin He comes threw from the other side Its sad Illuminati a key was made his trespassing MCCLENDON
Thanks to Paul Crouch for following his God given instincts regarding you Bishop!! Now Look what The Lord has done!
Paul Crouch, Paul Walker, and Nelson Mandela. They go in 3's. Rest in peace.
People who should question : . Love or Money?. Paul Daniels. Paul McCartney (peg leg). Peter Crouch. Peter Beardsley (any female)
BREATH, A CALL TO SERVICEDedicated to a Colossus of Service to God and Humanity, Paul Franklin…
England team prank Paul Smalls while training for the via
" a gift of the Creator. It is meant to bless." Paul Gould reviews Andy Crouch's, 'Playing God.'
Peter Crouch has predicted Belgium 2 Algeria 1. He is the new Paul the octopus.
I vote Peter Crouch, with Peter Crouch coming in a close 2nd, finally followed by a surprised looking Paul Gascoigne at 3rd!
Does anyone have an office desk space for rent ? Unlimited chocolate.. ;) Thanks. Paul
June 13th, 2014. This week on 'The Hal Lindsey Report'. My friend, the late Paul Crouch used to chide me about the...
I shall not mention that Paul Gascoigne was also in there and it was Owen and Crouch upfront.
BIBLE’S TEACHING ON THE HOLY SPIRIT There are few topics from Genesis to Revelation on which there is more controversy than that of the Holy Spirit. The controversies do not usually arise over whether there is a Holy Spirit, although there is some confusion over that topic. The controversies arise over the nature and work of the Holy Spirit. If you listen to some of the evangelists on Trinity Broadcasting Network, you will be so confused you may find it almost impossible to understand what the Bible teaches about the Holy Spirit or about any other topic. I shall take time to give you just one example. Benny Hinn's book, Good Morning, Holy Spirit (Nashville: Nelson, 1990), attributes to the Holy Spirit some of the most outlandish ideas one can imagine. Hinn tells of visiting a Kathryn Kuhlman healing campaign. He tells us how he reacted to the presence of the Holy Spirit in Miss Kuhlman's meeting. "The vibrations were going through my legs as if I were attached to some kind of machine" (p. 5). That was n ...
Paul Franklin Crouch. He did some amazing advances with tv before the internet. Was a electronic enthusiast.
Hamilton Collection
Paul Crouch Sr TBN The all use the beast The Illuminati to get their just rewards and they all lie about whats really going on
...Glorious Network broadcasts before 900 million international viewers, with a precious colleague and friend, Paul Crouch, now with Him. Throughout recorded history, there has never existed such an innovative pioneer in broadcasting. The presentation of this marvelous rendition of Paul's first moments in Heaven translated into a deep, deep appreciation of those times we spent together. Without a doubt, the Master greeted this obedient genius with a hug and resounding shout: "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into your Kingdom!" A little note from my end: I love and miss you so much! Dr. Paul Gervais
The 'TBN TEMPLE' of PAUL CROUCH Pastor Joseph Chambers exposes false teachers and teachings promoted by Paul Crouch on TBN. Linked to an article on
God is never late, HE is never early, HE is always on time!.Paul Crouch
God is not always early, God is never late but always on time! Dr. Paul Crouch
Would you become a snake handler? Believe it or not there is more dangerous things out there than that in Christendom! I agree with David Wilkerson on this. David Wilkerson Blasts Faith Preachers (Charisma Magazine:) In a sermon preached six months ago and circulated widely on cassette tapes, New York pastor David Wilkerson blasts prosperity doctrines, “holy laughter”, and the flamboyance of Evangelist Benny Hinn. In Wilkerson’s April 11 sermon titled “Reproach of the Solemn Assembly”,Wilkerson warned his 7,000 member Times Square Church to burn books written by any propagators of these doctrines. He also told his parishioners to stay away from Evangelist Rodney Howard-Browne’s Good News New York crusades that ran from July 7 to August 14… In his sermon, Wilkerson leveled blasphemy charges at the prosperity doctrine of Bible Teacher Kenneth Copeland with one mention of Word-Faith preacher Kenneth Hagin Sr. It’s an American Gospel invented and spread by rich, American evangelists and past . ...
BLOW THE TRUMPET IN ZION TO THE BLESSED NAME OF GOD THE CHRIST! Joel 2:12-17 BUT THE JESUS CHURCH HAS PROFANED THE BLESSED NAME OF "CHRIST" BY MIXING IT WITH THE CURSED NAME OF JESUS! This great sin has caused the Holy Ghost to leave the cursed Jesus Church and so God is looking outside to make up the 7 Churches in Revelation 2, 3!!! Galatians 3:13 Luke 21:8 Job 20:27 Proverbs 5:22 Mathew 8:11-12 Therefore, today, says the LORD GOD to the raw sinner, "turn you even to me with all your heart, in a perpetual repentance to be forgiven and come to the New Table in Zion and take the place of the now Devil worshiping Jesus Christians!" The False Prophets are not honoring God or Repenting to his Blessed Name - instead they are laughing, marrying men to men and women to dogs - and saying, "let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we shall die." The ministers are getting rich by lying to the poor and pathetic congregation that if they don't give 10% of their income, God will not bless them. That's a lie that is hopel .. ...
Those who remain silent in the face of such grotesque lies may in fact be partly responsible for turning people away from the truth. Consider the testimony of William Lobdell, religion reporter for the Los Angeles Times, who once considered himself a devout evangelical Christian, but after doing a series of investigative reports on the moral and doctrinal cesspool at TBN; then "finding that his investigative stories about faith healer Benny Hinn and televangelists Jan and Paul Crouch appear to make no difference on the reach of these ministries or the lives of their followers, he [gave] up on the beat and on religion generally.
Also. I am going to believe this. And I am going to believe that God himself believe this also. Amen. That the recent post from pastors and their ministries thoughts were against me. Amen. And I have more than one citizenship. Amen. I was just only talking to my Scottish family and the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Amen. So I have no right to speak and to talk to them. Because these minister say so. Amen. You all should not speak to me and tell me what I should have done or do. Amen. I just wanted to still know this Why is Dr. Paul Crouch deceased. Amen. If you all sought God for his healing why is he dead. Amen. And why are you all telling me to just keep my face in the bible and I did and said nothing at all to you all. Amen. First before you judge me look at yourselves again. Amen. And tell me this that since you all kept your all face in the bible like you all are telling me to right now. Amen. Why are you all watching what I am saying to my Scottish Family and to My United Kingdom Family. And ...
God is never early and never late, he's always right in time. Paul Crouch
As the aging Robert Schuller, Billy Graham, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Paul Crouch are being retired and shown the door, a spanking brand-new generation of ministers and evangelists are being ushered in by the Devil to take their place. The new preachers — men like California's Pastor Rick Warren (The Purpose-Driven Life) and Texas' Joel Osteen (Your Best Life Now) are flashy, shiny, and smiley. They use positive talk, make people feel good, and get them to thinking about "Me, Me, Me, Me..." The Rick Warrens and Joel Osteens evade topics like sin, judgment, *** and condemnation. They trumpet the New Gospel--that God is always good and that He has a satchel-full of cash he's just dying to give out to every believer if only they'll think good thoughts. What about false religion? — Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Witchcraft? Don't worry. God is working behind the scenes to get those people to Heaven--and they don't need to be evangelized at all. "So long Christian missionaries — It's been good to k .. ...
After the death of Paul Crouch and a painful lawsuit controversy, revenues aren't looking good ahead. Read:
Paul Crouch tribute TBN what an Amazing man of God! 1934-2013
Jim Bakker showed me favour. Paul Crouch showed me favour. Jimmy Swaggart showed me favour. Oral Roberts showed me huge fav…
Devastated to have not summitted Cotopaxi due to agonising pain in knees. But huge congrats to Paul & Lyndon who did!
"My bruver Paul will sign for Man Utd after the World cup he tells me.".
Always enjoy spending time with my good friend Paul Crouch Jr. A great heart and brilliant mind for Christian TV
Lania...what have you been up to?. Wrl...lets just say..Paul us getting another aquarium!! — at Winter Park YMCA
Im sure Paul Gascoigne never wanted an ale as much as I did at the end of that shift, I could of drank the place dry.
Peter Crouch's Wife goes out wearing a see through top. Oh dear Pete will not be pleased with this ->
This Saturday, 8.30pm. Crouch End ZOMBIE WALK! Meet at The Maynard Pub, then shamble to outdoor screening of Shaun of the De…
Thank you Jan & Paul Crouch for truly giving your all to the Lord.B/c of your labor of love & sacrifice,the world is hearing d gospel
What a wonderful man late Paul Crouch was. His legacy lives on. is what it is today b/c of the love, labor & sacrifice of the Crouches
Pays Tribute to Late Paul Crouch & his enduring legacy, acknowledging that from the conception to its success was absolutely all God.
Watching the unfolding history of TBN from 1973, Paul Crouch & his lovely wife really had vision 4 the spread of the Gospel of Christ.
I liked a video from Paul Crouch Tribute (2014-01-03)
Paul Crouch Sr tbn having Mcclendon to get contributions threw the beast taking compelling kahoos
[Jer 5:26-31 KJV] 26 For among my people are found wicked [men]: they lay wait, as he that setteth snares; they set a trap, they catch men. 27 As a cage is full of birds, so [are] their houses full of deceit: therefore they are become great, and waxen rich. 28 They are waxen fat, they shine: yea, they overpass the deeds of the wicked: they judge not the cause, the cause of the fatherless, yet they prosper; and the right of the needy do they not judge. 29 Shall I not visit for these [things]? saith the LORD: shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this? 30 A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; 31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love [to have it] so: and what will ye do in the end thereof? Exposed: Tim LaHaye, Chuck Missler, Jerry Falwell, Sun Myung Moon, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Benny Hinn, Kathryn Kuhlman, Paul Crouch, Chuck Smith, Hal Lindsey, Rick Joyner, The Pope, TBN, Calvary Chapel, CNP, Knights of Malta & Many Mo ...
Here are just a few of the "end of the world" 's given to us by TBN, Doug Clark, PTL, Jim Bakker, Hal Lindsay, Paul Crouch, 7th Day Adventists, The Hassidim,The Prophecy Club, the Watchtower: September 1947, October 1957, Yom Kippur 1965, Sept 1984, Sept 1985, Y2K, Invasion of Iraq, Invasion of Afghanistan, Death of Arrafat, Death of Sharon, Invasion of Lebanon, Arab Spring, Iran. So bring it on, I think I can handle a "blood moon" for the 29th time in my short life. To tell you the truth, I'm still trying to figure out the Blue Moon of Kentucky, how it will keep on shining.
Dr. Paul Crouch and Matt Crouch on TBN Praise the Lord with special guests Perry Stone and Irvin Baxter (Topics discussed in this pr...
Today marks a milestone in my life!!! 21 years ago today my son Paul Crouch was born!! He is my love my life and my strenghth:) Happy Birthday Papi!!! Te amo con todo mi corazon!!!
Watching what the stewardship of Paul Crouch has reaped. The gospel has reached the nations so powerfully by one seed & a will to obey.
A POWER THOUGHT FOR THE DAY ... POW! "You can't scare me with heaven." _The late Paul Crouch, Sr.
When he preached on TBN yesterday but my eyes was fixed on Dr Paul Crouch, so surreal, so many memories about my own Daddy
The Offense of the Gospel (Gal 5:11 KJV) And I, brethren, if I yet preach circumcision, why do I yet suffer persecution? then is the offence of the cross ceased. If there is one person in Scripture who suffered much for bringing the Gospel it was the Apostle Paul. When one reads his list of sufferings in 2 Corinthians 11, we know that he was not bringing an ear tickling message. Wherever the Apostle Paul went, he faced strong opposition and persecution. Why did he face this persecution? It was because he brought a non-compromising Gospel to the people he ministered to. Did you ever wonder why so many pastors and theologians are loved by the world? It is because they have completely discarded the true teachings of Scripture and replaced it with a man-centered gospel. Billy Graham has probably been of the biggest sellouts and compromisers. He has accepted the Pope as being Christian and has rubbed shoulders with the Globalists. He is not the only one but he represents an ever increasing group of anti-Christ ...
Wow...TBN's Paul Crouch passed...I did not know that. What an awesome legacy/dynasty he has left behind.
Paul Crouch new device shuts the nagigator off!
Bishop Mcclendon preaching on the tower of Babel...Dr Paul Crouch sitting behind. .its surreal that he went home to be with the Lord. .Life
This is bound to upset someone, but I have to post it. This thing we call our faith is real and has eternal implications. I can no longer sit idly by and watch so many of the people that are my friends, or are at least such on social media, be deceived and led astray by the preaching of false doctrines and horrendous theology. What follows is not an exhaustive list, but rather what have been deemed to be the 12 most influential (or popular) "Christian" teachers alive today. Yes, they are charming, intelligent, and even sincere in what they teach, but those things do not dictate truth...God does! There are many others that deserve a spot on the list, but for sheer reach and influence, these are the ones that deserve specific mention at this time. 1. Joel Osteen 2. Creflo Dollar 3. Benny Hinn 4. TD Jakes 5. Joyce Meyer 6. Paula White 7. Fred Price 8.Kenneth Copland 9. Robert Tilton 10. Eddie Long 11. Juanita Bynum 12. Paul Crouch I understand that some of you may have, or still do sit under these teachers o ...
Available do sanding wood floor contact on …
Major miracle on TBN tonight it's pledge week so send money and be blessed etc but Paul Crouch is sitting on the stage and he died in December. So how is the spirit of the Lord operating if it's old footage?
Watching video of Paul Crouch founder of TBN. Best day ever cannot wait to go back.
Has wonderful friends! Thanks for checking in on Paul Crouch and I! Paul's checkup went great and was given a clean bill of health and rock star status again yay!!! Turns out I have BPPV which is an inner ear problem that gives you vertigo type symptoms. It will go away eventually but I need to take a few days off. Thanks Tracy Tracy Harman Judd for driving me to the Dr yesterday, Alison Peace for coming to my rescue and teaching my class last minute and Becca Lloyd for the fruit arrangement!!!
congratulations to my cousin Paul Crouch and Sajal 'KP' Patel on there new baby girl:) x
Been watching allot of the TBN Spring Praise-a-thon. Allot of great speakers,teachers. Its the first Praise-a-thon since Paul Crouch past a few months ago. I encourage you to check it out. John Hagee's on now. Like this guy.
Let us keep the crouch family & in our prayers RIP Dr Paul Crouch You've left a great legacy behind"
We might have lost a father,a husband,a pastor and a freind but indeed we have gained an angel RIP Dr. Paul Crouch
Eddie Responds to Questions About the World's Mess "Eddie, "Why is the world in such a mess if Christ's work was finished at the cross 2000 years ago?" "What is the future for life on earth considering all the problems we have?" My friend believes Jesus will return and sort it all out". Dear Paul: Your friend's questions have been asked for years. In fact, the questions go back to the days of Noah. I too have asked the same questions and more. I don't think there's a person on the face of the earth, dead of alive who has not asked the very same questions your friend has asked. And I don't think anyone can sincerely answer your friends questions. It would be like asking: "Where did God come from? Who made Him?" I like what Moses said In Deut. 29:29 "The secret things belong to God, and that which God has revealed belongs to us." I think the disciples had pretty much asked the same questions as your friend "Lord, when will these things be. Will you now come to restore all things to Israel?" Paul, unfortunat ...
If anyone wants yard signs or bumper stickers supporting Paul Crouch for Judge comment or pm me :)
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With Prophettess Mary at the birthday celebration of Paul Crouch, the Founder of Trinity Broadcast Network.
Happy Birthday Paul Crouch, I thank you and Jan for making your Vision a Blessing for Many.Tbn is Awsome. ...
Only those who trust in Jesus and do His Father's Will,only those enter Heaven,but most phony Christians land in *** like Paul Crouch.
Happy Birthday and RIP to Paul Crouch. Founder of TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) the third largest…
Up this morning looking at TBN Happy Birthday Paul Crouch R.I.P. We all miss you!
Today would have been Paul Crouch's 80th birthday, thank you for TBN sir. Continue RIP
I Have been watching TBN all day and walking with Jesus dreaming about all the Glory Paul Crouch must be feeling right now!
on 1934 Paul Crouch, American broadcaster, co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network (d. 2013)
Painful watch. “James MacDonald on TBN’s Behind the scenes with the late Paul Crouch
paul crouch should have died on his 13 million dollar jet to be closer to God
Hi Paul, I would like to invite you to join our professional B2B Buyer-Supplier Social Network:
True story. I guess Fred Phelps and Paul Crouch it too soon for jokes about that?
Happy Birthday to the late Paul Crouch, an inspiration to us all. He has a March Birthday.
well I just come across something... TBN Paul Crouch died Heart disease ... of all things it's Heart disease... manifestation?
Our Beloved Evangelist Steve Hill of United States of America, has home to be with the LORD on 9th March ,2014,A man sent by GOD to preach salvation, repentance and Christ’s coming, commonly known for the The Brownsville revival. I loved that man greatly. This recent times GOD’s generals are departing this life to be with Christ, It was Bob Jones, Paul Crouch, Kobus Van Rensburg, Choo Thomas, Now Hill also. The Church has lost a general in the faith, heaven has gained a saint. JESUS IS COMING.
As YOU daily study the WORD OF GOD, do you NOT learn and discover that you have been LED ASTRAY from the TRUTH of God's Word, ALL YOUR LIFE, by MANY 'well-meaning' 'pastors and teachers'? As 'well meaning' as many 'religious' people have been, YOU AND I have been TERRIBLY LED ASTRAY FROM THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD, by many seemingly 'well-meaning people' such as Dave Hunt, Charles Finney, Billy Graham, Adrian Rogers, Beth Moore, James Robison, Paul Crouch, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Creflo Dollar, and MANY OTHER DEADLY FALSE TEACHERS who are DISTORTING and TWISTING GOD'S WORD, to YOUR eternal destruction. MANY UNTOLD MILLIONS, AND PERHAPS BILLIONS, OF PEOPLE are 'CLEVERLY being LED ASTRAY from the SALVATION OF THE TRUTH OF THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, by the MANY FALSE TEACHERS of our day.
PART III HEALER HEAL THY SELF SCRIPT. "Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach's sake and thine often infirmities," 1 Timothy 5:23. Erastus abode at Corinth: but Trophimus have I left at Miletum sick," 2 Timothy 4:20. Now Elisha was fallen sick of his sickness whereof he died," 2 Kings 13:14. Paul left his friend, Trophimus at Miletum... SICK!!! 2nd Timothy 4:20, Following are examples of the Prophets and Apostles Problems: 1. Paul had a chronic illness with his Eyes 2. Timothy had stomach problems 3. Jonah was depressed to the point of death 4. Peter was crushed in His Spirit after rejecting Christ three times 5. Billy Graham who has personality preached to over 200 million people, yet he has a disease that is killing him. And he was sadden because his wife died is this because of a lack of faith or from God punishment to un-confessed sins? 6. Stephen was stoned 7. James the Great was beheaded 8. Peter was Crucified upside down, Jesus even told him he would die this way John 21 9. Je ...
Paul Crouch was a Bible-twister and false teacher extraordinaire. How anyone can portray him otherwise is beyond me. Sorry, Steve Strang.
Providing a Better Situation for Foster Kids: Paul Robins and Bethany Crouch talk to Rhonda Sciorinto, a Foster...
Who is the most DANGEROUS and SPIRITUALLY DEADLY person to your eternal soul? It is the person YOU BELIEVE, who tells you 'The Word of God' means 'this', when in fact the Word of God DOES NOT mean 'that'. Every FALSE RELIGION, and every FALSE CULT LEADER, and every FALSE TEACHER, 'specializes' in 're-defining' and 'twisting' what the Word of God 'means', into a LIE, and a DECEPTION, to cleverly LEAD ASTRAY many gullible, biblically-illiterated people, into Spiritual Darkness. Please be aware, the MANY FALSE TEACHERS in our world today are VERY POPULAR, and WIDELY BELIEVED. If I NAME THEM, you will be SHOCKED to learn that perhaps some of your 'favorite teachers' are actually FALSE TEACHERS, who are CLEVERLY deceiving you, and leading MANY astray from the Truth of Scripture. [i.e. The pope, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, T.D.Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Beth Moore, Pelagius, Arminius, Paula White, Kenneth Hagin, Paul Crouch, Bennie Hinn, Rick Warren, Bil Hybels... and, sadly, MOST of the so-called 'teachers' on t . ...
Paul Crouch Sr. Tribute (March 30, 1934 - November 30, 2013) I miss you Paul I'll remember you always
your latest article on stoke was totally moronic and untrue, look at the facts Crouch 8 goals this season, Ricky VW 1 goal
and again 2006 "Dr Paul Crouch-Chivers from the Australian High Commission"
"Dr Paul Crouch-Chivers, of the Australian High Commission's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade…"
Wonder if the Doc. assisting the PNG court is the same Dr. Paul Crouch-Chivers who previously worked for mining company PT Freeport
The mechanics are a bit buggy and the combat is a little clumsy. Crouch and duck are automatic which I don't like but...
Traded on 2k13 to where I had jrue holiday james harden paul George roy hibbert and picked up johnny flynn from free agents.Playn with 76ers
Norwich alarmingly bland so far, Stoke should be ahead. Crouch & Arnautovic missed good chances
Agreed! Now Sen. Paul, don't support Mitch McConnell if you mean that.
“Linda McCartney, Paul McCartney and Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour at a Led Zeppelin concert, in the 70's
I added a video to a playlist Tribute to Paul Crouch from Pastor Rod Parsley
How many anti-Biblical liars and heretics are proclaiming a FALSE GOSPEL, and mis-representing the Gospel of Christ, in this world? Sadly there are MANY... and they seem to be 'trusted' and 'believed' by MANY GULLIBLE people, who KNOW NOT THE TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD. If YOU watch TBN [Trinity Broadcasting Network] TV, and MANY OTHER TV networks, and many 'radio false preachers' and 'internet false preachers', and you are gullible enough to believe these many people are honestly teaching the TRUTH of God's Word, and NOT merely 'using' this venue to DECEIVE people, then you clearly have not read your Bible... you are among men, most pitiful and naive. If you 'think' and 'believe' the pope, and Joel Osteen, and Bennie Hinn, and Joyce Meyer, and Rick Warren, and Paul Crouch, and T.D. Jakes, and Kenneth/Gloria Copeland, and Paula White, and Beth Moore, and MANY other false, anti-biblical heretics are 'telling the truth', then you have obviously NOT read your Bible. And many false prophets will arise and lead many ...
Today at 2pm MT - Behind the Scenes - A look back at the ministry of Paul Crouch, president & founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.
I have no father but God, one other thing i share wt Paul Crouch Sr ( of blessed memory). Actually God gave me opp to tell world this
STAY AWAY FROM TBN ("The Babylonian Network")! Not only was Paul Crouch one of the sleaziest of the Word of Faith preachers, he also provided many of them a platform from which to spout their nonsense. Crouch’s main mission was to build an alternative to secular media, a dream he achieved with single-minded devotion and creativity. TBN, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year, is a 24-hour family of networks with something for nearly every evangelical Christian demographic. Offerings have included Biblical cartoons and soap operas, game shows, programs on fitness and faith healing, religious movies and late-night Christian rock videos. Prominent independent ministers such as Pat Robertson, Jimmy Swaggart and Robert Schuller bought airtime on TBN. He also gave air time to such notables as Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Frederick Price, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, and a host of other Word of Faith charlatans. The center of Trinity’s lineup has long been the nightly talk show “ .. ...
Coming up on Marcus and Joni, Paul Crouch Jr. shares a special tribute to his late father, Paul Crouch Sr. - founder of Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN).
Daniel's 70 weeks were 70 weeks of years that started with king Artaxerxes giving the decree. Pastor Dan Carroll Daniel 9:27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. Jesus gave a time frame of this generation (40 years) in Matthew 24:34 which would cover the crucifixion in AD 30 to the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70. Matthew 24:34 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. The signs of the time are signs for past times. Earthquakes and rainbows are signs for past times. Matthew 23:36 Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon this generation. Matthew 23:31-36 Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets. Fill ye up then the measure ...
with Paul Crouch Jr. at the Word Network booth at NRB Expo.
Glad to meet up with Paul Crouch, Jr. from the Word Network. We're happy to be airing on Word…
Maybe it's the times I flip by...TBN seems to be the Joseph Prince Benny Hinn network since Paul Crouch Sr. Passed.
FALSE DISCIPLES. Paul Crouch and others at the top of the 'out of debt' pyramid scheme, prosperity theology works flawlessly. Viewers send in billions of dollars, and when there is no return on investment, God is the one held liable.
Paula White shared this photo from Word Network's Winter Revival where she preached. Yes, that is Paul Crouch, Jr. standing to the right.
Yep, from Crouch I think?Biggest and best robbery of a win under Fergie. Fulham away the previous week up there
Being blessed by the Winter Revival via The Word Network featuring Bishop George Bloomer,Paul Crouch Jr. etc. Fri nite church when and wherever.
Take a look at this. Umm. more confirmation about the scheme going on here. "Restructuring" is exactly what we have seen inside the church for the last several years especially. A "restructure" of new age/occult acceptance. These men are so dangerous. What is going on here is clearly demonic. It is not of God. TBN never dated this false prophecy from Kim Clement that I could find, but the one made by Bill Hamon, I think was in 2006. -D- Kim Clement's prophecy to Paul Crouch: "God, i have dreams and dreams. God said the dream i’m going to give you shall show you the details of what must take place. There shall be three depths [deaths?] Of the old in the new year, but God said i'll cast a mantel upon this generation, paul crouch the spirit of God said there are bones in a valley that must come to life. And though people say he could never do it, you can: by the structure and the RESTRUCTURING of Trinity Broadcasting Network." Bill Hamon, Kim's friend and Senior Prophet, ...also the 'leader' behind trainin ...
Are demon Spirits speaking in Gods name ? the New Spirituality is to become your own God statements we would use for God and Jesus are attributed to human beings Marianne Williamson New age leader, and Oprah teaching a course in Miracles boldly declares lesson 191 they tell their followers to say I am the holy Son of God Himself. we are assured that when we say these words all illusions will end and light will come into the crevices of our souls. practices which come from pagan religions and hypnotist and ancient occult techiques have made their way into the Charismatic word of faith Churches Paul Crouch responded to naysayers on national television with these words. I am a little god, I have His name. I am one with him Im in covenant relation. I am a little god. Critics be gone. Kenneth Copeland told his listeners, youre all god. you don't have a God living in you, you are one. Creflo Dollar, Im going to say something we are gods in this earth its about time we start operating like gods instead of mere p ...
I loved reading this word that Kim Clement gave to Paul Crouch Sr. some years ago...that he would fulfill his call. How God spoke to him so tenderly and honored him as a son. Worth rereading. It all came to pass...including a tv studio in Jerusalem.
Creative Glory. Let there be light. I create , to experience the Glory of God. I choose my environment. I choose the battle I wish to fight like David, for I will ask like David what is my reward? My circumstances and situations calls for my slow down and to check with the Master. Fire in the house. All my delays are respected. They are honorable check points of my life. My rejections, and failures are my secret stops of perfection. My warfare are my promotions. My little or no money is my best moments of formation. My fears were my ignorance. My debts were my mismanagement. My instability were my lack of wisdom and knowledge. My mistakes and regrets were my lack of wisdom and understanding. I have been on many roads. Thank God for the Holy Spirit. I am the righteousness in Christ Jesus, I have the grace and the truth. So, I choose the supernatural, move. I have no pass. My God had never failed or be late. Those, that know their God, do exploit. Get, to the table on time. Fortunately, you have to si ...
So many prayers start with Dear father.please do this or that in the name of Jesus...I always tell him thank you for what I have. Paul Crouch said when we pray we do all the talking, but if we take the time to listen, the lord will speak to us
Prophet Nicholas Bhengu (back to God: Assemblies of God). Apostle Richard Ngidi (AFM). Evangelist John Wesley (Methodist). Apostle Paul Crouch (TBN). Bishop Samuel Dapula (GCP). Apostle NJ Sithole (God's Army). All these serve as inspiration to our current struggle. Heroes of Faith. Forward we go
i feel like im straight up pentecostal Paul and Jan Crouch holy rollin kinda blessed for knowing that…
2013/2014 we have already Lost Four Great Hero's of Faith who dared to total sold their Lives in the Gospel and for the Gospel of Christ Jesus. 1 Great Prophet Kobus van Resburg- Spirit Word ministries 2 Choo Thomas authur- heaven is real book. 3 Bob Jones- Heaven Encounters 4 Paul Crouch- TBN we will always remember your work and your Compassion to expand the Kingdom of Jesus Christ with Unquestion Faith. We shall follow your steps and God Christ will reduplicates yourselves in us to do more for Christ. Glory be to God the father of our Lord Jesus Christ who is incontrol of everything and forever will He be in charge. You have reaveled The Heart of God in us. Rest in peace HEROS OF FAITH!
Hey everybody, A dear and beautiful person passed yesterday. Pastor Paul Crouch, founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network! What an angel. He and Jan dedicated their lives to bring Christian TV to the world. He will be missed. No tears unless they are joyful, cuz he's sitting at the big table upstairs. Lol Paul gonna miss you.
My Spiritual Father Paul F Crouch he was said;we talk too much in our prays rather than Listen to the Holy spirit.
loved classic praise tonite rip paul crouch he said hey read the Book if ya wanna be blessed preach gospel feed hungry visit prisons...
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Ladies if you are looking for a man of substance, this is how to know him. He is a man who knows who he is, how he has to function , why he is at a certain place, where he is going and how he is to get there. I mean look for a man of Vision, goals, purpose and plans. A man of substance is not a man who who has a good job, an apartment, drives a good car, etc. For more insight look at Bishop Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor David Ibeyeome, Pastor Eneche, Paul Crouch( the founder of TBN), name it. Their wives saw their substance in them . Don’t just look at a mans pocket also look at his substance (vision). Look at his purpose. Guys If you see a lady of excellent character, God fearing, a lady you can trust, a woman of intergrity, Vision and Value. A lady who both of you can together raise godly children and build a home. Then as God leads “wife her”. The real beauty of a woman is her inner beauty , inner self not want her outward looks are. Statistics show that after 6months of marriage a lot ...
Watching Jan on TBN Christian television. praying that God would continue to grant her the strength to carry on even without her husband Paul Crouch Sr.
TBN is so weird to watch without Paul Crouch. So sad and crazy. Loved that guy!
On the train back home.I already miss them:( I love you Paul Crouch and Skyler Crouch
pays an honorable tribute to his father, Paul Crouch Sr. on tonight's
Paul crouch from tbn just past away
Aww man I was watching TBN didnt know Paul Crouch pasted away!!
i just can't believe tht Paul Crouch is gone. RIP Paul Crouch
Should Benny Hinn be Porky Pig? I can't decide. I know that Paul Crouch is Sylvester.
I had no clue that Paul Crouch died. TV Evangelist.
How come no one told me that founder of TBN Paul Crouch died in Nov. I'm in shock I knew he was sick but wow!!
THE TRUTH ABOUT BLESSING By: Bodé Adeboyejo A Christian radio show host received a call from a woman listener. The woman asked the show host to pray for her, and come in agreement with her that her live-in boyfriend, who was still married to another woman, would become her husband. The radio host in a nice way tried to tell her that that was a ridiculous request, asking him to pray for her to have another woman’s husband. The radio host asked her why she thought that God would honor that kind of prayer. The woman responded, saying, “Because God has been blessing me: He’s blessed me with a good job, a nice house, a nice car, and two beautiful children,” (by the same man she’s been shacking with)! Needless to say, the radio host could not convince her otherwise. As ridiculous as this woman’s request may sound, you really cannot blame her for thinking that God would give her another woman’s husband. Rather than blame the woman for her warped thinking, I’d rather blame the source of her t ...
Thank u heavenly father for Paul Crouch. What a great man in ur kingdom.TBN had gone global to spread the word. Indeed he was obedient to you father. I pray I can also be used greatly in your kingdom. To do what we were called to do. So happy now Spain...can hear the good news directly from Madrid.directly from heaven. Praise God.! The glory is urs !!!
I was just watching Daystars tribute to Paul Crouch by way of Valley View Chapels post. I even ,"off set", a phone call to finish watching it. Didn't even know Paul Crouch Sr passed away. When I first recommitted my life to the Lord & it was too late or couldn't get in touch with anybody, I spent many hours praising, weeping & crying , praying in front of the TV watching TBN. Now I can't afford to pay off my cable & get 24 hr christian networks. I live alone leaves me with no one to communicate with. Alot of times people who seem to come across my path, are not men or women of God. Then I start going backwards instead of forward in the Lord. Pray for me church. I need a miracle.
Listen as Paul Crouch shares remarkable stories on the effects TBN Networks are having across the world.
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Look and see if your favorite televangelist, book writer is on this list. I call this section, "Know Your False Preachers and Teachers". First is T.D. Jakes and Joel Osteen, Joel Osteen, Paul Crouch(he is dead and in *** now), Rod Parsley, Kim Clement(he no longer likes Christianity), Benny Hinn, Pat Robertson, Oprah(yes, she has her own church)(T.D. Jakes again), Billy Graham(he is dead and in *** now).
Paul and Jan Crouch had radical faith during the humble beginnings of TBN. Now look where their faith in God has taken the…
I know which team's in a title race & it's not the one that used a 21 yr old debutant like Peter Crouch. Years building…
My mother says she specifically remembers Paul Crouch talking about this logo for TBN and she remembers Paul saying that "God" gave him this logo. I tried searching the internet and looking through Paul's book "Hello World!" to see if I could find anywhere of Paul talking about this logo. I have not been able to find any comments from Paul about it. Don't know if anyone else is aware of anything in print that Paul has spoken about the logo? The point my mother was making was this... why would "God" give Paul a logo with a symbol of 'destruction' on it? -D- For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14
BREAKING NEWS: Bob Jones the preacher from Bob Jones university has passed away. The elders of America's babylonic church continue to pass away. paul crouch, now Bob Jones. soon Billy Graham and others. they will be dropping like flies. All these men taught pagan holidays and false prophecies. they are blind men leading the blind. Judgment has come to America's Babylon Church.
Men of faith have passed away recently-Bob Jones, Paul Crouch (who founded Trinity Broadcasting Network and touched many nations with the Gospel). It is time for the next generation of leaders to emmerge, to pick up the mantle (anointings-just like Elisha did with Elijah), and proclaim Jesus is Lord. Father, may the former be greater than the latter. Pour out Your Spirit and send revival with salvations-prodigals coming home and signs and wonders. We are thristy for more who You are and we ask that you will help us partner with You to bring in the harvest! Make us lovers of You and lovers of others. May we lose our life in You so we can find what matters for all eternity.
"A man of faith is a man with difference". Acts13vrs22 happy val to all my mentors bishop david oyedepo,tb joshua, enoch adeboye,Paula White and randy white,Dr Paul Crouch, td jakes,juanita ballium,faith oyedepo, etc,i love u all may be with you all for more visions and wisdom.
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The End Of An Era? - Televangelist Paul Crouch Dies And Leaves Behind A Life Of Decadence Beyond Belief. PICTURES OF THE OLD APOSTATE, THE "OTHER" *** OF BABYLON AND THE CROUCH FAMILY HOLY LAND ESTATE IN ORLANDO FLORIDA... AS CLOSE AS THEY WILL PROBABLY EVER GET! It may be sinful to speak ill of the recently deceased, but if it is, then a host of writers and journalists on religion are indeed very, very sinful (including myself). Paul Crouch was an inveterate con man who preyed upon the religiously gullible for profit, and he (and his infamously cotton-candy-haired wife, Jan) showed his contempt for his "flock" by openly living a life so garish, so lavish, that Jesus would have wept when His name was intoned. And He would have wept constantly for the last forty years. But They Needed It ALL! It was a scene that America thought it had left with the tragic soap opera of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker: over-the-top spending by ministry moguls frought with sex scandals: Paul and Jan Crouch agonized over which of . ...
I really liked Paul Crouch! He was a man after Gods heart! Jan was always a little much! I always thought it was because she had been Raised so old time Holliness! Matt no no no, He is a show man only! Lifts himself first! Now I find out that lots of Ministeries are dropping the TBN Network! I really liked the Other son Paul Jr. He is no where to be seen? Anyone else observing these things?
Bible Sounds Titus 1:9-13 There are sounds around us all of the time. Sometimes there are so many sounds that we often block out what we don't want to hear. Children, especially teenagers, have what I call 'selective hearing'. I think it has something to do with adolescent development. Although it seems to re-occur in some men after marriage. In the book of Revelation we are admonished to "hear what the Spirit saith to the churches". That means that there is a spiritual side of listening to sounds. However, this morning I want us to consider yet another kind of sound in the Bible. Read: Titus 1:9-13 and 2:7-8. Here Paul gives us some of the 'sounds' of which we need to give attention. Sound doctrine, sound faith, and sound speech. In these cases the word 'sound' is not something we hear, but is describing that which is true and uncorrupted. I. Sound Doctrine is Important. (Titus 1:9) A. What many are saying today: 1. 'Doctrine divides, so forget about doctrine and focus on Christ'. 2. That is ridiculous: ...
I've been blessed by this man of God, Dr. Paul Crouch. He and his wife, Jan, founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). I have spent hours and hours watching the Christian programming on TBN. His testimony is very interesting, he obeyed God's voice when it wasn't easy.
“He who is not against us is on our side.” ~ Mark 9:40 This is an excerpt from a book, “Hello World.” A book about Paul Crouch, the excerpt coming from Jack Hayford’s foreword.It’s worth sharing. “I had not met them yet on that day nearly thirty years ago. When I walked into the den at our house, no one was in the room, but the television was on, and Crouches were there on the screen. I’d seen their broadcast a few times-sent from a single small station somewhere down in Orange County, California. About sixty miles away from the Church On The Way, where I have now pastured for more than a quarter century. Pardon my frankness,...but as I gazed at the screen I was inwardly irritated. It wasn’t anything that was said it was simply the Crouches didn’t suit my case. Everything seemed so overdone-from their style, to the set, to Paul’s suit and Jan’s makeup. Though I had my opinion, I was Christian enough not to have ever spoken anything against them, but not enough to recognize the subt ...
He survived a Shark Attack, now Paul De Gelder is fighting for them!
Is that you Paul Crouch,We miss Him much,Gentle Kind Soul he shared with All.
Paul Crouch is the most dangerous religious con-artist because of his network (TBN) It is the largest Protestant religious network in the world Rick Warren is the latest dark star in the Christian world today. His two books have mesmerized the apostate and ignorant Christian masses. He has taken his "seeker friendly" program to thousands of churches around the country and throughout the world . Benny Hinn was a disciple of the infamous false teacher Kathryn Khulman, and he propagates the false doctrines that she taught. He has adopted other false teachings from Kenny Copeland and Ken Hagin who picked up the heretical Mormon doctrine that all men can become a god
Mapalo Chanda wrote: Wives: A Message to my Unmarried Friends. If you could allow me to share thoughts concerning the would be or rather the prospective wife and things that really matter in this regard, I would be very happy. While Beauty remains vital, you need to have a third eye that looks beyond what the two eyes can see. The eye that has a passionate interest in her Character, Attitude, Personality, Strength, Intelligence and Self hood. You need someone who will up hold your vision, believe in you, support your goals and push your dreams forward. Someone who will let the man in you come out boldly alive. One whose advice does not sound like 'anybody else can do it but you'. Someone whose wealth of her wisdom is great enough if your heart is to safely trust in her. Her well of understanding being deep, facing the fact that you are not an Angel but as much human as you are a god. You need to be aware that a time always comes in every man's life when the Wonderment of her face and the Miracle Design of ...
January 31st “But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction.” 2 Peter 2:1 Here is the problem that I have with the “WORD OF FAITH” movement. Preachers like Joel Osteen, Joyce Myer, Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Paul Crouch, Marilyn Hickey, Benny Hinn, etc. These teachers have coined the phrase “Name it and claim it” which is a dangerous heresy. From personal experience when Viki got sick, I prayed like never before, day & night, hundreds of people were praying for her, and she died nonetheless. Was God absent? Did he reject our prayers based on some un-confessed sin, or a lack of faith on Viki’s part, or on my part? Or was it just God’s will that Viki died? God is not a vending machine, pray this prayer and receive the answer you want. Often the answer we receive from God may not be the answer we wanted…som ...
Tune in this week for our local PTL program as we celebrate the life of Dr. Paul Crouch. This special Tribute to Dr. Crouch will air Friday, January 31st at 10:30am and repeat Saturday, February 1st & Thursday, February 6th at 1:30am. Mike Barber will host this program, special guests are actress Debra Paget (from the movie 10 Commandments), Pastor Del Way of Calvary Temple Church & Pastor Keenan Smith and special music by Bill & Kim Nash.
Happy Birthday to Peter Crouch. He openly admits he'd be a virgin if he wasn't a professional footballer. http:/…
Paul Crouch dies at 79; founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network By Elaine Woo, Published: December 2 In the mid-1970s, a vision came to Paul Crouch, but it wasn’t what a man of the cloth might have expected. A map of North America appeared on his ceiling, glowing with pencil-thin beams of light that shot in every direction. “Lord,” asked Mr. Crouch, a Pentecostal minister, “what does this mean?”
Thanks to marc green for james Paul Crouch and Lee Sanderson you have 24 hours girls!!
I remember when I was a child my parents would not turn the tv off at night but they would leave the tv on TBN. So Every time I watch TBN, I remember being amazed at all I was able to witness as a child watching This channel . Thank God for Mr. PAUL CROUCH! Now if I was y'all I would turn to TBN right now!! William McDowell,Micah Stampley,Erica Campbell and more! I'm ready for a praise party right in my room!
January 21, 2014 Email A Special Message from Irvin Baxter Dear Endtime Partners & Friends, IB HeadshotYou probably have heard by now about the passing of Paul Crouch, founder and President of TBN. Paul believed strongly in Endtime Ministries and was a great friend of our program. With his departure, his wife Jan has assumed the management of TBN. I have never met Jan but apparently she does not have a strong interest in Bible prophecy. As a result, our program, as well as several other prophecy programs on TBN, has been discontinued. Wednesday, January 15th was our last time to air. I wanted you to know because many of you watch our program, “End of the Age”, on TBN. We can continue to be viewed on the Church Channel, which belongs to TBN, the Daystar Network, TCT and on other venues.
The man with an experience is never at the mercy of the man with an argument. - Paul Crouch That's some deep stuff right there!!
He's no Capaldi or McAvoy but just passed Paul Tomkinson in
In memory of paul crouch, a great pioneer in christian broadcasting around the world!
Paul Crouch, TBN, loved Jan just as she was, hair and makeup included. He was comfortable with her being true to her own self.
Finally, a Paul Ryan shot so I can mention he looks like a mix between Eric Crouch and the teacher from Glee.
This preacher dude named Paul Crouch died recently & my Grandmother keeps watching his tv memorial that praises his ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
26th Annual LGBT Equality Conference: Paul Robins and Bethany Crouch speak with Russell Roybal and...
***WOW WILL BE THE MOST VIRAL VIDEO FOR 2014*** . do you know the amount of money the united states sends out of the country every year to aid other country's? About 7 Billion to the UN or 70+ percent of the UN budget. Then 30+ Billion to other country's, then worse is the amount that the bleeding hearts send in private charity's is 200+ Billion. I'm am pro for support or helping others, but most of them are a scam, maybe 1/2 a cent of every dollar is actually used for helping others. Again I'm sorry to share, I think the mad did good, but when he died Paul Crouch was almost a billionaire 827 million was his wealth at death.
Just seen Gabriel Clarke at the crouch ready for new manager press conference.
yea would feel more realistic & i think aiming would be mire accurate. But how do u crouch
Micky crouch got a few or sale in his garage
2 Peter 2:1-3.Jerry Falwell and Paul Crouch are in *** Billy Graham is coming up to join them.God hates false teachers.
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