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Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts (born April 3, 1939) is an American economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate.

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Lithuania media interview with PCR: Paul Craig Roberts interviewed by Kristoferis Voishka (video) Lithuania Pu... http:/…
From the Absurd to the Insane in the Cross Hairs. This is INSANITY!
do love America in the ways of paul Craig Roberts,Ron Paul,Bezos,am an Eur Jew,we know y want to destroy RU +EU STOP
Russia In The Cross Hairs: Washington's attack on Russia has moved beyond the boundary of the absurd into the ...
A very interesting read: What Iran (and Islam) should do about the West's (ie. Israel's) accusations
blogdog: Russia in the cross hairs _Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS: don't negotiate with America. . "It is pointless for Iran...
Washington will do whatever it can to stop maintain power! w/Ben Swann and Paul Craig Roberts.:
Washington will do whatever it can to stop BRICS, maintain power - econo...: via Paul Craig Roberts
"Truth is terrorism, because truth is the major threat to Washington."
Washington’s attack on has moved beyond absurd into insanity
Paul Craig Roberts over Russia which was mistake. Should be US junk. US debt is 10 x Russia debt
Paul Craig Roberts -- The US will do whatever it takes to break The BRICS: China is warning India that an ec...
“Russia In The Cross Hairs -- Paul Craig Roberts: Everyone knows it was a political move, bad one!
Paul Craig Roberts -- The BRICS a Threat to The US: China is warning India that an economic partnership with ...
. this where quote come from,yes on middle page. "Secret western black ops in the name of Islam"
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Russia In The Cross Hairs -- Paul Craig Roberts - - Another possible attack on free speech.
"Craig Roberts" "Paul Rudd" "Dot" lmfaoo why does her chair have her character's name
Paul Craig Roberts: Freedom, Where Are You? Not in America or Europe The European Central Bank (ECN) chief Mario Draghi, who is a former Goldman Sachs executive, is running the printing press to print 720 Billion euros to make the stock-owning One Percent more rich. War, War, War, that is all Washington wants. It enriches the military/security complex, the largest component of the US GNP and the largest contributor, along with Wall Street and the Israel Lobby, to US political campaigns. The writer of the article Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during President Ronald Reagan and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week. When Mario Draghi who runs the European Central Bank (ECB) announced that he was going to print 720 billion euros annually with which to purchase bad debts from the politically connected big banks, the euro sank and the stock market and Swiss franc shot up. As in the US, quantitative easing (QE) serve ...
ex-WSJ editor and current columnist, Paul Craig Roberts believes that the Paris attacks was done by the CIA to bring France back under control of the USA. Paul Craig Roberts (born April 3, 1939) is an American economist and a columnist for Creators Syndicate. He served as an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration and was noted as a co-founder of Reaganomics. He is a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Scripps Howard News Service. He has testified before congressional committees on 30 occasions on issues of Economic Policy. - The Charlie Hebdo affair has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation. The attack on the cartoonists’ office was a disciplined professional attack of the kind associated with highly trained special forces; yet the suspects who were later corralled and killed seemed bumbling and unprofessional. It is like two different sets of people. Usually Muslim terrorists are prepared to die in the attack; yet the two ...
.The only "false flag" scenario exists in Paul Craig Roberts twisted mind & the individual for whom he works..
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says Wednesday’s deadly attack in Paris was carried out by the CIA.
It's not something I am angry and Paul Craig Roberts for.
Paul Craig Roberts analysis of the murders. Several anomalies suggest it was yet ANOTHER false flag op
Paul Craig Roberts Warns of Coming Dollar Collapse: Alex Jones talks with expert Paul Craig Roberts about the ...
Paul Craig Roberts, breaks down the federal power grab as well as the latest in geopolitical news.
Erdogan is not only one who warned that Charlie Hebdo attack is an inside job. Also, Paul Craig Roberts:
Paul Craig Roberts : Charlie Hebdo, All of history is a history of false flag operations.
Paul Craig Roberts considers whether was false flag. His opinion cannot be dismissed lightly
Charlie Hebdo Shootings-False flag? by Paul Craig Roberts -. "Americans are the foremost among the captive nations.". http:/…
Great to see you picking up articles by the likes of Pepe Escobar, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and Neil Clark among others!
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I do not think 2015 will be a very good year. Paul Craig Roberts recently said America is on the brink of economic collapse and war. I am less fearful of nuclear war than he is primarily because the war efforts of those who aligned themselves with Israel, the Security-Military Complex and Wall Street have not been successful of late against Vladimir Putin and Russia. I agree that Wall Street would love to have a war to let the voters blame the Russians for the economic woes which the Bankers actually created. I do disagree with Dr Roberts on the nature of World War III these Neocons seemed determined to launch. I realized when I was still in high school that a Thermonuclear war was something the Uber Rich just used to keep the middle class in line through fear and intimidation. The elite do not like Hydrogen bombs because they killed wealthy people. No. The preferred method of killing people was starvation because that only killed the poor. Nuclear weapons are bad because they kill rich people. What good ...
Today King World News spoke with the man who former President Ronald Reagan called upon to help save the United States when the U.S. was in the midst of the 1980 panic. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts gives a portion of his fascinating predictions for 2015 below and also issued the ominous warning that the W…
Paul Craig Roberts: Vladimir Putin is the leader of the moral world -- Puppet Masters --
acc to Paul Craig Roberts, Black Water procured used trucks for Iraqi War!
Paul Craig Roberts: the elites are insane.
Paul Craig Roberts: Financial market manipulation is the new trend -- Can it continue?
Paul Craig Roberts - US Government is the Most Corrupt on Earth
Paul Craig Roberts – Russia’s black swan card(s) and the end of NATO via The Greanville Post ...
CIA officer Paul Craig Roberts makes its clear ab…:
Paul Craig Roberts. Very sensible, very honourable man.
Paul Craig Roberts -- The Real Story Behind Oil Prices: David Knight takes the studio for Alex Jones and talks...
Paul Craig Roberts says read this "until you understand it". A bit too tall of an order for me. But at least...
AMERICA is on the BRINK of COLLAPSE - World war 3 - Paul Craig Roberts: via
The western media and the US Congress. comprise the two largest *** houses in human history. ❁ Paul Craig Roberts
Looks like americans are worried about many things now in america. Alex Jones, Gerald Celente, Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts etc.
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"In all of Europe there is. not a government. independent of Washington.". -Paul Craig Roberts-
MUST READ!!! PressTV: Russia has Western enemies, not partners, by Paul Craig Roberts via
Paul Craig Roberts: US doesn't accept any country being sovereign – you have to be an American vassal state"
Opening the Gates to World War III -- Paul Craig Roberts -
(Another illegal act by the emperor)US Resorts to Illegality to Protect Obama"s Failed Policies — Paul Craig Roberts
Fri Oct 17, 2014 12:23PM GMT 58 3951 156 Paul Craig Roberts, Related Interviews: ‘US under Israel’s pernicious influence’ ‘EU sanctions on Russia not productive’ Related Viewpoints: US seeking excuse to strike Syria? In an interview this week with Politika, a Serbian newspaper, Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, said that it is futile and dangerous for the US and its European puppets to blackmail Russia and that the Exceptional Nation and its vassals should consider the risks that are inherent in aggressive disputes between countries heavily armed with nuclear weapons. Putin noted that Obama took a hostile attitude toward Russia in Obama’s UN speech to the General Assembly on September 24 when Obama declared Russia to be one of the three threats to the world along with the Islamic State (ISIL) and Ebola. President Putin said that unilateral and punitive actions taken against Russia can provoke a crisis, and that if Washington’s purpose is to” isolate our country, it ...
Ferguson: The Safety of Citizens is Lost with The Unaccountability of Police -- Paul Craig Roberts
Dr. Roberts - The only thing that can be expected from the next US president is more war, more murder, and more oppression of the gullible American people. People as uninformed and as gullible as Americans have no future. Americans are a dead people that history is about to run over. Interview with Paul Craig Roberts 20.11.2014 I recently had the chance to interview Paul Craig Roberts. I remember briefly, for the uninitiated, that Dr. Roberts was a senior official of the US government, economic advisor to the President during the first term of Ronald Reagan. It is to him the creation of Reaganomics, the Economic Policy initiated by Reagan to revive the US economy, then stagnant. Dr. Roberts was also a member of a secret committee of control over the CIA, set up to verify the information provided by US intelligence on the continuation of the Cold War with the Soviet Union. He has still now a profound understanding of the mechanisms of power in Washington and he's distinguished for his political analysis, o ...
Paul Craig Roberts: how could that navy seal have killed a man 10 years dead?
THE CHAIN OF OBEDIENCE. The death squads and concentration camps of history were never staffed by rebels and dissidents. They were were run by those who followed the rules. "Your very silence shows you agree." Euripides. "Dissent is what rescues Democracy from the quiet death behind closed doors." Paul Craig Roberts "And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance?" ~ Thomas Jefferson "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Martin Luther King Jr. OCCUPY AMERICA --- ref:
I liked a video [214] Paul Craig Roberts on Washington's revolving door & Martenson on collapsing oil
Paul Craig Roberts - impeach Obama before he starts Nuclear War w/ Russia,…
Listening to Interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts by Tim Gatto Unedited and Uncut
[127] Peter Schiff's foray into Bitcoin & Paul Craig Roberts on the US dollar's future
Paul Craig Roberts: "“The Western use of lies to demonize Russia endangers life on earth and reveals
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"9/11 After 13 years," by Paul Craig Roberts. Good summary of progress towards 9/11 truth to date:
Today former US Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, warned King World News that that the most powerful...
Paul Craig Roberts issues warning to the world: Washington and its & vassals are insane
Paul Craig Roberts: Washington chokes truth with lies
Warning to the World: Washington and its NATO & EU Vassals are Insane, by Paul Craig Roberts: …
Quote of the hour, by Paul Craig Roberts [imho this is *so* true]
Smart Talk is a series of discussion with leading economists around the world moderated by Andrew Mazzone. This is an interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
Ukraine Crisis Continues I've received a lot of death threats and other nasty attacks for my writings over the years, never so much as when I wrote a piece critical of President George W. Bush at the height of his popularity just after he invaded Iraq. I got over 2,000 emails on that one, and they kept coming for over a year. Corporate media had convinced the masses that Iraq had to be invaded. So I know how Paul Craig Roberts (PCR) feels as he verbally lays waste to the excesses of the establishment. He recently wrote a column about the email he gets, bashing him as a traitor, unpatriotic and the like. I've received criticism for running PCRs columns over the years because he was once known as a conservative. Not just any conservative, but at the top of the conservative establishment, honored as a senior fellow at some of the largest conservative think tanks, an editor at The National Review and Wall Street Journal, and an undersecretary of the Treasury under Reagan. But those think tanks have remov ...
| wants War to Pillage Russia's resources | Quote of the hour, by Paul Craig Roberts |
Quote of the hour, by Paul Craig Roberts
FRAUD * Paul Craig Roberts = For to rely on Europe’s moral conscience is to rely on something that does not exist.
FRAUD * Paul Craig Roberts = Washington does not engage in diplomacy. The "exceptional" country uses bribes, threats & coercion.
this is also excellent. How America Was Lost by Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts “Moscow and Beijing are in a losing situation in the propaganda war”... bcose of English. What?
Paul Craig Roberts: —Ukraine Crisis Continues. “We can safely and conclusively conclude from this purposeful w...
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The Militarization of the Police Has Produced a Murder Machine -- Paul Craig Roberts -
Hanan, seorang Yahudi dari Israel menghantar email kepada Tun Dr Mahathir seperti yang berikut: Dr. Mahathir, Very well established a logical basis leaning on an ex Reagan administration that is having microphones and cameras in the Bush administration, Mr. Paul Craig Roberts. You are always collecting the facts not from the first source just from the second hand washed cloth. Of course an anti Jew will look on anti Jew information. You may refer to Al Qaeda humanitarian organization for more information, they have plenty of it. You are saying: "1. I would like to have the Malaysian Armed Forces attack the United States and Israel.” Oh, great hero. You had the chance to do it while you were the PM in service. Why didn’t you tried out the strength of the Malaysian army and its skills? You had a good chance to become the Muslim hero committing Jihad on the apes and monkeys. To become the Salah ed Din of the modern times. How could you miss that opportunity to demolish both, America and Israel and leavin ...
WHITE NOISE. by CAPTAIN AMERICA. "American elites have decided that Americans are not sufficiently threatened by war and economic chaos, so they are bringing the ebola virus to America. National Public Radio reported that two people infected with the ebola virus, which cannot be cured and is usually deadly, are being brought to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia." Paul Craig Roberts
"Russia’s President Vladimir Putin is trying to save the world from war. We should all help him." (с) Paul Craig Roberts
CIA officer Paul Craig Roberts makes its clear about Ukraine.
Checking out "If Nuclear War Doesn’t Exterminate Us... by Paul Craig Roberts" on NatCAN:
waiting for God! . In contrast, Perkins and Paul Craig Roberts, is McCain and Brzezinski, and the like. Compare them.
Paul Craig Roberts: “the story of Israel is the story of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.”
Paul Craig Roberts said US has been lying for so long that is cannot do anything else.
Paul Craig Roberts makes it very clear the game that is being played.
It"s not 's fault and should resign for childlishly insulting
The only possible conclusion is that a government that consistently lies is not believable. Since the corrupt...
Presstitutes at CNN know CIA has denied any proof of RUSSIA'S involvement in MH17 but it won't stop lies.
More LIES. Time to apologize to America and to Russia for lying about MH17. …
US intelligence report NO proof Russia was involved in Malaysian downed plane but will it stop the lies.
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Even though Obama admits no evidence that Russia downed MH17 CTV news will still promote this lie.
US intelligence: Russia didn’t do it: US intelligence: Russia didn’t do it. By Paul Craig Roberts. After...
The New Republic is queen of the presstitutes [Paul Craig Roberts]
What the government says is credible and what the government says is not credible
Paul Craig Roberts : Are you ready for nuclear war?
Paul Craig Roberts on current situation btw US and the rest of the world …
What happened to the Malaysian Airliner? Western Press-titutes all have same talking points (Paul Craig Roberts)
What Happened to the Malaysian Airliner? -- Paul Craig Roberts -
The New Republic Is Queen of the Presstitutes -- Paul Craig Roberts -
I have mentioned Dr. Paul Craig Roberts before. I visit his site often. This is a link for his most recent...
Washington’s arrogance will destroy its empire [Paul Craig Roberts]
Americans appear largely bystanders at the spectacle of their government running amok. - Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, wrote in Nov...
[58] Paul Craig Roberts on the US economy and paper versus physical gold
Putin is well aware of threats US dictatorship poses to entire world- by Paul Craig Roberts-
Paul Craig Roberts tells us in the link below: “Washington thinks nuclear war can be won, and is planning for a...
The US has begun the run up to the Third World War, and Europeans seem to be on board, writes Paul Craig Roberts. Wed Jun 18, 2014 11:55AM GMT By Paul Craig Roberts Related Interviews: ‘US sanction...
fake expert Paul Craig Roberts, writing for neo-Nazi American Free Press, says US is preparing to nuke Russia.
Justin Raimondo, Pat Buchanan, G.Greenwald & Paul Craig Roberts like Dave Brat, but only & a…
"Both political parties are irredeemably evil. Neither has any redeeming virtues." -- Paul Craig Roberts
HEY, WAKE UP! Paul Craig Roberts has been shouting about Washington's nefarious desires for years. LISTEN TO HIM!
Nuclear war? "Washington is beating the war drums" - Paul Craig Roberts: I wish I had onl... via
MP3 & SHOW NOTES: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts returns to the Podcast for a detailed analysis of the claimed "...
Maybe, maybe not. Paul Craig Roberts notes that The Tribe will target Dave Brat.
"I once asked my colleague, [Zbigniew] Brzezinski, that if everyone was allied with us, who were we organized against? My question surprised him, because I think that Brzezinski remains caught up in Cold War strategy even after the demise of the Soviet Union. In Cold War thinking it was important to have the upper hand or else be at risk of being eliminated as a player. The importance of prevailing became all consuming, and this consuming drive survived the Soviet collapse. Prevailing over others is the only foreign policy that Washington knows." - Paul Craig Roberts
Very true , Long but worth reading ! Ironic pamphlet by Paul Craig Roberts. The Global War on Terrorism? America’s Wars “in Support” of Al Qaeda If you want to go to heaven, you had better get busy overthrowing Syria The United States government has been at war for eleven years. The US military destroyed Iraq, leaving the country and millions of lives in ruins and releasing sectarian blood-letting that had been kept in check by the secular Saddam Hussein government. On any given day in “liberated” Iraq, the death toll is as high as during the height of the US attempted occupation. In Afghanistan eleven years of US attempted occupation has had no more success than a decade of Soviet occupation. The Afghans are still not worn down despite more than two decades of war with the two superpowers. Like the Soviets, the Americans have managed to kill many women, children, and village elders, but precious few warriors. In place of the Soviet puppet government there is Washington’s puppet government. Th ...
Our nation is being destroyed by greed and *** Our corporate controlled media failed to mention what Paul Craig Roberts explained: "First, consider the news report that finally as of May 2014 as many Americans had jobs as had jobs in January 2008. That might seem like good news until you take into account that since January 2008 the US has experienced 6.5 years of population growth. Economists seem to have settled on population growth adding 129,000 people to the work force each month. That comes to 10,000,000 people. Where are their jobs? The “jobs recovery” doesn’t provide for the 10 million who have come of working age since January 2008. We can conclude from this that the official 6.3 percent unemployment rate is nonsense. The unemployment rate is in the neighborhood of 23 percent as John Williams has established." Meanwhile, while there are enough jobs in the US, due to a population growing caused by illegal immigration (Caucasian and African American birth rates are down), Obama has opened ...
. You are very welcome. I think Paul Craig Roberts is on the mark most of the time.
Paul Craig Roberts frmr Reagan Gov official abt the delusions of western leaders -
Sanctions on Russia will wreck Europe and have little, if any, effect on Russia, says Paul Craig Roberts.
Little Giant Ladders
Paul Craig Roberts marvels at the increasing mendacity of Western leaders their media parrots -
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: US is Completely Busted, Non-Delivery of Gold-Crash the System, War in Ukraine and...
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Gold and the Dollar Are in a Fight to the Death!
Please donate to Paul Craig Roberts everyone, without your support he can't continue.
There is more run-of-the-mill news out there this morning, but it is hard to beat Paul Craig Roberts' statement. Don't miss it, and please share it widely. . . ~J Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl (Left) Sat Jun ...
Paul Craig Roberts, The Lies Grow More Audacious - re: Ukraine, interesting if sometimes hyperbolic
apparently there is no Russia in their history books...
PressTV: USA lies grow more audacious, by Paul Craig Roberts . . . Roberts doesn’t permit the West to continue to…
How much of the triumphalism in was based on a of
"The reason for branding separatists “terrorists” is to make it OK to kill them" ~ Paul Craig Roberts
by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS | JUNE 7, 2014. . Last April I saw a report that 83% of May’s college graduates did not have...
But more printed money will not save the world economy. All it will do is to make more currencies collapse, leading to hyperinflation in many countries. After the ECB announcement yesterday, the euro went to a new intermediate low against the dollar, and then shot up to a higher level than when it started the day. Why this action in the euro? Well, because the dollar is a very vulnerable and weak currency that will lead the currency race to the bottom. This is why it’s critical for investors to get out of dollar assets, especially since there will be exchange controls. We had the U.S. unemployment figures today which showed that 217,000 jobs had been created. But since 2007, when the real money printing started, the number of people not working is up 30 million to a staggering 92 million people in the United States. At the same time, workers wages are going down. So all this stimulus has had no effect on the real economy. Today in the U.S. there are only 117 million people working full-time, and ...
"In America (he means the U.S.) hate and the cultivation of hate is alive and well. But not a single moral virtue is". [PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS]
By Greg Hunter’s Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the U.S. has plans for nuclear war with our rivals. Dr.
The Common Sense Show Thx Dave Hodges For the reasons listed here, I am in agreement with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts that the U.S. is preparing to launch a first-strike nuclear attack upon China and Russia. Read more here.
In a June 3 posting on his website titled "Are You Ready For Nuclear War?", Paul Craig Roberts urges readers to "pay close attention to Steven Starr's guest column" which was posted June 2 to the same website, and which warns that nuclear war has no winner. See: "Nuclear War Has No Winner" Roberts e…
Whatever Became Of Morality? -- Paul Craig Roberts What are we to make of this?
So crazy behaviour of Putin in Ukraine it seems that only serves to crazy policy of USA which wants to become the only superpower in the world and is ready on the preemptive nuclear strikes in 2016 on either Russia or China. We should all be scared of such a possiblity. I am afraid that Paul Craig Roberts knows something and this information which leaked by him is a true. Beware.
It would not surprise me because USA military is governed by Jewish who sit in the Congress and who have most of power. Ordinary Americans would not be so crazy to do preemptive strikes first on Russia or on China but considering who is governing in America which party etc I would not rule out that crazy possiblity. On wikipedia I found out that Paul Craig Roberts was during Ronald Regan government working in treasury so he knows quite a lot. Also I saw that on wiki they say that he is antisemite by supportine Palestine etc. It can be: 1) Roberts is lying because he wants revenge against the government 2) He knows something which had been under the plans of USA for ages I would not rule out that most crazy possibility knowing who is now in power in USA. Obama has to listen to nutcases type of Rumsfeld, Donald etc.. Jewish lobby has decisive power there so beware of anything in the future.
Let's see if Paul Craig Roberts is telling a true about USA wanting to first do nuclear strike against Russia or China or not. Maybe it is Russian propaganda but maybe it is all true.
NEWS REVIEW 5-28-2014 Excerpts from an article by Paul Craig Roberts in Intrepid Report The truth is known, but truth is not a part of the Western TV and print media. The intercepted telephone call between US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, reveals the two coup plotters discussing which of Washington’s stooges will be installed as Washington’s person in the new puppet government. The intercepted telephone call between Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU foreign policy official Catherine Ashton revealed suspicions, later confirmed by independent reports, that the sniper fire that killed people on both sides of the Kiev protests came from the Washington-backed side of the conflict. To summarize, when Washington orchestrated in 2004 the “Orange Revolution” and the revolution failed to deliver Ukraine into Western hands, Washington, according to Victoria Nuland, poured $5 billion into Ukraine over the next ten years. The money we . ...
3/3 Re: Fed no obligation to show the transaction.Read More:. via Paul Craig Roberts & Dave Kranzler Audit the Fed
"It's a non controversial fact that the official explanation of the destruction of the WTC buildings is false." -Paul Craig Roberts, asst. Sec of the Treasury under Reagan
I tried to share this link but I'm being prevented from doing so for some unknown reason so my apologies, I copied and pasted this article from global research. It's really important for everyone to learn and understand monetary policy. It's not difficult if you just start with the basics if you have no idea what gives money value and how it is created, You have absolutely no idea what is really going on. If you think education about money is learning how to budget or make it, or balancing your check book or saving it, or investing it, You don't know about money. I'm talking about what is money? So if you want to begin down the rabbit hole check out Money As Debt video. Google it. It's a Money 101. Then you can begin to understand the implications of the actions outlined below. Did the Fed Take Drastic and Covert Action to Hide a Large Country Dumping U.S. Bonds? That’s what former Assistant Treasury Secretary and Wall Street Journal editor Paul Craig Roberts alleges: Is the Fed “tapering”? ...
Did the Federal Reserve Launder $141.2 Billion USD? Dr. Paul Craig Roberts is claiming just so!! | htt…
Currently Washington is at work overturning President Reagan’s accomplishment of ending the Cold War - Paul Craig Roberts
The notion that soldiers are dying for us is false. Non-combatants are the main victims of war. - Paul Craig Roberts
PressTV: Militarist bunkum: July 4, lies of empire, by Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts continues to tell it like it is. Sure would be nice if more people would care enough to wake...
“Militarist Bunkum: Non-Combatants are the Main Victims of War” by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts @ Boiling Frogs Post:
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Paul Craig Roberts : Militarist Bunkum. Arrogance and Hubris that Lead to War via
Paul Craig Roberts: “Empire over life: That has always been Washington’s guiding principle” @ Boiling Frogs Post:
Militarist Bunkum — Paul Craig Roberts: Militarist Bunkum. Paul Craig Roberts. Did you know that 85 to 90 percen...
“MY FELLOW AMERICANS, as your President, Barack Hussein Obama, I have reconsidered my actions with regard to Ukraine. “After reading John Kerry’s interview with the Wall Street Journal last week, I finally realized that our foreign policy is being run by an *** “What particularly struck me as absolutely moronic, was Kerry saying that we are “inches away” from imposing sanctions on Russia’s Gazprom, its Central Bank, and its Military. “Thus, tomorrow morning I will inform Kerry that I’m firing him and replacing him with a true statesman, Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant treasurer under Reagan. “Roberts has been blogging a lot these days, and frankly, there’s some truth to what he says. ‘The last thing we want is war with Russia,’ says Roberts. He’s probably right. “I confess I made a big mistake in letting the Jew, Victoria Nuland, run amuck in Ukraine. “What started off handing out cookies in Kiev ended up handing Crimea to Putin. “Putin now has a lease-free warm ...
The Federal Reserve is the great deceiver [Paul Craig Roberts & Dave Kranzler]
Given recent events, I recommend the following list of "Internet people" excluded from mainstream media to help people determine if we really have become a fascist state: Amy Goodman, Bonnie Faulkner, Peter Dale Scott, Chris Hedges, Jeremy Scahill, Glen Greenwald, Chalmers Johnson, Ray McGovern, Paul Craig Roberts, Gary Null, Max Keiser, Noam Chomsky, Cornell West, Jane Mayer, Seymour Hersh, Charles Ferguson, Gerald Celente, Alex Jones, Russ Baker, Richard Belzer, Lamar Waldron, Thom Hartmann (now on WBAI 5PM), Webster Tarpley, Michel Cussodovsky, Greg Palast, Matt Taibbi, Robert Parry, John Perkins (former Economic "Hit Man"). List not all inclusive of course and some are hosts, others guests of these hosts and still others book authors and essayists.
Not for nothing does Paul Craig Roberts of the former Reagan admin spell Amerika with a k :-)
The best western journalist (in my opinion) covering Ukraine has been Paul Craig Roberts. Doctor of economics P. C. Roberts has worked in the treasury department as an assistant to the treasury secretary, a U.S. envoy to Russia for 10 years and was the editor of the Wall Street Journal. If anyone knows his stuff, it would be him. His latest article from his website is quite disturbing. Washington has no intention of allowing the crisis in Ukraine to be resolved. Having failed to seize the country and evict Russia from its Black Sea naval base, Washington sees new opportunities in the crisis. One is to restart the Cold War by forcing the Russian government to occupy the Russian-speaking areas of present day Ukraine where protesters are objecting to the stooge anti-Russian government installed in Kiev by the American coup. These areas of Ukraine are former constituent parts of Russia herself. They were attached to Ukraine by Soviet leaders in the 20th century when both Ukraine and Russia were part of the sa ...
Paul Craig Roberts' latest column is a clarion call to stop Obama before he drives the world to war. ``The Obama regime, wallowing in hubris and arrogance,'' he wrote on Saturday, April 26, ``has recklessly escalated the Ukrainian crisis into a crisis with Russia. Whether intentionally or stupidly,…
The Hows and Whys of Gold Price Manipulation January 17, 2014 Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler. "The deregulation of the financial system during the Clinton and George W. Bush regimes had the predictable result: financial concentration and reckless behavior. A handful of banks grew so large that financial authorities declared them “too big to fail.” Removed from market discipline, the banks became wards of the government requiring massive creation of new money by the Federal Reserve in order to support through the policy of Quantitative Easing the prices of financial instruments on the banks’ balance sheets and in order to finance at low interest rates trillion dollar federal budget deficits associated with the long recession caused by the financial crisis. The Fed’s policy of monetizing one trillion dollars of bonds annually put pressure on the US dollar, the value of which declined in terms of gold. When gold hit $1,900 per ounce in 2011, the Federal Reserve realized that $2,000 per ounce co ...
Stefan Molyneux speaks with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts about the Crimean Crisis, the showdown with Vladimir Putin, the Ukraine political situation and the growin...
The year 2014 is shaping up as a year of reckoning for the United States, says Paul Craig Roberts.
or Thierry Meyssan, or Paul Craig Roberts, or Gerald Celente, or Webster Tarpley...
U.S.A. no longer Bleeds for Freedom Obama bringing world to brink of World War III “Obama overthrew the Ukrainian government in order to be able to stuff the country into NATO, throw Russia out of its Black Sea naval base, and put US missile bases in Ukraine on Russia’s border,” Dr. Paul Craig Roberts wrote in a column for Press TV on Saturday. “Obama is angry that his plan didn’t pan out as intended, and he is taking his anger and frustration out on Russia,” he added. The analyst pointed that Obama’s demand for more NATO troops to be stationed in Eastern Europe and the buildup of military forces on Russia’s borders to allegedly protect Poland and the Baltic states is yet another provocation by Washington that could trigger a war with Moscow. “Obama doesn’t say what effect the US/NATO military buildup and numerous war games on Russia’s border will have on Russia. Will the Russian government conclude that Russia is about to be attacked and strike first? The reckless carelessness of Ob ...
"Obama recently declared that Washington’s destruction of Iraq–up to one million killed, four million displaced, infrastructure in ruins, sectarian violence exploding, a country in total ruins–is nowhere near as bad as Russia’s acceptance of Crimean self-determination. US Secretary of State John Kerry actually ordered Putin to prevent the referendum and stop Crimeans from exercising self-determination." Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
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Paul Craig Roberts: WWIII: the Crimean crisis – Ukraine, Russia, the European Union & the United States (Video)
The Federal Reserve has been selling massive amounts of gold. Germany and Venezuela have good reason to wonder if it's theirs. Paul Craig Roberts shows how it's sold, we are left to deduce why. "Fed‘s sales telegraph the intent to drive the price lower with no regard for preserving profits or fear or incurring losses, because the goal is to inflict as much damage as possible on the price and intimidate potential buyers."
Paul Craig Roberts: Jeffrey St. Clair explains how Obama conducts “freedom and democracy”
East and South never part of historic Ukraine - Paul Craig Roberts-
Paul Craig Roberts on the Ukraine and neo-cons:
See all videos of Paul Craig Roberts about US politic in Ukraine.
Paul Craig Roberts slams German Chancellor Merkel in his column, Thursday, titled "The Failure of German Leadership: Merkel *** for Washington."
Don't have to agree with me, but we all need to use discernment. Consider following Paul Craig Roberts. He'a a truth-teller.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts talks about the situation in the Ukraine, The Rule of Law, and the Decline of...
Source Note. The two long quotations by Paul Craig Roberts included here are not found in the original article, but have been added by Lasha Darkmoon as
Paul Craig Roberts: "Instead, the German chancellor, the French president, the British prime minister and the Western presstitute media continue to lie: It was legitimate for the West to steal Kosovo from Serbia and to steal the Ukrainian government, but it is not legitimate for the Russian population of Crimea to exercise self-determination and return to Russia. Washington and its EU puppets even have the audacity to declare falsely, after overthrowing an elected government in Ukraine and installing an unelected one, that Crimean self-determination violates the Ukrainian constitution, which no longer exists because Washington destroyed it."
My talk with Paul Craig Roberts about Ukraine and the US governments reckless aggression and provocation towards Russia, with the US presstitute media perpet...
“The ignorant and stupid American government is now challenging Russia with a strategic intervention in Russia’s back yard. This “superpower” thinks it is going to take over Ukraine and put US missile bases on Russia’s southern border. Keep in mind that this incompetent “superpower” was unable to occupy Iraq after eight years and has been defeated in Afghanistan after 12 years of blowing up women and children, weddings, funerals, health centers, aide workers, farmers, entire villages, and kid’s soccer games.” — Paul Craig Roberts.” [ - 1 -] Soviet leader Josef Stalin used to shrug off critics by his favorite Central Asian saying: “The dogs bark; the caravan moves on.” Russia’s hard-eyed president, Vladimir Putin, is following the same strategy over Ukraine and Crimea. Putin swiftly moved his knight into the empty chess square of Crimea, thereby regaining full control of one of Russia’s four strategic port regions: Sevastopol, Murmansk, St Petersburg and Vladivostok. Sevastopo ...
This needs to be covered more widely. The article by Paul Craig Roberts, I discovered, understates the case. I have Medicare, and MediCal (Calif's Medicaid) and I guess I am no worse off, because I've accumulated nothing of monetary value, but people very close to me will lose their homes and other assets when they die. It's interesting that whatever the banks failed to confiscate from the working class, will be seized by the state.
See on – artslogic Paul Craig Roberts | The Failure Of German Leadership. bremont Alfredo‘s insight: what you folks are experiencing is a tighten in of the minister of propaganda 1984 is now here running; this ukrainian sitcom shows…
Rebel News shared the following link and had this to say about it: Paul Craig Roberts: The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun remind, this is our quarterly request for donations. If you want the information and analysis that this site provides to continue, you must support the site. As the alternative is the presstitutes
Paul Craig Roberts: Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Declare that Power Comes Out of the Barrels of their Guns
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts served under Reagan: read the titles of his articles, it's that bad, folks
“We have also discussed the potential catalysts around the world that could trigger the world falling into the black hole. These can be economic events such as Japan defaulting, or it could a collapse of the dollar. It could also be geopolitical like the Middle East.Each one of those risks can create a major disaster. But we also have the possibility of black swan events. These are events that very few people can forecast, and Ukraine is such an event. Very few people thought the problems in Ukraine could be the trigger for the collapse of the world economy but we have to remember that any of these events are just catalysts.The world is bankrupt economically, financially, and morally. And if Ukraine now will be the trigger for the inevitable economic collapse, it’s also possible that it will be the beginning of World War III as Paul Craig Roberts has indicated.Ukraine is an important pawn for both Russia and the West, which is led by the United States. Russian President Vladimir Putin has a stro ...
Paul Craig Roberts. ".he Chinese government regards Washington as an insane asylum. They think they’re completely insane. If Putin comes to this conclusion too, he may say, ‘OK, I’m not going to take any risk with these crazy people’ and simply occupy Ukraine. Russia and Putin have been demonized because they’ve blocked the American attack on Syria and Iran. When they show up at meetings of the G8 or the G20, they are very forceful. They point out all of the mistakes and the lies that Washington tells. They do this in front of Washington’s allies, the Europeans.
Paul Craig Roberts, the voice of reason in the sea of madness.
History lesson.the denunciation of Russia for “invading” Ukraine is based on Western propaganda that Russia sent 16,000 troops to occupy Crimea. The fact of the matter is that those 16,000 Russian troops have been in Crimea since the 1990s. Under the Russian-Ukrainian agreement, Russia has the right to base 25,000 troops in Crimea. Propaganda Rules, Paul Craig Roberts
on the Side of Famed George (1890 - 1995) called them "prostitutes of the press." Paul Craig Roberts calls them "presstitutes." They're that and much more. They're propagandists, not journalists. They're charlatans. They're scam artists. They're blackguards. They're scoundrels in the worst sense of the term. They make street *** look respectable by comparison. They're paid to lie, distort, misinform, and blame imperial victims for horrendous crimes committed against them. They support powerful monied interests. They ignore popular ones. They march in lockstep with imperial lawlessness. AJ Liebling (1904 - 1963) once said: "Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one." He added: "People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news." Western television is worst of all. It's a wasteland. Educator/media critic Neil Postman (1931 - 2003) called Americans "the most entertained and least informed people in the world." In 1950, Boston University President Daniel Marsh said: "If th .. ...
Paul Craig Roberts "The protests in the western Ukraine are organized by the CIA, the US State Department, and by Washington- and EU-financed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work in conjunction with the CIA and State Department. The purpose of the protests is to OVERTURN the decision by the INDEPENDENT government of Ukraine not to join the EU. "
"Propaganda Rules The News". Paul Craig Roberts takes on media coverage of
"Washington is comprised of three elements: Arrogance, Hubris, and Evil. There is nothing else there." Paul Craig Roberts.
Any thinking American knows that there is something terribly wrong with the health care system in this country. Throughout my career, the political ruling elite has been enacting piecemeal a version of 'universal' healthcare coverage to satisfy the demands of an increasingly vocal, but also increasingly disenfranchised citizenry. Our overlords, of course, have been more motivated by enhancing corporate bottom lines and enriching themselves, than in genuinely helping the peasantry. Paul Craig Roberts
"If you noticed, in the American media there is no challenge from the print or TV media to the government’s interpretation of what is happening in Ukraine or Syria, or anywhere. So, it is essentially a propaganda ministry. I’m the former editor of the Wall Street Journal and I can no longer recognize the American media as a media. It has nothing in common with the media that I had a permanent position in." Paul Craig Roberts
Amy Kochan Hemming · Top Commenter What people have to do is realize - for once and for all - that we do not elect the President - he is chosen by elites - this is why they hate Ted Cruise - he is from the people for the people. They are terrified of a real President - both sides. Democrats and Republicans are wings on the same bird people - wake up already. Electronic voting machines are easily rigged and have been proven to have been. Demand paper ballots that are hand counted - demand voter integrity. The US Dollar is going to collapse and is no longer the worlds reserve currency = China has made bilateral trade agreements with Russia, Australia, Japan and 27 other nations bypassing the US dollar. The middle class in this country is about to be decimated and most are CLUELESS. Do your homework - Peter Schiff, Karen Hudes (former world bank senior counselor), Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (former US Asst. Treasurer under Ronald Reagan, father of Reaganomics, Wall St, Journal Asst, Editor), Ron Paul, Jim Robe ...
Paul Craig Roberts on how even the best of us (et al) are susceptible to propaganda.
The end could be nearer than you think -- Paul Craig Roberts -
Paul Craig Roberts dots the I's and crosses the T's in the Media's coverage of the Ukrainian doldrums
Paul Craig Roberts "Washington’s Arrogance, Hubris, and Evil Have Set the Stage for War"
Editorial Foreword: This essay by Paul Craig Roberts, which is republished here with permission from ISI, contains classic insights about statism, bureaucracy, the history of classical liberalism, ...
"The American media is a useless news source. It serves as a Ministry for Government Lies. . The Western media is a plague upon humanity" - Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts: Ukraine crisis portends apocalypse Good read: Paul Roberts is as scathing as ever
US losing game to Russia in Ukraine: Paul Craig Roberts
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, the Father of Reaganomics, predicts, "I think, this yea...
Sleepwalking Again - Paul Craig Roberts: On the 100th Anniversary of World War 1, the Western powers are again...
US and EU Are Paying Ukrainian Rioters and Protesters -- Paul Craig Roberts -
Paul Craig Roberts: No One Will Survive World War Caused by Obama's Ukraine Provocations Former Reagan Administration official, now syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts has joined Lyndon LaRouche in publicly warning that Obama's Ukraine provocations can cause a thermonuclear world war. In a column first posted on his website on Feb. 17, Roberts reviewed the mounting evidence that "Washington is fueling the violent protests in Ukraine with our taxpayer dollars. Washington has no money for food stamps or to prevent home foreclosures, but it has plenty of money with which to subvert Ukraine." Roberts cited a December 2013 speech by neocon Victoria Nuland at the National Press Club, in which she boasted that the U.S. had spent $5 billion to reshape the future of Ukraine. Roberts noted, "What Nuland means by Ukraine's future under EU overlordship is for Ukraine to be looted like Latvia and Greece and to be used by Washington as a staging ground for US missile bases against Russia." Roberts concluded with a ...
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Asst. Sec of US Treasury, editor of WSJ: 'US and EU Are Paying Ukrainian Rioters'
Also, Paul Craig Roberts, Diana West, Karen Hudes (as silly as she can be, direction is everything however), and Brent Leung.
In America today, people with power. are no longer accountable. -Dr. Paul Craig Roberts-
Another section should be on that terrific sign which would read, "YES to, the John Birch Society, Paul Craig Roberts, Pat Buchanan, Judge Napolitano, Ron Paul & Jay Leno... and NO to Faux News, the Weekly Standard, the NY Times, the Bushes, Clinton's, Obama, Romney, Christi, Ryan, McConnell & Boehner." Kevan Rowlee
Electronic Device Insurance
Paul Craig Roberts with more stark warnings. But does fall of American consumer portend fall of American stocks?
From Gerald Celente's Trend Alerts: The following Trend Alert by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts describes the latest bankers’ plot to steal your deposits. The Money Changers Serenade: A New Plot Hatches Former Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a protege of Treasury Secretaries Rubin and Summers, has received his reward for continuing the Rubin-Summers-Paulson policy of supporting the “banks too big to fail” at the expense of the economy and American people. For his service to the handful of gigantic banks, whose existence attests to the fact that the Anti-Trust Act is a dead-letter law, Geithner has been appointed president and managing director of the private equity firm, Warburg Pincus and is on his way to his fortune. A Warburg in-law financed Woodrow Wilson’s presidential campaign. Part of the reward was Wilson’s appointment of Paul Warburg to the first Federal Reserve Board. The symbiotic relationship between presidents and bankers has continued ever since. The same small clique continues to wi ...
Paul Craig Roberts: Worse than the Great Depression-Gold and Silver Prices Will Explode via
I'll add this blurb by Paul Craig Roberts on Baucus: Senate Finance Committee chairman Max Baucus (D-Mont), a recipient of millions in contributions over his career from the insurance industry, proposes to impose up to a $3,800 fine on Americans who fail to purchase health insurance. The determination of "our" elected representatives to serve the insurance industry is so compelling that Congress is incapable of recognizing the absurdity of these proposals.
The U.S.has democratic "and legal institutions to protect civil liberties. Nevertheless, we now have a police state.". Dr.Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts - Christmas Message -. Whether we believe in Christ, we are beneficiaries of his moral doctrine -.
Sadly 99% of American lemmings have no clue people like Alex Jones, George Noory, David Icke, Jerome Corse and Paul Craig Roberts among many others have been trying to warn *** Americans of these very things Snowden is "exposing" and more over decades!
� Comparing Zionist Apartheid Israel to Nazi Germany � Man of the People, far worse Paul Craig Roberts wrote: Roger Waters said steal State of Israel the final solution of the Jewish question Germany The Gathering Storm The Daily Express economic war on Germany the instigators internment , Treaty of...
When it comes to war in Syria, economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, "This time the big lie didn't work like it did in Iraq." On fallout of a possible Syria...
try dr Paul Craig Roberts, former Asst Secretary of the Treasury.
American exceptionalism and world war. by Paul Craig Roberts. Source: Washington has...
+2 I am concerned about this "currency reset." The ACTOR also brought in Paul Craig Roberts & Joel Skousen.
“National security” is the cloak that the executive branch uses to make certain that the US government is unaccountable. Paul Craig Roberts
People critical of our government like Chomsky are rarely on TV: Paul Craig Roberts, Chris Hedges, Ralph Nader & Tom Englehardt.
Paul Craig Roberts: “The wars have provided cover for the construction of a Stasi police state in America” @ BFP:
WAR: Major Distraction From Bust Economy & Lack of Pol Vision "Washington's had US at war for 12 years!
China announces it now possesses sufficient nukes + delivery systems to wipe the US off of the face of the earth:
The USG’s Drive to World War US copies Nazi Germany's tactics on it's citizens!
Eye opener from Reagan Asst. Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy: "Washington Drives the World Toward War"
Thursday, October 10, 2013 3:14 PM       Ten "Real" Problems With the US Economy; A Behind the Scene Look at Auto Manufacturing       Here is a fascinating look at auto manufacturing at Tesla. Reflections on "Real Problems" follow. I will tie the two seemingly unrelated ideas together.         Link if video does not play: How the Tesla Model S is Made     "The Real Problem"     Please take that video into consideration when considering a rant from Paul Craig Roberts called The Real Crisis Is Not The Government Shutdown      Roberts claims the "The real crisis is that jobs offshoring by US corporations has permanently lowered US tax revenues by shifting what would have been consumer income, US GDP, and tax base to China, India, and other countries where wages and the cost of living are relatively low. On the spending side, twelve years of wars have inflated annual expenditures. The consequence is a wide deficit gap between revenues and expenditures."     I will grant him that war-mongeri ...
Paul Craig Roberts; Police Have Been Militarized Sees Public as Enemy Interview with Alex Jones Prison planet , with see police brutality Other videos relati...
The Federal Reserve and its dependent bullion banks have driven down the price of gold and silver by short-selling in the paper futures market, allowing bullion to flow into Asia at bargain prices, but removing the pressure of a rising gold price on the exchange value of the US dollar. - Paul Craig Roberts
Former Wall St. Journal editor on chemtrails, the Fed, and more. Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out The Human Race --Dr. Paul Craig Roberts To inform people is hard slugging. Everything is lined up against the public being informed, or the policymakers for that matter. News is contaminated by its service to special interests and hidden agendas. Many scientists or their employers are dependent on federal money. Even psychologists and anthropologists were roped into the government’s torture and occupation programs. Economists tell lies for corporations and Wall Street. Plant and soil scientists tell lies for agribusiness and Monsanto. Truth tellers are slandered and persecuted. However, persistence can eventually win out. In the long-run, truth sometimes emerges. But not always. And not always in time. I have been trying to inform the American people, economists, and policymakers for more than a decade about the adverse impacts of jobs offshoring on the US economy. The word has eventually gotten out. La ...
“Defeated by Taliban, Washington Decides to Take on Russia & China” by Paul Craig Roberts @ Boiling Frogs Post:
I am so glad you introduced me to Paul Craig Roberts' articles. How did you discover him?
King World News interviews Paul Craig Roberts — Will China Prevail?: Be prepared for the next great transfer o...
Well worth reading: An Interview with Paul Craig Roberts » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names …
The Dying Dollar - See on - artkey the alternative search engine Paul Craig Roberts | Federal...
The Dying Dollar — Paul Craig Roberts - This blow to the dollar in addition to the blows delivered by jobs offsh...
Paul Craig Roberts: “The Kennedy Assassination: Those who want to know already know” @ Boiling Frogs Post:
Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out the Human Race — Paul Craig Roberts. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the online information about Fukushima.. According to the presstitute media, Americans face threats from Iran and Syria and from whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden. The real threats are simply not in the news. If you search Fukushima, you will find information that the presstitute media hides from you.
Former New York Times Executive Editor Defends the Indefensible by Stephen Lendman From 2003 until September 2011, Bill Keller was Times executive editor. Earlier he was a reporter and Washington bureau chief. He's now an op-ed columnist and Times Magazine contributor. His columns are best avoided. They shun truth and full disclosure. They avoid telling readers what they most need to know. Managed news misinformation substitutes. All of it fit to print isn't fit to read. It's typical Times journalism. Readers are cheated. They're betrayed. They deserve better. Growing millions seek it. Alternative media sources provide it. One day perhaps they'll entirely replace sanitized corporate journalism. It can't come a moment too soon. George Seldes (1890 - 1995) called corporate journalists of his day "prostitutes of the press." This writer calls them paid liars. Paul Craig Roberts calls them "presstitutes." They *** for Washington and the corporations," he explains. "(T)he entire Western media (establishment ...
"But don't bother reading the mainstream media. As Seymour Hersh, Sherwood Ross, Paul Craig Roberts, and a rapidly growing number of ordinary Americans realize, the mainstream media's motto is now: “We lie about everything. Lying has become the staple.” The government’s not demanding an investigation into an event that is the greatest embarrassment to a “superpower” in world history is a complete give-away that 9/11 was a false-flag event. "
"Americans think their danger is terrorists. They don't understand the terrorists cannot take away habeas corpus, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution. The terrorists are not anything like the threat we face from our own government in the name of fighting terrorism. The American constitutional system is near to being overthrown" -- Paul Craig Roberts
economy starts. UPDATE - Powerful entities do not want people to have access to the news that KWN provides. As a result we have had a constant interference with the news feed on our home page. Simply reload the home page until you receive the news feed, or go straight into the KWN blog. You may need to clear your cache in order to see the latest news story. KWN readers can simply google “how to clear cache” if they are unfamiliar with how to do this. © 2013 by King World News®. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. However, linking directly to the blog page is permitted and encouraged. The audio interviews with Bill Fleckenstein, David Stockman, Robin Griffiths, Jim Grant, Gerald Celente, William Kaye, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Chris Powell, Michael Pento, Eric Sprott, Andrew Maguire and Grant Williams are available now. Also, other recent KWN interviews include Marc Faber and Felix Zulauf to listen CLICKING HERE. Eric King KingWorldNews. ...
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former *** t Treas. under Reagan Adm. has been warning & writing about this several days ago.
The country located in the center of north America "Totally Discredited" by Paul Craig Roberts
...No one can say they didn't have enough power or enough bureaucracy or enough planners or they didn't go far enough." - Paul Craig Roberts
We have an unchecked executive branch. Paul Craig Roberts The Total Destruction of America from Within via
Paul Craig Roberts of WSJ: war a US operation & copy of Libya but hasn't gone to plan so US now feels need to directly intervene
Corruption is making the US a rogue state that’s a danger to the rest of the Earths inhabitants >>>
Take ur time to read this good rticle Dr Paul Craig Roberts - it explains the crisis & the buildup
Originally, the excuse for Washington's wars was to keep Americans safe from terrorists. Now Washington is...
"We have NEVER been this close to World War 3, not even the Cuba Missile Crisis". ~ Paul Craig Roberts. . .
US Corporate Government is simply an unlawful gang controlling our nation
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I'm no great believer in right-wing conspiracy theories. It's often the case though that there is more than a...
another western war crime in the making - Paul Craig Roberts -
Another Western War Crime in the Making: by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts via
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, "My prediction or expectation is by winter, the second downturn of the Great Recession http…
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"Washington Is Driving The World To The Final War". As ever, Paul Craig Roberts tells it as he sees it.
From giggie's posts I say we should buy akinfenwa,Charlie Barnett,Craig lindfield because they have all played in league 2 oh and let's go on a big stretch and get Ashley Harris from portsmouth come on giggie get a grip think of some real targets like austin or something (Jbhoy88)
official Europe new Washington puppet dog.
9th July Newsletter: Spotting Recovery Stock Indicators, interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and more
it has happened here in America. The Police State is Real. Paul Craig Roberts PhD.
4 of 5 stars to The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitali... by Paul Craig Roberts
Mrs. Charlene Woods Laymance, age 80, of Wartburg, passed away Monday Morning, July 8, 2013, at her lake home in Norris. She devoted her life to loving her family and was a lifelong member of Liberty Baptist Church where she was a faithful member of the choir and WMU. She was preceded in death by parents; Robert and Pauline woods, husband; John Russell Laymance, and daughter; Mary Sue Laymance. Surviving are children: Garry and Betty West of Knoxville, John and Dianna Laymance of Wartburg, David and Cheryl Laymance of Wartburg, Ronnie and Tammy Laymance of Wartburg, Bobby and Anna Laymance of Wartburg, Kathy Loy of Knoxville, Martha Clifton of Knoxville, and Liz Taylor of Knoxville. Grandchildren: Michael and Julie West, Stacey and Charlie Maltman, Josh Laymance, Jesse and Haley Laymance, Jonathan Laymance, Dusty Laymance, Brandy Laymance, Bobby Laymance, Jr., Alishia Laymance, Craig Davis, Derick Davis, Amy McGhee, Anthony Beets, Tyler Clifton, Joe and Amanda Cotton, and Shane Cotton. Also surviving a .. ...
Even the US Prez and gov is now lawless !!
Reflection on Morales' overflight, by Paul Craig Roberts - Lawlessness is the New Normal » CounterPunch
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