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Paul Burrell

Paul Burrell, RVM (born ) is a former servant of the British Royal Household. He was a footman for Queen Elizabeth II and later butler to Diana, Princess of Wales.

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Paul Burrell is still telling all her secrets every chance he gets. 23 pieces of silver.
Paul Burrell is on it. I can't stomach the man. Bashir doesn't impress me.
never knew Paul Burrell rode a bike..
I certainly hoped Dateline can do better than Ken Wharfe. Let me guess? Paul Burrell?…
11 pages of forelock-tugging that would make Paul Burrell blush. The Daily Mail's tribute to a Greek immigrant today is astonishing
Prince Philip wants to retire I wasn't aware he ever worked. In other news Paul Burrell is still ***
Giving a lift to Paul Burrell instead of StinkRay.
Report that Paul Burrell was spotted in Green Park at 2am - Palace staff forced to implement 'cutlery lockdown procedure.'
Paul Burrell's 1st book: A Royal Duty is an interesting read (even if he was cashing…
Someone must have told the Queen Paul Burrell is *** and her majesty is in TOTAL SHOCK!! 🙀
Maybe Paul Burrell was found in a closet somewhere?
May's "some in Brussels do not want these talks to succeed" smacks of Paul Burrell saying Queen spoke of "dark forces". Wildly demeaning.
Im no saying my grass is a jungle but i just seen ant and dec and paul burrell at the bottom o it daein a bushtucker trial
Day & Night: It was karma when Burrell revealed all
Former royal butler Paul Burrell dances off with fortune ahead of 20th Diana anniversary
Paul Burrell to Trevor Rees jones so James Hewitt so throw in Martin bashir the mirror links with john Helena Jessie Hannah ware to panarama
Paul Burrell wants to walk the red carpet with...
Paul Burrell claims Kate Middleton has 'an easier life' thanks to Princess Diana via
Princess Diana's former butler Paul Burrell reveals he is
Princess Diana still visits her butler Paul Burrell in dreams
'I've got Princess Diana letters you've NEVER seen' Paul Burrell drops BOMBSHELL
Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell is to wed lawyer Graham Cooper after divorcing his wife Maria last year, according…
Paul Burrell to marry his boyfriend. .
Princess Diana's butler Paul Burrell comes out as *** and set to marry lawyer boyfriend via
I don't care if Paul Burrell is a puff, I don't care thinks he's a comedian or has conned the world with stencilling
I'd show a suprised face if I was actually surpised. Call it gaydar...but it's been apparent since the Diana day.
If Paul Burrell craves so much attention all the time, why can't he do us all a favour and sign up for the one way space journey to Mars!
Paul Burrell is not *** Belief in "sexualities" came chiefly after 1945 to co-incide with Jewish interests. Everyone's had *** moments
Privacy respected? - so let's blast it all over the newspapers Does anyone really care? via
Paul Burrell, former butler of Princess Diana is marrying his *** lover nine months after splitting from his wife .
I'm a Celebrity star and ex-royal butler Paul Burrell is to marry his boyfriend Graham Cooper Shopping Gift Card: …
The biggest shock for me was that Paul Burrell had a wife...👀
Paul Burrell being *** (who'da thunk) is NOT news. It's certainly NOT front page news?? It's also NOT 'exclusive'…
Paul Burrell, 58, now a florist in Cheshire, is rumoured to be tying the knot with his lawyer partner Graham Coo...
Father of slain soldier who criticized Paul Burrell says travel rights reviewed
Apparently John Bishop hosting the Nightly Show was such a car crash, "Paul Burrell" AND "Diana's Rock" are now both trending.
Well I think we'll all remember where we were when we heard the shocking news...
Not really sure why Paul Burrell coming out as *** is front page news ... maybe it's just me but why is this even news let alone front page?
If I was *** I'd rather Paul Burrell stayed in the closet so as not to tarnish the good name of all the decent people who'd already come out
If your first response to Paul Burrell coming out is to mock him because he "always seemed a bit *** you are part of the problem.
Yes, many suspected Paul Burrell might be *** But why mock the fact he didn't feel comfortable going public until now? Surely…
Err, I'm a woman & I knew! (& prob most men who thought about it.) Paul Burrell is a vile creep, but sad he felt need to h…
Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell reveals he’s *** and is marrying his boyfriend
Well, that's a shock..erm no it istnt actually 😎
Exxon to invest $20 billion on U.S. Paul Burrell refining projects
Paul Burrell announces he's *** & to marry his boyfriend. In other news the Pope announces he's a Catholic.
Paul Burrell is *** In other breaking news, Donald Trump is a little bit racist, West Ham aren't great & Piers Morgan…
Diana's former butler Paul Burrell comes out as ***
Diana's 'rock' Paul Burrell to marry his boyfriend 9 months after divorcing wife
it's like Paul Burrell all over again
Next week on Tony Parsons, Paul Burrell, Kelvin Mackenzie, George Galloway, and Geert Wilders "for balance".
Chester: Ex-royal butler Paul Burrell talks to The Chronicle amid speculation over marriage
DIANA returns. PAUL BURRELL an old ex-servant to the late Princess Diana is in "secret meetings" with the heads of the BBC dance series.
Only heard Paul Burrell mentioned 😫 More interested in the pros atm tbh & theyre usually confirmed by now hence my sarcasm 😄
That's what I mean, taking ages to confirm the (new) pros. Someone mentioned Paul Burrell 😩
one of the Muppetts looks a bit like former oddball/thieving royal butler *** Paul Burrell..!
She had riding lessons on two mornings . Paul Burrell, A a Royal Duty
Disgraced Princess Diana butler Paul Burrell is 'in secret talks' for Strictly Come Dancing
Princess Di's former butler, Paul Burrell, 'signs up for new series of
Princess Di's former butler, Paul Burrell, 'lined up for new series of
Princess Di's former butler, Paul Burrell, 'being lined up for new series of
Can't wait to see Paul Burrell on Strictly Come Dancing doing the Rumba to Candle in the Wind.
Crikey. Ex Royal butler Paul Burrell is set for ANOTHER reality show. Guess which one
Is Princess Diana's former butler, Paul Burrell, about to sign for
Paul Burrell for Strictly Come Dancing’s 2016 line up?
Disgraced Royal butler Paul Burrell 4 Strictly Come Dancing I won't watch then but wait that's right I don't anyway
Paul Burrell is bottom of the barrell disgrace, I thought he had run out of reality shows to squeeze fame from, but apparently not. 🙄
NO WAY! A conversational celebrity already lined up for Strictly Come Dancing
never thought I'd see Paul Burrell and Jackie Chan lumped together!
The scrapes Andy Cole, Jackie Chan, El Chapo and Paul Burrell all get into! Gaw! You guys!
Paul Burrell makes me physically sick
Diana, The Princess of Wales with Nicholas Burrell, the son of her butler Paul in April 1993
Paul Burrell is appreciative of the many calls & emails he has received in regards to the passing of his brother, Scott.
Someone clearly after a change of career, Paul Burrell has signed up to Q school!
Bro I used to look up to Cody Paul 💀
Ha ha! Right. Look at what the Queen said to butler Paul Burrell, about "dark forces" etc.
I keep thinking Hugh Bonneville and Paul Burrell are the same person. I googled it and apparently that's not an unusual thing.
omg I can't unsee it now! He's cross between David Cameron and Paul Burrell
but that's not true...he's guarded Paul every time..guarded Kemba...Russ for a lot of the game...dame.Kyrie
I believe it's because usually you'll see Chris Paul guarding the team's best player or PG. The same can't be said for Curry.
With the benefit of hindsight, the content of that letter has bothered me since her death.
44 - Jarrow's Paul Burrell fires narrowly wide of top from from 20 yards
Paul Burrell awarded £5000 damages in privacy action against Max Clifford re letter faxed to News of the World - https:…
wins privacy case damages from disgraced Max
1. Kim Burrell can ousting most people.
Paul Burrell hails 'end of a nightmare' after winning Max Clifford privacy case: ... in 2002…
Interesting treatise...would you be more likely to join a Rotary Club if it was like the one Evan Burrell imagines h…
What would the 2016 version of Paul Harris look like? Interesting blog by Evan Burrell in Wales...after reading...
The Laughing Duck must be grinning like a Cheshire Cat.
If Paul Harris started Rotary today: Evan Burrell, left, with other members of the Joint Committee o...
Paul Burrell wins privacy case damages from disgraced Max Clifford - via
Paul Burrell and Max Clifford in a court battle. A grim pair of ***
Paul Burrell succeeds in breach of confidence & misuse of private information claim against Max Clifford
Royal butler Paul Burrell wins damages from Max Clifford: Princess Diana's ex-butler said he had hired Cliffor...
Paul Burrell wins damages against Max Clifford... the sort of contest you wish neither side won!!
The former royal butler Paul Burrell has won a privacy claim against the publicist Max Clifford at the High Court.
£5k compensation for privacy breach/misuse of private info claim. Adds to growing number of UK compensation awards
Paul Burrell hired Max Clifford to defend him in press, but instead he faxed Rebekah Brooks
Ex-royal butler Paul Burrell to hear privacy claim result in Max Clifford case via
Ex-Royal Butler Wins Case Against Clifford. Paul Burrell is an ex butler with delusions of grandeur not a celebrity
Paul Burrell Vs Max Clifford a fight no one wants to see a winner in, but everyone prays goes the distance..
Paul Burrell wrote letter about Brittania scandal to Greg Paed.
I see your Timmy Mallet and raise you esteemed former Royal butler Paul Burrell *tries to keep straight face*.
Max Clifford claims Paul Burrell has lied in high court case
me: paul I think I can jump this fence . paul: you're gonna fall and break your face . me: haters make you stronger . me: …
"Pink. I could say black, because black goes with everything, but her favorite color was pink.” -Ex Royal Butler Paul Burrell
i'll never leave you . like unless we get hit by a train, paul and i are NEVER going to stop posting and being here for yo…
Remember when Paul Burrell was on I'm A Celebrity? That was better than this too.
They should have had bits of silverware sticking out of Paul Burrell's pockets throughout. That would have been a nice touch.
"'s another one of me, Paul Burrell, opening a door in 1988."
They could have got the real Paul Burrell in for a tenner, I expect
paul: danny I got you a present. me: it's pizza isn't it . paul: no it's not . me: ok . paul: *hands me a pizza*
It was time for Paul Burrell to bid farewell to the Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday night, though in typical style his exit wasn't
CBB Paul Burrell's SHOCKING love match prediction revealed
Paul Burrell makes SHOCKING love match prediction in Celebrity Big Brother
This week's News: plans for solar farm, city under seige, Paul Burrell in CBB, holiday traf…
Paul Burrell's final words with Princess Diana from last night's will break your heart http:…
Paul Burrell learning there that the British are as famous for the Monarchy as they are holding a grudge.
Imagine if when Paul Burrell goes into the house he has to recreate his famous Bushtucker Trial with Jenna :(
Thanks Julian. I hope they get a pension at such a great age. Paul Zarb
thanks! :) Peter Sergeant is a good man. Paul Burrell in Drayton is very switched on.
All set for Terry Burrell and Paul Lowe's Teacher webinar this evening on engaging and keeping sec students in science
What of they named the after Paul Burrell. Ha.
Come to the Charles Burrell Centre in Thetford at 7.30pm tonight and listen to Paul Smyth make the case for voting in
Paul Burrell - Chapter Twenty Seven on Urab3AT-FM Intl. home of Undergroud Rap b3ATS 24/7.
Phillies potentially drafting in '16 is great. The way this fanbase treated Pat Burrell shows how patient and understanding they'll be.
Here in Montreal no mention of but plenty of coverage of Royal Baby. Experts interviewed? Deputy Editor of Hello and Paul Burrell !
Paul Burrell, former Butler to Princess Diana bets name of the new "Elizabeth Diana"
You can be the next Paul Burrell I reckon.
If Prince William is so inclined, 'Diana' & 'Elizabeth' likely middle names, not first ~ Paul Burrell.
Just seen Paul Burrell in throwing Fifty on Chantelle
Canny wait to get my grass cut on Monday I'm sure I just saw paul burrell doing a bushtucker challenge
Vintage Safe Books: Hide your precious memories in this Safe Book "A Royal Duty"
Royal butlers, payed so little, yet stay so loyal, rock solid, Paul Burrell.
me and Paul Burrell on anthem of the seas cruise
If you read the judge's comments in the Paul Burrell prosecution, or Dudley Higgins' appeal... Both still there.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
What was in the cimema Insomnia Ice Age Lilo and Stitch Minority Report Chicago The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Road to Perdition Spider-Man The Bourne Identity Signs About A Boy Catch Me If You Can Spirited Away What happened in the news Ryanair Flight 296 catches fire at London Stansted Airport. The end of the Foot and Mouth crisis is declared after 11 months The Queen Mother's funeral procession from the Chapel Royal at St James's Palace to Westminster Hall to lie in state. The "Party in the Palace" takes place at Buckingham Palace, London for The Queen's Golden Jubilee celebrations. Concorde leads the Red Arrows over London in a fly past for Queen Elizabeth II on her Golden Jubilee 10-year-old girls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman go missing in Soham, Cambridgeshire. The bodies of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman are found in a ditch near Thetford. Diana, Princess of Wales' former butler, Paul Burrell, is cleared of stealing from the princess' estate after it was revealed that he had told the Que ...
Do you think I should write to Buckingham Palace and request that Her Majesty or Prince Charles does a formal on-camera interview with me? I already have some questions - especially related to Paul Burrell, Princess Diana, the economy, Bank of England, Angola, Sierra Leon Diamonds Business, Scottish Independence etc. I mean, they never speak to journalists hardly ever do they? Perhaps no journalists ever bother requesting an interview? The chances are they would never answer - but I think a sincere request and a polite letter is a sensible thing to send.
Well, the Cherry Blossom Festival wrapped up some time ago, but could not move on until we shared the "QUOTE OF THE FESTIVAL", at least in the eye of this establishment. On the way to the Festival with guests Paul Burrell and Graham Cooper, Dixie was driving up Highway KK when they happened upon some roadkill and a group of turkey vultures. Naturally, they flew away as the truck approached, when Paul says. "Oh look, they've unleashed the Flying Monkeys"! Imagine that with Paul's British accent. That' all.
Cherry Blossom Festival Event To Know - An English Tea Holy Trinity Catholic Church Thursday, April 24 - 2:30 PM Paul Burrell who served both the Queen and Princess Diana's Butler & Confidant, will perform a Royal English Tea Service, demonstrating how tea is made and served to the Royals. Paul is also bringing and have on display a dress worn by Princess Diana and not seen since her death. (Donations Accepted)
I learnt all this through mine & Princess Diana's trusted friend Paul Burrell the butler
Stephen Mulhern is the Paul Burrell of live television.
More Bios and Autobios available for borrow- "A Royal Duty" by Paul Burrell, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" by Aron Ralston, "John Adams" by David McCullough, "John Glenn- A Memoir" John Glenn with Nick Taylor, "Steve Jobs" by Walter Isaacson.
i have got hard back editions of biographies/autobiographies. All are in very good condition and would make suitable Christmas presents. I have got 2 x Paul O Grady, Peter Kay, Russell Brand, Michael Parkinson, Judi Dench, Fern Britton, Julie Walters, Billy Connolly, Jeremy Clarkson, Reeves & Mortimer, George Best, Who Killed Kurt Cobain, Paul Burrell (Princess Diana's butler). Please inbox me if interested.
I have a feeling dear Annabel Giles may be put in for a few trials.Sounds reminiscent of Paul Burrell.
this trial should be full of squeaks and squawks, let's hope they put Paul Burrell to shame xx
Matthew is becoming the Paul Burrell of the show
Meeting Anthony Burrell from SYTYCD and Nick Daniels from Dance Moms, today at Paul Morris Dancexplosion!!
Paul Burrell needs to die. As soon as possible.
Swear I just seen Paul Burrell driving past the gym! 😂😂🍴
Great quote from Paul Burrell it's awful how handled this situation & that of many others
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according to Paul Burrell in his book "A Royal Duty",Diana's code name for Prince Harry among her staff is "GKH" or "Good King Harry".
Bumped into Briggs and Burrell having a pint
Paul Burrell and Dean Gaffney doing the trials
I'm a celebrity is nothing like back in the day when Paul Burrell cried and stuttered 'don't bite me, don't bite me' at a hole in the wall
is it just me or does Matthew Right have a resemblance to Paul Burrell
Sean Paul always has the tunes to get the night started
no what series was it I remember that Paul Burrell been hilarious when he was doing tasks as well
Matthew reminds me of Paul Burrell. Think he'll follow in his foot steps and finish 2nd. Behind Joey sadly.
Paul Burrell was the most hilarious contestant of all time 😂😂😂
Hilarious debate with housemate about the genesis of the memoir & general salaciousness. Paul Burrell defs came up..
Bloody *** And we thought nobody could be quite as irritating as Paul Burrell and then along comes Joey facking Essex.
The Clash of the Camps? Thought they were bringing back Paul Burrell for a minute
Paul Burrell trial still makes me laugh
lol don't be sore cos you're wrong. I admit, Paul burrell isn't a good advocate, but never even heard of the under people
Paul Burrell, Princess Di's assistant, can tell you a lot more about that interview. He didn't seem content.
Paul: Senate GOP tried to block 'grandfather' clause but Dems saved it via
Would you be as excited if it was The Butler - Paul Burrell?
Nope. I think he's a big camp faker. Reminds me of Paul Burrell. Screaming for attention is the term I believe.
I can see a Paul Burrell resemblance in Matthew Wright on
Matthew Wright and Paul Burrell were separated at birth weren't they?
he's another one like that butler who was on that time Paul Burrell ha ha
Go on even funnier than the Paul Burrell task years ago!
Mathew Wright is the new Paul Burrell so funny!
That was better than when Paul Burrell did this trial!
I've not laughed so much since Paul Burrell was on lol fair play Matthew was excellent!!! I'm retching for him. Glad I've eaten!!
Matthew Wright is reaching Paul Burrell levels of brilliance here
Not normally one for these celeb shows, but buzz off these men eating ostrich *** Paul Burrell won't be beaten though
have a feeling he's gonna do a Paul Burrell
Matthew Wright could be the new version of Paul Burrell . Without the greed and the betrayal of Princess Diana mind
When Paul Burrell had his hand in that wall
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Lemme see Joey eat these foods! Think Matthew Wright will be funnier, Paul Burrell-esque
Paul Burrell was so funny in I'm a celeb
I hope Matthew Wright is this years Paul Burrell
Not since Paul Burrell on have I laughed so much at the tv! Joey Essex, what a plonker!
hoping for a paul burrell moment as a birthday present for ant! Fingers crossed
That Matthew Wright is like Paul Burrell but twice as ***
doesn't Matthew Wright remind you of Paul burrell ,do you think he gonna be great viewing , how camp is he ?
mathew wright is gonna be this years paul burrell!!! Lmao :-)
"I'm going to knock one out" Matthew Wright is this years Paul Burrell.hilarious
don't you think tho he maybe the new Paul Burrell of the jungle?? Lol
Matthew Wright is the new Helen Flanagan... or Paul Burrell... or Natalie Appleton... or Brian Conley... or something ~
Can imagine Matthew Wright having a paul Burrell reaction to his trial
think we might have another Paul Burrell moment this year
do you think Joey Essex is gonna be this years Paul Burrell ?
"Is Matthew Wright related to Paul Burrell? lol I thought that too
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Joey might be as funny as Paul Burrell was and that was the literal funniest thing ever.
Bloody *** Matthew Wright is basically Paul Burrell in disguise
Paul Burrell putting his hands in the holes in the wall was a good celeb moment 😂😂
Well no surprise he was picked! Reminds me of Paul Burrell meets Helen Flan meets Natalie Appleton! Wimps with emotional issues!
I think Matt wright is this year Paul Burrell & leaving in a straight jacket
I cried laughing when he jumped in the pool with the baby crocodile! What about Paul Burrell with the spider? "Move over darling"!
it's embarrassing and people though Paul Burrell was bad!! 😂
I take it Matthew Wright is the new Paul Burrell?!
Nothing tops Paul Burrell when he did the *** hole challenge though 😂
Am liking the women on Matthew Wright is definitely this year's Paul Burrell. Bushtucker trials ahoy!
i was hasty. Hes actually like a combination of Paul Burrell, Tony Blackburn & Timmy Mallett.
Paul Burrell opens up over Princess' affair with heart surgeon: 'There were three of us in relationship'
News: Edinburgh. | Princess Diana film premiere bosses risk angering royals with plan to invite Paul Burrell and Moha
OK, so Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, is young, suave, handsome and rich and has a very nice wife. But there is unquestionable evidence showing him to be the anti-Christ, who will unite all the world on behalf of the New World Order. Everything was predicted by Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma, the Bible's Book of Revelations, and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. All tell of a third world war, after which one man rules the world. Princess Diana, mother of William, was part of the Stuart family, who descend from King Charles II of England. This family has been linked to David, Israel's long-ago king. Anyone planning on claiming that they were Christ as will the anti-Christ, would have to be a relative of David. Diana threw herself down a set of stairs while pregnant with William, and understandably so if she appreciated what she had gotten herself into. She died in an automobile accident, ten months following the letter she wrote to her ex-servant, Paul Burrell, saying he was concerned ...
I've cut and pasted the Telegraph article.Again - interesting perspective from our colleagues in Great Britain. The article is entitled "Happy Clappy Songs are Judged to Have Ruined Britain" Graham Kendrick – the author of such painful hymns as Shine, Jesus, Shine has been included amongst a list of 50 people responsible for ruining Britain. Please don't Shine, Jesus, shine Being placed alongside individuals as nauseating as Paul Burrell, Jeffrey Archer and Janet Street-Porter might seem a little harsh for someone whose only crime is to have penned more happy-clappy songs than anyone else. Four hundred at the last count. But it's hard to fault the argument. "Happy-cr*ppy hymns are a pestilence," says Quentin Letts, a parliamentary sketchwriter. "They demean adult worship, dragging it to a level even lower than that of Mrs C F Alexander's All Things Bright and Beautiful. "They are self-obsessed, babyish, cliched, simplistic." He stops there, but no doubt could have gone on. Also in the list is Ronald Jas ...
Freshly stolen. Gutted for Paul Burrell... At least your ok.
I’m going with ‘Paul Burrell has had his photo shoot..'
Stood behind Paul Burrell ex. Royal Butler in Post Office discussing the virtues of Thatcher 'She won the Falklands'.
Shop local, know what you want: Princess Diana's former butler, florist Paul Burrell, shares his flower-buying tips
Capital Gold presenter host, Paul Burrell has an audience with Tony Morley this Thursday 18th @ E57 Social Club, Alcester Rd South, B14 5EY
Tickets just £10pp and that includes a Curry.. evening hosted by Capital Gold Presenter Paul Burrell 2of2
Big up computer Paul, Timmi Burrell- its my time via
... In the company of Vicky Pryce, Heather Mills, Clarence Mitchell, Lance Armstrong, Paul Burrell and other nice folk.
Paul Burrell grew up in chessie, John hurt and jason statham were born in shirebrooke, (town just outside chessie)
It's our announcer Paul Burrell. Not used to announcing 5-0 score lines!
Is that Paul Burrell on the PA system at Wembley?
Paul Burrell just announced this over the tannoy in computer game style.
At least there's a bit of Arsenal at Wembley today, even if its only pa announcer Paul Burrell!
That was brilliant. And the Paul Burrell one. And the Fatima 'Cockroach up Nose' debacle XD
Paul Burrell has just walked into the house party I'm at lol!
Next up: premiere of Paul Burrell's Requiem jointly with Presdales School choirs Wed 20 March, All Saints Hertford.
our one Paul Burrell ain't bad either ! In fact he's a leg!
it's going on my book shelf with Paul Burrell's In the Royal Style.
what goes around...somewhere Paul Burrell and Helen Flanagan are very happy! Well handled though lads :)
if you're against choices others make be it sexuality, age, religion, mistakes or anything similar, then I'm afraid I'm against you, but that's your choice, therefore I'm a hypocrit
Arrived !!! Waiting for Princess Royal ! bit early she will be having breakfast in bed still. Wonder if she still talks to Paul Burrell on Skype !
captains Jeremy Hughes and Paul Burrell not giving away anything before the tee off
PR guru Max Clifford has denied claims by former royal butler Paul Burrell that he breached his confidentiality by passing personal details about him to the News of the World.
Max Clifford denies breaching former royal butler Paul Burrell's confidentiality by passing personal details to News of the World -
Publicist Max Clifford has denied allegations that he violated the privacy of Paul Burrell by revealing the ex-royal servant's personal details to the media.
Ex-Princess Di butler Paul Burrell was in town buying secondhand DVDs yesterday in the Butchers Market it seems.
ITVs Morning show, Friday 16th December. Paul Burrell, former servant of the British Royal Household, footman for Queen Elizabeth II and later butler to Diana, Princess of Wales. makes Phillip Schofield & Holly Willoughby into Lord Phillip Schofield
Paul Burrell squeeling like a girl? Katie Price eating some pretty questionable 'Tucker'?...What's your top I'm a celeb Trial?
Christophe Berra is a Paul Burrell was for Princess Diana.
had a lovely weekend! Melissas house, Castle Howard, Paul Burrell and chicken dinner.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Stuart Hazell is to get Paul Burrell's solicitor to defend him. If he gets off, I hope he doesn't end up on I'm A Celebrity.
one non celebrity.Paul Burrell,the late Diana,Princess of Wales's butler and, since older,Louis Walsh.Twice
Hey were you singing the national anthem when you employed Paul Burrell to tittle tattle on the Windsors?
Timely Research: MONKEY BRAINS AS CUISINE Monkey brain is a controversial foodstuff, often attributed to the Chinese, but also found in certain other countries. The practice of eating monkey brains has led to over-hunting in Indonesia, especially due to the unfounded belief that eating the monkeys' brain can cure impotence. In Western popular culture, the consumption of monkey brains is repeatedly portrayed and debated, often in the context of portraying exotic cultures as exceptionally cruel, callous and strange. It is often portrayed as follows: the brain is eaten cooked. the brain is eaten raw (occasionally directly out of the dead monkey's skull). the brain is eaten fresh, spooned out of the skull while the monkey is still alive. Monkey brain has a melt in the mouth texture and is "very delicious". Paul Burrell, the former butler of Princess Diana, claims he was served monkey brains on banana leaves and coconut palms in one of their visits. However, it is still debated, and difficult to substantiate w ...
Message for Arsenal. Your announcer, Paul Burrell, can be collected from the Donbass Arena in Donetsk. Now. Please.
Fascinating read is Paul Burrell's A Royal Duty - Scotland Yard exhibits the same type of corruption suspected in Hackgate.
Express says Sussex's Hugh Bonneville is to star as Paul Burrell. Argus newspaper sales boss Simon Howarth is Burrell's real copycat though.
If Nick is the love child of 1D & Boris Johnson then Ricky is most def the love child of Paul Burrell & Dale Winton!
The trial of Paul Burrell, Diana's butler, was stopped in November 2002 after a single phone call from Prince Charles to the judge of the trial. Prince Charles claimed that the Queen had suddenly remembered details of a conversation she had with Paul Burrell shortly after Diana's death. During this conversation, Burrell is said to have told the Queen he would be taking some items for safe keeping. This revelation lead to the ending of the trial, despite the fact that the statement by Prince Charles was legally nothing more than hearsay. The Queen or Prince Charles was never asked to back up this statement in writing, or under oath. Legally speaking, this is unprecedented. Anybody else coming forward with such 'evidence' at a late date may well be charged with wasting police time for not mentioning it earlier, and would certainly be required to sign an affidavit under threat of perjury. The press began to speculate that the Queen and Prince Charles had wanted the trial stopped because Burrell as part of hi ...
Hugh Bonneville looks so much like Paul Burrell it's frightening
The Way We Were: Remembering Diana (Hardcover): Paul Burrell served Diana, Princess of Wales, as her faithful bu...
There are a lot of people online questioning Kevin Costner's truthfulness about Princess Diana being interested in doing 'The Bodyguard 2' - it was verified by Princess Diana's Personal Butler and Confidant, Paul Burrell, in his 2003 book: 'A Royal Duty' of which I have a copy. On page 240 to 241, an excerpt of what Paul writes: "One evening in July, the telephone rang. It was the film actor Kevin Costner.I rang the princess..."It's Kevin Costner. He would like to speak to you." There was a shriek of excitement. "Put him through, Paul, and come up." .She saw me and waved me over. "But I can't sing," she said, giggling. She paused. "What would I be expected to do?" Another pause..."I'm not sure but, yes, okay, send it and I promise I will have a look." When she ended the call, she told me: "He wants me to star in his next film--The Bodyguard II!" It was to be the sequel to the first film that had starred Whitney Houston. She would play a princess. He would save her life. He promised it would be tastefully ...
Police Find Human Remains In Woodland On Sandringham Estate, Sky News * So that's what happened to Paul Burrell ...
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