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Paul Allen

Paul Gardner Allen (born January 21, 1953) is an American business magnate and investor. Allen co-founded Microsoft with Bill Gates.

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yo just saw punk *** jake Paul on access Hollywood on TV ! SMH what a waste of time
then Paul Allen or the Blazers won’t know who I am. Never mind. Name stays.
Imagine that the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee had said President Hillary Clinton was unfit to be pre…
Grayson Allen and Duke have now ruined basketball AND Cascada
We’re saddened by the loss of retired astronaut Paul Weitz who lived on Skylab & commanded 1st flight of Challenger:
The July newscast is up! Iowa media appearances, Paul Simon tribute, and the latest from The Dames:
Is there any chance you could shed some light on the Dave Allen situation please?
PAUL RYAN?? Hey how was your time working with Booz Allen?
Bad year. Bad team. Nick Barmby the standout. Never achieved greatness. Shame. Paul Allen was great. Gary…
No they haven’t. They’re worth doing just to bankrupt the Marxis…
I really want to see an in-character-in-character cameo by Tim Allen in DSC now.
The next panel discussion focuses on the topic of fake news with speakers Don Hall, Paul Allen and Sharon Bannerton…
Penny is hooked on the heady mixture of Paul Haskins, she’s oblivious to his darker side.
Why isn’t it worth doing just to bankrupt them?
I find that as detestable as you do.
Current mood: Patrick Bateman having a mental breakdown in public because Paul Allen's business card is better than his
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Seriously, why did no one tell me Jared Leto reprised his role as Paul Allen in Suicide Squad?
Paul Allen does his show from the Xcel Center penalty box couple of times a month during morning skate.
I added a video to a playlist Paul van Dyk & Steve Allen - Fairytales
“Paul Allen has mistaken me for Marcus Halberstram...we even go to the same barber, all though I have a slightly be…
Is he going to kill Paul Allen because he was able to make a reservation at the Dorsia's? 😱
Trad catholicism will become even mor…
Every Christian should be able to say, with the Apostle Paul,. “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners"--and I am…
Flush yourself back to Israel, turd
Paul Heyman chose the wrong hair dye.
With Tony Allen gone, which player is responsible for kicking Chris Paul in the face?
Movies by Paul Thomas Anderson and Woody Allen coming out soon, this is the life
It certainly was. Was voted down to be "Central Park" as a gift to the city (1995) by its v…
But it's a huge company. And it grew quickly. Now they own Lake Union: Amazon City. That wa…
So excited to see this announced! Congratulations to Greg Johnson Pacific Marine Environmental Lab!!!.
is example number one! Only Paul Allen pollutes close to him! But all your believers? Ask them to…
Update your maps at Navteq
Profiling "an explorer on a lifelong quest for consciousness, connection, understanding.”
Definitive documentary on life of Dr. Sacks by Emmy winner Ric Burns coming in 2018. More news soon! https…
ah yes the guy who was killed by Rabbis for not usurp…
Says the guy who bows to a jewish zombie
Paul pierce, Jason Kidd, Ray Allen and Reggie Miller should NOT be in the NBA top 50 of all time. They’re Not even close
An honor to interview LtCol Allen West on discussing PTSd, Veterans Care & Culture.
I love Paul George, Klay Thompson, and Ray, Allen, bu they are not top ten best players of all time
This is turning into a disaster of a card, looking like Allen vs Thomas off as well, not good from matchroom
I didn't even like their first fight but Allen does look in great shape this time
I’m going Saturday, 5hour car journey, the only way it could get worse is if Allen vs Thomas is off…
Two extraordinary leaders in the industry: our own Paul Cleary with ID's Cindy Allen.
The movie should be: Paul Allen, the luckiest man in the world, who retired at ~27…
Richard Sherman on Paul Allen: "We have the best owner in the league". Says "He just wants to help humanity".
For me it's the $35M Paul Allen spent on Michael Bennet that's not paying off. The Raiders sig…
Less than a week now until and Paul Allen arrive in town along with the ever ready ... c…
Paul Allen buy an O Line B4 we lose 3. The 12's deserve more. And take a page from Jerry Jones. Tell y…
1st Wood Lane wicket to Paul Allen caught Chris Barker - 16 for 1
.cofounder Paul Allen, aquatic and all in one article.
Paul Allen needs to step in and give Pete a little pressure to fire Bevell and Cable. This was ridiculous 3 years ago. It's insanity now.
Paul Allen helps find lost wreckage of USS Indianapolis in Philippine Sea with latest sonar technology
To the extent that Paul Allen himself had to sit Pete & John down, direct them to loosen up the philosophy &get involved in the OL FA market
Paul Allen announces discovery of sunken WWII ship
U.S. Navy: civilian expedition funded by Paul Allen has located the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis in 18,000 feet of wa…
I just want to be billionaire Paul Allen! :-) Fascinating!
USS Indianapolis that delivered A-bomb components before being sunk by the Japanese with loss of 879 lives found
The USS Indianapolis is found after 72 years on the sea bed: Wreck of ship that was sunk by a Japanese submarine ... h…
Paul Allen’s team finds sunken World War II warship in Philippine Sea
Yesterday's Gold Star of Excellence went to Paul Allen and his search team, for locating the wreck of the WWII cruiser USS Indianapolis.
Paul Allen announces discovery of sunken WWII ship: via
I'll never forget the USS Indianapolis memorial Arlington National Cemetery-Thinking about the 879 heroes buried...
Resident Harold Bray was on this ship. Paul Allen finds lost WWII ship USS Indianapolis via
Goddamned proud of fellow Paul Allen. Amazing find.
Wow this is amazing helps when you have BIG MONEY!!! Paul Allen finds lost WWII ship USS Indianapolis
Researchers led by billionaire Paul Allen announced they found the wreck of the WWII cruiser USS Indianapolis which was l…
P Allen finds lost WWII ship USS Indianapolis - Can't help but think of the movie when I read this. Amazing.
Paul Allen's team find Wreck of warship USS Indianapolis found deep in Pacific after 72 years | Toronto Star
The resting place of the USS Indianapolis has been found
Long lost USS Indianapolis wreckage discovered by Paul Allen crew // What a feat by and crew. htt…
Billionaire Paul Allen finds wreckage of World War II naval ship in the Pacific
A research crew funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen says they have found the wreckage of the USS Indianapolis
Don't forget Clive and Paul Allen, Alan Mullery, David Howells, Darren Anderton and the rest.. we all…
Good story Chas, my favourite moment from that day was Willie Young chopping down Paul Allen 😂😂😂
I promise you that this episode is better than Van Patten's and Paul Allen's cards.
and so did Oprah Winfrey, Paul Allen, John Mackey, Mark Zuckerberg... Not everyone…
Patrick: Let's see Paul Allen's spinner. *sweats* Look at that subtle design. The tasteful weight. Oh my God, it even has c…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jayson Tatum and few picks for Paul Allen
"The twin-fuselage aircraft, the baby of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen". I feel bad for Mrs. Allen.
Paul Allen’s monstrous Stratolaunch airplane emerges from its hangar, but it will be a while before a first flight: https…
World's largest airplane is rolled out Via
World's largest airplane is rolled out.
Paul Allen just rolled out Stratolaunch, the world's largest airplane - The Washington Post
Paul Allen showed off his new rocket-launching plane today, and it’s BIG:
World's largest airplane is rolled out:
World's largest airplane is rolled out
Rejoice! Paul Allen has brought back the wonders of the ginormous, goofy-looking airplane! I hear it's also useful. .
Microsoft alum Paul Allen unveiled the world's largest airplane via
World's largest airplane is rolled out - ➜
"Microsoft co-founder built the world’s largest plane to launch rockets into space"
For the first time, Paul Allen's moved out of its hanger for testing and LOOK HOW BIG THIS PLANE IS. https:/…
Microsoft alum Paul Allen unveils the world's largest airplane
Electronic Device Insurance
just listened the Paul Allen podcast...great show! Congrats!please have on more!
Paul Allen just rolled out the world's largest airplane, and he is ready to take on the rocketmakers
Microsoft's co-founder Paul Allen just unveiled the biggest plane in the world
A company owned by Microsoft's co-founder just unveiled the biggest plane in the world
The world's largest airplane has been rolled out of its hangar to start flight tests
The world’s largest aircraft prepares for testing. Paul Allen, the Howard Hughes of 2017!
cofounder Paul Allen threw an exclusive party on one of his superyachts during the Cannes Film Festival http…
I understand Jeff Bezos , Paul Allen, & Bill and Melinda Gates are Big supporters of the Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel. A global peace w
The guest list was that typical mix of billionaires (Paul Allen), models (Coco Rocha) and actors (Adrien Brody).
My question is who in the Blazers organization disallowed this meeting? Isn't Neil at the top other than Paul Allen himself?
Continue the White Hart Lane celebrations with us as we welcome legends Clive & Paul Allen to Gloucester for a grea…
Yes they are all England players. Root, Morgan, Heather knight, Mathew Dean, Paul Allen, Chris Edwards and Ian Nairn
Climate change is as real as it gets. Why isn't it showing up in more Hollywood films?
Marshawn Lynch is a class act with a Thank You to Paul Allen &12s in big Seattle Times ad = great leader, respect + Beast Mode at its finest
When you're seeing your mates at nine but got to murder Paul Allen at ten.
Moniz, Paul Allen (Vulcans), and MIT insiders to Masonic Lodges--Governor Wolf of PA and lots of others. Bilderberg Group
By the way--Rick Perry is also a Bilderberg Member Trump. Moniz, Paul Allen and Beazley all came out of Los Alamos Lab--NM.
At my frat, Phi Kappa Theta (JFK and Paul Allen are brothers), we were hazed by being told to drink warm beer until we threw up.
Spaceship One—funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and designed by legendary American aeronautical engineer and visionary Burt Rutan
I re-watched American Psycho for like the 20th time the other and realized that Jared Leto plays Paul Allen
‘Most important computer in history’: machine part of exhibit at Paul Allen museum via
‘Most important computer in history’: Steve Jobs machine part of Apple exhibit at Paul Allen museu…
"Hi, this is Paul Allen. I'm being called away to London for a few days. Meredith, I'll call you when I get back. H…
On this day in 1975, Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen.
OK for Mike Schill to do as Oregon president — or Paul Allen to do with the Trailblazers — but not for Chairman Kni…
Tickets selling quickly for our evening with & Paul Allen. Don't miss out on another top night! ht…
Monica Seles stabbed during a match and came back to win Aussie Open and date Paul Allen
The personal assets of Bill Gates, Paul Allen &Warren Buffet exceed the COMBINED GDP of the worlds 41 poorest countries.. let that sink in.
Bill Gates scored 1590 out of a total of 1600 on the SAT, while Paul Allen, his partner in 'Microsoft', scored a perfect…
Rangers: Paul Allen, Rotarian from the Clarksville Club with Kathy Whitfield representing our District 5830. The...
Cheetah in a tree, Kruger National Park, South Africa by Paul Allen
As if John Schneider knew Russell Wilson was franchise QB, Paul Allen had extra 9M laying around to throw at Matt Flynnn🙄🙄
Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen wipes out coral reef with his superyacht
Lesley Stahl speaks to Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen in his first interview about his upcomin... :
“It was a great night for our team. CJ McCollum was the player we wanted going into the draft." -- Paul Allen
Also, if you have been a Paul Allen (ie. Trying to emulate someone more successful), just make sure that he is not wielding an axe.
who does that remix of Taylor Swift "Out of the Woods" that you play?
Yea...replaced Guy Junker at 33 on weekends after he replaced Paul Steigerwald. Worked with Bob Allen (on 2 now) with Ed Littler
That would be such a life-changing thing, for us all to know that there ...
I am very excited to be supporting one of the world's most visionary e...
Paul Allen? My first guy reaction answer but I can't actually recall.
- by Pete Carroll & Paul Allen:. Buy an Offensive Line.
Young Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Lakeside School - *** fun...
I wonder what Paul Allen is thinking.
if I were Paul Allen I would bench Pete. Total disaster , I would fire his assistant. Unacceptable to do this with Boykin
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Are they going to choke this game away?!? If I was Paul Allen I'd be sharpening the blade. I'll say it again. Badly coached team.
I miss the watching the Celtics with KG Paul Pierce and Ray Allen. They were just so dominant!
Why did worrilow go hit the player without the ball snd not help Allen tackle Thomas?!
Why was Allen calling for a push off?
How in the world is Paul Allen friends with this guy? What a twit
Middleton's TD is Jets' first special teams TD since Antonio Allen on blocked punt return vs OAK in 2013. Breaks 50-gm drou…
Bro ain't good unless he got Paul Pierce, kg & Ray Allen on his team 😂😂 trash
Paul Allen: "Now under 4 minutes left on the game *** lulz
HC Pete Carroll and owner Paul Allen had a long conversation on the side of the field during warm ups.
Boxers who career should and will end this year will be, Paul smith, Frankie Gavin and Dave Allen
GOOD NEWS! This is the last time i have to listen to Paul Allen on the radio for 8 months!
Putin bringing his labrador into a press conference with Merkel in 2007; she has a well-known fear of dogs.😁
Tomorrow sees the return of former manager Paul Hart to Fratton Park. Now Luton assistant boss.
Allen Robinson may not be Allen Robinson on the Seahawks. Paul Richardson could be better, diff offense
I would like to thank Paul Allen and Bill Gates and Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf for Windows and Internet.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I liked a video Paul and julian nightmare solo
How many wins would the Knicks have next year with Chris Paul and Tony Allen?
China's plan for marks a jumbo step forward for campaign to save elephants, backed by
Thanks for the follow, Paul. Rick Allen, B3. For info on my musicians' life book, please click
I heard we have been linked with Dennis Wise, Paul Warhurst, Nigel Clough and Martin Allen.😕
On this day in a fictional 1987, Patrick Bateman believed he killed Paul Allen after sharing his love of Huey Lewis and…
Haven't seen Paul Allen's face like this since Super Bowl 49 and the Seahawks didn't hand it off to Marshawn Lynch. https…
Great day to farewell to Paul Allen, Damien Barker & Nev McDonald from South Services Team yesterday. Off to BCE Central Office. Good men.
it was actually when him, Paul Allen, and Steve Ballmer played minor league baseball.
The reason Patrick Bateman could never be as good as Paul Allen was because he didn't know the difference between a font and a typeface.
My mentality is Patrick Bateman right before he kills Paul Allen
I'm going to start referring to Bill Gates as The First Lady and Melinda as President. Paul Allen will be called Vice President.
Whoa whoa did you say youre having Paul Allen on and NOT Patrick Bateman?. Careful guys...
premieres on 12/4, executive producers include Robert Redford and Paul Allen
can you please expand that succession to OR and WA? team up w Microsoft, Amazon, & Paul Allen.
Every window in Cap-Ferrat looks as though Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, or I guess Paul Allen could…
If you've got Paul Allen bankrolling you by all means play it old-school!
...enjoyed talking with Coleman and Paul Allen whenever the Lions and Vikings played each other. One of the best parts of the job...
Paul Allen is just fat homer trash. Joe Buck at least has a smooth voice.
"I got Bobby by the pound, KJ by the key, Paul Allen buys the gallon but the CLINK belongs to me."
Can you imagine Jerry Jones, Paul Allen, Bob Kraft and every other real owner let $14M get in the way of winning?
I'm like the Paul Allen of Jimmy John's sandwich reviews.
Just ended my night with Paul Allen, and Steve Ballmer!
Mariah Carrey real father is Paul Allen ,londa is not Mariah Carrey or her sister &linda does not support your sexually deprived ideas
Just realized Steve Ross is the 2nd richest owner in the NFL behind Paul Allen. How's that working out for us?
Why "buckle up"? He's a role player and proved his value last year. Is he worth that much? That's for Paul Allen to decide.
Reflection captured inside to the Experience Music Project At Seattle Center. Conceived by Paul Allen and...
Mia's 'Seeing Nature' will make you glad Paul Allen collected art
All Or Nothing focuses in on the core 3 for AZ of their management. Paul Allen.. Don't mess around. Give Carroll and Schneider it all.
BANDISTRO News: Saturday Photo Feature: John Paul Allen: And we're back with another Saturda... BANDISTRO News:
Remember Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Paul Allen, Roger Mayweather and family in your prayers
Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen donates $1M to build housing for Seattle's homeless:
Paul Allen donates $1 million to build homes for homeless in Columbia City
I would like to not only thank Paul Allen but also John Schneider
Paul Allen isn't paying a $500 million bill just to get a team. Relocation will be his avenue if he ever ventures out to get 1.
Step inside the chic Hollywood hotel that Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen's company just bought for $41 million
adding credits for along with Paul Allen and Joseph Bambara, great resources.
KKR is Henry Kravis' firm, but George Soros, Steve Cohen and Paul Allen were all backers as well.
It's be cool if Patrick Bateman ran for President but I know he's busy killing Paul Allen.
I'm shocked, really. And sad. I never got Paul Allen or Patrick Bateman's business cards. 😢
A look back at the failed FlipStart mobile by cofounder Paul Allen
Digital Tech News: A look back at the failed FlipStart mobile PC by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen: Before mo...
Christian Benteke, Joe Allen, Lucas Leiva, Martin Skrtel and Jordon Ibe are all set to speak to Klopp about their futures. (…
I don't care for neither player. But if they got Tony Allen for an accidental kick to Chris Paul's face . Green gotta go! 🏀
no different than Bruce Bowen kicking Chris Paul, Ray Allen
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Mr. Allen is an accomplished guitarist with great albums under his belt.
Ask Chris Paul. Wade rock the 3 and is a 4 time champion. Allen Iverson owns that NUMBER in the league. A NUMBER. RIP D…
included David Unger villa party with and Paul Allen. We all arrived by helicopter https…
All I want in life is to have a nicer business card than Paul Allen...
Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and Tony Allen all got that work LMFAO
Click here to support Chris Allen fund by Paul Giarratano
Best of luck to Allen & the rest of the students at Paul Revere Charter Middle School with your performance of HSM tonig…
*** decision. Coach was handling the situation so well through two rounds too.
Allen Paul has a show on 05/24/2016 at 08:00 PM @ Piano Hollywood in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Best part of this Dodger game is my plays on the total and both team totals soared over hours ago but aren't even graded yet
thinking one inning is representative of anything is ludicrous. But it's obvious Maesa has been figured out and that's a big deal
Jeff mushed them when he said Dodgers was going to the World Series after the first weekend
Paul have you watched this team this year? They are extremely frustrating
Tony Allen got suspended for kicking Chris Paul. are you going to suspend Draymond for kicking Adams? My guess is no
Takes a special kind of fraud tout to fawn over the hitting talents of DJ LeMahieu & Grant Green;complain about Puig "…
makes the economics of light rail so much better. Along w/ Paul Allen's co
Congrats to Jean-Paul LaFontaine on reaching the ECHL finals today with Allen. Only a true Walleye fan would know who he is.
I said stuffed shells and I meant it lol
Your goal scorers in last night's game were Strat Allen, Ellesse Carini, Grant Toulmin (3) and Paul Swindlehurst.
Paul Allen loves Sci-fi. They had a great Star Wars costume exhibit last year that was wonderful.
Another beautiful screenshot of the Accu-sim T-6 Texan from community member Paul Allen Skudra.
true that Paul Allen dudes was way superior
Stunning silver work by another Shropshire Artist Paul Allen.
Guess I'll live bet Yanks for some stuffed shells
Spielberg, Geffen, Paul Allen, Abramovitch & more have their yachts at the https…
Our friend Paul Allen decided to make a video for Luke today, who was trapped in a paperless bathroom this...
you missed the opportunity to spin the wheel on Paul Allen.
Listen to Paul Allen- Down (Remix) ft Yung P, Royal Phanntom and Yung Cha$e by Royal Phanntom Beatz
The new space race: Imagine you were lucky enough to assemble Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon; Paul Allen, co-f...
Btw the Seahawks did leave Seattle, new owner Ken Barring moved them to LA. They had to return and Paul Allen bought them.
But I like respect people like Paul Allen, Mark Cuban and Chris Hansen and dare I say it, Sam Presti, what do you think?
"The city of Portland, Paul Allen should be proud. They competed... They gave the world champions all they could handle." - Charles Barkley.
Neil Olshey might have gotten snub by his peers yesterday, but Paul Allen was TRENDING!😂
Don't bury the lede: Paul Allen and Charles Grodin are the same person.
I would still trade places with Paul Allen
Even the owner of the Trail Blazers, Paul Allen, couldn't believe Steph Curry.
Man Steph Curry was so good tonight that he turned Paul Allen into confused Dylan from Chappelle's show
Paul Allen will never be the same...
Stephen Curry was so good, he stunned Blazers owner Paul Allen into a meme.
This shot of owner Paul Allen reacting to Steph's 3 tho
Blazers owner Paul Allen left in awe of Steph Curry
Steph Curry just put the best look ever on Paul Allen's face. Whoever didn't vote for him as doesn't know basketball.
Paul Allen's Face shall be the name of my new ska band.
[Recap] CliftonStrengths Summit Special Preview with Paul Allen: On a recent Called to Coach, we spoke with G...
Paul Allen texting Kam Chancellor and Bobby Wagner to see if they can sign a 10-day contract with the Blazers
put it on island Crest way right next to Paul Allen's tennis courts. Or better yet stadium on giant yacht on Lake Washington
Big new today of Howard Licoln stepping down. Anyway we can talk Paul Allen into investing?
What's going on SD? Carmel Valley resident named Paul G. Allen Frontier Group… Get found ->
Billy Paul, a jazz and soul singer best known for "Me and Mrs. Jones," died Sunday
We lost another great one, from old school,, those of you. Who knew it was the jam back then RIP Billy Paul
RIP Billy Paul, I love this song! Another legend has gone what is wrong with you 2016?
When I thought Allen Cross was done with his list of people in music culture that passed away in 2016 so far.
Wow. NASA's budget is only a fifth of the combined net worth of these men: Elon Musk (SpaceX), Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin), Paul Allen (Vulcan)
Traditionally, Seattle has been a great sports town and great football town...
Chris Paul and Deandre Jordan both are locked in Paul Allen's dungeon for game 4
The starting 5 of Rajon Rondo Ray Allen Paul Pierce KG n Shaq would've been so successful if Shaq wouldn't have been old n always injured
I guess Donny never swapped out the toilet seats Paul Allen put in when Trump bought Allen's used 757. Guessing the seats were still warm.
you talking about Boston when it was KG, Rondo, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce?
I loved watching Paul Pierce, KG, and Ray Allen, but this has to be my most favorite Celtics team I've watched
Man I miss when the Celtics had Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen
I always loved the fun and craziness of Coors field and I have Dodgers but 11-10...this is just ridiculous. Time to ban the circus
We're the opposite lol. Kill April and struggle in the dog days
MLB is most profitable for bettors.
Is that because MLB is more profitable for bettors or because there's not as many sports happening
ask any bookie and he will tell you he makes the least amount of money during MLB season
lol same, I'm on Dodgers too but can't complain since I've been on the other end plenty over the years. Embrace it
Yep lol, that's why I'm sitting here laughing/grinning through my teeth. It happens, but CMON MAN!! lol
but if he's a L'pool fan, he actually looks like Shaun off Corrie. Or Paul o'Grady. Or Joe Allen.
i once murdered my coworker Paul Allen to the same album
Thank you Calvin D Allen and Paul A Treloar, really needed to hear this today, PTL for the Faithmen wish you're...
Someone vine that Dee Gordon throw. Not sure I've seen something that embarrassing
DE target Michael Allen (in one-on-ones at Charlotte Nike The Opening Regional.
Kyle Busch isn't Harvick, who held off Edwards in a similar move at Phoenix
in 1996: purchases the option to buy the Seahawks. . READ [
if Kyle holds off Edwards he's superman
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Busch brothers battling for the lead. Can't beat it
true. First inning he had two out and 0-2 count with no hits but then went awry
that's not what Vince Lombardi would say.
9K, 1BB. Good start. Just some bad luck
Carrasco going out fires up the offense
This Cubs/Reds over will be the worst gd beat
I don't wish to be Bill Gates rich, maybe just Paul Allen rich.
Yeah, it's like when Paul Allen gave a bunch of money recently to Stanford and Tufts (among others)
Paul Allen's artificial intelligence guru on the future of robots and humanity - GeekWire.
That moment when your iPod's on shuffle and it goes from Andre Rieu's Second Waltz to Paul Allen's 'Oi Mush'.
Paul Allen will probably buy them if its worth it.
"Isn't this a poem by Edgar Allen Poe? Oh no, that's The Raven..." -Amber on Blackbird by Paul McCartney
Technology is notorious for engrossing people so much that they don't alway...
"Google to move to new 4-building complex in Amazon’s backyard in Seattle, developed by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Inc." …
you were slam hog and we know why you blindly defend him.. All that matters
Paul Allen commits $100 million to boost bioscience studies.
I killed Paul Allen with an axe in the face, his body is dissolving in a bathtub in *** s Kitchen.
Ummm how is Ray Allen & Paul pierce know what I'm not
Fund for bioscience research: Co-founder of Microsoft, Paul G. Allen is planning to fund bioscience research i...
I think Paul Stastny summed up Jake Allen tonight, short and to the point: "Snake was phenomenal."
Blues are on another level rn gosh dam
Paul Allen donates $100 million for 'frontiers of bioscience' research
Good example of how radicalization and extremism is borne through brainwashing.
too bad Kevin garnett Paul Pierce and Ray Allen aren't on the team otherwise that would be pretty awesome
Paul Allen's death in American Psycho is up there too.
.pledges $100M in funding for innovative life sciences research including antibiotic resistant projects! ht…
Also shoutout to Bill Gates and Paul Allen for creating Microsoft.
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