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Patty Murray

Patricia Lynn Patty Murray (née Johns; born October 11, 1950) is the senior United States Senator from Washington and a member of the Democratic Party.

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And WA Sen. Patty Murray might play a big role in this battle:
will lead fight against but who will be No. 2? Patty tests the waters
the senator I just voted for is Patty Murray, she bragged about "working with Paul Ryan to accomplish" some things.
I’d much rather have Patty Murray as leader
mt Senator Patty Murray on Treatments for Rare Diseases see more
Today's cover photo winner is Patty Murray with this shot from "Lake Topanemus in Freehold". Congrats!…
Patty Murray for 2020? Edit: she is a senator for Washington StateDoes anyone think Patty Murray would make a good candidate for president?…
Patty Mills & Dejounte Murray surprised Clara & her classmates today for their participation in the What a burger What'cha reading program
Senate Democrats still have a leadership problem - Sen. Patty Murray is talking one-on-one with...
Enjoyed seeing Jay Inslee, Patty Murray, and Jim McDermott at the Westin, in downtown Seattle on 11/9/2016.
Violence is a problem we all want to solve. I want to make sure that ki...
Senator Patty Murray defeats Vance to win 5th term
Sen. Patty Murray reelected in Washington State, projects.
we need that pg that can create. I love Patty and TP but they aren't the best creators. Murray?
Shhh.. next they will stand up the dingbat Patty Murray.
What would Leslie Knope do. What would Katya Zamalodchikova do. What would Patty Murray do. 3 questions that precede each of m…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Patty Murray; 'Time for us to come together as a country'
Here in WA, we keep Patty Murray & Susan DelBene, and add Pramila Jayapal to the mix (along with a host of other progressive things in WA!)
he dares flaunt this in our face you and Patty Murray will go down for it too...
Sen. Patty Murray is vying for a fifth term in the U.S. Senate, and if the Democrat wins she would be one of the...
Check out this article! Patty Murray weighs leadership challenge to *** Durbin Article posted at... November 09, …
Patty Murray weighs leadership challenge to *** Durbin |
And so D shuffle begins: Sen. Murray made calls today to gauge a run vs Durbin for party spot, reports:
NEWS: MURRAY making calls to gauge whether to run against DURBIN for whip
Patty Murray weighs leadership challenge to *** Durbin
Patty Murray weighs leadership challenge to *** Durbin
Patty Murray weighs challenging *** Durbin for leadership in the Senate
Patty Murray is a worthless senator.
Back in 2002, Patty Murray and Jim McDermott voted against the Iraq war. A true, forward thinking dem should've been against from day one.
Proud to have Patty Murray as our senator! Vote to re-elect!
Come hear the U.S. Senator Debate with Patty Murray and Chris Vance this Sunday at Microsoft!…
Patty Murray, Chris Vance meet in first Senate debate
Washington State voters, do not bring back Patty Murray or Inslee. They are the Obama Administration in this Washington. We need change.
Hillary with one of the worse Senator's Patty Murray. Says a lot!
do you think Patty Murray would budge that easily? I think Bernie would probably rather chair HELP, but wouldn't be up to him
he wants it but is probably not taking it from Patty Murray
AWESOME Whoa. Just saw a commercial for Senator Patty Murray that was targeted towards Natives! Too bad I don't live in Washington.
Senator Patty Murray is a do nothing, career politician and has supported every bit of the destruction. Watch this…
Watch our U.S. Senate debate LIVE, ONLINE between & 7pm Sunday at:…
Patty Murray Wikipedia article edited by Wash whites separately
Patty Murray is ranking dem on budget. She already said she won't step aside.
Patty Murray likely to move to Appropriations, opening up H.E.L.P comm. to who's next in line.
Patty Murray is pocket sized. Love her. @ Hillary Clinton Seattle Headquarters
Chris Vance town hall mtg in Spokane off, Senate debate against Patty Murray at GU still on
Clinton in at Patty Murray and Governor Inslee's campaign office on October 14th, 2016
Patty Murray was voted the dimmest bulb in the Senate
Executive Vice President/GM Bob Murray on "I've talked to Ricky the last few weeks & I'm confi…
Murray said Rakell's timeline is "anywhere between 7 days and two weeks." The team wants to make sure he's "strong enough…
. was in on this scandal. Vote Murray out. Lots of info on Patty on the t…
did Patty Murray say should would step aside? She's the ranking Dem on that committee.
Join OC and the WA State Debate Coalition, Oct 16 for a televised US Senate debate with Patty Murray and Chris Vanc…
Actually he wants to chair HELP; not clear if Patty Murray will oblige
Eh Patty Murray probably gets Approps since she'll be the third ranking member of the Senate Democratic caucus.
.is running to defeat Patty Murray. He has better ideas for health insurance than ACA.
*** Patty Murray rolls deep with her secret service entourage. Three blacked out SUVs and plenty of guys with earpieces
Ryan and Patty Murray also screwed vets out of cola!. Military retirees average 1900.00 a month . Refugees get 2436.…
Vote NO, for Patty Murray, Democrat in November! VOTE NO on all Liberal Democrats!
Patty Chris Vance to debate for first time in Spokane via
Call Senator Patty Murray (202) 224-2621 Ask her to Support breaching the 4 lower Snake River Dams NOW
Well we do know Murray overpaid Bxa/Stoner/Kesler, painting himself into a corner with bad contracts and should be fired.
Gonzaga to host debate between US Senate candidates Sen. Patty Murray and Chris Vance
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Patty Murray, Knew of attempted murder and failed to act. Should be in jail not in office.
Patty Murray: "Good education means learning to read, write and most importantly learn how"
ICYMI: endorses Patty Murray for another term →
Senators who received contributions from the for-profit education sector between January and August 2016 Murray, Patty (D-WA) $19,000
I've almost exclusively seen ads for HRC and Patty Murray. *shudders*
progs are bullies; photographed a rally for Patty Murray in our town; they herd people into a small room & yell at them
Domestic violence survivors shouldn't have to choose between economic security & their safety:
“There’s no one better equipped to cross the great divide than Sen. Patty Murray.”
We need climate champions like in the Senate. Learn more here & be a
Patty Murray money appeal: I can stand up to Mike Pence.. Related Articles:
Sen. Patty Murray votes against her own proposal to help wounded veterans with funding.
Sen. Patty Murray and 50 young women decried the House vote to defund Planned Parenthood
He should take his eyes off Patty Murray's position as Snr Democrat on Senate’s Comm on Health, Ed, Labor & Pensions.
Bernie wants to chair the Health Committee next year if Democrats take over the Senate. Sen. Patty Murray is the chair of the Health Com.
The look on Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.), face says it all:. The 'pontificator' is minced meat!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Patty Murray is a great progressive Sen she earned the job-Bernie wants to cut the line-how does that jive w his rhetoric?
Sign of the times: Patty Murray thinks Sen Health committee will have more influence than Appropriations -
Why the Zika filibuster is a major setback for wounded veterans: Facing hard tradeoff, Sen. Patty Murray votes…
I'd also be interested in Patty Murray or Kristen Gillibrand.
She's not going to be majority leader and leapfrog Patty Murray and Chuck Schumer. Maybe whip?
To convince Paul Ryan & the Tea Party to let the government function, Patty Murray had to bribe them with TSA money
While I'm disappointed in her handling of her superdelegacy & her speech at the County Convention, Patty Murray is a really good senator.
s dumpsters are going to support Patty Murray in protest of Chris Vance unless GOP removes him
looks like your boy Chris Vance is done I can't wait to vote for Patty Murray if Vance is on ballot got my principles you know
(Patty Murray),please consider the will of your constituents & support for the D…
The Senate Appropriations Committee voted in favor of legislation by Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., giving the...
We have the right 2 vote.But every right is routinely violated & nobody knows this better than Patty Murray
Check it out he wants to take patty Murray seat.. Let's help him out
hey all u Bernie ppl..Minh Tran is primarying patty Murray..he is a Bernie person. Let's throw our full support behind him !!!
I wish she would have primaried patty Murray..would have beat her by landslide.. I 💚 her!
Chris Vance, who's running against U.S. Senator Patty Murray, says he's going to retire her. That prompts a lengthy standing ovation.
Lots of flags there. Patty Murray can tell you a lot about Paul Ryan. Don't be decieved by Kasich's fake agenda.
Nice to agree with Patty Murray for once
I agree, Sorry to say our own Patty Murray was for it. I think it was an election ploy on her part though.
Well, Patty Murray wasn't getting my vote anyway.
Ryan and Patty Murray puts illegals before Veterans vote the BUM out!!! Enjoy your weekends with the Fam. 11 deploys
Patty Murray - fund pediatric cancer research and health care!
Patty Murray praised bin Laden to school children.
Hearing that 6-9 AJ Patty of Murray State is visiting MSU to look into transfer. MSU could use another big.
Well, as a Dem/lib, I'm just curious why a progressive state, strong unions, Patty Murray, underfunds schools.
Patty Murray is trying to save her *** not working for her constituency.Hope WA voters never forget in next election
Senator Patty Murray awarded by CCSSO for work on ESSA
Eastside union firefighters lobbying with Senator Patty Murray at the International Association of Firefighters...
Patty Murray is ignorant of Washington State issues and is NOT listening to anyone.
WA Senator explains why addressing drug is a priority -
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Well correction, there's a patty Murray, Paul Ryan, John Roberts, Kinler (I think) and Inslee, but idk who does what...
Here's When It's OK to Work for Free by via
For the state of our union to be strong, we need to place value in Americans.
Isn't it funny WA state Senator Patty Murray won't change her super delegate vote to Sanders even though 70% of WA voted for him
Senators ask TSA to shorten wait times: Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell sent a letter to TSA asking for help. It is the fast...
Our Berniecrat in WA who's going to whup Patty Murray's tush! Phil Cornell
If we're going to lose a Senate seat run someone like Patty Murray.
he'll cooperate with Patty Murray while Obama's in office sure. But him as President...
WA voters.. we need to replace Patty Murray with a Republican. is trying to do just that. Help us help you.
Shillary agreed with Patty Murray's n 12/hr. Bernie marched in the rain with workers in the
Obamacare: costs up,and costing us 2 million jobs. Remember, Patty Murray helped write it! .
Just found out that superdelegate from Washington is still voting for Hillary even though 70% votes for Bernie Patty Murray
These Superdelegates need to be called out for denying democracy.
WA! Patty Murray doesn't respect your vote, but wants you 2 vote 4 her.
Good! Military retirement and cola diminished by Ryan and Patty Murray!!! Thanks scumbags!
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Maria Cantrell, Jim McDermott, Patty Murray & SuperDelegates the stated voted in landslide for -
Seattlites are such liberal establishment conformists. Do-nothing Democrats have life tenure, viz. Jim McDermott, Patty Murray.
When it comes to partisan gridlock, after 24 years in the Senate, Patty Murray is part of the problem.
: Running for Governor and senator 👉🏻 . Let's retire Jay Inslee and Patty Murray
Sen. Patty Murray wants to hear your student debt story
Patty Murray is an embarrassment to WA St. But Seattle area (not the rest of the state) keep reelecting her.
Not surprised to see my stupid senator on there. Patty Murray is as dumb as they come.
Washington State Patty Murray. displays incompetency & hypocrisy again
Washington State Seantors Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray both sold out the State and the Citizens...
I certainly won't. Will still go to the polls to try to vote Sen. Patty Murray out of office, but will never vote for Trump.
and Senator Patty Murray of WA vote yes along with every Senator who endorsed
We can't wait until unseats Patty Murray.
Happy Anniversary! A year ago today we were celebrating this moment w/ PMills & https:…
You are clueless! and Patty Murray held up FDA appointee until they followed the science and...
Murray has been working to help homeless vets secure housing & yesterday visited Longview's innovative 33rd House
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ICYMI: Murray visited Longview's 33rd House & listened to stories from veterans like Steve
If Patty Murray promised her vote on a human life amdt in exchange for a future vote on exim, would Cruz stop being pro-life?
Patty Murray wanted it in the bill, but instead she got a separate vote.
happy 19th patty, I hope you have an awesome day and party lots tonight 💗🎉
I sure do hope that votes on August 2nd primary to help out Patty Murray for untied states senate at least in local elections
Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are the corporate bribes really that good? Are they good enough to sell the...
Too bad Patty Murray is attached in the hip of $hiLIARy and the purse of the lobbyists. And that is why she voted...
Sen. Patty Murray is on a mission to tackle college affordability
Sen. Patty Murray is working on a rewrite of the federal government's Higher Education Act
Patty Murray displays incompetency and hypocrisy again
CAN student Birdie shared her story with Senator Patty Murray.
Sen. Patty Murray came to Longview today to visit a permanent shelter for homeless veterans.
She survived our "This or That" Challenge. Thx for stopping by Senator Patty Murray. Neil Diamond over Manilow, who…
Ur explanations on student loans SUCKED!
Call Senator Patty Murray, ask her to SUPPORT an Executive Order by to remove Snake River Dams (202) 224-2621
Today, Murray in Olympia to listen to student debt stories, talk about work to make college more affordable. https:…
Patty is working on a rewrite of the Higher Education Act
Getting harder 2 get left of Paul Ryan all the time. Patty Murray and Jorge Ramos just about squeezed in there
The WA GOP criticism of Senator Patty Murray is that she is stupid?
Patty Murray displays incompetency and hypocrisy– again
Patty Murray stumbled over an insult directed at Senate Republicans... then displayed stunning hypocrisy.
Mr. Krabs out here protecting the Krabby Patty formula
Patty Murray Harry Reid and *** Durbin all vowed to block GW Bush SCOTUS nominees with over 1.5yrs left!
Senator Patty Murray nailed on Dem. hypocrisy on Supreme Court nomination blocking via
worked with Sen. Patty Murray to make the morning-after pill over the counter?
Patty Murray answers a question about the Snake River dam from Steve Smith of Seattle. What's your reaction to...
Irish you a Murray Christmas and a Patty new year
Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala coalition,. Patty Murray pre announced VP?. 3 women, 1 guy on top. interesting ratio.
Kyler Murray transfers to OU - There's BOOM and then there's a big BOOM as OU confirms former five-sta... htt…
We should retire Patty Murray. She is a democrat and her party has failed the people because it is on the 1%...
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Patty Kane is from Buffalo :) so thats cool. So is Chad Michael Murray & Rob Gronkowski.
where Patty Murray once more she late 700amno door open? Hogue is m16 rounds
Ryan lost me a while back when he cozied with Patty Murray.
PS I'm totally crushing on the Latin hottie at the car rental counter, who said he liked my Bill Murray tee
Congress, including Patty Murray, should be on the naughty list this year for making our debt crisis even worse.
U.S. Senator Patty Murray: "Thank you, Linda and the Alliance, for your tireless work."
.As I asked this morning, don't you mean "Thank you, taxpayers"? Is this Patty Murray's money?
Listen to me nuh! Me just land Saturday and about fi mek mi second Murray's trip! 😆😆😆 Pork patty in a minute. 😌
Katie McGinty's camp sends a fundraising email noting support from Sen. Patty Murray of Washington State. Sen. Bob Casey so far is neutral.
Employees must be able to take care of themselves & their families when they are sick.
.That's not gonna happen. Ryan didn't do anything he hasn't done before (e.g. the budget deal with Patty Murray)
how about a video of you lying to everybody about rsising our travel taxes in your budget capitulation to Patty Murray
Follow and support in retiring Patty Murray from U.S. Senate.
Sen. Patty Murray..I would like to ask a favor (for both of those issues). We need to have the THS clinic removed from the vicinity of SWHS.
Senator Patty Murray. I campaigned my butt off for you my freshman year for your election AND I had to go to school with your son Randy.
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Although I don't agree with all of Patty Murray's politics.I can hang with this!. Time to suck on some...
to March 2013 when was previously named by as the Porker of the Month:
Patty Murray on-board with Communist Party USA (CPUSA) funding much of what the CPUSA wants!
Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid & Patty Murray gave Communist Party USA much of what they wanted, in the funding bill! 👎👎👎
I just found Patty Murray on — check it out!
Yup. I love her. I also love Patty Murray, my state sen and our Gov, who both support HRC. Endorsements matter to people.
Aren't you just a little skeptical about a budget deal that Patty Murray and Chuck Schumer characterize as a "big victory"?
If Patty Murray likes spending bill, it's bad for Repubs. You're no conservative! Why fear standing on principle?
Obama, Chuck Schumer & Patty Murray all thanking today. How does that make Republicans feel about Ryan, McConnell & THEIR party?.
He may be WORSE! The beard aligned himself with Patty Murray, Nancy Pelosi and has become the lapdog of Obama.
Nothing easy about being I could not deal with that miserable fire hydrant commie Patty Murray, myself. lol.
"Sen. applauded for protecting kids from
The 1,582-page bill works out the details of the budget agreement struck by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) in Dec..
Still feeding on political teet of Patty Murray, fails on first spending bill. PP & Obama's crimmigration sti…
Have you ever seen Henry Waxman or Patty Murray?
. Boxer and Patty Murray in same photo
Patty Murray priority? Renaming creeks! We are war. Terrorist attacks coming in droves but *** Creek is no more.
Patty Murray forges partnership w/ Paul Ryan by, of all things, getting to know him personally...
Patty Murray: The “mom in tennis shoes” has $4.7 million in bank for 2016 campaign: Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash.,…
Maybe Rep. Paul Ryan will text Sen. Patty Murray his decision | Cornfield
Bernie Sanders is dumb. Barbara Boxer & Patty Murray showed that being dumb is no barrier to being a U.S. Senator.
A portrait of Sen. Patty Murray, in the hotel bldg of Anderson School…
NOR I he also buddied up with D Sen Patty Murray of Washington State (3 bases) for a budget cutting military ben
Ryan *** and Patty Murray senator D from Washington State would be House Leader
Superintendent Imler calls on Sen. Patty Murray's Office while in Washington D.C. advocating for Impact Aid funding.
he turns around and comes to Seattle and fundraises for the DUMBEST Senator in the pack Patty Murray.
From OR, Pres heads to WA for Dem fundraisers, including one for re-election of Sen. Patty Murray. Then to SF for another …
only to fundraise for THE DUMBEST SENATOR in the pack, Patty Murray.
Patty Murray is a Senator from the other Left Coast Communist state of Washington. But yeah, both nasty
Obama stumps for Sen. Murray in Washington State Yahoo News UK Patty Murray with a fundraiser…
Obama Stumps for Sen. Patty Murray: President Obama spoke at a campaign fundraiser for Senator Patty Murray in...
President Obama with Sen. Patty Murray during a Democratic fundraiser in Seattle
Union supporters are illegally fired all the time. Democrats have a bill to make that harder. Fix this, Patty Murray!
Patty Murray is today's cover photo winner. Sunset shot from Davidson Mill Pond Park.
An exaggerated, wolf-at-the-door Democratic money appeal: Patty Murray "needs our help"
look at the traffic snarls in Seattle and realize these are the one's that voted for Patty Murray. Keep a safe driving distance
Patty Murray of WA must not be up for election, so she will certainly vote for O's treason with Iran. Treason
Thanks Senators Patty Murray & Lamar Alexander for intro of the Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act.
Man listen if Patty Murray comes out in support of deal Schumer looks more foolish than I thought possible..POTUS might not have to veto 😱
Patty Murray will vote yes, I would bet money on it
I love Patty Murray. But she's too good as a senator
Harry endorsed Schumer, but there still has to be a vote. Many are hoping for Durbin or Patty Murray
Do ppl in WA realize that Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray have voted for every vile, evil thing O has done to US? Fire em!
. Hey Patty Murray, how can you be so consistently wrong? Oh yes, you are a loyal Bolshevik apparatchik.
Washington officials call for feds to help fund firefighting efforts
Called my Senators to support the Iran deal. Also to oppose Schumer as minority leader. Think Patty Murray is a better choice…
What's up with Patty Murray. Where does she stand on the Iran Deal.
I agree with Booker. I like Amy Klobuchar, Patty Murray is another good one (proven to work on $ w/ Repubs).
Senator Patty Murray likes Hillary Clinton and agrees with her do not vote for this woman.
Senator Patty Murray introduces her bill, the Bring the Ancient One Home Act
Sen Patty Murray in Chelan says priority to keep firefighters safe, give evacuees what they need
Urge Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, WA to support the Iran Nuclear Deal. They haven't decided yet. No more war in the Middle East
Sen. Patty Murray sending prayers to families of firefighters. Thanks the thousands still battling the
Patty Murray: "We stand with the families of those fighting these fires."
Patty Murray:"We need to focus on making sure that those fighting the fires are safe."
Patty Murray: "Important to thank all the people working on these fires."
TCH: Tribes encouraged that Kennewick Man will be reburied: Sen. Patty Murray has introduced legislation to return…
Sen. Patty Murray issues statement on deaths of 3 firefighters.
KNDU: Bill to bring Kennewick Man back to Columbia Basin Tribes:  Senator Patty Murray wants to return the…
Story from today's press conference by Sen. Patty Murray, D-WA, who publicly supported the five claimant...
PHOTO GALLERY: Sen. Patty Murray hosts press conference after introducing "Bring The Ancient One Home Act" in...
Petition: Raise Minimum Insurance Limits for Trucking Companies in Washington to $3 Million -
We are proud to have hosted Senator Patty Murray’s historic press conference on her recently introduced bill...
We created a petition on that can't be explained in 140 characters. You can read/sign it here:
Happy to have support for literacy education for all students within a rewrittten
Great segment of w/ Sen. talks budget, education, economy & more
Great letter in The Olympian calling on Senators Patty Murray Maria Cantwell & Congressman Denny Heck to...
I drove downtown during rush hour to meet Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell only to end up missing it because it too me 40 minutes to park :))
where the *** are CorporaCrats Cantwell and 'TPP Patty' Murray on the issue? 'Crickets' bought and paid 4 Obamabots
Patty Murray (senator from my state) She's really good about talking to people. Least she talks to me.
Patty Murray, *** Durbin, Patrick Leahy, Eliz Warren...all would be good alternatives to Schumer and all voting for
.Patty Murray is probably the dimmest bulb on the hill. Yes, I am aware of Sheila Jackson Lee, a close second.
Senators and Congress members to Obama: More protections for LGBT people, please Patty Murray, Jim M...
Sen Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray vote YES to fast-track the TPP [
Maria Cantwell & Patty Murray : Stand with us and support removing the four lower Snake River dams to... via
I gave up on Paul Ryan when he swooned over Patty Murray's budget proposals.
I'm scared, I think Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are for sale somewhere in this Goodwill.
My senators, Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray are not on this list!
Thrilled to see Paul Ryan and Patty Murray introducing legislation to create a fed data clearinghouse: (h/t
Paul Ryan and Patty Murray's next big project: Better use of big buzzwords in self promotion.
Have women become forgotten veterans of military service?: Sen. Dean Heller, R-NV, and Patty Murray, D-WA, have c...
Patty Murray's new hero. Difference he uses his $s not govt--
Sen. Patty Murray says she isn't concerned about Hyde text in (as opposed language in trafficking bill), which was a positive statement
I sent a message to Sen. Patty Murray with
Sen. Patty Murray sounds out YVCC students about challenges paying for education
Oh you know, just chilling with Sen. Patty Murray talking about college and stuff.
Patty Murray looks set to move up in Dem leadership, but so too could Debbie Stabenow, Chris *** & Elizabeth Warren
Will Harry Reid's retirement provide an opening for Jeff Merkley or Patty Murray? (audio): Democratic Sens. Jeff…
Cantwell, Murray push for new rail regulations: Senators Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and Patty Murray (D-WA) are among…
Sen. Patty Murray and Sen. Maria Cantwell paid tribute to Landslide families and 1st responders.
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I can't be the first person to point out that this is Paul Ryan vs Patty Murray.
Cards Against Humanity's Day 9 gift was great (a report of who Patty Murray's donors are) and a gift to the Sunlight Foundation.
MONTANA DEMOCRAT SENATOR WALSH HAS DEDICATED HIS CAREER TO VETERANS SUICIDE PREVENTION! ITS AN IMMEDIATE TOP PRIORITY! The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that more than 22 veterans die by suicide each day. The bill would expand veteran eligibility for mental health services from five to 15 years. “Preventing America's heroes from falling to suicide isn't a partisan issue,” Walsh said. “It is our duty to come together and fight on behalf of those who fought for us, and Sen. Murkowski's support will strengthen this bill and send the urgent message that our veterans need care now.” Walsh and Murkowski's home state colleagues Sens. Jon Tester and Mark Begich, both Democrats, have co-sponsored the SAV Act, as well as Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Patty Murray of Washington, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island and Ron Wyden of Oregon. - Bozeman Daily Chronicle, 5/9/14 And Walsh has gained a strong ally in his fight: years after leaving the Army, Iraq War veteran Kristofer Goldsmith s ...
It isn't "Obama's" CRomnibus. It is Paul Ryan and Patty Murray's budget. Obama agreed to support what they produced.
I have the same problem with Patty Murray & Adam Smith of Washington State. I will gladly join you & others shld 2
Thanks to all those who either didn't care enough to get out and vote, or who voted for republicans. Here's what you're responsible for bringing to our country now. Republicans just love the troops, right? They never met a military spending increase they didn’t like. They never miss a photo op at a military base or a veteran’s meeting. They want to help the men and women who protect the country, or so they say. But, when the floodlights are turned off and the cameras are put away, when they retire to the confines of the U.S. Capitol, do Republicans really support the troops? When it comes to their recent record on veterans’ affairs, the answer is, “no.” In recent years, Republicans in congress have blocked or voted against a variety of bills designed to help veterans, either directly or indirectly. The following is a summary of some of those bills: In February, 2014, Republicans voted against a bill that would have improved and expanded health care for veterans. The measure, called the “Compr ...
Liam and Sophia at the O2 Arena today for Andy Murray's game! -R . Artist of the Year
Sen. Patty Murray discusses her priorities in WA state & her hopes for Congress
Also, Democrats should swap out Harry Reid with Patty Murray and make her first female Senate leader... & only because she'd be a good pick
I know. I was referring to Paul Ryan and Patty Murray cutting vet benefits in a backroom deal to lower the deficit
Thanks to Sen. Patty Murray for coming out to the Veterans' Day Flag Dedication in Federal Way, WA, and for...
in federal way. Sen Patty Murray arrives to raise giant new flag on S. 320th!
This includes video of Chico's Cinny Murray and Liz Hodges.
Sen. Patty Murray on challenges in Congress -
Thank you for getting out the word! I also have video of Chico's Cinny Murray, Liz Hodges
Awesome! I love Patty Murray, she fights for worthwhile stuff
Sen. Patty Murray on challenges in Congress: via
Sen. Patty Murray says she'll seek reelection in 2016 and opens up about challenges in Congress: via
I'm sure our Senator Patty Murray makes ALOT of money SO why doesn't she get her teeth fixed?
The best team I ever been apart of 🏈😈
Sen. Patty Murray on the promise of improved service: "We are going to make sure you do that." at 5pm
Senator Patty Murray, elected with help of Communist Party in state of Washington! Strange bedfellows!
Sen Patty Murray on key challenges re trade & economic competitiveness.
Sen. Patty Murray: CPS Bring my kids home via
Agree a Governor strong leader stands up but Ryan lost me budget deal with Dem Patty Murray Mil n Vet $ cuts
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