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Patty Jenkins

Patricia Lea Patty Jenkins is an American film director and writer. Jenkins, a native of California, grew up in Lawrence, Kansas and attended the AFI Conservatory.

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Patty Jenkins responds to Cameron: "I believe women can and should be EVERYTHING just like male lead characters"
Patty Jenkins has the greatest response. Completely disagree with Cameron. Wonder Woman was needed :)
Never forget this happened! Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, and Lynda Carter all came together at the Wonder Woman film p…
to standing on the blue carpet with our fearless leader, Patty Jenkins, for the premiere.
Wonder Woman’s’ Chris Pine, Patty Jenkins to Reteam on TNT Series ‘One Day She’ll Darken’
I admired Dunkirk, but in Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins did what Chistopher Nolan cannot: tell a story.
🦉Who else in the *** can direct Women Women # 2?... No I dame body, BUT Patty Jenkins that's 🦉 who !
Thankfully, she was much better thanks to Patty Jenkins.
If it were up to me, I'd have went for Patty Jenkins or Justin Lin. They have style and substance.
Patty Jenkins about Steve Trevor and Diana Prince's chemistry (source:
Somewhere in the halls of Lucasfilm, someone is desperately looking for Patty Jenkins cell phone number.
12 questions with Patty Jenkins, director of 'Wonder Woman'
And, yes, Treverow needs to be fired before it's too late. Get someone like Patty Jenkins.
Oh absolutely. Wonder Woman was completely superior to Ultron. Patty Jenkins has way more talent as a director than Whedon.
You can say the same for Tyler Perry/Ryan Coogler. Only black leads. Patty Jenkins? Female leads. Problem? Not really.
Give Star Wars 9 to Patty Jenkins or Jordan Vogt-Roberts. It's not too late to fire Trevorrow! Remember you had Josh Trank on board once.
Emma with Patty Jenkins ("Wonder Woman" director) at the AFI Life Achievement Award Gala Tribute to Diane Keaton
ATTN: Warner Bros. Please delete every pixel of "Justice League," give it to Patty Jenkins, with WW/Gadot as the anchor. It's not too late.
my child/me. why is my cousin called Rose. bc your aunt really likes roses. what about me. that's enough, Wonder Woman (2017) dir. Patty Jenkins
Patty Jenkins & Joss Whedon should basically become the Russo Brothers/James Gunn of the DCEU.
King Zack Snyder explaining Patty Jenkins about his costume design.
Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins totally get it! opening nationwide today. xo
Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins: ‘People really thought that only men loved action movies’
Patty Jenkins: "I have ideas for the Wonder Woman sequel...". Catherine Hardwicke:
If the execs at Warner Bros. are smart, they'll let Patty Jenkins choose any script and sign off a blank cheque for the budget.
Warner Bros. Pictures hasn't officially announced a Wonder Woman sequel just yet, but director Patty Jenkins is...
Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Danny Huston, and Patty Jenkins discuss the making of Wonder Woman, along with dealing...
was even better than I hoped it would be. ❤️ Endless praise for Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Patty Jenkins.
New tumblr post: "thefilmstage:. Somewhere in the middle of Patty Jenkins‘ Wonder..." ,
Studios do this for male directors with far less critical prestige than Patty Jenkins ALL. THE. TIME.
That being said, I am still going to see a Wonder Woman. It looks fantastic and I want to support Patt…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
is very good. Star making turn for Gal Gadot. Patty Jenkins helms it excellently. Good action and funny as well.
Interview: Director Patty Jenkins on bringing Wonder Woman to cinema screens
Patty Jenkins saved the DCEU and I'm a complete WRECK.
How Patty Jenkins Lost the Chance to Direct One Big Superhero Movie and Landed a Better One
How ‘Wonder Woman’ director Patty Jenkins cracked the superhero-movie glass ceiling.
I wonder if the fact that Patty Jenkins gave DC it's first good movie means Marvel now regrets not keeping her for Thor 2.
WW was a 9/10..solid acting by everyone, the chemistry between chris & gal was brilliant, impeccable storytelling on behal…
This is what DC heroes (generally) are all about, Patty Jenkins totally gets that, no wonder Wonder Woman is gettin…
Remember when the Russo's directed You, Me & Dupree which BOMBED &got Captain America??? But sure let's worry about Patty…
There are a lot of things to love about this week’s Wonder Woman.
We couldn't have said it better :D BOOYAH!
kicked butt. So good. better keep Patty Jenkins on for the sequel
Patty Jenkins did a phenomenal job with Easily the best movie in the DCEU.
The world needs Wonder Woman. Director Patty Jenkins explains why
Here's director on how the film's most iconic scene almost didn't happen.
Wonder Woman was extraordinary. Amazing what a competent director who actually understands the character can do. Patty Jenkins crushed it.
Actually I heard Patty Jenkins wants to have the Wonder Woman sequel in World War 2
Wonder Woman was fantastic. DC should hand the reins of their cinematic universe over to Patty Jenkins.
I'm a Batman fan, but thanks to Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins I'm a fan now too!
ICYMI: cast and director just received a pretty awesome honor from
WATCH: Director is the first woman to direct a big-budget comic book film.
I have so much respect for Patty Jenkins and the cast of Wonder Woman! You have to see this film...opening...
Patty Jenkins' —earning rapturous reviews— is one of few Hollywood tentpoles to be directed by a woman
Ok I guess I'm gonna see Wonder Woman for my girl Patty Jenkins
'Wonder Woman' director sought Lynda Carter's support - LOS ANGELES - Patty Jenkins has more than the weight of...
So glad to have seen the premiere of Wonder is fabulous!! Patty Jenkins is such a talented director. https:…
The narrative will be that the Zack Snyder Era is over but there's hope with Patty Jenkins, Joss Whedon, Justin Lin…
Special Episode: Wonder Woman - Patty Jenkins has done what Joss Whedon, George Miller, Ivan Reitman and...
P.S. My fandom is Patty Jenkins' fandom fandom. The pics of her w/Steve Perry after Monster were similarly dorktast…
Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins share a video from Time Square underneath the huge posters. We're so close to…
Countdown to June 2nd for the theatrical release of Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot! Directed by Patty Jenkins.
James Gunn, Patty Jenkins, more send condolences to Zach Snyder after family tragedy
Patty Jenkins describes Steve Trevor as the "siren song that brings Diana out into the world.". Such a beautiful way of describing him.
.is at a cool event in Los Angeles with director Patty Jenkins! Check him out for some update…
All these men who are genuinely rooting & supporting Patty Jenkins & Gal Gadot no matter what. We need more men like you.…
WB/DC, Patty Jenkins & Gal Gadot are leading the charge for a significant change in Hollywood history. Never stop supporting…
Your a little late to the party Patty Jenkins and Grace Randolph already on it 🤔
Patty Jenkins has a much better grasp on character and understands Wonder Woman better than to go "LOGAN every…
Patty Jenkins confirmed Ann Wolfe's role in Wonder Woman as Artemis. . (An Amazon originally from the Egyptian tribe of…
I'm so happy is getting good early buzz. I know it will be epic. I have total faith in Patty Jenkins
WOC Angela Robinson is making a film about the life of the creator of Offer her WW2 and move Patty Jenkins to a Superman film.
Patty Jenkins, Bill Condon, Bennett Miller, and Steven Soderbergh were conisdered to direct this film
Wonder Woman! All shades of lit. Take all my money Patty Jenkins!
Zack Snyder, David Ayer, & Patty Jenkins get to make the film they want (3 of which are TERRIBLE), but gets the boot?
In late 2011, Patty Jenkins was set to this film. She due to "creative differences".
I had a dream that i interviewed Patty Jenkins and i asked her what her favorite CBM is and she said "Catwoman"
"World Building Panel" Sunday morning in beautiful downtown Decatur GA. Left to right: Bill Bloom, Paul Jenkins, Pa…
Charlize Theron and Patty Jenkins, Actress, and Director of Monster by Richard Avedon
These are great! Love Penny Marshall, LOVE Kathryn Bigelow, can't wait to see Patty Jenkins' WW.
📷 deadhpool: I was brought to life by Zeus. — Wonder Woman (2016) dir. Patty Jenkins 
I have faith in Patty Jenkins directing Wonder Woman, but I've heard murmurs about it being a mess, so I'm taking that into consideration.
Patty Jenkins,Michael Garland,Jerry Ordway,Charles Soule,Marley Zarcone,This list is longer and so filled with talents much❤️2U
Patty Jenkins is following cancer, literally. . She follows that Cardist dude. . Yikes.
Why is Patty Jenkins following that Cardist guy???
Plus, Patty Jenkins isn't Zack Snyder. So, maybe she may have a better reception from audience than he does.
Lmao, you just know people are gonna ship James Gunn and Patty Jenkins now
if Wonder Woman is a movie Patty Jenkins has been trying to make since 2004 it better be the best cbm of our generation or I'm fighting her
For the record, I think Patty Jenkins is going to direct an awesome Wonder Woman movie. Which Warner Bros will then ruin with studio notes.
it. I also bet after the flak they got from Patty Jenkins leaving they deliberately didn't want another white guy.
I just wanna take a sec to point out the DCEU's next 3 directors: Patty Jenkins, Rick Famuyiwa, and James Wan. Lit. Lit. Lit.
DCEU fans be like "Help us Patty Jenkins, James Wan and Rick Famuyiwa, you're our only hope"
I have a greater level of hope in Rick Famuyiwa, James Wan, and even Patty Jenkins to dleiver grear superhero movies than I do in David Ayer
Didn't get to see Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, Jim Lee, Nicola Scott, and Tiffany Smith at the via DCComics
Well, we knew that was going to be good since Patty Jenkins has talent and Zack Snyder isn't allowed within 50 miles of it.
And for the record, Patty Jenkins directed Monster and led Charlize Theron to an Academy Award.
It's still Patty Jenkins' film and a Wonder Woman film and we should be celebrating that.
co-wrote movie for 2017 Devil Comics Entertainment Directed by Patty Jenkins,...
Patty Jenkins teaming with Geoff Johns and Zack Snyder is a team I never thought I wanted so badly
Patty Jenkins has wrapped production on Wonder Woman via
Has he heard of Ben Affleck or David Ayer? And to lesser degree Patty Jenkins.
Zack Snyder may be divisive but people forget DC also have David Ayer, Patty Jenkins, James Wan etc.
Listen. I trust Ben Affleck, David Ayer, James Wan & Patty Jenkins more than Zack Snyder. Zack needs to go if DC wants to…
David Ayer & Patty Jenkins don't have as bad as a track record as Zack Snyder does. It will be interesting to see how they…
they have set up the stage, now it's up to the other directors like James Wan, Patty Jenkins and David Ayer to do the justice.
You're getting a break from Snyder and have David Ayer writing and directing SS & Patty Jenkins directing WW.
Geoff Johns says watching Patty Jenkins direct reminds him of Richard Donner!
Geoff Johns praises Patty Jenkins' work on and compares her to Richard Donner.
People trolling on comments about Patty Jenkins have never met Geoff Johns. One of the all around best in the biz. A true pro.
Chris Pine talking about his experience working on 'Wonder Woman', directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot😍 ht…
I'm eager too see what Patty Jenkins does at the helm. Could be very interesting
do you think that Patty Jenkins is already taking Wonder Woman in a different direction than Snyder?
Andre Drummond and the team for INFO: -
if Patty Jenkins hasn't seen this, she needs to pause production on Wonder Woman till she has.
Two words: Patty Jenkins. If a man directed Monster, he'd have 10 new screenplays waiting on his desk by the end of February.
So hard! Agnes Varda, Claire Denis, Ava Duvernay, Patty Jenkins and Kathryn Bigelow just to start with.
Geoff Johns, Patty Jenkins, Clay Enos are in London for but Seth Grahame Smith too?
Zack Snyder, James Wan, Patty Jenkins...those directors bring merit to the genre and character. Not the case at all with Seth Smith.
Zack Snyder, David Ayer, James Wan, Patty Jenkins, Seth Grahame-Smith, Ben Affleck... DC Movies are better than fine, thank you.
One of these is not like the others:. Zack Snyder . Patty Jenkins . David Ayer. James Wan. Seth Grahame-Smith .
1/ WB gets great directors like Zack Snyder, Patty Jenkins, James Wan and Ben Affleck. And then they get... Seth Grahame-Smith. Weird! Not
Wonder Woman has Patty Jenkins, JL is Snyder,James Wan is Aquaman, Ben Affleck for Batman.
Film Development for 4/23/15: Patty Jenkins to Direct Wonder Woman, Ewan McGregor to Light up Beauty & the Bea...
"Monster director Patty Jenkins to replace Michelle MacLaren on Wonder Woman film"
I still don't like how everyone is throwing Patty Jenkins under the bus because she's seen as someone who "take orders" don't bring another-
I think Patty Jenkins directing Wonder Wiman could be a big step towards more women directing that kind of blockbuster
Patty mills with some clutch throws
New director first directed a true crime film...52 Wks of Directors: Patty Jenkins
Michelle MacLaren. Right. Replaced by Patty Jenkins. But for a MALE superhero film?
Wonder Woman finds new director in Patty Jenkins
Snyder. Patty Jenkins. David Ayer. Possibly Affleck directing a solo Batman? Absolutely I'm on board with the
So I'm behind on the news. Patty Jenkins is set to direct now. (But wasn't she set to direct thor 2 as well?)
Monster's Patty Jenkins hired to direct Wonder Woman movie
Well, yes, but they did hire Patty Jenkins to replace her.
That said, it's more Iron Man 2 ish. I think The Dark World's problems were rooted in the Patty Jenkins thing.
'Wonder Woman' Update: 'Monster' director Patty Jenkins takes over the project
The recent MacLaren news is a bit irksome. Was hiring Patty Jenkins to replace her the right move? Is Wonder Woman in trouble?
A jam-packed edition of Pistons Hits recaps the top plays of the season -
Congrats to Patty Jenkins 'A93 who has been tapped to direct the upcoming movie via
DC Comics' Wonder Woman movie already has a new director
 Patty Jenkins to direct Wonder Woman, Angelina Jolie possibly eyed for Captain Marvel
The new 'Wonder Woman' director means Warner Bros. is listening
"has a new woman! Patty Jenkins will be the 1st woman to direct a major superhero movie." via
I liked a video from Patty Jenkins Directing Wonder Woman! James Wan Aquaman??!!! DC
\'Wonder Woman\' lands new director in Patty Jenkins after Michelle MacLaren\'s abrupt exit
This is why Director Michelle MacLaren Left ‘Wonder Woman’ over Creative Differences. She replaced by Patty Jenkins: http…
Patty Jenkins is the new director of “Wonder Woman
It's great that Patty Jenkins will helm but I think Kathryn Bigelow and Lexi Alexander deserved the gig.
I wish Kathryn Bigelow would do "Wonder Woman". But this Patty Jenkins sounds interesting. Thank God, it's not Angelina Jolie.
'Wonder Woman' new director announced: Patty Jenkins to replace Michelle MacLaren EW
What's the deal with Patty Jenkins? I mean if it's Hearst, why do you want a restoration? Who ARE these people?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Favorite on this list is Patty Jenkins who I heard was going to do interesting stuff with Dark World before Alan Taylor took over.
There is some GREAT female directors for the job;. Kathryn Bigelow,. Lexi Alexander,. Patty Jenkins, . Lana Wachowski,. Jane Goldman. All suited.
Steve Perry honored director Patty Jenkins at Directors Guild of America event Sep 20. Photos & video
True, true. They need a female director too. I'd suggest Patty Jenkins and/or Kathryn Bigelow.
Or hire Patty Jenkins to do WW and Edgar Wright to do Shazam and give them carte blanche.
Is Marvel hard to work with, or is this business as usual? Kenneth Branagh didn't return for Thor 2. His replacement, Patty Jenkins was hired then fired. Joe Johnston didn't return for the Captain America sequel. Terence Howard was replaced, Ed Norton was replaced. Drew Goddard stepped away as show runner on Daredevil (ironically to direct The Sinister Six) and of course Edgar Wright is no longer on Ant Man, a project that was once said to only be in production because of Wrights vision. I have no doubt Marvel keep a close eye on everything, but are they tightening their grip to much?
Kathryn Bigelow, Mary Harron, Patty Jenkins, Mimi Leder or Catherine Hardwicke all would make interesting superhero directors.
Natalie Portman Says Female-Led Marvel Movie Coming Soon Thanks to "Thor," Natalie Portman is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actress is once again set to reprise her role of Jane Foster in the upcoming "Thor: The Dark World." However, Portrman recently spoke about the, shall we say, lack of diversity in the Marvel cinematic universe. But (silver lining alert) she seems to suggest that this could change very soon. "There are definitely many strong women [in Marvel movies], but it will be exciting when there is a central female character, which I think is coming -- I have heard is coming -- and, of course, also a central non-white character will also be exciting," Portman said. Before adding: "Title characters." Some might remember the somewhat contentious beginnings to the "Thor" sequel, with "Monster" director Patty Jenkins replaced in the eleventh hour by "Game of Thrones" helmer Alan Taylor. A lot of this had to do with a radical revision of the script; in the version Jenkins was signed on t ...
Martin Scorsese is my grandpa. Stanley Kubrick my godfather. Quentin Tarantino my dad. Patty Jenkins my mom. Gael Garcia my brother
This just makes me respect the man 110% more then I already did. I know it's a bit long but please read it all. Steve Perry June 6, 2013 As I said in my last birthday message January 2013, "There's so much more I'd like to share with you but that will have to come at another time". Well, I guess the time is now!.In May of 2011, I was with Patty Jenkins in an editing room as she was putting the final editing touches on what was to be the closing segment of a Lifetime Channel breast cancer special called "Five." As the opening scenes camera panned across an outside hospital patio, a narrator's voice commented on their lives and their types of cancer. The camera came across this girl sitting there laughing….. I saw her smile. When the scene was over I said to Patty, "Can you roll to the top of that opening scene for me?" Patty asked, "Is something wrong?" I said, "No. I want to see something." As the camera again crossed Kellie's smile I asked her to freeze right there.……. I asked Patty who that was. S ...
Getting ready to watch Patty Jenkins' 2003's 'Monster' (Charlize Theron & Christina Ricci) Love this movie!
almost everyone seems to agree that Patty Jenkins should add beta ray bill into thor 2. just making an observation
Directed by Patty Jenkins. With Charlize Theron, Christina Ricci, Bruce Dern, Lee Tergesen. Based on the life of Aileen Wuornos, a Daytona Beach prostitute who became a serial killer.
Just finished episode of "THE BRYAN CALLEN SHOW," featuring, good friend and Director of "Monster" Patty Jenkins.
Thor 2- Tom Hiddleston says he's thrilled Monster director Patty Jenkins will be taking on the sequel, in part...
Catch a sneak peek of Lifetime original movie "Five," directed by Demi Moore, Alicia Keys, Penelope Spheeris, Patty Jenkins and Jennifer Aniston. Premieres M...
People will say, 'oh THOR 2 is getting a woman's touch' but anyone who's seen MONSTER knows Patty Jenkins is no softie.
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