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Patti Page

Clara Ann Fowler (born November 8, 1927), known by her professional name Patti Page, is an American singer, one of the best-known female artists in traditional pop music.

Tennessee Waltz Old Cape Cod Jo Stafford Kay Starr Pee Wee King

Now playing on for the jazz and oldies connoisseur - Doggie in the Window by Patti Page! Tune in now!
... meanwhile, in Moscow a key Russian aid who Carter Page met with a number times, was found dead in his hotel room today.…
Carter Page met with Rosneft execs on 12 Dec '16:
The Tennessee Waltz by Patti Page was the No.1 hit song on January 13,1951:
FBI acquired 3 FISA warrants in Oct. Bet some combo of Flynn, Manafort, Page, and Cohen.
Patti Biggs opened a new, mystery-filled diary page in The Secret Society!
The just sent Trump a 250 page letter listing what appear to be illegal campaign contributions. Read it here: htt…
See you tomorrow for fun theatre night with Patti Stiles Impro - official page!
Trouble calling your Rep's? Try a local office. Go here👇. Click to your rep's home page and local…
There's another jazz and oldie favorite coming up next on - Doggie in the Window by Patti Page.
I added a video to a playlist The Doggie in the Window Patti Page 1953 aka How Much Is That Doggie In
I'm just on the first page and I knew immediately I would love this book. 💕
I'm listening to 'Mockin' Bird Hill' by 'Patti Page' on Golden Hits
song on Billboard when was born. Happy Birthday Rush The Tennessee Waltz - Patti Page via
Take in the sounds of jazz and oldies on - now it's Doggie in the Window by Patti Page.
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A lot of the music, and especially rap, I don't understand.
On this day in 1954, Mercury Records released Patti Page‘s next Top Five single, “Cross Over the Bridge.”
Thank you to the 3.5MM people who viewed press conference via his page!
Patti parallax one page wordpress theme
Listening to Let Me Call You Sweetheart by Patti Page at January 11, 2017 at 12:22AM
Paul Manafort and Carter Page are two names that need to keep getting repeated while this new info on Trump is being dissect…
The report says Page agreed to lift Russia sanctions after being offered 19% of Rosneft. THAT IS THE STORY.
Petronila: As I click the remove button on them they disappear from the page, looks good so far. Patti: He thinks…
Trump's pattern: commit a crime, admit it, openly joke about it, gaslight. Stone, Carter Page,…
In honor of Patti Page's birthday, here is her famous "Tennessee Waltz" for your lunch time listening!
Born Today 1927 Patti Page: "I was dancin' with my darlin' to the Tennessee Waltz"
Patti Page was born on this day in 1927. Her signature song, "Tennessee Waltz," was one of the biggest-selling sing…
8th Nov 1927, Born on this day was Patti Page. Page's signature song, "Tennessee Waltz", recorded in 1950, was...
Well, hello Patti! 😊 I love your seasonal page and the fall-themed message you sent me. Only teachers decorate by the seasons. 🤔😉
On page 111 of 288 of M Train, by Patti Smith
This horse looks like they're in so much pain. Tell the Indian government to stop this cruelty!
I always thought that Elvis could have been a great actor, and that he wa...
Bert and Patti Newton confirm they are delighted for son Matthew's engagement.
Me, on the same page as Patti Smith!!! In French Elle. Etonnant!
Time Machine is back to 1951 - And So To Sleep Again by Patti Page.
Pretty scary stuff Axed by Christy Clark: Patti Bacchus's account of the final hours of Vancouver's school board
I'll Never Fall In Love Again by Patti Page is in Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness.
Patti Smith: There's more to than a big *** - Page Six
Bacchus on Sept 27: "I turned to Lombardi and said, “it’s like we’ve been fired and everyone knows it but us.”
lol. No. I don't live there remember? How would I know of you were stalking him in town. I meant you all up my page.
Patti Smith: There's more to music than a big *** - Page Six
the era before the Michael Bolton/Bryan Adams/Whitney blockbusters. Patti Page is cool, the Carpenters are cool, Righteous Brothers are cool
On page 90 of 288 of M Train, by Patti Smith
On page 239 of 306 of Just Kids, by Patti Smith
Great track from the fifties: Mockingbird Hill by Page, Patti.
I will be running two raffles from my page , funds going to my sister, Patti Rackham to help her. She and I have...
Hi Patti, we'd like to look more into this with you. Will you please send us a direct message with your Ancestry username?
These little pumpkins are hoping to find loving families this October. You can help! Please read and SHARE:
Oh Patti, thrilled to see your beautiful face! We are all behind you, cheering you on. ❤❤❤😘
and he knows it's naughty - tonight he tried to sneak another piece out walking really low to the ground. Little devil.
He has been very naughty today! I lifted up his tunnel today and five pieces of raw chicken fell out! He'd been hiding them!
Music News Today in 1957: The Big Record debuted on CBS-TV, with Patti Page hosting.
Enjoy Patti Page - Old Cape Cod plus more 1950 thru 2000s Classic Hits on
When you have 3 finals this week and a 5 page paper due on Tuesday and you spend the day in the city
Now playing Patti Page - Till You Come Back to Me on Tunedex Memories
Here's some perspective. At the 1956 James Cagney emceed and Nat King Cole, Patti Page, and Dizzy Gillespie...
Miss Patti Page is always on the lookout for guests to arrive! Come and stay so she can greet you!...
Your voice dries up if you don't use it.
1979 First Day of Issue Cover (FDC) - signed by legendary singer Patti Page
Saturday morning read? Ck out article on us via the Warren Tribune in Warren, Ohio (Dave Grohl's Hometown).
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Join me Saturday for NRT! I'll have songs by Sammy Davis Jr., Patti Page, Paul Anka, Ray Price & Martina McBride, the Bing Sings Feature,
It's time to share. My lovely friend, P.j. MacLayne tagged me to share a sample of my latest WIP. 7th page, 7th...
Did you that when Patti Page recorded "How much is that doggie in the window" the musicians were on strike,so she sang the…
Imagine if radio in the '80s was playing hits by Patti Page and Pat Boone. Those songs were as old in the '80s as Karma Chameleon is today.
I added a video to a playlist The Perry Como Show(feat. Patti Page and Victor Borge)- November 27,
Patti Page had her biggest success w an orchestrated remake of a country and western hit by Pee Wee King's Golden West Cowboys.
I like that hair. I may use this as my new profile pic!
We accomplished what the political establishment said was impossible. Don't underestimate us htt…
Love it and HAPPY LISTENING Y'ALL – ♫I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good by Patti Page, from
I'm going to stop communicating w/the 'lawyer.' It's apparent Catherine is not emotionally well & I don't want to make her worse.
On page 82 of 306 of Just Kids, by Patti Smith
Cathy is the perfect little friend for Sam.
My Attorney thinks you need to turn off the 'puter & breathe. Your threats are FUNNY.
Judge Judy would laugh this right out of her court room Madame!!
my attorney wants to see your attorney's proof that I threatened you and your family
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Paul-did u miss class on 1st Amendment?No 1 has threatened her.Ur the only 1 trying to intimidate. PS-not working
I am that list yet I do not know that woman, nor spoke to her
I can't believe she's trying that if she so upset why not
Kitty Litter has lost it. So has her 💯% fake attorney. 😂
I (Cathy's Attorney) logged in & she had 14 messages of hateful nasty words from people.leave her alone.pass on
Lawyers! Plural as a Gazzillionaire needs more than 1!
Illinois DCFS & report 'his' name, where he claims to live & that he's involved in an illegal adoption. SS of all of the lies.
I'll tell you what, because I'm a 'troll' & a 'bored housewife' if he goes through w/this storyline, I will call (cont)
I bet a meeting with the lawyer is coming!
I think her Jimmies are enjoying the attention! Bunched up panties and all!
Now playing: by Let It Rain by George Benson Al Jarreau ft. Patti Austin (21) - - Buy it
. When the "story" or script hits so close to home, it's not just disheartening, it's a total disrespect of reality!
She has no clue how the adoption process works. But then again she has no clue about anything
May I ask what the reason is, then? I wear belts always, btw; never knew that meant anything but keeping jeans up..?!
And to have so little regard for the birth parents and their family. I'm glad you guys get where I'm coming from.😊
. YOU'RE RIGHT! This is so INFURIATING! It's insulting to watch Sam fictionally manipulate a real life legal process!
to move in with him & deliver in his state is illegal. Be interesting to see if she changes the story now. 😬
Both of our adoptions are open/domestic/private, kids placed w/us at birth. The storyline that she's going (Cont)
Yeah, I do too. We went through that with one of my kids who was born out of state. 👍
Sam doesn't know about ICPC apparently, I do though! Well see if Sam reads this,Google's, then mentions it in blog.
What do you think of the storyline that appears to have birthmom & Sam avoiding ICPC? Realize it all fake, but it infuriates me!
Explain how we are wrong? Scam doesn't exist. Do a little research-it's all Jackie
Is her "attorney" dyslexic or did she also graduate from online law skool? *** ??
Well she probably needs a vet for her Kitty. Did she do online vet school too?
Cathy u really should take Sam's advice. Block and go along with your day!
reminds me of the weird al song white n nerdy lol...I keep mowin' the front yard!
"Kitty Litter" has some major upsentment going on! She needs a Springfield break!
It's so weird that Cathy's atty has the exact same name as Cathy! What a coinkydink!
One of her LinkedIn profiles listed an online law school she's attending. Good luck, Kitty, with passing the Bar exam! 😂
You are the atty and you're using this acct and serving notice to us?!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
know paternity, the b-dad must be named, even if he denies, a TPR'd.
has conveniently forgotten the b-dad's role in a real adoption. Unless b-mom says she doesn't (cont)
being the b-day to which the judge said, "You won't have any problem signing the TPR then." Batman (cont)
That's what I've been waiting for! One of my kids b-day signed months later, the other denied (cont)
Yes, we've got us a real ambulance 🚑chaser...or a 👻!
Patti Page and Kay Starr and Jo Stafford and Doris Day for days.
1992: (R-L) Me, icons Jerry Vale and Patti Page, with my friend, DJ Ron Evancho. I’m the only one still living.
Jo Stafford and Patti Page are my ladies💜
Patti Page, What A Dream ... cant listen to this w/out picturing on piano & singing
Time to rock the vote and vote for Nurse Patricia.. You have till Sunday! 🎥💁🏽💉
Nurses... We got next 🎥 go vote unlimitedly for Nurse Patricia 💉💁🏽.
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Keep on voting for nurse Patricia. . Click link and vote away...
Let's break the Internet!!! Vote now until Sunday for Nurse Patricia💉. . Spread the word
Good morning world you can still vote till your fingers hurt.
It's time to make being Kind Cool and being Grateful Beautiful:)
On page 100 of 272 of M Train, by Patti Smith
Nobody works sweet potato magic like LaBelle. Her recipe will make you sing:
insurance co-op collapse could put customers in Catholic health plan with secondary provider for
On page 65 of 272 of M Train, by Patti Smith: I love that she loves The Killing. And The ...
On page 145 of 257 of M Train, by Patti Smith: Thankfully I'm liking it more and more. De...
NIH announces end to controversial chimpanzee research program
Patti Page - Why Don't You Believe Me -heard in "Here's a heart for you only that you can keep or break"
Don't expect wingnut bigots & xenophobes to remember history--it's unlikely they ever read it in the first place
To states refusing refugees: remember the story behind that whole Thanksgiving thing?
Will you help our growing Autism group, and share 1 hopeful moment at ?
via Black Friday & Cyber Monday are followed by https:/…
Glad to see this is a payday for the Patti Viral Pie Guy.
You still have time to vote, and I have so much more to show! 💉
Old Cape Cod by Patti Page, found with Listen now: 👌
.Yes, yes. Patti Page, Jo Stafford, Kitty Kallen, Peggy Lee, Gogi Grant, Kay Starr, Dinah Shore and so forth. They were the best.
On page 83 of 352 of Between the Tides, by Patti Callahan Henry
If you are not FOLLOWING ME already -- WHY NOT??!! lol Make sure you click FOLLOW at the top of my page!
Tell to stop its attacks on the Sign the petition:
Now playing on KRM Radio Tennessee Waltz by Patti Page at
Is the movie HUSH HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE as beautifully chilling as Patti Page's theme song of the same name? If so, I need to see it ASAP.
Need tips for a successful dentist trip? Or tips for getting kids to brush? Try this tool kit:
Tell officials to STOP the kill order for wolves in Boise National Forest!
If your actions do not prove the truth of your words, then your words are nothing more than lies. 💔
For the latest news and analysis on Greece go to our special Greek crisis page:
So kind & compassionate ☺ Boy with autism attends first birthday party thanks to kind invitation via
Here again is the composite based on DNA from crime scene of 8 yr old April Tinsley in Ft Wayne
On page 141 of 256 of The Idea of Love, by Patti Callahan Henry
April Tinsley was murdered 27 yrs ago. Her mom hopes a new sketch based only on killer's DNA helps
This composite didn't come from an eye witness. It was developed entirely from DNA.
Want to get organized? Start here. Download free PDFs from this page to plan your week:
Tamar Braxton destroyed online after performing on BET Awards | The Chicago Defender | Page 3
9 p.m. on WTVI: A 1981 telecast recalls the decade with songs by Rosemary Clooney, Frankie Laine, Patti Page, Teresa Brewer & the Four Lads
On page 56 of 192 of Travels with Gannon and, by Patti Wheeler: Interesting
At least 2 thefts of catalytic converters from vehicles have been reported within the past week. please report suspicio…
Mike Holmes made a stop in Brantford to talk about a new program that will protect new home buyers
It's totally an oldies song .. why can't i remember this? I have my closing… ♫ Try to Remember by Patti Page —
blur her face for protection but constantly put us on front page for the media? Grace Tilton is her name.
There isn't a social media page(s) around for twelve constant years that can match The Ultimate Patti LaBelle...
On page 93 of 320 of Just Kids, by Patti Smith: I'm not loving this, unfortunately.
On page 33 of 320 of Just Kids, by Patti Smith
"Tennessee Waltz" all day. Patti Page will grace your soul
Hi It's Patti, Join us on our other page to learn more about Nutrition, Lifestyle and Emotional health! HERE:
Seeing Patti Russo on her UK Tour this week? Check out her page
"April 4 shot rang out in the Memphis sky, free at last, they took your life, they could not take your pride" - U2
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Every seder, the story of a baby in bullrushes makes me look at r daughters, & reminds me of how they came into our arms.
This from in Bainbridge Island has stunning views and private country club access:
Hey Dominck, I will be adding you to my new page: PATTHERESAS because evidentally this page keeps getting unwanted messages..
Always unpack that box and sort them out. Saves your sanity. I also liked to scan the first page and read them in an order
If the story has me turning the page dying to know how it's going to end...that's how I judge.
If insulting folks from the hometown of S.E. Hinton, Leon Russell, John Hope Franklin, Tony Randall, Patti Page
Today's back page of the NY Post...
Kind stranger leaves $25,000 tip so waiter could get new teeth.
Hi -- Love your page and the banner is superb!! will be by to follow you too. Love your artwork! Patti
I'm sitting here writing a 10 page paper and my mom is on her way to an Adam Levine concert. Oh. 😑
Just submitted to Rock On Philly for a home page video spot request Dave Stair & Patti Shearer Beardall / crimsonblue
Tennessee Waltz - Patti Page, a duet with herself, one of the first examples of a technique that would be copied thousands of times
Found an album called Patti Page in the Land of Hi-Fi in grammofonarkivet. Golly I'm going to miss being able to look up weird things.
Significant non boy meets girl popular songs no 476: Patti Page, How much is that doggie?
Childcare tip for the day: if you're looking for a song that will delight a baby via sing-along/dance: Patti Page, Steam Heat.
Patti Flather creating theatrewiki page for Rhoda Merkel.
like and share our Phool Patti Page . its all about Pakistan its all about Phool Patti
Tonight at 8pm, we premiere a new show, First episode has Lyle Lovett, Whiskeytown, Patti Page, Sturgill Simpson and more!
Hey how come Patti Russo doesn't have her own artist page? I can't be the 1st to have posted her music..?
Hi Everyone. We have a new FB page for help with nutrition, lifestyle etc.Would love it if you would LIKE it! Patti.
Mockin' Bird Hill~ ★Patti Page Another song from the top of his YouTube list (married to Irish gal) 👰
Patti LaBelle with her musical director John Stanley Fan Page singers Mary Griffin Fanpage on drums,...
Sturgeon anglers despair over mining of Fraser River - Page 2 via
Have you bookmarked the page for my yet? You won't want to miss an episode:
Which is better: Flour Head's Oatmeal Cookie or our guest cookie, Patti's Infamous Oatmeal? Try a free sample today & vote on our FB page.
Why, oh why, do people bring ill-mannered children to the salon with them for THEIR appointment? Ugh.
Hack-tastic: CNN host asks if Brian Williams should be blamed if 'pilots can't get the story straight'
Learning how to use the Patti theme by
In 03 got 2 sit down w the late top female singer of 50s, who also recorded "Gentle on my Mind":
Radio Patti Page - How Much Is that Doggie in the Window - TuneIn
Gracie Fields RIP Lizabeth Scott film noir actress/singer who appeared on "The Big Record" with Patti Page and Gracie Fields.
And once again Joan nails it with her assessment of Leeza!
Officer stumbles upon valuable works by an American Indian artist on the floor of an old meth lab: …
Check this out fellow hockey parents!
Done! I also asked some of my fb friends 2 like ur page too.
Uncle Kev got Tennessee Waltz by Patti Page. How about you?
Just uploaded "Amelia's Culture Show Patti Page Ella Fitzgerald & More" to Tune in now!
Patti - Parallax One Page HTML Template by DarkStaLkeRR on deviant
65 years ago Ms Patti Page began paving the way for every female mega-star that followed.
Sick and beyond disturbing.--6-year-old kidnapped, terrorized to 'teach him a lesson'
Some people don't like telling the truth, others don't like hearing it.
Phone banking at the RNC's Parsippany HQ with Patti Page.
So Obama's not interested in fighting radical Islam today because of stuff Christians did in the 11th Century.
samples Old Cape Cod by Patti Page co-published by
All the police cars at FRHS were because of a drug sweep (WTH) & not an emergency.
Winter fatigue. Ready to hop a plane to Florida. 🌞
Thanks for all you do! An honor well deserved and earned.
You going to educate Michelle Obama that being obese doesn't always equal bad eating habits? Hopefully so!
On page 196 of 304 of Just Kids, by Patti Smith
Today at 6 p.m., travel back to the 1950s with Patti Page, Debbie Reynolds, The McGuire Sisters and more.
Join us for the Patti Page exhibit opening 6:30 p.m. tonight at the OK History Center!
Totally overdressed at Winston Churchill birthday dinner with Patti Page
Frank Costanza has a breakdown after yelling "serenity now" at every Steelers penalty during the game.
SOOO excited that Patti LaHelle is back! Go to the YouTube page for a new vid!!!
Every day do something that will get you closer to a happier and better tomorrow.
Thanks Joanie. I didn't realize it came from an old Patti Page song.
If you like Patti Page - Changing Partners you'll love listening LIVE to Humboldt 101! Go to
How much isThat Doggie in the Window (Patti Page): via
iTunes best selling song: The Tennessee Waltz - Patti Page
Patti - Parallax One Page WordPress Theme - Patti is a modern and elegant One-Page WordPress Theme, perfect for...
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Sometimes we forget the importance of being humble, how a simple kind word and a hand of care can change someone’s day.
We're hiring! Can you find stories in data and turn them into great radio? Be a producer for
Sorry, it was made popular by Patti Page. It was co-written by Pee Wee King and Redd Stewart who presented it to Fred Rose.
Love that song. Originally sung by Patti Page. You can dance the "Tennessee Waltz" to "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" also.
I don't like Velvetta, but this sounds good. Four-Cheese Macaroni and Cheese Recipe | SAVEUR via
Mrs.Rubler can get a life she wants a page essay 😂😂💀 not happening
I guess my whole regret here is SO MANY women put too much trust and faith in Financial decisions others make and then p…
YEs committing a crime is NOT a good thing but there are crimes...and there crimes...Envy, Hate,Revenge being among the …
Sooo is preparing for prison, meanwhile George Zimmerman is sitting comfortably at home.
On page 190 of 271 of The Dog Diet, A Memoir, by Patti Lawson
koi teen patti chips dedo bdle me phishing, id, page, ya likes lelo. plz help me by Bhavesh Agrawal via Inf...
Sending love and positive vibes to , Gabriella, Milania and Audriana. Love you. xoxo
Sending love out to you, Milania, Gabriella & Audriana. Love you, hun. xoxo
I think you can't have an official page without an pro at account. But can't be a big problem. Massage if you need help!!xo
I found the same - no official page! Patti come back, we miss you already!
Patti Payne's Cool Pads: Houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle sells for more than $2 million -...
Shana Tova to my family and friends who celebrate. May this be a sweet new year.
If someone is capable of doing something horrible to someone else, they're just as capable of doing it to you.
I'm so relaxed right now. House is clean, listening to patti page, enjoying my last hours of 27😊
On page 248 of 304 of Just Kids, by Patti Smith
On page 226 of 304 of Just Kids, by Patti Smith: No siento ninguna necesidad de justificar...
thank-you :) yeah, it's very pretty. I lived mostly in Dauphin county, at dif times+visited my Dad when he was in Perry co..
The bridge is over West Branch Susquehanna River on PA 44. I didn't take the photo-but live in PA-think it's beautiful.
How about addressing his disgusting remark to People who speak hate should be held accountable.
Me too, sweetie! Big hugs and so sorry you encountered such ignorance and hate. xoxo
Huge thank you,for being supportive! & I too can only hope this brings attention & awareness to discrimination to
Jim's behavior and words are appalling. I hope sanctions Jim in some manner.
This makes me very sad. Know that you and Montel are appreciated. Don't let hate make you hide your light.
Just seeing this. Sorry this has happened to my 2 fav guys on the Internet. Thanks 4 all you both do! xoxo
Never get your sense of worth from outside yourself, and don’t let other people determine your worth. It’s called self wo…
How much is that doggie in the window 🎶(Patti Page is from my neck of the woods)
Sept 25 - Register now for an insightful evening with leadership expert, Michelle Smit, hosted by LA NHRA. …
On page 75 of 110 of A God for All Seasons, by Patti Tingen
She looks very much like Joe's mother.
Maybe the one outfit that would be considered SFW in 1955 that isn't now Miss Patti Page To...
Find all of Patti J. Smith's books on her Author's Page:
Patti Thompson from Spfld IL here. I manage the FB page for state agency & just realized this.
Grateful tests came back clear & surgery went well for my 14-yr old. Never take ur health, or that of your friends/loved ones for granted!
Wanted you to know you're still in my thoughts & prayers.
1 page down. Okay that's enough for the night 🎉🎉🎉
Pittsburgh Steelers training camp at Saint Vincent College today w/
Gee...sounds like my luck. We really do have to go out with a lot of frogs before we [hopefully] find a prince.
SHOCKING REPORT: The video Carl Demaio DOESN'T want you to see:
So true! "“I learn more from those who don't think the same as me. I already know what I think.”
Have a wonderful time with your family. You'll be missed!
Cynthia Nixon's story is quite compelling. Hope to 1 day find out more about my 4xs g-grandfather
One of Patti Pages best songs Old Cape Cod / patti page Love this song Dale xx
Blueberry Weekend at Sand Hill Berries! Blueberry cookies, a sale on blueberry wine, & more! ht…
Just remember--someone is praying for the things you take for granted.
I just read it & agree. It was like an epiphany. Thanks for posting this. I needed to learn this.
Life gets so busy we forget to tell people that they matter, that we've noticed what they do and it means a lot to us. Always b…
Gross. Flea infestation shuts down New York courthouse for the second consecutive day:
Replied. :) Jon will be able to give more personal info. Thanks so much, Nettie!
You are in so many people's thoughts and prayers! Sorry you are having to wait to hear from the doctor. Blessings!
Wait you posting you bs on my page but your page won't let me post...and you claim you don't know why? *** ..
"We can't take any credit for our talents. It's how we use them that counts." - Madeleine L'Engle
Juan, I have always greatly respected ... http…
Patti Page - Christmas With | £29.99 | just arrived in stock on the vinyl tap web site
Rex Allen, Patti Page, Hugh O'Brian, & Carl Perkins photographed by me at the ACM Awards in Los Angeles.
I have two profiles because I have hit my limit in one profile and I have a Patti fan page
Did you know The Ultimate Patti LaBelle has the honor of being her OFFICIAL MYSPACE PAGE! If you use myspace...
he's about to be on kdka radio btw. About 60 seconds to live
Thanks, Jon. and I will take care of the rest.
Ok I think my dm is ok now. Lets do this by dm a little later this evening.I'm working on a complicated order
Certainly, there is good stuff, like Howlin' Wolf, Big Bill Broonzy, Bo Diddley, Patti Page, Santo & Johnny, etc.
Another great weekend find at the thrift store! Found an early 10" of fellow Okie, Patti Page.
Enjoying "The Tennessee Waltz" sung by Patti Page in the quiet of the night.
Dinah and Patti Page together am cr y
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