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Patti Labelle

Patricia Louise Holte-Edwards (born May 24, 1944), better known under the stage name, Patti LaBelle, is a Grammy Award winning American singer, author and actress who has spent over 50 years in the music industry.

Aretha Franklin Gladys Knight Duane Martin Mariah Carey Diahann Carroll Barbra Streisand Teena Marie Anita Baker Whitney Houston Different World Michael Chiklis Celine Dion James Brown Lady Marmalade Keke Wyatt Charlie Wilson

When Patti LaBelle had to adlib an entire Christmas song because they forgot to give her backup singers & cue cards 💀
Patti LaBelle=super pro. This video is everything + a guest appearance that makes me sad in retrospect.
Sometimes you just get tired of trying to prove yourself 💔
I need a Patti Labelle and Lizzie Mcguire tshirt
Y'all think Patti be sangin' but she SHOWS OUT with Nona & Sarah!! Go back & listen to her records with Labelle. 😩🙌🏾✨ SANGIN' SISTAS!!
This kid of been listening to Patti LaBelle or some lol 😂 sing ABC's
I might go to at New Jersey Performing Arts Cent...
Jennifer Hudson has always been this generations Patti Labelle to me as far as her music career she's a lot more prominent but still..
I liked a video Tyrese sings Shame while dancing with Patti Labelle FULL VIDEO
Just got an invite to see Patti LaBelle this weekend, giving me a reason to watch this for 1000th time. via
Now playing: I`m in Love -The Essential Collection by Patti LaBelle -
Jimmy, Wanda. Though it would be funny if u two did a comedy remake of M. McDonald / Pa…
Don't dwell on performance failures or let em get you down. Everybody has them,even Patti LaBelle
Now playing: Come as You Are -The Essential Collection by Patti LaBelle -
Ms. Patti LaBelle has become synonymous with grace, style, elegance and class. See her at the State this Saturday.
and also be praised by legends such as Lionel Richie, Patti Labelle, Alanis, Timberlake..
I don't know if this an unpopular music opinion or not but Keke Wyatt washed Patti Labelle on her cover of If Only You Knew.
Love live album? You'll love her even more live at the State Jan 14. Tix: http…
Patti Labelle, i was like 9 years old seeing her snatching her own wig and rolling on the floor slaying lmao
If you only knew…how excited we are for return to the Arts Center on 2/12!
🤗🤗 some head and Patti LaBelle, see full video
🗣somewhere over the rainbow by Patti LaBelle 😭😭😭 omg I love it ✨
When Patti Labelle is in the building, you SANG! . Mariah Carey tributing Patti Labelle in 1998.
Patti LaBelle and her drama when she sings 😂😍😍😍
Patti Labelle's pies are nasty and her perfume smells like old ***
My mom makes better pies than Patti Labelle.
Patti LaBelle Serves a Helping of Cooking & Conversation on New Show
Thanks to I will always have Patti Labelle and Aretha Franklin paired together in the same thought.
Just now found out Patti LaBelle has a cooking show on the Cooking Channel. It's littedtedded.
.of + bring ⭐️ power to LaBelle's Place 11amET. Recipes: ht…
Patti Labelle is the definition of "auntie"
Update your maps at Navteq
"If Patti Labelle came to my house I would literally kill myself" -Deva "El Frisco" Freeman
I saw a commercial for Patti Labelle’s pie at Walmart. That’s a viral hit I have not seen in a while.
You need to hear hit this high note! WOWZA! 😍
I added a video to a playlist If Only You Knew-Patti Labelle
I'm just gonna eat my Patti LaBelle peach cobbler and dwell on how I'm 0/2 in the surprise department.
Patti with Ta'Rhonda Jones from the taping of Patti LaBelle's Place.
Patti with Kirk and Tammy Franklin from the taping of Patti LaBelle's Place.
Patti with Kaitlin Doubleday from the taping of Patti LaBelle's Place.
Not gonna lie. If is on my tv.I'm watching. Especially if Patti LaBelle is cooking for him and his mom!…
Patti with Joe Zee from the taping of Patti LaBelle's Place.
Patti with Jay Manuel from the taping of Patti LaBelle's Place.
Patti with Estelle from the taping of Patti LaBelle's Place.
Patti with Erica Campbell from the taping of Patti LaBelle's Place.
Patti with Gayle King from the taping of Patti LaBelle's Place
Janet Jackson along with Patti Labelle is nominated for Rhythm and Blues Hall Of Fame.
Grown & Sexy playlist lined up!. Patti Labelle,Glen Lewis, Destiny's Child, Donnell Jones, Kanye West, The Roots and more on the
Alicia Keys use to have such a beautiful voice, shame she destroyed it trying to be Patti Labelle /:
I added a video to a playlist Promotional Video -Terrell Carter Tribute to Ms. Patti Labelle "If Only
Kickstarting my women's day with Letta Mbulu, Gladys Knight, Dinner Warwick, Mariam Makeba, Patti Labelle etc (age before beauty) 😂😂
On the bright side, our trainer is a cross between Patti Labelle and Della this should be fun.
I mean Morris Day and The Time, Esperanda Spaulding, Larry Graham, Chaka Kahn, Patti Labelle, so many of them who could do a great tribute.
No. It's a Patti Labelle song. I guess they don't show you Beverly Hills Cop movies in the tundra.
Patti Labelle and Anita Baker are my last two of my ol'school classic r&b & soul music heroes.I put next to Marvin Gaye, Not Michael
BUT I bet he will be first in line to tribute Prince at award shows over artists like Kenny Kravitz, Maxwell, Patti Labelle .
Found my Prince VHS box. This "Friday Night Videos" tribute with Patti Labelle and Kadeem Hardison is perfect.
I'm so hungry I just watched a video of Patti Labelle on YouTube making mac n cheese
no worries. Just mixed that you were on a plane and Patti Labelle.New Altitude...
And why was Patti LaBelle his mama in the movie?! ⚰
Patti LaBelle's sweet potato pie, vanilla ice cream and a good cup of coffee. 👍👍
If listening to Patti Labelle on an airplane while writing about NYS politics is wrong, I don't want to be right.
I just told my mom now, "Mama, your girl actin' a fool. You may just get Patti Labelle's cookbook. You'll be fine tho."
Anybody who has seen Patti Labelle in concert knows that's exactly how she performs.
Patti LaBelle - Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is) via Trying to find the woman who loves me.
Patti LaBelle - On My Own ft. Michael McDonald via An odd pairing, but it worked to make a good song.
Was great getting a call from Jose Rossy! Check him out on the road with Patti Labelle. Good catching up with, brotha!
no. All the artists and the comments she's received from the GP are praising her VOCALS. Every time. JT, Patti LaBelle,Alanis
Made out like a bandit at the meadowlands flea market got a brand new vinyl player and vinyls of Whitney Commodores and patti labelle 😆
You ain't gon use me to just be singing hooks. What I look like, Patti Labelle or somebody?🤔
Now playing: Lady Marmalade by Patti LaBelle at - Buy it
Is this one of Patti LaBelle's new pies?
I might go to at Ravinia Pavilion in Chicago, IL - Jun 23
Erykah Badu is really breaking my heart right now. I'm in a state of crisis. *Patti Labelle voice* 🎶 on my own / why di…
I decided to always sing in the back with the chorus and never went up fron...
Someone bumping that early morning Patti Labelle
"Patti LuPone? Patti LaBelle. Does there have to be a Patti, or did I do that?"
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not gna lie cameron, in the nicest possible way, I thought patti labelle had already died
Now playing: You Turn Me On by Patti Labelle at - Buy it
nah he can go on ahead, once Patti Labelle goes, I'm gonna start writing letters to my family
This weather is purfect !! + Patti Labelle + coming to America ... + . Ok back to cocoon.. Have a jolly weekend, share the love 😀😘😊
fell asleep as expected. Noticed a young Benicio del Toro & never knew Patti Labelle did the end credit theme so learnt something 😝
I can't choose between Patti LaBelle and Anita Baker - Golden oldies!!! 🔥🔥
Ooc) on the show? Tbh, I haven't watched anything since that episode with Patti Labelle lol
I listened to her earlier...LOL Patti Labelle too...LOL
Yea, can't name them all but Kelly Rowland, Lisa Raye, Matthew Knowles, Tracy McGrady, Patti Labelle, Meghan James
The lip-sync I just blessed Connecticut Avenue with of Patti Labelle's "Somebody Loves You Baby" was LIFE!
That time Tasia sang her face off honoring the legendary Patti Labelle - p.s yes I'm doing too much by telling... https…
Bowlegged Lou/Full Force>So my friend,Patti Labelle told me to admit the truth to folk that was…
3D just rocked "I'm not your superwoman" by Dione Warwick, Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight.
No Michael Che, Patti Labelle is the Beyoncé of sweet potato pie.
At the Adrianne Arsht Center ready to see Patti Labelle concert! :)
At the Adrianne Arsht Center de Miami. ready to welcome Patti Labelle on stage!! Parte del Jazz Roots series...
Uh oh Patti Labelle gonna be at the Florence Civic Center
The break was ushered in with one of my favorite Grover Washington Jr song w/ Patti Labelle "The Best Is Yet To Come." 😊
On The Guestlist, discuss sharing the back of the bus with Patti Labelle.
Patti Labelle isn't playing. She's giving bakers a run for their money. I'm not mad at her though.
Same with Philly 2012. Long time anthem singer Lauren Hart didn't sing, Patti Labelle was chosen instead.
Leah just told me she didn't know who Patti Labelle was until her pies came out. I'm bout to fight her.
"George Lucas and his wife look like Michael McDonald and Patti Labelle." -
Chris Brown, Tank, John Legend, Patti Labelle, Mary J. are all joining & tonight!
What got you through this week? For us it was review of Patti Labelle's sweet potato pie ht…
LIVE on Patti Labelle pie and fried chicken Fort Hays State University
Bette Midler, Nathan Lane, Uzo Aduba, Jimmy Carter, Patti Labelle, and Tevin Campbell are all friends in my head lol
A lot of artists valuable discographies are overlooked...Patti Labelle, "Southern Nights".
Lol! A Different World had SO many comedic moments in it. Especially with Ms. Patti Labelle & Diahann Carroll. I adore you!😄
Fraser Cottrell is playing On my own by Patti Labelle and and Michael McDonald!
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Who is this guy? Collaboration with The winans, James Ingram, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle and the brothers.
Dennis Edwards from The Temptations, Patti Labelle, and were at job last nite. The
Whitney Houston. Mariah Carey. Teena Marie. Stephanie Mills. Patti Labelle. That's already five, and these are only black wo…
Keke Wyatt took "if only you knew" by Patti Labelle and made it HER song
Top five black favorite artists in my family...Michael Jackson, James Brown, Patti Labelle, Prince, Janet Jackson!
Check out the replay of our show featuring Legendary R&B SINGERS as the likes of Teena Marie, Patti Labelle, Aretha, Stephanie Nancy Wilson
I wanna see Patti Labelle in concert
You better sprout Patti LaBelle wings and get to that hospital
can't complain by Patti Labelle, Heaven & Earth by Al Jarreau SHOW with ONE...
Patti Labelle and Bette Midler after singing Lady Marmalade at Hulaween 2004
Beyoncé got Mariah Carey, Patti LaBelle, Madonna & Janet praising her but Keri Hilson & Jhene Aiko shading her
Y'all look like y'all about to go to a patti labelle concert 💀💀💀
On sunday I had a show in NYC with the lovely Patti Labelle. Great show and audience. Love NYC
Worry about your fave dressing like Patti Labelle
Patti Labelle should've been my grandma
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Patti LaBelle's chili, in progress sallypnut
have to admit that a lot of a "Superwoman": Performed here Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle & Dionne Warwick
The self-improvement gospel decrees that “attitude is everything.” Patti LaBelle has a new attitude ... read more.
Patti LaBelle's turkey chili recipe is my go-to chili recipe.
she did at the bet awards the summer jam dwts performing alongside Mrs patti Labelle
Back stage with Patti Labelle at The Fox theater right after she kicked her shoes off on stage. She…
dedicated -> I'm listening to Walk Around Heaven by on
I'm listening to Walk Around Heaven by on
RTI'm listening to When You've Been Blessed by on
I'm listening to When You've Been Blessed by on
August 7th 2015 @ 2pm. Patti Labelle will be the last musical act at the NYS Fair grandstand before it is...
Shout to Andrea Crowder! She won tix to see . You'll have a chance tomorrow
a gift for momRT Singer Patti LaBelle (to perform at
July 9th is Quickly Approaching! Who's Ready for Patti Labelle, Jeff Bradshaw, and Pamela Williams? Make Sure you...
I Stan so hard for Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, and Whitney Houston
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Patti Labelle and Phylicia Rashad are my god mothers in my mind!
I really love that Patti Labelle plays Dwayne Wayne's mom.
Voices that have done nothing but get BETTER with age: Stephanie Mills, Patti Labelle, Donna Summer, Luther Vandross… all of those ladies.
The Dealer & The Plug is DONE! 18 songs deep Feat. frm James Brown, Patti Labelle, and MALCOLM X 😏 (don't ask how lol) even Kanye shows up
The adult-contemporary R&B of the mid-late 80s was the last time R&B really touched me. Patti Labelle, Anita Baker, Sade, Chakra Khan...
never really caught that Pam did Diana Ross dressed as Patti Labelle and Gina did Jennifer Holiday dressed as Ma Rainey
Tony Bennett, Patti Labelle, The Temptations & many more coming to Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando soon.
I especially liked when Patti Labelle and Diahann Carroll was on!
I always loved the way Soul For Real sung this Patti Labelle classic!.
I was only watching 4 Patti Labelle as I did with Gladys Knight. She' no longer there. Now I am mia.
Woman.Crush.Wednesday: Patti LaBelle - Our woman crush Wednesday is none other than the infamous Patti LaBelle. Si...
I literally learned what the term meant two days ago. Yesterday 70 yr old Patti LaBelle used the term like it was normal.
Catching up on and crying like s baby! Patti LaBelle
Patti Labelle. 70 dwts. dancing with the stars
My setup at Patti LaBelle's house. 😌😌 She might be the most humble, patient, and sweetest human…
Got to do Patti Labelle's lashes today. 😁 I'm really out here hustling lashes and eyebrows, dude. Feels amazing.
What number can we dial to get Patti LaBelle voted OFF ?
Patti LaBelle is still cashing in..
Power meeting turned into me opening up karaoke! My Patti Labelle face!
there are SO many more reasons to love Patti LaBelle, no shade to G2BR but Patti is SO much more than that
Patti be getting me in my feelings. Lol . If Only You Knew-Patti Labelle
Patti Labelle continuously shows us on That she still got.…
85% of the reason I love Patti Labelle is because of and G2BR.
Pumping it to Whitney!!! Up next Kim Burrell and Patti LaBelle!' Oh, and Mary Mary!!! Gym tracks!!!
Patti LaBelle can outSCREAM Barbra. Barbra Streisand can still outsing Ms. LaBelle.
I'm sorry but Barbra Streisand would sing Patti LaBelle out the room.
OMG just saw the crazy low scores judges gave Patti LaBelle! She was so much better than lead foot Chris Soules! Can't believe the 5s
Please, PLEASE. Barbra woulda sung Patti out the room with one really long note. Barbra would of slayed Ms. Labelle.
I love me some Patti Labelle , Aretha Franklin , Luther , Isley brothers etc yes
Patti LaBelle could vocally drag any of your pop female favorites. Dont argue this
My mother Patti LaBelle is coming to Winstar? And none of you *** told me
Had me so hyped about Patti on DWTS...I had to hit my Playlist. 🎵You Are My Friend🎵 - Patti LaBelle.
Loved watching that clip of Ms Patti LaBelle on --- she is LEGEND!
“Did you see Patti Labelle dance last night?  Will she go all the way? I'm on her bandwagon!”
So yall wasnt gonna tell me patti labelle was dancing to the in the club last night? Yall disappoint me lol...but patti was jigging lol
Patti LaBelle killed it last night...what did you think of her performance to 50 Cent's "In Da Club"?
Patti Labelle dancing to 50 Cent (In Da Club) was definitely the highlight from last night though
Patti Labelle dances to ‘In Da Club’ on ‘Dancing With The Stars’: Find Patti LaBelle in the club. No, really –...
Patti Labelle was amazing last night on Dancing with the Stars Check her out
Baby! When I tell you Patti LaBelle is giving me life right now! . I pray that when I'm 70 I can get it like Patti.
Patti LaBelle dancing to "In Da Club" is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.
That time 4 years ago that I interviewed about her love for the hip-hop generation ... LISTEN:
If I had to be on here this would be my jam.
EPIC!! You have to watch Patti LaBelle getting down to 'In Da Club' - Watch here:
I love love love that video of Patti LaBelle dancing to "In Da Club" last night on ! Get it Patti 👏
Patti LaBelle danced to 50 Cents last night I missed it. I'm not surprised This is entertainment
Patti LaBelle dancing to 50 Cent "In The Club" on Dancing with the Stars make sure u vote for her! Also July 18...
What do you think of Patti LaBelle's salsa performance on
Did you watch Patti LaBelle break it down last night on ???.
I wish Patti Labelle was one of my grandmothers.
Published a new blog entry Patti LaBelle breaks it down to 50 cent's In Da Club on DWTS in The 411.
I want to take photos with Diana Ross. Patti Labelle. Gladys Knight. Prince. Charlie Wilson. Lord Please let this happen one day 🙌
Patti LaBelle Bumps and Grinds to "In Da Club," kills it on the eve of her 70th birthday.
Two of the many things "A Different World" got so so right: Diahann Carroll and Patti Labelle. Yes, honey.
Patti LaBelle walked all over that stage last night.
seriously dude if he was with burger boobs or even patti labelle I would vote
HOW DARE YOU SAY PATTI LABELLE IS OLD FOR DANCING with the stars wasn't your old *** on there 2 & got kicked off so fast
The 2hr season FINALE you really don't want to miss! Catfights! Man love! Patti LaBelle! Rita Ora! J-Hud! Snoop! TOMORROW! 8PM!
Patti LaBelle gives West Point cadet traumatic brain injury, now she's on Dancing with the Stars. Only in Black Ru…
.and have a 'New Attitude' when it comes to competition! h…
Missed last night on Dancing with the Stars catch it here
must hire is great! If u can't get Sam try Jeanine Piro, Patti Labelle, Leeza Gibbons, Suzane Summers
'Dancing With the Stars' premiere: Ranking the contestants from ...
For you to say Patti Labelle Is old was wrong. What is you Old as well. She looks and danced better than you. Sip that tea😅😘💯
I thought it was him until it said Patti LaBelle on the screen.
Patti Labelle is gonna be on Dancing With The Stars so I think I may watching this season.
I have never watched/will never watch Dancing With the Stars but I will be rooting for Patti LaBelle all the way.
tole' the Gospel Truth about Suzanne Somers & Patti LaBelle dancing on last nite'! She said EVERYTHING, I am Thinking
Trending on Google at the moment... good domain possibility?: Patti LaBelle
“There have been queen bees before said. "Folks came before all of this. Talk about Patti LaBelle!”
Patti Labelle never looked so good. She did far better then when you were on .Turning u off
"When you dance, you are a gorgeous, graceful goddess" -to Patti LaBelle last night
For I'm going to be all sorts of obvious and tell you a fable about that one time Patti LaBelle...
I just used Shazam to discover You Are My Destiny by Paul Anka & Patti LaBelle.
HOT QUESTION: Who do you think will win this season?
70 & Dancing! Debuts On Check out her performance from last night Patty TV on WDAS via
There is no "good reason" to *not know* who Patti LaBelle is. Not in 2015. 😂😂😂
So glad recapping the premiere gave me a chance to quote LMFAO's "Shots" in a story. About time!
How did your favorite pair do last night?
‘Dancing With the Stars’ premiere: Ranking the contestants from Rumer Willis to Michael Sam to Patti LaBelle
We are excited to see Patti LaBelle on the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars tonight! Watch her PSA on...
Ryan's assignment for today should be to study the music history of Patti Labelle. She is waayyy more than an 80's artist.
i luv wen was in 'Out All Nite' wid Patti Labelle & Duane Martin Came on BET UK🇬🇧
Vivica starred as Patti Labelle's daughter Charisse in the series Out All Night with Morris Chestnut, Duane Martin & Simon O' Brien.
looking forward to Valentine's with Patti Labelle with the Nashville Symphony at the Schermerhorn. Patti, Patti!
DOG, the last episode of Rap City when Patti Labelle was revealed as Mama Tigger? LEGENDREE.
Patti Labelle is my mom, I'm certain. Maybe my aunt.
"I Can Fly" by Patti LaBelle from her 1989 album, "Be Yourself".
If Ms Patti LaBelle says you can SANG, what else can be said ! Check out ! Her Grammy…
Listen to Pamela Williams Ft. Patti Labelle, Teena Marie - Secret Garden (Q Re-Edit) by Q Narongwate on
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Patti labelle* “I'm gonna cry my eyes out when Denzel Washington die.”
The legendary Patti LaBelle is coming to the Jackson Convention Complex March 6th!
Patti LaBelle!. March 6th!. Tickets go on sale at 10am, December 31st on
Madeline Kahn learning to sing like Patti Labelle via
The Ultimate Patti LaBelle is coming to Jackson Mississippi in 2015...
I added a video to a playlist Patti LaBelle - Live in New York 1991 (FULL CONCERT)
I'd die happy if I could go to a Patti Labelle concert!
I liked a video from Patti Labelle - Way Up There - Live on Extra TV
Patti LaBelle You Saved My Life (1997) Jesus I love U! U r my Life & I shall Serve u 4 the rest of my Life!!
Its quite difficult comparing Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle they both have that Angelic voice
An 'animated' Questlove recalls the quest for some of Patti LaBelle's Soul Food
Another legend who I was fortunate enough to meet. Ms. Patti Labelle. A queen, a regal being whose…
I need Jill Scott to remake My Best Friend remix featuring Patti Labelle and Charlie Wilson. one big scream fest
I'm gonna start bringing a prune cobbler with me to people functions like Patti Labelle did on A Different World
“I don’t want to steal 1 more life, including my own.”–Patti LaBelle Please donate! ht…   10% Off
Sexy physique and she cook like Patti . Labelle
“Patti Labelle on Beyonce and she's not phony. Yas Patti!
This is great news. Patti LaBelle is a talent and inspiration to all.
I liked a video Lalah Hathaway sings to Patti LaBelle
Cece Winans & Patti LaBelle - Walking Away (There's more to HIM than prayer before the show!)
Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle >>>> whoever else you think can compete
Seattle Washington...I hope to see yall at the Patti Labelle concert tomorrow night. Don't miss it. It's going to be an insane performance!
I JUST realized it was a night gamr. I'm a miss it ... got me and mom tix to see Patti Labelle lol
Idk why this popped in my head randomly but does any1 remember this sitcom w/ Duane Martin & Patti Labelle? *** was it called?
That was Patti Labelle on American Horror Story?!?!? I didn't recognize her at all!!! And I love Patti!
If Only You Knew-Patti Labelle: via from 1983! I was in High School in L.A. back then. Sing it Patty
MUST WATCH!. We've been singing our ABCs wrong all along. Queen Patti Labelle slaying the alphabet like the...
"The smallest deed is greater than the grandest intention." --Patti LaBelle
I'm going to at New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, NJ - Nov 28
Patti Labelle makes 70 looks so good.
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"I just wanna fuvkin stop being aggie as *** I just want head from patti labelle." - Cam
this guy wanna smash Patti Labelle so bad LMFAO!
Lol I wish they hadn't killed off patti labelle. She was hilarious
Totally did not know Patti LaBelle was in this show.
I legit rolled.around on the floor Patti Labelle does..
So excited to open up for Patti LaBelle today for the Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes! What a true honor!. http:/…
Did this mofo just kill Patti LaBelle?!!!
Patti Labelle should have had a song.
Ms. Patti LaBelle today Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes - Philadelphia with Mary Pat Kessier.
The Ultimate Patti LaBelle was scheduled to sing today, but she SHOWED UP and spoke to the crowd like the...
Blinked and I missed Patti LaBelle on American Horror Story. Don't waste her talent, Ryan Murphy!!!
How can you strike down Patti LaBelle like that?
When Ryan Murphy killed off Patti LaBelle on I was so done!!😞
Where Ryan Murphy live at?? Leak his address, I wanna discuss why he had to do Patti Labelle like that!
Patti LaBelle LIVE at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino in Chandler on December 6 - Tickets on Sale Now:
[Brandon Jennings should learn a thing from Patti LaBelle
Not a great day football wise, so Patti Labelle doing YNWA is needed.
Is Kathy Bates channeling Roky Erickson on AHS? Patti Labelle is the best part of this episode!
"Is It Shouting? Or A Big Voice?" I see comments labeling singers with "Big Voices" as "Shouting." This is a new distraction to take the focus off of those that don't know how to grow a big voice. Would people using this term classify Pavarotti, Whitney Houston, Chris Cornell, Steve Perry, Christina Aguilera, Dio, Mariah Carey, Paul Rodgers, Freddie Mercury, Aretha Franklin, Celine Dion, Pat Benatar, Barbra Streisand, Tom Jones, Patti Labelle, Placido Domingo, Michael Bolton, Bryan Adams, John Fogerty, Maria Callas, (Ken Tamplin ha ha) as "shouting"? That's just a plain silly diversion. (not that there aren't singers that just yell from the throat) A well trained big voice can pull back and sing lighter, but a small voice cannot open up to a big sound. Someone that can lift 100 pounds can easily lift 10 pounds. But someone that can only lift 10 pounds cannot lift 100. So it is with the voice.
Patti Labelle in concert at Dunn Oliver Acadome March 7, 2014 on Alabama State University campus.
Whom would you like to meet? — Patti Labelle, Barack Obama, Shirley Ceasar, K. Michelle, Mariah Carey, and Halle...
Dallas Texas Frankie Beverly and Maze and Patti Labelle having a great time enjoying Dallas
Patti Labelle and Maze ft. Frankie Beverly concert tonight > I can't wait!
Patti Labelle and Michael Chiklis added to the cast, niga this season is gonna be wild
Coven was terrible. This season they have Kathy Bates, Angela Bassett, Patti Labelle, Matt Bomer, Michael Chiklis, etc.
I added a video to a playlist Forver Young - Patti Labelle - Live Aid
Has Beyoncé been praised by Aretha, Patti Labelle, Celine Dion, Etta James and countless other legends? No.
Patti LaBelle's original nose "What does a bell pepper nose look like? Lol"
Today we are starting "Love and Respect for Ms. Patti LaBelle Fan Of The Month" our first Fan is Karyn Hyder Jones, from Dallas TX. Karyn is a devoted Patti LaBelle Fan, her post are always entertaining. Karyn is also a very good Mother & loves her Children & Grandchildren. We salute you Karyn Hyder Jones for you love of Patti LaBelle. For the month of September & on we will have fans vote for your favorite fan of the month. Thank you.
Patti LaBelle - I'll Stand By You from her 2005 album "Classic Moments" - 4:26 TOP
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that Patti LaBelle had a show in the 90s with Vivica Fox, Duane Martin always and…
"no loud music after 10:00 unless it's Jodeci or Patti Labelle"
No music in this building after 10 unless it's Jodeci! Or Patti Labelle!
with the axon fly talented Ms. Patti LaBelle when she first started wearing my designs
Sometimes you have to open the windows, turn on Patti LaBelle and let the Lord in.
Think I'm gonna lay off the BeyHive for how fanatical they are. I know folks that are like them about Patti LaBelle
Just in case anyone was wondering if still has it: Patti LaBelle 'Over The Rainbow' 2014 Live:
Aretha Franklin doesn't like Patti LaBelle?. Whats your take on this?
I have to know somebody in Patti LaBelle's band that can get me a ticket to her show at The Forum in Sept.?!!???!
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