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Patti Labelle

Patricia Louise Holte-Edwards (born May 24, 1944), better known under the stage name, Patti LaBelle, is a Grammy Award winning American singer, author and actress who has spent over 50 years in the music industry.

Aretha Franklin Mariah Carey Chaka Khan Tina Turner Anita Baker Whitney Houston Luther Vandross Diana Ross Al Green Mary J Blige Gladys Knight Lady Marmalade New Attitude Natalie Cole Jill Scott Rachelle Ferrell Stevie Wonder

Ok, so I've sorta become a basketball junkie, watching upsets in the NCAA, and following Illinois State U. in the CBI, while trying to adjust my sleeping pattern for 3rd shift this week... Monday, March 24th in Black History: 1) Canada legally recognizes Black suffrage, 1837 2) Dorothy Irene Height, who will become president of the National Council of *** Women for more than three decades, & organized a successful drive to place a statue of Mary McLeod Bethune in a District of Columbia park. born in Virginia, 1912 3) "Native Son," a play adapted from Richard Wright's novel of the same name, opens at the St. James Theatre in New York City, 1941 4) Patricia Louise Holt, a singer best known as Patti Labelle, with 3 Emmy nominations, 8 Grammy nominations & a 1992 Grammy Award for Best R&B Female Vocal performance for her album "Burnin, born in Philadelphia, 1944 5) Z. Alexander Looby 1st Black to serve on Nashville City Council, dies, 1972 6) Muhammad Ali defeats Chuck Wepner in a 15-round bout to retain h .. ...
Anita Baker, Chaka Khan and Patti Labelle marry one kill one fukk one... go!!
Happy Birthday STEPHANIE MILLS!!! An American R&B, soul and gospel singer, songwriter, and Broadway star. Mills began her career appearing in her first play at the age of nine. Two years later, Mills won Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater a record six times. The victory led to her being cast in her first Broadway role, the orphaned child of a runaway slave in the musical Maggie Flynn. In 1973, Mills' musical recording career was launched when she was signed to Paramount records by Michael Barbiero, and her first single "I Knew It Was Love" was released. She was later signed to Motown. Her first two albums there failed to generate a buzz as the label could not find Mills' sound and she left the label in 1976. Mills' career took a rise when she portrayed Dorothy in an African American adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz entitled The Wiz, where she began dating Michael Jackson. Filled with a more urban style of music and scenery, The Wiz made Mills a star particularly because of her stellar performance ...
"All I can tell you really is if you get to the point where someone is telling you that you are not great or not good enough, just follow your heart and don't let anybody crush your dream." - Patti LaBelle quotes from
nice one, Mr Big. Was gona chuck a bit of Patti Labelle in there too, save it for another time ;)
"Christina, and not many. There are a lot of people who call themselves whatever, but we know best". - Patti Labelle XD
NNigga said "Your forehead longer than a Patti Labelle not" BRUH!
Thank You Thank You disco gods. Wow! Just when I thought Patti Labelle could not sound any better and boom there she was! Woot!
Busy one today. Appropriate tunage onboard: One Of These Mornings by Moby featuring Patti LaBelle on
We're just posting this today because this is an OVER THE TOP gospel and soul explosion with Little Richard, Mavis Staples, Al Green, andPatti LaBelle live at the Apollo Theater!
Patti LaBelle - Sleep With Me Tonight from her 1986 album "Winner in You"
I added a video to a playlist Moby feat. Patti LaBelle - One of these Mornings
Just ran across an ole pic of me & Stevie Wonder @ SeaSaint Rec Studios! Dem were da dayz...Thx Allen T. & Marshall Sehorn (rip) 4 allowing me 2 grow up in the studio exposed 2 the culture & music of our precious musicians! Choc Milk..Meters..Neville Bros..Prof Longhair..Ernie K Doe..mtg Patti LaBelle..Joe Cocker..many greats..Philip Manuel! Man..bumper pool in the back..jam sessions 24/7! Cant even mention all the people i had the pleasure of mtg..sittin in on my Fav CM bros! These memories shall live inside me always! Shout out 2 my talented bro Jay V Hall, Sr. who lent his vocal magic on countless tracs! Those days & exp r priceless!! Thx Allen Toussaint...oh & Isaac Bolden! Can't 4get him! One big family on Clematis St...where musical geniuses came 2 life while honing their craft! ;)
Retro 80's Weekend - Where It's All About the 80's with Dean Fettes is back this Sunday night at 7pm ET/4pm PT right here on HOFM. We hope you'll join Dean for 2 hours of the music and memories from the 1980's. This week we'll be hearing from Chicago, Scandal, Journey an 80's One Hit Wonder from Love & Rockets, and movie music from Patti Labelle, James Brown and Ollie & Jerry. Retro 80's Weekend this and every Sunday on
Fantasia tribute to patti labelle.omg that girl is sick
No Loud Music in this Building After 10 unless it's Jodeci or Patti Labelle .. Ha 😂😂😩
Still crying that Marsha bought Patti Labelle out and Patti said "The best singer in the world, Jill Scott" while pointi…
This message goes out to Patti Labelle, Cher, Stevie Nicks, Blondie, Mary Wells, Martha Wash, Aretha Franklin, Cher, Tina Turner, Bionce, Mary J Blige, Sade, and all the Sisters of the the world who has changed the world in every way give her a concert like no other please do it now for Anita Baker LET MY PEOPLE GO
"You are not a singer until you have stood on stage and sung by yourself" Patti Labelle Watch "Von Shorter- Interviews w/ Lady Flava Radio Network CT,NY, & TRI-STATE Area 3/19/2014" on YouTube
When it comes to legendary women of soul, the first two names that come to mind are Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin. The two ladies…
Only if u knew how much i love u in my Patti Labelle. Voice song brings bk alot of memories
Nothing better than feeling good, dranking a good drank, listening to Patti LaBelle and being creative! I'm in my own zone!
Random: Ms Patti Labelle has only had ONE number one R&B single in her ENTIRE career. This shows us that chart rankings mean nothing.
Dancing to Pink Cadillac by Patti LaBelle :-) waiting for all the Cadillac units to cross the stage
Thanks for capturing this moment with our legendary guest, Ms. Patti Labelle.…
You Go Patti LaBelle... hope to see you soon in North Carolina !! .. That Is My Dream !!
Fb family, PBS is having a 70's jam hosted by my girl Patti Labelle, check it out! JAMA, JAMA!
Watching the Stylistics, Heatwave,Patti Labelle,on PBS, so many good songs and memories!
Rip: GeneVa Coney Ford * ".NATEthan, where is my White carnations? I simply requested for My all White Carnations! ! ! " - Patti LaBElle ☆ . in the motion picure : "The Idol WILD" Go, Patti, PATTI!
Patti LaBelle. 5 hours ago. Thank you all for giving me so much love!
Cooking in my kitchen on a Friday night listening to Babyface and Patti LaBelle. My 23-year-old life.
Thank you! You and your family have been a great addition to the show. LOVE the Patti LaBelle story and the ZackAttack8 line!
I want to celebrate my mother Linda Young born on this day 66 years ago. Before there was Lisa Fisher, Syreeta Wright, Mariah Carey, Chante Moore, Shanice Wilson, Rachelle Ferrell, Patti Labelle, Cheryl Lynn, Melba Moore, Whitney Houston, Minnie Ripperton, and Deniece Williams I heard the Six octaves range of my mother Linda Young. My mother was an original Member of The Sacred Hearts of DC that became The Gospel Pearls of DC who are still going strong today. So when all of these new vocalists are praised for their incredible singing range, I must compare them to the amazing sounds that I grew up with. As a child I remember going to the live recordings at DC’s WUST radio where The Gospel Pearls would sing, it always baffled me why my mother and cousin would have to sing in a booth away from everyone else and I was told that there voices were so high and powerful the sound needed to have a barrier for the air waves. Talking about some pipes. So FB family, please join me in celebrating my Mom on her 66 Bi ...
whoa joy MT Gospel and soul EXPLOSION with Little Richard, Mavis Staples, Al Green, and Patti LaBelle!!
I wanna go to an old school r&b concert. Charlie Wilson..Patti Labelle..oh yes.
Willie said tell Denise she lookin like Patti Labelle!!
"If only you knew how much I do... Do love you!!! Ooh if only you knew" *in my Patti Labelle voice*
Patti Labelle Girlfriend Perfume by Patti Labelle Patti LaBelle Girlfriend combines fragrant notes of Provence mimosa and green tea leaves with floral and fruity aromas to create a spicy oriental fragrance. Hints of citrus give it a refreshing scent that is sure to be noticed. Designed for the sophisticated woman, it is recommended for daytime use and has a moderate scent that lasts all day with a single application. This women's perfume was created by Patti LaBelle and was launched in 2008. $
Can someone call Patti Labelle and tell her that Ken David said for her to get her tail to St. Louis??? # that voice I need it live
Superstars of Seventies Soul Live tonight at 8pm on Soul Diva Patti LaBelle hosts this special.
Round 2 - Chaka Khan or Patti Labelle? If you had a ticket to see one or the other in concert which would you choose?
I tried this also. Patti LaBelle oozed from my knee.
Labelle - Bruce Almighty Soundtrack - Are You Ready for a Miracle' on Able Radio
If you like Patti LaBelle - If Only You Knew you'll love listening LIVE to Humboldt 101! Go to
Somebody Loves You by I think Labelle would be pleased
Y'all look at this Unparalleled shade.
President Barack Obama and Patti LaBelle at the White House's Women of Soul concert.
Aretha Franklin and Patti LaBelle will be trying out for the solo for, "Trouble of the World" for
Stream Feels Like Another One by Patti LaBelle on Greatest Hits for free on Grooveshark.
Back at you Patti LaBelle.we love you!!!
Do you love Phyllis Hyman, Patti Labelle, The Emotions, Chaka, Natalie Cole, Angela Bofill to name a few!! You can hear all of those great songs for just $20. Come enjoy a night of great entertainment and delicious food. Go to to purchase tickets or pay at the door for same price! See you there!
Ashanti pays tribute to Ms. Patti LaBelle, by singing "New Attitude" live with her, on a tribute show. No copyright infringement intended. PLEASE DO NOT ...
Happy Friday The Ultimate Patti LaBelle have a great day and a wonderful weekend, don't forget to stop and kick...
Oh I'm just watching a Patti LaBelle concert online. Ya kno, just getting my face slayed off and she sings me into bliss.
Lol I'm always imitating Toni Braxton, Patti Labelle, Angela Bassett, Anita Baker, and Effie from dream girls
Chomza do u have Oletta Adams -come and walk with me or Patti Labelle - You are my friend
Soul queens Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle stood in the same room last week, as both were invited to perform...
Aretha Franklin SHADES PATTI LABELLE (VIDEO) - Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle's diva feud has been around for y...
So with the craziness of this supposed Michael Jackson love child, me and Brian Watson decided to listen to some old Miki Howard tracks... Do y'all realize how good we had it in the 90's? The solo SANGIN' we took for granted? Ooh chile... radio don't do it like that anymore. So, we have decided to organize an IMAGINARY tour: The SANGIN' *** DIVAS OF THE 90'S TOUR. Here's our list: Miki Howard, Lisa Fischer, Karen White, Cheryl 'Pepsi' Riley, Regina Belle, Melba Moore, Patti Labelle, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston (RIP), Anita Baker, Oleta Adams, Stephanie Mills, Caron Wheeler, Rachelle Ferrell, Michel'le, Vesta, Shanice, and Shirley Murdock. WHO WOULD YOU ADD (if anybody)?
Jazz Festival 3days... Tickets are well worth it.(got mines) Patti Labelle, Smokey Robinson, The Isley Brothers, JWhite, Gladys Knight, NE-YO... Many more.
Robin Quivers & Patti Labelle = hilariously fascinating dialogue on
Little Giant Ladders
*** they have Robin Quivers and Patti Labelle on The shade and the amount of not giving a ***
Here's a little background on the Soweto Gospel Choir: The Soweto Gospel Choir was formed in November, 2002 and their first album “Voices of Heaven” reached the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s World Music Chart within 3 weeks of its release in the US. Shortly thereafter, the choir won its first award, a Helpmann Award, Australia’s prestigious Performing Arts Award, for “Best Contemporary Music Concert” followed by the American Gospel Music Award for “Best Choir” and “Best International Choir.” In 2006, the choir performed for their Patron, Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s 75th birthday with an audience that included Nelson Mandela, Mrs. Zanele Mbeki, Tokyo Sexwale, Samuel L Jackson, Alfre Woodard and Carlos Santana. After that, they appeared with Diana Ross, Deborah Cox and Danny K for gala banquet in South Africa and entertained Oprah Winfrey and her guests which included Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, Tina Turner, Patti Labelle, Sydney Poitier and Quincy Jones. They also appeared on NBC’s “Tod ...
Some Ojays and Patti Labelle maybe some Frankie Beverly mase
My husband and I went to the Superbowl Gospel Celebration taping last night at Madison Square Garden. Mary Mary, Donnie McClurkin, Tamela Mann, Candice Glover from the American idol, Natalie Grant and the NFL Players Choir were awesome but Patti Labelle put the icing on the cake. What an awesome concert.
I was watching Good Morning America this morning & Patti Labelle performed a gospel presentation. Here is a legend that stands today. Ladies, she never had to kiss another girl, strip down to next to nothing, arrive in an egg, use a wrecking ball nor take half naked "selfies" of herself to gather followers. All she had to do was use her God given gift, In this case, her voice. Ladies, your value is not determined by who doesn't acknowledge you but WHO did. You are truly a diamond whether you realize it or not. Don't diminish your value to gain a few followers.
Did you know.. Najee attended New England Conservatory of Music in Boston where he studied with George Russell and Jaki Byard? He subsequently performed and recorded with singers including Chaka Khan, Freddie Jackson, Will Downing, Phil Perry, Prince, Patti Labelle, Phyllis Hyman, Vesta Williams and Jeffrey Osborne. He has recorded and performed with instrumentalists Marcus Miller, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Clarke, Larry Carlton, Billy Cobham, Charles Earland, Paul Jackson Jr. and George Duke.
Great performance last night by Patti Labelle at The War Memorial Auditorium Greensboro Coliseum.
Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Patti Labelle will be performing at the Durham Performing Arts...
" I'm looking for a southern girl who cooks like Patti Labelle " Hov 🎶🎶
People often compliment me on the way i carry myself and i'll share with you the women i've modeled myself after since i was a little girl. It takes a Real Man to handle such women, too. We are Christian, sophisticated, secure in everything we are and do, and we know that beauty on the outside means nothing if you're not the same on the inside (first). Besides my mother and aunts these women have made me into the woman i am today. Ladies, these are the kind of women you want to raise, as well. Diane Carroll, Patti Labelle, Maya Angelou, Phylicia Rashad, Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge, and Pam Grier. I suggest every woman needs to read Patti's Pearls (by Patti Labelle), Fabulosity (by Kimora Lee Simmons), anything by Maya Angelou, and the greatest book ever written, THE BIBLE!!
Okay.U all gotta get Kems song Jesus...with Patti Labelle and Ron Isley! It's on repeat for me right now!!!
Patti Labelle seems like the type of person who'll cook u dinner after whooping your ***
patti labelle and Michael McDonald. yes sir
my mama want me to go see Patti Labelle wit her ! Lol smfh
I'm gonna be angry if Patti Labelle isn't on that list! !!!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
ABC doing a tribute to the "30 Greatest Women in Music" Patti Labelle better be on this listen...
Patti LaBelle had the best nose job ever. Before she got it done, her nose was shaped like Kim Parker doing the splits.
The Ultimate Patti LaBelle wishes you a safe and fantastic New Years!
I'm sorry but I think Lloyd brung the best out patti labelle on the lay it down remix!
My mom had to lock down her unit because Patti LaBelle came.
I added a video to a playlist Patti Labelle - You'll Never Walk Alone (LIVE) HD
Patti LaBelle sings her single from her Timeless Journey album at Vh1 Divas 2004 concert. She is the Queen aka Godmother Of Soul!!!
Still backstage waiting .. Hey..I would wait forever for the incredible Patti LaBelle
My top song of 2013? It's still Patti Labelle's "Stir It Up." Been that way since 1984, but you keep asking.
$375 to get in Applebee's in Times Square? Patti LaBelle better be cooking and Beyoncé better be at my table.
my 2013 in pictures...TGT were a lot fun...Patti Labelle is a treasure and Doug E Fresh what a great guy who still looks amazing
Patti LaBelle & Misty Copeland Soar Onstage: Ms.Labelle sings You Are My Friend …|and on that note have a great day!
I just finished nominating Patti LaBelle for the Kennedy Center Honors like recommended! She deserves it!
No one really talks about it, but Sesame Street has jams for weeks. Stevie, The Pointer Sisters, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Patti LaBelle, etc
I remember seeing Patti LaBelle saying she caught some orchids on sale and bought the whole store up. Lol
domain names
Patti LaBelle puts every kind of cheese in the world in her Mac n cheese.. Yasss I’m here for it.
i feel the same about Patti Labelle
"If Patti LaBelle shows up, I might backflip out the window."
"If you don't get live to.Country probably turn up for the Cupid Shuffle. ... lol". I turn up for Patti Labelle.
My new favorite song "Jesus" By Kem ft. Patti Labelle and Ron Isley!!!
in your opinion, who is the hottest r&b singer/group right now ? — Hmmm.R & B.still Patti Labelle
Luther was the president of the Patti LaBelle fan club.
lovely piece to introduce Patti Labelle... Very happy for your success and wishing it be continued in the new year.
Going to the Super Bowl in NYC? Check Out Patti LaBelle at the Super Bowl Gospel Celebration ht…
Aye Patti Labelle fans don't yall wanna c living it up again.
Patti Labelle did not Just drop it like it's hot on black girls
Metro - Patti LaBelle n Luther Vandross: Is it still good to you? made#
Patti LaBelle - You Are My Friend i get so emotional wen i think of this song
Mariah Carey feat Patti Labelle Got to be Real ( Audio Original - Undubbed )
Patti LaBelle sings her hit song New Attitude live at 1986. With her Sweeties (backround singers)
Patti Labelle is the only legend that will go toe to toe with a nicca carrying a gun.
Patti LaBelle - Christmas Jam from her 2007 album "Miss Patti's Christmas"
Patti Labelle video battle Right kinda lover vs if you asked me to.
Rey remix this patti labelle somebody loves you !
Our Festive playlist today on Daddy's Frequency 1. Bian Mcknight and Christina Aguilera - Have yourself a merry little christmas 2. Band Aid II - Do they know its Christmas 3. Michael Buble and Mariah Carey - All i want for Christmas is you 4. Mary J Blige - This Christmas 5. ((O Holy night) (1. Mariah Carey, 2. Serena Onasis, 3. Jennifer Hudson, 4. Celine Dion, 5. Whitney Houston, 6. Kelly Clarkson, 7. Aretha Franklin, 8. Patti Labelle, 9. Yolanda Adams, 10 Alica Keys) *tell us who sang it best? 6. Beyonce - Silent night Maxwell - Pretty wings 8. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston - When you believe 9. Ciara - Promise 10. Tank - Cant make you love me 11. Robin Thicke - Lost without you 12. Alicia Keys and Maxwell - Fire we make 13. Beyonce - Dance for you We did it again
Stephanie Mills vs Patti LaBelle, who you got
Fab 5+ Friday - Holiday Edition: Patti LaBelle - "Oh Holy Night" Look for more on Christmas Day. Happy Holidays to All!
We have those Patti Labelle tickets coming up on The BJ Murphy show today! between now and 6pm! 97. QMG
Patti Labelle Tickets | Buy and sell concert tickets at TicketsNow!
Could listen to Patti Labelle sing all day!
Tell me why Patti Labelle was at Home Depot.
Patti Labelle and Natalie Cole get happy while listening to the great Inez Andrews sing her signature song
I've never watched the Stellar Awards Christmas Music Tribute before and my goodness the opening artists and the songs I love are really touching me today. What a lineup! I am taping and never erasing... Mary, Mary (Yesterday), BeBe & CeCe (Amazing Grace), Kirk Franklin, Marvin Sapp, Tamela Mann, Patti Labelle, Yolanda Adams and more!!
You know I was thinking today how wonderful and blessed we are to have music in our lives. Music is the most wonderful thing there is in our lives. It not only soothes the soul it helps to heal and it brings so many cultures together. It's the only thing in life that can bring people of many different races together without fighting. When people ask me what is my favorite I really don't have one particular favorite for I love all types of music from classical to soul to country and gospel and jazz, top 40, rock, and even some hip hop. I have gone to see Floyd Cramer, Ronnie Milsap. Rod Stewart, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeplin, Tina Turner, Alan Jackson, Patti Labelle, Cher and one of my favorites Pink Floyd. I loved them all and there were people there from 18 to 60 of all races. Music brings people together and I guess that is the one thing I love about it. I was blessed to have been born when music was the greatest that it ever was and the best of the best! For that I am so thankful!
No, just took me back.. BHC1 is Patti Labelle and even better BHC2 James Ingram
I'd like everyone to check out my boy Dean 'DC' Charles an awesome keyboard player (Patti Labelle and Raphael Saadiq), from Ct. We played together with 'Javier' (winner of the Voice). He will be performing on Queen Latifa Monday and Ellen D. on Tuesday
I must say that i have a huge thing for older women lol especially Chaka Khan, Anna Wintour, Anja Rubik, Patti Labelle, Vivica Fox... heck i could go on cause the list wont stop lol
The Marian Anderson Awards were one of the best one's since the parade for Harry Belefonte, or when Patti Labelle perf…
Hi , my name is Patti Labelle and I look like Ving Rhames .
Finally caught this year's show! Patti Labelle and Queen Latifah make being a Black Girl look so good!
Silver screen smashers! What film do these following tunes now on air come from?? Patti Labelle "stir it up", Pointer Sisters "neutron dance" and Glen Frey "heat is on"?! Have a guess x
I want Loretta Devine to come to my Thanksgiving dinner !! Patti Labelle will be there in my head saying grace !!
NW: Patti Labelle's interview on She will always be "Dwayne Wayne's" momma in my eyes, lol.
Patti Labelle is 69 years old! She said when she dies she wants to be wearing a mini-dress and pumps!! I'm glad I had the chance to see her in concert. Now, I want to meet her. ( also Oprah, Maya Angelou, and Gwen Ifill)
I'm glad Patti Labelle not on here looking like Holiday from Holiday Heart!
I was listening to Patti Labelle on The Tom Joyner Morning Show on Friday,what a gem she is. She is always dropping good advice. Just the way that she said that she keeps her head down and work and she does not start feuds with other singer (contrary to popular beliefs ) A great way to live your life.
Patti Labelle, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Mariah Carey, Peabo Bryson and Luther Vandross will have you feeling some type of way when you're in your chest.
For those of you that don;t know...Let me give you a little Bio of me. I have been doing comedy going on 20 plus years. I have worked with some of the coldest if not the coldest entertainers in the business. Patti Labelle; Earth Wind and Fire; The Dramatics; The Whispers; Gerald Levert; The Zapp Band; Mike Epps; Cedric The Entertainer; Michael Coylar; Rickey Smiley; Steve Harvey; Bernie Mac; Chris Rock; Chris Tucker; Don DC Curry; DL Hughley; Joe and Guy Torrey; Symore; Adele Givins; Sheryl Underwood; Melanie Camarcho. Luenell; Lavelle Crawford; Eddie Griffin. Just to name a few. So the next time someone wants to know what have I done. I have also performed in Europe; Germany; Itlay; Spain; The Netherlands; London England!!! I am not an arrogant Brother...Just Confident and Funny As *** Thank You Lord For Blessing me with this Talent. With God in my Life all things are possible!
thought it was just me. Chile they black satin from the Patti Labelle collection. Yes my Nanna gifted em lol.
"When it comes to people, here's what you gotta learn: Every relative isn't family, and every buddy isn't a friend." -Patti LaBelle
What an amazing cast. Great movie! Adolph Ceaser what an actor. From Patti Labelle to Rob...
he ran the Patti Labelle fan club in the '70s.
(Patti Labelle) Ths hld u got on me, won't let my hrt be fre, Can't nobody else move me like u do, I'm addicted 2 u" FOL ME
Southern girl that cook like Patti LaBelle. Big ghetto booty, scarf over doobie. Chanel under the Louie
Wild is the wind Nina Simone, You are my friend Patti Labelle, Few of my favourite things Kathleen Battle, Prayer Heather Headley
Heat go back to ATL everybody eating soul food listening to Patti Labelle his bougie *** in the corner eating truffles and filet mignon
I liked a video from Patti LaBelle - You Are My Friend
Who is your fav artist. Althoygh i am a rap fanatic im craY about patti labelle
Listening to Patti Labelle and the rain simultaneously. I'm like an actor that went from lifetime movies to a high school play director.
NaCole Rice & her singers killed some Patti LaBelle!!! That's MY sister in the pink!!!
Celine really is a karaoke singer. She covered If You Asked Me To exactly the same way Patti LaBelle sang it.
In here enjoying Patti LaBelle live DVD in New
Waiting on my patti Labelle mac and cheese to come out...then ima EAT, study , workout, and pamper
Kelsey and her band giving us Lady Marmalade Patti LaBelle kicking her shoes off realness.
Yal, I just tasted my Patti LaBelle "Over the Rainbow" mac-n-cheese...
Keke Wyatt has destroyed a classic with her cover of Patti LaBelle's "If Only You Knew" ...smh
Patti LaBelle still has the best rendition of the ABCs.
I have such an old soul . I prefer Tina Turner , Patti Labelle , Whitney Houston Toni Braxton , etc , over these new artist .
Patti Labelle he's the right kinda lover
Patti LaBelle, "Lady Marmalade," at six a.m.? Where is the UN when you don't need it because you can call the real estate agent instead?
I got blessed today. A frame for my art work. Patti LaBelle - When You've Been Blessed (Live): via
Love, Need & Want You by Miss Patti LaBelle mashed me think of u..
Give 'em a little Patti LaBelle & a cheesteak and they will turn out all right.
Goal in life: Sing like Patti LaBelle and teach my children the ABC's like this -
I'm like...Patti LaBelle homie I'm on my own
lol My momma turn up off Patti Labelle .its too early
hearing Patti LaBelle early in the morning get you moving
Get all the way into that shout and final plagal cadence "Sesame Street: Patti Labelle Sings The Alphabet"
Your finest moment is when Patti Labelle introduced you on BET Awards asking who is Jill Scott. We've been blessed ever since
The Showtime Charities and the Teal Tea Foundation put on a really great show last night to raise money for ovarian cancer, and George and I were honored to be asked to be a part of such an auspicious event!!! We KILLED it, of course, and Patti Labelle's drummer came over after we left the stage and told us how much he LOVED our performance!! We sure had a fun time and saw many great acts! Thanks again Showtime!!!
"Ooooh ifff, only you knew, how much i do, do love you" -Patti labelle
Patti LaBelle - Love, Need and Want You .. Any1 who knows me .. Knows that this is my lady!! "I just want u 2 know how I feel"
1 of the most underrated artists of our time. When Patti LaBelle had a TV special, Cyndi was the ONLY 1 who could keep up her!
Patti Labelle is the only one who
They both are good singers that can hold notes. Drake is no Luther. And Lauryn wasn't a Patti Labelle
Hailey said Patti Labelle is her grandma😂
trinatrine live at 11:30am PST on 01/16/2010
In my head..Iyanla Vanzant is my aunt. Patti Labelle is my Grandma. Steve Harvey is my uncle. Gabrielle Union is my sister.
Was thinking about dude and Patti LaBelle's right kind of lover comes on
Patti LaBelle's "If Only You Knew " Whenever I hear this, grocery store, starbucks.I have to take a moment. Gotta FEEL this song.
I love watching videos of Patti LaBelle & Luther Vandross perform. Powerhouse performances. They had amazing stage chemistry.
I just used to tag Anything by Patti Labelle Feat. Kanye West & MaryMary & Consequence.
Dre definately has the Patti Labelle vibe here! Was waiting 4 him to throw out his shoe! He sounds incredible! I love your boy :)
Idly shuffling, suddenly found myself rocking to Patti LaBelle's "New Attitude." Starting Saturday out right.
what's the name of that outkast song. the one with the Patti labelle beat?
Then again I love Patti Labelle just as much
All I think about besides Ms. Patti Labelle and Lil Kim Queen Bee is falling in love.
I added a video to a playlist National Anthem - Patti LaBelle
Patti Labelle's ' I'll stand by you' trumps Pretenders- definitely
Lady Marmalade by Patti LaBelle. Brought to you by The Heartbeat of Hout Bay - Republic Radio -
It was good. I was laughing at the end from the random dramatic scenes. Meanwhile, Yass for the Patti Labelle Cameo lol
Thank GOD for the ones who are living tho Miki Howard, Patti LaBelle, Chaka K, Lisa Fischer, Aretha Franklin,Jill Scott, & Rachelle Ferrell.
I had to put on Patti LaBelle after all of this stuff today. The best is yet to come! If only if life was like this song!!
Patti laBelle broke me down again. Why did I even start humming "somebody loves u baby" smh
with D'Shott and Jucće...3pm-6pm. Travis Tritt and Patti Labelle - When something is wrong my baby
I just used to tag On My Own by Michael McDonald & Patti LaBelle.
on a unrelated far as cross genre collabs..that "On My Own" Michael McDonald x Patti LaBelle might be top 5
Are Draya and Evelyn even on the same version of basketball wives? Is Tami and her Virginia slims and accompanying Patti labelle wig there?
I want some Patti LaBelle. Big shoes to fill but I bet she could do it. She's got pipes.
Y'all be getting y'all Patti Labelle on claiming another city like u ain't got ratchet roots lol
MS PATTI LABELLE ! Thats one woman that will bring the church to its knee's every time !
Diana Ross I wanna know what love is ft Patti Labelle. ♥
Patti LaBelle x Somebody Loves You Baby «8. What song will always make you smile?»
Ledisi even had Ms. Patti LaBelle in the audience on her feet with her mushroom wig and black shades! Talent recognizes talent.
Patti LaBelle ft. Michael McDonald - On my own
Mme Patti Labelle le Anthony Hamilton on a song together is something that I respect and support, but with that Lloyd guy? Hache.
Nothing makes me want to groove more than I Wish by Patti LaBelle.
Somewhere over the rainbow the Patti LaBelle version been practising all day. x
And the threw the mic down and struck a pose like a true HBIC! Only Patti Labelle!
“I'm listening to "Somebody Loves You Baby" by Patti Labelle on Pandora that's my JAM! 🎤
Never heard that one but i do love own my own the song he did with Patti Labelle
Oh my...thats one of my favorites...playing on wax..“Patti Labelle - New Day (Louie Vega Dance Ritual Mix)
We're looking forward to Patti LaBelle's show at Playhouse Sq in November!
OMG! Like I was just singing a patti labelle song I've been dying to hear and when we turned the radio on it was on! Like OMG!
Patti Labelle sounded like pure struggle in that "Lay It Down" remix. Just trash, I'm sorry
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS. PATTI LABELLE! From your friends & family!. Chime in with your favorite Patti song!
The Ultimate Patti LaBelle it's a "New Day" MEMORIES MONDAY...remember when Ryan Seacrest had his own show? Do...
SOUTHERN belle that cook like patti labelle big ghetto booty scarf over her doobie
My fave ( ) has been praised from etta james, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and patti labelle, when w…
Patti Labelle to try and smooth the day out. 5hrs sleep past 72hrs gonna be another long day
“If Omawumi doesn't pull her shoes, show never start. Patti Labelle,
Madeline Kahn learning to sing like Patti Labelle
Think they should record an Ultimate Diva single/album with:. Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, Patti Labelle, Areth…
Lots of guest stars I didn't know as a kid. Diahann Carroll/Patti Labelle = Whitley + Dwayne's moms:
Just saw the best concert at the Dell East in Philadelphia . Chaka Kahn, Ledisi, After 7 and guest appearance by Patti Labelle
I'm listening to When You've Been Blessed by Patti Labelle on Pandora
there's nothing greater than patti labelle on "if only you knew." I swear I get my life and an afterlife.
"you ain't gonna be using me to be singing hooks, what I look like Patti Labelle or somebody!"
I love Patti Labelle and her preach moments
Shout out to for bodying that Patti LaBelle sample
You don't need a certain number of friends, only a number of friends you can be certain of. Patti Labelle
Patti LaBelle and Fantasia on the same stage = over 300 ppl @ the 2013 African American Festival!!…
Yeah okay, Celine. You sang this song. But Patti LaBelle got there first, and she put some stank on it.
It is TRIVIA TUESDAY at The Ultimate Patti LaBelle the first fan to comment the ENTIRE CORRECT ANSWER will be...
...Superwoman - Performed by Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, and Dionne Warwick... via Morning.
I need to listen to Mother Patti LaBelle
I haven't stopped looking for the good in people. I've just accepted the fact that I'm not always going to find it. - Patti LaBelle
Listening to when I get to heaven by Patti LaBelle I absolutely love this song on 1027 FM detroit gospel
I have an old soul when it comes to music. I'll take her, Teena Marie and Patti LaBelle any day over this new ish!!
I miss the days of Patti Labelle, Luther Vandross and Aretha Franklin
Laying here listening to patti labelle
so's patti labelle's, now I KNOW I'm in for a show!! 😎😎
Listening to Patti LaBelle thinking *** girl can saaang!" :')
You know Patti Labelle is originally from Harrisburg. Why you think her voice so soulful? It comes from Harrisburg, PA baby.
I'm like Patti Labelle homie, I'm on my own. Where I lay my hat is my home...I'm a Rolling Stone
That Disney girl should not be on DWTS.she's a dancer! That's like putting patti labelle on American idol as a contestant.…
Patti LaBelle was on The Nanny today good times!!!
🎶"I must have rehearsed my lines a thousand times,. Until I had them… ♫ If Only You Knew by Patti LaBelle —
Her, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, patti labelle gwahhh I can go on forever!
Uh 👀 no *** ! We talking about you and your *** not me. Don't nobodyz like you. Have a sit you old broke *** patti labelle
listening to Laura Nyro and Patti Labelle's album together to get ready for the next 3 days of recording
"My hair is layed like the Patti LaBelle's Winner in You album cover hunty."
just got through listening to some oldschool: "Love makes things happen" and "Always" by Pebbles, "The night I fell in love" Luther Vandross, "I apologize" Anita Baker, "Your all I need" Tammie Terrell and Marvin Gaye, "On the wings of love" Jeffrey osborne, "Stir it up" Patti Labelle and "Through the fire" Chaka Khan and you know I can't go to sleep without that Mo'betta, "Mo'betta blues" luke james good night fb
Totally forgot about this Patti LaBelle and Michael Bolton record! I gotta add this to the library! 99.7 FM WJBE jammin wit the slow jams!!
lol you don't understand where is Patti LaBelle when I need her because Diana Ross ain't singing the right song tonight lol
YAY! The Nanny episode with Patti Labelle on it is on
My cousin Patti LaBelle is on the Nanny ! ...she really is my cousin.
after it was over I was like grandad you're a hero and he was just blasting his Patti Labelle as if he didn't just save someone's life
I just used to discover Love, Need and Want You by Patti LaBelle
Singing "When you v been blessed feels like heaven. Heaven! When you v been blessed pass it on, pass it on." (In my Patti LaBell voice)
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Someday I wish upon a star and wake up where the clouds are far behind me where trouble melt like lemon drops way upon the chimney tops that's where you will find me. Patti labell (somewhere over the rainbow
Patti Labell isn't it a shame love that song
Mount Rushmore of female vocalist...Here's my four in no particular order. Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Patti Labelle and Barbara Streisand. Who's your four?
What's on my mind? I really, really want to go see Raheem DeVaughn, Mayor Stephanie Blake-Rawlings and Patti LaBell, but according to accuweather, it feels like it's 108 degrees outside. "OMG!" ~ Chandler Bing re: I still might go anyway
Remember Napster and all those file sharing sites? They used to match the wrong names with songs sometimes. Hilarious. i.e. Stand By Me by Sam what!?!? Or a real goodie, She's A Bad Mama Jamma by Stevie Wonder.uh really!?!? And the greatest one of all time On My Own by Patti Labelle and Anita Baker! Yo! Wow!!! I will never forget that one! Smh
How romantic. My hubby & I listening to Mzansi Magic Music, he is singing to me. Eddie Zondi's old time classics. Joe, Patti Labelle, George Michael..
Eish eish eish. Eddie Zondi's song selection is mesmerizing on channel 321 Mzansi music. Respect that man.
Beyonce's "Standing on the Sun" song is trash...TRASH!!!...she's so vocally lazy now that all these fans are mesmerized by her wonder she's not the selling female artist anymore...smh
Is Fantasia going to be up Baltimore today if so I want go
I have an attitude its too early but I'm feeling some type of way..
With my husband after the seeing patti Labell had the time of my life
One last night with papa bear at the Patti Labell concert. Then back home tomorrow. I miss my little family.
This is my boy. I love him so much. There is nothing I won't do for him
I loveee spicy food but when its wayy to spicy it just kills the food and taste to wana continue eating.
I love my R&B .!! Big fan of it... Lenny Williams, Patti Labell, Isley brothers, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross Berry White to Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Maxwell etc... Vibing in my pandora mood, don't kill my vibe
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I think we could make great music.lets see with some Patti Labelle and some Chakka Kon and some Yolanda Adams and lets see some Aretha Franklin and Lil Wayne and R.Kelly with some kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond...cant forget Kelly Price and some...Mary J.Blige and Monica.we can make music come alive again.whoop whoop...and keep Jesus in the equation.or at least the center of the music..huh?
Just when I was about to call it a night, Soldier Story with Patti Labell and Howard Rollins just came on.
Round 2 top 3 vocalist of all time.go (Vocalist means lead singer of a band)
Happy 4th everyone be safe and enjoy your weekend.I will be heading out to see patti labell at the stateline
My DJ teacher showed me how to mix 212 bpm (Stir It Up - Patti Labelle) into 106 bpm (Dance Hall Days - Wang Chung). That was brilliant. :)
Anyone wanna see Patti LaBell this weekend at Primm, Nv.? Two tickets--so let me know before 4pm TODAY! It's for this Saturday
I thank the Lord for my eclectic taste in music. Hugh Masekela, Bon Jovi, Bee Gees, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin
Don't you hate when your iPod is playing straight real , hard, rap music and you feeling like a killer! Bouncing in your seat, muggin, daring somebody to come into your cubicle with that bull!! Then Patti Labell- somebody loves you comes on.. And all you can do is scream along with her.. "IT'S ME BABY! It's ME BAYBAY! " Smh. Out chea .thuggin lol
Then you really need to go see the Whispers, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Earth, Wind & Fire, Patti Labelle &/or Natalie Cole.
yes yesterday I was groovin in roy Wilkins Park G groovin in the Park 2013 was a Blass. Halfpint was good. Barrington Levi was very good. Queen Ifrica was good. Sanchase was awesome. steal pulse. I don't know did not feel the vibe. Patti LaBell. at age 69 she did her thing she was very good.TGT don't know much about them. But they have the ladies. ov it was it was a very good show. But if you should ask me who was the best Oct. I would have to say its a close tie between Sanchase and T T.
Grovin in the Park was good yesterday. The rain came, went and looked like it was about to return, so I left. Patti Labell took the stage, just as I left.7PM... Nice Vives all day. STEEl Pulse was STEALING IT, They ROCKED
Afternoon FB, True Random Thought: So you'd rather lie or not say anything to save Face, well, I member a line from Scarface when he said," All I have is my Word & my Balls, well, it's not looking good for you on either one, cause I see you love BS and Drama, and that's ok, but what you NOT gonna do is bring it or have me Anywhere in your SH**, so let's see, another door has been opened and if GOD says go, I'm gone, let them see you do You, no more using my coat tail for a parachute, it's called INDEPENDENCE DAY, time to set you free!(let's see where you end up), their is NO greater feeling for a man to STAND UP and be A MAN, i just dislike boys in men bodies, cause no matter how many circumstances you see them in, and know the Adult(grown way to handle it) way it should go, you still see the kid in the result-I'm singing Patti LaBelle & James Ingram-- On my own!, Enjoy the Breeze, and the rest of your day family-Muah!!!
Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand, are all legends, and much older, but lip syncing, child never, so Mariah?
Does anyone remember when Award shows were actually somewhat good? Why in the *** do I have to fast forward through 3 1/2 hours of GARBAGE to hear one half of a good performance? Somebody get some old folks like Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, and Al Green; some medium aged folks like India.Arie, Eric Benet, and MeShell N'Degeocello and some young folks like Ruben Studdard, Jennifer Hudson and Lizz Wright and put them on the stage with some real instruments and real back up singers and let them sing for real, NOT lip-sync. What about somebody who can actually play an instrument--maybe George Benson or Seal or George Duke? Pyrotechnics and smoke screens are OK, but they should be used to enhance your performance, not hide your lack of performing ability. I'm just saying.
Ok I have a question without being insensitive. How many really looked or looks at magazines or videos and get discouraged b/c you didn't look like that. I for one was one of the Blackest little girls, always friends with the boys I liked, and basically not considered one of the cutest. But the only people I wanted to be like or look like was Tina Turner & Patti Labelle. They had the wildest and best hair styles. But no matter what I've always been conceited & confident. Even now after 5 kids! I'm still HOT! Anyone else care to share?
India Arie will make a comeback before Mariah Carey finds her old lady voice.Everybody can't sing into old age.Patti Labelle,Chaka Khan.well look at the time lol
So I didn't like Charlie Wilson before and I definitely don't like him now for throwing shade at Patti Labelle, Prince, Chaka Khan, James Brown, Diana Ross and the other BET honorees over the years by saying unlike them, he's the only one who still has records out today.
Omg I jus found out I'm related to Patti Labell!
This is officially the last day of Black Music Month. I took it upon myself to shout out as often as possible, that we need to observe, pay respect to, honor and give tribute to those who so generously paved the way and made music what it is today. Because of them, we are able to know and say; "we are the originators of the worlds greatest music!" Thank you, Ethel Waters, Ben Vereen, Sammy Davis Jr.,Etta Moten-Barnett, The 4 Blind Boys, Mahalia Jackson, Billie Holiday, Sara Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Louis Armstrong, JoJo Adams, Tom Archia, Red Holt, Roberta Martin Singers, Muddy Waters. Co Co Taylor, Senabelle Fenner-Brown, Buddy guy, Willie Henderson, Chubby Checkers, Fats Domino, Four Tops, the Dells, Sly and the Family Stone, The jones Sisters, Patti Labelle, Jeffrey Osbourne, Prince, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, George and Vaughn Freeman, Malachi Thompson, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Wynton and Bradford Marsalis the Family, The Jacksons, ...
My day started out horribly but my baby sister came where I was just to make sure that the rest of my day goes smooth, so no matter how hot this work truck get, no matter how much more work they throw at me, imma take it with a smile on my face. Because at the end of the day i know (somebody loves me baby) in my Patti Labell voice Rochelle Allen.I love you Sissy
Getting amped and ready for an interview with LEGENDARY cake designer Tavares M. Evans of Cakes 2 A T! Providing confectionary treats to Patti Labelle, LeBron James, Russell Simmons, Mike Epps, Melonie Fiona, Mary J. Blige and tons of other celebs -- this brotha is a champion; and not only in the kitchen! Check out Scrapbook Entertainment Magazine's next issue for the inside track!
Michael Mcdonald ft Patti Labell *On my own Peabo Bryson *did you know that your are the only one* Atlantic Star *always* James Ingram ft Patti Austin *baby come to me* Barbra Streisandt *im a woman in love*
I'm in LOVE again, this time I mean it, In LOVE again... So in LOVE again .
Visit for more videos Patti Labelle sings live Bill's Casino
Nothing like some patti labell to gnt u motivated in the morning _some body loves u baby 0h 000h 0h get it patti 0f to work i go good morn jesus
Joy and Pain! Music definitely opens you up and helps you think about all the changes and lessons you've learned in life; I recall being woken up by my dad's singing; he had that extension cord on his headphones that stretched to the couch and earphones twice the size of a pair of beats...zoned out! Hearing my mom sing cause she had an feeling; Anita Baker; Framkie & Maze; Earth,Wind &Fire; Al Green; Marvin Gaye; Isley's; Patti Labelle; Aretha; Luther Vandross; Freddie Jackson; long list but timeless music; on 45's and vinyl and cassettes. The days of family gatherings, as a kid walking in and adults dancing and just enjoying all the company; no worries & no pain, just pure joy; we all had our problems but stuck together and made it to another day. Sunday was church; and the real first live band for everyone; that is my first concert; couldn't sleep with the Choir bellowing out Amazing Grace; our the whole house singing Down by the River; or This little Light of mine. I'm just thinking out loud and not su ...
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