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Patterson Park

Patterson Park is a public park in Baltimore, Maryland, in the United States.

Jefferson Patterson Park East Baltimore New Year Baltimore City Baltimore Street Dry Cleaning

Rode my bike from Patterson Park to 33rd 💀
Bey when focused, is an Olympian. All while being the 3rd or 4th best wrestler on his Oak Park RF high school team
It is HOT out here at Harold Patterson Park, if your kids are involved in Arlington Optimist Football please make...
Cool event coming up in Patterson Park! The day will start with a FREE 5K run in Patterson Park and will be...
Closed Dirty Alley or Street request at 43 N Patterson Park Ave Cleaned and removed debris (close).
"F-you" also applies to hack Jay Trucker, whom Erik hired to bash & Patterson Park.
Smash into your friends (& strangers) join our league at Patterson Park. Fun starts Sept 30!
Andrew Patterson just told me he loves Linkin Park. I love everything
tonight at 6PM in Patterson Park join sub Katie Ficca - all are welcome!
we shooting on Patterson the white side then the park lol
Hanging out in Baltimore City for the week. @ Patterson Park
Excited for the game today. Fenway Park is so much better than the Dome!!
Patterson grounds out to 1st. After 2 innings at Classic Park, we are scoreless in the finale.
Having a looksie at our old house. — feeling nostalgic at Patterson Park
Shot some Patterson Park engagement photos tonight. Thank you sunset for being off the hook 🍭.
Rustic themed weddings are great! Down here at Jefferson Patterson Park for this great gathering. Rocking the...
It is a beautiful Sunday at Patterson Park, perfect smoothie weather, set up next to the Patterson Park dog park!
Recently promoted to "big homie" by the black dudes at Patterson Park
It's Your Business: Fisher, Patterson, Sayler & Smith, which has law offices in Topeka, Overland Park and...
Fish Creek Provincial Park Conservation Officers have unique & diverse rolls & responsibilities. Learn more on Sep24. http:…
Tonight in Baltimore City sports: bubble soccer in Patterson Park. Heck yeah!
Lunch in the park have not been able to do this in awhile. Small quaint little town of Patterson, CA nice.
Ok who live over east? I'm down Patterson park and I'm starving.
Happy Saturday! Set up at Patterson Park...near the dog park!
Today 10am.Huslpaxx Camp 💯💯‼️ To all of our ANIMALPAXX and HUSLFIT Campers. We are at Peggy Park…
Take a look at our new friends at the community day at Patterson Park for community day.
Really nice wedding at a park in Southern Maryland:
If Diarmuid Connolly wins his appeal I will streak Croke Park pitch and rugby tackle a steward to the ground
Did Luke Patterson really just inspire me with a Linkin Park song?
Getting ready for patterson park adult swim
PNLS and La Ronge Public will be giving books away in Patterson Park today, from 4–6PM, as part of these festivities:
Opened Dirty Alley or Street request via iPhone at 43 N Patterson Park Ave Trash in back yard and all along sidew...
Its going down tonight 148 s Linwood patterson park pool this is a 21 & over event 5$ to get in 7$…
Merritt Patterson busty in and Alexandra Park hot – The Royals (2015) s1e6…
How does it feel to be BTW FRESHMAN QB Malik Patterson? Heads to school today after scoring 3 TD's to lead Lions to 25-16 win over Fair Park
This big weird bug is hanging out under my porch light. @ Patterson Park
too soon for a Gary Patterson South Park meme?
Patterson adds a 10 yd td run for BTW. Fair Park now leads Lions 16-12 after failed conversion.
12 yd td run by BTW's Malik Patterson. Fair Park still leads Lions 16-6 with 3:44 left in half.
Enjoy the Ukrainian Festival September 7-8 at Patterson Park. Explore Ukrainian culture and heritage with traditional food, art, and music.
Patterson Park was named the Best Park in the Baltimore magazine 2015 Readers' Choice Awards! We hope you'll...
Just picked up another rehab project in Patterson Park. Time to apply for a tax credit.
At Patterson Park in Baltimore on a Friday Morning Bird Walk sponsored by the Chesapeake Audubon Society...
Opened Park Cleaning or Mowing request via iPhone at 100 S Linwood Ave In patterson park pond. i really hope it's...
*** know Frank was my Rollie way back in the G 😂 we used to drag on Patterson park together
Me & the *** Frank really lived a door away on Patterson park. Used to get me out the house early, just to wheelie bikes 😂😂
Good morning, What're you up to today? We're corgi-ally inviting you for fetch in Patterson Park! https:…
Pannone with a 1-2-3 inning. Stretch time at Classic Park with the Captains trailing 7-6. Patterson, Valdez, Armendariz due up.
Please sign up for Patterson Park Field Days on VolunteerSpot today!
I think there's momentum building for north of Patterson Park below Orleans
the higher prices get in Canton and Federal Hill, the more momentum there will be for Highlandtown, Patterson Park and Pigtown.
Opened request via iPhone at 100 S Linwood Ave Broken glass on tennis court 1 and 2 at patterson park.
It's a gorgeous summer day in What're you all doing for lunch? I'm thinking about taking my sandwich to Patterson Park.
Confused af. I park on the curb bc I HAVE to. There's a road that goes entirely around the neighborhood ¿?
people in their 20s will eventually not want to pay $900 for a room in SoBo. Push of Canton has really helped Patterson Park hood.
War of 1812 cannons restored and being displayed at Patterson Park:
Patterson Park Audubon Center is hiring a part-time, fall seasonal educator! They are looking for someone with...
you tell Keith Mills that I'll send a really nasty email down to Patterson Park if he wants to go that route!
Our Patterson Park property just hit the market yesterday!
School House Rock via Hunter Patterson of Roland Park makes us proud!
Opened Pothole request via iPhone at N39.29 E76.58 Baltimore and belnord in front of patterson park charter school. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Allen Jr setting up the live shot in Patterson Park, double treat today working w/ the father-son duo!
I hope I love anything half as much as this dude loves cannons.
Historic Cannons Restored In Patterson Park: BALTIMORE (WJZ) — An important part of history has been restored.
ICYMI: New Windsor expert finishes restoration of Baltimore cannons.
Fun nautical wedding at Jefferson Patterson Park
Historic cannons lining Patterson Park restored as final part of the War of 1812 commemoration.
Opened Abandoned Vehicle request via Android at 601 S Patterson Park Ave Baltimore Concerned this may be a stolen...
Restored cannons back in place on Patterson Park hill. via
ICYMI: Cannons returned to Patterson Park after restoration via
Great video to remind kids to pay attention when walking to & from school.
So imma Patterson park *** how tf they pick me to give a clinic for south that don't read
New Windsor expert finishes restoration of Baltimore cannons.
Cannons dating back to the 1680s have been restored on a hill in Baltimore's Patterson Park.
7 historic cannon's are back at Patterson Park in
Carroll County resident Forrest Taylor from New Windsor recently helped preserve some history from the War of...
Historic Cannons Restored In Patterson Park: BALTIMORE (AP) — After an absence of more than a year, seven hist...
New Windsor expert finishes restoration of Baltimore cannons
Match of the weekend: Ryan Fredriksson played well against Mike Martino at Patterson Park: 6-4, 6-2
Photo sent by a friend, from a rooftop in Patterson Park, Baltimore
Patterson Park; Wyman Park area, Waverly farmers market area. Ate the tulips up in Guildford yet?
The 15 Star Patterson Park Flag bravely withstands another round of wind and snow .
Snow day sledding in Patterson park.
Patterson Park Community Center closing early at 5 p.m. today. Reopening at 8 a.m. Friday.
We are here in Conference Room A at Patterson Park! Please come if you are able to.
Patterson Park. I will be there shortly after 12. Everyone PLEASE drive carefully, and only if you feel safe.
. Fire just started on S. Bouldin St. just North of Pratt NE of Patterson Park :-(
Correct me if I'm wrong but Hoop session at Patterson Park @ 12! Be safe and be there!! 🏀💯
I remember tht time it snowed real bad and me and niya went to Patterson park and was playing in the snow together 😍😂
A view of Patterson Park this morning.
If we can't have rehearsal at the school we WILL have rehearsal at Patterson park at 12 tomorrow!! If you need the address let me know.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Reunited from the 860 to the 410. feat. @ Patterson Park Annex
Opened request via iPhone at 300 S Patterson Park Ave The owners of this church refuse to shovel during any storm...
Cheryl B. from Patterson Park: "Plastic bags are among the chief culprit of things littering the streets of my city."
We have an admissions session this Sat., March 7, from 10am-12 at the Patterson Park Come by to learn more about our school!
So pleased the owner of the two dogs that killed the Jack Russell at Patterson Park has come forward.
Assembly of Troops on Rodger's Bastion before the "Battle of Baltimore" in known as Patterson Park.
Just going to park my boat inside my boat..
Sledding with some Karen friends at Patterson Park today! ☺️
A Memorial Service to honor fallen officer Johnnie Patterson, Jr. is Friday, March 6 at 10 a.m. at Patterson Park...
Refugee Youth Project mentors and mentees went ice skating in Patterson Park on Saturday!
Steve Fuller is the winter caretaker of Yellowstone National Park -- here's a little behind-the-scenes looks at a... ht…
Yesterday's LOTD, at Jefferson Patterson Park, two thirds of the way through an epic day of Ingress missions.
It just wouldn't be winter without a run with the plows in Patterson park...
I hear a little thunder at Patterson Park We can wait it out inside Bradley School. There's not much on the radar so hopefully it will pass
in 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant established Yellowstone National Park. What was your first park?
Louisiana Tech (5-5) and Oral Roberts (5-3) conclude their 3-game series today at 1 p.m. today at J. C. Love Field at Pat Patterson Park.
Patterson Park Church services cancelled. Who would have thought biggest snows of year would not come till end of Feb and first of March
Photo: from yesterday morning session (at Patterson Park)
Great picture of us at Patterson Park.
Patterson Park volunteer youth staff praying for our Pastor of Student Ministries candidate.
Meeting with Patterson Park volunteer youth staff.
Shooting: 800 block of Patterson Park Ave has died from his injuries at the hospital.
Good from Webster to Washington to clay, Patterson,168th and Morris park
she can come hoop to lol I wonder is *** down Patterson park
we live on Patterson, Patterson turns into Vaile, it goes right into the park
Hey - Want to help the LARPers break 75 sign-ins? Come meet us at Patterson park W of Bank Jan 24th afternoon
Spectacular sunrise over National Park salt basins by Jim Patterson. Shows great beauty of the desert:
I used to live on east Lombard and s Patterson park Ave. then moved to highland Ave. nice area for a white/Indian boy.
Closed Parking Complaint request at 312 S Patterson Park Ave No violation found.
Photo: Oh, Baltimore. Stop this beautiful nonsense. (at Patterson Park, Maryland)
Beautiful shot of the Pagoda in Patterson Park by
Opened Parking Complaint request via iPhone at 312 S Patterson Park Ave These 2 cars have been sitting here for 4...
There is a college fair January 24th at Patterson Park Rec Center from 10 AM until 2 PM for students interested in obtaining college info!
where? Maybe closer to Patterson park but in the heart of canton the only place you see Latinos is at the car wash
No sleep because the police are posted on the block. @ Patterson Park Annex
classic d franc humour. Also saw you dominating the lower courts at Patterson park last night.
We haven't heard from you in a while. Are you still eyeing Baltimore for your business? Patterson Park would love to have you.
I think Patterson is my least favorite building at point park.
stars Elizabeth Hurley, Alexandra Park, William Mosley and Merritt Patterson - you are going to fall in love with each of them!
'Child is still hitting it out of the park.' PERSONAL is in James Patterson's library:
JPPM Docent Class: Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum (JPPM) is accepting applications for its 2015 Docent Prog...
“Gonna be kickin' at Patterson Park in 15 min. Who wants to help me shag balls?!”
Match of the week: Minus Vasiliades beat Robert Karp at Patterson Park in a close one: 6-3, 7-6
Walbrook Junction. Franklin Street. Patterson Park. The High Rises. North/Penn. These will suffice as well lol.
Tonight! Baltimore Rockabilly is at the Waterfront Hotel Bar in Fells pt. Thursday night Baltimore Rockabilly will be at the The Still Timonium-An Poitin Stil. Friday and Saturday the Karmasharkz will be at the Otthouse in Emmitsburg, MD. Sunday Baltimore Rockabilly will be performing outdoors from 6-8pm at The Bike Jam in Patterson Park. Hope to see ya at a show!
Rip Pokey..Lord knows you will be missed. Momma Pam loves you. Patterson Park and Preston Street will never be the same, without you being there. My heart and prayers go out to your family..
Join our community relations team on April 26 at Pagoda Hill (near the 100 S. block of Patterson Park Ave.) in Patterson Park for Dia Del Niño from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be book exchanges and giveaways, piñatas, parent/child races, music, a real archeological dig and more.
~ Just Sold! 127 N. Luzerne Avenue in Patterson Park ~ Only 11 Days on Market!. Congrats to these happy home...
Ray Lewis, Marshal Yanda, & Baltimore native Josh Charles will be attending the 5.7k Sat. morning in Canton/Patterson Park!
I was walking through Patterson Park earlier & a random man stopped and asked me "have you got a boyfriend because I wanna be your friend?"
Some aggro kids in clissold park today displaying some violent behaviour towards bobby boo. Where are the parents?
Quievo everybody another hot *** day decided to swing by Patterson park , but it's too dam hot to post up there I think I will take a cruise to the playa and get a little good *** salt water . All you homies out there in the hood , keep your dirty tweekers off the block .
Sammy is one of our newest rescues of the year. He was found in patterson park, and had an eartip. We think he...
Snow or no snow... Tomorrow I'm walking my *** to Patterson park and I'm jogging.. I keep breaking my routines bcuz I love to now I kno if I wanna b hard headed I gotta punish myself.. *nasty thought pause* but something has to give..I'm my own motivation..
This is Health Care HR Week and we would like to recognize Gina Patterson, HR at Utica Park Clinic. Gina brings...
Might skate around Patterson park see what's around there
Taken by Uncle Juds at Patterson Park. Lls Requested upload by mom. Lmao
Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum is CLOSED today due to the weather. If it hasn't driven you completely crazy already--we hope you all enjoy this snow day!
I am 🐢 😁 and sort of I bought it from a guy that was selling them outside the Latin feat from Patterson park lls
Great time with some of the leaders at The Park Community Church San Antonio tonight!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Via cat got hit by car on nr brown tabby/white, is OK, now
Nolan County Notes: In 1946, soon after he had finished serving his country in World War II, A. O. Patterson moved to Sweetwater and purchased the old Ragland house, which houses the current Pioneer Museum, and converted it into Patterson Funeral Home. Photo: This photo, taken in the 1950’s, shows the Cadillac hearse of A. O. Patterson parked in front of the Patterson Funeral Home. The house formerly belonged to R. A. Ragland, and after its time as a funeral home, it eventually housed the Pioneer Museum in Sweetwater (Photo courtesy of Dan and Jacque McCoy).
Patterson Park residents, you are invited to attend the next meeting of the Patterson Park Garden Club, Tuesday, March 18, 6 pm at the Chinese Christian Church, Patterson Road.
Please share this adorable kitty to help him find his owner! Our director saw him hit by a car on Baltimore Street near Patterson Park today. She took him to BARCS where he was checked out by a vet and found not to be injured, but he sure is a little scared and confused. He is being cared for by the kind people at BARCS for a few days to see if his owner comes for him, but he wants to get out of there ASAP. Share his photo to help him find his owner. If this is your kitty, go to BARCS to get him
Minute 34:25 the new track by Simon Patterson feat Sarah Howells called enjoy!
Maryland is in tournament .held at Patterson park rec. West region lol
The best bird today at Patterson Park today for me was, by far, this gorgeous (!) drake CANVASBACK. Only the 2nd ever for the park, with the first record being from at least ten years ago, possibly longer. Also of note were two PINE WARBLERS singing near the Ice Skating Rink, the continuing flock of RING-NECKED DUCKS at the pond, and a WILSON'S SNIPE that had been hanging out until this morning. Though I did not have it this morning, the AMERICAN WOODCOCK was back at the Boat Lake this afternoon. Good birding!
Thanks to Mike Hudson for the location info on the American Woodcock at Patterson Park. Here are a few pics:
I am at Patterson park watching Mason audition for 101 dalmatians. Cutest thing ever!!!
Are you really walking around Patterson park in bare feet?
I been been told nigguhs im from ova East Baltimore ; fym ? Neva claimed ova west ah day in my life💪👏 Patterson Park & Madison 🔥🔫💵
Yo I member one time we was like 10 cars deep they was like ten cars deep meeting by Patterson park to fight girls n boys
I just wanna hoop all day I want a big hoop session today at Patterson park 1:00 🏀🏀🏀🏀
good luck Cavan today in Pearse Park
I'm not to far from you, meet me at Patterson park 😡
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Outta the park, Joey! Outta the park! Awesome ensemble playing by Sam Compton and Bob Patterson, horns.
First Daniel Plan bootcamp class at Patterson Park this morning. We've received reports that everyone survived :)
Me and has 6 min to get to Patterson park. Challenge accepted 😏
More details from the Edmondson and Patterson Mill state championship wins to come from our reporters in Towson and College Park.
pretty much, CV or near patterson park
that day down Patterson park with boonie , nae , Jerold lmaoo we was big *** kids playing It's on the playground
If you missed "Back to the 80's" tonight, you have 2 more chances to see a very entertaining show tomorrow at Patterson Park! 😁🎤🎭
Wither. Today at the B&N in Overland Park, KS. It was flat on the Table (if I remember correctly). I'll check next time.
We out college park rey go to this potomac patterson game 😈
Boot Camp for Daniel Plan starts tomorrow 9am at Patterson Park! Meet at Pat Park sign. Bring water & a towel for...
If you have no plans and would like to cone watch the silverbacks play tonight then Come! We are playing @ Harrald patterson park at 9:45 pm
Anyone want a PB copy of SPLINTERED by ? Overland Park B&N has a "few".
NIL by Face out at the Overland Park B&N.
Hope my car done in time so I can get to Patterson and catch this bus down college park
Short practice tomorrow from 11-12 at Central Park by the Patterson skytrain station. An easy day to come check us out!
Kit Fox RV Park got [6/10] This is a nice park with OK facilities and certainly good for an ove...
Matthews Pizza in Baltimore has possibly the best pizza I have ever had in my life. If you're in Patterson Park try the Crab pie!
Patterson vs Potomac, it's down college park.
~ Just Sold! 122 S. Bouldin Street in Patterson Park ~ . Thanks so much to my wonderful buyers for their loyalty-...
Spent the evening in and around Patterson Park. The park itself is a true anchor & asset of SE Baltimore.
performance 23 Mar 2pm at Patterson Park Washington Theatre and 25 Mar 2pm
Potential places are McKnight Park (Sports Com),Patterson Park or The Armory will be talking to them this weekend
just brentwood park then me and my homie are gonna go to patterson probably! I wanna hit creek park soon though!
"The doddies" (horsies) were out along Patterson Park today.
idk , It's right by Patterson park doe
New park coming to Winston-Salem's Wake Forest Innovation Quarter: The grassy patch at Fourth and Patterson in...
Perfect beach getaway or primary home. The home is just down the street from Governor Patterson State Park (that...
Bambuser | Improve your Eyesight Naturally with Katrina Patterson at The Nutri Centre Park Cresent ( - LIVE at
HUGE news today on the Foodcast: Justin Patterson (is working to open a public food truck park!
An excellent ad at Lions Park station in Good job
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I think I'm just gonna stay at home, eat goldfish, and watch South Park. Screw school
gears up for public archaeology with help from Learn more:
Yesterday was a great day for hockey! In addition to the U.S. team prevailing over a great Russian team, 17 boys in East Baltimore overcame their nervousness over the unknown and outside forces by playing in their first “real” hockey game! A team comprising players from the Baltimore Youth Hockey Club and from Loyola Blakefield came to Patterson Park to play against our Baltimore Banners and the day could not have been more perfect. The Banners were permitted for the first time use of the real locker room that they see the mens’ hockey teams use before our weekly session and all got to wear matching red jerseys, again a first, courtesy of the Washington Capitals and Miss Mallory from Sunday hockey. After pre-game doughnuts and dressing together as a team, the boys took their usual position in line, just inside the lobby, goalie Alex first, followed by defensemen and then forwards. Their eyes were wide and they conformed to every instruction given by the coaches (yet another first.) The Banners took ...
Because there seems to always be confusion as to where we meet in Patterson Park.. You can put {301 S. Patterson Park Avenue, Baltimore 21224} in your GPS. This is the entrance you want to come in through. We will be just inside the park, just listen for all the barking dogs. ;)
Parking lot closed. Park on patterson.
Patterson Park ??? Was at the library doing some private eyeing, lol, and read an 1926 article that said 'Patterson Park 3 miles south of Mayfield'. I never heard of it. Any one know location or info about it?
Our Patterson Park Public Charter School Junior Coaches created profiles for the Community Board!!
as someone who lives north of Patterson Park I'm praying that someone takes over that space.
Just checking to see who all is planning to play ball this spring. Registration is in February. Adult coed softball, Patterson park. If you wanna play let us know.
Hello everyone, BIG homeless task force meeting today! open to the public!!! hope to see all of you there... we are voting on three positions on the Executive Committee... if I get on this Committee, I will be a voice for the homeless men in our community... they don't seem to have anyone to stand up and speak for them... the more people we can get from the community to attend and be a part of the task force, the better off our community will be... come join us in helping the homeless!!! I'm going to do my best also to get more people involved in our Consumer Counsil... we will be meeting at the greenhouse ministries on spring st. in Murfreesboro,tn... I'm also going to be running for the chairman position with the Consumer Counsil... that will be coming up very soon... we need a lot of change in Murfreesboro and in Rutherford county... I'm here to make a difference and help those who are homeless and that's what I'm going to do! the Task Force meeting is going to be at the Patterson Park Community Center ...
Found on Fayette Street by Patterson Park, Baltimore. Do you know this dog?
Closed Graffiti Removal request at 2 N Patterson Park Ave Graffiti cleaned and removed.
Trying this hole in the wall by Patterson Park. Good reviews. Loud music blaring too boot! (@ Tijuana Tacos & Deli)
I would like to share my thoughts on the church today. Here goes - I am so eternally grateful for the Lord's blessing of the church in my life. For the friendship's and meals brought to my family when we lived in Jackson, TN. I consider so many of you lifelong friends today, and maybe I'll retire one day there, maybe on the other side of the Gwartney's property!;) For the love and care and encouragement we received at Rainbow Forest in Roanoke, VA. And it's alright a lady ran into me with her car while I was standing in front of the kids bounce house at the church picnic, I didn't get a scratch, even though I was partially dragged underneath:) What a memory! I really loved listening to Pastor Mike teach. Such a wonderful and humble servant, and all of the people who supported us while we were there. And for the friendship of Pastor Paul White and Brad Steele at Westside Baptist Church and the people in our Sunday School class. I was humbled to be friends with Paul and Brad and I have such great respect fo ...
One you park in my parking spot everyday and two you sit there and at every chance you get redo your make up
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
The home spring 2014 home of your Central Maryland Falcons! UTZ Field at Patterson Park!
Shame on ! No Irvine Welsh or James Kelman in Scotland...or Glenn Patterson and David Park in N.Ireland...
Loved seeing our attendance poster at Patterson Park Public Charter School!
Man looking for his dog lured to Patterson Park baseball field and robbed
New Release: "Forget the Beef, Bring the Peace" by our BSO middle-school students at Patterson Park Public Charter:
All right! We've been sighted at Patterson Mini Mart...and amongst delicious company! Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Epic Brewing Company
Please Read the "about" section. If you are interested please message me a time in the early afternoon that you can meet at Jefferson Patterson Park.
Hey Nate, Thanks for a great class!! Ian and I learned a ton. I think Olive might have also :) So I'm wondering two things. First, can she take her test somewhere other than after a packwalk? I'm not worried about the packwalk itself, but the squirrels that reside in patterson park. If squirrels were a part of the CGC test, she'd never pass. We're working on it, but if she were to take the test in the park, it'd be hopeless. We can try it, but are we allowed a do-over if it goes awry? Actually, she was only squirrel-alert until we took her to a pack walk at patterson park, but since then she's been squirrel-psycho. My next question - after she's passed the test (like that?) will Olive be considered "evaluated" to the extent where I can get her in on some of the Pet-u-cation play dates? Alma said she needed to be evaluated first (I agree) before we could meet up with other folks on the list. Like if we wanted to ask for someone to help with her reaction to someone knocking on the door (which is currently o ...
Baseketball at Patterson park any one
Tonight on WBFF FOX 45: Baltimore City's Dept of Public Works responds to complaints about slow response time to water main breaks. I spoke with city residents about the breaks in their neighborhoods. Here's one city resident's story about his experience after a water main break near Patterson Park:
Start the day in Hawkins and end it in where do I park
Big game today vs St. Paul's. 5:15 at Patterson park.
Researching genetic mutations and making presentations @ Patterson Park Public…
Announcing the 6th Annual 24-Hour Cyclethon on FEB 7-8, 2014. PEDAL FOR PATTERSON PARK tickets are now available for purchase.
Hey Baltimore friends, If you like music, then I have the perfect opportunity for you this Saturday. Kevin Heider is coming back to Baltimore to play a show and it's gonna be great. He's an awesome musician, a stand up guy, and does a stellar Monty Python impersonation. Myself and two other gentlemen will be playing on stage with him as well. If it's like any gigs we've had in the past, it's gonna be a great time! Come check it out. It's FREE!!! And really near Patterson Park... pretty much next to it. Hope you can come!
Rafael Alvarez at the BCPL North Point Branch The North Point Branch is pleased to host local author Rafael Alvarez as he begins his tour for his new book Tales from the Holy Land. The former Baltimore Sun reporter and "The Wire" screenwriter has two previous collections of short stories. Tales from the Holy Land is about the magic of old Baltimore: the romance of (and on) tugboats, Italian waffle cookies and walks through Patterson Park. These are the stories your grandparents never told you. Join us for an an author talk and book signing.
My 30 day plan to a 5 minute plank is stuck at 1 minute and 15 seconds. I hope my cousin, Carol Deere, is faring better. At least she is ice skating at Patterson Park finally!
Patterson park football boys 7th &8th grade in box me info ASAP it's about a football camp
At Patterson Park waiting to get into the Ice Skating rink.. These ppl carrying around a dogs poop in a bag...
There's a random bagpiper in Patterson Park
Struggling through breakfast (not) at sip and bite in fells point while matt is at hockey practice at Patterson Park...
Redheads at Patterson Park lake this morning! A good city bird :-) foy too!
More pictures of the murals at the Skate Park in Patterson CA. :)
Thank you City of Patterson Park and Rec for the call to service. Peer Recovery Art Project Incorporated and Stanislaus Behavioral Health and Recovery Services, Prevention Services and Community Capacity Building Team members. Art By Monica Gunderson
What a better way to spend a rainy Saturday then Busting some Suds at Patterson Park Laundry and Dry Cleaning and Jamming to the smooth riddims of Papa WaBe and Ichelle Cole on 88.9 on your FM dial!
Reminder: a few openings are available in classes due to start on Jan. 27: • Guitar at Tunbridge Public Charter • Guitar at Patterson Park Charter • Cello at TPCS Email for class times at baltimoresuzuki AT
We know you're itching to get out and play more soccer...when it's warmer. Spring will be here soon enough and that's just what you'll do, right? News for Spring soccer (Saturdays at Maryvale and Sundays at Patterson Park) will go out in about 3 weeks(!) and registration will open in early February. Stay tuned!
lost dog - hamilton area (copied from a patterson park yahoo group) We're missing Natalie, a mutt that looks like a shepherd puppy with an underbite. She is about 7 years old, spayed, weighs about 30 lbs. She got out of our yard in the Hamilton/Waltherson neighborhood of Baltimore, near the intersection of Harford Rd and Echodale Ave this morning. She is very friendly, but may be skittish and run off if a stranger attempts to approach. Please message me here if you see any sign of her. Or call or text with any and all tips/leads/sightings. 443.668.6942 Thanks! Please be on the lookout for her. Although we are in Hamilton now, we moved from SE B'more only 2 weeks ago, so she may be trying to get to her old home
Tomorrow is the Banquet! Remember to come out and celebrate the season of hard work and learning these young men and women went through! Hope to see you there! At 4 PM at Patterson Park
Auditions for the "Ultimate City Wide Talent Show" is TONIGHT Park Comm. Center 521 Mercury Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN from 6-8:30pm
Hey Neighbors- a friend found this cute pup near patterson park. Please pass around and if you recognize contact James Hughes. Thanks!
ok so im trying to find a place to do our wedding that is country but not far away any ideas would be great n we don't want Patterson park cause everyone uses it thanks
AUDITIONS TOMORROW... better bring ya A GAME...looks like ALL OF MURFREESBORO/NASHVILLE/GEORGIA/ and Even some of MEMPHIS TALENT will be at Patterson Park Tomorrow!!
Anyone know where to get ice skates sharpened this evening? My son has a game at Patterson Park tomorrow after school.
The temperature is rising and we're getting excited for our ONLY Tiny Tots program this month. There's still time to register, but spots are filling quickly! Tiny Tots: Animals in Winter Friday, January 10th, 10:30-11:30 AM Meet at the picnic tables by the Boat Lake in Patterson Park. Ages 2-5 | $5 suggested donation/child with an adult ppaudubonto register
I have never been to one of these at Patterson Park. Can you be specific as to where these are? When I went to Barctoberfest I ended up having a long walk because I parked on the wrong side. I like to get there early to calm my boy down before his friends start showing up.
Patterson Park area 2 bedroom 2.5 bath renovated home ready for some cosmetic touch ups and a tenant. This one has significant equity so it could be flipped or used as a cash flow property.
Anybody looking (or KNOW anyone's who's looking) to move Feb. 1st?! We need a roomie for an AWESOME place by Patterson Park!
but finna put on for 2014... Startin off this year with the "Ultimate City Wide Talent Show" LMS if u messin wit this Saturday Park Theater!!
News from the Hood - 13 hood vignettes - 1/6/14 Allergy - New Years day I had fixed some salmon salad for snacks and sandwiches. Dontray had stopped out with Keith in the afternoon, and I offered Dontray some. After looking at it he decided "I'm allergic to that" which is a reaction I often get when kids are afraid to try something new. "It's like tuna fish" I told him. "I'll try some", then he came back for seconds. Power of positive thinking - Sunday I baked a loaf of banana bread. Daryl smelled it, took a little bite, and declared it 'nasty'. Tavon who didn't really like it all that much, took a small bite and played on Daryl's follower instincts with the pronouncement "Ooo, that's really good". Daryl came back and got a full slice and ate it down. Tavon was all smiles, and gave me a knowing look that he had just tricked Daryl. Breakfast - Sunday when we were picking up kids for ice hockey on the 900 block of Luzerne Anecio's mom came up to the van to bring him his breakfast. She had just run ...
Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 7, 2014, Murfreesboro City Schools will be closed. Our inclement weather policy is that when Murfreesboro City Schools are closed, classes held here at Patterson Park Community Center are also cancelled. This includes the Preschool classes offered (Make A Mess Tuesday, A,B,C, 1,2,3, and Busy Bees). The facility itself will be open for your enjoyment, which includes the indoor pool, game room, gymnasium's, walking track, fitness center, and library.
Are there any nice places in Calvert County to see a nice sunset? Besides Solomons Island & Jefferson Patterson Park.
Bless you this Sunday at the 11am service I have the privilege of bringing forth the word of God at Greater St John 1806 Patterson park ave . If you are free come pass I will appreciate your support
Tomorrow is the first monday of the month but it is going to be freezing cold!! Are the Mavens are still going out? IMHO the stops should be indoors if possible. I'm willing to offer my place as stop if the route passes Patterson Park.
Mane a *** can never say lor dorsey hood hop, Im from i was born down dere, patterson park(&&)Madson, then i moved on duncun(&)Monument St,
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Flint Fun Facts Old friends,Holiday good times I so forgot to put in the last post that our good friend, John Flint, came to town! Oh my goodness! We LOVE John! So we met him back more than ten years ago. He had come to do an internship at Hopkins for the summer. He lived with Ben Cottle over in Patterson Park and we all became good friends very quickly!!! We hung out ALL the time. At that time our ward was very close anyhow, but we had such good friends we spent lots of quality time together. We hung out a lot with Richard, Amy and Terrie. We even used to get together with Allie and my Amber to have lunch down at Hopkins. Allie loved him too. He always had some "fun fact" to share about everything he had learned...always!! We always used to joke about the butterscotch krimpets my mom liked. John always called them krumpets! He was hilarious...I mean HILARIOUS!!! We thoroughly enjoyed having him here then!!! So last year I had decided to try his old email and see if he still used it. He did!!! So then ...
Banjo Patterson Park 5/Jan./2014 They don't look enthusiastic but have been jamming for 5 hours (probably more)
1101 Patterson Park is celebrating all capricorns birthdays Doors open 8pm Light buffet music by the DJ Iceman Drink specials Hosted by the mixologist Tanya
Wanna hear some smooth riddims while washing your clothes? Come on over to Patterson Park Dry Cleaners and Laundry and jam to Papa WaBe and sister Ichelle Cole on WEAA.ORG 88.9FM Reggae, Roots and Culture.
Happy New New Year's resolution is to c all of my cuzins..all 145. Of that means " FAMILY REUNION ". hit me back if u r down wit it.of course I will need sum help.anyone who wants to help me . let me no.thx.I want to call it the " cuzins cookout "...and have it at Patterson park or druid hill all of my cuzins who don't have transportation can come...TZ...aka..." themanski "
Thanks to my man Shane and my other man Jimmy 2 toes from Allstate Career for stopping by Patterson Park Laundry and Dry Cleaning located at 2805 E. Fayette St.
Don't Forget to Join Us! The GBLA Youth Development Committee is hosting a winter funday on Jan. 4, 2014 at Mimi Dipietro Ice Rink at Patterson Park. Come out and join GBLA Members, their families and students from the Saturday Leadership Program for some ice skating and good times! Date: Saturday January 4, 2014 Time: 3pm-5pm Price: $4 admission $2 Skate rental (CASH ONLY) For more information about this event please contact: Jerome Alexander, Director of Youth Development youthdevelopment
Hey *** , Imma pick you guys up from Patterson park tomorrow around 4 so like dont lag , lmao . ❤️❤️
north East Patterson park is bad also
One of the victims in the North Ave/Patterson Park Ave double shooting has died, police confirm.
Shooting: Patterson Park and North Avenue @ 9:14 pm, two adult males reported to be shot. Homicide detectives are responding.
My late grandparents met in Patterson Park in East Baltimore while ice skating in the early 1930s. 2014 two shot in the head near that spot.
Baltimore Street is snow-covered, but Patterson Park has been plowed.
Hey I wanted to say have a good night everyone so good snow I like it I'm so happy playing with Dead Snow its really fun I like it goodnight everyone it's so nice here and park Patterson Park
Craigs(PSD): I need a head shot for my LinkedIn profile (Patterson Park)
Wit my *** bouta go hoop down Patterson Park.
Patterson weak foo Dow park retas always go over there and own y'all lol
it's 4:00 and just started snowing in Patterson Park here in East Baltimore.
it's 4 pm and snowing in Patterson Park
Bundle Up Were Going Sledding - It's not just for kids!!! This Sunday January 5th Patterson Park. 5pm-???
Patterson Park, known as Hampstead Hill in the early 1800s, was the site of Baltimore’s major defensive position against a British land invasion in the War of 1812. With funding from the Maryland H...
What's up wit some sled riders down Miller South hill. Or Patterson park. Let's kick it for 2014 something different...
wow Marty Bass had a thought ! Wonder if he had that same thought in Patterson park that day.
Someone, Bill Dooley, thought it would be funny to sarcastically FB post to do four local New Year's Day races. Someone else, to go unnamed, Lynda Allera, thought it would be fun to actually do all four races and at 11pm on New Year's Eve it was decided that we would run the 5K Commitment Run, the 8K Prediction Run, the 1 Mile South Carroll HS Run, and the Patterson Park 5K. So, it's 8:15 and I'm exhausted in bed. It was fun. I'm pooped. And it makes me think I have some training to do if I am going to do the Ulman Fund 9 Day Baltimore to Key West Bike Ride in April. G'night. ZZz.
Resolution Run 1/1/2014 in Patterson Park. Sorry you missed the photo, Megan Millane!
High fives 2 Team Kevin who ran the Resolution 5k at Patterson Park 2day!
Great run at Patterson Park with my running pal Megan Roach. Beautiful day for it!
Getting ready to head to an Open House to hang out with my new friends and Felipe over at Patterson Park! What a great bunch of people!
Year by myself on NYE, but hanging with my good friends at a cool house party near Patterson Park. Lots of memories of being at my grandparents not far from here on many a NYE as a kid. Amazing how far you can come in life but still be right back where you started. Happy New Year to all Wolinskis and Peters past and present. I've had no children to carry my particular bloodline forward, but I hope I'll be remembered fondly by those who carry on when I'm gone. Cheers, everyone.
Have a safe and happy New Year's celebration and then start the New Year off with us at the Resolution Run 5k and walk in Patterson Park. Registration begins at 12:30 p.m. - race time 2 p.m. Hope to see you there!
I be on patterson park at that club on chase street and patterson then after that jet2 for little bit then I want to go somewhere after that
Playing basketball at Patterson Park at 2pm today if anyone wants to join us.
Rev Cycle Studio opens New Year's Day! I'll be there and then over at the New Year's Resolution run in Patterson Park (-- c'mon 2014!
Poor love! When I lived near Patterson Park, many people had their cats stolen, because they were apparently being used as bait for fighting dogs. One day we were walking through the park, and a preteen had a young pittie on a leash and wearing VERY heavy chains, in the fish pond, making him swim and not allowing him to climb out, which he obviously wanted to do! That sight is burned into my brain! Evil little sod!
page 8 - thank you Federal Hill Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance Awarded Grant Thanks to Allstate Insurance - Jim Craig To honor the community service of Jim Craig, the Allstate Foundation, through the Allstate Agency Hands in the Community Grant program, has awarded the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance a grant for $1,000. Jim, who owns the Allstate affiliate, Craig Insurance Agency, and operates an office on Light Street, is a volunteer with DBFA. In 2013 Jim also volunteered with Safe Kids Baltimore on various safety awareness programs. In the past he has worked with Federal Hill Main Street, Friends of Patterson Park , and Canton Community Association. Because of Jim’s participation, the Allstate Foundation has awarded grants to all four organizations. “It makes me so happy,” Jim says, “to be able to give back to the community that supports my agency.”
Just two days remain to give to Patterson Park Audubon Center in 2013! Supporting Audubon locally enables our skilled team to bring environmental education and stewardship to Patterson Park, an urban oasis for migratory birds during their long journeys. Follow the link below and click "donate" today!
If any of you are looking for a gym membership for 2014. The sports com and Patterson park are offering buy one get membership free. Offer ends 12/31. 󾌸
BE AWARE LESLIE people there's someone or some people on the prowl in gardens just found my dog loose in the garden and heard banging and someone whistling on her! Police been informed! Get your dogs In and keep them safe! ALSO SOMEONE ELSE HAD THE SAME PROBLEM JUST AFTER ME! That was Rothes park area then Patterson park!
An afternoon skating at Patterson Park with Rose Urbiel and Anne Urbiel: heaven.
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