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Patsy Kensit

Patricia Jude Francis Patsy Kensit (born 4 March 1968) is an English actress, singer, model and former child star, known for her television and film appearances.

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Richard is on on Dave at 2.20pm, along with Bob Mortimer, Patsy Kensit, and Greg Davies
This title is City's to lose. Chelsea kens it, Arsenal kens it, Trafford's finest kens it, Patsy Kensit.
Patsy Kensit would probably still get it.
Patsy Kensit to guest star in new Doctor Who audios
You have never had someone thinking you look like Patsy Kensit ? I’m shocked your her spit .
Patsy Kensit to star as foe in new audio adventure.
Patsy Kensit to star as Doctor Who foe in new audio adventure
What a wonderful memory to treasure. A sad loss to comedy
BIG FINISH NEWS! to star in Doctor Who main range in 2018
Patsy Kensit what a beautiful woman 😍😍😍
Sassy and cybernetic? Look out world, Shada Master has regenerated! ;). ( n…
Been a big fan since Absolute Beginners - can't wait to hear this!
Sad to hear of the passing of TV great Rodney Bewes. I’ve got a lovely memory of my girlfriend at the time…
Some exciting casting is coming to in 2018... will be joining in Kingdom Of Lies! ->…
it looks like you were the series' equivalent of Patsy Kensit's Rika (2nd movie, fi…
Rule Britannia! This image of Sue reminds me of the iconic Vanity Fair image of Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit, b…
Why didn't they make an X-Men movie in 1988 so Patsy Kensit could play Emma Frost? Missed opportunity.
Mm had a good few *** over Patsy Kensit when I was young
Great song. I used to fancy Patsy Kensit loads when I was a youngah.
Today's features Patsy Kensit and Eighth Wonder in the penned 'I'm Not Scared'.…
Would you like to come on and talk about your career, future plans and discuss the week's news?
Hey lovely - been trying to contact you. We want you to come and do some filming for the Lorraine show. Beauty stuff xx
Still my fav line by that character to Patsy Kensit. "Smell ye fingers Pats, like crab paste!"
"Lennon Gallagher has his fathers' good looks". Someone is either drunk or has misgendered Patsy Kensit
Ah, remember you in Murphy's Mob. Made me love my own curly hair
Oh my goodness, that photo is so sweet! You honestly haven't changed, can tell that it's you a mile off! 😧💓
just seen pic of Lennon at 18 in paper. My mum Jackie was his maternity nurse . She wouldve loved to see how handsome he is x
Gave Patsy Kensit advice on her and Liam Gallagher's son's application to drama school. I thought she sa…
That would be Patsy Kensit who said that Rangers are her Scottish team. Yes ?
How many ex Scum players have scored with Our Patsy, I know at least one former Rangers Legend has I Ke…
Even Patsy Kensit.. that has finished me, buckled.
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Are you on the train with Edgar Davids and patsy kensit??
I actually thought I'd marry Liam Gallagher then he walked past my work with patsy kensit my heart broke 🤣🤣🤣🤣
the both of them mustve BUMPED into Patsy Kensit at some time- the same time?- hopefully when she was that simple m…
I mistyped Parsons Green and got instead, out of bad comes good
Is it just me or does the mum look like Patsy Kensit ?
if any form of PATSY KENSIT turns up on my TL, I will be very unhappy
Just watching some old clips of 'Would I Lie ToYou' and just have to say "I Love You" 😚
As usual, it's one rule for Patsy Cline and Patsy Kensit, and another for hardworking 1970s West Ham midfielder Patsy Holland 😳
Yes buzzin next week im shaggin patsy kensit,angelina jolie and sam fox get in there.Oh an the…
I would LOVE you to read and review my debut novel!! xxx.
just watched Lethal Weapon 2 for the first time in years. Forgot how good it was!
Take these dogs away from me, Patsy Kensit.
Mario Van Peebles you may recognize from Heartbreak Ridge or Posse. Patsy Kensit and Jason Beghe are in this too.
Patsy Kensit's looking well, isn't she?
Patsy Kensit plays the young Estella in the 1981 BBC adaptation of Great Expectations; sometimes BBC too makes good things
"Cross my heart, hope to die" that Patsy Kensit has always been one of my icons so 💙 to meet…
PRT Absolute Beginners producer Nik Powell is a special guest at our event on June 13th. Info at…
Ur the patsy kensit to my Liam Gallagher
Meet to on the roundabout in the Saab
"So, Patsy Kensit . what first attracted you to millionaire Jim Kerr?".
David Bowie & Patsy Kensit on the film Absolute Beginners..
Switched over to see Alan 'Fluff' Freeman, Lionel Blair and Patsy Kensit sharing screen time with David Bowie.
*sits quietly waiting and hoping for Patsy Kensit, Claire King and Leslie Jordan*
Out soon on BBC One, a small doco I filmed and fronted by the lovely Patsy Kensit and Produced by the lovely...
why in every link why does Patsy Kensit say her name? We know it's you!!! Relax a little more Patsy!
Everything in life is a lesson and I have learned from each marriage. ...
you Ken it Jack kens it I Ken it patsy kensit
I've only ever chosen men who happen to spend a lot of time out of the...
. Would LOVE to interview u on our show Patsy!. Please take a look and see if you fancy coming on? x .
12 inch remix of I'm not scared in which Patsy Kensit speaks more in French
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Just watched Lethal Weapon 2. Shocked to see there's no acting credit for Patsy Kensit's ***
A taster of our latest BBC doc, 'Living in '66: London Through a Lens' presented by - - TX soon!
I am a survivor and not a victim. Life isn't perfect. When you get a k...
your not hearts simple. You ken it. I ken it patsy kensit
Watching Lethal Weapon 2 My favorite of the entire series!!
Tonight the streets are full of actors. I don't know why. (Patsy Kensit/Pet Shop Boys)
Patsy Kensit on David Bowie: 'I listen to David Bowie all the time. When I worked with him on Absolute Beginners h…
Looking great too Patsy. Hope 2016 is your best year ever!
We know Mondays are hard. Join on our new station she's got those relaxing tunes.
I always carry prayer cards to St. Jude and St. Martha with me.
Lethal Weapon 2 on now at my Club in NYC, Great movie, Patsy Kensit
My mum worked as a secretary for Christian Dior. She looked like a movie st...
Aww, whatever you think of Patsy Kensit she seems so sweet
Sunday Lunch tomorrow? your godson loves you darling G and misses you. Xx
I'm so proud of you...I'm so proud of James I'm the luckiest mum in the world x
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Ah have an amazing first day at your acting class darling Lennon xx
Victim blaming is cringe. Tonev is a scumbag. I know it, you know it, Patsy Kensit.
I am a happy person and I choose to be a positive person. I think some peop...
Lethal Weapon 2. Interesting plot made even better by Patsy Kensit's stunning beauty. Want to sleep but hooked
if I was on my wedding night with Patsy Kensit c.1988 I'd be listening to whatever she told me to.
song was ruined for me when Patsy Kensit revealed she and Dan Donovan had the CD on repeat the whole of their wedding night
I ken it, you ken it, Patsy Kensit.
the work part is right!! Hope you are well Patsy and we all look forward to seeing you soon.Sending love from the Doughertys X
hope to see you, Di and the kids soon x
darling Nick and Di, I'm trekking out to see your brother who claims 2 be the best looking, 24/7million hour working freak
Patsy Kensit's parents on the left ...
I can wave a gun about and shag Patsy Kensit, sure.
if Tottenham win the league would you get gunged in jeans
Prospero Inclusive Theatre has an awesome Edinburgh show. Please could you give our Kickstarter an RT?
Patsy Kensit's dad James 'Jimmy The Dip' Kensit was not only a member of the notorious Richardson gang but friends with rivals Ron and Reg!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
First saw you in Lethal Weapon and I still think you are the hottest woman on this planet!
Patsy Kensit was the origional Birds Eye girl wasnt she?
Radio 2 are playing your song. "take these dogs away from me before they bite." Brilliant. X
Patsy Kensit, Cheryl Baker and Joanna Lumley were all considered for the part of Chrissie Watts.
I'm watching Time Bomb, which is basically The Bourne Identity but starring Michael Biehn and Patsy Kensit. How could it possibly fail?
Patsy Kensit left Dan Donovan for Jim Kerr, didn't she? He promised her a miracle.
at its best, Agius' legendary photograph of Liam and Patsy Kensit sells for £9.4k
hi,from AnnArbor,Michigan,Q,a homeless veteran
Corbyn personally challenges Patsy Kensit to a trial by duel
What a fantastic testimonial from we are so glad you are achieving great results with
Just learnt there's a BBC adaptation of "Arms and the Man" with Helena Bonham Carter as Raina and Patsy Kensit as Louka. Furiously searching
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“We were £1m over-budget before we started.” Now even Absolute Beginners sounds like a startup post-mortem
Two fashion icons. created front row make up at
When someone asked if I was going to watch the I replied I had seen it in starring Mario van peebles and patsy kensit
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Lethal Weapon 2 - Director's Cut. Also known as the only decent movie Patsy Kensit ever appeared in.
100 Single Covers of the 1980s I'm Not Scared - Eighth Wonder
My favourite Scottish joke, so far... What's the difference between Patsy Kensit and Walt Disney?. Patsy Kensit and Walt Disney
All about Patsy Kensit ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
cant remember which one was missing.. probably Patsy Kensit.
. Absolute Beginners ;-). ok so I was horning for Patsy Kensit ;-)
I do not understand, but also scary.)
Soundtrack for today... Still one of my favourite albums ever! 😊
Patsy Kensit & Julien Temple at tonight's screening + Q&A of Absolute Beginners. Temple wants to crowd fund a re-edit http…
Aaron says the Brit girls like to drink more than their American counterpart. She looks like what’s her name a bit iike Patsy Kensit.
Fair swap that,patsy kensit she can't wait for *** forthcoming 7 mill compo..
cuori su cuori. «[...] before we even started, we were a million pounds over-budget.» How we made Absolute Beginners
Julien Temple and Patsy Kensit at Q&A event for 'Absolute Beginners' at BFI Southbank on September 22, 2015.
Has time come to look afresh at Absolute Beginners? reveals Scorsese was a fan.
vintage Blame it on the bellboy original quad cinema poster Patsy Kensit
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Well those left over monster munch are looking as tempting as Patsy Kensit in Leathal Weapon 2
you were terrific tonight and wonderful in the movie. Great night. Absolute Beginners many wonderful memories x
I loved hearing that Martin Scorsese was bugging you about how the beginning was shot. Who can blame him? AB has stood up well
Hi,My mate lost his BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER to a BRAIN TUMOUR-Aged 15.If i sent you a wristband-cud u wear it for a pic please?
What a night! Loved it!Thank you to everyone that came along x
really enjoyed this evening. I'm delighted I got the last positive word in x
Many thanks to Julien Temple and for a lively discussion with Absolute Beginners
Walk out of the National and see Patsy Kensit
surprise trip to to screening of absolute beginnings with a Q&A. 14 and beglamoured again.
Jim Kerr must have had something going for him, apart from his talent. He married Patsy Kensit, ffs.
Pixie Geldof, Meg Mathews, Patsy Kensit, Ferne McCann and Sophie Anderton are among guests at tonight's White Party.
.Greg Davies, Patsy Kensit and Bob Mortimer guest on on Dave at 10.20.
Patsy Kensit, Kate Hudson and Lily Allen all rock the same Louis Vuitton cape... awks!
I'm hearing news that is going to be on Don't know why... She's already had the biggest brother. LG …
how about a romantic tour round devon and cornwall taking in the sights and staying in nice B & B's, having some drinky poo's
Great to see the pics of you ladies reunited at long last love the girl power 😃😘❤️
I have to say your an a incredible strong beautiful woman.
loved the outfiton Lorraine Can you tells us the label for your white shirt
work mentally and physically for there cheques £0KH
Patsy Kensit is back to her stylish best in chic cape and leather pants... as she reveals she lost a STONE in...
I'd already forgotten Patsy Kensit was ever in there.
'I love these women!' Cami Li joins former Celebrity Big Brother co-stars Patsy Kensit and Chloe Goodman for...
says slags off fat kids and said she slagged off northerners. None of it on telly?
Hi Patsy, well done on BB, you were awesome! Please say Hi , it would be FAB for me!! xx
See u at Sugar Hut later ladies. Normally go on a Thurs - but seei…
Has Cami Li washed her filthy mouth out yet?
If you missed on today's talking about her time in the House - Watch Here
don't be mixing with that vile Cami
Live more, complain less. More smiles, less stress. Less hate, more blessed. Feel like I'm turning in to 💁
I remember riding with you at a stables in felt ham on a pony club day! And you came to the dance school I went too!!
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“Valentines Day is secretly pretty rubbish though isn't it... you should show PEACE & LOVE to everyone all year round! x”🙌
I can remember this ad, makes me feel old! X
“If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as *** don't deserve me at my best.”
“"I love you" is a very powerful phrase, be careful how you use it and please never abuse it.”
.You know how to make a fan curious.
Hello patsy😄 you looked great on Lorraine. Your the double of my friend💐
yes please. I could be the ninth wonder and we could make a hit😊
Love my girls had to most amazing lunch catching up . Or should I say the most interestin…
Danny Dyer | Celebrities including Katie Price, Patsy Kensit and Katie Hopkins have flocked to the Celebrity Big Br…
been watching Celebrity Big Brother since Katie Price went in. the fabulous Patsy Kensit had a lucky escape. it is really insane! its no...
➟ Cami Li Cami Li and Chloe Goodman clash with Patsy Kensit on Celebrity Big Brother
Perez Hilton accuses Patsy Kensit of being racially offensive in Celebrity Big ... - Daily Mail
Opps, It's Patsy Kensit not Abbey Clancy. They look the same
Patsy Kensit, Perez Hilton, Katie Hopkins and Calum Best are among the list of names
ICYMI: Katie Hopkins, Perez Hilton and Patsy Kensit join line-up for 2015 via DailyMailCeleb
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Fourteen famous and not so famous faces are now in the Big Brother house with Keith Chegwin Perez Hilton and Patsy Kensit in the mix
has just seen the list of "celebrities" in this year's Celebrity Big Brother on Channel 5. Only Alexander O'Neal (who's done nothing of note for many a year), Patsy Kensit and maybe Keith Chegwin could be considered Celebrities, and that's at a real push! Channel 5 should be done under Trade Descriptions!!
"Celebrity" Big Brother. NOT! I've heard of Keith Chegwin and Alexander O'Neal, Patsy Kensit and Nadia Sawalha but the rest? Who the pigging Nora are they?
Patsy Kensit looks like an older Abbey Clancy
“Patsy Kensit is Abbey Clancy but older 👌” absy kency
Perez Hilton, Patsy Kensit and Brian Harvey all rumoured to go in to Celebrity Big Brother ?
Media motormouth Katie Hopkins, actress Patsy Kensit and showbiz blogger Perez Hilton are among the latest line-up of contestants entering the Celebrity Big Brother house tonight.
Can't wait to go and see this with my boys now it's out! x
Excited for an evening of drinks at Annabel's tonight!
I would love you as my Christmas gift, Patsy!
More late night shopping for Christmas tonight! Nothing like Oxford Street to get you in the spirit!
I don't think this one needs any explanation...
That's fantastic Patsy! We are so glad you are getting fantastic results with the amazing !
I think you should back to emmerdale or join corrie. You were great in emmerdale.
I really hope Patsy Kensit does enter, she'd be unexpected
...It should rule the nation... Love love love... Easy to say... And easy to throw away.
Turn off your mind. Relax and float down stream. Bowie loving the Beatles .. Loving Meditation...
So how do we get your friend Patsy Kensit back to Emmerdale as Sadie King?! Great show and Debbie is the best character
I really hope that Sadie King will return to Emmerdale & maybe trying to get back with Jimmy!? Greetings from Finland!
Patsy Kensit, Katie Hopkins and Daniella Westbrook. The rumours this time around are bloody amazing.
is it just me or are the rumours better than ever this time around? I'm definitely here for Patsy Kensit and Daniella Westbrook
Mid-week ritual. Nothing better to get you through the week!
Beginning to miss acting again... And before anyone says it... Yes I know the acting world is prob not missing me! Peace!
Mark Rylance is sublime. One of the greatest actors ever. Can't believe I worked w/ him on the movie Angels & Insects
But a man needs his woman like a fish needs water!
It's too far away to call it spring cleaning but had a clear out yesterday, can't believe how much rubbish I had hung on to. Very cathartic
lol going to keep me chuckling all day ! We do have some uses !
wow as beautiful as the first time I watched you in Lethal Weapon 2
...The glam squad having the power to rebuild me...
A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle . Good morning...can't think of a more precious boy to cuddle...
obscure Italian TopGun with UFOs Blue Tornado starring h…
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... something I discovered today... have to try it out! x
Just posted some toast to Patsy Kensit
Pls sign and RT. We need another 22k signatures before March & have worked so hard to help others >>>
I loved BAD - I met Patsy Kensit that night I was 14 she was about 19
Was a shock. Still glad that foggy was to become king..
Are you thinking of going in next year?
It's scandalous that the goddess that is has so few followers. Especially if the Celebrity Big Brother rumours are true ;)
Patsy Kensit reveals in that her go-to product for feeling revitalised is our Miracle Mist. She says:
Somehow i think going to work with avocado on my face would make me even less of a Monday person.
For anyone who isn't a Monday person like me - give yourself a little boost!
Feeling good today! Might need to go out and buy this bag!
Hope you had a Lovely weekend Patsy!!!.♥♥
Im sure whatever you choose to wear you will look Amazing in.
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Laughing at McCoist over saying if jibes start to get to his family he's off, coming from the guy who broke up his family with Patsy Kensit!
Benihana with my 2 favourite gorgeous boys... Bubs. Love you both so much.
Out with the love fully drinking her under the table💗
Love my gorgeous present, thank you it goes well with all my fairy lights. X
Produced and directed by Micky Dolenz, of course. He also created Luna, starring a young Patsy Kensit.
Whenever I watch Lethal Weapon 2 I'm left with the following; I haven't had tinned peaches in years and Patsy Kensit has smashing dookers.
I am watching HANOVER STREET (1979), in which 10-year-old Patsy Kensit has turned up alongside Lesley-Anne Down & Christopher Plummer.
Patsy Kensit just looks like an older version of Abbey Clancy
A happy sandwiched between Patsy Kensit and Rula Lenska.
I already have the 4 volume green spine Virago editions, but I love those ones with Patsy Kensit and Janet Maw on the covers.
It was like the first or second R-rated movie I ever saw. Patsy Kensit. That's all I can say that's good.
Patsy Kensit reveals her favourite waterproof and melt-proof make-up to wear this summer!
Check out Patsy Kensit's top summer-proof make-up buys!
Who remembers this advert starring Patsy Kensit as a child?
That 1 time I was papped meeting patsy kensit in inside soap aha
Little Giant Ladders
James: " Name me two of Patsy Kensit's husbands". Gemma: "The Oasis and Captain Birdseye"
I would absolutely decimate Carol Vorderman and Patsy Kensit
OK if you got to cast your dream movie and your dream soundtrack for the movie, who would you pick? Movie stars: Olivia Newton-John, Michael Biehn, Rosanna Arquette, Reese Witherspoon, Shawnee Smith, Mary Woronov, Linda Hamilton, Patsy Kensit, Lori Loughlin, EG Daily, Amy Grant and Sam Harris. And the soundtrack would have Olivia Newton-John, EG Daily, Shane Filan, Sam Harris, Reese Witherspoon, Patsy Kensit, Kim Wilde, Ke$ha, Amy Grant, and Bananarama. Olivia would have at least 8 songs on the soundtrack.
Tonight's highlight from the archives >> My obsession with Patsy Kensit and the Weight Watchers adverts...
Reworking a script from '08, this is the kind of superfluous thing I'm removing "a bit like in Lethal Weapon 2 where he meets Patsy Kensit."
I love this idea that we can't have a manger who has dodgy shagging in his past! Er, hello? Patsy Kensit, anyone? Hazel Irvine?
Happy Monday from BFBS Blandford! On this date in history... Highwayman *** Turpin was executed, The first friction match was sold, The first camel race in America was held, The drug LSD was first synthesized, The World Health Organization was established, The Internet was born, John Wayne won his first and only Oscar, The first space shuttle spacewalk took place, The oldest human skeleton was discovered in Egypt, Wham played their first gig in China (the first Western band to play the country), Sir Clive Sinclair sold his computer inventions to Amstrad, Alice Cooper accidentally hung himself, Liam Gallagher married Patsy Kensit, In the second Gulf War U.S. troops captured Baghdad, And Heinz unveiled a blue ketchup.
Strutting about town in my parka last night like the eldest child of Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit.
At the age of 7, I was dragged on stage by Lionel Blair & Patsy Kensit during a performance of Cinderella at Richmond Theatre.
Patsy Kensit was a big simple minds fan she dated Jim Kerr and Liam Gallagher.
Description. This third film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic 1925 novel was one of the most hyped movies of the summer of 1974. Robert Redford stars as self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby, who uses his vast (and implicitly ill-gotten) fortune to buy his way into Long Island society. Most of all, Gatsby wants to win back the love of socialite Daisy Buchanan (Mia Farrow), now married to "old money" Tom (Sam Waterston), Gatsby's best friend, who narrates the film. Francis Ford Coppola's screenplay is meticulously faithful to the original novel, but Theoni Aldridge's costume design and Nelson Riddle's nostalgic musical score won the film its only Oscars. The huge supporting cast includes Howard da Silva, who played Tom Wilson in the 1949 Great Gatsby, and a very young Patsy Kensit as Daisy's daughter. Buchanan (Bruce Dern). Calmly observing the passing parade is Nick Carraway.
Got 2 books for my birthday... Jennifer Saunders 'Bonkers' and Patsy Kensit 'Absolute Beginner' 2 women I really admire. Which one to read first?...
Kenny Dalglish and Patsy Kensit, who've both published books, but I'm not sure they're 'writers' on any standard definition!
"When women come together, we are indestructible". Great words from Patsy Kensit
We're commemorating Patsy Kensit's difficult decision to go public about her elective hysterectomy   10% Off
Hey there, lovelies, Just letting you know that Monday's film, on the 25th November, is the 1992 comedy caper 'Blame it on the Bellboy', starring Dudley Moore, Richard Griffiths, Bryan Brown, Alison Steadman, Patsy Kensit and Penelope Wilton. Hope you like. Rock on.
The Pretenders. Why the *** did Jim Kerr leave Chrissie Hynde for Patsy Kensit? Chrissie is the epitome of cool! Stupid man!
In 1987, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe wrote and produced "I'm Not Scared" for Patsy Kensit and her band Eighth Wonder.
Times magazine. Caitlin Moran on equality and media sexism. Next page: photographer of Patsy Kensit has placed her pouting on mosaic floor.
Patsy Kensit has undergone an emergency hysterectomy, after doctors found two large tumours in her stomach. Kensit has previously had a tumour removed from her *** His name was Liam Gallagher.
20:30 Would I Lie to You?: Bob Mortimer, Patsy Kensit, Greg Davies and Richard Osman join the regulars.
If you can really laugh a girl into bed, must have woken up with patsy kensit after the apple routine!
Feel Patsy Kensit has earnt the title Rockcow by now. Would I lie To You BBC1.
Patsy Kensit on BBC1's "Would I Lie To You?", she looks a wee bit plastic, but weirdly enough, still quite attractive.
Greg Davies rather subtly trying to elicit a facial expression from Patsy Kensit. Nicely done!!
I think Patsy Kensit is very attractive.
Best bit of the guys asking Patsy Kensit to demonstrate facial expressions.
I had a poster of Patsy Kensit on my wardrobe 25 years ago.
I might still be a little bit in love with Patsy Kensit. Bloody 'Lethal Weapon 2'. So much to answer for.
Good chance that patsy kensit is telling a lie.
Poor Patsy Kensit. She wants to laugh, but her face won't let her.
is Paul watching BBC1? Patsy Kensit on Would I Lie to You!
Patsy Kensit on bbc1. You could say something disgraceful to her but still not gage her reaction.
"Patsy Kensit" - The moment Lee Harvey Oswald realises he's been set up.
you look suitably unimpressed with Patsy Kensit
Would I Lie To You with Patsy Kensit and Bob Mortimer on now. This could be the perfectest programme ever shown...
We are on at 10.35pm BBC1. It's a classic episode with and Patsy Kensit. Join us and tell your pals.
"Listen love, I'll be honest with you. I didn't know when I married you that pumping Patsy Kensit would be viewed as cheating"
patsy Kensit weed on my dad. That makes me a shoe in!
many years ago he was shagging Patsy Kensit; in recent months, he's been pumping Big Mags Haney.
I actually thought it was Patsy Kensit lol
Has Sophie anderton had her face rejigged to look like Patsy kensit on purpose du reckon
and finally this.when Patsy Kensit was a proper fit bird...
Bet he buys one of Patsy Kensit's wedding dresses
Really sweet that Liam wrote Little James for Patsy Kensit's son "I'm singing this song for you and your mum" aw mate
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Just been reminded of my dream from last night. I was having Botox with Patsy Kensit. And no I don't have Botox !! Well maybe in my *** x
Lethal Weapon 2 is a lesson in how fast success can be taken away - one minute Patsy Kensit was a Hollywood star...then Emmerdale.
When my bro and I were younger and we wanted a go on the computer we'd always say 'My turn when's it Patsy Kensit?' and I'm laughing so much
LW4 is annoying. 3 only redeemed by Rene Russo roundhouse kicking in jeans. 2 let down by Patsy Kensit. 1 was brilliant
So the lad I've just been talking to for the past hour or so turns out to be Jim Kerr of the Simple Minds and Patsy Kensit's son. Average.
I was at Maine Road 96 with - almost got in the pit - Ocean Colour Scene, the Manics, Patsy Kensit!
The last time Ally McCoist reached a semi Patsy Kensit was under him.
Yes. We're working our way through the greatest hits of Patsy Kensit together, as it happens.
Ray quinns wife Lks like patsy kensit
Hinterland. Is it more tragic for us or them? Will he Dennis Waterman or Patsy Kensit on?
Who's calling me Fatsy now? Actress and yummy mummy Patsy Kensit reveals how cruel jibes about her weight gave her a fear of mi...
As a boy I was in loved with Patsy Kensit.
It's almost like Patsy Kensit wasn't a character, but a pretty prop on which to rest Mel Gibson's one-note emotional arc!
PATSY KENSIT DIDN'T DESERVE THAT. First sex with Mel Gibson and then getting murdered. I don't know which is worse.
Ah, Patsy Kensit... whatever happened to her? Have to look that up.
that kid was financial security for life !! Bit like Patsy Kensit & Sadie Frost
No problem with Patsy Kensit but when I see her on the weight watchers advert acting like she was fat I just want to throw something at her
Patsy kensit has be up there as the milf of all milfs...
jo wood is patsy kensit. I'm confused, it's been a long day.
Just watching and thought 'Patsy Kensit is looking old' but it appears to be someone called Joe. . Who *** Joe? Who ***
THIS JUST IN: took a day off school in distress the day that Liam Gallagher married Patsy Kensit
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