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Patron Saint

A patron saint is a saint who is regarded as the intercessor and advocate in heaven of a nation, place, craft, activity, class, clan, family, or person.

Saint Joseph Saint Jude Saint Nicholas St Lucy St George Sandra Cisneros Atlas Obscura San Ysidro St David

St. Valentine...Patron Saint of love, young people and happy marriages. Happy St. Valentine's Day!
St. Valentine is the Patron Saint of loves. He is represented in pictures with birds and roses and his feast day is celebrat…
St. Valentine is the Patron Saint of bee keepers, epilepsy, fainting, greetings, plague, travellers, and young people.…
Did you know that St Valentine is the Patron Saint of Happy to all of our followers! Thank you for…
St. Anthony of Egypt - Patron Saint of Gravediggers St. Anthony’s feast day is
May your Patron Saint guide you unto Everlasting Life with the Beatific Vision of the Most Blessed and Undivided Trinity!
Saint Nicholas was Black, & is the Patron Saint of children, so Christians who observe Christmas embrace that tradition
fyi - I am the Patron saint of torrents, illegal downloads, Internet memes and bad jokes. I have to die to be canonized.
Today we commemorate Saint Lucy, Patron of the Blind. We pray for those who suffer sight loss and that we may see t…
Today is the feast of St Lucy, patron saint of the blind and those with eye trouble.
Good moorning! & the feast of St. Lucia on the 13th of December. is the patron saint o…
His holier than thouness - St TK, patron saint of being quick to anger, strikes again
Saint Nicholas the patron saint of ***
best Rand description ever: "patron saint of the morally and intellectually bankrupt." wish I remembered where I read that.
You look like the missing apostle. Patron Saint of Good Holiday Vibes.
, god of medieval studies and Phd students . Would you go as pagan god or Christian patron saint?
Little Giant Ladders
Patron saint of misfit shoes, we ask for your blessing on these sweet adopted zapatos. .
The Miracle Behind Why This 13th C. Saint is the Patron Saint of Television
Happy feast day to our patron saint, St. Lucy! Pray for us. 😇
Truman has become the patron saint of failed presidents because...
I know UR not Catholic, but 2day was a day we honor the Patron Saint for the unborn. I said a prayer 4 U&UR little one. 😇🙏🏻
I don't know if there's a patron saint of vehicles or repairs, but I require the intercession of one.
I'm the patron saint for prostitution 👍🏽
Might need the Patron Saint of to save the day once more.
For real there is a patron saint of drug trafficking. I'll be damned
Nene Leakes as the patron saint of underestimated/underloved Black women who glow up
Talking Barbie's patron saint and personal hero.
patron saint of conscience. We used to live in Mores Gdns, London. I always taught the kids about him.
Dec 13 - Saint Lucy, patron saint of blindness. One of the 14 Holy Helpers. Commemorated by name in Canon of the Mass. St Lucy pray for us!
Secret Santa gift! The Patron Saint of Tightpants and dino and leaf on the wind stitch markers!…
Tyrion Lannister is about to become their patron saint.
I prefer to call him the Patron Saint of Wrestling.
And in President Apprentice Trump they have found a patron saint!
Santa Pika is the patron saint of eating plastic, metal, and wood
Ron Swanson might be the patron saint of introverts https…
. Also, patron saint of your drinking problem.
It's a religious holiday based on the feast of St Lucy, SLU's patron saint. That's what it used to be anyway
I'm now the patron saint of not being offensive on the internet.
playin around on behind the name and apparently Margaret was the name of a martyred patron saint of expecting mothers. god ***
A parish can learn about its patron saint by celebrating the parish feast.
Hillary, Patron Saint of Fake News - Bosnia, Benghazi and "hands up, don't shoot" - American Thinker
“Raise a Toast to the Patron Saint of Field Artillery” by
Michael the Archangel, Patron Saint of Gift of the Michaelite Fathers of Mt Hagen. Placed in Mendi Cathedral. Thank…
these are just some words from our Patron Saint, St. John Bosco. Why arent we listening? Why arent we implementing this…
Saint Jude | Prayers to St. Jude Thaddeus - Patron Saint of Hopeless Cases image
Let's start the week right,GOD Bless O:-) Here is for you,Patron Saint of Fathers,St.Joseph. O:-)
Message on the Feast of the Repose of the Holy Evangelist and Apostle John, Patron Saint of Holy Cross…
Hillary's invented sins compared to Trumps actual sins.
Well I was named for the Patron Saint of the Artillery so maybe this is my destiny.
What famous composer is the patron saint of saloon gossip? Bartok. Take my word for's funny when you say it out loud.
I have a Francis De Sales, patron saint of writers and journalists, will that do?
May the patron saint of books have mercy upon my soul
🙏🏼Who is the patron saint of gaming? Can they intercede for us to so that Apple Watch finally gets on it?🙏🏼
HEY WRITERS! This is the Patron Saint of Follow him and bask in his benevolent rage.
Please admire my Oliver Sacks devotional candle. "Patron saint of pathways, motorcycles, and awakenings"
I got the patience of a saint. Whoever the patron saint of not having any fahkin patience might be.
Got to see or patron saint yesterday!!
excuse you, he is practically the Patron Saint of Brooklyn
»› “I'm the patron saint of the denial,. with an angel face and a taste for suicidal.”
Today middle aged white women (and their patron saint Jennifer Anniston) be like ...
St Philip the Accountant, patron saint of Church administration. My musings on Acts 6.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
You're joking but Saint Joseph is the patron saint of real estate porque hay santos para todo mijito
Which gods do I have to pray to before I can find an apartment in Bilbao? Is there a patron saint for affordable shared housing?
Always worth reading our country's patron saint, but I recommend (in addition to Drum-Taps) Sea-Drift as a remedy f…
Good luck. I will say an extra prayer. We should have a patron saint for these things! 😀
Patron Saint of Missionaries even though she never left the convent. You bring me such hope Therese!
How does JJ pass all his weed and steroid tests? I know he is into racketeering too. Von is a patron saint.
I like to be the Patron saint of despair
I fear that some patron saint of vegetarianism is going to smite me
. 3. Legend has it that Moosh the Britainheart was the Patron Saint of Thighs.
Stumble is the patron saint of modest Londoners.
she was patron saint of gardeners but also brides and midwives. I like the overt fertility imagery.
For the record: I'm not the patron saint of Halloween. The magnitude of my literary brilliance transcends novelty holidays.
The patron saint of unpublished novels is hard at work, burning manuscripts as quickly as he writes them.
Carnival Parade on Saturday for the Patron Saint Fiesta in
Chad Alexandria Butler, patron saint of good butts and just being the best overall. I'm helping so many people.
I've never been a Jen fan. I've never need a Brad fan either to be fair. I think Angelina is a patron saint and I love her
One of my favorite titles of Saint Joseph is "Patron of the Interior Life."
If there is a Patron Saint/ Greek God of muscle cramps, I stand ready to appeal to/ appease him/her.
This is the patron saint of fried egg sandwiches. Bonus points if you know who this lady is.
Who is the patron saint of "hoping IT doesn't brick my machine when they install patches tonight"?
The name 'David' is derived from Hebrew for 'beloved'. . It's also very popular in from the patron saint of the country, "St. Dewi"!
I'm the patron saint of blunt rolling.
If Putin is 's role model, Stalin must be Orange Man's patron saint.
Shout out to The team my old man supported -weirdly enough - & home to one of my fave players, the patron sa…
Atheist Pig interviews mother teresa patron saint of sadist
Saint Andrew Kim Taegon ... PRAY FOR US. The first Korean-born Catholic priest and is the patron saint of Korea. https:…
Trump is corrupt. Hillary Is not corrupt. These are facts
Jonathan Groff is also commonly known as the Sutton Foster Stan, Susan Blackwell's Obsession, Jonathong Groff, the Patron Saint of Goats,
I liked a video Patron Saint of Bridge Burners - Sorry. (Full Album)
Maries de La Mer, the pilgrammage of Sara e Kali, the Patron Saint of Romani people.
St Vincent De Paul, the Patron Saint of the Needy, very apt with today's reading of the Good…
I am the Patron Saint of unloved HGs. Paul is a gem. Y’all will all love him by the end
Patron Saint of Athletes. Saint Sebastian - Captain of the Praetorian Guard. Feast Day: January 20th. (Both…
Annie Wilkes ('Misery') is Patron Saint of the Internet. Entitlement and the Fan. "Fandom Is Broken". via
is the Patron Saint of Women Who Won't Shut Up And Do What We're Told- I am thrilled to see her as our nominee
This is Saint Patrick's Prayer-Patron Saint of Ireland. Christ with me, Christ before me,. Christ behind me,...
Oh my gosh. I get it now. Saint Andrew "First chosen. First called." Patron Saint of pregnant women. I'm sobbing seriously
25 Archangel Raphael Prayer Coins This Is a New Set of St. Raphael the Archangel Is the Patron Saint of Travelers
Our this week is St. Thomas Aquinas, Patron Saint of Students. We pray for our students ready to graduate
Turns out St Paddy is Not Actually the Patron Saint of Children's Tantrums. . Frankly Livid about this.
I somewhat cheered to learn that beer has a Patron Saint:. St. Arnold of Soissons.
Happy Our flag is flying high with pride in honour of our Patron Saint.
Careful. Blasphemy toward Reagan, the Patron Saint of the Republicans.
Reagan is my Patron Saint? You came across this information, how?
This would be the perfect day for David Quinn to inaugurate a new institute, allowing April Fools Day to have an appropriate Patron Saint
Women or Men's Saint Joan of Arc, Patron Saint of Those in Need of Courage. Bronze Finish Beadball Necklace. Premium
Arnold: Patron Saint of gettin tanked up & watchin metal on Easter Sunday
It is significant because it is being launched on the Feast of Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary! Vatican City State's Patron Saint!
Aberystwyth, Tomorrow at 1pm there is a Parade/music and speeches for St David - the Patron Saint of Wales. (...
Belated St David's Day celebrations at Club tonight -Michael Jones addressing us on the history of our Patron Saint
Saint Elizabeth Seton, Patron Saint of Get it today. Over 1,000+ saints htt…
Patron Saint of Hunters but somehow affiliated with the much larger Bohemian Grove Club.
Orthros and the Divine Liturgy were celebrated for the Feast of St. Philothei, who is the Patron Saint of the...
Saint Nicholas (Santa Claus) is the Patron Saint of prostitution.
'Patron Saint of Rock N' Roll?' Kind of. NKY pastor who brought rock to church retiring.
General Chesty Puller,. Patron Saint of the USMC:. "...Take me to the Brig. I want to see the 'real Marines'."
Patron saint of mediocrity. And the guy that thought Kerry Collins was better than Vince Young
Bonne anniversaire, Jeanne d'Arc, patron saint of my undergraduate thesis! - via
Aw, lol, Then I must be the patron saint of lost "boys"
Now by no means am I the patron saint, but its like one day you gotta own up to it and treat others the way you want to be treated
maybe both? You could be the patron saint of insanity and harassed retail workers everywhere.
My therapist prays for me, to the Patron Saint of Lost Causes.
I have, yes. The patron saint of Norway's Progress Party, I hear.
I hope you know you're still my patron saint
In praise of robert smith, patron saint of suburban teen goths everywhere
Have you looked for the patron saint for that yet?
My favorite movie from age 2 or 3 - 7. Patron Saint of pain, illness, and ridicule lol
may the patron saint of strong AF women, smite them
According to Pope Francis, is the patron saint of comedic gagging.
Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1175 St. Raymond of Peñafort is the patron of canon lawyers.
Ann is my patron saint of Getting Stuff Done.
Started with Ronnie Raygun the patron saint of RWNJs
Amethyst is the patron saint of Waste His Time 2016 LMAO
TR-8R: Patron Saint of Loyalty. Died for our spins
Dear patron saint of horse. Ty for bestowing me w/ fabulous. Amen.
As the patron saint of worming my way out of plans, I accept this holy challenge
if i were catholic my patron saint would be st john bosco who is the patron of publishers AND magicians
Today is the feast day of St. Raymund de Peñafort, Patron Saint of Catholic lawyers and jurists.
If your Momma isn't your Patron Saint you're in the wrong religion.
Big ups to Seattle's patron saint of the 90's, Ken Griffey Jr! Hall of fame status wont bury his rap career tho 😎.
St. Raymond is the patron saint of lawyers, especially canon lawyers. St Raymon of Penafort, pray for us.
Who's the patron saint of functional alcoholism?
So China is the patron saint of two rogue nuclear countries and still part of UNSC. UN needs to be disbanded and Re-formed
All hail TR-8R: Patron Saint of Loyalty who died for our spins
📷 appleofthewoods: TR8-0R Patron Saint of Loyalty Died for our spins
I'm thinking of choosing Saint Joseph as my Patron Saint. The Saint of Fathers, Workers, Immigrants, the unborn, travelers, and the Church.
St Michael=Patron Saint of Police.Kept my dad safe 4 32 years so I'm good w/ that.U wanna get rid of snakes u need St Patrick
Final gift pick up today. . Charm of Saint Christopher for my traveling kids for their cars. . Patron Saint of traveler's.
I hope Saint West, leads a holy life and is converted and becomes Saint Saint West, Patron Saint of College Dropouts
On this day in 1962 The Catholic Church names St Patrick as the Patron Saint of Ireland and St Brigit as 2nd Patron
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I need a patch of a pic of Pat Smear holding a glass of champagne that says "Patron Saint of Fashion" underneath it.
We'd like to wish the happiest of birthdays to Patron Saint of the podcast, Sam Elliot! Happy birthday, mijo!.
The Wisdom of St. Patrick: Inspirations from the Patron Saint of Ireland by...
Naw mate it's Gabriel ye'll be after. Patron Saint of messengers. Obviously.
St. Rita of Cascia: Patron Saint of the Impossible - via
I'm on the bus, so I think we could see something great. That said, I did like up the Patron Saint of Lost Causes.
Patron Saint of the Long Shot. Fight the good fight :)
Pfft. Robin Ventura was the Patron Saint of Awesome Quotes as a Met. I'll even let him win.
"At 60, I’m still discovering who I am"—an interview with Sandra Cisneros, "the Patron Saint of Chingonas":
For Latinas , a few women have reached saint-like status. Sandra Cisneros is the Patron Saint of Chingonas
St. Jude Thaddeus pendant Patron Saint of Desperate by truewishes via
Say Hello to the Home Team's Patron Saint for the year! Pope Saint John Paul II, Patron Saint of…
Pope to pray before the Patron Saint of Cuba Vatican Radio
Agatha, Patron Saint of the repressed divine feminine at the hands of patriarchy
NEW John Dewey and the Decline of American Education: How the Patron Saint of Sc
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
St.Valentine the Patron Saint of love and marriage. Coupled with the Sodalite gemstones for inner peace and...
St. George - England's Patron Saint another take on the origin
Abbott could always step down from being Prime Minister & step up to something truly grand: Patron Saint of boats.
John Fisher of Harpham, Patron Saint of Beverley - from & PROUD
Today was the Feast of St Augustine - our son's Patron Saint... since I had a work meeting tonight we…
Didn't Mark Leno get canonized as the Patron Saint of Big Tobacco and Pharmaceuticals today?
Did you know St Matthew is the Patron Saint of tax collectors? I did not know that. Not sure they deserve one though
Today's Feast Day of St Benilde a time to get inspired by his mission as Patron Saint of Student Groups
Remembering Reagan's Sweet Little Lie to the Air Traffic Controllers | Ronnie - Patron Saint of working people.
A most blessed Feast of the Patron Saint of Parish Priests, Saint John Vianney, to all!
On the Memorial of St. John Vianney, Patron Saint of diocesan priests, let's for all parish priests in the
Who is the Patron Saint of Your Profession? via // St. Francis de Sales and St. Thomas Aquinas for me.
Today is the Feast of St John Vianney, Patron Saint of Priests. Father Jeff & Father Antony will be celebrating...
St. Francis of Assisi. We visited his Basilica in Assisi, Italy. Patron Saint of animals (and…
Italian St Gerard Medal with Our Lady of Perpetual Help | Patron Saint of Fertility, Pregnancy and C
Joseph, my Patron Saint and Saint of the Universal Church, please offer prayer regarding these three things. 🐑
Click Mort's opening is incredible. St. Faustina, Patron Saint of Merciful Deaths
St Anthony of Padua. Patron Saint of finding lost things.
St. Francis of Assisi ~ Patron Saint of Animals by Helen Zwerdling HellsBellesArt via
He was the King of Yerevan, Patron Saint of the Armenian People! Investor Kirk Kerkorian Dies At 98
Os Guinness: Why Balaam's *** Is the Patron Saint of Apologetics and Christians Need to Recover…
Martyred American nun could be the patron saint of the pope’s eco-encyclical | Crux
How Larry Bourgeois became the patron saint of espresso
"He is the Patron saint of lost people" - brokenhearted friends u know what to do now 🙏🏼 char kbye
Today we celebrate the birthday of our very own stick magician Chris Dangerous. The patron saint of pummeling...
Fox's patron saint of police brutality. The queen of white is always right, Santa & Jesus was white.
praying to the patron saint of Friday night shifts
Someday, I'll be the patron saint of the kaladkarins
Any country with an Eric w/ a 'c' as patron saint can't be all that bad.
Mark Wahlberg is the patron saint of insecure, homophobic, racist, sexist straight white dudebros everywhere.
Update your maps at Navteq
There's a patron saint of the internet.
Just de-mined the backyard, after a brief pause at the Shrine of the Patron Saint of backyard de-mining, St. Bernard.
I hope when Ser Jorah Mormont dies he can at least live on as the Patron Saint of The FriendZone
Expect there will be a new Patron Saint of now ? Just hope they leave St Christopher alone
Happy feaast day of San Ysidro or St Isidore the Farmer - Patron Saint of gardeners, farmers, laborers and good...
San Ysidro the Patron Saint of Farmers™| Our money grows on trees.
"One of these days I'm gone hafta have a talk with that boy." ~Uncle Jed, Patron Saint of
Photo: theraccolta: Mission Basilica San Juan Capistrano - Statue of St. Peregrine, the Patron Saint of...
On this day... 23 April. St George's Day, Patron Saint of England. 1016 - Edmund Ironside succeeded his father...
St. Francis of Assisi was proclaimed the Patron Saint of Ecology in 1979 by Pope John Paul II. . “St. Francis...
UKIP will declare the Monday of St George's Day week a bank holiday. That's St George, the Patron Saint of the UK!
Who benefits from the First Amendment? Increasingly, Corporations are taking it over.
Money is NOT SPEECH -The First Amendment, being taken over by Corporations
Free speech... for corporations! (Cuz, you know, they're people too...).
Inside the tourism boom of China's great beyond via
And even thought I'm grieving. Oh! the patron saint of the lost causes, I'm trying to find a meaning. 🙏
Citizens United will be my generation's JFK moment. It ruined all hope for America by destroying the First Amendment
Saint Jude the patron saint of lost causes, Saint Jude we were lost before she started
Need to know more about the liquefaction of a saint's blood in Naples? Hear about the nuns who mobbed...
"St Jude, the patron saint of the lost causes..." ♪♪♪♪
New study by Harvard Law prof says there has been a corporate takeover of the
Xu Xiake, an adventurous travel writer from China's Ming Dynasty, is celebrated today
“Corporations have begun to displace individuals as the direct beneficiaries of the First Amendment..."
The connection between this and this is too obvious to be discernible.
'St. Jude Patron Saint of the lost causes...'♬
St. Jude. Patron saint of the lost causes. We were lost before she started. We lay in bed as she whipped around us
The 1% are people, too, equal to all the rest of us. Sigh. First Amendment Embraced by Corporations
Corps., not individuals, benefit from 1st Amend. More directly. Liptak's NYT sidebar. Recommended.
The patron saint of our movement Wendell Berry on the disappearing culture of traditional American ag
Is Saint Bernard the patron saint of saggy eyelids?
Interestingly, I think the United States jumped the shark right around the time I was born.
"First Amendment, ‘Patron Saint’ of Protesters, Is Embraced by Corporations" - to the detriment of private citizens
Interesting NYT story. "The First Amendment has become the darling of economic libertarians and corporate lawyers."
Has there been a corporate takeover of the 1st Amendment? This Harvard law professor says yes.
Saint Charles Borromeo - - Patron Saint of Weight and Dieting
Check out "LA's Patron Saint is a Third-Century Martyr in a Postmodern Tomb" on the Atlas Obscura.
Frances Glessner Lee - the Patron Saint of Forensics and the subject of our next documentary film http:…
Fr Schmitz, pastor of St Leo the Great Parish, shares his reflections on the patron saint of his parish.
"When Santana's name is translated into English, it means Saint Anne. Saint Anne is the patron saint of Brittany, a region i…
Dave Grohl at some point should be canonized as the Patron Saint of Music.
Fans of - our latest blog is about St Piran the patron saint of Cornwall (and Cornish pasty tossing).
The Patron Saint Of Own Goals - wonder what Andy Gray did whisper in his ear.
He was patron saint for the whole of Ireland, not the state of the Republic of Ireland
Hedwig, Harry Potter's owl, is named after the patron saint of orphaned and abandoned children.
The patron saint of alienated Jewish guys.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Happy to my patron saint Joan of Arc. Setting the bar for badassery since 1412.
.Hehe. You didn't even get to hear my rant about how Alan Greenspan is the patron saint of 21st century concrete vert.
St. John of God who served the sick and the poor, is the patron saint of heart diseases.
In honor of Wallace Carothers, our patron saint of nylon!
Gougane Barra,West Cork,today,where Saint Finbar,Patron Saint of Cork,began his Mission in ernest.
My new nabe has a chapel full of prosthetics left for St Roch, patron saint of mirac…
Unraveling my swatch in order to finish my sweater. I'm praying to the patron saint of yarn chicken.…
Saint Selfie statue--the patron saint of fashion week all over the world. Once upon a time a young…
Today, Mar 8 St. Philemon day. In 284 AD, martyred for his Christian faith. 1st made saint. A mime, patron saint of dancers!
On this sacred day it is good to remember the most important person of all, the patron saint of Women Tony Abbott http:…
Who is the patron saint of Europe??? Benedict and Catherine of Sienna apparently.
The Patron Saint of the Underdog. . writing his own story. http…
Gucci Mane is the patron saint of trap music
Some very disturbing facts about a Google plan to destroy the open web. Very unsettling and Orwellian.
Re St Jude, patron saint of lost causes: UKIP to run former UDR man in West Belfast General Election
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Patron saint of photoshopped tabloid covers.
St Columba, companion of the pray for us. Litany of St. Columba, patron of poets.
St. Maurice is the patron saint of Black fantasy nerds
Learn about Mary Magdalene, the patron saint of on this
Under Armour is marketing Steph Curry as "Patron Saint of the Underdog.". The son of a former NBA player. When has he ever been the underdog?
You say patron saint and I say Patron tequila...
Happy Valentines Day! Did you know St Valentine is the Patron Saint of Beekeepers?
St. Valentine is also, the Patron Saint of
It's the feast day of St David, Patron Saint of Wales so songs inspired by Wales or with Welsh singers
May 22 is the Feast of St. Rita. Patron Saint of Impossible Cases.
My wifey don born win. 󾍘. Named after my Patron Saint. Rita Olachi Anochie
Saint Valentine, Patron Saint of Lovers, Bee Keepers, Plague, and Epilepsy" on the Atlas Obscura.
How Ashy u hv 2b to complain about . HOW ASHY!. U make Malik Yoba look like he was bless by the Patron Saint of Shea Butter.
I got the Saint of Binge Watching! What Would You Actually Be The Patron Saint Of? via
Dominic received his confirmation today. He chose St. Michael as his patron saint.
Who is the patron saint for people who don't want to go to work on Monday?
Random fact: The original statue of Liberty was in the likeness of a black woman. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French to the slaves as a sign of the abolishment of slavery. The powers that be didn't want a black face in that the world could see. The face on the Statue of Liberty is the Patron Saint of Manifest Destiny.
"Thank you, Taylor Swift, patron saint of explanations that use Bay Area slang. Everyone be careful out there while Mercury appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. Try to avoid getting too hyphy."
"Brigid, goddess of healing, patron saint of poets and of smiths and makers, be with us in this season."
The Patron Saint of Working Mothers should either be the person who invented the Crockpot or the inventor of dry shampoo.
Joel Murray, you are the patron saint of character actors.
Sonic the Hedgehog is like the patron saint of autism
Still lol-Ing at Ms. DR not making it and everyone thinking she got cursed by the patron saint she wore on her dress.
Jason Witten, the Patron Saint of all us Tight Ends!
THE life of Sunderland’s patron saint was celebrated over the weekend.
What's hilarious is that Saint Wolbodo is the patron saint of students (feast day April 21) and I am the worst student.
Does anyone know who the patron saint of tangled necklaces is? Then follow-up question, how I get them on my side??!?
I think our patron saint Seth Rollins is dead
1830 to 2001 The Wassmer Family This story begins when Wendel and Marcus Wassmer leave their home in the Black Forest in Germany, to sail for America. Much is unkown about those early beginnings, including the vessel that they sailed on and the place of debarkation. The first known facts listed are that Marcus and Wendel were in Toronto, Canada, and that they were coopers, that is, barrel makers, by trade. Here I'll let Bill Wassmer tell the story of their travel to the U.S.A. and Indiana: Wendel and his brother Marcus came from the Black Forest, which then was in the state of Baden, Germany. Baden lies in the Southwest part of Germany, next to the French border. I feel they landed at a Canadian port around 1830. They worked in Toronto for six or seven years at their trade as barrel-makers. Deciding to walk South due to the cold winters in Canada, the two brothers walked from Toronto to what is now St. Wendel, Indiana, in the South-western part of the state. They probably were looking for good White Oak c ...
UPDATE: GOOD NEWS TO REPORT... MY SON AND HIS WIFE HAVE DECIDED TO FOSTER SPIKEY FOR ME ..I AM OVERJOYED .. God is good cause I prayed for a good home for him ..Prayers answered .. Thank you Lord & St. FRANCIS PATRON SAINT OF ANIMALS ..
It still warms my heart to hear the chant for our "Patron Saint of Philadelphia" !
looking up the Patron Saint of Internships for me 😇
this makes me wonder if there's a Patrón saint
Yesterday marked St. Francis de Sales' of our faves as patron saint of writers
Patron Saint of yawning until tears roll down her cheeks
Michael Moore is the patron saint of disheveled obesity.
Salesian spirituality takes its name from today's saint--the patron saint of writers & authors. Do you know who h... htt…
The patron saint of patron service is St. Francis of Assistance.
Photoset: But what about yourself before, was there anything before deciding to be a musician that you...
Oops, doesn't he know that Cruz is the patron saint of lost Tea Party causes, but then you are from the party of the stupid
Saint Gemma Galgani is the patron saint of students and pharmacists
President Trump Donald Trump Kellyanne Conway Michelle Obama White House Mardi Gras Ed Sheeran Lady Gaga President Donald Trump Travis Kalanick Jimmy Kimmel North Korea Oval Office Emma Stone Daniel Sturridge Super Bowl Academy Awards Penguin Random House Warren Beatty Kim Jong Nam El Salvador Best Picture North Korean Mount Etna Michael Kors Andrew Garfield Trump Supporters Kim Jong Northern Ireland John Legend Nigel Farage Black History Month Las Vegas Patron Saint Ash Wednesday Kevin Durant Middle East Nicki Minaj Usain Bolt Bob Harper Biggest Loser New Orleans President Francois Hollande President Assad Dakota Access Ree Drummond Mutual Fund Best Time Kuala Lumpur Faye Dunaway Selena Gomez Rory Mcilroy Calvin Klein Adrian Peterson Andy Murray Nintendo Switch Real Estate Security Council West Ham Theresa May Philip Hammond Patriots Day Manchester United Storm Doris Independence Party Douglas Carswell Kate Moss Jurgen Klopp Metropolitan Museum Boston Dynamics Maxine Waters Jon Stewart Ryan Gosling Silicon Valley Jimmy Kimmel Live Australian Open Harry Potter Trump White House President Barack Obama Mahershala Ali Elon Musk Los Angeles Daily News Warren Buffett Ivanka Trump Wall Street Travel News Prince Charles Benedict Cumberbatch Travel Deals Jeff Sessions New Zealand Casey Affleck Melania Trump East Coast Part One Peter Popoff Malia Obama Mad Max Lego Batman

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