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Patriots Day

Patriot's Day (officially Patriots' Day in Massachusetts and Patriot's Day in Maine) is a civic holiday commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War.

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Ah, Arlington. I was gobsmacked the first time Paul Revere clattered down Mass Ave on Patriots Day. Prety cool.
I'm going to the Red Sox game on Patriots Day. 11am start time. Should I buy Bruins playoff tickets and make it a doubleheader?
since I was at the Boston Marathon Bombings, Patriots Day was so hard for me to watch but Alex, you were brilliant! thank you
Go watch Patriots Day. It's an amazing movie about the Boston Marathon Bombings. One of the best movies I've ever seen
'Patriots Day' review – gripping account of the Boston Marathon Bombings
Recommend watching Patriots Day if anyone wants to watch a good film. Brilliant film, and Mark Wahlberg is just boss.
Patriots Day, the new score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross is now available. Streaming and links at
Also out today is the action starring Mark Whalberg and based on true events 'Patriots Day'. Book now here…
Can't wait too see patriots day tomorrow looks so good
Ex-Patriots executive Michael Lombardi: "I'd tell Belichick every day not to trade Jimmy Garoppolo" - Pats Pulpit
The Hacksaw Ridge DVD I got from Redbox starts with the Patriots Day and Deepwater Horizon trailers one right after…
Stud 2019 DB Donald Clay set to be in Tuscaloosa this weekend for Alabama Junior Day. https…
Good evening Patriots hope you all had a great day.
Today Bill Belichick is exactly as old as Karl Marx was the day he died.
So moved by the reaction to First 5,000 fans see it for FREE with Use code MWPATRIOT:htt…
Cover up your ears: this is a blast you DON'T want to hear!. w/ out tonight.
Beyond sick we have to be strong like we have to be brothers and sisters and patriots.
hope you had a great day. How about them Patriots?
Saw Patriots day today, was pretty decent.
LOVe all these so called Christians and Patriots who have NEVER SERVED A DAY!
film reviews: Patriots Day, sweet desires and more -
Another great day outdoors for our young Patriots! Thanks, Mr. Sylvester!
Patriots Day was the best film I have seen in months. Absolutely amazing and beautifully done 😢
Patriots Day - Stunning. A heart-wrenching & heartfelt depiction of a terrible tragedy. Peter Berg has become an ex…
Halftime: FAMU DRS 20, Carrollwood Day 13. Baby Rattlers' full court press causing a lot of problems for the Patriots.
Could not recommend Patriots Day movie enough 🇺🇸👏
Patriots Day was amazing, I'd recommend it to anyone! 🇺🇸
Patriots Day is such an incredible film, I hope it captured the day justly for the victims
Ex-Patriots executive: "I’d tell Belichick every day not to trade Garoppolo" via
Patriots Day.. one of the best films I've seen 👌🏻
: Film reviews: Patriots Day, Sweet Dreams and more . IT MAY seem a little too soon but Patriots Day offe…
I continue to watch Patriots day at least once a week, even tho it's makes me so upset
Patriots day was an incredible movie! 100% did it justice. God bless the people of Boston
Sometimes throughout the day I randomly think about how the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead to the patriots of all teams and it a…
I've never wanted to kill some one so much as the guy who kept kicking my chair through the whole of patriots day
About 1 day left on this SP Authentic rookie card!!
Patriots Day is an incredibly tactful, well made film, in case anyone was wondering. 9/10 👏
We're celebrating Valentine's day two weeks in a row. Happy birthday,
Who in modern day does Team USA goalie think his former coach Herb Brooks closely resembles? Perhaps a cert…
Why does the phrase Patriots’ Day have an apostrophe in onscreen captions in the film but the title of the film doesn’t? What am I missing?
Is Mark Whalberg just starring in movies about disasters that happened in the last few years? Patriots Day quite unnecessary.
Saw a trailer for Patriots Day with Mark Whalberg. Why are Hollywood glamorising the Boston bombings? Seems completely unnecessary.
My job is ridiculous. Look at this amazing cinema - Soho House Dean Street - I just watched Patriots Day in. (T…
The team behind Patriots Day is writing a Tom Brady/Super Bowl LI movie. The reviews for it are already in:
Ey Michelle Monaghan is a good actress but she's super wasted in a crap movie like Patriots Day aight goodnight
we just saw Patriots Day, you look like Michelle Monaghan, but younger and prettier. Love you ❤
Just saw this movie. so difficult to watch. — watching Patriots Day at Regal Cinemas Harrisburg 14
Finally getting to watch this. — watching Patriots Day at Movie Tavern West 7th St
'I prefer a more visceral, natural style of filmmaking.' An interview with 'Patriots Day' director Peter Berg
"Patriots Day": Mark Wahlberg & director Peter Berg talk about paying tribute to the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings.
"Patriots Day" director Peter Berg clearly feels its not too soon for a film on the Boston Marathon Bombings.
Peter Berg's "Patriots Day" showcases how the 2013 marathon bombings brought the best out of Boston.
Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg making a point of real life heroism. "Patriots Day" follows "Deepwater Horizon".
Mark Wahlberg teams with director Peter Berg to retell another true story of heroism. "Patriots Day" review -
"Patriots Day": Peter Berg casts Mark Wahlberg again & tells the story of heroism in the Boston Marathon tragedy.
Just watched "Patriots Day" at AMC Regency. What a great film by Peter Berg who has also lso…
Patriots Day was awesome! Peter Berg is on point with his true story/real event movies. Lone Survivor, Deep Water Horizon are both amazing.
Patriots Day is another absolutely fantastic "true events" by Peter Berg, one which is intense and emotional as ***
Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg last 2 films were amazing, let's see how this 3rd one is — watching Patriots Day
Patriots Day follows an account of the Boston Marathon bombing & the aftermath which includes the manhunt to find the terrorists responsible
10/10 would recommend the movie Patriots Day about the Boston Marathon bombing. An all around incredible movie
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Patriots Day is a stirring tale of ordinary heroism after the Boston Marathon bombing. So why is it so troubling?
I'm being pretty Boston right now — watching Patriots Day at AMC Burlington Cinema 10
- Patriots Day is fantastic! Just saw the 7pm. Crowd went from dead silence to thunderous applauds at end! Well Done!
Patriots Day was unbelievable. 10/10 recommend. Was already crying 5 minutes into the movie.
as a Bostonian thank u so much for Patriots Day have always been proud 2 b - even more since that horrible day ❤❤❤
Great job on another awesome movie "Patriots Day". It left everyone speechless and proud to be American.
Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg can't miss: Lone Survivor - great. Deepwater Horizon - outstanding. Patriots Day - no way it ***
Patriots Day was really good and really moving. Kudos to Pete Berg and Mark Wahlberg on a fitting retelling of the story.
Also I saw Patriots Day today and was perfect
If you want a powerful film with powerful performances watch & in Patriots Day. Such a moving…
Just saw Patriots Day! Will be seeing it again. Excellent! Best movie I've seen all year!
Thank you Mark Wahlberg for making Patriots Day what it needed to be - informative, touching, and a tribute to the human spirit.
Mel took us to see " Patriots Day" the other night and I just wanted to say congrats to Pete and Mark for making... ht…
Reviews - Movie review: Compelling 'Patriots Day' brings tragedy to life - Albany Democrat Herald
How much screentime does Khandi Alexander have in Patriots Day? Because that's the exact amount of time I'm gonna give that movie.
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Patriots Day looks like a bigger propaganda laced cash grab than American Sniper was.
'Patriots Day' star Jimmy O. Yang is on a mission to "to make the Asian accent sexy"
"As disgraceful an exploitation of real-life tragedy as I’ve ever seen." Sounds about right.
I have zero interest in seeing Patriot Day, I imagine if I did this would probably be my reaction too:
"Those heroes put themselves at risk to help strangers." Watch the new trailer for h…
I don’t think this dude has ever seen a movie based on real events before
Patriots Day turns the Boston Marathon bombing into a mostly gripping procedural
Oh my god this description of Mark Wahlberg *chef kiss* .
10 things to know watching Patriots Day Movie. Watertown shoot out 1st time & only time Officers were shot at and b…
An essential takedown of PATRIOT'S DAY by
I would watch that before I watch Patriots Day. One of the weirdest stories in American history.
lmao this Patriots day Mark Wahlberg movie is the reason cops shouldn't have guns.
Good day for Boston sports when the patriots, Bruins, and celtics all win
Things to know about the 'Patriots Day' movie: via
Yo, this review of is exactly what I feel.
How 'Tackled the Sensitivity of the Boston Marathon Bombings: Three years after the attack,…
Khandi Alexander in "Patriots Day" = maybe the best single scene performance since Beatrice Straight and Ned Beatty in "Network."
TUNE IN -- talks with 'Patriots Day' producer and star about the film:
"Patriots Day" reviewed by Is there an Oscar campaign for Khandi Alexander? Can I run it?
How 'Patriots Day' Tackled the Sensitivity of the Boston Marathon Bombings via
Tuesday is usually a day off for Patriots players, but with a Saturday game this week, players will be in for meetings this…
Mark Wahlberg: 'I want people to feel hopeful' after watching 'Patriots Day'
wow this A+ review of Mark Wahlberg and Patriot's Day.
This is quite the review of Patriot's Day:
.and Atticus Ross discuss their soundtracking work and escaping musical "depravity and desperation". https:/…
Your 2017 film predictions: Look for Hacksaw Ridge and Patriots Day to "surprise"…
Congrats to Mark and Pete on National Board of Review Spotlight award, and Patriots Day being in top 10 best movies of the…
Video: and talk their starring roles in the thrilling drama h…
Closing night at AFI FEST of Patriots Day w and surprise closing w real survivor and law en…
you guys are already in patriots day? Wow time goes by really fast
'Patriots Day' marks emotional close for AFI Fest via
don't forget to add the WSJ, both published 4 same day,looks like regional mind control,playing Lib cities v…
movie that were pushed for Oscars have had no embargos. Even Patriots Day is getting good Oscar buzz
The world premiere of PATRIOTS DAY, sponsored by VIZIO, will close out 2016 tonight. Learn more:
Survivors/family members tell why they wanted to participate in doc, "Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing." 11p…
On the same day Mike Lombardi told that the Patriots defense could use some Seahawks "swagger," Bill Belichick brushe…
enjoyed hosting as Principal for a Day! https…
director: "The reaction from the media was that [it] was too soon...I thought it wasn't soon enough"
Video: discusses his connection to the Boston Marathon bombing drama
🔵🔴 Out of uniform Day Monday 11/21. If we hit 92% attendance we will also have one on Tuesday 11/22. Let's…
enjoyed hosting as Principal for a Day!
Patriots Day review: Boston Marathon bombing movie is tense yet respectful | Film | The Guardian
We hit the AFI Fest red carpet premiere of Patriots Day presented by Audi and VIZIO. Go watch the film, it's incred…
Peter Berg talking after the world premiere of PATRIOTS DAY which played huge and is an…
Watch the haunting new trailer for 'Patriots Day'
Update your maps at Navteq
'Patriots Day' closes the 2016 AFI Fest in moving fashion - Los Angeles Times
As a unit that previously struggled, the O-Line is getting better:
Some real-life survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombings got a standing ovation at a movie screening. https:/…
\'Patriots Day\' marks emotional close for AFI Fest
Patriots Day at the Brandywine Battlefield, Route 1 Chadds Ford, Pa Saturday November 26, 2016 9 A. M. to 4 P. M. See the website more info.
Real life heroes of Boston Marathon bombing getting standing ovation at premiere of PATRIOTS DAY at AFI Fest.
Nobody has left the TCL Chinese Theatre as Berg and Wahlberg pay tribute to each of the real life survivors/heroes of PA…
PATRIOTS DAY = easily the best of the 3 Berg-Wahlberg collaborations, has a real shot at landing a best pic Oscar nom/be…
between Deepwater Horizon AND now PATRIOTS DAY Peter Berg is having a great year. Both films are excellent and powerful…
Huge standing O at end of AFI Fest closer PATRIOTS DAY as Berg & Wahlberg take stage with real survivors/heroes of Bosto…
Best ten minutes of Patriots Day are its last, an epilogue of sorts featuring interviews with real-life survivors and firs…
Go behind the scenes of PATRIOTS DAY to see how those who lived the events worked with cast & filmmakers to bring this…
I've been waiting for patriots day since it was announced, i'm so happy and excited to see it in like 2 months
"Patriots Day" review: Devastating details make this Boston Marathon bombing movie both harrowing and Oscar-worthy:
Saw Patriots Day this afternoon, and I'm still kind of reeling. Very, very powerful movie. Excited for people to see it.
Peter Berg's PATRIOTS DAY is not only one of the Best Films of the Year, but it's the movie America NEEDS right now. http…
Maybe the day will come when the MSM will be truthful. NOT! Enlist with us at Patriots only ht…
Good morning . If is for us who can be against us. I pray y'all having an awesome day!
The American Film Institute is closing its AFI Fest with CBS Films/Lionsgate’s “Patriots Day
Check out the trailer for the Boston bombing flick 'Patriots Day', starring Mark Wahlberg, John Goodman, Kevin...
We got a trailer for Patriots Day a movie about the Boston Marathon Bombing starring Mark Walhberg and John Goodman.
Mark Wahlberg stars in Peter Berg's account of the Boston Marathon bombing "Patriots Day"
Ever do Patriots Day in Lexington and Concord? I know you must have. Gave me chills being on Lexington Green. Cheers Nigel!
Man arrested for allegedly stealing from 'Patriots Day' set
Boy meets while actor was in Malden filming for "Patriots Day."
Meanwhile, I'm still hoping to be played by John "David Ortiz will play himself in movie Patriots Day"
David Ortiz will play himself and reenact his famous Boston Marathon Bombing speech for "Patriots Day" movie:
Today during filming Patriots Day the artist Prince played in between takes. Purple Rain. Peter Berg is awesome!!!
They are supposed to be shooting Patriots Day over at Emmanuel College overnight tonight
[News] Seekonk Lions Club's Patriots Day fishing tournament - Connor Sears, 9, of Seekonk, reels in his line du...
'Patriots Day' Films at Marathon: Actor Mark Wahlberg was flanked by film crews Monday morning at...
Mark Wahlberg at 2016 Boston Marathon filming 'Patriots Day: Mark Walhberg is at the 2016 Boston Marathon dres...
That's going to be really awkward when the Red Sox have a 90 minute long ceremony to honor his last Patriots Day.
Missing the Greater Boston area on this Patriots Day -- nothing quite like it.
Check out some of the Patriots Day activities in Arlington/ Lexington /Concord this weekend:
Patriots Day events continue today at Old Fort Niagara — visitors will be able to “enlist” as a Rebel or Loyalist...
I feel every scene of Patriots Day will make the hairs on my neck stand up. Just thinking back to three years ago gives…
With actor Michael Beach aka Deval Patrick on the set of our new film Patriots Day
Another casting announcement for the film "Patriots Day" was released. See who's playing former Gov. Deval Patrick.
Actor with local ties cast as Deval Patrick in 'Patriots Day'
'Sopranos' star cast to play former Boston Mayor Tom Menino in 'Patriots Day' movie...
Paul Revere rides on . . . in Ogunquit . . . no matter what Spring brings! Join us for the Patriots Day festival...
Check out the details on new 'Patriots Day.'
Filming begins for 'Patriots Day,' Wahlberg’s Boston Marathon movie
Michelle Monaghan added to cast of Boston Marathon bombing drama, 'Patriots Day'
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Is it just me, or is anyone else grossed out by Markie making this movie? . Committed to Getting 'Patriots Day' Right
Actor Vincent Curatola chosen to play Mayor Menino in 'Patriots Day'
.is cast to portray late Boston mayor Tom Menino in "Patriots Day", joining Mark Wahlberg and John Goodman.
Patriots Day falls on April 15th this year, and is a federal holiday, so the deadline is pushed to the 18th this year.
Flag Day is June 14th... Let's make this day, this year, a day in which the World takes notice of the American Flag.
Know your history jackasses before politicizing & running down patriots.Curse the day when India was made a fiefdom by this party.
To this day, there are only 2 Patriots losses I'm still upset over. That 06 AFC Championship, and SuperBowl 42.
BubbaBear going to bed. I'll watch Fox tomorrow. ❤️ my patriots. Tomorrow huge day. Every day matters. FAITH Bow wow
Im not sitting here acting like Dallas is the Patriots but their *** sure better then the Titans even on a bad day
It's been a day but I'm getting worried there's not much of a chance the Patriots CAN improve on LaFell and Chandler.
they wanted to blame it on right wing extremist so they could impose martial law and take our weapons Patriots'Day
Obama set that up with help from Valerie Jarrett it was Patriots' Day remember they wanted us to react.
Varsity baseball finishes with a win over WM to get the sweep. Good day for the patriots.
he changes his favorite team like every other day lol. First eagles then a patriots fan
Via the Patriots were "very active" at Minnesota's pro day, meeting with LB De'Vondre Campbell and edge rusher Theiren Cockran
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yeah he did. An injured beat up patriots that day and a team that still ended up in the playoffs👍🏾
New England Patriots very active at Minnesota pro-day..
that's all I'm saying. Give the man some love on this day, if no other. Patriots history can't be written without Manning.
Wow Patriots, we had a GREAT day today on R Ground Game, I (myself) converted over 27 voters for Mr.
Happy Patriots Day and good luck to all the scouts running the today!!
Today is the best day! Woke up to breakfast with Patrick, is officially staying with the & now planning a FL vaca!😍
Bill Belichick is here at Auburn Pro Day too!
Register today and Get a free day Trial
Mark Wahlberg, Peter Berg presented officer John Moynihan with the Hero's Award:
Super hero squat day was "BEAST" today. Videos and results will be posted soon. Proud of my Patriots.
A blessed day to all Patriots/brothers & sisters in Christ. Never stop reaching up to Him + http…
Bill Belichick sees number of prospects that would fill Patriots' needs at Auburn's pro day:
Feature Film "Patriots Day" Open Boston Casting, Inc. will hold an open…
Director Peter Berg, Comm. William Evans & talk Boston heroes & the Patriots Day movie next on
Could 'Patriots Day' be filmed at UMass Dartmouth? - The Boston Globe
Labor Day is a federal holiday, while Patriots Day (9/11) is the National Day of Service & Remembrance but not a federal holiday.
Join us as we commemorate Patriots Day. Patriotic tunes and great friends!. 7pm Foxtrot/East Coast Swing Group Class. 8pm Friday Dance Party
NJ Gov. Chris Christie declares Sept. 11, 2015 as 'Patriots Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance' in hi… https…
Patriots Day is a holiday in April in Mass and Maine. But thank you for the well wishes. Have a memorable day.
Patriots Day (September 11) is also the opening of our Veterans Memorial Museum, including a Parade of Heroes.
Farm Pride Day, MCC Career Closet, Little Patriots Savings Club, more in this week's Weekly Community Update
Great day of baseball for and the East Texas Patriots! 2-0 on the day and now a little beach time!
OMG phuck u Louie, that will be the day, never happen, patriots will hang more everywhere
*** marriage decision could come on significant date It's all a moot point now ...
The case for Patriots' Day vs. Independence Day: England did not own or possess the USA.
Love how scolds his dad about trying to get two days out of Father's Day here.
This is becoming boring, a different issue every day with this team, all of them made up or unimportant
Curtis my favorite Martin. My favorite running back of all time. Still to this day, im sad that he left the patriots.
Last day of 4-8th kids camp today. A great 2 weeks with the future
A sad day for all rednecks and un-americans, but a small Step for true patriots and the American people
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sure am, went last year and happily made it out alive. Haven't lived out here long, but "Patriots Day" is a pretty sweet holiday
You going to the B's game? Seems like the first time in forever it's not the morning of Patriots Day.
Awesome support from for this article featuring our movement. Thx, Jerry!!
tom Brady throwing full court 3 pointers all day
Everyday is a American flag day good morning everyone patriots tweeppl tweepeeps thank you.
- Danny Aiken. Outlet passes all day.
I would draft rob gronkowski he would be catching alleyoops a day
Jaime Collins all day, too athletic to pass on
excellent pod cast re the NFL is out to get the pats since day 1.
Virginia, Warriors, Patriots, Giants, Duke, UCONN women bball, and Ohio State football They have always been my favorite t…
Last Day of Gridiron Camp at SWest CC!! Great week for the Patriots getting better! 7v7 starts @ 11:00.
Patriots Day is about individuals coming together as a community and doing something great.
Don't forget is closed tomorrow for Patriots Day. How our lives would be different without the Battle of Lexington & Concord
Someone suggested Patriots Day w/ Boston area preoccupied with Marathon and Red Sox, or day Pats visit White House.
Casimir Pulaski Day is approaching and I miss getting the day off from school/work for it. . Patriots Day just doesn't compare.
Cameron Wake jokes that he'll line up and cover Rob Gronkowski man-to-man all day on Sunday:
Patriots players volunteered part of their day off yesterday for the 21st annual Children's Holiday party at...
Break the Internet Attempt of the Day: Gronk Poses Shirtless with Kittens: ESPN recently interviewed Patriots ...
On a typical game day, Patriots sell 186 gallons of clam chowder which seems really low to me
Tomorrow is pajama day at school so naturally I'm wearing my Patriots onesie.
How can you not love this guy? The 1 pro-athlete I would genuinely want to spend an entire day with lol
"No. 1 do your job. No. 2 put the team first", I'm a day late on Belichick's bday. Reminds me of his timeless advice htt…
We will be looking for someone to represent us at media day when the Patriots make the Super Bowl. Stay tuned as it gets closer
Patriots PR intern Travis Basciotta's most important duty of the day was ushering Felix The Mouse out…
Do any of our faithful followers live near Phoenix, Arizona and want to represent us for media day ONLY if the Patriots make the Super Bowl?
It's a great day to be a fan and come across on the feed.…
Sunday needs to come quick! Patriots game😍🏈 been waiting so long for the day to come!! 🏈
For the 2nd straight day, Joe Philbin says that the have to play their best game of the year this Sunday against the
1st day of physical therapy and I'm loving it! My therapist is a patriots fan ❤️💙
Great to meet and family at Fair play travelling all the way from Longford on a cold day .
As Patriots we pause to reflect on this Day of Infamy. We must be the next Greatest Generation! Join the
Good morning fellow we are given another day to choose our own path :Enlist
35 1/2 weeks preggo with CJ. The day we lost to the Patriots.. He should of been a…
If you're looking for a rainy day laugh, Gronk has your back
RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS on the Issues of the Day
Haven't been to our news blog at in a while? You're missing a lot -- like NEMA's and more!
Just had to rep real quick. Boston All day. love my my teams
American Patriots-It was George Bush who privately had Billionaire Saudi Family leave America-day after 2001 attack-That Anti-christian
Are you ready for the Patriots Day starting time on steroids in Chicago?
Random fact of the day: Pats' win in San Diego was the 2nd-highest rated SNF game ever in the Boston market
Take a few minutes of your day to look at Rob Gronkowski posing with cats…and posing AS a cat.
"I want my Patriots to come true! is giving away a $500 gift cert every day this holiday season.
Rise and Shine Patriots, it's the first official day of finals! Don't let those yawns keep you from acing those exams and make sure you get
Locals in the NFL: Edelman's big catch results in career day: On Sunday night, New England Patriots wide receiver…
Today is the last day of LeadercastNashua Patriots Ticket Raffle! Details:
Second biggest news story of the day is fact that can clinch division and a bye this weekend
Well this just made my day much much better:
Was talking more about a cast away defender parlaying flashes with the Patriots into a pay day elsewhere
It’s the LAST DAY to Shop & be entered to Win Patriots vs Dolphins Tickets!
Belichick gives a day off following Chargers win, locker room goes nuts
Lester found it annoying to have to play a day game every Patriots Day
Thank You America;-) Thank you Debbie friend;-) Thank You all Patriots and Friends;-) Be blessed this new day…
Cover32 - Grade Day: Who performed best in win
Cover32 - Grade Day: Who performed best in the New England win …
What a busy day! Orioles 2015 schedule released... A few highlights: they open on the road at TB on Apr. 6 and home opener Apr. 10 vs. TOR... For second straight year, they're playing the 11 a.m. Patriots Day game in Boston... Another tough roadie after the All-Star break: Tigers, Yankees, Rays... The three-team West Coast swing is Aug. 3-12... Three-team roadie in Sept.: Rays-Nats-Red Sox. They finish at home with TOR on 9-30...
IMPHAL, Aug 11: Bharatiya Janata Party, Manipur Pradesh will observe the Patriots Day on August 13 at 9am at BJP...
An annual tradition in Worcester, MA, the three day New England Metal and Hardcore Festival pours through in mid-April, typically before Patriots Day. The
Offshore spring fishing is gearing up for Captain Mike, Philly and the rest of the crew of the BROOKLYN VI. Captain Mike told me that the first offshore COD - *** - LING trip for 2014 will be on this upcoming Monday, with the boat now leaving out an earlier time. No doubt it was some season for big cod being caught on the BROOKLYN VI. Captain Steve of the SUPER HAWK had a productive EAST END wreck trip last weekend, with the most notable fish caught, a 30 -31 lb WHITE HAKE! Over the past few years, we have seen more wolfish being caught then "sow-class" White Hake. A true trophy groundfish to be caught off Long Island. Even with Patriots Day up in New England, figuratively speaking, the "shoe fell" for the for-hire and recreational fishermen in the Gulf of Maine when NMFS through a Greater Atlantic Region Bulletin, outlined the May 1st groundfish regulations for cod and haddock. I know there are many things that can be said here, but I continue to point to the dysfunctional New England Fishery Council ...
"WOW" is "MOM" upside down. She was a great mother, grand mother and great grand mother. A generously spirited human being. Because of women like Nuela Pell, I think we should add the word "Matriots" to Patriots Day I.e., today, Monday, April 21, 2014, renaming this holiday: "Matriots & Patriots Day", honoring for example both First Lady Abigail and Presidnt John Adams, both Senator Claiborne and Mrs. Nuela Pell.
If The Short Bus doesn't ride around on Patriots Day making people smile, the terrorists win.
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One Year Ago I posted this on my profile: "Patriots Day aka Marathon Monday is probably the best day of the year in Boston. Red Sox start at 11a.m., the marathon hits Boylston street around 1:45 and the beers start getting consumed around...well, use your imagination. The whole city has an energy and people just seem to know summer is just around the corner. Bummed not to be there..." One year later this day means a whole lot more than just a big party. I'm so thrilled to see how the city and frankly the world has responded and are running for people who may never run again...I'm very proud to call myself a Bostonian!
4/21/14: Members of the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps perform the national anthem at Fenway Park in honor of Patriots Day
Why Clay Buchholz, must you suck on Patriots Day..
Good times on the annual Patriots Day cruise on the Short Bus. Sox fans on Lansdowne St. loved it (twice)!!
In honor of Patriots Day - it's important to remember what this country means to the rest of the world.
I've gone well over six months without a television -- actually closer to seven than six -- and I haven't missed it all that much. However, today is one of the few days I wished I had one, so that I could watch the Boston Marathon coverage. Good luck to Craig Hummer, who is covering the event from the finish line, and my Harvard University / Harvard Extension friends, who are in Cambridge on this particular Patriots Day. Peace and love.
It may be Patriots Day, but on 4/21/1836, Mexican Gen. Antonio Lopez Santa Anna defeated at San Jacinto effectively giving Tx Independence
Wishing everyone a wonderful Patriots Day and Boston Marathon Monday! Good luck to all of our athletes today.
Today is Marathon Monday, Patriots Day... Though last Tuesday was the one year anniversary, I think back today as I watch the marathon on the worry we felt in Boston as our friends gathered at our home and watched in horror as the bombs went off. Half of our group was "Heading to the finish line to watch." And it was the last we'd heard from them. Phone lines overwhelmed it was a long 40 mins or so till we got word that they were ok. So today I think of the life long friends we made that day, and the lives lost, the injured & the families/friends who lost their loved ones.
Today is my first day as a Boston fan! Only on Patriots Day, but it's worth it for this New Yorker!
Good luck to all the Boston Marathon runners on this sunny Patriots Day, especially to Crystal Jean DelVecchio...
Happy Marathon Monday & Patriots Day!! Good luck to all Marathon Runners - our members, our friends, our family, our neighbors and the stranger running next to us - run run run & have fun & enjoy the race!!
MLB PLAYS: Tuesday 22/4/2014 Baltimore Orioles @ Boston Red Sox Play: Boston Win Odds: $1.64 Agency: Centrebet Stake: 3 Game Time: 12:35am SA time Analysis: Boston will look to continue some good form in this series and walk away with a 3-1 series win after taking 2 of 3 from the Orioles already. This game is their annual Patriots Day game, and this year it takes on even more meaning, as it’s been a year since the Boston Marathon Bombings. Expect them to give a little bit extra here, just like last night where they capped a 5-0 fight back, winning on a base hit, 2 down in the ninth inning. Clay Buchholz gets the start in this one and he has a fantastic record against Baltimore. He’s gone 4-1 at Fenway against them, giving up an ERA of 1.74 and winning four straight. Whilst on the other side, Wei-Yin Chen starts for Baltimore, and conversely, he’s struggled big time against Boston. He’s gone 0-2 and given up 40 hits in 20.1 innings, whilst allowing an ERA of 7.97. Everything about this matchup says ...
Game over, Red Sox win a wild one 6-5. It looked like it was going to be another game where the Sox offense was totally over-matched. But Jonny Gomes crushed a 3-run shot to make it a game and started a rally. David Ortiz hit an RBI single in the 7th inning. Mike Napoli followed up tying the game by reaching base on an error. And then Dustin Pedroia scored in the bottom of the 9th inning after thanks to David Lough's throwing error on Mike Carp's line out. Edward Mujica (1-1) got the win. Peavy: 5.2 IP, 10 H, 5 R, 4 BB, 5 K. Capuano in the 6th/7th/8th. Tazawa in the 8th. Miller in the 8th/9th. Mujica in the 9th. The Red Sox went on to win in the bottom half of the 9th. The win wasn't pretty, but a win is a win. The Red Sox will look to take 3-of-4 games of this series tomorrow morning on Patriots Day. Seems like it was just yesterday that the Boston Marathon Bombings occurred. Hard to believe it has already been a year. Clay Buchholz will be on the mound. First pitch is at 11:05 am. On NESN and WEEI radio ...
The Fort Drum-based 10th Mountain Division will host what will be the last Boston Marathon “shadow run” to be held at Bagram air base in Afghanistan. The 26.2-mile shadow runs are held by deployed U.S. military personnel on or around Patriots Day, when the Boston Marathon is run. This year’s Boston Marathon is Monday, but the Bagram race is being held Friday. Article:
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One of the craziest Red Sox wins in a long time. Down 5-0 late and end up winning 6-5 on a wild throw in the bottom of the ninth. Good prelude to a solemn and yet, festive day in Boston tomorrow. It's Patriots Day and the Boston Marathon.
Sox get a nice walk-off win night before Patriots Day and one year anniversary of Boston Marathon Bombings !
Patriots Day - 1975 The newly-formed Hingham Militia helped kick off the Bicentennial in the pre-dawn hours at the battles of Lexington and Concord, then left for Boston and the Patriots Day parade from Copley Square to the State House. They were led by Captain Tony Macmillan (on his wooden leg) - shown in a Boston Globe photo in front of the Boston Public Library. Brian McSweeney marched that day and followed Tony as Captain for many years.
Loving my three day weekend! Thank you New England for Patriots Day :)
If you're heading outside for Patriots Day, you're an Events INSIDER, and I love you. Try a historic re-enactment!
Time to take down the Sox flag.which went up on Opening Day, replacing the winter worn Old Glory with a new one.just in time for Patriots Day. Of course we're in central's not a holiday here.but born-in-Boston and raised in the Commonwealth it's special and tomorrow will be special in a lot of ways. And, Happy Easter to you all, as well. Saw somewhere that some of us are celebrating "Easter-over"!
Boston bound with Nick Darcangelo for Patriots Day and some Red Sox baseball! Happy Easter and see ya later Cortland!
Union: Florida Times-Union St. Simons Patriots Day observance only supposed to happen once, now hits ... Florida...
FYI, This Year, Patriots Day is ALSO Easter Monday because of The Lunar and Calendric Alignment! (Easter's Date is calculated based-on differing interpretations and calculations of Lunar Data from assorted sources dating back to Ye Olde Holy Land.)
Monday Night Afro-Haitian Drumming and Dance are happening on Patriots Day / Marathon Monday as regularly scheduled! Come celebrate life, culture and art with our beautiful community!
Since letters to the editor are eating up my column space in the Observer, I'm posting my latest offering here, in case anyone has time for some light reading . Oregon strong: State needs its own holiday Monday, friend Tom will be in Boston helping the Commonwealth of Massachusetts celebrate its very own holiday, Patriots Day, by running until he is a bundle of wet rags. Yes, Tom is running the marathon. It’s 26.2 miles of misery. Or if you’re our age, 56, insanity. This year’s misery is particularly poignant for Tom and 35,999 of his closest marathon-running friends, for it is the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing that killed three people and wounded more than 250 others. Since the bombing, Massachusetts has flexed its muscles of resilience. It has rallied around the slogan “Boston Strong.” All America has rallied in Boston’s defense, Oregon included, even our rare New York Yankees fans. And now Oregon needs to follow the Massachusetts miracle of actually having a state-sanc ...
FYI -- In recognition of Patriots Day and the activities on the Lexington Green, our morning classes will be cancelled on Monday, April 21. We will reopen starting with our 4:00 pm class!
The horrors of Patriots’ Day 2013 reminded all of us of the worst and the best that mankind has to offer.
In observance of Patriots Day our office will be closed Monday, April 21, 2014.
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