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Patriot Guard Riders

The Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) is a motorcycle club

American Legion Riders Civil War American Sniper Chris Kyle Snowball Express

The plane carrying Crowder’s remains has landed. Patriot Guard riders are lining up for the processional.
A special thank you to the Patriot Guard Riders for volunteering on short notice to provide Military F…
shout out to all patriots who honor our veterans and Old Glory! if you have some free time, consider…
This Saturday chapter 27-1 will be riding in the parade with the Patriot Guard Riders. Then following the parade...
Norman, come to South Carolina and ride with the Patriot Guard Riders and American Legion Riders!
Some are great people, like Patriot Guard Riders. Gaetz also called on a militia group to pr…
Patriot Guard Riders, Heather was not a veteran but I hope you agree she deserves the respect of a Nazi free funera…
Perhaps a group like Patriot Guard Riders (who have honored other American heroes could assist.
Hoping the Patriot Guard Riders are all over this.
Would the Patriot Guard Riders come out for this like they do soldier funerals?
If I could make it, I would be there. Contact the Patriot Guard Riders and ask them. Good luck!
Maybe try reaching out to the Patriot Guard Riders
Nazi coordinator "Weev" says they'll disrupt Heather Heyer's funeral. Patriot Guard Riders, what do you say? Want to stop that?
Is there an Antifa version of the Patriot Guard Riders?
Patriot Guard Riders at for appreciation night @ Frontier…
David Weeks, a member of the Patriot Guard Riders, played Taps at the site where 16 died in a military plane crash
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Volcanoes are proud to announce the imcomparable, prestigious Patriot Guard Riders will be at Volcanoes Stadium on July 4th.
Portland chapter of the Patriot Guard Riders help welcome home Soldiers of 234 Engineer Co., at PDX
Joining Governor Baker and Lt. Governor Polito in thanking the Patriot Guard Riders for their support to the Odiorne Gold…
duty calls and while i am at a plug for the Patriot Guard Riders.let us give our veterans every honor available…
and the Maneuver Center of Excellence would like to thank the Patriot Guard Riders for the escort of...
Lt. Gen. Hal Moore's body is escorted by Patriot Guard Riders to Fort Benning.
Escorted it as part of the Patriot Guard Riders in Parkersburg, very humbling experience
Thank you to all of the Patriot Guard Riders who stood the line for Parker 🇺🇸❤
shout out2all patriots! if u honor our veterans & Old Glory, look into the Patriot Guard Riders. we honor The Fallen
Shout out 2 Patriot Guard Riders & Christian Motorcycle Association for escorting my good friend Dale Eagle to final r…
Thanks to the Patriot Guard Riders for riding in our Veterans Day program!
Patriot Guard Riders rev up the students at Prine Elementary:
That's sad the North Texas Patriot Guard Riders ride for all Vets that don't have family here in North Texas.
Patriot Guard Riders await conclusion of Sergeant Sandron funeral.
Patriot Guard riders await family at to show "they are not alone."
Patriot Guard Riders captain speaks at luncheon.
Wounded veterans welcomed to Huntsville for Heroes Week: Hundreds of students, Patriot Guard Riders and volunteers…
In case you all need a reminder of how solid a man my dad is, he held flags w the Patriot Guard Riders at both fune…
Rode with the Patriot Guard Riders in a parade. Thank you veterans.
Mr. Reed Hickam, Patriot Guard Riders, speaks at today's memorial hwy sign dedication for fallen veterans Farnen/Co…
Patriot Guard riders have arrived for today's ceremony honoring two CT Veterans at the State Veterans Cemetery in...
Patriot Guard Riders w/family of Cpl. Roy Fink as remains finally return home from North Korea.Fink died in 1950 at…
Friday morning, Patriot Guard Riders of NC escorted the body of Senior Airman Ryan Morgan from Goldsboro to...
thank Patriot Guard Riders for honoring our heroes today!!!
wish i could be there to honor this young man but i know Patriot Guard Riders met him at the gates
This is awesome. Patriot Guard Riders rock - thank you for helping send SA Morgan on his voyage home.
.on Patriot Guard Riders parade for our heroes
LIVE on Patriot Guard Riders parade for our heroes
Check out tomorrow we will be broadcasting the Patriot Guard Riders parade. 9am
Patriot Guard offers SDPD heartfelt support: The Patriot Guard Riders lined the street with flags in the hand...
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The Patriot Guard Riders stand to receive the procession for Officer Jonathan De Guzman.
thanks Kent Tryon an Patriot Guard Riders of NY honoring our heroes
Patriot Guard Riders accompanying the body of Ryan Morgan, the airman killed in Goldsboro. This is on I-540. The...
Patriot Guard Riders at the entrance of the Glen Abbey Memorial Park waiting for the procession to arrive.
Patriot Guard Riders escorted Union soldier Jewett Williams through a leg of his trip to Togus National Cemetery
American Legion Riders & Patriot Guard Riders are helping to escort the remains of a Civil War vet to Maine.
PGR , stands for Patriot Guard Riders. I am honored to be a member. If you are interested in learning more or...
Ty to MA Patriot Guard Riders for supporting our Vietnam Vets for the Ludlow's Vietnam Vets Appreciation Parade.
Patriot Guard Riders of Montana gathered here for one of the longest funeral processions they have ever been a...
RIP Vet Jewett Williams. TY Patriot Guard Riders for bringing him home.
Patriot Guard Riders bring home ashes of Maine Civil War vet who died in Ore. asylum in '22
Spoke with Robert Stancil, Deputy captain of ATX area Patriot Guard Riders. Said he was honored family invited group here
Patriot Guard Riders escort Civil War veteran home via
In the news: Civil War Veteran on his way home as Patriot Guard Riders begin trip to Maine
Civil War veteran's remains are headed home to Maine thanks to the Patriot Guard Riders (via
Well done and well worth the listen.
Civil War vet's ashes are on motorcycle ride across America: Members of the Patriot Guard Riders, a group that at...
We had two Indians riding with Patriot Guard Riders last weekend, escorting kids to summer camp. Lovely bikes!
Patriot Guard Riders salute remains of Pvt. Jewett Williams at State Hospital. Will take him home to
Patriot Guard Riders are headed to Maine to return the ashes of a fallen Civil War soldier
Cool! Patriot Guard Riders escort cremains of Civil War vet from OR St Hospital to home state of Maine!
Local Patriot Guard Riders gather for transfer of Civil War veteran's cremains at Oregon State Hospital.
Patriot Guard Riders showing up in force for the honorable escorts of Pvt. Jewett Williams.
Williams’ remains will wind their way across the country courtesy of the Patriot Guard Riders, a national...
Civil War veteran's cremains are headed home: Members of the Patriot Guard Riders, a nonprofit organization that ...
Another way the Commonwealth honors veterans. Thank you Patriot Guard Riders and Massachusetts National Cemetery.
Patriot Guard Riders escort kids to summer camp:.
If you missed yesterday's paper you missed this piece about the Patriot Guard Riders:
State troopers, Patriot Guard Riders escort Fort Hood soldier to local funeral home
Patriot Guard Riders escorting Pvt. Gates and family to the Sandhills. Funeral will be held Sunday in Fayetteville
Please join Honor Flight Bluegrass and the Patriot Guard Riders tonight at Louisville International Airport - SDF...
The Westboro Baptist Church should burn in *** if you don't know who they are you should google them, thank you Patriot Guard Riders
What do we DO about it? Next rally have some Patriot Guard Riders and Bikers For Trump show up that's what.
Maybe we need a contingent of Patriot Guard Riders and some Bikers For Trump to start showing up at Trump rallies.
time to call up the Patriot Guard Riders and National Guard to take care of these illegals and anarchists.
Thank you to the Patriot Guard Riders, Combat Veterans Motorcycle Assoc, & American Legion Riders for being here
Patriot Guard Riders, the American Legion, will escort Vietnam Veteran Memorial wall on route 146.
Patriot Guard Riders escort this year's wounded warrior participants for the 10th Annual Project Healing Waters...
Members of the Patriot Guard Riders line up as they wait for the arrival of Carlos Puente-Morales.
A very sad day for the Patriot Guard Riders who lost one of their own out in St Louis a few days ago. These...
03-31-2016 - "Patriot Guard Riders...imagine no one"
Got home from joining Patriot Guard Riders at Bourne National Cemetery for the remains of 36 unclaimed Veterans.
Patriot Guard Riders arrive in Kearny for groundbreaking of the new Veterans Home location. Stay with KRGI for more
TAPS sends our deepest condolences to friends and family of one of the Patriot Guard Riders who struck and killed...
We lost a member in Patriot Guard Riders died Monday to go funeral services at jefferson barracks national cemetery.
I respect the Patriot Guard Riders. They honor fallen heroes on a daily basis.
Crowd welcoming the Patriot Guard Riders commemorating 50th anniversary of Vietnam War
Dozens of Patriot Guard Riders praying near flag ahead of funeral at 11am
Senseless tragedy. I have friends who are Patriot Guard Riders. . Patriot Guard Rider killed in crash via
Post 6 American Legion Riders and Patriot Guard Riders were proud to present $1765.00 for the Veterans Christmas...
Look at this smiling group of awesome people. Yup, the Patriot Guard Riders were some of the first volunteers...
We ride with the Patriot Guard Riders. Good cause and always a good ride.
Members of the Patriot Guard Riders stage on Columbia Pike prior to truck load in.
Former Iraq War POW Jessica Lynch arrives in greeted by Patriot Guard Riders
Jessica Lynch arrives in SWFL, greeted by Patriot Guard Riders -
Wreaths Across America w and the Patriot Guard Riders today. "Freedom is not free"
Texas Patriot Guard to riders: out of respect, no open carry will be permitted on any mission.
Check out the latest news, insights, and opportunities from Patriot Guard Riders.
***Patriot Guard Riders of West Texas***. The PGR flag line has been requested by Vietnam Navy Veteran Ellis D.
A Big Thanks to the Patriot Guard Riders for supporting Wreaths Across America
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Pearl Harbor Ceremony at Battleship Texas memorial in Houston with Patriot Guard Riders.
I am honored to have joined a great organization like The Patriot guard riders. I look forward to serving our veterans.
CO Patriot Guard Riders are here to respect but also to create a barrier against possible protests
Patriot guard riders deliver flag flown in soldiers honor
Patriot Guard Riders is a national organization as is American Legion Riders. You can get info by Googling both.
17 members of the Patriot Guard Riders are outside of First Congregational Church in Reading for Vars burial service
happy to help. Been honored to help lay to rest 3 recovered MIA doing work with Patriot Guard Riders.
This is what I do on my "Day Off" the Patriot Guard Riders have branches in most states. Always looking for more...
was honored to receive this plaque from the Patriot Guard Riders of NY this morning!
From Warrior Beach Retreat, Inc: Soldiers’ Angels and the Patriot Guard Riders need your help welcoming the...
Local man selected to lead state Patriot Guard Riders: . A Rineyville man has been named the leader of a state...
Patriot Guard Riders at memorial service Multnomah County deputy sheriff who died in a cycle crash.
Members of the Patriot Guard Riders here to honor Eric Gustafson at the late sheriff's service.
Patriot Guard Riders of Oklahoma honor fallen heroes during a flag retirement ceremony at the Vietnam War Memorial...
Reds Roadhouse welcomes the Patriot Guard Riders! Thank you for what you do!
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Patriot Guard Riders lead funeral procession from St. Joseph's Church in N. Brookfield following Mass for *** McEvoy
My daddy joined the Patriot Guard Riders on Tuesday and he did his first mission yesterday. So that's pretty cool.
Lafayette first responders and members of the Patriot Guard Riders gathered in Parc Sans Souci near…
Patriot Guard Riders lined up for the funeral of ADC Kevin Williams at NAS Jax
Patriot Guard Riders gave the Chorale a standing ovation. Wild to see bikers from 18 to 80 standing and applauding.
Some of the Patriot Guard Riders are here tonight. I really admire that group who stands for those who can no longer speak.
never mess with bikers.just remember what . Patriot Riders & Patriot Guard Riders are all about.…
The group Patriot Guard Riders began in 2006 when a few American Legion Riders in Kansas coalesced in response to...
Reno Event Center is already packed, & Patriot Guard Riders wait for the start of Deputy Howell's funeral
Photoset: I am proud and very honored to announce that my series The Patriot Guard Riders has been selected...
Honored to serve a U.S. Army veteran as the Patriot Guard Riders stand watch over their fallen brethren.
They're starting to roll out. Patriot Guard Riders have started their engines & is about to leave too.
Patriot Guard Riders of New York State & the three WWII veterans are gearing up to leave for their trip!
Janet Payne Here is the post from the Patriot Guard Riders.
Thanks to the Patriot Guard Riders and ALL volunteers who have given their talents to pay respects to
Thank you sir for making the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Our prayers are with your family.
FORT SMITH (KFSM) – The Oklahoma Patriot Guard Riders traveled across the state before arriving at the Arkansas...
Patriot Guard Riders transfer remains of Staff Sgt Jonathan Turner. Riders will now escort remains GA
Patriot Guard Riders Prevent Remains of Seven Tours Marine from Being Shipped in a FedEx Box to Mother in Georgia
Despite the brutal heat , these wonderful patriot Guard riders, many which are my friends , took the the roads...
AR Patriot Guard Riders preparing for the transfer and escort.
On my way to Morrilton for The Pony Express of Iron Horses: Patriot Guard riders are transferring the body of a Marine to GA.
a bunch of inlaws are Patriot Guard Riders back in rural IL, maybe theyll breeze thru
Patriot Guard to ride for fallen Marine - The Patriot Guard Riders will gather today to escort...
Contact the local Patriot Guard Riders, Inc. to see if they will attend.
Patriot Guard Riders and Waterloo American Legion Rider visit with patients at the Cdga VA this AM.
I had the honor this morning to be a part of the Patriot Guard Riders when we escorted Christian Brown to the...
From Soldier Dogs: A final ride for retired Marine dog Canvas was flanked by hundreds of Patriot Guard Riders and...
BIG SHOUT FOR Patriot Guard Riders who protect our grieving military families from *** like WBC!!! THANK YOU 4 UR SERVICE 2!
The 4th of July reminds us of PATRIOTS, and that makes us think of our wonderful Patriot Guard Riders. Hit LIKE...
to 2014 when the Patriot Guard Riders came to CDS Monarch!
. Time for Rolling Thunder & Patriot Guard Riders to re establish respect for our Flag & Country.
Patriot Guard Riders, Inc. plan honors for in Steuben County | in
Had the honor of joining the Patriot Guard Riders this past weekend
Patriot Guard Riders: Join us for 'Honoring Veterans' day in the park, charity ... - St… - -
Oh no, Patriot Guard Riders and Christian Motorcyclists association. I do know many vets though, in our chapters. Love them!
Honoring 2 HEROES today, the best way I can... Patriot Guard Riders are truly amazing..
The family of Lynn Earl Carter has requested the assistance of the Patriot Guard Riders in Honoring and showing...
Hope to see ya with the Patriot Guard Riders at your next event *** hats)
We honor our Gold Stars Families tonight along with our Patriot Guard Riders!
Ive asked the Patriot Guard Riders to help the church.
Patriot Guard Riders invite public to welcome home an American hero
CALLING ALL HANDS!!! Patriot Guard Riders are taking part in the escort of veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam...
Patriot Guard Riders escort body of fallen has full report on at 10.
Photo: CPL Makea Barton with the Patriot Guard Riders & American Legion Riders. She’s moving from DC to...
Photo: Patriot Guard Riders & American Legion Riders are ready to escort CPL Barton to her mortgage-free...
Anyone know where they're from? Call out the Patriot Guard or the Legion Riders.
Mark your calendars for the 9th Annual Freedom Run, benefiting the Central Texas Patriot Guard Riders! Let us...
Patriot Guard Riders mission is dignity & respect at memorial services honoring fallen heroes
The family of Leonard William Howard, age 67 of Calhoun, GA has requested the Patriot Guard Riders to stand for...
There's patriot guard riders at the end of American Sniper and it warms my heart
Amanda Fisher and I with the patriot guard riders.
Just had the best lunch with the patriot guard riders of Utah! Sooo nice and funny! I'm so glad I got to do that...
Seeing the Patriot Guard Riders today warmed my heart. What you do for veteran families is beyond thanks.
my IN Patriot Guard Riders bros & sis will be there to honor the WWII vets with their flag line.
Pics: Texans, Patriot Guard Riders line up for Chris Kyle procession
Attending a weekend service for Steve Silver, Air Force vet & close friend with the Patriot Guard Riders.
Patriot Guard Riders are 100% VOLUNTEER - Dignity & respect only requirement to join http:…
Patriot Guard Riders, don't need 2b Veteran or ride motorcycle to join
Veteran William Jasper 44-45 laid to rest today @ Calverton Natl - No one in attendance - Patriot Guard Riders will be there
SALUTE! Patriot Guard Riders NY Reg9 No matter the weather, standing today for William Jasper 1944-45 NOIA
God Bless the Patriot Guard! I've "stood" myself a few missions. Such honor, pride and humility it brings.
2nd-185th Army National Guard unit gets a proper send off from the Patriot Guard Riders
Riders stand, ride in honor of fallen veteran: The North Carolina Patriot Guard, motorcycle riders who pay tribute…
Remember, we still need Patriot Guard Riders to stand for those that cannot stand anymore. It is a true honor.
yes. My uncle and cousins are Patriot Guard Riders. True Patriots.
The Family of Joshua Snapp has requested the Patriot Guard Riders to take part in the services of their loved...
A special thanks go out to the Patriot Guard Riders that attended the funeral services this morning for my uncle...
Do you know a member of the Patriot Guard Riders that recently joined? Make sure they are aware of the new...
Patriot Guard Riders at the interment of Chris Kyle. . (Photo by me.)
Saw "American Sniper" & proud to see Patriot Guard Riders in footage of tribute ride for Chris Kyle. http…
A video that speaks for America? 's The Last Defense. TY2 Patriot Guard Riders for "being there" for us.
The family of Robert "Bobby" Nelson has invited the Patriot Guard Riders to participate in A Celebration of Life...
Several of us road in the cold & rain from Mississippi to Dallas to stand the line with the Patriot Guard Riders...
Patriot Guard Riders on deck. An incredible honor.
Patriot Guard Riders line the red carpet Bradley Cooper & Taya Kyle will walk for premiere of American Sniper.
At yesterday's service; as eight of us, including two Nor Cal PGR members from Susanville, CA, formed the flag line at the church entrance, we were commenting on the bright, clear, blue sky, 'brisk' temperature (9F) and the fact that this was the first mission any of us recalled when all members were driving autos. Then we heard it; in disbelief we watched as Tom Rader (sans heated gear) pulled into the parking lot, arriving from Minden, NV, about an hour south of Reno. Following the service, as Tom was the only rider, he lead the coach, family, friends and PGR to the Northern Nevada Veterans' Memorial Cemetery, Fernley, NV. The funeral procession's arrival at the cemetery was met by four other Northern Nevada Patriot Guard members standing the flag line at the entrance. Military honors were presented by the US Navy Honor Guard. The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to participate in the funeral, escort and interment service for fallen WWII US Navy Veteran Joseph Gallagher. Storekeeper 3rd class (E4) ...
I am grateful to have the honor to continue to stand for those that cannot... Patriot Guard Riders.
I pray the police call the Patriot Guard Riders, we can make a huge difference. Not many people mess with bikers. PATRIOTS!
Last June local Patriot Guard Riders with the help of area law enforcement agencies escorted a Marine home over...
Such great work done by the Patriot Guard Riders year round-- THANK YOU for your dedication to those who have served!
Requesting prayers for Tom "Casper" Young, Viet Nam Veteran, USN, member of the Patriot Guard Riders and The American Legion
Patriot Guard Riders said they came out to recognize all first responders who lost their lives in the line of duty.
All the more reason why the word needs to go out to . DeBlasio and WH etc. STAY AWAY. Too bad no Patriot Guard Riders
Home for the holidays: Friends, family and Patriot Guard Riders welcome back members of U.S. Armed Forces
The family of Mr. James Harold Mixon Sr. USN WWII Veteran have requested the presence of the Patriot Guard Riders...
Need to call out the Patriot Guard Riders. Let's see of those protest morons are louder than motorcycles.
The Patriot Guard Riders welcoming home Sergeant Jeffrey Tolentino for the Holidays. He has not seen his family in…
too bad there is no police version of Patriot Guard Riders..
Where are the Patriot Guard Riders (bikers) when you need them?
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Great to hear :) They are awesome ppl the Patriot Guard Riders :) Respect. Dunno... havent heard them cricket that yet
too bad Patriot Guard Riders are not . there to keep trash away from Off Liu/Ramos funerals
sad there is not a law enforcement version of Patriot Guard keep riff raff away from police funerals.
The Patriot Guard Riders brought the flags, said Brandon Curran, who organized the event.
Call the Patriot Guard Riders in their area, we will show up if needed!
The Connecticut Patriot Guard Riders website has now been completely updated. It is loaded and very informative.
The Patriot Guard Riders donating to serve the children of Snowball Express! The North Texas Patriot Guard Riders...
Just wanna give a HUGE shout out to the Patriot Guard Riders that came to my grandfather funeral today!!!
Patriot Guard Riders, we stand for those that cannot stand anymore. With respect and honor.
Patriot Guard Riders sporting some festive tutu's
Big shout out to the Patriot Guard Riders. What an amazing group who does so much for our fallen military families.
Patriot Guard Riders can intervene, keep his racist cop hating butt away.All Cops have to do is ask us!
Wreaths Across America came through Rhode Island Tuesday during that all day torential rain, sleet, and slippery roads. That didn't stop several of my brother and sister Patriot Guard Riders from the escort. Thank you to all who make this special, annual tribute to our heros at Arlington National Cemetery.
it was on our corporate site. There's also a motorcycle thing at 7am called Patriot Guard Riders
Patriot Guard Riders are ready to escort 7 yr old University Lab School student to airport to catch
Patriot Guard Riders pray before Snowball Express riders arrive
Here is two recent notices I got from the PGRA (Patriot Guard Riders of America). Patriots,. We have been asked to...
Please jpin in Remembering and Cating for the Families Thomas Nelson Cordry, Jr., 71, Navy, Vietnam, Portland, OR, 6/Dec/14 Ladies and Gentlemen of the Patriot Guard Riders, we have been requested to stand for US Navy Veteran, Seaman Thomas Nelson Cordry, Jr., 71. Tom entered the Navy in January 1964 and served on the aircraft carrier, USS Kearsarge. They were stationed in the Gulf of Tonkin where they ran missions in the Vietnam War. Tom earned a Good Conduct Medal and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal (Vietnam). Please join us as we help support his family, pay our respects, and honor his service to our nation. SgStaff t. Matthew R. Ammerman, 29, of Noblesville, Indiana, died Dec. 3, in Zabul Province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered from small arms fire while conducting a clearing operation. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion, 7th Special Forces Group, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Capt. William H. Dubois, 30, of New Castle, Colorado, died Dec. 1 when his F-16 aircraft crashed near a coalition ...
At CASA, we're thankful for the Patriot Guard Riders of NC who showed their support at our recent open house for The Denson Apartments for Veterans in Durham. Riders traveled from all over the state to participate and show respect for the event for veterans by standing in a flag line for the duration of the open house. You set the somber, patriotic mood for the entire event. Thank you for your service!
Remember our Veterans, today, tomorrow, ALWAYS Song, Patriot Guard Riders, A Tribute via
Patriot Guard Riders conduct Operation Handshake at Bishop Airport: Active members of the military and veteran...
Let me know. Be glad to help. I'm sure I have some fellow Patriot Guard Riders and biker friends who would love to help
Hospital staff took the place of family, and patriot guard riders took the places of siblings at the funeral.
These patriot guard riders are here to honor for his service in U.S Military.
Saluting the Patriot Guard Riders who escort our fallen to their final resting place: Rain, snow or...
today we (Patriot Guard Riders) stood for a Gulf War vet, lost to PTSD. One of the 22 per day, they need our help
Another mission today with the Patriot Guard Riders. I stood with them in a flag line at the funeral for a Vietnam veteran.
There are 30 cop cars, 4 camera crews, and the Patriot Guard Riders at the Midland airport right now awaiting a flight of returning troops
JMRR donate to Patriot Guard Riders and Guitars for Vets during November SOIMF
Patriot Guard Riders, A Tribute by Alias, Smith & Owens, GCGMA Video of the Year
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Patriot Guard Riders, Please indulge me for a moment as I remember a friend, James Dow (J.D.) Walsh, Colonel (Ret), South Carolina Army National Guard. JD Walsh was.I believe the proper term would be.he was a character. He loved life. JD loved his family, his country, his dogs and his green pickup "with loud azzz mufflers". He thoroughly enjoyed making people laugh, sometimes at his own expense. JD enjoyed the love of his wife, Betty Ann, and family as well as the respect of the Laurens County community. He was one of those men who seemed a bit larger than life. It will take some time to fully realize that JD is gone. I last saw JD Walsh in this life on last Thursday evening. He was tired and in hospice. He had entered that last stage of sickness. I believe he knew we were there. And I believe he knew that Betty Ann was holding hands with him. There was strong love between these two. Friday morning will be chilly but if you are available I humbly request that you join me in Laurens. JD was spec ...
I'm glad you were able to help escort Shaun. I've done escorts w/Patriot Guard Riders for soldiers KIA. Such great support.
Wow...I didn't know that the Patriot Guard Riders had a thread about Bigshotswag Brooks. They did an awesome job...
Patriot Guard Riders pay tribute to former member, the late Gerry Miller of Lake City.
Patriot Guard riders from New York State, pay their respects to Cirillo. Patriot Guard is in every state.
Solidarity. It's why we're here. Members of NY patriot guard riders turn up for Funeral
A little background on the humanitarian recipient:. PATRIOT GUARD RIDERS. The Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) is an...
The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited to assist in the Veterans Celebration at the Golden Living Centers in...
World War II vet celebrates 100th birthday: The Patriot Guard Riders presented Harold Garrett with more than 300…
I bet you would too. Thank you for all you do Sir. These are from the Patriot Guard Riders missions.
Patriot Guard Riders and law enforcement start their journey to Hobbs, NM where Sgt. Naylor will be buried.
In August, the Air Force Sergeant's Association named the Patriot Guard Riders as the recipient of the 2013 Americanism Award at their national convention held in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida State Captain John Gibbes Vincent received the award on behalf of all Patriot Guard Riders. As the award was presented, the attached video was played to describe the PGR.
Special thanks to all who attended My Son Nathan Wilcoxs' Homecoming! Most of my family were present along wit a contingent of Patriot Guard Riders who escorted Nathan home from the airport and stood a flagline at the house for His arrival! I can't thank you all enough! It It was nice to see some who I haven't seen in a while and some of the very good friends I have here in NH! Thanks Again, and Welcome Home Nate! He was Completely Surprised!!! If any of you have pics of our arrival or the after party please share them with me so I may post some of them!
Last night, while behind bars, I realized how much of a good spot I'm in in life. I belong to 2 organizations that no matter how long between visits, you are treated like an old friend. Both are Military related, although I never served. The Patriot Guard Riders and the Destroyer Escort Sailors Association. Love my Brothers and Sisters from both.
Yes we are! Even Patriot Guard Riders are helping.
cleanup crew today. Support from Patriot Guard Riders.
The Patriot Guard Riders at the entrance to the high school. Please take a few minutes out of your day and show...
We are on our way! Our 34 Central Texas WWII Veterans will be escorted by the Patriot Guard riders
Patriot Guard Riders, local police, sheriffs, families and the community gather today to salute fallen soldier Byus.
The family of Mr. John Lidell Thacker have requested the Patriot Guard Riders to stand in silent honor for their...
Thanks to the Patriot Guard Riders, Inc. for honoring our fallen service members.
Ky Patriot Guard riders lining up to honor Captain Tony Grider, funeral scheduled to begin appx. 30 min.
Utah Fallen Heroes Family Day. The City of Saratoga Springs City Council, the Patriot Guard Riders of Utah and...
Honored to have the Patriot Guard Riders & Mo State Rep Charlie Davis participate in the MSSU…
Patriot Guard Riders of central Texas have been nominated for the Operation: A Taste of Home Humanitarian Award...
Great album, listen to the Patriot Guard Riders song anytime!
I had a totally different experience when my husband came home. But the Patriot Guard Riders @ his funeral were AMAZING!
Please submit this to National for posting:. . Send Statewide to WV/PA/MD. . The Patriot Guard Riders have been...
Thank you Post 106 American Legion Riders, Christian Riders and Patriot Guard for participating in Foxborough...
Always Loud and Proud for this Country. I am a member of Patriot Guard Riders. PGR Riders Crazy & Proud to be part of USA.   10% Off
Patriot Guard Riders give thanks to war veterans: Men and women who gave their lives for our freedom have...
Memorial - Vietnam Traveling Wall Escort / Asburn, GA, 03 SEP 14 . The Patriot Guard Riders have been asked by...
CHEYNNE: Wreathes Across America Fundraiser at Cheyenne Texas Roadhouse hosted by the Patriot Guard Riders . On...
I'm so proud of the fact that our men are Patriot Guard riders. I watched a video of a funeral Papaw did & cried my eyes out.
The family of James T. Marshall has requested the Patriot Guard Riders to Honor him with a flag line at his final...
hardest biker gang around - Patriot Guard Riders , i wonder if i could ride my bicycle with them
American Legion, Patriot Guard and Veterans of Foreign Wars riders will escort the Vietnam Traveling Wall to the...
Westboro Baptist neutralized by the Patriot Guard Riders: via
UPDATE - WELCOME HOME MISSION- 1107th Aviation Support Group, Springfield, MO Sun. 17 Aug, 10:am We have just learned that the WELCOME HOME CEREMONY for the 1107th Aviation Support Group will be this Sunday, 17 Aug. at 10:00am The exact times have not yet been set, but tentatively we are planning on staging and briefing at HOOD'S TRUCK STOP, 1651 State Hwy K, Bois D' Arc ( I-44 mile, Exit 61, about 20 miles west of Springfield) at 7:00am Sunday 17 Aug.. We will have communication with a couple of the troops on one of the busses who will provide us with updates. The unit will be departing for Springfield late this evening and the CO cannot state if they will be stopping for meals and breaks or if the bus drivers will drive straight through to Springfield. His best guess is arriving Springfield around 0800 Sunday morning so we will have to go with his guess at this time. It is our intention to wait on the Exit 61 E. on ramp and when the buses pass, catch up and surround them with our bikes and flags an ...
I would like to thank the Welcome Legion, The Korean War Vet and the MN Patriot Guard riders who were at Dad's funeral for Honoring him with their presence. It was awesome of all of you. Thank you
James Deese, Chief Petty Office (Ret) served in the United States Navy for more than 20 years. For a good portion of that time he served alongside Navy SEALs. Chief Deese died at the age of 55. His family would like his years of service honored by the presence of Patriot Guard Riders. WEDNESDAY 20 AUGUST STAGING TIME: 1300 ( 1:00 PM ) STAGING LOCATION: FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH 1600 HOLLY SPRINGS ROAD ( HWY 358 ) LYMAN SC 29365 MISSION DURATION: APROX 2 HOURS We have been asked to escort the family from their home to the church . I would like some bikes with big flags for this escort. Fair Winds And Following Seas Chief.You will be accompanied by Patriots on this final voyage.
- Williams Family, please look up Patriot Guard Riders & ask for flag line. We can keep WB Church out.
What an honor to have the Patriot Guard Riders as an escort for this year's Gold Star Family retreat…
Awesome to see the Patriot Guard Riders escorting The Gold Star Families to
What a sight! It was a thrill to see The Vietnam Moving Wall escorted by The Patriot Guard Riders this morning.
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Just sent Anonymous a request to help ... faith they will. If not Patriot Guard Riders should be at his funeral for his USO
Now available for purchase by the general PGR membership 2014 Informational tri-folds available in bundles of 25,...
Freedom Rock - Unbelievable painting !: Coming back from our trip last week to Niagara Falls, we stopped and s...
This has been a bad summer for collisions! These guys are careful riders, this was just a fluke.
Jason rode with a Parade Roland Garza to Ruth Ruth Cormier Hello Little Sister, Happy 4th! Just wanted to let you know that ya'll are in our thoughts and prayers. I also, wanted to let you know that Jason rode with us in the parade today. Folks that were spectators came up to me and asked about him and we were able to pray for him. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you or the family. In HIs Service, Chappi Chaplain Patriot Guard Riders / Warrior Watch Riders of Northern California
Alright guys here's the skinny on the ride for the 9th of july(wed) we need to be at the old vet center at 0930. the patriot guard riders and police escorts will be leaving at 1015. now heres the thing i dont know if we will be able to slide in with them and geta police car for us or not, but im gonna try to make it happen. but even if not oh well. we will be riding from the old vet center to the grand opening of the new vet center. spearks and such at 1100 should be about 5 miles or so so we should make it on time . look forward to seeing you all there. oh and btw R2R gear and as much red white and blue as possible !! Thanks Dylan
A pic of me riding in the 4th of July parade with the Patriot Guard Riders up in Virginia City Nevada yesterday.
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