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Patriot Games

Patriot Games (1987) is a novel by Tom Clancy.

Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Red October Harrison Ford Present Danger Alec Baldwin Chris Pine Red Storm Rising Ben Affleck Anne Archer Cold War Rainbow Six Sean Bean Splinter Cell Ghost Recon Ned Stark Han Solo Sean Connery Fatal Attraction

if Elliott wins appeal I sense Patriot Nation going nuts if suspension brought down to 4 games or less.
People were talking about maybe one game for Ezekiel Elliott. Six games comprehensively changes everything for the Cowb…
If Ezekiel Elliott's suspension holds, he would miss games against Giants, Broncos, Cardinals, Rams, Packers, and 49er…
On TV: Patriot Games, from back when white people could be called terrorists. Key radicalisation scene with bad guy watching Clannad video.
the reason he is out of a job, let's do some math. Multiply games U…
Goodell goes to a game; then the next day he suspends Zeke 6 games. He's now a problem, not a problem.
Elliot inocent 6 games Brady guilty, destroys evidence 4, and Patriot nation hates ? Give me a break
I would recommend. You can even emulate N64 games!
Watching Patriot Games again. So lovely to see
Waiting for the cowboy fans saying he got suspended for being a cowboy and patriot fans saying Brady would get 100 games
Patriot Games on the tv. Great film, even better book
I should be watching the footy but Patriot Games is a good movie..
As I watch other games and see "stars" in street clothes, every Patriot was fully dressed out tonight, including 40 yr old Brady. Take notes
Yea she totally lost me as a fan, I wouldn't even buy the videos to any of the Hunger Gam…
Just kidding, let's do some video games. | this is snugman repost him if you are a true patriot.
Got some Fatal Attraction and Patriot Games photos signed by Anne Archer while she was in town.
To Kill a Mockingbird. A People's History of the United States. Prisoner of Azkaban . Patriot Games. A Tale of Two Cities
Lord of the Flies. Fahrenheit 451. A Time to Kill. To Kill a Mockingbird. Patriot Games
I appreciate it. I hate when Patriot games aren't on. Especially during the regular season.
"Patriot Games" starts early evening at 8:40 PM on 9Gem.
Catch-22. Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Patriot Games. Parliament of ***
That must have been some scary golf gam…
Can there be a Rewatchables about Harrison Fords 1992-7? Patriot Games, Fugiti…
I really like Patriot Games, though I suspect it has made me fond of Prince Charles for fictional reasons
Play cash games and win more than Rs.50,000 to get 1.5% bonus up to Rs.10,000 on your winnings. Start playing!
True. Why not just quit using the anthem at games until ppl respect it? Does the anthem give ppl extra patr…
Does "Patriot Games: Interactive Media, Ludic Simulacra, and the Virtualization of Geopolitical Violence" sound appealing to anyone? Lmao
Game of thrones. Hunt for Red October. Patriot games. Without remorse. Rainbow Six. Clear and Present Danger.
The Sum of All Fears. The Hunt for Red October. Red Storm Rising. The Cardinal of the Kremlin. Patriot Games
You asked Mort Klein to submit a statement of support for your confirmation. He doesn't play games w/ Israel & you ***
Patriot Games, Cardinal of the Kremlin, Between Silk and Cyanide, Intern, The Arms of Krupp
And now we here at Stetson celebrate this at our football games 😂😂😂
The Patriot Games soundtrack by the late great James Horner
🎶 Listening to Clannad at home like Patrick Bergen in Patriot Games 🎶 .
This is how the media plays word games with people. Beware! Then enlist in our patriot army at…
23% of Federal Inmates are illegals. DHS is deporting wholesale. We're not playing games anymore.
Yeah.. fighting police officers. Dont resist, dont get shot.. its that simple. Play stupid games and…
Liar. Mike Brown died. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.
Play stupid games and win stupid prizes.
Ford is great in Patriot Games as well. It is a shame he didn't do more Jack Ryan films. But then Affle…
An old movie from 1992 has rocked my boat this evening. Patriot Games with Harrison Ford/Sean Bean/Anne Archer. Dated but still brilliant.
Sean Bean in Patriot Games has the second least convincing Irish accent ever, the least convincing ever being sported by
Member when Harrison Ford drove past your offices in Patriot Games? I member.
[WSJ] Patriot Games in the Balkans: Pro-Kremlin forces seek to derail Montenegro’s NATO membership bid.…
Kinda bummed Phillip Noyce’s Jack Ryan era goes unnoticed compared to the rest of his resume. Patriot Games plays like a great Bourne movie.
I do enjoy seeing baby Ned Stark in Patriot Games.
Holy crap! 3 hours into and we have our main hero! Finally! some Patriot Games!
Jef--so sorry to hear this. Very nice man, patriot, and supporter of our boys. Games won't be the same without his smiling face.
Not denial. We don't indulge in your version of "patriot-games" to fan the fire and worsen the situation.
Today's games at Forks Field in Easton. Game 1 9:35 v LV Patriot Flames on Forks 4. Game 2 12:45 v Avengers on Forks 1
I'm in a Jack Ryan state of mind. Watched Patriot Games earlier.
Listen to Patriot Games by BDP on BDP holding it down for America get at us
Needa find me a shawty to watch these Patriot games with me lol
Patriot Games Champs 🇺🇸🙌 Celebrating our independence the right way 🏈🏆
don't worry chris your a patriot now we win 7 games in our sleep! But people will always hate
It appears you like the shallow world of mind games. WHO is the best friend of Hillary? Brown?
Patriot Games is on tv. I haven't seen it for a long time. Great direction from Phillip Noyce. I'm completely locked in even with ad breaks.
Patriot Games is pleased to announce.. We are looking for an apprentice to fill the role of a. "Hobby Games...
Patriot Games, Tom Clancy, 1987, HCwDJ, True first, 1st/1st, with printing error
Martin Sheen reading Patriot Games. I've listened to the whole thing twice through. Incredibly good.
Wimdow is open at patriot games on 8th st right next to bushs chicken, on todays menu we have…
Update your maps at Navteq
Patriot Games like my favorite movie ever so I'm biased lmao
lets go Hunt for RO vs Patriot Games. and Miss Burning vs A Time to Kill
Two youth team spots open for 9th annual Patriot Games on July 16-17 in Bucks County-PA -
We're still celebrating PATRIOT GAMES with and we're still looking for a protagonist, too!
New favorite scene. Harrison killing it in PATRIOT GAMES:
And yet your first instinct was to come all the way here and tell me -(from “Patriot Games”)
Jokes on him. Patriot Games was full of RAT TRAPS! Hope he likes his page-flippin' finger smooshed like a dang RAT!
New post (Now, Congress echoes BJP on 'Bharat Mata' slogan: Patriot games) has been published on
I just realised that Darth Vader and Han Solo reunited in Patriot Games
ICYMI. SoCal Express 2021 celebrate Independence day with a Patriot Games championship
The 2016 UC Football posters are here! Mark your calendars for all the Patriot games this season!
I just hate the adaptation of Patriot Games. I like Clear but just don't like Ford as Ryan. Just bad casting to me.
Varsity heading to Patriot Games at Rhoads Stadium for 3 games on Saturday, first game 10:30 AM
Keeping you up to date with music, movies & games!. w/ &
It's a lot of fun watching Patriot Games and thinking of it as "Ned Stark vs. Indiana Jones."
yea but that's wayyy different. Watch patriot games with Harrison Ford
They won 30 straight games wit no Natty smfh that's like the undefeated Patriot season
Looks like the pub used in Patriot Games.
it's all fun and games until the someone that has to pay for all the "free" stuff turns out to be YOU.
Patriot Games off to GREAT start! Coach Vasquez and his rubber ducky going down in dunk tank!
Signed Tom Clancy's book the patriot games
Apple features 'amazing' apps and games for iPad Pro in iOS App Store ...
just released the cheated in the games. A was spotted on the sideline.
I can't watch games with FF people. More into individuals than team playing and who the *** can root for a Patriot??
Harrison Ford is still such a G at old age. Indiana Jones? Star Wars? Patriot Games? *** yeah.
Probably another SJW trying to get their 15 minutes. You know like the games KKK spotting @
📷 Patriot Games - Modern Family | Comedy | Alexs worst nightmare is realized when she...
Backfield Patriot games looks at it & other ranking reviews:
He also snuffed it in Patriot games, Goldeneye, Equilibrium, The Island, Black Death etc..
Webesite Update: Screen caps of added to Ep 2.04 "Patriot Games". http:/…
Since didn't warn us early enough, I present to you: A podcast on Moonraker!
.School shld be for education, not for playing games
.in the UK is moving to a new store and kickstarting improvements to their gaming space:
That had a fantastic idea. PATRIOT GAMES: THE MUSICAL. Make it happen,
Am guessing the 2 Pakistanis playing for England are playing a blinder like they did in the test matches
I always forget that is in Patriot Games!
I believe that all teams receive these after games but of course the media makes it seem as if it's only a patriot issue.
Clear and Present Danger, Patriot Games, or Air Force One? Which is the best?
“Truman Volleyball loses a good match vs Liberty. 2 games to one. Excellent games ladies Patriot Proud!
Not sure why but out of the Jack Ryan movies I like Patriot Games the most…seems the most realistic.
The fans across the league should should unite & boycott watching all Patriot prime time games. Send a message.
Adidas uniforms for ALL home games, ladies! White short sleeve tomorrow at St Joe Central!
Question how long has ESPN been working on this Patriot story and when was it completed ? Remember when we cared about actual games ?
My grandfather (James) met James Earl Jones in 1992 when he was a detective in Patriot Games, and they had lunch together. (He's super nice)
Been to a couple of Super Bowls, Many playoff/AFC Champ games,,, as fired up for Thursday Night as any of those
Happenstance.My review released today as well. Most Glorious Comrade / Most Incorruptible Patriot.
Mike, wasn't it routine for the Patriot players not traveling to away games known Saturday night as well?
Goodell just said the reason he wont be at the PGH/NE opener is that "Ive been to the last 2 home Patriot's games" so he'll be at CHI/GB
Roger Goodell on not going to opener: "I have been to last two home games. I want focus to be on football."
no no no he tried to kidnap the royals and kill Jack Ryan's family in Patriot Games.
Tryna finish "Patriot Games" before the Patriot game. Ya feel fam?
Just put on the Philly v Atlanta game and I swear I've seen bigger crowds at Somerset Patriot games.
well to my favorite for Sam BAM Cunningham Ben coats jack Hannaha I've been going to Patriot Games before you were born
Rewatch on Wednesday at 10 pm ET. Ep 2.04 Patriot Games. The ep w/ the battlecry of
I'm a big fan of Clear and Present Danger. Definitely like it more than Patriot Games and maybe more than Hunt For Red October.
2 - Blaise Matuidi has scored two braces in 37 games with France, one more than in 337 Ligue 1 games. Patriot.
I just got a Patriot decal in for iOS Get it FREE!.
Patriot games: a brief history of Russian video gaming |
In observance of Labor Day, we are giving everyone at Patriot Games a day to labor at home and catch up on things...
With a 38-3 shellacking at Notre Dame, Texas is now just 4-20 in its last 24 games against ranked opponents.
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Was in the coolest games room ever yesterday in Portland
.win. match. AL East remains 1.5 games apart:
let's get Patriot Stadium rocking like this for remainder of our home games.
From SG 553 | Patriot this is the most american terorrist item ever
I just got a Patriot decal in for Windows Get it FREE!.
Don't worry, Help is on the way Patriot Games
Tonight, celebrate Gloria's citizenship with an encore of "Patriot Games."
Patriot Games- Harrison Ford is a good Jack Ryan but Patriot Games is cliched and unimaginative although earnest, 5/10
Watching "Patriot Games" because, well, Jack Ryan and younger Harrison Ford plays him.
Control rooms in cinema, from Andromeda Strain to Homeland, via Patriot Games. Great video essay from
Spending our Sunday wrapping up the Patriot Games in the sun! 😎
Patriot Games! And because it's from the 90s, and requires. Black character, Samuel L Jackson is in it!
Patriot Games: . We've watched Alex Dunphy grow up over the past six years, and she's about to hit a major mil...
Ridgeview's Smith, BHS' Watkins make fast work at Patriot Games. (Sent from TBC Mobile)
Or Sam Jackson/Mace Windu with Harrison Ford/Han Solo in Patriot Games for the Jack Ryan Universe...
If it's patriotism you want, you're in the wrong party Jim
Good to see refusing to play patriot game, in line with proposals
I sure never would have expected Patriot football to win as many games as Patriot basketball in the 2014,15 school year.
As we wait on the results of the Clause 4 vote, here's essential reading on what it means for Labour:
Harrison Ford crashes on a gold course via Or Sean from Patriot games, or French Archeaologist
I think Kotaku just wants to turn video games int Social Justice indoctrination propaganda.
Scottish Labour voted to reject nationalism in the referendum; do the same at from
We're falling into the SNP's narrative.We can't beat them at their own game and shouldn't try
sadder than you think. Some jackasses seem to think it's funny SWATting people for beating them at online games.
Here' what we think of your commitment to patriotism Let us not become the SNP's B team
Good movie! Don’t forget Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.
Patriot games is good but my favorite is still Hunt for Red October.
I love the ending of Patriot Games. So tense!
Lol Imma come to Ehret games next year in a patriot suit breakdancing
Watching PATRIOT GAMES and THE HUNT FOR Red October to help wash out the bad taste Shadow Recruit left in my mouth.
I really enjoy Patriot Games. I like Harrison Ford as Ryan, though Baldwin was fine in Red October. Don't recall Affleck tho
caught sight of one in a crowd scene; I'm watching Patriot Games.
Re/code's event is this relevant to Video Games development?
Watching Patriot Games - Harrison Ford is the only one who looks sartorially splendid. Mullets and baggy coats galore elsewhere.
Today's offering from the Hipster Leninists. ? A little light reading to take your …
When he doesnt want to censor video games, just wants them to conform to her ideological moral imperatives.
The first editorial, in anticipation of is very good & I recommend u read it
We don't want to be the patriotic party for Scotland, we want to be a party of the working class. .
wasn't he fighting you lot in Patriot Games?
Ahead of here's take on the futility of the patriot game:
Our editorial has arrived in time for tomorrow's special conference. Our message: Patriotism will get us nowhere
It's hard to ignore the fact that both Fatal Attraction and Patriot Games begin with the father lounging in a shirt and just his underwear.
One for the Politico's, argue with not me
Case in Point Anne Archer is Michael Douglas's delirously hot wife in Fatal Attraction and she's Harrison Ford's Wife in Patriot Games
Who was one of the first to kill Sean Bean in a movie? Surprise! Badass in Patriot Games.
How do our friends in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland feel about becoming a patriotic party?
Can patriotism save Scottish Labour? In short, no.
For all those attending who have doubts about Scottish Labour's patriotism clause - we have this to say
Best fictional president is Michael Douglas as President Andrew Shepherd. Don't forget about Patriot Games for Ford!
regrettably Ireland’s rise as a cricket power coincides with an age when leprechaun suits are so easily available..
13th warrior, patriot games, hunt for Red October... Going through the oldies
Watching him and Anne Archer in "Patriot Games" recently was like walking into an empty room and finding two plastic boxes just chillin'.
Ok I had to choose. Just clicked play on Patriot Games. Ee!
yes! I love those movies. Patriot games is shorter and a little more action packed tho. Depends if you want Baldwin or Ford.
At some Charger games there can be as much as 40% of fans from other team. The Patriot game was 60/40 Patriot fans.Very sad!
If we going to play patriot games, fellas, the people who love America least are the people most smugly self-satisfied about it.
Need you lax fix. There are two games on ESPN3 Saturday and the network has a ton of games on Sat and Sun.
Watching patriot games so basically I'm aroused
Come to the boys and girls games today for a chance to win one of these shirts!!!
Any fellow Fenians ever watched The Patriot Games? Worth staying up for?
Kudos to Walker and Jindal for not playing the media’s reaction games re Giuliani.
6 games at Patriot Arena Saturday. Jr high basketball semifinals & the varsity games vs. NLR to follow. How many costume changes do I get??
Highlights from all five games on Wednesday are on Patriot League 360:
Epsilon Psi is so excited to announce that they are this years Patriot Games Woman's Champions!! Sisters played hard to …
2. ...Which starred Harrison Ford, who was in Patriot Games with Anne Archer, who was in stir of echos with Kevin Bacon. cc
Yes! Kind of like Richard Harris in Patriot Games, but without the redemptive moment.
Harrison Ford and Sean Bean in "Patriot Games". And all of it with James Horner's music. It means: nice evening.
Sometimes I think so hard about the Boko Haram problem then get lost in Tom Clancy's Patriot Games where I play the noble role of Jack Ryan.
Patriot Games on at 9pm. First time Harrison Ford & James Earl Jones appear on screen together almost a decade after Star Wars ended!
That's how he looked in Patriot Games with Harrison Ford. Sean Bean (Ned Stark), 1993
Movie Review: "Shooter" (2008)(*** out of 5) - If you were to take the best parts of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan series (Patriot Games, Clear And Present Danger, Sum of All Fears) and mixed in the best parts of the only good Rambo film (First Blood) you would end up with something akin to "Shooter". "Shooter" is a smart, engaging and all out enjoyable action flick that never pulls its punches and always surprises you when you least expect it. Mark Whalberg plays the role of Bob Lee Swagger, a former military sniper who quit the army following a disastrous mission where his best friend and spotter is killed when they are left behind. Three years later he is hired by a Colonel (played with gusto by Danny Glover) to figure out how a suspected assassin is going to attempt to kill the President from over a mile away, a shot that few could make. Swagger figures out how it is going to be done and is asked to supervise locating the sniper on site. But on the day of the supposed assassination, Swagger is set up with t ...
Alec Baldwin played Jack Ryan first but Harrison Ford owned it after him in Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger.
Aimee Stacy gave me the letter P - so here are my favorite movies starting with P. If you like this I will give you a letter. The Professional (AKA Leon the Professional) - Probably my favorite movie of all time - Luc Besson, Gary Oldman, Natalie Portman, Jean Reno The Princess Bride - Probably my second favorite movie of all time Predator - OK, Classic Arnold - Action and sci-fi Pan's Labyrinth - Just beautiful Patriot Games - Tom Clancy action featuring Harrison Ford *** - classic John Waters Penn and Teller Get Killed - hardly anybody saw this one, I once discussed it briefly with Teller. The Pink Panther - the original Peter Sellers flick Poltergeist - the original 80s horror movie Porky's - raunchy but fun Pulp Fiction. There you have it, I'm sure I'm missing a few,
Movies that hold up - Alien, Road Warrior, Patriot Games, Hunt for Red October, King of New York...
cue Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan screaming "Where's Sean Miller?!" in Patriot Games. I know got that reference.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hi, I think it was interesting today when you referred to Sinn Fein as "terrorists". I have studied the Troubles in Northern Ireland a bit. I imagine that if I ever walked through an Irish Republican section of Belfast wearing my Who T-shirt with blue, red, and white on it, that I'd probably get beaten up. (Bloody Paddies!). Remember what the IRA did to Lord Mountbatten, and the bombing in Omagh ? And the hunger-strike of Bobby Sands? And movies like "The Crying Game", "The Boxer", "In The Name of the Father", "Patriot Games". ... Gerry Adams was once banned from entering the USA, but I think that Pres. Clinton changed that. The IRA suck, but the UDA + UVF are not nice guys either.
First big name for 2014 - Hollywood actress Anne Archer (Fatal Attraction, Short Cuts, Patriot Games) will be pla…
Patriot Games?...I'm game! A Clear and Present Danger?'s clear I'll be present in front of my TV Witness?...I'll be witnessing that again Air Force One?...I'll not be forced to be one with my couch Raiders of the Lost Ark?...I'll be raiding my refrigerator while getting lost in that flick Blade Runner?...I'll be the entertainment system runner and on the docket is that movie The Fugitive?...I'll be a fugitive from my chores as I get sucked in Presumed Innocent? can presume I'll be in front of the TV. Empire Strikes Back?...Its empirically true that I'll be back in front of the TV Six Days/Seven Nights?.well, okay. If I have to. But don't tell anyone.
US New movies for February 01, 2014 Patriot Games (1992) CIA desk jockey Jack Ryan plunges into the heart of international terrorism after spoiling an assassination attempt on a British royal family member. Ryan's heroics earn him noble gratitude -- and a death warrant from the Irish Republican Army. The Hard Way (1991) An actor needs to get under a cop's skin to research an upcoming role, and he picks an irritable New York City hard case as his source material. As if dealing with the pesky thespian weren't enough, the cop has a serial killer to catch. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) While the Civil War rages between the Union and the Confederacy, a quiet loner, a ruthless hit man and a Mexican bandit comb the American Southwest in search of a strongbox containing $200,000 in stolen gold. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) Captain Kirk (William Shatner) leads his crew on a mission to free kidnapped diplomats. Arriving at the planet Nimbus III, Kirk and crew come face-to-face with the captor: a s ...
I dug the new Jack Ryan movie. Although Kierra Knightley's American accent makes her sound like the result of Doris Burke raping a yak. Definitely made me want to watch Red October and Patriot Games. Off to find the mythical Blockbuster...
I surprisingly really really loved Patriot Games. Ryan and Miller were way more interesting characters than I'd thought. And, THAT 3RD ACT!
Just saw Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit. If you are a Tom Clancy fan; if you liked The Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games, you're gonna love this movie as we did. Holy cow it was exciting!
The Jack Ryan novels are among my very favorites. Tom Clancy was a genius. So, of course, we saw Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit tonight. A good, but not great thriller. The acting is acceptable, the actors are likeable, and the story is standard operative-foils-bad guy fare. Not quite Hunt for Red October or Patriot Games. Clancy did not write this story. I expect, if he had, it would have been a bit better, but it is still an okay film. I assume there will be more.
Patriot Games (Harrison Ford, Sean Bean and Richard Harris) One of the best movies ever made. Seriously.
This weekend, Chris Pine joins the ranks of actors to play Jack Ryan on the big screen. Ben Affleck played the classic Tom Clancy character in “The Sum of All Fears.” Harrison Ford took the job for “Clear and Present Danger” and “Patriot Games.” Alec Baldwin had the role in “The Hunt for Red October.”
"Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,": - Review: As a long time Tom Clancy fan I wasn't sure about this outing for his iconic character Jack Ryan made famous in book and movie in such titles as the,"Hunt For Red October," and, "Patriot Games." This new Ryan outing also is the first Ryan movie not taken directly from a Tom Clancy novel. It is based upon his characters with a story written by someone else. So how does it fare with Clancy's books, movies and how does it continue John Patrick Ryan? Excellently! In fact had Clancy lived to see this movie he would have endorsed it! Chris Pine takes on the iconic role of Ryan updated from the 80's and 90's but using the same background story of Ryan as a Marine etc. Keira Knightly, (absent her natural British accent for the first time), is the future Mrs. Ryan with Kevin Costner as Ryan's CIA boss. All played well and true to Clancy's books and stories. Kenneth Branagh is not only the nemesis but also does an excellent job a Director of the movie. Fast paced, great acti ...
I dreamt that I was reading this awesome new Tom Clancy thriller about a group of rogue elected officials who hatch an extortion plot to shut down the government if their demands aren't met! Holy Red October! Best page turner since Patriot Games! Then I woke up and remembered that...well...
Lol well i reckon its one of them government conspiracy movie nights, i just watched the whole Jason Bourne series, now its Jack Ryan in Patriot Games & Clear Present Danger. & maybe some Tom Clancy & Vince Flynn books afterwards. Its bad enough I'm already paranoid of the government as it is.
Watching The Hunt For Red October, I've not seen it. I want to rewatch Patriot Games & Clear & Present Danger so this is a good place to ...
So after a night that ended with the movie Face/Off we decided to have a movie night hopefully once a week. Watching awesome, or not so awesome (but still awesome), action movies specifically from the 90's. As I browsed I was going to give honorable mention to some of the amazing movies released but not in the niche we chose. Suffice it to say the list became very large so I decided not to do that. I also needed to cut even more movies from the list ones that didn't really fit as well. If anyone is interested let me know as a day has not been decided yet. You don't have to read further on as it's just a list for my sake. All Robocops All Van Damme All Steven Segal All Jackie Chan All Lethal Weapons All Die Hards Blind Fury, Kindergarten Cop, Total Recall, Point Break, Ricochet, The Terminator, Terminator 2, Patriot Games, Passenger 57, Sidekicks, Point of No Return, Cliffhanger, Last Action Hero, The Fugitive, Only the Strong, Demolition Man, Tombstone, The Crow, Speed, True Lies, Clear and Present ...
2013 Celebrity Passings - People We Lost Along the Way 1)Tom Clancy, October 1: Tom Clancy was a best selling author of 'Patriot Games' and 'The Sum of All Fears'. The American spy novelist wrote and co-wrote 20 books, the final of which is due out December 2013 2)Reeva Steenkamp - Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius remains on trial for the Valentine's Day killing of SA model and actress Reeva through a locked bathroom door 3)Margaret Thatcher, April 8: Margaret Thatcher died at the age of 87 after a stroke. Britain's first and only female Prime Minister won three elections and led the country for eleven years until she was ousted in 1990. The controversial Conservative, nicknamed the 'Iron Lady' for her uncompromising leadership style, oversaw the privatisation of British industry and bitter battles with Trade Unions 4)James Gandolfini, June 20: Best known of his starring turn in 'The Sopranos' for which he won three Emmy Awards, James Gandolfini died of a heart attack at the age of 51. The New Jersey-born ...
In the words of Jack Ryan in the Tom Clancy novel Patriot Games "my living room looks like a nuke went off in a Toys R Us."
Han Solo and Dumbeldore are just having a friendly drink in Patriot Games
Ok, Laura, books "that have stayed with me" here goes. Actually I haven't read many books since I retired and quit traveling all the time. I used to carry a paperback all the time to make the time pass. Here's some fiction I recall in no particular order: "2001 A Space Odessy" by Arthur C Clark (Long time ago) "Red Storm Rising" by Tom Clancy "Hunt For Red October" by Tom Clancy "Comstock Lode" by Louis L'Amour "Hawaii" by James A Michener (Long LONG time ago) "Patriot Games" by Tom Clancy "Insomnia" by Stephen King "Congo" by Michael Crichton "A Time to Kill" by John Grisham "Clear and Present Danger" by Tom Clancy Non fiction, I would say the Bible (I was going to say Matthew, Mark, Genesis, Exodus, etc but decided that would be cheating) I've gotten about half way through the multi volume "A History of the English Speaking Peoples" by Winston Churchill, it's very good reading but takes a lot of time for us slow readers
If Barack had a Son he'd look lie the Gangsta's doing the Knockout Games Today Just Sayin LMAO
"Patriot Games" is one of the funniest episodes of Family Guy.
I wanna move to Boston so I can get season passes every yr to my patriot home games
Is it me or are the patriot games looking funny?
I'm not a Patriot fan but give credit where credit is due.. In a team sport winning is all that matters... no NFL QB is 100 games over .500!
I know this is a little late but that was one of the best Patriot games I have watched in awhile
Two weeks from today we will be on our way back from Washington, DC/GMU Patriot Games.
A little more serious than sparkly vampires and dreamy ***
Hey sportscenter, there were other games played yesterday. How about you stop showing Patriot Denver highlights, sincerely everyone
Tom. Brady is 23-5 in games played in freezing temperatures, Manning is 1-6!!
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The LSU and Patriot games this weekend were probably my favorite football games of all time.
It was not Commonwealth games. It was Congress Wealth Games.
The next 8 out of 11 games are on the box weird 14:05 kick off Sunday?
Can't believe I've seen the two greatest single season games in Patriot franchise history... "The Drive" and "The Comeback"
Patriot fans yall can that win tonight yall might not win any more games for the rest of the year anyway
After the game I'm gonna watch patriot games the movie. Maybe tomorrow I'll do some tai chi while I drink a chai tea. .
I always feel bad for blowing up my news feed during patriot games, but after I game like that I got over it real fast!
Two patriot games I've left were last year against 49'ers and this game both times patriots came back but this time they actually won
"Its too stressful being a Patriot's fan" yea winning by 20 points or more in most games the last decade is real stressful lol
Shout out to my followers for tolerating me during Patriot games. Even if I'm muted, I don't mind since you didn't unfollow lol
Patriots storm back from 24-0 deficit, stun Broncos in overtime: FOXBORO _ One of the wildest games in Patriot...
Half of the patriot fans probably have only watched like two games this season✌️
Forget being a Patriot fan as a football fan those are the type of games I can appreciate
What a crazy game. My heart can't take these Patriot games this year.
What an amazing game. One of the best patriot games I have ever seen
How many Patriot games have come down to the last play?
I don't even watch patriot games anymore. I only did cause Marc used to watch em.
What would you title a movie mashup of Patriot Games and Hunger Games?
This bronco patriot game is one of those games that make me thankful I don't play pro football. This game and all other games.
I find it hilarious whenever they say Aaron Hernandez during Patriot games
One of the best games I've ever watched as a Patriot fan.
People prolly think I'm annoying wants it comes to patriot games.. Lol . Oops
This *** .. Worse time to be a patriot fan, at end of games we haven't got a good call since "tuck rule " lol
I didn't know the replacement referees still did patriot games
You think aaron Hernandez be watch the patriot games?
I stress eat during these patriot games
These patriot DB's are all having amazing games
These close patriot games are gonna be the death of me
dropped quite a few as a Patriot too.. in big playoff games.. nothing new
I get way to much into patriot games lmao
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Apparently The Hunger Games gives the patriot willies.
It makes me sick watching NE Patriot games. They get every call. Refs love the pats
I watch the patriot games with mommy! We love them
ya I don't have and patriot fans here so I watch the games by myself
Harrison Ford and Anne Archer star in the thriller, Patriot Games on at 9pm
My favorite movie of all time.. Patriot Games.. I need a little Harrison Ford in my life.. A little sad...waiting for this to be over... 󾍀
Tom Clancy Dead at 66 - <!-- --> Tom Clancy, author of novels , , Patriot Games and...
Chris Pine takes over the character made famous in such Cold War-era Tom Clancy novels-turned-films as The Hunt For Red October and Patriot Games and bring
The ending of Patriot Games was one of the most exciting I've seen. Harrison Ford v Sean Bean. Badass
my favorite moment was in Patriot Games when Harrison Ford's house gets invaded & he prevails! What was your fav?
RIP Tom Clancy. I admit I haven't read any of your books, but Hunt for Red October and Patriot Games were awesome movies.
R.I.P author Tom Clancy, who gave us great spy novels like "The Hunt for Red October" and "Patriot Games."
Earlier: Tom Clancy, author of the Jack Ryan novels the Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games and more, dies at age 66
Tom Clancy...may you rest in peace! Gone way too young.Love character Jack Ryan...Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Sum of all Fears, Clear and Present Danger. Can't wait to see Chris Pine playing the new Jack Ryan in Shadow Recruit!
Harrison Ford had three great summer hits in the mid 90's and two were Clancy pics...Patriot Games, The Fugitive and Clear and Present Danger...Best Jack Ryan hands down also. Thanks Mr. Clancy for all the books and for making Maryland proud! You're up there with Ripken, Carson, Unitan and Schaefer among others...RIP!
RIP Tom Clancy. It may not be the highest literature, but I sure liked Red Storm Rising & Patriot Games when I read them about 20 years ago.
Patriot Games, Red Storm Rising, and the Hunt for Red October entertained and edumacated me more than he'll ever...
RIP Tom Clancy. I have to admit though the only book of his I have read was "Patriot Games". I thought the movie had a better ending. I have always wanted to read "The Hunt for Red October". I refuse to see that movie because I hate Alec Baldwin.
R.I.P. Tom Clancy. So many great stories. Works, by year of publication The Hunt for Red October (1984) Clancy's first published novel. CIA analyst Jack Ryan assists in the defection of a respected Soviet naval captain, along with the most advanced ballistic missile submarine of the Soviet fleet. The movie (1990) stars Alec Baldwin as Ryan and Sean Connery as Captain Ramius. Captain Mancuso is introduced here. Nearly every book after has Mancuso in ever increasing command of U.S. submarine forces. Red Storm Rising (1986) War between NATO and USSR. The basis of the combat game of the same name, this book is not a member of the Ryan story series (although the protagonist of the story has many similarities with Jack Ryan). Cowritten with Larry Bond. Patriot Games (1987) Patriot Games chronologically predates the first book that Clancy wrote, The Hunt for Red October. Jack Ryan foils an attack in London on the Prince and Princess of Wales by the "Ulster Liberation Army". The ULA then attacks Ryan's Maryland h ...
I am so sorry to learn that Tom Clancey has died at only the age of 66. He has been one of my all-time fave writers, and I re-read Patriot Games about every six months - I just finished another re-reading of the book. I also have the movie the Hunt for Red October, with Alec Baldwin playing Jack Ryan, one of my favourite "heroes". I have not seen a reason for his death. However, I can still read the books he has already written. He is a real loss for political thrillers. RIP, Tom.
When I was eleven, my dad bought me The Hunt for Red October for Christmas. I loved it, and I quickly moved on to Red Storm Rising, Patriot Games, and then on from Tom Clancy altogether... to his likenesses: Brad Meltzer, Ken Follett, Michael Chrichton, and so on. But I will never forget my first Tom Clancy novel. He is brilliant, eloquent, and has been the cause of many late nights. He is the reason I read. Indirectly, he's the reason I write. 66 is a teenager in author years, and the world was cheated of another ten incredible stories today. RIP Tom Clancy. You will be missed.
Tom Clancy died age 66 today. A great novelist, technical military mind, and barometer of current and probable geopolitical events starting all the way back from 1984. First books, and then books turned into great movies which included The Hunt For Red October (Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin), Patriot Games (Harrison Ford), Clear and Present Danger (Harrison Ford) and Sum of All Fears (Morgan Freeman, Ben Affleck). Before 9/11 happened, Tom wrote about planes that were hijacked and flown into attack the white house and houses of congress. Before it was known that terrorists used Mexican smuggling tunnels to get into the United States for their attacks, Tom wrote about that. Cyber warfare via infrastructure and intelligence shut down? Biological terrorism by seeding misting systems at the olympics with plague? I grew up reading Tom. He was all the fiction I read as an adult other than say Harry Potter. And my favorite author of adult books. Cheers to the master of the techno-thriller novel, and a great patri . ...
Tom Clancy, one of my favorite authors, passed today. I may have to read a little bit of my Rainbow Six, Red Rabbit, and Patriot Games. It's sad he will not get to see Chris Pine play his most popular character in the upcoming Jack Ryan film.
author of classic Cold War thrillers like "Hunt for Red October," "Patriot Games," dead at 66.
Tom Clancy the author of 'The hunt for Red October', Patriot Games, Clear & Present Danger, 'The Cardinal of Kremlin' and also creator of 'Jack Ryan - The CIA Analyst' character in so many novel and movies has died. He was my favorite. RIP Tom Clancy
I read and enjoyed Red October. I quite enjoyed Red Storm Rising. Hated Patriot Games. Is Clancy worth getting back in to?
Author Tom Clancy has died aged 66. From Patriot Games to video games, he inspired a lot of media!
Author Tom Clancy, 66, dies: A number of his books like 'The Hunt for Red October' and 'Patriot Games' have be...
Such sad news he kept me entertained while playing on the
Tom Clancy ...thanks for the good reads . Patriot Games & Clear and Present Danger favs
RIP Tom Clancy, thanks for making me feel like the coolest kid in middle school when I carried around my copy of Patriot G…
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