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Patriot Act

The USA PATRIOT Act (commonly known as the Patriot Act) is an Act of the U.S.

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Joe the saint Biden wrote most of the Patriot Act during 1995/96. Weird huh
It took a few days to go through the Patriot Act. My takeaway is they set up DHS to take over all US law enforcement and intelligence.
tbh I'd likely find the Patriot Act interesting. Anything related to security, conflict & human rights is interesting.
Found a nice little dig at the Patriot Act in the fine pri... ~
A good chunk of them are patriot act and NSA spying b…
Muslim Legislator just voted. for insurance companies to pay benefits to terrorists who are killed in the act of committing terro…
Blame the patriot act and us lazy Americans for not rioting when it was proposed.
Love A total class act and a real patriot.
It IS possible to be a patriot and act globally.
to be doing their utmost to keep promises. . What about The Patriot Act? Wasn't that temp? Why aren't they repealing it?. They CAN do the.
The next wave of enemy soldiers is arriving on your shores. Get ready. Then enlist with us at…
When this liberal thug protester tried to act tough with the police, he probably thought there would be no...
if we start giving these people the death sentence that'll stop alot of this.BRING BACK THE PATRIOT ACT
Confiscate his accounts and charge him under the Patriot Act for sponsorship of terrorist groups.
We'll bet Muslims talk like this all the time. Yeah right!! Enlist in the at Patriot…
If you want to be number 1 act like number 1 - about time. Enlist in our patriot army at R…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Congress better get their act together - and soon!! Enlist in our patriot army at Stand up & en…
Read it from an expert. You are being manipulated by the left. Enlist in the at Patriot c…
The true enemy has been identified. Enlist in our patriot army at Fight back & join the…
The hypocrisy of the left is beyond imagination. Enlist in our patriot army at Stand up fo…
It's true Daystar, ever since Bush signed into law the Patriot Act. Gave them authority, to spy on…
And when are you finally going to act like a patriot and get that horrible man ou…
Finally some people are getting it - soon they all will. Enlist in our patriot army at Read the…
Time to make America great again and act like we are Number One!! Enlist with us at Patriot cen…
The goals are the same - it is only the method that differs. Stand up & join us at Patriot…
2 land of the free there should have been open revolt as far back as the "Patriot Act" or at least after…
Here's your Patriot Act front and center. It was the Repubs who sold the idea that privacy takes a back seat to security
Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act need to go away Sir! MAGA
QB Jimmy Garoppolo claims Instagram was hacked after following strange post. More than likely was the NSA executing the Patriot Act
2008 Who was it that said they would end. Bush Era Tax Cuts. Citizens United. Patriot Act. NSA domestic spying program…
You can thank Republicans and the Patriot Act for this. They told us we had to give up our fourth amendment rights…
Examining the Patriot Act, Privacy, Freedom & Safety - Interview with Dylan
Sounds like Bush after 9/11, then forcing Congress to pass Patriot Act, bringing end of our constitutional republic.
CIA Susan Lindauer Speaks out about the NDAA & the Patriot Act - WeAreChange Connecticut
Many Acts of Resistors . fall under the heading of domestic terrorism. The USA Patriot Act defines consequences. https…
not really, GOP has been eroding USA citizens freedom and privacy since the patriot act.
back the girls; he should have picked better parents; patriot act; NDAA. I bet not!
Yeah. When Republicans used 9/11 to pass the unconstitutional Patriot Act and Democrats helped instead of resisting.
This is a direct result of putting GOP's agenda before your country. Stop talking about being a patriot and act like one!
Nice to know that it requires the Ecuadorian embassy in GB to get the truth. Enlist in our patriot army at…
It is so plain how holds a grudge against President Trump and Jealous... He doesn't act like a patriot..
. Patriot Act? I guess you missed that it is an Unconstitutional law brought to you by G. Bush.
Unfortunately the MSM is never held to account for their crimes. Our patriot army awaits your enlistment at…
Has Trump violated THE USA PATRIOT ACT for conspiring with Russia in tampering with the results of the 2016 election
Is it possible to pass a Bill making it a FED. Crime for illegals to attack Amer. . citizens. Patriot act claws??
The MSM presents Democrat talking points as fact. Get used to it. Fight back & enlist in our patriot army at…
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GWB did the same thing with the Patriot Act. That single piece of legislation destroyed America as we knew it.
Hillary loves the constitution so much she voted for the Patriot Act
This is frightening, have you by chance read "shock doctrine" by Naomi Klein? Perhaps it's Bannon thinking for "patriot act 2.0"
those people remind me of my 09 self who thought the Patriot Act would be partially dismantled via EO LMFAO
Patriot Act: Repugnican'ts were for it before they were against it.
Arrest Soros and Co under The Patriot Act,that will be a major thorn from Trump's and humanity's side!
Nah, they just like 2 target people with accounts not in their area and close accounts using the patriot act as an excuse.
Patriot Act for Soros,just lock him up and poof he's no longer a threat!
Shame really, McCain's senility has him forgetting to act the patriot X-POW vs. real ?aid to enemy as POW during Vi…
Clearly, the CIA and NSA have his phone records already... Remember Ron Paul's warnings on the Patriot Act?
he was a St Louis Ram before a Patriot and consistently a class act while he was here
Enemy of the American People:. Who installed The Patriot Act, invaded Iraq, bombed 7 countries and created the largest refugee crisis.
Lots of people blamed Republicans when they pushed through the Patriot Act with a strong dissent from almost exclusively
He can now LEGALLY use the Patriot Act to disappear members of the press who writes anything he disagrees with. This is ***
Arrest Soros under Patriot Act,that will be a BIG thorn out of the side of Trump and Humanity.
*** we give up parts of it for all kinds of things. Look at the Patriot Act. I hope someday ppl realize what we are losing.
Excellent discussion with Myron Ebell. Fox viewers need to know about Civil Servant Act. Can't fire employees. R…
. The sad truth is that without the Patriot Act, many many more Americans would be dead at the hands of terrorism
Patriot Act. . Technically the feds can/will declare anything they want to a crime.
WOW...I'm willing to bet had NO problem with privacy when Bush implemented PATRIOT ACT & is NOT a Snowden fan
Indisputable! Patriot Act for Soros but HRC and Co need a Public trial and humiliation,then 10 years Gitmo as a…
I would have put them all on a flight to GITMO. Invoke Patriot Act. Treason and More
Patriot Act for Soros is the best start in draining this thing,Indicting the Pedos in DC lets folks know how rampant it IS!
I long for the days when I thought that the "Patriot Act" was Orwellian
Hopefully her apology will come from her prison cell. Stand up for America & enlist in our patriot army at
How many face lifts can one woman have Nancy? Liberal women want to know. Enlist in our patriot army at
None Didn't the Patriot Act screw up eveyones rights
Good ol' Uncle Joe Biden is a little less loveable when you realize he wrote the Patriot Act and the Crime Bill
Everyone remember when Old Uncle Joe Biden wrote and intruduced the first version of the Patriot Act to congress in 1995? I was 10
Our liberties surrendered in the name of security by Patriot Act & the surveillance state. Government should fear u…
. Yes, the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 are still being used... we know it as the Patriot Act
If Old Fart Rants is opposed to the Patriot Act, drone attacks & military interventionism... Why does he keep voting for *** like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Maybe he's not really against it, just uses it as a wedge issue? Hypocrite.
People talk about the Patriot Act that was passed immediately in t...
The 2002 Patriot Act empowered the president to order the indefinite detention of any person. Can anyone tell me if that's still the law?
They don't need a fence under Patriot Act. They can pick you up anytime without any reason whatsoever
They held up the debt ceiling to shut down the government. We should expect someone to hold up Patriot Act renewal and shutdown the NSA.
George W gave us the Patriot Act and the TSA. Violations of almost every Amendment in the Bill of Rights.
LRT: Two of the lessons I actually retained from my MLS= copyright in regards to libraries and academia and Patriot Act procedure.
Chuck Schumer, the new Senate minority leader, voted for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act, and has defended torture. http…
Yes, Never Forget our own govt. leaders intentionally caused 9/11 to usher in Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act…
Want to be a great president? Reinstate habeus corpus, civil liberties, and repeal the Patriot Act.
It would have been better if Bush had FAILED to get the Patriot Act, if Clinton had FAILED to repeal Glass-Steagall.
GHW Bush: NAFTA. Bill Clinton: Glass Steagall Repeal + Mass Incarceration. W: Patriot Act. Obama: NDAA. Decades of compromises, over at last
-Voted for Iraq War. -Deregulation . -Patriot Act. -Pushed for TPP 45 times. -Rigged a primary against someone who'd be…
Nader is the whole reason we got BUSH. Ugh! All Hillary did was vote for the Iraq War and the Patriot Act.
.Hey Amy Schumer, what about the Iraq War, and the Patriot Act, and Lybian destabilization, and corruption, and a rigged primary?
Horrible news. Ron Johnson has no redeeming qualities. Russ Feingold was the sole vote against the Patriot Act. Anyway... h…
course not Prescott BUSH helped fund Hitler behind failed Nazi/Fascist Coup on FDR heirs been steering us voila Patriot Act
Would you rather have another Bush like the one who gave us the Patriot Act and gave away most of our rights? I take Trump
When will the A-II assault end? When freedom returns! Enlist in our patriot army at Act.
They can use the patriot act to release Clinton's emails. Oh ya forgot the FBI, destroyed them.Corrupt
Hillary voted for Patriot Act and Iraq War. She is a republican.
no problem with exposing corruption, but privacy is still private. Can't hate patriot act then love it now
why is it so difficult to find out where stands on Net Neutrality, Net Privacy ( Apple v FBI), and Patriot Act?
Well the left has almost gotten rid of the first two. Enlist in our patriot army at Act!! https…
Even the archangels know what it takes. Enlist in our patriot army at act today!! https:/…
Good lord, the PATRIOT act is a real thing we did?
how about use patriot act to release it and void all NDA's
The PATRIOT Act sign by J B in the name of our protection was the biggest step to take away all of our private freedom, Terror is worse now
More word games from the Marxist candidate. Enlist with me in our patriot army at Act now! http…
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We have Marshall law coming & military will be told to kill any of us. Yet Dems had fits over the Patriot act. Just wait now, worse is here
And yet you're about to vote for a democrat who supported the Patriot Act and the Iraq War. Hypocrite.
Surveys are surveys but reality is reality. Enlist in the at Patriot central. Act! https:…
Rewriting history. The acts of tyrants & their toadies. Join our patriot army at Act now! https…
passage of the patriot act-many said it was the end of our freedom The DOHS created out of that now under control overseeing election
Death, law and in that order at Guantanamo Bay: A Patriot's Act …
some states don't have reciprocity so retired LEO from another state couldn't. Patriot act solved that.
So i was going to vote for yo til i saw your ad supporting the patriot act. thanks now im depressed
Patriot act was written by yr Founding Farthers4A reason!
Patriot and NDAA act were design for this very purpose. To turn our rights into illegal acts, to render our free…
currently listening to a 30 second recording of the Patriot Act because I opened up a second savings account & the bank is making me listen
Oh, so The PATRIOT ACT gets to be an acronym, but The Babies ACT doesn't? This country.
vote for the Iraq War causing 200k deaths, bought by health care companies and Goldman Sachs, voted for patriot act, NAFTA...
Help us reclaim you & your children's inheritance. Enlist in our patriot army at Act now.
nah. Western Civ. Prof went on a tangent about how the Patriot Act was the worst thing that could have ever happened
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Chomsky wants us to protest from the bottom up - really? The Patriot Act, militarized police, whistleblowers in the slammer - really?
Yes. 9/11 was a False Flag Operation to justify PATRIOT Act and the Invasion of Afghanistan.
Just perusing She reminds me of Lady Macbeth. Hopefully she also dies off-stage in the last act :) https:…
paying taxes is not an act of patriotism. I am a vet, a patriot, and I avoid as much taxes as possible.
depends, the Patriot act still covers that for retired LEO but I got a concealed carry permit also just in case.
They're talking about weather? The left's discussion has reached rock bottom. Enlist in our patriot army at
No should be sentenced via the Patriot Act as homegrown terrorists
but it doesn't happen all at once. War on terror & patriot act already began us vs them mentality, among other issues.
"he's trying to act all alpha because he's insecure" is something Jeb did, not Trump
check out the votes that they differed on, Iraq War, Patriot Act, etc shes a moderate conservative
This is what the patriot act and the NDAA was all about. It was NEVER about terrorism, but suppressing the rights of the…
The hypocrisy of this POTUS exceeds all boundaries. Enlist in our patriot army at Act!! https:/…
.Yet, Lincoln did exactly that with the suspension of habeas corpus. We still feel those effects today ("Patriot Act").
Snowden disclosures helped reverse expansion of Patriot Act provision
She also opposed parts of the Patriot Act.
Chertoff's shiksa is above you, thanks 2 the Enabling Act. (((ahem))). Patriot Act, . so MYOB!
A Year Ago Today Rand Paul filibustering the Patriot Act, with Support from Democratic Senators.
weve stopped a couple attacks with the Patriot Act in place tbh. Fort Dix & Miami plots. I get your larger point tho
🇺🇸 Real patriots repeal the Patriot Act, which violates our constitutional right to privacy & protection against unreasona…
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a better world than ours. They had ten 9/11's before they made one Patriot Act.
.Opposed TPP, NAFTA, CAFTA, Keystone XL, the Patriot Act, and the Iraq War from day one Reason66926
Do you know our new laws: Patriot Act & National Defense Authorization Act? Those wiped out our Bill of Rights.
Mary Matalin didn't care about Constitution when she worked for Cheney. How does she square "Patriot Act", much more
Mary Matalin no Libertarian, not after her support via *** Cheney of Patriot Act, Iraq, Guantanamo "Detention Center", Federal Profligacy.
Hillary came around to *** rights in 2013. Bernie was for *** marriage in the 80's. He voted against the Patriot Act, Iraq War
The same John Adams who signed the Alien & Sedition Acts, Patriot Act of its day.
Kobach WAS NEVER THE ATTORNEY GENERAL of Kansas. He is the Ks. Secretary of State. He was at Justice for Patriot Act
Yes; we have two parties, center-right and right & on legis. like Farm Bill, Defense, Patriot Act, they are hardly 'polarized'.
the Patriot Act collected the evidence and the computers at Fort Bliss and Fort Huachuca have all the evidence
Notice Nobama doesn't say using the Patriot Act to make Mexico pay for the wall Can't be done B/C Trump outsmarted him It Can
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What a complete *** - not only taking their hard-earned money, but including them in the Patriot Act
Stepping up my game: Idea 2: Amend the patriot act to allow U.S. to intercept and seize the cash in any Birthday cards to foreigners
New at RRND: Trump proposes funding wall by abusing USA PATRIOT Act to threaten workers’ support for families
Yep always been this way. Iraq War . Tpp. Panama. Patriot act. LGBT . Bernie is far and away the least flawed. 😋👍🏼
Traitors and Treasonous politicians have NO rights. Patriot Act will cover our corrupt enemies in our tyrannical govt too.
The Patriot Act unleashed the FBI to search your email, travel and credit records without even a suspicion of wrongdoing.
1/2their brutual act against patriot studnets. Are you planning not to come in power by 2019.
Congress sneaks Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (the ‘new Patriot Act’) in new budget deal via
Like the Patriot Act, Citizens United, they speak in opposites.
Let me get this straight. In order to protect American freedoms you have to strip them away w/ Patriot Act. *** G.W.Bush.
if any other democrat had her record the Democratic Party would never vote for her. Not with Iraq, patriot act
Bernie has one bad vote. Compared to Hillary's Iraq War vote, Bankruptcy vote, patriot act vote
Whr ru d biggest patriot of country? Were u just faking earlier on patriotism? Act n show patriotism nw
No he doesn't lol. You said Cruz follows the bill of Rights. Explain cruz support for the Patriot act.
Hillary got stuff done in the Senate: The Iraq War, The Patriot Act.
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*** no. He voted for Patriot act and the USA freedom act. There is no difference between him and Rubio.
Trump shut up the Mexico wont pay for wall crowd with brilliant Patriot Act move No money to Mexico
It's the law, the Patriot Act enforced, devastating to Mexico, good for US Border Patrol, Citizens,
The "gets things done" candidate: lobbied for welfare destruction, more prisons, voted for Iraq War and Patriot Act, is pro death penalty
Who cares? It won't happen. Has to get Congress to "tweak" the patriot act & U know it will be challenged
Hey remember that time Obama wanted to do abolish the patriot act & than just renamed it and made it even worse?
Heidi worked on Council for Foreign Relations, wrote Patriot Act now targeting veterans,Christians.ppl wanting Constitutional Gov.
.emphasizes Brooklyn roots, his votes vs Patriot Act. Will she be stumping for him in NYC? ht…
did you see the specific detail on how trump will get mexico pay for the wall?A little interesting as he sites the patriot act.
Trump's strategy would likely face legal challenges, questions over his use Patriot Act
Trump would pay for Mexican wall by cutting off $ in remittances sent by immigrants in U.S. (WashPost) Requires change…
: Hillary Clinton supported the patriot act!
Trump is using an awful bunch of laws (patriot act) to build an awful wall.
So Trump is already getting "creative" with Patriot Act interpretation. Definitely nothing to be worried about.
Se Trump outsmarted you AGAIN he is going to use the Patriot Act to make mexico pay for the wall LOLOLOLOLO
Yeah it is. The Patriot act gives him express authority to do so. And you're for American money g…
Since 2001, the Patriot Act has provided the means to detect and disrupt te...
"I would have never signed the Patriot Act." -Gary Johnson
Or that time he, & defeated the Patriot Act like a bunch of bad ***
Susan Lindauer's "Extreme Prejudice" explains how the Patriot Act gave our government too much power.
Evidence: San Bernardino not stopped despite Patriot Act. Conclusion; more Patriot Act.
"This is exactly what all the people who were upset about the Patriot Act were predicting. They were…" — anon99
The last republican administration used martial law to rule US with the Patriot Act and Dept. of Homeland Security.
wasn't it a republican president that put in place the Patriot Act which was the biggest erosion of We The People in modern history
Howard Dean, do what's right for citizens, not 'Citizens United', that's just a 'Patriot Act'
wrong about Iraq, wrong about marriage equality, wrong about Patriot Act, wrong about Libya, wrong about Honduras.
When one of their own, Sen Russ Feingold of Wisconsin, cast his lone senate vote vs Patriot Act, the Dems left him hanging.
Her vote for the bankruptcy bill. Her bad judgment on Iraq. Patriot Act. Welfare Reform. Crime Bill. Super predators.
voted in favor of the Iraq War, promoted hydrofracking, voted for the Patriot Act and its reauthorization, "super predators"
John Oliver is one of the best. Have you heard him talk about the Patriot Act?
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one man should not have the power to ruin so many lives. Bush launched the War on Terror, Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, etc3/4
Patriot Act powers now used overwhelmingly 4 drug invest not terrorism. . Consider in debate abt Apple & phones
She’s a champion of privacy rights, and an outspoken critic of the Patriot Act. Congress must be thrilled with...
A study by the French Senate on the Patriot Act (in French) (happy to discuss it :) )
Beryl Howell helped craft E-FOIA, CALEA, DMCA & USA PATRIOT Act. Appointed by Bush and Obama to different spots in their terms.
Japanese interment camps funded by their own property and also patriot act now?
Apparently, questioning Bush, means you are a truther. Here's some truth: the patriot act didn't stop terrorism, it killed liberty.
Captain America as a war film, then a meditation on the Patriot Act? Yes please. Thor as super-fantasy? Sure.
what if in Harvard slogans were rsised in favor of OBL & for barbadi of US. Heard of PATRIOT…
While was creating a tv show,George Bush was stealing American liberties with the Patriot Act, is what Jeb should have said
Hey America: did you know the US Patriot act can Ban Islam & stop it in it's tracks?! Since instituted in 2011.
.Our journos who are so fond of US constitution willing to accept Patriot like act?. .
1993 first attack on World Trade Towers before 9/11. Bush only took privacy w/patriot act & welcomed One World Trade Towers
Not true.US still has some these laws.Also Patriot Act & curtailing of civil liberties during war time ht…
Their sorry *** would get busted before you could say F-B-I. If a patriot doesn't shoot them before Patriot act.
like the Patriot act? And I remember Carter, quite well, and he was no laughingstock.
I disagreed on the Iraq War, Libya use of force, the Bush era Patriot Act which she supported.
The 1%...capitalism and greed run amok. Patriot Act= huge loss of personal freedoms. Good times.
"In one undistinguished term as U.S. senator, Clinton opposed *** marriage, voted for the Iraq War, and supported the Patriot Act..."
In India *** argue with no facts, no history, zilch.Even if you haven't heard of US sedition law, you surely have he…
CEO of says US must soften provisions of Patriot Act or won't be accepted
In one undistinguished Senate term, Clinton opposed *** marriage, voted for Iraq, & supported the Patriot Act.
What limited govt guy thinks it's ok to support Patriot Act, a $1 trillion military, and state discrimination?
of whom were tools of the USA Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act which abridged the constitution
I like Bernie fought for civil rights his whole life, against the Patriot Act, war isn't first choice.
ignoring int'l law as well as American (Patriot Act, lying to Congress, outing CIA operatives, etc) don't matter?
Thank you to American Businesses for the true Patriot Act. Wages up, 151K jobs created, and unemployment rate at 4.9%.
Please talk to your father about undoing Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act, etc. that destroy fundamental rights/privacy
How can any one defend HRC after she supported DADT, Iraq War, "Tough on Crime" legislation, the Patriot Act, TPP, Keystone XL?
HC was FOR the war in Iraq, AGAINST *** marriage, FOR the Patriot Act, FOR NAFTA, and wants 2 put EdSnowden in prison. THAT'S …
Israeli Dual Michael Chertoff wrote the Patriot Act to imprison Americans. Patriot Act is an Israeli Zio…
Joe Biden Drafted the Core of the Patriot Act in 1995 ... Before the Oklahoma City Bombing Washington's Blog
Could you let Chris Carter know the National Defense Authorization Act funds the Defense Department? It's not the Patriot Act.
Prior to the passage of the Patriot Act, it was very difficult - often impo...
I don't know how I feel about this. IF it's put into place, CISA, and the Patriot Act need to go. But they won't.
I'll be reading the patriot act in the library for the next couple hours.
Orwellian: Only in the US can one spying bill called "The Freedom Act" modify another called "The Patriot Act".
The NDAA along with The Patriot Act are the 2 most ANTI-Constutional "laws" ever passed by the *** in Congress.
US surveillance powers expire as the Senate fails to reach a deal on the Patriot Act.
While they're off protecting Oregon from its endangered waterfowl, couldn't government size the Bundys jr's homes under the patriot act?
We are not sure if BHO can even handle this job. Our patriot army awaits you at Act today.
Maybe the Japanese know something we don't. Enlist in our patriot army at Act today!.
true. He did help bring reform to end Section 215 of Patriot Act, the program, in Nov. 2015, which violated 4th Amendment.
Presumably you also opposed the Patriot Act and supported Edward Snowden.
NYC court in Bout conviction proxy also sentenced under Patriot Act & hacker Hammond!
same. Civil War was about the Patriot Act. Civil War II is the NSA?
Every American citizen watch this video by CIA MidEast Asset jailed GW Bush Patriot Act to silence truth Iraq 9/11 https:/…
"In a moment of national fear (9/11), it passes the so called PATRIOT ACT- and in one fell swoop, every crime...
No, we aren't crafting a Patriot Act in France (in French). Good points by
I remember these guys, American Patriot. They were the opening act on the Ozzfest tour in 98. They touring or just playing
The USA patriot act was a start to a new business model
he also voted against the patriot act. Which passed 98 to 1
. How long is the "Iran Hostage" thing going to go on in Oregon? I thought the Patriot Act covered domestic terrorism.
Patriot act is unconstitutional, that is so obvious.
He never speaks about - NDAA, The Patriot Act, HUD housing plans for "workforce Gulags" It concerns me.
If I had a dollar for each time an Islamic Muslim committed a terrorist act I wouldn't need to win the lottery
Following a lack of Congressional approval, parts of the Patriot Act expired on June 1, 2015.
On May 26, 2011, President Barack Obama signed the PATRIOT Sunsets Extension Act of 2011, a four-year extension of three key provisions:...
The USA PATRIOT Act is an Act of Congress that was signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001.
" "Flag Shopping", "Suicide By Cop" and "Patriot Act" all missed the rap intelligentsia year end lists too. The sleep was over & underground
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anyone have a Tax ID they dont use? Just need to confirm my silly PayPal for "patriot act" like thats a real thing
from 1789 until "The Patriot Act" proof of identity was by signed affirmation &most proofs of evidence in courts
Limited government is the key to keeping your freedom. Join our patriot army at Act today.
Nope. I didn't much like the Patriot Act. I'd say more of a Glass-Steagall for guns.
The people who are afraid will never get anywhere. Enlist in our patriot army at Act now.
the pledge, the beginning of the declaration of independence and the Patriot act...My computer is validation material.
I like how she supported Iraq War,Patriot act, NAFTA,TARP, repeal of glass steagall and cheered for TPP+40 times
Yeah...big government taking away rights...what does THAT feel like? 😐 act
Regardless of whether 9/11 was an inside job, it was most certainly exploited as an excuse to take our liberties…
I NEVER supported the Patriot Act. I understood why some Cons did, but I never bought into it.
Best Justice League episode is "Patriot Act". Has none of the major leaguers, highlights the danger of paranoia, and shows civies doing good
Whenever whoever wants you to act as patriot, in most cases, if not all, somewhere somebody is going to fool something out of you. -Hussein
Do the armed *** not understand that We The People could charge them with terrorism under the Patriot Act?
It is no joke. Homeowners, ranchers, family farms, holistic doctors, drug wars,patriot ac…
Y'all are just gonna ignore the War in Iraq, patriot act, corporate subsidies, etc or..?
Patriot Act author to European Union: Don't make my mistake after Paris:
the road to fear is paved with Patriot Act and Homeland Security
1 D, 1 I, 1 R. Liberals hated the Patriot Act under Bush, seem to think it's not so bad under Pres Obama
Elf on the Shelf is the Patriot Act of parenting, replacing the magic of Santa Claus with a tiny bureaucrat of a surveillance state.
Small government, then gave us NSA surveillance state, Homeland Security empire of bureaucrats, and Patriot Act. UGH
I wonder if Democratic Senators targeted for anthrax during their opposition to Patriot Act pieces got Cipro
Nullifying the Patriot Act for one. Destroying the NSA would also be a step forward.
Scrap the Patriot Act you supported, Rudy, the govt needs to put us in a shelter under armed guard for our security no WEB
no-fly list to prevent gun sales breaches constitutional rights but arresting you for "suspicious" acts is okay aka Patriot Act?
Rubio's position on Patriot Act expiration differs from Chairman McCaul's of House Homeland Security. Who's right?
Patriot Act, spying on us, seizing foreign assets...can't trust that
I assume this means you haven't read the founders of our republic, then. Also, I don't support the Patriot Act.
Thereby proving to everyone once and for all that the Department of Homeland Security and the Patriot Act is a joke.
Thinking back of French reactions after Bush came with the Patriot Act and Homeland Security...
NAFTA and GATT have about as much to do with free trade as the Patriot Act has to do with liberty - Michael Badnarik -
Catholics and the Inquisition. Protestants and witch burning in Salem. A watch lists for everyone? Oh, yeah, the Patriot Act.
I voted against the USA Patriot Act and will continue to do all that I can to understand the sacrifices veterans have made.
Patriot Act like, new constitution, war on terrorism, state of emergency, new National Guard. Etats-Unis ? Non la France d'Hollande.
After Paris a broad discussion about Patriot Act-like civil rights constraints took place, in and out of France. chose to>
Should the Patriot Act be reauthorized without changes?
Detain on mere suspicion? Isn't that what the Patriot Act allows? Remember Jose Padilla, "exploring a plan to build"
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