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Patrick Warburton

Patrick John Warburton (born November 14, 1964) is an American actor of television, film, and voice.

Lemony Snicket Joe Swanson Neil Patrick Harris Morgan Freeman Nathan Adrian Family Guy Virginia Madsen Peter Serafinowicz Joan Cusack Prince Charles

Patrick Warburton as The Tick. Episode 1 or 2. I probably shouldn't know this... 🤣
Ah! This is one of my favorite lines from the live action The Tick with Patrick Warburton! Dying,…
I love it. Shame Patrick Warburton's character doesn't get more screentime though
Patrick warburton and or Morgan Freeman
Patrick Warburton definitely, imagine using maps and hearing “hey uhh, in 200 ft you gotta tuurrrn... LEFT”
First time I met him (in my late teens) I thought he was the most American person I’d ever seen. He…
What is your favorite character of the many you have played? Which is most like Patrick Warburton?
Just joking, brah. Also was that really Patrick Warburton, or was that Alec in disguise?
Jeez, when is gonna finish his Let's Play of Custom Robo? Patrick Warburton didn't make a cameo just so…
So many film references and the power rangers boss fight, the finger gun shoot out is absolutely g…
Patrick Warburton (actor who plays joe from Family Guy)
Hey at least it had a Peter Dinklage/Patrick Warburton team up.
Watching Family Guy is really surreal after having shook hands and having a decent conversation with Patrick Warburton today 😅
Ummm, Patrick Warburton just walked by me...
Patrick Warburton's character is dressed as the Tick in this film's Comic-Con scene.
Upon noticing Barry, Vanessa's boyfriend Ken (Patrick Warburton) attempts to squash him, but Vanessa gently catches…
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did right by casting That woman has a voice on level with James Earl Jones, Sam Jackson,…
Who on earth is in charge of casting for the next Batman? ARMIE HAMMER OR PATRICK WARBURTON, PEOPLE.
I think they're just numb at this point. Or they confuse him with Patrick Warburton.
Was I meant to read that in Patrick Warburton's voice? Because I did.
If I ever made a video game all the towns guard will be voiced by Patrick Warburton
starting a petition to get Patrick Warburton as the new Batman
There's more. Steven Yeun. Gregory Peck. Tyler James Williams. Terry Crews (doubt this one). David Tennant. Jackie C…
Patrick Warburton is a cocky LAPD Detective on a perilous and not-always-successful mission to stop the bad guys, g…
Real mighty if you ask me as Patrick Warburton said some years ago Women are just like men but with br…
I like that Patrick Warburton has been chosen to play John the Baptist
Thanks! The Moog voice is my favorite part of it actually because I don’t really remember exactly how…
No I did not meet Patrick Warburton or Peter Dinklage.
Which one of you sounds like Patrick Warburton?
Happy 53rd Birthday to Patrick Warburton! The actor who played Jeff Bingham in Rules of Engagement, David Puddy in Seinfeld…
Meanwhile I tried to push for Patrick Warburton to play him instead. Fat lot of help that did me.
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I hope he doesn't mind rubbing elbows with the likes of Prince Charles, Patrick Warburton and
If you could make one ride character a meet-and-greet character, who would it be (and why is the answer obviously Patric…
Great comparison! Might want to take a page out of the Hollywood playbook on this one and cut all ties…
I love Patrick Warburton's voice. He has that sassy tone that makes anybody laugh.
Today is patrick warburton's birthday btw
I see celebs often enough here but they’re always like B-tier celebs shooting TV shows and stuff, l…
Doesn’t really matter. NZF will blame Patrick anyway.
Patrick Warburton in Seinfeld is just perfect.. since when does Joe Swanson have working legs
as Brock Sampson is the best. Actually what I’m saying is that Patrick Warburton is just the best
One of the things on my bucket list is to eat BBQ or a steak with Patrick Warburton.
I've enjoyed the new Tick series on but I prefer the Patrick Warburton version (although the cartoon is still best)
And add the Patrick Warburton National Car Rental commercial to my list of hates as well.
Am I the only one unreasonably bothered by Patrick Warburton in the Soarin' spiel calling himself chief flight attendant instead of purser?
Why didn't anyone tell me Patrick Warburton was the pilot of Soarin' at Epcot?!?!?!? THIS IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION
All patrick warburton characters are named joe to me
How many times a day do you think somebody stops Patrick Warburton to thank him for voicing Joe the cop on Family Guy?
How was the Tick? Been wondering if anyone could measure up to Patrick Warburton's performance.
I imagine he has the voice of Patrick Warburton.
You look like the love child of Billy Idol and Patrick Warburton
Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket was a friggin fantastic casting choice
I like the version with Patrick Warburton
Patrick Warburton is note-perfect as Lemony Snicket in the Netflix series.
Another note found in my pony journals. Twilight's attempt to cover for Spikes theft spree from a royal guard voice…
I loved it. Eps 5 & 6 are real good. Patrick Warburton's actually listed as a producer along with the guy in…
Patrick Warburton in Rules of Engagement is my hero.
I would never have imagined Patrick Warburton as Snicket, but he's so, so good.
TBT: to when I worked an Alice Cooper charity where I met Patrick Warburton, Larry the cable guy and more as the Ma…
If you couldn't get Patrick Warburton to play the tick in the remake, you shouldn't have remade it! C'mon!!!
One of these days, we need a Cheat Commando voiced by Patrick Warburton.
Wondering if folks are aware of the role Patrick Warburton is playing in the National Car Rental ads.
Patrick Warburton should be the lead singer of The National
was on point on her voice acting spots: Patrick Warburton AND Allison Janney! No wonder it's our favourite ride...
Poor has that infection where your throat is so bad you sound like Patrick Warburton. Kronchitis
I love that you sound just like Patrick Warburton. Joe Swanson's my fav Family Guy character
The one and only. Patrick Warburton is to The Tick as Micheal Keaton is to Batman.
Red band trailer for starring Patrick Warburton, Virginia Madsen and Dacre Montgomery.
Yea but he should be in more. Like Universals Patrick Warburton
The Tick from the 90s with Patrick Warburton was 20 years ahead of its time. End of story.
Haven't seen it. But I loved the Patrick Warburton series so much I'm afraid to dip my toes.
I told Paula that Zizi is a richard horvitz voice and she asked me if Cosmes is patrick warburton and I hate that she read me like that
my BNAL 306 teacher sounds exactly like Patrick Warburton. imagine Kronk trying to teach you multiple linear regression
I wish I had an iconic voice like Morgan Freeman or Patrick Warburton 🤔 you instantly know who they are from their voice
So the new The Tick is produced by Patrick Warburton!? And he's not starring??? He's the perfect actor!WHHY
if you do get flynn in the future would he get the same voice actor, Patrick Warburton
I want a Skullkickers cartoon show voiced by Patrick Warburton and John DiMaggio.
I'm sorry but Patrick Warburton is the only Tick I'll recognise
[relaxing in a plane waiting for takeoff]. [Patrick Warburton over Tannoy]. "Howdy, i'm yer CO-PILOT!". [My face lights up]
.and my lyft driver after show was uncomfortably obsessed with Patrick Warburton. Puddy from Seinfeld.
That would be Patrick Warburton . Played NASA expert in understated role in…
Warburton to have neck surgery, out of Wales\' autumn tests. (SPEEDonFOX)
The best 8 Ball Patrick Warburton Vintage Bomber Jacket is now here.
There's only one Tick and that's Patrick Warburton.
We've been watching it, actually! We watched the new one and now we are watching the 2001 one with Patrick Warburton.
Is it wrong that everytime I see Patrick Warburton now I think "Oh hey that's Brock Samson!".
I'm patrick warburton and im going to kill my friend george clooney
hey. i'm patrick warburton. And I'm going to kill you.
When will Patrick Warburton show up? ;). Love your work!!!
Has anyone made a song using only samples from Patrick Warburton's various roles?. "Peter" "my spinach puffs" "Possible!"
My only complaint about is that it's not just 11 playable hours of Troy Baker's Patrick Warburton impression.
I like this Star Wars audiobook but the bad Han Solo impression keeps pulling me out of it. Its Jeff Goldblum and then its Patrick Warburton
Loved hearing some hollywood stories from Patrick Warburton. Thanks for the round jduppal
Jack if you love Patrick warburton play skylanders imaginators he plays a big role love ur channel
Will you be voiced by Patrick Warburton?
and Patrick Warburton as dijon with an American accent of course.
Convinced Patrick Warburton is a voice actor on every cartoon ever
Can we get a Space Ghost movie with Patrick Warburton as SG? Lol random but it's been in my head all day P.S. I love Patrick Warburton
also his Patrick Warburton is getting more and more laughs i'M SO HAPPY it's one of my most fave impressions of his omg?
I was asked which celebrity I would trade lives with and I easily said Patrick Warburton.
Just finished the 1st 6 episodes of Amazon's The Tick. Charming imo. He's no Patrick Warburton, but Serafinowicz does a good job!
I miss the animated Tick and Patrick Warburton.
The new Tick show on Amazon isn't bad but it has to compare to Patrick Warburton and that is impossible to do.
The new live action series of The Tick is decent. Not as good as the Patrick Warburton one, or the cartoon, but good.
Watched the new TIck show. Kinda funny. Still think Patrick Warburton was a better Tick. And where is Chairface?
I'm also gonna second Patrick Warburton but give me time to think and I'll ge…
Ever see the old cartoons? Or the old TV show with Patrick Warburton? The Tick has always been the best superhero! :-)
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Whoa. There's a new version of The Tick? I want to be excited. But Patrick Warburton can not be equaled.
Love the Tick!! Every time I see Patrick Warburton I think of the cartoon! ❤️
Tick had a live action before, with Patrick Warburton as the main. It was amazing and canceled far too soon
comedy. There was a live-action series before this one, starring Patrick Warburton that is also excelle…
yeah I didn't expect anyone besides Patrick Warburton to pull it off. Glad I was wrong.
I was sad that Patrick Warburton didn't reprise but 3 episodes in I'm having a hard time imagining anyone other than Serafinowicz.
Thoughts on "The Tick" reboot: It's okay. The new actor isn't half as good as Patrick Warburton
Nope. Should have reprised the series with Patrick Warburton or left it dead and buried.
I've loved Peter Serafinowicz' work for a long time, but Patrick Warburton will always be my Tick.
Everyone is getting Morgan Freeman to narrate their lives; me, I'm getting Patrick Warburton.
How is it so far? I'm a fan of the original animated series and the Patrick Warburton version.
The day before I went to college, my high school girlfriend and I marathoned every episode of the Patrick Warburton Tick and then broke up
No worries Peter! Every1 loves Patrick Warburton & the cartoon which started it all but Ep. 1 on Amazon wa…
Patrick Warburton had such the perfect dry wit. How's the new Tick compare?
Amazon's The Tick? Naw, bruh, that's *** Anyone remember the original with Patrick Warburton? Now that was lit!
Watched 4 episodes of The Tick today. You are excellent, better than Patrick Warburton…
But the original tv show, which was very funny but cancelled quickly, starred Patrick Warburton.
I'd never heard of it until the Patrick Warburton show. I'd loved him on Seinfeld.
The Tick live-action reboot is nothing to me without Patrick Warburton. There, I said it.
I remember the last one, with Patrick Warburton.
Sorry. Patrick Warburton was The Tick. He is The Tick. He will always be The Tick. There can be no other Tick.
Is it as good as the Patrick warburton seriea?
I loved both the 1994 animated version and 2001 with Seinfeld's "Puddy" aka Patrick Warburton…
So there's a new but it doesn't have Patrick Warburton?. ...hmnnn
I'm sorry, but for me, there will only ever be one Tick: Patrick Warburton.
I just watched The Tick on Amazon Fire Stick. I miss Patrick Warburton.
Patrick Warburton: most people know his voice as the voice of Joe Swanson from Family Guy. Rules of Engagement is h…
The problem is simply that nobody can do it better Patrick Warburton. There was already a live action The Tick show.
The Tick will never be the same without Patrick Warburton
Well then you can blame, the creator of the tick and Patrick Warburton. Because they are the ones helping out with it.
I was gonna say, I'll give it a try, but it might be hard to beat the Patrick Warburton version!
Turns out Patrick Warburton was the only person alive who could sell this
I love the Tick! This version's a bit edgier than the short-lived one with Patrick Warburton.
What is the point of rebooting The Tick if it isn't Patrick Warburton?. . .
I loved the live action with Patrick Warburton (Puddy from Seinfeld).
I really enjoyed the old live action one with Patrick Warburton, so I'll probably check it out at some point.
...You know, you may be a better tick then Animated/Patrick Warburton. At the least, you chew more scenery. :)
We did.when Patrick Warburton played the role
The most beautiful man that has ever lived (and with a beautiful heart 💟) Patrick Warburton xx 💖
Happy episodes are finally on amazon. Sad that Patrick Warburton is not reprising the roll.
But not with Patrick Warburton so, meh.
Nice to see Patrick Warburton got a producer credit.
Sorry but there is only 1 Tick and that is Patrick Warburton. Anything else is just subpar.
OH GOD NOT THIS *** AGAIN. Cash Tankinson, the last Patrick Warburton you'll ever need!
Does this new thing have any relation to the Patrick Warburton / Nestor Carbonel…
Decided to give Amazon's The Tick a try. No one can top Patrick Warburton's The Tick but this one is pretty good.
Patrick Warburton wore the suit better ...
omg... just found out Patrick Warburton is an executive producer!
Just two buff dudes sitting on a couch. One does a good Patrick Warburton impr…
Just saw Peter Serafinowicz and Patrick Warburton were producers of the new Tick. Two Ticks, coming together, for the good of mankind.
I LOVE me some Patrick Warburton, but I enjoyed the *** out of the Amazon Pilot.
It used to be on Netflix but it's gone now :/ the DVD is really cheap though!
But... it's Patrick Warburton-less. Convince me that this is not an unclearable hurdle to awesomeness.
It'll be hard for me to watch without Patrick Warburton. He was a perfect Tick.
I haven't seen the cartoon yet but I loved the sadly short-lived Patrick Warburton live action show!!
I won't watch the new series bc they replaced aka Patrick Warburton. He's ok with it but I'm not.
Finally watching and I'm glad I am! I miss Patrick Warburton, but the new cast is killing it. Humor reminds me of Mystery Men.
I loved the animated show that used to come on on Fox. If I recall…
He can never replace Patrick Warburton's place in my heart...
My favorite is Patrick Warburton who did the voice of brock and Joe. Some people only see him as one or the other.
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Because they keep forgetting they should really be getting a good vehicle for Patrick Warburton instead…
Patrick Warburton and Rob Riggle are the same person wake up sheeple
As it turned out, the voice actor of “Vasquez” is Patrick Warburton, who also gives Joe Swanson (the cop) in his voice... Neat!
Patrick Warburton is amazing in A Series of Unfortunate Events.
worth watching for Patrick Warburton alone
Sunny is so sarcastic (In subtitles) which is great. Also the show has Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket narrating
I am like 30 seconds into the new Series of Unfortunate Events and I am loving Patrick Warburton. He's *not* doing Puddy, for once.
How much do you think it costs to hire Patrick Warburton to narrate your daily misadventures?
Patrick Warburton is stealing this show so far (not to mention Tara Strong), not all that impressed with Olaf.
Watching and are how are Jon Hamm and Patrick Warburton not the same person??
But better than both those things because it has Patrick Warburton.
I suppose I would prefer NPH over Donald and Patrick Warburton over Sean Spicer
the only person who should play Shazam is Patrick Warburton
I have the biggest crush on Patrick Warburton.
I'm sad A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS is over but I am ECSTATIC that Patrick Warburton gets to sing!!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Patrick Warburton (talks becoming Lemony Snicket, typecasting, and on the
Patrick Warburton makes a great noir narrator but not so much for A Series of Unfortunate Events that is supposed to be told like a letter
adore Patrick warburton as lemony as well
Neil Patrick Harris? Patrick Warburton? Sign us up! coming in how with Lemony Snicket and we are ready!
❤Patrick Warburton in A Series of Unfortunate Events. His Kronk in Emperors New Groove has always been my daughter's fav cartoon character
When I see Patrick Warburton in I'll always see him as this guy
Although I loved Patrick Warburton's portrayal of Lemony Snicket, I still think Morgan Freeman would've done a way better job.
I am Patrick Warburton and my wife is not amused.
yeah it's exactly what I wanted it to be, Patrick Warburton is so good as Lemony Snicket
Unfortunate Events at long last answers my complaint that Patrick Warburton is never in enough of whatever he's in.
Assuming I'll enjoy the Series of Unfortunate Events show as it stars both Patrick Warburton and the cat-obsessed child from Nine Lives
Can I have Patrick Warburton narrate my life?
watching the Series of Unfortunate Events series on NF. pretty stylish. mostly, I'm waiting for Patrick Warburton to say "Peter" Brock style
I just want Patrick Warburton to sing me to sleep every night now
All narrated in Patrick Warburton's voice, obvi☺
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No offense to Patrick Warburton, but this casting is not 100% so far. I imagine Lemony Snicket as British and as not bass-voiced.
Hm...I don't see it. Also, age is big for me, which is why I don't count Patrick Warburton.
"I just wanna touch his voice when he talks." --- My brother in reference to Patrick Warburton.
foh. Rodman thinks he's a woman and Lambeer looks like Patrick Warburton. No goons.
Though Patrick Warburton is a close second.
Patrick Warburton is perfect in the opening for Series of Unfortunate Events.
They'll learn. Patrick Warburton, John DiMaggio, Fred Tatiasciore, Maurice LaMarche, Tom Kenny + Billy West do 99% of all voices.
I don't remember much about the ASoUE movie but I think I prefer the show w/ NPH and Patrick Warburton
can there be a jojo english dub that features Patrick Warburton
I could watch Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket all day long.
Great series, and I could watch/listen to NPH and Patrick Warburton all night but a terrible terrible adaptation
Episode 8 was also pretty good, despite ending a bit abrupt. Patrick Warburton's singing voice will haunt me until the end of time.
Patrick Warburton "and as usual in the case of the series of unfortunate events of being a bills fan... this was not true"
Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket is just perfection.
Even Neal Patrick Harris and Patrick Warburton can't make Lemony Snicket palatable to me.
Patrick Warburton as Lemony Snicket is fantastic as narrator. It makes it feel a lot more like the books did
I'm glad I watched A Series of Unfortunate Events show first, now when I read the books I'll read them all in Patrick Warburton's voice
I mean, like, Patrick Warburton spends the whole time telling you its an awful story and don't watch
I do like Patrick Warburton an awful lot. And there were hints of fun conspiracy spy adventure things forthcoming.
Patrick Warburton absolutely owns A Series of Events. Excellent series. Does the books justice and then some.
Patrick Warburton is in the ad for series of unfortunate events. ive now been sold on that series
Patrick Warburton is perfect as Lemony Snickett in 🙌🏻
Why did no one tell me Patrick Warburton is in Series of Unfortunate events?!
Patrick Warburton is the best thing about
Dear Patrick Warburton, how much would you charge to follow someone around and narrate their life as Lemony Snicket? Asking f…
The new is fabulous in so many ways. NPH. Diversity. Patrick Warburton. Sticking to the original plot 😍
I cannot take Patrick Warburton seriously as Lemony Snicket... Not after the boss in Ted and years of Joe Swanson
Neil Patrick Harris, Alfre Woodard, Joan Cusack and Patrick Warburton in the new and I am very excited
Some examples we came up with: Chris Walken, Tracy Morgan, Jon Benjamin, Patrick Warburton. Who did we miss?
Prince Charles is 68. Condoleezza Rice is 62. Reverend Run of Run-DMC is 52. Patrick Warburton is 52. Reality star Chip Gaines is 42.
I can't believe we all got owned by Bill Mitchell, conservative talk radio's hybrid of Bob Ross, Patrick Warburton, and Dril.
Neil Patrick Harris, Patrick Warburton, and Joan Cusack? I'm there! Lemony Snicket coming to
Patrick Warburton's delivery as Lemony Snicket feels like it was directed by Wes Anderson. Which is somehow very apropos
sometimes it scares me just how well I can do a Patrick Warburton impression.
Safe Neighborhood is next. Only thing I know about it is that it's set at Christmas, is genre and stars Virginia Madsen & Patrick Warburton
I love westerns. I've always wanted to do a western.
Exclusive images of Mark Warburton following the semi-final draw.
Patrick Warburton plays Tom, no? Tom's the guy who gets cucked by the bee
Patrick Warburton is literally Vasquez in Joe Dirt 2 I'm headed to the bONE ZONE
the short-lived early 2000s show with Patrick Warburton was pretty sick. Check it out.
Aman just convinced everybody I sound like patrick Warburton and I've never been so ecstatic
I can see Tim Burton being engulfed in light and evolving like a Pokémon into Patrick Warburton.
Are we sure this guy isn't three little kids in a trenchcoat and Patrick Warburton mask
this dude needs to shut up before he's mixed up with the magnificent Patrick Warburton
Tick is a cartoon character, I don't know if you're familiar with him. This is the thir
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Patrick Warburton has gotta be in my top 5. What a fantastic individual that guy is.
Patrick Warburton interviewed at the 26th Annual Simply Shakespeare Benefit
Oh my god. You, Tom Hanks, Finn Wittrock, Patrick Warburton and Brett Dalton? This is a dream.
Random Patrick Warburton impression because tired and bored
Anything with a lack of Warburton is a problem. Schindler's List is a fine movie and all...but no Patrick Warburton = 0/10
...I just realized I'm not following Patrick Warburton here. *** is wrong with me?! Why have I not realized this until now?!?
The greatest risk is really to take no risk at all. You've got to go out there, jump o
I want a buddy cop movie where Patrick Warburton and Diedrich Bader are partners.
My wife still thinks I'm crazy when I say I want to be Patrick Warburton when I grow up.
Honestly. Patrick Warburton stole the whole movie as Kronk. A timeless character that will be remembered even after many decades.
I just waited until the end of a commercial to change the channel because I enjoy Patrick Warburton in all things. Even adverts.
I had a dream there was an undertale movie and Catty was voiced by Patrick Warburton. What does this mean
He looks like Patrick Warburton cast in a reboot of Trading Places to play Randolph. Possibly Mortimer.
I need an entire animated series with this character. Voiced by Patrick Warburton.
has some seriously cringeworthy acting and jokes. But Patrick Warburton is on serious point.
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Yes I say this every time Patrick Warburton is mentioned.
Hoodwinked. Where Red Riding Hood was a Karate champ. The Grandma was a Daredevil. And the Wolf was voiced by Patrick Warburton.
I did, I'm just letting everyone else know through Patrick Warburton gifs
yeah, I was unsure as to whether it'd work, but it definitely does. I have to rewatch the Patrick Warburton series
. I thought it was Patrick Warburton doing a parody account with talcum in his hair.
Is Patrick Warburton physically unable to open his eyes? He always looks like the sun in shining right in his face.
It's a good day when someone commissions Patrick Warburton.
I don't know if I ever really considered making a connection with the audience.
I love that every playthrough with voice acting involved, Arin gives a character a Patrick Warburton voice.
I dont care what voice or acting work he does but every time I see or hear Patrick Warburton I just shout 'Puddy!'
Patrick Warburton has one of the coolest voices I've ever heard!
That was pretty great when everybody did Patrick Warburton impressions on
another banner day for Old Patrick Warburton
I can't believe future Patrick Warburton traveled back N time, only 2 vote 4 Trump under another name!
Re-watching the Patrick Warburton Tick. Trying to put the Amazon pilot into context.
the squirrel talk scene kills me every time. Patrick Warburton's voice work is so good
wow no takers. Maybe that Mitchell guy who looks like Patrick Warburton will go for it
I thought he was an interesting central figure, central character, one who is definite
Oh and Patrick Warburton was the best part of Emperor's New Groove.
There's not a fortune to be made doing voiceover work unless you're one of the main voi
was fun and I really liked it, but still miss Patrick Warburton. & Yara Martinez/ Luisa from Jane the Virgin is in it!
Dundee defence is so pressed against our frontline, unbelieveable that Warburton didn't play MOH and Dodoo
Never met Levinson. Ever. He directed those American Express spots for us for Seinfeld, an
I was kidding because Patrick Warburton also did Hoodwinked's Mr. Wolf and Joe Swanson from Family Guy.
Commentator on the Cards game sounds like Patrick Warburton and it's easily the most entertaining thing in the game
That was either or Patrick Warburton in episode 7 of Camp Camp. Dare I hope for both?
IMO, if we can't get Patrick Warburton back, should be portrayed by . The Tick is basically a blue Grog!
Just love Nathan Adrian & Patrick Warburton. It's uncanny to me! 😂
I'm always pleasantly surprised when Patrick warburton is in a movie.
Patrick Warburton commentating the Olympics 🙌 I would watch every event!
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Nathan Adrian is like if Patrick Warburton was a popular youth pastor in Des Moines. That's a good disposition right there.
I cant believe Patrick Warburton ships the Genie from Aladin with Kronk
Well I had a dream where I helped Patrick Warburton celebrate his birthday, so yeah, we tight
Patrick Warburton must have so much fun going to work every day
Have yall casted Cable yet? You should get Patrick Warburton. Just sayin. Chimichangas and what nah
nice Patrick Warburton impression in episode 7 of
I love Patrick Warburton's commercials. And like all of his other work.
I was cry-laughing at your Patrick Warburton impressions, someone asked me if everything was ok. It was...
Patrick Warburton is me when Im older
I'm a huge fan so I would love to hear Patrick Warburton or Seth Macfarlane!
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