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Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart, OBE (born 13 July 1940) is an English film, television and stage actor, who has had a distinguished career in theatre and television.

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All of the LOLz to these Patrick Stewart and JC Chasez (yes, from that one boy band) cameos:
I've managed to guess which favourite Star Trek episode Patrick Stewart and Avery Brooks would pick on Syfy. No ideas for Kate Mulgrew.
Officially in love with Patrick Stewart and William Shatner ❤️ Trek
Sir Patrick Stewart "Violence is NEVER EVER the choice a man should make. EVER."
Patrick Stewart is an old, white, honourable man.
OMG! Patrick Stewart is at Boracay this summer!
Watching The Captains Close Up William Shatner interviewing Sir Patrick Stewart two legends of on SyFy makes me wanna watch.
Lol Patrick Stewart should be pm. Make it so!
I would be so much more into the Sherlock fandom if it was just about Sir Ian McKellen Holmes, and Sir Patrick Stewart played Watson
Its a terrific episode Patrick Stewart is wonderful as he ages in it
Had a dream that Wil Wheaton was giving me a lift and telling me how much Patrick Stewart fanboyed over The Lion King.
The not saying is a general theme. Patrick Stewart's Who Do You Think You Are episode about his dad very poignant on topic
Remember in Wolverine Origins when Patrick Stewart shows up as CGI Young Patrick Stewart?
Berkeley, Washington. You watch Psycho with Aaron Paul. Patrick Stewart boils meatballs next to you.
fans. Chief Officer tells us abt his in football.
His father was an abuser. Now that Patrick Stewart knows PTSD was a factor, he has a message.: Sir P...
Gonna be good! Even better they're bringing Patrick Stewart into it too!
My greatest fantasy/aspiration is to go on adventures and eat pizza with Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Marnie the Dog.
Patrick Stewart is totally killing it. Way to win at life, Sir!
Anakin why do you look like Patrick Stewart
it's bc of Patrick Stewart. I'm only kind of joking. That's probably the reason.
As I said elsewhere, if we have to have a Batman movie, get Patrick Stewart to be Mister Freeze and plagiarize the cartoons.
Oh man Patrick Stewart as Mr. Freeze would be perfect.
Put Patrick Stewart in the suit, crib from the Animated Series, and make a *** masterpiece.
James met Patrick Stewart! My inner Trekkie is freaking out right now!
The three people I could listen to forever:. Sam Elliot. Peter Cullen. Patrick Stewart
James Marsden as Cyclops, Ian McKellan as Mags, Patrick Stewart as Prof X, RDJ as Stark, Rebecca Romjin as Mystique.
Nemesis had Tom Hardy, Patrick Stewart, AND Ron Pearlman AND still bombed. Missed opportunities by the old guard
"Today on The Big Questions, we're talking drone warfare with Cheryl Baker and Patrick Stewart in Croydon."
Why aren’t you making use of Patrick Stewart and George Takei? You know they were in Star Trek, right???
Patrick Stewart was amused by Frank Welker's creature sounds though.
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Hey Interfriends: Vincent Kartheiser, who plays Pete Campbell in Mad Men, was in a movie with Patrick Stewart called Masterminds!
She has the depth. Maggie Smith would be a fun counter typecast, like Patrick Stewart playing a ham role.
A lot of people who live on this island. And no, Assam. But that doesn't sound as...Patrick Stewart-y.
Patrick Stewart and Sally Struthers? Wow. There's a combo I would have never guessed.
pffft that's cool, I've planned to spent most of my half term with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart anyway
I want to see Avery Brooks and/or Patrick Stewart in Star Trek one more time.
There's an very high res picture of Patrick Stewart online for some reason and I dont Know what do do with myself. http:/…
This is a wonderful scene. Absolutely hysterical and joyously played by both Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in Sean Mathias's production Samuel of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. [Join...
Clement Attlee looks like Patrick Stewart and that's sexy enough for me
Fair enough so. I was the same with Ray Darcy and Patrick Stewart from Star Trek!!!
is it too late for Patrick Stewart and Helen Mirren to have a baby?
Patrick Stewart on stopping violence against women
Patrick Stewart as John of Gaunt in the hollow crown is life.
There are only two famous people whose deaths would impact me more than Leonard Nimoy's. Patrick Stewart, and John Williams.
Somewhere, David Warner is torturing Patrick Stewart into saying that it's blue & black.
.Funnily enough, a word which does begin w/ X is Xavier, the surname of the char Professor X played by Patrick Stewart in
2000: Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier in "X-Men" - "Join the Evolution." -
New poster for upcoming Nov 2015 movie starring Patrick Stewart, James Roday, Jon Heder, Cheryl Hines...& me!
The sexy seniors were joined by Patrick Stewart and Bai Ling
Since you guys enjoy so much, here's one to start your day. Hugh Jackman - Brett Ratner - Patrick Stewart. Get answering!
Leo Howard, Paul Zimmer, Harrison Ford, Colton Haynes, Patrick Stewart and Ken Jeong all share a Birthday with you! 😀
since you tagged Patrick Stewart and Brent Spiner, my guess is Star Trek
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will star in a new West End production of Harold Pinter’s No Man’s Land.
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen won’t return for X-Men Apocalypse.
Looking at pictures of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, and being like, "ah, lifegoals..."
Patrick Stewart admits he'd 'absolutely' return to Star Trek. - make it so!
Sir Patrick Stewart reveals racing dream - Sir Patrick also revealed he would love to star alongside Jennifer Lawr... ht…
An actor famous for his role commanding a fictional starship will narrate NASA's 'trek' to Mars in a giant-screen documentary. Patrick Stewart, who helmed the USS Enterprise on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," is lending his voice to "Journey to Space."
Have a question for Patrick Stewart, star of IFC Films' and of course, X-Men Movies' Professor X? Leave your question in the comments below and he may answer!
i know. Still relevant. I want to ask Patrick Stewart if hes was in love with her and thus why he never
*Internal Monologue* "This is Patrick Stewart, how are you liking the program so far?"
Just realized that Patrick Stewart voices deputy director Bullock on American Dad, and now I'm super excited
It's December tomorrow! I can't think of a better way to celebrate the countdown to Christmas than unintentional comedy from Patrick Stewart. (All credit goes to James Covenant, support the original video here!
Patrick Stewart Narrating NASA's 'Trek' to Mars in 'Journey to Space' via
Patrick Stewart + Seth MacFarlane + Cocaine = Blunt Talk, a new comedy coming to Starz!
These wax sculptures of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen were an odd choice.
And just looked at the cast list to this movie and got really depressed. How do you waste Patrick Stewart, Hugh Dancy, Bernadette Peters...
It has been almost thirteen years since Patrick Stewart last played the role of Captain Jean-Luc [...]
Sir Patrick Stewart says he would play Capt. Jean-Luc Picard again; but there's a condition. Make it so!
Patrick Stewart says he'd play Star Trek's Capt. Jean-Luc Picard again: on one condition We Luv you lean Luc 😘
Patrick Stewart calls being mistaken for *** man an "honor"
YES who plays a Juilliard dance teacher in the new film Match, was misidentified as a...
Match starts Friday, Feb 6 at The Loft! Patrick Stewart gives a captivating performance in this witty,...
Patrick Stewart is in Fab in town. "Let's make sure history never forgets the name . . . Fab."
Thank God BBC America airs old episodes of Star Trek Next Generation frequently. Patrick Stewart you my dawg!
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan will not appear in X-Men: Apocalypse
Apple Watch wins our wrists and we party with Patrick Stewart on The CultCast + MORE -
Mariah, tune into this episode of ‘Larry King Now’ to catch Patrick Stewart chat about his new show:
Patrick Stewart says it's an honor to be mistaken as a *** man |
Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen will not be returning for ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’
Woah, Patrick Warburton is doing National ads now, which frees Patrick Stewart up for his true rental car endorsement calling: Enterprise.
"X-Men: Apocalypse" might not see Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen reprising their roles as Charles Xavier and Magneto...
Patrick Stewart says he is not returning for the X-men Apocalypse the *** what's X-men without Professor Charles Xavier?
How is Patrick Stewart not going to be Charles Xavier??? THERE IS NO ONE ELSE!!!
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan fans, you're going to have to be very brave
X-Men: Apocalypse won't feature Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart | Den of Geek:
BRAND SPANKIN' NEW REVIEW! "Match" with Patrick Stewart is now reviewed at:
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen unlikely to be in the next x-men film?
Patrick Stewart confirms that neither he nor Ian McKellen will reprise their roles as Professor Xavier and Magneto in 2016's 'X-Men: Apocalypse.' featured in NBC s Science of Love
Patrick Stewart played an annoying passenger on a plane and it was hilarious!
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen won't return for X-Men: Apocalypse While chatting with Larry King (in an interv...
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen won&return for X-Men: Apocalypse
1. Feet of fury – Passengers who use their feet as weapons topped Expedia's list of onboard etiquette violators... http:…
my wife had a crush on Patrick Stewart in her teen years, watching TNG. 😆
DNA Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen may not star in `X-Men: Apocalypse': Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKelle...
Ian McKellan & Patrick Stewart Will Not Be In X-MEN APOCALYPSE As some of you may know, the next film will be set in the 80’s with a whole new younger cast (New Cyclops, Jean Grey & Storm...
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen won't be appearing in
Aww! has said that he and Ian McKellen won't be featuring in
Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen won't be in the next 'X-Men' movie
According to Patrick Stewart, both he and Ian McKellen won't be back for X-Men: Apocalypse.
Patrick Stewart: 'Ian McKellen and I won't be appearing in next X-Men film'
I would pay good money to hear Patrick Stewart sing "Shake it Off".
'X-Men: Apocalypse': No Patrick Stewart as Professor X or Ian McKellan as Magento? (WATCH IT) This is n...
So many fans of sleepy Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in DOFP, going by all the "Boo, guess who won't be in the next X-Men" pieces!
It has been announced that the legendary Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart will NOT be returning for 'X-Men: Apocolypse'. It has been said that they will be focusing on the younger characters in the next film, which will mostly be following the young Professor X, Magneto, Beast & Mystique. Who is sad that the two won't be returning again to the franchise?
Osric: Patrick Stewart saw me at a con cosplaying as Princess Bubblegum, that was awkward
Patrick Stewart has confirmed that he and fellow first generation mutant Ian McKellen won't appear in the upcoming "X-...
'Apocalypse' Won't Include McKellen or Stewart: Patrick Stewart says neither he nor Ian McKellen will ...
Patrick Stewart: Ian McKellen and I Aren't in 'X-Men: Apocalypse': The actor reprised his role as Professor X in…
yes and she has cameos/guest readings from her mom, Kathleen Turner, Carol Burnett, and Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart is every annoying plane passenger in Jimmy Kimmel skit - Digital Spy (blog)
Watch at 2p today on Patrick Stewart talks new film;“Top Talker” Brooke Anderson; CBS’s “Recipe Rehab” host Evette Rios
Depends if you want just anyone, or a special voice like maybe Bill Nighy or Patrick Stewart.
Patrick Stewart, Seth MacFarlane, Moby and Magic Johnson are attending a premiere of in Los Angeles tonight
I don't know who that is but I feel the same about Patrick Stewart and David Tennant
If you haven't heard her autobiography on audio yet do so. Cameos from Carol Burnett,Patrick Stewart,Kathleen Turner, et al
Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, Patrick Stewart, Hulk Hogan, Julie Walters, and Dolly Parton (and Elton John) are in Gnomeo and Juliet.
dream cast - Nathan Lane as Elphaba, Whoopi Goldberg as Glinda, Danny DeVito as Madame Morrible, Patrick Stewart as the wizard
Film Trailer: 'Match': Watch the film trailer for "Match," starring Patrick Stewart, Carla Gugino, and Matthew...
AMERICA'S FORBIDDEN HISTORY: Kennewick Man (aka Patrick Stewart, lol),is a corpse found in Washington State in...
Patrick Stewart, Matthew Lillard, and Carla Gugino have arrived at
I heard a rumour that Patrick Stewart has been hired by Sony to play Martin Luther King Junior in a biopic released in June. Seems visionary.
- I also have to watch A Christmas Carol. My fav is Geo C Scott, then Patrick Stewart, Alastair Sim, Henry Winkler & Reg Owen
Sat (well, stood) in Starbucks. A fellow patron is the absolute spit of Patrick Stewart, and one of the baristas looks like Robert Downey Jr
Patrick Stewart must have been short of cash to appear in this version of Mysterious Island, Vinnie Jones is in it too.
I'd pay so much money to sound exactly like Patrick Stewart. Or Danny DeVito. Either one would be good.
I want Sir Ian McKellen to read me a bedtime story please. Or Sir Patrick Stewart. Make it so.
Patrick Stewart is here to offer you a bit of holiday cheer just before the season passes us by. Check out this video of his amazing holiday hat.
Patrick Stewart crumbles under assault from singing, dancing
So now has announced that Patrick Stewart is the nations favourite Doctor Who.
Just one of the reasons to love Sir Patrick Stewart.
Sir Patrick Stewart couldn’t have sent a better Christmas card to his fans this year – but he doesn’t look delighted about it.
Patrick Stewart is held hostage by The Christmas Jihad and force to make hat video.
Patrick stewart is at the irn bru carnival!!
Sometimes you don't know you need Patrick Stewart in a christmas hat, until you get Patrick Stewart in a christmas hat.
Star Trek News - You haven't really lived until you've seen the video of Patrick Stewart in a singing, gyrating Santa's elf hat.
Watch Patrick Stewart react to his delightful, dancing Christmas hat
Patrick Stewart is Wearing a Dancing Hat What a good sport!
We already knew Sir Patrick Stewart was someone we wanted to hang out with—just ask Ian McKellen. But now we want to spend Christmas with [...]
Patrick Stewart Scores Happy Holiday Hat!: Proving to the world that he’s no Scrooge, Patrick Stewart appear...
I was just gifted the same singing elf hat that Patrick Stewart has
Patrick Stewart's weird holiday video - The Internet has fallen in love with a video of the 74-year-old actor, pos...
Patrick Stewart wins Christmas as he endures singing Elf hat pain
Roscoe Lee Browne was a fantastic actor and like Patrick Stewart and James Earl Jones, his voice rocked!
great question... Joni Mitchell, Patrick Stewart, Patti Smith, Claudia Winkelman and a dog...
My own commentary: I vote for Tom Mison as the bridge actor for Professor X between James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart.
"Let me give you a tip: in 1973 I looked a lot like James McAvoy." - Patrick Stewart on the X-Men gag reel
Kids are gone. Time for some James McAvoy, Patrick Stewart, Ian MacKellan and Michael Fassbender.
LOL! Guess Rush & his minions forgot about Patrick Stewart as Othello.Doubt they've heard of Shakespeare. http:/…
I kinda like him. But often can't enjoy Patrick Stewart for similar reasons.
Are there any words for this? No, there aren't. It's just Patrick Stewart doing what he does best, looking hella grumpy while engaging in something childishly fun. And that's why we love everything about him. EVERYTHING.
No, you haven't drunk too much spiked eggnog, that really is Patrick Stewart wearing a singing, dancing Christmas hat.
Patrick Stewart looks utterly thrilled that he's wearing a singing Christmas hat
The videos we are getting on this Christmas Day just keep getting better and better… watch the moment when Patrick Stewart tried on a singing hat and was completely mortified! The video was posted on YouTube by Patrick‘s wife Sunny Ozell and you can hear her laughing in the background while he stand…
I can't stop laughing at this: Watch React as He Wears a Dancing, Singing Hat:
Love this guy! "Patrick Stewart spreads Christmas cheer with dancing hat:
lol. Patrick Stewart wearing a dancing Christmas hat: via
Patrick Stewart clearly has better things to be doing than wearing a light-up, singing Christmas hat.
does NOT look happy to be wearing a singing, dancing Christmas hat!
If you didn't already love this man, you have no heart if that is so, this will make you. We love Patrick Stewart.
The internet loves Christmas and Patrick Stewart. His wife Sunny Ozell combined the two, and it's wonderful.
Patrick Stewart in a Christmas hat that sings and dances? Sign us up!
The great Patrick Stewart vs the Christmas Hat. Great stuff!
We present to you: in 'Sweet Hat Bro'
Watch Patrick Stewart just lose it with a dancing, singing Christmas hat Priceless!!
Star Trek's Patrick Stewart goes nuts with a really stupid Christmas gift hat.
"ICYMI: Patrick Stewart won Crimbo with elf hat. you wore it better
Sir Patrick Stewart, you always make us laugh and brighten our day!
Judging by his ugly Santa hat and sad face, Sir Patrick Stewart must have lost a bet to hise wife yesterday:
This weird video by is kind of hilarious
Patrick Stewart lights up our Xmas wiv clip of his reaction 2 dancin hat
Patrick Stewart lights up our Xmas with clip of his reaction to dancing hat
so this year I made the customary Christmas Carol rounds. Saw Mickey's, Reginald Owens', Patrick Stewart's, Alistair Sim's, Albert Finny's, and the Muppets. But I didn't manage to find George C. Scott's version. So I may just have to buy that one. Not to mention I got three Staves into the book that I was reading to Maddie.
I really wanna have a friendship like the one between Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart when I get very old & become an elder.
Patrick Stewart is an incredibly good sport to do this. Even if he can't help the facepalm at the end.
And just when you thought your Christmas was complete, THINK AGAIN!...
ICYMI: Patrick Stewart won Christmas this year with his crazy elf hat.
I wonder what Sir Patrick Stewart is thinking about his wife in this moment...out the air lock with you! Oh wrong show😃
Patrick Stewart spreads Christmas cheer with dancing hat:
Sir reaction to this is the perfect post via
Patrick Stewart looks 'delighted' in a light-up, singing Christmas hat
No-one wears a singing and dancing Christmas hat quite like Sir Patrick Stewart.
Patrick Stewart is appropriately distraught in hideous musical hat
Patrick Stewart is the definition of CLASS, all the way (singing *** *** *** apparently)... :D
Patrick Stewart's reaction to a singing, dancing Santa hat is amazing - watch via
Patrick Stewart in a singing, dancing Christmas hat. You're welcome.
Patrick Stewart In A Dancing Christmas Hat, You’re Welcome: Dummies of the Year | Content for Smart People Lik...
A Strictly recap came on the TV of Greg from MasterChef dancing awfully. Girlfriend squints at screen and asks me if it was Patrick Stewart.
Patrick Stewart is keeping it weird on Christmas and it's awesome (VIDEO): The Star Trek actor was apparently ...
"Ian McClellan, he's *** stood up for Patrick Stewart, who isn't *** at his wedding. Derek Jacobi is terrific, also *** in real life" -mom
you must be forgetting the Patrick Stewart version ;)
I argue in favor of Patrick Stewart
wahoo found the version of A Christmas Carol I like on youtube!! Patrick Stewart makes a fine captain, but George C Scott is Scrooge to me!
You could have jeff hardy and Patrick Stewart and top that division.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
caught Richard Clarke and Elijah Wood that time! Pretty random group. The nerd in me would have gravitated to Patrick Stewart.
Holy crap Sting looks like Patrick Stewart now (new Star Trek captain maybe?) LOL
I'm watching a Christmas Carol starring Patrick Stewart as Ebenezer scrooge . I like this one better than the one with George C. Scott . It's hard to believe General Patton as Scrooge .
I went to see Parkinson at The London Studios in 2007. The guests were Patrick Stewart, Ian Hislop and Gene Wilder.
Patrick Stewart as Michael Jordan in "There are 6 Rings, Make it So"
"A Christmas Carol" with Captain Picard-- er, Patrick Stewart as Scrooge & Joel Grey as The Ghost of Christmas Past.
I really like the George C. Scott version also. Patrick Stewart version is pretty good, not my favorite.
Sean yeah not Nick though. Older man crush Patrick Stewart iama sucker for a sexy voice He could the phonebook and id listen
I've just found out Patrick Stewart is bambis dad
You need to see it for how amazing Patrick Stewart is and how completely bug nutty bonkers Avery Brooks is.
Can I imagine this in a Tracy Jordan voice? Or is it more Patrick Stewart?
The next best Scrooge was with George C Scott. Then Patrick Stewart.
Patrick Stewart isn't the only green tea lover (
I note how often Jonathan Frakes leans or bends over when he's in shot with Patrick Stewart, so Riker doesn't tower over Picard.
I'm not sure who I'd rather have narrating a documentary about me, Peter Cullen or Patrick Stewart?
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Patrick Stewart is funnier than Brent Spiner desperately tries to be.
Patrick Stewart is actually as funny as Brent Spiner wishes he was.
Misread Patrick Schwarzenegger as Patrick Stewart and wasn't sure what to do
you should get Brian blessed, billy Connolly, Patrick Stewart and Ian mckelkan. Bet they'd have some good stories!
There's a graduation going on at Uni right now, which means one thing... Patrick Stewart is near...
Patrick Peterson had a few good minutes
and also, when I was sad after the interview, I met who was complaining because she interviewed Patrick Stewart and he talked about
is it just me, or does the guy on the teaser art for Far Cry 4 look like Patrick Stewart?
the best is when Patrick Stewart announces that all toilets will hereafter be known as Johns
Yay! Mine! … I might be watching the Patrick Stewart Christmas Carol when you come home...
Congrats to CB on his first career pick six!. [WATCH] http:/…
LOL.that is PATRICK Stewart and Ian messing around, have a lot of that
also, Patrick Stewart once said it was nice to know that in his younger life he looked like James McAvoy.
they remind me of Patrick Stewart and Ian mckellan together. They r hilarious w each other.
Agree! Still love the Zefferelli version and also enjoyed Patrick Stewart in Macbeth.
A5 - Ooh! Although I haven't taught R&J in years, I still love Zefferelli - Also, the Patrick Stewart Macbeth is pretty great
Anonymous said: Do you think Patrick Stewart is a good example of how men can get involved with feminism?
I know the most recent Macbeth, with SIR Patrick Stewart, is free.
all I see when I watch that National advert is the Avery Bullock version of Patrick Stewart.
Patrick F Stewart was in the Navy. bingo - military records!
looks like Patrick Stewart with blonde hair
Watching Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in X Men and remembering seeing them as Macbeth and Shylock in Stratford on …
No worries, Patrick Stewart will be a Sounders fan next time he's in Seattle.
That was my conclusion when he ruthlessly crushed my Patrick Stewart dreams.
may be a tad drunk and it's the best. Like how it must feel to have Patrick Stewart narrate your life.
plot-twist. Patrick Stewart hacked the audiobook and she never found out
Patrick Stewart is incomprehensible in his native accent [video] via
Johnson, Stewart, Patrick and Stenhouse are all off of the lead lap
" […] violence is never, ever a choice that a man should make. Ever." – Patrick Stewart VAW domesticviolence
she's the female version of Patrick Stewart
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The fourth turtles film of the weekend. Doubt I'll bother with that new one. I'll end on this Patrick Stewart one.
Patrick Stewart is incomprehensible in his native Yorkshire accent [video]
I want a best friend like Sir Ian McKellen is to Sir Patrick Stewart.
Ian McKellen's And Patrick Stewart's Sweet Bromance. Look at all images here:...
Patrick Stewart's ALS ice bucket challenge is the best!
Fetch me Patrick Stewart while your at it! Lol
Harvick or Stewart or Patrick can win, but *not* Busch.
Hard to imagine Patrick Stewart in this part.
I thought Patrick Stewart was holding on to the Philosopher's Stone?
The Defense is Patrick Stewart in TNG and everyone else is Majel Barrett Roddenberry.
> Bryan Cranston, Patrick Stewart, Stan Lee and more are coming to the Family Guy game on
I like that when I come home my dad is watching the old Star Trek episodes with Patrick Stewart. I always sit down and watch em.
I have the same personality type as Roosevelt, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Jobs, Steve Martin, and Patrick Stewart.
The time to say "hi" to me...yesterday's news, yesterday's actors, mostly left us now, not many around, Patrick Stewart,Ian McKellen, Derek
!!! Carol Burnett, Kathleen Turner, Seth Myers, and Patrick Stewart read parts of the audiobook of Amy Poehler's new book. Also her parents
Patrick Stewart on plastic surgery: 'Fake boobs are weird, y'all'
Patrick Stewart explains the problems with plastic surgery in one haiku
One thing I would BEG of you. Please do "A Christmas Carol" either with Patrick Stewart or with George C Scott in Nov/Dec
Okay, this is funny. Brent Spiner imitates Patrick Stewart... again.: via
Newswire: Patrick Stewart to test the limits of the Internet’s love by playing a white supremacist ...
Patrick Stewart has the right shaped skull though. And he did play Sejanus...
like I like Daniel Day Lewis, Sam Elliot, Robert Duvall, and I think Sean Connery is handsome. I agree with Patrick Stewart
Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart are Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in the future. If you don't agree, go away.
The cast is certainly impressive: it includes Dalton, Stephen Rea, Jonathan Pryce, Patrick Stewart and Julian Sands. Also, Twiggy.
And then there was the time a work colleague confused Patrick Stewart with Robert Pattinson and I almost killed the ***
that's OK! Just less exciting. The Next Generation is where it's at, Patrick Stewart + Jonathan Frakes, yes
What i would give to have Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and Gates McFadden playing board games with Wil.
Marina, Michael Dorn& Denise Crosby. They were fun! It was supposed to be a Patrick Stewart panel but he had to cancel last minute
no Patrick Stewart *** but saw Michael Dorn, who rocked. Too bad the other panelists sucked.
Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, and Denise Crosby pinch hitting for Patrick Stewart, who couldn't make his spotlight panel.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Patrick Stewart had and emergency. Instead we get Denise Crosby, Marina Cirtis and Michael Dorn
Caption this moment between William Shatner and Patrick Stewart.
Watching The Captains on BBC, based on Star Trek, hosted by William Shatner. They showed an interview with William Shatner and Patrick Stewart...there seemed to be some hostility there of some sort.
William Shatner and Patrick Stewart talking about Star Trek, eh?
On our way to see Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, that...
Patrick Stewart, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and Samuel L. Jackson in one movie.
Space Vampires: How vampires, zombies, aliens, and Patrick Stewart made movie history. via
Patrick Stewart's big bald head in a lobster:
I'm feeling down cheer me up?xx — Patrick Stewart's big bald head in a ball pool. . You're welcome.
Did You Know... Patrick Stewart turned down the role of Jafar in Aladdin. He has said in interviews that this is his biggest regret.
Also, I don't think this same friend appreciated the Patrick Stewart-esque voice I gave Barret
LOL...that's from 1996, and the media got it wrong...Patrick Stewart gave it to Ian McKellen and Ian gave it to me.where did you dig
From Tumblr: "So after seeing Patrick Stewart in The Lion in Winter, all I could think of was how freaking well-cast James McAvoy was as Young Xavier." I definitely see a resemblance!
Was the life of Patrick Leigh Fermor the definition of extraordinary?.
Where can you find Twiggy, Timothy Dalton & Patrick Stewart in one film? The Doctor & the Devils will be coming Nov 4!
I liked it for the first half hour of the movie. You've officially ruined Patrick Stewart. I hope you're proud of yourself.
Stewart answers questions about fatal on-track incident(topix)
"...for the future is never truly set." I always read it with Sir Patrick Stewart's voice in my head. Always 😝
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