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Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart, OBE (born 13 July 1940) is an English film, television and stage actor, who has had a distinguished career in theatre and television.

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Patrick Stewart is twice my age and his body is ten times better than mine. . brb, just going to put my head in the oven
I wish Patrick Stewart was my best friend
I cant stop thinking about those pictures of Scott bakula Brent spiner and Michael Dorn doing the dishes together in Patrick Stewart's house
📷 James Mangold, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Dafne Keen in Berlinale Portraits by Gerhard Kassner for ‘Logan’.
From Arnab to Patrick Stewart..six degrees of separation
I want to see get Patrick Stewart to play Mitch McConnell and Chelsea Handler as Elizabeth Warren.
Patrick Stewart presented Chris Peterson with his Paul Harris +7 pin at last night's Mt Sopris Rotary Club's...
Liam Neeson VOICING A DOCUMENTARY ON BLACK HOLES, YO. Totally going back for the Mars one voiced by Patrick Stewart :O
It's not quite the them of the day, but look, could we not just let Peter Capaldi and Patrick Stewart run the world?
Who else is ashamed of Patrick Stewart's whining? You're already famous. Stop selfishly confusing 'love' with the EU for po…
aka Patrick Stewart has a crush on Demi Lovato. That's creepy
Sir Patrick Stewart, who plays 'Poop' in 'The Emoji Movie,' is embarrassed to be British because of Brexit
"I can't believe Patrick Stewart is doing THE EMOJI MOVIE!". -someone who didn't see Green Room in theaters
I REALLY hope the poop emoji isn't Patrick Stewart's last role
Sir Patrick Stewart is doing a voice in the Emoji Movie. He's voicing poop. Poop. I just can't.
Oh 💩! Patrick Stewart (is voicing the Poop Emoji in Sony's Confirmed here:
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Oh Patrick Stewart, how the mighty have fallen.
Sir Patrick Stewart, distinguished Shakespearean actor, will voice the poop emoji in The Emoji Movie:
"But doctor!" he cried, "I DO have to lovingly render the texture on a grinning poop emoji voiced by Patrick Stewart!"
Love but uncertain about this movie...: “Patrick Stewart to Voice Poo Emoji in 'The Emoji Movie'”:
'That’s right: Sir Patrick Stewart is Poop. Did someone say Oscar buzz?' Classic. Just give the oscar to him now
Patrick Stewart cites family members' ill health as reason for sudden resignation
"There is a core decency to this country" - Obama. "Sir Patrick Stewart will voice the Poop Emoji" - Sony, at the same time.
"Make it so." Guess which famous actor is playing the POOP in the ?.
Sir Patrick Stewart is voicing the Poop emoji in the Emoji Movie
Patrick Stewart to play Poop? The legend says 'make it so' - CNET: The veteran of stage, screen, "Star Trek"… |Cnet
Patrick Stewart to voice poo emoji in The Emoji Movie thought you might like to see this story
I wonder if Im actually related to Patrick Stewart. . I know im related to John Wayne on my mom's side.
'Excited to announce Patrick Stewart as Poop' is a sentence that never should have had to been written or spoken, ever? htt…
Sir Patrick Stewart scoops up Poop Emoji role in
Sir Patrick Stewart takes on poopy new role in 'Emoji Movie' >>
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I saw "Patrick Stewart" trending and I was afraid he was dead but then I saw it was just his dignity.
Wow after Patrick Stewart got added to the Emoji movie cast, I just got news that Colin Powell will be voicing the :p face
I can't help thinking that casting Patrick Stewart as the voice of a poop emoji is a mistake. It's beneath his dignity.
just realized you and Patrick Stewart have near identical profile pictures
It just takes 10 years for you to go from James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender to Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan. Skincare is important.
Logan director James Mangold shares new pictures of Hugh Jackman's Logan and Patrick Stewart's Professor X
I became a better listener than I ever had been as a result of playi...
After an American Dad marathon hall weekend I keep thinking of Bullock(?) when I see Patrick Stewart 😂🙈🙈
We're watching a screening of No Man's Land. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are 💯💯💯
Why haven't they release a Chia Patrick Stewart?
There is no man more awesome than Patrick Stewart. Just sayin'.
Leonard Nimoy was an absolute gift to this planet and I appreciate him so much. ALSO *** PATRICK STEWART. GOD BLESS HIM.
just lookin for that Patrick Stewart money
"Wow, he hasn't aged since he was 30!" -comments about Patrick Stewart
Sunday with a bit of culture from and - Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are just brilliant!
Logan: New Photos of Wolverine, X-23 and Professor XDirector James Mangold debuts new images of Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Dafne Kee…
Logan is the last film in which sir Patrick Stewart will play Professor X and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.
even more so when you finish the summary with “featuring Patrick Stewart”
Patrick Stewart sketch: what has the ECHR ever done for us? via
"Words are a celebration of democracy, diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. Words are your right."- Patrick Stewart
Sir Patrick Stewart's demonstration of dialectal variation in the moos of cows
Tickets will be available on the door from 2pm for our NT Live Encore screening of No Man's Land, with Ian McKellen
Really liked the interviews with e.g. Stephen Fry and Patrick Stewart. News were more timely and political, now much duller.
Now that match is out the way, let's concentrate on transfers. Erm, Patrice, Patrick, Carl, Stewart. phone's gone quiet... anyone?.
Patrick Stewart going into battle with a battle pug
Oh, shut up, Not everything has to be live from the RSC with Patrick Stewart and Judi Dench.
Leaders are readers, so lead oneself to read! - Patrick Driessen
Love to use Patrick Stewart for garbage takes he would never condone.
Although it it's defense the "Wait, the one who looks like a cop is THE BAD GUY?" stuff has aged like Patrick Stewart.
Periodic reminder that Patrick Stewart is the best
Chili Bowl Nationals head into final night with a decided NASCAR flavor -
Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart via /r/funny
I added a video to a playlist Gardening with Patrick Stewart
I need someone like Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen to say this aloud to really give it all gravitas it needs.
Saw it years ago with Ralph Richardson and John Gielgud...great again this time Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellan…
Patrick Stewart would get porridge on his fencing jacket. And it's an Absolute Fencing G…
It was only ever released on vhs in USA and also stars Patrick Stewart.
we've had Brent Spiner, Nana Visitor, now... Patrick Stewart. wow
Patrick Stewart & Co NAIL IT in this Monty Python-like spoof re European Commission on Human Rights. ENJOY!
Can we all please form a protective circle around David Attenborough, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Morgan Freeman 😩
At least we still have Bill Murray, Ian Mckellan, and Patrick Stewart
Can we please keep Morgan Freeman, Ian Mckellan, Patrick Stewart, Stan Lee and Betty White under 24 hour surveillance for the next 3 days?
who next before the end of year, sting, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Whoopie Goldberg, Donald Sutherland, or Martin Sheen?
Patrick Stewart: Lives in the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.
Love A Christmas Carol with Patrick Stewart, The Polar Express, Miracle on 34th Street and of course, Home Alone. So many good films
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Then you shall have to die, Patrick :) Patrick Stewart did a fine job, but Scott's version is better. David Warner…
I'm too old for bedtime stories but I would be down if Morgan Freeman or Patrick Stewart read me one.
Patrick Stewart is like the Morgan Freeman of white people
Patrick Stewart and Andrew Lloyd Webber hit out at arts education policy
Catch Harold Pinter’s No Man's Land, with Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart, broadcast live at in January.
The Hugh Jackman Ryan Reynolds bromance is starting to rival Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen . And it makes me...
See Harold Pinter's with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, broadcast live from Wyndham's Theatre:…
When I saw Patrick Stewart, I remembered Marty Mcfly: "My God, did not this man have hair?"
Is it me or does that actor in the diner look like a cross between Larry David & Patrick Stewart?
ok, there could be many more but I'm tired. Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, Harrison Ford get special mention for 🔥 at any age
I saw Infinite Monkey cage at BBC, London with Ben Miller and Patrick Stewart a few years back. Really good!
Things I know going into it:. - Patrick Stewart. - I've been told I could do a Deanna Troi cosplay. - it's less pew pew
It's crazy to think that French Stewart is Patrick Stewart's kid.
Happy birthday whose first TV script sold was "The Measure of a Man." A fave of
We still have some tickets left for our NT Encore of No Man's Land, starring Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart, 20 Dec
In reflection of violence against women and the Orange the World Campaign.
We saw him and Patrick Stewart do 'Waiting for Godot' a few years ago. HE stole the show.
A compassionate talk - Patrick Stewart on domestic violence & PTSD - still powerful via youtube
Stewart and Lloyd Webber criticise arts education policy
Have you ever seen anything more pure than Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart's friendship
I liked a video Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Do Impressions Of Each Other
Very proud to have contributed to this project.
Finally got to watch Green Room tonight. Was so good & suspenseful. Highly recommend it. Also, Patrick Stewart gave me Walter White vibes.
One of the things that I've come to understand is that as I talk ...
Is that the one with Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes?
Win £20 front row tickets to see Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in NO MAN'S LAND! Enter the ticket lottery now!
YEAH besides I see Charles more as a blue shirt anyway???. (Which is funny bc Patrick Stewart roles.)
6. One of the best Shakespeare adaptations ever is King Lear set in Texas with Patrick Stewart and Mr. O'Brien from Star Trek.
Green Room: Just an insanely tense movie. Also turns Patrick Stewart into a believable leader of a murdery neo-nazi gang. No small feat.
My greatest wish is to meet Sir Patrick Stewart
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PBS did one with Patrick Stewart as MacBeth. :)
DS9 had it's moments, but I missed the dignity of Patrick Stewart's Picard.
Well, Ron Glass is dead. Man, 2016 seriously needs to end before it takes Clint Eastwood, Margaret Atwood and Patrick Stewart from us too.
I never had teenage years. I guess because I was seen to be more a...
it would be enough just to have Patrick Stewart as a neo Nazi but it's also a really well made scary movie
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. They’re already best friends. You would complete the trifecta.
I also enjoy the version with Patrick Stewart.
Georgia US Marshal Patrick Caruthers was laid to rest today Served DOJ US Marshals Service for 26yrs.Survived by wife & 5 kid…
easily a Mount Rushmore episode for me. Patrick Stewart was sensational as Number One. Another hidden gem!
The Stonecutters episode of the Simpson's is on. What a hilarious episode. Has Patrick Stewart as the head leader o…
Also the scene with him and Patrick Stewart is also amazing
Wait, Patrick Stewart voiced the stonecutter leader? Man I feel silly for never realizing this
I would watch a movie where Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan play Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten.
Comedians should look to the example of Jon Stewart during the George W. Bush years
Patrick Stewart is perfect in that episode
Patrick Stewart's face when being fired upon by the Ferengi
is that the animated one with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Patrick Stewart?
We've still got a whole month left of 2016. Can someone PLEASE get Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen to the bunker?
Ah yeah I've been flirting with the idea but never dove in. Will always give Patrick Stewart a fair shake.
Go, starring Bradley Cooper and Patrick Stewart. Directed by Milos Forman, music by Notorious BIG. Budget: $250m
Wil Wheaton, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes were all the early for...
I sometimes think about watching Star Trek, a show where Patrick Stewart, one of our greatest actors just bloviates about. In space.
got Patrick Stewart for a Gargoyles sketch (a show he didn't even star in), but not Jonathan Frakes as Xanato…
Just saw Match with Patrick Stewart, Matthew Lillard, and Carla Cugino. I am impressed and humbled by the dialog, music, and directing.
*** Patrick Stewart married to some broad from Brooklyn
Star Trek is admittedly cheesy. But the scene in First Contact between Patrick Stewart & Alfre Woodard is MAGIC.
Gary Oldman would probably be my pick, with Kevin Spacey, Steven Colbert, Patrick Stewart, & also receiving votes.
Thirteen, starring Patrick Stewart and Rachel Weisz. Directed by Terry Jones, music by Amici Forever. Budget: $50m
Deacon is male but if we can't have Patrick Stewart could we please have Helen Mirren, Glenn Close, or Dame Judi Dench?
"perfectly played by Patrick Stewart & James McAvoy" is on Entertainment Weekly's '50 Most Powerful Superheroe…
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Great having my students hear the education panel discussion with Jake Terry, Patrick Stewart,…
that bald guy that did the King and I. Oh I didn't know Patrick Stewart was in that!. *Face palms*
tracelysette I’m late to the party, but you are wonderful with Patrick Stewart in Blunt Talk! 👍. — Hayden Scott-Baron (docky) …
Geeky day out in London. Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen at Wyndhams theatre followed by Christopher Eccleston at th…
Looks like we're in good company! Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are performing in Harold Pinter's NO MAN'S...
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart shine in this dark Pinter classic ★★★★★
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart just gave the gayest interview ever / LGBTQ Nation
I last saw Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart seven years ago in Waiting for Godot - seeing them…
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen star in one of the plays of the year
Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Owen Teale star in a new London production of Pinter's “No Man’s Land" that...
I was thinking Patrick Stewart as Corbyn and Ian McKellen as McDonnell
My mum just randomly assumed that Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are married and she normally never ships *** stuff.
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are unmissable in No Man's Land – review
"Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are unmissable" - ★★★★★ from for -live broadcast 15 Dec htt…
Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart together?! Could it get any better?. Join us in Helmsley for the live...
Review: Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart act the holy heck out of Pinter's No Man's Land at Wyndham's
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in No Man’s Land – review at Wyndham’s Theatre, London via…
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in No Man's Land - 4* from
Today was glorious. I got to meet Ian again. I also met Patrick Stewart, Sylvester McCoy and Roger Allam.
Check out our blog post about our partnership with and ED Patrick Stewart's appearance on
glad you enjoyed last night I remember going to see Patrick Stewart old the Old Vic in the Christmas Carol, one man show
I'm watching Dune because I've never seen it before and Patrick Stewart and Kyle MacLachlan.
well, Kyle McLachlan was pretty young but not quite a teenager he was playing. Also, Patrick Stewart.
- only good things about Nemesis are Tom Hardy, Ron Perlman and Patrick Stewart. The scene between Stewart and Hardy is gold
Because no wall's complete without a painting of Richard O'Brien/Patrick Stewart eviscerating a big cat
should be given to Patrick Stewart, he has a similar qualification to Richard O'Brien.
Someone make sure Ian McKeellen, Patrick Stewart, *** Jagger, Ozzy, Charles Dance, and George R.R. Martin are all healthy please.
I liked the part where you bit Patrick Stewart's nose off.
Watching Shakespeare Uncovered and this picture of Patrick Stewart in Antony & Cleopatra just made me go "wow."
I luckily found: Patrick Stewart who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek and starred in X-Men conducts...
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Patrick Stewart, famous for his role as the capable Captain Jean- Luc Picard, in Star Trek the Next Generation,...
And now I kinda want Patrick Stewart singing Frère Jacques to be my voicemail greeting.
Patrick Stewart is so good in the X-Men movies 😩😖😤
The perfect man has Kenan Thompson's heart, Mark Hamill's cruelty & Patrick Stewart's lauded animal magnetism
Patrick Stewart singing Rawhide is the best thing I've seen in a while.
Listened to The Unknown Soldier on Platform1 at Paddington. Moving Tony Harrison poem read by Patrick Stewart
Is "Fox and Friends Green Room" that violent film with Patrick Stewart as a goose-stepping skinhead? Or was it Steve Douchey?
I thought Romulus and Remus were the major planets in the Romulan System where Tom Hardy becomes Patrick Stewart
Dear , I love you more than Patrick Stewart loves Sir Ian Mckellan
See Sirs Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart on stage in No Man's Land. Best tix from Oct here:
I want us to be the younger, hotter Sir Ian McCellan and Patrick Stewart.
We found a young Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in the archives of the Liverpool Playhouse http…
Now that Daniel Radcliffe is playing a neonazi (like Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart before him), the "use the fo…
You get to engage in existential banter with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen?
Sir Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart are legendary. Legends of nerds.
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Well howdy Patrick Stewart is a cowboy country singer now:. 🎶 😂
Patrick Stewart: so famous and beloved, he doesn't even have to pretend he has any chill
Bless the writers for understanding that all anybody wanted from this episode is Patrick Stewart and Leonard Nimoy acting at each other.
Patrick Stewart money, squirrel jam, balancing my checkbook, Zerbert in the Sherbet, Dj Tanner, Lynyrd Skynyrd, HATS!
The Life of David Gale, starring Haley Joel Osment and Patrick Stewart. Directed by James Cameron, music by Fly My Pretties. Budget: $5m
I swear I'll go on a rampage if David Attenborough, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen,Judy Dench, Helen Mirren or Michael Gambon go
the one with Patrick Stewart and Sarah Michelle Geller?
Desperately needed more than 3 voice actors +Patrick Stewart and Sean bean.
Here first imagine Hughes Jackman and Patrick Stewart reprise there roles ask wolverine and…
Jeff Goldblum and Patrick Stewart needed bigger roles, their voice acting is way more distinct and interesting than Val Kilmer's.
so Patrick Stewart stayed in character as Picard during this?
I see Cumberbatch has gone to the Hugh Laurie school for American accents. He could have taken the Patrick Stewart approach.
"Hello, I'm Patrick Stewart. Welcome to the adventure of Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia."
I believe James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are the perfect cast for Professor X and Magneto as to Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are a more convincing duo as Xavier and Magneto than Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy.
Do I really want to sit through Excalibur, good as it is? How quickly you forget Gabriel Byrne, Patrick Stewart & Liam Neeson were in it.
I will not watch films with any of these luvvies in again. Sad, as I loved Patrick Stewart and Derek Jacobi. All sin binned now👎
Patrick Stewart, Derek Jacobi, Helena Bonham Carter, Benedict Cumberbatch back Remain! Who have Leave got? Rustie Lee and Jon Gaunt! LBC
Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley and Patrick Stewart are calling on the UK to stay in the EU
agreed. Also, is there anything Patrick Stewart can't do?
SEE VIDEO! Patrick Stewart expresses his views on Trump in...
Keira Knightley, Jude Law and Sir Patrick Stewart are among more than 250 from the creative industries who want the UK to remain in the EU.
so true. morganadundee. Just Looking Out for Themselves as Per! They are So Far Up Their Own A*ses They Cannot...
Still think we need a British bill of rights? What has the European Convention on Human Rights done for us anyway?
Just stole Angelina Jolie's thunder, have you?
Patrick Stewart on American dad always makes me happy!
All I'm getting is I really wish Patrick Stewart was my economics lecturer
Patrick Stewart’s Professor X will be in Wolverine 3
Have a look at this for a good laugh about a key argument. Any comments
who has put you up to this then let me guess cam the EU pig lover thats who what I say to cam the pig lover is go...
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he is! Looks a bit like Patrick Stewart too...
Sub-State ⚾️ Bradley vs Stewart's Creek game has been moved to Saturday night 6:00 at home. GO BEARS
HOLLYWOOD actors including Benedict Cumberbatch and Sir Patrick Stewart have waded into the EU debate.
Hundreds of celebrities urge Britain to STAY in European Union in desperate open letter
This day in 1987. Makeup/costume tests with Patrick Stewart & Jonathan Frakes for "Encounter at Farpoint" https…
You get all of your neuroses worked out on stage. I haven't actually p...
LRT: this is why I love Patrick Stewart. He gets it.
Amazing gore and make up effects make up for a familiar story. Plus Sir Patrick Stewart! The man does no wrong!
When actor Patrick Stewart saw an X-Men comic book for the first time, he asked, "What am I doing on the front of a comic bo…
Green Room: inside the punk Patrick Stewart thriller that's making people sick via - o…
Patrick Stewart watched his younger self embrace baldness for 'X-Men: Apocalypse'
"Prepare to see Patrick Stewart in a terrifying new light." Green Room opens Friday! . Tix:
So far the only Lynchian thing in this movie has been when Paul Atreides and Patrick Stewart became weird Atari pixels.
So that's the story of how Tim, who was wearing a Star Trek tshirt at the time, did NOT get a picture with Patrick Stewart. 😲
Terry Gross saying "Ghostface Killa" is as funny as Patrick Stewart saying “And once again, Salt N' Pe-PAH!" on SNL.
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Mark Duplass and Katie Aselton talk about Patrick Stewart at ArcLight Theatre in Hollywood
Meanwhile, there's a man on my platform who looks like Patrick Stewart!! Make it so, Number One lol 😂 xx
Alien: Resurrection, starring Patrick Stewart and Shirley Jones. Directed by Ivan Reitman, music by Tiger. Budget: $500
didn't you think that Patrick Stewart was a little under used?
Film idea: a biopic of Thomas Hardy starring Patrick Stewart in the title role.
Captain Jean Luc Picard aka Patrick Stewart get to be a bad guy in the new thriller Green Room.
Patrick Stewart absolutely destroys the government in this hilarious sketch (VIDEO) via
may have Patrick Stewart, but has legends Katie Hopkins, David Icke, Jim Davidson etc
Bethesda loves casting Star Trek actors. Michael Dorn in FO:NV, Tuvok's actor was capt. of the Prydwen in FO4 & Patrick Stewart in Oblivion.
Saw Green Room last night. Good, but Patrick Stewart still kind of played the Charles Xavier of skins. Should have called him "Professor SS"
Patrick Stewart reciting Shakespeare will send shivers down your spine
The 2016 Grim Reaper has been doing overtime; I'll do you a deal, you can have anyone other than Patrick Stewart
Even if it's in exchange for Patrick Stewart, Dolly Parton, Tony Iommi, Sandi Toksvig & Shane Williams becoming immortal, it's not worth it.
Patrick Stewart in drag is giving me so much life rn
Patrick Stewart is unrecognisable as he transforms into glamorous woman
Patrick Stewart dresses up as a glamorous woman, he looks like Helen Mirren - I would say, more like Vanessa Feltz
I've the best mental image of Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey palling around like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.
I don't tend to find old men sexy, but Gary Sinise & Patrick Stewart are the exception.
We already knew Patrick Stewart was an Oregon Pinot Noir guy. Now we know that Pok Pok's chicken wings have...
Patrick Stewart in Green Room. Scott Patrick Green / A24 Patrick Stewart is best known for his portrayal of the...
GrindTip: Hugo Weaving is the next Patrick Stewart, or the current one, we're unsure of the appropriate tense
Patrick Stewart and Sunny Ozell Eat Cheetos in Provence and Chicken Wings at Pok Pok
The new one w/Patrick Stewart or the French New Wave one directed by Truffaut?
Green Room (Jeremy Saulner). If you think it's important that it has Patrick Stewart you'll be disappointed.
For Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier talked to me about learning to see Patrick Stewart's actual face.
Jeremy Saulnier narrates a scene from "Green Room," with Patrick Stewart:
One movie coming out this year stars Daniel Radcliffe as a farting corpse and another stars Patrick Stewart as a Neo-Nazi
Peter and the Wolf Narrated by Patrick Stewart (1995) New & Sealed
And then there was the time Patrick Stewart tried to run Brenda Fricker over in an underground tunnel, driving a go cart.
Is that a Yul Brenner thing? I'll take Patrick Stewart, Telly Savalas, or Sean Connery absolutely as a comparison.
I think the way Patrick Stewart was born to play Prof. X, Vincent D'Onofrio was born to play Wilson Fisk.
Patrick Stewart stars in new Green Room trailer & poster
British Yummy Bowl - Match 13 - Patrick Stewart v. Sam Heughan. Before we move on, it looks like Gary Oldman was...
that movie! Way into 80s fans movies. I REALLY ❤ Excalibur! Did u know that has Helen Mirren,Liam Neeson & Patrick Stewart?
What was the best Patrick Stewart's role in a cult film:
Witness the quiet evil of Patrick Stewart in the latest Green Room trailer
You will never see Patrick Stewart the same way after this brutal trailer
Patrick Stewart is ready to creep us all out in the greatest way! THE Green Room coming in April.
ICYMI: Patrick Stewart wants you to bleed in violent trailer
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart return to the stage to tour the UK
Some of the best acting in TNG from Patrick Stewart, Michael Dorn & guest Jean Simmons.
That 'Strongbow' ad with Patrick Stewart is so funny. Patrick Stewart acted so perfectly; I really felt like he was offended.
As the captain, I was going to be having the dominant role in most of the e...
I think Barker for me... If it was Patrick Stewart different thing entirely.
Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen to tour together in Harold Pinter's No Man's Land
indeed. No way can you top Patrick Stewart. Downhill for there on.
yooo, do you want to come see the Ian McKellen/Patrick Stewart play with me and Hannah? :)
You gotta read this. This made me so happy.
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are coming to Sheffield!
Two of our fav thespians Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen will star in the only Welsh date for No Man's Land.
Danica Patrick GO race day pit crew shirt -XL
I guess this would be fun. Even though I'm not into theatre much. But cmon Prof.X and Magneto ...
that's not true. Patrick Stewart has been drinking is for many years so I'm pretty sure his blood is made out of it now
Best friends Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart will reunite on stage in Harold Pinter'... via
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart reunite in No Man's Land -
News: to star and . Find out more here:
HEINOUS- seal slaughtered on stage,inuit chanting instead of Goddesses' words; poor Patrick Stewart
Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart to bring play No Man’s Land to the UK.
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart will return to Newcastle Theatre Royal this summer
*sips scotch while watching Patrick Stewart's Macbeth*
It's official! & will headline NO MAN'S LAND in the West End:
woah woah woah. Are you dissing the Stewart?
Asked cab driver to turn off talk radio. He put on Rod Stewart instead. I am punished.
.and to bring to the UK this year. .
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart reunite for UK tour of No Man’s Land - Out News Global via
Jaymie Anna-Marie Patrick Stewart and I filmed the Moai Hapu Declaration of Independence Flag Sovereign Authority...
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart to perform at Cardiff's New Theatre...
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