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Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart, OBE (born 13 July 1940) is an English film, television and stage actor, who has had a distinguished career in theatre and television.

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Every time I get to patrick stewart I nearly die and need to stop!
Saw Godot this afternoon with Patrick Stewart as Didi and Ian McKellen as Gogo. Terrific production!
If you remember from last night, my great (x 13, and yes, I actually counted) grandfather was named Patrick Stewart. HIS great grandfather (that would be my great x 16 grandfather) was King Robert II of Scotland. I'm loving this ancestry thing...
Patrick Stewart memes never get old!
Your argument is invalid, because Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen playing ski-ball
Conor Collins paints a portrait of Sir Patrick Stewart OBE. Here I paint the English film, television and stage actor most widely known for his roles as Capt...
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen play Skee-ball on Coney Island. What fun!
Just saw waiting for a godot with Patrick Stewart and Ian mckellan awesome
Waiting For Godot with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart - What a performance. So grateful to have spent the afternoon seeing it
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are the most adorable besties ever.
Is it weird that I had a dream where I met Patrick Stewart last night?
YouTube's video suggestions for me today: Stoned Patrick Stewart, a full hour of Tibetan monks chanting, and relaxing music for dogs.
Sir Patrick Stewart is Professor X, founder of the X-Men and gifted telepath. X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in cinemas May 22nd in 3D – Mark your calendar! Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,
Waiting For Godot! I love Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen!!!
Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Shuler Hensley and Billy Crudup in NO MAN'S LAND on Broadway, only until March 30.
Have you had a chance to see either "No Man's Land" or "Waiting For Godot"? It's the final stretch for these concurrent Broadway productions. Sir Ian McKellen visited us recently to talk about the shows, his career and his real-life friendship with co-star Sir Patrick Stewart. Watch:
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Quote if the day..."Geek throw down"!!! I'm the only one in the office not attending Megacon...and they are in a heated discussion about the media guests and who will have the longest decide: 1. Patrick Stewart 2. Waking Dead
Thanks Graeme to make Jaymie Patrick Stewart Ngatai and I your friends so we would like to get on with the business as soon as we both like to meet you and go over some details to get this show on the road. She is a Co Director in Moai Businesses rather picking up on the move I find easier to teach new tech ideas to share
The following is an actual conversation following an ad featuring Patrick Stewart. Jessica - who was that? Me - Patrick Stewart. Jessica - ok? Me - Captain Jean Luke Picard. . . ? Jessica - oh okay. do you like watching star track? Me - um, it's Star Trek. Jessica - oh! Sorry! Me - ya know you better be careful who you say that to. You could get beat up.
💕I'd have tea with Patrick Stewart anytime.
I met Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, and Billy Krudup last night!
Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart sat with the WSJ's Barbara Chai to discuss performing "Waiting For Godot" and "No Man's Land" on Broadway, Samuel Becke...
Patrick Stewart would make an excellent King of England.
Played a clip of Patrick Stewart talking, and asked Abby to close her eyes and see if she knew who was talking. She said "God." er.close.
Writing about meeting Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen. How to give these two the kudos they so deserve for Godo, and for existing?
Because my Mom doesn't know names: Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Idris Elba.
it's Shearer he looks like Patrick Stewart!
"Hey Patrick Stewart, wanna play capture the flag?". *Patrick looks up to full moon; hair begins to form on his head*. "No, not tonight."
Patrick Stewart? here's a pic of him BEFORE he went bald..
I may or may not be this close to the stage for "Waiting For Godot". ...with Patrick Stewart and Ian…
At the Cort Theater to see Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen in Samuel Beckett's Waiting for…
Watched dune (1984) last night; Patrick Stewart really hasn't changed much in the last 30 years.
So far my favorite scene was when Patrick Stewart appeared on screen for the first time.
I prefer the layout and editing style of the RSC. Plus it wins for including this pic of Patrick Stewart
Oh man, I forgot that Patrick Stewart was in Robin Hood: Men In Tights!
I don't think it's a coincidence that David Bowie has never been to Kilbowie & Patrick Stewart has never been to Kilpatrick
Did you know: Neither PATRICK STEWART nor Ian McKellen knew how to play chess during the filming of Xavier and Magneto's game in the plastic prison? British Facts from Your Mind University!
Society is really not a fan of bald men, save perhaps for the outliers, like Patrick Stewart. Oh, and Bruce Willis. People really love to watch that man not die... hard.
Good news for everyone in Mission: The Joyce on 4th Irish Pub has opened just in time for St. Patrick's Day
Patrick Stewart reading the CBeebies bedtime story "Wishmoley and The Little Piece of Sky".
Photoset: stfupenguins: I always get the sense that Patrick Stewart really enjoys being Patrick Stewart
I want to hear an argument between patrick stewart and morgan freeman
Shift will now be screened an additional two times at Cinequest! Saturday March 15th at 7pm prior to the film DOM HEMINGWAY starring Jude Law, Richard E Grant and Emilia Clark. AND at 2:45pm on Encore Day prior to the film HUNTING ELEPHANTS starring Patrick Stewart (a film about a bank heist!). Both screenings will be held in the beautiful California Cinema and James will be there to introduce our film. Not to be forgotten, as scheduled, SHIFT is also part of the midnight screening in Camera 12 Cinema tonight! Congratulations to everyone on the SHIFT team!
“Patrick Stewart talks about why it's so important that men take action against violence towards women htt…
Total Film has released it's 3 new covers for it's March issue. It features James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart as C...
First time in NYC last night and I got to see Harold Pinter's No Man's Land starring Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart followed by a small talk back with Sir Ian himself! I was two feet from him!
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Liam Neelson and Patrick Stewart doing Beavis and Butthead my life is unreal
Mam, looking at Patrick Stewart: "That's what you'll be like when you're older. Bald "
Sir Patrick Stewart patches into David Cameron and Barack Obama's Ukraine talks with packet of wet wipes
Just finished my re-writing my dissertation proposal. Think I might go to Comic Con in KC. Should I do cosplay for Tony Stark or Professor X, either Patrick Stewart of James McAvoy' version? Any other ideas?
I just went to look at the mega-con info, my chick-friend mentioned it and Patrick Stewart went last year. . . Wil Wheaton is a *** and so is every other person on that list who's charging for their signature on a piece of paper. You people are *** they should call it the *** con cause that's what you are. Self important *** kids look up to you and you make their parents pay for a picture? I'm going to e-mail mega-con with the name change idea. Stan Lee is a little bit of a *** too, even though I hate to say it, cause he'd hold something like that. These people look up to you and you rape their wallets cause you can for your own gain and that ***
those guys look like Patrick Stewart.
Watching Late Night Seth Meyers with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart and I think it's his best show yet. Of course this was last weeks show but you should check it out. The comedian at the end is hilarious!
Going to NYC to see "Waiting For Godot" with Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen 👌
Patrick Stewart should just be crowned King of Awesome.
Sound guy for this show last night looked like a Patrick Stewart/Steve Martin splice
Hey guys, I finally thought of something better than seeing a play starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen! Seeing two such plays in one day. That's better.
Crafty lures us with the Patrick Stewart story then crash-zooms into the science bit.
Going to see patrick stewart and Ian McKellen tonight, what are you doing with your saturday night?
Patrick Stewart Pulls a Funny Face - Star Trek TNG 1x16: via Love this lol
Congrats to a great Ireland rugby team tough old battle but we did it happy St Patrick Stewart days for Monday all x
Because it was Patrick Stewart's playmates actually being nice to me
Danica Patrick first in class as Stewart-Haas struggles - While the normally...
"your 'staches are the best" (should be read in the style of Patrick Stewart quadruple take).
Brent Spiner also does a perfect Patrick Stewart impression!
I just got my stuff signed by Patrick Stewart!
Brent has the BEST Patrick Stewart impression. And that strange crazy man looks suspiciously like Frakes.
TNG is probably my fav, as I'm a big Patrick Stewart fan, but Iove pretty much everything Star Trek, esp. JJ Abrams films
reason no. 4638064 why I love patrick stewart.
Couldn't see this live so we had to settle for Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan c/
I took a nap and dreamt that Patrick Stewart and I had a very nice conversation.
On this episode we talk about: MegaCon Orlando, Patrick Stewart, Arrow, Cosplay, X-Men First Class, Comic (cont)
Patrick Stewart opens up to The BBC about the challenges he faced being bald early in his career. Renowned for his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in "Star Trek: The Next Generation", this hilarious interview will totally recondition your mind.
I'd like to see a video series of accomplished method actors (daniel day-lewis, Patrick Stewart, etc.) doing dramatic readings of bar/bat mitzvah speeches. Who do I talk to about this?
why didn't you say anything!! The Chronicles of narrated by Patrick Stewart!!!
Sitting here the last practice for tomorrow. When will Stewart Hass will find someone to drive Patrick car. Because she can't drive a car.
isaac and i bought 2 tickets to see "Waiting For Godot" this wed, 2 pm. for those who dont know- Ian McKellen and PATRICK STEWART – are ON STAGE.. so.. we have great seat, and guess what ? we cant go. ANyone wants to buy?
Patrick Stewart is an amazing photobomber. via
Patrick Stewart has such a cool calm that says I'm in charge of the star ship, enterprise...
I liked a video Conversations with Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart
Photo: Day drinking before 2 shows of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen from the front row
Chicago definitely knows how to get into the St. Patrick's Day spirit. (Photo: …
So I watched the 2009 version of "A Christmas Carol" starring Jim Carrey, Colin Firth and Gary Oldman, and I must say, it's a shame it got overlooked. It's easily the darkest interpretation of the novel I've ever seen, the animation and visuals are absolutely brilliant (I wanted several shots as backgrounds for my computer), the direction is fantastic, the tone is relentlessly harsh, bleak and cruel (which I actually think is more appropriate for a story like this), and the characters all seemed very real despite how exaggerated they usually become. Scrooge didn't seem cartoonish or over-the-top villainous, he was just a really, really nasty piece of work. His journey alongside the spirits was more purgatorial than in other interpretations, and he really seemed to be suffering on an emotional level all the way through. There was a nice transition between his two states at the beginning and end, too - he didn't just go from sinner to saint, there was an intermediary stage where he just seemed like a broken ...
Had a dream i saw Patrick Stewart at a hotel. I ran inside just in time to see him and we took many pictures together. Ahh his head was so smooth... Best. dream. ever.
Given the wild support for Veronica Mars, I hope you'll consider donating to my campaign for Bosom Strangers: The Next Generation. Peter Scolari, Mark Linn-Baker, Bronson Pinchot, LeVar Burton, and Brent Spiner have expressed interest. Patrick Stewart told me to *** off, and Tom Hanks won't answer my calls. Let's see how they feel when this freight train gets a-rollin'!
Why are people saying happy st. patrick's day today? It's on March 17 🙈
Guess who is seeing No Mans Land starring Patrick Stewart Ian McKellen today at 2pm with Christine Ryan Dowling.that's right..!
So it's pretty weird but I just had a vivid dream of being at a backyard BBQ reunion with the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I was just hanging out with Patrick Stewart, Data, Commander Reicher*, Lavar Burton, etc. It was so casual and chill like we were bros. Patrick Stewart then proceeded to show me around his house after some laughs.
May each of you have a blessed and prosperous Saturday! Be blessed! - Pastor Patrick Stewart
What is this receding hairline? Forehead inspired great wall of china! Forehead looking like Beavis and Butthead! Forehead should be called a 10head! Asked my wife if we could celebrate Steak and *** day, she said "no you've got enough head"! Lebrons hairline up in here! Even hairlines went in to the recession! Hairlines on rations! Forehead sponsored by IMAX! Hairline is scared of my eyebrows! Forehead used to be iPhone 5s, now its Samsung Galaxy Note 3! I'M 24 FAM!!! WHY HAVE I GOT PATRICK STEWART'S HAIRLINE? WHAT MOSES PARASITE IS TRYING TO PART MY HAIRLINE? WHY IS IT THAT WHAT I LACK IN PERSONALITY I MAKE-UP FOR IN FOREHEAD? I'm having a bad day man...
(closes bar lazily watching Star Trek Next Gen') "Mr. Data. Set sensors at maximum". Bartender thinks... hey robot dude! I know we've been bending space/time and moving far faster than the speed of light using less than the best of our t3chnology... ya think we could dial-it-in just for a bit?? Yeah I know it comes out better if Patrick Stewart throws an accent on it :P
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Ian McKellen lives his dream of hosting Late Night while Patrick Stewart leads the band and Seth sits in the guest seat. Subscribe to Late Night:
How to Start Your Own Business Running your own business is a stressful but good career and life choice. It demands your time and focus. Start by expecting to live your work until it is established so it can get off the ground. There are many different opinions about how to start a business. Read below for some basic ideas and guidelines to get you started. Ad Steps Tips and Warnings Have An Idea 1 Come up with an idea . You will need an idea for a business before you do anything else. This should be something you are passionate about, since your new business will consume a great deal of your time and money. Come up with business ideas by identifying things people need which no one else currently provides, that isn’t provided in your area, or which you can provide better than anyone else. 2 Consider if it is plausible . Before going too far, think about how plausible your idea is. Is it something that people would actually pay for? Will it turn enough of a profit to be viable? You will also need to be s ...
Watching Star Trek Nemesis. I adore Patrick Stewart. This is a sad one for me because of Data. Also, the cutie Tom Hardy.
Patrick Stewart is one sexy piece of man meat
Heading back to Planet ComicCon with my sis Andrea this Sunday to meet William Shatner! I'm excited to meet The Captain of the NCC-1701 USS Enterprise! Whoop! I'm going to ask for a photo op with him! Definitely want an autograph too and have to get an autograph for Brittany. Then I will need to head over to meet Lavar Burton; been a fan of his since long before The Next Generation. Was just a little girl about 6 years old when he played Kunta Kinte (not sure about spelling) on Roots. The mini series based off the book by Alex Hailey who is probably single handedly responsible for me being such a social justice freak! That mini series scarred me for life. I can remember crying, no sobbing, every time he got whipped because he wouldn't go by Toby his slave name and asking my mom why that bad man was whipping Kunta. Yeah I was six y'all! It made an impression! Of course I will also want to meet Michael Dorn; my favorite Klingon. It's too bad Patrick Stewart won't be there, so I can't ask him an ...
What do Billy Crudup, Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen have in common? I just got all of their autographs!
All you trekkie nerds...Patrick stewart...
Remember that post a couple of days ago that I shared with the link to the PBS version of Macbeth with Patrick Stewart? My students didn't like it at all because it was set in the wrong time period. Staying true to CCSS & OAS, today I showed them two clips from the B&W 1948 Orson Welles version. They really liked it. All I can say is WOW. I didn't see that coming. I'm really proud of their interest for the classics.
Love 's list of male feminists Love Ryan Gosling, and Patrick Stewart is simply an amazing person!
James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart bring past and future Charles Xavier to face his fate in X-Men: Days of Future Past.
Keep on mixing up between Ben Kingsley and Patrick Stewart. Also with Tom Hanks and Bill Murray.
Debating about a better tv presenter for chanel 4's 'Astronauts: Living In Space' than Dermot o'leary, I'm all about sir David Attenborough, prof.Brian Cox, Carl Sagan, Patrick Stewart...etc.and David? 'what about sir Patrick Moore?' Oh baaabe.
It's awesome/sad that I grew up loving Star Trek and basically had to be in the closet about it, and now Georget Takei, Patrick Stewart, and William Shatner basically run the internet. Would've been nice to know all these fans existed as a child. Could've saved me some real emotional trauma.
I would like to announce my desire to write, produce and direct The Neverending Story IV: Electric Boogaloo. It will star Jack Black, Kathy Bates, Magnitude, Rilo Kiley, Jamie Lee Curtis, a bag of flour, Ice-T, Bryan Cranston, my big toe, Clark Gregg, Bea Arthur, a toothbrush, Roger Cobb, Keith David, Andre Agassi, my little toe, 10 Magic Bullets (the kitchen companion; not the spaced aged suppository), Arnold Drummond, Summer Glau, Bruce Campbell, my Chia Pet, 3 magic beans, Santa Claus, Mark Hamill, Zack, a panda bear wearing a top hat, 2 of the Three Stooges, Svengoolie, the Burger King, the Dairy Queen, Bruce Wayne, a donkey, Patrick Stewart and a head of cabbage. Brought to you by Activia - the yogurt that helps Jamie Lee Curtis poop...
It's nice to see 80s Sean Young, Sting and Patrick Stewart.
Its very late, or early depending on your point of veiw, but gavin and I end the night with tears streaming down our cheeks after watching the best documentary we have seen in these past few years. As trekkies, William Shatners 2011 film titled, "The Captains" spoke to us on an extreamly.deep level, during many parts of this film, we had tears in our eyes, and I will just say, it was the closing words, that truly, started the tears flowing. I hope, someday, we are able to meet some of these captains, mainly Patrick Stewart, William Shatner and Avery Brooks, before they go to the stars above. It would be a dream come true for me, to finally meet such inspirational actors, and individuals, as well as give our little girls the chance to see some of the people who inspired us to be who we are and more.
Can we all just take a minute and respect the fact that Sir Patrick Stewart is openly trolling the British Prime Minister? And that it is obviously bothering David Cameron a lot?? Another reason Patrick Stewart is my hero. Trolling everyone equally. And now an obligatory picture of Picard
Patrick Stewart talking to David Cameron about Russia using his Wet Wipes. Just Google it. Thank me later.
Patrick Stewart or Ben Kingsley for all life CEO?
Time for you to get drunk with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, guys! You’re going to eat some great food, have the best drunk conversations you’ve ever had in your entire life, and load up on ale in a proper old man’s pub. THE DREAM.
hands down, best article I've read all day. Had a good chuckle
Have you been curious about Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen's awesome social media bromance? Good news!
Holodeck for Dogs (2015) - After learning that their new captain (Patrick Stewart) won't allow dogs on board, two young Starfleet cadets
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen should have their own reality show. It should be on 24 hours a day.
Don't do it man! Sexy is Ed Harris Jimmy Smits Vin Diesel Dwayne Johnson Patrick Stewart Christopher Meloni
Star Trek News - continues our exclusive conversation with Patrick Stewart about his two plays, No Man's Land and Waiting For Godot, plus his upcoming films.
Please hold, David Cameron: Rob Delaney and Patrick Stewart are on the line. After the British Prime Minister posted a serious-looking photo of himself on the phone talking to Barack Obama on Thursday, Stewart and Delaney used the opportunity to poke fun at the politician.
I see your Picard, and raise you a Picard
dang it. missed the call. MT conf phone call with David Cameron & Barack Obama.
Hopefully Patrick Stewart will get back to me and Patrick Nelson will pick up the subs for lunch.I will pick up the pop, tea, coffee and
Patrick Stewart continues to crack me up!
David Tennant and Patrick Stewart star in this adaptation of RSC\
Actor Patrick Stewart poses as "real Louisianan Chuck Duprey" who shares his "absolutely-true" fake Obamacare horror story on Stephen Colbert's show.
It would have been so awesome to see Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart in Waiting For Godot :(
Patrick Stewart is a god - we should all follow his earl grey diet
Thank you, Rob Delaney. Thank you, Patrick Stewart. [r/funny]
Major LOL here MT Celebs and others are mocking David Cameron's use of social media
and Complete loss for words. Amazing Picture.
David Cameron is famously not good at using social media. Here's why celebs are mocking him:
It's true. I love it when Kristen Stewart shows emotions!
Patrick stewart looks the same to me now as he did when he played Gurney Halleck 30ish years ago.
Patrick Stewart talks new roles, his wedding, and more! Click the photo for details.
I wan to own every marvel movie since the X-Men movies with Patrick Stewart. Don't judge me, it's my party and I cry if I want to.
There is one man who would host the Hugo Awards, and who would stand for all the women, and the men, in Fandom. One man who would stand forward and take the honour in the name of women. Sir Patrick Stewart
When something scary happens, sometimes the only thing people know how to do is make jokes. Yesterday, they got a little help from Patrick Stewart.
Buying a spare pair of trousers in case Sir Patrick Stewart ever stops by with need for a fresh change.
Is there any end to awesomeness that is Patrick Stewart? I doubt it.
I noticed everyone is going to photos of their toys rather than discussions lately. So here is a grouping of some of mine, but as you can see they're non-Godzilla stuff. The flash is obscuring issue 54 of the "Amazing Spiderman" that Stan Lee signed for me. This is the second issue to have the character of Doc Ock in it and one of the issues Stan actually worked upon. Then there is the "Dr. No" figure my daughter got me for two Christmases ago. Next to him is one of my favorites the X-Plus figure of Ray Harryhausen's Yimir. Amazon has sellers of it from between $89.95 to $149.99. I got it at a local swap meet sealed for $10. The guy who sold it to me said he was a collector and new the value of his merchandise. I sure would like to see him there again. Below Dr. No is my "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" Snow globe. I have always loved James Mason's Captain Nemo even if both Herbert Lom and Patrick Stewart did very fine acting performances with the character in two versions of "The Mysterious Island". Next t ...
Photoset: Watch Hamlet with David Tennant, Patrick Stewart, and Spanish subtitles on V-me now!
Patrick Stewart's character on American Dad is hilarious
Patrick Stewart the Nemesis, Maximus Aurelius the Centurion, Mickey Rourke the Dragoon, Hyperion the Atlas, Gordon Freeman the Engineer.
The orange Huddersfield Marathon-Band hat will be at the contest piece demo in Crewe tonight. Bring a £1, have your photo taken and join the ranks of Patrick Stewart, Ian Mckellan, Rafa Benitez and Tim Hewitt . I'm not playing until the last band so just come over, money ready and say hi.
so im watching the jimmy neutron movie and i realized that King Goobot is voiced by Patrick Stewart and Ooblar is Martin Short
Well, that's it. Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen just shot up to the top of my "celebrities I'd like to hang out with" list.
Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are this generation's Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen
Can't decide if my fave bromance is Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan or Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.
Can i get a list of X-Men actors who aren't *** First Sir Ian McKellan then Ellen Page. Michael Fassbender made out with a dude in Shame (I love that movie) now it's Patrick Stewart! Also the director is *** The X-Men were always a metaphor for racism, civil rights discrimination etc. Lol
A5 Patrick Stewart - about time he got to be a real villain. Or possibly Anthony Head for a left field option.
I love these little comments with Patrick Stewart in them when I read them I can almost her him saying it himself his parts on American Dad crack me up
This was a while back but do you remember when Patrick Stewart tried to be funny by attacking James Corden verbally. What do you think of it? I found it childish.
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Five Reasons to Love BFFs Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen - The longtime friends and costars stopped by...
Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen on B'way: get your tickets now! The cast is fantastic! Billy Crudup is incredible in his role!
Patrick Stewart was MADE to be Professor X. They have *** near miscast everyone else
Twenty Good Years but with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen (c'mon we would all LOVE that)
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart's bromance is just awesome.
and a man are quite a bit like Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart and it's one of the best feelings in life, really.
We want the original cast in X-Men - Apocalypse, with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. PLEASE!
Spending the evening with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.
Patrick Stewart impersonates Ian McKellen, and it's as wonderful as you'd expect.
Saw No Man's Land! The acting was amazing! And yes, those are the signitures of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.
had a dream my mum knew Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen and visited me at uni with them. IMAGINE HOW MUCH I CRIED WHEN I WOKE UP
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart discuss acting and LGBT rights - MSNBC
Fallon and Timberlake's bromance is only surpassed by Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen's 😂
I think Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are adorable together.
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Play Amazing “Newlywed Game” (VIDEO): Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are ve...
The actor Patrick Stewart 73years old married a 35year old woman, Why is it when a man married a younger woman its alright but when a older woman even date a younger man its consider a crime, Well to *** with that I am a cougar and I am proud of it I love younger men the old one too cranky and cant do the wook I love me a Young black stallion,lol!
Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner and jonathon frakes.
That's ANY Star Trek cast member...easy choice! Patrick Stewart! Oh! Leonard Nimoy! Oh! Kate Mulgrew! Oh! Brent Spiner! Not Marina Sirtis. I don't like the character she plays now on NCIS.
The Guardian mistakenly outs Patrick Stewart as *** in Ellen Page story via
Watching Sir Ian Mckellan and Patrick Stewart in "Waiting For Godot" has to be top 5 experiences in my life...brilliant brilliant stage work from two incredible actors. Their delivery is flawless.
Purchased from Steam and installing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 1 :) Robert Carlyle, Patrick Stewart, and Jason Isaacs are in this one too! Perhaps after work tomorrow the download will be completed and ready to play ^-^
Movie Recommendation of the Day: I recommend Animated-Family-themed The Prince of Egypt (1998). Val Kilmer, Ralp Fiennes, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Goldblum, Danny Glover, Patrick Stewart, Helen Mirren, Steve martin, and martin Short. With a shout out to Uncle Phil! (James Avery) Okay seriously, after all those names, if I haven't peaked your interest, I don't know what else I could say. i didn't even realize how many stars were in this hit. So, basically you should know the story of Moses, maybe not the whole story, but I'm fairly certain that you aware of the highlights, at least. (Don't go all "everyone's not religious Py" on me, cause I know plenty of non-religious folk who know many biblical stories. Adam and Eve, Noah, Moses, David and Goliath, stop me if I'm wrong. Anyhow, Moses (Val Kilmer, also playing the voice of God) is a male born in a time where the male babies are killed. His mother sends him up river in an attempt to help him escape, where the queen finds him and keeps him. R ...
After years of giving Data from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" his android voice, Brent Spiner sits down with fans to imitate Patrick Stewart at Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle Washington. His voice and mannerisms are the perfect match.
Watching Star Trek: insurrection and so far Patrick Stewart is just awesome and F. Murray Abraham has weird removable skin.
Before they get too old, I would love to see Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart do a buddy cop comedy as Richard Feynman and Carl Sagan, where they hunt down criminals and reform them by explaining the beauty of the universe.
Total Film reveals new photos of Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, James McAvoy, and Michael Fassbender in X-Men: Days of Future Past.
If I was to be given a week or two to live by the doctor and if I could have my choices of famous people I would want to meet. I think it would be the following... Keep in mind, this is purely hypothetical situation. I don't plan on dying any time soon, unless some natural (or unnatural) disaster happens. It was just something that popped in my head. Males: Leonard Nimoy with William Shatner - Reasons are obvious... Star Trek - nuff said. Patrick Stewart - Same as above. Christopher Lloyd - Back to Future. James Earl Jones - Star Wars and Conan the Barbarian. Christoper Walken - Did some good quirky type of roles for films. Christopher Lambert - He did bunch of good films in past. Eddie McClintock - Warehouse 13 series. Nathan Fillion - Cause he did the Firefly series. Stan Lee - Grew up reading Hulk comics And possibly Stephen King -wrote The Dark Tower Series... Females: None in order or priority. I highly doubt that it would ever happen anyway. Honestly, there are less female actresses I would care to ...
movie idea? can we get a "The Old Odd Couple" movie with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, Judy Dench, and Helen Mirren.
It's unfortunate that Keith resembles Patrick Stewart and not Halle Berry.
Patrick Stewart recites a poem in his native Huddersfield (Yorkshire) dialect. I can’t understand a thing he’s saying, but still, sounds as good as if I was.
Watch "The Call" by - a short charity film with an appeal by Sir Patrick Stewart:
My main man Patrick Stewart speaking some truth.
Who doesn't want to spend a day taking selfies w/Sirs Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen?! Please vote!
Sir Patrick Stewart, you haven't aged a day.
there's an inexcusable joke hiding somewhere in that statement. My taste in men is a mix of Big Freedia and Patrick Stewart
I have odd dreams. Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart were doing the Can Can.
Actor Patrick Stewart, best known for voicing the Avery Bullock character on American Dad, rang the opening bell at the N…
NEW YORK—Sir Patrick Stewart stood in the center of the Diplomat Ballroom at the UN Hotel here on Friday, pounding his fist methodically against a podium, each thump punctuated with a number ("One ... two ... three ...") until he got to nine. "Every nine seconds in the United States a woman is assau...
Patrick Stewart stars as Chinese moon rover Jade Rabbit as its final moments are played out. Material from The Daily Show, property of Comedy Central.
I'm sobbing quietly over the perfection of this post ♥
There's a video of Patrick Stewart dressed as the Chinese Moon Rover and I've only just heard of it?
"Picture of Patrick Stewart holding his hand out" And whom is going to clean that!!!
Oh my god, making Sir Patrick Stewart read this narration is among humanity's greatest crimes.
Tony Stewart eager for return to the track(topix)
So I just obtained the 1994 SNL episode hosted by Patrick Stewart. Time for this hilarity:
Was just offered to copyedit a preface written by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart. No big-enough font size for that YES!
“Sir Patrick Stewart, 73, does a one-handed push-up as awesome as he is ageless
OMG! At a play starring Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan and during intermission I just exchanged pleasantries with *** Cavett!
no but that would be awesome. Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen in No Man's Land. Intermission!
This is what diet and exercise will do for you. God Bless Patrick Stewart.
I was never a close friend of Jeff Wheeler, not did I participate in the sex-farming out of his youngest sister Jocelyn, whose brutalization was rewarded by becoming, as my stupid Southall sisters try to do with most of their torture victims, with a spot on Sat Night Live. They changed her named to Julia in honor of her mother and Sweeney either after a teacher in Lubbock Texas or the McSweeney's bar in New York where they forced her to degrade herself. When she disappeared, the said she "died" and her sister was so ashamed and hurt she changed her last name and went into virtual hiding. The connection of father Charles Wheeler to Patrick Stewart or Rev. David Cover is unclear.
Just Patrick Stewart dancing as a moon rover. That is all.
Neither Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellan knew how to play chess when they filmed X-Men.
Rival drivers come to Patrick's defense
Page 1 of popular tonight - not been as many copies of the same pic on my TL since Patrick Stewart dressed up as a lobster.
The nap helped. Though I have no idea why I dreamed about watching a movie with Patrick Stewart. That's a new one for me.
I'm watching the Patrick Stewart episode of Sooo *** funny!
Back for a second night to see Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in No Man's Land!…
Forget Breaking Bad, I've rewatched the first series of Star Trek Next Generation in a week. Patrick Stewart is a master.
For the lovers of Shakespeare's Sonnets All 154 read by the likes of David Tennant & Sir Patrick Stewart
Stuck in NYC because of snow. 50% off at TKTS booth for No Man's Land with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen helps.
I wonder how much they shelled out to get Patrick Stewart to appear for like, twenty minutes?
About to see Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan take to the stage in No Man's Land. Oh man, has this been a day!
Visited your site & watched Patrick Stewart video, wow! What noble/inspiring idea donate part of proceeds.
It's just got something to do with Patrick Stewart. I can hear his voice in my head whenever I see memes like this! Oh so funny Patrick, you potty mouthed space man!
Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and More Among Guests for Premiere Week of "Late Night with Seth Meyers"
Tony Stewart preps for 1 s t NASCAR ride since breaking leg(Orlando news)
Home now having late dinner. Amusing evening. Highlights: -Nice beer. -Strange talk with strange man who kept staring at me strangely. (Do I really look like Patrick Stewart?) bar staff, dancing behind bar while serving. (They might have stopped while pouring drinks). - Two bearded men (also bar staff) singing Barbie Girl to karaoke. One doing the high pitched girl's voice. - Ex-con asking me for money for room on way home cos his gran left him shut out. Something that struck me tonight: English folk are funny.
Have Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen do a rendition of "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)"
Vegging out for a while before spending my evening with Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan. Can't wait!
Found a game on Steam tagged with 'Best thing to come out of West Yorkshire since Patrick Stewart'
Patrick Stewart appeared on The Daily Show last night to lend his acting skills to a tragic new role: China's dying lunar rover, Jade Rabbit.
Stewart Patrick just relaunched this extraordinary interactive page re global cooperation on 9 transnational threats
that calls for a Patrick Stewart face palm!
Yes, and so has Patrick Stewart! He's probably the best-known male celeb to champion the cause
Will any of my friends be friends with me the way Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are? No, because they'll all be dead, and so will I
If you can pick up a toy without saying "Space, the Final Frontier..." in a Patrick Stewart voice, you're a stronger person than I
Kyle was a bigger let down than Patrick will ever be. Stewart thinks she can handle it. Really ***
really? that didnt even register when i saw this episode. in the future u should be able to look younger even longer. but guess they did that for...(effect)??? patrick stewart is a pimp. live long and prosper. and hope to see u in future X-men. side note to disney- professor x and captin picard would make a awesome jedi.
Patrick Stewart sings the Earth a lullaby.
I wanna be Patrick Stewart when I grow up.
I'm just really thankful for Patrick Stewart
For some reason, the Patrick Stewart version of Macbeth is getting no love. Sometimes change is too jarring for people I suppose
So, I've been watching Frasier as episodes aired on cable, and I decided to get it in my Netflix queue. My parents loved it and when I watched it with them I learned to enjoy it. But now I truly understand it more; it makes me laugh so hard - not because I love it, but because I hate Frasier Crane himself and I love watching slapstick happening to him. My favorite episode is "Door Jam" in which Frasier cons his and Niles' way into a powerfully exclusive day spa and wacky hijinks ensue. Second Favorite is "The Doctor Is Out" starring Patrick Stewart as a fabulous opera director who assumes Frasier is *** and wacky hijnks ensue. Overall, the wildly extravagantly pompous *** character of Frasier being smacked down several pegs makes me laugh insanely while wanting to strangle and punch the character. Kelsey Grammer is good at that. I miss Sideshow Bob.
Announcing the panelists and topics at next Tuesday's public forum about housing in the Commercial Drive area: Maureen Bourke - rent control Theresa Diewert - homelessness and shared housing Patrick Stewart - urban aboriginal housing Garth Mullins - redevelopment and gentrification Jon Leah Hopkins - renting on the Drive
Only way this could be better is if Patrick Stewart was in there too.
The talk back series at Harold Pinter's acclaimed production of NO MAN'S LAND continues Thursday, February 13 with Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart,...
It's the "battle of the action figures" on Britain's "Graham Norton Show." Watch as actors Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart go head to head in a comparison of their respective Star Wars and Star Trek action figures.
Get tickets to "Waiting For Godot": Stage and screen buddies Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are proving two he...
Today I will turn in a history paper entitled "King James and The Marlboro Man", I can't help but picture Patrick Stewart and Don Johnson staring in the movie.
I love watching movies that are old childhood favorites especially when I discover that it has some of my current favorite actors. Apparently The Pagemaster has Patrick Stewart and Christopher Lloyd and Whoopi Goldberg and Lenard Nimoy. I had no idea! No wonder I loved it!
China's Jade Rabbit (Yutu) lunar rover has broken down on the moon, and Sir Patrick Stewart has employed his thespian talents to pay tribute to the plucky robot explorer. On last night's Daily Show, Stewart dressed up as Jade Rabbit and bade a (goofy) bittersweet farewell to humanity.
Patrick stewart is a 12th man. all arguments against the seahawks are invalid forever.
Patrick Stewart says, there is only 74 Days that Remain on this Challenge!! He's Got this. Handed ... Calling you all out!!
Seth Meyers officially has a full lineup of guests to welcome him to 'Late Night' in his debut week, which kicks-off on Feb. 24. For his inaugural episode, previously announced guest and former 'SNL' colleague Amy Poehler will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden and musical guest A Great Big World. The following evening,Tuesday, Feb. 25, Kanye West and author Robyn Doolittle ('Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story') will welcome Meyers to his new gig. On Wednesday, Kelly Ripa and Brad Paisley will each grace Meyers' couch, with the latter pulling double duty as musical guest. The following night,Lena Dunham, Anthony Mackie and musical guest John Mayer Trio will be on the show. Finally, on Friday,Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, Sophia Bush and comedian Michael Che will be in Studio 8G to close out the week. 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' airs weeknights at12:35am ET/PT beginning Feb. 24. Earlier this week, Meyers announced that fellow ex-'Saturday Night Live' cast member Fred Armisen will be his bandleader on ...
I will never take Patrick Stewart as a oscar winning actor, when he is doing a bunch of sci-fi geeky stuff like Star Trek, X-men and voice acting in American Dad.
likeness sculpts. Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Scott Adams. Each was about 1 1/2 hours.
Whoppy Goldberg, Jim Carey, Margaret Thatcher, Patrick Stewart were also ENTJ's but the best is...
More than a decade after his last turn as the tea-sipping commander of the Starship Enterprise, British actor Patrick Stewart has taken on a new (albeit somewhat less dignified) role in a space drama.
10 Signs That You Are a Serious Sci-Fi Fan (1) You have heated arguments with friends over who the best Star Trek Captain is. (2) You have a favorite Star Wars villain. (3) You can recite the Captain's Oath(it starts, "Space, the final frontier...") Bonus points if you imitate Patrick Stewart's voice as you say it. (4)You quote Yoda. A lot. (5) You have a love/hate relationship with George Lucas. (6) Who is cooler? Professor X or Magneto? You have strong feelings on this subject. (7) Your dream home would have a Replicator in the kitchen and a Holodec in the living room. (8) You own at least one Star Wars pez dispenser. (9) You have seriously considered naming a pet Wookie. Or Yoda. Or Darth Maul. Or Jar Jar. You get the idea. (10) You rented "Larry Crowne" because George Takei has a part in it as one of Tom Hanks' professors.
What do I think about when I can't sleep? I try to remember as many names as I can of the Stars In the Reasonably Price Car on Top Gear, then categorize them into lists. Quickest Wit: Michael Gambon and Terry Wogan Easiest to listen to: Steve Coogan and Jeff Goldblum Most fascinating: Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Dame Ellen MacArthur Surprisingly entertaining: Joanna Lumley and Boris Johnson Surprisingly boring: Patrick Stewart and Eddie Izzard Most annoying: Simon Cowell, Jordan, Christian Slater, Geri Halliwell, Jamie Oliver, and Gordon Ramsey
Started playing Castlevania Mirror of fate HD expecting a mediocre to horrible 2D platformer. Was pleasantly surprised when i found myself enjoying the game. It's no Castlevania: Symphony of the Night but it's certainly a competent and enjoyable castlevania game where if you can look past the sub-par voice acting and re imagined story you might even find yourself having a bit of fun with it. Also had the opportunity to play a demo of Lords of shadow 2, it has Devil May Cry fighting meshed with assassins creed 3D platforming and makes for a promising combination. The game forces you to use different ability's to beat certain enemies and combine them with other abilities to maximize their effectiveness. The shadow of the colossus platforming elements you used to beat the bosses from the first game are still present as well and the voice talent of Robert Carlyle as Dracula and Patrick Stewart retaining his roll as Zobek makes this game almost worth purchasing for the acting talent of these 2 giants alone. Th ...
The Tech (Established 1881) Kris Schnee October 22, 1999 What do the American Indians, a 9,300-year-old man, and the Norse god Odin have in common? They’re all involved in a strange dispute over burial rights and the origin of the first Americans. “Kennewick Man,” a human skeleton about eighty-five percent complete, was discovered in 1996 in the Columbia River in Washington. He was apparently a middle-aged man (vaguely resembling actor Patrick Stewart) who had lived for years with a three-inch spear point lodged in his hip, and who was formally buried. The Army Corps of Engineers had control of the bones after they were found by two college students, and the Corps at first attempted to give Kennewick Man away. The 1990 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) made this the obvious decision -- since the skeleton was dated as being about 9,300 years old (although the age was later disputed), it was clearly pre-Columbian, and thus legally belonged to the local American Indian tri ...
We're encouraging kids to read this morning. Here to talk more about the "Share Your Love of Reading" event coming up is Patrick Stewart from Words Alive and Angie Lasagna from Mission Fed, live on and
PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT, and attend my upcoming photography exhibition 'Northerners' Featuring Portraits of Famous Actos Such as Ian McKellen Patrick Stewart Ian McShane, Emma Rigby and many more
Electronic Device Insurance
Star Trek: First Contact Brent Spiner, Producer Rick Berman, Patrick Stewart and the captain of the Enterprise, Jerry Goldsmith.
Had a vivid dream that I met Wil Wheaton, SIR Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis at some kind of Trekkies Anonymous thing
George Takei, Patrick Stewart and gandolf are the new rat pack baby! Live long and party on old dudes!
By - February 07, 2014 It seems like we can't get enough of Patrick Stewart or Benedict Cumberbatch this week.
This is it, the non-stop 3 and ½ minutes of the history of Pontiac Excitement from 1957 to 1991, the recently posted John Zink Daytona Beach 1957 tribute (see ) is just the intro to this video segment. So go back right now and watch the Daytona Beach 1957 video to get prepared for the ultimate Pontiac commercial, so much excitement that GM corporate would not allow Pontiac to broadcast this to the public, previously shown only to Pontiac staff and at Pontiac club meetings (no recordings allowed), from Cotton Owens winning at Daytona driving a ’57 Pontiac prepared by Ray Nichels, to the new (at the time) 1991 line-up and the 1990 Sunfire concept, combining the beat of Ride Pontiac Ride with the narration of Patrick Stewart. Which clip is your favorite? What isn’t there that Pontiac should have included? Maybe it’s there and you missed it, better go back and watch it again. How does this version compare with the “so 80’s it hurts” version? (see ) For more on the actual John Zink Daytona Beach s ...
This week's Talk Back will be moderated by Christian Parker (Associate Artistic Director at the Atlantic Theater Company). Join Patrick Stewart, Billy Crudup, Shuler Hensley and me after the show Thursday February 13. After the performance of NO MAN’S LAND we will discuss Harold Pinter's play and answer audience questions about the production. The ticketed audience for each performance is welcome to stay, free of charge, for the talk back. A ticket is required for the performance.
Whether he's channeling a lobster or hanging out with best mate Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart knows how to have a laugh!
The legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith would have been 85 today. Trek fans the world over know him for the iconic soundtracks to - among others - Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Voyager's opening theme. He's pictured here with Brent Spiner, Rick Berman and Patrick Stewart on the set of First Contact.
If you didn't see Patrick Stewart as the Jade Rabbit moon rover, you have to watch this Daily Show video.
Did anyone notice that Paul Schaffer's band played "Nowhere Man" when Patrick Stewart walked onstage the other night? What's up with that???
Next time I feel I know nothing, I have Jonathan Frakes on DVD saying "You know everything". It was only because he heard me say the name of the woman from off the show that Patrick Stewart married. Her name was Wendy Neuss. Not surprising I remembered!
Star Trek News - Star Trek icon Patrick Stewart played China's doomed Jade Rabbit moon rover on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. You've got to see it to believe it.
Patrick Stewart dressed as China's dying lunar rover says goodbye to Earth -
Note: David lives in the same neighborhood as John Turturro, Steve Buscemi, Patrick Stewart, and Ian McKellan
Saw a picture of Wil Wheaton and Patrick Stewart, looking as if they were in a firefight dressed in TNG era uniforms made me think of the following list of characters from DUNE, but cast from any Star Trek franchise... Wil Wheaton as Paul. Patrick Stewart as Gurney Halleck (duh). Gates McFadden as Lady Jessica. Chris Pine as Duncan Idaho. Benedict Cumberbatch as Piter DeVries Avery Brooks (in a fat suit) as Baron Harkonnen George Takei as Thufir Hawat Nana Visitor as Reverend Mother Mohiam. Michael Dorn as The Beast Rabban Cirroc Lofton as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen John de Lancie as Emperor Shaddam IV Zoe Saldana as Chani Robert Beltran as Stilgar Jonathan Frakes as Duke Leto
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Just watched tonight's Daily Show, and I'll just say it: Patrick Stewart is so weird sometimes.
When Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart start posting photos of their cross country crime spree it won't be so cute.
Omg! Patrick Stewart as the Jade Rabbit Chinese moon rover on Daily Show, losing it.
Patrick Stewart's reading of the Jade Rabbit's last message was glorious on The Daily Show.
Reason 6 bazillion I love the Daily Show: Patrick Stewart dressed up like the Chinese moon rover singing.
Patrick Stewart on The Daily Show tonight, you were awesome!
Patrick Stewart as Jade-Rabbit on the Daily Show tonight. Priceless.
Did you catch Patrick Stewart on The Daily Show With John Stewart? He was in a foil-covered box and hat, imitating the Jade Rabbit -- hilarious! Shakespearean inspired Chinese moon rover death throes!
Patrick Stewart on the Daily Show made my night.
Patrick Stewart on Daily Show, so adorably hilarious.
Watching Daily Show and Patrick Stewart dressed as the Jade Rabbit (China Moon Rover) reading the actual text transmitted from the rover. Unbelievably funny. If you missed it, catch the rerun.
Was watching The Daily Show and all I have to say is that I love Patrick Stewart! He is so amazing!
The Daily Show and Patrick Stewart just made me cry and laugh at the same time, about China's lunar rover.
Patrick Stewart on Daily Show as Jade Rabbit...awesome
Patrick Stewart personifying China's Jade Rabbit on the Moon on the Daily Show FTW
Patrick Stewart is enlisting men in the movement to end violence against women and girls, which he has called, "the single greatest human rights violation of our generation." "People will not listen unless you are an old, white man, so I'm an old white man and I will use that to help people who need it." - Patrick Stewart
Hugh Jackman just made an appearance on the red carpet during the Super Bowl XLVIII Pre-Game show. Jackman talked briefly about his X-Men: Days of Future Past co-stars Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. After being shown an image of two co-stars wearing football jerseys and holding a soccer ball, Jac...
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are ready for the Super Bowl...
British actors Patrick Stewart & Ian McKellen get ready for the SuperBowl with a soccer ball http…
I want to be some combination of Stephen Fry, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart when I get older. Yes, all three. I want Stephen Fry's literary genius, Patrick Stewart's smooth, sexy voice and Sir Ian's adorable charm.
I just had one of the strangest dreams ever...i was getting married and patrick stewart was my best man
if you want to see a Weekend At Bernie's remake starring Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee. Fav if you have no heart.
I'm still holding out for Patrick Stewart as Starswirl.
I think Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen are confused about the style of football on TV tomorrow...
Sir Patrick Stewart & Sir Ian McKellen know a thing or two about football!!! ...
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