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Patrick Stewart

Sir Patrick Stewart, OBE (born 13 July 1940) is an English film, television and stage actor, who has had a distinguished career in theatre and television.

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Agree! Still love the Zefferelli version and also enjoyed Patrick Stewart in Macbeth.
A5 - Ooh! Although I haven't taught R&J in years, I still love Zefferelli - Also, the Patrick Stewart Macbeth is pretty great
Anonymous said: Do you think Patrick Stewart is a good example of how men can get involved with feminism?
I know the most recent Macbeth, with SIR Patrick Stewart, is free.
all I see when I watch that National advert is the Avery Bullock version of Patrick Stewart.
Patrick F Stewart was in the Navy. bingo - military records!
looks like Patrick Stewart with blonde hair
Watching Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in X Men and remembering seeing them as Macbeth and Shylock in Stratford on …
No worries, Patrick Stewart will be a Sounders fan next time he's in Seattle.
That was my conclusion when he ruthlessly crushed my Patrick Stewart dreams.
may be a tad drunk and it's the best. Like how it must feel to have Patrick Stewart narrate your life.
plot-twist. Patrick Stewart hacked the audiobook and she never found out
Patrick Stewart is incomprehensible in his native accent [video] via
Johnson, Stewart, Patrick and Stenhouse are all off of the lead lap
" […] violence is never, ever a choice that a man should make. Ever." – Patrick Stewart VAW domesticviolence
she's the female version of Patrick Stewart
The fourth turtles film of the weekend. Doubt I'll bother with that new one. I'll end on this Patrick Stewart one.
Patrick Stewart is incomprehensible in his native Yorkshire accent [video]
I want a best friend like Sir Ian McKellen is to Sir Patrick Stewart.
Ian McKellen's And Patrick Stewart's Sweet Bromance. Look at all images here:...
Patrick Stewart's ALS ice bucket challenge is the best!
Fetch me Patrick Stewart while your at it! Lol
Harvick or Stewart or Patrick can win, but *not* Busch.
Hard to imagine Patrick Stewart in this part.
I thought Patrick Stewart was holding on to the Philosopher's Stone?
The Defense is Patrick Stewart in TNG and everyone else is Majel Barrett Roddenberry.
> Bryan Cranston, Patrick Stewart, Stan Lee and more are coming to the Family Guy game on
I like that when I come home my dad is watching the old Star Trek episodes with Patrick Stewart. I always sit down and watch em.
I have the same personality type as Roosevelt, Jim Carrey, Harrison Ford, Whoopi Goldberg, Steve Jobs, Steve Martin, and Patrick Stewart.
The time to say "hi" to me...yesterday's news, yesterday's actors, mostly left us now, not many around, Patrick Stewart,Ian McKellen, Derek
!!! Carol Burnett, Kathleen Turner, Seth Myers, and Patrick Stewart read parts of the audiobook of Amy Poehler's new book. Also her parents
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Patrick Stewart on plastic surgery: 'Fake boobs are weird, y'all'
Patrick Stewart explains the problems with plastic surgery in one haiku
One thing I would BEG of you. Please do "A Christmas Carol" either with Patrick Stewart or with George C Scott in Nov/Dec
Okay, this is funny. Brent Spiner imitates Patrick Stewart... again.: via
Newswire: Patrick Stewart to test the limits of the Internet’s love by playing a white supremacist ...
Patrick Stewart has the right shaped skull though. And he did play Sejanus...
like I like Daniel Day Lewis, Sam Elliot, Robert Duvall, and I think Sean Connery is handsome. I agree with Patrick Stewart
Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart are Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth in the future. If you don't agree, go away.
The cast is certainly impressive: it includes Dalton, Stephen Rea, Jonathan Pryce, Patrick Stewart and Julian Sands. Also, Twiggy.
And then there was the time a work colleague confused Patrick Stewart with Robert Pattinson and I almost killed the ***
that's OK! Just less exciting. The Next Generation is where it's at, Patrick Stewart + Jonathan Frakes, yes
What i would give to have Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and Gates McFadden playing board games with Wil.
Marina, Michael Dorn& Denise Crosby. They were fun! It was supposed to be a Patrick Stewart panel but he had to cancel last minute
no Patrick Stewart *** but saw Michael Dorn, who rocked. Too bad the other panelists sucked.
Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, and Denise Crosby pinch hitting for Patrick Stewart, who couldn't make his spotlight panel.
Patrick Stewart had and emergency. Instead we get Denise Crosby, Marina Cirtis and Michael Dorn
Caption this moment between William Shatner and Patrick Stewart.
Watching The Captains on BBC, based on Star Trek, hosted by William Shatner. They showed an interview with William Shatner and Patrick Stewart...there seemed to be some hostility there of some sort.
William Shatner and Patrick Stewart talking about Star Trek, eh?
On our way to see Patrick Stewart, Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Brent Spiner, that...
Patrick Stewart, Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Tom Cruise, and Samuel L. Jackson in one movie.
Space Vampires: How vampires, zombies, aliens, and Patrick Stewart made movie history. via
Patrick Stewart's big bald head in a lobster:
I'm feeling down cheer me up?xx — Patrick Stewart's big bald head in a ball pool. . You're welcome.
Did You Know... Patrick Stewart turned down the role of Jafar in Aladdin. He has said in interviews that this is his biggest regret.
Also, I don't think this same friend appreciated the Patrick Stewart-esque voice I gave Barret
LOL...that's from 1996, and the media got it wrong...Patrick Stewart gave it to Ian McKellen and Ian gave it to me.where did you dig
From Tumblr: "So after seeing Patrick Stewart in The Lion in Winter, all I could think of was how freaking well-cast James McAvoy was as Young Xavier." I definitely see a resemblance!
Was the life of Patrick Leigh Fermor the definition of extraordinary?.
Where can you find Twiggy, Timothy Dalton & Patrick Stewart in one film? The Doctor & the Devils will be coming Nov 4!
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I liked it for the first half hour of the movie. You've officially ruined Patrick Stewart. I hope you're proud of yourself.
Stewart answers questions about fatal on-track incident(topix)
"...for the future is never truly set." I always read it with Sir Patrick Stewart's voice in my head. Always 😝
is that Patrick Stewart in the seat behind!? 😂
Jaymie Patrick Stewart Ngatai watch this one is a laugh "half time break"
It still frightens me a think that so much of my life was totally devoted to Star Trek and almost nothing e…
Photoset: James McAvoy fangirling over Patrick Stewart before shooting his first scene in X-Men: Days of...
Patrick Stewart as cap'n jazz musician and painter, has died
“Troll is not aware that Patrick Stewart is a hardcore feminist. +20HP
you're affirmation means a lot to me. How OLD is Patrick stewart??
Conspiracy Theory is underrated too, I met Patrick Stewart too great guy.
I will! But like I'm gonna be waiting in lines ESPECIALLY THE ONE TO MEET PATRICK STEWART BABY IM SO EXCITED
...and Patrick Stewart can rock that style while others try, but fail hilariously :)
at in Football @ 2pm Sat., sure to be a special day for QB Patrick Stewart & family
Only if you promise me that Patrick Stewart will be in it.
Harvick 1st, KuBusch 2nd, Stewart 5th. Patrick will not advance.
Round 2 of 3 is over. Kurt Busch P1. Harvick P2. Stewart P5. Patrick P14. Top-12 advance to final round.
Prank Wars: Danica Patrick confesses to Tony Stewart - Behind the Scenes: via
There is a question on the page of how many of you want us to play old movies with Patrick Stewart and I, and which ones, if enough of you
Or how about Patrick Stewart and I eating, boy couldn't live without seeing that right?
give credit to dianna muldaur. Pairing off against patrick stewart some of my favorite scenes.
Not feeling this Star Trek film tonight. Mind is melting, despite my love for Patrick Stewart.
X-Men: Days of Future Past is a 2014 superhero film based on the fictional X-Men characters that appear in Marvel Comics. Directed by Bryan Singer, it is the seventh installment of the X-Men film series and acts as a sequel to both 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand and 2011's X-Men: First Class. The story, inspired by the 1981 Uncanny X-Men storyline "Days of Future Past" produced by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, focuses on two time periods and Wolverine going to 1973 to save the future of mankind. The film stars an ensemble cast, including Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Nicholas Hoult, Shawn Ashmore, Peter Dinklage, Ian McKellen, and Patrick Stewart. Simon Kinberg wrote the screenplay from a story conceived by him, Matthew Vaughn, and Jane Goldman.
I aspire to have a friendship like that of Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart.
Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are awesome, lol.
If Anjelica Huston shaved her head she'd look almost exactly like Patrick Stewart.
If you missed Extras on Gold TV Channel tonight, here's a clip of Patrick Stewart
Oh yeah boy! The Patrick Stewart of your massacre just got drenched in Schrab!
Halloween Movie Run-Up No.12: Lifeforce. Professor X aka Patrick Stewart was in it
seen Professor X and thought of you since you love Patrick Stewart :)
Little Giant Ladders
Holden: Dad... is there a good movie based on Moby *** Me: Yeah. A couple. The Patrick Stewart one is pretty good. Holden: Who's that? Me: Capitan Picard from Star Trek. Holden: Oh cool! Ellora: What's Moby *** Holden: Moby *** is a great white whale. Me [over-dramatic]: Hunted into oblivion by the vengeful Captain Ahab! Ellora: Uh. Question. If Moby *** is a whale... then how did he write a book? Me: Oh... "What" is Moby *** I thought you meant who. Moby *** is the name of the book honey. It was written by Herman Melville. Ellora: Oh. Yeah. That totally makes way more sense.
I don't think you've lived until you're picked up Patrick Stewart.
Me and a friend once played pool against a guy who looked like Patrick Stewart. My friend kept calling him 'Enterprise'. Still kills me.
read this quote carefully "Patrick Stewart was considered for the role of Pierce Hawthorne."
Just got followed by some schexy wife of Patrick Stewart
Sir Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are just fantastic.
now up on face book - mine is a dignified Sir Patrick Stewart style.😴suitable reparations on the just giving page to make up 4 it
Nice! ☺ Chichester was mentioned at the Star Trek con cos Patrick Stewart mentioned acting there recently!
Photo: tenaflyviper: If you can’t find a place on your blog for Patrick Stewart in a bathtub dressed like a...
My Survey of World Literature professor looks exactly like a fusion of Patrick Stewart and George Carlin
Windows: The Next Patrick Stewart in this one?
Every argument ever made by Patrick Stewart has persuaded everyone, every time, since forever.
Is that Patrick Stewart with hair in the middle?
One of my dreams is to casually run into Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart on the street.
I urge you to look into Castlevania Lords of Shadow then! :) It has Patrick Stewart in it as a voice actor too and I loved it!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The office is keen to know- is that really Patrick Stewart with you?
But cool werewolves and Lord of the Rings music! PATRICK STEWART!
Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen and Tom Hiddleston are too easy and taken out of the running. :)
Dude, we need a smart phone assistant with different voice options: Patrick Stewart, Morgan Freeman, Julie Andrews~. I could go on.
I just have very little love for the old cast beyond Patrick Stewart, Sir Ian, and Jackman. Recast Jean and Scott for love of god
He looks like Patrick Stewart with a lace front beard.
"a barnstorming performance that leaves you breathless" Stewart reviews The Silence of Snow
No surprises here... you voted greatest living Yorkshireman!
Patrick stewart should never stand, he should just sit on a throne for the rest of his days
Danica Patrick: Tony Stewart 'deserves chance to move on' - USA TODAY
I'm betting Kitty Pryde (re-cast) as Headmaster. Maybe... MAYBE... a cameo from Patrick Stewart as he puts her in charge
If there was one person I'd allow in my head it'd be patrick stewart, Picard could never steer me wrong
I missed it - yeah. .. but I also think that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are also hot
"On a shelf behind the bar is a stuffed fluffy cat, presented to McKellen by fellow thespian Patrick Stewart."
My "Patrick Stewart" Google alert went off this morning in the best way possible:
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen in Sean Mathias's production Samuel of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot.
imagine Patrick Stewart Sting and Kyle McLaghlan in Moonraker. Good lawd.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Patrick Stewart. the captain you've never seen.
how hard/easy was it to get Patrick Stewart to do Extras, that cabin scene is glorious comedy!
Patrick Stewart as Avery Bullock just makes my day, every time.
a Patrick Stewart lookalike who makes Edwards look like the most entertaining man on the planet
Photoset: My friend phones me up and goes like, “Hey, I hear you’re going to be playing Patrick Stewart!”...
Also, having Patrick Stewart as part of the cast didn't even redeem the movie. :p
My portrait of Patrick Stewart behind the scenes at the convention this weekend.
No surprises here... you voted as greatest living Yorkshireman!
Then Gemma Jameson happen to be original Molly Ringwald from the Breakfast club with Patrick Stewart Ramsey as Judd Nelson
Patrick Stewart and Steve Martin in this movie too? I quit. I'm so ashamed that I never knew or registered any of this.
Most obvious casting since Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier
There are so just many reasons to love Sir Ian McKellen. There's his adorable bromance with Patrick Stewart, his...
Star Trek icons William Shatner and Patrick Stewart to reunite in London - Digital Spy UK
So comic con has some awesome guests coming. Kevin Conroy, Karl Urban, Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, and Cary Elwes to name a few. Wonder how much each one is charging. I may just go broke on these guys. =)
Patrick Stewart & Jacki Weaver to star in new sitcom from Seth MacFarlane & Jonathan Ames: subm...
Jacki Weaver and Patrick Stewart will star in a new sitcom from Seth MacFarlane and Jonathan Ames.
Jacki Weaver lands role with Patrick Stewart in US comedy -
Thanks for for update on scheduling. Kevin Conroy & Patrick Stewart confirmed!
Newswire: Jacki Weaver will co-star in Seth MacFarlane’s Patrick Stewart show: According to Deadline, Silver L...
Jacki Weaver: 'is set as the female lead opposite Patrick Stewart [.] next will be seen in [.] Equals, opposite Kristen Stewart.' - Deadline
98% convinced that only starts Jonathan Stewart because his name is a mashup of "Jonathan Frakes" & "Patrick Stewart".
Sometimes, I like to talk to myself in the voice of Patrick Stewart.
I may have dreamt I dated but I've also been Adam Sandler's girlfriend, Patrick Stewart's mistress, and Steve Young's wife.
Patrick Stewart is not only leading the Central League in passing as a QB, he is in SE PA. Good luck 2nite.
rewatched Steve Martin's LA Story last night. particularly impressed with cameo from Patrick Stewart
A sick 'Star Trek' fan wanted to meet Patrick Stewart, and he made it so via
Today's panels: Billy Boyd (a hobbit!), Julie Benz (Darla!), Patrick Stewart (!) and Danny Glover. (!) All were great. Boyd is playful and amusing, Benz is fun to listen to (and gorgeous to boot), sir Patrick Stewart is charming and witty and everything I've come to expect him to be, Danny Glover is charmingly long winded, gets sidetracked easily and is a huge history buff, his knowledge and passion is impressive. Quote of the day: Sir Patrick laughing, telling us he cracks himself up then saying "Its true. I think I'm cute and funny". things you never expect to hear from Picard/Xavier. Highlight of the day: listening to Sir Patrick do Puck's soliloquy from a Midsummer Night's Dream. Chills and goosebumps.
Wow. Child is from right here in Statesboro GA. MT Patrick Stewart (is a class act.
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Christine if you see Karl Urban and Patrick Stewart pls ask them to pass by Abie's Smoked Resto on me..
Patrick Stewart surprises trekkie who has life-threatening illness with out-of-this-world visit
A million ways to die in the west: The only movie where a drug hallucination Dalían sheep speak with the voice of Patrick Stewart ★★★★★ (well done Seth MacFarlane)
My fav vids of celebs who have taken the ALS ice bucket challenge are Patrick Stewart and Henry Cavil
I'd loved to see Morgan Freeman and Patrick Stewart star in a movie together
This girl told the Make-A-Wish Foundation she wanted to meet Patrick Stewart.
"Shawn and Scott are the cutest best friends ever" we're like Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart
Terry Crews is like the black Patrick Stewart he never ages
“I want to see Hamlet because David Tennant/Patrick Stewart, but it’s still Shakespeare.”. “Let’s watch it tonight! It’s only…3 HOURS LONG?!”
Still seems so surreal to me that I got to meet Stan Lee, Stephen Amell, Dave Bautista & Patrick Stewart. Thanks
John Lithgow and Alfred Molina go together like Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. That's how great LOVE IS STRANGE is.
Argh should not have looked at list of guests: Jim Butcher, Faith Hunter, Laurell K. Hamilton, Eddie McClintock, Patrick Stewart
To meet & shake hands, perhaps hug: Gene Wilder and Patrick Stewart would shock my world.
I accept Wasilla Arctic Cat’s to and will donate to the Pete Frates Fund. Watch my video to see whom I challenge. Hat tip to actor Patrick Stewart for reminding everyone with his video that the donation is the most important part of the not the frivolous water-tossing theatrics that those of us who are more thoughtfully serious choose to forgo. Find out more about and learn the story behind the here: and here: up, it's Todd's turn! - Sarah Palin
We can all stop dumping ice water on our heads because Patrick Stewart has officially ended the via
Not that I don't appreciate the donations that these people made, but what is it with some of the famous people who are "doing" the Ice Bucket Challenge by NOT doing it? It's not that hard. Put on some shorts, get a bucket of ice water, go outside, and dump it on yourself. If you can think of some clever variation on the theme (I'm looking at you, Benedict Cumberbatch!), good for you. But thinking of some clever way NOT to do it, that's just not cool and leaves me with an impression of a wet blanket instead of a wet head. And I'm talking about actors I like and respect, like Patrick Stewart, Alan Tudyk, Orlando Jones (who irritatingly used the challenge to glom on his own cause), Charlie Sheen (okay, not so much like or respect for that one, but he kind of started the "I'm not getting wet" idea). Patrick, buddy, you dressed up as a lobster for Halloween and posted a picture of yourself in a bathtub. Is having a bucket of water thrown on you just too silly in comparison? Here's the thing. The water stunt? ...
Patrick Stewart does the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge the right way
Headed to Comic Con Chicago today! Super excited to see some iconic people in person! David Boreanaz, Matt Smith, Patrick Stewart, SHATNER!!
Patrick Stewart and Pirlo. Hands down the two coolest men on the planet
Super good day! :) Was able to see Matt Smith 😍 and Shawn Ashmore, Boo Boo Stewart, Stan Lee, Dave Batista, Josh Peck and Patrick Stewart
I take it back. Chris Evans isn't the opposite of Robert Pattinson, Patrick Stewart is.
Absolute best Ice Bucket Challenge yet, by Patrick Stewart. The way it should be done...
Is this signaling the end of the Ice Bucket Challenge? Yorkshire legend Sir Patrick Stewart brings new meaning to it, with a degree of class.
Patrick Stewart does it like a sir :-)
I feel like i just got rick rolled by Patrick Stewart's ice bucket challenge.
Sir Patrick Stewart handles the Ice Bucket Challenge in the manner you'd expect from a great British gent:.
Touch of class from Patrick Stewart via proper ice bucket challenge
Patrick Stewart knows what to do with a bucket of ice (and a cheque book)
If you were waiting for Patrick Stewart to respond to the Ice Bucket Challenge and expected anything different than this, you don't know Pstew.
Patrick Stewart classes up the ice bucket challenge
Hamilton Collection
Cheers to Sir Patrick Stewart for opening his check book and using ice the right way:
Patrick Stewart has the best ice bucket challenge yet
ALS Ice Bucket Challenge ... the way it is done correctly ... Sir Patrick Stewart
ooo you might try the Sir Patrick Stewart method
The best Sir Patrick Stewart understood the real point !
Now this is the way an should be done Patrick Stewart w the CLASSIEST video ever ->
"Patrick Stewart has officially ended the with this brilliant video
The comedy of celebrity activism. .
Sir Patrick Stewart sips whiskey as he does ALS Ice Bucket Challenge via
Patrick Stewart (yes, Captain Jean-Claude Picard/Professor Charles Xavier himself) was challenged, and takes on the ALS ice bucket challenge in the classiest way possible.
Patrick Stewart is always refined, even when taking the Watch:
Patrick Stewart did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the classiest way
Make another X-Men film Patrick Stewart and the original cast!
Patrick Stewart indeed has the classiest ALS Cheerio. 😏
Welp, the is officially over thanks to Patrick Stewart   10% Off
I primarily thought the video and Patrick Stewart's point were valuable. Many always had the right focus, as you note…
Sir Patrick Stewart shows celebrities how the ALS ice bucket challenge should be done
Sir Patrick Stewart undertakes possibly the most dignified ALS ice bucket challenge to date
Ladies and Gents... this is the right way to do the Ice bucket Challenge. The whole thing is to raise awareness...
William Shatner may be the first captain (except for the very first episode - but I don't remember that guy's name) of the Enterprise, but Patrick Stewart has got to be the coolest.
How Patrick Stewart does the ice bucket challenge...
Original said donate OR dump a bucket of ice on your head. GG Patrick Stewart, gg. :D
Patrick Stewart wins. No more of this dumping-icewater nonsense.
With all the excitement about the ice bucket challenge, perhaps better take a look back at what it actually is all about. Sir Patrick Stewart gladly explains!
Patrick Stewart shows us a REAL ice bucket challenge.
To everyone out there ATTENTION WHORING the ALS Disease Ice Bucket Challenge...THIS is how you do it properly! Thank you, Sir Patrick Stewart (Capt. Picard from Star Trek: TNG) for the example.
I love Patrick Stewart he is an example to us all. P.S either his lady has tiny feet, or this is his daughter . can anyone shed any light on that ?
Leave it to Charlie Sheen and especially Sir Patrick Stewart to show how one can turn a viral sensation on its head. Make it so, sir Patrick.
Now this is how you do an ice bucket challenge. Go Patrick Stewart!
This is how cool Patrick Stewart is...
Patrick Stewart would like to educate some of you who have posted on or participated in something called "The Icebucket Challenge" with something a little more worthwhile called The Dignity Challenge.
Oh Patrick Stewart everything you do is magic and classy :)
Ice bucket challenge. Thanks for the nomination Jason Patrick Stewart. I nominate Amanda Gurren Donovan Coen and Centaine Smith 24 hours guys. Dont forget to text MND to 50300 to donate €2
Patrick Stewart's Ice Bucket Challenge is my third favourite after Becks and Gary Barlow
It's official. Imma meet William Shatner, Patrick Stewart and Karl Urban at Wizard World. Someone pinch me.
Bruhh i just confused Patrick Stewart and Robert Pattinson and though I made a connection w/ Kristen Stewart
It amazes me that William Shatner hasn't done a guest-voice on THE SIMPSONS. George Takei, Leonard Nimoy & Patrick Stewart have done it.
Patrick Stewart's Ice Bucket Challenge.: . Mr. Stewart does everything with class.
Isn't there one for Patrick Stewart's as well?
'X-Men’ director Bryan Singer gets tattoo as Patrick Stewart watches - Bryan Singer is serious about his bets.
You're a terrible *** anti *** racist person who needs Jesus. But Jesus is a liar and you cause Patrick Stewart to facepalm. Jk.
good lord, Ian Hislop, Patrick Stewart and scouting. possibly the perfect video for
I am officially going to meet two of my most wanted to meet people at Fan Expo on Aug 31st. Patrick Stewart and William Shatner at the same time for a photo op! Nerdvana is here!
Well honey in the 1990's I sent Patrick Stewart a $300 ring...he has yet to get it...tells you how honest Paramount Pictures is
At least Maggie Smith, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Betty White are immortal. right?
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Stan Lee, John Barrowman, Patrick Stewart, Matt Smith, these all make sense for headliners for Chicago Comic Con. but seriously what the *** is John Cena doing as a big name there
Tickets purchased for Comic-Con next Sunday. Hope to catch of glimpse of Patrick Stewart, Bill Shatner or Bruce Campbell!
Best voices in movies: James Earle Jones, Leonard Nemoy, and Patrick Stewart
Jeff Bezos accepted Satya Nadella's at our Seattle all-hands meeting and challenges William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, and George Takei. with The ALS Association
Patrick Stewart & Cary Elwes might have to be skipped if more Once cast is announced ha ha
It makes me sad when people know Patrick Stewart from Xmen rather than Star Trek, such a same as he was so good as captain pickard
If, when I wake up I find that either Patrick Stewart or William Shatner are dead, I am going to actually spontaneously combust.
You know 'em and love 'em (Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy, Ian McKellen) these gents are literally too legit to quit: http…
Ian McKellen fills in for Patrick Stewart to help director propose to Star Trekobsessed partner via Radio Times
Emil Jannings as Mephisto is the 1920s equivalent of Patrick Stewart as Prof. X. Dream casting.
My Dad still takes the *** out of the time I confused Ian McKellen with Patrick Stewart, to his face. This was 6 years…
Until 1/24/16 you can watch Patrick Stewart in MacBeth, David Tennant in Hamlet, and Ian McKellen in King Lear on PBS Great Performances.
Horses, knights, magic, nudity, Wagner, Helen Mirren, Liam Neeson, Gabriel Byrne & Patrick Stewart. Can't be more epic than this.
23 days until I get to meet Patrick Stewart. You guys have no idea. Counselor Troi telling me that I have an exquisite figure with large boobs was the total highlight of last year...if I can even shake the greatest Starfleet captain of all-time's hand I'm pretty sure this year is going to just as good if not better. I'M SO PUMPED. OH MY GOD.
Patrick Stewart, he just keeps getting better. I wholeheartedly agree with him!
time to do your best Patrick Stewart impression.
by the way, if your Patrick Stewart voice didn't kick in after reading 2 words of this, we aren't friends anymore.
Star Fleet uniform shirt signed by Patrick Stewart.
If everyone was as good of friends as Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan this world would be a much better and happier place
Woohoo 78 to go! Now this Orlando is off to create an ever handsome and delicious Patrick Stewart with ketchup.
Am watching final episode of Fall of Eagles from 1974 Patrick Stewart makes a great Lenin
all men are poops except for Abe and maybe also Sir Patrick Stewart
But Patrick Stewart won't be there on Saturday. :(
I guess Sir Patrick Stewart never won a Tony,he never won a pie eating contest either. Why not have Russell Brand do Late Night? Too clever?
Is there an audiobook version of it? Preferably by someone like Morgan Freeman or Patrick Stewart
I have to probably pick between meeting Norman Reedus or Patrick Stewart at Chicago Comic Con :(
yeah all I know him from is Doctor Who. Patrick Stewart and William Shatner aren't even charging that much!
I'm always shocked when people have never seen Conspiracy Theory- I mean, come on, it's got Patrick Stewart!
We agree with Sir Patrick Stewart, do you?
Also found this when I googled old white men. I always loved Patrick Stewart.
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Helen Mirren & Patrick Stewart are both winning into their 70s.
Video: wolvensnothere: peabodyawards: Sir Patrick Stewart on his first Peabody Award [EDIT I came to edit...
Audrey and Gail from Corrie look like Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart in drag.
TIL Patrick Stewart was made to wear a wig for his interview with Paramount Executives after auditioning for Star T…
Now it's a full set! Sque! MT Sir Patrick Stewart will be taking part in Star Trek: TNG event at Mtl Comiccon on Sept. 13.
"accidentally" I think he was pulling a Patrick Stewart.
Falling into a big cream pie. Being in an acrobatic troupe with Patrick Stewart. The letter b. 14.1
If I dress up, I bet I could get Patrick Stewart to notice me.
SIR PATRICK STEWART -- A name so prestigious, that it can only be spelled using CAPS LOCK!
"The people who could do most to improve the situation of so many women and children are in fact men."-Patrick Stewart
OMFG Sir Patrick Stewart is coming to Montreal Comic con this year again?! Should I see him again?
Can we talk about the real news story of the day, which is that Patrick Stewart is returning to
SIR PATRICK STEWART has been confirmed and is the latest guest addition to the Montreal Comiccon! Sir Stewart...
Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself was also born there...Sir Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart, a black US citizen, was left to die alone in Nigeria after contracting ebola.
So BSG S1E8 "Litmus" is basically just TNG S4E21 "The Drumhead" with Edward James Olmos standing in for Patrick Stewart.
I could see a cartoon me being voiced by John DeLancie. Insany would be voiced by Michael Dorn. And Patrick Stewart would be the narrator.
is puzzled by a dream he had last night: It was the 3rd Annual Drive-In Audiobook Festival in Riverside Park, presented by the Mississippi MUDDS. Featured readers were Patrick Stewart, Mark Hamil, Harrison Ford and Robert Munsch. They were all reading books by Stephen King.
6th floor. Howard Cosell throws a clock at Patrick Stewart. Jackie Collins laughs all the while.
There are a few truly great television actors — Patrick Stewart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, James Gandolfini — and James Garner was one of them.
I have autographs from the original seven Star Trek stars, and eight of the STNext Generation stars...all but Patrick Stewart.part 1
I think it after I saw Extras and Ricky Gervais told Patrick Stewart he didn't watch Star Trek.
OC residents, beware of toll-payment email scam: Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier in X-Men. Christopher Lloyd...
It is time for some Star Trek TNG... I love me some Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart was born on July 13th, 1940. Here's a goofy picture with him and Ian McKellen. http:…
It's down to Lauren Faust, Tara Strong, and Patrick Stewart. I had to pick Stan Lee over George Lucas and Patrick Stewart over Ian McKellen.
Ian McKellen is going to play Sherlock Holmes, so can Patrick Stewart please play John Watson?
X-Men is a 2000 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is the first installment in the X-Men film series. The film directed by Bryan Singer and written by David Hayter features an ensemble cast that includes Patrick Stewart, Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, Famke Janssen, James Marsden, Rebecca Romijn, Bruce Davison, Ray Park, Tyler Mane and Anna Paquin. It depicts a world in which a small proportion of people are mutants, whose possession of superhuman powers makes them distrusted by normal humans. The film focuses on the mutants Wolverine and Rogue as they are brought into a conflict between two groups that have radically different approaches to bringing about the acceptance of mutantkind: Professor Xavier's X-Men, and the Brotherhood of Mutants, led by Magneto.Distributed by 20th Century Fox Release date(s) -- July 14, 2000 (United States) Running time -- 104 minutes Country -- United States Language -- English ...
Watch Futurama Season 9, Ep 12 31st Century Fox online. Now available on Sky Go. Bender's excitement for an upcoming fox hunt is nipped in the bud when he finds out the prey is robotic. Guest starring Patrick Stewart.
Today in 7/13/1940: Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: TNG, X-Men) is born in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England.
I share my birthday with Mexican GK Ochoa, Craig Bellamy, Roberto Martinez, Harrison Ford, Patrick Stewart and Julius Caesar
This Day in Commonwealth History: 13 July 1249: Alexander III is crowned King of Scots 1940: Patrick Stewart, English actor, born in Mirfield, West Riding of Yorkshire 1945: Joseph Benedict Chifley, Australia's fifth wartime Prime Minister, is sworn into office. 1953: Richard III, starring Alec Guinness, opens the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario, one of the world's premier film festivals 1985: The Live Aid benefit concert is held at Wembley Stadium, London, as well as in several international venues
Glad we don't have to see Brazil stinking it up or Patrick Stewart diving anymore. By the way, isn't Jean-Luc Picard a bit old to be playing in the World Cup and who knew he was Dutch?
Is it me or does Arjen Robben from the looks just like Captain Jean-Luc Picard -Star Trek, aka Patrick Stewart?
Patrick Stewart is hiding in this bed
SB has as many awards wins/noms as Bill Shatner, more than Patrick Stewart.
Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart sat with the WSJ's Barbara Chai to discuss performing "Waiting for Godot" and "No Man's Land" on Broadway, Samuel ...
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