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Patrick Kane

Patrick Timothy Kane, Jr. (born November 19, 1988) is an American professional ice hockey right winger/center currently playing for the Chicago Blackhawks.

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Attorneys for Patrick Kane and his accuser seek resolution, sources say.. Related Articles:
Conflicting reports of settlement talks in Patrick Kane investigation 47
I've "done nothing wrong.". For first time publicly, Patrick Kane talks about investigation:
Blackhawks should use Patrick Kane situation to make a difference: Blackhawks should use Patrick Kane situatio...
Patrick Kane of Chicago Blackhawks says he has ...
Kane cheered at Blackhawks' scrimmage: Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane was cheered loudly on Friday when the…
Photo: my heroes, role models, inspirations, idols, and my everything Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews! I...
It's on the deal with Patrick Kane and the reaping what they sowed:
Good piece by on the Patrick Kane situation
Confident he will be absolved, Patrick Kane reports to training camp.
Patrick Kane cheered as start camp.
The Blackhawks were dumb and embarrassing, and Patrick Kane shouldn't be at camp.
Patrick Kane cheered as Blackhawks open training camp
Chicago Blackhawks send spectacularly bad message by bringing Patrick Kane to camp via
chicagonewsnow: Patrick Kane will attend training camp, speaks at news conference
Jonathan Toews calls Patrick Kane's situation "a non-factor for us" when it comes to being a distraction.
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"innocent until proven guilty." Patrick Kane is *** of a hockey player. Blachhawks don't want u, LA kings Love to have you.
"I am confident that once all the facts are brought to light, you will find that I have done nothing wrong" -Patrick Kane
Patrick Kane: "I am confident once all facts come to light I will be absolved.''
Patrick Kane is excited to be here...appreciates question...he knows where you're coming from...can't comment. Got it.
Am I the only one who thought Pat Boyle looked really uncomfortable discussing Patrick Kane yesterday on csn
Patrick Kane may not be at training camp -
Report: Grand jury proceeding in Patrick Kane case to resume soon
Report: Patrick Kane rape case is headed to a grand jury
Blackhawks face no-win situation as Patrick Kane saga continues
Patrick Kane case not dampening hometown Buffalo's spirits.. Related Articles:
Patrick Kane's future with Blackhawks on ice as ...
this may sound controversial but Rapistberger got away with it cuz he's white. Would appear Patrick Kane will to
Trading Patrick Kane might be Blackhawks' only move
Patrick Kane's agent discussed the assault allegations made against the Chicago Blackhawks star in a new interview, saying that he
Aw take me back to seeing Patrick Kane and almost getting mugged :-)
What do Buffalo fans think about the Patrick Kane case? has the answers:
Gary Bettman on Patrick Kane: NHL has to 'watch process play out' -
It's showtime and Patrick Kane isn't even on the TV!
I'm at a bar with the biggest pro-Patrick Kane is innocent meathead ever. Makes me want to root for PK being guilty. F this clown.
I'll pick a hockey player for you, Patrick Kane
Report: Grand jury expected to resume investigation into Blackhawks' Patrick Kane
let's see if those comments get the attention like the Towes comments on Patrick Kane
Source: DA postpones grand jury hearing in Patrick Kane case.. Related Articles:
Patrick Kane investigation involves woman in her 20s — AP source
If you're looking for an example of how a hockey player should act off the ice, look no further than Patrick Kane.
When you do a super thorough job of removing Patrick Kane from the cover of your video game.
Patrick Kane, having missed seven weeks with a broken collarbone, has been cleared for contact and i
Patrick Kane, grand jury on training camp collision course; more notes -
Are they gonna reduce prices on Patrick Kane jerseys or nah?
Grand jury hearing to be rescheduled in Patrick Kane case
Grand jury hearing expected to be rescheduled in Patrick Kane case
Gary Bettman: NHL not rushing into Patrick Kane investigation.. Related Articles:
... Patrick Kane? Because if so, this should be screen capped so people stop victim blaming.
It’s been a terrible offseason for the NHL. From Patrick Kane’s police investigation, to Ryan O’Reilly’s impaired …
I also liked what he said about Grigs and Patrick Kane in Boston. The styles wouldn't mesh.
Patrick Kane case not dampening hometown Buffalo's spirits - USA TODAY blackhawks
Some lady told me not I shouldn't be wearing a Blackhawks shirt because it's supporting Patrick Kane.uhh my shirt is def not Blackhawks
Saw a kid at the ice rink wearing a patrick Kane shirt and eating a subway sandwich. Does his mom not watch any television?
Weekend Notes: A possible reason for the NHL to be looking at expansion now:
District attorney rambles on about Patrick Kane investigation [VIDEO]
Patrick Kane getting hit to Death Grips - YouTube
NHL 16 comes out in less than a week. Gonna make my guy look like Patrick Kane so I can rape kids online and justify it
kissthecup: Me: *takes Patrick Kane by the shoulders and screams* I WANT TO LIKE YOU!! GROW UP!!!
Lincoln Report (WGN legal analyst on latest developments in Patrick Kane case)...
WGN legal analyst: Patrick Kane case is anything but cut and dry.
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Here is an update on player Patrick Kane's rape investigation.
Patrick Kane won't be involved in NHL's television promos this season
Is wearing a Patrick Kane jersey to a European Champions Hockey league game not an immediate jersey foul?
BREAKING: Annti Raanta traded to the Blackhawks in exchange for Scott Darling and Patrick Kane. Will share apartment wit…
OTT should trade for Patrick Kane. Build him a condo at CTC, in the middle of nowhere, miles from any decent entertainment. He'll behave.
As well, who on earth would consider trading for Patrick Kane until investigation is complete and DA declares intent.
Patrick Kane is a seatbelt but friends from school are forever.
Patrick Kane is only 1 letter off from school are forever.
Updates on Patrick Kane, Tom Sesito, Marcel Goc, Samuel Morin and more in your morning coffee headlines.
Jared Fogel, Jonny Craig, Front Porch, Neck Deep, Patrick Kane. What do we have in common?
Report: Patrick Kane met with police, DA's office as investigation continues. (via )
Craig Button on TSN, I believe he said he was part Patrick Kane, part Jonathan Toews. Or like Karlsson as a forward.
Hockey Hall Of Fame still has Patrick Kane's helmet from the 2015 Stanley Cup Finals in its 2015 Cup exhibit.
Patrick Kane's driver opens up: BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) -- Jimmy Fallon will be sticking arou...
The Cubs are Chicago's one upward-pointing sports team. The Kevin White and Patrick Kane news is troubling.
yeah totes and Sabres and Patrick Kane yeah love buffalo
Im sure Jimmy Clausen is gonna make all us Chi sports fans forget all about Patrick Kane...
Replace the word "accuser" and "woman" with "Michael Leighton" and every article about Patrick Kane becomes 100x funnier
EA making a big deal about Patrick Kane, acting like a rapist ain't never been on a video game cover before
The new Steve Dangle Podcast! Trying to discuss Patrick Kane, Pascal Dupuis, Jarret Stoll, cards & more htt…
Petition to take Patrick Kane off the cover of NHL 16. Please spread this around.
What has he done? Patrick Kane hasn't been charged yet, so you're jumping to a conclusion. Good Job bud! Keep it up :)
Yeah he raped a chick but who cares right?.. He's Patrick Kane. It amazes me how people can say after what he has done.
Between Sheldon Richardson, Patrick Kane and IK Enemkpali incidents, this is the worst three weeks of an offseason I've ever experienced.
Patrick Kane investigation - FOX 32 News Chicago my segment from Sunday evening news
So there's not a story about Patrick Kane raping a girl? No outside the lines report? Barely in the news or anything. Yall got it media.
I don't know anything about Patrick Kane but this weak *** story in shows they have picked their side
Johnny Manziel and Patrick Kane could be best friends
Let's be honest guys. Patrick Kane is still BAE 😍 like who are we kidding we are all obsessed and wish it were us. 🙋🏽
Don't even think about defending he's not your friend, not your 'bro', writes
Thanks for sharing the article on The Patrick Kane situation. No one has will or can say it better.
The Stanley Cup is in Buffalo today, at Scotty Bowman's home. Tomorrow is Patrick Kane's scheduled day. Still very much up…
To Patrick Kane I'm still your biggest fan!!!
Police confirm investigation into incident at Patrick Kane's home, await forensic results.
While other instances have received cards, Vanderbilt & those blindly supporting Patrick Kane are worthy of
If Patrick Kane has to rape someone to get laid there's absolutely no hope for me
I want to say I'm surprised that someone made a GoFundMe for Patrick Kane. Guess what? I'm not.
Truly an amazing article about sports heroes, rape culture and idolizations of people we don't really know.
and now patrick kane...WHATS THIS WORLD COME TO
And with the recent rape allegation Patrick Kane is well on his way of being the Kobe of the NHL
"The reflex of “Leave Kaner alone you’re ruining his rep!” shows you’ve let sports fandom strip you of your humanity" htt…
To all the people who think the woman accusing Patrick is doing it for publicity: what's her name?
Let's refrain from starting articles about Patrick Kane by clarifying "he hasn't actually been charged with criminal acts."
Dad: did you hear what happened with patrick kane. little sister: what happened to patrick kane!?. dad: he uh.. he got a hair cut. mom: oml
look up "Patrick Kane is not your friend" amazing article written by a Chicago guy yesterday.
Patrick Kane was definitely set up by this broad and if he is arrested she will probably be one of the most hated girls in the US
A very important & thought provoking column by about the Kane investigation. I implore you to read it: http…
Patrick Kane situation turns dream season into a nightmare for fans. My column: http:/…
According to two sources with knowledge of the probe, Patrick Kane is being investigated by Hamburg police.
Two law enforcement sources have told The Buffalo News that Patrick Kane is being investigated for an alleged rape incident.
So I suppose being the subject of an investigation means that Patrick Kane should just head to jail now. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.
Rape is rape. No matter who it is . It's never okay .You people are disgusting who say "why wouldn't you let him rape …
One of the really sad parts for Patrick Kane is, what if he doesn't remember what happened? How do you defend yourself?
Here are my thoughts as the Patrick Kane story continues to unfold. Thanks for sharing and reading before commenting. http:/…
Chief confirms the Blackhawks star is the focus of an investigation, described as a rape case by police sources.
Hamburg Police chief: We are investigating incident at Patrick Kane home - Chicago Sun-Times
Patrick Kane Wants a poopy cash that eats drugs.
Really disappointed in Patrick Kane right now
NHL monitoring police investigation of Patrick Kane
This article about the Patrick Kane investigation is fantastic.
Patrick Kane Wants a fresh guy that jumps butts.
Blackhawks must have won the Stanley Cup again because Patrick Kane has made another poor off season choice.
The backlash James Winston got vs the backlash Patrick Kane is getting in the media. Tells you the whole story
Patrick Kane subject of police investigation; no charges filed
Report: Patrick Kane is the subject of a sexual assault investigation in Upstate New York
Chicago Blackhawks star, Patrick Kane, accused of sexual assault
Chicago forward Patrick Kane is being accused of sexual assault. We have to let this play out and gather all the…
Patrick Kane subject of police investigation; sexual assault, possible rape; no charges filed Whoa…
Breaking: Patrick Kane subject of sexual assault investigation in New York. (Real big surprise with this scumbag.). http:/…
Police investigating alleged incident at Patrick Kane's house.
Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane investigated over alleged incident at his home: bit.…
Police investigating alleged incident at Patrick Kane's house
Kane is involved the rape case Police investigating alleged incident at Patrick Kane's house
Police confirm investigation in alleged incident at Patrick Kane's home:
I'd like to imagine Patrick Kane's voicemail is just filled with Jonathan Toews going full captain serious on him and screaming in the phone
As hectic and crappy your work week may have been, remember prolly still better than Patrick Kane's
[CSN Philly] - Police confirm they've launched investigation into Patrick Kane
People compare Johnny Gaudreau to a young Patrick Kane quite often. I hope that isn't the case, because Gaudreau is a nice guy.
Sheldon Richardson, Patrick Kane and now Aldon Smith: Just another bad week on the police blotter for major sports
Not to worry, Goodell has to deal with the Patrick Kane mess first. Goodell won’t get to Smith for awhile. Oh that’s right.
Tough, tough day for Aldon Smith. At least he isn't Patrick Kane, though. That dude should be in prison.
What a week... Patrick Kane, and now Aldon Smith and Norwood Teague today. Wow.
Never thought I'd see the day Patrick Kane is more disliked then Tiger Woods
saw that, at least Patrick Kane got arrested 4 rape so that's taking heat off Smith
Patrick Kane yesterday, Aldon Smith today..any SF Giants want to make it a hat trick tomorrow?
Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane at center of rape investigation in Hamburg, NY
I claim Patrick Kane is innocent no rapist and u know Im stalked,abused and harassed in way like victim of Evans was,smear campaign
NHL watching Police investigation of Blackhawks star Patrick Kane - Boston Globe
No one right now is playing as well as Jonathan Toews -- especially after the loss of his running mate Patrick Kane http:/…
I liked a video GoPro: On the Ice with Patrick Kane & Jonathan Toews - Episode 4
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Patrick sharp is GONE, Ben smith is GONE, Hossa is OLD AF, and Patrick Kane is being accused of rape. Man we need to pray for Chicago hockey
UPDATE: Police sources tell News that a young local woman alleges Patrick Kane took her to his home, raped her
First Hulk Hogan, then Jared the Subway Guy, now Patrick Kane. All of my heroes aren't who I thought they are :/
Patrick Kane with 40 goals, Jonathan Toews with 56 asset,Jonathan Toews with 74 points!
BREAKING: Police are investigating Patrick Kane for rape. No charges have been filed. (via
3 big sports stories today: Patrick Kane accused of rape; Jenson Button gased in a bank robbery and Johnny mania is back. WOW what a day
I want to know what all the Chicago Blackhawks fans accusing Drew Doughty of rape are saying about Patrick Kane now
First Sheldon Richardson now Patrick Kane (again) a couple of weeks later. These athletes just don’t get they have it all.
I wonder what would happen if Patrick Kane, Gronk, and Johnny football were at the same club.
.reporting Patrick Kane investigation is for potential rape charge:
I'll never understand why people white knight Patrick Kane.
Semyon Varlamov, Slava Voynov, Patrick Kane. . Let's go ahead and call it a draw
soon to be replaced by Patrick Kane
and you just KNOW..Jonathan Toews ..or "Toewser" here in the Peg...was no where NEAR Patrick Kane this summer.
Honestly I had no idea tumblr shippers liked hockey enough to write about Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews being in love.
Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane becoming more alike via
Hope the allegations against Patrick Kane aren't true, especially since he has tons of kids looking up to him.
Plot twist: Patrick Kane was the one who WAS raped, not vice versa.
This *** lashed out on Sheldon Smith. But will his *** *** speak out against rape accusations against Patrick Kane?
Patrick Kane's neighbors tell Tribune that 3 unmarked police cars were on his property Sunday night
Patrick Kane is more trouble than he's worth for CHI. They should trade him to NJ. He'll be a good mentor for Jon Merrill and Ben Johnson.
Patrick Kane is reportedly being investigated for an incident with a woman at a bar
Patrick Kane of Chicago Blackhawks subject of police investigation in New York
was he at a bar in Evans NY with Patrick Kane?
moves breakdown from Patrick Kane in trouble? 8/6 Morning Skate:
I wonder how many Hawks fans aren't aware of Patrick Kane and Adam Burish wearing blackface for Halloween
WKBW says investigation of NHL star Patrick Kane springs from incident with a woman in a bar in Evans Saturday.
WKBW -- police are investigating an alleged incident involving Patrick Kane and a woman that began at a bar in Evans.
Patrick Kane overcoming his injury and scoring the game clinching goal in game 6 of the Stanley Cup final
OWN THE MOMENT Ad design featuring Patrick Kane of the , big fan of bauer so i made this! htt…
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Patrick Kane gives Chicago their first Stanley Cup in 50 years with this weird goal vs the Flyers! (2010)
Denis Savard asked his wife who Taylor Swift was after Patrick Kane said she distracted him during a rookie game
Patrick Kane - the low-key love of my life SIGH - he’s so much better than he was i love him i can’t help it
Never forget when the Mayor of LA turned on Patrick Kane mode.
Leafs select Mitch Marner, who's modeled his game after Patrick Kane
The Patrick Kane of Baseball just got traded for nothing to go play with The Getzlaf, Ovechkin, Keith and Malkin of Baseball
Patrick Kane spinning One Direction 😂😂😂. You cannot hate this man.
GOALS😍😍.and u would have a Patrick Kane sticker 😂
we just called Patrick Kane.. showtime
I named my degu after Patrick Kane 😂
Patrick Kane once let up a goal because he was distracted by Taylor Swift:
Denis Savard throws Patrick Kane under the bus in front of Taylor Swift!
Photoset: carnavaldhiver: Patrick Kane, Bryan Bickell and several others tee it up for the Denis Savard...
Patrick Kane once let a guy score a goal because he was busy checking out Taylor Swift
VIDEO: Patrick Kane takes over DJ booth at club, instantly plays h…
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I'm calling it right now Patrick Kane gets a hat trick tonight and Hawks win the Stanley Cup
Patrick Kane scores to win the Stanley Cup against the Philadelphia Flyers (2010)
If Mike Trout,Patrick Kane,Jonathan Toews, LeBron James, and Jonathan Papelbon get injured really bad and change their game I'll be so happy
"Patrick Kane scored 27 goals. Mike Hoffman scored 27 goals." - hope the Hawks do this trade, TBH.
...I'm just saying Patrick Kane would have called a cab.
Patrick Kane better keep his head up because the train is coming. Love the deal for Dallas. Chi gets cap room
If there was a way to combine Anthony Rizzo, John Mayer, & Patrick Kane into 1 man I would give up EVERYTHING to make it happen and meet him
Trevor Daley covering Versteeg as Patrick Kane has nothing but open ice in front of him. Goal
Patrick Kane taking the Stanley Cup to a Jimmy Buffett concert.
Patrick Kane takes Stanley Cup to Jimmy Buffett concert and it's great: http:…
From early tonight with Patrick Kane and the in Chicago.
VIDEO: star Patrick Kane brings Stanley Cup on stage at Jimmy Buffett concert htt…
Jimmy Buffett & Patrick Kane with the Stanley Cup pouring a landshark
Duncan Keith and Patrick Kane for the negotiating rights to Patrick kaleta
3rd pick Strome: NHL comparable Alex Burrows. 4th pick Marner: NHL comparable Patrick Kane. Think we got the guy we wanted
tonight. I think the Dallas Stars should trade all their picks for Alex Ovechkin or Patrick Kane.
Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews named as cover athletes!
Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews named as cover athletes.
Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews get the cover of NHL 16.
Dustin Byfuglien got one MVP vote. Patrick Kane got none. I don't care that Kane missed 21 games, that's a joke.
Thanks for reading. Here's top draft prospect Patrick Kane of the London Knights.
You'll be drunk, but you'll never be Patrick Kane filling the Stanley Cup with margarita drunk
This day in 2007: select Patrick Kane 1st overall in NHL Draft
We are also thrilled to recognize Samuel Johnson, Patrick Kane, Frank Laney, Hal Levinson, Stephen Little as Citizen Lawyers.
A young man in a Patrick Kane jersey and aviator sun glasses ... via
Patrick Kane: "I know you said I’ve been growing up, but watch out for me for the next week."
Patrick Kane announces his upcoming bender? 'I know they say I've grown up, but look out for me next week.'
"This young man got up at 5 to drive in from Lisle, and guess who his favorite player is? Patrick Kane! Incredible. Back to the studio."
Here we have a young and absolutely hammered Patrick Kane with the Stanley Cup at the 2010 Rally.…
Patrick Kane: "The guys getting drafted this year, I think they’re '97s or something. Here you are, you thought you were y…
when jake says he knows Patrick Kane 😕
Watching a Patrick Kane documentary like I do
Patrick Kane is like 11 years older than me.. Can we still get married 😰
Guarantee some white girl out there just asked mommy for a brand new Patrick Kane jersey and added to their bio
R.I.P to Patrick Kane's liver after tonight
I don't know why. But I've always thought of Kris Versteeg as the Jimmy Olsen to Patrick Kane's Superman.
*Patrick Kane kisses the cup, turning it into tequila, and drinks the whole *** thing*
Remember when Dale Tallon drafted Patrick Kane instead of Kyle Turris and everyone called him crazy? Good times. God times.
Blackhawks add insurance! Patrick Kane scores to give Chicago 2-0 lead. It's 1st time this series either team has led by …
Patrick Kane is going to punch so many cab drivers tonight
Game 6 Stanley Cup Finals at Lagasse's Stadium !!! Let's see is Patrick Kane & the Blackhawks can…
Patrick Kane's 112th playoff point moved him into fourth in history, passing Steve Larmer.
Hey NBC, I promise Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are more marketable than any person competing on American Ninja Warrior tomorrow night.
On this day, 5 years ago... Patrick Kane ruined my life.
Ryan Callahan is currently out-playing Patrick Kane for bragging rights in Western NY.
Patrick Kane scored as many goals as the entire Minnesota Wild roster in their second round series.
and p.s. That's Jonathan Toews not Patrick Kane 😁
How does one hold Patrick Kane to no shots on goal?
.is gonna break up with me when I get my Patrick Kane mullet so
From draft day to the All-Star Game, see Patrick Kane and his parents reflect on his successful career. -
Someone buy me a Patrick Kane jersey . size small . Thank you
Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are not scoring. It's not quite a situation yet, but could be soon:
Top takeaway from Game 2: The Lightning can really play. But only 1 shot for Patrick Kane? & others need to find their game in Chicago.
People with names like Kane are awesome. Patrick, Citizen, Candy. All good. I think I'll go with Franckie Kane from now on.
He’s back! Watch Patrick Kane talk about his quick recovery and soon-to-be return. -
Pattie sent me a picture of Patrick Kane to make me feel better omfg
the guy who reported that Butler and Rose had beef was the same dude who said Patrick Sharp was sleeping w/ Patrick Kane's girl.
Patrick Kane is 26 years old, Jonathan Towes is 27...Two Stanley Cups already w a chance for a third now...the supreme …
All my dads friends think looks like Patrick Kane
Patrick Kane was held without a shot in a playoff game for the first time since 2009.
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Can I have my posse beat this guy wearing a Patrick Kane jersey?
remember that time julia told me they were going to punch patrick kane in the face for me?? b/c I think about that a lot
Mike Adamle: "Patrick Kane had zero shots on goal. I'm not sure if that was by design.". OMFG
Found out that your dad told me I look like Patrick Kane. Best compliment I've ever recieved.
Patrick Kane didn't have a SOG for the first time this postseason. 😳 I can only imagine he will score ALL the goals on Monday.
Girls wearing Patrick Kane jerseys are always so hot!😍😍
Mark Reynolds looks like what Patrick Kane will look like when he grows up
Blackhawks: Patrick Kane held without a shot on goal for the first time in this postseason in Game 2 loss to Lightning (ESPN) …
Patrick Kane ain't see no light bruh
Officially giving up my dreams of marrying Patrick Kane due to the fact that he's 26 and has a receding hairline
Also, Patrick Kane needs to come to the party.
Me to Patrick Kane: where are you now that I need you
. It will over in 5. Do not worry. Patrick Kane will skating with. Stanley Cup in Tampa!
It will be so hard to believe that Patrick Kane could win three Stanley Cups before he is 27. 😳😳😳
Not to mention the absolute calamity of goals we let it. Some super soft goals. Patrick Kane nowhere in sight.
better get some tissues for Patrick kane when he comes back 2 buffalo empty handed.
This just in: Thousands of Blackhawks fans remove their Patrick Kane jerseys and put on their Steven Stamkos jerseys.
It pains me to say this, but Patrick Kane has done nothing in this series so far
Zero shots for Patrick Kane on the night.
Paging Patrick Kane. Paging Patrick Kane. You're needed in the Claude Raines called...
Patrick Kane getting injured late in the season obviously was the Hockey Gods' way of helping the Hawks out, duh!
Think Craig Simpson just said Patrick Kane has the “inane” ability to protect the puck.
Patrick Kane is 2 goals shy of tying the record for goals in a postseason (Jeremy Roenick - 1992 & Darryl Sutter -…
😂😂😂 Patrick Kane better than brett hull and mike modano? 😂😂😂 you Chicago fans are crazyyy!
BN Sports -- My column from Tampa on Patrick Kane, chasing more "Showtime" moments and a third Cup.
Patrick Kane adds 3 assists in Game 7, has 20 points in career when facing elimination since 2009. (via htt…
I was out this morning & someone was trying to tell me how they should trade Talbot for Patrick Kane...
I think under definition you might have to order a Weo Ping for gold plated residency status
The Interview: Patrick Kane talks Barbies, Cups and, of course, Jonathan Toews:
Especially is Patrick Kane has the puck
Of 1st 4 appts today only 1 likes hockey, b/c "Patrick Kane is hot"... which is true. But still.
I just want Patrick Kane to win everything ever. 🏆
just thought Patrick Kane was my sisters boyfriend...
So who wants to get drunk with me tonight and yell at the TV about how Patrick Kane is a (fill in pejorative of your choice)?
Toews-Kane line is Hawks calling on their Avengers
listen if Patrick Kane is going to walk around in public like that I cannot be held responsible
You know the are popular when there are visiting Royals fans rockin' Patrick Kane jerseys
Both are looking good!Just need Ben Bishop to keep putting up the shutouts/assists and a few more games with Patrick Kane.
Jonathan Toews & Patrick Kane on the same line is the "Avengers" assembling via
Patrick Kane's hands are so sick we may need a doctor.
congrats to Patrick Kane, who is finally not the shortest blackhawks player
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