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Patrick Kane

Patrick Timothy Kane, Jr. (born November 19, 1988) is an American professional ice hockey right winger/center currently playing for the Chicago Blackhawks.

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ew do not send me a picture of Patrick Kane ever again
That kid looks like a skinny Patrick Kane
Garret Sparks is suspended for saying "you sound like a 13 yr old girl" but Patrick Kane is a rapist who plays hockey m…
All I'm saying is Patrick Swayze is the best actor of all time
People who defend Patrick Kane make me so angry
at least for me, who can't even look at Patrick Kane without wanting to retch, but why was he allowed near an app that created words
Patrick Kane is proud of our this guy.
Chanting "She said no" at Patrick Kane. Don't rape, kids.
When you read as the goals leader in the but have to double take because you think you read Patrick Kane.
Patrick Kane's act of kindness for young fan during road trip goes viral
Patrick Kane now tied with a legend from their lean 1940-50s period. He has good shot at being 6th on this lis…
Patrick Kane isn't the reason for the scoring woes, writes
I'd agree also in this case it's going to effect so many women who have few other options people forget that supermarkets
automation for automation sake is cool but if you don’t sync up employment needs you’re causing greater social inequality IMO.
yeah it makes sense but would there not be a load of issues with UBI too? And how hard it is to sell as an idea to people?
take a look at Greenwich’s Smart City Strategy. really interesting.
this is arguably where UBI becomes useful. A lot of the wannabe “smart cities” are trying to do so because they know…
.brilliant legal stories and snippets made the LPC bearable. Very sad news.
In 2016 alone, I have met/got autographs from Patrick Kane, Panarin, Duncan Keith, Kris Bryant, Rizzo, Baez, Russell, McGregor and J Butler
Some interesting numbers:. Patrick Kane has 8 goals and 18 assists after 27 games. Same time last year: 16 goals, 26 assists.
Throw in Patrick Kane and it's done
Still only 56 responses for Manchester. Feels very unrepresented. Survey closes at midnight
Just try to get the puck and make plays, not so much worry about scor...
Alex DeBrincat is averaging 2.22 PPG in the OHL. . Active NHLers to do that . Connor McDavid. Patrick Kane. Jason Spezza. Sa…
For PSP, we play the 'SOCOM' game as a team on the plane, and it's pret...
Maybe if didnt spend two years lying about Patrick Kane women would have better view. Ted Washington G…
On 8/9/09, Patrick Kane was charged with maliciously attacking a cab driver after the driver stated that he didn't have $0.20 in change
On this date in 2005, traded Matt Ellison and a 3rd round pick in 2006 to for Patrick Sharp and Eri…
Patrick Kane recorded an assist in Chicago's 2-1 loss to Winnipeg on Sunday.
top 10 things overheard on Patrick Kane's dates.
We're looking for a reporter to join our busy newsdesk. Job description here:
Genuinely glad to see that in probably the most important constitutional case in my lifetime Eadie is cracking bad…
I'm not saying that's a good or bad thing, but you can't just hit someone with a synth sax like that.
four seconds in and that synth sax. Jesus.
Chef of the Year WINNER Chef Patrick Kane creating some delicious treats!
that looks like Neil Horan. He's, er, got form.
German Xmas market bakes at Towers Convent school. Supported by Patrick Kane apprentice of t…
Patrick Kane heads to the penalty box with 1:19 remaining in Period 2. to the kill.
Eric Semborski makes a save on Patrick Kane near the end of this. How great is this? Dude's living the dream.
I'm handling life like Patrick Kane did at the All Star game when everyone booed him and Scott just laughed his ***
Patrick Kane has assisted on 31 of Artemi Panarin's 40 career goals. 23/30 last season, 8/10 this season
Patrick Kane: Others have to "step up" with Jonathan Toews out of Blackhawks lineup
Patrick Kane with a disgusting goal for Chicago 😱😱
Combined goals this season:. Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin: 15. Paul Byron, Torrey Mitchell and Phillip Da…
This is like that watching that Patrick Kane goal on Michael Leighton all over again.
Patrick Kane, jay cutler, Devin Hester, John Cena, and Chris Cantrell. Try me bud
Can we expand it to include Patrick Kane, Bill Murray, Colin Cowherd and Jeff Fisher?
Auston Matthews has one fewer hat trick than Patrick Kane does in 658 fewer games.
Adam Burish and Patrick Sharp, Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, Duncan Keith and Brent…
can the Hawks still get that Ryan Miller for Patrick Kane deal done?
No excuses from Team USA after going winless at Blake Wheeler, Patrick Kane & Ryan McDonagh stood in and…
Patrick Kane, Dustin Byfuglien, James van Riemsdyk and Steve Miller are all on the ice together again. I'm just saying.
Patrick Kane on the verge of tears after Team USA loss
As a big Minn. Wild fan, it's very difficult to get myself to cheer for Patrick Kane in the world cup... Go paaarise!!
An unpopular opinion, but one I wholeheartedly agree with. Kevin Weekes on Patrick Kane: .
Lovin' this quote by Kevin Weekes on Patrick Kane's skill & worth ethic. . (via
John Tortorella demands Patrick Kane stand and show respect for the system that helped sweep his sexual assault under the rug.…
Anyone can let Kevin Weekes know that he doesn't haven't to drop Buffalo everytime he mentions Patrick Kane
Patrick Kane named alternate captain for Team USA at World Cup of Hockey via
NHL Network deems Patrick Kane the No. 1 player in the NHL "right now." Six in the Top 50:
.talks to Patrick Kerkstra from Philadelphia Magazine about the resignation of AG Kathleen Kane.
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the fact that tyler seguin is literally THE number one patrick kane stan is equal parts entertaining and adorable what a guy
R Kelly , Patrick Kane, & Denzel Valentine shouldn't make prices go up... But I wanna do last night over again!
Patrick Kane says Michael Keaton is the best Batman ever during Hart Trophy acceptance speech
BarDown: Patrick Kane impresses in a playground made for stickhandlers
Guess the Rangers have a better franchise than the Blackhawks who sent Patrick Kane.. ***
I have something Sidney Crosby, John Tavares, and Patrick Kane can't have, his name is
Insane expectations aside, he plays absolutely nothing like Patrick Kane stylistically.
Chicago Blackhawks stars Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are always touted as two of the top players in the league, and a ne…
In here with Chicago Sky,Bulls,Patrick Kane Black Hawks and Kells it's lit tonight 😝
Patrick Kane becomes the first American born player to win the Hart .
feels just like every Patrick Kane goal from last year
haters can keep hating, I'm just gonna dance - Patrick Kane
Maxwell Patrick Kyrie Kane. Mama and baby are healthy and happy!
Why does Patrick Kane have the same hair as the Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2?
Dear Patrick Kane, I wish I could give you the biggest hug right about now😭💔
Patrick Kane was part of the Chicago contingent that met with Jimmy Vesey & Co. in Boston on Wed., sources confirm.
This is basically a picture of Patrick Kane in about 10 years.
I mean, if Patrick Kane personally asked me to play for the Blackhawks, I would NOT turn down that invitation.But he does him
You had Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, Jack eichel and Auston Matthews asking you to play on their lines and you chose Derek stepans lol
turned down playing with Tavares Patrick Kane and the other JT to play with his bum friend Kevin Hayes.MORON
Report: Patrick Kane joined Blackhawks brass in meeting with ...
When you realize would rather play with Kevin Hayes then on a line with Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.
whoever has Patrick Kane is the worst team
if you combined Michael Phelps' gold medals and Patrick Kane you would have 23 gold medals and a sex offender
you’re almost part of the 10:30 crew. Good fun.
He's ugly. Not attractive. Overrated but he's good. Still ugly. And a rapist. Patrick Kane.
tbh I’ve always been amazed at the lack of security up until now, but I’m from NI…
Sidney Crosby, Patrick Kane, John Tavares and others try to lure Jimmy Vesey to their teams -
because I've no clue how to work it either tbh
Patrick Kane to Jimmy Vesey In Team Meeting: "You like parades, Jimmy? We've had 3 in 6 years."
Patrick Kane was part of the Blackhawks' group that met with Jimmy Vesey in Boston, per report via
Patrick Kane lives in the Trump tower
OK you win. Domestic Violence obviously worse than annoying portmanteaus. I would like to change my answer to Patrick Kane.
Captain Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane announce big home decisions
Watching Democrats try to justify the rapist Bill Clinton is honesty quite amusing. Especially after so many have bashed Patrick Kane.
PSA: You can't be against Patrick Kane and for Bill Clinton. Pick one or the other. Either you're for or against alleged rapists.
Patrick Kane would make a good dart board
I'm saying if you get a Patrick Kane, you can look past it
Patrick Kane wins the Ted Lindsay Award for most outstanding player, as voted by the players!
Patrick Kane when he played in the OHL for the London Knights 🔥.
Not only did Patrick Kane win the Hart Trophy, but it was presented to him by Batman himself.
let's all remember Patrick Kane last yr...seemed legit at X but investigators couldn't prove
Seguin and Subban were traded for character issues. Patrick Kane is the MVP.
Arizona native Auston Matthews is the first American to go No. 1 in the since Patrick Kane nine years ago.
Cap Jail with Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook. Fine by me.
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Patrick Kane had himself quite the night 😏
Patrick Kane adapted his game, evolved it & became a Hart Trophy winner for the
Tune into SportsNet Central. Patrick Kane will give his thoughts on Derrick Rose. 1 MVP in Chicago as another one leaves.
Patrick Kane won the Hart Trophy on Wednesday night, becoming the first player born and trained in the U.S. to be…
Patrick Kane is the first Blackhawk to win the Hart Trophy since Stan Mikita in 1968.
Patrick Kane made history with his Hart Trophy win at the 2016 Full recap:
Patrick Kane becomes first American to win Hart Trophy
Patrick Kane first U.S.-born player to win Hart Trophy as NHL's most valuable player . Sent with
Patrick Kane is the 1st player born & raised in the U.S. to win the Hart Memorial Trophy as MVP.
.RW Patrick Kane wins Hart Trophy as MVP; decisively topping runner-up Sidney Crosby for honor. https:/…
Patrick Kane on winning the Hart Trophy via
The Hart Trophy for the player voted most valuable to his team goes to Patrick Kane.
. Patrick Kane wins the Hart Trophy as the NHL's Most Valuable Player!
Patrick Kane wins the Hart Trophy as NHL MVP. He tallied a 26-game point streak enroute to leading NHL with 106 pts. http…
Am I the only person who expects Patrick Kane to be signing with Sin City ASAP?
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The winner of the Art Ross Trophy is Patrick Kane.
Patrick Kane wins the Ted Lindsay Award, voted on by the players.
Michael Keaton tonight when Patrick Kane comes on stage to get the Hart Trophy
Michael Keaton will present Hart Trophy at NHL Awards in Las Vegas. Batman almost certainly will hand trophy to Patrick Kane.
did Patrick Kane scored a point for Argentina ?
Just in ... At request, Patrick Kane spending offseason in Chicago, not Buffalo.
Patrick Kane to Stay in Chicago This Offseason: The Chicago Blackhawks were dumped from the po...
Hmmm... Patrick Kane having YOUR children might be somewhat of a biological challenge ;)
! TRADE RUMOR !. Patrick Kane to the fiery pits of ***
Patrick Kane staying in Chicago, not Buffalo, this summer. Read Blog:
New post: Patrick Kane: Patrick Kane believes he can still improve
And I only feel this way when I watch Patrick Kane play hockey 😂
Looked like a Patrick Kane penalty shot.
Patrick Kane on Hart Trophy nomination via Who's ready for Kane MVP tomorrow?
REPORT: Patrick Kane asked by Blackhawks to train in Chicago.
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Yes, because Patrick Kane's situation is identical to LeBron James' situation.
that Messi guy is on Argentina Tho, the Patrick Kane of soccer
Patrick Kane on getting added motivation from silencing the "haters."
Patrick Kane is staying and working out in Chicago this summer rather than go home to Buffalo. A source said that was at t…
So when do we sub in LeBron, Gronk, Bryce Harper and Patrick Kane?
Patrick Kane sounds like Donald Trump. People aren't "haters" if they are pointing out you're a harmful dumpster castle of a person, fyi.
Report: Blackhawks ask Patrick Kane to train in Chicago,...
Bye bye malkin for Patrick Kane then kunitz also thrown in the deal, great trade for both teams if it happens
I’d have picked Kobe Bryant as Patrick Kane’s comparable, personally.
Malkin on his way to Chicago for Patrick Kane wow great trade for both teams, just the rumor mill!
Source: Patrick Kane training in Chicago this summer, not Buffalo, at team's request. Story: https…
I'm guessing ppl who continue to believe Patrick Kane is guilty also believe OJ is innocent. Such ppl clearly don't believe in evidence
Report: After Patrick Kane created negative headlines in returns to Buffalo, Blackhawks ask him to stay in Chicago. https…
Patrick Kane: "I think Vegas would be a great venue. I’m sure they’ll probably have a pretty good home record."
and Patrick Kane say it was purely Kane's call, not the team's, to stay and train in Chicago for the summer.
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Sidney Crosby going to KHL. Stamkos going to Dallas for Benn and Seguin. Chara going to Buffalo. Patrick Kane going to jai…
Patrick Kane talks about being nominated for the Hart Trophy and Panarin's chances to win the Calder.
I cant - another offseason of Patrick Kane. Someone shoot this guy to the moon.
Ok so I think Tim Murray needs to trade for Patrick Kane who will then lead the Sabres to the Cup. Buffalo is next right?
CELEBRITY SIGHTING: Patrick Kane at Ocean Cut Chicago last weekend -
I'll ride you like Toews rode on Patrick Kane and Duncan Keith's back to win 3 Stanley cups 😭😍🙈
also, "the NHL would have done better to move away from him years ago" followed up by praising Patrick Kane. Alright.
or a Patrick Kane... He's too small too.
Chris Hansen would like for Patrick Kane to have a seat and talk
Just weeks after winning the Art Ross Trophy for leading the National Hockey League in scoring, Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane was named
My favorite kind of athletes are ones that show every emotional day aren't afraid to cry s/o to Patrick Kane
Congrats to Patrick Kane on being named a finalist for the 2016 Hart Memorial Trophy! .
Marner Magic reminds me of Patrick Kane and Matt Duchene
When life hits you like Patrick Kane hits cab drivers
Andrew Shaw said he and other scratches jumped up and down in dressing room when Patrick Kane scored…
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From ... Patrick Kane's spectacular season has disappointing finish
Tribune: Patrick Kane's spectacular season has disappointing finish
Patrick Kane's spectacular season has disappointing finish, by
Way to go . nice to see. And I'm glad I don't have to hear about Patrick Kane from here on.
Need Blackawks-Blues to end like this, but with Patrick Kane as Joel Ward
Patrick Kane now ranks with Glenn Anderson for most OT goals in Stanley Cup Playoffs history.
CHELSEA DAGGER! Patrick Kane with the pretty assist.
I hate Riberio more than Ryan Suter, Patrick Kane, and Corey Perry combined.
"Saved the season." - Duncan Keith on Patrick Kane's game winning goal
Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are here and awake (barely).
Patrick Kane scores the game winner in 2OT!. Don't Miss A Moment.
Patrick Kane is now tied for 3rd on the list for most career playoff overtime goals with Hockey Hall-of-Famer Glenn Anderson.
Patrick Kane wins it in double OT with some filthy stickhandling and a great followup
Patrick Kane has the 3rd-most OT playoff goals (5) in NHL history. He trails Joe Sakic (8) and Maurice Richard (6). http…
Patrick Kane sold his soul. Only logical explication. No one from Buffalo should be that successful.
I feel like I need to go to church after Patrick Kane scores in OT
And that my friends is called The Paso Doble performed by Mr. Patrick Kane. I score it a 10.
Patrick Kane remembered this wasn't the Olympics and he was allowed to score.
That was a superhuman sequence by Patrick Kane. That’s why he’s one of the best in the game.
Patrick Kane has not even had time to grow his really creepy splotch beard yet. He needed that.
Wow. Patrick Kane just did some Danny Briere stuff.
That's why Patrick Kane is among the best. Absolutely filthy
Expecting Showtime to show up. Patrick Kane has 20 points in 15 games when facing elimination. .
Even if you discount the Patrick Kane accusations (which you shouldn't), their handling of the Garret Ross situation was awful too
I think I might be developing a crush on Patrick Kane. Or that guy at the Old Spaghetti Factory that looks like him but hotter. I need help.
Oscar Taveras got the death penalty for driving drunk. Patrick Kane walks free. Chicago is DIM.
Patrick Kane's two assists help Blackhawks even the series at 1 with a 3-2 win over Blues.
(Also, Patrick Kane was the first 40-60-100 guy in the NHL since Daniel Sedin 5 years ago before Duncan Keith's elbow ruined him).
also Patrick Kane looks like a less strung out but much more rapey Nick Stahl.
Some big names on today's list of birthdays with connections:. - Patrick Kane. - Jack Quinn. - Russell Salvatore
Jonathan Toews said Patrick Kane needs to bring back playoff mullet: "If he's a team player he has to take one for the team."…
With a career-high 106 points, Patrick Kane is the first American to lead the NHL in scoring.
History for Patrick Kane: The forward is the 1st American to ever lead the NHL in scoring.
Patrick Kane wins the 2016 Art Ross Trophy as the NHL’s leading scorer with a career-high 106 points!. https:/…
Just a week after Jonathan Toews did it, Patrick Kane gets his 250th career goal. He's the 11th player to get 250+ goals o…
Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews:. 251 Career Goals each . 🎶 Anything you can do I can do better 🎶
Patrick Kane finishes the year with 46 goals, 60 assists and 106 points - all career highs.
There it is. Now tied in career goals. 251 for Patrick Kane. 251 for Jonathan Toews.
Patrick Kane is officially the Art Ross Trophy winner. Big time year. Hart Trophy next?
Trevor van Riemsdyk and Patrick Kane are the only two who played in all 82 games. Hjalmarsson was at 81. Seabr…
In my class I have 3 people that look like Patrick Kane, Alec Martinez and Dustin Brown
a Ron Jeremy/Weird Al cross over, Patrick Kane dressing up as Bob Dylan, and a failed attempt to be Margot Tenenbaum
to your point, which is a less interesting play: Patrick Kane's cup winner or Sidney Crosby's gold medal winner.
that shot by tarasenko stunned me, much of the crowd and most importantly, Mike Smith. just a sick goal. Patrick Kane-esque
I hate Patrick Kane so here's a picture of Chris Kreider instead
For the first time in his career, Patrick Kane has 100 points.
Chicago's badboy Patrick Kane finally got his head and *** wired together and leads the NHL w 100 pts.Johnny Manziel totally adrift!!
and then I'd watch sports center the next morning and hear trash *** Barry Melrose justify him then *** Patrick Kane.
Patrick Kane just did a great short handed David Bolland impression
Patrick Kane slices his way down the right wing and whistles a shot past Ondrej Pavelec. Looked to change direction off stick of Mark Stuart
Patrick Kane passes it cross crease to Artemi Panarin and the puck goes past Ondrej Pavelec for a powerplay goal. 1 - 1
Patrick Kane is the best better than sydney crosby
Why do people keep talking about Marner as if he's Brian Gionta/Johnny Gaudreau-sized? He's the same size as Patrick Kane.
I've just bawled my eyes out because of Brandon Saad, Patrick Kane and John Scott
Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith and Garret Ross, a hat trick of miscreants.
Patrick Kane skates over to the penalty box to give a fist bump to Andrew Shaw after fighting Dumba.
Today in 1982, Wayne Gretzky set a record with his 92nd goal of the year. With just 2 weeks left, Patrick Kane leads the league with 93pts.
Patrick Kane furrows his brow in a vain attempt to understand the situation.
Several looks at the Matt Dumba hit on Patrick Kane
Why has it taken this long for somebody to take a shot at Patrick Kane?
Patrick Kane is my pick for the Art Ross Trophy & Panarin for the Calder Memorial Trophy. Alex Ovechkin for the Maurice Richard
39th of the season for Patrick Kane, who has 91 points this season. Michal Rozsival with lone assist
Patrick Kane had a goal and an assist 1 minutes 24 seconds apart on power plays in the second period and Artemi Panarin scored twice,
Artemi Panarin started playing pro hockey at the same time as Patrick Kane.
Patrick Kane was separated from Artemi Panarin and Artem Anisimov on Wednesday night against Phila...
Now Doug MacLean saying Marner is Patrick Kane, yeah, keep overhyping him. I hope it overwhelms him.
Patrick Kane remains NHL's most polarizing figure (by
need to specify "in a Chinese knockoff Patrick Kane jersey"
didn't Patrick Kane beat up a cab driver
Congrats white guy with dreads in Patrick Kane jersey entering the Trump rally on being the worst human being alive
ICYMI: Sports Illustrated decides to put Patrick Kane on cover this week.
The NHL will not discipline Patrick Kane for offseason rape allegation.
This kid I went to high school with used an Edward R. Murrow quote to vindicate Patrick Kane's innocence and now I'm walking into the ocean.
When it's all said and done, who will have more sexual assaults swept under the rug, Patrick Kane or Bill Clinton?
NHL closes its investigation into Patrick Kane, deems allegations "unfounded." Full story: https:/…
Never jump to any conclusions until everything is over and done with. Great news for Patrick Kane
Blackhawks beat Red Wings for 2nd time in 5 days as Patrick Kane gets NHL-leading 89th point, a new career high.
Point number 89 for 88. . That's a new career high for Patrick Kane.
what do bill Cosby and Patrick Kane have in common they're both rapists
📷 kaneoodle: Breaking: Patrick Kane thinks Boston is going to win the Eastern Conference Final.
I can't wait. Patrick Kane. Duncan Keith. Brad Marchand. Patrice Bergeron. So *** ready. Let's do this.
With 3 points tonight, Patrick Kane has tied his career high points total (88, set in 2009-10).
Patrick Kane is on pace to became the fastest player to record 100 points in a season since Denis Savard in 1987-88
Larkin could go full Boondock saints on every Chicago Blackhawk and still wouldn't make up for Patrick Kane and the racist name.
Patrick Kane's 37 goals= most in a season on the 'Hawks since Eric Daze's 38 in 2001-02. CHI's last 40 goal man: Tony Amonte (43), 1999-2000
Congrats to Patrick Kane on being named to Team USA for the World Cup of Hockey!
Patrick Kane (CHI): 36th goal of the season, most in a season by a Blackhawks player since Patrick Sharp scored 36 in 2007-…
please accept a trade from RJ Umberger and Nick Schultz for Patrick Kane
Hawks trade Patrick Kane to Buffalo in exchange for Jack Eichel, 1st round pick, and prospect Bill Cosby
My goal is to meet Corey Crawford or Patrick Kane at the February 25th game I'm going to for my 18th birthday, first game!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
MLB telling Jose Reyes to have a seat gets it right where the NHL got it wrong with Patrick Kane.
I still can't believe the Blackhawks went to the White House; Patrick Kane looked so good in that suit, *** boi.
Lawyers for Patrick Kane, accuser remain in settlement talks, report says
Patrick Kane is on pace to have one of the best seasons in...
And to all you Patrick Kane *** riders, Crosby has over 200 more career points in only 45 more games. NOT. EVEN. CLOSE.
Happy Birthday to my gorgeous son, Kane Patrick. 5 today.
Patrick Kane was leading the league in points last season before he got hurt. Had a great shot at MVP last season. Another shot this year.
Artemi Panarin had a hatrick wednesday and leads all rookies in goals scored. I can see him winning the Calder and Patrick Kane winning MVP.
When you're talking about how hot Patrick Kane is hot and everyone else thinks your talking about a different Kane
a strong argument can be made that Patrick Kane is currently the best player
Patrick Kane Accuser’s Lawyer To Hold News Conference: The lawyer representing the woman who has made an allegation…
Patrick Kane accuser's lawyer to hold news conference: The lawyer for a woman who alleged she was sexually…
yes but we noticed that &while I can't speak for anyone else's report, in mine we blurred it out. Watch: http…
Lawyer: Evidence bag in Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane rape case tampered with: The evidence bag that…
Hansen now has more goals than Claude Giroux, Patrick Sharp, Evander Kane, Kyle Okposo, Andrew Ladd & Jeff Carter. Sell high! Sell high!
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Alex Nylander with his best Patrick Kane impression 😱
Apple Music suggested this song and I about died. I can only think of that Patrick Kane video lmaooo
Patrick Kane carries Chicago Blackhawks to win over Toronto Maple Leafs...
That will keep Minnesota as close to the preds as Patrick Kane to chicks in restrooms
who is Patrick Kane at a uw undergrad party
Closest to Ovi's 37 goals is Patrick Kane, with 34, who has played eight more games than Ovi. Yeah, eight.
"Patrick Kane is the best American forward"
or Lucics face when Im done with him- or a cab driver who picked up patrick kane
so I pulled a base Patrick Kane last night while his Milestone was out. Shouldn't I have gotten the special?
Jon, please explain, why is it that no one ever hits Patrick Kane?
Patrick Kane was at the White House. He didn't do it!
WATCH: Patrick Kane on his linemate Artemi Panarin and the team's big road win in New York.
Patrick Kane adds to Hart Trophy credentials as snap skid, erupt for 7-2 victory over Maple Leafs:
Paul Errington (would pay up for Patrick Kane over Sidney Crosby tonight.
GOAL: Patrick Kane scores, and the comeback is on. 4-2 Stars.
Patrick Kane scores off the face off and the now trail the 4-2 in the 3rd
My brother gets to see the Chicago Blackhawks play and he's flat out said he is going to hate on Patrick Kane and I am like /squints
Sidney Crosby has now scored in 7 consecutive games, tying Patrick Kane for the longest goal streak in the NHL this season.
Patrick Kane making out with Stan Mikita at Jenny's right now. Come quick
Kevin Connauton takes Patrick Kane down to the ice
That was a pretty sweet combination of a side-Russian legsweep and a Rock Bottom by Kevin Connauton on Patrick Kane.
Kevin Connaghan with a big hit on Patrick Kane.
Kevin Connauton knocks down Patrick Kane. Scrummage ensues at the other end of the rink.
Breaking down why Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin are so dangerous together: [In]
How do stars Artemi Panarin and Patrick Kane fit so well together? explores: [In]
Seth green has to play Patrick Kane...
Welcome to history, Patrick Kane. The Blackhawks are the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions.
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