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Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane is the protagonist on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Simon Baker. Jane is a consultant for a fictionalized version of the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and helps by giving advice and insight from his many years as a fake psychic medium.

Red John Teresa Lisbon Simon Baker Van Pelt Sherlock Holmes Meatless Monday Dexter Morgan

Fans of - see the fine book Patrick Jane was reading last nite? Carousel by J Robert Janes
Finally made it Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza in Cary. Ate our delicious vegan supreme outside in the nice. Love that they have Meatless Monday posters up and vegan cook books on display.
Revenge is for fools and for mad men Patrick Jane
"A little less Joan Crawford…. and a little more Barbara Stanwyck.” Acting lessons by Patrick Jane. (Thanks...
This court room scene has me craving an L&O/Mentalist crossover where Alex Cabot tears Patrick Jane to shreds. Lisbon would help!
I"m playing at Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza Bar in Cary tonight for a songwriter's in the round performance. Come...
Sometimes I think it may be Patrick Jane, that he has the multiple personality disorder (crazy right?). But you're right.
Gordon Brown has a fascinating chart, but suppose he's passe. We looked at it in Jane Ridder-Patrick's workshops.
Jane has always been difficult, but how is the FBI handling his tricks?:
The story obviously won't stop after Red John's death! Good... I can still watch Patrick Jane's greatness ☑
Patrick Jane can only read between lies. Please, moms read minds.
every detail... Patrick Jane is so good!
March needs to hurry up, I need Patrick Jane in my system
Patrick is Mary Jane. And that's me going to work lol
Congratulations to our John Carroll & Patrick Healy Award recipients--Jane, John, Clifford, Robert, Joseph and Irene!
Patrick Jane is my hero. Patrick Kane also happens to be my hero.
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Only Patrick Jane is good looking in a vest!
Oh. We have another Patrick Jane over here. (._.)
I've changed my FB one recently and thus don't want to be known as a vain Jane :/
Hi Patrick ! We'd love for you to visit our library ! We are a big fan of "Me...Jane" !
Come on world !. We need to save the mentalist !!!. How could we survive with out Patrick Jane !
Whenever my friend says his name, all I here is patrick jane
take yourself wearing these special socks - to Syria. One can only hope.
"Once the game is over the king and the pawn go back in the same box." ~ Patrick Jane
jealously is a horrible thing Patrick 😁✌️
Lisbon can teach the FBI a thing or two about dealing with Jane:
Has anyone ever told you, you like Patrick Jane from the mentalist?!
I think I love tea more than Patrick Jane loves tea...and he drinks a lot of tea
Vote for the one and only Patrick Jane on if you're also a fan : )
Naming your horses Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane is genius.
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"If I were dying, I want to call you, but you're already here." Patrick Jane, you rat *** why do I love you?!
Lmao! Patrick jane has got nothing on you... A lil mystery's good sometimes y'know
Everytime Patrick Jane tells his story about Red John killing his wife and daughter, my heart hurts
Patrick Jane is my absolute favourite tv character. He's just so mischievous and wonderful.
"i need someone.. that i can trust, someone who stronger than me, someone who knows the worst side of me and still love me" - Patrick Jane
Maybe john and Sherlock shouldn't be a otp, maybe they should get Patrick Jane and Sherlock also Lisbon and John. That would be fun.
Patrick Jane is the kind of guy who would be an uber!tourist if he were in London, and would give no eff's about it.
Ella and Patrick. Mikay and Gino. Chichay and Joaquin. Billy and Jane. Angelo and Kathy. Patchot and Ivan. Leni and Cedric. I'…
I love you too, Patrick. *smiles and closes eyes* *whispers* please don't put too much weight on my stomach. *smiles*
Patrick jane has so many undesirable qualities yet I desire him greatly
See what Patrick did to make Helen react like this tUESDAY AT 9p/8c! ->
If Jane had told the team about his plan, maybe he wouldn't be freezing and soaking wet:
Looks like it's going to be a good weekend for hitting the town. Ooh I love these temps! If you're planning on spending Saturday night in downtown Raleigh, swing by and see me at Sullivan's Steakhouse - Raleigh. I'll be providing the soundscape to your Sat night adventures from 7-11:30. Sunday night I'm doing something unique at Patrick Jane's Pizza in Cary. It's a singer-songwriter "writers in the round" sort of thing. I'll be doing songs that I've written over the years and giving you a little background story on some of them.. particularly the embarrassing stories. There's always something embarrassing behind each of my songs.. I guess it's my muse. Anyway, the event starts at 6 on Sunday. See you out and about!
Canada won for now. Can someone clarify this for me? Does (Patrick Jane) the Mentalist play hockey? I kept hearing his name...
!!! Can we get Patrick Jane and Shaldon Cooper in the same room atleast once?
Wanted to let you know Jane Patrick Jane Patrick Walls-Author the books are great, have finished The Lady In The Park and reading The Abandoned Child now!!! My husband must think they are good too, he picked up The Lady and hasn't put it down!!! Lol bring on the others:-)
Move over Derek Morgan and Patrick Jane.I have a new favourite!!
It's Thursday again and time for our weekly mix! This time our tunes come straight from Lisbon, Portugal where Hyper 27's Patrick Jane has put together some house and trance tracks for a final winter mix. Enjoy the music and have fun tonight whatever you'll do!
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Three releases available on DVD and Blue Ray from Warner Home Video . These DVD’s will surely bring hours of entertainment and laughter. For anyone who loves The Mentalist and Patrick Jane the complete fifth season was released on October 16. In this season the 100th episode is included and if you’re like me I can’t wait to see what happens with Patrick’s obsession with Red John! Special features include the Artistry of action. From Script to screen plus a lot more! Major Crimes The complete first season was released on October 16 and for these top gun detectives it is a thrilling ride! This DVD is for anyone who loves action and cop shows. It is fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. Starring Mary McDonnell and GW. Bailey just to name a few is a stellar cast that has sub plots within plots. A great watch and hours of entertainment! Interesting special features are also included. Now who doesn’t love Two and Half men The 10th Complete season featuring two manly men singing and dancing .. ...
Do you know why magicians always have beautiful assistants? Because they always serve as a good distraction while the trick is being done -Patrick Jane (The Mentalist)
So if you put Sheldon, Sherlock, Patrick Jane and let's say just to liven things up Captain Jack Sparrow in a secured room...who could come out victorious?
Patrick Jane finaly Killed Red John...hope this is Real -as Imove on to Season 4
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Love is not blind but it sure can be stupid sometimes...Patrick Jane :)
Lucky for you guys! Im posting up Chapter 6 and 7 tonight! Heres Chapter 6! Chapter Six Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane walked into the bullpen and Lisbon said “Guys, let’s go upstairs we need talk in Jane’s attic because Jane and I want to tell you something upstairs and it will be kept in Private.” All the agents and Jane went upstairs without Bullpen noticing them going upstairs, as Jane opens his door and he enters the attic and sits on the chair next to the table where his laptop was set. Lisbon entered and stood next to Jane as Rigsby, Cho and Van Pelt entered the attic, Lisbon smiled at Jane as he boots up his laptop to check his emails for any messages. Lisbon ruffled his hair and made sure his curls aren’t flattened. Lisbon looked at the agents, said “Haven’t you guys figured it out yet? Oh I guess you guys aren’t agents after all,” she teases. Jane held her around her waist as Lisbon said “Jane and I talked out our feelings when he got the CD of seven suspects of who is Re ...
Waiting for Patrick Jane to find RedJohn has gotten older than waiting to find out How he Met their Mother. Not a good idea for a series.
If someone comes into your life to quickly and seek your attention real bad that means they either want something from you or need you to do something for them "a real friend never black mails you" ~Patrick Jane - TV series
Some people like to push their pain into other people, weaker people. And there's someone who's alway weaker. -Patrick Jane
I wish I could think n be lyk Patrick luv with this character.
Patrick Jane taunts Red John on a national talk show, which leads to devastating consequences. [[Don't own anything, just for entertainment purposes. Please ...
What a day competing with the CrossFit family. Hit my goals on two of the three workouts. Been enjoying my feet in ice soak and watching season 3 of The Mentalist. Oh and "Patrick Jane" is one snarky consultant.
Cop: Where are you going? Patrick Jane: To the research library. Cop: But that's the bar. Patrick Jane: Pffft! I love The Mentalist!
I keep myself busy into spending time with Michael Scofield , Dexter Morgan, Walter White, Sherlock Holmes, Frank Underwood, Rick Grimes, Jon Snow, Patrick Jane, ... even with The Penguins of Madagascar. When life is so interesting and beautiful in my virtual world, then who wants to return back to reality ?
Man wouldn't Patrick Jane look good in a Penguins Jersey!!!
"coz if you're dead, you're dead. And until then. There's icecream". -Patrick Jane
Patrick Jane, don't take longer to tell Teresa that you love her, so I can return to sleep well.
I would like a Patrick Jane for Valentine's Day please.
SAVE THE MENTALIST! Patrick Jane is one of the greatest tragic characters on television. Give TM 2.0 a chance!
Set de fotos: joperika: Patrick Jane drinks tea in 5x05 (going back to season 1 from now on…)
And that pic needs the caption: we choose you to be in the middle of a Patrick sandwich
Give me a few days... Need to speak to Jane & Patrick (Artwork owners...)
I see so u re patrick jane yh“lol.. It's not what you think.. Far from”
You know she's in love with him . . . The Mentalist: Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) and Teresa Lisbon (R
Little Giant Ladders
I fear I'm growing too honest... I need me some Patrick Jane!
Finally have St Patrick's Day Shamrock Greyhound collar fabric in stock!
I wonder why you had to fix the next episode as far away as in March. We miss Patrick Jane :'(
You rock dear !!! I send you all Patrick Jane self confidence and swag you need !! GOOD LUCK !!!
Maraton. Today I'm in love with Patrick Jane. - se uită la The Mentalist
Don't have a Valentine? Don't worry, Mary Jane will always love you.
who should I ask out for this evening? The Doctor, Walter Bishop or Patrick Jane??? (Mirko, help!!!)
My Val shout out goes to my good friends: Henry Eze, Rev. Abone, My Mumcy, Afam my twin boo, Jane Ikpe, Patrick Ogbahiagbon.
Joining E. Patrick Johnson in a Talk-Back after tonight's Durham launch of 'Sweet Tea: Black *** Men of the South'
Help a girl out MT need to talk to GTA grandma who really likes Patrick Chan/figure skating for Olympics story. zmcknight
Enjoying valentine days in crime scene with patrick jane and cbi team...
I match with Patrick Jane! Find your match with CBS matchmaker!
times like these I wish I was patrick Jane and I had a sofa in my office-feeling sleepy
Being with my love in Valentine’s day my hero Patrick Jane in The Mentalist ❤️
Roses are red,. Violets are blue,. Teresa Lisbon,. Patrick Jane Loves you
Nothing wrong with a cup of tea, just ask Patrick Jane from the mentalist.
Patrick jane: yelling Grace Grace: don't say grace no one died lol
2 hour delay? Let me go talk to Mary Jane real quick
A tender hug goodbye between Jane Goodall and a chimp she helped save via
E Patrick Johnson's 'Sweet Tea: Black *** Men of the South' opens Feb 12-22 in Durham, NC |
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What will you name your children? — Kira Colleen, Braxton Jane, Caden Jerry, Finnagan Patrick
*holds Patrick's tight as possible*
*hands pope tissue while Kissing Patrick again*
*holds you tight and kisses you back* I love you, Patrick!
*wraps arms around your neck and smiles widely* *kisses you* I love you, Patrick Jane. *kisses you again*
Hi Patrick Jane is back in action on Tuesday 25th February at 9pm
I will love you more, than Cooper loves coffee, more, than Patrick Jane loves tea!
Patrick Jane met Red John in an episode that aired 4 months ago? Where in the world have I been and what have I been doing? Here I come RJ.
Teresa Lisbon: Tell me the truth. Patrick Jane: Truth. Darth Vader? Luke's father.
He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client. ~Patrick Jane, 'The Mentalist'
Thanks so much. I really needed to read this today. Yours pipefully, Jane.
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I swear there's something so attractive about "Patrick Jane" from The Mentalist. I think it's his intelligence, he looks so hot with those.
One day I hope to be a great detective like Patrick jane of the mentalist I know its only a tv show but gotta dream big dont you
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Revenge is a poison. Revenge is for fools and for madmen. (Patrick Jane)
When Patrick Jane hides a pigeon in his blazer pocket and uses it as a weapon against Red John I realize how much I love theatre. None of this nonsense.
Hurry up and start again 'the Mentalist'... I need some Patrick Jane in my life!! 😍
alright, im taking a break for now everypony, its time to hang with my bro and watch S3 of THE MENTALIST! HOORAY FOR PATRICK JANE AND HIS FUNNY AS *** JOKES!
the worse hero i ever seenn is patrick Jane ... lmao guy is crazy
Kimball Cho is a fictional character portrayed by Tim Kang on the American TV crime drama The Mentalist. Cho is a former agent for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and is currently an FBI special agent. Cho serves as the polar opposite to Patrick Jane, but is keen to learn his powers of observation.[1] He is portrayed as straightforward and direct, but sometimes makes witty jokes with much of the humour lying in his ability to deadpan. He received his name from Dr. Richard Kimble, just as Red John received his name from FRed JohnSON, the one-armed man on The Fugitive[2] Background[edit] Before joining the CBI, Cho lived a varied past as a hopeful baseball player, a gang member of the "Avon Park Playboys" and a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces. As a member of the Playboys, he was known as Iceman because, according to gang member Jon Jon, "if you wanted something done cold, you got Cho", a reference to his cool and collected character; Jane remarks that this has not changed. At age 14, he ...
No one and I mean no one should come between Patrick Jane and his tea.
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He is very good at what he does. Patrick Jane.
Long really dead day at work i hate days i dont work days ! yuck ! home got my feet up watching the mentalist i love patrick jane
Right now I'm drinking tea like Patrick Jane does! I'm writing Jibson fanfics!
When people get late in answering to your question , doesn't mean they forget , but they're creating fake one in there head -patrick jane-
Patrick Jane: I'm looking for someone who uh - someone I can trust. Someone strong. Someone at peace with themselves. Someone better than me. Someone who kno...
Need a person like Patrick Jane from the Show The Mentalist to read what's popping up in my head.
What is your typical girl? Someone I trust, someone who is better than me, and someone who knows my weakness but still loves me -Patrick Jane (The Mentalist) 2014
The mentallist movie, i just love it. Patrick Jane playing every ones mind. Trizah. Grace,Chuoh n the other guy all playing wel. It is just cool.
After weeks of immersing myself in "The Mentalist" I finally saw Patrick Jane catch up to Red John...and his punk *** had the nerve to beg for his life. DENIED!
Thanks finally updated with GIBBS and PATRICK JANE!!! With lots lots of freebies... It will be a holiday of series and works to do. Excited and looking forward to...
What you don't know is how much you know without knowing you know it. -Patrick Jane- Hg paham x ayat ni Yusnizam Yusuf? :D
"If you sit down by the river bank, and wait long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemies float by."-Patrick Jane
"She doesn't have that cold creepy, doctor-y vibe they all have. First day of medical school, they get stack of books and a dead human being -- that I'm afraid will change you..." -Patrick Jane
"Sticks and Stones may break my bones but never by names" 'Patrick Jane '
Sh.time for The Mentalist series movie. funny with Patrick Jane ..:-)
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Imagine, Dr House (House) Sheldon (TBBT) Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock) Spencer Reid (Criminal Minds) Harvey Spector (Suits) Neal Caffrey (White Collar) Patrick Jane ( The Mentalist ) Dr perry cox (scrubs) Lt horiato ( Csi Miami ) Leroy gibs ( NCIS) fox mulder ( x files ) Cal lightman (lie to me) Alexander Luthor (Superman) . All in one show, and all they have to do is just talk to each other. Pretty sure that would be the a box office hit. (Any other brilliant minds to add in??)
Yesterday i dreamt that Chris Martin was Patrick Jane. Or Patrick Jane was Chris Martin
Derp. He is. I didn't realize. His accent doesn't slip as often as Patrick Jane's, I guess, so I never caught on.
I did a which the mentalist character are you most like sheet, and I'm Patrick Jane - the mentalist! :):)
*smiles loving and widely* So do you! *kisses you softly, lays head on your chest, closes eyes* Good night, Patrick.
I thought it was a possibility. Especially because 'Patrick Jane' is phonetically opposite of 'Red John' Thought it could
how do I report an outage? Our street without power for more than 48 hours now but majority has power.jane&weston.Nickle st.
Can we talk about Patrick Jane's excited face
I love how its not even christmas eve and my auntie jane already has our presents out downstairs
Red John we finally know who you are o!A whole you begging Patrick Jane to spare your life shio!
Dear Agent: I ordered a teacup like Patrick Jane's. It arrived today. Is this the FBI's idea of a joke?
Tonight at Patrick Jane's $3 drafts, $4 house wines, $3 off any cheese or 1 topping pizza's, 50% off all wine bottles enjoy our covered patio and dine outside
I identify with Patrick Jane when he asked the waitress at the diner for oolong tea, got a dumbfounded look and said "just tea"
whats the update in Jane and Weston Area?
But you know that he actually HAS the power to send you to jail whenever he wants. So Please, Patrick. *looks at you worried*
that's pretty conclusive. Good spot. Merry Christmas to you, Jane, Patrick & bump (how long left?)
i think when Patrick Jane came face to face wt. Red John he should've been like no, i'm Red John and he would've been like no I'm Red John
Patrick Jane is such a champion character 😀😃.. I love him
"Lisbon: You ran away again Jane. Not from the FBI but from me. Jane: Yeah, but I ran back." - Patrick Jane...
Hi my name is patrick jane im consultant for the CBI
It was really great! We should do that more often. That was such a great Idea, Patrick *smiles at you* Cho are you coming too?
So when will Patrick Jane find out who Red John is?
Hi, im patrick jane, and you watching the mentalist on tnt
my thought was that is if the Patrick Jane guy walked into a car dealership and a car dealer tries to sell him a car.
I've forgotten how much I missed The Mentalist - Patrick Jane is just owning things left right and centre. (
Only if Patrick Jane had a British accent
domain names
"-Teresa Lisbon: Like you don’t have major trust issues. -Patrick Jane: I trust people. I trust you."
Patrick Jane; manipulator of thought and and... what was I saying?
At last, Patrick Jane found out who Red John is
Oh gosh I want to be like Patrick Jane when I grow up🙀🙈
does Mary Jane want a Patrick Gerard as a boyfriend ♡♥♡
If Patrick Jane and Lisbon don't get married in the end of The Mentalist, I'm gonna start a riot
Issalie... The answer wasn't so obvious. I'm no Patrick Jane "lol olodo.."
Out of every single show I've watched , the most interesting character I've come across is Patrick Jane from the Mentalist.
I am Trying to look at the bright side of things after a tough packer loss to the Steelers today . OK, here we go ... Alecia Florrick started a new law firm, Patrick Jane solved another murder case, The Von Trapp family escaped Austria(that scene always brings me to tears) and oh yeah, The Bears Still SUCK!
Mentalist season 6 episode 2 now helps my head cold and headaches less painful --- thanks Patrick Jane !
question of the day...What is going to happen to Patrick Jane and the rest of the CBI now his nemisis Red John is dead?
Easy to fool ur self that people u love are honest - Patrick Jane
Official images from "White Lines", the next episode of "The Mentalist", which will air on CBS on January 5, 2014. Do you think that Patrick Jane bought flowers for Krystal Markham, the stunning blonde woman who he had invited on a romantic date? The FBI consultant certainly has a big smile on his face when he looks at her. And Kim Fischer seems a little bit jealous, doesn't she? I want to see Teresa Lisbon's face, too!
Catching up on the mentalist online and I can't deal when it keeps stopping. Stop ruining my moment with Patrick Jane please.
Simon Baker on Ending the Red John Arc "There's a level of disappointment Patrick Jane isn't the only person who's eager to bring his decade long hunt for Red John to a close on The Mentalist, Simon Baker says the conclusion of the storyline after the final showdown is a relief for him as well. "This last five, six months that we've been working on the show it's been really exciting for me." Baker said on a conference call "It's felt like I have had the sort of enthusiasm that I had in the first season because it's new and fresh from week to week and it's going somewhere. Sometimes the frustration for me as an actor is that we're not going anywhere, not moving forward, in this, we're definitely going somewhere, and the stakes are high and it gives me something to do that I can really get my teeth into," As Jane has worked to narrow down the Red John suspects at the start of this season, Baker says he tried to keep himself in the dark as well. "I didn't have any theories at all. Baker admits. "Actually, I ...
There are no such things as psychics. Only entertainers skilled in the art of deception. - Patrick Jane, The Mentalist. Merry Christmas!
Looking forward to getting home to watch The Mentalist and to see Patrick Jane finally killing Red John.
I cannot believe the day has come where I will find out who "Red John" is… i hope it will not mean i will have to say goodbye to Patrick Jane :,( … that wld be too much for one to bear…. lol
OMG loved the episode 'Red John' (Especially the slow-motion running from Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) Can't wait till the season continues after it's mid-season break Amazing, to all who are yet to see it. DO!
Mentalist spoiler alert.Red John is dead!! Nice work Patrick Jane, up close and personal!!!
Yeehaaa half an hour to go its long long nite can't wait to get home watch the mentalist luv that Patrick Jane
Can The Show Survive Without Red John? The Mentalist will offer a series - altering episode in episode 8 titled 'Red John' (this episode aired on 1st December in America) The CBS drama will be done with serial killer Red John in a shocking episode. Red John wiped out the wife and daughter of the title character Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), who has been on a quest for vengeance. Can the show go on without Red John? When the TV Guy, Hal Boedaker of Orlando Sentinal asked series creator Bruno Heller in a conference call, he said "he sounded hopeful but uncertain." - Hal Boedaker. "If it can't then, then that's what happen's" Heller said, "It felt very much to all of us like that chapter of the story was done. Frankly, I think the great asset and value of the show is in Baker's head and what he does." And Heller added. "The moment-to-moment pleasures of the show are delivered by Simon Baker and his people, not by Red John ... I think it's going to be a great show after Red John." The episode ('Red John') is a ...
Its been quite a while since my last video. I had been busy all this time but now that my vacations are on, I made a video on Patrick Jane vs Red John. It's ...
Cant believe the mentalist ISNT on the demand 5 app on my ps4, i want more patrick jane god *** it!
Watched The Mentalist season 6 ep5, 'Miss Parker' in "The Leverage" was killed by Red John. 8( And almost at the end, Patrick Jane says "That's my leverage". Either Patrick or the Editor hated The Leverage so much to say that, lol! XD
Does anyone watch The Mentalist? If you'd like to rp as Van Pelt, tell me. I'd most probably rp as Patrick Jane or Agent Rigsby. I para but liners will do too :)) please please rp with me. Thank you.
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me." Patrick Jane
Thank you to by children for meal we had food was great and so was company thanks Patrick Jane and Brian a great birthday , still
"If I can't live on my terms, I'm in prison anyway" - Patrick Jane, The Mentalist
Having a guilt free lazy Sunday, overdosing on Patrick Jane, the mentalist, for those who have not had the pleasure, not even a Sunday roast it was a ready meal
Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Robert Langdon, Adrian Monk, Dexter Morgan and Patrick Jane. There needs to be a movie featuring all of them together.
I'm not ready for today. Time for some hot tea and a nap, Patrick Jane style.
I wish people could react as well to a gift of socks as Patrick Jane did. That would make gift giving for me easier. A whole lot easier.
“Sarcasm can enhance problem solving ability.” Explains a lot about Patrick Jane! ;)
Dec 17th 6pm to 9pm come enjoy a delicious and unique dining experience at Patrick Jane’s Gourmet Pizza Bar in Cary.
'The Mentalist' Season 6 Spoiler Alert: No Romance In The Air ...: So is that the end of romance for the two? ...
“Legendary chimp expert Jane Goodall is helping out a different kind of primate
I really really really want to have tea with Patrick Jane.
i liked it. But not as much as The Mentalist. But only because I think Patrick Jane is the coolest dude on tv :)
...because when you're dead; you're dead and until then...ther's ice cream. Patrick Jane
FUN FACT: I'm so handsome, I once stood in for Simon as Patrick Jane for an entire episode and NO ONE NOTICED lol. Except…
John, is this Gary the Horse with Patrick Jane?
LOL. FBI thought, they are smarter than Patrick Jane. Fools..
Being understood is an underrated pleasure- Patrick Jane.
I love how easily pleased Patrick Jane is. Like, he just got given a pair of socks for a present and was absolutely buzzing
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"I knew whatever the truth looks like .. the opposite must be true" Patrick jane, the mentalist
Patrick Jane drinks tea has a toy cup! in 2x20
Patrick Jane's fear of guns still surprises me every time i watch
"and how it will affect her relationship with Patrick Jane" oh gimme
happy birthday Marlene Lorraine Jane Patrick. 8-9 inches! have a good day!
Jane: “She’ll be fine. Unless Patrick puts a hit out on her. Too soon?” returns February 25!
Patrick Jane still wearing waist coats outchea. Yases
- Curious for my profession, Mister Jane... Patrick, Sir? *Another deep, but slow drag, cherishing every bit for sure. -
You'll like it! If it's not a smooth read, try the DVD of the BBC production w/ Jane Seymour & Patrick McGoohan.
Dear Kyle Patrick Dickherber, I can be your Jenny or Mary Jane if you don't mind.
When will Patrick Jane find this Red John guy..getting bored now
Redifusión ;O). Application for Employment. No excuse this time ... ;O)
Oshey Patrick Jane "Cyrus LMAO.u'll b surprised hw trustin I am.Wat being in dat situation does4me is meks me aware of d red flags
"If I can't live on my terms, I might as well be in jail anyway." -Patrick Jane. Exactly how I feel. If I can't live my life my way, why live at all. I can just stab someone i don't like and everything is given to me. a place over my head, food... sad little world..
slap your laptop. and make the Patrick Jane advise : breathe & count 1 2 3 do you remember? Season 4 zode 12
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
In my next life I want to come back as Patrick Jane.
I think I'm good. And Oh! [The man extended his hand to her for a handshake.] Jane. It's Patrick Jane. And you..?
Application for Employment. No excuse this time ... ;O)
After 5 years and 6 seasons I finally know who Red John is. also I want to be Patrick Jane without the murdered family
Information on Patrick Jane's New Date - entwife-incognito: mosquitoinuk: Talking some sense in the media…...
Help because Pieces by Red is like the anthem to Regina Mills and Patrick Jane and Kate Beckett and I'm crying. Oh god. Not again.
"So much regret, Too much pain,. Given so much, Nothing to gain. Jus call me Patrick Jane.". :")
i'm a lot worse than patrick jane xD on so many levels
"If I can't live on my terms, I'm imprisoned anyway." - Patrick Jane
Patrick Jane brings the FBI to it's knees...
Who watches the mentalist tv program? I am convinced the killer " Red John" is Patrick Jane, I think he has split personalities & he is sooo fine lol!!!
“I knew that whatever the truth looked like the opposite must be true.” Patrick Jane, The Mentalist, S6E8 Red John, 2013.
I imagine Erwin to look serenely sad when he is young with Patrick Jane eyes))
When Patrick Jane finally catches Red John. 󾌧 Just leaves you wanting more
ooh my I do love a bit of Patrick Jane, its getting exciting, it better not end of they have got Red John
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Dave just told me that Last Tango In Paris was about to start on BBC1. hehe Wrong location I'm afraid Then I'm going to see if Patrick Jane is any nearer to nailing Red John..
it will be fun let's see what kind of trouble we can make (Patrick Jane)
Dinner cooking, washing drying, my new best friend hoovering the hallway and spare room (including under the bed) guess I best have a vino whilst watching Patrick Jane until its all finished :)
Oh you're the fbi? My name is Patrick Jane and now you are to bend over and suck my ***
I'm watching the mentalist ( awesome show) when my son walks in. I explained how it took 10 years for Patrick Jane to find Red John. He says " that's dumb, he should've just called Dog and Beth". I love his logic.
The Mentalist has gone down hill since they had Patrick Jane kill Red John &, other bad Po Po. It was so boring without his funny sense of humor and with these new people on tje show is sad. ;( bummer they had to ruin the show.
Teresa Lisbon:"If you don't agree to their terms, they will get you into prison". Patrick Jane:"If I don't live in my terms, that is prison anyway". ~
"i am done with that life i did what i had to do and moved on" - Patrick jane
“I don’t think people watch the show because they want to know who Red John is,” says Robin Tunney of “The Mentalist.” “They watch the show because they enjoy watching Patrick Jane solve crimes in the way that he does.”
Muhammad Bin Naveed..Mentalist is taking quite nice turns.loving the new free spirited Patrick Jane still they are keeping blake association and that whole conspiracy business in context.but it is fun to see how jane is keeping FBI at their gotta say it's not a great show but anything better than How i met your mother will do the trick.!!
Just been in the company of one "Mr, Patrick Jane" yep just watched the new episode of the "The Mentalist" :-D,
Lies are what makes sense to the world.ergo,the truth hurts-patrick jane
The Mentalist is one of those shows that gets better every season! Patrick Jane and Lisbon should get!
Patrick Jane certainly enjoys being the smartest man in the room. He proved it again and again during the solving of this week’s case on “The Mentalist.” But even that wasn’t his ultimate play. Jane was still angling to get all of his napkin demands met before he agreed to work with the FBI. And so, he orchestrated his escape to set up his most ingenious plan yet. He gave Abbott a list of names. About half of them were visible, and represented Blake Association people the FBI had taken down. The other half represented people Jane knew about — he said he’d gotten the list from Bertram’s thumb drive — and was keeping as leverage. “But we never broke the encryption,” Lisbon said when Jane explained his ploy to her. “Yeah, the FBI doesn’t know that,” Jane told her. And so, his demands were met, and Lisbon even got a job offer. And she apparently has no problem keeping the secret that Ja ...
About to have a 40 minute date with Patrick husband will be the third wheel.
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Watch The Mentalist - The Patrick Jane Method and many more drama videos on the new
Let's see how this new partnership with the FBI works out. Patrick Jane is a handful.
expanding my memory palace. Thank you for the lessons, Patrick Jane. :)))
*** NFL!. how am I supposed to prove that Patrick Jane is Red John if they keep delaying The Mentalist !
3hrs of back to back The like a bit of Patrick Jane and his clever he looks nice too
You know what I really want to see? -I want to see an interaction between Patrick Jane and Leroy Gibbs. -I also want to see a competition between Vegeta and Thor (The comparison between alien warriors) -And a battle between Toph and Riddick -And I just want to see a picture of Peeta knitting, because that sounds like something he would do. -I think that the hunger games would be awesome in the world of Attack of the Titans. Titan shifers face off! (most of them are bad anyway, now harm no foul) -The Silver Surfer as Iron Man. -Reed from Criminal Minds in any other police show (Like the Mentalist. That would be awesome) I'll probably add more when I think of things.
Got some serious love for The Mentalist. Patrick Jane is hilarious!
"Turns out being understood is an underrated pleasure." - Patrick Jane, The Mentalist
The Mentalist finally revealed on Sunday the true identity of Red John, leading to a long-awaited confrontation with Patrick Jane and a satisfying conclusion
I don't know why I don't believe Patrick Jane finally killed Red John... Hm
On the fifth season of The Mentalist already! Patrick Jane better take Red John down or all these 100+ episodes are just a waste of my time.
I think the CBI can't solve anything without Patrick Jane... I still wish Jane would be Red John. Would be such intriguing TV!
Fans of the Mentalist: Did not the script of the FBI hunting down Patrick Jane on an island somewhere come from a different show? I was getting deja vu all over again, but I can't remember which show. Wait, I think it was lifted from "White Collar".
"Don't worry Lisbon, it's all under control" -Patrick Jane
"Men would go through great lengths to find peace" - Patrick Jane
So Patrick Jane has an air stream on his list?
Do not disturb! I'm having an hour on my sofa with Patrick Jane. 󾌪
If the last ever episode of The Mentalist ends any other way than with Patrick Jane being unmasked as Red John I will be disappointed
"Being understood is an underrated pleasure." - Patrick Jane
It would be cool to think like Patrick Jane from The Mentalist.
Had a lovely relaxing shower :) now for tea, bikkies and Patrick Jane
I wish I was as smart as Patrick Jane..!
Patrick Jane comes out of hiding to consider a job offer by Abbot in exchange for all previous charges dropped. Will everything go back to normal? Or is the offer just Abbots way of getting Jane out of a country with no extradition treaty?
WoW the good wife last night and Patrick Jane *** how good was that ?
In Sacremento with Karen looking for CBI and Patrick Jane ;)
"Being understood is underrated pleasure" - Patrick Jane
The Mentalist Recap: Life's a Beach Recap/Review: This Sunday on The Mentalist, the CBS drama jumped ahead two years after the capture and killing of Red John, to a time and place where life was very different for on-the-lam Patrick Jane. Laying low on an unnamed island where the extradition treaties work in his favor, Jane trots out deplorable Spanish, irks the locals with his refusal to drink coffee, gets fitted for custom shirts (minus epaulets) and runs afoul of the neighborhood drug mule. In the years since the CBI went bye-bye, Jane has surreptitiously (though not surreptitiously enough) kept in touch with Lisbon, who is now a police chief in a small Washington state burg, where she claims to like the “quiet” but you know she’s just bored silly. Lisbon in turn keeps tabs on Rigsby and Van Pelt, who now run a digital security firm and have added to their fam a little girl named Maddy. And Cho? Well, he’s with the FBI, as we’ll learn in a bit…. On the very day that FBI Special Agent Abbott ...
Finished watching The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 9. A new start for Patrick Jane. I thought the show will end after Red John, but how this episode shaped up, things are getting more and more interesting.
Something New! I actually enjoyed this movie. Nice story. Simon Baker will always be Patrick Jane though, no matter what role he plays.
Can I see the wedding scene b4 the season finale, Patrick Jane !?
Did you watch The Mentalist last night? Patrick Jane is like a child who goes grocery shopping with his Mother and insists that she stock up on cold medication, even though nobody was sick.
Ok, so I will continue to watch you Patrick Jane. But last nights episode was extremely underwhelming. Think it should have ended when Red John died.
It’s a bold new era on “The Mentalist,” and a bold new time. In it’s first post-Red John episode, the action jumped ahead two years. Patrick Jane was laying low on a tropical island, hiding from the authorities, until Abbott showed up with an offer. He had terms for Jane to work with the FBI in exch...
D'yer know what? I really didn't think the Mentalist would continue after Patrick Jane and Red John, but that latest episode, the first of a new direction was brilliant television.
"A two-hour, two-ep event – “Strawberries and Cream (parts 1 and 2)” — brought Patrick Jane face to face with Red John at a shopping mall food court. Or at least Patrick thought he was facing off with Red John. The dude sounded like Red John – a fey high tenor – and oozed the kind of high strange sinister we expected from the villain. Bradley Whitford (The West Wing, Trophy Wife), in an unbilled cameo, was terrific in the part, and Simon Baker rocked the acting duet with him. The scene was exactly what you wanted from this showdown, and it ended with Patrick cooly pulling a gun and murdering Red John and then returning to his cup of tea." Just watched the end of Part II, with Bradley Whitford's, Timothy 'Red John' Carter character confronting Jane before he bites it, too bad he was't truly Red John, cause he was GREAT/PERFECT!!!
The Mentalist Fans: Spoiler The Mentalist: It's time for a time jump! After last week's mind-blowing Red John reveal, we returned tonight to see that Patrick Jane and Co. have jumped ahead two years. After trying to evade his FBI duties by speaking broken Spanish and hiding on an unnamed island, FBI's Austin field office found him and offered him a deal which indentured him to the FBI for five years, all while on parole. However, Jane chose to decline the deal, but he slyly told Lisbon, "Don't worry, it's all under control." Hmm, what are you planning Jane?
The mentalist is on tonight...whoop, whoop.. Patrick Jane... CBI NEEDS
" Turns out being understood is a under related pleasure." Patrick Jane
The amount of "in love" I am with Patrick Jane is immeasurable.
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