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Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane is the protagonist on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Simon Baker. Jane is a consultant for a fictionalized version of the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and helps by giving advice and insight from his many years as a fake psychic medium.

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Hello, there! I'm also a huge fan of Jack Bauer, Patrick Jane and Castle! They're literally my heroes,(together withDaryl Dixon, of course)!
Good job mentalistas! We trended what Patrick Jane does best: "Just Paying Attention" WW & in the US! htt…
Patrick Modiano wins the Nobel prize in via
is Patrick jane going to stay out of jail this season lol
I really don't get what's with Patrick Jane and tea itself...
It's gonna be so weird to hear Jane and Lisbon call each other "Patrick" and "Teresa" I mean even in fics it's weird for me idk
Wouldn't be Patrick Jane without his wedding band.
I'd ask him what was going through Patrick Jane's head right after he killed RJ. Or if I could touch his hair.
you look like Patrick Jane on your pp
My Daughter: That Dylan guy is copying Patrick Jane!. Me: Does Patrick Jane have so much intensity behind his eyes? (Silence)
Photo: some-patrick-jane-please: thesayitagain: They’re so PRETTY. And Simon is wearing his vest. It’s...
Louisa Colpeyn, the mother of the new Nobel winner in Literature, Patrick Modiano, was in Godard's Bande a Part
Even a broken clock has the chance to be right twice a day -Patrick Jane-
I don't always drink tea, especially black and hot, but when I do, it's usually because Patrick Jane.
Review of Patrick Williams Ltd-Jane Telford-Jane was excellent in the initial assessment of wh...
Patrick Dunleavy Simon Bastow & Jane Tinkler are mentioned in http…
Patrick Jane: full-time jerk, occasional crime solver.
Don't think any protagonist can live up to patrick jane though
Life goals: be as smart as Patrick Jane
I just want Patrick Jane to do that cheeky lil skip he does when hes solved a case but not tellin.. ALL DAY LONG & pref into my house
Oh and another thing has to be acknowledged. I love that Patrick is having scenes with Tracy and you with Jane
Oh the vest is back !!! Old/new Patrick Jane is back and I miss the vest so it's a good news to see him like this
This week is staying busy as we feature 147 S Fields Drive in Chapel Hill. For more info, contact Patrick & Jane...
"If you wait by the river for long enough the bodies if your enemies will float by" - Patrick Jane, The Mentalist
Okay who sent me this? I'm looking at you Patrick Jane. That's my sister.
So maybe I stayed up late to watch Patrick Jane kill the man who murdered his family
Reivewer Patrick McGuckin on 'Art and Yorkshire', Jane Sellars event Review here
me too. Espec if his contract with fbi says patrick jane & he wants to get out of it... or sumthin clever like that.
Patrick Jane is like Harvey Specter . 30-40 y/o but still hot and handsome + incredibly genius ♥
Well well.What can I say?Patrick Jane has a the name of Daniel Pierce.
king who is Patrick Jane, if he is the equivalent of you he must be Jesus or something
itd be more perfect if it had a Patrick Jane tho 😂
Seems like Haffner has been taking lessons from Patrick Jane.
yeah he's even taller than I am and women would be's not like he's the lovable Patrick Jane.
oh Patrick Jane would have done that for breakfast ;)
Right, so Henry wears vests and drinks coffee with a cup and saucer. Again, your Patrick Jane is showing (SQUE).
A cross between Sherlock Holmes & Patrick Jane? Of course, I love it! However, I would have loved Jennifer Carpenter to play Jo
it is a mystery Patrick Jane himself could not solve! Glad to know we're in the same boat!
Dear Patrick Jane: why did you stop wearing an undercoat? Still love you though💌
Btw, Patrick Jane was the first to do the !.
well Patrick's writing has SERIOUSLY improved because TTTYG and EOWYG days writing was not his thing
If you haven't already heard...we're having a fundraiser! . Come out to Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza Bar in Cary,...
Review of Patrick Williams Ltd-Jane Telford-Jane has always been very proactive in managing ou...
Review of Patrick Williams Ltd-Jane Telford & Shelley Harkin-From the first phone call and mee...
Reading the Wikipedia page for TM. Love reading this. Makes my heart tickle. "Patrick Jane (colleague, boyfriend)"
says: Im starting 2 think that Patrick Jane, Michael Scofield, Colombo, Batman Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Lightman are nuthin 2 us...
5 of 5 stars to Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell
Just spotted Patrick Jane getting busted by for Marijuana posession in L.A. Confidential (1997)
Patrick Lisbon and Teresa Jane. Those would be weird names
Red Dwarf writer chooses Patrick Bateman as his favourite fictional character. Is he a Huey Lewis fan?
Patrick Burke's thoughts on deaths of his friends Larry and Jane Glazer and Officer Daryl Pierson
In a parallel universe I hang out with Ari Gold, Dr. House and Patrick Jane ...
Come out to Patrick Jane's Ladies' Night tonight 7 and 8 for a special gift chance to win a FREE Deluxe Pampering Pckg
Sienna can only be described as 'the lesser of 2 evils' when Patrick is around!
It’s our turn to fulfill vision of Glazers, Pierson
Patrick Jane gifting Lisbon a pony is one of my favourite moments on the Mentalist.
Am I Red John? :O All day in school I was just like: 1. writing "Patrick Jane" name on my table, 2. drawing that smiley on papers. :D :3
The day Patrick Jane finds Red John I'll be there.
That's a Patrick Jane line yes?But it applies to 's situation "Deniability is always your friend mate ..."
Patrick Jane will forever be the badass detective to ever do it...
"Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. Except that in death, pain ends. This could go on forever"- Patrick Dem…
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Jesus have mercy why am I watching Being Mary Jane. They are already having sex and it's been 10 mins. *** you Patrick
via Sir Patrick Stewart on being an old white man...
Patrick M. Shanahan, Author of A Girl Named Jane and Terror on Home Soil via
LMFAO when I see psychic I remember Patrick Jane, always on about that there's no such thing as psychics
Celebrating my bday this weekend and if isnt there I swear to Rick James and Mary Jane I'll burn Felicia and Patrick 😠🔪
Walter Mashburn on TM - "Patrick Jane: How you gonna top that thrill? . Walter Mashburn: Maybe next time, I'll be the killer."
Come & hear Joanna Chataway, Jane Calvert, & (email me to register):
"I would like to go on a date with Patrick Jane. About Me Why Don't U Pull On Me
Steve Peck is in full on Patrick Jane mode tonight! Looking sharp
Neil Patrick Harris is sitting 2 rows in front of me in NYC at the show! Kinda freaking out right now. Such a huge fan ahhh
Ooh. Someone loves you. Get Jane Patrick's "Weaver's idea book" and then play with plain weave. For years. Love my loom.
.Absolutely! Would love to see back on Would he make Patrick Jane jealous?
The love I have for Patrick Jane though
My mom asks during the middle of the wedding "Where's Simon Baker?" Like mother, please call him Jane or Patrick cuz yo…
Rosie and Jim on The Old Ragdoll being hijacked by Somali pirates as requested by Jane Sayer
"Turns out being understood is an underrated pleasure." - Patrick Jane
Letting Patrick lead more was the best decision made in chapel since dr. Powell brought his dog
Red John, you're cool. but Patrick jane, you're cooler.
tackling a difficult subject, nominations A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness for teens or adults A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley.
Photo : Patrick Dewaere and Jane Birkin on the set of Catherine et cie, 1975.
Patrick Jane is intelligent abeg. Imagine if he were real. Meanwhile, if I ever met a real life Patrick Jane, i'd hide...
Patrick Jane is my favourite man on TV
. Jane is a genius. This is an awesome episode. Patrick Jane at his best.
Oh no writers you didn't just give us a clichéd airport ending - not with Patrick Jane!
The Mentalist is just painful to watch, all you ever hear about is Patrick Jane's man crush on Red John. Stopped at season 3.
I am so in love with Patrick Jane's character 😻😻😻
Photo: investigation with Spencer Reid and Patrick Jane… by perrie0112 featuring a wrap watch bracelet ❤...
Patrick Jane is the most precious character ever like he's the perfect combination of Sherlock and the Doctor.
I'm in the fastlane.. a lil' bit of mentalist like patrick jane,so musicist like big daddy kane,insane.. when ip
Lisbon: "Patrick Jane, you were trying to help me. You were! You thought if I made a big bust the PSU would get off my back.".
Dr. Jane talks about our 'Food Garden Programme' in her new book
"stay tuned for scenes from our next episode" Patrick Jane .
Who knows~? *Patrick smiles broadly.* Maybe I'll talk to that pony I promised.
In around 15 mins, Patrick Jane is about to uncover the biggest mystery of his life. Will ever happen?
Torn between Homer delivering a baby and Patrick Jane toying with the FBI, oh hooo why is life so hard
''Turns out being understood is an underrated pleasure''- patrick jane
But seriously who could not love Patrick Jane
If you ever feel bad remember that whilst i was obsessing over Patrick Jane i cried over him eating.Yeah i liked his character that much lol
Remember my obsession over Patrick Jane ... Its coming back
once I dreamt of being patrick jane
*** you Navigation why you gotta make my head hurt :(. i think i need me some patrick jane :)
Patrick Jane loves Theresa Lisbon... who didn't kbow that
Patrick Troughton and Jane Seymour... What more could you want.
Excellent cartoon. MT This, from the NYT, nails it.
"it is not death i fear, rather the pain that comes with it" - Patrick Jane
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Patrick Jane shows that laconic sentences leading to silence are the most dramatic; that is precisely why Simon Baker i…
The mentalist amo so por causa do Patrick Jane omg
Patrick Jane's smile is scrambled! Make him beautiful again here for a chance to win $5,000!: htt…
Finally Patrick Jane confesses his love for Lisbon in the last episode of S06. Ah! I can sleep in peace tonight!
Can't decide between Harvey specter, Patrick Jane and Blair waldof who I love more
I'm putting a Patrick Jane cut out and a Devil Wears Prada reference in my script.
Another news clip featuring Patrick Janes (2013 Australian Apprentice of the Year and 2012 WorldSkills Australia National Welding competitor) and Karl Davies (2014 WorldSkills Australia National competitor). Karl will be putting his skills to the test in the Automotive Mechanics category at the 2014 WorldSkills Australia National Competition!
How can you not like Patrick Jane. Simon Baker is a limited actor, but he knows his boundaries well.
ISIS is radically transforming the political geography of the Middle East. Why has this created so little alarm?
My brother spent a whole day with Patrick Kane👿
Am I the only one who wishes Patrick Jane really existed?
hey i'm Red Johnjane catch me if you can
hey i'm Red Johnjane catch me if you ca.
Patrick Jane you're trying to save me!
Lost track of time by watching *** you Patrick Jane and the rest of CBI!!!.
The Mentalist on is the best show i have watched ever, love Patrick Jane. Just wish that it was available in HD, hope it is soon..
Why was I ever following Patrick Kidd? A minister resigns from government over Gaza and all he is concerned about is her missing hyphen ...
You going to Heaven coz you watching this awesome series!"That Red John And Patrick Jane Vendetta."
omg she was talking about Patrick Jane. Mom plz. Patty bae is so cute.
My heart always swells with tenderness with these two, Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon # The Mentalist # Jisbon
Patrick Stump. Patrick Jane. Patrick Dempsey. Patrick Swayze. Gosh all the Patricks are perfect!
omg she left. I'll never know if she was talking about Patrick Jane or Patrick Stump
I just send pictures of Patrick Jane and Patrick Stump and she said he was good looking. Is she talking about Stump or Jane? Idk
Wouldn't it be cliche saying that your favorite Mentalist character is Patrick Jane?
iabsolutely thrilling show,love Simon Baker as Patrick Jane!
Simon Barker really did justice to the character Patrick Jane.
Yes, not his whole time. He probably moved on to Jane Austen by 1917
After 6 seasons, you finally admit you love her. Patrick Jane you sly monkey you. WAITED 6 SEASONS FOR THAT FREAKING KISS. FINALLY.
"Being sorry is the worse punishment than being dead,Everybody dies,very few people ever feel truly sorry" -Patrick Jane. Jeez best tvshow👏
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are moody like Squidward. Selfish like Mr. Krabs. A bit dumb like Patrick. But they will always be there for you,…
# Patrick Ngowi Just learnt from Jane Kruger that no one will be available to assist in Arusha as previously agreed. Strange
Sailor & I are deeply in love. Sailor thinks smart, sailor is there for me when I need someone like Patrick Jane. I thank God for this compa
Hurting right now. I need my Simon and Robin, my Jane and Lisbon, my Patrick and Teresa. - suzjazz:...
Alison Alexander wins $25,000 National Biography Award for her life of Lady Jane Franklin, Victorian lady adventurer.
I want a guy to love me the way Patrick jane loves Lisbon.
Vodkka Jane and Jewels get it on at Vodkka See this video Tonight.
Patrick Jane is a sexier, funnier, joker mentalist than Sherlock. First opinions.
Patrick Jane, The Mentalist is one of the best fictional characters I have ever seen. Ever.
It will be interesting. Love seeing Jane clash and proving other people wrong.
If she's thinking about it she's weighing her options and waiting for her Patrick Jane to fix up.
It's both hilarious and sad that she hasn't even done her research for the role...Ugh...No idea who Patrick Jane is obviously...:/
Weird is when your watching aserie only to learn the lead actor's name is Patrick Jane!
dont tell me josie is gonna be Patrick jane dead wife in S7 and josie is another sociopath who faked her death to get something
Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon are OTP and idgaf about you if you disagree
Patrick Jane is one of the most adorable finctional characters of all time :) my bae
2 am up watching mentalist. Patrick Jane is such a king man
Having a conversation about The Mentalist, and my dad said,"it's childish, Patrick Jane could never be real character." . I was about to cry.
When I grow up, I wanna be Patrick Jane
Oh gosh! No woman can ever beat your instinct, Patrick Jane.
What do you suppose Patrick Jane's favorite movie is?
Red John quoting the first stanza of “The Tyger” to Patrick Jane after saving his life What is your Ringtone
Happy 2nd Anniversary Kevin Patrick love you and our journey Ngiare Jane xxx
Jane you must be IN Court 2. Your updates are very quick.
. I'm great & the summer course is doing good so far . Just wanted to say hi & I started watching Patrick Jane :) its good
I may be a Jane Lynch in my mind but there is a little Neil Patrick Harris jazzhands-ing in my heart
Tonight, I let you drive. You can take me all the way. We're like Bonnie and Clyde making off with Mary Jane
Omg Patrick Jane is so cute, can't believe I havnt watched the mentalist til now.
Patrick Jane is one of my favorite people in the world.
I'm actually in love with Patrick Jane.
I can remember you caring last summer Patrick actually😂
It'd have been nice if Red John was Patrick Jane
My three year old theory that Patrick Jane is Red John is coming true. Or is it?
Gonna snuggle up in my leopard blanket tonight with a cuppa and Patrick Jane :)
Miss David and him pulling up those Patrick Jane mind games !!
Raymond Reddington & Neal Caffrey!!! Two of my favourite characters... Well Dr. Cal Lightman & Patrick Jane too.
Gradulation to sonny milano,I think is the futur Patrick Jane
Patrick Jane of the mentalist, that guy is one complicated person.
Patrick Jane was my guy till Sherlock came along. Then Walter H. White benched both of 'em. Now, Kai Proctor's the man !
Sherlock Holmes is Patrick Jane, just more of an *** and less of a charmer
Still shocked by patrick jane and lisbon final kiss
Two writers of extraordinary talent - Jane Austen and Patrick O'Brian - their link is as deep as the ocean.
higher than Patrick Jane or Sherlock Holmes himself?
Former Temple standout and New York Jets DE Muhammad Wilkerson is No. 31 on CBS' top 100 NFL players list.
Batman..Only know half tho"Patrick Jane Who would you want to investigate your murder? -
I am so happy for Lisbon and Patrick Jane! It's about *** time!
“Who would you want to investigate your murder? - Patrick Jane
“The truth is that I love you. It scares me, but it is the truth.”. Patrick Jane ~ The Mentalist
Photoset: Things worth living for (in no particular order or preference): Patrick Jane reuniting with...
I noticed you were gone. Glad to see Patrick Jane is back
I have seen a bit, the show is not bad the stories mostly interesting. But Patrick Jane as a man is totally boring!
Killian Jones and Jack Bauer any time. But I do NOT like Patrick Jane. He is tolerable for me, nothing more. Sorry!
Killian Jones, Jack Bauer&Patrick Jane *LOL* I was laughing out loud last night thinking about the three of them in the same room
“Why does everyone else get to have a normal life?” Patrick Jane. “Redline” (2x13) …
Oshey Patrick Jane “That pic has been on my TL for 2 days and y"all are just noticing? Wonders”
its just me myself and Patrick Jane tonight :-)
The Tattered Coat has been published available at Amazon and Kindle
I don't care about the law. I care about the justice. - Patrick Jane
Oh, my goodness. Too many of Jane's hut-cooked meals.
Lesson for the day: Always check wheelchair-bound people's shoes to avoid being conned. Courtesy of Patrick Jane.
na so Jane kiss Lisbon everything come end? Mentalist this is week 5 and we need some Patrick in our lives. thank you
Patrick Jane an inigma I can't solve
Patrick Jane, the only dude I've ever seen other than Micheal Scofield, happily agreeing with the cops to lock him up in jail
. Got anyone named "Patrick Jane" working there? 😋 Had to ask, sorry. You probably get asked a lot.
Drowning my self loathing into a marathon. Life's better with Patrick Jane in it.
"Bruno Heller told The Hollywood Reporter that they aim to provide closure to the Patrick Jane& Teresa Lisbon romance."
The war between Patrick Jane and Red John has got to be the most fascinating. The Mentalist Vs The Pyschopath.
IDEA: putting the Patrick Jane cutout up in the house during the showings.
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Reblog if you have a scar with a story behind it. - swatpenguin: patrick-jane: sashaforthewin: thelilnan:...
🙋 for spending a night with Patrick Jane
Like I said before, you're an amazing man! I can't forget what you've done! Patrick Jane...
Patrick Jane? Have no fear, The Mentalist is here
The first thing Patrick Jane smells in the morning is a whiff of cinnamon. Because Teresa Lisbon is lying in bed right beside him.
. In 2007, Patrick set up the Sarah Jane Brain Foundation (SJBF) which is...
So Patrick le Mam Rudy ba jane on that single bed???
They (doctors) always wanna be the smartest person in the room. Don't they? When in fact that's me, obviously - Patrick Jane
Love this series ❤️ — watching the Mentalist Patrick Jane
"A new woman is about to enter Patrick Jane’s (professional) life." good, u.u
Just heard what Simon Baker has been known to earn through playing Patrick Jane in for 6 series...
Patrick Jane is definitely one of my not so guilty pleasures!!
classic Jane Birkin photographed by Patrick Lichfield in 1971
*smiles* I love you, Patrick. I am so happy to have you. You make me the happiest woman on earth. *caresses your hair*
I want to be best friend with Patrick Jane. He would make life interesting
wait, if Patrick Jane marries Theresa, that makes Tommy his brother in law
My late obsession with 'the mentalist' is still unexplainable. Just way too into the Patrick Jane character.
Mcdreamy and Patrick Jane have homes in my fantasies
I need a gifset of all the times Baker's Patrick Jane reminds me of Noble's Walter Bishop. It's the mannerisms.
All purpose parts banner
If anybody is in the area today, please consider going to this charity event. They've got some awesome items for the auction, activities for the kids, gaming truck and even some of my cupcakes for sale (included orange creamsicle) with all proceeds going to Karen and her family to help with medical expenses. And when the event is over, Bombshell Brewery is right across the street and I've heard they've got Patrick Jane's Pizza there today. Sounds like an awesome afternoon to me!
Was a total lazy bones today and now I have a date with 4 men... Mr. Selfridge, Patrick Jane,, Don Draper and topping it off with Justin Timberlake. Not so shabby.
Simon Baker's portrayal of Patrick Jane is breathtaking. Jordan Harper
If only there was a case which could be investigated by Patrick Jane, Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth and...
Bought this today! Early Grey tea. You know the one Patrick Jane drinks. Gonna try it out now.
Thank you for the mental image of Simon Baker as Patrick Jane in The Mentalist. Much appreciated.
I would love to see a short skit or rap battle between Dr. Gregory House and Mr. Patrick Jane.
Liking this out of the box creativity - A Pizza Cake, And Other Wacky fun for the Extreme Pizza Lover -
ya his too funny..I prefer Patrick Jane from the Mentalist tho :)
or try the htv version from the 80's Patrick mcgoohan was class and jane Seymour was fab as well
Breaking news. Friends and colleagues. We are delighted to announce that Jane and Patrick Gottelier have today entered…
Photo: carlaoliveira-cd: We’re all rooting for you, Patrick Jane. Teresa won’t wait forever.  Move!
"Lies are what make the world make sense." - Patrick Jane
"Patrick Jane from season 1 is different from Patrick Jane from season 6" true!!!
// I don't know that part yet but I suppose it /is/ important... I sort of wanted to do Patrick Jane from The Mentalist --
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Please add my friend Patrick Jane, he is a great RPer and and loyal friend, he loves to do Hostage SL's but not all the time, if you want to add him and inbox him for an SL, you are very welcome too
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I wish I could gamble like Patrick Jane.
Patrick Jane is undeniably my favorite character on TV
There’s one man whose intentions master psych-detective Patrick Jane can’t quite figure out: CBS chief Les Moonves. Sources tell EW that studio Warner Bros. is […]
Thought Kenny B was the one for you? ;) Or Dakota North, or Patrick Hougaard? Or even MJJ?
Mentalist Season 5 episode 16 - darn Red John killed my honey Lorilie :-( -- Patrick Jane I will miss her :-(...
"Hi, I'm Lucy. I'm 16 and my mom, Agent Teresa Lisbon gave me up when I was a baby. My dad is Patrick Jane."
And yep, is the most watched TV show in France!. We love Patrick Jane :).
SORRY i'm just confused sometimes, PATRICK
I Patrick . take you. Teresa . to be my lawfully wedded wife. *you may now kiss the bride*
Diaporama : Tribute to Patrick Jane’s beard requested by anon
Home page of Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza Bar. PJ’s is a gourmet pizza bar creating a unique take on classical pizza & tapas. We use only the freshest local and all natural ingredients to ensure our pies and tapas offerings are a treat to be savored.
Okay see you tomorrow and Jane Says Hi :)
TM is an outstanding show that deserves renewal. Jane Says Hi
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Jane Says Hi Do any of YOUR other shows trend practically every night for over a month?
Nina Nina drink a cup of tea in my honor pls Jane Says Hi
Patrick Jane would jst be drinking coffee and deceiving this fools** I don dey vex for this series Mentalist
Jane Says Hi and wants to say et voila Season 7
Jane Says Hi Simon Baker is the only one who could play Patrick Jane. Thank you for that. Please renew.
When Jane Says Hi 58 million people are very happy! Please renew The Men7alist!
Jane Says Hi and I will hypnotize you CBS, U will renew us.
You'll never see a brighter smile than when Jane Says Hi
always knew he was a wise one, that Patrick Jane fella
Jane Says Hi WE can't be happy without our Smily
Jane Says Hi give it to another network but don't let it die
Jane Says Hi Patrick Jane makes us all happy, don't kill him
Are you in the book, beware of Patrick /Paddy . Jane Says Hi renew please
Jane Says Hi. What I wouldn't give to see Lisbon say Hi, Patrick.
Jane says hi he doesn't want your pancakes or pie
Hamilton Collection
Jane Says Hi Remember of the best shows you ever aired!!
One month behind on could I do that to my favourite character patrick jane.
Simon Baker's portrayal of Patrick Jane is breathtaking and exceptional. Jane Says Hi
Jane Says Hi and would like to remind you that eggs are the superior breakfast food. Got that, Pancake Pike?
Mentalistas!!! Jane wants to say hi to wHOLE WORLD! Let's trend Jane Says Hi to help him out!!! 100 RTs!
Patrick jane is naughtier dan ma 1 yr old daughter wth her dad combined
Is it wrong to have a crush on Robin Thicke?... Reminds of a musical Patrick Jane with his suits. Also - if Enrique Iglesias is in fact - as he states - a freak - I quite like him too!!
I think Jisbon shippers have good reasons to be excited and look forward to the last episode called "Blue Bird Inn". ;) As Teresa Lisbon very seriously considers Marcus Pike's invitation to move to D.C. with him, for Patrick Jane these last episodes are about "the gradual surfacing of how important Lisbon is to his life". "There has always been affection and camaraderie" between the crime-solvers, "but the notion that there's more to it is something they've never discussed until now", executive producer and screenwriter Tom Szentgyorgyi reveals. Szentgyorgyi says the season will end exactly as mapped out last summer, though it certainly takes on a different resonance because the procedural has yet to be renewed. "Blue Bird Inn" is a beautifully acted piece penned by series creator Bruno Heller and serviceable as both a season and series finale. The last episode "definitely answers some questions and raises others", Tom Szentgyorgyi teases. "There is a mystery to be solved, but the finale is also very muc ...
"You're a bad liar. take that as a compliment lady. You rather be a good liar?" - Patrick Jane, The Mentalist. One of my favorite lines :) Yah, you rather be a good liar? xD
How is Patrick Jane's hair always perfect?
Just a few screen captures from the latest episode "Forest Green" and several excerpts from a review written by Diana Mack for Spoiler TV. Lately, "The Mentalist" has been focused on Teresa Lisbon: it's her path, her future with or without Patrick Jane. She is living her fairy tale: she has a great guy who's totally in love with her, absolutely devoted to her, but does he love his job as much as he loves her? Marcus Pike is the opposite of Patrick Jane. "You're a bad liar. I like that in a man", says Lisbon to Pike. She's learned to recognize when someone is lying thanks to Jane. This is Lisbon's journey. In the end, she needs to find herself with or without her longtime partner. That has been the purpose since "The Mentalist 2.0" started. Source:
Fans of - see the fine book Patrick Jane was reading last nite? Carousel by J Robert Janes
Finally made it Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza in Cary. Ate our delicious vegan supreme outside in the nice. Love that they have Meatless Monday posters up and vegan cook books on display.
Revenge is for fools and for mad men Patrick Jane
"A little less Joan Crawford…. and a little more Barbara Stanwyck.” Acting lessons by Patrick Jane. (Thanks...
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This court room scene has me craving an L&O/Mentalist crossover where Alex Cabot tears Patrick Jane to shreds. Lisbon would help!
I"m playing at Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza Bar in Cary tonight for a songwriter's in the round performance. Come...
Sometimes I think it may be Patrick Jane, that he has the multiple personality disorder (crazy right?). But you're right.
Gordon Brown has a fascinating chart, but suppose he's passe. We looked at it in Jane Ridder-Patrick's workshops.
Jane has always been difficult, but how is the FBI handling his tricks?:
The story obviously won't stop after Red John's death! Good... I can still watch Patrick Jane's greatness ☑
Patrick Jane can only read between lies. Please, moms read minds.
every detail... Patrick Jane is so good!
March needs to hurry up, I need Patrick Jane in my system
Patrick is Mary Jane. And that's me going to work lol
Congratulations to our John Carroll & Patrick Healy Award recipients--Jane, John, Clifford, Robert, Joseph and Irene!
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