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Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane is the protagonist on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Simon Baker. Jane is a consultant for a fictionalized version of the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and helps by giving advice and insight from his many years as a fake psychic medium.

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Mary Jane's Last Dance: Demoralized likely to fall to 0-6 against cuz…
There are 50,000 more gun stores than McDonald's in the US
" Revenge is a poison.Revenge is for fools and madmen.". - Patrick Jane
This incredible close-up footage shows how a starfish is able to walk on land.
BREAKING: 6.3 magnitude quake off eastern Japan
The fake videos and pictures of the “800 wounded” and zero in hospital 20 hours later https…
Can't wait to discuss Jane Eyre with
Janine Evans of WOW Saddles South Africa sponsors Patrick and Jane Brown who compete in dressage, showjumping and...
Patrick Marleau again. The own ageless wonder. 5-0 Toronto early in the third.
Dr. Cal Lightman is like the combination of Patrick Jane and Dr. House. Nw:
She met the voices of Spongebob and Patrick 😂😂
Scientists won the Nobel Prize for detecting gravitational waves — here's why that matters
Two sources of waves at the same frequency make these interference patterns
SPANISH KING: Catalan authorities 'have placed themselves outside the law and democracy' https…
your services are impeccable. Patrick Yegon and Jane Wachira God bless you.
1. If Spain were oppressive, this wouldn't be happening. . 2. Catalonia is becoming a fascist regime. Not too different f…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
5. The Mentalist! Patrick Jane and the CBI team still makes my heart soar
It’s time the Tories woke up to the universal credit nightmare | Patrick Butler
I figured out why I like so much. He's kinda like Patrick Jane except in doctor form
Seen all seven Seasons . Would Av been upset if Patrick Jane and Theresa Lisbon didn't end up together
Patrick Jane was one of the best tv characters. I miss Mentalist
In a letter to readers, Patrick McDonnell talks about collaborating with Dr. Jane Goodall, donating
Red State Americans are 3.1x more likely to vote for Patrick Jane on The Best Dressed Male TV Characters
Was stuck on like the last EPs of S7 for like a month. Didn't have time to finish, jus did. Patrick mf…
with Patrick and Princess Linda who are looking for a home together!
I want to be Patrick Jane minus the whole family murdered
Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the day we met Patrick Jane and the team, with the unforgettable "Pilot"!
Well only with the help of Patrick Jane most…
Let me watch The Mentalist. . Patrick Jane 👌 what a marvel
The mentalist . -Inspired by Sherlock Holmes. -Has been my first obsession. -Patrick Jane is such a great character . -Real…
You can take a seat anywhere with this wearable chair
Little Giant Ladders
DUDE! So happy for you. Next time in Mary Jane sville, I might have to crash on hotel Patrick's couch to see how you livin boi
i always imagine at the back of my mind, how can i be as smart as Patrick Jane?
Patrick Jane's unconvincing American accent in the Mentalist is kind of ruining the show
To my family not here in Colorado: Dave Caldwell, cousins nieces nephews, Patrick, Kara Jane Caldwell.
with Patrick Jane who obviously loves a cup of Tea😜
Who is she? New sketch released of woman found dead in street
"I'm just drawn to controlling but damaged and emotionally unavailable men". the connection between Patrick Jane and Dr. Miller is 🖤
What's ur problem?This is Simon Baker as Patrick Jane in The Mentalist!So what's wrong…
Revising for Company Law is really making me channel my inner Patrick Jane and search through my memory palace.
Another moment when he was Simon Baker instead of Patrick Jane... The Mentalist 5x17... Red, White& Blue. Truly wond…
Patrick Wilson and Thomas Jane. They're the same person no? (I don't know which one's which in this pic)
.thinks Patrick Wilson and Thomas Jane are identical. Please tell him he is wrong. Thank you.
I dreamt I was working with Patrick Jane.
Time to binge watch "The Mentalist". Patrick Jane is a lovable character.
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Patrick Jane dancing with himself. (Vine by
We do have a cast. Noo (Jane) Kim (Sally) Kat(Susan) I'm Steve and you can be Jeff...all we need is a Patrick. :)
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"You're safe, you're loved, you're wise", Patrick Jane says to Charlotte Jane every night when he tucks her to bed.
"The rest of the time , we are living in a world of lies. Lies are what make the world make sense.." -Patrick Jane
Check out PFAPs Melissa Jane Kronfeld's new series in Millennial Magazine, with Megan Legband, called PROFILES IN...
was fun and I really liked it, but still miss Patrick Warburton. & Yara Martinez/ Luisa from Jane the Virgin is in it!
You need an upgrade, Plain Jane, lol. You look gross. I'd rather have Hillary.
If you read only 1 scientific paper during 2016, read this: Added Sugars and Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Children https…
Here's Your Chance to Be in a Movie with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda...
he is done!1/6scale Patrick Jane.Sculpt: Rocco Tartamella. Painting: me.
We actually send so much tea to CBS and they didn't know what to do with it 😂 (we send it bc Patrick Jane is a tea lover so yup)
I've realised Sherlock in is like the love child of Patrick Jane from and Sheldon Cooper from
Olympics ratings fell for the first time since 2000 and advertisers aren't happy - by Patrick Kulp
Kardashians accused of not disclosing ads on social media - by Patrick Kulp
Patrick Jane deserves all the happiness & love & good things.
Jane will be like Patrick after his stroke...running a marathon after 4 weeks
😂😂😂me too. It's to blame for everything -apparently!
Draft is from Jane Patrick's The Weaver's Idea Book. Whale Mountain pic is Google Earth to BeFunky, west bank of the Colorado.
Here's my reminder that I love Patrick Jane and must be happy, I'm not asking for anything else
An astrological interpretation of the history of astrology in Scotland with Jane Ridder-Patrick https…
congrats Mary Jane. Zip smoke the merry lanes. Left and right the lungs veins the smart Carl no Patrick. F
🌟Do you need a Patrick Jane to cheer you up when ur feeling blue?🌟
I still need to finish The Mentalist. If anything, there must be some decent snarkable moments. And the most important part - Patrick Jane!
OMG, Patrick now s a dead ringer for Jim at this age. So cute.
Monmouth pollster Patrick Murray busted 4 manipulating poll data then lying about it. Trump actually won his poll. . http…
If she stans The Mentalist she loves Patrick Jane😏🙌🏻
Cal Lightman, Neal Caffrey, Patrick Jane and Sherlock Holmes in one show would be so much better than the avengers
" But who wants an easy life ? It's boring ! .". Jane Birkin . By Patrick Linfield
Getting my morning Patrick Jane fix, if only this man was real 😂
Happy birthday, Jane Goodall! How this amazing woman turned her childhood dream into reality htt…
Ben Linus wins by a landslide or rather plane crash. Patrick Jane died on the plane!…
Martin O'Malley looks so much like Patrick Jane *The Mentalist.
Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon is such a cute couple
I need more stories dealing with The Syndrome. What happened to Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon in The Mentalist?
Patrick Jane & Teresa Lisbon are such well crafted characters. Can't imagine the effort that must have gone into creating their layers.
A drink for you. Enjoy the holidays & Happy New Year!!!
Boston health inspector ate lunch at Chipotle to prove that it was clean - by Patrick Kulp
A small point in a deeply ignoble chapter of municipal govt - but Jane absolutely right. https:…
Imagine... Patrick Jane meets Harvey Specter . Best idea of had, yet. Who's the smartest in the room?
Patrick Jane. *Bounces an eyebrow and offers a hand to briefly shake.* And you?
What will happen if Patrick Jane handles the case of Pretty Little Liars to find A?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Thomas Jane, WilliamSmith (and Patrick "Old School" Cranshaw), Christopher Neame and Pruitt Taylor Vince are all in films called Ground Zero
On the first ep of S04, they say Patrick Jane didn't kill Red John but rather an innocent man and he's delusional. Oh noes???
On the last episode of The Mentalist S03, Patrick Jane shot Red John three times and killed him. I have never been happier for someone else.
♡I deserve a man like Patrick Jane I'm a good freaking person alright♡
Patrick Jane would love u for that fact Tan 😆😆
Patrick Jane was chasing a serial killer. Perhaps the plot of that story has evolved to a murder. The girl of all.
There was Patrick Jane, probably still is. More relevant than James Bond? I think so.
Patrick Jane is being really weird I thing his mental issues are getting worse
Hi I've watched S01E01 of X-Files : Aux fronti... and I'm with Patrick Jane on his couch
Most iconic song video of 90s Oh Oh Jane Jaana (1998)
I love Patrick Jane. He's a ridiculous person.
the light bulb flashes when TRASH. love u!!! miss u more Patrick JANE LUVA
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I wish I had Patrick Jane's ability to be able to tell when people are lying etc. Life would be so much more easier.
Finch. Brian Finch. He reminds me of Jane whenever he is being introduced as a consultant. *sigh* Le Patrick Jane.
Open today 1-9pm! Join us for 12 beers on tap, Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza Bar will be on site serving their...
. J Jackpot:. A Amazing . N Novel we're so . E Excited . T To. W Wait for... O Oh come on April.
... I can't imagine waking up knowing that I won't see you. The truth is I love you. - Patrick Jane, The Mentalist
Simon Baker with his charming smile plays the perfect Patrick Jane, why didn't I discover The Mentalist earlier?!
Oo ya Patrick Jane is the greatest qb ever ahah
I don't know about that. Patrick Jane looks pretty good to win MVP.
Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. -Patrick Jane
Kudos to Maggie Lawson for landing a starring role on the CBS series "Angel From *** " alongside Jane Lynch.
My wife Jane, who is not "sporty spice" as she likes to say, asks me: "If Dan Patrick and Danica Patrick were on...
Like im missing Patrick Jane right now...
Nobody can resist a Patrick Jane in a freakin suit and tie
watching The Mentalist hello Patrick Jane aka my sweet first huge crush for a fictional character
Ellen Pao's years-long war with Kleiner Perkins is over - by Patrick Kulp
I predicted this day 2 weeks ago. When bestie thought it's all lies. I should be Patrick Jane💁
Photoset: beautywithin16: Lisbon: “Patrick Jane, you were trying to help me. You were. You thought if I...
Smokey eye doesn't have to be complicated...step by steps available at Patrick Zoe dee using Jane iredale mineral...
Did you tune in to the debut of The Mentalist season 6 last night? Are you happy to see Patrick Jane's return?
The Mentalist - Season 2 Episode 23: Romantic sparks begin to fly when Patrick Jane and supposed psychic Krist...
The Mentalist - Season 2 Episode 23: When Patrick Jane's sneaky conduct causes the case of a confessed hitman ...
How to dress for power like Apple CEO Tim Cook: Dad jeans, a little normcore - by Patrick Kulp
I just bought: 'Jane Two: A Novel' by Sean Patrick Flanery via excited to get my copy in April
My friend wrote a book called It's an unforgettable story! . You can pre-order it here..
Louis Litt is one of the greatest characters I've ever watched, Klaus Mikaelson, Monroe from Grimm, Patrick Jane, Job from Banshee. GREATEST
Nothing like seeing Scar,Frank Underwood, Spock,Patrick Jane ,Caesar Flickerman,The Vision and Dan Humphrey in a movie together 💯💯
Patrick Jane, Michael Emerson aka Ben Linus dude I'm talking about Greats here."dancercology_ Who is better than Dexter?"
A testament to the power of passion driven Ty
Dear Juve, to quote Patrick Jane, you'll learn to live with it.😋
What, never? But it has Patrick Magee. And dancing dwarves who set people on fire. And Jane Asher looking foxy.
I aspire to be like the brilliant characters on TV shows, Greg House and Patrick Jane. My dream is to be as brilliant and respected as them.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Patrick Jane is a grown-up (physically) Shawn Spencer😂💕 Although his surname is kinda funny😊
bloody *** why can't i watch my Patrick Jane in action
"I used to make a good living pretending to be a psychic." - Patrick Jane, The Mentalist💕 The continuation of Psych😂 Shawn Spencer v2.0👌🏻😀
Don't let Patrick Jane point the finger at you for missing The Mentalist! .
I can't sleep so I may as well just watch Patrick Jane amirite
Patrick Jane is sexy. But his mind is sexier. Wu..
A man that dances like Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing 💕👌
He literally has been to *** and back. Now Patrick Jane is redeemed. .
Simon Baker is the gentlest butterfly. Much like Patrick Jane.
I cannot begin to tell all of you fellow fans what the shows being aired again means to me! Sound like Jane!
"Mr Volker I am Patrick Jane and I am Lisbon's future husband. I wanted to introduce myself before I put you in jail!" LOL
-Quotes . "They're not mad at you. They just miss you.". -Patrick Jane 7x07 "Little Yellow House"
my intrigue by. human behaviour. was sparked by . Patrick Jane.
I"m really loving The Mentalist! ... Just love the character of Patrick Jane!
Ag no maan. Patrick Jane is exhausting yhoo! Imagine being his colleague.
Patrick topping, Dixon, Jamie Jones, dusky, hot since 82, joris voorn, Richy Ahmed, maya Jane Coles, Sunday at parklife will be too much
Did someone ever refer to Patrick Jane as Mentalist?
Ellen Pao and Kleiner Perkins are haggling over $2.7 million request for settlement of court case - by Patrick Kulp
((yes, the mentalist, Patrick Jane. Do you know it?._.))
Started watching for Patrick Jane, then for the plots, then Lisbon, now Jisbon
That was one elaborate, well-executed explosion that Patrick Jane McGyvered!
TONIGHT at 7 - two hours of The Mentalist on MY68 kicking off with the pilot! CBI consultant Patrick Jane, Senior...
You gotta love Patrick Jane's whip/wheels. I wouldn't mind rolling in it hehehe
TONIGHT: Meet Patrick Jane and the CBI team. See from the very first episode, starting at 7p!!
a full-grown elephant can eat up to 495 pounds of food per - Fun Facts with Patrick Jane
What more is there after Patrick Jane declarers his love for Lisbon? Anyway, I flipping miss CBI!
"Simon Baker; the man who looks perfect from every angle. I like Patrick Jane more ☺
hello, great show, sorry not being renewed for another season, glad you got together with Patrick Jane
I did maths two years ago, but I feel like I know Jane and Hannah now 😊
"how ironic would it be to die in the living room". this sounds like smth Patrick Jane would say followed by a "shut up Jane" from Lisbon 😂😍
Not much of a contest there! I mean really... it's the brilliant, gorgeous Patrick Jane!
Patrick Jane is a genius. All hail King Jane
A Kobe Bryant/Lionel Messi selfie is YouTube's best commercial of the decade - by Patrick Kulp
*Scrubs the back of his head, grinning like a dork* Yeah, yeah. Shut up. *Sips* So. Patrick Jane, the twenty-two year old ~
Why did Jane bother cutting her cheese into two different shaped cuboids if she wanted the same volume. Ffs Jane.
Neuro linguistic programming - the power of suggestion&hypnosis (think Patrick Jane on the Mentalist)
Henry Morgan, Patrick Jane, Fox Mulder. I love the tormented men.
Teresa Lisbon and Patrick Jane are now a family.they are the Janes.and they are expecting a baby and they're going to live to a lake house
"I'm agent Teresa Lisbon this is Patrick Jane we're from the CBI" I MISS THIS SO MUCH
I will think of a story around Teresa Lisbon, much like with Patrick Jane (a spiteful prisoner?)
Lol, just realised that this whole thing is Red John versus Patrick JANE
Need an early one I think... Goodnight. [Pic: Meaux Cathedral - Patrick Astronomie}
Álbum de fotos: Teresa Lisbon: You knew I was going to say yes. Patrick Jane: Even after all these years...
I'm starting from the beginning again love Patrick Jane 😍
Ok I admit, I totally missed the clarinet xD You are worthy trainee of Patrick Jane
ur friends say u like Patrick Jane frm The mentalist, mean u can read people mind, how come u cant undstd emoji
St Patrick's day family traditions on the the blog today>
ICYMI, St. Patrick's day family fun on
shares her recipe for a St. Patrick's Day creamsicle
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Make up using Jane iredale bb7, highlighter, copper wind blush and lipmoist in shade 'sharon' finished with a...
Photoset: Patrick Jane: No matter what happens from this point on, we have to promise each other that we...
Patrick Jane is the coolest man in the world, obviously
out of the three I would probably pick Patrick. Lolol
" You have no idea what you mean to me. " - Patrick Jane
Celebrate with ME... JANE, the story of Dr. Jane Goodall's early years by Patrick McDonnell.
Great shows have great endings. Goodbye, Patrick Jane. You were the best mentalist anyone could be.
Free Food Tasting. Saturday 12 -3. You've heard of Patrick Jane's Pizza right? We'll if not you're in for a treat.
Controversial gang rape documentary pulled from YouTube worldwide - by Patrick Kulp
I posted it earlier!!! We all have a hive mind of Patrick.
love the mentalist Patrick Jane is always the fly in the ointment
I know he's fictional but I blooming love Patrick Jane 😍
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Just finished season five of The Mentalist. I'm still saying Red John is an alternate personality of Patrick Jane's.
A dream during childhood grew with attention & deep dedication into the reality of a purposeful life
watching The Mentalist. Patrick Jane makes me laugh 😂😂
We have a rainbow of St. Patrick's Day crafts on today. This color block rainbow…
Patrick Jane: do you think i'm an anti-social personality?. Lisbon: Sure. Who isn't?.
Patrick Jane and his suits on The Mentalist😋
Diaporama : Even when he’s in deep trouble Patrick Jane has time to reference a film.
İ love it. And he is Patrick Jane. Not Simon Baker. Perfect. He act as Patrick Jane. Missing him on tv 😪😪😪
Burqa-clad men march for women's rights in Afghanistan - by Patrick Kulp
"Do the usual thing, you get the usual result, " Patrick Jane. The Mentalist S07
still crying cause The Mentalist is over. I'll love you forever, Patrick Jane😩😭💔
why do I get the feeling that next update will be: Patrick Kane hanging out on the ice in a no contact jersey
After 7 seasons, and lots of Red John and Patrick Jane, I'm gonna miss this show :(
Final ever season of - is this when they reveal Patrick Jane is actually Red John?
No one works a con like Patrick Jane. Last night's episode of
“Is Patrick Dempsey done with this is depressing. 😢
Whenever I'm stuck in a predicament my first thought is: "What would Patrick Jane do?"
Patrick Jane would have this solved in no time! Where the *** is Peter Falk! I got one more question Mr Brady...
Tom Brady: I 'did not alter the balls' - by Patrick Kulp
Patrick Jane is slowly becoming my favourite character from all shows I've watched
Simon Baker is just.ridiculously perfect as Patrick Jane.
Watching Belechick's press conference makes me wish Patrick Jane could give us his take on what he thinks is the truth.
Patrick Jane and Lisbon are an item. . Patrick Jane isn't angry or broken anymore. . Patrick Jane without Red John. Hate the mentalist now.
Here's a great article about Me...Jane, a book we designed for Patrick McDonnell about Jane Goodall's childhood.
"we could do with a little charm". So we need Patrick Jane of course ! ^__^
Don't Miss out on The Mentalist, Tonight!. 8pm: THROWING FIRE: Patrick Jane is knocked out by a baseball and...
Remember your old friends Peter and Jane? Meet them again at De La Warr's Ladybird by Design.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
*lands on art in Trivia crack*. "Which is written by Jane Austin?". *skips question*. "which is not written by Jane Austin?". Seriously 😑
I'm going through a Patrick Jane (not Simon Baker) phase right now because I've been binge-watching The Mentalist so.. yeah.
Awhh Patrick Jane purposely diverted Lisbon frm the baddie to protect her...Lisbon wasn't too pleased tho
Patrick Jane does not play foosball. This season is so wrong in so many ways.
The Mentalist is potentially nuts man, I think the show is gonna end with Patrick Jane throwing a baby
Jane, Jubilee and the chimpanzees of Gombe. A heartening testament to the power of undivided intention. “One...
I'm going to watch again from season 1 !!! . I'm in love with this show !!! ♥♥♥ . and Patrick Jane is soo adorable ♥♥♥
Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell turns Jane Goodall's childhood into a picture book, "Me...Jane." This is one I...
Well I baptized my two guitars and they are called Teresa Lisbon (and Patrick Jane (
10 math apps that have ALL of these qualities:
Can't say I'm impressed with how Patrick Jane so easily killed Red John. Maybe I'm just crankier cus it's 3:28am and this isn't what i.
I can't blame Jane for protecting Lisbon but I can't blame Lisbon for being mad at him! Conflicting feels!!
so you're mad gaming skills are helping Patrick Jane find a suspect
Look. We are tired of investigating abeg.. where is Patrick Jane when you need him huh.😱
Watching right now. It is a public service, not just a show. got get 'em, Patrick Jane.
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Nancy Drew,Sherlock Holmes,Patrick Jane,Harvey Spectre all over my TL... *sips gRAPE juice*
Thousands of anti-Islam protesters and counter-demonstrators square off in Germany - by Patrick Kulp
Uncle said sensed it.. Oshey Patrick jane
Have you read "Me...Jane"? A story of how Dr. Jane turned her childhood dream into reality. …
A Poet Laureate, an Oscar-nominated actor and Jane Eyre in new line-up
If I could meet Patrick Jane that would be lovely, I can't wait for tonight's new episode...literally
I was going to write up some neuroscience notes, but then...Patrick Jane.
absolutely in love with Patrick Jane
Patrick Jane in jammies, my life is complete ☺️
How Jane Goodall turned her childhood dream into reality, in a wonderful illustrated story http:/…
Somewhat feel that the stories of James Randi and Uri Geller together can be Patrick Jane.
Patrick Jane is like the best TV character in the history of TV characters. He's portrayed perfectly by Simon Baker.
he's young enough to be your son. If you'd married Patrick Jane
And once more - that piece on Patrick O'Brian complete with link
Great writeup on Patrick O’Brian, author of Master and Commander. Disregard the poorly chosen title. - The Guardian->
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Patrick O’Brian isn't all battles and no women, or even (shudder) a seafaring Lord of the Rings.
I don't get the comparison of Patrick O'Brian with Jane Austen. O'Brian is far superior. Good article though:
"There are two types of people in the world: Patrick O’Brian fans, and people who haven’t read him yet."
Be thankful for today, because in one second, your entire life could change.
Time to start into Patrick O'Brian . . . .Great praise from
Patrick O'Brian centenary imminent, and he gets a major write-up in the Guardian. Hurrah!
Patrick Jane can supply all Lisbon needs. 😄😜
is back and I didn't know how much I missed Patrick Jane until now.
imagine if Sherlock met Patrick Jane from The Mentalist
"So what are you offering her? I mean, besides Patrick Jane?". More than a breakfast bar after sex, Pike. Ball's in your court, sir.
Charley doesn't like sharing her space with Patrick Jane Bear and Chip.
I love Simon!! His character Patrick Jane is so brutally honest with ppl! He cracks me up!
Patrick O’Brian via If you like a rip roaring tale, you'll love Patrick O'Brian.
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Me: I don't want to go to my Jane Austen class today. CP24: A water main has broken, causing Sid Smith to flood. Me: thanks
Official: after 5 years, 1186 points, 44 podiums and 11 wins will leave …
At the same time we were in Parliament yesterday our good friend Jane Perry was launching a powerful report on...
There is no such thing as psychics - Patrick Jane "Psychic and weird. Could pass for a talent."
Patrick Jane is top 3 characters in Television History!
Patrick Jane's car of the mentalist
"channeling the inner romcom + having an epiphany about how much they care about each other and RACING TO CONFESS THEIR LOVE" . PATRICK JANE
Five more days until the anniversary of Patrick Jane straddling Red John. Thanksgiving week is never gonna be the same
"He's not defined by that tragedy." Patrick Jane isn't tragic figure destined to tragic end. Nope. Not from get-go.
they think patrick gave her his frat ring . The ring she wore while walking w mary jane if u wanna see
Lying in bed learning history f this im going back to thinking of Patrick​Jane
*chuckles* You are a cheater! You only want my famous Patrick Jane-massage!
'Heartless' housing startup sued for displacing residents driven out by fire - by Patrick Kulp
"Go as Patrick Jane! Just one decision, vest or no vest?
Oh cool returns Nov 30, so they did not cancel it. Yay more Simone Baker & Patrick Jane 4 me.
Patrick Jane says to Marcus Pike after 7x01...
what? A Steak with cheese on it, I am guessing right? Im like patrick jane solving these mysterys lol.
Frida, a chihuahua-mix, became the mayor of San Francisco for a day - by Patrick Kulp
Be sure to come to church and meet Jane May and Patrick and Jill Thomas who are joining as our newest members! Reception after church.
Patrick Jane, fooling the FBI since the beginning of time.
FIRE AND BRISMTONE NEVER OVER THAT, PATRICK JANE. NEVER *sobs in corner by side of the road* *shakes fist*
Patrick Jane gets Red John at the end of Season 3... Epic!
good night I love patrick jane I LOVE PATRICK JANE
Patrick Jane can't quit he won't quit. Especially for some blcak FBI Agents. (that was racist)
abbott's like *omg it's happening, go jane spread your wings and fly go find ur true love omg my ship is sailing YES* htt…
Thought I recognised Patrick flueger he was on as Jane Seymour son
*Patrick Jane voice* "Tea?It's like a hug in a cup" . Biscotti con nutella would be nice with tea,what do you say?😊
Sticks & stones may brake my bones, but names will never hurt me.
the Genie App, just guessed that I was thinking of Patrick Jane via
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