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Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane is the protagonist on the CBS crime drama The Mentalist, portrayed by Simon Baker. Jane is a consultant for a fictionalized version of the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and helps by giving advice and insight from his many years as a fake psychic medium.

Red John Simon Baker Teresa Lisbon Sherlock Holmes

Lol, just realised that this whole thing is Red John versus Patrick JANE
Need an early one I think... Goodnight. [Pic: Meaux Cathedral - Patrick Astronomie}
Álbum de fotos: Teresa Lisbon: You knew I was going to say yes. Patrick Jane: Even after all these years...
I'm starting from the beginning again love Patrick Jane 😍
Ok I admit, I totally missed the clarinet xD You are worthy trainee of Patrick Jane
ur friends say u like Patrick Jane frm The mentalist, mean u can read people mind, how come u cant undstd emoji
St Patrick's day family traditions on the the blog today>
ICYMI, St. Patrick's day family fun on
shares her recipe for a St. Patrick's Day creamsicle
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Make up using Jane iredale bb7, highlighter, copper wind blush and lipmoist in shade 'sharon' finished with a...
Photoset: Patrick Jane: No matter what happens from this point on, we have to promise each other that we...
Patrick Jane is the coolest man in the world, obviously
out of the three I would probably pick Patrick. Lolol
" You have no idea what you mean to me. " - Patrick Jane
Celebrate with ME... JANE, the story of Dr. Jane Goodall's early years by Patrick McDonnell.
Great shows have great endings. Goodbye, Patrick Jane. You were the best mentalist anyone could be.
Free Food Tasting. Saturday 12 -3. You've heard of Patrick Jane's Pizza right? We'll if not you're in for a treat.
Controversial gang rape documentary pulled from YouTube worldwide - by Patrick Kulp
I posted it earlier!!! We all have a hive mind of Patrick.
love the mentalist Patrick Jane is always the fly in the ointment
I know he's fictional but I blooming love Patrick Jane 😍
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Just finished season five of The Mentalist. I'm still saying Red John is an alternate personality of Patrick Jane's.
A dream during childhood grew with attention & deep dedication into the reality of a purposeful life
watching The Mentalist. Patrick Jane makes me laugh 😂😂
We have a rainbow of St. Patrick's Day crafts on today. This color block rainbow…
Patrick Jane: do you think i'm an anti-social personality?. Lisbon: Sure. Who isn't?.
Patrick Jane and his suits on The Mentalist😋
Diaporama : Even when he’s in deep trouble Patrick Jane has time to reference a film.
İ love it. And he is Patrick Jane. Not Simon Baker. Perfect. He act as Patrick Jane. Missing him on tv 😪😪😪
Burqa-clad men march for women's rights in Afghanistan - by Patrick Kulp
"Do the usual thing, you get the usual result, " Patrick Jane. The Mentalist S07
still crying cause The Mentalist is over. I'll love you forever, Patrick Jane😩😭💔
why do I get the feeling that next update will be: Patrick Kane hanging out on the ice in a no contact jersey
After 7 seasons, and lots of Red John and Patrick Jane, I'm gonna miss this show :(
Final ever season of - is this when they reveal Patrick Jane is actually Red John?
No one works a con like Patrick Jane. Last night's episode of
“Is Patrick Dempsey done with this is depressing. 😢
Whenever I'm stuck in a predicament my first thought is: "What would Patrick Jane do?"
Patrick Jane would have this solved in no time! Where the *** is Peter Falk! I got one more question Mr Brady...
Tom Brady: I 'did not alter the balls' - by Patrick Kulp
Patrick Jane is slowly becoming my favourite character from all shows I've watched
Simon Baker is just.ridiculously perfect as Patrick Jane.
Watching Belechick's press conference makes me wish Patrick Jane could give us his take on what he thinks is the truth.
Patrick Jane and Lisbon are an item. . Patrick Jane isn't angry or broken anymore. . Patrick Jane without Red John. Hate the mentalist now.
Here's a great article about Me...Jane, a book we designed for Patrick McDonnell about Jane Goodall's childhood.
"we could do with a little charm". So we need Patrick Jane of course ! ^__^
Don't Miss out on The Mentalist, Tonight!. 8pm: THROWING FIRE: Patrick Jane is knocked out by a baseball and...
Remember your old friends Peter and Jane? Meet them again at De La Warr's Ladybird by Design.
*lands on art in Trivia crack*. "Which is written by Jane Austin?". *skips question*. "which is not written by Jane Austin?". Seriously 😑
I'm going through a Patrick Jane (not Simon Baker) phase right now because I've been binge-watching The Mentalist so.. yeah.
Awhh Patrick Jane purposely diverted Lisbon frm the baddie to protect her...Lisbon wasn't too pleased tho
Patrick Jane does not play foosball. This season is so wrong in so many ways.
The Mentalist is potentially nuts man, I think the show is gonna end with Patrick Jane throwing a baby
Jane, Jubilee and the chimpanzees of Gombe. A heartening testament to the power of undivided intention. “One...
I'm going to watch again from season 1 !!! . I'm in love with this show !!! ♥♥♥ . and Patrick Jane is soo adorable ♥♥♥
Mutts creator Patrick McDonnell turns Jane Goodall's childhood into a picture book, "Me...Jane." This is one I...
Well I baptized my two guitars and they are called Teresa Lisbon (and Patrick Jane (
10 math apps that have ALL of these qualities:
Can't say I'm impressed with how Patrick Jane so easily killed Red John. Maybe I'm just crankier cus it's 3:28am and this isn't what i.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I can't blame Jane for protecting Lisbon but I can't blame Lisbon for being mad at him! Conflicting feels!!
so you're mad gaming skills are helping Patrick Jane find a suspect
Look. We are tired of investigating abeg.. where is Patrick Jane when you need him huh.😱
Watching right now. It is a public service, not just a show. got get 'em, Patrick Jane.
Nancy Drew,Sherlock Holmes,Patrick Jane,Harvey Spectre all over my TL... *sips gRAPE juice*
Thousands of anti-Islam protesters and counter-demonstrators square off in Germany - by Patrick Kulp
Uncle said sensed it.. Oshey Patrick jane
Have you read "Me...Jane"? A story of how Dr. Jane turned her childhood dream into reality. …
A Poet Laureate, an Oscar-nominated actor and Jane Eyre in new line-up
If I could meet Patrick Jane that would be lovely, I can't wait for tonight's new episode...literally
I was going to write up some neuroscience notes, but then...Patrick Jane.
absolutely in love with Patrick Jane
Patrick Jane in jammies, my life is complete ☺️
How Jane Goodall turned her childhood dream into reality, in a wonderful illustrated story http:/…
Somewhat feel that the stories of James Randi and Uri Geller together can be Patrick Jane.
Patrick Jane is like the best TV character in the history of TV characters. He's portrayed perfectly by Simon Baker.
he's young enough to be your son. If you'd married Patrick Jane
And once more - that piece on Patrick O'Brian complete with link
Great writeup on Patrick O’Brian, author of Master and Commander. Disregard the poorly chosen title. - The Guardian->
Patrick O’Brian isn't all battles and no women, or even (shudder) a seafaring Lord of the Rings.
I don't get the comparison of Patrick O'Brian with Jane Austen. O'Brian is far superior. Good article though:
"There are two types of people in the world: Patrick O’Brian fans, and people who haven’t read him yet."
Be thankful for today, because in one second, your entire life could change.
Time to start into Patrick O'Brian . . . .Great praise from
Patrick O'Brian centenary imminent, and he gets a major write-up in the Guardian. Hurrah!
Patrick Jane can supply all Lisbon needs. 😄😜
is back and I didn't know how much I missed Patrick Jane until now.
imagine if Sherlock met Patrick Jane from The Mentalist
"So what are you offering her? I mean, besides Patrick Jane?". More than a breakfast bar after sex, Pike. Ball's in your court, sir.
Charley doesn't like sharing her space with Patrick Jane Bear and Chip.
I love Simon!! His character Patrick Jane is so brutally honest with ppl! He cracks me up!
Patrick O’Brian via If you like a rip roaring tale, you'll love Patrick O'Brian.
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Me: I don't want to go to my Jane Austen class today. CP24: A water main has broken, causing Sid Smith to flood. Me: thanks
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At the same time we were in Parliament yesterday our good friend Jane Perry was launching a powerful report on...
There is no such thing as psychics - Patrick Jane "Psychic and weird. Could pass for a talent."
Patrick Jane is top 3 characters in Television History!
Patrick Jane's car of the mentalist
"channeling the inner romcom + having an epiphany about how much they care about each other and RACING TO CONFESS THEIR LOVE" . PATRICK JANE
Five more days until the anniversary of Patrick Jane straddling Red John. Thanksgiving week is never gonna be the same
"He's not defined by that tragedy." Patrick Jane isn't tragic figure destined to tragic end. Nope. Not from get-go.
they think patrick gave her his frat ring . The ring she wore while walking w mary jane if u wanna see
Lying in bed learning history f this im going back to thinking of Patrick​Jane
*chuckles* You are a cheater! You only want my famous Patrick Jane-massage!
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'Heartless' housing startup sued for displacing residents driven out by fire - by Patrick Kulp
"Go as Patrick Jane! Just one decision, vest or no vest?
Oh cool returns Nov 30, so they did not cancel it. Yay more Simone Baker & Patrick Jane 4 me.
Patrick Jane says to Marcus Pike after 7x01...
what? A Steak with cheese on it, I am guessing right? Im like patrick jane solving these mysterys lol.
Frida, a chihuahua-mix, became the mayor of San Francisco for a day - by Patrick Kulp
Be sure to come to church and meet Jane May and Patrick and Jill Thomas who are joining as our newest members! Reception after church.
Patrick Jane, fooling the FBI since the beginning of time.
FIRE AND BRISMTONE NEVER OVER THAT, PATRICK JANE. NEVER *sobs in corner by side of the road* *shakes fist*
Patrick Jane gets Red John at the end of Season 3... Epic!
good night I love patrick jane I LOVE PATRICK JANE
Patrick Jane can't quit he won't quit. Especially for some blcak FBI Agents. (that was racist)
abbott's like *omg it's happening, go jane spread your wings and fly go find ur true love omg my ship is sailing YES* htt…
Thought I recognised Patrick flueger he was on as Jane Seymour son
*Patrick Jane voice* "Tea?It's like a hug in a cup" . Biscotti con nutella would be nice with tea,what do you say?😊
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Sticks & stones may brake my bones, but names will never hurt me.
the Genie App, just guessed that I was thinking of Patrick Jane via
Yas! Patrick Jane. "I like the guy who plays the lead character in the Mentalist. Very much."
Jane's Addiction may be the most hideously awful band that ever was. And I include the Eagles.
Crucial diff is Jane has that weird PATRICK WAYNE BOUFFANT BURNS COMBO, Aaron is the face of the TOO TIGHT SIDE PART
Can't wait to watch season 7, final season of THE MENTALIST, new twist and turns, come on, Teresa Lisbon, Patrick Jane, Jisbon, Month End...
Lisbon: "I swear sometimes I think you (Patrick Jane) need medication. It's like you have ADD or something.". LOL ep12s2
I could cope with waking up next to Patrick Jane every morning. ;)
Nike-backed startups put girls first in fight against global poverty - by Patrick Kulp
'The Mentalist' season 7 spoilers: Will Patrick Jane and Agent Pike fight over ... - ChristianToday
ships in television shows — The mentalist, jane and lisbon or teresa and patrick whatever you wanna call them. Do...
*Pictured: Patrick Jane and Red John in happier times
To wit: “Patrick Jane she’s crazy get on your Tahoe cabin galleria”
Thank you for this mornings interview with Patrick Charlton - great to meet Jane at last :)
Patrick Jane got punched on the nose LOL
I basically want to read a book that is Patrick Jane's childhood backstory with a dose of magic realism, does this exist, thank you.
No top ON. I got distracted. you don't get this with Patrick Jane.
I am gonna miss patrick jane,lisbon,cho n all of them.will always be the best crime suspense drama for me.
Scars of war: Veterans tell stories behind tattoos in online exhibit - by Patrick Kulp
I like Patrick Jane because he appreciates the merits of good sleep.
Hi Patrick, are you looking to move address and want to take your Sky Talk and Broadband with you? Cheers, Jane
Review of Patrick Williams Ltd-Jane Telford & Alison Reddin-From the start to finish of my Ten...
yup. but the way Patrick Jane solved cases was remarkable.
back for a 7th Season at the end of November. Cant wait. No one quite like Patrick Jane on television.
Red John rescuing Patrick Jane and reciting the first stanza of The Tyger to him is one of my favorite moments in Tv History
“Is he smelling the body? looks like he's pulling a Patrick Jane.
This dude is like hey ur the man! U awesome cool simon!. Or maybe he's like: ohh ur patrick jane the psychic right!
Help us out. Round 1 of Greta and Mutondwa's Hunger Games©: House, MD. (Greg House) vs. The Mentalist (Patrick Jane). Go.
Patrick Jane with animals and children = liquidate my brain.
I am still amazed that Patrick Jane caught Red John.. Though I was disappointed by how easily he was caught
"D'you know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit?" - Patrick Jane
Patrick Jane and Lisbon are finally together 😍😃
Happy birthday to Kevin Patrick of love u heaps @ Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza Bar
Lool haggling over ransom. Only one Patrick Jane
might have to send that interview done with Patrick Moore
They should tune into Patrick Moore. Makes sense.
Excellent show tonight Thank you for have Hedley & Patrick Moore. All the things we would never hear from…
Thanks Patrick Moore for telling us truth about climate change i hope gives interview to ALP & …
Neil Patrick Harris and his family are just the cutest 😍😭
my favorite show the mentallist. Tell my man Patrick Jane I say wassup
Sarah Jane is my earliest companion memory, saying that my first Doctor was Patrick!! Maybe series 9 will see a new companion?
TRY! Patrick Tuipulotu scores under the posts. Ryan Crotty fed the final pass after SBW, Jane and TJ started the movement
The Mentalist might not be the most elegant or layered show, but *** Patrick Jane. I wish I'd invented you.
Simon Baker talks about "The Mentalist"--is it really the series' last season?Is he ready to say bye to Patrick Jane?. htt…
Mourinho has taken to dressing like patrick jane recently
Give my Best regards to Patrick Jane iMiss Lizbon and the others :-)
Neil Patrick Harris and his family just won Halloween again.
this entire scene was so important for his character? after everything??? I LOVE PATRICK JANE SM
remember that time patrick jane caught a sadistic serial killer by throwing a bIRD AT HIMm i'm goiggng to chojkke
IMO Simon Baker should be the riddler, his character patrick jane is very cryptic like nygma
I started drinking a lot of tea and I blame Patrick Jane.
Ashley Jane,Patrick Rouge,Chloe Camilla at Inked up tranny domina
I have a man crush on Patrick Jane.. John Reese and Shawn Spencer... *** . im probably *** ..
In Season 1 of the Mentalist, I personally find Patrick Jane endearing. One of my favorite male characters right up there with the best.
It's all about the balance. Words of wisdom from Patrick Jane. 🙌
I want to have an ice cream with Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon 🍧🍨
Hello, there! I'm also a huge fan of Jack Bauer, Patrick Jane and Castle! They're literally my heroes,(together withDaryl Dixon, of course)!
Good job mentalistas! We trended what Patrick Jane does best: "Just Paying Attention" WW & in the US! htt…
Patrick Modiano wins the Nobel prize in via
is Patrick jane going to stay out of jail this season lol
Hamilton Collection
I really don't get what's with Patrick Jane and tea itself...
It's gonna be so weird to hear Jane and Lisbon call each other "Patrick" and "Teresa" I mean even in fics it's weird for me idk
Wouldn't be Patrick Jane without his wedding band.
I'd ask him what was going through Patrick Jane's head right after he killed RJ. Or if I could touch his hair.
you look like Patrick Jane on your pp
My Daughter: That Dylan guy is copying Patrick Jane!. Me: Does Patrick Jane have so much intensity behind his eyes? (Silence)
Photo: some-patrick-jane-please: thesayitagain: They’re so PRETTY. And Simon is wearing his vest. It’s...
Louisa Colpeyn, the mother of the new Nobel winner in Literature, Patrick Modiano, was in Godard's Bande a Part
Even a broken clock has the chance to be right twice a day -Patrick Jane-
I don't always drink tea, especially black and hot, but when I do, it's usually because Patrick Jane.
Review of Patrick Williams Ltd-Jane Telford-Jane was excellent in the initial assessment of wh...
Patrick Dunleavy Simon Bastow & Jane Tinkler are mentioned in http…
Patrick Jane: full-time jerk, occasional crime solver.
Don't think any protagonist can live up to patrick jane though
Life goals: be as smart as Patrick Jane
I just want Patrick Jane to do that cheeky lil skip he does when hes solved a case but not tellin.. ALL DAY LONG & pref into my house
Oh and another thing has to be acknowledged. I love that Patrick is having scenes with Tracy and you with Jane
Oh the vest is back !!! Old/new Patrick Jane is back and I miss the vest so it's a good news to see him like this
This week is staying busy as we feature 147 S Fields Drive in Chapel Hill. For more info, contact Patrick & Jane...
"If you wait by the river for long enough the bodies if your enemies will float by" - Patrick Jane, The Mentalist
Okay who sent me this? I'm looking at you Patrick Jane. That's my sister.
So maybe I stayed up late to watch Patrick Jane kill the man who murdered his family
Reivewer Patrick McGuckin on 'Art and Yorkshire', Jane Sellars event Review here
me too. Espec if his contract with fbi says patrick jane & he wants to get out of it... or sumthin clever like that.
Patrick Jane is like Harvey Specter . 30-40 y/o but still hot and handsome + incredibly genius ♥
Well well.What can I say?Patrick Jane has a the name of Daniel Pierce.
king who is Patrick Jane, if he is the equivalent of you he must be Jesus or something
itd be more perfect if it had a Patrick Jane tho 😂
Seems like Haffner has been taking lessons from Patrick Jane.
yeah he's even taller than I am and women would be's not like he's the lovable Patrick Jane.
oh Patrick Jane would have done that for breakfast ;)
Right, so Henry wears vests and drinks coffee with a cup and saucer. Again, your Patrick Jane is showing (SQUE).
A cross between Sherlock Holmes & Patrick Jane? Of course, I love it! However, I would have loved Jennifer Carpenter to play Jo
it is a mystery Patrick Jane himself could not solve! Glad to know we're in the same boat!
Dear Patrick Jane: why did you stop wearing an undercoat? Still love you though💌
Btw, Patrick Jane was the first to do the !.
well Patrick's writing has SERIOUSLY improved because TTTYG and EOWYG days writing was not his thing
If you haven't already heard...we're having a fundraiser! . Come out to Patrick Jane's Gourmet Pizza Bar in Cary,...
Review of Patrick Williams Ltd-Jane Telford-Jane has always been very proactive in managing ou...
Review of Patrick Williams Ltd-Jane Telford & Shelley Harkin-From the first phone call and mee...
Reading the Wikipedia page for TM. Love reading this. Makes my heart tickle. "Patrick Jane (colleague, boyfriend)"
says: Im starting 2 think that Patrick Jane, Michael Scofield, Colombo, Batman Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Lightman are nuthin 2 us...
5 of 5 stars to Me...Jane by Patrick McDonnell
Just spotted Patrick Jane getting busted by for Marijuana posession in L.A. Confidential (1997)
Patrick Lisbon and Teresa Jane. Those would be weird names
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Red Dwarf writer chooses Patrick Bateman as his favourite fictional character. Is he a Huey Lewis fan?
Patrick Burke's thoughts on deaths of his friends Larry and Jane Glazer and Officer Daryl Pierson
In a parallel universe I hang out with Ari Gold, Dr. House and Patrick Jane ...
Come out to Patrick Jane's Ladies' Night tonight 7 and 8 for a special gift chance to win a FREE Deluxe Pampering Pckg
Sienna can only be described as 'the lesser of 2 evils' when Patrick is around!
It’s our turn to fulfill vision of Glazers, Pierson
Patrick Jane gifting Lisbon a pony is one of my favourite moments on the Mentalist.
Am I Red John? :O All day in school I was just like: 1. writing "Patrick Jane" name on my table, 2. drawing that smiley on papers. :D :3
The day Patrick Jane finds Red John I'll be there.
That's a Patrick Jane line yes?But it applies to 's situation "Deniability is always your friend mate ..."
Patrick Jane will forever be the badass detective to ever do it...
"Losing love is like organ damage. It's like dying. Except that in death, pain ends. This could go on forever"- Patrick Dem…
Jesus have mercy why am I watching Being Mary Jane. They are already having sex and it's been 10 mins. *** you Patrick
via Sir Patrick Stewart on being an old white man...
Patrick M. Shanahan, Author of A Girl Named Jane and Terror on Home Soil via
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
LMFAO when I see psychic I remember Patrick Jane, always on about that there's no such thing as psychics
Celebrating my bday this weekend and if isnt there I swear to Rick James and Mary Jane I'll burn Felicia and Patrick 😠🔪
Walter Mashburn on TM - "Patrick Jane: How you gonna top that thrill? . Walter Mashburn: Maybe next time, I'll be the killer."
Come & hear Joanna Chataway, Jane Calvert, & (email me to register):
"I would like to go on a date with Patrick Jane. About Me Why Don't U Pull On Me
Steve Peck is in full on Patrick Jane mode tonight! Looking sharp
Neil Patrick Harris is sitting 2 rows in front of me in NYC at the show! Kinda freaking out right now. Such a huge fan ahhh
Ooh. Someone loves you. Get Jane Patrick's "Weaver's idea book" and then play with plain weave. For years. Love my loom.
.Absolutely! Would love to see back on Would he make Patrick Jane jealous?
The love I have for Patrick Jane though
My mom asks during the middle of the wedding "Where's Simon Baker?" Like mother, please call him Jane or Patrick cuz yo…
Rosie and Jim on The Old Ragdoll being hijacked by Somali pirates as requested by Jane Sayer
"Turns out being understood is an underrated pleasure." - Patrick Jane
Letting Patrick lead more was the best decision made in chapel since dr. Powell brought his dog
Red John, you're cool. but Patrick jane, you're cooler.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
tackling a difficult subject, nominations A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness for teens or adults A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley.
Photo : Patrick Dewaere and Jane Birkin on the set of Catherine et cie, 1975.
Patrick Jane is intelligent abeg. Imagine if he were real. Meanwhile, if I ever met a real life Patrick Jane, i'd hide...
Patrick Jane is my favourite man on TV
. Jane is a genius. This is an awesome episode. Patrick Jane at his best.
Oh no writers you didn't just give us a clichéd airport ending - not with Patrick Jane!
The Mentalist is just painful to watch, all you ever hear about is Patrick Jane's man crush on Red John. Stopped at season 3.
I am so in love with Patrick Jane's character 😻😻😻
Photo: investigation with Spencer Reid and Patrick Jane… by perrie0112 featuring a wrap watch bracelet ❤...
Patrick Jane is the most precious character ever like he's the perfect combination of Sherlock and the Doctor.
I'm in the fastlane.. a lil' bit of mentalist like patrick jane,so musicist like big daddy kane,insane.. when ip
Lisbon: "Patrick Jane, you were trying to help me. You were! You thought if I made a big bust the PSU would get off my back.".
Dr. Jane talks about our 'Food Garden Programme' in her new book
"stay tuned for scenes from our next episode" Patrick Jane .
Who knows~? *Patrick smiles broadly.* Maybe I'll talk to that pony I promised.
In around 15 mins, Patrick Jane is about to uncover the biggest mystery of his life. Will ever happen?
Torn between Homer delivering a baby and Patrick Jane toying with the FBI, oh hooo why is life so hard
''Turns out being understood is an underrated pleasure''- patrick jane
But seriously who could not love Patrick Jane
If you ever feel bad remember that whilst i was obsessing over Patrick Jane i cried over him eating.Yeah i liked his character that much lol
Remember my obsession over Patrick Jane ... Its coming back
once I dreamt of being patrick jane
*** you Navigation why you gotta make my head hurt :(. i think i need me some patrick jane :)
Patrick Jane loves Theresa Lisbon... who didn't kbow that
Patrick Troughton and Jane Seymour... What more could you want.
Excellent cartoon. MT This, from the NYT, nails it.
"it is not death i fear, rather the pain that comes with it" - Patrick Jane
Patrick Jane shows that laconic sentences leading to silence are the most dramatic; that is precisely why Simon Baker i…
The mentalist amo so por causa do Patrick Jane omg
Patrick Jane's smile is scrambled! Make him beautiful again here for a chance to win $5,000!: htt…
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Finally Patrick Jane confesses his love for Lisbon in the last episode of S06. Ah! I can sleep in peace tonight!
Can't decide between Harvey specter, Patrick Jane and Blair waldof who I love more
I'm putting a Patrick Jane cut out and a Devil Wears Prada reference in my script.
Another news clip featuring Patrick Janes (2013 Australian Apprentice of the Year and 2012 WorldSkills Australia National Welding competitor) and Karl Davies (2014 WorldSkills Australia National competitor). Karl will be putting his skills to the test in the Automotive Mechanics category at the 2014 WorldSkills Australia National Competition!
How can you not like Patrick Jane. Simon Baker is a limited actor, but he knows his boundaries well.
ISIS is radically transforming the political geography of the Middle East. Why has this created so little alarm?
My brother spent a whole day with Patrick Kane👿
Am I the only one who wishes Patrick Jane really existed?
hey i'm Red Johnjane catch me if you can
hey i'm Red Johnjane catch me if you ca.
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