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Patrick Duffy

Patrick George Duffy (born March 17, 1949) is an American character actor of stage and film. He is best known for his role on the CBS television drama Dallas, where he played Bobby Ewing from 1978 to 1985 and from 1986 to 1991. Duffy will return to reprise his role as Bobby in a new up-to-date Dallas currently scheduled to air its 10-episode first season in Summer 2012. He is also well known for his role on the ABC television sitcom Step by Step as Frank Lambert, the husband of Carol Lambert, played by Suzanne Somers, from 1991 to 1998.

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So here's WFB Jr. on Johnny Carson, promoting his latest spy novel, as earlier guests Patrick Duffy and Ann Reinking ride the sofa.
Ironic that I keep seeing a hearing aid commercial with Patrick Duffy.
Watchin from '80 w/ Patrick Duffy & they discussed this from the 70s. Man from Atlantis I watched it!.
A world in which Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Sommers are back on the air 20 years later is not a world I want to live in
Somewhere Patrick Duffy is watching this weekend with tears streaming down his face.
I mean, how busy do we think Patrick Duffy and Reginald VelJohnson are? (The answer is not very)
Plz continue to follow my account for my latest Sitcom hot takes. I have some choice words for Step-by-Step (Watch out Patrick Duffy)
Like that amazing moment when Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing) reappeared in the shower is back with the sermon:
Okay what's next? Perfectly Stranger? Family Still Matters? But I'm really holding out for Patrick Duffy's return in Keep Steppin'
Good luck happens to people who work hard for it. Sometimes people just fal...
that douchy uncle from step by step that had Patrick duffy in it.. He talked with surfer accent but was in Wisconsin
Next books on my to read list are, Starkey's Six Wives & Gaelic Ireland 1250-1650 by Patrick Duffy, edited by David Edwards & E FitzPatrick
I'd vote for Patrick Duffy if he ran. I liked him in your show and "Man From Atlantis". He's good, surprised he didn't do more.
I bet Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy are eagerly waiting by their phones today.
I mean, it's no Step by Step with Patrick Duffy, is it?
he kind of had a “classier Patrick Duffy” vibe about him, from what I recall.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Whether playing Dixie mafioso Wynn Duffy on Justified, Carl in a Guess-Who's-Coming-to-Dinner situation on The...
and this led to Patrick Duffy being cast in Dallas. Congrats on the new book.
hello guys. man from Atlantis became a cult series and cemented Patrick Duffy as a tv star
Mike Duffy & Patrick Brazeau listed on the as active Senators ! Why is this ? Reform needed now !
If you find Patrick Duffy in your hotel shower this morning, never you mind.
Tried swimming like Patrick Duffy once. Split my shorts & socks :(
Patrick Duffy trial is a complete waste of taxpayers money, time and valuable resources.
It's great to be able to do shows like 'Falling in Love with the Girl Next ...
never mind the Hulk,you'll make Patrick Duffy angry !
recap: ocean losing lots of water, bad guy named Muldoon, Patrick Duffy in yellow shorts and Kareem Abdul Jabar. that's it.
is this the show with Patrick Duffy or something else?
Is it me or does Shane McMahon resemble an older Patrick Duffy
Shane looks a little like Patrick Duffy. Maybe the last 10 years of has been a dream.
Patrick Duffy returns as Bobby Ewing for artsy "Hotel Dallas" that debuted in Berlin Monday htt…
I lead a normal life and I don't assume there is anything I can impart to p...
John Duffy's painting installed in the office of the City Arts Officer across from Patrick Scott.
More people need to be talking about how great Patrick Duffy looks. Fish oil?
I need more Patrick Duffy in my life.
Hmm! So before Noah, all humans were born with webbed fingers, like Patrick Duffy. So says Ancient Aliens. So say we all!
If a backdoor was put into the phones Reminds me of that old TV series, The Man From Atlantis with pre-Dallas Patrick Duffy.
Team Patrick Duffy only because he was a great dad in Step by Step
easy...Dallas dream thing. How they brought Patrick Duffy back from death..
Europe? In? Out? Being an Island the only borders we have are with Patrick Duffy and Marine Boy (
Step by Step, eh? Are you predicting Patrick Duffy up next?
And find Patrick Duffy in the shower? :)
1999 ~ Victoria and Patrick Duffy reunite on 'Family Guy' for a parody of the Dallas dream sequence!
I keep saying Patrick Duffy is going to step out of the shower and say it was all a dream. So far, nope.
askbaper: Plateau by Patrick Duffy Discover here =>
Patrick and Carlyn Duffy, our gracious benefactors. Our gratitude knows no bounds.
This week 38 years ago, Patrick Duffy was the Man From Atlantis!
I would Vote for patrick duffy for I vote for Donald Trump
I sure hope you get better soon patrick duffy
Happy to announce Shane Stephen Patrick Keith Duffy was born at 11.14 this morning weighing 6lb 10.5 oz
There is no such thing as a weekend for me when I'm at home on my ranch in ...
Patrick Duffy donated to campaign. I got excited, but it turns out to be an entirely different Patrick Duffy.
The Patrick Duffy trial was all a dream. That's why it never finished.
Feels like . *Patrick Duffy exits shower: It was only a dream. Whew!
I don't know...Cha Cha's dress might be the most tragic.
I just think she seems to be committing to the character a lot stronger than others. She's at least going there.
New : Dancers are a work of art - they are the canvas on which their work is painted. ~ Patrick Duffy
Well batted Patrick Duffy , 87no on debut for St Albans College in Pretoria. 👏👏 Keep it going son
The last episode of Dallas was in '1991.' Unfortunately, it was a terrible ...
Cooking and eating at home is made even better by the fact that you don't h...
Los Angeles is peopled by waiters and carpenters and drivers who are there ...
There's nothing I like more than picking fresh vegetables then putting them...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
from experience I can only conclude that Trotsky is bad for Patrick Duffy cuz he's just so outclassed by Mireille Mathieu
One of today's suggested followees: Patrick Duffy. Is this all Pam's dream??.
Bapt imite super bien Patrick Duffy (Vine by
murder of Seamus Brown Patrick Duffy. Ps can raymond Gilmorton is he allowed home
Today is Fun at Work Day! interviewed Patrick Duffy, VP of Dealer Sales, about what makes WD special:
yes but what about Pasty Gillespie, Patrick flood, John Dunne, Mary Travers, Patrick Duffy?
Patrick Duffy is now doing hearing aid commercials.
.Patrick Duffy as Ali's TV dad, last of the old school print publishers of integrity.
How can you look at these pictures and still think that Patrick wasn't in love with her?
Please address all Bob Dylan criticisms directly to Patrick Duffy.
Nobody got it. The answer was: Patrick Duffy
.won't face Patrick Duffy tonight when they take on the at 7:30p but Dirk Nowitzki still plays for them.
I had a lump on my face and had a big cancer thing removed.
I feel like the past 3 seasons were a bad dream kind of like Patrick Duffy on Dallas. Now where's my towel?
good stuff. Did you ever watch Man From Atlantis with Patrick Duffy?
All purpose parts banner
According to the article, Dallas has no cultural landmark outside of Patrick Duffy…
Have to laugh at Google search results. I asked for images of Sir Charles Lucas, a 17thC soldier. Google gave me Patrick Duffy from Dallas.
SOLC soliciting $1.4M from OWEB for $2.4M property adjacent to Patrick Duffy property / Dodge Bridge:
turns out he's Patrick Duffy. So... sorry?
How does a Lebanese kid, have an Irish name? Apparently I was named after Patrick Duffy, the father from step by step.yea.that guy.
We see Billy & Patrick Duffy perform SUN brunch at 1303 High St 10-12 & have our 2016 Alameda calendar! FYI
Martin should have his estate announce that the whole GoT universe was a Patrick Duffy fever dream, signifying nothing.
interesting. didn't know Patrick lubed up in vaseline
Duffy says he, Pam Wallin & Patrick Brazeau were among 18 senators; to provide "3rd party validation" to voters they could trust
Duffy says Patrick Brazeau's appointment was to court aboriginal voters.
Patrick Duffy and many more coffee quotes, follow link.
Making perfect replicas of Patrick Duffy out of gingerbread.
Check with your PR, your husband, Patrick Duffy, Suzanne Somers, and your former co-stars and friends. That is all I can think of.
I just used Shazam to discover Together We're Strong by Mireille Mathieu & Patrick Duffy.
how can you not bame Patrick Duffy for two iconic tv characters?
are a of - they are the on which their work is Patrick Duffy
"Hi there kids im tv's Patrick Duffy"
And Patrick Duffy in the shower realizing it was all just a dream
Troy Duffy and Sean Patrick Flanery on Norman, horses and rolling cigare... via
Press release about my film TRAFFICKED:
Why do I find Patrick Duffy as a Pokemon so funny?!?! (Episode 167)
is that anything like whatever that monster was that had Patrick Duffy for a leg??
The man the myth the legend Patrick Kane
38 years ago today, TV Guide - Patrick Duffy, The Man from Atlantis
Here we go! The second premiere from the upcoming album. Thank you The Music Ninja , Artwork by Patrick Duffy De...
And where his leg should be, there was nothing but. Patrick Duffy!
All they need to do now is hire Patrick Duffy.
Patrick Duffy is on my TV talking about ear wax. Where am i? What do I do?
Patrick Duffy is encouraging me to make a phone call to see if I have hearing loss. HELLO HELLO WHAT IM SORRY SAY THAT AGAIN HELLO...
Patrick Duffy wants to know if I'm having trouble hearing.
Electronic Device Insurance
Patrick Duffy is selling an earwax cure?
Manhattan: "You always say I have a mancrush on Patrick Gavin Duffy"
Saw an article about "Where are they now? The cast of Step by Step" & not 1 mention of where Patrick Duffy really is
exactly - froze screen to look for Patrick Duffy cameo. Kind of silly, TBH
Poirier/Duffy goes from headlining Fight Pass to...headlining Fight Pass.
No one can save me except for Patrick Duffy.
"Patrick Duffy , his brother Owen and niece Ann Loftus" ... 1950 Thanks Denis Ward
Yeah he has Patrick Duffy for a leg and weaves baskets.
Jim wakes up and realizes it was all just a dream and realizes Patrick Duffy is still alive.
I can't decide if this is Patrick Duffy or zombie Charles Nelson Reilly
Penny Marshall, Cheryl Ladd, Adrienne Barbeau, Jimmie Walker, James at 15, Patrick Duffy, Donna Mills...this is all in one show!
Seriously, if we could get a Step-By-Step intro with Craig Counsell as Patrick Duffy, I'd be SOOO happy.
"I will look to you Patrick, involving Ben, me & Joanne to close out Duffy situation & stop our public agony"
a no nonsense dad right up there with tv's Patrick Duffy
Patrick Rogers: "Will work with Ben (Perrin) to get something for the Prime Minister tonight." Exhibit 0300067
Patrick Rogers: "Chris (Montgomery) simply does not believe in our goal of circling the wagons."
"To repeat Patrick, no further action from that office at all without pre-clearance with us" Emphasis on *us*
Equinox Trio featuring Roberto Carazza, David Duffy and Patrick Lynch - soothing us beautifully…
So we are all supposed to believe that Patrick Duffy and Alan Thicke are two different people?
I think if HBO was smart, they would have find Patrick Duffy in his shower at the very beginning of season 3 of…
Why does every1 leave ? Baz, Duffy, Patrick, Harry ... Now Tess. If Charlie leaves its game over ... :( plz keep him x
RECAP: homer as take down Nationals:
Matt Duffy. 3-for-3 so far with a Single, Double, HR. Just a TRIPLE away from a CYCLE .
I hope you die in your sleep Patrick Duffy
Ferrigno Hulk, 70s tv Doctor Strange, and Patrick Duffy's Man from Atlantis team up in Defenders '78
So Jon Snow is dead is dead is dead? Let's hope he does a Patrick Duffy and walks out from under a waterfall or something!
Seeing that is trending I was disappointed to find that it is not about Patrick Duffy
Patrick Duffy should do more comedy IMHO.
"Nigel Wright didn't have a personal obligation to pay Duffy's debts, as he proclaimed. His personal obligation...
Wife went to school with Patrick Duffy. I delivered Dallas Morning News to real Southfork ranch. Take that Kevin Bacon.
3 things I will never understand: . 1. The meaning of life. 2. The universe. 3. How Spongebob & Patrick made those sounds eff…
Chris Woodcock and Patrick Rogers make a great comedy writing team. Hope to hear them on the stand at the trial.
New: Raw email chronology in the Mike Duffy case, with correspondence from Nigel Wright
"We're done. Patrick made it happen."
Patrick Duffy looks back on famous shower scenes and finally finding out who shot J.R. via
You are all in for a nice treat here! .
will or any other news source pose tough questions re Nigel Wright,Patrick Duffy,etc?
Nigel Wright: "To repeat Patrick, no further action without preclearance from us"
what did Patrick Duffy do this time?
When you vote on Oct. 19, remember Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Patrick Brazeau,. Less we forget!!
Do you ever think that Patrick Duffy must have an email to Reed Hastings pitching an update of Step By Step in his drafts folder?
Thanks to and Patrick Duffy for the above photos.
I added a video to a playlist Dallas - Behind the Scenes (7th Season) Patrick Duffy; Victoria
You're not alone - Larry Hagman Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy
Dallas was cancelled too soon, and Patrick Duffy is still a little upset about it
Patrick Duffy,president of the jury,was THE STAR at the Monte Carlo TV Festival.Don't you want that STAR on your Network again?
Craig Kilborn 4 the new host of cuz it was all a dream & he's been in the shower with Patrick Duffy for …
What has Jerry Lewis, Kurt Russell,Patrick Duffy,Glen Close, Ursula Andress and Vera Lynn all got in common,Its their birthdays this week.
The TV Expendables should star Bronchon Pinchot, Dave Coulier, Patrick Duffy, Jaleel White, Corbin Bernsen and guest star the dude from JAG
"Not Without My Luggage: The Jer Lance Story"...with Patrick Duffy as Jer and Meredith Baxter-Birney as his wife...
jason, I'll take your Mark Linn-Baker and raise you one Patrick Duffy .
I would happily watch another movie with Bruce Boxleitner & Patrick Duffy. make it so!
Ooh. Patrick Duffy and Bruce Boxleitner in round wire rim glasses? YES.
Patrick Duffy to Angelica Huston "You R working with a Hero of so many young people in this country now and the entire world Michael Jackson
I seriously wish someone on would discover Patrick Duffy has been in the shower for three years...
Jaysus the nation nearly went mental when they shot a cat on Love/Hate last year,Joe Duffy's show will be crazy tomorrow about Patrick's son
Kathleen Feeny murdered patrick Duffy murdered, Patrick Flood murdered James Brown murdered, why what for?
hello you might like Farmageddon with Philip Lymbery 29 Oct 7pm Sir Patrick Duffy 7 Nov 7pm Town Hall
dear . do you remember how fun you had with Linda Gray & Patrick Duffy during your interviews?. Please join us to
Going to be Patrick Duffy for Halloween again, for the 25th year in a row.
While sitting in my van, I saw a guy that looked like Patrick Duffy and realized that I'm Cody from Step By Step.
Patrick Duffy in talks to and he is confident of success.
Did you hear that Patrick Duffy In Talks To Save Dallas (Contact music)
The fake ocean in the Step By Step intro was one of the stranger parts of Patrick Duffy's contract negotiations, I'll admit.
Thanks, for reporting on the campaign. Fans appreciate the coverage.
That was totally my first thought. "Patrick Duffy? I haven't seen him since he was Sasquatch's leg on South Park."
Is that Patrick Duffy getting off his duff?
Patrick Duffy himself. Check out the amazing job he did curating the Western Hotel. @ The Western…
Nice article on the costs of sedentary behaviour via and (Also: is that Patrick Duffy?)
Oakville's Patrick Duffy ready to take on the world as member of Canadian short-track speed skating team.
Loved that show. Patrick Duffy was cool and we all know everyone loves Suzanne Sommers.
.As long as Rick isn't Patrick Duffy wearing a KNB-produced Andrew Lincoln mask, we're cool, sir.
Patrick Duffy rescued iPad on flight MCO. Waited for me at KIR gate !!!
Patrick Duffy in talks to save Dallas | General News |
Patrick Duffy in talks to save Dallas (via
Also Patrick Duffy was on Bold and beautiful b4 Dallas. I tried some cast
Step-by-step not the 90s sitcom with Suzanne Somers and Patrick Duffy
.Well, as a mermaid your dating choices really get narrowed down. Patrick Duffy, Aquaman, & Sponge Bob are your only suitors
I just watched my first episode of Step By Step yesterday. So *that's* who Suzanne Somers & Patrick Duffy are? Talk about late to the party!
Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Somers should be on TV forever!
Wed in DC! Creative Rights Caucus hosts first ever Movie & TV Magic Day on the Hill. Linda _Gray and Patrick Duffy
good morning everyone I love you all so much Patrick Duffy your hot
Hi Sean, Very comical, Duffy, Dallas Patrick Duffy, maybe, but living in happiness, and joy, will bring con…
THANKS & Patrick Duffy for signing these today..
Me and my friend Matt Smith with the legendary Patrick Duffy!
Great to meet Patrick Duffy this evening!
Great to meet Dr. Patrick Duffy from Austin College as we explore graduate opportunities for their students
"Rick wakes up to find Patrick Duffy in the shower. It was all a dream after all". Fin.
'Dallas' star Patrick still has 'Man From Atlantis' eyes, ...
I've watched since 1978. . . And that was the best episode I've seen . . Yet!!! Henderson gray Duffy!
Dallas star Patrick still has Man From Atlantis eyes recalls Lynda Cartr crush
very well written tonight. Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy are rocking. Whole show is well done. Love the guy playing Bub
Patrick Duffy really did a good job directing I cried and went old school with this episode.
Watch Dallas tonight! Patrick Duffy did a great job of directing.
..that was so much drama..gr8 directing Patrick Duffy
kudos Patrick Duffy on fabulous acting & directing in tonigjt's episode.
Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing) directed episode of Dallas was on fire tonite!!. # RenewDallasTNT
Patrick Duffy DIRECTED this episode?! Uh, someone get him a development deal NOW!
Terrific episode as usual. Great work Patrick Duffy. I cannot WAIT til next week. Always leaves me hanging...
'Dallas' star Patrick Duffy still has 'Man From Atlantis' eyes, recalls Lynda Carter crush
"Patrick Duffy embraces flawed Bobby Ewing on 'Dallas' Well done. Great piece, Patr…
Patrick Duffy's directing is brilliant, I'm waiting for JR to walk through the door
has a story about Patrick Duffy’s crush on Lynda Carter if you were wondering what 1978 internet would…
Really strong episode of so far. One of Patrick Duffy's best episodes so far.
. Patrick Duffy has done a great job directing tonight. I'm on the edge of my seat!
-Norman-tell Andy that Patrick Duffy is using his song Hurt on Dallas tonight. :) Watch.
even the music is awesome great directing Patrick Duffy
Seriously Patrick Duffy is killing it in acting and directing.
Sue Ellen is angry about her letter from Jr LOVE Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy
awesome directing job Duffy. Hope there will be more to come.
Patrick Duffy is a phenomenal actor. Simply fantastic.
Do you all know tonight's episode is directed by the one and only Patrick Duffy?...
Type Burrell is Grants Pass' biggest celebrity. Ashland has Bruce Campbell and Medford has Patrick Duffy.
.Patrick Duffy is a Passionate actor like Michael Landon. few of them around He was in TBAA would be perfect for ANGEL Role
Classy. Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray to launch "J.R. Ewing Bourbon" at The Bourbon in Kings Cross. Sue-Ellen: "I am not an alcoholic, JR."
Google "Man from Atlantis" if you want to see Patrick Duffy, Bobby from Dallas, with webbed hands.
1. It makes sense when you think about it. And. 2. New Band Name: British Patrick Duffy
Was Patrick Duffy the American version of Dudley Moore or was Dudley Moore the British Patrick Duffy?
Nope, in green shirt just left of 2 guys in blue shirts who are standing behind Patrick Duffy
it's not like you don't look like Patrick Duffy or something
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
it was a little creepy when Patrick Duffy came out of the shower though...
KC pitcher, Danny Duffy, is NOT related to TV Star, Patrick Duffy!
Darin Duffy wins the first Mod B-main. Patrick Flannagan, Tyler Groenendyk, Dustin Brown and Jason Snyder your transfers.
no offense Larry but Patrick Duffy is a mortal walking amongst men!
Danny Duffy still doesn't hold a candle to Patrick Duffy!.
I wish I had patrick Duffy as a leg!
Excited to see Patrick Duffy at the Five Star Senior Living Brand Champion Training!
An Auto-responder just to say "Thanks Maurice Duffy for the follow! It's appreciated".
So when chrissy left threes company she later went to have a family with patrick duffy
Scuzzlebutt PWN't me so hard last night. He tricked me with his deformed Patrick Duffy Leg. I gave him 2 nice pairs of magical boots.
I don't want "the man" to know where to find me. The man, in this instance, being Patrick Duffy, for all the obvious reasons.
Celtic will play Legia Warsaw in the Third Qualifying Round of the UEFA Champions League after they beat St Patrick's Athleti…
Troy Duffy and Sean Patrick Flanery on Norman, *** : normans not it but its about him lol its funny.
it's Atlantis isn't it... go on, tell me Patrick Duffy is leading the new island rising from the depths...
what if they re-remade Dallas and it was just 14 seasons of Patrick Duffy in a shower?
Just realized my earliest TV memory is of Patrick Duffy tied to a chair on "Man from Atlantis." Proof that I was raised right.
I knew I was *** from watching it. PATRICK DUFFY FTW
Actual photo of Flip and Bill Duffy this offseason
Heh...Bill Duffy is Noah's agent...b/c of course
When tiny, new icon looks like Patrick Duffy in Man from Atlantis.
looking back all the cameos are more terrifying than the Dragon. Seeing Patrick Duffy as a BillyGoat? *Shivers*
Patrick. Duffy is a Bluff. Joke. And rotund crook ,pun there, BUT where were the internal controls and financial management controls
Will no doubt voice my concerns if it gets too much. Can't wait to hear what Patrick Duffy is up to though
Done deal: I am glad to welcome a great signing of Patrick Duffy to the team and as a club we are very delighted!
I can only perform sexually when I watch Patrick Duffy & Suzanne Somers hug in Step by Step reruns.
Wow Scuzzlebutt with Patrick Duffy for a leg. Weaving his baskets 'click' 'click'
Patrick Duffy wanted the whole big death scene that you can't come back from. They needed to keep him dead for the shows integrity
cheer up!!! Just make sure it's a dream sequence like in DALLAS, where Patrick Duffy is back to being alive and all studly.
I want to photoshop Patrick Duffy's face onto Duffy the Bear's body, but that would require 37% more motivation than I have right now.
Ya boy Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) narrated Pony Excess. J.R. would've been more appropriate.
Good Lord, is Patrick Duffy channelling Noel Edmonds in this movie right now?!
Kwena ageing mwe bantu really *** hey? When you look at Patrick Duffy who played/still plays Bobby Ewing in Dallas nd the late Larry Hagman who played J.R Ewing,its a no no! To think these guys were hot in our growing up really makes one wonder:)
try and watch this without laughing remember this Liam Scott, Patrick Duffy, Jason Alexander...
Big time at the White House Correspondents' Dinner last night. Saw everybody from Robert DeNiro to Richard Williams to Tim Tebow to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Carson Daly to Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker to Patrick Duffy to Diane Sawyer to the VEEP cast. But our kids wanted these pics with the 'Modern Family' and we didn't disappoint!
My vision for the next Spider-Man movie would be if Tobey Maguire wakes up from a coma in which Spider-Man 3 and the two Andrew Garfield movies were all just a terrible, terrible dream. Also, we find that he's in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And Patrick Duffy is in his shower for some reason.
*** I feel old. Patrick Duffy: Man From Atlantis Larry Hagman: I Dream of Jeannie Both wound up on the set of Dallas. I never watched it, yet that's what so many remember them from. Then again, I watched the Carol Burnette Show, Sonny & Cher, and yes, even Donny & Marie... Yeah, I'm old. I guess that's why I'm Cap'n Graybeard. :-)
Wait, Amy Poehler has a brother named Greg Poehler, and Greg Poehler has an autobiographical sitcom called "Welcome to Sweden," and "Welcome to Sweden" has already aired in Sweden, and Sweden is letting NBC air it in July, and it also stars Illeana Douglas and Patrick Duffy and Lena Olin and Amy Poehler AS HERSELF? What is this.
Access Hollywood interview with Patrick Duffy. Turns out, more than one person is sending John Ross & Emma's video.
Patrick Duffy was the last generation's John Wayne...
always thought Jim would be a lifetime movie starring Judith Light and Patrick Duffy. Glad for his success
Patrick Duffy AMA (Dallas, Step by Step, The Bold and the Beautiful) Apr 9, 2pm EDT in r/IAmA
Hello friends and fans!!!. My real name is RACHEL SAADIA - as most of you I am Patrick Duffy's fan. I live in...
Hi my name is patrick duffy and I'm a breaking bad addict
Got policies for William Tanner and Patrick Duffy today.
hmv met with the cast of Dallas to talk about the brand new series now showing on Channel 5. Here we talk with Patrick Duffy & Brenda Strong about bringing b...
Moomining just took wombling to another level. But the moomins don't hold a candle to the snorks. Then again the snorks are probably just a ripoff of the smurfs, who themselves totemify the 4th dynasty. But dynasty is just a ripoff of Dallas. Well *** is Dallas about? Oil? That addiction humans have? NO! It's about patrick duffy, it's about Saint Patrick and how he struck gold. And it's right underneathe me. And that's why they called it the light of the world, cus there was enough crude oil to burn a lantern for a thousand years. But the Vikings hate mining, so they always suppress all the mining, and any memories or history of the mining, so bangorians don't remember...
anyone else remember Patrick Duffy as the Man from Atlantis?
Haunted by the memory of Patrick Duffy telling Tom Snyder how he rations his family's toilet paper.
Charlene tilton was 17 here & Patrick Duffy was so tall that they didn't let him wear cowboy hats
Here's a fun one for Throwback Thursday: me and Patrick Duffy back when I was living in Texas!
Patrick Duffy has NOTHING on Shabazz Napier! Will UConn strike oil this weekend in
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YES! All those years of swimming like Patrick Duffy in "The Man From Atlantis" are finally paying off!
Another good group of OG laxers came out last night... We played 4v4 with a sub each side. Thanks to all who made it out: Patrick Duffy and Kris Docherty, Brett Quillia, "Who killed" Kenny Bourneuf, Jake Rick , "La Pistola" Pete Smith, Rocky Lucian, Kevin Kareckas & Justin Souza. I greatly appreciate the commitment. See you next Wednesday! Keep spreading the word! Thank you.
television really needs another Patrick Duffy
I may have to stalk Patrick Duffy tomorrow before I leave town.
AFAIK it took place in Wisconsin. And every time I see you (reality or avatar), I have to think back to Patrick Duffy ;-)
Caught up on Game Of Thrones books. That bit where Daenerys finds Patrick Duffy in the shower and realises it's all been a dream is a bit...
How much says Ventura suffers Duffy Syndrome and throws 103 pitches in four innings?
Thanks for following back, Rachel. Good to have Patrick Duffy's No.1 fan on board.
Pam Abshire (163) and Patrick Duffy re-elected to Sister Bay Village Board, Nora Zacek also elected (133); Virginia Phelan had 86
PATRICK DUFFY is an anagram of PUFFY RAT ***
Is that the one with Patrick Duffy and Suzzane Summers?
This sweet kitty was found along Hwy. 33 in Mira Monte and taken to Dr. Bogart at Matilija Veterinary Hospital. Does anyone recognize this cat? No chip or tags. Please contact Patrick Duffy or Dr. Bogart if you have any information about whose cat this is, OR if you would like to consider offering it a loving forever home. Many thanks!
I am pretty sure David Hasselhoff is the Patrick Duffy of our generation.
Were the last9 seasons 1 giant Patrick Duffy shower scene? not to mention the gaping hole the🍍 left.
..starring Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Summers as single parents who meet and get married and form a family a la The Brady Bunch..
When Robin wakes up with and Patrick Duffy is in the shower? I was NEVER expecting that!
Patrick Duffy is so great every week!
letterman top 10 tonite is new puffy names n was patrick duffy. Didnt u do that joke like a week ago?
Patrick Duffy woke up and said it was all a dream, then Arnold Schwarzenegger lowered himself into molten metal.
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