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Patrick Chan

Patrick Lewis Wai-Kuan Chan (born December 31, 1990) is a Canadian figure skater.

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Patrick Chan to call home as he prepares for 2018. Welcome home !
Patrick Chan's edge control is insane
Bless whoever put Patrick Chan in a lace shirt
Patrick Chan with some fans at warm up
I love figure skating and what I am able to express creatively. I want...
Art comes from within!. Love these new designs by Lou Patrick Mackay!
I do love video games. But after a while, you feel like you really nee...
[Japan Times]Three-time defending world champion Patrick Chan of Canada will …
Superb Icewine by Patrick Chan! Very well balanced with notes of Citrus, Peach,…
When I was born, my parents were huge into skiing. I grew up on Mont B...
Patrick Chan returning to Vancouver to train: DiManno: After training, living in Detroit for past seven years... https…
. Patrick Chan is moving to Vancouver for training purposes
Figure-skating champion Patrick Chan will move to
Patrick Chan to train, open skating school in Vancouver... via
Figure-skating champion Patrick Chan will move to Vancouver
Some skating news: Patrick Chan is moving to Vancouver, and will open his own skating school there with Kathy Johnson as o…
I wish Patrick's great dream comes true. I respect his posture of contributing for future skater all of the world!/
I pray heartly, Patrick's decision back to his mother country will be supreme conclusion for his career and life! /
2 of my favourites 2gether! Japan = now closer. Hope 2 see u again soon! Relocating to Train in Vancouver
Patrick Chan leaving Detroit. Moving to Burnaby, B.C. this summer.
Canadian Champion is coming home! Patrick Chan ( ) will train in Vancouver for final Olympic run!
Article by re. Patrick Chan's upcoming move to Vancouver & plans for his own skating school there:
Three-time world champion Patrick Chan will relocate from Detroit to Vancouver this summer and remain with co...
【Patrick Chan to open skating school in Vancouver suburb
Patrick Chan moving his training to Vancouver, where he's opening a skating school https…
Patrick Chan ( ) is coming home! Chan to train in Vancouver with Kathy Johnson to prep for 2018 Olympics.
.reveals Patrick Chan moving from Detroit to Vancouver. Kathy Johnson will make move too. Furthers his 2018 Oly commitment, too
I had lost my head there for a moment & was forgetting to factor in Patrick Chan at all. Thanks. Good show, tho.
And another Patrick Chan fan: I think Patrick doesn't even know he's a role model to so many young skaters.
ICYMI: My analysis on Patrick Chan at and how his FS compares to Yuzuru Hanyu and Javier Fernandez:
to World champion & Olympic silver medalist Patrick Chan! All the best for 2016! https…
You see it's things like this that's why I find it hard to like Patrick Chan.
Patrick Chan bounces back but falls short at Grand Prix Final
Patrick Chan among skaters to watch at Trophée Bompard: Patrick Chan and Gracie Gold are among those skaters w...
Patrick Chan, Gracie Gold on ice at Trophée Eric Bompard - |
Patrick Chan outduels at Skate Canada in comeback
Patrick Chan was "scared to skate" on Saturday but by the end, he felt like the Chan of old. Comeback complete.
Patrick Chan wins gold in return to competition, Canadians wins pairs and ice dance at Skate ...
Canada’s Patrick Chan puts himself in hunt for gold in return to competition at Skate Canada: Nothing this big...
Patrick Chan, Kaetlyn Osmond and many other champion figure skaters will be in Lethbridge in 29 days!
Make your bid at CSTO's upcoming fundraiser to get a skating lesson from Patrick Chan!! THANK YOU
You decide: who dressed the best at these TIFF parties? - Help my girl win! Go Go!
Watching Patrick Chan skate live is amazing 😍👏
Patrick Chan is scheduled to debut his SP in Quebec soon - live stream: Results page:
- Figure skater Patrick Chan rejoins team for first time since Sochi Olympics: Maybe I'm too old for th...
Patrick Chan back training with Team Canada for first time since Sochi Olympics
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Did You know great skaters Patrick Chan, Matt Duchene, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are CanSkate Graduates?
Sergei Voronov top 3, Denis Ten 5, Misha GE 8, Patrick Chan top 10, Maxim Kovtun leave top 15
LIVE on NCP rehearsing Patrick Chan's "Icebergs" for tomorrow's APNM concert.
Patrick Chan has developed a to make from the
Anyone in Canada who can send me a case of ice wine by Patrick Chan PLEASE lol
😱,Not sure what would be worse, Reggie or Patrick giving briefing beforehand, Ha-Great times!
Limited time offer from affiliate marketing guru, Patrick Chan! Hurry up! Don't miss it!
slams claims of Chinese influence as debunked, false; PCs won’t oppose for sake of opposing under Patrick Brown;.
ah Patrick Chan. Let's see what you will taste. lol
Patrick Chan in action at his Icewine launch
designer congratulates Patrick Chan on release of his ice wine.
Most interested to see where returning skaters such as Patrick Chan, Mao Asada and Tatiana Volosozhar & Maxim Trankov will be assigned.
What an amazing group of people and skaters! Patrick Chan, Joannie Rochette, Jeffrey Buttle, Meagan…
Pk dropping more single axles than Patrick chan.
Patrick Chan on local ice: The two time, silver medal winning Olympian,was in town to show off his skills and ...
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Getting by with a little help from Patrick Chan himself! Soo amazing!
Exclusive with Patrick Chan: Moving beyond the medals
'I think that Suho and Patrick Chan should become friends' wait who's suho?
Patrick Chan on local ice: Canadian figure skating legend Patrick Chan put on quite the show in Kelowna today, for…
Super lucky kid! Dinner with Patrick Chan last night and a seminar with him today. sk8vienna…
Patrick Chan has just broke my heart.
Still not as good as the Patrick Chan's love story with the boards though
[The Global Times]Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan won the gold medal, Patrick Chan of Canada and …
Patrick Chan playing the piano. Need we say more? [VIDEO] -
Omfg patrick's hand fell off again 😂😂😂
I remember Patrick Swayze with a massive pair of melons.
OH I just remembered, patrick chan is my favourite, I forgot bc he's not competing this season!
btw i had a dream i met patrick and pete xD
Showing the skills that made him a World Champion, Patrick Chan struts his stuff
At Groundbreaking in Richmond of new River Green development with Olympic skating great Patrick Chan.
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"BESTFRIEND". Spongebob: What are you going to do when I'm gone ?. Patrick: Waiting for you to come back.''
i'm all smiles for patrick chan LOL
Now that Kentucky lost, we can get back to more important things like Patrick Kane
I like Kentucky when Jodie Meeks Patrick Patterson Perry Stevenson were all there. I'm true. You can ask anyone.
I just saw the name Patrick Dempsey and read Danica Patrick. Pls send hlp
All the best people were born in April (me)(Gerard way)(Brendon urie)(Patrick stump)(Susan Boyle)(Jackie chan)(akon)(john cena)(Caspar lee)
I told my mom I wanted to bang patrick dempsey so that's nice me
Cllr chooses Renua over FF for by-election bid Councillor Patrick McKee has said
[Japan Times]Canada’s three-time reigning world champion Patrick Chan turned his quad i…
Open Kwong Dore podcast interview with...Patrick Chan. via
CBC mentioned it during their coverage of but seems like it was announced in 2014.
(p.2) Patrick Chan's "Blackbird".I think he did 2 numbers.Both great-so light in his feet!
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Patrick Chan is a good lookin' pup
Kelly Leung Aaron 'Azzyy' Chan Patrick Newell Chris Yu Wing Lok Chan What would you guys make?
Patrick Chan giving high fives to our youngest CanSkate students
Patrick Chan defeats Reno to play in the semifinal
I'm going to marry Patrick Chan and you can't stop me
Patrick Tomlin educating attendees about persistent scholarly identifiers.
World Championship Moment: Patrick Chan wins his first world title
Heard this afternoon by 2 old ladies .. So Patrick chan the ice dancer oh wait is he a skier 🙈🙈 😂
I keep staring and laughing Patrick Chan is my source of entertainment
Maybe he's like Patrick Chan and will alternate keeping his short or long each year.
With Patrick McLoughlin visiting works on the A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road - will hugely benefit the area http:…
"Hey Patrick, I found something funnier than 24
I've realized that, because Patrick Chan is one of my best friends since these past few summers, I've really lost all feelings lol
He looks like what I thought Patrick Chan looked like before I googled him
Patrick Chan during the Winter Olympics: "I don't care about this stupid silver medal. I'm retiring". A season later -. "I'm back for gold!"
Young Nam Nguyen has the chance to be the next Patrick Chan.
Chan's attorney says he is asking for records that deal with the employment records of Jeremy Martin.
Happy st. patrick's day last night with my seiya and Eric chan!
For those who like to mark St. Patrick's Day with an epic hundred mile stare... and a wee sob.
St. Patrick's Day is over?. That depresses me so much that I'll have another drink, I guess!
me when pinched me😂💪 "This what happens when you pinch people on St. Patrick's day
What kind of monster would give us a midterm the morning after St. Patrick's Day
Patrick chan is really good at skating tho. I don't get it
It didn't occur to me that St. Patrick's day was still a thing
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Nation! Watch today's PDS and don't get into TOO much trouble!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have finals today, I'm gonna need all the good luck I can get.…
so much patrick chan on my dash. You all know he's not irish?
If you're going to sxsw today please be safe people get drunk and stupid on Saint Patrick's day
So many people in Strasbourg for St Patrick's day !
Happy St. Patrick's Day! This is one that you don't want to mess with.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! 💚 Enjoy some of Zelena's meanest, greenest moments:
I'm going to a st patrick party at a friend's tonight... but I don't have any green clothes... whoops
Wake up to super saiyan salt and OiSuga with Iwa-Chan and Daichi tied to chairs hello this is a fantastic St. Patrick's Day
Happy St. Patrick's Day! returns tomorrow with an all new episode, followed by on its new night.
Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! I always need my E&E before my workouts, especially on Leg Day. I decided to chan…
March 15, 2013: The day when Patrick Chan became 3-time World champion. Congrats to the 2 years anniversary!
Inb4 David complains about the roads being closed for St. Patrick's day
Philip Chan has the audience captivated at HK's First St Patrick's Day Parade.
Anyone want to go out in Hollywood tonight for St. Patrick's day??
What is St. Patrick without headbutting your ex boyfriend.
I thought today was saint Patrick's day but it isn't omfg
President Higgins in St Patrick's Day message President Michael D Higgins has is
next up for the newEar dress, two recent grads: Chin Ting (Patrick) Chan & Brian Egan!
Spire lights for St Patrick's Festival The Spire in Dublin city centre has been
I love the KPMB design the most but I think I'd put the Patrick T.Y. Chan concept second.
I think that poster is a lot longer than the Patrick Chan poster on the RBC wall pre-Sochi.
According to Timehop, 3 years ago was the day and I threw that bear at Patrick Chan.
Oooh oooh! Pete , S Peter , Ira , Patrick , Josh , Matt , John , somebody break out the Jackie Chan movies, time...
Last night the backyard show turned into a 4 horn madness with Marques Young, Julian Chan, Patrick Terbrack and...
with Patrick Chan. Co'z we're sleepy af.
Our good friend & cannabis edible legend Mr Penn Chan is interviewed by VICE magazine :D
Patrick Willis left it all out on the field...and in his press conference
Find your inner Patrick Chan on Sunday, March 22! ice skating!
deniss: "I very much like Patrick Chan’s and Daisuke Takahashi’s skating. Their style is beautiful. I’d love to skate as they do." \\\o///
Trying to help my grandma use her iPad: "now how do I take a selfie of Patrick Chan?"
10 questions with Patrick Chan from the recent "Raonic Race For Kids" event! Click here:
Figure Skating: Who are the contenders for Patrick Chan's crown?.
Figure skating: Who are the contenders for Patrick Chan’s crown?
Another Olympic silver medalist - - talks about his hugely successful skating career:
I know few things about Canada and that includes. 1. Ice hockey & Ice Skating. 2. Justin Bieber. 3. Patrick Chan . I'm so doomed
200! Blackhawks F Patrick Kane scores his 200th career goal as Chicago takes commanding 3-0 lead over Arizona.
Has anyone run into Patrick Chan yet?
Maple Candy, Guy Carbonneau, Patrick Chan, live music, hockey and so much more! We can't wait for Feb Fest! How...
Doing a great job! I remember patching ice at the Cat at sectionals for Patrick Chan and Scott and Tessa just kids then
Calling him on skype more like ''Is this onii-chan?'' - '' NO THIS IS PATRICK''
Ill people guilty of serious crimes can be jailed The Court of Appeal has found
Happy anniversary of your 21st birthday, boo!!! special thanks to Joey Kwan Celina Chu Patrick Nguyen Sean Chan...
yeah, Jackie Chan one was new to me. Really enjoyed the Edgar Wright one too.
The CB Passive Income-CB Passive Income by Patrick Chan is an automated system that is suppose t
Just that when they come back from commercial, everyone says their full name except Patrick who happens to have the longest.
Patrick, one of your reasons to like Pink Panther is "Jackie Chan was nearly in it".
Patrick Chan and Guy Carbonneau coming to kingston in 3 weeks for feb fest in
I don't think that somebody like Patrick Chan would embark on jumping a triple
Let's . watch. a. Dis. ney. chan. nel. mo. vie. *child somersaults out of gigantic film reel*
new vid live on the 2nd chan card it here por favor [RT].
Central Bank boss stands over report on crisis Central Bank Governor Patrick Hon
I watch Dirty Dancing purely to see Patrick Swayze say "Nobody puts Baby in the corner."
Patrick Chan and I have something in common: we both voted for Want to be cool with us?
Finally home after an insanely draining day (ft. Patrick Chan in the back HEHE)
well, I gotta admit it, was right this time. There's a 1st time for everything!
God damnit. saw "CHAN, PATRICK" for UP, then again I forgot Patrick isn't my first name lmao. I saw it coming anyway~~
Patrick McLoughlin MP, Secretary of State for Transport, at the new £20m Northampton station which opened today.
Check out our featured pets Daphne, Patrick, Tom & Huck on KTLA's Liberte & Justice for Paws with Liberté Chan -...
Love the idea! :D Two years ago I had been in Ireland on St. Patrick's day ^-^
To the European Hottest: We're trying to meet up around St. Patrick's Day in Ireland this year. Please come, if you feel like it. :3
And Patrick Chan announces that he's returning in 2015 and is aiming for Pyeongchang!! LET HANYU VS CHAN COMMENCE!!!. SO EXCITE SO PSYCHED
Jackie Chan’s Son Sentenced to Six Months in Prison for Drug Offense
Speaking of Patrick Chan... is it true he plans to compete in Pyeongchang Olympics?
...also how cute is this... the other kids listed Patrick Chan and Yuna Kim as their idols. Warttu says his idols are his mom & brother.
Saturday👯 (with yolanda and Patrick at Chan brothers Travel Indonesia) —
Patrick Chan is excited about to get kids active! Vote today at
Canadian Figure Skater, Patrick Chan, is a strong supporter of the program Vote Friday!
If Patrick Bateman were real, he'd probably be posting his work on Best Gore and chan boards.
Update your maps at Navteq
Antrim man regains consciousness in Sydney A 31-year-old Co Antrim who was alleg
Tomorrow at 7pm watch Patrick Chan explain why you should vote for WATCH:
Coach Patrick Shane told C-Club he grew a mustache for 1997 NCAA title; Maggie Chan & team then shaved/shreaded it.
56-year-old man missing from Dublin Gardaí in Clontarf are seeking assistance tr
Justin Bieber on his fitness routine: "I work out with my trainer, Patrick Nilsson, five days a week for about 45 minutes…
Fan of the week: Patrick: Name: Patrick Chan. Age: 21. Country: Hong Kong!. How did you discover Within Temptatio...
"Paris is beautiful, but nothing beats home...". - Patrick Chan techniques for Online Passive Income!
Love of game led Daly to Lester Patrick Award: Bill Daly has done a lot, seen a lot, heard a lot and chan...
Out here skating like patrick chan lol
thank you for creating 'Over the Garden Wall' ...
Sad to hear of passing of Don Laws.Amazing coach to Scott Hamilton and Patrick Chan.
That Awkward Moment when you realise that you miss not just Daisuke Takahashi, but also Patrick Chan, on competitive ice. wah
Is Patrick Chan at UofT bc I'm pretty sure I just saw him on my way to an exam?!? 👀
Participate in contest and win tickets to see Olympian Patrick Chan!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Featured: Rock The Ice 5 - January 3rd, 2015 - “Rock The Ice 5” with three-time World Champion Patrick Chan, at th...
THANK YOU YOU LIKE CHINESE FOOD LOL so you reveal your name patrick star?
Did Tara just suggest Patrick Chan isn't "modern"?
Black Friday WEEK Sale! Save $5 off to Rock The Ice V. Patrick Chan & more! http…
Patrick Robinson has some of the worst hands in the NFL
LAST CHANCE to save $5 off Rock the Ice Tickets. See Patrick Chan at the PMC Jan 3. The deal ends tonight! Buy online at
Whose moustache is worse: Scott Moir's or Patrick Chan's??? The answer is both.
I've said for a year that Patrick Mahomes would eventually be a star QB in college. Tonight, he became one...593 passing yard…
cb passive income (how you can generate income from the internet): Hi, my name is Patrick Chan, the best-sell...
Fun fact patrick chan goes to my school uhhuh
I don't wanna see Neal Brown or Patrick Towles on the field ever again
"The new Patrick Chan" huhu kind of thinking about that..I'm never ever opening GS again
ICYMI: is set to star in a Super Bowl commercial - for the 14th time:
Before the start of the last GP event before the finals and Patrick Chan's LP at the JO is still my favorite this season.
.back at on May 1. Lineup includes Kurt Browning, Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Patrick Chan
oh, which smile is better his or Patrick Chan's?
Patrick Chan ALMOST sings in front of the 2014 Raonic Race For Kids Crowd!. Patrick Chan...
Patrick Chan, Kurt Browning among skating stars who will perform at MTS Centre in May
Photoset: edge-triggered: Patrick Chan on Yuna Kim » x,x,x,x,x « I know they’re just really good friends,...
Photoset: olympicanada: Casual reminder that Patrick Chan is an SNSD fan. (x)
Congrats to DMA composer Patrick Chan, winner of this year's MTNA Composition Commission!
Who would have guessed that Patrick Chan is only the second worst choker in this picture?
When you watch interviews of Neil Patrick Harris, Jackie Chan, and the Smith family instead of writing your two essays due tomorrow ✌️
Patrick Peterson; graduate of the Jackie Chan School of Ninjary.
Our most popular photo on social media last week → through the mist by Cameron Patrick
What does Patrick Chan and Alexander Ovechkin have in common?
I just imagined Patrick calling me alex-chan and died.
20% mortgage deposit rule may be eased Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan has
Im so shipping Yuna Kim and Patrick Chan rn.
Found a video of Jian Ghomeshi chatting up Tessa Virtue a year ago with Patrick Chan shaking his head
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Patrick Chan coming to Ptbo for Rock the Ice 5. It goes January 3rd at the . Tix on sale November 12th.
hopefully it's better than when Patrick Chan's primary coach was a modern dancer...
I liked a video Patrick Chan and Ian Just Dancing! - Gaming Show
George doesn't really deserve it anymore! It's called entertainer of the year! George stopped touring so.
Phase 1: Let Chan, Faiumu and Patrick go. . I mean at this point phase 2 had better be good.
Patrick chan is gonna be on the Stars on Ice US your this year 😍
Canada's Patrick Chan to skip figure skating season, plans to return next year: Three-time world champion Patr...
Three-time world champion Patrick Chan will skip the upcoming figure skating season
I'm very happy to hear that Neil Patrick Harris got married! He's a wonderful ***
Hollyoaks has the most weird storylines, how can dodger be nicko's dad!?😳😕 Really thought it was Patrick!
Just remembered that today is also Patrick Chan's first day of school! 😍
Patrick Chan - Story of the silver Olympic Medalist 2014 SOCHI
It was so cool to see Jackie Chan in Cali with babe
figure skater Patrick Chan looks SO much like suho
I have more receipts from Patrick's in my wallet than actual paper money. So there's that.
I landed all of my doubles and didn't even skate all summer like am i patrick chan orr
huhu but she's retired so we wont see her in the olympics anymore huhu . btw who's Patrick Chan? omg i feel bad for not knowing
The answer to the third trivia question is D) Patrick Seitz
D - Patrick Seitz he is the voice actor of Kunzite!!
This article about high performance camp without Patrick Chan or Virtue/Moir makes my heart hurt a bit.
I wonder if I'll have any classes with Patrick Chan this year 🙏
No, it can't be Dodger... it doesn't make sense; I think it's Patrick
Right, so the prof for this class looks like Patrick Chan with glasses and a PhD...
Chan nails short jumper in transition! 48-35, Philippines
i hope you understand + i am sorry (he had a beard and such so i don't THINK it was actually Patrick Chan? probably??)
also earlier today I saw a guy that looked like Olympic Silver Medalist Patrick Chan and I thought of you
Learn the Real Secret to Making Money Online with Patrick Chan's Free E-book containing Top Marketing Secrets.
Dr Nabarro: This [outbreak] is an unusual challenge for the world & needs an exceptional response by the world
well guess who's at my campus. PATRICK CHAN.
Set de fotos: damnit-jane: r2k443: patrlckjane: best of: patrick jane reacting to marcus pike So much going...
Watching the broadcast of The Ice 2014. Davis & White is just magnificent; Patrick Chan & Jeff Buttle's collaboration was stunning...!!
day 11! Patrick Chan's winning short program from the 2012 Canadian Figure Skating Championships in...
Patrick Chan, Tessa Virtue, and Scott Moir ALL listed on the Canadian national team next year - could it be?!
see me and lobst can be spongebob and squidward but never Patrick
How do you do. ↓ I drew a portrait of Patrick Chan's.
This was all spawned by a friend who did "Oh Chanada" to the tubne of O Canada, another one did a Patrick Chan version of Tik Tok
Things about Canada that I love: Harvey's burgers, dinosaur quarters, Tessa and Scott, Patrick Chan, TIFF, David's Tea, Vinyl Cafe.
Ryan Miller got dem crazy Patrick Chan eyes
U shall"I want to look upto my husband, not look down on him.
CBC projects LIB Adam Vaughan elected in CPC John Barlow in Macleod and LIB Arnold Chan in Scar-Agin
Check out what Greg & Jessica had to say about our DJ Patrick Chan
Patrick Chan you need to be in the Olympics in 8 years so I can go and cheer you :D
Patrick Chan: Injuries are a huge thing for skating. I think skating is a very unnatural ...
SUPER STAR FIGURE SKATER Patrick Chan Thank you for coming to !! We hope to see you again(^O^)/ http…
Props go out to hackathon team members Patrick Chan, Ijeoma Ononogbu, and Leah Wing for great collaboration on a challenging …
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Even though there's been no official announcements about it (but we all expected it), no Tessa & Scott or Patrick Chan on the Grand Prix.
Here's showing off LIGHTRAFT, the game she made with and Patrick Chan!
So we just saw Patrick Chan at the airport😃
Photoset: Make me choose: Yuzuru Hanyu or Patrick Chan (asked by taeminsgirl159) (like a month ago lol...
Requests have also been made for Mao, Yuna, Carolina, Plushenko, and Patrick Chan.
We are so proud to have welcome Olympian Patrick Chan to COMPASS Restaurant & Lounge today. Photographed with our...
So.. I just sat Patrick Chan at my work!
only if i could skate like Patrick Chan 👌
That prince is like Patrick Bateman of HxH world, worrying for Kura-chan ._.
A big thank you to Patrick Chan and Harry Rosen Inc. for attending our Board of Directors Barbeque...
Thank you for your visit yesterday Patrick Chan Our families loved meeting you and trying on your medals!
Hung out with Olympic medalists Patrick Chan and Scott Moir at yesterday. No biggie!!
MT Chicago Blackhawks are reportedly dangling Patrick Sharp in search of a centerman.
SUPERSTAR FIGURE SKATER Patrick Chan Welcome to KINTON BOWLER CLUB!! !! Hope to see you again!
I was told Patrick Chan has a better chance of playing rugby 4 Canada .
Translating Patrick & wedding invitation they graciously gave my parents to my mom. Word for word. "What's a 'happy couple'?"
So cool to meet Olympic medallists Patrick Chan and Scott Moir at the Mark Lowry Memorial Drive for…
Remember when patrick chan got sliced in the stomach with Yuzuru Hanyus blade at the sochi gala
He was excluded in the African Cup of Nations in 2010. like what? CHAN?
In 2010 I took a bunch of pictures with people that thought I was related to Patrick chan. I would like to see these pictures surface.
talking about Patrick Chan the figure skater kind of makes me feel like a Weeaboo tbh
DMA composer Patrick Chan's music to be performed in GREECE this fall! AND published by SEAMUS. Congrats!
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