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Patricia Arquette

Patricia T. Arquette (born April 8, 1968) is an American actress and director. She played the lead character in the supernatural drama series Medium for which she won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

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Max Martin is said to have been just as loud as Patricia Arquette's.
Tonight at 8 on "Finding Your Roots," Julianne Moore, John McCain, and Patricia Arquette explore the military servi…
two "interrogation" scenes -one between Christopher Walken & Dennis Hopper, the other James Gandolfini & Patricia Arquette- are so perfect.
Found in the Copier: The Young and the Restless (w/ Patricia Arquette and Chris ||
Amy Adams looks like Rosanna Arquette more than Patricia Arquette looks like Rosanna Arquette
I wanted a Merry Christmas from Patricia Arquette from Mariska Hargitay
Alexis Arquette, transgender actress and sister to David and Patricia Arquette, has died:
EW : Alexis Arquette remembered by siblings following her death: …
I'm so sad about Patricia Arquette passing. RIP, you beautiful woman.
Patricia Arquette is opening up about her sister Alexis' final moments:
Alexis Arquette remembered by siblings following her death:
Patricia Arquette says sibling career was cut short by her transition:
Sad to hear about Alexis Arquette, a talented performer, massive horror fan, and powerful trans activist. RIP.
Alexis Arquette, Actress and Sister to Patricia and David Arquette, Dies at 47 via
Alexis Arquette, Transgender Actress and Sister to David and Patricia Arquette, Has Died via
Yeah. I teared up reading Patricia Arquette's letter to him today. He was so funny in The Wedding Singer.
Alexis Arquette Has Died at Age 47 - Alexis Arquette was the brother of Patricia and David Arquette.
Alexis Arquette, actress and sister to Patricia and David Arquette, dies at 47
New post: Patricia and David Arquette’s final goodbyes to Alexis will break your heart
Our condolences to the Arquette family 💕💕💕
Patricia and David Arquette's final goodbyes to Alexis will break your heart: The internet was saddened Sunda...
My heart goes out to the entire Arquette family. R.I.P. Alexis...
'Hey Sam, who's the hottest psychic: Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or you?'
written by Tarantino but directed by not-Tarantino, starring Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette, cameo by Gary Oldman.
Omg Ted Danson's Wig and Patricia Arquette are in it too!
A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3 was the debut role for Patricia Arquette
David Lynch and Patricia Arquette on the set of Lost Highway (1997).
Patricia Arquette fears new depression if Donald Trump becomes US president
Best David Lynch movie (in my opinion). Don't mind me! I'll just be here drooling over Patricia Arquette.
It BAFFLES me there was a show w/ Patricia Arquette, James Van Der Beek, Bow Wow, and Ted Danson and I never watched
I ship everyone with SRK! But not that hard so I would go with "Ethan Hawke & Patricia Arquette"! 😻💘
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Patricia Arquette in the last half hour of Boyhood is why everyone should watch the movie.
Watched Boyhood, and sobbed at all of Patricia Arquette's scenes.
I added a video to a playlist Pick A Chick: Rosanna or Patricia Arquette?
I added a video to a playlist Freddie's Fantastic Females 171: Patricia Arquette
Happy birthday to the beautiful and talented,
Good night patricia arquette. I love you, I believe you will make csi cyber lit again, aim for oscars ! happy mothers day 💜
what is about?! summary has Lindsay Wagner and bigamist.. this is Josie Bissett looking all Patricia Arquette wth?!🤔🤔
You guys. ok firstly. This event I went to last night blew my mind about womens rights. READ AND BE BLOWN AWAY
Richard Linklater and Patricia Arquette introducing a screening of Boyhood in Brussels (2014)
You are so non-intersectional, I bet you cheered Patricia Arquette smdh
I liked the premise of this material. I love the marriage relationship. The...
Patricia Arquette: What happened after my pay gap Oscar speech
Loved the intro with Patricia Arquette's speech at "the Oscars",last year! Only for those who know ;)...The whole...
No good deed... lost work for speaking up:
I liked a video Stacey Dash 'Appalled' by Patricia Arquette's Oscars Acceptance Speech
wow! After 5 pints she really looks like Patricia Arquette from True Romance. I would.
I loved how included Patricia Arquette's Oscar speech in he beginning of the video 😍🙌🏽
It took me 5 replays to realize that Patricia Arquette's oscar speech is in it 🙊 love it
Good interview ladies TY⭐don't stop talking Cait⭐&TY Patricia Arquette for your 2015 Oscar speech!
Patricia Arquette and Ann Wilson are invited to every single one of my major life events
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey and Patricia Arquette in skit with Amy Schumer | Daily Mail Online
"...this is Patricia Arquette, after all, the female Jack Palance in every way." Kevin Killian on Oscars 2016
Does anyone else suspect that Kate Winslett just puts on horned-rimmed glasses and becomes Patricia Arquette in a Clark Kent way?
Sofia Vergara, Mindy Kaling Go Bold With Blue Jewels at the Oscars: Patricia Arquette and Tiny Fey also rocked gems in the cool hue o...
Jennifer Lawrence, Patricia Arquette on how gender equality activism affected their careers
Still of Patricia Arquette and Vincent Piazza in The Wannabe (2015) - First to share
"Bernie = Ethan Hawke in Boyhood & Hillary = Patricia Arquette. He'll burn you mixtapes. She'll put you through college." -
the series is headed by Patricia Arquette & James Van Der Beek, so yeah, no not good for the liver at all.
I am Happy that I Will be on Set with Mrs.Patricia Arquette and Ted Danson and Shad Moss and James Van Der Beek on
My dream cast for an O. Russell film would be Mark Wahlberg, Amy Adams, Patricia Arquette, Isabella Rosellini and Chris Tucker.
ICYMI: What Russell Crowe, Patricia Arquette, Nadiya Hussain, Chris Rock and Jeremy Corbyn taught us in 2015
somebody needs to replay Patricia Arquette's Oscar Feminist speech & how the minorities need to speak up...
Another gorgeous shot of Patricia Arquette in David Lynch's 'Lost Highway' (1997)
True Romance has Christian Slater and Patricia Arquette trying to sell stolen Coke
PATRICIA ARQUETTE: It looks like the victim was drowned... in BitCoins? But how?
Thanks Patricia Arquette for the follow! I appreciate it.
Patricia Arquette used to *** me off but honestly if Meryl and Vera had a child it would look like her and 😍😍
Seriously...what an overlooked, underrated film. I hope to see Patricia Arquette and Vincent Piazza in more films together. .
I love it except Patricia arquette doesn't seem to have the same dreams it throws me every week
I don't think is a great show, but I do love Patricia Arquette in it. I still miss Medium.
Great example of turning life around on tonight! Patricia Arquette's agreed to stop prostitution, now we see her in new job! 😜
The cleavage of Patricia Arquette is the stuff of legends.
o the John stamos episode is classic. I'm a big fan of the one with Patricia arquette as the hooker
You think Patricia Arquette told Bow Wow what dabbing was?
totally over the top and absurd. Can't believe they managed to rope Patricia arquette in for it
Patricia Arquette interview: on Boyhood, Nicolas Cage and growing up - via
.interviews the talented and beautful Patricia Arquette
ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK's Nick Sandow gets in the writer-director's chair for new mob drama:
ARTE France will co-produce "High Life", the Claire Denis film, with Robert Pattinson and Patricia Arquette
THE WANNABE is out now! Its director Nick Sandow talks Scorsese, and
US actor Patricia Arquette reveals what happened after she called for pay equality in her Oscar acceptance speech earlier…
They still have the CSI:NERDS version with Patricia Arquette but the original outlived the first 2 spinoffs
Wait I take that back, Ted Danson found some peanut butter & Patricia Arquette is taking their XBox. Clearly this is serious …
Why oh why did they cast Patricia Arquette for this show? No one would notice the difference if she got switched by a robot CSI Cyber on telly. Patricia Arquette rocks!!!
THE WANNABE director Nick Sandow on mob movies, Patricia Arquette, and Scorsese's influence:
An intriguing take on a NY mob outsider whose love for John Gotti went way too far. Vincent Piazza & Patricia Ar…
Patricia Arquette in talks to star alongside Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in new … : ...
SOACloud article: Patricia Arquette, Robin Roberts, Bert Jacobs and Candy Chang at Texas Conference for Women
The Texas Conference for Women was amazing! So inspired by Robin Roberts, Tory Johnson & Patricia Arquette!
I can't believe there's a show on TV in 2015 that stars Ted Danson, Patricia Arquette, James Van Der Beek, and Lil Bow Wow.
Matt has been added to the list with Ridley Scott , Patricia Arquette and so many others. Disappointing.
Virginia Madsen, Marisa Tomei, Patricia Arquette and Phoebe Cates as I don't think so
Who do you think is a hotter psychic: Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Love Hewitt or you?”
Patricia Arquette wins Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in ...
Nightmare on Elm Street was Johnny Depp's 1st movie. Pt 3 was Laurence Fishburne and Patricia Arquette's 1st movie. Iconic series
once again this movie was literally made because David Lynch wanted to bone Patricia Arquette
Bill Pullman, David Lynch y Patricia Arquette photographed by Henny Garfunkel at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival
Watching Boyhood and being like 'dayum those special effects really do make patricia arquette look young!' then realised it was 13 years old
tbh, I'm just waiting for csi: cyber to do an episode on it. I hope someone's paged them about it. Get Patricia Arquette on the case.
Patricia Arquette impassioned speech on the importance of wage equality 4 women. http…
I doubt Patricia Arquette even knows who he is. She's probably thought he was Soulja Boy all this time
1 of THE messiest urban blogs just DRAGGED Bow Wow for filth. I'm dying. And he had the unmitigated gall to drop Patricia Arquette's name 😹
Our new friend is welcome to come on our podcast next time he's in the A tho! BRING PATRICIA ARQUETTE!
Bow Wow: "excuse me, Ms Oscar Award Winner Patricia Arquette...have you ever heard of Bossip?" . "no, no I haven't, Wiz Khalifa"
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Bow Wow on a set asking Patricia Arquette if she's heard of Bossip. EVERYTHING IS FUNNY
I know yall do. Im on set doing REAL work w/ my cast mate Oscar Award winner ms Patricia Arquette. Yall have fun.
Emmy Rossum, Patricia Arquette and Anna Faris shine at Stars Party in Hollywood
Emma Watson, Taylor Swift, and Patricia Arquette are prime examples of people who are praised for doing the minimal... whit…
Christian Slater & Patricia Arquette, 1993. Tony Scott (director): The viewer believing they’re in love comes...
"Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, and Patricia Arquette celebrate Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ last day as a f**kable actress."
Patricia Arquette wins the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for
I loves me some Patricia Arquette but needs to put down like a rabid dog. Where's Dee Wallace? Shoot that CyberCujo.
One of the highlights includes the explanation of the day every actress dreads – the day her *** turns into a...
now on the Tina Fey, JLD and Patricia Arquette sketch. Also perfect.
a picknick w/ Amy Schumer, Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Patricia Arquette? I want to go to there!
Tina Fey sketch on ageism and sexism in Hollywood (language warning) via
Steph, if u think ur dusty eggs get ignored, check this out!
Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Amy Schumer Give the Middle Finger to Aging Out of Hollywood
Sorry but Patricia Arquette does it best
Julia Dreyfus, Tiny Fey, Patricia Arquette and Amy Schumer skewer Hollywood ageism in this hilariously sweary rant
Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette satirize aging in Hollywood on 'Inside Amy Schumer'
The amazing Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette on Julia Louise Dreyfuss' last f-able day
Shooting for the moon here asking to be adopted by Tina Fey, Julia-Louis Dreyfus, Patricia Arquette, Amy Poehler, Ellen & Amy Schumer.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Tina Fey and Patricia Arquette poke fun at ageism in Hollywood for…
Patricia Arquette, Meryl Streep & Jennifer Lopez all fighting for equal rights for women! Never mind😡
LIVE with Kelly and Michael 17 April 2015 - Patricia Arquette and James Purefoy | Full Episode - YouTube
Patricia Arquette could scream at a frequency that Mariah Carey would be jealous of
Black women stop begging acceptance: Some are still surprised by Patricia Arquette's ... -
I'm watching for the first time and it's such an amazing movie Patricia Arquette= 🙌
this moment between Whoopi Goldberg and Patricia Arquette.
Patricia Arquette on the gender wage gap: "We're living like we're in 1915"
have to be completely intersectional whenever you say anything, otherwise people tear apart your intentions. Re: Patricia Arquette
In the company of Melinda Gates, the Pres. of Liberia, Patricia Arquette, Bill Deblasio, Hillary Clinton, ➕ tonight
At the Oscars, Patricia Arquette has a message: Equal means equal - Los Angeles Times
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Patricia Arquette says Constitutional amendment necessary for equal rights for ... - Fox News
Patricia Arquette: TV Helps People Forget their Troubles: "I really like the idea of netw...
Only in Hollywood could Ethan Hawke & Patricia Arquette "get together" and have a daughter as exotic looking as the girl who played Sam
Why was Matt Welch on the panel discussing Patricia Arquette? The jig.
If I have one criticism of it's the way the movie erased Patricia Arquette's key role in the Civil Rights movemen…
Patricia Arquette's message went completely left field lol. The people love you, then they hate you.
"or until Patricia Arquette dies and Linklater can film her actual funeral" wow, dark
y'know, a mashup remix of the Patricia Arquette and Sojourner Truth speeches might be funny
mann what a buzzkill. and the irony is that Patricia Arquette was just asking for women to be on an even playing field
Patricia Arquette's Oscar speech: 'Time to have wage equality once and for all' via
A hilarious photo of Patricia Arquette and Jared Leto from the Oscars is going viral
Patricia Arquette's badass, feminist speech - Meryl Streep's reaction should be your reaction, too:
Morning All, Have a fabulous day. Change is in the air!!! . Patricia Arquette wins Best Supporting Actress. 'Great s…
Patricia Arquette and JK Simmons win best supporting acting awards at this year's Oscars.
"It's our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the U.S." Patricia Arquette>>http:…
Patricia Arquette got serious about Equal Pay for women during her speech
Patricia Arquette: Human Nature: From the creators of Being John Malkovich and starring Tim Robbins and Patricia Arqu
If JK Simmons was all of our dads, Patricia Arquette is all of our moms
A look back at the winners by - Julianne Moore, Eddie Redmayne, JK Simmons & Patricia Arquette http…
Meryl Streep and J.Lo dug Patricia Arquette, backstage at 90 5 myths about Stevie Nicks? Wo...
I can't believe Patricia Arquette thanked Bill Cosby in her acceptance speech.
Patricia Arquette delivers a powerful message after winning the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for her...
Patricia Arquette talks Equal Pay4women in USA? Well they can hand ALL their money2us women who don't earn millions&level the playing field.
Patricia Arquette wins the award for Best Supporting Actress! Congrats!
with Shannon Bream in place. Talks of Patricia Arquette's Academy Awards, Oscar's...
Patricia Arquette will nab the Best Supporting Actress award. Best actor cannot but go to Eddie Redmayne.
Photoset: sandandglass: Patricia Arquette accepting her award for Best Supporting Actress
What’s Current: Oscars edition: Patricia Arquette won an Academy Award last night for Best Supporting Actress ...
Thank you Patricia Arquette for giving voice for equal rights for Women!
Patricia Arquette: Promotes speech about wage equality and people attack. Sean Penn: makes racist Green Card comment and…
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So literally all of today I had it in my head that Patricia Arquette was Herb Brooks' wife in Miracle...but that's Patricia Clarkson.
Patricia Arquette might want to have little talk with
Andrea Tantaros just said re Patricia Arquette on wage inequality "She has a point in certain industries." Please name a few
Patricia Arquette's little speech came at the right time. I just talked about marginalized women not being recognized by white feminists.
OSCARS - SHOW Patricia Arquette is congratulated by actor Ethan Hawke after winning the Oscar for Best Supporting...
Julianne Moore and Patricia Arquette (what a beauty) go without saying, although for me, Rosamund Pike should have pipped it.
But very happy with Juliane Moore, Patricia Arquette and (though I would have liked Ethan Hawke) JK Simmons winning.
Also . Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke are wonders of this world . but everybody knew that
Patricia Arquette called for Equal Pay for women during her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress h…
Patricia Arquette's politically charged speech? Meryl Streep & J-Lo are HERE for it!
If you look closely you can see blessing Patricia Arquette during her Best Supporting Actress
Patricia Arquette won Best Supporting Actress for 'Boyhood': My reaction to the film here:
Oscars 2015: Patricia Arquette, Best Supporting Actress winner, uses speech to call for Equal Pay
We loved Patricia Arquette's speech for Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards.
Well said Patricia Arquette's Oscar speech: 'Time for wage equality once & for all' via
Hollywood's main goal is to peddle myths so it was not out of the norm for Patricia Arquette to push the wage inequality issue in her speech
Patricia Arquette, you're an absolutely amazing woman. Thank you for that wonderful speech. I'm in awe. Hands down.
Watch: Patricia Arquette demands 'equal rights for women' in Oscars speech
A pretty inspiring Oscars...Patricia Arquette is my spirit animal and Graham Moore is the future... But was that a Scien…
Julian Moore, Eddie Redmayne, Birdman, JK Simmons, Patricia Arquette and Hero6 for the main Oscar wins yesterday. Sounds fair !
How about we let Sarah Silverman handle the issue. She is 10x smarter than Patricia Arquette. Let's ban Nepotism in Hollywood first
Sarah Silverman understands the issue better than Patricia Arquette. Maybe we should have a law against Nepotism in Hollywood
Sean Penn was married to Madonna who was in Desperately Seeking Susan with Rosanna Arquette who is Patricia Arquette's sister.
Crap. I forgot about Patricia Arquette's impassioned speech. Okay, make that a two-way tie for 1st place for speeches.…
We're going to be reliving Patricia Arquette's speech for the rest of the night
Patricia Arquette speaking about equal rights in the press room.
The world cheers Arquette's call: Patricia Arquette's call for equal rights for women struck ...
Graham Moore, Patricia Arquette, Common. Thank you for your speeches.
Best Supporting Actress goes to Patricia Arquette for Boyhood. LIVE coverage
“we all melted for Patricia Arquette in Boyhood. but let’s talk about what our president knew before September 11”
Hey, Cate and Patricia Arquette have the same hairdresser!
I love Patricia Arquette's sentiment, but all women regardless of citizenship status deserve Equal Pay.
Patricia Arquette calls for wage equality and women's rights during speech.
Well I've said it before but I'll say it again - tonight was all about Lady Gaga, Patricia Arquette and Martin Luther Kin…
Also, I'm 1000% here for Patricia Arquette's call for Equal Pay for women! "For every woman who has given birth to taxpaye…
Oh oh oh Patricia Arquette .. The more you speak the more I fall in love with you
Patricia Arquette: "and I'd like to thank Jesus who's always looking out for me."
Patricia Arquette on Meryl Streep’s reaction: “I hugged her afterwards! She’s the queen, the patron saint of all actre…
Patricia Arquette pleads for wage equality in passionate acceptance speech
Patricia Arquette's rally cry for wage equality, equal rights was a great moment:
Patricia Arquette's thank you speech called for wage equality for women.
Hey Patricia Arquette, the gender pay gap is a complete myth:
Meryl Streep, who was cheering like a loon during Patricia Arquette's rant, has a net worth of $65 million. …
Patricia Arquette, John Legend & Common, and Graham Moore are keeping the Obama coalition intact.
I wonder if Patricia Arquette was paid as much as Ethan Hawke.
Patricia Arquette devotes speech to equality for women and the internet loves it:
when is giving you the *** yes!" I think that's even better than an oscar no?
Patricia Arquette's Oscars acceptance speech saying it's time for wage equality
Patricia Arquette uses her acceptance speech to call for equal rights for women!
Seriously: The speeches by Patricia Arquette, Laura Poitras, Common and John Legend, and Graham Moore add up to something…
Watch Meryl and J.Lo Nearly Fall Out of Their Chairs for Patricia Arquette's ... - Slate Magazine (blog): Slat...
Patricia Arquette must be implying that Hollywood does not pay women as much as men!!
Patricia Arquette uses oscars acceptance speech to repeat an old feminist myth that has been repeatedly disproven. Gets claps.
Rare photo of Jesus blessing Patricia Arquette during her acceptance speech.
Meryl and J.Lo's reaction to Patricia Arquette’s feminist speech is the best:
"It is time for us. It is time for women" Patricia Arquette had MORE to say backstage: htt…
Graham Moore, Patricia Arquette, Common. I am so happy with the messages being spread through what could be just an aw…
Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez excitedly cheering at Patricia Arquette's speech was the icing on the cake.
Why Meryl Streep and J.Lo. freaked out over Patricia Arquette's Oscar speech.
Jennifer Lopez and Meryl Streep's reactions say it all...Patricia Arquette wins best speech of the night!
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Not surprised Patricia Arquette got political. She was great on this year's Actress Roundtable. Watch here: http:/…
In defense Stephen Fry called Patricia Arquette her sister's name. PA just rolled eyes tonight mentioned all her family
And here I thought I spotted a botched plastic surgery job on Melanie Griffith and it turns out to be Patricia Arquette
I like that Patricia Arquette used her speech to talk abt wage equality but someone needs 2 talk abt racial inequality RIGHT NOW
Patricia Arquette has aged quite well, better than Madge since Desperately Seeking Susan
Also Meryl Strep's supportive reaction to Patricia Arquette was fantastic.
Clint Eastwood definitely did one of his Gran Torino growls during that Patricia Arquette speech.
Who The *** is this?! Pretty cool Patricia Arquette won. I dug her sister in "Desperately Seeking Susan" So that means I like her acting;)
"They put Patricia Arquette in glasses to show that time had passed. [john mulaney voice]
Go, Patricia Arquette! (Though your sister's role in Desperately Seeking Susan is still my favorite Arquette performance.)
Wild about Patricia Arquette and her call for Equal Pay for Women!! Loved her since Desperately Seeking Susan.
Patricia Arquette calling for pay equality & equal rights for women. . There also better be a call for racial diversity & equality.
"Equal rights to Women of United Staes of America!" clama Patricia Arquette al ganarpor
LOVE the reaction from Meryl Strep when Patricia Arquette brought up equal rights for women!
Patricia Arquette, accepting the Democratic nomination for President.
Update your maps at Navteq
Patricia Arquette with glasses looks almost like Meryl Strep.
Imagine beating Meryl Strep at anything. Way to go Patricia Arquette. 2 for 2.
Patricia Arquette won the Oscar because she looks like Gillian Anderson and that's *** award worthy! (also Boyhood)
Please tell me Lara Spencer just took Patricia Arquette to the ladies room for a heart to heart about her hair.
Felicity Jones - Felicity Huffman, Patricia Arquette - Patricia Clarkson mistaken which one of them when I read their names.
The acting prizes at the are going to go to Eddie Redmayne, Julianne Moore, J.K. Simmons & Patricia Arquette.
Are you a Patricia Arquette fan, Jeffrey? Catch her chatting here w/ Larry King!
Patricia Arquette paid a visit to Larry King for an interview, & we think you’d like to see it, Karen!
Patricia Arquette on tabloid coverage of transition: 'pathetic, immature & repulsive'
Patricia Arquette was wonderful in and she deserves a nom, HOWEVER Tilda Swinton should be the one making these sweeps.
Stephen Fry just called Patricia Arquette, Rosanna Arquette and I sank into my own neck
Patricia Arquette was terrific in Boardwalk Empire. What a range that gal has!
: SBIFF: Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette: The Boyhood actors receive the Riviera Award for their latest film and…
Patricia Arquette, Mario Lopez: She's already taken home the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for he...
Patricia Arquette feels as if gold coins are falling into her lap and she's rolling with that. With Charlie Siskel.
Honestly, y'all hate on Patricia Arquette because she was on boyhood or do you really think she's a bad actress?
Patricia Arquette: ‘Celebrity culture today is the Kardashians. For me it was Led Zep and Debbie Harry'.
Best Supporting Actress Nominee Patricia Arquette says she hopes she doesn't fate when she shows up at on Feb.…
Patricia Arquette is wearing her name tag.
"There really is a lot of pressure on actresses to look a strange and unrealistic way. You’re not supposed to age…"
It's not just Hollywood: women judges, doctors, lawyers make less than men. The world is sexist". Patricia Arquette (The Guardian)
Patricia Arquette is at the arrivals for the right now! Pics up soon, stay tuned:
Here comes Patricia Arquette looking gorgeous in winter white.
Arquette, 46, was best known before now for playing Alabama in Quentin Tarantino’s True Romance .
Patricia Arquette from has arrived on the red carpet. See all the pics when they arrive:
Patricia Arquette of calls 'grown up version of a kid going to Disneyland'
Patricia Arquette: ‘There’s a lot of pressure on actresses to look strange and unrealistic’
"At 46, it really is such a rare and incredible thing." - Patricia Arquette on her Oscar nomination. a beaut…
Mo Rocca: "How many pairs of eyeglasses do you have?" Patricia Arquette: "A lot!"
Julianne Moore, Eddie Redmayne, Patricia Arquette, and J.K. Simmons all gave moving SAG Award speeches Sunday night. Here's why they'll all win Oscars, too.
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Patricia Arquette has now taken so many occasions to clear up the "RosAHNa, not RosANNa" confusion, we have no excuse ever to flub it again.
SAG Awards: 'Birdman' Weekend Continues As Eddie Redmayne Shocks the World (Analysis) Hollywood Reporter What a weekend! Less than 24 hours after Birdman upset Boyhood to win the top prize at Saturday's 26th PGA Awards, Alejandro G. Inarritu's quirky dramedy held serve by topping Richard Linklater's unprecedented 12-year project to win the top prize at Sunday's 21st SAG Awards, as well. And, in a development just as surprising as Birdman's PGA win, The Theory of Everything's Eddie Redmayne upended Birdman's Michael Keaton — the heavy favorite — to win the best actor SAG Award, stopping in its tracks any real threat to his Oscar hopes. The other winners on the film side were all heavy favorites: Still Alice's Julianne Moore won best actress, Whiplash's J.K. Simmons won best supporting actor and Boyhood's Patricia Arquette won Best Supporting Actress. Why does any of what happened on Sunday tell us anything about what will happen at the 87th Oscars on Feb. 22? Because the SAG Awards tell us how the acti ...
Julianne Moore, Eddie Radmayne, Patricia Arquette and J.K Simmons won SAG. it's time for Michael Keaton vs. Eddie Radmayne at The Oscars!
Eddie Redmyne (A theory of everything) and Julianne Moore (Still Alice) make their claim at next month end's Academy Awards even stronger by winning the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards 2015 in the main actor and actress category. J K Simmons and Patricia Arquette ( Whiplash and Boyhood resp) are threatening to make the supporting actors category a one horse race as they follow up their Golden Globe wins earlier this month with wins tonight.Kevin Spacey and Viola Davis (house of cards and how to get away with murder) win the dramatic category awards in tv series while veteran William H Macy and Uzo Aduba ( shameless and orange is the new black) take home the award in the comedy category.
Julianne Moore and Patricia Arquette. Michael Keaton and J.K. Simmons. That's the deal on February 22. A night for veterans.
so -- 3 acting locks for Julianne Moore, Patricia Arquette, J.K. Simmons. only race is Michael Keaton vs. Eddie Redmayne
Confession: I often get Patricia Arquette and Vera Farmiga confused
Put money on: Michael Keaton, Julianne Moore, J.K. Simmons, & Patricia Arquette and you'll win all!
Assuming Michael Keaton, Julianne Moore, JK Simmons, and Patricia Arquette all win at the SAG awards tonight, acting races seem locked up
Oscar prediction: Julianne Moore, Patricia Arquette, Michael Keaton, Boyhood. These are the winners.
Video: Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) on DP/30 with David Poland - june/2014
Listening to Terry Gross interview Patricia Arquette and Ethan Hawke about Boyhood and Hawke needs to stop talking. Right now and forever.
Happy 2015! Here's our spring schedule: CINEMA INTERNATIONAL MURRAY STATE UNIVERSITY SPRING 2015 Students, Faculty, Staff and the Community are invited 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Evenings Curris Center Theater ADMISSION IS FREE JAN. 15-16-17 BOYHOOD SWK USA 2011 Dir. Richard Linklater With Ellar Coltrane, Patricia Arquette, Ethan Hawke English, Rated R, 165 Min. Filmed with both professional and non-professional actors over the course of twelve years across landscapes of suburban Texas rarely mined by directors, Richard Linklater’s masterpiece about domestic strife and the transformation of a boy to a man in contemporary America is not to be missed. “Audiences might think they’ve seen this kind of coming-of-age story before. But they’ve never seen a film like ‘Boyhood,’ which [turns] classic cinematic portraiture into something epic, transcendent and monumental.” Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post JAN. 22-23-24 THE GRANDMASTER SWK HONG KONG, CHINA 2013 Dir. Wong Kar-wai With ...
"Boyhood" was the big winner at last night's Golden Globe ceremonies claiming Best Picture - Drama, Best Director for Richard Linklater and Best Supporting Actress for Patricia Arquette. "The Grand Budapest Hotel" picked up Best Picture - Musical/Comedy. Best Actor awards went to Eddie Redmayne (Drama) for "The Theory of Everything" and Michael Keaton (Musical/Comedy) for "Birdman." Best Actress awards went to Julianne Moore (Drama) for "Still Alice" and Amy Adams (Musical/Comedy) for "Big Eyes." Supporting Actor went to JK Simmons for "Whiplash." Did you favorite movie or actor win anything last night?
UNITED STATES LOS ANGELES Groundbreaking Boyhood scores at Globes January 12 2015 at 07:37am By VALERIE HAMILTON Comment on this story By PAUL TLHANKANA LOS ANGELES - Indie director Richard Linklater's coming-of-age drama Boyhood won three Golden Globes Sunday at a star-studded awards dinner in Los Angeles.  The film, produced over 12 years with the same cast, won best drama, as well as the best director prize for Linklater and Best Supporting Actress Patricia Arquette. The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson's quirky comedy about hijinks at a turn-of-the-century European resort, won for best motion picture, comedy or musical. Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Jonathan Sehring, from left, Richard Linklater, Cathleen Sutherland, Lorelei Linklater, Patricia Arquette, Ellar Coltrane, John Sloss, and Ethan Hawke pose in the press room with the award for best motion picture - drama for 'Boyhood' at the 72nd annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills. Julianne Moore won the prize for best actress in a drama, for ...
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Thought someone other than Patricia Arquette should've won for Best Supporting Actress, but it's Boyhood's year..
Patricia Arquette wins Best Supporting Actress for 'Boyhood'
I am so sincerely happy Patricia Arquette got the Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture at the
"Meryl, thanks for giving me a hug. I hope your DNA transferred to me." Patricia Arquette to Streep.
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