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Patrice Motsepe

Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe (born 28 January 1962 in Soweto) is a South African mining magnate. His company, African Rainbow Minerals, has interests in gold, ferrous metals, base metals, and platinum.

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can control me to Patrice Motsepe's safe
Intresting ko Motsepe: Patrice & Radebe's are for Zumas while Ramaphosa's are for SouthAricans
Zwane: The Oppenheimers earning around R94bn as a family. Rupert family R89bn. Only at number 6 in SA is Patri…
I am totally smitten by da humility of Patrice Motsepe.Da billionaire is so humble that u can mistaken his humbleness 4stupidity/foolishness
CNBC interview on Patrice Motsepe's investment in Val de Vie Estate
Still believe Lekganyane is richer than Patrice Motsepe though...
And Patrice Motsepe never misses Easter celebration of the church he's always there every year... best buddies
Mantashe: Patrice Motsepe and Sandile Zungu must not be labelled as WMC because they have money because that dilutes REC.
I really don't want to sound like a party pooper but, where's the joke here bro? Is Patrice Motsepe a ZCC member?
How does Ol Patrice feel about maybe saving the situation for us? President Motsepe could work nicely or nah?
People who drink Mofaya act like they've a business meeting with Patrice Motsepe and Kenny Kenene is their garden boy
So Patrice Motsepe is white? And Eskom and the PIC are white males? You are an uninformed liar.
ndivuke ndicinga ABC MOTSEPE LEAGUE ka Patrice Motsepe le imoshwa yi safaeyenza match fixing every week in and week out
When 50 cents came to SA the meet Patrice Motsepe, do you have any knowledge what they signed on?
South African Patrice Motsepe, Executive Chairman of African Rainbow Minerals & one of the richest people on the co…
This Patrice motsepe inside of me keeps buying so much sweets,coke,data and music from iTunes.But the Keneilwe can'…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I salute ntate presidente Patrice Motsepe of for giving coach Pitso time and space to build Sundowns, look at it now.
SAA gets clients like Patrice Motsepe and Cyril Ramaphosa, I highly doubt they GAF.
and Absa earlier this year, the Democratic Alliance said on Monday.Sanlam signed an empowerment d…
Business and social champion Patrice Motsepe gets into the
Replacing one shareholder with Patrice Motsepe or Cyril Ramaphosa didn't go far in resolving the broader access question. Facts Only
Congratulations Patrice Motsepe. Apart from the giant footprints in business, you're a great role model on giving back…
I hear a *** saying he's single while he's ain't, I'd be Patrice Motsepe
today we follow Patrice Motsepe's long lost son
they are bro and Mr Patrice Motsepe.
Patrice Motsepe and Cyril Ramaphosa i just want to ask for job, i know they have something
someone said I'm not good enough,and still do I'd be Patrice Motsepe levels rich
Former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela and Patrice Motsepe among 9 people to be honoured by Wits University for social justice activism
Wits will give Adv Thuli Madonsela an Honorary Doctorate in Law, and Patrice Motsepe will get an Honorary Doctorate in Commerce.
Just found out that Patrice Motsepe and My grandfather are twins, one was stolen in hospital, but I won't say...
Africa's first black billionaire made his $1.83B fortune in mining
Mamelodi Sundowns MDC coach, David Notoane has thanked Pitso Mosimane and Patrice Motsepe for their support.
7. Did you notice how reference is made to how quickly Cyril Ramaphosa, Patrice Motsepe and Tokyo Sexwale became wealthy https:…
With American logic, Patrice Motsepe can become president of South Africa
how much is Patrice Motsepe acc balance?
what separates me from you is me...Patrice Motsepe
You could be worth $2 billion today and a half a billion tomorrow. I...
someone should've asked Patrice Motsepe how much he contributed into the ANC
My comrades would call me a 'black capitalist.'...
Businessman Patrice Motsepe at the event to honour Dr Sam Motsuenyane.
president Patrice Motsepe, hosted Senior SAED managers and the Chief Financial Officer @ Miss…
I respect Patrice Motsepe for listening to supporters complaints? - via
Patrice Motsepe and Dr Lekganyane (Zcc ) they look alike . .what am I missing here 👀
😂😂!! Not even Patrice Motsepe or something Rupert drinks tea for R350
Motsepe to buy BCL Smelter?. Patrice Motsepe through his company African Rainbow Minerals is said to be one of...
He will definitely stay put at the Brazilians and continue dazzling fans while chowing Patrice Motsepe's millions 😂
Patrice Motsepe,Richard Maponya,Kaizer Motaung,DJ Sbu,and many other black ppl have prospered.
"Unlike what Patrice Motsepe is saying about Pitso Mosimane that he's willing to release him to Bafana, I'm not releasing Baxter"-Sibiya
Now singing happy birthday to sundowns chairman Patrice Motsepe
Doing a standing ovation and singing for Patrice Motsepe's entrance
But here in Mzansi we know the richest person in Patrice Motsepe, most don't know about the whites that are monies…
Tune in to Venrap Radio at Your number one hip hop radio now playing Patrice Motsepe by
lol it's just those 3. It's basically J Cole, Rick Ross, AKA, Carlos Slim-Helu and Patrice Motsepe
So it's AKA, J.Cole and Patrice Motsepe's birthday vandag. Talk about legendary.
happy birthday Mr Patrice Motsepe.Keep up the good work.
"One has to set high standards… I can never be happy with mediocre performance." – Patrice Motsepe. h…
happy birthday. To you. Can I use the cave. As tomorrow is my birthday?
happy birthday Mr Patrice Motsepe.thanks for Making out teams shine.
Patrice Motsepe's sisters are married to Cyril Ramaphosa and Jeff Radebe
1 day we'll choose over or Motsepe launched African Rainbow Capital, a new… via
Patrice Motsepe was the 1st. However you can be the 2nd.
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Why am I not a Patrice Motsepe's kid?
UPDATES: and mineral tycoon Patrice Motsepe are in from
NEWS UPDATE: mineral tycoon Patrice MOTSEPE is NOW w/ in Volcanoes Park…
I seen Patrice Motsepe eating egg at Mugg n Bean,point is, its same egg I eat,so,not much of difference between Bil…
It's the reason why Patrice Motsepe continue hiring white ceos.😤😤
Start where you are,with what you have. You need not be great in order to achieve greatness. by Mr Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe
I'll just be like Patrice Motsepe you won't even see gore I've got money
Sundowns president Patrice Motsepe would do his "patriotic duty" if SAFA approached Pitso Mosimane for Bafana.
I tried the Patrice Motsepe foundation however it seems like they only fund for establishing businesses.
One thing is clear about Sundowns's rise, Patrice Motsepe was clear about what he wanted to achieve for club
As far as impossible goes, Pitso winning the CAF award was more or less deemed impossible by many, including Patrice Motsepe
On behalf of Patrice Motsepe, Bill Gates,Warren Buffet, Myself and other BILLIONAIRES, we wish you a Merry...
Patrice Motsepe’s investments in Sundowns finally paid dividends in 2016
Patrice motsepe(Tswana) the barolong who owns mines,and bought back stolen land(batswana), Tswana work for their ish.
Lol the have Zuma and we have Patrice Motsepe 😎😎
Christo Wiese is South Africa’s richest man, last time when i checked Patrice Motsepe was the 5th richest man in South Africa.
Patrice motsepe is the Richest man in SA and he is Tswana ...Not a Stupid Zulu
Bonang is a genius, she knew that Cassper Nyovest,CIC Malema,Patrice Motsepe,Kenny Kunene,Mmusi Maimane,Cyril Ramaphosa etc would understand
I am looking urgently for the personal cellphone no of Patrice Motsepe. Perhaps you can help. Linda. mwlion
Johan van Zyl & Moreki Patrice Motsepe are close. Motsepe can't find a darkie to uplift there by Sanlam kanti.
Minister Jeff Radebe and his wife, Bridgette Radebe, sister to one of SA's richest people, Patrice Motsepe (Self-ma…
I don't know which car Patrice Motsepe is driven in... or bra Irvin, or ntate Kaizer
If it's true ukuthi akulaleki mawunemali I will welcome that statement from Patrice Motsepe
How can I get hold of Patrice Motsepe. Tel no or e-mail. His personal cellphone number. Please help. URGENT. Linda Grobler.
nation of Patrice Motsepe has arrived safe from Japan
Cyril Ramaphosa, Patrice Motsepe, Tokyo Sexwale this is just to name a few...This are most INFLUENTIAL...
Hmm Baas what does say about Patrice Motsepe handing Sanlam chairmanship to a white man?
Lol we talking about Patrice Motsepe here buddy 😂
"I'm SCARED for my life and family. I shouldn't share this with South Africans!"
Former CEO Johan van Zyl is new Sanlam chair after Patrice Motsepe declines
Patrice Motsepe turns down chairmanship of insurance behemoth Sanlam to Johan van Zyl, prefers to retain his position as deputy.
The system of creating opportunities for those who were by law ...
Patrice Motsepe contributes to $1 billion energy fund started by Bill Gates:
Youth all over the world are very hungry to succeed.
If we continue doing the right things in Africa, we can create a ve...
sorry abuti. Are you related to ntate Patrice Motsepe?
Is Uncle Patrice Motsepe perhaps paying Sundowns players millions just to keep our eyes from power?
Pres Mbeki already has an Hon Doctorate. Not Motsepe thou. Does Patrice deserve it ?
South Africa has 53 billionaires, and Patrice Motsepe is not in the top ten - while Atul Gupta sits comfortably at 7th position.
So Patrice Motsepe has just become the BEE partner of CSG Holdings... Powerful move by CSG. Expect them to pick up ARM…
I will choose Patrice Motsepe anytime 2 b the President bcoz he is not selfish nd corruptible
Only in South Africa could you have a change in government withou...
Wealthy and healthy - how billionaire mining magnate Patrice Motsepe has rewarded his Africa champions Mamelodi Sundown…
Imagine all the other Motsepe's having to tell their children that they're not related to Patrice Motsepe
7. Patrice Motsepe, he's South African and he is worth $1.15 billion.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
People don't know that there were very successful black business...
Patrice Motsepe wud be a better candidate than Ramaphosa. Marikana n buffalo epitomise selfishness - Motsepe hs shared to some extent.
They had it once for every sibling you hv and adopted me from patrice motsepe. ...end of story no further questions
What if Steve Khomphela is being paid by Irvin Khoza and Patrice Motsepe as well to send us to Mvela? Anythng is possible, right?
Patrice Motsepe should pull a Donald Trump and become our president
In a perfect world Patrice Motsepe would be my dad
South Africa’s business magnet, Patrice Motsepe has paid glowing tribute to the people of Zambia and other...
Morning family...hv been thinking about hw SA would be with Patrice Motsepe as our president...?? He looks presidential n acts likewise👀
Black kids in high schools should study about the likes of Patrice Motsepe and Richard Maponya
Patrice Motsepe ready to let Pitso Mosimane leave
Patrice Motsepe's dreams finally being realised after 13yrs in the making.
Patrice Motsepe ready to let Pitso Mosimane leave via
Religion is for the poor... Do you really think Patrice Motsepe would ever let someone spray him with Doom? Or eat grass?
: Patrice Motsepe has high ambitions to become ANC TG by 2017 and SA president by 2019.He's no ANC history nor ANC background.
I've never seen a billionare with bald head, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Patrice Motsepe etc, the power is in the hair
I cant imagine Patrice Motsepe running for president I'll lose all my respect for the guy
u should now be the next patrice motsepe or strive masiyiwa, u have wat it takes, U GO GIRL
Patrice Motsepe's populist Foundation is going around SA splurging money. Call him &ask, does he pay his mineworkers R12500?
I'm still angry at myself cause i once met Patrice Motsepe when i was in middle school & i didn't ask him for a small loan of $1 million 😭😭💔
One day we should talk about Patrice Motsepe's dress sense. Hayi cha, kunzinyana for yena in that department.
Write to khumbule khaya saying your father is Patrice Motsepe
"Let us each make a humble contribution. When we uplift and help the poor, we all have a future." - Patrice Motsepe at the National Roadshow
Education is at the heart of achieving your dreams.
ICYMI: / Afrotainment partners with Patrice Motsepe to grow talent in KwaMashu —
is the new ⛏. “You have to have a globally competitive data dispensation.”. - Patrice Motsepe
Abe Krok was a man of integrity who made a unique contribution to...
Ever heard of Patrice Motsepe? He is black and VERY rich. But I will NOT get into this black/white thing. Have a gr…
Good Morning to the People of Dr Irvin Khoza & Patrice Motsepe.. the Stars.. The rest of yall can get it from
"Sundowns owner Patrice Motsepe has a very close relationship with the Safa leadership and Sunday Times understands that
It was more than an honor to shake hands and have a chat with Multi-Billionaire Mr. Patrice Motsepe himself.
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a Patrice Motsepe type or a shaikh from the UAE 😂😂😂😂
Investment in Sundowns is starting to pay off Mamelodi Sundowns' owner Patrice Motsepe has warned that the job for…
Patrice Motsepe was clearly out of his comfort zone on Saturday, like a pimple that sticks out through heavy makeup.
MOTSEPE: NOBODY REMEMBERS No. 2. Mamelodi Sundowns president Patrice Motsepe has challenged the team to bring...
.boss Patrice Motsepe says nobody remembers the Champions League runners-up.
A clear message from the big boss Patrice Motsepe to - go all the way!
FT : Sundowns 2-0 ZESCO.Patrice Motsepe lads are off to the final.Congrats to the fans & to Mr the Chairman.
Mamelodi Sundowns president Patrice Motsepe has congratulated the Brazilians on reaching the 2016 Caf Champions...
"Nobody remembers you were in the final. We told the players the country is proud of you, go and represent" - Patrice Motsepe to Sundowns
"Pitso did wonderful work. The players did wonderful work. They made all of us very proud but nobody remembers number two" - Patrice Motsepe
Sundowns owner Patrice Motsepe has challenged to win the - "The most important thing is we still have a long way to go."
Patrice Motsepe is about to experience his dream, one of the main reasons he bought Sundowns: to dominate SA & Africa.
Jubilant fans taking photos with club boss Patrice Motsepe.
South Africa’s Lone Billionaire, Patrice Motsepe, Donates 50% of His Wealth to the Poor
It was nice seeing the President of Patrice Motsepe & his wife Dr Precious Moloi - Motsepe at the stadium cheering the boys.
Our President, Patrice Motsepe wishing the boys luck!
Driving beautiful cars in a mansion ☺️ That life baby ..I wanna be the next Patrice Motsepe
Am I the only person that see a Patrice Motsepe resemblance in Thula Sindi?
Why would anyone do that to themselves? . Even if you're related to Patrice Motsepe's bank balance; why?
It's in ur interest as an to form meaningful Motsepe
Zuma’s job isn't to govern.His job is to plunder in order to gain a Patrice Motsepe-scale retirement package.
I think Patrice Motsepe should be the next President of the ANC.
5-6pm - We find out how Mr Patrice Motsepe's R1milion donation to EC Boxing is being used. He donated the money last year.
Patrice Motsepe’s ARC and Alexander Forbes allegedly in talks about a BEE deal:
please please please at next year's conference get Patrice Motsepe to be president! Please!
@ robertmarawa Who ever picked or designed this kit needs to be fired. We look worse than a team playing at patrice motsepe league
Ntate Patrice motsepe will be registering for a RDP house in Diepsloot...
Commentator says Dolly is part of the CBD at Mamelodi Sundowns, owned by billionaire Patrice Motsepe
Patrice Motsepe selling buying the Blue Bulls status.
Patrice Motsepe, and are the only wealthy blacks I know that have helped so many other blacks
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really? Heard of ramaphosa patrice motsepe Tokyo Sexwale zuma guptas? All multi millionaires and not white!!!
Taught Patrice Motsepe all he knows about business
Sine thinks my father is Patrice Motsepe or Bill Gates yaz.. lol I khant.
ANCIENT WISDOM " I saw billionaire Patrice Motsepe at Mugg and Bean eating eggs, he can't g better eggs than ones I also got"
Patrice Motsepe: "We are excited to welcome Sibusiso Vilakazi to the Sundowns family. We have been monitoring him for quit…
Interesting Fact:. Bill Gates is 50 times richer than PATRICE MOTSEPE. - TheBIGCLUB -
the owner ofSundowns Mr Patrice motsepe grow up supporting orlando pirates and his wish in2003ws for downs2play like bucs
So last night one friend of mine was arguing about the salary Patrice Motsepe pays the miners , in comparison to one he pays players.
Malema says it's unfair for an individual to be a billionaire while majority of people are poor. He cites Patrice Motsepe.
Malema:We want to partner with business but not in the manner the ANC has done it, that empowers a few such as Patrice Motsepe.MK
Patrice Motsepe.. the man is humble, business minded, and gives alot..
Motsepe at the Rhema Church..Patrice Motsepe "in front of every successful man is a powerful woman"
sell Nkandla to Patrice Motsepe, Zuma can go wait for an RDP house
16) No, lett me withdraw, Patrice Motsepe learnt it!>>>
Sundowns currently have Ubuntu-Botho S&E as their sponsor. Ubuntu-Botho S&E is a family business of Patrice Motsepe.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
:Together with Bobby Godsell, Lucas Mangope, Pik Botha, they brought Patrice Motsepe&his fam to the ANC
Look who is with Mr Patrice Motsepe at the ABC Motsepe national play offs final. Dr Molemela himself
Just saw Patrice Motsepe being on a Mercedes-Benz S600-he motivates me
Ramahlwe Mphahlele is not Patrice Motsepe Junior. Why must he not seek greener pastures, more money?
Media: What are your thoughts on Brexit, sir?. Patrice Motsepe:
Malema says Patrice Motsepe is a "curtain". Doesn't own a single mind. Cyril Ramaphosa "the guy one" is worse.
Malema "we must nationalize strategic sectors. Today only whites own mines. Don't tell me about Patrice Motsepe" CM
Your bank charges are fitting for Patrice Motsepe.
Patrice Motsepe ventures into property investment
What does it mean to be black? asks this morn. Well, that rather depends whether you are Patrice Motsepe or my gardener.
Patrice Motsepe ventures into property with 20% stake property developer Val de Vie Investments.
Pity.And Katumbi is such a good PHILANTHROPIST for DRC like our own PATRICE MOTSEPE
On the behalf of Tiger Woods, Patrice Motsepe,Bill Gates, Myself & Other BILLIONAIRES,we wish you a prosperous YOUTH DAY
is Patrice Motsepe *really* one of the top 10 richest people in SA?
South African US$ Billionaire, Patrice Motsepe is the non-executive chairman of Harmony Gold, the world's 12th largest…
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Patrice Motsepe is the most caring businessman for the poor. He is so committed to social responsibility.
Sizwe Nzimande is on the podium to pay tribute to Dumitru on behalf of president, Patrice Motsepe.
I think I met Patrice Motsepe. I'm not sure...
I wonder if when we're adults we are gonna say "inoba ucinga ndingumtana ka Patrice Motsepe" to our kids
You have to have a globally competitive mining dispensation.
I still can't believe Patrice Motsepe's Rainbow Minerals couldn't meet the 27% BEE stake, 27% bafwethu??! How much is his stake kanti??
Being colonised and brainwashed, I have for largely missed what Patrice Motsepe and Moise Katumbi are trying to do for African football.
Patrice Motsepe has a net worth of $1.28 Billion! He became Africa's first black billionaire
Patrice Motsepe should consider investing in a bus company because the people of Soweto are suffering because of the Putco busses.
Patrice Motsepe is South Africa's only Black US$ Billionaire and the owner of SA football club, Mamelodi Sundowns. htt…
sounded bad towards Patrice Motsepe. Although he eventually thanked him as last but not least.
they should make him president already "Patrice Motsepe, comrade of the African National Congress
why didnt the just keep the camera on Patrice Motsepe the who ceremony we dont have to see the presenter
The Patrice Motsepe type of Ubuntu,humbleness and Leadership yeses
lol nah sure he already has something better than a GTI, Patrice Motsepe pays him super well. He should just invest that money
Mamelodi Sundowns- Patrice Motsepe must be so proud today.
Doesn't Patrice Motsepe have a hoverboard?🤔. I mean with all of that money.🙄
Entlek what's up with Patrice Motsepe's leg?
Y is Alex busy telling Billiat to go and thank the chairman Patrice Motsepe ?
Patrice Motsepe is such an inspiration. .
I need that Patrice Motsepe bank balance. *** I need wealth in my life.
Patrice Motsepe would never lose his Coach to a toothlesa man like Khoza... Motsepe knows Khoza loves interns.
Knowing that Patrice Motsepe and I aren't related.
yeses this Boi mara. Bobby Motaung can Dance like Patrice Motsepe since he is knee injured. lol
Imagine sitting on the same table as Dr Irvin Khoza, Kaizer Motaung and Patrice Motsepe
Patrice Motsepe is such a G though...
president Patrice Motsepe stands to applaud Goalkeeper of the Season Dennis
Great to host the likes of Danny Jordaan, Irvin Khoza, Patrice Motsepe & Exec Mayor Mondli Gungubele! https:…
Best seats of the night at the Having a silent groupie moment - Cava Patrice Motsepe at the next table.
Out of pure modesty, I'm cunning, Patrice Motsepe should just invest R100 000 000 in my company, I'm one of the few greatest of our era tbh.
Bob Diamond? PIC? Here's who may be buying Barclays Africa...
Good Morning to All Players,Coach,Technical team,Supporters and the President himself Sir Patrice Motsepe
"Money is very, very important but having it doesn't mean you'll be happy. So always pursue what you think makes you happy…
"Education is at the heart of achieving your - Patrice Motsepe
"South Africa has good bank regulations. What happens in the end will be well thought through..."
owner Patrice Motsepe is on crutches what did Radovan Krejcir do to him. https:…
Patrice Motsepe? Bob Diamond? PIC? Here's who might be buying Barclays...
I hope Ta Rob u can finally get Mr Patrice Motsepe in studio;just to hear him fully
Angelo Tsichlas says winning the PSL title was important for Sundowns to reward president Patrice Motsepe.
"Patrice has expressed an interest..."
"It’s a very, very short-sighted and bad decision to sell this stake..."
Bob Diamond? PIC? Here's who is likely buying Africa:
(one of SA's richest) invests R10 billion in new financial services company
Imagine if Patrice Motsepe decided to start his own political party.
Patrice Motsepe's car is somewhere in there
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Patrice Motsepe has just driven on the pitch to celebrate
"I wonder what Patrice Motsepe was doing when He hurt his Leg.."RT MAYB HE WAS DOING THE
But like I say, Patrice Motsepe does not need to tell you he has money. You know it already!
Patrice Motsepe, all the money in the world but he can't even walk because his body is giving in? No way, that won't be my…
SAFA President Dr Jordaan has congratulated coach Mosimane & club boss Patrice Motsepe for winning the PSL…
Our president, Patrice Motsepe chatting to the media backstage.
Where does Patrice Motsepe and Robert Gumede fit? Aliko is boss though
Sundowns boss Patrice Motsepe hails the work put in by coach Pitso Mosimane this season.
NEWS: president Patrice Motsepe praised the work ethic of coach Pitso Mosimane.
Motsepe hails Mosimane's work. Mamelodi Sundowns president Patrice Motsepe is proud of the work coach Pitso...
Mamelodi Sundowns pres Patrice Motsepe has asked Mec Panyaza Lesufi to help Moroka Swallows "it's a national program
Other things on his mind: what else Patrice Motsepe addressed at ARM’s results
will you please post the image used in the Business Times of Patrice Motsepe and Brian Joffe at fashion week..if you dont mind
Whilst many are complaining about the influencing the ANC, there is an ignored Gupta inside the ANC : Patrice Motsepe. Watch him.
calls for Mr. Patrice Motsepe to intervene at Khumani as employees money is deducted from their salaries without their permission
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The relationship between ARMgold and Harmony continues to develop and grow.
Motsepe calls on South Africans to come together to boost economy: Top South African business leader Patrice M...
Patrice Motsepe's miner may ask shareholders for money. His fortune has fallen by 30% YTD
Well educated and very intelligent, I admire Patrice Motsepe quite a lot. He, just like many…
There's a reason why Patrice Motsepe is not on TV and the radio…
same days as J Cole's and Patrice Motsepe's, 28 Jan 🙇.
Do people like Patrice Motsepe view racism the way poor people do?
Patrice Motsepe and Terry Pheto spotted tonight for Marianne Fassler
"I'll show you mine if you show me yours" - Patrice Motsepe
Get a sponsor i hope was watching or Patrice Motsepe
I hope was watching or Patrice Motsepe
Today in class, we were tasked with profiling a SA'n entrepreneur we revere and 3 white boys chose Patrice Motsepe, We are going to be fine🙂
I should start following the likes of Abo-Patrice motsepe out here,it'll prolly motivate me to do x100 better
Highly educated Patrice Motsepe (born Augustine Motsepe) is South Africa’s first black billionaire and 5th on the list
Agreed. But not all BEE beneficiaries are politicians. e.g Patrice Motsepe!!
Little Giant Ladders
Patrice Motsepe is SA's only black billionaire.
I stand to be corrected, either it was Robert Gumede or Patrice Motsepe who once lost R25M in a business deal
I've heard people say South Africans are arrogant, that they act no differe...
I have to say Mr Patrice Motsepe is a humble man
Patrice Motsepe must pay Billiat to stop doing the CR7 celebration.
Patrice Motsepe's African Rainbow Minerals' shares have performed very well this year. From R40 to current levels of R109,
This bank is only good for people like Patrice Motsepe,Cyril Ramaphosa,Tokyo Sexwale,Gumede from MP,bt ordinary South Africans NO
Patrice Motsepe lost half his wealth in 2015 | DESTINY MAN
When South African billionaire Patrice Motsepe announced that he would be making an important announcement, the...
Patrice Motsepe lost half his wealth in 2015
Irvin Khoza and Kaizer Motaung are rich but Patrice Motsepe is Wealthy the nikka is a billionaire
Kaizer Motaung, Patrice Motsepe unambitious club bosses must come to Irvin Khoza for lessons.
Jeff Radebe and Cereal Ramaphosa maried Patrice Motsepe's sisters. Motsepe sisters love men in the Presidency I guess.
Still blows my mind to think that Patrice Motsepe, Cyril Ramaphosa & Jeff Radebe are in-laws ...Family with money
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