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Patch Adams

Hunter Doherty Patch Adams, M.D.

Robin Williams Phillip Seymour Hoffman Dead Poets Society Peter Pan Forrest Gump Good Morning Vietnam John Keating Fisher King

Cisco just referenced Patch Adams, I love him.
Hunter Patch Adams: And if we bury you *** up, I have got a place to park my bike.
Mitch Roman: I don't like you!. Hunter Patch Adams: Why don't you like me? You're a *** and I like you.
You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you'll win, no matter what the outcome. ~Patch Adams
this reminds me of that scene in Patch Adams
You mean just like Patch Adams. Where his love interest was actually a man in real life and not a love plot doll?
he's a clown who gets off at the thought of sick people suffering, he's the anti-Patch Adams
Want to see a documentary on clown doctor Patch Adams, and then discuss the film with his brother/sister-in-law? Vi…
Can't believe I keep forgetting how much I love watching Patch Adams. has always been way ahead of his time.
why am I watching patch adams this is not the right time to cry
very true. like Patch Adams. and thats a true story too 😜😜
I love you without knowing how, when or from where... ★ Patch Adams —
Watching Patch Adams is 100x harder now..
1 of the best movies I have watch, "Patch Adams (HBO)", dapat amo tan-awon sa ato mga Doctors and Nurses. "LOVE...
I just want to watch patch Adams and be happy I didn't think that was a lot to ask for
Being happy is the best cure of all diseases. ★ Patch Adams —
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Patch Adams will always be the top on every Robin Williams movie list 💖
The medical professionals are a lot more comfortable calling it "depression" than calling it "loneliness.". Patch Adams
The only thing that would make worse is if it required a reboot of Patch Adams.
Patch Adams has a movement for people to obtain free health care. Support him, not insurance extortionists.
Every single second for the research is very important. "Who save a life save a whole world". Patch Adams…
“The most radical act anyone can commit is to be happy.” . ― Patch Adams . Still my favourite quote.
You're focusing on the problem. . If you focus on the problem, you can't see the solution.
OMG. new addition to his fam is TOO cute! . Meet Patch Adams! 🐶
Patch Adams, starring Robin Williams and Tim Allen. Directed by Steven Soderbergh, music by The Charlatans. Budget: $100,000
Thursday’s Q: What was House’s “reason” for becoming a doctor? . A: House: See, I became a doctor because of the movie Patch Adams. (03:50)
Death – to blink for an exceptionally long period of time – Robin Williams in Patch Adams
Is letting our children watch TV a form of child abuse? If our child...
You're more predictable than the plot to Patch Adams.
I'm like patch Adams. I heal with humor. But honestly, I believe everything will turn out well. And you'll remember my
Glenn you seen Patch Adams too many times.
I'm like patch adams curing with laughter
Patch Tchere, doesn't sound as nice as Patch Adams. Still my little son is happy that I patched his bike.
I just want to be a Patch Adams for a living...expect for like, the PhD.
I'm watching Patch Adams and Christ it made me realise I'm still not over Robin Williams death😞
Patch Adams is a real person & his wife is a puppeteer who runs a society for rogue academics in urbana illinois
Patch Adams is such a feel good film!
Clearly you've never heard of the real Dr. Patch Adams and his health care model.
UPS better be delivering my patch cables and Ryan Adams vinyl in this weather or someone's gonna catch a disappointed look from me.
Hope Raju hirani reads dis MBBS ws a copy of patch adams & that's fine but atleast he shouldn't hv dicredited
I'm pitching a sequel to Patch Adams where I put on a red clown nose and visit Charles Manson in the hospital and try to cheer him up
I ask again, when you become Patch Adams of Law, which of your male co-hosts will be your female love interest in the movie?
Thanks for having me Massachusetts!! Just remember, Whatever it is that turns you on to care, it's about as good... htt…
"I am here in Russia to love people. And I will love them even if they invade the U.S.," said Adams, 71, who's... https…
I don't trust the federal thugs with my own life, let alone my health. That's why I trust Patch Adams.
I just violently choked on my coffee from that patch adams comment
I added a video to a playlist Patch Adams: Living a Life of Joy
I liked a video Patch Adams: Living a Life of Joy
Patch Adams changed my life, his work is to teach love.
Patch Adams has had a huge influence in his example of teaching loving kindness. We loved children and adults alone and isolated. I changed.
Meet Patch Adams! He's shy and timid, He's adjusting to shelter life well so far.
I had to assure someone today that I wouldn't be upset if they revealed Patch Adams plot spoilers to me.
I bet you'd like patch Adams and Dead Poets Society then.. if you haven't already.
Please don't sign Patch Adams, GMDM. He's just the worst.
When you left the house today, you had the intention of putting clot...
We start out so open and spontaneous, we're real individuals, and then somewhere along the way we're drawn to conform. ~ Patch Adams
When you're sooo into a movie character.. "Who voiced Genie in Aladdin? He also won sa GGA for this.". "Patch Adams"
It's a Wonderful Life, A Beautiful Mind, Patch Adams, and I'll give you more later
I would rather turn my head and cough than see any part of 'Patch Adams'...
We're screening Patch Adams tomorrow night in the basement of 122 St. Stephen's Street! Come watch for a study break :)
RIP Robin Williams! This art is sick, if they ever did a remake of Patch Adams with Robin…
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I should have used that excuse while getting a passive aggressive handy during Patch Adams at White Oaks Mall in London years ago
FMK. Patch Adams, Jack, and Alan Parrish after he comes out of the jungle. Love listening every week, keep it up dudes!👍🏼
Geez, doesn't Tim Kaine make Jerry Brown seem like Patch Adams.
my vote would have been for either the Fisher King or Good Morning, Vietnam. Given the choices I say Patch Adams
Still in disbelief that Shakespeare in Love beat out Practical Magic, Small Soldiers, Lost in Space, and Patch Adams in the '99 Oscars
Patch Adams (1998) 47-yr-old Robin Williams opens up a clinic for the uninsured with Monica Potter, 27. (+20 yrs)
Samuel_Clemons: "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
=' "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
=.~ "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
-!_ "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
!== "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
%-! "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
Everyone should watch Patch Adams. It's such a heartwarming movie.
Patch Adams... Trust me big plot twist at the end omfg. I DIED.
Speaking of Enterprise, good lord. Did they have to pick the Patch Adams “Sarah McLachlan”-esque song for the theme? Boo. Gross.
*+$ "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
-- "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
+=+ "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
:_: "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
+_+ "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
-& "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
-_- "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
Steven Adams should play all games with an eye patch and a parrot on his shoulder…
!+-! "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
Sam Adams a wild patch of and green on the
! "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
Catch our FREE OUTDOOR MOVIES tonight!! :) we're screening Patch Adams 6:30pm and 8:30pm 50 First Dates
"I love you without knowing how, why, or even from where….” ~Patch Adams
*+^ "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
>-: "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
!_= "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
!+_! "Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams." - Patch Adams
I just like to rank what I've watched(1 being the highest). 1. Patch Adams and Forrest Gump. 2. I am Sam. 3.Castaway. 4.Dave. 5. Rain man
Last thing I need in my life? A furious nurse.I may need you one day..Don't make the nurse mad..I saw Patch Adams!
Patch Adams will be speaking to the students at Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine:
awesome, when r u on? 'Bout time someone came to their senses! Started my new job today too - I'm Patch Adams! True!
The movie Patch Adams always makes me emotional, but now both Phillip Seymour Hoffman & Robin Williams are gone so 😭😭😭
Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams. ~Patch Adams via
My Favorit movie he was in is still Patch Adams...
Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams.-Patch Adams
A guy named Patch Adams bought my aunt's house. They claim he's not THE Patch Adams, but, c'mon.
u can say that about a lot of Robin Williams movies. Jack, Patch Adams, Dead Poets Society etc.
.co-trainer Terry O'Sullivan talks about the chances of Patch Adams in the Group 2 Sandown Guineas
Patch Adams looks super each way value in the Sandown Guineas tomorrow for Terry & Karina O'Sullivan.. Good line up of 3yos
has to be Patch Adams. I love Robin Williams - such a great miss. Billie Myers song will be Kiss the Rain?
That's why you always want to watch Patch Adams...
watching Robin Williams / Philip Seymour Hoffman scenes of Patch Adams is really upsetting...
Starring both Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour-Hoffman, Directed by Tom Shadyac. Haven't seen this in ages. — watching Patch Adams
If you have Netflix, please watch "Patch Adams." It has Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. You won't regret it.
in Patch Adams, much like you made me realise how we can make sick children in hospitals happier!
I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Patch Adams while a student at The Evergreen State College. When I get...
En route to Iquitos, Peru for my 7th year celebrating the Festival de Belen with Patch Adams and Bola Roja!!
LMAO whoever made this have a sense of humor . /cue:Patch Adams/
you're movie "patch Adams" is probably the greatest motivating movie to be different thank you
In January 1999 Jon Stewart hosted his first Daily Show. The price of gas was $0.95/gallon and the movie was Patch Adams.
"You are now officially doctors." Watched Patch Adams awhile ago. Wanting to hear this someday. 💕
And shout out to Windows 10 for upgrading the audio. It's noticable when I patch the laptop into the Numark. MUCH easier on the bass level
The doctors didn't help me, the patients did. And by helping the patients, I forgot about my own problems - Patch Adams. 💔
Patch Adams was the most beautiful movie I have ever seen 😍😭
you'll be missing out on a lot of the world until you see Patch Adams
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Where's patch Adams at when you need him
Using Patch Adams as inspiration for my application to the medical humanities minor. Nbd
Still can't get over Patch Adams. Too many realizations and Larry is too crazy
where rob Schneider shows his *** to the girls and my math teacher ran up to the front of the bus and put on patch Adams
This guy looks like he ate Patch Adams.
TOMORROW: Start teaching job at University. TONIGHT: Watch Patch Adams for tips
'Patch Adams' is a must see movie. It truly gives you a whole new perspective on life.
learnt a lot today, lessons this film has in abundance — watching Patch Adams
If you want to help people, we have to dive into people, wade into the sea of humanity. - Patch Adams
Patch Adams is one of the nicest films I've ever seen
Just call me Patch Adams... (and not because I make sick kids laugh innit)
Watched Patch Adams for the 1st lecture and I don't know why I became more emotional this time.
coz accdng to Dr. Patch Adams'philosophy, laughter rather happiness is the best medicine 😊
currently watching Patch Adams - one of my all time faves. He was so wonderful.
“Every human being has an impact on another.” -Patch Adams
“If you focus on the problem, you can’t see the solution. Never focus on the problem.” -Patch Adams
“Our job is improving the quality of life not just delaying death.” -Patch Adams
Robin Williams in 'Patch Adams' when addressing the jury. Passionate, inspiring & just beautiful.
Patch Adams is how I'm ending my night. I love Robin Williams.
the joneses, patch Adams, clueless, start gossip girl
Is it on 'Patch Adams' level of disgusting?
What a film Patch Adams is! Robin Williams was such a great actor!
Robin Williams and Phillip Seymour Hoffman were roommates in Patch Adams. Odd.
I don't think tony is watching Patch Adams
Patch Adams is on the telly, and I'm on a bit where Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams are in the same scene, now I am sad.
Film characters Hannibal Lecter and Patch Adams were both based on the same real-life person: Hall of Fame pitcher Randy Johnson.
Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams. . Patch Adams
Spread joy and chase your wildest dreams. . ~Patch Adams via RT
"Patch Adams" enjoying a bone while with Uncle Nate!
Just watched "Patch Adams" on prime. Whata fantastic film. Robbin Williams is just the best! RIP Pal
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DONE with all my assignments for the year! watching Patch Adams to celebrate my freedom. Cuz my dear recommended it :)
You know Kingpin is truly evil because he's working with the guy who was a *** to Patch Adams & Andy Dufresne.
The real Patch Adams and volunteers from the Gesundheit! Institute helping to plant red spruce in Canaan Valley NWR.
Patch Adams is sad and Robin Williams is dead so that's where my life is right now
Patch Adams makes me so happy and sad.
watch Patch Adams on Netflix right now
Chilling out, eating ice cream and watching Patch Adams
Have you seen the movie, Patch Adams? That movie affected me. It's main theme is healing laughter. Ima believer!
Patch Adams is now my favorite movie of all time 👌
I seem to be referring a lot to Patch Adams- and yes I do have a red squeaky nose in my bag as well as comedy glasses
Patch Adams gives me the ambition to be the best medical care provider I can be. ❤️
.I'm not sure if Patch Adams, or would be good bball coaches, but you could be right.
Attended a wonderful talk by Patch Adams inspiring us all to revolution in health care and the world - LOVE! h…
I am sick of hearing about how great of a season Chris Kunitz & Craig Adams are having. & how this is just a rough patch...!
"I am a thorn that will not go away." -Patch Adams
Patch Adams on our planner. Great film. Haven't seen it for years.
Robin Williams as Patch Adams- "let's check out the maternity ward we know those chicks always put out"
The best spirit to have in these circumstances. My Patch Adams is a fighter. The more we pray the more it will...
Big Lebowski, Last Samurai, and Patch Adams. Netflix got the loud pack in
in patch Adams is absolute, pure talent!
Take a break from all the studying & stress- come chill with AMSA peeps and watch Patch Adams! 5 points w shirt 4 w/o
Him: "Let's watch Patch Adams. Netflix keeps suggesting it." And that's how I ended up crying at 3 AM because it was so *** sad. Oh my God.
"I made up my mind to never have a bad day. I dove into an endless sea of gratitude from which I have never emerged." . - Dr. Patch Adams
not to point out odd but... Is it weird if I call you "Patch Adams"?
Patch Adams is on Netflix... I'm never going to get any sleep.
Patch Adams will forever remain one of my favorite movies.
Watching Patch Adams Movie after the Roast,what a beautiful film, bless Robin Williams xxx
When I become a doctor, I'm gonna be just like Patch Adams! ❤
While browsing Netflix, I came across Patch Adams, one of the best roles Robin Williams ever played. I give it a 37/5
Robin Williams movie "Patch Adams" is such a heartwarming movie, I could watch it over and over again ❤
Jay and Ross argue over the quality of Patch Adams! Our new episode is online!
If you haven't seen the movie Patch Adams you're missing out on Robin Williams 😭😭
Make plans to join us Sunday for week 4 of Patch Adams is sure to make you laugh and cry. 10:30am
Patch Adams: Sherlock Holmes, that's evil, but I like it!
Is honest abe bringing patch adams the el dopa not being allowed to masterfully practice medicine . W/ julie kavener or margaret simpson
We're healing wounds with comedy tonight. We're like Patch Adams, but funny. L'etage - 8pm.
Laughter boosts the immune system and helps the body fight off disease, cancer cells ...” - Patch Adams. laugh
I hope there's a Patch Adams in real life.
Patch Adams is amazing you will lose it.
The real Hunter "Patch" Adams- a fascinating guy, and nothing like the movie.
This was wonderful - Patch Adams of the Gesundheit Institute speaking at TED ( a wonderful human story) -
we all should have a little patch Adams in us
Patch Adams is definitely one of my favorite Robin Williams movies.
took a comedy in film class where the guy Patch Adams was based on came to do a talk and was insufferable
This morning, did you try to put your pants on, or did you put your pants on. -Patch Adams
Watching Patch Adams.. you were such an inspiration.♥
"We can never get a re-creation of community and heal our society without giving our citizens a sense of belonging." - Patch Adams
Hungry Alex? I made a bowl of patch adams soup . Theres no alcohol
I hate the 7am-4pm class schedule tomorrow. But I'm so looking forward to the continuation of the movie Patch Adams in Philo💖
I love my doctor, he's like a horribly not funny Patch Adams!
If we were still in 1998, i'd love to watch a Celebrity Deathmatch between Gregory House MD and Patch Adams
idk if it's my favorite Robin Williams movie, but I've seen it the most. Patch Adams is probably my fav
Northern Lights Arts Council has narrowed down the Robin Williams Movie choices, and we are looking at hosting this event on Sunday, February 8th at 2 pm. Please comment if 1) you would rather see Patch Adams or Dead Poets Society, and 2) if you would attend the 2pm sho...
Learned of the recent passing of an old friend from Haverford. Brian Adams was a beautiful and good human being who deserved the happiness his life was flowing into, with a beloved pregnant wife and a congregation who cared for him. He introduced me to patch Adams in so many ways. It's making me want to be a better friend while I still can.
I was thinking Patch Adams impersonation. Get well.
hi I've finally finished watching Patch Adams. How can I get this vhs tape back to you?
i always think of Robin Williams and patch adams when i hear Blue Skies
Patch Adams was really a nice movie!
So excited to soon be working with Patch Adams - let's get that hospital built! Such a worthy cause. Pls ht…
Are you possibly talking about this picture from my friend Patch Adams?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Patch Adams makes me so excited to go into healthcare❤️
"You know in New Zealand they found a whole other use for sheep"... "What's that".. "Wool!!" -Patch Adams
A doctor's mission should be not just to prevent death... but also to improve the quality of life. - Patch Adams
Remember the woman played in a pool full of noodles on Patch Adams? I want to do something like that, but w/ hot bread.
Prof. "What did you guys do in your high school health classes?". Me "We watched Patch Adams.". *uncomfortable silence*. Me "That's it."
This weeks where are the now segment-Patch Adams! Amazing transformation.
I love that "Patch Adams" is on at the doctors, but this woman who has never seen it & is trying to explain it to her child is ruining it.
"The most revolutionary act one can commit in our world is to be happy." Hunter . ‘Patch’ Adams
Conair, godzilla, patch adams, the other sister
then definitely stay away from Patch Adams
Shed With Loft Building Plans - Loft Building Plans Healing Soreness in Kids The legacy of Patch Adams to the health care occupation in my view is much more about being familiar with the human struggling and managing clients as a entire, not signs or symptoms. As I was seeing the producing of the motion picture Patch Adams, I was astonished to come across out that the kids in the movie were being serious people working with cancer and other health conditions. I would have never ever guessed as they seamed like excellent actors to me. In fact, I think they were so excellent at it due to the fact they ended up not truly performing. The actuality that their mind was taken off their sickness and agony for a short though was generating them truly content which showed in the movie. Shed With Loft Building Plans. Guidelines For Holding a Garage Sale At some position in your everyday living, you are heading to recognize that you have much too much stuff. You may come to a decision at this phase to maintain a gara ...
So the entire Munnabhai movie series has 'inspiration' from Patch Adams and Good Morning Vietnam
Join Charles Eisenstein, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D, Patch Adams, Lissa Rankin and many many more via the Global...
Jack was difficult as it is about cherishing life and Patch Adams starts with him admitting himself to a mental hospital as he is suicidal.
A shout out to Doug Barnes our new dance instructor! Partying w/ Patch Adams in Bev Hills.
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I'm looking for a world where love will no longer be extraordinary - Patch Adams.
Wow patch Adams is like three times sadder knowing that Robin Williams committed suicide.
Authority is an illusion! Chase your wildest dreams -Patch Adams You can see the youtube link here: by Christopher Bleuze-Carolan No.3 Composed by Erik Satie Played by Kevin Macleod Overture Finale The original source recordings for this come from MusOpen
Smiles all round when Rebecca of shared Patch at at
"Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams. ~Patch Adams"
Apple’s Shellshock patch for Macintosh computers may be incomplete, say experts
Patch Adams is such a good representation of who Robin Williams was
Patch Adams tears me apart every time I watch it
Spread joy. Chase your wildest dreams - Patch Adams
oh heavens no! He would be great in a Patch Adams type film but here we go with feels… of course +
Just talked to Patch Adams at Ohare. A true revolutionary!
Definitely need to watch Patch Adams tonight
I was looking at IMDB and typed Patch Adams instead, lol
I was obsessed with butterflies in '98 after I saw Patch Adams. To this day they always remind me of
I never saw patch Adams but wasn't that the movie awakenings in reverse?
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Patch Adams: Doctor uses experimental drugs to put normal patients into comas.
Just got Patch Adams, Battle Royale, Die Hard and Billy Elliot for £10 - cheers Amazon! 😃
I actually still haven't ever seen Patch Adams.
Patch Adams . Great Williams film, one of his funniest and also quite dark for a comedy (although not as dark as Fisher King). . 4/5
I watched patch adams last night for the first ever time, the way I cried. such a lovely film.
I still remember watching Patch Adams, Jumanji and Flubber with my cousins and laughing our *** off.
Patch Adams is such an inspiration ✊
“BI was too fun though patch Adams wit that patchy *** beard
'Patch Adams' and 'I Am Sam' are amongst the films showing at this year’s free Find out when here:
The woman in this picture is clearly about to be seen to by Patch Adams.
Paris Hilton Paris Hilton. Passing the same fish head back and forth. Patch Adams. Payi...
Miss you Patch Adams. Robin Williams. "this picture is beautiful
Looking back at it, Patch Adams... was a really bad movie
Robin Williams has been gone for 6 weeks now. Is it safe yet to point out that "Patch Adams" was an awful movie?
I’m glad you didn’t. This game has caused me a great amount of pain. Though I suppose you coulda been my Patch Adams.
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I'd like your new nickname to be Stache Adams. Kinda like Patch Adams, but more testosteroney.
just some random info. this Black Metal patch is prominently displayed on the back of the new Ryan Adams LP
Can't believe my brothers getting me patch Adams! He does know how to cheer me up!☺️
"You treat a disease, you win or lose. You treat a person, you always win". - Patch Adams
I'm waiting for the day Steven Adams grows a soul patch so we can call him "Patch Adams"
"Patch Kings are wearing on their uniforms at media day thats clean
What is the best movie you have ever seen? — patch adams
"I learned something from the patients, that by helping others I could forget about my own problems." -Robin Williams (patch Adams)
"Let's go check out the maternity ward, You know those girls put out" -Patch Adams
Patch Adams (I do not love you)(100 Love Sonnets XVII from Pablo Neruda): via
Derek Gross picked me for the 15 top movie thing. In no specific order I will try to do this and add favorite quotes or scenes. 1. A Bronx Tale - The saddest thing in life is wasted talent quote and biker scene. 2. Reign Over Me - I get that you're in pain, but you got each other scene. 3. Terminator 2 - The last fight scene between T-1000 and the T-800 4. Cobra - The intro in the market and the chase scenes 5. Gladiator - All fight scenes in the arena 6. Forrest Gump - All historic scenes 7. Patch Adams - I cant really pick specifics with this movie. 8. Shawshank Redemption - Any scene where Andy and Red are talking. 9. Goodfellas - Do I amuse you scene. 10. City of Angels - First scenes when Seth is human 11. What Dreams May Come - All dramatic scenes 12. Things We Lost in the Fire - scenes when Jerry starts sobering up. 13. Into the Wild - All scenes toward the end. 14. Narc - scenes when Henry is with his old partner. 15. Heat (1995) - Bank and runaway scenes. I pick Tesia Laskoski for this 15 favor . ...
15 Movies That Will Always Stay With You, nominated by Leetal Platt The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you've seen that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends (I'm not doing that unless YOU VOLUNTEER FOR IT IN THE COMMENTS or you're family--Richard, tagging you is futile), including me, because I'm interested in seeing what films you choose. I'm a cinephile so I couldn't simply keep it to 15. 1. Star Wars (all of them, although I've 'bleached' certain parts from my brain) 2. Forrest Gump (not just because my first crush was named Jenny and lasted from approx. ages 9 to 16, but because it's hilarious and beautifully soulful and an edutaining tour of American history from Elvis to the early 90s. I also have had a LOT of innocently moronic or idiotic moments like Forrest.), Big, Castaway 3. Jumanji, Hook, Aladdin, Good Morning Vietnam, Patch Adams, Dead Poets Society 4. Ocean's Eleven 5. Indiana Jones ...
Robin Williams tribute tonight at the drive in in Oregon. Patch Adams and Good Morning Vietnam. Going to be a good time.
I was tagged by Dana Velvet Pixie Bokelman ...Pick 15 movies that have stuck with you or touched you in some way...Here are mine. 1.Pay It Forward...cry every time I watch 2.Grease...Reminds me of high school years. 3.Beaches..Love Bette Midler. 4.Legally Blonde...Reese Witherspoon rocks this. 5.The Notebook...who wouldn't love this movie? 6.Patch Adams...Robin Williams fanatic. 7.Heaven is for Real...wonderful movie. 8.Save the Last Dance...Julia Stiles danced once again after her mother's death. 9.Weekend at Bernies.hilarious. house...Love suspense. 11.The Green Mile...Tom Hanks rocked. 12.Anything Sandra Bullock. 13.Runaway Bride.funny...enlightening. 14.Little Black Book. ..great flick 15.Apocolypse Now...saw with a special someone back in the good old days. Those were my 15 and now to tag my peeps...
Patch Adams. .. Robin Williams. .. the man was a genius Didn't realize Phillip Seymour Hoffman was in this
It's actually really sad that in Patch Adams, Robin Williams plays a suicidal psych patient...
Patch Adams is probably one of the best Robin Williams movies.
Patch Adams is definately one of Robin Williams best movies
Patch Adams tonight. Brad and Sarah Beth's first time seeing it :)
Isn't it amazing how many lives Robin Williams touched? When most famous people pass away, you see a number of RIP short notes, but with Robin, people are watching all his movies over and over, and so many are genuinely sad and greatly moved. I've read MANY comments from friends about the whole thing bringing tears. It's obvious to me that he accomplished what he wanted to in his life, make people laugh, entertain people and have a positive impact on peoples' lives. I've read many accounts of how other (now famous) people have been helped either career-wise or financially by him. How actors who worked with him were in awe of his talents, assistance, generosity, friendship. From laughing so hard many, many times to a few tears rolling down my cheek, his performances in movies were awesome. I can still hear him yell Good Morning Vietnam. From Dead Poets Society, to Patch Adams and on and on, MY life has truly been touched by Robin Williams. Glad that now he has peace, but we will definitely miss hi ...
I did not create the Robin Williams graphic on my timeline... the picture credit leads to Thank you so much for this beautiful depiction of someone so special. I am in deep utter disbelief, soulful deep hurt over the loss of one of my very favorite actors in this crazy world... My David said he was a good actor but went 'over the top' at times. I set him straight. It's that 'over the top' that set him apart. I loved him in Patch Adams, thumbs up on Dead Poets Society - I was looking for a desk to stand on too!! Hook... my favorite Peter Pan. OMG, I can't believe he is gone. I understand the depth of depression, that pain...that deep deep pain that takes over not just your body... but your whole being. It's wrenching. It's debilitating. Its very very real. . . For one so loved by so many but unable to let that love in, his pain must have been off the Richter Scale. I will "hurt" every time I come across one of his great movies. But I will thank God for his contribution to my life - the lau ...
Mr Williams (Mr Keating, Mrs Doubtfire, Peter Pan, Genie, Jack, Patch Adams...) you will be missed :'(
Despedimos junto a con Rod Stewart - Faith of the heart de la pelicula Patch Adams >>>
Genie, Adult Peter Pan, Patch Adams, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jack, John Keating, Sy the photo guy, and so many more
With all the channels showing stupid thoughtless people in Ferguson. And the rabble rousers with their gigantic mouths. I'll turn to my DVD collection and watch Key Largo with Lauren Bacall and Patch Adams with Robin Williams. When times were easier. Let the fools kill each other.
Peter Pan, Genie, Armand, John Keating, Patch Adams, and Jack- how can we pick just one?
Patch Adams is by far and away the best movie with Robin Williams!! Great great movie and role!!
Patch Adams. John Keating. Peter Pan! Genie! The list of roles that brought joy to my youth seems endless. It just isn't right.
Yesterday my childhood officially ended. I avoided talking about it yesterday because it had such a profound effect on me. Robin Williams was a staple in my house growing up in the 90's. I remember watching Aladdin and really believing in magic.As i grew up I enjoyed movies like Jumanji, Flubber, Mrs. Doubtfire, Hook, Jack, Good Morning Vietnam, Patch Adams and many many more. When I got closer to my teen years I watched his guest appearances on whose line is it anyway. Those were by far the funniest episodes. I remember watching his stand up ( very dirty) with my brothers and us dying of laughter. Robin Williams no matter how bad of a day I had could always make me smile. The world is a much darker and smileless place without him. Mr. Williams you will be missed.
I resisted posting anything last night about Robin Williams because I was in a bit of shock and wanted some time to reflect and pay tribute properly to such a gifted artist and generous human being. Like others, I grew up watching the Happy Days spinoff, Mork and Mindy. While the show about an alien on earth was quite funny (how could it not be with Williams) my favorite part each week was Mork's report back to Orson (Mork calling Orson...Come in Orson) on the home world regarding his discoveries about the goodness in humanity. From Good Morning Vietnam, Good Will Hunting and Mrs. Doubtfire to lesser acclaimed but equally compelling films like What Dreams May Come and Patch Adams, Williams always entertained with his inimitable manic comedic intensity and a heavy dose of humanity and heart. My favorite all time Williams film, Dead Poets Society, was released in 1989, the year I graduated from Canoga Park High School. It was transformative and inspired me (along with some amazing teachers) to be an English ...
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